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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  December 21, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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this is a fox news alert. i'm robert gray. parts of the government are shut down. congress and the white house unable to come to an agreement to avoid a partial government closure. as of midnight on the east coast as much as a fourth of the federal government is unfunded. hundreds of thousands of federal employees will be furloughed or work without pay this holiday season. at the core of the dispute, president trump and republicans demanding $5 billion of funding for the wall on the u.s./mexico border. in a joint statement senate minority leader chuck schumer
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and nancy pelosi put the blame on president trump and the gop branding it the trump shutdown. they called for a strong, sensible and effective border security policy calling the president's wall expensive and ineffective. the president said he would be proud to shut the government down to fight for the border wall. congress will gavel back into session at noon on saturday but the house will give 24 hours notice before a vote. so the soonest this could be resolved would be sunday. the white house says it will be a short ordeal. but sources say it could take a while and both parties preparing for a lengthy shut down. this is the third time the government has shut down this year. the last time that happened was in 1995 when president bill clinton was in office and newt
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gingrich was speaker of the house. now we join "the ingraham angle" already in progress. >> they announced they weren't going to take any votes at all. any changes they make to the bill would have to be approved by the house. but nothing was coming tonight and they adjourned early as well. the last leader on the hill tonight was vice president mike pence who brought jared kushner and mick mulvaney over to squeeze as much money as possible out of lawmakers. but he never indicated what the white house was offering in a deal. the vice president also had to break a 47-47 tie to move to debate on the border wall money and they did. but 47 votes is far short of the 60 needed to pass in the senate. that vote was kept open for hours because lawmakers had to fly back from home after they passed a spending bill without any border wall money and many
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are on the way back home to their home states because leadership says they will have a 24-hour head's up before a vote on the spending bill. >> laura: now i hear the echo behind you. i'm half expecting tumble weeds to start blowing through the great, beautiful capitol hall you're standing in. but when is the last time you saw a living, breathing human being? >> other than the majority leader of the house who is four feet from me, it's mostly just press. >> laura: he's coming on our show. peter, thank you for giving us the latest on this. it's unbelievable. no compromise in sight and a lot of members have decided to go home for christmas. joining me now, cory lun cory l
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you -- we have heard this build up for 72 hours in ernst. we'll play a montage of the media declaring what's happened with mattis resigning. we have a segment coming up on that, but mattis resigning, the partial government shutdown, so far no wall funding which means of course the end. let's watch. >> is this the beginning of the end of what we have known as the trump presidency? history will see this moment after the james mattis resignation repudiation as the beginning of the end of the presidency as we know it. >> it's the beginning of the end of the crisis. >> we could have played four or five more sound bites. but this is the drum beat. the republicans are starting to abandon him. t
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the wall street journal is turning on him. >> laura, it's very simple, this president made a pledge during the campaign, the biggest one he made. it received the largest amount of applause on the campaign trail and that is to build the wall on the southern border and the weak leadership failed to deliver it. they asked him not to shut down the government during the mid-term elections and promised to put the funding in for the wall after the mid-term elections and once again they failed the american people and the president said we've had enough. because of your show and jim jordan saying fool me once shame on me, fool me four times shame on you. the president can't tolerate this. if we don't get the funding now
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it will never come to fruition. >> laura: how do the democrats go to the voters and the country. we know that we spend $18 billion a year on health care for illegal immigrants. we spend billions more on public education. we're compassionate people and that's what we do. the democrats can't find $5 billion to get the border fortification going in the form of a wall, enhanced fencing, et cetera, why are we worried about other borders and not our own? >> we are worried about the american border and there are $4 billion agreed to by the senate in the vote on wednesday supporting border security. and i have to say we got to remember that the applause line wasn't just about building the wall it was that mexico would pay for it. and now the president is asking the american people to pay for it. i don't want to pay for a border
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wall. >> laura: but what about the $18 billion a year for health care? >> i think when people are living in the country we need to make sure they are not unhealthy. >> laura: all right. >> but the key thing here is that the border wall doesn't have the votes and will have less in about two weeks. the votes aren't there. it's theoretical. they're not going to get the money from this congress. so why are we shutting down the golf for a vote that won't work in the president's favor? >> laura: we deal in the realm of facts. so we have 25% of the government nonessential employees, nonessential services are covered under the shutdown. when i hear nonessential, why are they in the government at all. it's like the skeleton crew. >> what do we need you is -- we don't need you so just stay home. >> laura: that's craziness.
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>> it's also a scam. when they have the nonessential employees stay home and they stay home for the extra day, when the government reopens we back pay them. it's not like we saved money in the whole thing. and here's the thing, the american people will pay for the wall. we've seen that from the gofundme and they have raised 10, 11, $12 million. the american people will pay for security. the families who have loved ones killed by illegal immigrants will pay for the wall. we have the money. it's a 4 trillion dollar budget. the cash for clunkers program was a $3 billion boon dogle to take cars away and throw money in the trash. and you won't do that to protect american people. >> laura: i have to say to both of you, vo, ththough, a pox on parties they have both handled
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it abysmally. it is an abysmal handling of the crisis on our southern border. i think both parties have failed the american people here. both of you have a wonderful holiday, merry christmas and happy new year. joining me now, kevin mccarthy who is the only person left on capitol hill. congressman, okay. well, here we, are congressmen. you should be stuffing stockings at home and hanging the mistletoe and all the fun stuff you do in california but here we are. the government will shut down in two hours, did you all wait too long? >> i don't know if we waited too long. the house has passed funding before and we had the 5 billion in there. the challenge really lies -- the house did pass a bill that protects and secures the border. the senate, it takes 60 votes.
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when it comes to the question of shutting down it comes to schumer. does schumer make a decision to shut down or not? and this is a different shutdown than any of those in the past. we have funded 3/4 of the government. the military is taken care of in this process but this is too important to let keep going. we know we need it to be secure and think about what schumer just said, he was for providing money for the border but he's afraid it will affect nancy pelosi's vote for speaker on january 3rd. >> laura: back in october we talked about this at the time when paul ryan said we're going to do this big fight about the border in december we're going to have a conversation. we all knew that was ridiculous. i mean you were not in that camp. but for two years, paul ryan and everyone hears me say i like him
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as a person. he has not been on the president's side on this wall. he never wanted a wall and he didn't like it and what trump was saying about the wall. this is all on trump's shoulders? i find it outrageous it's on the president's shoulders. he's someone who wants this done. mazie hirono, a senator from hawaii, on television blaming fox news and basically talk radio. let's walk. >> he's got some right wing loud people yelling at him on fox news and suddenly, he says i don't think i'm going to sign it. it is very true that he will bring on the shutdown and has to take responsibility for it. any effort on his part to blame the democrats will be such [ bleep ]. >> laura: she said the bs word there, congressman.
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is this a fox news, talk radio pundit shutdown or did the president say do or die here? >> the president campaigned on this and said he was going to fight for this all along. and it comes down to 60 votes in the senate. but the president is doing what he promised just like on everything else from getting tax reform and others. this president is a fighter. but paul has been fighting for the wall as well. but here we are, we're in this fight and what changed this week, remember when nancy pelosi was in the oval office and said you don't have the votes in the house. well we overwhelmingly proved that is not true and sent the bill to the senate. so it really lies with the senate and the channel there as you watched the vote before it comes down to what schumer -- schumer had some power. it's unfortunate for the president but it's unfortunate for america. we see what's happening across this border. >> laura: it's got to get fixed.
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>> that's why i'm still at work right now. >> laura: again, i beg to differ. i think that paul ryan could have got the votes for that goodlatte bill. everyone was told it wasn't going to happen. but you're right, the senate has the cards now. we really appreciate your spending time with us tonight. and thank you so much, congressman mccarthy. we have a lot more to get to. coming up the whiplash over war policy, friday follies. and an attack on antifa, all coming up. stay there.
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>> laura: the anti-trump forces in the media are pretending to be distraught about the resignation of james mattis, the sky is falling and chaos in washington. the only adult has left the room. you've heard the echoes, beware. >> a political earthquake is rolling through washington as the trump administration sinks further into chaos. >> there are no more grown ups in the room. >> you have america in retreat across the globe and the most extraordinary resignation in modern american history, certainly in the past 40 years. >> laura: the democrats on the hill who for ten years were
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demanding our troops come home from iraq now sound like the paul -- >> i think this will be one of the worst foreign policy blunders of this century. >> who knows why the president is making the decision he did today. >> a decision made in a cavalier fashion in terms of our allies in the fight against terrorism. a decision that is dangerous. >> laura: i'm confused now, didn't they elect obama not once but twice in part because of his pledge to bring the troops home. >> we have spent a trillion dollars on war at a time of rising debt and hard economic times. now we must invest in our people. we must unleash innovation that creates new jobs and industries while living within our means.
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america, it is time to focus on nation building here at home. >> laura: i want to stand up. and cheer, in fact at one point in 2011, pelosi and other top democrats were criticizing obama for the slow pace of his troop withdrawal. >> many of us would like to see this go faster than the path it was laid out. however, it may, and with the proper progress whether on the civilian side or government side, anti-corruption side, it may well be that we can have a quicker drawdown. >> laura: now that donald trump is president the principles fly out the window. i think it's wise to focus on the substance in mattis' letter. he says our strength as a nation
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is linked to the strength of our system of alliances and partnerships while the u.s. remains the indispensable nation in the free world we cannot protect our interests without maintaining strong alliances and showing respect to those allies. before we rush to engrave those words on a tablet in independence hall let's think about mattis' claim there. while his deep and abiding sense of public service is inspiring we love that part of mattis the argument that america's strength is in our alliances stands in contrast to what our framers believed. i rered george washington's farewell address not on the plane, on the way down here. and all americans should read it a few times a year. it's stunningly beautiful. it's wise. it's humble and in many ways
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it's prophetic. mattis knows that washington warned against entanglements abroad that would put our nation at home at risk and would not safeguard the country's fragile independence. he said the following, it is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliance with any portion of the foreign world. wow. it's hard to take that in now, right? that's what washington said. but thomas jefferson echoed the same sentiment. he said peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none. washington also warned us to, quote, avoid the necessity of overgrown military establishment which under any form of government are unauspicious to liberty and which are to be rewarded as particularly hostile
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to republican liberty. of course the point would be driven home after world war ii and after the korean war by president eisenhower who said we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence whether sought or unsought by the military industrial complex. now i'm not here tonight to say we shouldn't work with other countries, of course we do and we should and we should live up to our commitments to help our allies. but we're not in a financial position to rev up the team american police squadrons either. and mattis himself has said we can't be the policeman of the world. whenever we take action abroad, it should be based on clearly defined goals with a specific and clear national security objective which once reached allows for an american
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withdrawal from the region. the argument from so many of the bush republican types is we can't pull our troops out because chaos will ensue. but that thinking we will never leave anywhere we deploy because chaos is always a possibility. donald trump's foreign policy is based in principled realism not endless interventionism. we have no pressing national security interests in syria now. we fulfilled our objective. we smashed isis, a success that the administration shares with general mattis. joining me now with action is david morey, a former dhs special adviser and ben friedman. david, your old boss, barack obama largely won the presidency
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on his noninterventionist message, specifically targeted at iraq but in general that america could never overextend ourselves or remake nations in our own image. why do you take issue with what trump has done here? >> just like obama was not perfect in his withdrawal from iraq and afghanistan. i think it was a mistake because it's beyond contrarian that we have already defeated isis. the majority of the national security community don't think that this is a good idea to withdraw 2,000 troops from syria and opens up the potential for reflash, the secretary of defense mattis and this is like declaring victory landing on the
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air force carrier with mission impossible behind you. >> laura: like you just look a couple of months ago. and a couple months ago all the headlines i was reading the headlines. foreign policy successes. the trump administration, you know, mission accomplished against isis. you know, obviously isis wants to reconstitute itself. you're never going to destroy all of isis. but in the area where we were focused, isis has been driven out. this is mark's tweet earlier today. and he is a big bush guy. he said the following. let's put it on the screen. he basically said anyone who criticized obama's withdrawal from ra from iraq but defends trump
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needs to check their hypocrisy. >> obama was the author of the surge in afghanistan and put ground forces in syria but i agree with you on this. we need a definition of success or isis is defeat that mortals can achieve. the national security experts that we are hearing from complaining about this have a standard of defeat for isis that is impossible to achieve. it's like if anybody in syria thinks nicely of isis or says anything in their favor we have to stay in syria forever. i think we've achieved a reasonable standard of success against isis. they don't have territory any more. that's an important thing. they don't have the allure to attract idiots from around the world to come fight for them. their ranks have been decimated. if that is not success, nothing
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is and we're going to stay in syria forever. >> laura: i want to play for you what donald trump said he was going to do. he gave his big foreign policy speech when he laid out his priority, principled realism. >> leaders engaged in nation building abroad while they fail to build up and replenish our nation at home. they undercut and shortchanged our men and women in uniform with inadequate resources, unstable funding and unclear missions. >> laura: david, that's what the president campaigned on. barack obama said something similar. but realism on the ground in afghanistan kicked in, had a mini surge in afghanistan, reluctantly deployed troops in syria. he didn't want to do it at all.
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the red line, trump smashed him back on the red line. but donald trump did respond to the chemical attacks. he got criticism from a lot of folks but he did respond. it's not like he has done nothing in syria. so to hear these people say he has had a herricky jerk foreign policy, he said we're going to begin to draw down troops to get things done on the home front. i think he is just fulfilling his promise. >> i think and ben might concede this point in what he wrote earlier today. what gets people worried is the lack of a national defense process. there's no strategy, communication process that feels like it's action. and it's bigger than syria.
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9/11 was bigger than afghanistan. there are a lot of questions there. 3 trillion dollars of spending on iraq and afghanistan is hard to defend from any perspective and any party. the issue is what do these 2,000 troops represent and to the potential of a reflash. >> laura: i -- guys, there is always a potential for a reflash. that's why going into these very difficult, tumultuous places with tribal factions, isis is a sunni terror group. the hezbollah is iranian backed. the christian community that was protected by assad and has been destroyed and brutalized and persecuted under isis and what's happened. this is a complex web of relationships and details. and i think, again, the idea that there's a great
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constituency, ben, for a return to bush style interventionism where we establish these beachheads and never lead. i don't think the american people are for it. at some point it's going to affect democrats and republicans really badly. you're really going to get someone in the white house who doesn't want to do foreign policy of this nature at all. >> it's a beltway consensus. i think the american people are not for endless occupational wars. it continues to stun me the extent to which people in this town look at the last 15 years and say that went well. i think we should have another occupational war using the united states forces to manage for an indefinite period in service of some management goal. it blows me that is the default person policy thinking around here.
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>> laura: there have been a lot of changes in thinking. i don't mind when people evolve in their thinking. after a while it became obvious it was a huge mistake. but rachel maddow, confusing where she has come down on this issue. let's hear what she said last night. >> the way that u.s. troops are fighting isis in syria is in partnership with the kurds and with kurdish fighters who are believed to be the most effective anti-isis force on the ground. if the u.s. is now going to leave. what you described is devastation for the kurds. >> laura: in an interview she did for a book, an excerpt from this book she said we don't need
11:32 pm
a radical new vision of post cold war american power we need a return to our constitutional roots, a course correction, advocates against this colonial approach to foreign policy. i think the left is really kind of caught in between, you know, two different counter veiling positions and it's hard to square the circle. >> i think foreign policy needs to be driven from the center. i agree we are against entangling alliances. but we can't take our allies and make them adversaries. and it's not good to take our autocrats and make them allies. this is too much of a dangerous world -- >> laura: but we -- we're dealing with china, right? china, we trade with china, we do technology transfers with
11:33 pm
china. they have a marxist/lennonist regime. ceo, hollywood, media, universities. we -- any pick for sec def. >> i can't think of anyone who would take the job that i could recommend for it. >> bill cohen but he's not going to take the job either. >> laura: mine is jim webb. >> i like that. >> former assistant secretary of defense. he is my pick. and coming up, raymond arroyo and i are going to debate something that -- i love the hat. isn't that beautiful. plus more gross toys to buy kids this holiday season. must we do this? that's next.
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this is a fox news alert i'm robert gray. the government is officially in a partial shutdown. the white house budget chief instructed agencies to execute plans for an orderly shutdown. vice president mike pence and other white house officials were on capitol hill late friday trying to broker a compromise. president trump is calling it a, quote, democratic shutdown saying that the lawmakers need to work on a bipartisan basis. they kept alive a bill that would have provided billions of funding for the president's border wall. but that was only a procedural vote and the senate did not take up the bill amid the belief it was unlikely to pass. the house package included $5.7 billion for the wall. both packages would extend funding through february 8th. at that point, the democrats will have control of the house. senate leaders are blaming each
11:38 pm
other for the standoff. >> let's not end the year the way we began it all because the democrats are unwilling to support common sense measures to address it. let's advance this legislation and pass it and finish our work for this year. >> today's events have made one thing clear, president trump is plunging the country into chaos. the stock market is down another 500 points. general mattis is stepping down. and we know he has real disagreements with the president on syria and on the wall. and now, president trump is throwing a temper tantrum and creating the trump shutdown of the government. >> the house went recess friday with members being given a 24 hour notice to return to washington.
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i'm robert gray, now back to "the ingraham angle," already in progress. >> and deck the halls. >> hi there. >> with boughs of bruce willis in the greatest christmas story ever told. >> this doesn't end the debate at all. but remember what bruce willis said a few years ago. >> "die hard" is not a christmas movie! it's a [ bleep ] bruce willis movie. >> then there was the poll, 62% of people said it's not a christmas movie. only 25% thought "die hard" was. i'm happy to have the debate. we can do it on twitter. i have my arroyo guide to is it a christmas movie? can the whole family watch it? is it redevinive and uplifting.
11:40 pm
based on that criteria, "die hard" is not a christmas movie. do you agree? >> i love the movie. it's '80s. am i getting it right? it's -- who doesn't want to go back to the late '80s. i love the movie but it's not a christmas movie at all. >> it's not. >> laura: just because there's an ornament on a tree in a movie doesn't mean it's a christmas movie. but you like christmas vacation. is that one of your favorites? >> we're going to go through a few, let's start with home alone which is written by john hughes. this is a boy taking on a pair of hapless criminals and protecting his home. this got a reboot this year. google premiered a new ad as
11:41 pm
mccaul mccauley caulkin as a groan up kevin mcallister. >> someone's at the front door. >> what do i owe you? >> keep the change your filthy animal. >> okay, cool. >> laura: he looks exactly the same. he looks the same. it's weird. but i don't -- i think it's creepy the then and now. but is it a christmas movie? >> it absolutely is a christmas movie. but this would never work today. you have all the gadgets and you will get on your accounts and alert the police. kevin had to take on the criminals and it's redemptive and after being alone at home he figures out he wants his family and they come back together. as is "daddy's home 2."
11:42 pm
>> laura: i won't mention how many times my kids have screamed -- i won't wish that, remember "home alone." what is the next one? "daddy's home 2." >> mel gibson stole the show. watch. >> we're back with more daddies. >> look who's here. >> i why does the duck have feathers in. >> to cover up his butt walk. >> two dead hookers wash up on the shore -- >> no, no, no. >> it's racy but it's a lot of fun and it's all about mel gibson. christmas movie. >> laura: finally we have -- keep it rolling, we have "christmas vacation" the chevy chase holiday family disaster that is on tv wall to wall this time of year. is that a christmas movie or not? >> it is absolutely a christmas movie. it talks about the beauty of
11:43 pm
christmas. you watch clark griswald suffer like the rest of us and it's one of my favorites. there is one racy scene. so fast forward past that. >> laura: we have a real versus fake debate? i wait all year and get all my anecdotes ready for you. >> here we go. your team this year put out an ad, okay? and this group was called the christmas promotion board trying to get people to buy more real trees. >> the tree operations are pretty much family, multigenerational, people that work hard to make that experience valuable to the customers. >> it truly is a family business. it's christmas. keep it real. >> that's nice, but you know me. >> laura: hold on, raymond. i won't say whether or not there
11:44 pm
is an ingaraham tree farm in massachusetts and it's an awesome tree farm. . but why do the arroyos who are beautiful and earthy people who love food and music and new orleans why do you prefer the fake trees? >> 80% of americans agree with us. 80% of americans buy artificial trees. a study in 2011, a suny study found 50 types of mold spores are on the tree, they contain snakes, rats, beetles. they get in your home. and for your family, with the dog running around, the dried needles that -- i love those -- the dog can choke on it and puncture their interesten.
11:45 pm
and you don't water it enough so it looks like this. >> laura: oh, no. well, the good -- the good news is. who needs a fireplace? well -- >> at least for one might. >> laura: i will say this, that it is a bit annoying that it's like unplug the tree, we have one -- i have one fake tree in my house this year. i have two real ones. and one fake one. i have given in. but i don't spend -- i don't spend any time in front of the fake tree. no time. only in front of the real tree. >> you're a tree snob. spray the pine scent and you don't know the difference. >> laura: again i win, real always wins out over fake.
11:46 pm
merry christmas. coming up, another story which is unbelievable. you won't believe this. two marines were accosted by these left wing antifa thugs. we're going to speak exclusively to one of the men who was attacked and why did this happen? the city of brotherly love? don't go away. need a new book y son. stories. stories or quotes? time for a rhyme? or not rhyming's fine. no rhymes. skivvies. gadgets or skivvies? boxed set? perfect! nobody knows young readers like we do... barnes & noble
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>> laura: throughout the year this show has highlighted the disturbing spate of violence from the far left activist group antifa, from portland to berkley to washington, d.c. they've stood against free expression and decent society. but this latest case might be the most disturbing of them all. a brutal attack on two marines in philadelphia. we go to trace gallagher and our west coast newsroom with the full story. >> marine we hareservists were punched, kicked, and robbed in downtown philly. the marines went to attend an event and did not know about the conservative rally which was attended by about 30 people and
11:51 pm
200 counter protesters including antifa activists. police say the rally itself was fairly calm aside from a few scuffles but the attack on the marines down the street was a whole different thing after philadelphia police released this video of the suspects, thomas keenan, said to be the leader of the antifa activist group and thomas masse were arrested and charged with criminal conspiracy and aggravated assault. the marines who testified in uniform said they were sightseeing before being approached by tom keenan who asked them are you proud and they answered we are marines. and they asked are you proud boys? that's when the two suspects along with a group of ten others began their attack beating them even though one is mexican.
11:52 pm
the group had a mob mentality saying the best way i can describe it is the sound of people chanting in a soccer stadium and that the suspects were laughing, smiling and having a good time while i could have died that day. godinez estimates he was sprayed in the face by pepper spray six times and he might require surgery. both suspects will stand trial beginning next week. laura? >> laura: thanks, trace. it is beyond disturbing. joining me now is luis torrez. i first heard about this. and i thought to myself, this is when i'm glad my mother and father have gone to their final resting place because i don't even know how they would react to this. they would say what has happened to our country that something
11:53 pm
like this could happen to two marines just trying to go asee the sights in the city of brotherly love. take us through what happened that day. >> thanks having for me, laura. so me and corporal godinez were in the penns landing area. we have never been in that area ourselves. that was our first time. we were with our entire squadron to meet at the liberty bell by noon. not only were we there, we were mandated to be there by our command for professional military education, pme to check out the landmarks and the historical exhibits in regular civilian attire. and we would never know later on we would fall victim to these activists. we were there at noon and my first priority was to grab a bite to eat. so me and godinez find a casual
11:54 pm
restaurant and get something to eat. we have plenty of time to kill. that evening was our hilton -- we had our marine corps bought the hilton hotel to celebrate the 243rd birth day of the marine corps. that's our plan being at philly. >> laura: when were you confronted? what happened? are you dressed in your full marine uniform? >> at that moment, we arrived there at 12:00 in casual civilian attire. up to 3:00. >> laura: i'm sorry to interrupt. so you get closer and a couple of these characters come up to you and ask are you proud? you didn't know what proud boy meant. it's a far right group that has these little rallies. how did it feel to be called a
11:55 pm
white supremacist as someone of hispanic descent? >> that is an extreme irony to us. we found it very ironic and confusing as well. i didn't know who would look at us and suppose white supremacist or neonazi. godinez is mexican and i'm puerto rican. we are two hispanic marines on duty during duty hours and to be confronted by white folks not supposing there is anything racist toward us. and the crowd calls us these racial slurs and then for being a hispanic heritage, the irony was just colossal. >> laura: semper fi, my friend, merry christmas. give our best to alejandro.
11:56 pm
i know he had a rough go of it and is still suffering from these injuries. this is antifa. this is the united states of america, disagree if you want but this is criminal. this is thuggery and a type of domestic terrorism. thank you for your time. >> appreciate it. >> laura: we'll be right back with my christmas message to all of you. stay there. into lowering your very high triglycerides with diet and exercise deserves the hard work that went into the science behind .. because it is different. over a decade of extensive research and development achieved proven results. that's the prescription power of vascepa. vascepa is not right for everyone. do not take vascepa if you are allergic to icosapent ethyl or any inactive ingredient in vascepa.
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tell your doctor if you are allergic to fish, have liver problems or other medical conditions and about any medications you take, especially those that may affect blood clotting. 2.3% of patients reported joint pain. ask your doctor about what the science behind prescription vascepa can mean to you. amarin thanks the clinicians and patients who participated in the vascepa clinical trials.
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♪ >> laura: i want all of y >> i want all of you to take time this christmas season and through the new year to just be. be without politics, be with your family and friends and i have a wedding to go to, it will be a busy holiday but i want you to enjoy yourself, take some time for you and your family,
12:00 am
turn everything else off and be together. we are blessed to be in this country and we are blessed to have all of you who tune in every night, we had a phenomenal year in this new year coming up is going to be wild so you want to keep it right here on fox news. merry christmas, happy new year. see you back here in january. shannon: the part of government shutdown, it is now midnight on the east coast and it is official, 25% of the government is shutting down. several federal agencies are affected including the department of homeland security, transportation, agriculture, state and justice and national parks and forests. many agencies including the pentagon and the department of veterans affairs and health and human services are funded for the year. they will continue to operate as usual. christmas packages should get delivered because the postal service is an independent agency that is unaffected by the partial government shutdown. and


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