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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  December 23, 2018 3:00am-7:00am PST

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president trump, if you want to open the government, you must abandon the wall. plain and simple. >> president trump sa staying in washington for christmas as the senate heads home amid a partial government shutdown. >> the president is prepared for a very long government shutdown. >> so senator schumer. , you're not going to abandon the wall, we're going to build the wall. >> i respect everyone coming in not knowing if they're going to get paid or not. >> aaa predicting more than one third of persons traveling this season making it one of the
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busiest holiday travel season. s ever. >> the president pulls thousands of troops out of syria and afghanistan. ♪ ♪ disploo i'm usually dancing with myself but today i'm dancing with jedidiah and graham. >> this is a good 6 a.m. song. >> i say stay in bed, it's 6 a.m., almost christmas. >> put on some billdy idol christmas. i want the winning mega millions ticket, 230 million or more. >> you can't get that because i
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already asked for it. sorry. you're too late to the party. >> maybe i'll get a solution in washington to the wall. >> my kid asked for $4,800 in cash. you're 8. you're not going to get $48. >> is he negotiating with you in. >> we're negotiating. we're at a bit of a loggerheads, maybe a shutdown. >> we have news and that is of course the shutdown. there ice the fox news alert. no deal. we're into the second day already. 30 hours. >> day two. >> here's what we've got.
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the demeanors are fighting. he listened to the people in charge of the border, worder chiefs in the northern part of the border and the southern part of the border. i've got e-mails and texts from them saying this is a crisis. we've got brand-new numbers of arrests from guys.
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>> this is just from october of to 17 to october 31st of 2018. if you think drugs and crimes and trafficking, sex trafficking and human trafficking are not happening, you're a fool. you don't look at reality. so when ted lou and all of these other fols say it's a vanity wall, they've never been to other international flash points where walls work. turns out the southern border is a flash point now. build it, stand by it and stand official. >> the democrats, reb, both parties agree on funding for some border security. they voted over a billion dollars to improve fencing which is a deter rant to that very problem but yet when it comes to the political football of
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trump's wall, they want to resist on political grounds. that's why i called nancy pelosi no walls nancy because she wants the standoff to last at least until january 3rd. >> the democrats are doing the bare minimum. if trump had said 3, if trump had said four, they would have resisted it. another ground is resisting as well. greyhound is resisting. >> the bus company? >> telling riders of rights when the border patrol comes on board. they're reading them their rights >> the washington post headline, greyhound tells riders rights when border patrol comes on board. that's the washington post. this is from gray pound.come. if your english is limited, that's okay. a lot of people understand that if your english is limited when you come to the united states that's okay. >> that's from their website. this is their website to would
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be possibly here illegally here in the country instructing them on what to do if border patrol agents come on to the bus. >> border patrol agents are trying to do their job and it drives me crazy that they've vilified. everyone is trying to take it that the border patrol is trying to do evil. they're trying to secure the border which is part f 0 our laws. >> you're so right. the debate of the future is these multinational corporations, one nation or two or three or ten. they have to make some sort of a decision, are you an american company or not. do you view the world that way or not. tucker talks about it all of the time and he's right. just bibbing the president he's educating people on this issue. and in this case greyhound, what are you doing, trying to circumvent the laws? they look at it as profit but
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our laws should matter. >> let us know what you think e-mail us at friends@fox we begin with a fox news alert. 222 people are dead and more than 800 injured after a volcano triggers a tsunami in indonesia. now we want to show you video as the flood waters rushed in at a concert. wow. one band member and their manager died and dozens are missing. the tsa is changing where air marshals sit. starting next week they will sit in the back to help them keep an eye on passengers that could be a risk. in the past they have been seated in the front to protect
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the pilots. the famous san santa tracker will go on christmas eve. the organization says it will keep the 63-year tradition alive with the help of 1500 volunteers and those are our headlines. let me tell you, nothing stops an that. >> expect the grinch w, we had m on yesterday. >> he's not going to stop them. he's going to try. >> he always loses. like the jets. sorry, guys. >> low blow. >> it was low. sorry. >> . coming up, as isis been defeated the critics say no but president trump says yes. >> yes have won against isis. we've beaten them and beaten them badly. we've taken back the land. >> the debate heating up in washington this week and two little boys shocked
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to find an early christmas present under the tree but what's inside surprises them even more. look at that. ♪ ♪ ♪ i'll help you carry on ♪ ♪ lean on me.
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all right. president trump declaring isis is dead. tweeting yesterday, when i became president isis was going wild. now isis is largely defeated in other local countries including turkey. should be able to take care of whatever remains. we're coming home but not everyone agrees with that. >> isis may thrive on ungoverned space. >> it was not the wrong time to do it. a reckless decision. >> to come out and make a statement that isis has been defeated is incredibly
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misleading. >> who's right? let's ask national security and cyst morgan ortega. the president says isis is defeated. now they have been crushed in many ways. where are we now? >> isis still is in iraq and syria. but the president is right. when he came into office we had what we could call a terrorist army. we saw -- in the obama administration at the end they did go after isis but after many years of letting it first. because of the action that the president has taken with, the troops on the ground, we've seen it decimated. >> 98% loss of territory since turn. >2014. >> it's a big accomplishment. early on in the administration we saw the bombing campaign that the president ordered. when people say he's not tough enough on syria and isis, at the time mattis recommended less of a booming campaign than the president wanted. why does that matter.
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you have to pay attention to what's gripping on on the ground. here we had, before the president came into power, territorial control of. >> you made the point it was four or five years between when we withdrew from iraq and the recognition that they've controlled what they controlled. by 2013 they've got al 2015 thes territory. >> we look at the last picture and then this one. here's the important point. a lot of people are saying this is like when obama withdrew from iraq. president obama. there was a three or four year period where we watched isis first and tbrow. we didn't take action. so if the president is going to withdraw with these troops and the time line that he proposed, the military, the president and national security team, they have to watch the areas very closely to make sure that it doesn't first and he can take action similar to what he took when he came into office.
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>> watch it more closely and take it seriously which obviously obama didn't by calling it the jv team. high value targets are important. >> we're typically talking about leadership positions. what's important to know is the allies have fawct off isi fought have isis detainees right now, the core leadership. what's importants as we draw down is to stand by and protect the kurds, the president can talk too the turkish president about this. we have to know what's going on with the prisoners. >> the president has talked to eatokerhim.>> the white kurds ae problem because they've been our ally in fighting this. we've been overly dependent on
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them. these are estimates of isis core leadership in the makeshift prison right now. >> so they've now gone yurn gown undergrown. hounderground. how do we change that? >> the pr campaign, there were beheading videos, right? isis recruiting people from around the world saying that we were bringing people into the caliphate. we've destroyed that pr mandate which is incredibly important. now we have to watch it closely. sphwhr i>> if you don't take irm seriously, they become the problem. >> we solved the world. >> we solved the world in four minutes. cancel the show. me and the socialist from the bronx, alexandria might agree on something and we'll
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users. who need russians when you have democrats in the 2016 presidential election. they did that to help democrat doug jones. he beat roy moore. a partial shutdown under way but according to the liberal press, it's not congress' fault. instead talk radio is to blame. >> the right-wing talk radio circuit blasts him, he gets spooked and we're heading to a government shutdown. >> the president is listening to right wing media? >> donald trump got shook because of the right wing media. >> he's being dictated to by all talk radio. >> oh, the tea tyranny of talk radio. our panel is here to react.
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michael knowles host of the radio show. and guys, so all of the liberal media and bob corker senator from tennessee is blaming talk radio for this. kathie, let's start with you. is it fair fault? >> we have been wanting, americans have been wanting this wall ever since the reagan years. but what we're seeing is a very sustained trend among democrats and the mainstream media. they adopt like the results of something, then their answer is to blame someone, anybody, everybody, except for taking personal responsibility for their own failed policies. and what we're experiencing right now are democrats willing to move heaven and earth before they fund the border wall. before they do the things that the american public is asking for. and trust me, i get it, right? for many of the politicians, this is business as usual. this isn't personal, it's
3:27 am
politics. but what they don't understand is that for many americans, myself included, the building of the southern border wall is completely personal. >> and you can tell with the politicians. michael, bob corker says that talk radio completely flips trump. is that true? >> this is about the tyranny of campaign promises. if bob corker knew more about those, perhaps he would be returning to the senate this year. what we're pointing out in talk radio, in podcasts and the popular political media is this will be the defining moment for the trump pres presidency. can he keep his promise. he's showed political leadership on it. this is the last chance to do it. the majority of americans want a wall, they want border security and president trump should fulfill that. >> that's the pulse of talk radio and pulse of many americans. what do you say? >> this is something repeatedly we see in the modern presidency which is if you are a democrat
3:28 am
elected to the presidency, you're most vulnerable on the left and if you're a republican, you're most vulnerable on the right. so of course the president made a promise that he now has to keep and he wants to make sure his base knows that. that's what we're seeing here. the question is not if talk radio is to blame. the real question is about sound policy. what is the policy to decure the border. is it a wall, is it the democrats other type of wall. sit something elings. effectiveness is what we should be talking about. not who is to blame. >> here is speaker designate nancy pelosi and what she sees as a moral issue when it comes to the wall. listen. >> most of us, speaking for myself, consider the wall immoral, ineffective, expensive. we have a responsibility all of us to secure the bored, north, south and come in by plane on
3:29 am
our coast. that's a responsibility that we honor but we do so by honoring or values as well. >> he's willing to pony up a million or more more border fencing. >> last year she was saying an effective border security is just to let the grass grow tall. but we have very real issues. i was looking at what i.c.e. put out in the latest report showing that removal of illegal aliens are up 11%. they removed 3700 with sexual assault convictions, not opinions but convictions. we have real problems. we have our own problems and we don't need to import other people's problems into our country. >> i want to get you guy to weigh. what do you say? >> i wrote a book called "reasons to vote democrats." they've been talking about it
3:30 am
for years. politicians of both parties. but when it comes time to vote to fulfill the promise they come up short. they're all talk and no action. it's put up or shut up, do or die. and i'm pleased that president trump is taking the leadership on it and unfortunately for democrats they're going to frown while we get our board. >> last word. >> technology and fru frur infre are the ways to secure the border. >> we've got to go. i'm not sure i totally agree with you. i spent a lot of time on the border with the comeefs and they say you've got to have all thre. >> you need technology the support the infrastructure. >> you do but i've got to run. >> we'll debate on the radio show. >> he's putting his opinion out there based on what the chiefs say. thanks very much, guys. merry christmas to you.
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some teachers can help but declare their hate for president trump. one state has a plan to keep politics out of the classroom. we'll tell you about it. we just talked about democrats like nancy pelosi. well she doesn't want a border wall but she has no problem building wallings around her wa. diamond and silk are going to show us the walls that no walls nancy has put up. ♪ ♪ more savings on car insurance!? they helped with homeowners, too! ok! plus motorcycle, boat and rv insurance! geico's got you covered! like a blanket! houston? you seeing this? geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more.
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they will toll late just about anything, even their own hypocrisy. ♪ >> we will not build a wall. ♪ >> to put a wall there is to, in my view, ineffective, too expensive, almost immoral. >> we can't just put walls up all around america. >> those are scenes from a documentary that starred diamond and silk social media stars and trump supporters. well done. you're pointing out the obvious hypocrisy but you remind people that these democrats who say we don't have a wall don't have a problem putting one around their own home.
3:36 am
congrats on the documentary. tell us about the double standard. >> sit a double standard. we don't need walls. walls won't work. they live behind walls so it's working for them. i think they should fund our wall, secure or borders, should stop playing politics, stop putting our lives, the american people lives in danger. >> yeah. >> i'm tired of the politics that's being played here. you have americans that live here in the united states that want to be protected. and if i was to say anything to my president, i would say, mr. president, okay, let's bog down right here. we need a wall and don't give in and don't fold. >> that's right. >> you know ladies, it reminds me of the hypocrisy that a lot of people on the left have when it comes to gun control where they had vo kate, celebrities advocating for gun control and walking around with security of their own.
3:37 am
i'm curious about the reactions. are people supportive of your message? what are their comments like? >> let me tell you something. you have democrats that want our border secure. >> that want the want. >> that want the wall. when illegal aliens come across our borders with, they rip away the fabric of america, drive down the wages and we the american people do not like that. if you come into the country, you need to come in legally. you can't bum rush our borders and think we're going to give you the american dream. we need a secure border and we want congress to do their job. why don't they just quit. >> that's right. >> and you know what? >> they quit. >> while you have the government shut down, how about we take their money from them too. >> if they can approve fund took fund a wall built in indonesia, a whole other country and then come back and ask for money to improve on the wall, why can't we get the money we need for the
3:38 am
usa border. why can't we get the money we need right here in america to secure america. and one more thing. if border walls didn't work, then 7,000 caravan migrants would be running amok in this country. the wall works. it kept them out and deterred them from coming into america. >> i see the christmas tree behind you. there's a new poll out here and we've got a poll on the holidays and whether or not they're fun, right? so now it's 58% people say the holidays are fun. back in 2010 they said that only 38% thought holidays were fun. but of course we have to talk about the stress of the holidays now 38% in twen, 59%. so i ask you, are you having fun this holiday? >> we are having fun this holiday. and the reason people are having
3:39 am
fun is first of all we get to say merry christmas and people have more money in their pockets. and when they have more money in their pockets, they're very very happy thanks to this president, president donald j. trump. >> that poll is important because it's two years into two different presidencies. >> absolutely. >> 20% difference is not insignificance. we're talking about a sea change. >> you have a businessman running the country. he's about the business. let me just say this here. the government is shut down. he's still at the white house. all congress gone home. i mean the president, listen, he gets his paycheck, his gives his paycheck away. he sacrifice himself endlessly for the united states of america and for the american people. where is congress at. >> and why are we still paying congress. our cox dollars are paying congress to sit up there and do absolutely nothing. >> i agree with that.
3:40 am
>> the president and what he's doing for our country. >> they're still getting a paycheck and so is the mueller investigation. thank you very much. time for us to say good-bye. merry christmas. we're going to give you some headlines now. new evidence shows the gunman in the deadly christmas market shooting in france had tie to isis. investigators found is video of him pledging his allegiance to the terrorist group. he died in a shootout with police two days after the attack. five people were kill and more than a dozen injured. when the government shuts down and workers are furloughing, democrat socialist alexandria ocasio-cortez says congressional salaries should be furloughed as well. it's not okay for them to have the congressional salaries exempt from that. have some integrity. >> i totally agree with her.
3:41 am
>> as do i. 420,000 federa federal empls are working through the shutdown without pay. teachers would potentially lose their job for getting political. a new bill in arizona would prohibit teachers from endorsing political candidates and have them if give both sides of the argument and allowing the students to disagree. th two little boys get a big surprise from their navy dads dd just in time for christmas. >> wait, wait, wait. >> daddy! it really worked. >> little grayson and jackson asked their elf on the shelf to bring their dad home for christmas, the next day he
3:42 am
arrived. he's been deployed for eight months that is the best christmas present ever, your dad coming home. >> those videos never get old. they actually don't. i'm choking off the deer the te. wall street suffers its worst week in a decade but the news ain't all bad. consumer confidence in gdp are sky high. what's the status of the economy. next. and it's a christmas tradition, kids sitting on santa's lap but now some parents say there's a hashtag many too problem with it. >> stop it. >> really? come on. >> you're kidding me. ♪ ♪ jardiance asked- and now you know. jardiance is the first type 2 diabetes pill proven to both reduce the risk of cardiovascular death for adults who have type 2 diabetes and heart disease... ...and lower a1c,
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take prilosec otc and take control of heartburn. so you don't have to stash antacids here... here... or here. kick your antacid habit with prilosec otc. one pill a day, 24 hours, zero heartburn. welcome back. wall street getting rocked on friday with the nasdaq closing
3:46 am
out the week in bear market territory. but despite the turbulence, consumer confidence remains sky high beating analysts expectations in december. >> the optimism comes amid stellar economic news, unemployment rate at low and hourly wages heading upward. >> here to explain, peter mure rks cy. break this down. you look at the markets. you could have one story, wages and unemployment there's a different story. what's more important? >> the economy is very robust and corporate profits continue to grow. wages are going up. and we can dppt that 2019 will be a good year. we can't have 4% growth long term in the united states. population growth is too slow. but we can have 2.5%.
3:47 am
"the wall street journal," if you read the news content of "the wall street journal," donald trump can't do much right. there's little vignettes for people like bob davis that are basically criticizing him on trade and tax policy and so forth. it's really fallacious and foolish and wrong. but the trouble is, let's face it, that's what wall street reads, it creates a panic. and also, mr. powell is not much help. >> peter, we see these number, 3.4% in gdp, lots of great economic news. what policies do you attribute that to? is this as a result of tax cuts, business investment being incentivized in certain sectors? what policy do we point to. >> it's a one-two punch. the tax policy. people have more money in their pockets, corporations have more incentive to invest. and in 2018 that really lifted
3:48 am
consumer sales. and on the business size we don't see it in plants and equipment. they don't need a lot more machinery. they're investing in their workers big time and that doesn't show up in investment figures. so "the wall street journal" says oh, the corporate tax cut is a failure because they're not buying more machinery. they're investing in people and the investment data doesn't pick that up. it goes in the consumption data. in 2019 they get another lift because of the trump policy, gasoline down, in manhattan it's like 3 bucks but it's not 4 anymore. that's a big increase in what people have in their pockets. if you're running a nursery or a florist or a dry cleaner, energy is a big issue. this is important. so next year we're going to get a second lift. >> you mentioned jerome powell, chairman of the fed, should he stay, be fired, mr. trump have
3:49 am
the ability to do so? >> mr. trump does not have the ability to do so this public dialogue is not useful. however do i think he's competent and should stay? absolutely not. he's a lawyer trying to run the fed off of cliff notes. he's one of my principles of economics students trying to do this with me whispering in his ear. how would you feel about me on the supreme court if i said i'm going to hire some great lawyers to advise me. really. the thing for powell to do after last week, he really made a fool of himself at his press conference saying that running down the fed balance sheet has no effect on the markets. heck. the whole purpose of running up the balance sheet was to improve the markets. so how can the reverse not be true. >> i might still vote for you for the supreme court. >> i would love to go up there. we'd have a great old time, you
3:50 am
know? >> thank you. >> merry christmas. well, the media panicking over defense secretary james mattis departure. >> the world is less safe today after the dramatic resignation of the last human guardrail. >> we're in a bizarre situation, a world turned upside down. >> the last human guardrail. but it doesn't too long ago the media told the president they have too many generals. so which is it? we'll take a look next hour. and you may be done christmas shopping but what about wrapping all of the presents. we've got an expert here to show us how it's done. look at him go. ♪ ♪
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so you're probably done christmas shopping. but what about having all of the presents you have to wrap. >> here with help wrapping presenting with to be most gifted wrapper contest. >> that is impressive. >> thank you. >> give us some tips. >> a couple of things i want to mention, first thing make sure you've got all of our materials, your scotch gift wrap tape with the satin finish, your scissors and make sure you have enough paper and you want the measure correctly. this is where people get so frustrated. what i recommend you do is measure first. make sure you have enough on the sides and then you want to cut down the line straightly. and then wrap. the last piece is that you want the make sure that when you're wrapping that you actually crease with your fingers. that really makes you look like a pro. so those are my top three basic
3:55 am
tips. >> so those are great basic tips but a lot of toys are not basic. how do you wrap the stuff that isn't square. >> one of the tips i like to say is when there's no shape, you make a shape. my moose friend here is really great. he's a bike. >> look at that. >> that's impressive. >> this is disguised as surprise. cut out cardboard paper, using the craft wrap and thinking of it in pieces intead of one big item. the other pieces which you're going to be attempted to do, the toy car, this is it. i made a paper airplane out of it. >> we can't do that. that's too good. >> stop it. whoa. >> we're going to put 30 seconds on the clock. we each have one of these toy speed storm cars. >> and we've got our paper, our tape. >> and you're going to judge us only objectively at the end of 30 seconds. >> so this is for inspiration. get all of those tips. >> all right 30 seconds.
3:56 am
>> you can say go and we'll start. >> ready, set, wrap. >> you got to measure it. >> all right. let's see. some measuring happening. i see some good cutting. ♪ >> oh no. >> nobody really measured. okay. all right. that's a lot of people. i think the moose is winning. the moose is winning. ♪ all right. >> five seconds? >> i really want to help. ♪ >> that was not enough time. >> my mom is really disappointed in me. >> i think you're the winner. you have a finished item. you adorned it with an embellishment of a reindeer. it's perfect. >> how did he do that? >> he is a ninja. >> merry christmas. thank you for being here.
3:57 am
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4:00 am
so mr. president, president trump if you want to open the government, you must abandon the wall. plain and simple. >> it's the wall shutdown. that's what this is. is the wall ever going to happen or not. >> the president is prepared for a very long government shutdown. >> so senator schumer, we're not going to abandon the wall. we're going to build the wall. >> we got a high profile game of chicken. >> we need a wall and don't give in and don't fold. >> that's right. >> i really respect everyone come in not knowing whether they're going to get paid or not. all of us doing what we can for each other for the holiday season. >> aaa preticketing more than one third of americans are
4:01 am
traveling this year, making it one of the busiest travel season ons record. >> touch down. >> and two little boys get a surprise from their navy dad just in time for christmas. >> daddy! ♪ ♪ it's sunday, two days from christmas. it's "fox & friends." it's a holiday. stay in bed, drink coffee under the sheets. >> well you shouldn't drink koof coffecoffee under the sheets. >> make sure you're what watching us. we're in the midst of the shutdown. and we're talking about it. >> the army football team 11-2, they beat houston 70-14.
4:02 am
i've not seen a football score like that in a long time congrats. >> you're happy they won the arnie-navy game. now this team. let's talk about the shutdown what's interesting is look, you've got both parties agreeing they need to do something to fund border security but they made a political football out of the president's demand for the wall which began two years ago on a campaign trail. here is president trump tweeting yesterday, i won an election said tab one of the greatest of all time. and also based on strong borders which will keep our country safe. we fight for other borders of countries but we don't protect our own. a pledge that he made saying we've got a crisis there.
4:03 am
>> he's right. if you listen to him campaign and paid any attention to what he was saying, he was saying all of this. i wasn't surprised about the withdrawal from syria, i wasn't surprised about him standing firm on a shutdown. it's a bunch of people that haven't paid attention to him. they're surprised and outraged. this is what happens when somebody says what they're going to do and they actually follow through. >> we'll follow the decisions no doubt. these are the campaign commitments. here we are two days into the shutdown. the senate is not coming back into session until thursday the 27th. have your christmas, open our presents, santa is coming, the grinch might steal them but in the process ain't going to fix the shutdown. you feel for the people who are furloughed at at the same time most americans adopt care about the pain of washington.
4:04 am
they voted for the president to build a wall. this is the 11th hour, 11:59 at the end of a two-year period where the republicans couldn't figure out how to give the president what he campaigned on. a lot of the blame goes on congressional republicans who weren't willing to fight for this. finally they kind of are because of this president. this is the wall shutdown over $3.4 billion which is a rounding error in the need rale budget. and for the left this is all about resistance. make no mistake about it. they made sure that bob mueller was founded. his special counsel will keep going and they'll get paid. congress is getting paid. that's what it's over. resistance. >> jed you're not surprised by the withdrawal in syria but of course we had the news of jim mattis, he resigned and now brett mcgurk, a swamp creature if you will, but the media, my
4:05 am
colleagues in washington are freaking out as usual. here is a headline from the "washington post" the paper of my hometown saying a rogue presidency, the era of containing trump is over. >> oh, wow. >> this from yahoo!. >> what do they mean by -- so they now say the rogue presidency is over. two years ago they were saying something different. >> here is yahoo!. this headline in trump's cabinet how many generals is too many generals. didn't like the generals he was bringing in. and "the new york times," trump's focus on generals for the top jobs worries. and back to "washington post" trump is surrounding himself with generals, that's dangerous. and cbs news, how unusual is trump's cabinet of generals. >> he can't win. when the generals resign or he fires anyone, then it's a problem. they're inclined to say that trump is leaning toward chaos and mass pandemonium no matter
4:06 am
what he does. suddenly the media is going crazy. they're so upset that a president is withdrawing took t. >> now they're all neocons. >> they're hawkish. i'm with lindsey graham. he's their hero now. >> it was if generals that were going to take america off of the grid. now general mattis leaving means the guardrails are off. like are we off the rails or do we have rails. and it leads you to believe that all of those statements are based on hating trump and his perspective. i can't stand it. you watch cable news, our syria policy. all of them wanted out, thought it was wrong and now they're hawkish. it's such hypocrisy. >> pra president obama would be applauded for every single one of these decisions and he would not be questioned on his
4:07 am
transitions, if people were resigning of leave, the argument would be they have a differing opinion or that person went in and established a goal and mission together and now they're moving on. it would be justified and explained, not condemn. >> just to be clear as well, these policy decision wills be owned by president trump. we don't know which way syria is going to go. a lot of smart people are really furious about this decision and say it could lead to the rise of isis again. so it's the macro perspective is what do we get out of the my middle east. let's pull out. it remains to be seen. but he at least is committing to something he believes in. >> here's the problem. siit is a legit debate over whether general mattis' resignation, a mundane topic for the american to the strategic thinkers.
4:08 am
but the media, the point we're making here is very important. the media keeps looking for a moment that shows president trump is going down. it doesn't matter whether it's the next general to resign or whether it's shutting the government down or every other thing. you look at the "new york times" today, they put on the cover a picture of the president. hold that up. >> the photo is quite. >> this is a president waving. but they've made it dark and gloom. they're just looking for the moment where they can say ha, got him. >> we want to here hear what you have to say. what a do you think about the his nations resignations. tell us what you think. first up we begin with a focts news alert. 222 people dead and 800 injured as a vo volcano trigger as tsuni
4:09 am
in indonesia. watch as flood waters wash a concert. ♪ one band member and their manager died and dozens are missing. a suspected terrorist is finally charged in connection with to the 2015 carley hebdo attack. he was extradite and arrived in france today ' es a accused of planning the attack that killed 12 people. the tsa is changing where air marshals sit on airplanes. start next week the agents will sit near the back to help air marshals keep a closer eye on passengers that could be at risk. in the past they were seated in the front to protect the pilots. >> it makes sense but i don't know why we're telling people this. >> did you see the movie, where's the air mall shall? >marshal?>> i've never looked.
4:10 am
>> i want to know where they are. >> speaking of being observant, you take your kids, they go to see santa and you don't know what's going to happen because kids are like, look at this guy in a red suit with a beard, he's jolly and scares me. your paper again delivering from the "washington post." this is a headline that caught our eye. should crying children sit on santa's lap for photos. here's why some parents are saying no. inside the article, and i quote, some anonymous sources have begun questioning the way the culture approaches photos with santa amid the me too movement in a conversation with young children to talk about consent and boundaries some are asking what kind of message does that send them later on in life. >> stop. stop. i can't with this.
4:11 am
this is so crazy. and it minimizes -- first of all, i sat on santa's lap as a baby. i was a shy baby. there were tears shed. >> send us the photo. >> it disease not affect the dynamic. this makes me mad. it minimizes the me too movement. there are serious cases that deserve our conversation but when you talk about anytime the light of santa claus, it minimizes everything they do. everything is racist and then suddenly real issues of racism don't get the proper attention it deserves. this is madness within crazy. >> i have two daughters that i have put on santa's lap for years. as a child you wait hours sometimes man at the mall to put them on santa's lap. >> one of the mothers saying it's just for you at the expense of the child's misery. but it's like no, it's to
4:12 am
introduce them to santa, to participate in our traditions. too many times i feel like on this show and in our society we're fighting for traditions that we hold near and dear. and putting your child on santa's lap, darn it, is not wrong. >> i i love putting my child in santa's lap being like, what is going to happen next. like i don't really care. you're going to be fine. i love you. you're in a wonderful environment. >> it's santa claus. it's not like you were putting him on the grinch's lap. >> that would be better. >> my 3-year-old, all he asked for christmas was the grinch. he take takes after me. >> who wants $4,800. >> my 7-year-old wants 480 # $0. >> quite the entrepreneur. >> that ain't happening either. >> let us know how you feel about that, whether pete should give in on the $4,800. >> . >> ain't happening. send us your photos of kids on
4:13 am
santa's lap. as the government battles over border security, the migrant crisis is exploding in europe. why the next guest say it's a case study of what the president is trying to avoid. fans delighted to find tom hanks a the an in-n-out burger but what he did next made them even happier. ♪ ♪ ♪ when you have nausea, ♪ heartburn, ♪ indigestion, ♪ upset stomach, ♪ diarrhea... girl, pepto ultra coating will treat your stomach right. ♪nausea, heartburn, ♪ indigestion, upset stomach, ♪ diarrhea... try pepto with ultra coating.
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don't stop taking xarelto® without talking to your doctor, as this may increase your risk of stroke. while taking, you may bruise more easily, or take longer for bleeding to stop. xarelto® can cause serious, and in rare cases, fatal bleeding. it may increase your risk of bleeding if you take certain medicines. get help right away for unexpected bleeding or unusual bruising. do not take xarelto® if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. before starting, tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures and any kidney or liver problems. learn all you can to help protect yourself from a stroke. talk to your doctor about xarelto®. welcome back. the migrant crisis exploding in europe, surging to more than a million at its peak as a result of its open border policy. our next guest argues this is a
4:17 am
case study of exactly what president trump is trying to avoid. here too explain it, vice president of foreign policy james caravano. good morning. merry christmas to you. you wrote an awesome op-ed for fox news. com. i want to get to that. but first there's a headline there, let's talk about why what we're seeing in europe is a preview of what's coming here. >> well you know, i think the biggest issue is the one we're not talking about, weaponizing migrants. we have the u.n. migration pact, the u.n. refugee pact. we saw erdogan threaten to flood the refugees if we didn't get what has wanted. if you create a right to migrate, what you're telling bad people is figure ow ho out how t
4:18 am
them on the road. the caravans started because people wanted to aim people at the u.s. border to demonstrate that it's uncontrollable. if when you create an environment to use migrants as a tool to punish people that's a big danger. we saw it ham in europe and that's something that we have to be concerned about. >> you say we saw that in europe. when you look at 2015, 2016, they peeked at over a 1.2 seeking asylum. but are we now having a debate over whether or not the president has the right to the sovereignty of our borders? >> bell, i think we are. and increasingly we've seen not just a political debate but we've seen judicial activism where they have taken the responsibility out of the president's hand. this is a major issue. we can tie this back to the syria debate. we talk about what the president is doing in the middle east.
4:19 am
when the president came in office, 2015, more than a million refugees poured from the middle east and north africa into western europe. this administration in over two years, working with the europeans has driven that down to a trickle. part of the reason of that is because we intervene within the europeans work with it. so when you take away the right of sovereign authorities to deal with the problems then you see the floods. >> you say if america fail to maintain firm control of who gets into our country and who stays, the resulting crisis could make the woes of europe look petty. you write that during a shutdown over border security. >> i think the president has a point here. and we could debate the $5 billion on which you want on the border and everything else but this is really a political debate. it's about a power struggle. it's created a precedent where
4:20 am
we've put the political power struggle over the obligation of government to do its duty. that's really dangerous. >> lastly, we are not doing enough to enforce the existing immigration laws, you write. >> yeah. you're not going to solve this with putting stuff on the border. you've got to end catch and release. end the loop hall loopholes thaw people to stay here. it's not just foreign aid. you have to get deep down where the source is, identify it and stop the problems. you've got to work across the spectrum, not just at the border. >> thank you very much. go to and read his op-ed. merry christmas to you. >> thanks for having me. money for nothing? alexandria ocasio-cortez, you know her, thinks lawmakers shouldn't get paid if there's a shutdown. does bill bennett agree? we'll ask him. and the army veteran lost his leg and arm in an iud
4:21 am
explosion serving overseas. this morning he's here where a special organization telling us how you can help injured veterans like him overcome their wounds. you don't want to miss this story. ♪ ♪ i'd make it available in dozens, make that thousands of configurations. it would keep an eye on my fleet. [ beeping ] and an eye out for danger. with active brake assist. if i built a van, i'd make it available in diesel and gas. and i'd build it right here, in south carolina. introducing the all new sprinter starting at $33,790. built in the usa. mercedes-benz. vans. born to run.
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♪ yippiekiyay. ♪ mom. ♪ time for your news by the numbers. $633, that's how much the average american is spending on christmas this year. gifts accounted for 54% of holiday spending, travel was the second biggest expense. next, 10%, that's how much christmas tree sales jumped from last year to this year. millennials are to thank for the spike as they continue to buy more real trees and finally, three, actor tom hanks picking up the lunch
4:25 am
tab for people at an in and out burger and he also spent time taking photos with people. 'tis the season for giving. this week we're taking a look at worthy causes that you can help support this christmas season. >> the independence fund helps our nations veterans who have been wounded in the line of duty and their caregivers gain independence once again. here with more is the ceo and veteran army specialist. thank you for being here. jeffrey, thank you for your service. you are an inspiration to so many americans across the country right now. talk too us a little bit about your service. >> first, thank you guys for having us here. my name is jeffrey. november 30th, 2011, clearing an iud out of the way.
4:26 am
>> during the break, what happened to you could have happened to anybody. it happened to you. you've recovered since. the independence fund has been part of that recovery. talk to us about what that's meant to you. >> i think it's great. the fact that organizations like the independence fund, how people come together and support the cause, regardless of everything, not knowing me, you know. and people just willing to give their hard earned money for it. it's amazing how people come together to support the cause. >> tell us about the independence fund and your mission and what your inspiration was. >> the independence fund believes in empowering the most severely injured. my husband is recovering from his 119th surgery. we live the mission every day. it's the greatest honor to serve those who serve have served us so well and be severely injured doing so. >> what inspired you and other to do that. there's a recognition of the service and sacrifice.
4:27 am
but to say i'm going to go the next level and help those who are the most affected by it. >> we really believe that giving independence back to those who have sacrificed theirs for us is the greatest thing that we can do as a nation and through tangible ways, that's what we think people who have given, paid service for their country with an arm and a leg, we can't do enough for him open his family to say thank you. we owe them everything that we have. >> we're going to toss it to you. you have something to share with us. >> you've got a bit of a surprise. >> one of the very cool things the independence fund does is we award track alter rain wheelchairs and we have a surprise for you today. we do. we're going to bring it in now. >> come on, if we've got it. >> you're not going to believe this. >> oh, wow. >> wow. >> we're going to let you get in
4:28 am
that and give it a spin. >> oh my gosh. >> well done. >> phenomenal. >> i'l how do you use this. >> you're about to find out. wow. >> and snow, ice, sand, hunting, fishing, shooting, it is no match for these track chairs where the independence fund provides through generous donors to our most catastrophically injured. >> imagine going to the mall with this. upear going tyou're going to bet man at the mall. >> how do you feel getting this? >> pretty cool. >> the va doesn't supply stuff like this so you rely on private donation to provide this. >> the va considers this to be luxury items and of course we feel that someone who paid for their service for this country with their body parts, there's not enough that we can do. we rely on patriotic americans to help give these to them. >> there's not a mixer in there. >> what does it mean to you that
4:29 am
you're severely injured, you come home, what does it say about the american people and their writmen quitment to the wr fighter, people saying we care so much that we're going to follow through. >> a lot of people ask how do you get through it and i think a lot of support, both family and regular people like how we were talking about earlier, coming together and supporting this. like i said, people who aye never met before. people are like hey, let's go out to dinner, let's go to lunch. you don't needs to do all of that. it was my job. anybody else in the service can say that. very warm and welcoming. >> what is it like for you to be able to provide something like that. i can't imagine the feeling that someone who fought for our country, comes home with these injuries and you're able to provide something that can be transformative for their lives. >> he's our 2348th recipient.
4:30 am
$37 million in chairs. but we have 129 veterans on our wait list. jeffrey has two little boys. >> you have a 1-year-old and a 2-year-old? they're going to be all over that thing. >> in your lap. how are you going to fit everybody. >> i think this is going to be a wonderful christmas. it's no match for the snow. maybe you'll get a little snow. >> we want to remind people you should donate. visit independencefund. org. >> sara, jeffrey, thank you so much. >> thanks for all that you do and your service. >> congrats. enjoy. >> pretty cool. >> going to mow through some snow on that. we have bill bennett coming up. >> plus good-bye 9 to 5 and hello four-day workweek. the big changes, unless you live in france, that could be coming to your office soon. ♪
4:31 am
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♪ it's your shot of the morning. we are getting ready to take the
4:35 am
polar plunge. >> it may be cold outside but we'll be getting on that inflatable slide and taking the trip down into the freezing cold pool of water. i think dave the stage manager actually put ice cubes in it to celebrate the holidays. no. to celebrate christmas. on yous lis griff is goinobviouo first. tune in to our 9:00 hour to watch us go into the water. >> you're not going to break the shoulder this time. >> proper form down the slide like this. no head first nonsense from griff this time. >> it's going to be cold, guys. >> it's all in your mind inchts well now o.>> well on no more ss topics. bill bennett, former drug czar,
4:36 am
and the author of "the true st. nicolas." to start out, have you polar plunged? >> i have polar plunge into the atlantic ocean. i wish i could be there with you this morning. too far away. >> any tips? >> get in and get out. >> we'll try to get you in here. >> thank you. >> thanks for joining us. part of what we're talking about at the border and the wall is the drug epidemic that we're facing. here's a montage of president trump talking about drugs and how they affect our country. listen. >> we have to keep the drugs out of our country. right now we're getting the drugs, they're getting the cash. a wall will not only keep out criminals but it will also keep out the drugs and heroin. >> the drugs are poisoning our youth and poisoning our people. illegally pouring into our
4:37 am
country. >> 86% of heroin brought into the u.s. came from mexico. talk to us about that. >> that's exactly right. the president's instincts on this are very very good. illustrative is 9/11. after that we shut down the border. and when we shut down the border drugs didn't come in. emergency room admissions were down, the price of drugs went up which means if you shut down the border, close it off, if you build a wall, it can have a real and profound difference. its no the it's it's not the on. the president is putting pressure on china, the major producer and exporter of fentanyl. but mexico is the point of transshipment for a lot of the drugs. it is connected to the wall debate, yes, sir. >> while we're in this shutdown, i mean we're talking about tons, not pounds, of narcotics every day. we have an outof control
4:38 am
fentanyl crisis. this is a part of it. do you think the president is right to hold out and stick to his guns during the shutdown? >> yes, i believe he is right. this wasn't just a campaign promise. this was the principle campaign promise and most of the american people are with him in this notion that you've got to have a country and to have a country you've got to have sovereignty and you've got to have borders. he's making a line in the sand now and i think he's absolutely right. i hope he holds firm. i any he will. we'll see what happens. the opposition is ridiculous. and as you've pointed out early they were for a wall. they were for this kind of thing. this about getting trump, opposing trump to take him down any way they can. >> you took drugs on as the former drug cdar. what do you think i the options.
4:39 am
>> drug use went down in the late '80s by 80%. it was a partnership by the public and the private. again i think the president's instincts are right. we need to do more. if you go to the vietnam memorial here you'll see the names of 45, 50,000 people. we're losing more than that number ever year to the drug epidemic now. it's quieter but it's deadly serious. we've got to get after it. i'll praise the president's instincts on this. we need to do more. >> dr. bennett, i can't believe i'm saying this but i agree with a certain socialist from the bronx who tweeted this yesterday. next time we have a government shutdown congressional salaries should be furloughed as well. it's unacceptable that members of congress can force a government shutdown and have congressional salaries exempt
4:40 am
from that decision. have some integrity. washington writes rules for other people that they never want to apply to themselves. >> she must be listening to you on the subway or something. this shows that the learning curve is possible. let's borrow a little from the world of education. i this i we should have changes in tenure for teaching and members of congress and how about merit pay for members of congress if we can keep them from doing things that are bad and they do meritorious things, let's pay them. she's coming along. good for her. >> most people connect with the fact that if you're not doing your job successfully, you don't get paid. >> if you didn't show up this morning, i would argue that maybe you could be docked. >> i might wit be in trouble. it's happened to me. >> i want to bring you back to the question i asked before,
4:41 am
whether you supported the president shutting things down but also how long do you think it should last? it looks like it's going to go longer. >> i don't know. but you know, i've lived through many of these. the repercussions of them tend not to be as serious. the party in the white house will lose votes on this and support isn't always true by any stretch. i think he's right to stand his ground. and you know, let's hope this thing turns out right. it is ridiculous for r for them tfor them to be objecting. let's get it done. it's an important thing. an important issue. and again this wasn't a campaign promise. this was the heart of the campaign. >> i don't know how it passes the common sense test. thar opposition is too expensive for liberals and ineffective when all of the evidence is on the other side. how do they win that debate? >> if they want to use that as
4:42 am
the new cr criterion, that's gr. we could go through government programs with a tresher if we had that idea. but if this case it makes sense. >> thank you for the polar plunge tip, get in and get out. and thank you for writing the great book, "the true story of st. nicolas." it's an important one. >> this idea that we talk about happy holidays and all of this stuff ultimately comes down to core of faith. that is the reason for the season. >> a holy man, a good man. a great model for us christmastime and all year long. >> thank you very much. >> thanks, guys. now we'll goat t go to our n st. rick. see what i did there, rick? >> what's that? i did. very clever. your best move of the day. let's talk a little bit of
4:43 am
weather out there. excuse me. on the map. show you what's happening now. temperature wise it is not that bad. across the east a little chilly, cold air across the central part of the country. a little bit of snow if you're thinking i would like some whys christmas, across missouri, st. louis, in about an hour you'll see a few flakes. all of the action is out in the west, a big storm moving in and that's going to be a weather maker for us. everything through tuesday good, ends whewednesday big problems s the central plains. so good-bye to 9 to 5 and hello four-day workweek. it may sound great but won't work for everyone. we'll explain. if you're looking for a stress free christmas we've got gagadgets to make your worries o away. coming up.
4:44 am
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4:47 am
the monday through friday 9 to 5 work day grind may be a thing of the past. >> too much much. according to richard branson, the idea of working five days a week with two-day weekend and a few weeks of hoo holiday each y. >> it hasn't always been the case. >> henry, what do you say? >> if you want to find out how it's going to work, look at france. they put in a 35-hour maximum workweek and stagnant economy and people riding in the streets in paris. that's what happens when you raise cost for hour of work to employers and you don't change the market. it's a nice idea for white collar people who can afford it and rearrange their schedule but for everybody else it's a bad idea. >> what about the idea of a
4:48 am
four-day workweek, jam it into 10 hours or 12 hours in four days. is that different than five days of eight hours? >> well, you know, it's different from the personal perspective. who wouldn't like to have the same pay for a little longer work day. but if you're a working family what has means is your dinner hour starts at 8:00 or 8:30. it means you're screwing up with your kids' school schedule. who is going to be home for the kids if you've got two people working ten-hour days. so i if you can afford people at home to take care of your house hold while you're off working, it's great. if but if you're a blue collar family struggling paycheck to paycheck, doing your own chores an raises your kids, it's a bad idea. >> how about a four-day workweek increasing efficiency. i've been a fan of the idea. you get the extra day off. it incentivizes you to get the
4:49 am
extra work done and you have extra work during the week. >> like all of us, we're in control of our work day and there's times you can slack off. but if you're standing 0 at a factory line and there's a piece coming down, you don't get to space out. you're doing eight hours of work eight hours a day every day. and if what you're doing is moving that up the to ten hours a day, your incentives don't change. you've got to get the part welded, your stress level adds up during those days and i'm not sure people would like that. ten hours of more stress for an extra day and what do you think about the -- tharchlts' a good point. i'm not sure dolly parton would go for that either. >> good one. >> thanks for joining us. it all kind of sounds like an excuse to do less work at some level. which when societies do that it's when they start to decay. >> it's a great idea for people
4:50 am
like richard branson who can fly around in his private jet but for the working staff, you're working all of the time anyway. it's not a great idea. >> thanks for your input. >> merry christmas. president trump trying to get a deal done for border security but president ronald reagan's son says his father is still waiting for a deal with democrats as well. his warning to the president ahead. and are was looking for a stress free chri christmas? kurt the cyberguy is here with the gadgets to make your worries go away. there he is. ♪ ♪ ( ♪ ) dealing with psoriatic arthritis pain was so frustrating. my skin... it was embarrassing. my joints... they hurt. the pain and swelling. the tenderness. the psoriasis. tina: i had to find something that worked on all of this.
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katherine, this turkey
4:54 am
tastes half as good as it looks, i think we're all in for a very big treat. >> a stress free christmas dinner is within reach. >> from food to games to a lesson that won't shut up. we've got the gadget to help your worries go away. >> the cyberguy is here. we've got music playing here. you've got tips for us. >> just like that. >> good morning to you. we're ready for christmas. merry christmas. we start the morning. you're so lazy that when you're gight out of bed you don't want to brew the coffee. you can buy a stupid coffee maker for less than $50. and what you do is for 12 to $13 online you can buy a smart plug that interfaces with alexa and with ask her to start brewing the coffee. that's a way to save money, make
4:55 am
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>> so, mr. president, president trump, if you want to open the government, you must abandon the wall. plain and simple. pete: it's the wall shutdown. that's what this is. is the wall ever going to happen or not? >> the president is prepared for a very long government shutdown. >> so, senator schumer, we're not going to abandon the wall. we're going to build the wall. >> we got a high profile game of chicken. >> it's not really about border security. it's about a power struggle, and i think that's really dangerous. >> right wing talk radio 60 blasts them, he gets spooked and they went we're heading for a government shut down. >> if they don't like the results of something they are
5:01 am
answer is to blame somebody. >> it is ridiculous. >> open in the end zone, and it's a touchdown! >> and two little boys get a big surprise from their navy dad just in time for christmas. [creams of delight] >> daddy! ♪ pete: so you saw that army highlight. they won -- welcome, by the way. good morning, jedediah, griff, on the 23rd of december. griff: merry christmas. jedediah: merry christmas. pete: who wins a bowl game 70-14 70-14? the army black knights won 70-14 against houston in the armed forces bowl. everybody wins that way? griff: except for the redskins. pete: who got beat last night which helps my vikings who are looking for the wild card in the nfc . jedediah: i have no idea what he's talking about but it all sounds really the g.d.p. pete: as a result of that, of
5:02 am
not having that knowledge which is important for a morning show, you're going to do the polar plunge. jedediah: yeah, i am going to do the polar plunge. i'm going to go down that slide into the freezing ice like a boss. pete: like a boss. griff: there's a live look at it it. the water is looking chilly. i think dave or stage manager is pouring more ice in there. pete: he is not a nice person. griff: there's a shutdown going on now. into hour 32. no deal with a partial government shutd.wn pete: do we have the 24 count down? some people are sad about that, other people want to watch that clock go up, up, up, up, up, until a wall is built, built, built, built, built. that's the idea. this is a wall shutdown. and president trump tweeting that yesterday. he said, "i won an election said to be one of the greatest of all time based on getting out of the endless and costly foreign wars and also based on strong borders which will keep our country safe. we fight for the borders of other countries, but we won't be
5:03 am
fight for the borders of our own own." you know, jedediah, he's reiterating a simple point, but sometimes the most simpler points are the ones washington cannot figure out. jedediah: i think everybody's in shock because it's been a long time since they saw a politician who actually did what he said he was going to do. i think they're all really, really surprised. but, you know, democrats are not having it. and they are responding with a lot of, well, let's take a look. >> it will never pass the senate senate. not today, not next week, not next year. so, mr. president, president trump, if you want to open the government, you must abandon the wall. plain and simple. >> we're not going to build this stupid vanity wall of donald trump with u.s. taxpayer dollar. griff: it appears democrats may not have been paying attention during that campaign 2016 because the president talked a lot about that. listen. >> my plan begins with a strong
5:04 am
border. the trump administration will also secure and defend the borders of the united states. we have to have strong borders. countless innocent american lives have been stolen because our politicians have failed in their duty to secure our borders borders. if we didn't bring up illegal immigration you wouldn't even be talking about it now. we're building a wall, we're going to have a border. and people renewing come into our country, but they're going to come in through a legal pete: yeah. we are actually, as a nation, litigating the sovereignty of our country, whether borders truly matter. our universities are infected by this idea that we're all global citizens and internationalism is the wave of the future and globalism. president trump says our flag, our patriotism, our freedom is special and to be preserved. when chuck schumer says abandon your wall, that is the last thing the president should remotely do. this shutdown will affect some people who will eventually get paid. i feel for them, it's christmas, it's tough, but also it's worth
5:05 am
the down payment on security for our borders. and listen, i blame the republican -- congressional republicans like a lot as well. they spent two years fiddling away an opportunity to fund $5 billion for a wall. we're litigating 3, 4, $5 billion not for a real wall but for the down payment. the folks on the campaign trail were right there with it. jedediah: a lot of people are saying, should he dig his heels in, should he not dig his heels in? we actually have president reagan's son, i don't know if you can hold that up. pete: michael reagan. jedediah: saying, hey, at potus 1986, amnesty, my father is still waiting. hashtag, build the wall now. so he's articulating the point so many people are making. if you wait, it's never going to get done, if you don't dig in your heels, it's ever been going to get done. president trump listening to a lot of people around the country who want border security, he
5:06 am
says the buck stops with me. griff: it really brings in focus the fact that president trump has a core part of his base of his voters that wanted this, that if he moves now, if he caves, as some say, on this shutdown, it could be politically bad news for 'em. pete: it would be politically bad news. jedediah: he can't -- if there's one issue that he cannot cave on it's immigration. he ran on that; that's why people went out and voted for him, people who were passionate about securing the border, who were passionate about the humanitarian crisis on the border. he knows he owes the responsibility of fulfilling that campaign crisis. pete: 16 plus two years, 32 years, hashtag, still waiting for the democrats to fulfill their promise. ronald reagan, reagan, don't forget this, he gave amnesty to basically three million illegals in exchange for the promise someday down the line of border security. which is why when the president tweets out that those democrats who say border security, they're
5:07 am
lying to you like everyone else has, more agents, surveillance, drones, that's all fine but without a physical barrier, not a fence, a real wall, all those other things could be taken away or not as effective. that's what's being litigated right now. if you don't get that money up front, you lose this debate. griff: and you've been writing to us here. here's some of our viewers saying -- let's see. this is a twitter to us. "yep, i'm old enough to remember that deal. we gave full amnesty to three million illegals, as you mentioned, pete, and got no border security. here we are again only with 11 million illegals. fool me once, you know how that ends." hashtag: go fund the wall. pete: craig says we absolutely need to finally take a stand for the building of our southern border wall is part of a total border security package. congress, do your job." jedediah, they're not in session session. will they do their job? jedediah: that drove people crazy, too, because trump was outer saying "i'm not leaving 'til this gets done" and had a
5:08 am
lot of senators and a lot of congress.en pete: the president to your point was going to go down to mar-a-lago -- jedediah: that's right. pete: -- for the christmas season. he is now at the white house and said he will stay there while all these other yahoos are flying back to their district and twiddling their thumbs and not going to get the deal done. griff: nancy pelosi is going to be take over january 3. jedediah: trump's in the white house and you have to oppose everything he does. turn to some headlines. begin with a fox news alert. at least 222 people are dead and more than 800 injured after a volcano triggers a tsunami in indonesia. watch as floodwaters rushed a concert. ♪ [screams] jedediah: terrifying. two band members and their manager died with and dozens are
5:09 am
missing. greyhound is telling bus passengers how to push back against immigration agents doing inspections. according to the washington post the bus line recently updated its online travel information and posted signs at some stops explaining how passengers can file civil rights complaints. the company is calling it an act of transparency to respect customers' dignity, privacy, and safety. the trump administration is pushing back against reports the president plans to fire federal reserve chairman jerome powell. treasury secretary steve mnuchin tweeted president trump told him quote, "i never suggested firing chairman j. powell, nor do i believe i have the right to do so." powell is facing scrutiny over the fed's decision to hike interest rates. a police officer saves the wedding day in new york. a bride and groom driving to town hall crashed. no one was hurt but the car broke down; so responding officer cody matthews drove the couple and their two kids to the ceremony. officer matthews even stuck around to sign their marriage
5:10 am
certificate as an official witness. wow. that's pretty cool. pete: that's cool. making the best out of a rough day . jedediah: that's true. optimism for the holiday sea.on pete: he's about as official of a witness as you could get. jedediah: that's true. pete: a guy in uniform. jedediah: that's 100 percent. pete: i drove you there. griff: talk about holiday optimism, holidays are fun again again. up 20%. pete: so this is actually really interesting. so the same poll was taken in 2010 and taken now and they asked americans are your holidays, christmas, are you having fun? in 2010, unfortunately, sort of sad, of americans said they were having fun during christmas. today that number is 58% were -- it was 38% back in 2010. jedediah: people have money in their pocket, when you have a holiday things get expensive, you want to buy gifts for your family, your friends, your kids,
5:11 am
and with an economic boom, you have money in your pocket so you're not as expressed out. in 2010 it was 59% were expressed out. if you have money in your pocket you can't worry about anything unless -- you worry about that first, right, putting food on the table and having money in your pocket. everything else comes executive. griff: as an observation i don't think president trump was in office, it was the other guy, barack obama, in 2010, was it not? pete: it was. two years into his own presidency, which means after two years you get the blame or the credit for what you've done in those two years, and if people are not optimistic in 2010 and they are today, that might tell you something. griff is any stressed, though. jedediah: true! griff: i like that. my poll numbers are newspaper your poll numbers are really consistent and they're always up up. email us. are you having more fun, are you more stressed or less stressed, and why? is it your pocketbook? is it your family? is it trump? what is it? let us know why you're having more fun this holiday christmas
5:12 am
season. email us, moving on opposite facebook suspending five users accused of misleading voters in the alabama senate race and behind the false flag operation were democratic operatives. andy mccarthy here to react coming up next. griff: and these two officers were about to shut down a flash mob but what happened next? well, that shocked everybody. it was here.
5:13 am
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griff: facebook suspending five users accused of misleading voters during the alabama senate race. the group of democratic tech
5:16 am
experts reportedly imitated russian tactics to help democrat doug jones tweet republican roy moore. jedediah: here to react fox news contributor and form assistant u.s. attorney andy mccarthy. andrew; so nice to have you. what do you make of all this? >> well, i actually think, jed, that it's really just silly. i mean, you know, all this stems from this to-do that the democrats have wanted to make about the russians using social media to tamper with the election. and i've always thought that that was a perilous road to go down because our government tampers with elections all over the world. we try to influence other elections. this is what governments do. what happened this time is the russians tried to influence the election against the democrats; so that the first time ever gets people all whipped up. but the amount of money that was poured into that effort is a drop in the ocean of campaign
5:17 am
financing, and it just seems to me that if everybody is using social media for these influential purposes, then that's kind of a field leveler. and i can't get whipped up about this stuff. griff: let's put this out. this is facebook's statements saying they took action during that alabama special election. they say quote "we take a strong stand against people or organizations that create networks of accounts to mislead others about who they are or what they're doing. we moves thousands of pages, groups, and accounts for this kind of behavior." and then also a statement from jonathan morgan, the individual involved, december 19th, this is what he said about the new york times article that sort of laid all this out. he says "i did not participate in a campaign to influence the public in any characterization to the contrary misrepresents the research goals, methods, and outcome of the project." but, andy, it seems to me this is really a glaring episode of hypocrisy on the democrats' part
5:18 am
part. >> yeah. and what he wants to say is, " "look, my heart was pure. i didn't do anything that would have hurt the democrats; so why is everybody getting mad at me?" i just -- you know, look. i think as far as facebook is concerned and these social media platforms are concerned, it's dangerous for them to cross into the idea of regulating content. it's dangerous to their own the g.d.p. because if they get into the business of regulating content, then they're kind of implicitly responsible for the content they decide to leave up there. but if they want to have standards about, you know, that you have to represent yourself truthfully and, you know, you have to comply with certain standards of behavior and they apply them equally across the board, you know, they're a private outfit, and the first amendment doesn't apply to them. and i think as long as they are, you know, transparent and objective, it would be fine. but i just think they're playing with fire if they start to regulate content. jedediah: andy, shifting over to hollywood who we know loves
5:19 am
president trump more than anything, rob reiner now accusing trump of treason, tweeting out "donald trump is committing treasonous against the united states of america. he is aiding and abetting the enemy in the war against isis and the cyber war against russia russia. he has turned the world's oldest democracy against a wholly own subsidiary of putin. g.o.p., wake up." not a surprising tweet from him, but what do you make of it? >> you know, look. i think the president engages in a lot of hyperbole on twitter. and it's a normal thing in politics that people on opposite sides hurl hyperbole at each other. but usually the president stays above the fray. in this instance we have a president who politically thinks it's to his benefit, you know, to get into it up to his neck, and i think if you're going to do that, you're going to have a lot of this stuff. i actually think it becomes a lot of noise. i don't know how much people pay
5:20 am
attention to it. i liked rob reiner when he was on "all in the family" but you guys are too young for jedediah: i remember that. griff: i remember that, actually actually. andy, listen, merry christmas, and don't go on any rants. >> amen. merry christmas, happy new year to both of you. jedediah: merry christmas. griff: coming up, it's been years since president obama said al-qaeda was on the run, but this morning they're back with a warning for the new year. jedediah: plus, the media bugging out after the president made key foreign policy decisions this week. did the president make the right ones? our (music throughout)
5:21 am
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jedediah: some quick headlines for you. two lsu football players questioned over a deadly shooting. clyde edwards hillaire and jared small have both been released by police after being questioned after a shooting death in lewinskys. they said they acted in self-defense and were the only ones that called 911. incidents clear who led to the shall go to. a ups worker caught on camera stealing packages he was supposed to be delivering. he ripped open the package and stuffed it in his vest in california. they are working with the law enforcement and the person who stole it no longer works for them. pete: secretary mattis is stepping down and now u.s. special envoy to fight against isis announcing his resignation, there's certainly no shortage of overreaction from some in the media. >> is this the beginning of the end of what we have known as the
5:25 am
trump presidency? >> we have a white house in crisis. >> if you are worried tonight, you should be. >> the guardrails are down. the chaos has been unleashed. >> president trump's roller coaster instincts plunge washington into chaos. pete: yeah, thanks. but just two years ago many in the media hyped the idea of too many generals. here with a reality check is our foreign policy panel rebecca heinrich is a senior fellow at the hudson noon, lick lip hold, and the deputy commanding general of u.s. forces in afghanistan and the author of the novel "dark winter." a lot of experts here. we're going to try to to get to as much as we can. rebecca, let me start with you. this week what do you take from it? >> look. you know, president trump was a bit impulsive. even if you agree with some of the policy decisions the president made, he made them the wrong way. you can still make decisions about withdrawing some troops from afghanistan, you can talk about what you want in terms of timeline in syria, but you
5:26 am
cannot do it suddenly the way he did it because you're leaving our allies and our partners in the lurch. and you're really sending shock waves across our allies who are paying attention to this so i think it was a mistake. the sky is not falling but i do wish the president would listen to his military advisers and find a better way to do this and a way that makes sense to you are a allies partners. pete: kirk we'll get to the afghanistan, but the idea there are too many generals. now when the generals leave they were the ones that the the guardrails on the administratio. >> what americans really want is a president where they feel he has reached out, gone through a consultation process, he has done the analysis, he understands the implications not only of the decision but the second and third-order effects of it so when it is made they feel it is well thought out. in this case the president made the decision and the american people don't have a degree of comfort. the guardrails aren't dawn, the sky is not falling, things are not going to come into chaos,
5:27 am
but nevertheless i think it did create a little bit of churn here in washington and across the nation because of the decree of discomfort. pete: general, did the president not -- set consultation satisfied -- elect someone they wanted to disrupt the status quo that they didn't think was working? >> that's exactly right, piece. what you have a got is a very successful businessman as president, he seeks a creative solution to problems. and we've been not great at transition operations from our combat operations over the last 30 years. and so what the president is looking to do, he's already worked a deal behind the scenes with saudi arabia, jordan, and israel, that has formed an alliance, and now what we can do -- and i'm sure this is part of the transition planning -- is bring in private military contractors to shore up some of the security issues that are in eastern syria. i've talked to my sources on the ground there. there's oil that is laying on the ground. there are private investors that want to come in and build a pipeline. what you could do is secure that and find a way to, you know, actually reimburse ourselves for
5:28 am
some of these things that we're doing overseas. and you create that security, you get the private investment in there, and then all of a sudden you're able to ship oil to turkey, you're able get the turks off the kurds' back and you've got israel, jordan, and saudi arabia checking the russian and iranian influence and i think the president's thought through all of this, and there's no need for him to announce that ahead of time. and i think it was fine. i don't believe as rebecca said that it was chaotic. i think the president is disrupting the national security status quo here in d.c., which i believe is a good pete: rebecca, i'll let you you respond to that. the specifics of, you know, american troops leaving syria, but can there not be a solution there without that large of a footprint? >> well, there's only 2,000 troops right now in syria, and they're providing assistance to people who are doing the main -- the bleeding and the dying, the bulk of that are the kurds and the sds let bid the kurdish martial. but the problem is even if the
5:29 am
president wants to make a decision to withdraw even that footprint, which i do think is a mistake to do it so immediately, but even if he thinks that's right, there's a way to go about it. just a couple of days before he made the announcement u.s. officials were telling our partners and allies that we would not be leaving immediately immediately. and so, you know, there's a currency there, there's trust that the united states has to cultivate with our allies. and if we lose that, then the united states isn't going to have partners and allies who are willing to carry a lot of the burden and the low. pete: we've certainly done that in the past as well. mayor liphold, let me ask you this. what's at stake today and where do you see it going in both syria and afghanistan? i know that's a big question for 15 seconds. pick one, where do you see it going? >> i think the biggest concern is going to be afghanistan. when you look at it what's called the arc of instability running from china through pakistan, afghanistan, and over to iran, we need to stay invested in that country. there are a lot of reasons both geographically and politically where we should be staying the course there. the bottom line with afghanistan if it is going to be successful as a nation, we are going to
5:30 am
have to address the issue with pakistan and the inner service intelligence providing safe havens, financial support and others. until we stop that, pakistan is going to continue to be the prob.em pete: that is true. final point from a guy who commanded troops after this, general tata on afghanistan. >> you know, i think if we run a private military contractor test case in syria, we can then look at the larger issue of bringing in private military contractors into afghanistan and get us out of that 17-year war. the whole purpose for being there, pete, is to deny sanctuary to terrori.ts pete: yeah. >> and we have 175,000 afghan national army troops we've trained, 150,000 afghan national police troops we've trained, they're grounds, i was part of all of that, as you know. and they're doing a good job. and, you know, it's tough, nationalism in afghanistan is tough because of the terrain there is so hard. and so what i see is a capability here the president's trying something in syria and he's going to try it in
5:31 am pete: well, the terrain and the tribal allegiances that all supersede any national identity. thank all of you on this this morning. i'm legitimately conflicted on all these topics. no one has a crystal ball of how the geopolitics comes out. andy biggs, former act i.c.e. director tom homan, maria bartiromo, you know her, we love her, and house majority whip steve scalia coming up on this sunday edition. forget the oven this week. learning how to put christmas dinner, of course, into the smoker. live next. and we'll show you the tough boot camp that griff and i had to go through to get ready for new year's eve hosting. >> we are doing mike drills, people, you are going to be interviewing machines, five, six seven, eight, you, them, you, them, you, them, jenkins what is your major malfunction? griff: my arm. my arm's tired.
5:32 am
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♪ have a holly jolly christmas ♪ it's the best time of the yea. jedediah: look at that. would you feel family. pete: the jenkins family taking new york city. griff: the jenkins girls in new york city and manhattan is dangerous, dangerous to my pocketbook. jedediah: did you goes have fun? griff: we did. my kids are a little bit older
5:36 am
so when the prospect came up that dad was going to be working in new york on christmas, i'll up here hosting christmas on christmas day, they said, great, can we come? a lot of fun. pete: and i hope they come join us on the show. they should. griff: they should. pete: okay that's a promise. but part of the reason you're here as well is you'll be hosting for fox news channel on new year's age from eight to ten people with carla and then i'm hosting with kennedy from ten to one. you've been in times square before, i never have, and you haven't hosted for and i've never hosted new year's eve before. we're not ready. it's a big thing to host new year's eve. kennedy has hosted before, jedediah; so she put griff and i and carly through a boot camp, a brutal hosting boot camp. watch. ♪ welcome to the fox news all american new year, new year's eve host boot camp! we are do mike drills, people. you are going to be interviewing
5:37 am
machines. five, six, seven, eight. you, them, you, them, you, them. jenkins, what is your major malfunction? griff: my arm. my arm is tired. >> yeah, course it's tired. you're going to be an interview team. i will rip it off your body and beat you to death with advertisement the fox news new year's host boot camp is the most difficult, toughest, most rigorous in the business. that's why i love it. >> mission, what was the first time square ball drop? >> 1907, ma'am. >> very good. mr. genics, how many people are expected to ring in the new year on times square? griff: one million, ma'am. >> absolutely correct. mr. hegseth, how much does the new year's ball weigh? pete: ma'am, i -- i don't know. >> pete hegseth, you drop and give me 2019. one, two -- got a long way to go boy. >> i think i'm actually really getting the hang of this. i'm a little worried about pete, though. pete: i'm beginning to know that
5:38 am
hosting new year's eve is going to be one of the hardest things i've ever done. and i'm a combat veteran. >> they want you on that square, they need you on that square. new year's eve hosts, are you ready? come on, guys, that's not enough enough. i need more. i said new year's eve hosts, are you ready? >> y.ah, >> y.ah, >> yeah. >> yes. >> yeah, i'm ready! >> yes, he's ready! he's ready! >> too much. sit down. too much. too much. >> too much too much. griff: you're ready. jedediah: no. this group had a lot of bumps in the road. a lot of bumps. i'm confident with my help they'll be able to pull it all together. it's going to be amazing; so make sure you tune in. >> happy new year! jedediah: you guys can't mess up because you're talking to me, i'm going to be at haven roofto. griff: that's right! jedediah is going to be there, too, . jedediah: or i'm in trouble.
5:39 am
so i'm counting on on you. griff: kennedy is going to put us through more boot camp. pete: i'm sweating right now just remembering it. i am. be part of our new year's eve coverage. i forgot it. shame on me, jedediah will be reporting from the parties for us. jedediah: that's right. pete: new year's eve taken over by fox & friends. so if you love the morning, you'll love midnight. griff: we have nice weather. jedediah: i'm going to be inwa.ds pete: that's a great transition, rick. rick, i don't care about the weather today. i want to vote new year's at 11 o'clock. >> i'll work on that. it's too early to tell you but if i had to say anything right now, i'd say cold. pete: well done. >> guys, well, christmas is just two days away, but if you're still nervous about getting everything ready and cooked perfectly for the family our next guest says swap the oven for a smoker. here's with the ideas for a dadgumed delicious christmas dinner, welcome back. >> i'm telling you all, it is christmas and not just the time of the year that you want to spend with family and friends
5:40 am
but we're going to show you folks how to do an amazing christmas meal. are you all ready? they want to eat. they want to eat. so we're going to take a whole beef tenderloin and we're going to show you the simpson way to prepare this recipe. take some kosher salt and you want to make sure you generously put the kosher salt on all sides then a little bit of black pepper, okay? all of this is to taste. a couple of teaspoons, tablespoons, a little bit of garlic powder. you want to make sure you completely coat both sides of that tenderloin. here's where the fun begins. masterbuilt is going to show you how to smoke that beef tenderloin. now, we've put this smoker up to 275 degrees. we're going to put this on the bottom. pete: of course. >> we're then going to show you this is what it's all about right there. dadgum. we're going to show you folks how to take this beef tenderloin
5:41 am
and you're going to notice we've got this cut and cooked up to about a the g.d.p. medium rare, but we're going to add a little bit of mayonnaise sauce. we're going to take the mayonnaise sauce, we're going to add your favorite two cups of mayonnaise with some red wine vinegar, a couple of teaspoons or -- yeah, teaspoons of minced garlic. you want to blend that together. you blend that together. then we're going to show you how to take this beef tenderloin. now how we've got it good medium temperature. beef tender lynn blended with a little bit of mayonnaise sought. let masterbuilt -- are you ready
5:42 am
to eat? allow masterbuilt to help you do your recipe. go to to get the recipe. pete: i did. >> i did say thanksgiving. i've been here all week. >> chris, send it back to you inside, john, thank you so much. jedediah: pete got out there pretty fast. griff: whenever there's a steak on the grill you'll find pete. the president trying to work out a deal with lawmakers because the government is shut down. here's one of the lawmakers who met with the president at lunch today. he'll join us live. jedediah: and most kids hope to find a puppy under the christmas tree. this morning we have both cats and dogs you can adopt this christmas. i'm so excited. coming up. griff: cuteness alert. here we go. ♪
5:43 am
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griff: a partial government shutdown poised to last through christmas. yesterday president trump having lunch at the white house with a group of lawmakers, including our next guest, to hammer out a deal over wall funding. so how did it go? g.o.p. arizona congressman andy biggs joins us now. merry christmas to you. >> merry christmas to you. griff: congressman, take us inside -- you were just inside the white house. take us inside that meeting pep what was the conversation? >> well, let me just tell you that we had a good group of people around the table. vice president, senator shelby, senator graham, senator mike lee of utah, myself, mark meadows, jim jordan, and matt gates from florida. we had mick mulvaney. we had everybody. and jared kushner and the president, of course. p&l what we really came away focused on is how important it is to build this border wall,
5:47 am
and the president is committed to that. and i think he came in locked in he came out locked in, and the reality is this is a national security issue. it's a humanitarian issue. whether it's stopping drug trafficking or human smuggling. so this is a real issue, and you can't just give lip service to it. you actually have to build the wall because we know that walls work. that was the conversation that i want to say is the commitment of the president. griff: you talk about commitment commitment. did you get a sense, did the president say anything to you guys in that meeting that would indicate how long the president is prepared to go? we know congress isn't going to be back until now, two days after christmas, but how long is he willing to go? >> well, you know, i don't know that we specifically talked about timelines with regard to that. i think these shutdowns tend to have a cycle where everybody gets enthusiastic, then they get a little nervous and the reality
5:48 am
if you look back to the clinton- clinton-gingrich shutdown, stephanopoulos himself said they were within 24 hours of president clinton caving on that and going, but instead the congress blinked. i think this is a tough one because senator schumer said he doesn't want to give anything to building the wall, and that makes it very difficult. griff: are you concerned as a member of the house that if this lasts beyond january 3rd when speaker designate nancy pelosi takes over it's going to be more difficult to achieve the president's goals on security? >> i'm concerned if we go past january 3rd this is our last, best chance because after nancy pelosi takes over she said she's not going to put a dime to the border wall. she's okay with open borders. she used to for boarder security and border walls. she's not so much now, because she's going to the left-wing part of her conference now, she needs the votes, she's really close to the votes and so she has to deliver on this.
5:49 am
griff: going back to the meeting that you attended at the white house, did you get a sense whether or not the president is willing to meet -- we're talking about roughly $3 billion difference to get there between the president's demand for 5 billion for wall construction to the 1.3 where this all started with an offer bipartisan manner. is there a sense the president would meet in the middle? >> well, i don't -- without getting into what the president president's willing to do or not do, i will just tell you this. that meeting broke up so the president's representatives could actually go participate and negotiate some more. so he is negotiating, but he also understands this wall is important not just to keep a campaign promise, but to protect the security of this nation. griff: all right. congressman biggs, thank you very much and we look forward to seeing you as negotiations continue. former acting i.c.e. director tom homan, maria bartiromo and house majority whip steve scalia and most kids hope to find a puppy under the christmas tree.
5:50 am
this morning jed is cuddling with dogs, and pete has a cat that you can adopt this christmas. that's coming up. how cute that? rick? do i use a toothpaste that whitens my teeth, or one that's good for my teeth? now i don't have to choose. from crest 3d white, the whitening therapy collection with new spearmint and peppermint oil. it gently whitens, plus it has a fortifying formula to protect your enamel. crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life.
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caller: but not pete, he would prefer a kitten. reporter: to be fair we have adoptable cats and dogs in the studio todaycaller: here to tell us more is hannah stumber from best friends animal society
5:54 am
society. here to welcome us with beautiful babies and this beautiful mama here. tell us about your organization organizationrush: we've been around for 30 plus years and our goal is to end the killing of pets in america's shelters. so we won't be that through adoption and other programs like spay, neuter, and breed discriminationvoize: no one cares for a pet like an owner as opposed to a shelter. so you're trying to get more folks to adopt themrush: we're here to support the shelters. they're doing great, great work but they are killing animals so we're trying to get the animals out of shelters and into homes homesreporter: i read a great point, when you adopt a dog or a cat that you get one animal out but you also create space back in the shelter for the next one onerush: we actually say you're actually saving two lives when you adoptcaller: when people say adopt not shop, why is that important? rush: so a lot of animals in pet stores are actually from puppy mills so those are basically factory farmed animals animals. they're not kept in good conditions. so we always tell people to adopt. there's so many homeless animals out there that need homes and you can pretty much find any
5:55 am
animal you're looking for, any breed, size, shape, lifestyle choice, they're all in shelters. reporter: so for parents that might be thinking about getting a puppy or kitten for their children for christmas, what advice do you give them? what do you say to them? rush: so the idea of a puppy or kitten under a tree with a bow, that's such a cute image but we don't recommend it, because it's really a lifestyle choice, it's personality, lifestyle choices that have to fit together. so we really recommend getting an adoption certificate, taking the whole family down to the shelter to a local rescue organization and picking out an animal together, because maybe you guys like to just netflix and chill so you need a couch potato or maybe you're a big running familyvoize: except for moonbeam here who appears to be auditioning for a host job. caller: she's feistyvoize: she has a personality because she's a catreporter: this is the first time we've ever seen pete with an animal on the showvoize: that i love and embrace. rush: she is up for adoption; so --voize: i'm gonna pass today, but maybe someday.
5:56 am
love it. it's the best friends animal society; right? rush: if you want to adopt these anyone in your area, we're partnered with 22 organizations across the country. we can help you find one in this areareporter: voize: still ahead former acting ice director tom homancaller: kids sitting on santa's lap but some parents say there's a #metoo problem with it. really? reporter: don't forget we've got a freezing cold pool on fox this morning because we're taking a polar plunge in the next hour. it's getting colder. ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year
5:57 am
. .
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> so, mr. president, president trump, if you want to open the
6:00 am
government, you must abandon the wall. plain and simple. >> it is the wall shutdown. that is what this is. is the wall ever boeing to happen or not? >> the president is prepared for very long government shutdown. >> so senator schumer, we're not going to abandon the wall, we're going to build the wall. >> we have a high-profile game of chicken. >> it is not really about border security. it is a about a power struggle and i think that is really dangerous. >> right-wing talk radio circuit blasts, he gets spooked. next we're head for government shut down. >> it is ridiculous. >> open in the enzone. it is a touchdown. >> two little boys get a big surprise from their navy dad just in time for christmas. [screaming] >> daddy.
6:01 am
♪ you're as cold as ice, you're willing to sacrifice our love ♪ pete feet that is inflateddable dolphin and inflatable pool, final hour of "fox & friends" on sunday. jedediah, griff are here. they will be both soaking wet. jedediah: ice water. that is not warm water. that is ice water. pete: have you ever done a polar plunge? griff: i was going to swim in a pool. i am armed with the wisdom of dr. bill bennett says get in and get out quick. pete: i will lay in there. spend a hot minute laying in there. jedediah: imcounting on that. pete: only 39 degrees outside. that is like summer in minnesota. jedediah: i forget you're from
6:02 am
minnesota. you make fun of people like me. pete: i don't make fun of you. jedediah: yeah you do. griff: news out of washington, n clock. we've been one day, nine hours, not the government, small parts. partial part of the government are shut down over the wall, funding of the wall. topic near and dear heart to our president and near and dear to our next guest. tom homan, former ice acting director. thanks for being here this morning. this shutdown over the wall, where does it go, what is it all about? >> i think the president is doing the right thing. he is keeping his promise about the wall, what he is doing is doing his job. he made a commitment to defend our nation, defend our borders. that is his job. i know we talk about the promise of the wall. he is protecting america. he is doing his job. it is sad, people like dick schumer and ted lew, they forgot
6:03 am
about public safety. hatred of trump over defending our border. everybody sees what is going on down. there there is no downside securing the border. i think the president stands by his guns. griff: you mean chuck assumer. >> chuck schumer. griff: what we're seeing democrats earlier in the show, i humorously nicknamed, no walls nancy, she was for a wall but now she is against it. president holding the line if you will, looks like it will be more difficult to get it done. why is it so critical to get it down now? >> because she is not going to do it. the president is in a position now. when this is all said and done, say a chance it doesn't get done. president stand up, look at american people in the eye, i have done everything i can to include shutting down the government for something so important in this country. nancy pelosi, ted liu, the
6:04 am
people out there screaming and yelling they are from sanctuary states and support sanctuary cities. to use taxpayer mon to keep illegals in the country and against the wall to keep them out. that is backwards. that is not what american law make remembers doing. they should defend our principles and our border. jedediah: what is being put on the table right now? i'm hearing i.c.e. could be potentially cut back as part of the negotiations? >> i got called yesterday by media out let. two things they wanted my opinion on. democrats want i.c.e. to have less beds. only want i.c.e. take custody those arrested by border patrol. two issues. less beds means catch-and-release. fy 18 stats i.c.e. put out, they arrested 130,000 criminal aliens. committed another crime against a citizen. that is 138,000 people not in jails. if they require that i.c.e. only takes people from the border patrol, not the jails. i.c.e. has less beds or
6:05 am
catch-and-release. those are two nonstarters. it pulled the curtain back what democratic leadership is doing. they may not say abolish i.c.e. but make them less effective and more criminals run around the streets. pete: people start asking for this pet project this, initiative or this reduction. what are the things president and republicans need to stand firm on not give in, ultimately horse-trading if they want funding for the wall? >> the border wall is important. everybody place they built it is effective 100% of the time. that needs to be a priority but border security doesn't just end at the border. those who get by the border patrol we need enforcement branch in interior of united states that will find them, arrest them. when they go through port of entry, claim asylum. get release, probably never show up in court, and then get order of removal. unless agency looks out for the
6:06 am
people, remove them from the country there is no integrity in the entire system. we need interior enforcement to go hand in hand with border enforcement. griff: just to step back, you and i talked a lot about this, they're not always coming for the right purposes. the border patrol just arresting two members of ms-13 gang members, who were previously deported but if you look at the numbers from october 1, 2017, to august 31st, 2018, 337 ms-13 gang members apprehended. there is the number right there. tough put in context what is coming across the border. >> i.c.e. has arrested last couple years thousands of gang member, ms-13. they didn't just appear in the united states. they appeared at the border. they were catch-and-release or didn't catch them. 138,000 criminals i.c.e.
6:07 am
arrested this year that entered the country illegally. violate, commit laws, enter the country illegally they commit another crime. these people enter the country illegally. very few entered on a visa, overstay a visa. exactly right, wouldn't be 138,000 criminals arrested by i.c.e. if they didn't come across the border. people are escaping fear and persecution, most of them do not. a lot of them are bad people that will do harm to this country. jedediah: resistance coming up in the trump again today, greyhound buses, telling riders of their rights when the border patrol comes on board. >> i looked at that look, i'm not being fooled, they're doing this to educate their customers. looking at the bottom line, right, illegal aliens buy bus tickets. i have no problem with them educating their passengers what the law is, because the fine men and women of the border patrol, they're not out there violating people's civil rights. they know the laws. i have no problem.
6:08 am
griff: wait a minute, tom, they're not educating so much but giving instruction on their website. this is on gray hound's website. we have no room for discrimination. that is the at top. if your english is limited, that is okay. as if they're preparing them for what should be perceived to be a attack, a threat by i.c.e. agents. as you point out, there is barely 1% of people that have detainers on them are removed from i.c.e. >> like i said. i know what their real bottom line is. they want to sell tickets. if illegal aliens don't take their bus line, that is less money they're making. they can educate them all they want. the men and women of the border patrol, they have border search authority within 100 miles of border. they know the job. they will keep getting on buses. i got on greyhound buses 30 years ago. you arrest criminal aliens on buses. you arrest criminal aliens on buses, you arrests victims of trafficking and criminals on the
6:09 am
buses. no matter what they say on the website border patrol will still their job peet peet such peet pete: thanks, director homan. griff: hat goes out to all the agents still working without a a pay this holiday season with the shutdown going on. pete: true patriots, exactly right. steve scalise will be on the program at 9:30. jedediah: we'll do headlines for you right now. fox news alert. at least 220 people are dead, more than 800 injured after a volcano triggers a tsunami in indonesia. watch as floodwaters rush over a concert. ♪ [screaming] jedediah: oh. two band members and their manager died and dozens are missing. new concern that al qaeda is
6:10 am
planning attacks on airports. the uk security minister warning that the terror group is developing small bombs to bring down passenger jets. he says extremists are packing drones with explosives to use in potential attacks. there is concern that the group could be planting people on the inside as airport employees. the man accused of the plotting the deadly 1988 lockerbie bomb something found living in the united states. "the daily mail" reports he is living in washington, d.c. under a different name. he is accused of planting the bomb that blew up a plane over scotland killing 270 people. he says the claims are all lies. friday marked 30 years since the attack. 30 years since that. pete: yeah. that airline thing is real. we have a an enemy thinks long term. planting people in security. griff: i feel it never went away. chinese cfo arrest capturing
6:11 am
national headlines. but is the arrest exposing their ulterior motives. maria bartiromo coming up. pete: national signing day. his friend with zare --er is reball palsy where he is going to play. >> i announced it to him before i told anyone else. >> he is going to syracuse. [cheering]
6:12 am
6:13 am
6:14 am
♪ pete: griff, this week a lot happened in the white house. the media predicting a rogue presidency. james mattis leaves, defense secretary. brett mcgirk, envoy to fighting isis left. that isn't the way the media always viewed these folks.
6:15 am
griff: listen, the newspaper of my hometown, washington, d.c., has a headline today that show as little bit of how they're freaking out. here it is, a rogue presidency. the era of containing trump is over. that of course is being an allusion to the fact that they believe president trump needs generals to keep him from making bad decisions. >> what is this idea of containing trump? have people never heard him ever? you watch his campaign, watch how governs? you don't need to contain him, people that align your vision. people share your vision. he is saying you know what, i want to pull out of syria and afghanistan here are my reasons why. no surprise he would want to surround him with people share the views. constantly you have severe friction on national security issues. griff: he brought in a lot of
6:16 am
generals at beginning of his administration. general kelly, mcmaster, michael flynn. these are the headlines two years ago, 2016 from yahoo!. in trump's cabinet, how many generals is too many generals? new york failing times, trump's focus on generals for top jobs stirs worries over military sway. "washington post," trump surrounding himself with generals, that's dangerous. cbs how unusual is trump's cabinet of generals. at that point they were all worried the generals would take over and warmonger and control trump and do all the horrible things. now when mattis leaves they tell us the guardrails are off now. jedediah: right. pete: suddenly the generals were the solution before they were the problem. jedediah: suddenly the media is bunch of hawks. they hated the generals when he hired them. but they love all the generals now. griff: this is gray area when it comes to mattis. as usual i would say some of my
6:17 am
colleagues in the media overplayed their hands. with regard to concerns over mattis, it is undeniable general mattis was viewed as a steady hand. the president of course is given us some surprises throughout his administration. so i think the criticism or at least observing that this is a loss of a trusted advisor, that is legit. i was with general mattis when he was commanding the first marine division in iraq in 2003. i've seen this man in action. i would go into any foxhole with him. the fact he is choosing to leave over policy difference with regards to syria, you know, i don't think you have to really say this is the end of containment. jedediah: do democrats though, democrats and media want to go on record, wondering want us more involved in war now? pete: that is where they are. jedediah: next time when a democratic president gets elected and decides to retreat or pull out of these areas somehow they will oppose that? griff: you're right. jedediah: do i have that right?
6:18 am
pete: that is critique i'm okay with. why did general mattis leave? he left because he has differences of opinion syria, afghanistan, maybe our nato alliances. the fact that president trump had him two years, heard internal debates, made his own decision is prerogative as commander-in-chief. don't tell me mattis will be terrible in 2016 there are too many generals. suddenly when he leaves he is a wise sage. one or the other. i'm conflicted. i said this many times. email us,, what do you think about the changes? i have my own conflict shuns. instant analysis, maybe this will be great or won't be great. we see what happens in syria, in afghanistan. president trump will bear the responsibility for that. hopefully he makes the right decision. jedediah: more stuff coming. house majority whip steve scalise is here with a update on the partial government shut down. griff: a d-1 recruit gets the
6:19 am
best news of his life, shares it with his friend who hacr has, cerebral palsy. >> i told him i would announce it to him before anybody else. >> he is going to syracuse. [cheering] well, how are the massage chairs working out for everyone? i dunno. i'm still a little stressed about buying our new house. well, it's a good thing we don't have to worry about homeowners insurance.
6:20 am
geico can help with that. we can get homeowners insurance help from geico? well, sure. and they could save us a bunch too. mmhmm? i'm starting to feel better already. get to know geico and see how much you could save on homeowners and condo insurance. hi. maria ramirez! mom!
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maria! maria ramirez... mcdonald's is committing 150 million dollars in tuition assistance, education, and career advising programs... prof: maria ramirez mom and dad: maria ramirez!!! to help more employees achieve their dreams.
6:22 am
♪ griff: time for some quick headlines. two police officers appearing to shut down a dance party surprised the crowd and join in. ♪ [inaudible]. the officers spreading holiday cheer at that florida mall.
6:23 am
actor tom hanks picking up lunch tab for people at in-n-out burger in california. >> thank you. >> all right. griff: i would thank hanks. i love an in-n-out burger. he spent time taking pictures with folks. spreading holiday cheer. he is a good man. pete: national signing day is big deal for high school football players across the country. one group went wire sharing the announcement with his friend with cerebral palsy announcing his pick. >> i brought him out here today because he inspired me a lot through the torn acl process. he told me only disability is a bad attitude. i told kingsley i would announce it to him before i told anybody else. >> he is going to syracuse. [cheering] jedediah: joining us now the two stars of that video, kingsley
6:24 am
fineman and syracuse football recruit, cooper dawson. i'm inspired by your friendship. cooper, tell us how you became friends. what your friendship means to you? >> yeah. freshman year i saw kingsley rolling down the hallways. he always had the biggest smile. he loved to meet people. so i figured i would be one of those people. so i went up and introduced myself and we have grown closer over the past four years. over the summer we hung out. as much as i could. i ended up tearing my acl the first day of summer. so we hung out as much as we could. his mom would let me come over. she would give me her credit cards, invite girls over. hang out with girls. one of kingly's favorite thing we ding-dong ditch, leave kingsly at the front door. [laughter]. jedediah: i love that.
6:25 am
pete: oh, my goodness. >> it was awesome. pete: you must be a good football player going to syracuse but you did tear your acl. other than ding-dong ditching how did he inspire you? you went to play college football but you tore your acl? >> this is one of my quotes during the signing day was, only disability is a bad attitude. kingsley inspired me because he has cerebral palsy. a lot of people say people suffer from this or that. but, i think kingsly has cerebral palsy but i don't think he suffers from it. you look at him, he doesn't suffer anything. he has the biggest smile all the time. pete: what does it mean to be a part of this day with cooper? >> it means a lot.
6:26 am
it means a lot to me because i, because i'm very glad for cooper i'm very glad cooper invited me to signing day. so i'm very grateful for that. so yeah. pete: that's great. cooper, let me ask you, are you surprised at the way this video has gone so viral the way people reacted? >> yeah, definitely. i expected, you know, some local news stations to pick it up, just because i was one of the only larger recruits in the low country that hadn't signed. so i figured you know, there would be a couple reporters there. it would get some hype around local news stations but to grow the way that it did and spread, the way that it did was just insane. jedediah: what do you want people to take such an
6:27 am
irspiring way from people who see it from them and take away from you guys inspiring friendship? >> main point, i could have made that an awesome day for me if i just went up there signed by myself but i made it an even better day by having kingsley up there with me. not only made my day, not only made his day, but it spread to a bunch of people and it impacted a lot of people in really good way. so if you have the opportunity to be selfless, you should take it. pete: well-said. go ahead. >> like i said before, like i said before, i'm grateful to be a part of this day. this is the best day of my life. i will never forget this. >> thank you. pete: gratitude is the one the most important virtues. you have that along with joy, an
6:28 am
amazing spirit. you thought he was going to ucla he is going to syracuse. you will be wearing a lot of arrange. can i ask you, kingsley, are you going to a game? >> i -- >> you want me to answer? go ahead. >> i am because i got offers by -- to go to syracuse. i got free ticket to go there. pete: cool. griff: kingsley fineman, cooper dawson. story of the morning. before you leave high school just ding-dong ditch a couple people. jedediah: my favorite story of the day. >> we'll do it today. griff: you guys are you a some. pete: thank you for your time.
6:29 am
merry christmas. >> thank you. >> merry christmas. jedediah: beautiful friendship. well-done. up next house majority steve scalise tells us why the border wall needs to be funded right now. griff: forget about the oven for christmas. what about a smoker? special christmas day menu is coming up. pete: a finish for the ages with a hail mary. >> going to heave it for the end zone. and it is caught! it's caught, it is caught. it is a touchdown!
6:30 am
6:31 am
6:32 am
6:33 am
pete: president trump up and tweeting this moments ago. only wray to stop drugs, gangs, human trafficking, criminal elements much else coming into our country is wall. drones and everything else are wonderful and lots of fun but it is only a good old wases wall that works. griff: house majority whip steve scalise joins us with more. congressman, merry christmas, good morning. >> good morning. merry christmas to you. griff: i want to go right to where we are, how far are president and republicans willing to go in this fight over border security? >> well, we showed our commitment in the house just a few days ago, when we voted 217
6:34 am
to 185 to fund the border security package that the president requested. president trump is very committed to this. this is something he ran on. it was a signature piece of his election. one. reasons why the american people elected him president of the united states because they want a secure border. and that is what this fight is all about and it is not like, it is whether or not there should be a wall. chuck schumer back in 2006 voted for a wall. now he wants to deny the president a victory. you shouldn't put the national security of this country at risk over personal difference you have with somebody. jedediah: this is the part of where i usually start to worry that republicans might cave. donald trump not really playing it like a caving kind of guy. do you anticipate him standing firm on the dollar value? will they meet in the middle? will he continue to articulate why the wall needs to be funded right now? >> president trump knows how to negotiate and these are high-stakes negotiations because we're talking about the security of our country.
6:35 am
the president knows what it takes to get the tools he needs, including a wall to secure our border remember what is going on with the caravan. they haven't gone away. talk to the mayor of tijuana right now. they have not only been embedded with 600 convicted criminals, but they are attacking the border patrol agents. these people are risking their lives to make our country safe. make sure we give them the tools we need to stay safe. pete: before the migrant caravan democrats agreed at 1.6 billion. you passed at level of 5 billion. you used the word victory in your previous answer. what is victory for the country and president as it pertainses to the border wall? is it something close to that or back to 1.6, ultimately coming down to brass tacks to end this? >> victory is making sure that the american people have a secure border. pete: i know. i don't mean to be
6:36 am
disrespectful, where are you putting a marker in the sand this is what we, this is the 11th hour. we still have the majority. this is our time. we're going to get this? >> we in the house laid out what we want to see happen. president ultimately is going to have to negotiate a deal with the senate. that means the senate is going to have to put some things on the table. the senate democrats who refused, they just sit back, say, no, that offer is ridiculous. what's your offer? what is going to take to secure our country? chuck schumer should be asked that question. what, if you supported a border wall in 2006, what is it that will take to make sure our country can have a secure border. griff: congressman, here is the problem, minority leader has put it on the table. he hayes 1.6 billion for border security, money, it is political football. you in the house have votes. soon you won't. nancy pelosi will take over as
6:37 am
speaker. with schumer in the senate, there are just not the votes. how does this end? >> ultimately the house and senate have to pass something that president trump will sign. we passed a bill the president will sign. the senate needs to find some way to negotiate an agreement. look, i'm not going to sit back negotiate against myself. we passed a bill the president can sign. the senate hasn't passed anything. they have to put something on the table they can pass. let's see if it is something the president would sign. we started a negotiation by passing something. they have to pass something on their own now. griff: good rule. pete: don't negotiate with yourself. griff: merry christmas to you. jedediah: we have headlines. ttsa is changing the place where agents seat. they will sit in the back, according to abc news. it will help keep an eye on
6:38 am
passengers who could be a risk. in the past they sat in the front to protect pilots in the cockpit? "new york post" questioning a tradition with the me-too movement. as children force their kids to sit on santa's lap in a photo, what message does that send later on in life. some say it is important to listen to children, not force them if they do something that makes them uneasy. others say an overreaction. a high school quarterback throw as hail mary for the chip. >> step up in the pocket. going to heave it into the end zone. and it is caught! it's caught! it's a touchdown! jedediah: the team winning the texas title in front of 43,000 fans, with that 45-yard touchdown pass. those are the headlines. rick, what are you doing out there? >> i like it. christmas two days away, if
6:39 am
you're still nervous getting everything cooked perfectly for the family. our next guest says use the smoker. here. >> here with ideas for a goodinner. i watched my colleague pete get fed serious tenderloin. i made sure i'm out here this time. >> we'll make it easy for everybody again. last time i said thanksgiving. it is actually christmas. thank you for that. instead of doing traditional, do a complete whole bone-in pork tenderloin. we will layer it up with a white, red, brown seasoning. we have the white on, garlic, pepper. we have the last i will ingredient hut on brown sag garr. rub that on. when it smokes it will carmelize the brown sugar to the
6:40 am
tenderloin. this is the master built smoker. you like that? [cheering] the smoker is set at 225 degrees. we'll put that on the bottom rack. we have some brussels sprouts and mac and cheese going. bring the mac and cheese out first. here is our pork tenderloin. this is the center cut. now what we'll do, show you guys how to cut this in between each of those bones. you will notice how that is perfectly cooked at 140 degrees internal temperature. we'll dial it up another notch. take a little bit of this. pete: dial it up a notch over here. >> dip this in black pepper honey. >> i can follow that direction. >> right here? >> keep it there. >> where do people get these things? >> go to, to get any smoker or great retailer across our country of ours. it is not too late. if you want to smoke, you can
6:41 am
get there today, smoke up some favorite recipes. everybody behind us there? [cheering] we love coming to fox. so from the maglimor family. >> this has great flavor. >> from the masterbilt family thank you, guys. pete: come back every sunday. >> every sunday. >> let's do it. thank you so much. >> dial this up a notch. >> back inside to you. >> we'll eat for you. jedediah: better save some. this chinese cfo's arrest capturing national headlines but is china's reaction exposing the regime's you willter i don't remember motives? did the arrest uncover a spy agency? up next maria bartiromo joins us live. three of us will be freezing for the season. we're taking the polar plunge on fox square. you heard that right. only in the spirit of holidays. it will be cold.
6:42 am
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griff: time now for some quick headlines. the government is shut down, santa is not. norad's famous christmas eve santa tracker will go on. 1500 volunteers will help track santa all night long, keeping the 63-year tradition alive, thank goodness. you all know new year's resolutions are tough to keep. in a new study most people throw in the towel by january 12th. they can only hold on for 11 days. other research from the university, only 8% of people actually achieve their goals while nearly 80% fail. my goal? to try to do better this year.
6:46 am
pete: not even two weeks. last year i kept the first resolution, i said i would tweet more in 2018. and i did. >> kept that one. pete: huawei executive arrested in canada. now her there are reports that may expose a world domination plots. griff: we have maria bartiromo. >> "sunday morning futures" host. griff: "sunday morning futures" host maria bartiromo. >> thanks. pete: this is a big story a lot of people are missing. >> this is an incredible report, steve. house intel committee finished their report on china. there is more nuts and bolts about this story. it is like a book. it is a like a movie. with the chinese government has been doing is, they are offering any country that will take it across the world, fee telecom infrastructure. doesn't that sound nice? so china will set up all your infrastructure for your telecom
6:47 am
for, throughout africa. they're asking and a lot of african countries saying, yeah, we need the money, we need the infrastructure. what are the chinese doing then? they are using huawei, zte, these chinese-owned telecom companies to tap into the networks to spy on those people. that is really what is going on with zte and huawei. why she was arrested. griff: cast of characters outside of the princess is quite compelling. it is very elaborate situation. >> it is a very elaborate situation. she was arrested basically because there were issues doing business iran, going against the sanctions u.s. put in place. when you start scratching the surface, going deeper, you realize this is not just about iran sanctions. this is about espionage. the chinese are spying on everyone. the u.s. knows what they're doing, not just stealing ip. not just forcing the transfer of technology. not just unwilling to open up their market to foreigners but real espionage and stealing
6:48 am
secrets. coming up with companies to go head-to-head against those companies they stole all the secrets from, win the race in all a these important industries. pete: i so appreciate you staying on this topic. it's a massive story. we'll look back at this moment in time, not realize we didn't take the rise of china and its attempt to take over the world seriously. >> that's right. pete: what other topics do you have? >> talking about the shutdown. we have congressman meadows. congressman meadows is right there with the freedom caucus giving president trump confidence. we have you here. don't back down on the border wall. mark meadows coming up. senator purity due coming -- perdue. jack keane will talk about pulling out syria and afghanistan. griff: does he want to be the next secretary of defense. >> he said that is out of the question because of pullout. we'll get the democrat side on this i have congressman cicilline who is on leadership on democrat side of the house.
6:49 am
we'll talk about. christmas message from cardinal timothy dolan. archbishop. griff: i can't wait to see that. dolan is compelling guy. pete: in the teleprompter with 15 exclamation points. maria bartiromo with "sunday morning futures." >> see you then. pete: do the polar plunge with us? >> no, i'm not doing the polar plunge. absolutely not. just did my hair for the show. griff: next year. pete: jedediah getting ready. we're freezing for the season. taking the polar plunge out on fox square, formerly known as the plaza. all for the spirit and holidays. i'm cold already. ♪ feedback that helps you drive safer. and that can lower your cost
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♪ >> get in get out. pete: going to get in and get out. i will lay in there. spend a hot minute laying in there. jedediah: i'm counting on that. pete: 39 degrees outside. that is like summer in minnesota. griff: we'll see about that. that was earlier. we'll hold pete to it. he will lay in this. time for the "fox & friends" polar plunge. why are you dressed like this. jedediah: i'm freezing already. the water, it is like ice! pete: really cold? jedediah: yes. >> who is going first? griff, griff you're first? go around the back. go that way. griff: i'm not afraid. >> we'll see about that. griff is first. jedediah. pete: no purpose to this.
6:54 am
griff: this isn't for a cause or anything. this is sheer humiliation. >> everybody, in three, two, one, go! [cheering] oh. okay. yes, and? griff: that's cold. oh, boy. pete, you will love it. >> jedediah, you're up. in three, two, one. [cheering] [laughter]. griff: youd did it. right now she is wondering whether your heart will stop. when you hit the water. have almost high poe thermic shock. jedediah: you can't think for a second. you guys are crazy! >> come on, pete. pete is going to stay in the water. we're going to count to keep it
6:55 am
in the water. once he hits. >> hold on, pete, pete. we have "countdown" clock once you're in the water see how you stay in there, all right? let's get going, three, two, one, go! [cheering] jedediah: go, pete. >> come to this side, pete. come on. get over here. ♪ ♪ the final countdown >> i can't even talk. nfl athletes do an ice bath after the game. why can't we? like an athletic contest. griff: so cold. pete: jedediah, your hair is not even wet. >> go, griff.
6:56 am
griff: keep him under. >> countdown on pete here. pete: how much time left? every navy seal out there is saying pete's wimp right now. >> 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. pete: love you america. build the wall. >> more "fox & friends" coming up. jedediah is doing another round. ♪ the final countdown ♪ quickly and can be fatal, sometimes within 24 hours. while meningitis b is uncommon, about 1 in 10 infected will die. like millions of others, your teen may not be vaccinated against meningitis b. meningitis b strikes quickly. be quick to talk to your teen's doctor about a meningitis b vaccine.
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♪ >> after absolutely nothing -- after one minute. did it feel like a hot tub and it felt like one hour?
7:00 am
>> i'm so glad it was sick today. but amazing. [cheers and applause] >> thanks for joining us. sure into a good sunday morning, everyone. thanks so much for joining us. i maria bartiromo. join us i had exclusively on "sunday morning futures." mark meadows this year. he told president trump as members that have the president's back partial government shutdown. senator david perdue on when the stalemate might end. plus also coming up, congressman on his pending investigations into the trump administration. republican john ratcliffe on what happened now to the gop probes into the fbi and the doj. plus general jack keane is here on the fallout from the modest


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