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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOXNEWSW  December 25, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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your home tonight. that is it for "special report" on this christmas day. on behalf of all of us at fox news, merry christmas, everyone, and have a good night. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, merry christmas, welcome to a special final exam edition of "tucker carlson tonight." for more than a year, we've been bringing the top news professionals of our age onto the show and putting them to the test. we want to see which is a true hero of news knowledge. we are going to start tonight with one of the best "final exam" battles ever between greg gutfeld judge jeaninet pirro. got completely out of control as you will see as they clashed over new york's squirrel census and much more. >> tucker: you both know the rules as avid weekly viewers of this game. i'm going to repeat them for our viewers just tuning in. hands on buzzers, i ask the questions.
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the first one of you to buzz in gets to answer the question. this is a tough one, you must wait until i finish asking. if one technology by saying your name each correct answer is worth one point. get it wrong and you lose a point. >> she's so nervous! >> tucker: i'm the judge. first one, the most famous face at the pennsylvania gubernatorial debate this week was the moderator. which longtime tv game show host? judge jeanine pirro. >> alex trebek! >> tucker: no, really? let's roll the tape! >> she's right. >> alex trebek, the host of "jeopardy." >> i will not tolerate any booing or hissing. not even if you directed at the candidates. >> wrong game. >> tucker: good job, judge. >> it's not wagner's running for governor. >> tucker: exactly.
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>> i know him. >> tucker: question two. at which a world leader is featured in a popular calendar that shows him riding a horse, cuddling a leopard, and posing shirtless with a fish? greg gutfeld? >> putin! >> tucker: why are we supposed to be against putin anyway? let's find out if you'ree right. >> putin with a pup, putin with a cub, putin on a horse in winter and even colder, putin taking the epiphany dip in ice water. >> if a foreigner buys this calendar, they will have a good impression of the president and they will see that he can do it all.hi he loves a animals, he can shoo, he looks good, and loves sport. >> tucker: i detect a kind of sarcastic tone in the report. >> make vlad great again i say. >> tucker: i'm not against epiphany dips. question three, this is a multiple choice. rapper kanye west is washington's newest diplomat. he says he wants to arrange a sitdown meeting between donald trump and someone the president has long feuded with, who was that person? is itnana --
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>> wait! he didn't finish. >> i didn't know he said multiple choice! >> tucker: it'slt all right. let me get in the multiple choice. hold on, hold on, now! this is why you don't want anchorsch on the show. >> go ahead. >> tucker: okay. the question goes to jeanine pirro first, according to our judges, because mr. gutfeld violated the cardinal rules of the game. >> do you want the answer? >> tucker: robert de niro, colin kaepernick or rosie o'donnell? >> colin kaepernick! >> tucker: do you really think so? let's see. >> i've been calling colin this morning, reaching him so i can bring colin to the white house and we can remove that sons of [bleep] statement and we can be on the same page. >> tucker: you said you thought you would do badly because you only follow legal news but that's not true. >> i follow news when i'm awake. >> tucker: when you're awake,
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well, all right. let's see if you can get this one. question four. the prime minister of great britain,an theresa may, me headlines around the world when she started an important speech with an awkward dance. she was dancing like a robot to a 1970s disco sunk by a swedish pop band. which song was it? you are just jumping the gun every time! judges, what do you think? to greg gutfeld. >> i would say it's abba. do you need the name of the song? >> dancing queen. >> tucker: you are so honest. is it dancing queen by abba? >> ["dancing queen "by abba plays] >> i love the hair. he used to ride the bike by my apartment when i lived in londo london. >> he had crazy hair. 2-2.cker: we are are thehe contestants have not stayd
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within the lines. final question, we will see if you can. here in new york city, researchers are about to begin work on a new census. this time there not counting people, however, they are focusing on a small, furry creature in central park. what kind of animal is it? >> are they counting? i was waiting! you've got to read the script. >> she is reading the teleprompter! >> tucker: you're not allowed to read the teleprompter! >> yes, i am! >> i win by default! there's nothing wrong -- >> i don't think you qualify. >> there's nothing wrong -- >> tucker: i'm going back to something i said earlier, when you have cable news anchors on your show, things tend to fall apart. >> we need the fbi. we need c the fbi. >> tucker: let me check with the judges really quick. the judges said a host of the program is allowed to ad-lib
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on his own scripts -- >> she's reading it! >> tucker: greg gutfeld, what is the answer? >> squirrels. >> tucker: it is squirrels! you answered it. why would it not be rats? is it squirrels? >> new york city is about to conduct its first official census next week. volunteers are needed. >> tucker: this is literally the most contentious show we've ever had. won.t i >> it's not fair! >> i won 3-2! >> tucker: we are going to give one to you later. >> i don't have one.>> >> yes, you do. m >> tucker: for our viewers, i want to make a correction. "washington post" writer, turns out he's not, he works for a website.ot if you don't know who he is, we have video. this is the guy on the bug. watch. >> what a publication. how did they do all of these great content for free? it's got all these great tips. the author ofe the story is the
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caterer! we checked! >> tucker: if you can't get enough of that, we've got more on our facebook page. i strongly recommend that. >> where did you find that? >> tucker: we have a crack research team. he will be on your coffee mug from here on out. there he is from "the washington post" affiliate. >> every morning i'm going to wake up. >> tucker: one for you is on the way. >> i don't want it. >> tucker: this is the most unbelievable -- >> i have won again! >> tucker: much more "final exam" ahead as our christmas special continues. after the break will take a very close look at the career of 2018's top quiz champion katie pavlich. ♪ (woman) candace, two minutes.
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>> tucker: welcome back to the "tucker carlson tonight" "finalwi exam" christmas specia. without question, and the numbers are in, and we checked them, or top final exam champion was "town hall" editor and fox contributorn katie pavlich. katie won nine matches in a row. she beat everybody from sean spicer to richard goodstein. here's a highlight reel of her victory. we start with a her first win against griff jenkins.
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>> tucker: which tennessee united states senator was just booed by a hometown crowd when the president called out his name at a rally in nashville? katie pavlich. >> senator bob corker. >> tucker: signature bob corker. let me say before we roll the tape, this will decide the outcome of tonight's "final exam." roll the tape, please. >> senator bob corker. [boos] >> tucker: and the reign has ended. katie pavlich, i cannot believe that you dethroned griff jenkins. >> did you go easy on me? >> congratulations. me? i took the sling off, i was ready. i knew i was against a fierce competitor. congratulations. >> tucker: international house of pancakes is changing its name. people are upset about it, needless to say. what is ihop changing its name to? a: pancake zone, b: breakfast
9:12 pm
palace, c: ihob? >> ihob. >> tucker: okay, is it ihob? >> the international house of pancakes is flipping the p for the b. >> this is stupid. i refuse to call it ihob. you literally cannot make me. >> it is a little hard to say. >> tucker: last week, we talked about ihop changing its name. for limited time, ihop will be called ihob. i with a b. what does the b stand for? >> international house of burgers. >> tucker: burgers? i don't believe you, for the record, but we are going to find out if you are right. to thehe tape we go. >> you know what the b stands for, not bacon, not breakfast, not biryani, it's burgers. >> you can get pancakes with your burger at the same time so you don't even have to choose. >> people are confused about
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lunch, brunch, breakfast. >> tucker: there is a viral video on the internet showing man's best friend doing something extraordinary to a police officer, what was it? >> you got it! >> cpr! >> tucker: katie. cpr? a dog doing cpr? >> his name was poncho. >> tucker: i don't believe you.>> lets roll the tape, please. >> poncho is a police dog trained to perform cpr. >> there's nothing i can possibly say. >> if you tried this with a cat, they would w just let the guy choke to death so they could eat his face. >> so awesome. we love dogs. >> tucker: our judges are saying they consider that question impossible that normal weperson could answer. they were trying to stump you, they failed. congratulations. there's no way i could beat that.
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congratulations to you. great to see you. >> she is the best there is. >> tucker: time for final exam, katie pavlich won four weeks in a row, can she make it to five? a new study shows conclusively that people live longer if they regularly drink which hot beverage? katie. >> coffee. >> tucker: coffee? i thought it stunted your growth. coffee? >> a large study that followed people over a 10-year period found that those who drank coffee were up to 15% less likely to die than those who didn't. the benefit was the same for those who drank two or three cups or even eight cups a day. >> it has antioxidants in it. doesn't everybody know that? >> i'm in good health but i'm losing now. [laughter] >> tucker: our defending champion is of course katie pavlich of "town hall."en she has killed opponent after opponent. this week, her challenger, guy benson. online shopping has, of course, caused many brick-and-mortar stores to close. as of this week, which popular business from the '80s and '90s has exactly one store left in the u.s.?
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is it a: tower records, b: blockbuster video, is it c: circuit city? >> i'm not going to risk losing a point here. i don't know. >> katie pavlich. >> blockbuster. >> tucker: you are just guessing. >> yeah. >> tucker: will she be rewarded for rolling the y dice? to the tape. >> blockbuster videoeo stores wl rent out their last movies b and close up shop. two closures in anchorage and fairbanks will leave the blockbuster in oregon as the last store standing. >> tucker: fortune favors the knowing you could have wound up with negative one, you did it anyway. earlier this week, a united states senator had to reassure the public that he was still alive. reports from google and wikipedia suggested he had died last year. which senator was it? >> senator orrin hatch. >> tucker: katie pavlich. senator orrin hatch of utah. standing upright. is it orrin hatch?
9:16 pm
>> staffers for senator orrin hatch tweeting, "hi, google, we might need to talk," with a screenshot of google search results with claims he passed away last year. his team than posting a series of photos proving the senator is very much alive. >> tucker: and you are correct. katiemp pavlich from "town hall" is back, defending champion. you're all the opponents she has beaten. she has won seven times in a row. that puts her just just two wins behind our all-time leader, shannoner bream. which singer, who once publicly admitted to wanting to blow upwh thep white house, turns 60 years old today? >> madonna. >> tucker: madonna, says katie pavlich. is it madonna? >> happy birthday to madonna. turning 60. >> yes! i have thought an awful lotot about blowing up the white house.
9:17 pm
>> tucker: [laughs] happy birthday, madonna. katie pavlich, another victory for you. richard, by the way, you should not feel bad. you join a long line of people with the best intentions and deep knowledge who were bulldozed by this unstoppable force katie pavlich. >> ken jennings live on. >> tucker: ken jennings lives on. >> tucker: really glad to have you. by the way, katie, you get another mug to add to your collection. and somebody soon will be facing off in the battle of champions with shannon bream. >> tucker: an epic, spine-tingling showdown between katie pavlich and shannon bream later in tonight's show. stay tuned for that. but first, we trust our meteorologists to tell us the weather and warn us about deadly storms. but how much do the weather professionals know about other matters?y kim kardashian, say, or baby sharks. to find out we invited janice dean and adam klotz to "final exam." here's what happened next. >> tucker: question one. during his show monday night,
9:18 pm
jimmy kimmel tried to go to celebrity guests into going after the president. t this reality star refused to dor that and said she had no complaints with donald trump. who was it? adam. >> kim kardashian. >> tucker: kim kardashian? okay. was it kim kardashian? roll tape. >> i know you are not necessarily a trump supporter. i know your husband seems to like him a lot. do you guys argue about that, do you talk and have debates about -- >> no. i have nothing bad to say about the president. >> i have never seen her before. >> tucker: it was indeed kim kardashian. one form adam. congratulations. >> i knew it. he was just quicker on the buzzer. >> tucker: it's a question of getting there. question two, you can redeem yourself. which supreme court justice has liberals rejoicing after this person said he or she planned to stay on the court at least five more years?
9:19 pm
janice dean. >> ruth bader ginsburg. >> tucker: ruth bader ginsburg. is it ruth bader ginsburg? roll tape. >> supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg -- >> three names and we get to say them all. announcing she plans to retirebu from the supreme court three years into president trump's second term. >> i am 84 years old and everybody wants to take a picture. >> tucker: you are right. janice dean setting up a tie. 1-1, moving into question three. it will not be tied at the end of this. here's the question. over the past weekend, barack and michelle obama were caught on tape dancing at a concert, who was performing? janice dean! >> jay-z and beyonce! >> tucker: jay-z and beyonce says the former canadian dj janice dean. was it jay-z and/or beyonce? d roll tape.
9:20 pm
>> the former president and first lady at this weekend's beyonce and jay-z concert dancing and waving their hands in the air. and, of course, about a thousand people posted the moment of social media. one person saying the obamas are living their best lives. and why not? >> tucker: adam, she's a force of nature, i warned you. [laughter] it's 2-1. we are going to question four and i'm just going to warn you this is a legitimately tough question. i had no idea the answer so i'm going to throw it at you. question four is multiple-choice. san antonio aquarium is the scene of the story. three people arrested there this when they were caught on tape using a baby stroller to steal what kind of animal? was it a: penguin, b: tortoise, c: shark? >> they did this so we could go into overtime. it is a shark. >> tucker: you can't put a
9:21 pm
shark in a baby stroller. it wasee it indeed a shark? roll tape. >> seen here on surveillance camera grabbing a shark by the tail, wrapped her in a wet blanket, placed her in a bucket, and then tucked the bucket into the stroller. within hours the stolen shark was allegedly put up for sale on facebook. >> tucker: holy smokes. i can't believe you knew that. i never would have guessed that. i would have set penguin or tortoise. but what do i know about it? okay, so now we are really in the ideal situation. n sudden death overtime. final question, this will determine the winner of tonight's "final exam." this is a weather-related question for our two meteorologists. it is this. a cloud in texas on the internet has a very unusual shape. what does thats cloud resemble? janice dean. >> an angel! >> tucker: an angel, says janice dean. >> that's not right. >> tucker: i know you're such a good person that you would guess an angel no matter what it is, were m you right?
9:22 pm
>> take a look at the stunning image, a driver capturing a cloud formation shaped like an angel. what do you think? >> it looks just like an angel. and the man taking the picture while driving on texas highway posting it online, calling it an angel cloud. >> tucker: janice dean! i've got to say, adam, congratulations for getting as far as you did. very few people could have stood up to the force that is janice andod gotten even two points. you get credit for that. janice dean, congratulations. >> tucker: our "final exam" christmas special continues in just a moment. some of these contests go right down to the wire. up next, our sudden-death battle between bret baier and ed henry. we will be right back. ♪ back. ♪ my experience with usaa has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers
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♪ >> live from america's news headquarters, i'm anna kooiman. merry christmas to all of you at home. many government workers will not go back to work. speaking with reporters in washington on christmas, president trump said that he does not see things being resolved anytime soon. the president wants democrats to agree to build a wall along the u.s.-mexico border. more than 800,000 federal employees are being impacted. another young immigrant child
9:25 pm
who's died at the border. u.s. officials say the 8-year-old boy from guatemala was in custody in new mexico with his father. the child was taken to the hospital monday night after showing "signs of potential illness." the boy was diagnosed with a fever and released but a short time later, he was readmitted and died early this morning. a 7-year-old girl from the same country died at the border earlier this month. and refunds for a viral gofundme campaign meant to help a homeless veteran. more than 14,000 people donated after a new jersey couple set up the page. they claim to the veteran gave his last $20 when they ran out of gas, but prosecutors say it was all a scam set up by the three. i am anna kooiman. now back to "tucker carlson tonight." merry christmas, everyone. for all of your headlines, log onto >> tucker: welcome back to our annual "tucker carlson tonight" christmas special.
9:26 pm
we will take a look at some of our greatest "final exam"m" battles over the last year. you know how the game works. five questions, five answers, but just one winner. sometimes five questions is not enough. our match between bret baier and ed henry could not be decided, leaving just one option, sudden-death. >> tucker: question one, the oldest sitting senator in america is having problems with her reelection campaign. the democratic party in her state refuses to support her, who is it? bret baier.ti >> dianne feinstein. >> tucker: dianne feinstein of california, says the anchor of "special report," to the tape. >> this is not an easy time. >> are they all like this? [laughter] >> the california democratic party slamming the door on senator dianne feinstein. party activists denying the state's senior senator in endorsing her bid for reelection. >> tucker: the next question
9:27 pm
is, "fair, balanced, and... i was just kidding. you knew that one. you were unafraid to answer that. question two,, multiple-choice. did you know that you can clone your pets? indeed you can. barbra streisand reveals this she did. she cloned her favorite dog, who was named samantha. what is the going rate for dog cloning? is it $50,000, $500,000 or $1 million? ed henry. >> $50,000. >> tucker: $50,000 said the would-be dog cloner. to the tape. >> she cloned her dogs! two of her dogs, miss violet and miss scarlett, are clones of the late dog samantha, who passed on last year at about $50,000 a pop. >> i heard laura ingraham talking about it. >> tucker: if you've got a pet cloning question, ed henry. chief national correspondent. >> i don't even have a pet. >> tucker: question three. oprah said the 2020 presidential run could be possible but she's
9:28 pm
waiting for a certain someone to give her the explicit go ahead. who is she waiting to hear from? >> god. >> weight! was it premature? >> tucker: here's the question and only our judges because i pass on this responsibility can determine this. did both of them click in early? only ed clicked in early. >> early? >> this is like the nfl. >> tucker: this is deflategate at this point and i am not going to be the nfl commissioner so i'm just going to go right to the judges who say we are going to have a re-click. okay? >> of the same question? >> tucker: the same question. we haven't finishedst it. are you ready? >> yes! >> tucker:ta she's waiting for a certain someone to give her the go-ahead. who was she waiting to hear from? ed henry?? >> come on. >> the almighty god. >> tucker: the almighty god,
9:29 pm
says ed henry. to the tape. >> billionaires calling me up saying, i can get you a billion dollars. i can run your campaign, and i actually went into prayer about it. god, if you think i'm supposed to run, you've got to tell me and it has to be so clear that not even i could miss it. >> don't tell joy behar. [laughter] >> tucker: when you're oprah, only god can be your campaign manager. there'sod nobody adequate for that. >> that was controversial. >> tucker: it was. some of the great moments are. question four, the department of housing and urban development secretary ben carson is accused of spending over 30 grand on unnecessary furniture. what kind ofso furniture was it? bret baier. >> that was early. >> dining sets. >> tucker: dining set. why would he have a dining set? we willl find out in the tape. is it a dining set? >> carson reportedly spent $31,000 taxpayer dollars on a
9:30 pm
new dining set for his private dining room. >> we got a barn burner here. >> a career staffer was behind the decision to buy the dining set, not secretary carson. >> tucker: i was a humanities major so i'm going to check the judges for the math. where are we now? 2-2. this is the tiebreaker. final question, it's multiple-choice. there is a man currently running for congress in the state ofmu arkansas. he shares a name with a rock and roll legend. is he named a: elvis presley, b: bruce springsteen, or c: micksa jagger? ed henry. >> elvis presley. >> tucker: elvis presley. is that his name? >> arkansas isse about to get al shook up. elvis d. presley, there he is, is running for congress. >> this is legit, people! needlesseg to say, he's also an elvis impersonator. >> tucker: that was very intense! and you now win the coveted erik wemple mug that shows
9:31 pm
"washington post" columnist -- >> i thought it was the tucker carlson mug. >> tucker: i'm on the back. >> very nice of you. >> tucker: bret baier, thank you. that was controversial. >> i felt better than when shannon bream beat me. [laughter] she just annihilated me. >> tucker: you're not the only one she annihilated, trust me. >> tucker: two yearsed ago, cory lewandowski and dave bossi were key figures in donald trump's presidential now they're writing books together and coming on our show. how did a they fare when they competed against one another on "final exam"? that's next as our christmas special continues. ♪ (sfx:footsteps in wet cement) (sfx:birds singing, distant dog barking)
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hi hi ♪(whistling tune: "don't worry, be happy")♪
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♪ >> tucker: welcome back to our annual "tucker carlson tonight" christmas special. we are revisiting some of our favorite moments from
9:34 pm
"final exam" over the past year. corey lewandowski and dave bossi both, you will remember, were top figures in donald trump's presidential campaign. but with that race long over, where they still paying attention to the news? how much did they know about giant australian cows or melania's white house decorations? we decided to find out. >> tucker: i cannot believe you agreed to do this. >> we are excited. >> tucker: we are not above stunt casting the segment. that is what we are doing tonight. i'm not even going to bet there is a kind of line in the studio on who going to win. i am going to read you the rules. no cheating. >> then he's out. it's not going to work. [laughter] >> tucker: we are watching carefully.y. i asked the question, the first one to buzz in gets to answer the question. this is key. you have to wait until i finish asking before you answer. you can answer once i acknowledge your name. each correct answer worth one point, each incorrect answer detractswe t a point from your l
9:35 pm
very fluid scoring system. best of five wins. are you ready? >> he can't count that high. >> tucker: he may have the voice advantage. we will see who's faster. question one, by order of the national game show commission, we have to begin with an animal question, that's the law. the internet has gone crazy for a very unusual four-legged farm animal in australia. this animal weighs over 3,000 pounds and is as tall as michael jordan. he is so different from all the other farm animals that they follow him around as if he were a deity. what kind of animal is he? corey >> moo! cow. >> tucker: i thought you were going to say moose. there's no way a cow can be 3,000 pounds and 6 feet tall. is it a cow? >> 6'4", that's the size of the utterly giant cow. its name is knickers and he's now theth laughingstock weighing in at 3,000 pounds. >> you will not find knickers on your plate, just to be clear.
9:36 pm
too big to process, says the owner. he's going to live happily ever after. >> tucker: can we just pauseap and appreciate kilmeade for a he said "it's udderly." i just want to appreciate that. question two, forbes is out with a annual list of the highest-paid television stars. topping the list is not me, it's a one from brooklyn who has made nearly $150 million in the past year. her show has been on television since 1996. who is she? cory. >> judge judy. >> man, you're fast! >> tucker: $150 million a year for judge judy? >> who's the highest-paid tv host of all? here's the answer. the lady on the left. judge judy. wait for the number. $147 million in the past year. ellen degeneres, number two.
9:37 pm
$87 million. dr. phil, 77 million. ryan seacrest, 74 million. steve harvey, $44 million. >> tucker:r: so what are we doing wrong here? by the way, are judges just said that they checked the circuitry in the buzzing devices and the both of you buzzed in, you were just slightly faster. >> story of my life. [laughter] >> so true. >> so true. >> tucker: rubbing it in. question three. at a rally in mississippi, the president of the united statesni told the crowd that is a young man people told him he looked like which famous american icon? dave, you blew it! cory. >> at least it works. >> robert redford. >> it sounded like the question ended, say our judges. of making charge these rules. they are giving you a pass because they say it sounded like i finished the question. so you get to answer. elvis. man, you guys are hairtriggered. is it elvis? >> other than the blond hair, when growing up they said i looked like elvis. you can see. i always consider that a great complement. >> tucker: you guys just spent a lot of time with theuy
9:38 pm
president, ever heard him sing? >> not even for a second. >> we do listen to "tiny dancer." >> elton john. >> tucker: it's a sensitive song, i love it. question four. it's 2-1, by the way. multiple choice. multiple choice about the weirdest video of the week. an american tourist had a near-death experience high above the swiss alps after somebody forgot to buckle his safety harness and left him holding on for dear life. which activity was the man doing at the time? was it a: hang gliding, b: bungee jumping, c: skydiving? >> hang gliding with the creepy porn lawyer. >> tucker: seriously, cpl was there? we are not going to hold you to that. was it hang gliding as cory said? >> a first-time hang glider holding on for dear life. his safety harness was not the pilot had trouble controlling the glider.
9:39 pm
>> tucker: cpl can't even hold onto his clients, much less a hang glider. final question, this also multiple choice. first lady melania trump has unveiled the christmas decorations of the white house. they feature tens of thousands of red ornaments. what is this year's theme? iwi is it a: winter wonderland, b: blessings from the heartland or c: american treasures? cory. >> american treasures. >> tucker: let me just say, you are a savage animal, can i just say that? >> that's true. >> tucker: it's unbelievable. is it c: american treasures? >> american treasures, each room inside the white house highlights different american cities. >> tucker: it's unbelievable. >> red ornaments between 29 trees this year. there's a gingerbread house. >> i never get tired of winning. >> tucker: by the way, i'm looking -- we have a mug, it's our erik wemple mug and i don't know where it is. they are backordered.
9:40 pm
so we are going to give you the golden retriever mug instead, which i hope -- >> can i come back and defend my title? you can defend your title. and i hope you will come back, too. i know that you let him win because he's your coauthor. >> he needs to feel a little better about himself -- >> tucker: splitting the royalty is. great to see you. we do our best to keep it clean and fair on "final exam" but sometimes the unexpected happens. what to do when the buzzers break? a dilemma we faced. we will show you to as our special continues. ♪ livin' large? livin' with his mama. entrepreneur? unemployed. oh! and here we see the artist making an attempt to bare his soul. it's just a gray dot. yeah, you can get a mortgage that avoids pmi, but there's no way to avoid mip on an fha. hey! now the ...
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>> hi, everyone come alive for america's news headquarters, i am anna kooiman. jittery investors will be keeping a sharp eye on wall street's when the markets reopen for business on wednesday morning. you might recall, the indexes plunged more than 2% on monday. the dow jones lost more than 650 points, marking its first performance ever on any christmas eve. analysts say president trump's twitter attacks on the federal reserve's book the markets by the president believes the federal reserve is raising interest rates to fast and his comments are triggering concerns
9:44 pm
that fed chairman jerome powell's job may be on the line. in britain, queen elizabeth was jeered by onlookers as she led the royal family to a christmas eve service at one of her country estates. the 92-year-old monarch arrived by car while younger members of the royal family walk. later in the day, the queen broadcasts her annual message, noting that 2018 had been a busy year for her family with two weddings, two babies, and a third on the way. also from europe, a scene of sheer bravery or madness. take a look at this. the berlin sea lions clogged donning santa hats and swimsuits on christmas day to take their annual plunge. the water temperature, a balmy 39 degrees. once boomers income it doesn't matter if it's raining, snowing, or sunny, they are going into g the water regardless, like the polar funders all over the country. i am anna kooiman.ay now back to tucker carlson. ♪
9:45 pm
>> tucker: welcome back to our annual tucker carlson to make christmas special. you may remember our "final exam" matchup between bitter rivals dana perino and greg gutfeld. for the questions about bananas going extinct. we remember that match for the difficulties the contestants had with their buzzers. what did he do when they broke? watch. >> we have a little bit of a problem. we got to be honest with our audience. we do not lie to our we were supposed to do an exam in which the first person to hit the buzzer gets the light and there gets a chance to talk and answer the question, but what happened? >> technical difficulties. lights are not working. >> we could quit but if we were anything but great americans we would have quit. bulgarians would have given up. >> we are doing this for the people. >> and what should we do for the people?ns >> we are going to raise our hands. >> first hand up. gets theg question. if there's a problem with noticing, if it's a tie, we gong to katelyn, who is interning this year. >> her entire career is based on this moment. >> there are so many different ways to spell caitlin by the way. h it is out of control.
9:46 pm
are we ready for the first question? >> ready! hopefully this iss number one. let's start with number one, here we go. this week, starbucks announced in an effort to go green, they will phase out what product from their stores? dana. >> straws. >> is it straws? let's go to the tape. >> starbucks plans to scrap plastic straws globally by the year 2020 to be more environmentally friendly. this move will eliminate more than a billion plastic straws per year from starbucks stores.s >> that will do no good. >> so far we have a score, it is 1-0, dana leads greg. caitlin, is that right? >> yes. >> it is right! >> good job, caitlin. >> let's move on. where were we? >> question two. >> thank you. during a recent trip to a texas protest, which liberal mayor broke the law -- you have to let me finish the question -- by illegally m crossing into the border into mexico? >> de blasio. >> he is?
9:47 pm
>> who? full name and title? >> mayor bill de blasio? >> just trying to make my job more important. >> you are not alex trebek. get over yourself. my god. >> new york mayor bill de blasio try to get in touch with his inner illegal alien earlier this month. he illegally a crossed into the united states. he went over the u.s.-mexico border while protesting family separations so he allegedly violated both u.s. and mexican law.rd nice going, bill. >> laura ingraham, i've met her. >> she's quite famous. >> can we check the score again? 1-1. thank you. let's move on to question number three. scientists all over the world are racing to eradicate something called panama diseaseh it's a fungal infection that could soon make which fruit go extinct? >> [laughs] i don't know. i was watching the strzok hearing. >> grows on trees.
9:48 pm
greg! >> melons! >> is it melons? roll the tape. >> melons don't grow on trees! >> warning for banana lovers. the fruit may be in danger of going extinct. >> melons! [laughter] >> scientists scrambling to save the world banana crop from a devastating fungus. >> we should havee told you ahed of time. [laughter] >> i blame caitlin. >> caitlin, you are fired! you are out! you are not getting credit for this semester. >> the wrong answer! i would have never said melons! >> dana, thanks for showing great sportsmanship and wisdom. >> i was thinking about melons for other reasons. >> i cannot stand by walking by trees getting hit in the head. >> i meant is a coconut. >> question number four, citing concerns about the environment, hawaii has become the first state in the nation to ban what popular item from its beaches? it is a: plastic beach balls,
9:49 pm
b: sunscreen, c: speedos? greg? >> sunscreen. i was there when it happened. >> we won't know until it rolls the tape. >> about the time we will be lathering up the sunscreen but hawaii saying not so fast. lawmakers believe sunscreen containing two criminals are killing their coral reefs. >> i am dying to go on vacation. >> better than getting skin cancer. >> we are in sudden death. this has never been done before except for last week and thear week prior. final question, again, playing themselves, dana and greg. sit up straight. can roll back the question to the beginning because i didn't memorize the first three words, thank you. [laughter] this one could either be really tough or really easy. you may have noticed there's a soccer tournament goingg on rigt now. it's called the world cup. which two countries will face
9:50 pm
off in the final match this weekend? caitlin? >> oh, my goodness. i'm sticking with dana. >> who is in the finals? >> france and croatia. >> france and croatia. let's check the tape. >> scores! >> this should be a tie. >> croatia beating england in extra time advancing to the final against france. a relief for their biggest fans who have missed out on past celebrations. >> ladies and gentlemen, there only can be one winner but i see two champs. greg gutfeld, youbr have other things to look forward to, just not a victory parade. you've lost. dana perino, you are the winner. >> i don't even think i won. >> i'm giving you the win. sudden death. congratulations. >> next week. >> tucker: we saved the best for last. time now for the year's ultimate "final exam" clash. after the break, we will show you the matchup between two
9:51 pm
nine-time champions, katie pavlich versus shannon bream. who won the champion of champions crown? after the break. ♪ . ♪ chicken?! chicken. chicken! that's right, candace-- new chicken creations from starkist. buffalo style chicken in a pouch-- bold choice, charlie! just tear, eat... mmmmm. and go! try all of my chicken creations! chicken! ♪yeah ♪(rock music) ♪you can't do this, you can't deny♪ ♪they feed us lines, but i won't act♪ ♪and all good things will come to pass♪ ♪but the truth is all you have to have♪ ♪and would you lie for it? ♪cry for it?
9:52 pm
♪die for it? ♪would you? ♪i believe ♪believe we're still worth the fight♪ ♪you'll see there's hope for this world tonight♪ ♪i believe, i believe this cat makes me make art. he's my best friend, but a lot of people know him as keyboard cat. [playing upbeat tune]
9:53 pm
♪ ♪ >> tucker: there's a champion every week on "final exam." of course, champions come, champions go. but over the years, two
9:54 pm
contenders have stood out. shannon bream and katie pavlich. each won nine matches in a row on "final exam" and in september the inevitable happened. these two intellectual juggernauts, these two masters of news trivia, faced offff against one another in a battle for the ages to determine who is the supreme champion. here's what happened. >> tucker: last year, "fox news @ night" host shannon bream pulled off a full "brady bunch." she beat nine opponents in a row. now katie pavlich has matched that feat. so naturally as katie pavlich goes for win number ten, the challenger is shannon bream. we crown the ultimate "final exam" champion. by the way, since the segment has done so well we've upped our budget.. vanna white and emily lind. vodka, sparkling cider, whatever to toast tonight's contest. >> this is very fancy.
9:55 pm
"final exam" glasses and i'm the ryan seacrest. best of five wins. dim the lights. >> where's the theme music? >> tucker: it's implied. question one, the emmys aired on monday night, the same boring awards show itit was always was but with one exception, upon accepting his emmy, director glenn weis did something unusual on the stage, what was it? shannon bream. >> he proposed to his girlfriend. >> tucker: on the air? >> on the tv. >> tucker: did he propose to his girlfriend? roll tape, please. >> you are the sunshine of my life. wonder why i don't like to call. you my girlfriend? because i want to call you my wife. will you marry me? >> good thing she said yes. >> even you got teared up. >> tucker: i've never watched the emmys but i like that. i. like marriage. questionon two, a cyclist in virginia did something very rude to president trump's motorcade while it passed by her last
9:56 pm
year. she's now runningde for office. she lost her job as a result of the original incident. what did she do to the president's motorcade? something rude to the president's motorcade. katie? >> she flipped him off. >> tucker: flipped him off? the bird, the finger. did she flipped them off? >> made headlines after this photo capturing her giving the president's motorcade the bird. now running for office. >> i get really motivated. the first thing i did was sign up to volunteer next week. >> ability is her campaign platform. >> eitheros that or mooning. >> i almost said mooning. >> you are the best guesser. >> sorry mom and dad. >> those tests are no good. >> tucker: 1-1 going to question three. the questions may offend vegans, vegetarians, and anyone who works at peta.
9:57 pm
turn off your tv if you are in categories. chefs in a seafood restaurant in a state of maine say they want to show compassion to the lobsters they are about to boil. before going into the pot the lobsters are given what to relax? shannon bream. >> marijuana smoke. >> tucker: no way! >> i hope it's true. but then what happens to the lobster? if you eat it, are you in trouble? like a brownie? >> tucker: it's maine. is it marijuana smoke on the lobsters? >> a seafood restaurant in maine is now giving lobsters stoned to kill them in a more humane way. boiling water. instead of now beingng freaked t the lobsters now o.d. on by boiling water, chex party mix. >> chex party mix. >> tucker: it's acknowledging the pain. >> happy when they go bye-bye. >> they don't know what's happening. >> t tucker: they are certainly more passive. question four, multiple choice. there was a lot of rain in new york city and that caused some subway stations to flood. now there's video on the internet of an animal protecting itself from rising water on the train platform. the animal has been given a
9:58 pm
nickname. is it rain raccoon, flat rat, or puddle pidgeon? shannon bream? >> flood rat. i think. >> tucker: is it flood rat? >> probably. >> the rodent has taken the internet by storm, dubbed flood rat. after he was caught on video shielding himself. at the bottom of the screen there, on a subway platform. we just had to show it to you. you can just make him out right there. >> i feel like he's scared. >> shannon, it's a rodent. >> tucker: you are both such nice people but you don't have to feel t bad for a rat in the subway. final question. an arby's restaurant in the state of california just announced it will give you a free sandwich for life if you show your dedication to the restaurant in what very permanent way? katie pavlich? >> you get a tattoo. >> tucker: an arby's tattoo? a high price for a sandwich. iso? it an arby's tattoo? >> arby's has announced it will be giving out free arby's tattoos in california this weekend.
9:59 pm
what did i do last night? >> tucker: this really was the battle of champions. one point. nice game, katie. shannon bream, you are now and forever the champion. >> no one in this network can beat the two of us. >> that's true. we combine our forces. >> tucker: you want to ask our vanna white. this is louis and emily. you get the sash. >> shannon is the only one worthy of wearing a crown. >> tucker: not the first in your life l either. >> i'm a professional at this. >> tucker: and there you go, emily has thee crown. you are our winner, shannon bream. wear that with pride. make this an inspiration to you at home to follow the news more closely every week and come back next week to score as well as shannon and katie. >> tucker: that's it for tonight's annual christmas edition of "tucker carlson tonight." our regular show resumes tomorrow.
10:00 pm
the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. again, merry christmas. good night from washington. ♪ >> sean: welcome to this special edition of "hannity" and merry christmas. i recently had the honor of traveling with melania trump to two military bases and a navy aircraft carrier where she met our troops, many who will not be with their w families this christmas, thanking them for their service this holiday season. later we are going to have highlights of her visit with those brave men and women that protect our freedoms every day. but first, here is my exclusive one-on-one interview with mrs. trump aboard the uss george h.w. bush. >> sean: madame first lady, thank you so much for doing this. you said before you came here, and i watched you with all these troops today, you saidi that ths is about our troops, our families who sacrifice daily for


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