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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 23, 2018 9:00am-10:01am PST

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arthel: president trump confirming deputy defense secretary patrick shanahan will replace general jim mattis on january 1 as acting secretary of defense. this as a partial government shutdown is well under way as it enters day two. it's expected to last at least at few more days, continuing through christmas as president trump stands firm on the need for border wall funding. welcome to "america's news headquarters." i'm arthel neville. mike: the senate adjourned and is not set to meet until thursday.
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mark meadows says the sticking point for democrats isn't so much about the wall, but rather not giving president trump what he wants. >> this is all about trying to make sure donald trump does not secure the border. and it's more out of their dislike for this president than really about the communities that they are really should be upholding to make sure they are safe. reporter: we just got this tweet from president trump saying the deputy secretary of defense patrick shanahan will become the acting secretary of defense. we were expecting james mattis to stay in his position until the end of february. james mat tips resigned saying he felt the president deserved to have a president whose views were more in line with his.
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he cited the president's views on allies. we are learning mattis will be leaving early. sources are telling fox news this is not general mattis' decision. he's being forced to leave early. the. he's forced to leave early because the president is aggravated with all the positive press he's getting. he wanted to insure an orderly transition of nato. en a'' she was told the president is annoyed by the positive coverage of mattis. shanahan worked for boeing for 30 years and is mattis' deputy. but he's not particularly
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snriewtd pentagon as being a good manager. so a big change again. this is something that was not done at mattis' request, but something that was sourced and had to do with the president not being thrilled with a lot of the coverage mattis has been receiving. all of this happening in the middle of the government shutdown. two of the key negotiators on the budget are vice president mike pence and budget director and incoming acting chief of staff mick mulvaney. the pair have visited capitol hill meeting with democratic senator chuck schumer. mulvaney says they gave schumer a counter offer. the white house has not told us the details of that offer. the white house has been asking for border security and a wall. the offer is somewhere between
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$1.3 billion and $5 billion. >> the president tweeted out a picture yesterday with a steal slatted fence and that's what we want to build. in the democrats mind that's not a wall. they go and tv and say there is no money for a wall. the problem is as recently they offered $1.6 billion for the same thing. so they are moving in the wrong direction. there is a question whether this deal can be cut before the new congress comes in. i think nancy pelosi is in that unfortunate position of being called into her left wing where she cannot be seen as agreeing with the president on anything until she is speaker. if that's the case, there is a chance we go into the next congress. reporter: senator schumer's counter offer, democrats believe what happens next is up to the
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white house. they say this is a shutdown the white house is responsible for. the president change his tune saying this is the democrats' fault. mike: ellison, many thanks. arthel: as the democrats plan to take control of the house next month, some republicans believe it's now or never to secure funding for the wall. here is not minority leader chuck schumer. >> it will never pass the senate, not today, not next week, not next year. so, about president, president trump, if you want to open the government, you must abandon the wall. plain and simple. arthel: the republican congressman from new york, congressman, thank you for joining us here on this sunday. busy sunday morning.
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before we get to the shutdown, i want to start with your reaction to president trump's tweet announcing deputy defense secretary patrick shanahan will become acting defense secretary as of january 1. what does this mean for the transition. >> the good thing as far as the transition is you are putting someone in place who knows all the personnel, the current processes, doesn't come from the outside. the people and policies, i think it will be happenful from that stand point that you have patrick shanahan in that position. as far as timeline of when secretary mattis is going to leave is within the president's prerogative. and he decided he would be leaving in january as opposed to the end of february. i am confident secretary mattis will be helpful in insuring there is a smooth transition.
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over the course of decade he's been part of smooth, orderly transitions. the president made the play call on this one. as far as the transition goes i think can be relatively smooth considering this is the number two at the pentagon. arthel: you know general mattis is working on the transition. now that he's being forced out a month early, do you think he'll be allowed to be behind the scenes help with that transition that he started the process on? >> i believe it would be helpful for secretary mattis in any way, shape or form that he can be helpful to whoever this replacement is. and i think the same goes if you are talking years down the road. that a current secretary of defense to lean on past secretaries of defense, even if you are able to call someone up who is a secretary of defense 15 years ago. i think he can play a key role.
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i think he should and he'll. arthel: does it concern you at all that according to our reporting that president trump called for this early departure of general mattis because president trump didn't like the positive press the general had been receiving over the past few days. >> well, it's hard to comment based off of reporting from various sources where people aren't willing to put their name to it. but james mattis has never been one to be shy. whether he is active duty in the military, whether he's the secretary of defense or a civilian. just because he transitions january 1 to a civilian role. it doesn't mean he's unable to speak out and comment. strategically it wouldn't make sense for me to go along with any type of assumption that this decision is one that's intended to or does in fact silence james
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mattis where he has the ability to speak out. the two-page letter a lot of people made a big deal about. there was only a few word of one sentence where he said the president should have a secretary of defense more align with this views. i agree with that sentiment. but people are making out this two page letter, it's just two pages of criticizing a president and administration. that's not the way i took it. i don't believe james mattis as a civilian will be looking to boost his twitter following to millions of people and become famous on monetizing his position as secretary of defense at the expense of and trying to overthrow this president. i don't see that path forward for this general. arthel: i understand that. i think it concern or question here to you, congressman. your reaction how you see it as
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the house foreign affairs committee member, you have got the president now regardless of what the reason is in terms of you don't want to base your reaction based on reporting of anonymous sources. but it has happened. the president asked general mattis to leave a month earlier. does that concern you about the way the president is handling all of this? >> no. i think as far as my understanding of general mattis, everything i observed from him. any of the time i have been able to spend with him hasn't been a lot. but it's enough to know this is a patriot. someone who loves our country and service to our country. whether james mattis' last day on ought job is the end of january or february, i think
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years down the road james mattis will be accessible to whoever the president is at that time if they want to lean on him for advice. i have no doubt there will be a smooth transition at the pentagon, especially with the fact you are picking someone who is currently number two who is here now and knows all these people. arthel: thank you, congressman. we'll move on on get to the shutdown. president trump said he would own the shutdown. we have a preview much what's to come on "fox news sunday" with chris wallace acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney. incoming white house cheer of staff. back to what i was saying, president trump said he would own the shutdown and would be happy to do it. immediately after that public meeting in the oval office, the democratic leader dubbed it a
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trump shutdown. the president calming it the democratic shutdown. can you explain how they will get to a compromise? >> nancy pelosi was saying we didn't have the votes in the house. she convinced her members we wouldn't be able to pass what we ended up passing. when ended up passing it with dozens of votes as a difference between those who said yes and those who said no. you have a house-passed bill that senator schumer says is dead on arrival in the senate. what's not getting enough attention is the senate-passed funding bill is dead on arrival in the white house. in my mind what that means is regardless of your party, whether you are in the house, senate, capital or out. if you want to engage in this conversation, you need to talk to each other and work it out. no one can insist on getting 100% of what they are asking for. senator schumer is demanding the
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president abandon the call for a wall. that's an unreasonable position and the president isn't going to do that. the president may not get 100% of what he's looking for. what my impressions are in talking to colleagues, and i spent time with the president this week at the white house. there are all sorts of ways this can be resolved. i don't expect both parties to be negotiating against themselves. there is $5.7 billion. you are not going to have while the democrats refuse to negotiate at all, republicans to say we'll do it with 4 billion, and the number keeps coming down. the democrats need to show me a willingness to meet the president somewhere in between getting 100% of what they want and insisting on the president getting nothing. no one is talking about building
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a fence on the top of the mountains that are thousands of feet tall or in the middle of the rio grande. part of our border already has a fence. part of our border has a vulnerability that need to be addressed. we heard about the heroin opioid abuse epidemic. if you care about these issues, cut through the politics and sound bites and let's fund what we need to to protect our country and our border. arthel: i want to play some sound from outgoing republican senator bob corker. he seems to suggest this morning on cnn that president trump doesn't want a deal, he just wants to show he's fighting for his campaign issue. let's listen. >> democrats easily would support more border funding, border security. they said that. 25 of them came to the floor and
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voted for something that provided $25 billion for border security. in exchange for dealing with the dreamers. this is something that's unnecessary. it's a spectacle and candidly the whole thing is juvenile. i want to see real border security. that's why i'm disappointed at where we ended up at the end of this congress. >> that's nice that he's volunteering himself as senator schumer's spokesperson. it would be nice for senator schumer himself saying what senator corker is insisting on his behalf. my willingness to compromise is clear. the president has faded in -- stated in the past many times that he has a proposal whether we are talking about border security, visa lotteries, we have spoken about daca. the democrats asked for a solution for what was at the time 600,000 of the people in
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that dreamer population. the president came back last january and tripled that up to 1.8. >> the democrats refused to say yes. if you remember back last january, and actually since. as we are seeing today. the plank related to border security they will not agree upon. the president said you are asking for $600,000? here is, $1.5 billion. you have had votes in the house of representatives for different bills that have fixes related to the daca population. the democrats take over at the beginning of january. they put something on the floor. but you have to understand this. there are some people in congress insisting on only doing something for the dreamers. there are some people in
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congress who are insisting on only doing something for building a wall. i understand you need to give them 60 votes. but senator corker speak on behalf of senator schumer, we need to get back to the reality that senator schumer said multiple times on the floor the last couple days that the president needs to totally completely abandon any ask for a dollar for the wall. arthel: we'll see if there can be clean bills and vote on them separately. congressman merry christmas answer happy new year. mike: the search is on for survivors after a tsunami struck dilling at least 222 people and leaving hundreds more injured. a new reaction from lawmakers as a partial government shutdown
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arthel: at least 222 people were killed and hund more injured after a volcanic eruption triggered a tsunami in indonesia. the massachusets massive wave striking without any warning hitting several popular tourist destinations. president trump offering his condolences on twitter for those impacted by the natural disaster. reporter: the number of dead in the hundreds. but the death toll only likely to rise. several still mission and rescue teams say there are areas of devastation they haven't physically been able to reach yet. >> it hit us at the same time. i hand is still hurt. my husband suffered a broken leg. reporter: that's just one of the
9:23 am
more than 800 survivors who were injured in the tsunami. some waves as high as 65 feet crashed ashore carrying away hotels and people on the beach for a concert. geologists believe an under sea volcano erupts, and minutes afterward there was a tsunami not giving anybody much of a chance to get to safety. >> it took only minutes to get to the coast. there is very little time to get a warning out. and there are no device in this area for early warnings. reporter: search teams are continuing to look for survivors. but the number of dead is
9:24 am
expected to only get worse. arthel: we'll have more on this later this hour. mike: we'll get reaction to the naming of a new secretary of defense weeks before jim mattis was scheduled to leave the administration. the partial shutdown of the government is under way over border funding. who is responsible? it depend on who you ask. building a better bank starts with looking at something old, and saying, "really?" so capital one is building something completely new. capital one cafes. inviting places with people here to help you, not sell you. and savings and checking accounts with no fees or minimums. because that's how it should be. you can open one from right here or anywhere in 5 minutes. seriously, 5 minutes... this is banking reimagined.
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>> breaking developments out of the white house concerning the next leader of the as president remains deputy defense secretary patrick shanahan to become in defense secretary come january january 1st. this announcement after james mattis resigned from his post what was expected to remain until late february.
9:29 am
let's bring in kristin white was former state department senior adviser to president trump and president george w. bush. great topic dear to >> good to be here, thanks. eric: this change at the pentagon becoming january 1st. >> is a good move to trump your it was a mistake to keep mattis around for two months after he basically said he's not on board with the president's foreign policy with his defense policy appeared the president has made a decision to declare victory victory accurately i think in a lot of serious appeared to think is going to draw down in afghanistan and ship those resources to the pacific where they can deter china. that's not good for matters. mattis was brought on was brought onto gil eisner spirit he largely did that. having them hang around for two months while he is not on board was a mistake or it's good to at least get a knack in person and hopefully a nominee for permanent secretary defense soon. >> my sense of some argue the orderly transfer of power. is there any merit to that? >> no i don't think so.
9:30 am
shanahan has been over there. he's not premise much of a warrior background if you will. he comes from the wing. he spent a career at boeing. i think it made sense, mattis was the warrior if you will and shanahan was the manager especially trying to turn around the complete disaster that is pentagon procurement. as far as running the building he's capable of doing that and we still have our same combatant commanders in the field running operations. eric: big picture with the impact of the departure of secretary mattis at the pentagon and brent mcguirk from his post battling isis? >> is a chance for the president to do better with personnel. he's been mis- served. i think mcguirk is a perfect example. he's a holdover not just from obama but from bush and he was at the heart of most of the failures in the middle east. he was in the coalition provisional authority in iraq so you had this great military victory followed by your grotesquely incompetent administration and occupation of iraq. he was there when isis came out of the vacuum and took over.
9:31 am
lots of syrians got to the outskirts of baghdad than he was kept in his position by the new secretary of state. not if they give him maybe. he was good at killing isis but he was very bad politically. he pocketed the large increase in defense spending that trump was able to achieve that you see no increase or things that would deter the chinese. i think this is a chance frankly to take some of these positions have a more political direction and also people who can explain term policies to congress and the american people to enter public support. tree >> you were isis will make a comeback with the troops? >> isis is a force that can govern territory and organize forces can put there will always be jihadist there for the rest of our lives in places like syria, at tennessean from iraq. if we have to go back to control them than we can do that, but we've got a we've got to start freeing up some of these
9:32 am
resources. we're going to have people in afghanistan fighting who were born on 9/11 but whose fathers and mothers find that cannot stand the very same order. we spent $50 billion on this conflicts a year more or less and that's money that could be used elsewhere to rebuilding our navy and air force in deterring china appeared to >> there is some concern they'll be slaughtered without the u.s. keeping an eye on things. >> we still have a relationship. of course you're been a lifeline to kurds in northern iraq and the linkages between those kurds and the kurds in syria. withdrawing our troops doesn't mean a complete evacuation are and of our contact and then support for some of these groups the president would be very willing to sell arms or provide arms, but we should also be mindful that continuing the serious civil war at the deep humanitarian costs. this has killed several hundred thousand people, assad bring an
9:33 am
end to the conflict in giving an avenue that doesn't necessarily run through tehran or moscow frankly reaching out to him for a political solution would be better than just keeping forces in syria. >> speaking about, what is the reaction to the withdrawal? >> i don't think that's true because now assad and putin and the iranians have to build about any rennet jihadist forces that are there appeared we were largely clearing them out in the dictation was his expectation was he would take over the places we have pacified her that are allies have pacified. now he gets to worry about those groups. >> back to the breaking news of the hour. you're not anticipating any turbulence at the pentagon with the shakeup in january 1st? >> we do have a problem with generals who do not know how to end wars.
9:34 am
they're being risk-averse beard he never want to declare but read since he'll have jihadist in the middle east and these groups will pop back up. they may have some more resignations, but i think that's fine because the president deserves to have people who support his foreign policy. this is not a surprise he sprung on the american people. donald trump has been saying these things and in articulating foreign policy a year before the election but before the american people. it wouldn't surprise me if you see more departures even though mattis didn't bring in a strong political team won one secretary goes you always have some churning communications and other parts of the department. >> christian whiten, thank you very much. arthel: the path to a government shutdown continues at the battle over border while funding being the main sticking point between president trump and democrats. house members from both sides of the aisle are divided as well. >> the primary reason we have a
9:35 am
federal government is to provide for the common defense. part of that is secure in the sovereignty and integrity of our territorial borders. we need to take it as far as we can until we don't control the house anymore. i support the president with respect to this. >> we appropriated in the last two years $1.6 billion or border security. democrats support that. we think it should be done in a smart way. use technology. use sensors come use drugs and more personnel in a way that the fact days. arthel: doug mckelway joins us live with more reaction from inside the beltway. reporter: high, transport to the capitol building is quiet. members have departed for the holidays with no resolution in sight for the border while fight or government shutdown blame game. it fell apart saturday with dividing republican information hard-liners.
9:36 am
>> but we came away focused on is how important it is to build this border wall. the reality is this is a national security issue and a humanitarian issue. >> immovable object against senate minority leader chuck schumer's irresistible force. here he is. >> you will never pass the senate. not today, not next week, not next year. so mr. president, president trump, if you want to open the government, you must abandon the wall. . >> adding to the impasse, schumer confirming closely with nancy pelosi must protect her flank and appease the new class to be sworn in. this is about the democrat to
9:37 am
follow through on his commitment to secure the southern border. congress is now set to return but there is a growing school of spot. pellucid will face a baptism by fire sharing the blame for the shot down with schumer and president john. arthel arthel: thank you, doug mckelway. >> is the partial government shutdown continues, with the presidential campaign joining to analyze the white house correspondent for the "washtington examiner." good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> a lot of democrats in the senate and perhaps a house to his star moment now. how do you expect them to respond to this standoff? >> president donald trump is showing here that this is a make or break moment for his presidency. he campaigned on immigration, building a border wall in what he doesn't want us to read my lips no new taxes moment.
9:38 am
by shutting down the government here, he's trying to show to republican into his space and voters particularly that he is exiled in all options in terms of getting funding for the border wall. house republicans came through and delivered on the promise earlier this week. republicans have to figure out how they're going to do that or face backlash here in 2020. democrat or republican syndrome can claim a win here. on the other hand particularly schumer for now at least thwarted the $5 billion funding. he is showing he's sticking his thumb and trumps imsa sat on the floor couple days ago, president trump you're not getting your border while funding tomorrow. you're not getting it next week and you're not getting it when house democrats even the next congress. in terms of 2020 here, president trump has set himself up to say look i tried, i thought comment on this. house republicans backed me up. i want senate republicans to back me up and i want to get
9:39 am
this done. democrats showing what, we are against what the president's immigration policy here is. we are against what he is doing. coming in here in terms of they be like beto o'rourke. he's going to stand come he didn't up. >> i don't want to minimize the government workers furloughed on christmas. i'm sure it's not fun. or the president, how critical is this battle in terms of 2020? >> exactly like i just said. in 1988 at the republican convention, and by late president george h.w. bush said read my lips no new taxes and he ended up raising taxes and that's one of the large reason he lost in that race. the president realizes this. he can't back down from the border wall. a week and a half ago us in washington watching him and are worried strategy wise is he
9:40 am
going to back down and is he going to do this. he's done it a few times in his presidency, but he also realizes that my base could possibly turn against meme and i think he's trying to stake here and trying to make sure his rhetoric is strong and most of his government shutdown is a kind of rhetorical exercise. less than 20% of government workers are going to go off without pay. they will get pay and happen every time in a government shutdown. we are having a a back-and-forth than passing a political football. >> was president trump singh hit on the shutdown was bitter schumer and pelosi? >> no, i don't think so. i think his base really loves that exchange between him and schumer and pelosi. if government shut down and haunting number that big of a problem, then schumer and democrats in general last january when the shutdown the government would've had a heckuva time in the 2018
9:41 am
midterms. republicans only picked up two or three seats in the senate. it didn't actually hurt them all that much. if you look back in terms of what happened in other things like that, voters like to see the fight. voters like to see what their politicians doing, what they said they would do and that's what trump did in the oval office meeting and that's what he's doing now. >> of the partial shutdown continues until june continues until generator nancy pelosi is likely to become the next speaker, does that energize democrats commanded 2020 as they stood their ground? >> yeah, i mean, i think the bigger question here that democrats are going to be energized over is the investigations that democrats are going to watch when they take office. republicans in the house in the house mark when building at the border while funding they want and democrats know that. they can claim a win here on january aired if nothing is done and the senate is going home. it doesn't look at this point like trumps going to get his border while funding this go
9:42 am
around. >> robert donachie of the "washtington examiner." thanks so much. arthel: striking without warning killing at least 222 people. what triggered this tragedy during holiday celebrations and whether a disaster like this can be avoided. plus, it is a holiday travel season already happening in the record books. but if you're on the move, could the weather dampen your plans? and who might see a white christmas? straight ahead your forecast. with my hepatitis c,
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arthel: fox news alert. at least 322 people were killed and hundreds more injured after a tsunami struck to abandon asia's most populated island last night. the disaster set off by an underwater land lied that was triggered by a volcanic eruption.
9:47 am
let's bring in dr. michael redd peto and associate professor of biology and environmental studies at nyu. thank you for joining us. an undersea landslide that is set off by the undersea volcano. so does an undersea volcano erupt like normal volcanoes were able to see? >> it was actually above the water. the eruption may have been under the water and not somehow triggered and destabilized and with the landslide and of course i generate the wave. arthel: of garlic 17,000 islands there. in the ring of fire. >> more volcanoes than any other country. arthel: that's why it's happening there. it's not surprising. >> not surprising at all. arthel: is a different though dr. this is happening caused by lance lied. usually you hear an earthquake, the shifting of the tectonic
9:48 am
plates and then you have the synonymy. >> or it often earthquake was about the landslide and that displaces the water. this time there may have been a small earthquake but they got very little warning. the volcanic island is close to the coast in java. hardly any warning at all. arthel: it again explained to me what an undersea landslide is. >> you have it built up under the water and could become unstable. eventually if you have something like a small earthquake or volcanic direction that will slide down and generate a wave that moves to the shore. eric: in this case you're explaining to me that there was an eruption but it wasn't a deeper option. even the part of the volcanoes above water there wasn't lava. >> not at this time, no. it is erupting from time to time. eric: i understand it's been a rocking frequently. >> yes. i was there a couple weeks ago
9:49 am
and we watched eruption go on. it was generated a tsunami, which killed 36,000 people. arthel: which is horrible. such a tragic incident here. normally there is a bit of a warning, you synonymy warning, that there is nothing here because of the way this happened. is this likely to happen again without warning? >> yes, yeah. very hard to predict. you can get almost no warning because the volcano is very close to the coast. eric: what's the likelihood of this happening again anytime soon? >> in the same place? it could happen again at any time. it's very hard to protect volcanic eruptions. earthquakes are extremely difficult to predict. eric: what to do folks do there? is there anyway you can possibly devise a device to predict these
9:50 am
undersea volcano? >> it's very difficult and they wouldn't get very much warning. it would be enough time to get out of the way of the tsunami. arthel: i don't know, how they has to all the right questions to modulate to say something? there's not much you can do about it if the volcano is so close to the coast. it's just a few minutes and you're in it. arthel: wow, what a fascinating daddy you have here. thank you for coming here to explain to us this undersea landslide in how it happened. thank you very much. >> millions of americans are traveling this holiday season. coming up the christmas weather forecast or leave the speed sunshine rain or snow where you are during the holidays? and while your pants struggle to support the heavier you,
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joining me now is meteorologist adam klotz with more. >> hi there, mike or the forecast is looking too bad. a couple spot with the system moving across the south right now i'm a southern edge of this down to kentucky and tennessee. on the backside, some light note flurries across indiana and all of the upper midwest is getting a lot of light flurry activity. the best chance we are seen as a pacific northwest, northern california stretching all the way up. everything on the western side of the cascade that is rain, heavy rain, but higher elevation once you get colder temperatures than they are it all becomes know when it will be to probably our worst travel weather, but also our best chance to see white christmas. here's a first for looking at a traveling today. chris is the event tomorrow look at all great across the country.
9:56 am
the only spot with a few delays so far have been up in the pacific northwest. i don't anticipate that to get a whole lot worse. the travel weather is lucky fairly good. are you going to build a travel in the snow? it's mostly going to be in that area where the system rolls onshore and we are looking at some snow on christmas eve across the mountain states, especially they are in eastern washington and eastern oregon. i think the same as the case on christmas day. if you live in eastern half of the country, unfortunately no white christmas for you. arthel: that does it us -- for us. that does it for me. happy christmas and merry knew more -- year. mike: right back after this break. learn more at the explorer card dot com. but how do i know if i'm i'm getting a good deal?
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>> fox news alert. 1:00 eastern is coming in hour, hour and a half ago could secretary of defense jim mattis out of january 1st year he originally quite you might remember over president trump's plan to withdraw troops from syria but said he would stay on into next year there will break that down on america's news headquarters from washington. there will be a time and it's going to be a quiet news weekend. hasn't happened yet. leland vittert. >> announcement over an hour ago and not being the deputy secretary of defense, patrick shanahan will become the act and secretary. elizabeth arber at the white house with the latest on


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