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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  December 24, 2018 6:00am-9:00am PST

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>> yesterday afternoon. so the senate democrats have the ability right now to open the government and agree to the deal. >> the president just a few days ago said he was proud to author a shutdown of his own government.
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sources gave mike this number. that the white house lowered their demands to 1.4 billion nor new fencing and $400 million for other security priorities. still schumer's office rejected it. spokesperson said on saturday the vice president came in for a discussion and made an offer.
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unfortunately we are still very far apart. asked yesterday why democrats won't budge just a little bit further on the border wall, democratic senator jeff merkley of oregon had this to say on abc this week. >> we are absolutely willing to fund border security. the american people want to spend money in a smart way. $5 billion a lot of money. that's 650,000 children attending head start. it's 2 million meals a day a year for a year for seniors. and to spend it on the fourth century strategy rather on stuff that actually improves border security is something we are just not going to do. >> there is some question whether any number on border security would satisfy democrats. republicans believe that it is really nancy pelosi is pulling the strings right now. she is running for house speaker as we all know when the new congress gravels in this january she can't afford to lose the votes of that new crop of far left democratic freshman who generally favor open borders. here is andy bition on "fox
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& friends" yesterday. >> she is okay with open borders now. she used to be for border security and border walls. she not so much now that's because she is going to the left wing part of her conference so much and she needs the votes and she is really close on the votes and so she has to deliver on this. >> so, congress returns after christmas on thursday. but there is increasing skepticism that they can get anything done on that date. we may be waiting for a while. >> yeah. so the shutdown continues into the new year and into the new congress, doug? >> in all likelihood it looks like that's what a lot of people are forecasting at this point. if that does, indeed happen it really puts nancy pelosi in a pressure cooker because she will, in all likelihood, have won the speakership at that point. she no longer is behind the scenes player in all of this. she takes front and center and bears some responsibility for the government shut down should it be continuing at that point along with senate minority leader schumer and the president of the united states. rick, back to you. >> thank you doug mckelway on capitol hill. much more.
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>> all right. meanwhile a sooner than expected departure for defense secretary jim mattis. president trump announcing his resignation date is now january 1st after mattis said he was resigning at the end of february. as acting white house chief of staff mic mulvaney said mattis was often at odds with the president. >> let's be honest with each other, i think the relationship between these two men have been fraying. i think the president no longer relied on mattis to be able to deliver the president's vision. the president has to know. i don't have to agree with the president on everything he asks me to do. in fact we are not going to. in fact he hires people that disagree with him because he likes that different input. if i'm physically incapable, completely incapable of doing what he wants me to do just because i don't believe it i cannot serve him well. >> meanwhile president trump announcing his decision for the general temporary replacement tweeting, quote: i am pleased to announce that our very talented deputy secretary of defense, patrick shanahan will assume the title of acting
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secretary of defense starting january 1, 2019. patrick has a long list of accomplishments while serving as deputy and previously at boeing. he will be great. lucas tomlinson is live at the pentagon on this. when did the president learn thhe learn thepresident was leto early. >> phone call early sunday morning saying the president was forcing him out two months early, robbing mattis of the opportunity to attend nato ministerial meetings in brussels and testify before congress. officials say the president was annoyed by mattis' resignation letter criticizing the president's foreign policy on "fox news sunday." former cia director and defense secretary under president obama said that leaving syria before isis is defeated is a mistake. >> we have made good progress. no question about it. we have made tremendous gains. this is not a time when you're dealing with
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terrorist groups who can reorganize and threaten the security of our country. this is not a time to back away from that responsibility. and that i think, is the message that concerns me. >> while u.s. troops are pulling out of syria, i'm told that the more than 5,000 troops stationed in neighboring iraq will remain -- will be able to strike targets in syria if necessary, anita nea. >> president trump said he spoke to his turkish counterpart yesterday. any idea on the withdrawal from syria. >> anita, the second phone call between president trump and turkish president erdogan the past 10 days. recall, it was president erdogan who convinced trump to pull out all forces in syria. in a tweet following this latest phone call on sunday, president trump said the u.s. withdrawal from syria would be slow and highly coordinated with turkey secretary of defense mattis signed off on the defense.
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withdraw to syria. mcguirk the top envoy moved up resignation to the end of this year. just this month mcgurk said publicly the u.s. would not be pulling out of syria. u.s. officials are concerned that any turkish forces that enter syria will be considered invaders by the assad government. and kurdish fighters on the ground today are feeling betrayed by the u.s. government and fear they may be fighting turkish forces in addition to isis. anita. >> a lot going on there. lucas tomlinson from the pentagon, thank you very much. >> rick: white house correspondent for the daily mail. thanks for being with us. >> good morning. >> rick: a lot of folks have said that mat at this time was the only adult in the room. was that fair? >> president trump didn't see eye-to-eye with general mattis on this issue. that's why you have seen his departure sped up. general mattis made that very clear he didn't see eye to eye with him in resignation letter. this leaves the president free to do what he wants
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which is pull those troops out. we know that yesterday general mattis had signed the order to strategy before he leaves. we do not know when those troops will be coming out of syria. that process has apparently already started. >> it's hard not to notice that the president's critics don't like any of his cabinet appointees until they leave. >> well, and republicans even have said that they are going to be putting a lot of scrutiny on to whoever the president appoints in his position. he has just appointed someone in acting capacity. still have to appoint someone permanently and have to face republicans and democrats in the senate and grueling confirmation process. >> rick: there has been criticism from republicans as you mentioned. senator pat toomey is worried about our alliances. here is what he had to say. >> america is rich in many, many ways financially, militarily, we have got the luxury of two oceans but the greatest asset we have is that most people around the world want to be aligned with us. and so that gives us
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enormous ability to as a force multiplier. it's a great ability to achieve our goals and i don't think the president shares that view. nearly to the extent that the rest of us do. i think senators need to step up and reassert a bigger role for the senate in defining our foreign policy. >> rick: are you hearing that on the hill? >> well, lindsey graham has also made similar comments to that and the president's response to that would be that he does value the united states' allies but at the same time, he feels they cannot continue to take advantage of the united states financially when it comes to the united states military presence but also, when it comes to trade. that's been another big issue for him. and we know that he president erdogan in turkey over the weekend. and president erdogan mercedes schlapp said this morning on fox an invitation to john bolton the national security advisor as well as the joint chiefs of staff chairman to come to turkey. now, we don't know whether or not they have accepted that invitation or when that
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could happen. but, certainly it sounds like they could be going to turkey to continue these conversations. >> rick: francesca, i want to get to the shut down with the time we have left. and first i want to hear from senator corker who has been blasting the president on this and said, basically, that this is a lot about nothing. let's hear from the senator and get your reaction. >> this is a purposefully contrived fight over, at the end of the day, no matter who wins, our borders are still going to be insecure. most republicans want to deal with the dreamers issue. we had 25 billion. it could have been spent on border security. now the government is shut down over what ultimately is going to be $2 billion. this is a made-up fight so that the president can look like is he fighting. >> rick: a made up fight he said francesca. >> hearing from the white house this morning that what they would ideally like to
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see at this point is somewhere between the $1.6 billion for the border wall and the 5 billion that they previously asked for. now, that 1.6 billion would have to be used for a physical barrier and not just border security in general. generally the bill that senator corker provided about would have provided 25 billion for border security so roughly 2.5 billion a year. so within that 2.5 billion the white house would like to see 1.6 billion just for that physical barrier. it does seem that there is some wiggle room here in the white house and the senate democrats could come together but certainly we are not going to see any action on this until december 27th and the shutdown could go longer than that. >> rick: talk about the notice and a lot of these democrats supported a border wall before it was the president's policy. francesca chambers we have to leave it there. thank you. >> have a great one. >> rick: you too. >> still to come an update on supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg following her cancer surgery in new york city.
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>> rick: plus mcgurk also resigning after defense secretary mattis announced he is leaving. how will their departures impact the fight against terror? >> mattis and mcgurk have both resigned tonight as a result of this policy of the president. that is a very clear indication that the president is on the wrong track. what would you like the power to do? ♪ listening to people answer that question, is how we find out what matters most to them. for a business, it's the power to grow. for an entrepreneur, it's the power to innovate. and for a family, it's the power to own a home. we stand with the ones who day in and day out put in the hard work to make things happen. for themselves, for their communities, and for the world we all share.
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mattis, one of the great patriots i have ever mitt in my public service, as mattis did, he followed suit and left. he did the right thing. so, i don't look at that as grandstanding. he has been an important person to us, obviously the secretary of defense is in a higher role and much higher profile position and much more important but brent has played a important role in our country. i thank him for our service and deal with a most difficult issue and i wish him well. >> on the heels of defense secretary mattis resigning, bret mcgurk, special envoy to the anti-isis coalition is leaving his post, also. just days after saying it would be reckless to pull troops from syria before isis is fully defeated, the president tweeting that he did not know mcgurk, noting he quit ahead of a planned february departure and suggesting was grandstanding
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let's bring in jamal jaafari founder of the national security institute at the scalia law school. also a visiting fellow at the hoover institution and former chief council to the senate foreign relations committee. jamiel, good morning to you, sir. thank you for joining us on this christmas eve. >> thanks for having me, anita. >> so you worked on foreign policy both in the obama and the george w. bush administration. are you concerned by what bret mcgurk set and his his resignation? >> the challenge here is the president has been rightfully critical of president obama's decision to pull out of iraq precipitously and yet he is about to make the same mistake. bret. >> it is right to be critical. you will pulling out of iraq now is catastrophic proportions. >> you co-authored a chapter of a book with former cia director mike hayden on isis, al qaeda and other
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international terror groups. so what happens now with those groups if the u.s. is no longer in the region there? >> well, the real challenge is that we left a vacuum in that region now. it's a vacuum that isis will almost certainly fill. they will take back. all that time and effort under president trump getting out of. and now russia and our enemies in iran will also surge in that region. a region they have been very active in already they will take our place that is a mistake for our country. it's a mac mistake for the region and foreign policy globally. >> help us make sense of this. if you were advising president trump, what would you tell him to do? >> well, i would tell him to do exactly what secretary mattis now leaving the administration, exactly what brett said. mr. president, did you the right thing, you fought isis aggressively and gone after them in a way the prior president didn't. keep that fight up. stay in the region. stay active and keep russia and iran at bay and keep
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fighting al qaeda and isis in the region. >> we have made great strides in fighting isis there in the region. you know, in your experience, how quickly would it take them to regroup and grow even more in the region? >> well, look, we can see it we saw what happened when president obama pulled rapidly out of iraq. we saw isis surge really move into cities and they came across the border from syria. they took basra. we now see what's happening in afghanistan with the drawdown of u.s. troops there as we continue to draw down. we see the taliban coming back. we see al qaeda coming back. these are things which are really problematic. because if they are able to maintain a base in the region, they can then project out into the west which is where they really want to be in europe and here in the united states attacking us here at home. in order to prevent that we have got to fight them overseas and abroad where they're. and we have been successful under this president doing that we should keep that fight up. secretary mattis leaving is a bad sign for our country. so is the departure of breath mcgurk. >breath mc -- breath brett mcgu.
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>> shanahan long history of experience in this effort. he will be a good ally. you know, the hard part is at the end of the day if we are making decisions on twitter, right, and we are going after republicans. you saw senator corker being attacked by the president again over the weekend and on twitter. it's just crazy. the president needs to keep a focus on our real enemies, russia, china, iran, isis and al qaeda and not go after his defense secretary, u.s. senator, the chairman of the foreign relations committee. it's just bad for business. >> no surprise really to his base anyway because the president did say he didn't want to be the world's policeman. he didn't think we should have troops all over the world. >> sure. and nor should would he be. no one is sailing we should be the world's policeman. fight the terrorists who want to kill us and our allies at home. it's the christmas season. obviously terrorists are
6:21 am
looking at this time of year to come after us and telling us walk away from the fight in the middle east and attack us here at home is knot the right play. of course we have got to fight them, right? it doesn't mean to be the world's policemen go after terrorists in the region where they live and operate. >> jamil. >> just ahead, a look back at what was 2018. ♪ carla is living with metastatic breast cancer, which is breast cancer that has spread to other parts of her body. she's also taking prescription ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor, which is for postmenopausal women with hormone receptor-positive her2- metastatic breast cancer
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>> anita: justice ruth bader ginsburg is recovering from cancer surgery. she had two growths from her left lung removed friday at
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cancer center in new york. this is the third time the supreme court's oldest justice has been treated for cancer and her second hospital stay in just two months. just weeks ago she cracked three ribs in a fall. a spokesman says she is up and working no information has been released on when she will return home. the next meeting of the court is scheduled for january 7th. ginsburg has never missed arguments in more than 25 years. ♪ >> rick: i'm guessing 2019 will be a pretty interesting year in politics with democrats taking control of the house, a white house staff shakeup underway and president trump's ongoing feud with the media show nothing signs of letting up. lauren blanchard takes a look back at the moments that shaped 2018 in politics. [cheers] >> the president of the united states. >> president trump's second year in office. >> we enacted the biggest tax cuts. >> kicked off with fire and fury. >> i think furious,
6:26 am
disgusted. >> beginning of a tumultuous year to come. >> a government shutdown was 100 percent avoidable. >> disputes over immigration policy. >> he has divided americans in ways no other moderate president has done. >> followed by a national debate over gun control. >> if you listen real close, you can hear the people in power shaking. >> secretary of state rex tillerson fired by president trump as others in the white house and congress step down. >> every good fighter knows when to hang up the gloves. for me, that time is soon approaching. >> on capitol hill, facebook's founder apologized to congress. >> inevitable that there need l. need to be some regulation. >> the senate voted to approve net neutrality. >> this is the constitution of the internet. >> on the international front, the president announced that tariffs on chinese imports and traveled to singapore to meet with north korea's kim jong un. >> we are preet to start a
6:27 am
new history and we are ready to write a new chapter between our nations. >> the supreme court approved the president's travel ban. >> at a minimum we have to make sure that we vet people coming into the country. >> and justice anthony kennedy announced his retirement. >> tonight it is my honor and privilege to announce that i will nominate judge brett kavanaugh to the united states supreme court. >> the confirmation process marred by controversy. >> with what degree of certainty do you believe brett kavanaugh assaulted you? >> 100 percent. >> my family and my name have been totally and permanently destroyed by vicious and false accusations. >> in the end the president's pick became the newest justice on the u.s. supreme court. >> mr. president, thank you for the great honor. >> special counsel's investigation in its second year continued the probe
6:28 am
into russian election interference. >> use a scheme known as fear phishing. >> as president obama trumped to helsinki, finland to meet with his russian counterparts. >> dan coats and others came to me and said i think it's russia. i have president putin. he just said it's not russia. i will say this, i don't see any reason why it coul would be. >> the nation said goodbye to long time senator john mccain. >> the america of john mccain has no need to be made great again because america was always great. >> by november, democrats predicted a blue wave. >> victory is within our grasp. >> the result, split control of the house and senate. >> maybe you get a ripple but i don't think there is a blue wave. >> president's feud with the media reached a boiling point. >> cnn should be ashamed of itself having you working for them. >> then came a moment of unity as the nation said farewell to its 41st president.
6:29 am
>> so through our tears let us know the blessings of knowing and loving you, a great and noble man. the best father a son or daughter could have. >> still, the year ended much as it began. >> nancy, nancy. >> with fire and fury. >> however shutting down the government and hurting american people. >> perhaps a preview of the new year to come as a new congress and new congressional leaders get ready to start their term. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. >> anita: thanks lauren blanchard. and a desperate search for survivors as the death toll climbs after a powerful tsunami strikes two of indonesia's most populated islands. a live report coming up next.
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>> anita: fox news alert now at least 373 people dead in end dough syesha has a tsunami hit saturday night with dozens missing in the disaster zone officials feel that death toll will keep rising. william la jeunesse is in los angeles. william, some scary video coming out of indonesia there. >> yes. you know, anit tax most sums are caused by earthquakes. falls and other rises have you displacement and that push creates a wave.
6:33 am
experts believe this was landslides after eruption of nearby volcano small enough that it did not trigger seismic monitors but large enough to push a wave 65 feet high rushing to shore. because it was not an earthquake and in the distance to neighboring islands is quite short, people had no warning including those attending a concert on the beach. >> when the show suddenly i heard people running away and saw the water had gone up to the mainland and hotel had been flooded by water. about 200 people were drug by the wave. >> so the death toll is still likely to rise as many remain missing. it happened saturday night around 9:30. resorts were filled with tourists celebrating christmas. the tsunami damaged or destroyed 700 homes, hotels and shops. more than 400 boats. officials set up emergency shelters. those displaced and a search team continue to dig through rubble looking for additional victims. so this volcano is just a
6:34 am
few hundred feet above the ocean's surface and it literally sits between these two islands. because of that, experts say, and the short distance, this landslide people would have had less than 10 minutes for the first wave to hit java and about an hour to hit sumatra to the south. >> anita: not much warning. william, thank you so much. >> rick: president trump experiencing staff turnover that we see in most administrations. but the departure of defense secretary mattis now alleging to the cabinet vacancies after u.n. ambassador nikki haley interior secretary ryan zinke and attorney general jeff sessions also left the administration. democratic minority leader and executive resident at american university of public affairs and ash wright g.o.p. political director in texas. former g.o.p. director in mexico and republican national committee. thank you for being here on
6:35 am
this christmas eve morning. >> absolutely. merry christmas eve. >> thanks for having us. >> rick: only like when they leave. is that fair. >> i hear your point there i think in the case of general mattis, this is someone who has been pretty uniformly supported someone who was recognized as a person that brought a wealth of experience to the position of the department of defense, that had the respect of those on the ground as far as troops are concerned. democrats and republicans alike. i think supported general mattis and i think democrats and republicans alike are disappointed in seeing his departure. >> ash, how much does a thinner cabinet matter? should americans worry about these empty posts? >> sure. well, i think it is a big loss for the president. mattis has the highest approval rating out of any of the cabinet members. i think, in the end, you know, when you consider with president trump is he a very
6:36 am
decisive leader. we have to remember that these cabinet members are just advisors to the president. in the end, he is responsible for the decisions he makes. he is the one elected by the american people. so, with all of the turnover in the cabinet, it really doesn't have a real meaningful effect on the administration. i think we can all agree the president is going to do what the president does. and he is owed a cabinet that or at least agrees with his policy decisions. they may disagree on details and how things are done, but, you know, where we are at today, i think that it really doesn't have a big effect on the president. >> rick: no one should be surprised that the president wanted to pull our troops out of syria. capri, he made this very well known during his campaign and also this past spring should we really be surprised if he and mattis have a difference of opinion that the general called it quits? >> i think that nobody should be surprised. because it is something that has been brought up previously. i think general mattis thought that he was going to
6:37 am
be able to change president trump's view on this issue. and obviously, you know, there has been a lot of concern surrounding this decision and the subsequent, you know, commitment at least view on behalf of president trump that turkish erdogan is going to pick up the slack there. there is a lot in this region. the issue of the kurds and the chaos in the middle east and particularly in syria and the role of isis is nothing new there. but, you know, too, the point of my republican colleague, president trump is going to do what he wants to do, which is very unique as far as presidents go. and in the sense that we have to remember who president trump is. he is the ceo of a privately held real estate development firm. is he used to making decisions unilaterally and the people that are part of his organization basically being advisors. i think he approaches the presidency in the same way rightly or wrongly. i think that's how he
6:38 am
presents and makes his decisions and how he interfaces with his cabinet, which, i think, is very different from previous administrations. >> rick: he made a career in reality television on firing people. so there is that. >> there is that. >> rick: ash, is this a surprise? are you seeing more turnover here than have you seen in previous administrations and was that something we could have predicted? >> sure, look, i think we have seen more turnover here than previous administrations. i think if you look back to president obama, he had -- during his first term, he had the highest amount of turnover in his second and third year. president trump has seen, you know, high amount in his first year and now second year i think what he needs to do is go back, fill his cabinet with leaders that will be true to him, that will stay with him for the long term through the midterm election. expect a quick confirmation through the senate. and then once he has that, he needs to carry on with the leadership that comes in
6:39 am
early in 2019 through the 2020 election. and that's what you see if you look in terms of history. there is a loft turnover in the second and third year. but then it essentially kind of evens out in the president's has laid the case for a more stable leadership moving into the 2020 election. i mean, look, we tend to look at president obama -- excuse me, president trump and say well, he has a lot of turnover but while, you know, the cabinet members are in office, we put all of the blame on president trump and then as soon as they resign we give all of the credited to the cabinet members. and that is part of the media. that's part of, you know, the liberal agenda working against president trump, but he really deserves a cabinet that is favorable to him, that is loyal to him. and that frankly can help advise him. we have to remember that these are just advisors and at the end of the day, he is still the commander-in-chief and was he a elected to lead our country. >> rick: with the time we
6:40 am
have left, your hopes and dreams for 2019 when it comes to the white house? >> i want to see more compromise. i want to see more compromise. and i call upon my fellow democrats to do the same. congress and the white house need to find a way to see eye to eye and there are places where they can work. infrastructure, making the tax cuts permanent and addressing the issues in healthcare. >> rick: how about you, ash? >> i want to see increase in jobs. just like my colleague i want to see less contentiousism in washington. i hope everybody take as deep breath, moves into a new year and trieds to get something done that's productive in washington, d.c. >> rick: i think america would love to see that. merry christmas eve. >> merry christmas eve. >> thank you. >> anita: christmas celebrations are now underway in bethlehem. thousands of pilgrims taking part in festivities there. ancient city seeing the most visitors in year. trey is live in bethlehem.
6:41 am
>> christmas eve in bethlehem is a combination of religious ceremonies and also a celebration of tourists who have come all around the world coming to bethlehem to try to celebrate this historic christmas eve for the birthplace of jesus christ. earlier today we did see the latin patriarch procession make its way from jerusalem to bethlehem. in that procession there were a number of boy scouts and girl scouts in the region. key religious representatives from the vatican. i do want to show you the scene behind me here in manger square outside of the basilica of the nativity. very large christmas tree here. and a lot of people that have gathered here. they are preparing for what is going to be a nightfall of music, concerts and celebration. again, there will be a midnight mass. another of other key religious events. you might see a lot of security here in this main square in bethlehem. that has a lot to do with some of the security
6:42 am
situation unfolding recently in the area. there have been a number of attacks recently that have left both israeli citizens and israeli social dead. certainly heightened security at this event but that is not stopping anyone here today from celebrating the christmas spirit. mahmoud abbas will be here to celebrate midnight mass along with other church goers in bethlehem for this historic night. anita? >> anita: looks very if he has been there. trey yings, thank you very much. >> a sudden pentagon shakeup over foreign policy differences as thousands of troops prepare to head home from syria and afghanistan. who is the president listening to on foreign policy? former white house chief of staff governor john sununu joins us ahead. >> by abruptly withdrawing from syria, president trump is handing a great big christmas gift to vacht of russia and to the ayatollah of iran.
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6:45 am
recognize the fact this sun popular in the beltway. recognize the fact it's unpopular in the defense department. very popular with ordinary american people. the people who ran when donald trump ran with. >> all due respect to democracy and i agree with you about that, do they really know what -- do they really know what the stakes are of pulling u.s. troops out and leaving the syrian defense force to the turkish slaughter and what the impact is going to be in iran? i mean, really we will make this a -- >> ordinary americans have no idea about those things.
6:46 am
they elect a president so that he does. and he has the complete understanding of what you just laid out. >> acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney facing tough questions on president trump's decision to withdraw troops from syria and afghanistan. that decision not sitting well with defense secretary jim mattis and top isis enscroi i have gre brett mcgurk both resigning their post after the president's decision. governor sununu, it is a pleasure to have you with us here today on christmas eve. thank you so much. >> merry christmas. >> that was indeed a tough interview yesterday with our chris wallace and acting chief of staff mick mulvaney. what do you think of what mulvaney said there about the people who elected him put their trust in president trump? >> well, i think that the president, obviously, as mulvaney said, gets advice from a lot of people. secretary of defense,
6:47 am
defense, secretary of defense, his national security advisor. senators like senator graham and so on. the question is who he listens. to say and i think he came in to office inclined to take the troops out of syria. so, for two years, those that were giving advice, at least convinced them to keep him there at that point, however, he has gone back, if you will, to his original instincts and made the decision to take them out and the public did hear that that was his perspective during the campaign. this is a tough decision for any president to put troops in to take troops out. and i suspect that the president over two years either decided we had made enough progress or that we had not made enough progress. either way he felt he had to take him out. >> over the years you have been a supporter of president trump on a number of his policies. what do you think of this
6:48 am
one? >> my personal feeling would have been to recommend to him to keep them there. to keep them in syria. to keep them in afghanistan. but again, this type of decision is what is happening on the ground. to be blunt about it there is virtually no public information as to what is really happening on the ground in syria. we had news reports from arranged the edge. the real information comes through. folks at the defense department fly intelligence and to the president. i suspect that pushed him over to return to his basic instinct of getting them out. >> and our chris wallace also talked to former white house chief of staff leon panetta who is also very critical of the president. let's take a listen to what he had to say on this. >> if you are in the white house where you really have to look at the situation and try to do what you can to
6:49 am
try to provide a little better stability for the country there is just too much chaos. too many crises going on. chaos and crises going on. a lot of people resigning, of course, mattis, mcgurk. we hear there are other resignations from the defense department coming. what advice would you give president trump? and let me ask you, do you think the white house is in a state of crisis and chaos? >> well, white houses are also in the state of angst and so i'm not surprised that there is angst there. i do feel that the new chief of staff's first job is to reestablish a little bit of the stability that was there a few months ago when general kelly seemed to have things under control. i think there will be a little bit more turnover. there always is at the two year mark. but, frankly, people have to understand with all due respect to leon panetta, i wish he had been as critical when obama pulled all of the troops out of iraq.
6:50 am
it's always easy to criticize. it's very hard for people to really appreciate the details of what drives the decision and i'm willing to see you what the next set of steps will be. >> we will all be watching that former governor john sununu, thank you so much for joining us, happy holidays and merry christmas. >> merry christmas, thank you, bye-bye. >> rick: british police say the 36 hour shutdown of gatwick airport may have been unnecessary. we will tell you why a live report from london next. >> anita: two children get early christmas present with a surprise visit. get the tissues ready for tears of joy ♪ terrific ♪ oh, there's no place like home for the holidays ♪ expedia introduces add on advantage, a new way to save on travel.
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>> anita: fox news alert for you now. we are keeping an eye on the dow. it's down triple digits in early trading. down about 300 points and, of course, this is the coming off the heels of the worst week in a decade for the dow this is not what you want christmas time. >> red is a christmas color, so is green. so i'm just saying like we're red now but maybe we go green soon. >> went that be great. >> yeah. let's turn it around. >> i love that good way to look at it? >> terrible start to the day. >> the long shutdown of great britain's second largest airport may not have been caused by a drone after all. london's gatwick airport was closed for 36 hours after several people said they saw a drone near the run waist. more than 120,000 passengers were delayed and now investigators say there may have been no drones flying
6:55 am
in the area. greg palkot has the latest. greg, drone or no drone? >> rick, that's the big question right now as the investigation does continue and the drone chaos that hit the u.k. gatwick airport. about 24 miles from where we are right now. and caused a lot of problems. a lot of people. the airport is the eighth biggest in europe about the size of seattle's international airport. there were in fact multiple sightings of drones. it was shut down wednesday night. >> thursday, parts of friday and arguably one of the busiest times of the year because of the holidays. yet, police over the weekend did say there is a possibility there was no drone. but i think that's just being careful about this because there is no confirmed video, rick, there is no telemetry backing this up. shear number of sightings point to the fact there probably was a drone or several drones. definitely, we know, this do not have a suspect. they arrested a couple friday night.
6:56 am
released them yesterday. live near the airport. they were interested in drones but they were nowhere staging this kind of thing. so, rick, the door-to-door search continues for the suspects, for the drones. they did find a damaged drone on the side of the airport. but, as you noted a lot of questions remain. >> rick: i have a source who says it was santa's sleigh it was not a drone. tawas santa the whole time. >> there you go. >> rick: greg, broader implications for the u.s. people say they see drones and then it shuts traffic down. >> absolutely, yeah, yeah, yeah. big implications for global air travel. large increase in use of drones. and, of course, the building use of air travel all around the world. there have been some crashes with private plains. there have been near misses with commercial aircraft. there is as you noted 100 sightings every month or at least every year no airport
6:57 am
of this size has been shut down for this duration. that's what is really focusing you can knock these things down with military. can you spot them but there is legal questions and there is money issues that's what people are looking at right now. rick, back to you. >> greg palkot in london. greg, merry christmas to you. >> thank you. >> a partial government shut down now in day three with nobody giving ground on the big stumbling blocks funding for the president's border wall. the latest on the stalemate coming up. welcome to tide pods talk with gronk. i'm gronk! i'm big and awesome, but this guy is little, can it really clean? heck yeah it can! it's concentrated detergent plus stain fighters plus odor flighers that fight for clean. boom! even this entire bottle can't beat tide pods. and now a word from future gronk: ugh... tide pods. if it's clean, it's got to be tide.
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♪ >> this is a fox news alert. president trump moving swiftly to fill the top spot at the pentagon. naming a new acting secretary of defense starting new year's day. welcome to a brand new hour of "america's newsroom," i am rick leventhal. >> i'm anita vogel bill and sandra have the day off. secretary of defense james mattis marching to the exit sooner than expected. the president forcing him out earlier than the general planned not waiting for mattis to leave at the end of february. mattis resigning over the president's decision to withdraw u.s. troops from syria. the white house saying it was time for mattis to go. >> i think that the president had known for quite some time now that secretary mattis and he did not share some of the same philosophies. they didn't have the same world view. you heard the president say a couple weeks ago he recognized that mr. mattis called him a democrat. recognized that he, i think mattis had to leave the
7:01 am
service of the obama administration over similar types of disagreements. so, no, i don't think it was a surprise. >> rick: lucas tomlinson is live at the pentagon with more on this. the relationship with general mattis showed some strain over the past few months. what's the view from the pentagon. >> that's right, rick. defense secretary mattis the president's decision to ultimately pull out of syria was the final straw there were other reasons mattis quit. the president's decision in a tweet before the army navy game appointing the army chief of staff general mark mille to become the next chairman of the joint chiefs was at odd with mattis, mattis' choice with the air force's top officer. on "fox news sunday" the acting chief of staff admitted to tensions. >> let's be honest with each other i think the relationship between these two men had been fraying. i think the president no longer relied on mattis to deliver the president's vision. >> in his resignation letter thursday, mattis admitted to tensions with the president saying they did not see eye to eye.
7:02 am
rick? >> rick: so, lucas, what's the time line here? when did the secretary learn that the president was going to force him out early? >> secretary of state mike pompeo called mattis early sunday morning to say that president trump was forcing him out two months early. robbing mattis of the chance to travel to nato ministerial meetings in brussels and to testify in front of congress. officials say the president was annoyed by mattis' resignation letter and said that he didn't want to give mattis the opportunity to speak publicly. the former cia director and defense secretary leon panetta says leaving syria before isis is defeatside a mistake. >> we have made good progress no, question about it we have made tremendous gains. this is not a time when you are dealing with terrorist groups who can reorganize and threaten the security of our country. this is not a time to back away from that responsibility. >> while the u.s. is pulling its forces out of syria in neighboring iraq more than 5,000 troops will remain on
7:03 am
the ground. officials say they could launch strike missions into syria if called upon. rick? >> rick: we have more on that later this hour. lucas tomlinson at the pentagon. lucas, thank you. >> anita: another fox news alert. day three of the partial government shut down after meeting over the weekend, the senate was adjourned until thursday. majority leader mitch mcconnell urging some level of compromise. >> the president at home will need his signature from democrats from whom we will need votes, reach an agreement. no procedural votes, no test votes, just a meaningful vote on a bipartisan agreement whenever that is reached. and my hope that it's reached sooner rather than later. >> our ellison barber is at the white house tracking all of this, ellison is the white house saying they must have that $5 billion for border security or no deal
7:04 am
have been saying it all weekend that they need $5 billion for border security and some sort of physical barrier. a senior administration official briefed reporters on saturday and said that was what they expected from congress. of course, things moved pretty fast around here 24 hours of that briefing mike pence and mick mulvaney were on their way to capitol hill to meet with democratic senator chuck schumer and give him a counter offer. the white house says that offer is somewhere between 1.3 billion and 5 billion. >> the ball is in the senate's court. of course, keep in mind any bill that comes out of the senate on this topic will have to have 60 votes and democrat support. they are 1.3 yesterday we were 5 billion. we moved off of the 5 we hope they move up from 1.3. >> democratic source tells fox news the latest offer from the white house is 2.1 billion for border security and that includes new fencing, plus
7:05 am
400 million for other immigration priorities. mulvaney says it is possible that this shut down will go into the new year. anita? >> when the white house says they want a physical barrier, we have seen the president tweet out photos of sort of a something with slats is that more amenable to the democrats? do you think they might go for something like that? >> seaferg game of semantics when it comes to this particular fight. the white house says he needs a wall that democrats don't need a wall the white house says it's more so a steel flat barrier. they are calling it a fence, a physical barrier. the president tweeted this photo last week and the white house describes it as a steel flatted fence. they say this is what they want to build they have told the democrats this is exactly what they want to build white house claims the democrats have supported this kind of thing in the past with a secure fence act at best playing a game of semantics want to agree to a wall. don't consider the steel
7:06 am
flats to wall at worse. the white house says this is all about politics for democrats presidents tweeting this morning strongly support a border wall or fence. only when i made it an important part of my campaign people drugs pouring into our country unchecked against it desperately need it. democrats say this is all about politics for the president and that he is throwing a temper tantrum and playing politics at the americans expense. >> anita: we will keep following. this thank you so much. >> you bet. >> rick: democratic leader chuck schumer and nancy pelosi say president trump has gotten what he wanted. pointing to this exchange they had with the president in the oval office two weeks ago. >> you shut it down, no, no, no. >> very quickly. i don't want to do what did you. >> 20 times have you called for i will shut down the government if i don't get my wall. none of us have said. >> you want to know something you? want to put that on me. i will take it?
7:07 am
>> you said? >> >> okay, good. if we don't get what we want, one way or another, whether it's through you, through a military, through anything you want to call, i will shut down the government. >> okay, fair enough. >> i am proud. >> we disagree. >> i am proud to shut down the government for border security. >> rick: since then the president has changed his tune tweeting the democrats know own the shutdown. who pays the political price down the line? karl rove deputy white house chief of staff to president bush and fox news contributor. karl, than merry christmas. >> after we finish talking get back to that job of getting the markets to turn around. >> rick: we will make that happen during this program now down 435. the president as we heard said he would take full responsibility for the shutdown and now he is blaming the democrats who wins? >> well, everybody loses. i think the president loses more than others.
7:08 am
last week there was a poll by suffolk for "u.s.a. today" about 42, 43% say the blame for the shut down would fall on the president. 30 percent said it would fall on both parties 20 odd percent said it would fall on democrats. everybody is going to walk away from this tarnished. washington is going to look more dysfunctional and look like it can't get its act together. the president is going toned up, i think, being blamed more in part because as we saw in that exchange in the oval office he said i own iting, i will be proud to do it. >> he did. we have seen fences work. we have seen border walls work. in fact, right here out west near san diego they improved the wall there and illegal crossing went down 90%. we know some democrats supporting a building a wall in the past. the president is pushing for it? >> yeah. look it's politics. let's be honest for it
7:09 am
schumer, senator hillary clinton, senator dianne feinstein were among the 80 members of the u.s. senate who supported george w. bush's secure fencing act in 2005 which authorized the construction of 700 miles of wall there was a recognition you didn't need a wall everyone. west texas, 150 miles long, the u.s. border is about 1100, 1200 feet up in the air. straight up a cliff. you don't need a wall there. there are places where it makes good sense. the united states has built about 650 miles of wall. schumer supported it when we -- when it was offered in 2005. he could easily justify this by saying yes, we are willing to give the president x dollars to spend 700 miles of wall that's been authorized and fin initiate wall built over a decade and in need of repair. >> rick: so much in politics in need of negotiation and doesn't look like these two side have the ability to negotiate. they have to though. >> democrats don't want to
7:10 am
negotiate, rick. they want to run the clock out. if congress -- if we don't arrive at a solution to this by january 3rd, the democrat majority will replace republican majority and the leverage that the republicans had b by passing a unified bill through the house getting it to the senate will have erased and democrats will have a hand in stopping the wall. you notice, the democrats understand the wall itself is not that popular. polls roughly in the high 30's. border security is very important. you will notice that every time a democrat says i'm against the wall. they say i'm for border security because that the pollsters tests really well with a large majority of americans say yeah, we need to secure the border and increase the border security and we have particularly on our southern border. >> rick: semantics, have you had the president's ear before not this one maybe do you have the president's ear i don't know. he often watches. what's your advice to president trump? >> i'm not certain i have good advice he has been
7:11 am
reasonable about this. by saying look i have said five and i'm willing to settle for less. you offered 1.6. can't we settle some place in the middle? again, the democrats have no incentive whatsoever to negotiate a deal before the end of the year. they want to have him suffer political wound they want to strengthen their hands as democrats come into control of the house. they want to say though their base we are going to take them on next two years and look how we started off with a political win. i wish he had not done the televised meeting from the oval office. never good to see how sausage is made. the legislative sausage making of this deal, once exposed lock people into a position and chuck schumer as we saw the other day on the floor of the senate is locked into the idea of the only way you are going to get this president is to give up to abandon the wall. the president has a moral obligation not to. schumer should know that he voted to authorize 700 miles of it. if he thought it was such a bad idea back then, why devote for it.
7:12 am
>> rick: karl rove, we appreciate your insight. unfortunately now i'm thinking about sausage being made but, you know, merry christmas to everyone. >> i will send you some nice venison sausage. >> rick: on the record. >> anita: i'm hungry. nearly 400 people killed more than 1400 injured when a tsunami hit nonged saturday without warning. officials warning more deadly waves could strike in the coming days. as a continues to erupt. our william la jeunesse is live in los angeles with the latest. good to see you. what more can you tell us? >> well, let's take a look at some ariels from the volcano that caused the tsunami. we have that for you right now. unlike tsunamis cawtszed by earthquake which show up on seismic monitors giving at least a short warning, this one was caused when a volcano triggered a landslide. underneath the surface of the ocean that prompted the
7:13 am
tsunami a wave 65 feet. 170 dead. 1,000 injured. it happened on saturday night as tourists and others were celebrating the holidays. here you see christians on the island attending a service. praying for the victims. residents who had homes are now opening theirs to those who don't. anita? >> anita: william, we keep hearing there was no warning for these folks. why is that? could there have been a warning? could they have gotten some notice so they could prepare? >> yes and no. so, there are two types of tsunami warning systems. one seismic monitors that detect earthquakes around the globe. the other are buies that detect a wave height in the pacific. this eruption did not show up on earthquake monitors because it wasn't a an earthquake. indonesia this chain of thousands of mostly small islands doesn't have the buoy system that we would
7:14 am
say outside of hawaii even if it did, experts are saying this landslide was so close to sure it took the first wave of three waves, less than 10 minutes they hit the beaches of java about an hour to hit sumatra not enough time working parts of all warning systems likely to have given these victims much time. anita? >> anita: we know that death toll is likely to rise. william, thank you so much. rick? >> rick: president trump bashing bob corker after the republican senator attacks the president's battle to build a border wall. and the president shaking things up at the pentagon as well as he keeps his promise to bring u.s. troops home from syria. >> anita: plus, the political standoff over the government shut down. >> we need the democrats to give us their votes. call it a democrat shut down. call it whatever you want. let's get out. let's work together. let's be bipartisan and let's get it done.
7:15 am
the shutdown hopefully will not last long.
7:16 am
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>> anita: welcome back. 18 minutes after the hour now. a florida dad served in the air force surprising his three children with an early christmas present. the kids overjoyed to see their father lieutenant colonel alfredo laboy after a one-year deployment. they didn't think he would come home until the end of january [inaudible] see him and i thought oh, i feel so happy. all years combined this is better. >> than all the presidents. >> this is the best gift ever. >> to have him here. to have him in my arms again is amazing.
7:19 am
>> anita: dad will be home for 10 days. his family says they have everything they want for christmas. rick? >> rick: was that awesome as advertised president trump sent james mattis packing earlier than wante expected. sparking strong reaction on the sunday talk shows. >> i think the relationship between these two men had been fraying. i think the president no longer relied on mattis to be able to deliver the president's vision. >> i was one of many senators who privately sat down with general mattis and said please stay. stay as long as you possibly can. we desperately need your mature voice. your patriotism in the room when this president is making life or death decisions about national security it obviously reached a breaking point. >> i'm devastated by this
7:20 am
what mattis did is very important to our country it matters to our country and foreign interest and citizens. >> rick: with us now david martin editor ever "the washington examiner." merry christmas to you. thank you for being with us. >> nice to be here. >> rick: we are larrying a lot of strong reaction. >> >> absolutely. secretary mattis has become a divisive figure at least in the trump administration. he was seen during the first two years or so of the trump tenure in office by some as an adult in the room. someone to keep, critics away from his worst impulses now though he is on his way out and the administration is not really bidding him a really fond farewell. >> rick: the president has also been noted kept his promise he said he was going to move the troops out of syria and now he is doing it? >> that's right. this should be no surprise to anybody who watched the 2016 presidential election you might agree or disagree with it essentially along the lines of what trump said
7:21 am
he was going to do not just in the middle east but i think we should watch for elsewhere in the world asia and other parts of the globe. >> rick: are we in good hands with the deputy defense secretary taking the reigns. >> mr. shanahan is basically a technocrat. he is the deputy. somebody who makes the logistics run. he has a background in the private sector. he was executive at boeing for a number of years working on airliners. he has got advanced engineer degrees from mit. so he has got the technical background probably not somebody who would stay on in a full-time capacity. but he certainly knows how to run the department, at least in the short-term. >> rick: he will be there for now. >> yes. what comes next is an open questions. the president has not said who might succeed him and also what the confirmation hearings might be like. it could get touchy. >> rick: critics have said we are doing russia and iran a favor by leaving syria and leaving this is the hands of turkey basically to do the
7:22 am
rest of the mopup. are we doing iran and russi rusa a favor? there is a lot of ways to think. so iran has wanted influence in syria. they have a lot of troops there depending on what you define it as. turkey has its own reasons. they are likely to come down hard on the kurds in northern syria could be ugly. at the same time, there are a lot of arguments for pulling out troops because what are they doing there in the end? is it in american interest? long running debate and something not clearly along left and right and liberal and conservative. you withdraw from syria will be slow and highly coordinated. we have troops in iraq and they can and will carry out syria when necessary. it's not like we are just leaving and that's it? >> right there.
7:23 am
is still, of course, air bases in turkey and other parts of that region. >> rick: right. >> not to mention probably intelligence assets left behind that don't get discussed as much. so, yes. it's not like a complete pullout. the one thing is though it caught allies by surprise. great britain, many others in the region, israel, et cetera. they did not know this was coming. i think that's what's causing a lot of the concern. >> rick: it also seems that maybe secretary mattis didn't know it was coming and members of the president's administration didn't know it was coming. the president does what the president wants to do. >> right. general mattis had made arguments against this apparently in private. he was overridden. that's the president's prerogative. he is the commander-in-chief. he gets to make those decisions. general mattis apparently thought it was a bridge too far and he had to go after that. >> rick: we spoke during the break about what a wild couple of years it's been in washington where you're based and you think it's going to get even crazier in the next year too we have
7:24 am
several top cabinet officials definition secretary the attorney general is still outstanding. have you some others where the top people have not been confirmed. then, of course, we have the stock market tanking. we have all these other international crises and democrats are set to take the majority in the house of representatives in just couple weeks or. so less than that, they will have subpoena power over the administration. they can meat things pretty uncomfortable for team trump. >> rick: the president promised he would turn things on its ears and he has. >> in that way he has kept his promise. maybe you like it, maybe you don't but he has followed through. >> rick: thank you for your time today. >> thank you. >> anita: the partial government shut down hinging on the battle of border security. the big question, how long will it go on? our panel ways in. >> rick: border wall standoff spilling over to twitter as senator bob corker reignites his twitter feud with president trump. >> this is a made-up fight
7:25 am
so the president can look like is he fighting. even if he wins, our borders are going to be insecure so i ony for what i need. and as a man... uh... or a woman... with very specific needs that i can't tell you about- say cheese. mr. landry? oh no. hi mr. landry! liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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7:29 am
>> rick: silver line something it was down 400 points a little while ago so maybe we are on our way back. >> anita: we can only hope for a rally. >> rick: let's go people, maybe you heard about this ongoing feud spilling over upon corker and president trump trade shots over border security. >> this is purposefully contrived fight at the end of the day no matter who wins our borders are still going to be insecure. this is a made-up fight so the president can look like is he fighting. even if he wins, our borders are going to be insecure. >> rick: just moments ago president trump tweeted this. for all of the sympathizers out there brett mcgurk obama appointees loading up airplanes in $1.8 billion in cash and sending it to iran as part of the horrific iran
7:30 am
nuclear deal, now terminated approved by quote little bob corker. >> rick: rich edson is live in washington. this fight doesn't seem to be ending any time soon. >> no, it doesn't, rick, it's a common venue for these incorporation changes as well twitter. the president responded to senator corker's comments earlier writing quote senator corker just stated that i'm so privileged to serve in the senate for 12 years and that's what i told the people of our state that's what i would do, serve for two terms. that is not true. wanted to run but poll numbers tanked when i wouldn't endorse him. bob corker was responsible for giving us the horrible iran nuclear deal which i ended and bad mouthed me for wanting to bring our young people safely back home. bob wanted to run and asked me for my endorsement. i said no and the game was over. #maga i love tennessee. corker then responded to the president yes, just like mexico is paying for the
7:31 am
wall #alert the day care staff. he opposed iran nuclear deal with the obama administration finalized it in 2015. corker is retiring at the end of this year, rick. >> rick: i just googled how tall is bob corker and according to google he is 5'7". >> okay. >> rick: these two have locked horns before also. >> 2017 he called the white house an adult day care center adding someone had missed their ship after the president tweeted similar criticism of corker. president attacked corker after the tennessee republican claimed secretary of state rex tillerson, defense secretary james mattis and white house chief of staff john kelly separating our country from chaos. all three are left or are leaving the administration, rick. >> rick: no dull days in washington. rich edson, thank you very much. submit nit meanwhile day three of the partial government shut down and still no deal in sight as the white house and democrats reach a stalemate
7:32 am
over border security funding. so with so much uncertainty on the hill, incoming acting chief of staff mick mulvaney says don't expect the shutdown to end any time soon. >> i don't think things are going to move very quickly here for the next couple days. i think that is very possible that the shut down about go beyond the 28th and in to the new congress. >> anita: let's bring in our panel john summers and boyd matson former chief of staff for senator mike lee and opinion editor. first of all, welcome to you both and thank you for joining us on this christmas eve. >> merry christmas thanks for having me. >> merry christmas. >> anita: john, let me start with you. you go back. you may remember me blowing up your email in 2010 trying to convince to you get harry reid to sit down with us and
7:33 am
you made that happen he was willing to make a compromise. is that's what's missing right now we need compromise? >> i think you hit the nail on the head there. harry reid is a classic example of a master dealmaker in washington. we are seeing fewer and fewer of those types of folks here in d.c. the problem what we are seeing now is that this is all about donald trump. this isn't about him doing what's best for the country. he actually made the decision to do what's best for the country by trying to avoid a government shut down he blinked because he started getting extreme criticism from voices in his party and that's what he decided to shut down. as we seen already and trump already this morning conceded democrats are actually for a strong border security we have actually provided funding for physical barriers as well as drones and other things. not for open borders the way he and the republicans like to try to say.
7:34 am
it is a matter of compromise if we can get him to the table and actually start working with us i think we can get there. >> anita: okay, boyd, let me bring you in on this. it seemed like maybe the president has already compromised in terms of what he wants. we started out with a concrete wall. that's what he wanted and now we are seeing pictures of fences with slats. is that compromise? >> i think there is plenty of room for compromise out there. a lot of this is just semantics. a lot of it is just what has been the latest polster approved consultant certified language that for both the left and the right as jon rightly pointed out the democrats have voted for up to billion dollars for fences and border security. i think there is clearly space in there this someone of those classic washington, d.c. fake fights followed by a false choice. it's all there because congress continues to not do their job through regular order keep doing continuing
7:35 am
resolutions we have done for a decades instead of passing. fiscal cliff and shut down fight. that's not doing the work of the american people. i think they should all be back in washington, d.c. they can get this thing done in an afternoon if they are willing to engage. right now all we have a lot of shoulder shrugging going on. pointing fingers, placing blame. we always talk about we stand on the shoulder of giants in this country. we stand on our sthowrldz because they were willing to square them. democrats and republicans and the president need to square up and deal with this issue and let's move the country forward. >> anita: okay, jon, you used to advise former senator harry reid on some very big issues where there was a need for compromise what would you advise the senate leaders now. >> to do what boyd just are are just said we can't move from crisis to crisis to crisis to fund the government. he is right. they should be here in
7:36 am
washington and working this stuff out. they shouldn't be on vacation right now. here is what happens during a government shut down. as we saw in 2013 when the government shut down for a few days over obamacare. $24 billion was lost in our economy. we have about a million people who are either not working or who are working and not getting paid, including folks in the military and border patrolling. imagine now that feels to be separated from your family and not being paid for your work all at the same time they have responsibility to get together in the same room and iron things out. >> anita: they are on 24 hour notice to come back to washington if they had something to talk about. boyd, realistically, how long is this going to take where someone is willing to step forward and make a compromise? >> sadly, i think it's going to take a few more days before that very reason. they will look at the polsters and how this plays out. it's going to be a political decision rather than a good policy decision for the people of the country.
7:37 am
and that's the problem i think john and i could probably get this thing worked out in an hour. this is not that complicated. those of us out here in the west we know how to get it done. but, i do hope that the president will come to the table. i hope that mitch mcconnell calls the senate back in to session quickly. i hope nancy pelosi is ready to step forward and do her part in this. let's get it done. it's not that complicated. we can show that compassion and rule of law as it relates to our border, those are compatible principles. we go k. get this thing done. >> if everyone could agree like you gentlemen this morning and different sides of the aisle we maybe could get something done. thank you so much for both of you joining us this morning and certainly be watching this one. >> thanks aknitted tax merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> rick: for the first time united nations world food program is facing six food emergencies simultaneously largely dued to armed conflicts around the world. amy kellogg is live in
7:38 am
millan, italy. scant resources for a lot of need. where is the most urgent case? >> yeah, rick, you know, this is the time of year when we tend to take stock of the year that was. and unfortunately as you mentioned 2018 found the world food program dealing with more food emergencies than it is used to hunger on decline past year or so yemen most critical case that the world food program is dealing with half of the population is food insecure. in other words, doesn't have enough to eat. estimates are 85,000 children so far have died of starvation during the conflict there world food programs recounts a recent visit to a hospital in yemen. >> when i see a little child, feet sticking out the blanket went t to tickle to get a smile. it was like tickling a ghost. children are dying.
7:39 am
every 10 to 11 minutes a child dais preventable death. it's a man made conflict and needs a man made solution. >> now, rick on a woive note u.n. team went into yemen critical to keep that cease-fire that's recently been declared intact so aid supplies can get in, rick. >> rick: where are some of these other problem spots and are there any surprises on the list? >> burma have had an issue with the muslims fleeing in the tens of thousands in the last year or. so many are saying that they are fleeing actually ethnic cleansing and they are hunkered down in crowded camps in bangladesh. nigeria a country awash in oil but suffering from conflict. coca haram is best known for kidnapping and brazen terrorist attacks also causing acute hunger.
7:40 am
people have been forced off land and now depend on handouts. then there is the post conflict trouble. for example, raqqa was liberated from islamic state in syria to much fanfare. what is left? what are people going back to? how will they source clean water? how will they get food? that is a challenge for people working in the field in 22019 world food program founded by americans. america idea happens to be based in italy. americans are the biggest funders to the world food program as they look to 2019 they are grateful for all the help they get but concerns that the aid will keep coming because these crises keep coming. and as i said hunger was on the decline it's now object increas -- nowon the increase. >> rick: amy kellogg, thank you from millan. >> anita: president trump's decision to withdraw from syria getting criticism on
7:41 am
both sides of the aisle. but at least one prominent republican is offering his support. >> does anybody -- waited us out and the taliban are going to wait us out. they know we will eventually leave. and leave we must. i don't think we have enough money to be paying to build and rebuild and build and rebuild afghanistan. the president is right. i think the people agree with him. let's rebuild america. let's spend that money here at home. >> anita: so where does the syria strategy go from here? retired four star general jack keane joins us next. >> rick: and the grinch getting some competition. why the police have rudolph the red nosed reindeer on the run ♪ run, run rudolph ♪ oh! oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪ (vo) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven
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some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you. >> rick: look out for a thief seasonal disguise. burglar dressed as rudolph caught on video stealing from a business. the crook i'm told briefly removed her disguise and i don't know if we are going to see it but the brief removal of the mask showed her face and police are asking for help to identify rudolph the red nosed reindeer so santa can put this thief on the naughty list. we are not going to see it. >> anita: okay. well, president trump
7:46 am
feeling the heat decision last week to pull all 2,000 american troops out of syria and draw down about half of our fighting force in afghanistan. many republicans have slammed the move but the president has at least one support errand paul. the kentucky senator praising the decision comparing the nearly two decade mission in the middle east to a hugely unpopular vietnam war. >> the president is right and i think the people agree with him. let's rebuild america. let's spend that money here at home. we have been there 17 years. we have been in the middle east most of that time. it's not precipitous. the president promised when we went into syria our goal was to wipe out isis. we took 99% of the land. they have are on the run. we have to do everything? we defeated isis. but now you have the hawks in the administration and throughout congress saying oh now we have to wait until russia and iran leave syria. well, that was never our goal and it's never going to happen.
7:47 am
>> anita: joining us now is fox news senior strategic analyst general jack keane. general, merry christmas to you. thank you for joining us this morning. >> merry christmas to you, too, a. >> anita: nit let's hear from chris coons who has been very critical on this. let's hear what he has to say. >> i think by abruptly withdrawing from syria, president trump is handing a great big christmas gift to vladimir putin of russia and to the a toll la khamenei of iran. there is a foreign policy decision cheered by vladimir putin and rand paul, that's a pretty good sign it's a terrible idea. >> anita: tough words from senator coons. seems like the president finds himself in a little bit of a strange decision here being criticized for possibly not being tough enough on isis now. what do you have to say about that? >> well, i have spoken publicly on this a number of
7:48 am
times. i mean, i totally disagree with the decision and but i do think there is an opportunity because the new developments to possibly modify the decision. and that is that the saudis are coming forward now with the full throated money to do the reconstruction effort in northeastern syria that we had promised the people as a result of the conflict to destroy isis in the vicinity of the town of raqqa and the town around it schools destroyed, most of the infrastructure. there is no electricity. the water treatment plants aren't working so we had a plan he want the somebody else to pay for it other than the united states. the saudis are willing to do that in full. i think given that reality i think we should modify our decision to pull out of the near term to secure that
7:49 am
area so the reconstruction effort can go forward and be completed and isis does not interfere with it isis does not want the people in that area being indebted to sunni arabs or to the united states at all. they have been telling us. i know this from the institute study of war has been reporting for weeks that isis has been telling the people in the area. see, the united states told you they were going to take care of you and they haven't done it: you can imagine what they are saying now given the fact we will be pulling out of there. i do think there is a new opportunity here to get that effort done. after all, we did participate in that conflict better part of a year. >> right. general keene, do you think the president will listen to that advice, advice from you and from others to modify his plan and perhaps leave some troops there. >> i don't know certainly if the advice doesn't come from
7:50 am
me it will come from john bolton and the secretary of state mike pompeo. i think president trump has always surrounded himself with a very good national security team and he still has that and i'm sure he will find a very capable relace placement for general mattis. yes that will come as a result of that advice. i do think one of the things that happened to the president here, a little bit of an injustice to him. foul. we had a major decision here but no meeting of the entire interagency to vet that decision. what i mean by that is the national security council sill. secretary of state, secretary of defense, the cia director, secretary of treasury. >> national security advisor at large come together making a decision. here is the risk. allies how are we going to inform them and political liability of it as well. i think when you get all of that information together, you are able to make maybe a
7:51 am
better decision or measured decision or make sure the allies before you drop the decision. >> anita: love to hear more from you but the computer is going to cut us off. >> yeah i got it i'm used to tv. >> anita: more in a moment. ♪ i'll help you carry on ♪ ♪ lean on me.
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7:54 am
>> rick: an army veteran and purple heart recipient gets a new home for christmas. he was power linized in afghanistan. the tunnel 2 towers organization got him a mortgage-free smart home. frank siler joins us now. >> thanks for having me. >> the organization was founded to honor your fallen brother steven as i recall steven cyri siler have.
7:55 am
>> travis was hurt in 2012. had to wait a long time for his specially adapted house. he off ipad. is he paralyzed. quadriplegic. give him back a lot of his independence. we are glad to be age to do. this there are so many others out there that need these type of homes that specially adapted for their injuries and tunnel 2 towers we have committed to building 200 of those smart homes. >> rick: have you already built dozens of them. >> 75 have been delivered or under construction. we do now for gold star families. we delivered 14 mortgage free homes to gold star families. we pay off mortgages for fallen first responders, firefighters and police officers. you see how many police officers being shot because wearing the color blue. we are asking most americans a lot of your viewers, support us $11 a month, $11 a month if they donate that, they can do all this work
7:56 am
that we need to do for $11 a month. >> rick: how do they do that? >> go to tunnel 2 my brother ran through the brooklyn battery tunnel on 9/11. so with the tunnel 2 towers foundation, tunnels to $11 a month change all these lives. all the families i talked about. still dying protecting our country and community. steve: you are doing amazing work so sad there is so much need but so great you are trying to fill it. >> >> your viewers have been phenomenal over the years. and we count on it just once again if everybody, your viewers $11 a month. you could change all the lives. >> rick: step up, folks, time to step up. >> thank you, frank. >> as the border wall battle rages on capitol hill, the insults are flying online as senator bob corker and the president call on each other. they called him on the carpeting. more on this with former
7:57 am
utah congressman jason chaffetz coming up next. xt. and still going for my best, even though i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib not caused by a heart valve problem. so if there's a better treatment than warfarin... i want that too. eliquis. eliquis is proven to reduce stroke risk better than warfarin. plus has significantly less major bleeding than warfarin. eliquis is fda-approved and has both. what's next? reeling in a nice one. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily and it may take longer than usual for any bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden sign of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. eliquis, the number one cardiologist-prescribed blood thinner. ask your doctor if eliquis
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>> anita: fox news alert. we are three days into a partial government shut down with no deal in sight. welcome to a brand new hour of "america's newsroom," everyone, i'm anita vogul. >> rick: i'm rick leventhal. bill and sandra are off. one more hour to go. >> anita: can you make it. >> rick: yes. >> anita: okay, good. >> rick: shutdown could last well into the new year. republicans and democrats dig in stumbling block funding the president's border wall. doug mckelway is live on capitol hill with more. doug? >> rick, there is no flurry of last-minute negotiating going on here. it is very, very quiet. i strolled over to the senate shame percen chambers. the house gaveled in 10:30 this morning and immediately gaveled out proforma session. the senate expected to do the same right about now. in fact, it is so quiet that for the first time in my
8:01 am
experience i was able to go down into the basement of the russell rotunda three stories now from where i now stand and listen for the sound of the fabulous echo of footsteps off the ceiling unincumbered by other human sounds. listen up. [tapping] and because it is so quiet, there is a growing sense that this government shutdown, partial shutdown could last into the new year, perhaps into the new congress. it centers around nancy pelosi, who republicans feel is really the voice, the driving force behind the democrats' strategy. listen to mic mulvane on "fox news sunday." >> there simply occasion for nancy pelosi's election for the speakership. i think she is now in that unfortunate position of being beholden to her left wing to where she cannot be seeing as agreeing with the president on anything until after she is speaker. if that's the case, again, i think there is a chance we go into the new congress. >
8:02 am
>> just to clarify a little bit. pelosi needs the votes of the democratic freshman class to become speaker when the new congress is sworn in on january 3rd. most of those new freshman are open borders and do not want to pay for any kind of a wall she doesn't want to alien nate them by negotiating with the president before she is speaker and potentially lose their votes. the democrats reject that characterization and say this is all the president's doing. >> the president just a few days ago said he was proud to author of a shutdown of his own government that he was elected to be the commander-in-chief and chief executive. it really is in the president's hands to decide. he says it's an issue of border security. we think we know better. it's an issue of his own political insecurity. >> what durbin has done we need to find a bipartisan solution to border security yet, they are not willing to budge at least at this point at least in providing funds for physical barrier in that area. as we know, illegal
8:03 am
crossings have increased over 90% in the last two months. >> the effects of this partial shutdown have been negligible to date. we know that it started on a weekend. today the federal holiday. tomorrow is a federal holiday. the rest of the week is going to be very, very slow. so the effects won't really be felt until we start the new year and perhaps the new congress if the shutdown is still in effect. and, at that point there is three people who are going to feel the sting of a shutdown, nancy pelosi, schumer, and president trump. rick, back to you. >> rick: now we know that you can tap dance. >> not very well. [laughter] >> rick: that was a pretty fascinating demonstration doug mckelway. >> thank you for that, rick. >> rick: it was our pleasure. >> anita: all right then. more on this now with is a saraj writer for "the washington examiner." thank you so much for joining us today. >> thank you for having me anita. : thes two sides
8:04 am
really seem locked. in their heels are dug in here. you know, what do you see happening next? >> well, to doug mckelway's point, we are actually going to have for a government shutdown or partial shutdown into the new year, it will likely happen after nancy pelosi becomes speaker of the house in which we actually will come to a resolution on this i don't see any figure between 1 and 5 billion being reached. all or nothing. just the fact that he is fighting shores up trump's base for 2020. if there wasn't a fight. if he actually agreed on the very first spending bill that they basically sent to him, you know, there would not be a second term. that's the fight we are seeing right now. as long as democrats don't want to give up on give trump a political victory, we are going to see a partial shutdown for at least into the new year.
8:05 am
>> anita: okay. and as i said, both sides really seem dug in. we have some sound from both sides. let's hear first from congressman sis lien on border security funding. >> this notion of like this is urgent, i need the money. the president has $1.6 billion that he hasn't spent yet. let's just be smart about it democrats are as committed to border security as republicans democrats are as committed to border security as republicans. is that a fair statement? >> at this moment it doesn't seem like a fair statement because democrats same to be all in favor of keeping the government shut down in order to prove that they don't want to give any money so building a border wall. 5,005,000,000 in the grand scheme. it's a multibillion, multitrillion-dollar with the government. $5 million is very minuscule to that i think the president has probably pointed that out. and it's actually a valid
8:06 am
point to make that $5 billion is a far fry what he originally called for in early of 2018 which was around $25 billion. >> right. so much politics swirling around this issue of border security. let's hear now from the republicans. and here is some sound from mark meadows. >> nancy pelosi is actually the leader of the minority leader in the senate and so, they have come at an impasse. this is all about trying to make sure that donald trump does not secure the border and it's really more out of their dislike for this president than really about the communities that they are really should be upholding to make sure that they are safe. >> siraj, as a reporter how do you think this goes over with the american public? they see this fighting at christmas time and don't you think the people want to get past this and come up with some kind of a deal? >> well, to be honest, i don't see anyone in the
8:07 am
grander scheme outside the beltway of washington, d.c. actually caring about the government being partially shut down. most people actually care about the stock market and what hurts their wallets the most. especially around christmas time because people have to make sure that they have a job into the new year after spending so much money on family and friends. but, yeah, with respect to actual fighting people don't want to fight around the holidays. it's not obviously in the christmas spirit. if we're looking at the grander scheme again. that's this is about the principle of giving president trump the political victory with respect to funding for the border wall. democrats want to give anything. >> anita: doesn't seem like it's going to end any time soon. siraj, thank you for joining us today. >> thank you for having me. >> rick: after president trump pushed jim mattis' departure up by two months. appointing shanahan as acting defense chief.
8:08 am
lucas tomlinson is more on this. >> a tweet sunday, the president appointed mattis' deputy patrick shanahan to become acting defense chief beginning next week. two months prior to expected. on "fox news sunday," mattis' acting chief of staff president trumpens acting chief of staff tensions have been simmering in recent months. >> let's be honest with each other. i think the relationship between these two men have been fraying. the president lo longer relied on mattis to be able to deliver the president's vision. >> patrick shanahan has no prior military experience and little foreign policy experience in government. he worked three decades in boeing. the world's largest aerospace company 787 dream liner and weapon systems and missile defense and other military aircraft as well. is he currently overseeing the president's space force proposal. secretary of state mike pompeo called mattis sunday morning telling him the president wanted him gone two months early blocking
8:09 am
mattis from a trip to brussels early next year and testifying before congress where mattis was sure to face tense questions about his policy differences with president trump. in his resignation letter, mattis told the president allies should be treated with respect. a clear knock on the president's views. the president minutes ago quote: we are militaries of many rich countries over the world. at the same time these countries take total advantage of the u.s. and our taxpayers on trade. general mattis did not see this as a problem. i do. and it is being fixed. former cia director and defense secretary leon panetta warned the president's decision to pull all his forces out of syria was a mistake. we have made good progress no question about it we have made tremendous gains. this is not a time you are dealing with terrorist groups who can reorganize and threaten the security of our country.
8:10 am
this is not a time to back away from that security. >> troops being pulled out of syria. over 5,000 will remain in neighboring iraq and could be used to launch missiles into syria in called upon. rick? >> rick: lucas tomlinson. thank you. >> anita: a tsunami hit two heavily populated islands without warning. rescuers working around the clock to find survivors. why those on the island nation may still be in danger. >> rick: plus, a war of words between president trump and senator bob corker over the partial government shutdown. how president trump is responding after corker blasted him on sunday. former utah congressman jason chaffetz joins us next. >> now, the government is shut down over what ultimately is going to be $2 billion. this is a made up fight so that the president can look like he is fighting but even if he wins, our borders are going to be insecure.
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
insecure. >> anita: welcome back. 13 minutes after the hour now. a big food recall alert just before christmas. jenny-o recalling 164,000 pounds of raw ground turkey products that may be contaminated with salmonella. look for markings on pass jages use or freeze by november 12th or 13th. they can be found in these states, arizona, california, florida, georgia, iowa,
8:14 am
illinois, indiana, louisiana, michigan, minnesota, missouri, new mexico, nevada, ohio, oklahoma, texas, and wisconsin basically almost the entire country. the announcement comes as federal officials confirmed more than 200 salmonella cases across the nation. if you think your ground turkey is on the recall list just throw it out. >> i do think this mexico three months is going to be very important three months for our country. i'm cheering the guys on that are there. i think these next three months could well determine whether he decides to run again or not. i think it's going to be very important for our country that the united states senate really dig in and make sure we don't make other colossal mistakes as it relates to foreign policy. i think the stage is going to be set and we will see. again, only he knows what he is going to do next. >> outgoing senate foreign
8:15 am
relations chair bob corker taking a shot at president trump at the partial government shutdown drags on over border security. the president is firing back in a tweet saying, quote: senator bob corker just stated that i'm so privileged to serve in the senate for 12 years and that's what i told the people of our state that's what i would do. serve for two terms. but that is not true, the president wrote. wanted to run but poll numbers tanked when i wouldn't endorse him. let's bring in former you call congressman jason chaffetz also a fox news contributor. sir, thank you very much for being with us. merry christmas. >> good morning. merry christmas. >> rick: can't wait to hear what you have to say about this. >> listen, i appreciate the service of mr. corker. the president is right on this. the president needs to build this wall. last month more than 60,000 people that were apprehended by the border patrol. listen to what the border patrol wants. forget all the senators. what does the border patrol. [they want a wall.
8:16 am
the president is trying to deliver that i think the democrats are in a really tough spot on this. some of those centrists are republicans who won't support it either. they are in a really bad spot. the democrats have supported abolishing ice. they support sanctuary cities. they don't want to secure the border. that's a bad position to be in going into 2020. >> rick: i know you agree fences work if they are built right they work. >> yeah. >> rick: we have seen the results of well-built walls people can't cross illegally and isn't that what americans want. >> if you talk to the border patrol and i have been many times on foot in helicopters. i have been down there multiple times. i tell you when you are looking at that wide expanse of 2,000 miles or so of border i'm sorry to the south, they have got to have some impediment to people coming north. yes, we have got it fight
8:17 am
them with the other technology products that we have from cameras to motion sensors to drones. we do all of that but you also need a physical barrier. the president is calling for the multipronged approach to this. see this wall and stops and becomes bashe barbed wire. it's a joke. let these border patrol agents do what they want to do and they want a wall. >> rick: many of these democrats opposing the current suggestion to build more wall and more fencing supported it in the past but they don't anymore. >> that's rightment security fence act there have been proposals by mr. schumer in the past for tens of billions of dollars. the president has really given a lot. he started the year saying 25 billion. now down to 5 billion. now they are suggesting less than 2 billion. what do you got to do to get the job done? that's the problem.
8:18 am
listen, look at the caravan and look at the 60,000 apprehensions. give these people the men and women of the border patrol some help down there and give them the $5 billion. i think it should be actually more than that to secure the southern border. >> congressman, senator corker said even if the president wins this battle, the border will still be insecure. is that true? >> very telling $5 billion is in the enough. it's actually going to take more than that to secure the border. we have to get rid of the rewards and incentives of people coming here illegally. take care of the people who come here legally and never leave visa oversays and things like that. you are fighting with democrats who want to abolish, literally aabolish ice. immigration and customs enforcement. the very people who would get the criminal element that appear in this country and expel. them. barack obama, i think it was more than 80,000 people that were here illegally
8:19 am
committed a crime and got convicted and then ordered to be deported and didn't do it. let them back out into the united states. that's what we are up against. the democrats, they're fundamentally on the wrong side of this issue. they are so fixated at juxtaposing donald trump that they are missing the bigger picture that i think america figures out which is security of our country. >> rick: congressman, are you glad to be out of the mix or do you wish you were in this fight right now. >> i like being in the fight but i also like being at home with my wife and kids a lot more. it's the right balance it's frustrating. rick, it's exhausting doing nothing in congress. i'm telling you. that's the way it works there. there is nobody even at work today. >> rick: i can't relate to that but what america wants to know is there a way out here? is compromise possible given the distance between the two sides?
8:20 am
i worry it's down to semantics. president dog is dug in on -- tt is dug in on this. i wrote an op-ed that is on it goes into certain categories they can actually spend that on different things. don't call it a wall. call it a fence. call it something else. i do think there is a way to get from here to there we have to. we just have to. >> rick: we will watch and see. won't we? try to enjoy the holidays, congressman. >> thank you. prime minister. >> rick: same to you. >> anita: as rescuers search for survivors. the fear that more. we have the disaster zone coming up. >> rick: search for colorado mother expands. why police are searching 700 miles away from hometown as fiance faces charges of first degree murder. don't try t.
8:21 am
hi, i'm julie, a right at home caregiver. and if i'd been caring for tom's dad, i would have noticed some dizziness that could lead to balance issues. that's because i'm trained to report any changes in behavior, no matter how small, so tom could have peace of mind. we'll be right there. we have to go. hey, tom. you should try right at home. they're great for us. the right care. right at home.
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>> anita: the search for the body of kelsey berreth extending to idaho. the 29-year-old mother from woodland, colorado was last seen alive on thanksgiving day shopping with her 1-year-old daughter. her fiance, the child's father patrick frazee was arrested and charged with her murder on friday. woodland park police have said a ping in chelsea's cell phone in idaho was detected 6 before patrick phraseee's arrest they did several senks of his property. is he being held without bond on first degree murder and solicitation of murder. >> rick: number of dead now rising to nearly 400 after a powerful tsunami strikes indonesia. and an urgent search for survivors is underway as
8:25 am
officials warn more destructive wave could say hit the islands. william la jeunesse joins us live from our los angeles beau. william? >> rick, this volcano sits only about 30 miles from the main islands of java and sumatra. on saturday night a new eruption triggered this huge under sea landslide and that movement of earth pushed up or created a wave that came crash into the nearest beach about 10 minutes later. leaving 373 dead, 120 missing, 1,000 injured. search and rescue teams even today continue searching for victims. three waves hit the islands. witnesses say the first was 65 feet high. destroying or damaging 700 homes, hotels, and shops it happened saturday night at high tide. near full moon. holidays, including some at a concert. >> i heard people run away.
8:26 am
water. about 200 people were dragged by the wave. >> yesterday, christians in java and sumatra paid for the dead and missing. since most tsunamis are created by earthquakes and this one was not. victims had no warning. unlike the united states which has that vast network of buoys in the pacific that can measure wave heights and cacan predict tsunamis. i understanindonesia doesn't haa system leaving residents with no warning. >> we are grateful that we are safe now and aid is coming in from communities and city central but we haven't received any from the government yet. >> so indonesia is this chain of islands stretching 3,000 miles wider than the united states due south of vietnam. it's on the ring of fire, that active volcanos with the pacific plate interacts with continental plates and others. third major disaster this
8:27 am
year. three major earthquakes and another tsunami over 2,000 dead. >> 65-foot wave, think about that 65-foot wave. how many homes would be damaged. how many killed. just horrific. thank you, william la jeunesse. >> well, the democratic race for the white house seemed wide open and with no clear frontrunner could a dark horse nominee walk away with the snomtion who are the contenders? we have the low down. >> little town of bethlehem now gearing up for a big celebration. just a few hours to go before midnight mass begins in the biblical birthplace of jesus. we are live there with the story. it really clean? heck yeah it can! it's concentrated detergent plus stain fighters plus odor flighers that fight for clean.
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morning. ♪ get ready to switch. protected by flo. should say, "protected by alan and jamie." -right? -should it? when you bundle home and auto... run, alan! get more than just savings. you get 'round-the-clock protection. >> rick: christmas eve. there it is the dow jones industrial average down more than hundred points after last week, which was the worst week of trading in 10 years. the new york stock exchange closes at 1:00 today which is probably a good thing considering those numbers. red is a christmas color and so is green. >> anita: i'm going to wear green tomorrow so hopes in later on in the week we will see the numbers going up. >> rick: then we could thank you for it? >> i would love that the 2020 presidential race is set to heat up in january.
8:31 am
with no clear frontrunner on the democratic side. so who could a dark horse be in could a dark horse win the nomination. joining us now dan beach. and scott bolden former dnc chair and democratic strategist. welcome to both of you gentlemen. >> good morning. >> anita: thank you for joining us on this christmas eve. >> how are you? >> anita: i'm great. some names out there, i was writing down before the segment and i had to stop writing i wrote joe biden, beto o'rourke, kamala harris, bernie sanders, maybe elizabeth warren, who am i forgetting here? >> eric start with you. >> there is probably some celebrities, oprah or somebody else that could run and be another dark horse. but, you know, the reality it's not just the makeup of the candidates themselves it's the rules that are possibly going to be in place in 2020 specificfully california and texas. so, you can't count out
8:32 am
kamala harris as california has moved up their democratic primary to march 3rd and texas may do the same. you can't count out beto o'rourke even though he didn't win senate race against ted cruz. it's going to be a fascinating scene to see where the democratic party is going to lie in terms of ideology. more extreme side of ideology or go to the stable side in somebody like joe biden. i think it's going to be very difficult for somebody like biden to win in today's democratic primary. >> eric, that's a great point. scott, let me put this question to you. where does the party go for a nominee? do they go to the more stable joe biden or more progressive kamala harris type of candidate? >> the progressive left made a statement with a sweep of the house most recently the moderates and business
8:33 am
democrats and what have you, they are still the strongest part of the party i think america, democrats and republicans want to move this country forward. we need more moderate dems and republicans to move the party forward. that being said have you named really great candidates and there are a list of dark horses don't forget you have stacey abrams out of georgia. have you gill lamb out of florida who both lost state races when you national impact and national base. to say win this race you i got to be able to raise a billion dollars. a message national organization. two years out if you are still a dark horse after march or june it's not going to happen. the ones you named main line democratic presidential nominees they are organizing already they are raising money already and gearing up already. >> eric, i know you are there in california where there are not a lot of trump
8:34 am
spear hers running for president is no easy task. the president like to campaign and loves to get throughout on the campaign trail, could he be hard to beat? >> he will be very hard to beat especially if is he still polling over 43% in a presidential primary is he 43 to 4 in terms of approval rating. not just a great campaigner is he great messenger on the campaign trail. the problem that the democrats are going to have is that they are a party without rest signatureating message. we would welcome all comers as the president's circle because the reality is i don't know any of those that scott mentioned that could really take him on or take him on in terms of messaging and really reach out to middle america. >> i disagree with that if you will. republicans are setting a low bar if they are saying 43 to 48 % that's a good thing for president republican. that's a bad thing quite frankly. what the democrats have to
8:35 am
get right is she is right about one thing, my colleague, they have got to get their message right. they have got to get a great candidate reach out to the left, the moderate and the conservative democrat. they have got to build that coalition and take on a president that's one of the most unpopular presidents in recent history or in long-term history. if they don't get it right, then trump will be able to carry those rust belt states, those american states that he won. but the big problem for donald trump is. this he doesn't have hillary clinton. he doesn't have james comey. i don't know who his boogie man is going to be. but the democrats have to pick the right candidate. because, his electoral base is beyond his core base. his core base the 35 to 40% isn't enough to win. he has to get ends. intelligent men and women take another chance with him i don't see it happening. it's all in the democratic candidate being the right candidate. >> anita: what do you think
8:36 am
some of the main issues are going to be this time around? eric, to you first? >> well, number one, i'm not sure that hillary won't run again, scott. don't count her out just yet. >> say it ain't so. say it ain't so. [laughter] here again, going back to the democrats. i think you will still see illegal immigration. you will talk about unfair trade deals and the problem that the democrats have we know what they are opposed to. we don't know what they are for. we don't know how toe want to protect the border. they talk about border security. but there is no measures, even partial measures that they would support we talk about trade balances no trade and equities that they are for democrats may pick the right candidate not one of them has a message. joe biden they want to go towards a more progressive movement inside their party. >> who do you think nominee
8:37 am
would be democratic side. >> too early to tell. it may be biden. but it will be an established candidate who can build a great coalition and no what the issues are. and the message is going to be about healthcare and what donald trump promised and what donald trump didn't deliver. >> anita: all right, eric beach and scott thank you for joining us today. merry christmas. >> thank you. >> christmas eve services are underway in bethlehem. thousands of visitors from all over the world arriving in the holy land. and it's one of the busiest christmas seasons on record there trey yingst is in bethlehem. trey? trey? can you hear me trey? >> trey yingst is live in bethlehem. trey, go. >> rick, as you can imagine, the scene here in bethlehem on christmas eve is a combination of religious ceremonies and also celebration for tourists who have gathered here from
8:38 am
across world to mark this occasion in the holy land. earlier today we did see the latin patriarch come from jerusalem his or her to jerusalem boy scouts and girl scouts in the region. also a key component here was representatives from vatican city that traveled here for christmas eve. if you look behind me, you will actually see a large christmas tree. and some singers that are on stage preparing to perform in front of thousands of people here in manger square in front of the basilica of the nativity. there is a lot of security at this event. in recent days there have been a number of attacks in the west bank on israeli citizens and israeli soldiers. this has created some new tension between israelis and palestinians. despite these security measures, many people here are in the christmas spirit preparing for christmas day. tomorrow. we do understand mahmoud
8:39 am
abbas will be to celebrate midnight mass. >> rick: i have been to bethlehem on christmas eve. pretty special place and amazing experience. trey yingst, we appreciate you being there this evening for us. >> anita: we have much more this christmas eve including update on supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg following her cancer city in new york city. >> rick: plus, more fallout from president trump's decision to withdraw u.s. troops from syria as lawmakers push back. >> the president does not have the complete or even a partial understanding of what's at stake here in syria. isis isn't defeated. >> rick: we will hear more from california congressman john garr mandy when he joins us live next. congressman. i knew about the tremors.
8:40 am
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is that lionel richie? let's reopen the market. mr. richie, would you ring the 24/5 bell? sure can, jim. ♪ trade 24/5, with td ameritrade. ♪ doctors say this is no evidence of any remaining disease. no word on when justice ginsburg will be repleased. >> >> rick: the partial government shut down set to last at least until thursday when the senate is back in session. it could go on much longer. neither side is budging on funding for president trump's border wall. let's bring in democratic
8:43 am
congressman john garamendi of california. merry christmas eve. >> merry christmas and all our listens. >> rick: argue that you have can't have border security without a border wall or border fence. >> actually, you need to do many, many things to have border security. and certainly fences and walls, much which which already exist. much of needs to roob pea pairebe repairedand extended. we need to improve the ports of entry as well as the coast guard's action off in the ocean surrounding the united states. all of those things are part of the large puzzle and add into that a big ghost of immigration reform. >> rick: if you agree walls need to be improved and extended why can't you
8:44 am
agree. >> the president 5 billion. no plan on where when and how this money will be spent except for a wall along the 1900 miles of border. i'm on the armed services committee. we would not allow the army to build a garage for their tanks unless they provided specific plans, specific cost estimates and exactly why they needed it i don't see any reason to give the president 5 billion-dollar slush fund to go do a wall somewhere somehow. we need specific plans and a comprehensive solution to this. everybody we know the technology. we know that drones, we know that other kinds of observation systems are very, very important and in many cases far more useful than a wall. >> rick: here is what the president tweeted about this issue. virtually every democrat we are dealing with today strongly supported a border wall or a fence. it was only when i made it an important part of my
8:45 am
campaign because people and drugdrugs were pouring into our country unchecked. they turned against it. desperately needed. do you agree or disagree. >> put it in the context of what actually happened in 2013, the senate by a 67-vote margin put out a comprehensive immigration reform with over $30 billion of border security. including walls and drones and observation and improved ports of entry. and all of that passed the senate. it came to the house of representatives and republican speaker boehner refused to even have a hearing on it. and it died. so, it's part of a comprehensive reform, you bet the democrats will line up and support it and, in fact, there was just this last year a very bipartisan bill that had daca, had border improvement, border security, including fences and walls in certain areas.
8:46 am
and that, again, didn't even get a hearing, although it had, i think, well over 100 sponsors both democrat and republican. >> rick: certainly sounds like there is some room for compromise here. >> absolutely. >> rick: so you think a deal is -- >> -- no doubt about it. >> rick: it's going to happen? >> absolutely. we got to do it. >> rick: all right. well, good. >> and we can it's going to take some negotiation. >> rick: that's for sure. there is another issue that's been causing a lot of controversy. and that was the president's decision to withdraw troops from syria. and the disagreement with his defense secretary jim mattis that led to mattis leaving. what's your feeling on that? >> well, i think the president made a very precipitous and frankly a bad error when he said he is going to pull the american troops out immediately. i'm one of, perhaps, a couple of dozen members of congress that have been demanding a new authorization to use force or, in other words, a declaration of war with
8:47 am
regard to syria and isis. nevertheless, we are there. we have been close to successful. the military says there are some 20 to 30,000 active isis militants still operating in syria. to leave at this point basically leaves unanswered the three specific programs that the president said needed to be done in syria. first, defeat isis. not yet done. secondly, make sure that iran is not able to use syria: the american government or the american military pulling out opens the door for iran that's not accomplished. and third is negotiated settle you meant to the civil war. that's also not accomplished. the three things that the president said about a year and a quarter ago are not yet done. it is precipitous to leave at this point. and will create a vacuum that will be occupied by russia, iran, turkey, and,
8:48 am
of course,assad, syria. >> rick: we are out of time, unfortunately congressman, we have to leave it there. thank you. >> thank you and merry christmas to you all. >> rick: same to you. >> anita: still ahead, baton rouge police say football player killed a man while he and a teammate were robbed at gunpoint. >> he pulled a weapon out in an attempt 20 rob them. and then that's when one of the student athletes pulled out a handgun and fired. >> anita: later, santa isn't the only one taking flight and spreading cheer. how leukemi luke is helping sere members and their families over the holidays. i didn't like something having control over me. i wanted to stop. the thing is i didn't know how. chantix, along with support, helps you quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke to the point that i could quit. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix,
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and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. >> anita: welcome back. while many wounded service members receive treatment far from home and far from
8:52 am
their loved ones, thanks to an organization called leukemia's wings many don't have to. the organization provides complimentary airfare for wounded or ill service members and their families. this year leukemia's wings is providing at least 200 christmas flights through their no soldier spends christmas alone campaign. joining us now is fletcher gill co-founder and ceo of leukemia's wings and david diaz a veteran who got 8 flights for himself and his family. gentlemen, welcome. memoir eve thanks for being here. >> merry christmas. >> fletcher, let me start with you. tell us a little bit about what sounds like a wonderful organization. >> sure, thank you for having us. merry christmas to everyone. we started luke's wings in 2008 with the mission of providing flights for families in and out of walter reed and we have expanded that over more than 10 years now to provide flights in and out of about 12 military hospitals we
8:53 am
also provide flights to special operations command for our special operators veterans in hospice care and first responders. we have a new program for police officers who are shot in the line of duty. we make sure that their families are with them as needed. also, wounded, ill and injured. in david's case, for example, he was ill. and he can tell us story on that. but, right now we are doing all of our flights for our no soldier spends christmas alone campaign. we have done 147 flights as of right now. and we're hoping to do more before tomorrow. >> anita: wow, before tomorrow. >> yeah. >> anita: that's amazing. david, let me ask you about your experience. tell us how did the program help you. walk us through how you received your flights. >> basically, i just went online and i was diagnosed
8:54 am
with cancer and found out i was headed to walter reed. my family and wife was stationed, living in charlotte, north carolina i was in the area by myself. i found out through walter reed about luke's wings where i can get my wife to come up during specific treatment days days i needed to make decisions and have her come up at no cost to me. they helped out in getting me to florida to see my son's college graduation, going home to puerto rico to see my parents and informing them that i was doing well. my treatments were coming out great. and i didn't have the burden of trying to financially pay for this. i just went online to their website applied and was granted. >> anita: that's amazing. we often don't think about the financial burden on veterans who have been wounded and the cost of
8:55 am
being able to see their families. it's something we don't think about. so, that's so wonderful that this organization is helping out with that. and, fletcher, where are the donations coming in from? >> well, we have some really great corporate sponsors srs descrixz out of texas is an example. delta airlines is a partner of ours. but, also, this time of year it's really our individual donors. you know, the folks that are watching today that want to go online and donate a dollar or $5. that's really where our end of the year push comes from. i will tell you, we have flown some amazing people around in the last week or two. i love this time of year, i really do. we are flying a son to surprise his father on christmas the son is active duty. about to be deployed and his father is a wounded warrior hit with an ied and still recovering several years after that injury. i don't want to tell -- i don't want to say too much more about it because if the father is watching, i'm
8:56 am
going to ruin the surprise. but, that's an example where we flew just the other day three children and a grandmother into to walter reed. their father/son respectively. today and tomorrow morning on christmas morning so enriching for us to provide these flights and see everybody get reunited. celebrate christmas morning together. >> david, final thought on what it meant to be able to see your family while you were recovering from cancer? >> oh, it was -- it was a great comfort knowing that they were there with me while i'm going through this uncertainty of whether or not treatment was going to take. it helped out a lot. >> anita: that's wonderful. thank you so much. david diaz and fletcher gil. the organization is luke's wings and we thank you so much for being with us today. merry christmas. >> happy holidays.
8:57 am
>> rick: fantastic story. do you know what is not fantastic the dow jones industrial average knitted nit what are we going to do about that? >> rick: there was an effort to calm. steve mnuchin's effort to calm the banks may have back fired. stocks are down more than 300 points. we will tell you more. once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it. oh! under seven? (vo) and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. oh! up to 12 pounds? (vo) a two-year study showed that ozempic® does not increase the risk of major cardiovascular events like heart attack, stroke, or death. oh! no increased risk? ♪ ozempic®! ♪ ozempic® should not be the first medicine for treating diabetes, or for people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. do not share needles or pens.
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8:59 am
i would have noticed some dizziness that could lead to balance issues. that's because i'm trained to report any changes in behavior, no matter how small, so tom could have peace of mind. we'll be right there. we have to go. hey, tom. you should try right at home. they're great for us. the right care. right at home. >> rick: a lot of bad news in the world. but the good news is you will be with us again tomorrow and
9:00 am
wednesday. >> anita: yes, thank you. i am. a special time to be in the city. it is so beautiful outside. >> rick: it is beautiful out here. i hope everyone is enjoying their christmas eve. if >> anita: will see you tomorrow. >> rick: "outnumbered" starts right now. >> julie: the reaction as we reached a three of a partial government shutdown that will drag on through christmas. and until thursday at least if not longer with the white house republicans and democrats in congress at a stalemate. this is "outnumbered." good afternoon to you, i'm julie banderas, here today lisa boothe, national security analyst morgan ortagus. i'm just going to go slow. jessica tarlov. is joining us on the couch. nationally syndicated radio horse and former cia officer buck sexton joining us as well. >> buck: merry christmas, ladies, ladies. >> >> julie: we look like a christmas tree


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