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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  December 21, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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carley: is this funny or is it weird? todd: what was that? sorry. didn't see the prompter. another story about ryan reynolds was looking at me. i apologize. carley: he was wearing an ugly sweater as well. put it on instagram as funny stuff. "fox and friends first" continues right now. >> i think the house has now passed a bill. now we find that. carley: it is friday, december 21st. a fox news alert. wall in. breaking overnight the house trying to bring the border wallace to close it to construction giving the president his $5 billion. todd: with 24 hours until the shutdown deadline the question is what will the senate do? christmas chaos on one of the busiest travel days of the year, thousands of flights grounded. carley: severe weather on this record-breaking weekend.
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plus the kindergartner's christmas wish came true. todd: "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ it's got to be good luck ♪ it's got to be good luck ♪ it's got to be good luck ♪ good luck ♪ a fine night ♪ it's going to be a good life ♪ todd: rain overnight. carley: lots and lots of rain. todd: very warm and rainy. carley: the ryan reynolds story carly is talking about, some people, he was told he was attending an ugly christmas sweater party. he was the only one who showed up in an ugly sweater. heather: will take that picture somewhere on the show. you are watching "fox and friends first" on friday
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morning. carley: let's begin with this. the house passing a spending bill with $6 billion for donald trump's border wall. the senate must come up with a bipartisan agreement before the government runs out of money and midnight. todd: griff jenkins live in washington, we get closer to a government shutdown. >> reporter: getting very interesting. 19 hours and counting. a different picture than yesterday when it seemed the senate had the problem solved. the spending bill delivers full funding for a border wall by 217-185 vote. tweet republicans voting against it. a significant victory for the president who wanted to hold the line. >> we need the wall, democrats know it, everybody knows it. you should always what your country first and they are not doing that, they are putting politics first.
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we have to build the wall. it will get built. we are going to complete it. a lot of progress has been made. watch what happens. todd: speaker ryan and leader mccarthy noting they have to do the impossible after the president threatened a veto. >> the president informed us he would not sign the bill that came up last evening because of legitimate concerns for border security. >> what the senate sent over, kicking the can down the road. we want to solve this problem. todd: here's what in the house bill, it has $5.7 billion for the border wall, $7.8 billion for disaster relief and fund the government for 7 weeks until february 8th. a defeat for democrats who claim the gop lacked votes. they are calling this the trump shutdown. >> the president of the united states prefers to shut the government down.
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>> donald trump is throwing a temper tantrum and creating the trump shutdown. >> reporter: the bill goes to the senate, republicans need 60 votes to overcome a filibuster, meaning democrats have to cross the aisle. you may begin to hear about the nuclear option. that too a tall order at this point. it will be an interesting 19 hours. todd: the house is ready to cut a check for the president's border wall or a big part of it, putting all this pressure on the senate to avoid this shutdown by midnight. carley: morgan ortagus says it is not just about the wall but proving to americans that republicans keep promises. >> the president has been clear since 2015, he hasn't been ambiguous at all that he wants
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to build a wall and the first two years of his presidency, it is a failure from the top of republican leadership to get these big things done that he told the american people. what happens is people campaign and win elections based on promises and their delivered when printed in the republican party base, the president's supporters get frustrated. the discussion is not about a wall. it is a metaphor for will the republican party, the president, keep promises? will they take immigration is a national security issue and take it seriously? that is at the heart of the debate. people want to feel it will be followed up and there will be action. carley: the original bill funded the government through february but did not include money for the wall. todd: the president firing back at lindsay graham for criticizing the plan to pull
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troops out of syria. the president tweeting hard to believe lindsay graham would be saving soldier lives in billions of dollars, why are we fighting for our enemy, syria, by staying and killing isis for russia, iran and other locals? time to focus on our country and bring our youth back home where they belong. i admire and share your love and admiration for our troops, troops believe in their commanders and so should you. they are worthy of your trust. graham and other critics say the fight against isis is not over and it is the wrong time to be pulling out of syria. carley: the president wants to pool half of our troops out of afghanistan but that is working on plans to bring 7000 service members home. they could be home by summer but an official timeframe is unknown. the us send troops to afghanistan after the 9/11 terror attack 17 years ago. more than $900 billion have been spent on america's longest war.
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todd: those big announcements, james mattis stepping down after true brought back announcements. is calling, kirstjen neilsen, is praising mattis's work he has done to protect the nation. carley: more on an exclusive fox news interview. >> reporter: after leading 2 million servicemembers, james mattis is stepping down from his post. the announcement coming one day after donald trump announced the major troop drawback in the middle east and in his resignation letter to the white house mattis writing and part, quote, i am proud of the progress that has been made in the past two years on the key goals articulated in the national defense strategy, and on a sound budgetary footing, in our forces. informative the parent's business practices for greater performance. he also added the president has, quote, the right to have a secretary of defense whose views
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are better aligned with his. homeland security secretary kirstjen neilsen praising his tireless work to keep the nation's border safe. >> he proved to be an incredible partner, he has been very supportive of border security. he helps with counterterrorism as they look to fight terrorists abroad so they don't come here, complete admiration and respect for him and enjoyed working with him. >> reporter: and thinking thatis in a series of tweets, new security fence will be name shortly, the end dated february 28th and this was one of those shock no sock situations, no shock this was eventually going to happen but a surprise in time. >> he will be missed more than any other member. democrats already vowing to fight donald trump's plan to change work requirements for food stamp recipients just hours after the signing of the $867
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bipartisan farmville. the lead democrat involves is debbie stabenow and believe this will face legal challenges. changes under the new bill would cut the amount of healthy people who receive food steps without meeting work requirements by 75%. this will save taxpayers $15 billion over ten years. donald trump expected to sign the criminal justice reform bill today called the first setback, reducing life sentences for some offenders and expands on prisoner rehabilitation efforts among other things, the president tweeting and part, quote, when both parties work together we can keep the country safer. wonderful thing for the usa. todd: democrats on the house judiciary committee calling for matt whitaker to testify next year. the request coming after a 6-week justice department of its review which has no conflict of interest between him and the mueller pro.
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whitaker faced growing pressure from democrats who wanted him to recuse himself. he previously made negative comments to the media criticizing the special counsel's russia collusion investigation. robert mueller's final russia probe report could be released as soon as february. sources telling nbc news the special counsel is tiger. ends before sending it to the attorney general. investigators have not concluded whether or not the president or his campaign colluded with russia to win the 2016 election. the house intelligence committee voting to send mueller a transcript from last year's closed door interview with former trump campaign advisor roger stone who is being investigated for ties to wikileaks. todd: today is the winter solstice. the shortest day of the year, 9 hours and 15 minutes of daylight, we won't get any because it is pouring down rain in new york city. carley: this will also bring a
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full moon that will light the sky in the northeast where a meteor shower could be visible. if it is not pouring down rain. it is 10 minutes after the hour. cruiseship catastrophe. the coast guard coming in the clutch to save a man during a medical emergency. the insane rescue that was caught on camera. todd: border patrol agents arrest 160 illegal crossers every day in one section of the southern border. a big message for people that do not believe in the need for a wall coming from border patrol, and jason piccolo weighs in on that next. ♪ ♪ indigestion, ♪ upset stomach, ♪ diarrhea... girl, pepto ultra coating will treat your stomach right. ♪nausea, heartburn, ♪ indigestion, upset stomach, ♪ diarrhea... try pepto with ultra coating. - [narrator] meet shark's newest robot vacuum.
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president's border wall. >> in one sector of the border agents arrest an average of 160 people per day. what will it take for the president to fund his watch? here to weigh in his border patrol agent james piccolo. we appreciate it. do you see this happening? is it a step in the right direction? >> i think it is one step toward building that wall and passing immigration reform. todd: it has flipped. it was all in the president, now you have 3 pieces of the puzzle, the house on board, the president on board, now it is all stuck on the senate and if they are the lone holdout. the numbers are not there. what do you think happens in this vote today? >> they will pass are there will be a shutdown. todd: how does that happen? they couldn't get a single one
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involved. >> do you see any democrats getting involved? >> i'm just the old x border patrol agent was my politics are out of the game. i say pastor, from the wall. todd: why does this need to be funded? >> when i worked there in the 90s or early 2000s it was crazy, the traffic picking up like the numbers were back then. the optics in central america is to get across the border before we pass immigration reform that may limit a path to citizenship. the other thing about the wall is it provides funnels and took points to funnel the agents, not the agents but the aliens in certain areas where agents can apprehend demand not just apprehend them but provided to any and need. todd: only 7 key points they can coming and easier to figure out where they will be. the democrats all say that -- a slew of reasons we shouldn't have a wall.
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it is ineffective, they say. what is another plan the democrats have to seal the border up without a wall? do they have any plan outside of a barrier along the border? >> you can't just put up a regular barrier. you have to put up a wall. fences don't work. the thing with a wall is walls go 20 or 30 feet into the ground which disrupts tunnels. you don't just settle alien traffic or migrant traffic but also going to disrupt narcotic operations including thousands of thousands of tons of opioids that will make it across the border, supply and demand with opioids, that -- heather: they should be harping on when you talk about how many people are killed by these drugs, that should be the number one priority.
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carley: for days we have been talking about the reign of terror, previously deported man who was released from jail and went on a 24 hour rampage killing three people quote from the sheriff, the officers is frustrated with the situation because of california law, detainers can no longer be recognized by local law enforcement. >> it does need to change. ice isn't asking law enforcement to enforce immigration law per se. i go after economic migrants, they are asking to enforce the detainer policy which is lodging a detainer on inactivated felon. this subject was reported before and that should have been honored. todd: hard to believe these agencies can't work together. very frustrating, thank you for your time, appreciate it.
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carley: today is one of the busiest travel days of the year and severe weather could make it more difficult as you head home for the holidays. >> your flight is not going out. tomorrow is not going to be great for a speech we scuffled a few. >> don't make the father. thank you. todd: as you get ready to hit the roads, rails, the skies, there is good news coming up. ♪
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>> welcome back. a new program offering free money but somehow no one is signing up. the city of stockton is crating the first city led guarantee basic income, randomly center
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1200 households who have incomes under $46,000. 100 will be selected to receive $500 a month. residents said they had not received a letter. the initiative spending extra money on health and stress levels. it is a rough start. carley: election official in florida are registering former felons to vote with little guidance from the state. there has been confusion whether the amendment takes effect on january 8th. republican governor elect ron desantis suggested it is not in effect until the state legislature passes the bill. a foxbusiness alert, home for the holidays, today kicks off one of the busiest travel weekends of the year. rob: tracy carrasco tells us of what could be record-breaking travel numbers. >> aaa is expecting 102 million
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people will be driving somewhere this holiday season, one of the busiest on record. we have that many people driving, there may be an advantage because christmas day falls on tuesday, new year's day falls on tuesday as well. that means a travel period is longer, some people are leaving today, some might not leave until the weekend or monday. they are spreading out the travel time so traffic may be lighter. not sure you can count on it but it is a bright spot. one in 3 americans will be traveling this holiday season. 100 million people expected to travel by car. we have 6.7 million people flying somewhere, a lot of people at the airports, a busy travel year. rob: oil prices have plummeted. >> definitely one of the reasons people are driving more places. jillian: it is colder. >> starting today at 7:00, kohl's stores will open up and will not close until 6:00 pm on christmas eve.
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for any of you last minute shoppers kohl's is there for you. if you want to make your shopping experience faster you can order what you want online and go straight to the store and pick it up. at 3:00 pm on christmas eve is the cutoff for those orders. you have time still. this is the sixth year they are doing this. jillian: you answered my question about doing something. rob: christmas chaos. holiday travel, tornadoes and flooding ravaging parts of the country and a lot of storms all over the east coast, janice dean is tracking what you need to know. jillian: americans save millions thanks to the president cutting red tape, will they continue when democrats take control of the house? or next guest says expect to hit a speed bump. we are coming back. ♪ fight both fast
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todd: fox news alert, the house passing a spending bill including $6 billion for funding the president's border wall. the president staying firm on his plan to build a wall. >> we need the wall, the democrats know it. everybody knows it. you should always put your country first and they are not doing that. they are putting politics first. we have to build the wall. it will get built. we are going to complete it. a lot of progress has been made. watch what happens. rob: live look at capitol hill where the clock is ticking after a while thursday in washington, the senate must come up with a bipartisan agreement before midnight to avoid a government shutdown and that is not going to be easy. alexandria ocasio-cortez think she has better ideas where that $5.7 billion for the wall should
2:30 am
go, the new york congresswoman elect tweeting what if we instead added $5.7 billion and teacher pay? or replacing water pipes? or college tuition prescription refill subsidies or green jobs? notice know one is asking the gop how they are paying for it. democrats as she is taking time off for self-care before starting her term next month. sanctuary cities are becoming a political fight according to homeland security secretary kirstjen neilsen. >> the concept of cities pitting law enforcement against state and local law enforcement not only put safety and security of our officers at risk of the communities they are trying to serve. this turned into a political fight. i hope we can work with state and local governments to work through them. rob: she says this prevents the federal government from keeping americans safe. the coast guard making a
2:31 am
dramatic rescue in the middle of the night off of a cruise ship, pulling a sick elderly man up to their helicopter. the cruise was off the carolina coast. the coast guard flew the 79 you make to the hospital to treat kidney related illness. heavy storms wreaking havoc on the coast as holiday travel russia kicks off. hundreds of flights already delayed or canceled today. at least three tornadoes touching down in florida destroying 80 homes, mobile homes near tampa. in lakeland, heavy rain flooding the streets. janice dean is tracking that storm and a lot of rain on the east coast. >> it will be a rough travel they on the eastern third of the country, things clear up tomorrow. that is the good news and the quiet forecast for christmas but here's what we are dealing with, there are the storm reports,
2:32 am
strong winds and several tornadoes outside the tampa, florida area. things are starting to calm down but we could see strong to severe storms across the southeast towards the mid-atlantic. on the backside you will see a little snow across the appalachians and the great lakes and interior northeast as we head into friday and saturday. hopefully you can get your travel in saturday and sunday. today will be rough, several inches of rain, we could see several inches of snow on higher elevations. the high today very warm across much of the country. at least these leverages, looking at 60 ° in new york, your travel delays tomorrow and saturday, residual delays and on sunday the pacific northwest, fairly quiet. rob: some point before the holidays. jillian: let's talk about this. american saving billions in 2018 thanks to the trump
2:33 am
administration's cuts and regulatory reforms but democrat sets to regain the house in january could that change in 2019? here to answer that, george washington university's regulatory center and former administrator of the office of information and regulatory affairs, thank you for joining us. let's look at these numbers, billions in following deregulatory action. $12.5 billion, the department of labor, interior, transportation and the epa, those are some big numbers. >> they are. it is important to think about, this is a result of the president's pledge when he took office to eliminate two regulations for every new one they issue and offset the cost of new regulations. that led agencies to
2:34 am
dramatically reduce the flow of new regulations. it is important to distinguish the stock of regulations. >> what do you see when democrats take control of the house? >> that will change things. we are going to see much more oversight than regulatory agencies seen during the last two years. but also getting rid of existing regulations is what the agencies are doing now and that takes more work than slowing down the pace of new regulations would you actually have to write a rule to get rid of a rule so agencies are starting hard work developing the record, doing the analysis, getting public comment before they can issue something. jillian: the regulations from president obama and donald
2:35 am
trump, significantly different numbers. looking at the 1800 for donald trump and 3100 for president obama. what is the difference? >> it is influenced by the president's directive for agencies to offset the cost of new regulations, they want to issue a new regulation. they have to weigh it against what can i get rid of to do that? we have seen a dramatic reduction in the introduction of new regulations. you showed those statistics but even going back to 1993 much fewer regulations than any previous president. jillian: what will the year mean for what donald trump is able together with these regulations? what does it mean for 2020? >> the regulations that actually changed existing rules, things like epa and the department of
2:36 am
transportation, fuel economy standards, they tried to reverse last-minute regulations that would keep fuel economy standards, into the future. they are bound to be litigated, department of labor regulation that they finalized hard to be litigated so we should watch for those agencies efforts to issue final regulations to deregulate and how they fare in the courts. they haven't fared that well in the court so far. >> thank you for your time, appreciate it. busted at the border, suspected gang members arrested and violent crimes they are accused of committing. remember that? they were screaming and crying when donald trump was elected. why millennial's are turning to
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there's quite a bit of work, 'cause this was all -- this was all stapled. but we can protect your home and auto when you bundle with us. rob: and ms 13 gang members gets 7 years behind bars for kidnapping and intending to kill a teenager. officials say jorge and three of us tried to force them into a van they mistook as a rival gang member. police on two knives, baseball bat and lead pipe and duct tape inside the vehicle, three others also pleaded guilty. jillian: in arizona a previously deported ms 13 gang members arrested after illegally crossing the us-mexico border with four other immigrants. gabriel was deported in june after being convicted of a robbery in virginia. three other men with him also
2:41 am
previously deported. the group of illegals are from honduras, mexico and el salvador. they are currently being processed for immigration violations. rob: there are so many christmas movies. only a few are considered classics. how do you decide which ones you should watch? jillian: here is kevin mccarthy. we know this is not an official list, why don't we start with love actually. >> reporter: that is correct. a lot of people have different opinions on favorite christmas movies, different generations of people watch different films. i went to mention diehard is my personal favorite but it is not a traditional christmas movie so it was not on my top 5 list but love actually i watch every
2:42 am
single year, one of the best cast and romantic comedies of all time. and r-rated movie not for kids but i love the moment andrew lincoln's character has the poster boards that to me your perfect when he's trying to talk to keira knightley's character. i love the entirety of that movie, the cast is great amazon christmas is all around is fantastic. rob: it's a wonderful life. number 4. >> this is one of the most incredible films of all time. brian kilmeade said this movie was not originally a hit. it became a hit over the years. i love the line no man is a failure who has friends. such a brilliant line. jimmy stewart plays the arc of this idea that we don't appreciate what we have in our lives, the film speaks so much to today as well. if you have a chance, i saw it
2:43 am
in theaters a couple years ago, a fantastic experience. >> brian kilmeade was 20 years old. >> brian kilmeade's number one is fred clause. >> number 3, polar express every christmas eve. >> you are the same of me. my mom used to read this book to me every year. this is a book i grew up on. it still sits on the coffee table in my parents house. this particular film robert the mechanistic this amazing technology and had the actors perform these scenes, tom hanks plays multiple characters. i love the theme with the ticket.
2:44 am
rob: the nightmare before christmas at number 2. >> this is a personal favorite, halloween/christmas movie, jack and sally, two iconic characters, the same characters i used to propose to my wife, i love danny elfman's singing voice, stop motion animation, timber and produced it, love this movie. jillian: can't go wrong with home alone. >> cool little side note, the movie he watches in the film narrative keep the change, that is a movie made for home alone, the director shot the scene for the movie specifically. great message in this movie, love joe pesci and daniel stern. that is my number one, home alone but also diehard. jillian: have a good holiday.
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♪ now the jingle hop has begun ♪ jingle bell ♪ jingle bell ♪ jingle bellhop. rob: midtown manhattan. beautiful place this time of year. if there is snow on the ornaments. right now there is rain and like a 55 degrees outside it would have thunk it. we will take what we can get. at least it's not cold. the nation's largest migrant shelter provider is under investigation for misusing taxpayer dollars. according to the "new york times." the doj is looking into whether southwest key
2:57 am
programs violated financial protocols. the austin base nonprofit housing up to 5,000 migrant kids u they reportedly received over a billion dollars in federal funds in the past decade. jillian: elise gutierrez lashing out during the house judiciary committee hearing immigration and border security. the illinois lawmaker yelling that jesus would have died under president trump's policies. >> thank god there wasn't a wall that stopped him from seeking refuge in egypt. thank god that wall wasn't there and thank god there wasn't an administration like this or he would have, too, have perished. >> he blasted homeland secretary care citizen nielsen about lying to separate families. he stormed after after she said the trump administration never had a family separation policy. >> all right. time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. first, the good. a kindergartner's christmas wish comes true in a most
2:58 am
unexpected way. [cheers] >> that's gauge's big brother ian surprising him during the school event. asking santa to bring him home for the holiday and that happened. jillian: colleges across the nation are helping students get through finals with therapy from mini horse. offering coloring, massages and gaming tournaments. rob: it is national ugly sweater day to celebrate we look like idiots. jillian: i think you should stand up and show the fit of this. rob: i didn't do. this i stole a sweat from her hotteted hot toddy. jillian: my brother actually made in college he actually like wired this thing so it's got some lights in it
2:59 am
that he made this before this became a thing and now you can buy them like this. battery powered. >> very talented brother. will. todd: go to janice she is lit up. janice: this is how i dress normally. when i come to work i dress differently than at home. i'm very comfortable probably feel like i can eat some stuff and not feel guilty. rob: two peas in a pod right here. carley: i'm feeling sweerdly wey comfortable. rob: got to show this nark we teased a couple times that we never got. to say this is a movie star christmas party. right there on the mid side of manhattan. ryan reynolds and hugh jackman. jillian: i was told this was an ugly christmas sweater party and it wasn't they pranked him. janice: that's a boring
3:00 am
prank. jillian: we did this on our own. what does this stay about us? rob: happy friday. we are almost to christmas. jillian: happy friday. we've got to go. have a good day. >> the yeas are 217 and the nays are 185. >> breaking overnight the house passing a beefed up spending bill with nearly $6 billion for president trump's border wall. the question now is what will the senate do? >> i am asking congress to defend the border of our nation. >> definition secretary james mattis is retiring. >> i'm not shaking in the least. i'm confident the president will be able to find a successor. >> commander-in-chief is considering another major military withdrawal. >> this is likely the beginning of the end of the u.s. involvement in afghanistan. >> president trump expected to sign the criminal justifiable reform bill today. the president tweeting in part, quote: when both parties work together we can keep our country


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