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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  December 22, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PST

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turn everything else off and be together. we are blessed to be in this country and we are blessed to have all of you who tune in every night, we had a phenomenal year in this new year coming up is going to be wild so you want to keep it right here on fox news. merry christmas, happy new year. see you back here in january. shannon: the part of government shutdown, it is now midnight on the east coast and it is official, 25% of the government is shutting down. several federal agencies are affected including the department of homeland security, transportation, agriculture, state and justice and national parks and forests. many agencies including the pentagon and the department of veterans affairs and health and human services are funded for the year. they will continue to operate as usual. christmas packages should get delivered because the postal service is an independent agency that is unaffected by the partial government shutdown. and the impasse mike pence was
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dispatched to the capital to meet with chuck schumer who said donald trump's demand for money for border wall will not pass the senate. >> abandon your shutdown strategy. you are not getting the wall today, next week or on january 3rd when democrats take control of the house. >> the only chance we will ever have in our opinion because of the world and the way it breaks down, to get great border security. shannon: donald trump is in washington tonight. he will head to florida for the holidays. he said he would accept money for a steel barrier with spikes on the top that would be just as effective as a solid concrete wall. democrat votes are needed and without them which mcconnell is showing no interest in changing the rules as donald trump proposed to allow a simple
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majority, 51 votes so what next? some lawmakers staying in town on call our mid-the partial government shutdown. analysis continues on cable and satellite, later on local news, i am shannon bream for fox news. donald trump tweeting not long ago, saying he hopes the partial shutdown is not a long one. kristin fisher live with more reaction. that is different from what he said a couple days ago. >> donald trump said he is totally prepared for a long shutdown. he said he believes this may be his only chance to get funding for the wall that he promised his supporters during the campaign and throughout his presidency but in the video he just posted on twitter tonight
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he said he is hopeful that this partial shutdown will not last long. >> we are going to have a shutdown. there is nothing we can do about that because we need the democrats to give us their votes. call it a democrat shutdown, call it whatever you want but we need the help to get this approved. >> the president is calling a democrat shutdown, the democrats are calling it the trump shutdown, the chairman of the dnc saying, quote, the trump shutdown is here, american workers, the president should be ashamed he is targeting american workers with his latest temper tantrum right before the holidays but the president thinks this shutdown is worth it in order to keep his campaign promise and border security. >> it is very dangerous out there.
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drugs are pouring in, human trafficking, so many different problems including gangs like ms 13. we don't want them in the united states, we don't want them in our country. the only thing that is going to stop that is great border security. with a wall, porous led fence or whatever you want to call it but we need a great barrier and if we don't have it is never going to work. >> donald trump is pushing mitch mcconnell to end the partial shutdown by invoking the nuclear option, getting rid of the senate filibuster would let them pass it with a simple majority but mcconnell setting won't do it because it could backfire and end of hurting republicans next time democrats control the senate. this partial government shutdown is going to impact 7 federal agencies, 800,000 federal employees and even donald trump's holiday plans. he was supposed to leave dc tonight and head to florida to spend the holidays at mara longo but that is not going to happen. he will be staying at the white
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house until tomorrow at the earliest or longer depending how the shutdown goes. >> a lot of people changing their holiday and travel plans. let's go to peter doocy on capitol hill where it appears lawmakers have checked out, we know they are in town but may not be here. >> reporter: this is the hallway into the house chamber and normally within minutes of a huge vote to keep the government open at the shutdown deadline it would be packed but except for a couple reporters, there was no vote. the senate decided much earlier in the day that they did not have the votes to pass the house approved border wall funding measure so they just went home. >> the senate needs to take action. the difficulty in the senate is it takes 60 votes so it comes
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down to senator schumer. of senator schumer is going to shut the government down again, he has done that earlier, very hopeful we could find common ground. >> the senate and house each adjourned with hours left on the countdown clock even though some republicans like lindsay graham were urging leaders to dig in and fight, vice president mike pence and mcilvain he huddled with lawmakers until late trying to figure out where there could be some give-and-take but for now democrats are drawing a line in the sand refusing any measure that would fund a border wall in any way so nobody knows how long the shutdown will go. >> it will depend, the republicans once again convincing donald trump that there are not the votes for his wall, not today, not tomorrow, not in january. so there's some face-saving gesture, it is not the way we
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operate in the united states of america. >> mike pence had a 47-47 tire measure to debate the spending bill, spending bills are extremely complex, majority leader mcconnell laughed at how technical this process has become. >> colleagues when an agreement is reached will receive a vote here on the senate floor. i moved to concur in the house amendment to the senate amendment to the house amendment to the senate amendment to hr 695. >> the motion is pending. >> a lot of lawmakers headed home. others remained in town, told me they are definitely going home for christmas, if there is not a speedy solution in the next couple hours, then this could drag on a wild.
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shannon: thank you very much. we will check back with you. perhaps we can find common ground on fox news at night, a democrat from illinois, thank you for stopping in. okay. mitch mcconnell told chad program, quote, i think constructive talks are underway. what would it take to get your vote? >> we need to keep $5 billion in there. one half of 1% of the total budget of this 25% bill we just did and we need the border wall. we have to have a border wall because border security is imperative. shannon: knowing democrats won't over that. >> i don't know that. they are saying that. this is, when they say they want
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border security it went to know what they think border security is. i live in arizona. i'm down at the border. i know what border security looks like. i talked to border patrol agents, ranchers, people who live on the border and they want a wall. san diego, when that was created, cut down illegal alien crossings by 80%. walls work. i don't know why we can say border security but not do this. shannon: walls won't work everywhere. but if you are for border security what does that mean to you? what will you vote for? >> we would vote for a nation of immigrants, we are a nation of laws. we democrats believe in enhancing border security but as a republican from the border state of texas explained the other day we need smart border security. a lot of and documented immigrants in this country
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flyover in airplanes and overstay visas. let's talk about ways to do this in a smart way. this is not effective and mexico is not paying for it. the taxpayers of america are paying for it. >> was would you agree to at the border? >> there is probably some room for repairing certain barriers, talking about fencing in certain areas but this type of wall concept is not going anywhere. let's have a deal for advanced border security and get the government-funded, 54,000 department of homeland security customs and border patrol agents are not going to be paid during the holidays, that's not right if we care about border security. shannon: the woman you elected to be next speaker of the house tweets maybe donald trump and house gop can't imagine living paycheck to paycheck like most americans but the trump shutdown will force 800,000 federal employees to go without pay in
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the holidays and to be clear the vast majority of them are going to be paid back but if you are on a tight budget how do you respond to that? she says most americans, i don't know that most a living paycheck to paycheck but those who are. >> a significant number of americans do live paycheck to paycheck. nancy pelosi is not one of them but i talked to a union official for the border patrol association a week ago and said if it comes to a shutdown we are out there doing our job because that is what we commit to do and we want to be there and we need boots on the ground and we are willing to do it and we want a wall. we are border patrol agents, we want a wall. when we start talking about drones and technical and year they have that. we already have that. we need a physical barrier that forces people to go to places we can interdict them and catch them. that is why this is so critical.
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shannon: democrats have voted for more than $5 billion for border security, a lot of people say it is a rounding error for the federal government. why the dig in over $5 billion? >> that $5 billion is dedicated for the purpose of a wall. let's talk about the right numbers, hash it out. i am a former small businessman. we shouldn't be shutting down the government, we should be negotiating, we should be talking right now. if donald trump is listening i hope he is reaching out to folks and talking to them about how we get past this shutdown now. >> the leaders are working in the white house to come up with something, the senate said they won't vote on anything, they don't know the president already agreed to, that is the deal they have reached. but compromisewise what to the two sides do to get to a solution? sounds like the white house is backing off of $5 billion but what would you agree to?
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>> senator schumer put forward a number the other day. just 3 days ago senate republicans and senate democrats unanimously passed a clean continuing resolutions so we could further discuss this issue, enhance border security in february. but right now i think the two sides should come together, choose a number and move forward. >> nancy pelosi said you couldn't house a $5 billion bill which is why the senate voted the way they did but you are recognizing in february you won't have any leverage at least not on the house side so where do you go tonight? >> the reality is we are not going to get a wall if we don't do it now. democrats made it clear. it is going to cost $25 billion. i would have started and works down to 5 but we started at 5 and the number senator schumer
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keeps putting out is 1.6, 1.3. we are at 5.7 now. have they been to the border? have they seen what goes on? i invite my colleagues, i will take him to the border. i would love to have you come. i will show you the places where there is a single strand. this is really critical. it is national security. shannon: thank you for stopping in and we wish you a merry christmas and happy holidays. thank you. >> we could use it around here. the government has officially personally shutdown, both sides playing blame game. who are the winners and losers? we will ask our power panel, brad blakeman and jason chaffetz. i'm ken jacobus and i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. and last year, i earned $36,000 in cash back. which i used to offer health insurance to my employees.
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this is staying connected with xfinity to make moving... simple. easy. awesome. stay connected while you move with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. >> shannon: as we've shannon: we are in a partial government funding over the border wall, donald trump says democrat saying they are not protecting this country closing down the border, democrats blaming donald trump saying several agencies funding his border wall. >> abandon your shutdown strategy. you are not getting the wall today, next week, or on january 3rd when democrats take control of the house. >> chad program is with us on a quiet night on capitol hill now that it is official. >> the question is whether this
12:19 am
is a partial government shutdown or sometimes you have semantic battles on capitol hill, a lapse in appropriations. that is the struggle they will talk about. there are negotiations going on behind the scenes. we don't think anything is going to happen on saturday. saturday is the day the house and senate will meet at noon, there won't be many members here, everything will happen offstage. mike pence and mick mulvaney were here, long talks with chuck schumer and talking with the chair of the senate appropriations committee richard shelby. heather: what richard shelby said after he emerged from the meeting with mike pence. there are a lot of moving party, we are trying to get the moving together down the same road to merge the appropriations bills together and get this in a package to move together. there is also questions as to what donald trump would sign. they thought they had a deal which is why they put the bill on the floor the other night to fund the government through february. they passed it in the senate and the president blue a couple
12:20 am
couple days later. shelby says the following. we would all have to have assurances the president would agree to what we agreed to and he will sign it. sunday seems to be the operative day when they hope to have some gravity around an agreement and maybe try to bring members back sunday night or early christmas eve, they did this in 2009 on the first vote to push obamacare through the senate but if they don't get something then and i'm told by multiple sources on both sides that they are very skeptical of that scenario, this could be the 26, 27th or even last until january, some don't think this will solve this until next weekend. what they are fighting over is $900 million, which is pocket lint in washington dc money for border wall or border security. they are at $1.6 billion that the proposal is want to take that to $2.5 billion, democrats say they would reject that. i'm told the house minority
12:21 am
leader nancy pelosi won't go higher than $1.3 billion. how they get resolved by sunday night is anybody's guest but if they can get an agreement, the universal agreement with a republican senator from tennessee on all the appropriations bills, then they are in business, that is the reason they were willing to get that bill on the floor. they did that with the democratic vote. doug jones from alabama, that is why there is bipartisan cooperation behind the scenes but the key is what will donald trump accept? >> we will check back with you. joining me to talk about it now that we are officially their former deputy assistant to george w. bush, brad blakeman and fox news contributor use our congressman jason chaffetz. now that we are into the
12:22 am
shutdown i want to read the headline, why the blame game over the government shutdown is pointless, this is how we do things now, shutdowns are game of chicken and everybody is looking for leverage. this is the way washington works, impending deadlines are motivators to compel congress to act so lawmakers see any crisis as an opportunity to get there priority policies accomplished. take a first swing at that. >> i think they are right. it is a washington dc parlor game. i don't think in the heartland they don't care who takes the blame. they care about border security and this is where democrats are in a tough spot. they can't simultaneously say they are in favor of border security and at the same time say they don't want to border wall, they want to abolish ice, they are in favor of century cities. it doesn't add up and america will figure that out. that is much more important long-term and the president is doing the right thing standing tall saying we need a border wall in order to have security and all those border patrol
12:23 am
agents are on the side of the president, not the democrats. >> we are getting a lot of reaction, just got this in from the republican national committee saying tonight democrats chose to shut down the government instead of working with republicans and the president to secure the border coming on to say chuck schumer and his colleagues must stop putting partisan politics over the security of our nation, the responsibility to fund the government, keep communities safe and uphold the rule of law. >> let me say we all should be able to agree the shutdown was avoidable. it is only donald trump who was on the record saying i would love a government shutdown. i would probably own a government shutdown but they are right, let's move away from the blame game and the point that is really important is something you were talking about in the
12:24 am
previous segment. it is actually 70% of americans who live paycheck to paycheck and the type of payoffs and uncertainty donald trump embraced when he was running the trump organization is not how you govern and those 80% of government workers who are living paycheck to paycheck uncertainty and chaos in december before christmas, that is a real war on christmas. >> finish your thought. i thought you were done. >> we have to get to the place where this is not business as usual and i would ask one question of the president. did you even try to make a deal with mexico? was there any attempt. >> we got a deal with mexico. we got one. >> for mexico to pay for the wall? did he attempt that? >> people coming in trying to
12:25 am
claim asylum. >> let me bring bread in here because there's a lot to discuss, a lot of blame going on but to the point did the president give democrats a gift when he said i will take the mantle, i will own this, doesn't have to be yours. >> the president is standing on principle, standing on the oath he took to preserve and protect america. the president was honest with democrats. he left the oval office opens the press to listen to negotiations, something you don't feel the time and use our schumer squirming at the fact the press were in there. he couldn't look the president in the eye. democrats were for border security before they were against it. remember the secure fence act of 2006 which passed the senate 80-19 including chuck schumer and senator obama who voted for it. this is denying the president a campaign promise. it is all about politics and democratic congressman and senators who voted against this
12:26 am
are living paycheck to paycheck during the shutdown, they are getting paid, they are with their families at christmas, the president is in the oval office still trying to make a deal but democrats are denying the president, listen to their words, it is his wall, republicans, there while. it is not his wall or their wall. it is our wall, the republicans and democrats's obligation to secure this nation. >> interesting we have seen members of congress step up the last few days to say they want to give up their paychecks or spend them while this is going on in a show solidarity with people who make the sacrifices during the holiday season. a tough time for anybody because budgets are tight and everybody is spending more than we should or at least getting to our breaking point over the holidays. something else from the dnc,
12:27 am
donald trump campaigned on dealmaking skills and yet he is proving incapable of making a deal that works for the american people. this is a the president's, failed dealmaker with the template of a toddler. the american people have had enough. we know it takes more than 2 to tango in washington so a lot of blame but how do they get together? not one person can get this done. it will take reaching across the aisle. >> no doubt, was nancy pelosi was adamant about the vote in the house, it was overwhelming vote in favor of the $5 billion for the border wall in the house of representatives. again the democrats are failing to describe what they believe is security. they want to micro manage this, they say they want security but they don't want a wall. they say it is an immoral wall. do they want to tear down the existing wall? why not do the wall? if not, what do they think they are going to do?
12:28 am
when you talk about that, they say they want a wall. they are losing the argument and they do not have the american people behind their backs. the only reason i can think of democrats are posed to this is because donald trump's for it. >> we are getting a joint statement from democratic leader chuck schumer in the senate and nancy pelosi in the house and this is what that says. we will read through this or tried to. regrettably america has entered a trump shutdown, democrats have offered republicans multiple proposals to keep the government open including one that already passed the senate unanimously and all of which includes funding for strong, sensible border security, not the president's ineffective and expensive wall. if donald trump and republicans choose to continue this trump shutdown the democratic majority will pass legislation to reopen the government in january. we were just talking about these same people voted for some of the things they now say are ineffective and ridiculous. >> it is important to have intellectual honesty with your audience.
12:29 am
what jason chaffetz didn't mention is it was not solely about the border act, the border wall aspect of it. it was about smart and effective strategies, drones, different ways of approaching border security. i find it interesting there has been a shift in the talking points on republicans to broaden this out the border security. this does come down to the fact the president thinks compromise is a bad word and republicans need to really look internally at remember when they use to criticize democrats for making policy from polling and now you have a president making policy from political commentators getting under his skin. this was dealt with earlier this week. >> not true. shannon: i know that they'll
12:30 am
come back, we have to get to chad program for breaking news and explanation for what is going on. please stick around, brad, we will give you the first start at this but we have this question about members of congress getting paid while this is happening and hundreds of thousands of federal employees may not. how does this work. >> members of congress will get paychecks and they are being paid, they passed one of the first appropriations bill they approved earlier this year, the legislative branch appropriations bill, there are 12 bills that fund the federal government, 7 are outstanding and one of the 5 they approved was for the legislative branch. it is the smallest and most narrow but that is done. the money to pay members of congress and staff and workers at the capital is done. here is the other issue. the 27th amendment of the u.s. constitution, the most recent amendment says no law for compensation of services for senators and representatives shall take effect until the election of representatives has been seen.
12:31 am
when you have government shutdowns what happens is you say i'm not going to be paid, the problem is they have to pay the members because the constitution says so. >> and because they did their bill appropriating before we got to the situation we are in now. these people who now say i don't want to take my paycheck, it is not an option. it is more for show. >> we could put in an escrow or something like this. some people say they should change the constitutional put that in. you never got dozens of the constitution? a backbench congressman in the early 1990s, then it became a big deal around here, a guy named john boehner. shannon: what happens now? many questions. we have folks who have answers with our power panel when we come back.
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start a 30-day trial today and your first audiobook is free. cancel anytime and your books are yours to keep forever. audible. the most inspiring minds. the most compelling stories. text "listen16" to 500500 to start your free trial today. shannon: ruth bader ginsburg is in new york hospital. the spokesman says the 85-year-old had surgery for two malignant growth from her left lung, her third bout with cancer since 1993. she will stay in the hospital to rest and recuperate for two days. doctors found no evidence of disease anywhere else in her body, no additional treatment is planned. donald trump tweeting wishing ruth bader ginsburg a full and speedy recovery. justice ginsburg was able to
12:36 am
join her colleagues in ruling against the president on the issue of banning asylum claims to immigrants who to the country illegally. on roberts was the swing vote siding with the liberals. william lawines, how many migrants are not asking permission to cross the border. >> reporter: the immigrant seen here crossing the border illegally still have a right to claim asylum. the court ruling against administration policy that required immigrants to seek asylum only at ports of entry. this comes as immigrants grow increasingly desperate. wednesday, 300 central americans junk vehicle barriers in the arizona desert, one in the middle of nowhere in an indian reservation. in central california agents track and ultralight arresting two chinese nationals got landing. >> the wallpaper itself. >> the president wants $500 billion for 219 miles a very to reduce illegal immigration.
12:37 am
>> mexico was supposed to pay for it. that is a campaign promise. just another lie. >> reporter: democrats may block the president's wall that did not stop him erecting a different kind of barrier in mexico requiring asylum-seekers to stay there while the us processes their claims. >> decreasing immigration which is what we have been trying to do, it will help us focus on those who have a legitimate claim. >> the us apprehended 60,000 illegal immigrants, 60% jumped over last year. >> numbers will go down substantially. you can get it in mexico. we are talking only a small portion will continue to get asylum in the united states. >> the policy denies asylum-seekers their rights and endangers those waiting in mexico. >> i will ask a silent hope the measure being taken is not true. >> reporter: the ministration hopes this would relieve pressure on an overcrowded immigration system and then catch and release.
12:38 am
the supreme court ruling suggests that. >> democrats claim donald trump, due to pressure from conservative talk radio but is the same holding true for a decision on syria? now that his esteemed secretary over policy differences. conservative talk radio convinced the president to reduce the decision and trace is on the case. >> in 1967 when talking about support for the vietnam war, lyndon johnson famously said, quote, if i lost cronkite and lost middle america. walter cronkite's first influence. gop senator bob corker and democratic senator dick durbin believe donald trump, conservative radio hosts means losing his base. corker even said this is the, quote, tear any of talk radio hosts. after first saying he would be proud to shut down the government if he doesn't get his
12:39 am
wall funding he backtracked on that threat and that infuriated conservative talkers rush limbaugh and ann coulter. >> textbook example of what the drive-by media calls compromise. trump gets nothing in the democrats get everything including control of the house. >> must've been a joke presidency, the american people enraged, amused the populace for a while but no legacy whatsoever. >> reporter: he unfollowed and coulter on twitter but changed his mind on a bill to prevent a partial shutdown of the government innocent saying it is wall funding or bust. fascinating that when the president ordered all troops out of syria it drew wide conservative condemnation. lindsey graham said it was a mistake. marco rubio called a major blunder. "fox and friends," has brian kilmeade labeled it stunning and
12:40 am
irresponsible yet those waiting for the president to flip on syria could be greatly disappointed because his conservative radio base, those in favor of the america first promise approved the decision. in april when donald trump bombed syria after a suspected chemical weapons attack, they bashed the president saying he undermined his promise to disentangle the us from global conflicts. now that he is totally pulling out of syria and pulling thousands of troops from afghanistan rush limbaugh says mister trump is implementing the agenda he was elected to implement. shannon: are you having déjà vu? does it feel we have been through this before? you are right. it is not even the first shutdown of this year. we take a look back at why shutdowns have become commonplace.
12:41 am
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12:44 am
>> we are closing out 2018 with the government shutdown, we kick things off with a couple government shutdowns averages similar to what we are talking about tonight. we are just minutes from the point at which government funding runs out. midnight january 19th, lawmakers
12:45 am
were at odds over the budget, the issue then was immigration, specifically the daca program for children to pathway to citizenship. >> it is 50-48 but they needed 60 yes votes and democrats have successfully blocked a 4-week government funding extension. >> the government reopened 3 days later with hard feelings across the political spectrum. >> progressive groups and dreamers are still fuming. what can the democratic leadership due to when the back? >> another brief shutdown a month later at lasted hours and with lawmakers kicking the issue down the road with another stopgap funding solution, time-tested ritual game of political chicken with familiar rhetoric and images. closed signs at national parks, and manned call centers and limited benefits, looking back at history most government
12:46 am
shutdowns are short, there were 7 closures in the reagan era. wondering the bush 41 administration, the press reached a fever in the clinton era when an impasse led to 1 million federal workers furloughed and significant disruptions, none during bush 43's time in office. then there was 2013. the front impasse was before the correct, obamacare and a hard-line stance against the president by congressional conservatives, the federal bureaucracy went dark for 16 days. standard & poor's estimated $20 billion out of the us economy. and the end the president promised to work for a long-term budget solution. >> illuminates the possibility of a shutdown for the first time, for the first 9 months of next year congress and i have a long one way to get some important things done. >> but the discord continued when obama passed the reigns to donald trump. now the blame game, 2018 part 3. >> more focused on stopping the
12:47 am
president been helping the country. >> the president is doing everything he can to shut the government down, you have to ask the question why. >> let's bring back our power panel, brad blakeman and jason chaffetz. brad, i want to start with you. the president tweeting yesterday, for those on the east coast, he said this, even ronald reagan tried for eight years to build a border wall fence and was able to do so. others have tried, we will get it done one way or the other. what is the path to getting the wall done based on current conditions and the fact we will have divided government come january? >> standing on principle and demanding to get what the president is due, elections have consequences, this president is the most transactional president in recent memory.
12:48 am
is not an ideologue. he can make a deal, the problem is democrats have been against this president since the day he was elected. it is resistance. a visceral dislike of this president and everything he stands for you this is needed. it is not wrong for the president went security on the southern border, it is necessity. we needed and yet democrats as the congress and pointed out are willing to fund sanctuary cities and to protect those who came into this country illegally, preventing them from coming here to begin with, the president is right to stand on principle he was elected and needs to continue this course and as you pointed out in your report this is nothing new. we had 221977, they never lasted more than a month. this is political chicken and if the president stands true to his principles and his word he will win and he won't when personally. it will be a win for the american people.
12:49 am
shannon: something on capitol hill, this idea of changing the filibuster so you don't need 60 votes to move something forward, the president wants it to go to 51. the majority leader, use the nuclear option and get it done. the country is counting on you. we heard some top senators including several republicans weighing in saying no way, you can't run the senate regardless of the rules regardless which parties in charge we don't have a functioning senate. what do you make of his call to drop that level from 60, to 51. >> usually the long-term senators make that argument. my challenge is since the 1974 budget ask, only one time since 1974 the budget has moved through the process, all of those appropriations bills moved through in proper timing. the system is totally broken. i do think there is a legitimate argument, it should be majority rule. part of the reason the democrats are anxious for the shutdown is they think they can run the
12:50 am
clock until january 3rd and suddenly you have a bunch of republicans leaving and nancy pelosi and the democrats control the house. it works to their advantage to have the shutdown until they have stronger numbers in the house. >> interesting when you look back historically because we often hear about who is going to get blamed for the shutdown is what it means but looking at 2013, senator ted cruz reading dr. seuss on the floor, they were trying to block it the following year even the republicans got blamed for that, they picked up 13 house seats and 9 senate seats. in 2018 when we had a couple minor shutdowns the polls show it was equally divided between the president and democrats who was to blame, democrats picked up 40 house seats and in the senate republicans picked up, looks like voters have shorter memories. i will review something else from the headline why the blame game over the shutdown is
12:51 am
pointless, few people feeling impact from it in their own lives, that is a democratic pollster, it reflects washington's dysfunction which they loathed but it is too distant from what hits at home. will anyone pay for this politically? >> it donald trump has already paid for his immigration rhetoric and that is how he lost 40 seats. the majority of those, moderate democrats who won. i think it a little scary that americans don't file government shutdown affect them. every time we go through this, this is the third one this year. every time we go through this i am most concerned about the workers that will be impacted and also the food inspections that don't get done. there are a lot of invisible things the federal government does that people may not be aware of but certainly have an
12:52 am
impact. the second point on the wall. >> already funded, health and human services. >> why has the $1.35 billion that hasn't been spent, why isn't the president using that on his wall? we are talking about this as a game of chicken but there are real dollars given last year for border security that -- >> it is all in the pipeline yet to be spent, there is additional money needed for the wall and other physical and technical security. and you just heard in shannon's report we are going to lose much more to our economy than the $5 billion to fund border security so you are willing to sacrifice $24 billion for $5 billion? makes no sense. >> i'm not willing to do it.
12:53 am
i'm not the person in the white house who wrapped his arms around a shutdown and said how much he loved it and gave it a bear hug and gave it one of his sloppy wet kisses he loves to give. this is the president who has run towards the shutdown and embraced it because he thinks governing by chaos and uncertainty is something -- >> he wants a wall. >> he did embrace this idea of having the shutdown. on a lighter note i would like to share something that is happening in washington because you know there's a local lounge, we want people to see, this is talking about -- these are the shutdown cocktails, started at 12:01 this morning. this is in the eastern time zone. every day of the week during the shutdown, $5 for federal employees, a discount. nothing really mattis, mexico will pay for this, the hot tub
12:54 am
crime machine, the aoc, the border wall bagger, stephen miller's hair affair. even here in washington there are those who will take a lighthearted approach to this. thoughts? we will start with you. >> sometimes you just got to laugh at the dysfunction of washington. that has the american people sick and it is no secret that this continuing resolution battle comes before christmas. it is done on purpose. the american people shaking their heads, they couldn't run a household where the government operates, couldn't run a business this way. it is a disgrace. shannon: quick final word. >> i agree with brad about the dysfunction. one thing i'm most excited about are the new members of congress coming in, large numbers of women.
12:55 am
i think the only way we get past these multiple shutdowns every year is to get more women elected because we embrace compromise more from leadership standpoint, certainly more than the current president. >> is that fair? is this a gender issue? >> know. i want to know, maybe i don't want to know what is in this stephen miller hair affair. what that item is. >> there is no hair. >> hair of the dog. >> that does not make me hungry or thirsty. >> thank you for weighing in, we are now 55 minutes is the partial government shutdown, thank you, chad has been filling us in. we find out, he tells us the mueller investigation is not going anywhere. it has been funded and slammed the 27th amendment, members of congress getting paid during the shutdown and because of your reporting a lot of folks on
12:56 am
twitter tell me they are ready to repeal that amendment. we will see if it goes anywhere. thank you for working late for us, we will keep covering this as long as it lasts. most grateful you spent your shutdown evening with us, good night for now from washington. i'm ken jacobus and i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. and last year, i earned $36,000 in cash back. which i used to offer health insurance to my employees. what's in your wallet? get stronger... get closer. start listening today to the world's largest selection of audiobooks on audible. and now, get more. for just $14.95 a month, you'll get a credit a month good for any audiobook, plus two audible originals exclusive titles you can't find anywhere else.
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