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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  December 22, 2018 3:00am-7:00am PST

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♪ >> the government is officially in a partial shutdown. >> call it a democrat shut down. call it whatever you want. let's be by par san and get it done. the shut down hopefully will not last long. >> democrats don't want to support something that will secure the border. plain and simple. >> president trump is throwing a temper tantrum and creating the trump shut down. >> the only person standing between really getting a deal and not getting a deal is chuck schumer. >> supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg has surgery to remove two growths on her lung. >> ruling against the president on asylum claims from immigrants who enter
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the country illegally. >> senator lindsey graham hearings on the planned withdraws of u.s. troops in not only syria but afghanistan. the shadow you had by out imminent resignation of james mattis. >> man climbed the national christmas tree and wouldn't get down. merry christmas, washington. ♪ cold as ice ♪ you know that you are ♪ cold as ice. pete: wow, that is fox square formerly known as the plaza transformed into an ice skating rink this morning. jedediah: that looks beautiful. i'm so excited. griff: i have goose bumps i don't know if it's foreigner or ice. fondest memory as a child 10 years old my parents brought me to rockefeller center you don't know how to ice skate i lacied them up anyway.
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pete: how did it go? griff: i don't know. i was 10. conjures up memories of christmas and new york city. i can't wait to go ice skating again. pete: are you an ice skater? jedediah: i'm all right. i did notice producers say jedediah is going to try some harder stuff. i don't know how that's going to go guys. if i fall i know it's very -- i will do my best. if i can stand up, i will consider it a win. pete: testament if you try things on the show it may not go well for your bodily harm. griff: this is true. pete: jedediah, griff jenkins, we're excited it's christmas in two or three days. [sladays. [sleigh bells] pete: no, that's santa in his workshop. [ho, ho, ho. griff: alert, the government shut down now underway. president trump is putting blame on democrats for not coming to bipartisan agreement to fund the border
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wall. jedediah: gillian turner is live in washington where talk also resume this afternoon. gillian? >> gillian: that is right. good morning, guys. the federal government here in washington is partially shut down after president trump failed to strike a deal with democrats on funding for the border wall. this is the third shut down of the year. president trump took to twitter to explain the situation to americans taking none of the blame. take a listen. >> our great country must have border security. we don't want people coming in that aren't supposed to be here. we need the democrats to give us their votes. let's work together. let's be bipartisan and let's get it done. the shut down hopefully will not last long. >> gillian: this comes exactly one week after the president told democratic leaders schumer and pelosi in the oval office that he would own any shut down over border security. senator schumer indicating last knight the dems are still willing to keep on negotiating. >> democrats they have offered three proposals to
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keep the government open, including a proposal offered by leader mcconnell that passed the senate unanimously only a few days ago. we are willing to continue discussions on those proposals. >> here's the shut down by the nuns. numbers. 800,000 federal employees are affected. 420,000 forced to work without pay. and another 380,000 temporarily furloughed. the majority of these employees are working outside of d.c. on the upside, 75% of the government is already funded through 2019, including the departments of defense, labor, education, health and human services. and the congress. but, major agencies like the justice department, homeland security, and the state department are not. and they are going to be hit hard, guys, by this shut down. pete: gillian, thank you very much. i would say happy shut down saturday. how are you feeling? are you waking um this morning? government shut down? your lights are still on,
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right? jedediah: no armageddon, as far as i can see. pete: it ain't happening. for my two cents the more d.c. is uncomfortable the better. we are going to show information about previous shut downs. i think the one under oklahoma most recent to ours is 2013. i had to google it what do you remember about these shut downs? everyone got paid? everything is fine. everything rumbled forward. armageddon not really happening, jedediah. jedediah: what you remember is that the democrats try to paint these scare at that time ticks every single time something major comes up whether budgetary issue, the debt, immigration they come in with scare tactics. sometimes it works as far as how it plays out in the public. trump took a lot of heat initially because people thought he was walking it back and not digging his heels in. we elected you to be the guy who does something and follows through outsider who gets stuff done. he is digging his heels. in people are hoping he
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stays with those heels dug in. it's now or never. griff: happened several times buff, we can put that up on the screen. here's the one i remember most recently january 2018. the national park service didn't have trash pickup. some employees had their cell phones cut off. it was not an earth shattering moment for the nation. we all got over it here is senator lindsey graham talking about the president saying what this is really about is having to break the democrats. take a listen. >> when you make a promise to the american people, you should keep it the one thing i like about president trump, he is trying his best to keep his promise. he promised to build a wall. and he is going to fight hard to keep that promise. after the caravan, if you don't see the need for more border security, you're blind and now here's the problem. i think democrats hate trump so much they want him to lose even though it would be good for the country to work with him on border security. and if he doesn't break them
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now, it's going to be a terrible 2019. griff: talks about breaking them. by the way, don't forget that both parties wants beefed up security. they are offering 1.6 billion before we got here. the president wants 5 billion. talking about 3 tenths of 1% of deficit. jedediah: do you support a government shut down? let us know. really curious how it's impacting people out there. pete: lindsey graham said dig in. now's the time. in my mind, own the shut down. this whole nonsense chuck schumer goes to the floor and saying it's trump's shut down no one gives a -- about that. you can maim name it what you want is spin it the way you want. the republicans like spent two years wasting their time. this is on republicans just like it is on democrats, so here we are at the last crucible. nancy is never going to do it when she controls the house. this is the last changes. dig. in let us know. jedediah: president trump coming out sign for the wall design of steel flat barrier
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totally effective while at the same time beautiful and if you look at that a lot of people out there saying this could work, actually. pete: part of the reason while the steel slat versus the wall is because if you get 1.6 billion as it's currently written, it has to be a design that was already approved by congress. steel slats already approved by congress, so you can get a wall. if you get the 5 billion for wall funding then it can become the prototypes that the president wanted. all washington semantics and differences. listen, a wall like that works pretty darn well. griff: those washington semantics. pete: they happen to matter. griff: we need to do something on our border. when you hear the head of the border patrol and cpp we have a problem spiraling out of control and we have to address it whether it's steel slats or concrete wall which is what democrats wanted to make this a negative political football. you either address it or you don't.
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what you are talking about as chad pergram pointed out our resident capitol hill expert, we are talking about pocket lint in terms of the numbers of dollars that would be spent on trying to achieve this goal which is now really the shut down is becoming a bit of a farce. pete: chuck and nancy said the wall is expensive and ineffective. you know when you text somebody and you rite ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. chuck and nancy is that a joke. rounding error. ineffective everywhere walls are used they end up working. their people know that. jedediah: we have reaction from both sides on this and we have a tweet from rollen trump added the death spike to his fence to appease his bloodthirsty base of idiots. pete: roll land you are an idiot. cammeron, i don't care if the wall is see through or has spikes on top just build it. this is crucial. especially where our places where our border has no fencing, barrier and leaves our country wide open. i'll take whatever.
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make it happen. supporters just want a physical barrier that can be overseen by agents that doesn't allow people to just run in. jedediah: his supporters want the humanitarian crisis addressed at the border and they should frame it as such. they always talk about republicans aren't compassionate. republicans -- no. it is compassionate to care about the fact that some people from other countries are crossing over, being insent advised to cross over illegally and endure horrific conditions. border security is national security but also fixing a humanitarian crisis. republicans should not ignore that point. griff: no one has become more outraged about this in sort of an insensitive way than jimmy kimmel on thursday night who had this to say. take a listen. >> there are some very dopey people ready to pay for it themselves. people, this is what people do with their disposable income when they don't have loans from college to pay off. donating money for a wall that will never exist. it's like starting a college fund for harry potter.
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[laughter] more useful things to do with your money would be to go outside and feed it to a bird. you do have to admire the sacrifice they are making. a lot of these people are dipping into their meth money for this. pete: actually, i watched this clip on the way. in i dipped into my meth money and i don't nateed $200 to the go fund me page. griff: really? pete: people are done. washington can't get it done. watch this go fund me page has 5 or 6 million bucks right now. if washington won't get it done american citizens want to get it done. jedediah: sad that american citizens feel the need to step in and do the job that the american government should be doing. pete: shocking. jedediah: also horrifically insensitive that he would make fun of people who want border security and national security. griff: are you happy shut down going on. jedediah: and what about kimmel. pete: does jimmy kimmel have a wall around his house. i want to know.
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jedediah: does he have security. the patrick frazee's arrest comes one month after kelsey fares vanished on thanksgiving day. her body has not been found but no word on what led to his arrest. >> as you can tell from the arrest, sadly, we do not believe kel sea is still alive. investigators have recovered a number of items that make us suspicious that the crime did occur at kelsey's residence. he was charged with solicitation. police are not ruling out a second arrest. flights taking off at london's gatt wick airport. police making two airports charging a man and woman with criminal use of drones. suspicious drone sightings grounded all flights. 100,000 passengers for three days. police say there are no signs this is terror-related. a four-legged santa claus
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isn't letting anyone on the naughty list off the hook. a canine officer dressed as santa takes down three suspects in one night. oregon deputy say canine stark now holds the new record with 186 captures. he dresses up in several costumes, especially for halloween and fourth of july. and those are your headlines. that's adorable. i love a dressed up dog. pete: when you get caught by santa claus dog. griff: should the president keep the government shut down until january? some say that's not long enough. well, we will ask ned ryun, he has thoughts on it. pete: plus, he once welcomed refugees with open arms. now justin from canada is blaming trump for his country's immigration crisis. really? jedediah: you can't top the christmas classic. new poll is proving it how new americans are choosing christmas carols over the billboard hits. ♪ oh what fun it is to ride
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griff: a fox news alert. a partial shut down now underway. but a new op-ed argues the fight for the wall should continue into january. if the shut down the g.o.p.'s last chance to push for border security? jedediah: here to react former presidential speech writer ned ryun. good to have you here. >> good to be with you guys. jedediah: what do you think should this push through january to february? how long should this go on? >> as long as necessary if it has to go for months. it goes for months. it's mind-blowingly stupid that we have even gotten to this point. that's congress for you. they want to keep kicking the can downtown road and trump has said absolutely not. we're going to keep having this conversation. back in march when he signed that god awful omnibus bill he was promised by leadership we will get you funding for the wall. here we are in december and they weren't going to give him any funding.
3:18 am
i think it's rather shameful that mitch mcconnell and paul ryan even suggested that you have a continuing resolution that pushes this back until february. you mean when nancy pelosi is speaker and there is a snowball's chance of hell in getting any funding for the wall? no. the time to fight is now. you shut down the government. i wrote an op-ed for fox earlier this week. shut counsel down the southern border. we have to fix our immigration system and secure our southern borders. the reason we have to do this, if you look a little bit down the road, couple years down the road with mass immigration and bringing in all these illegal immigrants and welfare system is broken? we have a lot of problems in our very near future if we don't deal with this. other thing griff i will say is this 5.7 billion out of a 4 trillion-dollar annual budget and we can't find any money? we can find the money it has nothing to do with that. they don't want to give him a win and they have to kowtow to their far left base. griff: let me put up a quote from roy's op-ed:
3:19 am
griff: you are on the same page? >> 100 percent. literally, if trump had not said i will shut everything down, again, congress would have kept pushing, kicking the can down the road. we have to have this conversation now. you know democrats are not going to be serious about this. they would rather -- they are pleased with our broken immigration system for a whole wide variety of reasons. they have no intention of actually securing our border. again, it points out really what hypocrites they are on this. when you think back, schumer voting for the huma sector wall. they voted for 46 billion-dollar packages before for building 7, 800 miles of border fence. they don't want to do that now for a variety of reasons. they are not going to do any funding if they seize control of the house. if we don't fight now, we are going to regret it.
3:20 am
jedediah: if had you to make a prediction how this lands, who caves? does someone cave? do they meet in the middle on a final number. >> politics is the art of come pro-mize. i think there is going to be some sort of compromise. perhaps looking at 4, 4.5 billion as deroy mentioned. there is going to be some figure where both will be able to claim some sort of victory. this is important for trump to win because, again, let's not forget, this is one of the reasons he was actually elected build the southern wall. pete: that's right. thanks, ned. >> merry christmas, guys. griff: what happens here is going to foreshadow 2020. we are almost there. jedediah: for sure. griff: president trump announcing he plans to pull troops from syria and afghanistan. some critics outraged. what do those who fight the wars think. our military panel weighs in. jedediah: los angeles highway just named for former president obama. another city's push to do the same hitting some major traffic ♪ i want to ride it all night long ♪ ♪
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griff: good saturday morning. quick headlines for you. the supreme court rejects the trump administration asylum ban. reject those crossing the border from seeking asylum. the judge's order says the ban, quote irreconcilablably conflicts with immigration law. now to our northern border. justin trudeau blaming the u.s. for influx of illegal immigrants that he invited. >> people are fleeing the united states right now are chooses to leave the united states right now. i say it is perhaps domestic
3:25 am
realities within the political context in the united states. >> the trump administration? >> inspiring people to move. >> in 2017 he sent a tweet welcoming all newcomers to canada. pete? pete: thank you, griff. appreciate it the trump administration working to pull all troops out from syria and now reportedly half of the 14,000 troops currently stationed in afghanistan. so what do those who fight the wars think of a reduced presence overseas? let's bring in our military panel to react. jim hanson president of security studies group and served in the u.s. army special forces and conducted counter-terrorism operations. we have got joey jones marine corps technician and vincent hill former u.s. army sergeant. thank you, gentlemen, for being here. i'm going to put my cards on the table. i'm very conflicted about. this tactical and strategic reality. there's a lot of factors that come into play about why or why we should not withdraw from these place. jim, i'm going to start with you.
3:26 am
thoughts overall. syria, afghanistan. good idea to leave and what are the impacts? >> there's a lot of people acting like president trump announcing with drawl from syria was a grand surprise. he has been talking about this a long time. and this spring we worked with the nsc on some ways to leave syria that would not cause a major debacle. those included having our gulf allies in the region helped and both saudi arabia and the uae have now contributed resources and sent troops last month. in addition, we said that we need to pull turkey back into our orbit. they have been drifting toward russia and iran. president trump took an opportunity to work with erdogan to get a deal to sell them patriot missiles and hopefully replace. pete: erdogan is sort of basically an islamist dictator at this point. is he moving in that direction can we really count on that? >> we're going to find out. we had to try. they are a nato ally. pete: they were? >> what we need to do with
3:27 am
them is ask them to provide security on the northern border to take it easy on the kurds, our allies who they have a problem with and to go ahead and be useful in limiting iran's influence. if they do those things, yes, if they don't, then we know where they stand. pete: joey, your thoughts? >> it's a good idea to stick to the rhetoric and the policy that you set forth in your election in 2016 it's a good idea to deploy something different in the middle east. i declared five months after president obama declared that we would pull out of afghanistan. so in iraq and afghanistan i was a part of staying longer than we needed to or staying without a set goal or mission. what i would say is that it's the responsibility of general mattis and the generals to want to go after our enemy in infancy and retreat to kill them and eliminate them. it's the responsibility of the president to see past the x's and o's sometimes. if we elected this man into office. we should have faith in foreign policy. we should australia be
3:28 am
skeptical. what i'm most bothered by where is all this rhetoric and vehement response when we had men and women there years at a time. people only get heated when they are reminded we are at war and we are pulling people home and policy people don't truly understand. we don't say what the mission is. pete: some of it feels disingenuous. your take? >> i think we can all agree we are all conflicted here. to the president's point, one iwhen is enough? when do we bring our troops home? for example, atlanta lost the super bowl by having a 25-point lead. the defense in the second half wasn't in the fight there. so, if we take the defense out of this fight, where does that leave us? i think everyone is more concerned. what is the plan with the withdrawal here. we need to make sure that we don't get back to where we were, i think that's what everyone is focused on.
3:29 am
clear cut plan on what the withdraw with entail. pete: you mentioned uae and saudi arabia and turkey that are going to fill the vacuum for us. a lot of people watching this program say whoa, that doesn't sound like much of a solution knee. >> the bottom line is are we going to leave u.s. troops there indefinitely? that's that wasn't the mission. the mission was to kill isis. there is a couple other things we need to worry about. qatar has been funding al qaeda in syria a long time. they are supposed to be. we need to put serious pressure on them. they are not acting like an ally. if we tak ask the people who live there to help. both israel and france have agreed to step up. it doesn't always have to be the u.s. sometimes people who have a dog in this fight can step up and help as well. pete: that's a good point at what point do regional actors take responsibility for what's happening in
3:30 am
their backyard instead of outsourcing it to the united states. thank you. a debate that will continue. video you have to see to believe. a car goes airborne. you saw it launching right into the top of a tunnel. and what's really shocking is what happened to the driver. plus, a controversial christmas display. baby jesus behind bars in a detainment -- ice detainment cage. we're not kidding. we will bring it to you. and we're getting -- i can't get past that story to read the next one. we are getting festive with ugly christmas sweaters. jedediah's is ugly. griff's is kind of nice but also he makes it look ugly. we will bring it to you next.
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♪ it's beginning to look a lot like christmas ♪ everywhere you go ♪ take a look. jedediah: i'm never taking this sweater off. pete: it's beginning to look a lot like christmas on "fox & friends weekend." in case you didn't know, it's the weekend. and griff's got it going on. we have got our ugly christmas sweaters on. what's the website, guys?
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jedediah: ugly christmas pete: if you want your own go get them they are awesome. jedediah: mine has a unicorn i have named greg gutfeld. jedediah: not a difficult website to remember but i forgot it. it's yuge. jedediah: there is a tail. pete: velcroed. jedediah: i don't play around. griff: this is really cool. ugly christmas you were playing johnny mathis coming. in i started my career as a young person in my 20's. pete: hope you didn't start your career as an old person. griff: be playing the christmas songs. nothing gets you in the mood. we have got a poll here for your favorite christmas songs. take a look. right? 12% say silent night. 8% say jingle bells. 5% say white christmas. 5% say baby, it's cold outside.
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4% say o holy night. 5% say all i want for christmas is you. jedediah: there you go. silent night. pete: keep playing. traditional christmas songs not like happy little holiday. santa claus. rudolph. that stuff -- people are actually attached to the meaning of what christmas is, most americans. jedediah: i think all i want for christmas is you blends traditional and pop culture world but something about this music just makes you feel good, right? i feel like we should pray year around to get in a good mood. pete: too much of a good thing is a problem. jedediah: it can go a little longer in my opinion. pete: i'm a big aaron neville fan. [chimes] pete: bells will be ringing
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♪ griff: let me settle this right here. email us at friends at, rumor of the pete aaron neville or traditional songs? jedediah: let us know what your favorite christmas song is. pete: it's my favorite. thank you. jedediah: headlines now. stunning video a vmw goes airborne after striking a barrier. sparks shoot out hits the top of the tunnel and flips 360 degrees before coming to a stop. the driver walking away with only minor injuries. the crash in slovakia leaving the bmw crushed and mangled. police believe the driver fell asleep at the wheel. firestorm of controversy at a high school wrestling match. new jersey teen andrew
3:38 am
johnson forced to cut his dread locks before a match or forfeit. the ref said his hair and head gear violated rules and regulations. many say this is a clear case of racial bias. johnson won the match. but the referee is now barred from officiating any more matches until the incident is investigated. this nativity scene has baby jesus locked in ice detainment cage. the couple building the controversial display says it's a protest against president trump's immigration policies. >> making a statement because during this holiday season no matter what country you live, in no matter what your ethnicity is, you should be with your family at this time. and unfortunately our country in recent history has decided to separate families. jedediah: last year's display the austin couple depicted the president as a grinch. british man realizes is he a millionaire right in time for christmas. lottery ticket worth $86 million in his car six weeks after he hit the
3:39 am
jackpot. he tucked it away in his visor only checked the numbers after his girlfriend pressured him to do so. good job girlfriend. clark plans on taking early retirement and helping his family and friends. pete: girlfriend will soon become his wife. we will have the grinch on the program later on. i have never seen anyone read headlines while holding on to the unicorn. jedediah: i try to be the first of everything here. griff: well done. i'm over here taking a photo of rick's ugly christmas sweater because i'm not quite sure what he has on over there. jedediah: i feel like a jack in the box. rick: you know what i tried? it works good. i like it. it's not the most comfortable sweater i have ever worn i will tell you. jedediah: it suits you. rick: thanks very much. all right, guys. talk a little bit of weather i feel strange doing. this big storm we had across parts of the east yesterday. that is almost gone. still moisture across parts of new england.
3:40 am
that will be out of here. cooler air and still breezy conditions. maybe a few delays in the airports across the northeast because of that wind and we will have left over delays from yesterday. most of the country looking good. yesterday was the worse of the travel days. today good. more moisture coming in today across the pacific northwest. tomorrow, another day, that's looking good. pacific northwest. only problems rest of the country. no airport delays. the roads are going to be looking good as well. if you are thinking all right, i want a white christmas. maybe if you have snow out there already you have a little bit. this is the precipitation that will fall through tuesday. no going anywhere across the east. out across the west we have a better chance of a white christmas in arizona than we will around here, guys. pete: rick, stuff santa back in the box. he is not coming out of chimney quite yet. that's a cripple any in the front, right? >> i never even saw that. pete: i was watching very closely the weather and you during your weather.
3:41 am
rick: you want my job. [buzzer] pete: jedediah is holding the unicorn the entire time jedediah: it needs at roof affection. greg gutfeld demands a lot of attention. that's what i named him. pete: i will try to read serious headlines in a yuge christmas sweater here. louis farrakhan, yeah, you know him. he is known for his hateful rhetoric. >> the satanic jews. because you see white people deserve to die. pete: now his group, the nation of islam is defending using taxpayer money to prich to inmates. that will end well. we discuss coming up next. griff: president trump take as jab at beto o'rourke. you know him. pete: i think his name is robert. robert france.
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prof: maria ramirez mom and dad: maria ramirez!!! to help more employees achieve their dreams.
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beto o'rourke. congratulations. you won easily and now he is running for president. i thought you was supposed to win before you run for president. >> the president thanking texas senator ted cruz for his work on a criminal justice reform bill while highlighting his victory over congressman o'rourke.
3:46 am
jedediah, pete? >> louis farrakhan has long been known for his hateful rhetoric. >> the synagogue of satan. >> the satanic jews. >> because you see white people deserve to die. pete: oh no. his group, the nation of islam, is using your taxpayer money to preach to inmates. so why would the government think this is a good idea? jedediah: here now to react is founder and president of the american islamic forum for democracy dr. judy jasser. i know at love people would be outraged to see taxpayer money. >> every alarm should go off possible. us reformists have been calling for attention to the radicalism that taxpayers have been paying for back from 2004 and 2005 when the investigator project on
3:47 am
terrorism imams calling for jihad new york found cells when they left to commit acts of terror that were arrested in new york city and elsewhere. we saw recently attack two weeks ago in strauss bowrg they were rad ridessed in prison. we saw they were radical ridessed in prison. it's not new science or new information. we just have a bigotry of low expectations when it comes to muslims. we will let them, oh, let them just talk to the radical imam. the anti-semite. conspiracy fascist. it doesn't matter it's just muslims. we need to hold us muslims accountable to the same standards we hold everybody else, the american taxpayer should not fund their own demise of our society. and we need a whole of government approach to radical islam. we don't. every little corner of government, the prisons, the military, et cetera, all separate out into just political correctness rather than dealing with the ideology. pete: you are right. doctor, the defendant defends them and enables
3:48 am
that radicalization. you are entirely right. this is what the nation of islam says in defending the federal funding. they say the nation of islam, which is comprised of tax paying citizens has a right to do business with the american government. the work of the nation of islam is a great benefit and blessing to the american penal system. so it's a black nationalist group led by louie farrakhan who said these terrible things. what justification truly, if you are a lawmaker. funding something like this in our prisons? >> there isn't one. they simply treating muslims with low expectations. they are simply not holding us accountable. where are the other muslims saying you know what louis farrakhan does not speak for us. where are the other muslims that reject the idea that his kind of hate and anti-semitism and anti-westernism. farrakhan middle east cozying around with kadafi and other radical dictators. this is not somebody we should hold up as the expression of what muslims
3:49 am
should be attached to but, yet, we don't hold them accountable so congress people and others fund it because they say oh this is an identity movement. they ignore it's a separatist anti-american movement, and we don't have a strategy. where is our muslim reform movement that has imams that we work with. we have been calling for people to pay teadges to what we are saying to say you know what? why don't we vet vet these folks so we can have a strategy. jedediah: thank you, doctor. the bureau of prisons has declined to comment. pete: chuck olsen has led a lot of christian groups in prison. the reason there is a difference you are not seeing christian groups going out and trying to cause terrorism. okay. let us know what you think coming up, the government won't spend 5 billion to build a wall, but they had no problem spending 65 million to save sammon. yes we are talking about fish. washington wasting your taxpayers while refusing to protect the border.
3:50 am
jedediah: one year ago today president trump signed historic tax cuts into law. the five things you need to do in next 10 days to save money on your tax bill ♪ that's what i want ♪ your love gave me such a thrill ♪ but your love don't pay my bills ♪ i need money ♪ that's what i want ♪ with the united explorer card, i get rewarded wherever i go. going out for a bite. rewarded. going new places.
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♪ pete: welcome back. one year ago president trump signed his historic tax cuts into law. jedediah: what does that mean for upcoming tax season. griff: let's bring in jean march important moves to make before we ring in the new year. good morning, merry christmas. what's tip number one. >> good morning, guys. sorry i didn't wear my ugly
3:54 am
sweater by the way. tip number one is take advantage of your standard deduction. it has doubled sings last year because of tax reform. it's now $12,000 for individuals. $24,000 for married filing jointly. 30% of americans are expected to not itemize this year so you may save yourself a lot of time and effort by just taking the standard deduction. talk to your rah count tantd or look at your accounting tax software hopefully that mr. l. help you make that decision. pete: second is moving money into your 401(k). >> saved money for retirement. future into your 401(k) or ira. put up to $18,500 into your 401(k) if your company offers it or about $5,500 into your ira. pretax stuff it, will save you lots of money. and put money away for retirement. jedediah: tip number three bunch charitable donations. >> if you do decide to itemize and don't take standard deductions. charitable deductions are a great way to give back
3:55 am
something for christmas and get a tax deduction, too. just remember it doesn't have to be cash it can a be a car or old clothes or something lying around the house. get a fair market value for it and get a big tax deduction. griff: number four should come as common sense. losing investments. >> yeah. one of the upsides, if there are any about the stock market declining is some people are having some losing stocks this year if you have gains elsewhere, you decide to sell those, you can offset those gains with some of the losses that you incurred on some other stock. none of us like to seat stock market go down, it may be an opportunity to save some taxes. pete: does that mean can i write off bit coin losses? i'm not letting them go yet. >> get out of bit coins. not a safe investment. pete: gene, i'm in for the long haul. point number 5. prepay for defer income? what's that mean? >> yeah, this is an old school piece of advice. listen, the smart people around they try to push income into the future and
3:56 am
bring expenses currently. if you have a mortgage deduction, for example and can you still take that deduction because it is limited, try and bring it in prepaid if you can. if you have income that you think you might be getting this year but can you defer it to 2019, go ahead and do it, pay taxes for it next year and avoid it this year. jedediah: thank you for saving money. >> you got it guys, merry christmas. griff: still ahead, do you want to start a pot selling business? taxpayers could end up paying for it we will tell you where. pete: great, subi subsidize more bad ideas. langford and dan bongino both here live coming up on this saturday shut down addition of "fox & friends" "
3:57 am
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>> the partial government shut down now underway. president trump is putting the blame on democrats for not coming to bipartisan agreement. >> call it a democratic shut down. call it whatever you want. let's be bipartisan and let's get it done. the shut down, hopefully, will not last long. >> president trump is throwing a temper tantrum and creating the trump shut down. only person standing between getting a deal and not getting a deal is chuck schumer. >> president trump coming out with a design for the wall. a lot of people out there saying this could work. >> supreme court justice required barrett ginsburg has surgery to remove two growth from her left lung. >> she was able to join colleagues on the court in ruling against the president on banning asylum claims from immigrants who internet country illegally. pete: he once welcomed refugees with open arms. now justin from canada is blaming trump for his country's immigration
4:01 am
crisis. really? >> we have our ugly christmas sweaters. jedediah: mine has a unicorn that i have named greg gutfeld. [laughter] griff: it looks good though. jedediah: oh. ♪ you're unbelievable ♪ ♪ pete: saturday is "fox & friends" on the weekend. let me share with you, you can shut down the federal government, but you can't shut down "fox & friends." griff: no, you can't. pete: not possible. jedediah: can't stop us from talking about it either. pete: jedediah, griff, good to have you guys here. griff: i came to host. i'm excited this weekend. i didn't shut the government down now in its seventh hour. now as you wake up go ice skating because 75% of your government is funded through the pretty much end of 2019. we have a government shut down that began at midnight. that is, of course, unable to reach a compromise over
4:02 am
whether or not they are going to spend three tenths of 1% of deficit spending to secure our southern border. pete: see that countdown clock right there. 7 hours the government is shutting down. ticking up. counting down to the shut down. now we are seven hours into a shutdown while you were asleep. turns out the senate couldn't figure out what they wanted to do. the passing the bill that included $6 billion in funding it moves over to the senate. they voted to vote. but they haven't figured out what to vote on yet because schumer has said the wall would be expensive and ineffective and you are not going to get your wall. mitch mcconnell, we will see what he does and how he maneuvers. doesn't seem like a lot of daylight between those two groups the president doubling down this shut down is on the democrats. jedediah: seven hours in and amazingly nothing has imploded yet. let's listen to president trump calling the shut down a democrat shut down. >> our great country must have border security. we don't want people coming
4:03 am
in that aren't supposed to be here. we want people to come in through a legal process. everybody wants to see our border protected. there's nothing we can do about that because we need the democrats to give us their votes. call it a democrat shut down, call it whatever you want. but we need to help to get this through. so, democrats, we have a wonderful list of things that we need to keep our country safe. let's get out. let's work together. jedediah: this is a really important moment poor president trump in my opinion this is him owning this moment on messaging. republicans always lose this battle. they allow media and hollywood to paint it as republican shut down. this is the president coming out and saying this is a democrat shut down. democrats own. this if you want to fix this. the ball is in your court. we are here waiting for you to secure the border. i commend him for that. griff: hold on though. minority leader chuck schumer is pointing the
4:04 am
blame at the president because it was the president result 34589ly who drew the line in the sand. he did suggest he would accept a continuing resolution to get us through february 8th. reversed course and drew a line in the sand. here is senator schumer on who is to blame. >> the president will try to do his best to blame democrats but it's flatly absurd. no democrat has called for shutting the government down. we are all working to avoid it. the president seems to relish it. he seems to feel it will throw a bone to his base. the problem being his base is less than one quarter of america. pete: of course you know democrats want to keep the government open. this is where the messaging is so open. bigger. want more money u of course they don't -- they forget that 75% of the government is funded. the dod. jedediah: they don't forget. pete: they don't forget. they know full well and lie to you and say that a wall is expensive and ineffective. they are going to push for
4:05 am
single payer healthcare cost you trillions. suddenly $5 billion is too much. i mean, it's all disingenuous. that's why to your point, president trump is his best messenger. when mitch mcconnell gets punched or paul ryan gets punched. they go into back rooms and go what do we do, what do we do with coms people and put out a white paper. president trump goes out and says boom, boom, boom. they are able to see what the bs is. call it a trump shut down. spin it however you want. american people are not dumb. they know two years in either i'm going to get a wall or i'm not. nancy ain't going to do it. she is about to be speaker. let's do it now. griff: they are going home. 24 hours in the once they have something point to mitch mcconnell owning this to a certain extent. corey lewandowski says the president knows exactly if we don't get the funding for the wall it willner happen. >> the weak republican leadership for the last two years in congress have failed to deliver it. they asked the president not
4:06 am
to shut down the government before the midterm elections. because they were fearful it was going to hurt them in the midterms. they promised to puts the funding in for the wall after the midterm elections and once again, they failed the american people and the president said we have had enough. the president saw that and said we can't tolerate this. and he knows if we don't get the funding for the wall now, it will never come to fruition. jedediah: it's amazing, too. democrats are always saying oh we can't find the money for the wall. where with rewe going to find the funding. medicare for all cost trillions of dollars. not only that 2018 the congressional big book. $65 million for pacific coastal sammon recovery. $11 million for aquatic plant control program. $12,485,000 for international fisheries commission. 25 million for alternative energy research. i hate to break it to you, democrats. the money is there if you are not going to prioritize border security have you people around the country start going to fund me accounts to do the job you are supposed to be doing.
4:07 am
the money is there. pete: i got it wrong last hour. i said the go fund me page was at 4 or 5 million. it's at 15 million right now. pete: jedediah great point. what they spent money on. i live in washington. i get accused by all people of being a swamp creature. pete: you are my favorite swamp creature, griff. griff: thank you. when you look at those ridiculous expenditures earmarks. just last year they spent 14. congress that is spent 14.7 billion on earmarks but can't find 3 million, which is the difference between where we are in this negotiation that by the way our hearts should go out to the nearly 800,000 federal employees who will be foreload who may go without a paycheck. they will get that back. history of previous shut downs. at the end of the day, you look at they will spend three times the amount of money we are talking about the security of our southern border but yet they have money. pete: your heart will go out to them. they will get paid. everything is going to be
4:08 am
fine. shut down will end. they will get their money. the question is do the people get a wall? do we get security in a real way? so but don't take it from me. you know where i'm coming from. this is bryan dean wright. he is a democrat. he agrees. >> he have a thousand to 3,000 people who cross the southern border every single day. now that should be a starting point to say what we're doing now isn't working. now, the democrats are imposing $1.3 billion just like they did last year and the years prior u what that tell me is my party is saying look, let's keep doing business as usual. even though business as usual is getting us 3,000 people across the border every day. that's just crazy. everybody watching this program and most reasonable people will say why are we doubling down on stupid? why are we doubling down on broken? that doesn't make any sense. jedediah: absolutely right. i would ask him why isn't this a priority? why don't you care about the humanitarian crisis at the border? why are you not listening to president trump who getting his advice from border patrol agents who are
4:09 am
telling him this is how much money we need to do this job properly? why is this not important to you. pete: you know why. they hate president trump more than the policies. they hate the president. they will oppose anything, all logic out the window. of course they benefit from open borders and who they say as new potential voting block. yesterday yesterday we asked the viewers should there be a government shut down and we got emails. email from larry the shut down is absolutely necessary. the pressure should be placed on the democrats in the house and senate to fully fund the wall. griff: this from jim. president trump should fight back steadfast don't fold. that's why we sent him there. democrats are totally out of control. pete pee email from brenda, build the wall. the only ones throwing a temper tantrum are the democrats since they lost the election. you are right. so much of this feels like a relitigation of 2016. wait until 2019 when nancy has the gavel and goes even more insane. if not now, then never. keep emailing us at this one of those moments syria, afghanistan, mattis,
4:10 am
the shut down, we want to know what you think because there is a lot of people with a lot of different opinions. griff: we do. jed, your point is one that should get a lot of focus and attention in this whole fiasco and this is that it is border patrol agents and i have spent a lot of time with them on that border in tijuana that are saying what are you doing with the political football, making politics out of the small amount of money to do the job you sent me here to do. jedediah: absolutely right. pete: washington, d.c. is freaking out. if you turn the channel, don't turn the channel but if you did they are freaking out. trump supporters are not freaking out. regular americans are like finally somebody is doing something. jedediah: continue to follow this closely as possible and we'll be duking it out. turning now to your headlines. russia tries to compromise our 2018 midterm elections. but failed. that's according to a u.s. intelligence report. just like in 2016 they tried polarizing voters with social media, fake personas and russian controlled media. under an executive order, president trump signed this
4:11 am
fall, russia could face automatic sanctions. antigovernment protesters already storming the streets of france today for the sixth weekend in a row. officials shutting down the pal lals outside of paris as a precaution. other attractions will remain open. thousands yellow vest demonstrating against france's high cost of living and tax inequality. police convince a man to climb down from the national christmas tree in washington, d.c. they are still trying to figure out why he did it. it happened near the white house. a man was taken to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. no word if he will face charges. pete: excuse me, why did you climb that tree? jedediah: woman going into labor day during the deadly wildfires named her baby after the man who saved her. you are looking at micky holding. the mother was interesting contractions trying to escape the fire in november when he pushed to help her. one month later, thanks to
4:12 am
his quick actions, the mother was able to give birth to a healthy baby girl. what an amazing story. pete: it is. what all those guys and gals do for us, you know. the firefighters. jedediah: unbelievable. firefighters, policemen you can't thank them enough. pete: first responders. cool. coming up, i'm supposed to read -- coming up, senator james lankford here to weigh in. he took over tom coburn's waste book. maybe we will ask him about that. going to weigh in on shut down coming up next. griff: he has a lot to say. plus, lebron james taking a shot at nfl owners in their quote slave mentality. we will tell you all about it. jedediah: we have an ice rink on fox square this morning. we're going to skate coming up ♪ feliz navidad ♪ i want to wish you a merry christmas ♪ i want to wish you a merry christmas ♪ i want to wish you a merry christmas ♪ from the bottom
4:13 am
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♪ griff: this is a fox news alert. a live look, you are seeing there, at the capitol hill where hours from now the senate is set to reconvene amid the partial government shut down. what will it take to get border wall funding done. here with real insight senate appropriation committee member senator james lankford. first, senator, merry christmas. we begin the holidays in a difficult time. i think what all americans this morning are thinking is why can't you guys get it done? take me inside these negotiations. >> the negotiations have centered around no great surprise around border security. it's not just fencing along the border. it's about how we handle our border patrol. how we handle our ports of entry. how many ports of entry do we really have and what remodeling do we do? it's the full range of border security. that's really centered on what we're trying to i focus
4:17 am
in on as we have seven appropriation bills still done. those, i think are ready to go at this point. we are down to the final negotiations my hope to finish those up today as far as the negotiations and be able to move forward. griff: those seven bills are the basis, really for this funding fight. do you predict then that this government shut down will be short-lived or longer? >> i think it should be short-lived. i don't think we are that far apart. our focus is in on around a billion or 2 billion in border security in a larger bill. our focus all along has been we need to secure the border. we need to do what it takes to be able to put the physical infrastructure there in place as well as the manpower in place. while none of us like a government shut down myself, joni ernst and david perdue worked tenaciously the last several month over a reform program where we wouldn't have government shut downs. congress would be forced to stay in place, not travel, be here, be on the floor debating and they couldn't leave until they got things resolved and it would do funding for the rest of the government so the american people are not affected by this in any way.
4:18 am
that didn't past but johnny and david and i will come back at that again next year as well. griff: how would you feel if president trump wanted to keep you guys in session through christmas to make the point to get it done? would you support that? >> i would, actually. because we have got to get this done. there is an expectation that we can get it finished. that's the basis of what joni ernst and david perdue and i are working on says congress stays in session rather than have government shut downs. if we stay in session, everybody has to stay here. everybody has to debate. keep everyone in the room, then you actually finish up the debate. as long as there are these shut downs or continuing resolutions and everyone leaves and don't actually finish the fight, then it doesn't get resolved and lingers on and on and on. keep everybody here. keep the debate going. that leaves the pressure where it should be toible able to get this resolved. griff: senator, i raised a point our show did about 15 minutes ago talking about government waste. something that you care about certainly. earmarks. we spent nearly 15 million on earmarks. yet, we can't find the difference of 3 billion to secure our southern border. how fro frustrating is that for
4:19 am
you and why is it that we can spend money on pacific sammon but not for a border wall? >> that has been my question all along. there is a lot of not this but this. for instance, we spent $50 million on remodeling the steps on the library of congress. but we can't seem to do a greater emphasis in other areas. i have a book that i put out each year called federal fumbles that will come out in january this next year tag look back previous year these are the areas we feel like the federal government dropped the ball on policy, on waste. keep the focus on where we think the focus should be. the american people expect an fixture, transparent government. that is a reasonable request. and so we try to push that out manned make sure that actually happens. griff: we're just almost out of time, senator, one last quick question. who is to blame for this? is it president trump or the democrats? >> president trump made it very clear, even during the campaign and certainly during the last year he is not going to sign a bill unless it deals with border security. i mean, he said it over and over and over again. i don't put him to blame.
4:20 am
everyone is putting the blame on him at this point. we have got to be able to keep the blame on congress where it belongs. this should have been done a long time ago. we had five appropriations bills already done. they were done months ago on time. these last seven were not done. we were bickering about border security. we need to get it done so we can get it over to the president's desk. griff: senator lankford, thank you for taking time. good luck. get this done and merry christmas to you. >> merry christmas to y'all as well. griff: media in panic mode this week. >> the world is less safe today after the dramatic resignation of the last human guardrail. >> guardrails are down. the chaos has been unleashed. >> is this the beginning of the end? griff: dan bongino is fired up about the media's reaction. he is live coming up. and you may have heard of super saturday or panic saturday. we are live with last-minute shoppers. that coming up ♪ one thing ♪ tell me ♪ your love is here ♪ it's all i want ♪ just for me ♪ underneath the my
4:21 am
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♪ pete: an estimated 134 million americans are expected to head to the mall this weekend for last-minute shopping. jedediah: get this. 13 million haven't even bought a gift yet for christmas. griff: are you one of them. todd piro live at the mall for panic sunday. pete: saturday. todd: it is saturday. no matter whether you call it saturday or sunday. panic saturday or super saturday. one thing is clear. malls and shopping centers will be absolutely packed today and a lot of them like the one we are here in connecticut going to be open early. typically don't open 9 or 10 this one opening up at 8:00
4:25 am
today. $26 billion is going to be spent today. that's what experts expect. that's $2 billion more than on black friday. we make such a big deal about black friday. super saturday is actually going to be bigger. 44% of people are going to be in stores shopping online as well today. that's up 6% from last year and the average dollar amount going to be spent today is $173. so, you ask yourself, how am i going to spend this money? it's going to be on you three. we start with jedediah, i'm going to go to self-for are a, get you some nice cosmetics. that wasn't that tough. the boys on the other hand much more difficult i'm walking around the mall looking for a men's store and alas i found one. i found these two shirts. if these two shirts don't scream griff jenkins and pete hegseth, i don't know what does. the problem i'm having is which one is griff and which one is pete? i welcome your thoughts. jedediah: does pete have a little trumpy bear somewhere
4:26 am
on it because that would help. pete: that would help. todd: no trumpy bear. just beautiful little poppies. let's go with this one for pete because pete loves flowers up the side of his shirt and griff, let's go with that. griff: i like it. spend some money. pete: todd, here is my question for you, have you done your christmas shopping? you're reporting. todd: done. you know me, i'm a prepared guy. i was done in july. jedediah: making us all look bad. thanks so much. pete: roaming the mall in connecticut. jedediah: speaking of panic, the washington press corps and lawmakers are doing just that this week as news events broke across washington. >> the world is less safe today after the dramatic resignation of the last human guardrail. >> we're in a bizarre situation. the world turned upside down. >> it's been a week of what they are describing as political malpractice. the level of chaos that's unfolding in washington. >> the chaos has been unleashed. >> is this the beginning of
4:27 am
the end of what we have known as the trump presidency? >> president trump roller coaster instincts plunged into washington into chaos. griff: while the media is freaking out, what should the average american take away from all of this? well, we will find out. pete: thankfully the guardrail is always off this show. let's ask our own captain chaos dan bongino host of the dan bongino show and author of spy gate. i didn't give you captain chaos name. it was in the teleprompter. >> what? finding some truth to that. pete: dan, what do you make of the freakout? >> listen, the media is all in on activism. can would he be candid now. journal is dead. the trump has highlighted it trump didn't start the slow death of the media's credibility. he made it more obvious to people. pete this is a perfect example. i know national defense and
4:28 am
military really close to your heart for obvious reasons. barack obama went through four defense seacketsz. thersecretary. there is nothing unusual about that by the way. when bob gates left. bob gates wrote a book. bob gates former defense secretary under obama his book was pretty damning that joe biden had been wrong about nearly every national defense situation for the last 40 years. i mean, where was this same apocalyptic tone by the media then in the answer nowhere because this is about donald trump this time. it's a nonsense story. it's made up. it's just trying to gas light america into this chaos narrative and it's just obvious. griff: you said journalism is dead. as a reporter i can't let that sit because really what you are talking about, i think though, is the fact that the media in some corners chooses to do what they want. you bring up gates' book and fascinating and points to the fact that presidents sometimes disagree with their military leaders. and in some cases, for good
4:29 am
reason. but, is it your belief then that simply the media is all in now on just doing anything they can, whether it's the border wall or whether it's listening to military leaders or just going to challenge the president? >> you know, griff, i get it i mean, i understand you have to push back on it when i say journalism is dead. obviously, there are good people. even decent people who you can tell have a left leaning bias in the media but will do their job. i'm telling you as a field, griff, based on facts. journalism is dead. griff, what's journalism's one job, right? to get the facts right. i can't use that you have one job line enough. your one job is to get the facts right. that's it. your job as a nurse and doctor to save lives. military defend our country. in the media your job is to put facts out there and let the public form their opinions around your facts. griff, how many stories in the trump era has the media just blown that one thing? i can go through list of
4:30 am
them now back story. pete: they ignore them completely. donald trump jr. wikipedia story. mike flynn story when he called the russians. these aren't small stories, griff, these are big stories. and it's meant to paint this apocalyptic tone in the trump administration and it's just not true. pete: it is a fair point, dan. i remember being down in southern mexico and the leader told me i will talk to you, fox news, where are your colleagues? where is cnn? where is msnbc and they weren't there at that time. >> griff, griff, i'm sorry, i'm not trying to hijack your segment here. you were down there. you did great work by the way i'm not necessarily kissing your butt. you did a great job. had you an interview with a guy who admitted to being a very serious criminal and yet when you brought up the simple fact on interviews, me doing other interviews with other people saying hey, not everybody down there is a criminal. obviously. large majority aren't. but there are criminals. here's the interview. people saying it no, no, no.
4:31 am
you guys are just making this stuff up. it's not journalism, griff. i'm sorry. it's just not. pete: dan bongino, i'm going to give you promotion. not captain chaos. you are major chaos. >> listen, i love that thanks, guys. pete: merry christmas. >> merry christmas. griff: lebron james taking shot at nfl owners and their slave mentality. pete: listening to all this shut down talk, who doesn't need a drink? i don't need a shutdown to get a drink. here is another excuse. one bar in our nation's capital putting out crazy cocktails. full look at hilarious menu coming up next. jedediah: we have ice drink on fox square this morning. that's coming up. ♪ good. and not so good.
4:32 am
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♪ ♪ in all the right ways. pete: welcome back. if you are a federal employee, well, 25% of federal employees because of the shut down, today you are not going to work because you are not going to work any way because it's saturday. you are not going to work monday or tuesday because it's christmas eve and christmas. on wednesday you won't be going to work because the government is shut down. jedediah: maybe. pete: partially maybe kind of shut down. there is a bar in washington, d.c., your hometown, griff,.
4:36 am
griff: the capitol? pete: making drinks for federal elmly. emily: employees. griff: that's what we do when we are shut down go out and drink. they are not bad. jedediah: 5 bucks. pretty good deal. griff: in your paycheck is in question you need a good deal on drank. pete: here scawp perform the cocktails. nothing really mattis. mexico will pay for this. maybe they will supply the 5 bucks. jedediah: border wall banger and putina's on the rocks. very clever. pete: nothing really mattis has mad dog 2020 and vodka. you order it, drink it and leave. that's the description. border wall banger is a good one. tequila, orange juice and extra ice. get it? jedediah: i do get it. griff: the harvey wall banger was a surfer. pete: on the rocks vod of
4:37 am
course ginger rail. there is a steven miller's hair affair and hot tub crime machine. jedediah: wow. they got clever with the names. pete: what's the name of the capitol hill lounge? griff: great bar. pete: jump on a train, come to "fox & friends," make those cocktails for us or not show. can't do a cocktail segment without cocktails. jedediah: i like that raspberry one. griff: if you are back in my hometown in washington go out and have $5 cocktails. jedediah: we are turning to your headlines. new york city mayor bill de blasio wants taxpayers to pay pot dealers. in a new report released by his administration, they need at least $10 million to help fine marijuana businesses. it's unclear whether the city or state would front money. this week de blasio and governor andrew cuomo gave their stamp of approval to legalize marijuana next year lebron james takes aim at the nfl.
4:38 am
the nba star accusing the league's owners of holding racist attitudes towards players. >> the nfl they got a bunch of old white men owning teams and they got that slave mentality. and like this is my team, do you what the [bleep] i tell you ought to do or we get rid of y'all. jedediah: james slamming the nfl owners for their response to national anthem protest. he went on praise the nba for allowing players to express themselves politically. if you are looking for a christmas movie to get you in the holiday spirit, you may want to turn to google. the company just releasing its top searched holiday movies by state. they include classics like a christmas story. rudolph the red nosed reindeer that's my favorite and the santa claus as well as surprising choices. topics were the night before christmas, bad santa and elf. that's a good one, elf. we want to know what your favorite christmas movie is send us your comments on
4:39 am
facebook, twitter or email us on friends at those are your headlines. griff: all right, jedediah get out here. jedediah: i'm coming. rick: these take a while to get on. let's talk a little bit of weather right now. we have a pretty nice day and travel day today after the big storm we had yesterday. take a look at the weather map and show you what's going on. temperaturewise we are okay today. hey, quickly, this is tuesday. this is what you can expect for tuesday. precipitation that day. storm out across parts of the west. going to bring some rain and higher elevation snow. a bit of a white christmas across places like arizona and around the four corners and out across the west. overall the east you are going to be mostly dry and a little bit chilly. current temps as you are waking up. driving maybe getting ready to do shopping, overall weather cooperating today. the east coast is going to be better, much improved compared to where we were yesterday. by this afternoon, most of this precipitation will be out of here. breezy conditions and we'll see -- i don't know what i'm
4:40 am
saying. i'm done. you are sick of me talking. take away the weather maps. that will shut him up. pete: i thought you did great. [sighs] pete: "fox & friends" on ice. if you wants to introduce your kids to skating without breaking your back, we have got you covered. griff: joining us now co-owners of fantasy world entertainment brooks grady. let me talk to you first. what have wee got going here? >> we have one of our 600 attractions here that we have brought to you guys. and deliver, set up and operate all over the east coast. as you know we work with your wife in georgetown. griff: absolutely. full disclosure brooks has done amazing work. what you do. and you know what's fascinating, brooks. the technology of the stuff can you do. you are bringing ice skating telling the story first time i came to new york city as a 10-year-old i was ice skating now they can learn essentially anywhere. >> any hard surface indoor or out door.
4:41 am
deliver and operate it six of the arenas like this. and we can make them larger. and, of course, we are not just operating at a location, we go to your location all over in the east coast from obstacle courses and climbing mountains, zip lines, bull riding and so forth. pete: fantasy world can make anything possible specifically today ice skating. talk to us about that. >> we can bring rockefeller to you. minus the big giant tree, of course. >> this is a very unique surface. this is one of our newer rinks. a lot of rinks you have to spray lube brie can't on and simulate the ice. this one has everything impregnated into it. you don't need to do. if you fall or whatever, there is no oil on your clothes, that kind of thing. griff: have you fallen over there yet? >> jedediah has a total of 10 seconds on the skates so far. like whoa, whoa. we have pro-figure skaters
4:42 am
she is going to teach us some stuff. some tips about how to get some beginners like me, like maybe your kids on the ice. what do you do in the beginning? it can be a little intimidating? >> it is a little intimidating. one thing you want to do is focus on your balance, of course. on ice, slippery. we want put our arms out nice and straight like this. you also want to engage your muscles. you don't want to have like noodle arms. nice and strong. and bend your knees and ankles. it may feel a little ridiculous. until you really get your balance. this is the position to get very comfortable with. and what you are going to be doing is kind of putting your feet in a little bit of a v. taking little marches. and then gliding. rick: kind of like learning to ski. >> it is like skiing. very similarly. >> how young can you get kids skating. like these guys are really good. >> they are. they are very good. you could start at around 3 years old. that's where i recommend. and, of course, motor skill development gets better as they age. 3 is usually the age where
4:43 am
they start. rick: when they fallnot so painful for them. when we fall. >> or me, too. they take it a little easier than us. jedediah: any tips from the beginning when they do fall help them not to be afraid to get back up there on the ice? >> what i do is teach them how to get up. i hold their hands and we do little wiggle dance. really fun. jedediah: wiggle dance. >> i do need it. we want skating to be fun. jedediah: stuff do you as a kid better to do as a kid. you don't get so scared. you learn. as an adult you get out there. >> you have it inside of you already. rick: they are all performers. >> they are performers. you can definitely tell. they skated before together and performed and done shows. rick: that's awesome. stephanie, thank you very much. >> we are going to do more. rick: talk to you a little bit later on. jedediah: rant from louis gutierrez is going viral. >> jesus christ had it to flee foflee for his life.
4:44 am
thank god there wasn't a wall that stopped him from seeking refuge in egypt. jedediah: pastor robert jeffress says he is wrong and he has a message for that congressman. that's coming up next. ♪ got directions to the nightclub here. and if you get lost, just hit me on the old horn. man: tom's my best friend, but ever since he bought a new house... tom: it's a $10 cover? oh, okay. didn't see that on the website. he's been acting more and more like his dad. come on, guys! jump in! the water's fine! tom pritchard. how we doin'? hi, there. tom pritchard. can we get a round of jalapeño poppers for me and the boys, please? i've been saving a lot of money with progressive lately, so... progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents. but we can protect your home and auto when you bundle with us.
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4:47 am
♪ >> a time in which we celebrate the birth of jesus christ, a jesus christ who had to flee for his life with mary and joseph. thank god there wasn't a wall that stopped him from seeking refuge. pete: that was congressman luis gutierrez lashing out as kirstjen nielsen. his rant went on for six minutes. jedediah: democratic
4:48 am
lawmaker slamming nielsen in border security in a rant that turned religion. pete: here with his reaction fox news contributor pastor robert jeffress. help us out here. [laughter] pete: we laugh and we do, but, he was trying to make what he thought was a serious point that jesus would have never been born had there been a wall. >> look, his comments were ludicrous for so many reasons but let me just mention two. first of all, the bible says it was god through an angel who told joseph and the family to flee to egypt. and i will guarantee you had there been a wall in egypt god would have obliterated it or he would have sent the family some place else. god wasn't about to let his son be murdered prematurely before his appointed time on the cross. also jesus when he was adult said render unto sever see caese things that are caesar's. chief responsibility is to
4:49 am
protect citizens from evil-doers. i hut privilege of preaching the sermon before president trump's inauguration. and i chose the old testament story of god telling nehemiah to build a wall around jerusalem. and i said, mr. president, god is not against walls. walls are not unchristian. the bible says even heaven is going to have a wall around it you, not everyone is going to be allowed in. jedediah: pastor, what do you think of the larger issue of plifingses using politicians invoking jesus to score points at times like this. how does that feel for you as someone in a leadership position in the religious community. >> look, i'm not one that believes that the bible doesn't inform political decisions. it does. but i think people like this congressman and others may be sincere but they are sincerely wrong because they confuse the role of government with the role of the church. look, we have a church tomorrow morning. we are going to open our
4:50 am
doors to everyone. we don't check people's green cards at our doors. but government has a different responsibility. romans 13 says government is to maintain order and to protect its citizens. look, when president trump is insisting on a wall, he is fulfilling not only his constitutional but his god given responsibility and he should not be demonized for doing that. pete: good stuff you mentioned wall in heaven. revelation 21:17 said the angel measured the wall 144 cubics thick. i don't know what that is in inches but probably pretty thick. pastor, thank you for your time this morning and merry christmas to you. >> merry christmas to you all. pete: a war hero now facing the death penalty for killing a taliban bombmaker. is he just one of the servicemen under fire from the very government that sent them to serve. their family members here to make the case for leniency. it's going to be a powerful
4:51 am
segment coming up next hour.
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
♪ drive griff welcome back. tis the season for giving easier to do than ever. kurt knutsson is here with top alps to support that charity. this is cool that you can give just from your phone, right. >> griff, there are five 6 these amazing. i call them the apps of kindness. take a look at this. donating a dollar a day. google is behind this one one today app. >> both platforms android or iphone. what this let's you do is you pick the charity. you follow what that dollar is doing. it's a brilliant concept. and they vetted everything behind that. griff: next one here have you got let's see share the meal. >> share the meal. the fact that the sun behind
4:55 am
this. a brilliant thing. 50 cents will feed a child for a day, which they have managed to work out around the world. incredible. you can tap one tap on your phone. say you are in a restaurant and sit down to a meal. time you pull out share the meal app. you spent your 50 cents while you are sitting down to be grateful for your meal and now you have fed a kid. it's crazy. griff: this one charity miles i, of course, like that as a runner. >> ty matches color. charity miles let's you walk, run, or bike to earn the miles. you take those miles. you pick the charity. the miles are sponsored by various corporations and then you donate that with dollars. griff: that's going on my phone as soon as we get off the air here. this one donate a photo? >> donate a photo. you take a photo. johnson and johnson is behind. this you can do up to $365 worth of photos a year. $1 per photo. what happens is you pick the charity again in this case. you share that photo online and they are paying the dollar on your behalf.
4:56 am
you don't spend anything. griff: finally this one is your favorite. >> food rescue u.s. this downloadable app. both for android and iphone connects people who are hungry with restaurants at the end of the day that have food leftover. if you have any sort of organization that feeds people during the day for money, you then can, instead of throwing this food out, you can sign up for this, and then you could volunteer as a driver to pick up the food from the restaurant and drop it off at a relief organization. it is a genius idea. griff: i love it and for all of our moms who say don't waste that food you can say mom, wasted food now donating to charity. >> all of these at pick at least one. griff: tis the season. washington on shut down mode. how long will it last? details top of the hour. plus, jimmy kimmel. you know him. ridiculing people who are donating to build the border wall. a border patrol agent is here to respond. that's coming up. >> donating money for a wall
4:57 am
that will never exist. it's like starting a college fund for harry potter. deny thy father and refuse thy name. or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love, and i'll... so she's telling romeo to ditch his parents and then she'll be his boo forever. oh. there are multiples on the table: one is cash, three are fha, one is .a so what can you do? she's saying a whole lotta people want to buy this house. but you got this! rocket mortgage by quicken loans makes the complex simple.
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♪ griff: the partial government shut down now underway. president trump is putting the blame on democrats for not coming to bipartisan agreement. >> call it a democrat shut down. call it whatever you want. let's be bipartisan and let's get it done. the shut down hopefully will not last long. >> i think it should be short-lived. i don't think we are that far apart. >> we need to secure the border. >> president trump is throwing a temper tantrum and creation the trump shutdown. >> the only person standing between really getting a deal and not getting a deal is chuck schumer. >> president trump actually coming outs with a design for the wall that a lot of people out there saying this could work. >> the world is less safe today. >> the chaos has been unleashed. >> is this the beginning of the end? >> can we just be candid now. journalism is dead it died a
5:01 am
long time ago. >> he once welcomed refugees with open arms now justin of canada is blaming trump for his country's immigration crisis. really? >> we have our ugly christmas sweaters. jedediah: mine has a unicorn that i have named greg gutfeld. [laughter] >> it looks good though. >> oh! ♪ ♪ ice, ice, baby ♪ ice, ice, baby ♪ pete: you might be ice skating today. when you were kids probably shopping. we are trying to do it on fox square formerly known as the plaza. we have ice rink out there. griff: jedediah going to do a triple will you tell us fo -- triple lutz for's hs though. i was on the hour it's tricky. not easy. pete: you know how to ice skate. jedediah: it's true but this dress complicates matter. griff: i can get on the skates and stand up.
5:02 am
jedediah: i'm with him. griff: so kind to set that up for us. setting up literally our own ice rink. pete: we had ice rink flood the middle of a field in the middle of winter not surprisingly. the warming house was sort of creepy and not all that warm. you would go in there and go out and skate. i learned to skate but i never learned to stop. so i would always sort of run into the snow bank. jedediah: that's why you need the rail. griff: boot hockey player. that's all i got. jedediah: same with roller skates got to be able to stop. pete: got to do the heel thing. griff: folks in washington they stopped the government about 8 hours ago, a little more now. of course you know now a partial government shut down, this is 25% of the government. 75% is funded. pete: griff, stop for a second. a movement silence for that
5:03 am
second clock. [laughter] jedediah: you are enjoying this a little bit too much. pete: it's beautiful. absolutely beautiful. i hope everyone in washington is freaking out. everyone will wake up just fine and everyone else around america says for goodness sake finally someone is fighting for me and what i care about. if you went to sleep wondering what the u.s. senate was going to do of course the u.s. senate does what the u.s. senate does best which is nothing. they didn't fund it. and they didn't do what the president asked. chuck schumer is going to, you know, obfuscate and resist. but the shut down is happening right here. it's going to be on the corner of our screen all morning long. everything is fine. jedediah: not only is everything fine but president trump is owning the language on this. he is calling the shut down a democrat shut down. take a listen. >> our great country must have border security. we don't want people coming in that aren't supposed to be here. we want people to come in through a legal process. everybody wants to see our border protected.
5:04 am
there is nothing we could do about that because we need the democrats to give us their votes. call it a democrat shut down. call it whatever you want. but we need to help to get this approved. so, democrats, we have a wonderful list of things that we need to keep our country safe. let's get out. let's work together. pete: yeah. he says let's work together. i'm waiting for that. griff: let's first step back and say both democrats and republicans agree there should be some border spending because democrats are on board with 1.6 billion. pete: hold on. they don't agree on squat. griff: what they agree on is they should make a political football out of securing our southern border. jed expwred that's true. however, senator chuck schumer minority leader is blaming the president and the administration even though he knew this was coming, pretty much since the election. we are talking about an argument over three tenths
5:05 am
of 1% of deficit spending. and that is why as you wake up today you should go ice skating. you should go do your christmas shopping. the government is not yet reopened. it could be days. it could be even weeks. the senators have been sent home. given 24 hours notice. members of congress as well to come back. what they will try to do is get this 25% of the government back open. jedediah: i think, you know, i really do think they are worlds apart. i'm with you i see chuck schumer over here. pete: dug. in. jedediah: 1.6 billion. let's face it that might be a number the that's not the number the border patrol agents are asking for. that's not going to cut it we need better resources and wall and help out here doing the job we are set out to do to enforce this border. pete: i will say this and roll the tape if it happens this way. if it's 1.6 billion of existing which isn't the border wall. security structures. that is a loss for president trump. jed i would agree. pete: dig in until you get real border wall funding or force nancy to open it back
5:06 am
up when they take control of the house. but, you know, it's christmas, right? like we love -- but senator james lankford, we had on the program earlier, said don't feel bad for those of us in washington. maybe we should get something done during christmas. watch. >> congress stays in session rather than have government shut downs. if we stay in session, everybody has to stay here. everyone has to debate. keep everyone in the room. then you actually finish up the debate. as long as there are these shutdowns or continuing resolutions and everyone leaves and don't actually finish the fight, then it doesn't get resolved and it lingers on and on and on. keep everybody here. keep the debate going. that leaves the pressure where it should be to be able to get this resolved. griff: i also talked to senator lankford about government waste. spending. the citizens against government waste put out pig book. some of the worst earmarks. 332 last year. pete: because 5 billion is too much, right, griff? griff: let's look. 65 million for pacific coastal salmon recovery. 11 million for aquatic plant
5:07 am
control program. 12 million for international fisheries commission whatever they do. and 25 million for energy research. they spent 15 billion or earmark projects but they can't come up with the little over 3 billion of which is a difference they are arguing about today. jedediah: viewers, in fact, had a very strong reaction to that as to what these people in washington are prioritizing. pete: they are coming. in. jedediah: study of shrimp on a tread meal we actually paid for that but we can't build a wall? unbelievable. pete: i didn't ask for money to be spent on salmon. i want the wall: think of the cost of human trafficking, of crime. kate steinle's loss. sanctuary cities. the things when president trump says this wall will pay for a itself month by month, he is absolutely right. go to israel and places where walls have existed, they work. and so when chuck schumer says they have been
5:08 am
expensive and ineffective he is lying about it for political expediency to lead the resistance. is he a lown on this topic. and they are clowns on this topic, which is why running on it, owning it, sticking your finger in their chest and saying this is your shut down until we get a wall is the winner. don't listen to your squish advisors who say oh, no, a shutdown so bad. no one gives a crap about the shut down. nobody outside of washington cares. griff: oh, really? what about the media? jedediah: they care for sure. griff: lines from your favorite the "new york times" editorial board shut down more like a breakdown. new york magazine donald trump ruins the holidays with shutdown mattis chaos. abc news chaos president' isolates himself with plays to base. analysis. pete: some of those headlines made their way on to television. here is what some of your favorite people had to say. >> we begin with that chaos in the capitol. the government heading towards a shutdown. >> hours away from a
5:09 am
government shutdown. >> president trump's roller coaster instincts plunged washington into chaos. >> i would say it's a level of chaos. i would say what this is shows that the containment of donald trump has failed. >> chaos in the white house, at the pentagon, and, yes, on capitol hill. thanks to one person, the president. >> it's been a week of what they are describing as political malpractice. the level of chaos that's unfolding in washington right now. jedediah: chaos, armageddon. hit the panic button. it's amazing. some of these things they act like they have never had happen before. we have had shutdowns media on other people's watches. president ford one shut down. carter five. reagan 8. h.w. bush 1. clinton 2. george w. bush zero. obama one. trump three. it's amazing to me because you don't like the guy who is in charge you have to overreact to everything whether it's a change in the administration that was once referred to as a transition with president obama now suddenly it's massive chaos. i mean, honestly it's so transparent i hate to break
5:10 am
it to them people at home watching. they see this. they see the fact that you overreact simply because you don't like the guy in charge. and they turn against you. that's why he won. wake up. pete: that's right. dan bongino had a similar take earlier on the show. listen. >> the media is all in on activism. can we just be candid now? journalism is dead. it's dead. it died a long time ago. the trump year has highlighted it. trump didn't start the slow death of the media's credibility. he just made it more obvious to people. these are big stories. and it's meant to paint this apocalyptic tone in the trump administration and it's just not true. pete: as far as i'm concerned this morning the only journalist alive is griff jenkins and a few others at our channel for sure. jedediah: don't forget ed henry. that waffle maker already got him angry. pete: we will talk about that later. i support the media doing more of that i want them to keep doing it the more they propagate like propagandists to the left the more people
5:11 am
realize how slanted it all is. and they dig in even more with the president fighting against it keep going, guys. chuck todd, the beginning of the end. he said that how many times? like does anyone watch that sunday show that he has that no one watches anymore? no one cares, only reinforces the view that it's us against the elites. jedediah: let us know, people, do you agree with pete? is it us against the elites? let us know we want to hear what you have to say. i'm doing my best. i do this for a living. pete: you do? jedediah: we are turning now to your headlines. today the second chicago officer killed by a train while chasing a shooting suspect will be laid to rest. mourners standing in line friday to say goodbye to officer eduardo marmolejo husband and father of three. a sea of blue burying his partner conrad gray. draped in an american flag honoring his air force service. both officers were on the force less than three years.
5:12 am
flights are taking off this morning at london's gatwick airport. delays could still be expected. overnight police making two arrests charging a man and woman with criminal use of drones. the suspicious drone sightings grounded all planes this week stranding more than 100,000 passengers for three days. police say there are no signs this is terror-related. the fbi is pushing back against the house judiciary committee's request to publish sensitive closed door interviews by christmas eve in a letter. chairman bob goodlatte told the agency they wanted a 3400 pages released to the public by then. republicans are preparing to close investigations into hillary clinton's email and bias at the fbi. those are your headlines. and that hillary clinton story still gets me teed. it gets me so angry, still. i just can't take it some of us out here just hillary, did you wrong. you didn't own up. pete: i'm with you. all right. jimmy kimmel ridiculing people who are donating to
5:13 am
build the border wall. >> donating money for a wall that will never exist it's like starting a college fund for harry potter. pete: he also said they are going to use their meth money to give to the wall. our next guest has devoted his career to border patrol. he is coming up. jedediah: do your kids school too much? the new smart uniforms make them think twice about ditching ♪ oh, oh, ♪ renegade ♪ ♪ what a year. your home improvement "to-do list" still isn't "to-done". but hey, at least you still have time to get the ford vehicle you've always wanted. just get to the final days of our holiday sales event. see you sometime between now and january 2nd. so you can end your year on a high note. ford. built for the holidays.
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5:16 am
griff: welcome back as lawmakers race to reopen the government, president trump unveiling an image ever the proposed design for the border wall.
5:17 am
the president tweeting a design of our steel slat barrier totally effective while at the same time beautiful. so could this design be useful to the border patrol agents combating illegal immigration? here to weigh in the president of the local 2544 national border patrol council in arizona art decueto. are you prepared for this shutdown? >> we have been preparing, obviously, budgeting correctly what is -- i mean, it's a good question. but the funny thing is that the people that are causing this shut down like chuck and nancy they are still getting paid yet you would have men and women very dedicated to defend our borders out there now that they don't know when they will receive another paycheck. griff: the president's -- you just saw there the steel slats. what do you make of that? is that something that you think you need? >> it's definitely something we need. we have had meetings with the president. we have gone back and forth on at love issues. he has been extremely
5:18 am
helpful. it's refreshing to see a president who actually cares about the american people, cares about securing our borders and i can assure you that the areas where we have put better barriers, walls being one of them, the numbers have gone down dramatically. griff: i want to get, art, your take on jimmy kimmel. you know him, late night host on one of the networks. talking about the go fund me page, border wall more than 10 million to willed that wall through donations. here is what jimmy kimmel said. >> there are some very dopey people ready to pay for it themselves. people -- here is what people do with their disposable income when they don't have loans from college to pay off. [laughter] donating money for a wall that will never exist, it's like starting a college fund for harry potter. a lot of these people are dipping into their meth money for this. griff: why is it and what is it that jimmy kimmel doesn't understand as to why it matters to americans to build this wall? >> he has never been down here. he has never seen the reality of what happens.
5:19 am
listen, jimmy kimmel, he has a show based on ratings. maybe he is upset because more people are donating to the wall than what is actually watching his show? griff: art, let me ask you, someone who has dedicated his life to securing the border. what do you think about president trump holding the line here on this effort? >> i think it's fantastic to be honest. i know it's difficult for tom people to realize and understand. the reality is we are seeing a surge. we are seeing more individuals come into our country illegally. we don't know their intentions, just recently we had an agent attacked down here in southern arizona when he was trying to make an arrest. the individual that attacked him bit his hand several times. at some point he picked up a rock and hit the agent over the head and gave him a pretty good size gash. he took off. more agents had to go out there until they were finally able to find him and apprehend him. these are the individuals that are entering. griff: speaking of entering. are you seeing an increase? i had someone tell me
5:20 am
specificfully tijuana he was going to try to cross illegally on christmas eve. are you seeing a surge right now at this moment? >> we definitely are we are seeing a surge. we are seeing more people coming. in the reality is agents are out there working 24/7. it doesn't matter whether it's christmas or not we are out there working. we are not santa claus. we work all year long. griff: art del cueto thank you for you and every other border patrol agent. merry christmas to you. >> merry christmas and thank you. griff: from war hero to accused criminal, green beret facing a penalty for killing a taliban fighter. their family members are here to make the case for leniency. that's coming up. as more and more cities are pressured to remove nativity scenes. one mayor is asking his city to display more. that maritals us why it's increasing the christmas spirit. that's next. stay tuned ♪ the lord is come ♪ let earth ♪ receive her king ♪ let every heart
5:21 am
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jedediah: time for quick headlines. a neighborhood is practically under water after a nearly 100-year-old pipe burst. the broken water main flooded streets and submerged cars in los angeles. the muddy mess driving vehicles into a sinkhole. unclear what caused the break. pete: i don't know, 96 years. jedediah: 40 story high rise needed to be flooded with water as it is engulfed in a massive fire. flames and thick black smoke have seen shooting from the new york skyscraper. no word how it started. check out how a train reaction crash leaves a semi dangling over the edge of a bridge. troopers say the driver
5:25 am
tried avoided three other wrecked vehicles in jacksonville, florida. the trailer eventually fell into the water and one person is hospitalized. griff: that's a tough place to be. that's a long bridge. as more and more cities are pressured to remove nativity scenes one mayor is asking to display more this after concerned noticed there weren't as many up as in years past. pete: back in 2015 the town threatened by atheist growpsz to remove. saying it is a violation of the separation of church and state. jedediah: next guest is fighting back calling for more christmas spirit and fighting author his residents' faith. the mayor joins us now. mayor, great to have you here. >> thank you. merry christmas from central minnesota. jedediah: merry christmas to you. what was your motivation for
5:26 am
encouraging residents to put up more nativity scenes? do you want them to get back in the spirit of christmas? what was your goal? pete: you could hear us we had a tough connection the mayor of wadena, minnesota. griff: mr. mayor, are you with us? >> can you hear? pete: i think we have got you. what made you do this? >> pete: second time not a charm in this case. what are we doing? the nicodermcq patch helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. nicodermcq. you know why, we know how.
5:27 am
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5:30 am
♪ pete: welcome back. first of all, apologies for the abrupt going to break. we lost the mayor of wadena, went to commercial break. we will try to get him back because he is, of course, encouraging residents to bring back nativity scenes, bring christ back into christmas. we will bring him back. when we do we will bring him back in the program. we are moving to this powerful segment near and dear to my heart. from war heros to alleged war criminals, servicemen, war fighters under fire. they volunteered to serve. major golsteyn, green beret to now faces the death penalty from our own government. he is accused of the 2010 killing of a taliban bombmaker responsible for the deaths of two minors? hesitation unit. up next we have a decorated navy seal leader edward gallagher he killed injured. remains in jail in navy
5:31 am
bringing in california. finally, finally army lieutenant sentenced to 19 years for a deadly shooting in afghanistan after thwarting an attempted ambush against his unit. joining us now this morning in an exclusive to share their stories and frustrations, are the family members of these three soldiers. brave americans and war fighters. first, we have got julie golsteyn the wife of major matthew golsteyn, andrea gallagher is the wife of navy seal eddy gallagher and andrea lore rents is the mother of army first lieutenant clinton lore rents. i have the honor of being on this show but rarely do i have the honor of being in the company of amazing women like the three of you. thank you for your service to this country. you serve alongside the heroes. we shared a little bit about matt's story and we had you on the program last week. give us an update or update our viewers on what's happening right now in your situation and what happened
5:32 am
overall. >> sure, we have seen the investigation that the army claims they have new evidence. i'm happy to share there is nothing new that has not been considered by the army at the board of inquiry where matt was cleared they have ar signed a career prosecutor to do the article 32 hearing and trying to rush it into the 32 hearing the first week of january this unbiased investigating officer is going to go through seven to 8 years of investigations and all of those things in the next two weeks over the holidays, i guess. we can see here that the army is not actin acting with ay integrity. they are rushing this process that we are supposed to trust. i will say that the process that we're supposed to trust, the end result is clint. pete: the end result is clint. we will get to anna, his
5:33 am
mother as well. clint serving 19 years in prison for a split second decision he made on the battlefield. andrea, i want to go to you, wife of navy seal eddy gallagher, talk to you about his situation and what you you are facing? >> well, currently what we are facing is my husband is facing life without parole. my husband has been in the brig at mere march for 15 weeks now. we just within the last two weeks finally received charges our situation has been very, very dire. my husband was actually accused by mall contents in his platoon that he had done an alleged act on a dying isis fighter that opportunity was picked up by ncis and jumped upon to dry to bag a navy seal. what we saw was in april of 2018 they started the case in june ncis proceeded to
5:34 am
escalate their terrorist acts an our family. they raided our home. they took our children out at gunpoint into the streets, while my husband was in custody and then after that seven hour raid, we just were reeling. pete: this is not the ncis people think of on tv your husband was killed as a result of an isis dirt bag which i said before. and yet he is the one under prosecution now. >> right. i want to clarify. this was an insurgent that they had shelled. he was the last one. and not our men. this was e.r.d. that did this. he was the last one. he was brought out. he had a severed artery in my leg. my army is a navyman he did medical procedures on him. we have this never happened. this person took their last breath due tout injuries they sustained. what happened in our case
5:35 am
was after ncis terrorized our family, they then took my husband out of a t.b.i. clinic on september 11th. patriot's day nonetheless and proceeded to torture him. 72 hours in solitary confinement. and then 15 weeks in jail at the brig at miramar this is unfathomable that they would do this to our troops. pete: anna used the word unfathomable. what they are saying unfathomable their husbands being imprisoned by own military for killing the enemy. that's exactly what your son is serving right now 19 years is he serving. clinton roa lore rentsrents your son made a decision guys killed turned out to be part of the insurgency. the army didn't seem to care. tell us about clinton and your situation. >> yes, this has been a long battle for six years, going
5:36 am
on six years that my son is sitting in prison for making that call on the battlefield when he chose to defend chose to defend and protect. after he was warned of the threat. and he was still sentenced to prison because the prosecutors called it innocent civilian. when they had in their database at the time of the court martial the proof that these were not innocent civilians. they were enemy combatants that were linked by d.n.a. and their fingerprints and so, you know, it's just heart breaking to think that they would not have our soldiers' back and at this time we have been talking, trying to get the message to trump. and, you know, i know trump
5:37 am
as a good president and what i would like for him to do is correct what obama would not do and make this right for my son. show the american people and the military that he has our back. pete: we bring someone like bowe bergdahl home and celebrate them and we hear these three cases and bring justice. the army got evidence that the men that were killed, the enemy that was killed were guilty, even if the decision, the split second was right or wrong, he was doing it to protect his men. why then -- and i'm not here to trash the army. but why do our institutions work against our war fighters as opposed to giving them the benefit of the doubt? >> i think that there's a big difference between the actual war fighter and the people who are back here judging them with, you know, in hindsight.
5:38 am
pete: amen. >> it's easy to be armchair general and monday morning quarterback and judge people in positions which you have never been and never had to make decisions to save the lives of the men and women around you. pete: andrea, your message to navy leadership, to the president, to those that have the power to review this case? >> >> well, something needs to be done. this has to stop. we have to, you know, really look and wake up here as to what is going on in our country. these are atrocities being committed against our military service members. my children. my family, my husband. i would love to see the president take a good, hard look at the systemic failure in all four branches of the military these absolutely corrupt decisions being made from the top down. we see cowardice careerism. we see corruption that's rampant and people are covering their own you know what. and it's unacceptable. this is not okay. and we have to have changes.
5:39 am
we have to correct the corruption in the ucmj and we need to do it now. it's obviously anna has suffered for years with this. and i refuse to let this happen to julie and i. pete: how is clint doing and what are the prospects there. >> clint is doing fine. we actually filed a lawsuit last week with the civilian judge in kansas. and we are -- we're hoping for good results out of that but, anybody that would like to look at that, you can go to and look at that filing. and it will make your blood boil of the wrong that has been done to clint. pete: absolutely. we must not forget the names, matthew golsteyn, eddy gallagher and clint lorance. we reached out to the pentagon for comments on these case its. what i say is we ask men
5:40 am
like this to take the gloves off and defeat other enemies. when they do we second-guess them from the comfortable air-conditioned studios or offices and then wonder why people are so angry when promises made to them are not indeed kept. julie, andrea, and an marks i will tell you this on behalf of "fox & friends weekend." we are covering all three of these cases and those like them. any updates, let us know and we will stay on it we appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> thank you. god bless you. >> thank you. pete: you got it well, still ahead. who needs private business when the government can do it? senator elizabeth warren, the president calls pocahontas, wants the government to manufacture its own generic drugs. is this really a good idea? expert here to break it down coming up next. that helped keep people alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren,
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♪ griff: estimated 134 million americans are expected to hid to the mall this weekend for last-minute stopping shopping and get this
5:44 am
13 million haven't even bought a gift yet for christmas. are you one of them? todtodd piro is live at the westfield mall in connecticut tore panic saturday. todd? todd: griff, good morning to you. the mall is already open. 8:00 is when that happened. we found two shoppers ready to rock patty and her daughter sage. patty, why did you wait. >> recycling the money, paychecks and things like that. gifts you can't get online. todd: you told me earlier you got a bonus today you are spending that bonus. >> absolutely. todd: without divulging secrets, can you just tell me what you are buying? >> well, what they don't have here i don't think is cigars. so maybe a couple of those. some cologne for my husband. todd: we just ruined your husband's christmas gift. i'm sorry, sir but you are getting cologne whether you like it or not. let me ask your daughter sage. you waited until the last minute as well, why? >> because i can't drive. so i kind of can't go anywhere because i have money but i can't really
5:45 am
drive. so i mean i can't really do any online shopping. there is nothing there that my friends like. so, yeah. that's why we waited. todd: how much more of your shopping percentage wise do you have to do? >> probably about 30%. todd: that's not too bad. how about you? >> ole of it. todd: all of it. so today is a big day. you are one of those individuals that's going to spend $26 billion today. it seems because you have so much to do most of that is actually going to come from you. sage, thank you very much. patty as always, merry christmas to awfu to all of you. jedediah, back to you. jedediah: senator elizabeth warren policy proposal ahead of 2020 run. the idea? she wants the government to manufacture its own generic drug in an attempt to drive down drug prices. is this really the cure to fixes high drug prices or is this just a big government takeover that will cost taxpayers? here to weigh in a doctor who is emergency and family
5:46 am
medicine. thank you so much for being here. >> good morning. jedediah: good morning to you. merry christmas. >> thank you. and happy holidays. jedediah: when you hear a proposal like this as a doctor what is your reaction? >> jedediah, the last thing we need is government stepping in and interfering with the production of medications that we have to actually consume. now, the nih tried this. the fda shut that down because of quality concerns. i think it's a wasteful consumption of resources. instead, we need to be focusing on fixing the current problems at hand. fixing the issues with foreign free loading and the pbn managers. they are ponking a lot of the rebates instead of passing it down to patients. lots of problems, even our president has touted the idea of allowing medicare and medicaid to negotiate with pbms. we are not allowed to do that that's why prices are on the higher end versus in other countries. jedediah: obviously two schools of thought on this. folks think the government should step in and regulate
5:47 am
prices and free market folks. when you hear a proposal like this and, of course, this is coupled with warren talking about medicare for all and heavy, heavy government involvement in these programs, how does that affect patients though on a very practical? is it cost? is it qualities of care? what do you worry about in terms of your patients? >> as it is right now, we are concerned patients can't afford their premiums, their deductibles, their co-pays. there are some factors and variables involved. for example, you can actually pay cash at the pharmacy and sometimes that's a lot cheaper than using your insurance. for example, you can pay $6 for an anti biotic instead of using your insurance and it's only $20. i think the focus should be tackling the problems at hand versus going and creating a new company if you will, a new drug shop just to produce more medication. now, in the bill, she did suggest either producing medications or contracting it out to other companies. that might work. but, if you get a flat tire, do you go out and buy a new
5:48 am
car or do you fix the flat tire? that's essentially what we're looking at. like putting a band aid on a deep stab wound. we need to fix the root source and core problems as opposed to take parallel actions. jedediah: if warren were to get her way here and this is not going to pass a republican senate no way. does give insight what the left wing of the democrat party is looking to do. what do you see innovation to cost? >> it may deter and put an economic burden on the healthcare system. and ultimately, jedediah, this is going to fall on the taxpayers. who is going to fund this? this is not self-sustainable. basically increase taxes to produce something that has already been shown to fail? and as it is right now, almost 50% of generics are already made by one manufacturing company. so does the government want to compete with that company? you know, in the meantime though, there are ways that patients can save money. shop around, different pharmacies have different
5:49 am
prices. use coupons. look for rebates. ask your doctor for samples and generics. and then another thing, you know, our president and his administration are working on transparency, making prices of drugs transparence versus hidden fees, hidden prices and also tackling the patent system that can really have a big impact on price -- the prices of medications in addition to tackling price gouging by the pharmaceutical companies. jedediah: thank you so much for being here. i don't think so this is the last we will hear from warren on this. you might be back to talk about this. >> thank you, jedediah. jedediah: the president promised his supporters he would be unpredictable. two years later why are so many surprised? we will debate that next hour. we have an ice skating rink on fox square this morning. now that we have learned the baste basics i'm going to try realize dancing. i'm doing what? yes. apparently i'm doing that next. ♪ it's the most wonderful
5:50 am
time of the year ♪ ♪ maria ramirez? hi. maria ramirez! mom! maria! maria ramirez... mcdonald's is committing 150 million dollars in tuition assistance, education, and career advising programs... prof: maria ramirez mom and dad: maria ramirez!!! to help more employees achieve their dreams.
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5:53 am
♪ ♪ jedediah: i'm so scared. pete: those are things we can't do. well done. pete: i can't read while i'm watching that back on the ice rink ready to take our
5:54 am
skating to the next level or some level. hopefully be able to skate like two of those by the end of the show. probably not. rick: somebody just wrote that. pete: writing doesn't match reality. jedediah: ice theater of new york. griff: jessica and conner join us now. come on in. >> hi. rick: i just turned around and you were up above. jedediah: you were in the air. >> this is a great artificial surface but it's not ice. how do you -- it's got to be even more difficult on, this right? >> yes, it is. pete: when did you start skating. >> i started when i was 10. pete: you don't have to start when you are 4. you can start when you are 10. very cool. jedediah: tips for us. i'm pretty bad at this. i need help. rick: any chance we can lift up jedediah opt ice? >> it may take some years. just start by marching up and down nice and easy.
5:55 am
jedediah: i can do that. rick: i'm happy to be an observer. a. >> a little difficult on this ice you can't glide. do a swizzel. >> do a spin. pete: the ladies do a lot of the spinning. what are the tips on that. >> get a good wind up. rick: conservation of regular momentum. pete: conservation of what? >> you have to wind up first and pull in tight. >> wow. [cheers] [applause] >> wind up the wrong way extend to the left and pull. in. >> that's my version of it. >> [cheers and applause] >> it's hard on this ice.
5:56 am
rick: everybody gets a trophy. pete: that's right. congratulations for the terrible spin but good effort. jedediah: i tried. listen, i don't see your skates. pete: you are right. that's true. what's the hardest thing to do in skating? >> make it look easy and effortless. pete: that's a good answer. rick: you make it look beautiful but it has to be dangerous. >> it can be. pete: you were just up here. you can drop her, you fall, it's ice. if you had real bad injuries along the way? >> no. >> not yet. pete: show us a couple more on your performance. let the pros do it. jedediah: if i have your hand. >> put me back up in the lift? >> go. >> it's hard on this. ♪ ♪
5:57 am
♪ ..
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> the partial government shutdown no underway, donald trump putting blame on democrats for not coming to bipartisan agreement. >> call it the democrat shutdown, let's be bipartisan and get it done. the shutdown hopefully will not last long. >> the president is throwing a temper tantrum and creating the trump shutdown. >> the only person standing between getting a deal and not getting a deal is chuck schumer. >> donald from coming out with a design for the wall that a lot of people say this could work. >> very dopey people ready to pay for it themselves, money for a wall that will never
6:01 am
exist. >> more people donating to the wall. >> he once welcomed refugees with open arms but now justin from canada blaming trump for his country's immigration crisis. >> we have ugly christmas sweaters. >> mine has a unicorn that i paid for. >> it looks good. ♪ jingle bell jingle bell jungle bell rock ♪ jingle bell swing ♪ jingle bell ring ♪ snowing and blowing ♪ now the jingle hop has begun ♪ jingle bell jingle bell jingle bell rock ♪ >> wu! fresh off the ice! >> in my defense it is not real life and it is hard to skate on it. just skating that.
6:02 am
pete: no one would have done great. that is why later in the show we will do worse. carley: i will point and laugh but only at you. griff said nice things and me. >> journalists like to keep it snow friendly. i can't stop. we may slip. do we have a clip from backroom mighty ducks who couldn't stop as well? >> lewis mendoza from the miami club. incredible story, 1.9 seconds. one minor problem. a little trouble stopping. >> that is going to be you. >> there is no board to run into. >> we have an nhl goalie, so
6:03 am
don't take that but we all try to take a shot. but my favorite segment of the morning, before we go to hogan let's go downstairs, and someone will talk to him. and -- >> what does he take in my presence? wow. >> he is a mean one. >> i love the grinch. >> about time you come to the curb. >> haven't gotten a treat. >> only up to his sweater. we will talk with him and it is important to remember but right here on the couch. griff: we have that. we have to talk about this. let's set it up. and 25% of your government is closed down, 75% remains open, donald trump talking about the
6:04 am
shutdown yesterday. >> our country must have border security. we don't want people coming in that aren't supposed to be here. we want people to come into a legal process. everybody wants to see our border protected. there's nothing we can do about that because we need the democrats to give us their votes, colletta democrat shutdown, call it whatever you want but we need help to get this approved. for democrats we have a wonderful list of things we need to keep our country safe. let's get out and work together. griff: i don't know if you're being paid this morning and don't really care. i hope you get paid eventually but most americans not concerned about the armageddon rhetoric from the left. what is the shutdown all about? >> reporter: i was looking at the segment before me, you saw
6:05 am
the grinch slinking around the studio, i'm pretty sure that was chuck schumer, not entirely sure. let's be clear what is happening. the president said here's what i want in immigration and border protection for the american people, american families and american communities was nancy pelosi said you don't have the votes, he said fine, take it to the floor. it went to the floor, came out of the house, squarely in front of senate democrats and for whatever reason they have decided not to support the american people were this president in their protection from people from the southern border. that watershed moment the world saw in the oval office in which one party, the democrats decided to stand firm with people who are here illegally and unlawfully as opposed to hundreds of millions of american citizens, that should be terrifying for anyone as we find the christmas season.
6:06 am
griff: we are talking about 3/10 of 1%, is the president willing to go somewhere between the original $1.6 billion, and the $5 billion he mentioned? we accept something less than $5 billion? >> i won't negotiate with you guys from this chair or get ahead of what the president will or won't do but what he said repeatedly, he demand some type of security for this nation, that includes a wall. democrats voted for a wall in 2006, voted again in 2013 all in support of border security and protection for this nation. a couple things have changed, the problem is much worse. the political calculus changed, democrats think they will get these votes if they let people in without checks or balance and donald trump is in the white house. they used to be for border security and what we have now is a government being shot down by hand full of democrats that refuse to stand up and protect the american people.
6:07 am
jedediah: we have 800,000 federal employees who will eventually get paid so the armageddon scare tactics the left keeps throwing out not true. where does this land? who wins? this is a political football being thrown back and forth. who wins the political argument or policy argument. >> i'm less concerned about the political argument and more the american people. it should be noted so many people didn't cover this. the united states under donald trump's leadership and with help from secretary nielsen entered into a deal with mexico, and people coming from assignment to this country through mexico are now held in mexico until their case is adjudicated in the united states. that saves this country, it shows a couple things, that the mexican government is doing more to help our immigration system and doing more to protect the american people than the democrats are.
6:08 am
griff: bob mueller's special counsel is still funded so that is important. but how far, how long and how far are you willing to go? >> the president will go as far as it takes to protect the american people, negotiations are ongoing. he sent his top negotiators including the vice president of the hill all day long yesterday. chuck schumer is negotiating with the white house last week, the week before, until nancy pelosi stepped in and said no. there will be no negotiation, i'm controlling you, chuck schumer, and i'm controlling the senate. talks were very difficult with chuck schumer because nancy pelosi was pulling puppet strings and wouldn't let him negotiate with the white house but because of yesterday and the president's tough stance in defense of the american people and american families they are coming back to the table,
6:09 am
having these conversations. they know now the president is in a position of power because he took up for the american people. pete: what is the president's mood now? we are talking ice-skating and trying to stay in the christmas spirit, what is the president's move? >> that is the question we get and we hate it. every day we hear he is feeling, he is upset. i was in the oval office yesterday before he cut that video for a couple hours, he was absolutely serious and concerned what was going on with the government and the american people and the pending shutdown heading into christmas but he was in a fine mood. he wasn't angry. this is where we are, democrats have to come to the table, he wants a solution, doesn't want to shut down, democrats do and you see that because all you need is a few of them to vote to keep the government open. instead they want closed government and open borders. griff: we will grill the grinch on your behalf.
6:10 am
you just heard from the white house but all morning long we have been asking you what you think of the shutdown. turns out people's voice matters more than anything else, this is mike emailing "fox and friends," dems block everything donald trump promised, we the people voted him in for secure borders, we want the wall. jedediah: a wall provides order. even at disney there are barriers, dems, your trump hatred aside for the american people. pete: placing blame is.was. both parties in congress are to blame. you nailed it right there. you will hear both sides say it is the trump shutdown, the democrats shutdown, that is part of the parlor game in washington. jedediah: it will leave both sides unhappy. pete: in this case no one can to get their name. what happened in 2013 shutdown, i follow the news, i can't remember what it was about, probably spending and frustration and all the stuff
6:11 am
the obama administration was doing. it is whether you are willing to fight for what is right. this has been litigated, republicans failed, democrats failed, time to build a wall and fund it. no one is happy but especially the base of the president who made this his signature. jedediah: interesting few days to see where it lands and who digs in and who doesn't dig in. griff: some folks on the border are working today who won't a paycheck for a while but they will probably do it. jedediah: we will get some headlines for you. a colorado mom appears in court charged with her murder. patrick crazy's arrest after kelsey verizon thinks giving day. her body has not been found but no word what led to his arrest. >> we do not believe kelsey is alive. investigators have recovered a number of items that make us suspicious that the crime occurred at kelsey's residence.
6:12 am
jedediah: the phone was tracked in idaho, 800 miles away. fraz frazeywas charged with solicitation. police convinced a man to climb down from the national christmas tree in washington dc, they are trying to figure out why he did it. it happened near the white house. he was taken to hospital for psychiatric evaluation. no word if he will face charges. reverie sparking a firestorm of controversy at high school wrestling match. andrew johnson forced to cut his dreadlocks before a match. johnson's hair and had your violated rules and regulations but many say it was a case of racial bias, johnson won the match but the reverie barred from officiating anymore matches until the incident is investigated. this tv drama for 90s could be making a come back, yes!
6:13 am
i am so excited. beverly hills 90210 working on a reboot, some of the original cast will be part of it but won't play the same characters. cbs is developing the show. the news comes after the original cast was spotted having coffee in hollywood after a series of pitched meetings. they've got to play the same characters. pete: more 90210 news. griff: people donating to build the border wall. >> a wall that will never exist. it is like starting a college fund for harry potter. pete: at the border every day next. griff: donald trump has a message for possible 2020 challenger. what is his name? robert francis? beto o'rourke. >> i thought you were supposed to win. hey! yeah!?
6:14 am
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6:17 am
griff: there are some don't be people ready to pay for it themselves. this is what people do with their disposable income when they don't have loans from college to pay off. zoning money for a wall that will never exist. it is like starting a college fund for harry potter. a more useful thing to do with human it would be to go outside and feed it to a bird. you have to admire the sacrifice they are making. a lot of these people are dipping into the ms money for this. >> jimmy kimmel known as left-wing hack, dopey people which is what the left think of every trump supporter and people who put their money where their mouth is and say if the government won't do it we will do it, that is american ingenuity, go find me page is up to 15 million right now and the guy who started it, in context with the government how to give it to the proper place
6:18 am
and that math comment, you are all folks on mess and don't know any better. i must be on meth because i gave $200 this morning. i hope you give too because maybe we will get the wall. jedediah: they don't realize a bunch of americans out there are supporting this because they feel the government isn't doing the job it is supposed to do. all they want is to have a secure border, to be a nation of laws, not worry about trafficking of drugs and potential crime and do it for the people being incentivized to come over and the humanitarian crisis at the border that is heartbreaking for everybody. it is not funny to me. pete: it is not funny to the men and women of border patrol who go out every day to defend the border. in his entire life, here's what -- in arizona, here's what he said about jimmy kimmel's comments.
6:19 am
>> he's never been down here or seen the reality of what happens. jimmy kimmel has a show based on ratings. maybe he is upset because more people are donating to the wall than watching the show. pete: jimmy kimmel taking shots at the wall, donald trump is trying to get the wall built, people made a lot about his at the prototype he looked at? is it steel slats? the president tweeted this, the design of the steel slat barrier, at the same time beautiful. we have a split screen also, trump's prototype and a shot of migrants, i don't think you could sit on top of trump's wall. maybe you are not going over it. jedediah: i was looking at the comments. a lot of people are really
6:20 am
impressed with that design and thought it could be effective. there were a lot of surprising people who were not on the right that are supporting him on this and are quiet in the same way silent group of people voted for him the first time quietly observing and saying why are democrats obstructing something that benefits everyone that is in frugal to national security and you will find when it comes voting time, a lot of those people are back. >> it is all of congress that needs to get past the shutdown and realize border patrol, if you put a blockade, to your point, last month, fox news paul had trump approval rating at 46%. let's look what comes next. i don't make predictions
6:21 am
usually but here we go. the president made this promise to his supporters two years in office. why are so many people surprised he is unpredictable. we will debate that next. >> we have to be unpredictable. i say that all the time. somebody said the other day trump is unpredictable. that is a great complement. -looks great, honey. -right? sometimes you need an expert. i got it. and sometimes those experts need experts. on it. [ crash ] and sometimes the expert the expert needed needs insurance expertise. it's all good. steve, you're covered for general liability. and, paul, we got your back with workers' comp. wow, it's like a party in here.
6:22 am
where are the hors d'oeuvres, right? [ clanking ] tartlets? we cover commercial vehicles, too. i think there's something wrong with your sink.
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6:24 am
>> some quick headlines, china taking a new approach to keep kids from playing hooky. several schools tracking students with smart uniforms, the high-tech clothing meant to boost attendance records when students enter and exit schools lose teachers can send them homework through and apps connected to the uniform chips. this nativity scene has baby jesus locked in an ice determined cage, the couple building the controversial displaces it is a protest
6:25 am
against donald trump's immigration policies. >> donald trump spent years promising his supporters in the world how this presidency would be. >> we have to be unpredictable. i say that all the time. somebody said the other day trump is unpredictable. that is a great complement. we must, as a nation, be more unpredictable. we are totally predictable. we have to be unpredictable starting now. jedediah: why are so many in the political world so surprise? republican strategist kimberly, thank you for joining us. what do you say to that? i often say that, if you listened to him on the campaign trail particularly when he talked about national security and fears libertarian streak, you would not be surprised by him putting forth in america first agenda. why are people shocked? >> don't know why people are shocked. like president obama donald trump doesn't signal to the rest of the world what he is about to do. he just does it.
6:26 am
even nikki haley before announcing her departure disclosed in a cnn interview how him being so an predictable helped with you and ambassadors and diplomacy. she even disclosed how it helped her. him being unpredictable, ratcheting up the rhetoric on twitter helped her. she was able to go back to the ambassador and say before pushing him over the edge this is how you compromise and it worked. jedediah: what is your response? sometimes being unpredictable keeps people on their toes and that is what you wanted a leadership position? >> being unpredictable is okay but at certain times your advisors need to know what you are going to do and donald trump's unpredictability has pushed out important people like the brilliant warrior general mattis with what he has
6:27 am
done in syria, and put the kurds at risk. or how unpredictable behavior affected the market. people seeing their retirement funds go down because of unpredictable behavior with trade. you have to be measured and listen to advice, this is what the president failed on. >> when the obama administration transitioned and the team transitioned out and you had some people even some people resign, no one was rushing to blame obama's lack of predictability, they said they have differing views and the college day goal and are moving onto another goal. why does obama get a pass and trump doesn't? >> this is how liberal media spins everything for president obama and former lady michelle obama. they always seem to have their back. i don't think donald trump is
6:28 am
that unpredictable. he is doing exactly what he said he's going to do, he's keeping his promises and doing it by any means necessary. he is using reverse psychology. his actions and message don't add up. he said no gun control, he did. before he said no gun control he meets with the nra and we have legislation on bump stocks. before he said all legal elements -- immigrants must go, now must stay. he doesn't always match his message but he's always doing what he promised he would do. jedediah: an predictable politician, best way to go, thank you for weighing in. he wants to welcome refugees with open arms but now justin trudeau is blaming donald trump for his country's immigration crisis and americans are choosing christmas carols over billboard hits to get them in the holiday spirit but not the grinch. he hates them all. easier to tell us why he hates everything and why he is so mean. is coming up now. ♪
6:29 am
♪ as charming as a neil ♪ mister grinch
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♪ mister grinch ♪ you really are a heel ♪ you are as cuddly as a cactus ♪ us timing as a neil ♪ mister grinch ♪ you are a bad banana
6:33 am
♪ with a greasy black beard ♪ griff: there is santa but then there is the grinch. pete: nobody else were green. jedediah: you are a little scary. before when you came up, you were scary. it is a little intimidating. >> by scare factor went up a couple notches. i have been waiting to ask why do you hate christmas so much? >> it is so easy to. everybody just gets hopped up on sugar and buying presence and it drives me nuts. jedediah: if you're in a mall and you hear a christmas carol is there one that makes you queasy? >> one that has musical notes in it. jedediah: everyone. >> i hate them. >> you hate rudolph? >> of course.
6:34 am
i like the song they are thinking about me but i don't want to hear it. pete: it is about children and they are happy and smiled, you don't like that? >> know. that is terrible. come see the show, it is all explained. the kids are just going crazy and have their presence, it is a nightmare. pete: i kind of agree with you. >> thank using a jedediah: it is joy. pete: is temporary. so empty but not everything is empty. a poll came out recently, silent night is america's favorite, the reason for the season of christmas is the birth of jesus. the nicer ones like silent night and white christmas, nothing? >> know. my favorite christmas song is behind the times. jedediah: what is your favorite presence to take from people if you had to pick one gift you could steal? >> their hopes and dreams. pete: there is max.
6:35 am
>> max! get off the camera man. max is down there -- is on the corner over there. pete: house life in the cave? >> it is great. everything is where i want it. pete: ultimate man cave. jedediah: you are in a musical. what is your favorite part of the show. and and putting the jacket in and get the hat on. pete: your heart is famously small. it grows. where's your heart right now? >> at the beginning of every show it shrinks back to its
6:36 am
normal grinch sides. jedediah: you like it when it is small? >> it is more comfortable, less feelings to deal with. pete: people don't fill you with joy. jedediah: let's have an honest moment. a few million people, are there moments, just too mean? got to be nicer? >> know. pete: anyone ever give you a christmas present? jedediah: look at that. >> that's so nice of you. i don't want it. griff: what is your message for kids? >> my message christmas, i will steal it. it will be all mine! max is going to pool my flag once he gets appear. jedediah: he wants to go. he is like a one of the grinch. griff: a horn on your head, you can pool it with max. >> like an intern, you won't get paid.
6:37 am
pete: join the grinch and -- >> it is a deal. pete: i heard i wasn't getting paid. >> you got me there. griff: i get paid in evilness. >> tell us what is going on outside. >> reporter: use of the just like pete. let's talk about the weather. a lot of people traveling today and we got a good day for travel. we had all the troubles yesterday with a massive storm across the east coast. a few residual delays primarily from a little bit of wind that overall the weather is gone. tonight more precipitation in the pacific northwest but aside from that everything is looking good. here is precipitation on christmas day. we will see a storm in the four corners, higher elevation of snow and rain but overall
6:38 am
everything looking good. here's your temperatures, drive or do some shopping, things look good today. back to you. pete: recover to my broken candycane. you can have half of it. the grinch is fantastic. jedediah: he is pretty mean, i'm not going to lie. we are going to turn now and turn to some headlines. 5 suspects are in custody after leading police on a jar -- bazaar chase, a car slammed into the windshield, 40 drama to them to a screeching halt. officers, two random women unseen, threatening them with a shoe at the crash she seen, no word what started the chase. justin trudeau slamming donald trump blaming the us for an influx of illegal immigrants that he invited. >> fleeing the united states, choosing to leave the united states right now.
6:39 am
perhaps domestic realities in the political context of the united states. jedediah: in 2017 the canadian promise to send a tweet welcoming all newcomers to canada. donald trump takes a jab at beto o'rourke. >> congratulations on your race, you won easily. now he's running for president. i thought you were supposed to win before you run. jedediah: highlighting ted cruz's victory over o'rourke and thinking ted cruz for his work on the committal justice reform bill. if you are looking for a christmas movie to get you in the holiday spirit you may turn to google. the company releasing the top searched holiday movie by state, the top 3 pics were was the night before christmas, dad santa and elf. responses have been pouring in. jeff writes it's a wonderful life, such a great story and
6:40 am
listen. monica, our family watches diehard one and 2 for christmas in self order. kelsey says the nightmare before christmas. best morning news show ever. you know which one i like that no one ever mentions? grumpy old men. >> the fact that bad santa is number 2 on the list -- a lot of americans. griff: let us know if you are okay with pete joining the grinch but i digress. capitol hill, in just hours, partial government shutdown is underway. can a deal get done? we will ask the chairman live. and getting back on our ice rink, former nhl goalie trying to score, probably won't.
6:41 am
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jedediah: the grinch is gone but we are still here. 134 million americans are expected to head to the mall, 13 million including probably you haven't even bought a gift you for christmas. jedediah: are you one of them? todd pyro is live in connecticut for panic saturday. >> reporter: i'm not 100% on this, but renowned international philosopher robin sparkle said let's go to the mall today and one of the individuals, your name, mary. you are at the mall today. why did you wait until the last minute? >> couldn't decide what to get my mom. >> reporter: did you know that $26 billion will be spent in
6:45 am
malls and online today with last-minute people like yourself? to billion more than black friday. >> i did not know that. >> reporter: you said wham when you found that out. enjoy your time, merry christmas. 26 versus 24, 44% of you out there in america will be shopping today, 6% more than were here on super saturday compared to last year and $173 is the average you will spend. what are we going to buy? i will go to this store, charlotte bruce, gets a nice women's clothing and for the boys this is what i got. we are going to sketchers for the boys. you need a good pair of boots so that is what we are doing. if i learned one thing about pete, he not only loves apple bottom jeans but boots with the for, that is what we are getting.
6:46 am
i want you to repeat that. griff: you and i are hosting on christmas day. do not fail me. >> reporter: we are supposed to buy gifts? pete: you better bring something for me! >> reporter: chrissy, you are my gift, you are the gift i am receiving. pete: thank you very much, todd at the mall. taking a turn here, the partial government shutdown underway as the house and senate prepare negotiations on border wall funding. will democrats and republicans come together to end this fight? here to weigh in, chairman of the house budget committee, arkansas congressman steve womack. merry christmas to you. we are now at this standoff, this impasse, whatever you want to call it it is affecting 25%
6:47 am
of the government. take us if you will, you are key part of this. where are we headed. >> the house of representatives on a 24 hour call with kevin mccarthy. we sent the package over to the senate, the senate is in the process of negotiating whether to accept what we had negotiate. the centerpieces $5 billion in border security. it is up to the senate to decide how to send it back to us to take it up there. we are entering negotiation. we haven't received anything back from the senate. >> along with disaster aid. who do you blame for the shutdown? >> democrats already agreed to
6:48 am
border security funding in the first couple years of the trump presidency, over $2 billion of border security, now all of a sudden, right in the middle of negotiations on funding the government for the remainder of the year they want to do nothing so it is a national imperative that we provide border security, it is something the majority of the american people want and all of a sudden senate democrats are saying we don't want to do anything. they are making political maneuvers here, 25% of the federal government held hostage. jedediah: you may end up working over the holidays. >> merry christmas to all of you. >> getting back on the ice rink, kevin shows us some hockey skills live. ♪
6:49 am
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>> we are back on the ice for one last lesson this morning. jedediah: this time putting hockey skills to the test. pete: we have former nhl goalie and network analyst kevin weeks to give us some tips. i know you have been to the stanley cup finals blues not bad. kind of that. >> this is probably more dangerous. >> i got it, it is fine. a lot of nhl fans too. griff: give us some tips. >> what impresses me, you are
6:53 am
look very comfortable on ice. a lot of people are jittery. a lot of men and women, parents as well. try to be as calm as possible and you are look calm. jedediah: that is like cheating. >> you want to be as comfortable as possible. >> we approach you to try to score. what are you watching? >> we have a lot of great shooters. and they are ready to shoot or ready to pass. whether it is sidney crosby, in washington, in minnesota. and so many stars, your job is shooters, to deceive or trigger goalie. we've got -- it is covered already.
6:54 am
i don't mind that at all. >> nhl goalie about to take off. >> everybody ready? . >> half player. i scored on you in the break. we got to find out on tape. griff: do an approach, interception. time to go through the middle. couldn't do it. >> nothing frozen in arizona. >> nice shot. >> i am from washington. >> washington? the stanley cup!
6:55 am
nice! >> lookout! [shouting] jedediah: you are out, man. griff: a lot of effort on that one. jedediah: this is not! pete: shocked! great shot! great shot! i will follow up. those who go. >> doing hockey, everybody together. >> nhl network. >> ladies in the house. ♪ i will be ♪ ♪ you can count on me
6:56 am
♪ ♪ you can count on me no one can totally satisfy a craving, quite like your wing nut.
6:57 am
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6:59 am
♪ jingle building a building about iraq ♪ griff: griff can't stop and won't stop. only one of us won. jedediah. there it is. jedediah. like everything. >> we were all there. jedediah: look at that. all i got to say is a new york city girl needed to take it home. jedediah: thanks to all of you for being so gracious. griff: thanks to our great fans out there. thanks to all the nhl fans and sports fans who watch us across
7:00 am
the nhl network and the service men and women as well, thank you for your sacrifice. happy holidays. jedediah: thanks, everyone! jedediah: pete: you want to come for the solar plunge? ♪ >> a shutdown in washington, meltdown on wall street, what is ahead for your green? live from fox news channel headquarters in new york city, here is neil cavuto. >> sound so onerous -- ominous. keep in mind 75% of the government is open, 2 hours and we find out what lawmakers potentially could pool out of their have to deal with that and keep a 1-day shutdown. we've


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