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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 23, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PST

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>> fox news alert. 1:00 eastern is coming in hour, hour and a half ago could secretary of defense jim mattis out of january 1st year he originally quite you might remember over president trump's plan to withdraw troops from syria but said he would stay on into next year there will break that down on america's news headquarters from washington. there will be a time and it's going to be a quiet news weekend. hasn't happened yet. leland vittert. >> announcement over an hour ago and not being the deputy secretary of defense, patrick shanahan will become the act and secretary. elizabeth arber at the white house with the latest on this.
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dreaded hike, molly. he resigned three days ago for disagreements between himself and president trump. will stick around until february. telling fox news he plans to stay in until february 20th that he can visit nato once more and testify on capitol hill regarding the budget and this early departure according to sources was not general mattis idea. sources telling our national security correspondent jennifer griffin the president was annoyed by all of the coverage of late and that this is what prompted the accelerated departure. president trump tweeting i am pleased to announce that are very talented deputy secretary of defense patrick shanahan will assume the title of acting secretary of defense starting january 1st 2019. patrick has that one patrick has that one was patrick has a long list of a combo schnitzel serving as deputy and previously he will be great. releasing a stable statement saying the secretary of defense or is it the pleasure of the president of the department
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remains focused on national security. it has been a busy morning at the white house. shortly before noon the white house refrain room was locked on a secret service agent scurried across north on moving towards the south side of the white house. we were all locked in the briefing room. no official word and the secret service on what happened, but the video here shows what appears to be an individual detained by officers near the perimeter of the south lawn. we are working on getting more information on exactly what happened. of course if the government remained partially shut down, the white house gave democrats a counter offer yesterday afternoon. the white house has repeatedly said they want $5 billion for u.s. orders security in a physical barrier. vice president mike pence of mick mulvaney chief of staff met with democratic senator chuck schumer yesterday. >> yesterday we were up 5 billion a couple days ago in a counteroffer yesterday was between those two numbers.
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we moved off of the five peer result they move up from there 1.3. reporter: a senior administration official briefed reporters yesterday said that the white house believed in a deal means to include some sort of physical barrier. they bully what democrats have put forward so far as i'm except bull. mick mulvaney told chris wallace that the shutdown could very well last beyond next week. molly: ellison barber, we shall see of its next week with week after. thank you very much. leland: democratic are observed member anthony brown. starr were allison left off there real quick. do democrats have a vested interest in trying this out as long as they can until nancy pelosi becomes speaker? >> is really less about what the democrats have in terms of a vested interest. leland: this is washington. i was trying to get what they
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want. >> politically it's opening up government. democrats and republicans in the senate without a recorded vote because that was the extent of the bipartisan agreement. pass the bill the cat german open until february. february is much better. it's in everybody's interest to have to continue the resolution and let's take a order while debate, which i oppose the border wall, but take it up in the context of full comprehensive immigration reform. leland: that has been tried many times without success as we know. you don't have a long-term to go home but it doesn't seem like you have much faith this is going to get done before christmas. >> i don't think this is going to happen before christmas and i hope they get done before the new year but that seems less and less likely based on mulvaney. leland: conceivably it could be nancy pelosi doesn't this negotiation. we'll survey the jim mattis. when he originally resigned, he
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said his resignation letter is extremely troubling. you also said we should all be worried now. and now that now is upon us january 1st, what should we be worried about? >> manus agreed to stay on until february and he was going to represent the united states at a conference, hope the president deliver his budget request in the setup for the defense authorization act that now the president fired him. leland: doesn't the president have the right to say i want somebody who's not a lame duck and not him but he resigned in protest. and he said i don't like what the congressman is doing and all stay on until the end of february. you wouldn't say to the chief of staff can't wait to have you. -- >> my chief of staff like secretary mattis has the faith and confidence of the men and women in uniform. demonstrated time and again even when he disagreed with the president he would serve the american people the president faithfully.
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that type of person you can keep on until february. >> by the virtue of the fact matters quite come he then should we protect did until the day he gave spared what if he said it won a leave next june. >> the president has a right to do what he did. you've got an acting attorney general. you have a homeland security cabinet secretary that is not the confidence of the president. leland: how do you know that? >> the comments he has said about secretary nielsen suggests he is very low confidence in her. now he's got a knack team -- >> the president has never shied away from firing people. evidence by telling mattis expect nothing zero january january 1st. do you know something we don't? >> he didn't fire jeff sessions who we had no confidence in whatsoever. so is god act injustice attorney
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general. he's got a homeland security secretary that he does not confidence in him now is that a knack defense secretary that is a recipe for disaster. the key national security cabinet. leland: what is the disaster that's a recipe for? >> the concern i have a nice matt webb now acting secretary shanahan, he's smart. he's the inside guy. i asked him what is your relationship between artist in you. mattis is the outside guy. he's got the strategic know-how. he understands the military force. he understands no terry families. shanahan comes your ministry. he may be good and what he focused his acquisition, technology. they're important that my concern as it is not the strategic overview he needs to advise the president. >> by definition whoever is acting a lot can be nominated to be the secretary. it would lead one to believe he will look outside of shanahan for that. your promise that the interim?
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>> everyone's problem should read the precipitous withdrawal from syria. the potential withdrawal from afghanistan. what could happen if the unknown between now and february thought was pretty good as secretary mattis to give the opportunity to find a suitable replacement. leland: no one has ever questioned the bigness or gentle manliness or service of the secretary. good to see you. take so much. merry christmas. >> yet come america's misty appeared leland: molly. molly: is unlikely as lawmakers to impasse over the border wall funding. doug mckelway has the following on the latest details. reporter: that afternoon, mollie pier with the shutdown into its second full day the impact is fairly minimal effect in about
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5% of their workforce for a hundred thousand workers. it's further minimize their occurring over the holidays. federal workers will ultimately be paid for the downtime. commerce is now set to return on december 27th but no one seems to be budging in negotiations. senate minority leader chuck schumer delivering an ultimatum yesterday. >> it will never pass the senate. not today, next week, not next year. so mr. president, president trump, if you want to open the government, you must abandon the wall. reporter: while democrats are accusing the president of shifting his positions repeatedly, one of the point man in the negotiations accuses democrats of doing the same. >> and the democrats mind that is not a wall. they've offered us $1.3 billion to build the barrier that we want but then they go on tv and say there's no money for the
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wall. we've told the democrats who want to build with the president tweeted out. >> adding to the complexity of all this we've noted schumer as running for house speaker in january and to win enough votes she needs to appease the wave of far left democrats in the new class come in many of whom are open borders. >> it ends up getting resolved in the negotiation between chuck schumer who apparently is given a great deal of weight to nancy pelosi's preferences and the president. between that group they will decide how to go forward. i have to say this is much to do about very little. >> at the impasse extends into the new year in the new congress that policy gets her speakership , she may also get a baptism by fire sharing the blame when schumer and president trump. molly, back to you. thank you for the update. for more insight on this partial shutdown, let's bring in kansas congressman. merry christmas to you. wonderful to have you in the green tie in the red dress. we are fully festive.
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so, things are kind of crazy on capitol hill. the partial government shutdown under way now. when the cnn to it? potentially could this be a very long shot down if somebody doesn't budge, where's the compromise going to come from? >> molly coming predicting nothing will happen to generate or happen to generate or nancy pelosi gives one speaker of the house and she cannot do anything with the wall issue until she gets the votes of the new liberal socialist dinner party. >> democrats are deftly going to push this off until nancy pelosi can assume power and a half more control. what happened next week? passing paperwork back and forth and a few speeches on the floor? >> it will be quiet appeared. the speaker has told us all we should go home and be with their families had we been asked to come back within 24 hours. the house is done our side.
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the ball is now in the court of the senate. we need them to do their job and negotiate faithfully that the president. >> once nancy pelosi dustup in the power as people are expected to, did the democrats then take ownership. is that how one goes on there for the democrats are and where is the winner and loser once things pass in a january? >> democrats have to take responsibility right now because they could solve this problem and negotiate good faith and all the more so with nancy pelosi and controlled the house as well. >> if anyone is when they come to the compromise the offramp is a good place to get to. let's talk about the development in that patrick shanahan will be filling the shoes as acting secretary. what he think about madison's early departure? >> anyone from the business world knows president trump is doing exactly what we do in the business world. we would never accept a letter of resignation from the senior person and stay on board for a month or two.
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can you imagine secretary mattis representing the president. he's truly a lame-duck right now. very sad he's going. he's been a great leader, well-respected voice that the american public needs to realize everyday for 30 years secretary mattis has woke up and said how do we destroy isis. president trump wakes up every morning and says that we defeated isis and how do we get our troops home. i'm excited about a commander-in-chief that will push us in that direction. molly: as you point out he's got a lot of a lot of bipartisanship praise from both sides of the political aisle. as patrick shanahan have to have shoes to fill in this coming week or month or however long it takes to bring in whoever the eventual secretary will be? >> absolutely. one of my mentors, an orthopedic surgeon once told me none of us are in expendable and not to be hung up on a person double find someone else better to replace him. secretary mattis a great job,
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but we need someone who will support the president's agenda of getting troops home. we dominated isis come and isis print the military has done their job. maybe it's time for a new plan. look at the soldiers home and get them protected. >> could you think that if they should be? a long list of names floated out there from kelly ayotte, senator lindsey graham, and senator cotton, david could transfer it. what are your thoughts and who should be the next secretary? i've impressed with senator lindsey graham. i agree with the president. i think he'd be a great person. beyond that i'm not real familiar with the other people spoken about. >> shifting gears to syria. a controversial move of the president decided to pull troops out of syria and one of the strongest criticisms was we are potentially leaving ally specifically the kurds that it would be dangerous for them leaving our allies. your thoughts on the president's decision to pull out a serious
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and what it means for those allies. >> i'm glad the president is considering first and foremost how to get our men and women home and safety. if the president would ask the president let us make him i would ask them to consider moving 2000 soldiers over to iraq and we can still support the kurds very easily from iraq. what we can do now with drones, with satellite technologies incredible twice in the last for months or troops in syria almost got overran in the middle of sandstorms. i don't want to wake up one morning and see on fox news my gosh we lost 200, 300 voters last night. we need quick strike force is able to go anywhere in the world. battling isis is like battling the walkable game in the carnivals so we need quick strike forces. molly: thank you for joining me. thank you for matching up with me. that was great. merry chris askew as well. leland: almost like you guys plan that. more on the partial government shutdown immediately following this program.
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molly: british police a couple arrested in connection of the airport closure have been released from custody according to authorities. the men and women cooperated and they are not suspects on criminal use of drums. not to mention some 150,000 passengers are getting wednesday. police say they are still searching for suspect. >> and all indications where the president would sign the bill. president trump beholden to the far, far right, unwilling to shoulder even the slightest critique from rush limbaugh or laura abraham changed his mind.
10:21 am
leland: senate minority leader chuck schumer blaming president trump and you heard talk radio host for delaying a partial shutdown in negotiations. republican senator bob corker issued this statement as all calling far right radio a tyranny. so let's talk about it but the talk radio host on the left. appropriately on the right-hand side of your screen. were you gone chuck schumer didn't call you up, too? >> you know, i get lumped in there with everybody. they've always hated talk radio host does represent a unique medium where it's a constant conversation with the american people and frankly we're a megaphone for the american people in a message the american people are spending as we don't want american borders and even if that means the partial government shutdown. bob corker -- merry christmas to you all too. appreciate that. >> you always have unique perspective on this even as a democrat that the demagogy not
10:22 am
the right by your leadership is not necessarily the right way to win this. >> what the president is doing is doing what is he is one thing to do. the talk radio hosts are the voices, the megaphones come in the speakers for his voice listening to exactly what his base is saying. democrats can do a lot of that. listen to what your constituents are saying is that of the and special interest groups are named. we have to get the grown people in the room and find a compromise to file parties. leland: grown people in a room in washington d.c. that's hard to find a tall order to get everyone to act like adults. this is chuck schumer yesterday talking about the bill and issuing a threat if you will. >> ever wonder yesterday long before the house vote that the president will elect 60 votes in the senate. it will never pass the senate.
10:23 am
not today, not next week, not next year tiered so mr. president, president trump, if you want to open the government, you must abandon the wall. >> robber, democratic leadership seems almost obsessed with denying the president simply the words the wall. tell us how that plays with the base and then how it plays with the special interest you talked about. >> the concept of the wall, the biggest issue is the president has not articulated how to find quote, unquote the wall. he said were going to do $5 billion in cuts to these programs in order to pay for the wall that's fine. dollar for dollar offset for the wall spending is fine. he has to articulated go directly to the american people not on a facebook or youtube video, not on twitter, but an actual press conference to the american people explaining what this money is going toward, how this will not -- and what it
10:24 am
will do to and national security. leland: robert -- robert, robert -- really -- robert, while the federal government programs you have come on in this advocate for, $5 billion for the wall and what is going to explode the debt and deficit of the night its government. >> i don't know when i became the lone voice for fiscal conservatives. leland: it's hard to find in washington. >> that's amazing to me because i do hear people unless talking about how this is a budget buster. they supported a trillion dollars annual spending on expansion to medicaid under a bomb and carrying double the debt in acres under barack obama. the reality is illegal immigration costs are economy $25 billion. leland: there's the economic argument. only have 30 seconds left or so. are republicans missing the opportunity not to be banned by
10:25 am
billion for the wall but 25 billion for the wall to actually try and push the brew rather than just take a little baby bite out of it. if your blame for putting a dent said come you might as well get the whole thing. >> most of what i've heard is $5 billion is not to secure the subject border. "dallas morning news" -- >> the point is to go for the highest urban crossing areas for 90% are taking place in 21 spots across the border. if the president can get by billion dollars because of the greatest proportion of illegal immigration across the border. the fact that democrats are willing to shut down the federal government over border security speaks to the american people just in time for chris miss. leland: budget hawk robert pattillo have to come out to some music for that know. gentleman come in thank you much. america's is to you both.
10:26 am
molly. molly: sylhet, we speak with representative matt gaetz and a member of the house freedom caucus about the conservative leaders lunch with the president yesterday. president trump's decision to pull out of serious. i'll said the press washington, what the pullout means for american youths in the middle east. >> we are sending a message to isis that somehow they can come back. they can be raised only and did they can at some point come back and attack us and how was vulnerable to another 9/11 attack. that's what's possible. once i started looking for it was a no-brainer. i switched to geico and saved hundreds. that's a win. but it's not the only reason i switched. the geico app makes it easy to manage my policy.
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leland: hours into the partial government shutdown, president trump amid a lunch at the white house. his guests included some of congressman immigration hawks and his staunchest supporters including staunch supporters of the wall among the house caucus member matt gave.
10:31 am
i heard you laugh a bit. did i somehow mischaracterize you there? >> no, not at all. we've live in border security. it is great to be with the president to go over what we were fighting about what the democrats and who are fighting for. you heard a common democrat with now the funds given to the administration have been spent yet. one of the reasons that is the case is because in that democrats continue to put more and more restrictions on those. leland: you're the president. earlier in. earlier that week he seemed willing to insert adjectives. compromise, whatever was. then he somehow reversed course. are you confident now he's not going to reverse course again and he's willing to endure the political hardships here to get that i've billion dollars? >> absolutely. leland: what did he tell you that convinces you? >> he was resolute. i'm not going to give you a readout of the exact words of the president. i'll tell you his attitude was one of maintaining a commitment
10:32 am
to border security and frankly when you look at the drugs -- leland: give me something he just said. but did he say i promise you i am not going to sign acr that doesn't have -- >> he said he would not find a bad deal. he deeply regrets having signed a very bad spending cap deal before and i think he's informed by that regret. leland: funding for border security is different than funding for the wall. is that the key here, and the semantic between chuck schumer saying you have to give up the wall, the border security is okay. >> we have to have a physical barrier. one of the challenges the democrats continue to constrain the ways the administration could execute the physical barrier with the use of sensing, walling, drums, other forms of technology in pilot programs are
10:33 am
working to see his cartel members and others trying to bring special interest in aliens into the country. leland: one of the outgoing republican members, congressmen cost ll said if and when the government shut down stairs no pressure on dems. then they control the house on january 3rd. then dems have moral leverage. why is he wrong? >> he is wrong because those are rolled deeper into the shut down i think the democrats will experience more pain than republicans. the >> what pain have democrats -- >> on the show a few minutes ago. his vigilance in maryland will be if the government shut down last a lot longer. the republicans represent districts where military and veteran issues drive the pain of a shutdown. those things are funded. leverage is all about the amount of pain you're willing to
10:34 am
inflict in the amount of pain you're willing to withstand. i assessment being with the president yesterday as he is in this for the long holidays not going to find a bad deal that does not include order security with a physical barrier. leland: follow that logic out. general consensus is the bill is about 215 miles of the wall. if this is so important, if it is such a threat to national security, and why not hold out for 25 billion? i know you'll take it, but why not demand it? >> with the president yesterday he was discussing different design comp at some alternatives that would lower the cost of the love, which i don't think you necessarily need $25 billion. the president did not seem to think yesterday all 25 billion would be necessary. leland: you're going to need more than 5 billion. why not hold out for more than 5 billion? >> i'm trying to get as much as
10:35 am
we can possibly get which is why we're is why would make any argument about the impacts of families, impacts on drugs coming across our border. >> of this is an issue of principle and national security as your outline and the government shutdown and you have more leverage, why not try to get it all right now? >> we would get as much as we can. my assessment is 5 billion is the right number. on "fox news sunday" mick mulvaney said we made an offer for some a month. look, i want all five alien. >> make of any talks out less than 5 billion. house freedom caucus okay with that? would you guys go along? >> it depends how the money is restricted. if the money has max flexibility for the administration to strategically secure our border, there probably is a number less that doesn't start with the five that we could be okay with the we've got to see senate democrats come up from 1.3.
10:36 am
1.3 is not the answer. 1.6 is not the answer. senate democrats want to come to a crooked number and then i think i would be good-faith negotiation to get us in a better posture going into 2019. leland: congressman, good to see you. appreciate it. molly: president trump's call to pull out a serious a shock wasted minutes nation amid high-profile resignations. gillian turner joins us with the latest another shakeup will impact foreign policy. >> at afternoon, molly. the latest to resign in protest over his decision to withdraw troops from the ongoing civil war is brett mcgirt or foreign-policy leaders from president trump some parties say they don't blame him for leaving. >> i would not be surprised if they did not have been meaning from february. one of the brightest feature it i've met in my public service,
10:37 am
but as matters did you follow the suit and laughed. you know, he did the right thing. molly: one of only a number of top are asked to have served in bush obama and trump administrations. so with his departure goes a deep understanding of iraq and afghanistan and the terrorist organizations that populate the region. president obama's national security adviser says it is a huge loss, treating saturday the fact that you say you don't know brett mcgirt speaks volumes about your commitment to fighting isis. why don't you know the man his done more than any civilian to degrade isis. i can assure you barack obama knows him well. president trump springer chief of staff says mcgurk never even briefed the president. >> the president says in the two et didn't know brett mcgurk. how is it possible that the president doesn't know the envoy who's been representing the u.s. to the coalition for the last
10:38 am
two years weird >> i think it's easy because the prez mr. secretary of state and secretary of defense. despite what people think the white house is not grand central station. molly: pentagon sources tell fox news to expect more in continuous resignations in response to president trump's decision to withdraw u.s. troops from syria. molly: gillian turner on the political fallout. leland: new pictures and ferment in asia after a deadly tsunami strikes overnight. we will have the new information on the search and rescue effort. maria ramirez?
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leland: search and rescue effort continue for hundreds injured in a phenom in the indonesian coast at hundreds other killed in the wave struck the coast or in a pop concert there. the band's lead singer confirmed their manager one member were among those killed. three more colleagues still missed it among the missing. president trump has treated his
10:43 am
condolences to the vic guns. molly: jackie heinrich joins us from new york with a little bit of background in the science behind to science behind xenon is. tsunamis leave an underwater landslide triggered a surge that form the tsunami and are pointing to one volcano as the cause. it is considered the child of legendary volcano krakatoa erupting around 9:00 last night. a small volcanic island formed about 50 years after it erupted in 1883 killing 36,000 people with 100-foot high waves reared according to indonesia's geological agency that had been active for the last few days. an eruption before 4:00 yesterday sent plumes of ash into the air for around 10 minutes. the full moon may have also created high tide making the impact of the tsunami more severe. >> from time to time they are very hard to predict.
10:44 am
it is very close to the coldest. so you have one minute at most one help very much. reporter: volcano triggered nonuser more rare and have less warming than one cause by earthquakes of both involve landslide suddenly displaced water. they fall into shallow water to cause mega-tsunamis. the worst one happened in 1958 in ways for 1700 feet high. indonesia is one of the most disaster prone countries in the world sitting on the pacific ring of fire were tectonic waves collide. in september in earthquake and tsunami off the coast of the island killed more than -- excuse me, 2000 people and injured 10,000 more. in 2004 tsunami off the coast of sumatra's western indonesia killed 220,000 people. anak krakatau is one of more than 100 active volcanoes that was hit last night. people have been told to avoid the coast there in case there is another tsunami.
10:45 am
molly: jackie heinrich, thank you. >> airborne after numerous delays of rocket launches into space. we will tell you what is on top, but remembering the reason for this scene with what is really important during this special time of year. tresiba® is a long-acting insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. don't use tresiba® to treat diabetic ketoacidosis, during episodes of low blood sugar, or if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. don't share needles or insulin pens. don't reuse needles. the most common side effect is low blood sugar, which may cause dizziness, sweating, confusion, and headache. check your blood sugar. low blood sugar can be serious and may be life-threatening. injection site reactions may occur. tell your prescriber about all medicines you take and all your medical conditions.
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train to lift off for the company kicking off its first-ever national security mission this morning working with the air force to launch a gps satellite from cape canaveral. much-anticipated mission had been delayed a lot. it was rescheduled for times this week including saturday and heavy winds were to postpone the launch. so far all is well. molly: was christmas eve was christmas eve tomorrow let's take a step back from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and remember the true reason for the season. he was more insight, fox news contributor of first baptist church in dallas, robert jeffers. thank you rejoining us. i know you hustled over church to be here to chat with us.
10:50 am
merry christmas to you. >> merry christmas to you. >> starting bear what is the meaning of the season and are we in america still embracing that meeting? are we seeing the fallaway i miss the other things you have to do in the holiday season, the wrapping and running last-minute christmas i mean. >> well, it has become more secularized. you know it's interesting, molly, some things never change. 2000 years ago the world was fixated on a government funding crisis. the emperor decided to have a worldwide census for the purpose of taxation. little did he know that his order would cause a jewish couple he had never met to travel to a tiny town he had never heard of to give birth to the savior of the world. 2000 years later most people in our audience can even tell you the name of that emperor octavian, but everybody knows the name of that baby, the baby
10:51 am
jesus. it is interesting that even today, 2000 years later we divide human history by his arrival. every time we write the date 2018 we say it's been 2018 years since the most important event in human has three, the coming of the senate god. that's the christmas is about. >> there are folks that are not christian. they are out there and they get to enjoy the sparkly light and a little bit of the magic of the season. how can people that are not christian still take a little bit about message of christ time of the season? >> certainly jesus himself that his primary reason for coming was to provide forgiveness of sin to anyone who believes. but even those who don't accept the messiah shepherd jesus christ still benefit from its life at least here on earth. i tell people i'm not an african-american. you can probably tell that, but
10:52 am
they still celebrate the birth of martin luther king because of what his life accomplished her of this world is a better place because of dr. king. the same was true because of the coming of christ. look at what the followers of christ have done. they sounded great philanthropic organizations like the red cross and salvation army. 92% of our colleges in america were founded by followers of christ. the idea of hospitals and orphanages came from christ followers. so everybody directly or even indirectly benefits from the coming of jesus. transfer you mentioned the salvation army. this is also his reason of giving. how can people embrace a part in the christmas tory? >> is a great time to reach out to those in need. our church partnered with angel tree to bring christmas gifts to children of those who were imprisoned and it's a wonderful time to do that and to show the love of christ to others. but you know, molly, the most
10:53 am
important thing i think is to make sure we receive the most important gift. some of that is man's greatest need was for money god would've sent an economist. if our greatest neighbors for education, god would've sent a teacher but our greatest need was for forgiveness and that is why god sent the savior born this day in the city of david a savior who is christ the lord. and that is good news for all people. molly: when you talk about good news, this last year it has been a while politically and also very painful for a lot of people. some great losses like wild fire. what can the christmas message be here as we're wrapping up this very difficult year for a lot of people in here they are in washington where things are so divided. >> you know, the apostle paul asks a great question. if god is for us, who can be against us? the fact that god loved us so much he sent his son to die for us is a sign that god really is for us. you know we saw the tsunami
10:54 am
today in the terrible catastrophe there. we live in a world that is in fact did by saying, but it won't always be that way. the message of christianity is the same juices coming back to rid the world of evil forever. and that is the complete christmas story. molly: thank you so much for joining us. merry christmas. enjoy the next couple days. it's a beautiful season. were so happy or able to join us for a couple minutes. >> very christmas to you. thank you. molly: leverage the pediatric nurse to the rest to shape this holiday season. we'll show you how to do it in chicago. i wanted to stop. the thing is i didn't know how. chantix, along with support, helps you quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke
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♪ leland: been a rough year, town of paradise, california, having been destroyed by the campfire. they're following you through on christmas tradition. they came out for fun an skating holidays. this market consist one month since the camp fire killed 86 people was finally contained. at some point you have to have a little bit of normalcy. that is that moment. >> a little bit of christmas magic. just in chime for christmas chicago nurse molly moore is
10:59 am
spreading warmth handing out blankets and pajamas for people there for care. after coming up with the idea, she received more than 200 pairs of pajamas, 75 blankets across the country. leland: there is reason my father told me to mary a nurse. >> they are non-stop. powerful, powerful people. selfless. leland: woman named molly. >> she understands the christmas spirit. we're heading to new york now. we'll be there for christmas with you guys. shockingly there is so much news on christmas week. president is staying in washington. last couple years he was down in mar-a-lago. he is down in washington for the shut drone negotiations. >> can't feel sorry for people celebrating christmas? a beautiful white house with sparkling trees and christmas lights everywhere. leland: negotiations continue
11:00 am
through the holidays. mick mulvaney is up next. on "fox news sunday." chris wallace is coming up. ♪ chris: i'm chris wallace. a government shutdown. the stock markets in freefall, and the defense secretary quits over a sudden shift in policy. are the wheels coming off the trump presidency? ♪ >> there are chaotic weeks and then there is this week. chris: from the shutdown showdown. >> it is the democrat shutdown. we've done our thing. >> you're not getting the wall today, next week or on january 3rd. to the worst weeks in the markets in 10-year. >> in the world going on with stocks. once going up, up and away, they are slip-sliding away. chris: controversial moves in the middle east. >> it is in our national security interest not to withdraw athi


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