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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 21, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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we are going to see you back here on monday for our christmas eve special. you do not want to miss that one. now "special report" with bret baier is up next. stay with fox news channel. >> bret: this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. we just had a major development. at least incremental progress towards avoiding a partial government shutdown. just six hours away, if no budget agreement is reached before midnight. just moments ago, the senate overcame a major procedural hurdle and voted to take up a spending bill. it does include some money for the border wall, not everything the white house wants. the key part in crossing the first hurdle was in agreement to keep talking and negotiating over specifics between democrats and the white house. we have fox team coverage. john roberts looks at the
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president's strategy. we start off with chief correspondent mike emanuel on capitol hill with the situation is frankly looking better now for some kind of deal than it hasn't quite a while. >> it hours to go until the funding deadline, it's time to get serious pit we've seen a flurry of activity with vice president mike pence, mick mulvaney, jared kushner going back and forth between the various leadership offices. we have the top senate leaders on the senate floor explaining basically the next time the senate votes, it won't be a partisan deal. it'll be an agreement reached between president trump from the senate leadership, and the house leadership. you have the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell saying that they realize that to get something across the finish line, to keep at least part of the government continuing up and running and avoid a partial government shutdown, you need a presidential signature, a bill that can get that, and at least
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some democratic support in the senate. they are basically agreeing to allow more time, to continue those discussions in the hours i had to see if they can come up with some kind of agreement to agree some part of the government remains open the season and allows discussions going forward on perhaps a longer term agreements. a lot of conversations going on back and forth. democratic sources have told me there's been lots of conversations. they aren't entirely clear if it will produce a deal, but on line they are convinced that it's time to get serious. senators have been assured that the next time they vote, it'll be on agreement that president trump, republican leadership in the house, and leadership in the senate all agree on. so that will be a sign of serious business. bret? >> bret: this vote logistically was interesting because it started at 11:30. they believed a continuing resolution was going to move forward. it didn't, they had to get back to where they left this vote
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open for five hours and 18 minutes. i'm being told that's the longest vote in modern senate history. because they didn't have the number is. >> exactly right. senator udall from new mexico, said his flight was delayed. when the in, voted no back. a democrat voting no. a couple of republicans retiring said they would be asked to continue discussion towards a solution and not a partisan solution, but a solution that will keep the government fully up and running. everybody got very serious late in the day realizing the clock was ticking towards that deadline. >> bret: will check back if there's breaking details. let's check over on the white house, chief correspondent john roberts joins us for the latest from there. good evening, gentlemen. >> a high-stakes game of brinkmanship going on between the white house and capitol hill for most of the game. that now has turned into negotiation. the president had dug in his heels insisting there be some
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money included in the spending bill for a border wall. steel slat fence, whatever you want to call it. the question now is can they come to some sort of agreement before the mid-light deadline for a partial government shutdown? >> as he did yesterday with house members, president trump huddled with senate republicans yesterday trying to find some way to build a barrier on the southern border. >> i think i can speak for them strongly when i say they want to see something happen on border security. >> the house passed the bill with some $5.7 billion for border security. president trump claiming just making that happen was a victory. >> we've done or think it would nancy pelosi say you'll never get the votes in the house, we got them and got them by a big margin. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell tried to muster the votes to bring the house measure to the floor, the minority leader shut the door on the president. >> there are not the votes on
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the senate for an expensive taxpayer-funded border wall. abandon your shutdown strategy. you are not getting the wall today. next week. or on january 3rd when democrats take control of the house. >> president trump dispatched vice president's piece pence to meet with schumer to hammer out a de. >> totally up to the democrats whether or not we have a shutdown. >> president trump did a 180 on the blame game, tweeting this morning that the democrats not on the shutdown to which senator chuck >> are meeting in the over office, president trump said, quote, if we don't get wht we want, i come up president trump well -- because shutdown the government for border security. the people of this country do not want people with lots of problems and drugs pouring into
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our country. i will take the mound total man tell >> the white house indicated that president might be willing to accept less money than in the house measure. earlier this week, he appeared willing to take $1.6 billion in a proposed bill that was scrapped. if he gives him no money for a border barrier tonight, he'll let the partial shutdown happened. >> i would say that chances are probably very good because i do not think democrats care so much about maybe this issue, but this is a very big issue. >> polling shows that if there is a partial government shutdown, most americans would blame the president and republicans for it. but what the president really cares about is how his base will react if he doesn't stand on principle. one of the central tenets of tenants of his election campaign. the president tweeted out one iteration of what a border barrier would look like.
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a number of very tall steel slats with pointed tops, somewhat reminiscent of old pioneer day forts. bret? >> bret: you said there might be some money they might accept. we do not know where the dollar figure is for that. >> we don't. here's what we do know. $1.6 billion earlier in the week had attracted some democratic support. it was the idea of a billion-dollar slush fund on top of that the president could use however he wanted that really attracted the ire of the senior democrats. democrats had offered 1.3. 1.6 was talked about. but again somewhere around that, they might except that deal. >> bret: john roberts on the north lawn. as these negotiations are going on, other things are happening. a lot of changes coming here in the new year. the democrats take over the house of representatives and two of president trump's cabinet secretaries are riding off into the sunset. tonight, interior secretary ryan
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zinke talks about why he's leaving and the controversies that have dogged him since day one. you started your first day in the office riding in a horse named tonto in jeans and a black cowboy hat. people knew this was going to be a different secretary of the interior. why are you leaving? >> at the end of the day, what's important? interior, i love our public lands. there comes a time when it's about ryan zinke and not the interior. the distractions outweigh the accomplishments. so looking at it, it's time to dismount. i enjoyed by time. i had a great ride. we had a rodeo analogy, great ride, eight seconds, great score. i got off the horse. there are talented people they can continue the mission. i do not think the mission is going to change. the direction is the right direction. >> are you forced out?
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>> no. the president, i think, was sad but understood. i had the president -- i do have the president's falls apart. i exercised what the president wanted. >> bret: january 22nd, usually there is a tension between the departments mandates, to protect the natural resources, manage them for commercial use. under his -- how fast these resources can be auctioned off? >> let me tell you what they don't say. is that we've opened up millions of acres for public access hunting and fishing. we opened up 39 wildlife refugees, expanded wilderness, initiated wildlife corridors. first ever. i've withdrawn minerals in sensitive areas from coils and gas leases. what they don't say it is actually we are one of the leading conservationists. no one loves public land more than i do. but you can't not manage our
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public lands. those that want to wrap it up in bubble wrap are fully content with watching our forest burned down. the level of destruction that has occurred by not managing our assets, particularly our forests? unprecedented. you've got to go and look at paradise, california, and look at the level of destruction mismanagement caused? >> you're convinced that's the reason? >> that's one of the reasons. it's drought. temperatures are rising. the seasons getting longer. it does not leave you the responsibility to damage as removing the dead and dying timber. the president is right. it's a management issue as much as anything else. >> your critics say you turned a blind eye to science when it came to climate change. that, you really specifically tried to clamp down in this department on that issue. this big report comes out. tell me your assessment of that report? >> i wish they would actually
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read the 1700 page report because the report itself is pretty good. it talks about 200 models, there's over a thousand variables. if there is a flaw in the report, it's the summary focused on the catastrophe. the report looked at a full range of options. the media only focused on worst case every time. yes, we should look at energy, being efficient for the u.s., by the way, we are reducing our carbon footprint. our co2 is down, our methane is down. overall omissions are down. >> bret: as compared to... be a goal europe is up, china is way up, india is up. we are going down while we have our record and breaking oil and gas production. >> bret: you see the data. you believe in man caused climate change. >> no doubt in my mind the climate is changing. it's always changed but it's changing in ways we don't
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understand. >> bret: you mentioned the investigations. there are a lot of them. >> well, there is allegations. i got investigated on my socks. >> bret: make america great again socks. >> my wife in the same car. what do you want me to do? whitefish energy? the only thing i have in common with whitefish energy is i from whitefish montana and graduated from whitefish high school. nice clicked bait. six months later, every investigation tends so far completed, to the same conclusion. i followed rules, regulations, no wrongdoing there that doesn't get reported. >> bret: the casino lobbying allegation. you made a decision against the bureau of indian affairs recommendation on two casino operations because they charged that you talks to mgm resorts. >> the court agreed with my decision.
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and the decision was this. should the interior have a say in jurisdiction on nontribal lands that are held in the federal state? no. if it's a tribal land held in the federal state, i should have a stay. if it's not, the tribes are sovereign, they are free to do what they want. but no state legislature should dictate terms to the federal government, yes or no. the decision was upheld in court. >> national park service report deleted all mention of human caused climate change at your direction? >> absolutely patently false. that report never came up to washington, d.c. we read it at the same time you did. looking up at it? it was careers that took some of it out, but it wasn't something from the washington, d.c., office, nor any political appointee had any view of it. >> office of special counsel looking at what the former interior official reassigned in retaliation for criticism of
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you? >> no, but the audacity of any public employee to say they are not held accountable -- these people that are angry? i'm not angry. i was never angry when president obama was president. i disagreed with his policies, but i was disrespectful. i was never angry. i didn't hate president obama. >> bret: there is the national monument. critics say you were taking away these public lands. >> what the president did did, he listened to utah. he revised the boundaries, restored 800,000 acres back to wilderness, restore national forest back to the national. >> bret: you wanted to have this plan to open up all coastal waters to offshore oil and gas drilling. eventually he was an exception for florida. some people said, that's a political exemption to help rick
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scott. >> here's what occurred. if they'll make the previous administration took 95% off our coast line off the table for oil and gas. we looked at it, let's open it up, let's talk to the coastal communities, the governors, then make it right. with florida, there is a military moratorium in law against oil and gas drilling. if there is one thing the president has done with the interior is we have given back to the community voice, the state's voice, and wildlife management, lands management, our parks, recreation opportunities. oil and gas too. >> bret: i've heard conservatives say they think environmentalist, very active ones leading the charge against scott pruitt and against you -- there was some fire behind this mode. with you, you're saying there's nothing to it. do you believe it's an orchestrated effort because of the environmental lobby?
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>> there is no doubt it's coordinated. there isn't anything there. there never has been. but i have to say upfront, i did wear m aga socks. yes, i wore the socks with the president's face on it. guilty as charged. >> drain the swamp! >> bret: that president campaigned on draining the swamp. his critics will say the swamp got better of him and some people in his administration became the swamp. how do you respond to that? >> when you start training the swamp, it starts exposing the surface. the president has done a magnificent job of draining the swamp, but this is -- this is a battle for america's future. the swamp, the power in d.c. is corruptive. after 30 years of service, 23 years, a commander in the seal team six, state senator, u.s. congressman, a secretary,
3:17 pm
i've never seen the level of anger, of hatred, they have threatened my wife, my family, trespassed my -- they have lied, cheated, made false allegations. this country needs to take a deep breath and understand we are all americans. >> this is, i think, the best deal in washington, d.c. it extends from the capital all the way to the arlington national cemetery. in most people see the majesty of the monuments. secretary, what i see, and hundred million dollars of backlog and repair. we are prioritizing. our parks are not republican or democrat. they are american. they are red, white, and blue. >> bret: are you going to miss this? >> i am. i'm going to -- until i get off the horse, i'm going to see it from a different perspective.
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sometimes looking at washington from montana, that's not a bad view at all. >> bret: well the moment while washington argues over the border wall, migrant stepping up their effort to step into this country before it's built. we'll bring you that story next. ♪ ♪ ♪ the greatest wish of all is one that brings us together. the final days of wish list are here. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down, zero due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment. only at your lincoln dealer.
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spiel one supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg is in a new york hospital tonight. 85-year-old ginsburg had surgery to remove the two malignant growths from her left lung. it's her third bout with cancer since she joined the court in 1993. the court says doctors found no evidence of disease elsewhere in the body and no additional treatment is planned. justice ginsburg able to join her colleagues on the court to rule against the president on immigrants who enter the country legally per john roberts siding with the liberal wing of the court. william la jeunesse has details on the ruling and how many migrants are not bothering to ask for permission to cross the border. >> today's supreme court ruling
3:23 pm
still have a right to claim asylum for the court ruling against an administration policy that requires immigrants to seek asylum only at ports of entry. this comes as immigrants grow increasingly desperate. wednesday, 300 central americans jumped vehicle barriers in the arizona desert. one in the middle of nowhere on an indian reservation. on central >> the wall will pay for itself. >> the president wants $5 billion or two each of 15 miles of barrier to reduce illegal immigration. >> isn't mexico supposed to pay for it? isn't that a campaign promise? it's just another lie. >> democrats may block the president's wall but they could not stop them from erecting a different kind of barrier in mexico. requiring asylum-seekers to stay there while the u.s. processes that their claims. >> it'll decrease illegal immigration which is what we've been trying to do. it'll help those focus on
3:24 pm
religion and claim. >> a 60% jump over last year. >> the numbers will go down substantially. you can get into mexico, if you need a job, you can get a job. we're only talking about a small portion who will continue to feel what they need to get asylum in the united states. >> critics say of the policy denies the asylum-seekers their rights and endangers those waiting in mexico. >> i'm going to find asylum and i hope the law, the measure being taking is not true. >> the administration help the mexico deal will relieve pressure on an overcrowded immigrant system and an may catch and release. the supreme court ruling suggest that's not likely going to happen. >> more carnage on wall street today. the dow plunged 414. the s&p 500 dropped 51. the nasdaq lost 195 today. for the week, the dow lost almost seven percentage points. its worst week since october of 2008. the s&p 500 dropped seven for
3:25 pm
its worst week in seven years. the nasdaq plunged eight and a third, entering bear territory for its worst week in ten years. up next, what's next for the pentagon with defense secretary james mattis on his way out? will bring you that. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates are covering around the country tonight. authorities in colorado arrest the fiance of a woman who was last seen on thanksgiving. law enforcement has been searching for kelsey berreth since she left her home. investigation in the schools handling in the sexual abuse scandal involving disgraced former dr. larry nasser. the university's biggest concern was its own reputation.
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a live look at highway 105 near los angeles international airport from fox 11, our affiliates out there. the big story there, holiday travel, storms in the east affecting air traffic pretty much across the country. aaa forecast more than 112.5 million americans will travel this holiday season. that is up, almost 4.5%, over last year that's tonight's live look outside the beltway for special report. we'll be right back. let's be honest. every insurance company tells you they can save you money. save up to 10% when you bundle with esurance.
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>> bret: the shocks waves are still reverberating over the surprise recognition of defense secretary james mattis. national security correspondent jennifer griffin at the pentagon with details of mattis' exit and where the pentagon goes from here. >> the final straw for defense secretary jim mattis with president trump's order to withdraw from syria despite months of tension and disagreement, the last 18 hours sealed his decision. he already written his resignation letter per he spent 45 minutes with the president. before leaving for the white house, he watched the president is a video explaining his decision to pull out of syria with mr. trump pointing to the sky, saying he was doing it for the troops who had died. he left behind 50 copies of his resignation letter that had already been printed and placed in a folder in his office to be distributed upon his return from
3:31 pm
the white house. in his letter, he pointed out his views are not aligned with the president, "my views on treating allies with respect and also being clear right about both malign actors and strategic competitors are strongly held and informed by over four decades of immersions in these issues." now the commander in chief is telling the pentagon to prepare to withdraw half the troops of his skin a stand against the advice of his senior military leaders. in an interview with bret baier, mattis warned about the consequences of pulling out. >> we leave, we walk out of there, we know what will happen. our intelligence services are very specific that we will be under attack in a number of years. >> according to sources, among those being considered for defense secretary, fox news contributor general jack keane
3:32 pm
who said he wants to take the job. senator tom cotton, former army captain who served in iraq and afghanistan. opposed to pulling out of syria. there is mattis' deputy patrick shanahan who worked for boeing and back the president's space force, which many in the pentagon opposed. shanahan could be asked to stay on in an acting capacity. i'm told to expect more pentagon resignations. >> jennifer, thank you. america's major allies around the world from europe to the medical middle east opposing president trump's decision to pull out -- the self-governing region inside iraq. gillian turner has an interview with a representative of the kurdish government here in washington. >> isis is a terrorist organization, very strong and alive. >> america's main military ally in the fight against isis comic artist and reacting tonight to
3:33 pm
president trump's decision to withdraw from syria. >> what we are asking president trump, what we are asking this administration as your partners, please clarify the position. please be sure your partners that you will stay the course. >> credit stands military, the patient peshmerga, have lost thousands of civilians. >> the kurds have done a wonderful, fantastic job of being aligned with united states and our military advisors on the ground said without equivocation, of all the people we've partnered with, this has been our best, most reliable partner. >> it comes at the expense of the kurds who were fighting with is there against terrorism. >> the special military
3:34 pm
relationship goes back decades and it forged an american and kurdish blood. >> when the u.s. liberated iraq, the kurdish peshmerga was the only warden to fight side-by-side with u.s. troops to liberate the country. >> currently home to 250,000 refugees, they fear that u.s. withdrawal may have many thousands more fleeing across the border, provoking a mass scale humanitarian crisis. >> bret: julie, thank you. up next, the panel on the massive partial government shutdown hours from now and the prospects of the deal. first, beyond our borders tonight, pope francis demands that priests who have molested children turn themselves in and the church will never again cover up sex abuse. he urged victims to come forward
3:35 pm
and thanked the media for giving them a voice. memorial service today in scotland and the u.s. to remember the 270 people killed when a pam and passenger plane exploded over the land of lockley 30 years ago. exploded in mid air on december december 21st, 1988. all 250 killed, 11 died on the ground. takeoffs and landings have been suspended each of the last two days because of drones in that area. the government ordered the army to use military equipment to protect the site. the perpetrators are still at large. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. i knew about the tremors.
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proceed to legislation before us in order to preserve maximum flexibility for productive conversation to continue between the white house and democratic colleagues. >> we are willing to continue discussions with these proposals for the leader, the president, the speaker of the house, and the leader of the house. >> so you're saying there is a chance? the partial government shutdown, which is less than six hours away, five hours, 20 minutes away, would possibly be avoided if they continue negotiating. they come with some solution that would then have to pass the senate and bounce back to the house, get past that they and head to the president's desk. why do we call it a partial government shutdown? and a lot of the spending bills have already been passed. if you look at the pie charts, 79% have a ready been funded. talking about 39% here. not yet in active. a lot of people who would not get paid back for some period of
3:41 pm
time, as you talked about yesterday, they got their checks this week. there is a holiday coming up, so there is some buffer room there. but it's still very serious. tom rogan, kevin terry writer of the "washington examiner" for an mollie hemingway, senior editor at the federalist, david kenned kennedy. they left as both open today because republicans didn't have the votes. they make a vote, now they are talking. we just don't know if where that's going to go. >> something's going to give. they can either maneuver the language, it's for border security but not exactly for a wall. maybe they throw a little money and trump can claim victory. but i think the democrats hold the cards here. when -- the meeting was with schumer. it was not with mcconnell. it's about getting democrats on
3:42 pm
board. i saw the last procedural votes, doug jones, senator from alabama, voted to move forward. some opportunity to get democratic votes but tough to get to 60. >> for west virginia, this is why chuck schumer kept referring to today numerous times talking to performers. this is the oval office meeting back on december 11th. >> do you know what i will say? yes. if we do not get what we want one way or another, whether it's through you, and military, anything you want to call, i will shut down the government. and i am proud to shut down the government for border security, because the people of this country do not want criminals and people who have lots of problems and drugs pouring into our country. i will take the mantle. i will be the one to shut it down. i'm not going to blame you for it. the last time you shut it down, it didn't work. i am going to shut it down for
3:43 pm
border. >> fast forward ten days and this is trump today, the president today, the democrats now own the shut down saying bill has passed the house and is now in the senate. >> what i think is really interesting is we have not solved a lot of our immigration problems because the incentive structure has not been there. both democrats and republicans have benefited by being able to use the issue without being able to solve it. what makes this very interesting is that donald trump has no incentive to do anything other than wait for a bill that provides money for the border fence. he can wait as long as he wants partly because we've got a government at 75% funded, but if he does not want to provide this, it's a very serious problem for him and his electoral future. he has no incentive to accept anything other than meaningful border wall funding. i think when he looks at the shutdown, he views it as something where he gets to take credit for caring enough about border security, to go to this point, but democrats, they might be playing into his hands by going into it if they aren't willing to play prayer they've
3:44 pm
already voted for his order will make board of security. >> a wall is different. it's symbolic. i think that's where the horsetrading has to occur. security that is not a wall -- the president even changed the language of it. he's talking about slats, not a wall. >> bret: he tweeted a picture of what it would look like, slats. >> there will be a fudging of language, some money. to mollie's point, once the shutdown -- you feel the negative coverage he wants to show, i'm the hard charging. the candidate trump. that will matter going into that presidential election year. whether you know it or not, whether we know it or not, a mode of americans did vote for him then. i think the president benefits, the democrats seem to oppose
3:45 pm
border security from a hard lapped line will be negative for their candidates. this may flip in his favor later on. >> bret: will monitor this throughout the night and we'll see the developments on the fox news chain channel. there were a lot of things in that letter. if you read it again, again, again, he does not say anything positive about president trump and very pointed leaving because of ideological differences and specifically that syrian troop withdrawals and afghanistan troop withdrawals. >> one of the things interesting about this is we learned eight months ago, donald trump gave mattis six months out of syria. not only did he come up with a plan to come out of syria, he took that plan time to ramp upn syria for the american people elected president trump to be the commander-in-chief and he has every right to have very good defense secretary and other people who actually understand the need to provide him with good options. if you never had any intention
3:46 pm
of the holding these policies, he probably should've not taken the job or redesigned resigned. >> how it happened, the process of the story leaking, that this was starting to happen. then the president tweeting it out, the allies and the lawmakers and the oversight, the pentagon were really in the dark. >> yes. i think the story that has been told, mattis went over there one last time to change the president's mind on syria but then had his resignation letter written, submitted. we were talking in the green room before, who gets better press in washington than general mattis? that guy has been getting accolades from democrats, from liberals! i think there is this piling on. >> by the way, some of them were opposed to having troops on the ground on syria. >> for sure. >> suddenly they are behind that effort. >> because there is an
3:47 pm
anti-trump thing. the broader question, who replaces mattis? a huge question in 2019. the president will have four cabinet confirmation hearings for u.s. ambassador, defense, attorney general, interior! all coming in 2019. >> probably also will have mueller to deal with in the beginning of 2019 as well. >> interestingly looking at the president's foreign policy, he has the right to have it defense secretary he wants. whatever we think about the syria decision, i don't necessarily buy make into this that mattis' departure means the real america first. if you look at the cabinet balance, pompeo very tough on iran. mattis, even though the obama administration pushed him out for being too tough on iran. >> bret: we'll see. next up, winners and losers. wifi
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♪ >> bret: we are back with the panel. winners and losers. >> my winter is martha mcsally, the senator to be from arizona who lost the senate race but got appointed a seat by the governor out there, a great consolation prize to be the junior senator. >> loser?
3:52 pm
>> mick mick mulvaney. i think is the hardest job in washington and it's going to get tougher in 2019. godspeed. >> bret: especially when they find all these quotes that you've said about the president. it keeps popping up. >> my winter is jared kushner, the criminal justice reform bill, something we wouldn't expect to come through a year ago. it's a big win. my loser of the week, a soccer coach from portugal who was known as the special one in the premier league. he got fired from manchester united. no longer special. >> thank you for bringing additional international flair. >> my loser is nancy pelosi. and my winner is you and the sugar hill gang fit we
3:53 pm
celebrated ten years of you hosting the show with the christmas party and you and the sugar hill gang got together for this collaboration that was audacious and totally made the whole house fall down. >> who is that guy and where did i get that suit? >> but wonderful also. >> bret: i learned it in high school prayer that's what happened. it always stuck with me. but thank you for the winner . thank you. merry christmas, happy new year. when we come back, potent quotables.
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we make it easy... for you to take it easy! tripadvisor. >> bret: finally tonight, it's friday. that means "notable
3:58 pm
quotables." >> president trump just tweeting that secretary of defense james mattis will be retiring at the end of february. >> we know he has real disagreements with the president on syria and on the wall. >> we have won against isis. we've beaten them and we have beaten them badly. >> to say they are defeated is an overstatement and is fake news. >> sentencing of a former national security adviser michael flynn has been put off for another 90 days. >> maybe he did do those things but that doesn't have anything to do with the president directly. >> over my dead body. >> yes, i wore socks with the president's face on them. guilty as charge. >> president trump: any measure that funds the government must include border security. has to. >> the president said he is willing to do what he has to do to get the border security including a government shutdown. >> the president informed us that he will not sign the bill that came over from the senate last evening. >> the democrats are not budging on the wall. we favor smart, effective
3:59 pm
border security, not a medieval wall. >> we shouldn't willy-nilly shut the government down but we also shouldn't keep it open and keep spending money like there is no tomorrow. >> today, too often, genuine disagreement quickly gives way to intense distrust. >> we get a lump of call. they get a bunch of packages under the tree. it makes no sense to me. >> there are chaotic weeks and then there is this week. >> bret: amazing. one week. it is still continuing as this clock ticks down. you can see all the coverage here tonight about what happens. meantime, we are just getting word that a man climbed the national christmas tree in washington. and wouldn't get down. authorities finally convinced him to get down off the national christmas tree. merry christmas, washington. uh. thank you for inviting us in your home. that is it for the special report. fair, balanced and unafraid. a quick programming note, though. this weekend tune in to the special: charles krauthammer making his point. we see an interview with
4:00 pm
daniel krauthammer, charles' son who completed his son's book, we talked about it here. and never been seen footage of my interviews with charles over the year. the story ed hosted by -- the story hosted by ed henry instead of martha. good evening. >> someone said everyone should go home and have a scotch. but maybe the guy in the tree listened too closely. we have big stories breaking. the president president's big promises under assault on multiple fronts. the highest court in the land deals his asylum policy a big blow. congress barrels to a partial shutdown. the president tweeting about a now canceled flight to mar-a-largo. good evening. i'm ed henry in for martha maccallum. where we stand now is a government will likely shut down partially at least at midnight. the question now -- now long will


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