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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  December 26, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PST

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jillian: turns out it's okay today on national whiners day. the day to voice frustration so you can then remember everything else there is to be thankful for. >> jump down, dana. have a good weekend. bye. >> president donald trump telling reporters parts of the government will stay shut as long as democrats refuse to build more barriers on the mexican border. >> only way to do this is to have a gl barrier meaning a wall. if you don't have that then we're just not opening. >> he is showing us that he can actually compromise and the left is showing us they are not willing. >> to amazon has been quietly developing a plan to fight back against president trump in the new year. companies working on new alternatives to package delivery hoping in the future they will will less dependent on usps. >> president trump making a special christmas phone call to u.s. military members around the world. >> i know it's a great sacrifice for you to be away
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from your families. i want you to know every american family is internally grateful to you. >> to the tune of $321 million. the generajackpot was held over. jillian: no word yet if anyone won. ♪ happy holiday ♪ merry christmas. steve: merry christmas. ihis ilove in sync. todd: not just her favorite christmas song favorite song overall. katie: we hope you all had a very merry christmas. you are bringing the sunshine with the yellow ties waking everybody up. griff: you are bringing the joy. how was your christmas? >> it was great. had some great food.
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griff: fighting over the best movie of all time i said jingle all the way 2. joel the stage manager watched it. he agrees. todd: the battle continues and will continue throughout the course of the day. we want to see how you spent your christmas. hopefully not fighting over the best christmas movies. hopefully having joy and marriment. email those pictures all morning long, you can tweet us, facebook us, whatever. if it includes jingle all the way 2 i refuse to read it. katie: you think that die hard is a christmas movie. >> i'm sure at home people still have that debate. griff: no doubt about it shut down still going on in washington. santa not reopening the government. we are day five now. it looks like there was some possible movement from the president's position, guys. saying he would be willing to negotiate. he is also making firm is he not ready to throw in the towel. his or her is a little bit of what the president said
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yesterday. >> i can't tell you when the government is going to be open. i can tell you it's not going to be open until we have a wall, a fence, whatever they would like to call it. you have drugs. you have human trafficking. you have illegal people coming into our country. we can't do that we don't know who they are. the only way you are going to do it is to have a physical barrier, meaning a wall. and, if you don't have that then we're just not opening. while we are fighting over funding would he go are building. it's my hope to have this done, completed all 500 to 550 miles, to have it either renovated or brand new by election time. >> president trump saying he is going to visit texas to see some of that building happen at the end of january. democrats, of course, are responding. nancy pelosi tweeting this on monday christmas eve. she says instead of bringing a certainty into people's lives he is continuing the trump shutdown just to
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please right wing and tv hosts. and of course her friend over in the senate minority leader schumer doing the same on monday instead of bringing certainty into people's lives is he continuing the trump shutdown just to please right wing and tv radio hosts so, todd, they have their talking points down and their messaging is the same. todd: different tweet definitely is not. i think in his best interest to really focus on the opioid part he mentions it in his statement. if he continues to hit the opioids harder and harder and harder is going to back democrats into a corner. the democrats have doubled down, they are now officially against the wall even though three years they were all for the wall. everybody is on board with the opioid crisis and trying to put an end to it. i think if he focuses on that he is going to put them in a tough spot because right now it appears that republicans and the g.o.p.
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and president trump are in a tough spot. griff: let's be honest this is not about the opioid crisis. the standoff is about the border. they have drawn very clear lines in the sand. we will find out later today where negotiations are people stopped for christmas and i think that's a good thing for the country. the government technically reopens tomorrow. they will be out and whether or not they are going to meet somewhere in the middle or whether the president is going to plant that flag and not move from it which many of his supporters hope that he will do. and we have heard from them. we will find out perhaps. katie: todd, you make a great point about the opioid crisis this is about the border. as the president has been saying a lot of these drugs come up through mexico and into the united states. if the democrats short-term aren't going to focus on the issue they will focus on it long term. president trump won new hampshire baled on the opioid issue and as we know the democrats are gearing up for 2020. border issue and local issue as well. griff: remember where we
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were 1.3 billion from the democrats. 5.7 billion request from the president. now we are hearing that there is something in the 2 plus change. we are talking about three tenths of 1% of the spending of the budget. that's turned into a political football. it's going to be over opioids and the border any time soon is not going to happen? todd: no matter what it is it is a political issue. i think both sides of the aisle would agree. christmas, however, should not be a political issue but it seems that our friends in the mainstream media want it e.ed to make it such in light of president trump's call with a little 7-year-old girl on christmas eve. we talked to you about this yesterday. lit's take a listen to it again. >> what are you going to do for christmas? >> probably put out some cookies and then we are hanging out with our friends so that's pretty much all. >> that's fun. you just have a good time. still a believer in santa. >> yes, sir.
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>> because 7 it's marginal, right? >> yes, sir. >> you just enjoy yourself. happy christmas. and you just take care of yourself. >> this has caused our friends in the media to freak out a little bit. couple of the headlines about the call. chicago tribune child called santa reached norad instead. 7-year-old wise up about santa. the old saying is president trump could jump into a river and save a drowning 7-year-old child and the headline would read trump proves can't swim. katie: maybe, the media is making a big deal. the father said i think it's crazy it became a big deal. it's christmas time. i would love to keep politics out of christmas.
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it didn't bother me i talk to my kids like adults. he he was very kind. i was very impressed with a phone call. this was a 6 minute long phone call with the president of the united states on christmas eve. i thought that was a long time for a phone call from the president. todd: was it perfectly artful? probably not. at the end of the day, can we have just one day? katie: she still believes in santa claus like griff jenkins. little girl fun day, no harm, no foul. another to your point, griff. he literally can do no right. griff: i will say words like marginal with a 7-year-old i'm not sure she had the full grasp of what that meant. katie: she could be watching now. she could be up early the day after christmas. todd: do you know who believes in santa and does know the definition of all words? jillian: merry christmas to
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you. get you start up to date on the stories. a home burst into flames. can you see the fire lighting up the neighborhood in sioux falls, south dakota. person killed believed to be the pilot. inclear why the plane crashed. witnesses say it shook the ground. several hundred isis killed in syria. comes before president trump's syria withdrawal announcement. israel is firing up defense system against syrian anti-aircraft missiles. that after syria claimed forces killed israeli soldier in an attack. those strikes targeted hezbollah the iranian backed terror group. go fund me returns all donations for a homeless veteran that turned out to be a scam. the couple raised more than $400,000 after they claimed the man gave his last $20 to pay for the woman's gas in philadelphia when she was stranded. the trio made the whole thing up and conspired to
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split the money. police started investigating after the veteran sued the couple for not giving him any of the money. a community is in mourning after a police dog is killed in a shootout in a florida mall. deputies hugging his heart broken handler. >> it's very unfortunate. at least there is no deputies dead or civilians dead and got two dangerous people off the street right now. did he his job and saved those deputy's lives. >> shot and killed chasing a gunman during a robbery. both suspects are behind bars. the canine had been with the palm beach county sheriff's office for nearly one year. a look at your headlines. send it back to you. todd: sad story. thanks, jillian. coming up 10 minutes after the hour four. president trump tells congress it's build the wall or bust. shutdown will continue until the democrats meet him halfway. the next guest says the president has it exactly right. he will explain why next. griff griff one major league baseball pitching prospect gave his parents something incredible for christmas.
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>> dear mom and dad, i just want to say thank you for everything you've done to help me reach my dreams from woodley field to -- [crying] >> emotional surprise and amazing reason behind it, that's coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ the greatest wish of all is one that brings us together. the final days of wish list are here. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down, zero due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment.
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ends new year's day. >> i can't tell you when the government is going to be reopen. i can tell you it's not going to be reopen until we have a wall, a fence, whatever they would like to call it i will call it whatever they want. it's all the same thing, a barrier for people pouring into our country. griff: call it what you want. president trump not backing down on his demands for a border wall. a former state department official agrees writing in a new op-ed that our national security demands it. katie: here now to discuss is that former state department official for both the trump and george w. bush administrations christian wright. thanks so much for being here. >> good morning. thanks for having me on. katie: let me start with opinion on this. you think president trump is standing strong and he should for national security refineries. >> good policy and politics. i think the longer this goes on. actually, you will see the
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american people increasingly coming to the support of the president. if you poll the wall, will 6% of republicans are in favor. independents are about tied. democrats are very much opposed. support has been growing over time. simple common sense. look at the people coming into the country. if you look at the crime. you look at us being taken advantage of, i think this is just a winner for the president. griff: chris, we learned there is possibly some movement on the negotiation, obviously. democrats only offering 1.3 billion. the president requesting 5.7. do you anticipate we see movement in the next few days or do you believe that the president in the administration republicans just stand firm and not give an inch. >> the incoming chief of staff mulvaney did seem to say there might be some compromise in the works. you know what the president is asking for is really very little. we are going to spend more than $4 trillion this fiscal year the "5.7. that'that's"5.7 if the
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democrats were smart they would come around on their. they have backed themselves very much into the corner. if you look at their -- the people who are out front, very left-wing democrats have southwest absolutely not. schumer has said absolutely not. so i think this shutdown, the partial shutdown may go on for weeks, maybe longer. pentagon is fully funded and things people really need from government entitlements, post office, et cetera fully funded, i don't think there is not going to be that much problem with going on. katie: this is a partial government shutdown. as you pointed out a very small amount of money the president is asking for. how does he win this fight with nancy pelosi coming nasa the next speaker here in a couple weeks? >> there is a conventional wisdom in town that republicans always lose government shutdowns but i don't think that's quite right. i think that stems from 1995, 1996 when newt gingrich went head to head with bill clinton and shut down the government. has great deal of power in
3:17 am
any shut down. people who don't watch the news every day actually do get bits and pieces of information and much more influenced by the white house and president. much bigger spot light. as this goes on, i think as long as the president keeps hammering on the points and hammering on the border and also point out what the democrats want here. they were originally in favor of the wall when they thought it was to their political advantage to their base. they seem to care less about working class people and replacing american class citizens with new voters. griff: today we see the tweets from both pelosi and schumer. identical matching tweets. is it they are having trouble staying on message? >> i think it just shows that they still think that this is working to their advantage because the fundraisers of the party, the far left, the progressive activists and we saw that very much influence this last election. they have to find a way to climb down. much firmer political ground
3:18 am
when you look at the whole country. katie: when it comes to high stakes, president trump has had trouble in the last week with own base. now changing his language from wall to a fence and talking about replacing existing fencing with a better barrier. is there a risk to him politically from the right if he doesn't get this done? >> there was a risk going into this. i think there was some concern that he was -- that paul ryan and the congress leaving town was getting away with doing nothing on this. i think his supporters and people common sense who want some sort of barrier are fine with whatever vocabulary it takes to get this to yes. if it's a fence or wall or steel structure, as long as it stops people from just pouring across our border that will be just fine. griff: chris, one thing i want to ask you about nancy pelosi will be speaker here very soon, january 3rd. do you believe if the president holds out he is losing his leverage if he waits until she takes control? >> you know, just from a
3:19 am
process point of view, of course, the bill that the house of representatives passed 5.7 billion that senate democrats are obstructing all of that legislation goes out the window in a new congress and you stuart from scratch again. you go from the house being the one pushes to senate republicans pushing. it will come down to narrative and thousand is framed. if the president frames it carefully as democrats obstructing something that really makes a lot of common sense, i think that will prevail. katie: all right, christian thanks for joining us this morning. >> thanks for having me on. katie: fox business reporter susan li with the big headline how it will impact the markets. griff: 102018 heck of a year in the year of politics. up next we break down the biggest winners and losers ♪ ♪
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griff: back with headlines starting with a fox news alert. isis claims responsibility for a deadly christmas day attack in a market in iraq. a car bomb exploding killing at least two people and
3:23 am
injuring 11 others. media outlet reports this is one of the worst attacks since the group claimed victory last year. and this 429 people reported dead after a massive tsunami strikes indonesia. rescuers frantically searching for more than 100 people still missing. volcano erupted over the weekend causing the tsunami. katie? katie: as the year comes to a close take a look back at 2018 biggest winners and losers. no one likes to be a loser. todd: author of campus battlefield charlie kirk. thank you for welcome us. it is the time for lists you will see a lot of them this week. who is on your winner's list? >> >> good morning. i picked three big winners for 2018. the first one is one people haven't been giving enough to that's jared kushner he had huge wins biggest and most recently was getting
3:24 am
prison reform done. of course it was a team effort and president championed it. it was jared who worked tirelessly to get it to the house and eventually to the senate. his team also helped secure the world cup which didn't get a lot of coverage and of course the olympics bid and also behind that big trade deal with canada and mexico. my other big winner, which really hurts me to say in this year the socialists made a lot of progress in america. katie: boo, charlie. >> look. i know. you know i'm no fan of socialists whatsoever. look, the american people have to realize that socialists made progress in 2018. have you alexandria ocasio-corteyou have alexandriag disproportionate amount of media attention. more in u.s. congress than they were a year ago. finally i think donald trump. look, he survived tireless attacks from the left. they threw everything they possibly could at him in the media. he oversaw the lowest every
3:25 am
black unemployment. asian unemployment. 4% economic growth despite all their best efforts, donald trump is a big winner in 2018. griff: that second winner you have got there socialists we are seeing and we will talk about this later alexandria ocasio-cortez getting in trouble with the truth a little bit. being factual about baby jesus. let me ask you, do you think that number two might fall off of the winning category if we really start to see socialism in action when nancy pelosi takes over? >> oh, no. i am by no means saying socialist policies are winners. politicians definitely made progress this year. if people know my work at turning point u.s.a. and when you do on college campuses one of my big mantras is fighting socialism. we have seen them make progress and get a bigger and bigger platform. the democrat party is quickly becoming the democrat socialist party or just the socialist party. it really hurts me to say that they have made progress in the last year and they have made headway. as people see their policies
3:26 am
in action like they have seen in portland and san francisco. they are going to reject them. i don't think 2019 is going to be as good of a year as 018 for the socialists. katie: let's get to your losers. who is number one on your list? >> the democrat mob. look what they tried to do with now justice brett kavanaugh? this dominated almost the entire fall news cycle. they did everything they possibly could to try to use intimidation tactics after people who were supporting justice kavanaugh. katie: charlie, how about you. weren't you harassed this year trying to eat breakfast. >> candace owens and myself were trying to eat breakfast in philadelphia. a huge democrat mob came, antifa came within 20 minutes to try to storm us out of the restaurant. they threw water at us. and so the democrat mob, i think, are one of the big losers of 2018. and the other one of my big losers is the anti-trump g.o.p. bob corker and jeff flake and john kasich. they have done everything
3:27 am
they possibly could from within the republican party to destabilize this president and is he more popular than ever before with republican voters. is he now at 50% approval rating amongst all voters. now they just go off into the sun set not being senators and governors any longer. griff: that's interesting, corker and flake also gone. do you still believe more in power. >> couple taking office in the next few months. we will see. very little oxygen for them in this republican party. the base of the party, you know, the grassroots members of the conservative base support this president whole wholeheartedly. they supported economic reforms. they support what he is doing for our country. there is very little oxygen left for anti-trump republicans. they had a very, very pad year and have less ground today than they did when they started the year. >> finally what about number three on your loser list? >> my european globalist. i would say macron, may, and merkel. they had a very tough year.
3:28 am
you see paris in total flames. you see a fumbled brexit deal in england and you see merkel totally in crisis. in germany. all three of them have very similar governing styles. they put the eu above the needs of their own country and you kind of see internal rebellion happening in all three of those beautiful countries. france, the u.k. and germany have amazing hills industry they have wonderful people and culture. you see them in trouble. you see the contrast of the reforms donald trump is doing in america where america is booming, merkel may and macron kind of on the ropes. it's been a tough year to be a european globalist but great year to be an american. katie: do you have predictions for 2019. do you think winners and losers will trade places or stay the same. >> i don't think it's been a -- i don't think it's going to be a good year for democrats whatsoever. because they are going to have to actually go to the american people and say what they are for. they are for bigger government. they are for less freedom.
3:29 am
they are for open borders. they are for more crime. and the president is going to be able to draw a very big distinction look what i have done for the last two years and look what everyone and the democrats are trying to do the. i think it's going to set the table nicely for 2020 to get this president convincingly reelected. you can see what he is doing here with border wall fight. this is why we worked so hard to put him in office to pick the tough fights for the american people. todd: kicks off with 9 trillion democrats running for 2020. thanks for being here. griff: thanks, charlie. >> you bet. todd: police officer forced to fight off a mob of drunk homeless men. >> get back. get back. >> authorities are now doing with regard to the officer and the attackers. plus if you didn't get exactly what was on your christmas list, you are not alone, the top tips for cashing in on your returns
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congrats to you. love it and check this one out. a pup family christmas in winston-salem, north carolina with matching pjs for the most part. katie: very fashionabl fashionae pups. here is a picture of santa in front of the tree. gets around everywhere. >> this one from jody, again, same theme. matching pjs. we want to see pictures not only just of matching pjs but any pictures we also want to see video. please keep them coming in we will show them all morning long. christmas, the day may be done but the celebration continues here on fox. katie: having three babies interesting triplets how did
3:34 am
you keep track in pjs. griff: i have matching pjs. we showed this every year kathleen my wife gets them for the family. you pretty much get to celebrate christmas every day if you wear your pj's. todd: kathleen did email us and say griff quit talking about we are with you kathleen. griff: in other news. katie: moving along. griff: segway, you like that hard turn? it was a major league baseball player going to be witching for the kansas city royals. do you know this story in. todd: we do. this is awesome story. you want to go? griff: he sends a letter to his mom and dad who don't know what they are going to read and we have the video of his mom opening this letter look at this and then we will tell you more about it afte afterwards.
3:35 am
>> dear mom and dad thank you for everything have you done to help me reach my dreams. he both of you took off of work and spent every dime you made to put smile on my face. there is something i want to give to you. i am paying off the loan from the bank. also, i paid all all your debt as well. what? now instead of trying to save money every week to replace the savings account you drained on. [crying] because you deserve the very best, i want you both to know how much i appreciate you and how none of this would be possible without you. katie: such an amazing, amazing story. what a nice thing to do for your parents after they have done everything to you to reach your goals and dreams. he got a signing bonus of $4 million. he put that towards helping his parents out and repaying them for getting them to the major leagues. quite an amazing christmas
3:36 am
gift for sure. santa claus definitely came to their house. todd: the world of high end baseball. not just you play a little bit in high school and drafted. these guys have to travel the country in tournaments playing year around and these tournaments are just not in your backyard they are all over the country. that gets expensive after a while. saw giving credit to parents fighting the bill. making it to the kansas city royals and little inside baseball here literally they don't have the best pitching team and prospects he could make a quick run up their system and be in the majors pretty soon. that's awesome. griff: if that were a christmas movie that would be my favorite for sure. it's real life the fundamentals of the american degree. giving back to your parents who gave so much for you a wonderful thing. email us at and let us know what you think about brady singer. did he do the right thing taking care of mom and dad? katie: i think. so. todd: if anybody disagrees we are going after you.
3:37 am
jillian: what's that thing that kids say i'm not crying, you are. that was awesome. very cool story. thank you. border patrol is making changes after a second child dies in custody. officials say they are doing medical checks on all migrant children. 8-year-old boy taken to new mexico hospital with flu like symptoms on christmas eve. he was released but died hours later. his death comes as a 7-year-old girl is laid to rest in guatemala. she died in u.s. custody earlier this month. actress roseanne barr will address parliament. her visit overseas is meant to quote further my own knowledge of jewish and israeli history. i have important work to do as a voice against the insidious and anti-semitic bst movement: be a nypd officer is honored for his bravery after fighting off a group of homeless men by himself. >> get back.
3:38 am
i don't want to hit you with this. get back. >> officer confronting the member at a subway station after a woman reported them for harassment. police say they were intoxicated and started fighting with the officer when he asked them to leave. four people are under arrest. but the district attorney is refusing to press charges. police save christmas for al new jersey family. just days before the holiday. a thief stole the family's suv that was packed with presents. officerofficers pulled pooled t. looking for the grinch who stole the car. that's a look at headlines. everyone has eyes on the forecast as they begin their travels home, adam. adam: i think mostly across the country travel is going to be okay there are a couple of trouble areas across the country beginning with where the temperatures and warm air meets the cold air. take a look at these maps. back behind it 23 degrees in denver.
3:39 am
cold and warm air meeting together like that that is when you get storms. in the south, mostly just rain. if you you are on the northern edge of, this there are going to be big snow showers sweeping across the country in the next couple of days. storm warnings stretching from minnesota all the way down through colorado. also have real quick i love it when people come out here. i can't ignore them entirely. let's get back out on the plaza. we have got maryland and we have got alabama here. do you guys want to say merry christmas and help me toss it back? n.? we are tossing it back. in help me say merry christmas. >> and happy new year. adam: throwing it back in to you. >> thank you, adam, appreciate it. katie: we want to love every gift we receive over christmas truth is many wind up returning for something else. analyst. thank you so much for being here. if you get a gift that you don't necessarily really like. we have some returning tips for our viewers number one
3:40 am
what is it. >> make sure you know what the return policies are. so, out of the 15 major categories of last-minute shopping, 126 them came from big box stores. so walmart, target, kohl's. not all of those return policies are the same. this is according to paypal study. make sure you are looking at return policy so you don't think you are returning something for january 15 and the deadline was january 1st. make sure you are taking a digital picture of all those receipts. i carry two hand bags around. both of them look like. katie: who doesn't. >> huge explosion. i can't find anything in there what you want to do to keep yourself organized take a picture of it run quickly, return something, you have that right in your phone. katie: what about long lines at the stores? as we mentioned everyone loves to keep their gifts but a lookout of people need to return them for one reason or another. beneficial when returning an item. >> when you get to the store early, like anything, people are little bit more friendly
3:41 am
to deal with not a lot of people in there. get in there and out of there quicker. people tend to be nicer in the morning. katie: as long as they have had their coffee. >> more willing to help you out. you also want to make sure that you are making sure that you are looking at the restocking fees. let's see you have a digital buying something electronic sometimes when you return something there are restocking fees the store will charge you restocking fee for that. katie: returning or got cash in their stocking, what should they be buying this time of year? >> i always say and it's sort of obvious if you want to look at the seasonal items. so, for example, payroll, coatsapparel,jackets, winter bon discount because they are trying to get that spring merchandise in. obviously seasonal items. let's say you got that i know flightable -- missed out on getting inflatable santa for your lawn. katie: toys, candles,
3:42 am
clothing, holiday decor. what should we not be buying this time of year something we could get cheaper price down the road? >> who wouldn't want jewelry for the holidays, the best time to buy that is closer to valentine's day day. also, major appliances let's say you are in the market for a washer and dryer, you would wants to buy that closer to memorial day, that's where it goes on discounts. add televisions, flat screen tvs as we get closer to january the consumer electronics show is happening in vegas right now. so, actually going to happen in a couple weeks, those newer models of the tvs will come out so the older models will be on discount. katie: things you don't know unless we talk to you. >> thank you for having me. katie: we appreciate it president trump says the border won't reopen until he gets border security. will he get what he wants? you weren't the only ones who were opening presents.
3:43 am
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>> you have drugs. you have human trafficking. the only way you are going to do it is to have a
3:46 am
physical barrier, meaning a wall. and if you don't have that. then we're just not opening. todd: as the shutdown enters day five president trump doubling down on his terms to get it back open. so, does the president have a point? democratic strategist jason nickels joins us now. jason, i'm going to go out on a limb and say you disagree with the president. why? >> i absolutely disagree with the president. number one, we have 650 miles of border barriers already. we spend $20 billion already on border security. we would have to seize private land in order to do so to build further barriers it doesn't make sense. putting $5 billion into a barrier really doesn't make since when, in fact, it's going to take about $20 billion to build what the president is talking about. and 4 -- an estimated $48 billion to maintain over the next 10 years. and to put that on the
3:47 am
american taxpayer is unfair. it's shutting down the government. we have 800,000 families that don't know when their next paycheck is coming, and we need to really make a change here. todd: to respond break in rnc spokesperson kayleigh mcanswery. >> inhe had considerable. talk different than talked five years ago when all 50 senate democrats voted to double the portion of fencing on the southern border. all 54 democrats voted to end the diversity visa lottery. all 54 democrats voted to move to a merit based system and voted for 40 billion in border security. more than 8 times what president trump is asking for. what has changed is not the problem. the problem has gotten worse. what has changed it's president trump. not president obama. they want to deprive him of a political victory. so sad they are playing with the security of the american people here. it's hypocrisy at its finest. todd: yeah, jason, how does the democratic party reconcile that the trump plan is basically less than
3:48 am
the democratic plan from a few years ago yet, because it's the trump plan, it is a no-go? >> well, first of all, democrats are not against border security. as we have said, there are more cost effective and better ways to do it. that's the main issue. everyone is against human trafficking and drug trafficking. so, we think that a border wall will be ineffective number one and number two, you can have things like scanners which will cost $300 million. a fraction of what the president is talking about. and we would be very effective in stopping human trafficking and drug trafficking into the country. todd: cailee, though thought all those productions were good a few years ago. what changed in the last five years? is it a five letter word that begins with a t? >> yes, it is president trump being in the white house. they wanting to deprive him of a political win. it's unfortunate. democrats biggest farce to say democrats are for border security. no, they are not. the facts bear this out in all four sectors where there
3:49 am
is fencing we have seen illegal crossings go down. it is common sense if you have a physical barrier it deters illegal immigration. it's unfortunate and sad whether you have 108 terror suspects arrested a day. president trump is being strong here. is he holding firm. it's up to chuck and chains nancy to come to the table and secure the american people by securing our border. todd: the debate is not ending today we have to leave for now. thank you so much. hope y'all had a great christmas. >> thanks, todd. todd: talk about bad medicine. doctors are in trouble in one state. they are actually giving up their medical license but then starting it all again in another state. how does this happen? we have dr. nicole saphier on tap to explain this alarming loophole next hour. plus, yeah. stocks have been in a little bit of a free fall. this morning, the economy just got a dose of good news. fox business reporter susan li here with the big headline and how it impacts the market. she is joining us on the
3:50 am
curvey couch right now ♪ like the feeling can't hold us ♪ go back ♪ this is the moment ♪ tonight is the night ♪ but hey, at least you still have time to get the ford vehicle you've always wanted. just get to the final days of our holiday sales event. see you sometime between now and january 2nd. so you can end your year on a high note. ford. built for the holidays. it's time to get our best offers of the season.
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3:52 am
jillian: hope you are having a good morning so far. welcome back. headlines going viral. a man behind bars accused of
3:53 am
throwing a christmas ham in a fit of rage. kentucky police say david brandon hurled the meet argument over which day they should host christmas dinner. okay. video going viral of four-legged friends unwrapping christmas gifts. pup dying to get his paws on the present. this dog unwraps her present with a little help from the owner, adorable. and we just found out there was no winner in the 321-million-dollar mega millions drawing. you can still win some money, maybe a bee lated christmas gift. ththe next drawing is friday with an estimated 348-million-dollar jackpot. katie. katie: thank you, jillian. big boost for the economy. shoppers giving retailers the strongest holiday sales increase in six years, spending more than $850 billion this season. amazing. griff: here to break it down fox business reporter susan li. good morning. >> i was away for two weeks
3:54 am
why did you do to the markets while i was away? griff: i tried not to break it. i want to turn it around. it's not doing so well. >> not doing so well. people are shopping. master card came out with numbers and amazon saying it's a record holiday shopping period for them. a lot of people are doing it online these days. and there is a big disconnect. big talk in the markets right now. disconnect between what's happening on main street and people are shopping, buying and spending, two thirtdz of the u.s. economy ntd a how the stock markets are performing at this point. some say maybe mr. market is wrong in this case because it's not just the holiday shopping period. $850 billion. huge number, right? six years, the biggest and strongest in six years. but think about that in conjunction with personal consumption expenditures. this is a technical number, data point we use in the markets. this tracks how much household spending has been taking place. what you spend on netflix subscriptions or refrigerators. that's on a nine month winning streak at this
3:55 am
point. griff: which speaks to confidence. >> confidence. spending. griff: reading the tea leaves in washington. >> the market we are looking at horrendous december. worst for the fcc and nasdaq. worse for the dow since the 130s. i would caution our investors and viewers to say look, this is more of an algorithmic world we live. in things have changed over the years. more computers trading at this point. all trade in a herd mentality. one bad headline comes out and everyone else starts selling. 85% are now controlled by the computers. todd: switching gears. survival of the fittist mind set out there. volatility we are seeing in the stock market can be good. break this down for us. volatility is typically a bad thing this article in the "wall street journal" says no. why? >> how investment banks save money if you trade in and out of stocks. the banks are reaping a lot of profits at this point and at least one sector of the
3:56 am
economy is. i would also say look, if you look at historical trends you get rewarded in these uncertain times. look what happened in 2008. if you bought you would have made over 1,000% in those 10 years i would say mr. trump and president trump had a good point. jump in obviously with your financial professionals but you do get reward when you had get brave in uncertain times. katie: some of that uncertainty is coming whether the fed is going continue to crease. president trump has talked about he doesn't want that to happen. what do you sees a the future prospects of how that is creating uncertainty in the market? >> okay. raising interest rates takes money out of the economy. so people spend less, they don't buy as many homes. they don't spend as much on autos. i would say it's also a good sign as well a strong economy. we're looking at the strongest economic growth sings 2005. that's 13 years. that's the last time we saw growth at over 3%. i would say feds raising
3:57 am
rates not good but a sign of a strong healthy u.s. economy. griff: susan li thank you so much. if i win that lottery ticket i would cricket to that economic spending. alexandria ocasio-cortez comparing baby jesus to illegal immigrants. you won't believe what she is saying now. plus, look at this, corey lewandowski, former ice director tom homan and mike huckabee all for you here on the day after christmas. that's coming up. stay tuned ♪ time for me to fly ♪ ♪ welcome to tide pods talk with gronk. i'm gronk! i'm big and awesome, but this guy is little, can it really clean? heck yeah it can! it's concentrated detergent plus stain fighters plus odor flighers that fight for clean. boom! even this entire bottle can't beat tide pods. and now a word from future gronk:
3:58 am
ugh... tide pods. if it's clean, it's got to be tide.
3:59 am
4:00 am
griff: day five of the budget shutdown. president trump not backing down on his demands for a border wall. >> only way you are going to do it is to have a physical barrier meaning a wall. if you don't have that then we're just not opening. >> the president asking for is really very little. democrats obstructing something that really just makes a lot of common sense. >> the u.s. announcing several hundred isis fighters killed in syria this month. the coalition strikes coming just before president trump's syria withdrawal announcement. >> president trump making a special christmas phone call to u.s. military members around the world. >> i know it's a great sack files for you to be away from your families but i want you to know that every american family is eternally grateful to you. >> one major league baseball pitching prospect just gave his parents something incredible. >> paid off all your debt as
4:01 am
well. what? none of this would be possible without you. ♪ i'm in love with a stranger ♪ i can't believe she is mine ♪ now all i see is you fresh eyes. katie: back from christmas. had a great time celebrating. we want to know how you celebrated your christmas. griff: back with fresh ice. todd: some of us not so much a long christmas night of celebrating. for those of you out there though sent in your pictures, thank you so much. keep them coming we have got a lot so far. katie: check out the family in fort bragg, north carolina in matching christmas jam mass a theme we are seeing. todd: as it should be. grand son mason racketing to the president's the morning of christmas. look how happy.
4:02 am
griff: big christmas smile from heidi with baby and dog. look at that. that's matching pjs i believe as well. certainly a very popular and important tradition on christmas. i hope all of you had a great, great christmas and we want your pictures katie: showing them live all morning long. check them out. griff: show videos as well. drone video all todd asked for was drone video from christmas day. never got any. try one more time. todd: drone in your house is the way to go. katie: drone video inside people's house? katie: we will see if can produce that for us. griff: must talk about the partial government shut down entering day five with no immediate end in sight. katie: president trump says without a deal on the border wall, the government will remain closed. todd: the aforementioned griff jenkins at the white house with the latest on the
4:03 am
shutdown. hey, rich. >> let me out of the office for this one. democrats in the white house are a few billion dollars apart on border security. so, there is this partial shutdown it remains. the president was supposed to be at will his mar-a-lago resort this week. instead is he back at the white house because of the shutdown pushing and ghangsing more funding for a wall at the southern border. >> i can't tell you when the government is going to be open. i can tell you it's not going to be open until we have a wall, a fence, whatever they would like to call it i will call it whatever they want. but it's all the same thing. it's a barrier from people pouring into our company -- into our country. >> most of congress is still out of town. the democrats are calling this the trump shutdown. the presumed incoming house speaker, nancy pelosi, spoke to "u.s.a. today." in that interview she said, quote: he talked about terrorists coming in over that particular border, which wasn't so. he talked about people bringing in diseases and all the rest of that, which wasn't so. he is using scare tactics
4:04 am
that are not evidence-based and it's wrong. now, the house and senate are scheduled to return and be back in session tomorrow. the white house budget director says that this shutdown could very well last into the next congress, which takes over next week. and democrats will have more leverage when that happens as they do take control of the house january 3rd. back to you guys. katie: rich edson at the white house, thank you. we will see where things go in d.c. president yesterday was working during christmas, talking about these things, saying the border is not going to reopen. mick mulvaney was on "fox news sunday" over the weekend saying they have brought down their number from 5 billion to some number in between democrats are said 1.6 billion. see if they can come up with some kind of deal. as rich said they are negotiating with a few billion dollars here not the 26 billion the president has asked for. griff: as we were talking before we went on the air, katie. that is the president has a real commitment to this issue because it was a signature issue. if you look at the full context of this.
4:05 am
he has said that even while rich was reporting that mulvaney is saying maybe we will accept something in the middle, the president has been pretty consistent that he is not moving off of getting that border wall fence. whatever you want to call it because of the need to do it and talked in the last hour to christian whiton, former president trump advisor as well as george w. bush. he says that president trump really has the you were hand in this. take a listen. >> the president has very much -- has a great deal of power in any shut down people who don't watch the news every day get pits bits and pieces of information influenced by the president. much bigger spotlight. as the president keeps hammering on the points on the border. what the democrats want here. they were originally in favor of will wall when they thought it was to their political advantage. they seem to care less about working class people and more about replacing american citizens with new
4:06 am
voters. >> to sum this up, this isn't about the money. this is infinitesimal amount of money. whatever they are going to call this thing that's down there. at the end of the day this is going to hinge on what this is called. that's where you get the compromise. the amount of money so use ltz in terms of, you know, 1 billion versus 5 billion it means nothing. language is the key. ultimately what breaks a stalemate when that happens. who knows? katie: speak of language. the new socialist darling of the left alexandria ocasio-cortez is making some news again this week after tweeting about baby jesus being equivalent to an illegal immigrant. she tweeted over christmas joy to the world, merry christmas, everyone. here's to a holiday filled with happiness, family and love for all people, including refugee babies in mangers and their parents. so, griff, is this historically accurate to compare baby jesus to illegal immigrant.
4:07 am
>> if you look at the history joseph and mary were traveling back to bethlehem because census: when i was in tijuana with the caravan she was comparing the caravan migrants to jews fleeing nazi germany. and, you know, it's one of these things where you can get away, perhaps, with get elected. a moment to drive a media cycle. she got elected. now it's time to govern. now it's time to put on your adult pants and do factually accurate things and we actually went back and looked at some of the things that now congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez has said to that very point playing loose with the facts. listen. >> you use the term the occupation of palestine. what did you mean by that? >> oh, um, i think what i meant is like the settlements that are
4:08 am
increasing. i'm not the expert on geo politics on this issue. unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs. capitalism has not always existed in the world. and it will not always exist in the world. medicare for all is actually much more -- is actually much cheaper than the current system that we pay right now. katie: there you go. she will be sworn in january 3rd, i believe. next week and she'll be voting on real legislation. griff: she will be this pop lamp new face of the democrat party which has moved so far to the left and it's doing so much so it's actually making some other resident democrat senators jealous. katie: outgoing former unelected now but former outgoing senator claire mccaskill is wondering why alexandria ocasio-cortez is so popular among many democrats. take a listen. >> i'm a little confuse you had why she is the thing. she is now talked about a lot. i'm not sure what she has
4:09 am
done yet to general rate that kind of enthusiasm. the rhetoric is cheap. getting results is a lot harder. todd: main concern for me you hear politicians waffle back and forth based on political expediency. i truly believe that alexandria ocasio-cortez truly believes the stuff she is saying if she even understands what she is saying and that's frightening for the country it really is we have chalked about chuck schumer and nancy pelosi waffling back and forth on the wall. that's political expediency. they are fighting against president trump. i sort of get the sense they know what they are doing. i get the sense she doesn't. that's worrisome. griff: i don't know if it's frightening for the country but by guys like bernie sanders who carved out this position. and she is degrading the credibility of the rise of the sort of socialist left. katie: i would not under estimate her. she needs to get a little
4:10 am
more clear with the facts and her history. that is something that she can do if she is humble enough when she comes into washington 57sd learn thousand works. she should not be under estimated despite all of the gaffes. todd: she has everything else in her corner besides that big thing that she is work on. griff: her errors will be magnified even more so now that she is power. what do you think about the comment she said falsely comparing the nativity seen to. katie: illegal alien caravan coming across the border. todd: i wanted to do the brian toss. katie: jillian mele. someone who knows the words coming out of her mouth. jillian: i love brian kilmeade is not here yet but we are doing the brian kilmeade awkward tosses: i love it. following serious news out
4:11 am
of kentucky. get you caught up on in fox news alert. new details of death of a detective killed by a driver. semi-truck hit deidre's police cruiser during a traffic stop in kentucky. roger burr death is charged with murder and driving under the influence. police say he had multiple prescription drugs in his system. the detective leaves behind a young son. at least one person is dead after a small plane crashes into two homes and bursts into flames. you can see the fire lighting up the neighborhood in sioux falls, south dakota. the person killed is believed to be the pilot. unclear why that small plane crashed. witnesses say it shook the ground. the woman's march in chicago is cancelled. organizers knicksing the annual discrimination citing high costs and limited volunteers. the announcement coming after the group slammed the national leadership for the march over ties to nation of islam leader louis farrakhan. tamika mallory came under fire after she attended a nation of islam gathering
4:12 am
negative statements about jews. just a warning. grab the tissues. heart warming surprise on christmas. >> what is it? what is it? >> our ar adoption papers. >> are you kidding me. >> wrapping adoption papers for his stepdad in houston. he has raised alex since he was three years old. >> gave me the chills. that was beautiful. jillian: yes. congrats to them. katie: media calling disarray in the white house. it's not chaos at all it's trump being trump. todd: a woman chases down a chief stealing a package and she records it all. that thief's reaction straight ahead. >> did you just steal something? give it. >> let me go, lady. i didn't take anything. >> yes, you did. i saw you. you picked the [bleep] wrong
4:13 am
person ollege college of the ozarks gave me the chance to work for my degree i'll graduate debt free from a college where character is as important as class work and patriotic education is part of the curriculum we are hard work u and we are working for our american dream
4:14 am
4:15 am
♪ todd: all right. a lot happening in the trump administration latefully holding firm on the border wall funding in that government shut down to pulling troops out of syria and, of course, defense secretary jim mattis
4:16 am
leaving. griff: the media melting down to it all calling it disarray and chaos. katie: next guest says this isn't chaos this is trump being trump. trump campaign manager corey lewandowski. thank you so much for being here. >> good morning and merry christmas. katie: merry christmas. as the media continues to say that the trump administration is doomed in the future, what is your take on the current situation? >> well, look. it's a very natural inflex point after a midterm election from presidents to change out members of their cabinet and members of the senior staff. and, you know, i remember when barack obama changed out eric holder to loretta lynch. his administration wasn't in chaos in time. rahm emanuel left and he brought in a new chief of staff. multiple chiefs of staff. there was no chaos at the time. look, this is a typical situation where the media doesn't want to give this president the respect which he is due because every president makes changes throughout his administration to bring fresh faces and fresh perspectives to the his administration.
4:17 am
and this president wants to make sure that members of his cabinet align with his political philosophy as he heads into a re-election effort. and that's something he should have the right to do. griff: corey, general mattis was the unprecedented uleader. the president has reacted by havening the time in which mattis would be departing. is it not that he is creating a problem? i mean, is this really stable leadership on behalf of president trump? >> well, as you guys all know, barack obama fired general mattis unceremoniously without even contacting him when he was the head of central command. the media doesn't want to dwell on issue that. we have have had american troops in syria 2388 day us. the president wants to remove those trips from syria and bring them home. and he and general mattis had a fundamental
4:18 am
disagreement about that what he said is the president should have a secretary of defense who aligns with what his philosophy is. this president campaigned on less u.s. intervention around the globe and bringing our men and women who serve in uniform home so he can protect our homeland. so the president has the right to put people in his cabinet who agree with him fundamentally and bringing men and women home are a pledge that he made and he is now fulfilling and general mattis didn't agree with that so the president is going to replace him with a leader who does. todd: corey, looking at the border wall funding you say the president should hold firm with regard for furnishing for the border wall no matter the cost. why do you say that? >> look. there is no more important issue than protecting americans against all enemies both foreign and domestic. and if we cannot secure our borders, then we are not at nation at all. this is something ronald reagan talked about. this is something candidly the democrats voted for many, many times. they want to politicize this issue. they don't want to give the president the win which he
4:19 am
deserves. there is no more important issue to me than making sure we have a secure nation. when you go back and you look at what this president pledged during the campaign and what he is now fulfilling, it is making sure that we know who is coming into our country. we're the greatest nation on the planet when it comes to welcoming people. we bring a million immigrants into this country every year. but there is a process. and simply coming across the southern border when someone else feels like it is not what the process is so that physical barrier will prevent additional men and women who are citizens of our country from being killed or becoming a victims of violent from individuals who are in our country illegally. katie: corey, with as the government shut down continues what do you see president trump doing? is it a problem if you can't get the funding that he has promised his base? >> i think it's absolutely critical that the president gets that money for the wall as you know he continued to hand out a contract just two days ago in the oval office to continue to rebuild part of that wall. we do have part of a physical barrier already there why need to expand
4:20 am
that we have to make sure that this president is actually receiving the phone from congress. this is not a large sum of money. the $5 billion is he asking for. 1.6 of that and 1.3 has been appropriated in the past. this is political gainsmanship. when barack obama came into office. they paid $3 billion for cash for clunkers which was literally taking the money, buying carl's off the street and throwing them away because they wanted to stimulate the economy. we should have the money to protect american citizens. family room. katie: thank you, corey, appreciate it. griff: author of trump's enemy. see them in action now. todd: why he is standing with the president for a border wall or bust. todd: doctors forced to give up medical licenses in one state are somehow finding a way to practice in another state is a loophole keeping unfit doctors in business? dr. nicole saphier.
4:21 am
♪ like bad medicine ♪ you ito take care of anyct messy situations.. and put irritation in its place. and if i can get comfortable keeping this tookus safe and protected... you can get comfortable doing the same with yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. it only takes a second for an everyday item to become dangerous. tide pods child guard pack helps keep your laundry pacs safe
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katie: welcome back. time for news by the numbers. $11.8 billion. that's a new holiday record for box office sales in
4:24 am
north america in one year. new super hero aqua man putting sales over the edge. katie: aqua man brought in more than $67 million last weekend alone. next, 17%. that's how many people will hit the stores today to return or exchange unwanted gifts accord ght to the national retail federation. december 26th second businessiest shopping day of the year. and finally $328 million, that's the new estimated jackpot for the mega millions drawing. nobody won last night's jackpot. the next drawing is friday. todd: let's pool for a ticket: gave up medical license after allegedly removing a woman's healthy kidney during what was supposed to be a colon surgery. i know they are close but that's not supposed to happen. he then went on to practice medicine in california and ohio.
4:25 am
griff: he is not alone. a shocking report finds hundreds of doctors who surrender medical license unprofessional conduct in one state and still practice in others? how does that happen? let's brings in fox news medical cricketer dr. nicole saphier. good morning, merry christmas. >> merry christmas, gentlemen. griff: your husband, you told us at the break is actually in the operating room at this very moment. >> as a doctor not the patient. griff: what should happen to him should he make one of those glaring errors like the aforementioned louisiana doctor. >> i won't go into the details because i don't know it. there are mishaps that occur in the operating room not as neff fair russ as the headline make it seem. first of all a colo rectal surge doesn't remove kidneys. to be honest i have no idea of that case. the problem is what all headlines are right now big study came out for the last year they have been investigating and they are showing that you have people
4:26 am
you have physicians who have voluntarily surrendered their medical license. that means something bad happened. surrender license something really bad happened. larger number people who have been disciplined in one state meaning board is taking action. going to another state and those actions aren't reportable on that other state. patients are looking up their physicians in their state medical boards and they are not seeing these bad acts. todd: legal phrase is unprofessional conduct. put up on the screen what the example of unprofessional conduct are and break them down to explain how this happens in the first place. all right. repeated surgical impact improper opioid prescriptions. inappropriate relationships. >> obviously those are very general distributers.
4:27 am
inappropriate relationships sexual relationship with patients. too emotionally involved. sometimes the patient looks at physician as paternalistic figure too much of an intimate relationship. improper opioid prescriptions is inexcusable at this point and also due to poor education. we have a federal data base started three decades ago for all of these reportable acts. anything from malpractice payouts, board actions, hospital privileges being suspended. people aren't using this federal database. most of the states when their licensing physicians they are not even checking this database. therefore the information is not going on the state medical record. the question is what should we do? have one centralized is run federally. improve the robust state ones second question is should all of this information be made public? todd: let's say i want to check on my public i'm john q. public i want to go on the system and see if this
4:28 am
is happening to my doctor. you can't do that if you are joe q. public regular citizen not in the medical community. >> that would take an act of congress to make all this information public. it has been fought against the american medical association have fought against making some of this public. now we are in the digital age. when you go and look at anything online you don't even need instruction manuals anymore severing online. when people are shopping around, is this the time to actually make that information public so people can choose their doctors. my concern is with this that some people would misconstrue some of the information. griff: n loophole disclosure a big problem. what about doctors limits to practice elsewhere. >> i'm licensed in three states. every time you apply they ask has there ever been a board action? these doctors had to have lied. not like one state oh you removed a healthy kidney you are okay to practice here. that's not the case.
4:29 am
these people are lying. they are nefarious players. 250 people out of the 950,000 practicing physicians in the united states although this is a problem this is a very small problem that would be easily remedied if we improve this federal data base and people actually use it. todd: definitely frightening at first blurebl blush: todd: not backing down on government shut down until we have border security. >> i can tell you it's not going to be open until we have a wall or fence or whatever they want to call it i will call it whatever they want. todd: tom homan knows how dangerous our southern border can be. why he is standing with the president this morning. once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it. oh! under seven?
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4:31 am
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4:32 am
>> i can't tell you when the government is going to be open. i can tell you it's not going to be open until we have a wall, a fence, whatever they would like to call it people of this country want border security. you know, it's not a question of me. i would rather not be doing shut down. griff: welcome back. we are obviously talking today on this day after christmas about the fight over the border wall. the president making it very clear, guys, that he does not want to move on this. nobody better suited to talk about this than tom homan, the former acting ice director. tom, merry christmas to you. >> merry christmas.
4:33 am
griff: hope you had a good christmas. >> merry christmas. griff: the issue hasn't resolved itself. >> i think the president is doing the right thing. everything they have built the wall -- i have seen comments earlier in the show. every place a wall or pairier has been built, it has resulted in decreased illegal immigration, decreased drug smuggling 100 had% of the time it's been effective. people like nancy pelosi and schumer need to look at the data. it's available to them. katie: you mentioned nancy pelosi. she said in an op-ed for "u.s.a. today" that he talked about referring to president trump about terrorists coming in over that particular border, which wasn't. so he talked about people bringing in diseases and all the rest of that which wasn't so. he is using scare tactics that are not evidence-based and it's wrong. mr. homan, you have been on the ground dealing with these issues front and center. is she right about the things that she is rebutting the president on? >> no. she is 100 percent wrong. let me educate ms. pelosi. as far as crime coming across the border. ice arrested 138,000
4:34 am
criminals last year. these are people entered the country illegally and committed crime against the citizens of this country. >> what kind of crime. >> almost 12,000 sexual assault crimes. murders. crime does come across that border. they didn't miraculously appear they entered this country illegally. as far as disguise i know when i was ice director we screened for t.b. arrested by border patrol. we had family residential centers shut down because of chicken pox, measles, lies, farce tb i remember a case two years ago a man had a strain of tb we couldn't even treat. we had to work with cdc, the texas department of health to try to find a way to treat this gentleman so we kept him locked up for months at great taxpayer expense. can you imagine if that strain of t.b. would have gotten released into the american society. all she has to do is look at the rest of the data on the border where arrest of ms-13 up. arrest for fentanyl is up
4:35 am
200 percent. there is your data. look at it and see why we need a wall. griff: one of the parts of the story that never is report received that mexico is predicted by the human rights organization of mexico from testing that caravan. they can't do really deep diving. we found out there was t.b., chicken pox. widespread flu and other problems. can't find out who they are. we are dealing now with a news story a second child has died in cdp and border patrol custody. 8-year-old gwatney maule guatem. >> it's sad. i have seen a lot of death. children die trying to get to this country. many migrants die. thousands. i stood at the back of a tractor-trailer surrounded by 19 dead illegal aliens including a boy who suffocated in his father's home. put their lives in the hands
4:36 am
of criminal organizations that don't care about them. they care about making a buck. when you have people who don't want border security like pelosi and schumer and some of the far left. you don't want border security. you support sanctuary cities. you want to abolish ice. don't want to fix the loopholes when you don't fix these loopholes you entice people to come to this country they think they can get to sanctuary city. they don't have to obey the law. katie: this 8-year-old boy in customs and border protection custody. do you believe the media is portraying those agents as being responsible for his death. >> i think it's sad. i started my career in border patrol. they're parents, they are brothers sisters and daughters they care about these people. back when i was border patrol agents. to this day border patrol agents will give their lunch to a illegal they arrested because they haven't eaten lunch or had a meal in days. they bring their own children into these facilities to let's not
4:37 am
vilify men and women of the border patrol. they are doing their best. these people are coming from third world countries. our family residential centers we hear the mothers and children there. many times their first pediatrician that child has ever seen is the one the government gives to them. griff: tom, should they be changing their policy? you have a limited number of resources out border pa trowel can do. cpd putting out a statement they will increase the medical checks on every child under 10 years old. should they be changing their policies? >> >> i would do whatever they could to protect the life and safety of these people they are our responsibility once they come into this country. a lot of these people have never seen a doctor. they come in bad shape. i can't tell you how many people the border patrol has turned into ice custody that immediately go to made call trauma center. these people are in bad shape. that's why we have to stop enticing them to make this journey. people die trying to come to this country. todd: look at the coverage
4:38 am
of what the border patrol does by the media is overwhelmingly negative. a number of positive headlines that don't seem to make the news. we have a few on your screen here. december 21st, border patrol agents arrest ms-13 gang members. border patrol agent assaulted by illegal alien not necessary lay good topic on the second one. but underlying the fact that border patrol has a lot to do down there and they face overwhelming risks. why is this happening? >> you know, it's the political hatred tore president trump and his administration. it's taking front and center for a lot of these far left organizations and these left politicians. i have said it many times. let me end with this. the men and women of the border patrol. they leave the safety and security of their home every day, strap a gun to their hip and put a kevlar vets vest on. there is hundreds of names on the wall. these guys have died defending the nation. let's stop the
4:39 am
villeification of this issue and get together and fix the immigration issue. griff: stay standing in the oval office. what you are you saying to him every day going forward on. this fight. keep fighting for the american people. is he doing his job. i have said it many times. i have worked for many presidents. no one has done more for border safety than this president. stand by your guns. it's important not to shut down the government. i stand by him. salute him doing the right thing. keep the fight up. katie: based on what he said in the oval office yesterday it seems he will keep this fight up. tom homan appreciate it. jillian over to you for headlines. jillian: let's start with a fox news alert. isis claims responsibility for a deadly christmas day attack in a market in iraq. car bomb exploding killing at least two people and injuring 11 others. foreign media outlet reports this is one of the first major attacks in this region sings the iraqi government declared victory over the group last year. football fans, suing for the
4:40 am
right to curse out their team. two new york giants fans filing a federal lawsuit claiming their free speech rights were violated. they were arrested and kicked out of the san francisco 49ers stadium earlier this year after yelling at giants' players because they were playing poorly. they probably were. don't mess with this lady. a lady chases down and confronts a package thief moments after caught on camera swiping a box. >> did you just steal something? give it. >> what are you doing, lady, i didn't take anything. >> yes, you did. i saw you. >> you picked the wrong personal. jillian: the woman first spotted the thief on doorbell camera colorado home. they eventually gave the package back. this holiday greeting is truly out of this world. >> wish everybody a merry christmas, a happy, peaceful and joy you joyous holiday seas.
4:41 am
>> on board the international space station. they are celebrating a traditional meal and christmas cookies for des setter, of course. if you look way in the back you could see an elf on the shelf keeping an eye on them of course for santa claus. todd: did you pick that giants story. jillian: of course i did. katie: how did they keep the elf on the shelf did they have to glue him down? griff: i like the porch pirate story. todd: don't mess with that lady and jillian mele and adam klotz because is he yoked. he has the weather and does a little meteorologist on the side. adam: i do it all. weather may be something to deal with. we have a big storm piling up nut middle of the country. it's going to happen right where the warm air meets the cold air. that's what it looks like temperatures in the 60's or so right in the center of the country. storm something is going to line up. everything on the southern edge that's all thunderstorms. if you live in the northern
4:42 am
portions. that's the northern plains back towards the mountains. all area where we are talking about snow and winters storm watches and warnings stretching from northern wisconsin back through minnesota, north dakota, south dakota, and then stretching farther south down towards colorado. all areas we are going to be watching. it's going to be a slow move as we are looking at this moving along with cold air and warm air that frontal boundary. by thursday still sitting in the middle of the country. by friday we are talking about really the midwest. but then look at that temperature here in new york city. 57 degrees for us on friday. back here out here in the plaza, guys, i know you have been waiting for this all morning. give everybody a big wave and say merry christmas back in the studio? >> cheers] >> merry christmas, guys. happy birthday uncle. todd: uncle. adam: uncle birthdayou think. katie: stretch of this highway could soon be named
4:43 am
after former president obama. the family of the man who it is named after now isn't happy about it. griff: fierce 2020 battle for the white house. next guest breaks out the number whose could be coming up. they all start with a b ♪ ♪ ♪ voice-command navigation with waze wifi wireless charging 104 cubic feet of cargo room and seating for 8. now that's a sleigh. ford expedition. built for the holidays. (hurry!) it's the final days to get zero percent financing plus twelve hundred and fifty dollars ford credit bonus cash on ford expedition
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4:46 am
♪ jillian: good morning and welcome back. headlines out of chicago. candidate for mayor bill daily wants to rename an comprehensive after former president barack obama. according to the "chicago sun times" the proposal is not really sitting well with the family of the man it's named after well former politician dan ryan. the dan ryan expressway has been in place since 1962. and current chicago mayor rahm emanuel made over a million dollars last year setting a new record. according to the chicago tribune, the democrat earned a $201,000 salary. he made an additional 353,000 from investments claimed 104,000 worth of deductions and paid $118,000 in taxes. there you have it, griff. griff: all right. thank you. democrats already gearing up for battle in the 2020 white house race new poll of progressives shows in a match up against president
4:47 am
trump. 83% prefer joe biden. 75% pick bernie sanders and 66% go for bai baited toe o'rou. here to break it all down former trump and president john mcclock lynn merry christmas. >> it was a great christmas. griff: while you were enjoying christmas democrats were trying to get the democrat race 2020 started. >> great way to start the holidays. you have a free for all on the democratic side unlike the republicans where president trump has consolidated the republicans and the republican party. he had 72% to closest opponent was mitt romney 9%. he crushes his opponents. on the democrat side you have more than 20 candidates we had bernie sanders ahead of followed by michelle obama and joe biden.
4:48 am
liberals are going to decide their nomination. sanders is a 20%. beto at 13%. so he is not as well known. and is he a real threat to these old-time liberal socialists. griff: put that poll back up for one seconds and look at the numbers. 83% for biden. 75% for sanders and 66% is a strong number for a guy not known going head to head against trump. is beto more formidable opponent than sanders or biden. >> they are all radicals. you have 20 democrats. double digit democrats. single digit democrats and margin of error democrats ones like chuck schumer gets 2%. you could be zero if you want on a given day. beto o'rourke is he basically 46 now. sanders is 77. you have got this important for the democrats that they play identity politics and think are lookintheyare looking. he didn't win in texas.
4:49 am
he lost a u.s. senate race although he came close. so he is coming out of nowhere and threatening bernie sanders and bernie sanders, i mean, he hit a ceiling last time because the democrats determine. griff: he hit a ceiling. let me jump in here because beto is setting up a feud. there is a feud emerging with bernie sanders vs. beto o'rourke. beto has the young people which, remember, back in 2016 were all like why are all these young people fancying an older socialist from vermont? well now beto has the young people. >> it doesn't matter because they are all radicals. this is great for president trump. they are trying to be more who is in favor of open borders. who is in favor of government run healthcare. who is in favor of raising taxes on everybody. not just the rich but everybody? they will have this race to the left. photographic is a kind word for it extreme radical liberals. big government socialists. that's who they are. griff: bottom line. does beto o'rourke win the
4:50 am
feud does he have a chance. >> that's what the primary is all about. wait until next christmas. if you think they are fighting now. give them a year and next christmas they will really be fighting. griff: gout it john mcglaucoma lynn thank you so much. we will talk about this very feud and play sound bite. merry christmas. >> happy new year. griff: new year, new finances. what you can do in the next six days to get your money sorted out before 2019 and getting it back. plus, one major league baseball pitching prospect just gave his parents something incredible for christmas. >> dear mom and dad. i just want to say thank you for everything have you done to help me reach my dreams from woodley field to -- griff: that emotional surprise and the amazing reasonable behind it coming up. stay tuned. ♪ ♪
4:51 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the greatest wish of all is one that brings us together. the final days of wish list are here. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down, zero due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment. only at your lincoln dealer.
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4:53 am
♪ katie: it's that time of year again for new year's resolutions. for many of us means getting finances in order. are you financially ready for the new year.
4:54 am
todd: cpa dan gertrude joins us now. thanks for being here the day after christmas. my wife thinks i'm a huge nerd i start doing all the stuff you are about to tell us literally this week. what should we do this week and going into next week to set ourselves up for 2019. >> the first step is review assets, liabilities, your income and expenses. that's your starting point. if you are going to talk about new year's resolution everybody wants to lose weight. this is the equivalent of getting on the scale. you have got to see where you are today. your assets, what you own, liabilities what you owe. your income, what do you have coming in, expenses, what's going out? katie: yeah. >> the reason assets and liabilities are important. do you think you need to get rid of asset in order to take care of liabilities especially after the holidays? perhaps so. katie: speaking of the holidays. what about a budget after everybody went a little bit over budget waffle the gifts that they bought. what about doing that for the new year? >> generous guy like todd. that's going to happen, right?
4:55 am
but, definitely look, you need to stick to a budget. that's the plan. so, you want to lay out exactly what type of expenses you have and sometimes people's income varies throughout the year. perhaps you are in a sales job. it goes up and down. so you really want to pay attention to both sides of that equation. and make sure that you are properly prepared at all times to meet your debts. katie: parity of that budget is planning for retirement. everybody wants to stop working at some point and don't realize how much it takes to make your retirement dreams come true. >> that's really one of the billing financial mistakes people make not putting enough money away for retirement. particularly in 401(k) plans where have you your employer potentially with a match. time is on your side when you are young. so, for example, you are 27 years old. you've got 40 years to work approximately. let's say you put $500 a month away until you retire.
4:56 am
by the time you are retired 1.3 million. if you start at 47, and put 1,000 amonth way, you only end up with 500,000. less than half. have you got to start early and getting money put away. todd: put money in your own hands. 40 years ago everyone had a pension. all debt not created equal. take down the high interest debt first. >> particularly credit cards, right? if you have built up your credit card debt during these holiday times, you've got to take a look at thament and say how do i get this number down? so, think about transferring that debt to a credit card that's going to give you, let's say no interest for a year or credit card company and see if you negotiate that interest rate down. high interest, very damaging financially. katie: what about the market right now? people are looking at 401(k)s and thinking i don't want to put more money into a 401(k) when i have lost thousands of dollars in the last year in that savings account. should they continue to put
4:57 am
money in their 401(k)s? >> absolutely. just because what's going on in the market right now, people are getting a little scared. look, based on where the market variety now. now is the time to put more money in because the market is down. there is definitely buying opportunity right now but, look, you want to talk to your investment advisor and make sure you are in the right investments right now. katie: dan, thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> thank you. katie: president trump has one promise about the shut down. >> i can't tell you whether the government is going to be open. i can tell you it's not going to hope until we have a wall. katie: will there be a deal update on the shutdown show down at the top of the hour. todd: plus rachel campos-duffy and mike hub mike huckabee all live. darrell's family uses gain flings now, so their laundry smells more amazing than ever.
4:58 am
[darrell's wife] isn't that the dog's towel? [dog sfx] .l, .
4:59 am
5:00 am
griff: day five of the budget shutdown. president trump not backing down on his dehands for border wall. >> only way you can do it is to have a physical barrier, meaning a wall. if you don't have that, we're just not open. >> every place a wall or barrier has been built 100% of the time it is proven effective. griff: the media melting down to it all. >> the media doesn't want to give this president the respect owe is due. coalition strikes coming just before president trump's syria withdrawal announcement. >> president trump making a special christmas phone call to u.s. military members around the world. >> i know it's a great sacrifice
5:01 am
to be away from your families. americans are eternally grateful to you. >> fay off all your debt as well. >> what? >> this wouldn't be possible. ♪ griff: the party continues the day after christmas. katie: we're on the way to new year's. we're hoping all our wonderful viewers had a great christmas celebration. i'm sure exactly what you asked for. griff: missed santa called me the wrong name. katie: great to be here. todd: you sent us your pictures from christmas. they're absolutely wonderful. katie: this from tim from his grandson, huxley on christmas
5:02 am
morning. look at his little mohawk. so cute. griff: check out this family in north carolina they feel blessed after hurricane flo. todd: that is a lot of pajamas. looking excited about the pink rocking chair and book. amazing to get a one-year-old to sit still. katie: that's true. dr. nicole saphier looking pretty swamped on christmas morning. todd: griff: is she in there? katie: that is what the kids are for. you get their presents and tell them to clean up their mess. todd: partial government shutdown ending day five and no immediate end in sight. griff: president trump says
5:03 am
without a dial border wall will remain closed. katie: rich edson is in washington. reporter: democrats and white house are a few billion dollars apart for funding for a border wall. so the partial government shutdown continues. the president was supposed to be at mar-a-lago this week to celebrate the christmas holiday. instead he is here. he is pushing for more funding for that border wall. >> i can't tell you when the government will be open. i can tell you it will not be open until we have a wall, fence, whatever they like to call it. i will call it whatever they want but it is all the same thing, a barrier from people pouring into our company, our country. reporter: democratic leaders pinning the shutdown on president trump and demands for border funding n a joint statement, senate minority leader and presumed incoming house speaker nancy pelosi issued a statement together and tweeted out, quote, instead of
5:04 am
bringing certainty to people's lives, he is continuing the trump shutdown to please right-wing radio and tv hosts. mick mulvaney says this could last into the next congress that takes over next week. first republicans still have control of the senate but for the first time in eight years democrats take over the house. katie: i wonder who got the most retweets, nancy pelosi or chuck schumer. griff: they're side by side. the message to blame right-wing talk show hosts, whether rush limbaugh or ann coulter, because the again the president waging this fight as we heard from talking to handful of guests, it is the guidance of the border patrol that said they need that wall to effectively secure the border and so the president staying on his message as given
5:05 am
to him from the officials. >> earlier he was saying he wants 500 miles of border wall done by election day. we'll take a listen. >> while we're fighting over funding we're also building and it is my hope to have this done completed, all 500 to 550 miles, have it renovated or brand new by election day. katie: todd, interesting he is mentioning election time, 2020. we just went through a midterm. he is is looking forward to 2020. he will visiting parts of the border fencing wall in texas the end of january. interesting he brought up the presidential election since this was a platform of his in 2016. todd: i'm not saying he is backing down any way, shape or form but you definitely hear changes in language albeit slight. you mention that date of 2020. that is a little bit further into the future a little bit of
5:06 am
ambiguity what it is going to be, wall, fence, something in the middle. nevertheless, i think you will hear a lot of people, especially on the conservative outlets over the course of the next week talk about this a negotiating strategy from the president because at the end of the day somebody is going to have to give. you heard the democrats entrenched in their position, president is entrenched in his position. it will have to come down to something. it will probably not come down to money. it will come down to language. it will be interesting to see when this all end what the language -- griff: the language won't cover up the fact what is happening in this budget fight. the government opens up tomorrow, but maybe we'll see movement to get the negotiation. how this handles, how this plays out, will determine whether or not we see more caravans. you will be sending me back to tijuana again. that will a -- todd: give griff a break. the man's tired. griff: that is true in terms
5:07 am
after poll factor, folks of central american countries are watching how this is handled, if democrats that favor open borders win this fight you will see a lot more. katie: will be interesting to see nancy pelosi wants to start off the new congress with a government shutdown. whether she wants to come to work for negotiating or whether -- todd: you raise a great point. this is not just organic. they look what we do. they look at our government to make the decisions. one of the individuals who used to be one of the individuals in the government, tome homan. we had him on the couch a few minutes ago. what he had to say about the general concept much walls, walls working. >> i think the president is doing the right thing. every place they build a wall, i seen comments from earlier in the show, every place a wall or barrier has been built it resulted in decreased illegal immigration, decreased drug
5:08 am
smuggling, 100% of the time it is proven effective. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer need to look at the data. it is available. it is effective. katie: the fencing in yuma, arizona, where i'm from is effective in stopping human smuggling and drug smuggling. griff: great example. in texas where the president is going end the january to see construction, they are overwhelmed, some 40,000 people coming. when you put obstruction there, that is why the border patrol says we need three things, infrastructure, manpower, technology. the infrastructure is a deterrent in very vulnerable areas. todd: need one thing right now, it is jillian mele on headlines. jillian: todd, that was good. pat yourself on the back. get caught up on ms-13 because we're following this story. five suspected ms-13 gang members, including a 13-year-old
5:09 am
girl are accused of killing a man at bird sanctuary. they say four teenagers are among those charged in the shooting death. surveillance video connected them to the crime. the murder could be connected to an ms-13 ininitiation. tsunami killed 420 people over the weekend. franc at thisly searching for 100 people missing. dramatic video shows the moment of impact at a concert, sweeping dozens of people away. that is when it happened. frightening. gofundme returning all donations for homeless veteran that turned out to abscam. the couple raised $400,000, after they claimed that the man gave a woman $20 when she was out of gas on a philadelphia highway. they shea all three made it up.
5:10 am
it was disclosed after the veteran said the couple didn't give him any of the money. franklin has a giant top hat, but you know need as scarf. the family is calling on everyone to send knitted materials to be sown together to create a 20-foot scarf. they have been building a giant snow man in their yard for last three years. griff: have they seen frosty, because franklin will met. todd: so many questions. jillian: maybe donate them? todd: we all knows from at this is going to die. a great story we're talking about all morning long. beautiful story talks to the holiday. there is a picture out there, played at university of florida, was drafted by the kansas city royals in the first round. that draft position comes with a nice tidy $4.5 million contract. well, this individual, decided he was going to do something
5:11 am
pretty special with that money. he filmed the reaction from his parents when all this went down. take a listen. >> dear mom and dad, i just want to say thank you for everything you've done to help me reach my dreams. both of i constantly took off of work, spent every dime you made -- be there is something i want to give to you. i am paying off the loan from the bank. also i paid off all your debt as well. what? now instead of trying to save money every weekend to replace the savings account you drained drained -- you can spend it on yourselves. because you deserved the very best i want you both know how much i appreciate you, how none of this would be possible without you. todd: brady singer, i don't know how you will do in the major
5:12 am
leagues, you did a home run there on the major leagues. katie: the mom reading through the letter, getting to the point of him saying i'm paying everything off, watching in suspense what she is getting. griff: financial sacrifice they make. it is a year long commitment. it costs a ton of money. it's a beautiful moment. katie: you guys are reacting. here is tweet from joe. god bless you, brady. you picked up three more fans. an incredible gift you gave your parents. griff: another twitter user, there is no crying in baseball but i'm crying. katie: there is crying in television. todd: we're rooting for you, buddy. griff: a police officer is forced fight off a mob of drunk homeless men trying to attack him in the subway. >> get back. get back. griff: the action authorities
5:13 am
are taking against the officer and the attackers. todd: with the new year, comes a new acting defense secretary who says quote, we are not the department of no, when it comes to trump's agenda. this is what the president needs. we're going to ask morgan ortegas. she joins us live. hey, morgan. ♪ ♪ trelegy. the power of 1-2-3 ♪ trelegy 1-2-3 trelegy with trelegy and the power of 1-2-3, i'm breathing better. trelegy works 3 ways to... airways,... ...keep them open... ...and reduce inflammation... ...for 24 hours of better breathing. trelegy won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. trelegy is not for asthma. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. do not take trelegy more than prescribed.
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♪ todd: this time next week the pentagon will have a new top dog, patrick shanihan. the former boeing executive has supported the president's in the past. we said we're not quote the department of no. is this what the president needs in a new defense secretary? joining us now to weigh in, national security analyst and former state department press officer, morgan ortegas. >> merry christmas. todd: what do you make of shanihan? >> this is great choice of acting secretary of defense. we'll see if the president appoints him officially for the job. he has been confirmed by the senate in this role. by all accounts he served as a good deputy.
5:17 am
he was trusted by secretary mattis. what this really comes down to, there are two main points for any cabinet official. the first is to advise the president on any issue they're covering. the second is to be the administrative head of that department. it is really, that is what you're looking for. looking for someone to advise the president in the way he thinks the council is appropriate. you're looking for someone who can run a department. what i like about shanahan, the defense budget dwarfs the imagination, right? griff: right. >> the largest budget by far for any agency. having a former defense expert, private sector person will mesh well i think with the president's desire to hold accountability for the budget. griff: you think running it like a business will be beneficial but will he be able to deliver on implementing president trump's agenda with respect to issues like syria and others?
5:18 am
>> that remains to be seen. i have confidence i think he will be able to do so, one of the things that secretary mattis did that was so important the administration is focused on the president had a national security strategy released a year him being in office and that national security strategy took us away from focusing on the middle east, focusing on on great power competition. by great power competition, what the president and his team means is competition with china and russia. what secretary mattis is trying to reevaluate the force, reevaluate our weapons systems, our ships. everything that the military does, reconstitute that for great power competition as opposed to this counterinsure again sir, counterterrorism fight we've been doing for 17, 18 years in the middle east and southeast asia. griff: some in the media, "new york times" and others making too much over the president wanting a new chief to implement his agenda? >> any president wants a team around him to advise him the way
5:19 am
they see fit. you will always have disagreements among the team. here is something we have as coequal branch the government. the congress' job is provide oversight for the policies that the administration pursues. if the president is potentially slowing down stuff in syria which i think is a wise move, there will be hearings in the senate and in the house on policy decisions like to withdraw troops in syria. that is their constitutional responsibility. you're always supposed to have the checks and balances. the president should have a team. everyone serves at the pleasure of the president. he should have a team he thinks is best to advise him. griff: almost out of time. will a collective media freak out over him potentially taking the position? >> he does not need to be reapfirmed for acting position. if he is to be appointed i think he need to be confirmed. he has a great record.
5:20 am
griff: morgan, thank you. >> i want to say this, i want be defense secretary for the space force. griff: this morning holiday retail sales are the strongest in years. we'll break down the numbers. former governor mike huckabee is coming up. i wonder what he has to say about all this, and i wonder what his christmas was. reless cg 104 cubic feet of cargo room and seating for 8. now that's a sleigh. ford expedition. built for the holidays. (hurry!) it's the final days to get zero percent financing plus twelve hundred and fifty dollars ford credit bonus cash on ford expedition
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todd: welcome back. 23 minutes after the hour. some quick headlines. police save christmas for a new jersey family. days before the holidays, a thief stole the family's suv packed with presents. officers pooled donations mounting to 1200 bucks to buy new gifts. they're still looking for the grinch that stole their car. it is a two decade old tradition in the pacific northwest. santa, mrs. claus, even elves water skiing in seattle's frigid lake washington. that is awesome. katie: that is awesome. media outrage over this call between president trump and 7-year-old girl. >> what will you do for christmas. >> put out cookies and hanging
5:24 am
out with our friend. that's pretty much all. >> you have a good time. are you still a believer in santa? >> yes. >> am i right? >> yes, sir. >> you just enjoy yourself. happy christmas, take care of yourself. give my love to your family. katie: after the outrage, her parents are speaking out. the little girl's dad, donald lloyd saying, i think it is crazy it became a big deal. it is christmass time. i love to keep politics out of christmas. it doesn't bother me. i like to talk to my kids like adults. griff: here to react, mike huckabee, former governor of arkansas. fox news contributor. author of the book, rare, medium or done well, make the most of your wife. how was your christmas? >> it was wonderful. merry christmas to you guys. i watching president, what is
5:25 am
wrong with people? wasn't like he was boiling at little girl's bunny rabbit on the stove. he asked a question. you can never find a way that president trump will make some of the people in the press happy. it doesn't matter what he does. if he didn't make the call, if he didn't talk to the little girl, they would say he was curleyed up in a fetal position in the white house. he was unwilling to come out and talk to anybody. i mean the man can't catch a break. griff: gove, i was raising earlier hour, old adage, if the president walked on water, saved the 7-year-old drowning, it proves that trump can't swim. foodgood to see that clip, see e young girl into the conversation. when it came out, it was president's side of the story. the media freaked out. what does that tell us, what the president's facing? >> [audio trouble] katie: looks like we're having audio problems and video
5:26 am
programs. todd: maybe they didn't want that answer. as he was saying to work to get governor huckabee back -- katie: a christmas miracle. you're back. >> am i back? there is no balance in the media these days, utterly ridiculous, reminds most americans why they have such disgust and disdain for the mass media today. it's no longer journalism. it is advocacy. and that's unfortunate. it is not just unfortunate for the president, quite frankly it is unfortunate for the public they're the ones really losing the opportunity to get solid and reliable information. they make their own decisions. that is how america is supposed to work. katie: speaking of disgust and disdain a new billboard for atheists was put up, says mick race mass great -- make christmas great again, skip church. why is that at wrong message
5:27 am
this holiday season? >> i am amazed that atheists somebody takes christmas as a religious holiday. what else do you do with it. athiests to me, they're amusing. i don't get mad at them. i get amused by them. i feel sorry for them. only people that can take something as wonderful as christmas, one of the few holidays of the year even non-christian can embrace the faith of jesus christ they can somehow find fault with it. for them to say, we don't want it to be religious, it is about organized religion. maybe what they have is disorganized religion. they believe in nothing. they believe in inin religiously. what a shame. they miss the opportunity for peace on earth, good will toward men. the message of christmas, dying to self, serving other people. it's a beautiful story, even if the person does not embrace jesus christ on personal level, how do you miss the story or miss that power and somehow they
5:28 am
find a way to do it. i truly feel sorry for them. they must be the most miserable people on planet earth come december 25th. todd: most important topic of the day, did you have any of sarah's pie? >> well, sarah and her family were supposed to come and they didn't get to because of the government shutdown. unfortunately we missed the whole thing with her side of the family and we're going to have to now go to d.c. and haul a bunch of christmas presents up after the first of the year to have a very delayed christmas. so the government shutdown, it is what it is but it affected our family in a profound way. this is life. you sign up for this sort of stuff you expect it. kind of broke our hearts. not that we didn't get to see sarah. not that we'll see her another time. broke my heart not to see the grandkids. katie: you will get a double christmas back. i'm sure you will eat double pecan pie as well.
5:29 am
>> absolutely. i will demand that we have one. katie: thank you, governor huckabee appreciate it. merry christmas. >> take care, guys. katie: president trump vowing to keep the government shut down until border security met. what does rachel and sean duffy have to say about it? they are here with the inside scoop from washington and wisconsin. todd: average person a day eats 2,000-calorie as day. pete hegseth, 9,000-calories a day. nothing wrong about this actor that won the title as the world's strongest man this year. you wouldn't believe how many calories he eats. s light-duty tk the chevy silverado. oh, and since the chevy equinox and traverse also won chevy is the only brand to earn the j.d. power dependability award
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5:32 am
♪ i'm dreaming of a white christmas ♪ todd: i like this version. katie: it's a great version. todd: i like that part. katie: your version is not the best version. todd: the drifters did it right. griff: quite a different scene yesterday on christmas. even christmas eve, a lot of people packed out there. among them, perhaps jillian mele. jillian: was not out there. i was not even close. i was in philadelphia, home with my family. i'm here today, good morning, guys. get caught up with the news.
5:33 am
more than 3,000 patients at a new jersey medical center may have been exposed to hiv and hepatitis. instruments say instruments and injection medications at the facility were not properly cleaned at the health plus surgery center. patients with procedures between january and december are urged to get tested. so far no illnesses have been reported. an nypd officer is honored for his bravery after fighting off a group of homeless men, by himself. watch this. >> get back. i don't want to hurt you. get back. get back. jillian: the officer confronting the men at a subway station after a woman reported them for harrassment. police say they were intoxicated, started fighting with the officer when he asked them to leave. four people are under arrest but the district attorney is refusing to press charges. mysterious hole found on an international space station capsule, may have been drilled from inside. that is according to russian investigators. the small who was discovered.
5:34 am
in this rocket in august after crewmembers noticed a drop in air pressure. the crew quickly patched the hole. no one was hurt. they're looking into samples collected during the spacewalk to figure out what caused the leak. you have to see this. gigantic 6-foot nine i'm 400-pound actor won the world's strongest man's competition. revealed some of his secrets. listen to this he takes in about 10,000-calories a day, he works out a lot. what he is not lifting stones around the world. he is an actor on "game of thrones". 10,000 calories a day is insane. todd: cheeseburgers for lunch. adam doesn't work out that much, thank you, jillian. he works out outside. katie: he is outside. >> from the world's strongest man to the world's second
5:35 am
strongest man, standing out here on plaza unfortunately will be including looks like perhaps some weather that will be severe in the middle of the country. here is what we're looking at, winter storm weather watches, advisories, stretching across northern wisconsin, this is today. back across minneapolis. you're including both of the dakotas, as far south as colorado. this is area that could see significant snow fall. this is happening along the storm front. you see the warm air and cold air where they meet, that is often time where this snow pops up. things are not looking so bad in new york. we have a whole bunch of folks out here. louisiana, what do you think about the cold temperatures. >> we like it. >> you guys have a merry christmas here in the city? >> we sure did. >> give them a merry christmas back in the studio. >> merry christmas! >> hello, ben. people give shoutouts. i want to give a shoutout to
5:36 am
griff jenkins. griff, i'm wearing these today. says socks and friends, "fox & friends." griff, thank you. griff: looking good. all right, adam, thank you very much. katie: border patrol agent are changing policy after an 8-year-old guatemalan boy died in their custody of customs and border protection. griff: i covered this every day. we have a second child tragically died while in custody of cpb. 8-year-old guatemalan boy. we had the girl just recently. now the cpb changing their policy to increase the medical checks on 10-year-olds in wake of it. kevin, the head of cpb and border patrol saying they will make this change. this is the next chapter certainly in the border battle, we look what to do about the border but one thing that is often left out, and i want to
5:37 am
get to this, the fact when i came in and looked same places always go for my source on these things, i see things like the border patrol using the air and marine operations to do rescue someone the last 48 hours seriously injured. along with people. there were three 911 calls that resulted in 70 rescues. not all sides of this story is being told as we look clearly a tragic story. katie: one specifically with these children, the second child's death, while in border patrol custody in the last month, but implication is that this is border patrol's fault. they some out did something to the child to cause the death, when the context is that there have been through a very tough process to get to the border. former acting i.c.e. director tom homan talked about this earlier on the show. >> right. whenever they could to help protect the life and safety of these people.
5:38 am
they are are our responsibility when they come into our custody. a lot of people come from the third world country. a lot of people have not seen a doctor. they come in bad shape. i can't tell you how many people that go immediately to medical trauma center. these people are in bad shape. that is why we have to stop enticing them from making dangerous journey. griff: would it be different if the child had not been in border patrol custody, traveling from the caravan from guatemala to tijuana? it's a very, very dangerous journey. when tom homan, former acting i.c.e. director talking about we should not be giving any enticement to migrants making that journey, that is tragically why. katie: just to answer your question real quickly, probably would have been worse. because when these migrants come into border patrol custody, they are given a full medical exam. when the child was i'll coming across the border. he is getting smell care.
5:39 am
the border patrol is upping standard to more care to prevent future deaths in their facilities. todd: look, this is horribly sad situation. nobody is denying that, but the mainstream media definitely focuses on only these types of stories. they're not looking at the whole picture what is going on down there. not giving you the american people the full story. we're not denying this happened. take a look what else happened over the course of last week. both from december 21st. where are these headlines? border patrols arrest ms-13 gang member. we heard so much about this. this is the president's goal to keep ms-13 gang members out of the u.s. border patrol agent assaulted by illegal alien, highlighting dangers that our brave men and women along the border face. december 20th, border patrol officer awarded for rendering life-saving first aid. december 18th, agents rescue a man from drowning.
5:40 am
there is a lot going on down there. this isn't a simple situation. this is a complicated situation with men and women trying to do their best. if we highlight, call it the bad, we need to focus on the good what is happening down there. katie: a lot of people don't understand what the job of a border patrol agent really is. when you spend time with these guys like griff has, you see what the job encompasses. it is not just arresting people or deporting people. taking care of people on the harrowing journey, abused by drug traffickers, abused by human traffickers, coming here under seriously ill conditions and getting medical care they need in facilities that have pretty high standard of care. griff: homan pointing out, talking to us earlier, more than 100,000 people with a criminal history. not like the president chose to be on the border because it's a political issue. because those officials are saying it is such a need. we have to be very careful, i think speaking with respect to
5:41 am
our leaders, officials, democrats like pelosi and schumer, not consumed by a the fact which ha a child in border patrol custody getting best health care known to man. it might have been worse had he not been in the custody. tough solve the problem, otherwise the tragic story will repeat itself. katie: president trump vowing to keep the government shut down until border security demands are met. what do sunand rachel duffy have to say about that. todd: what about all the christmas leftovers. i have exciting news for you, chris. you just don't have to make a sandwich. you can make other things. we're reinventing leftovers coming up. i mean 10,000-calories. ♪ oh!
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jillian: good morning. welcome back. some quick headlines. shoppers giving retailers the strongest holiday increase in six years. according to mastercard, americans spent $850 billion this season. total retail sales excluding cars were up more than 5% from last year. and listen up, the secret to a long life is finally revealed, and it is not shopping. >> need a refill? >> you got that right, skeletor [laughter]. >> what are you doing? >> getting drunk. jillian: according to a university of california irvine
5:45 am
study, drinking a few glasses of alcohol or cups of coffee could help you live past the age of 90. researchers have no florida nation for it. guys, i'm living forever. todd: researchers are so honest. we have no idea why this is happening. katie: definitely scientific but we're not sure how it is happening. todd: thanks, jillian. call it a very duffy christmas. congressman sean duffy and his wife rachel duffy, fox news awesome person, that is your official title, rachel, have eight children together. how did they all spend the holidays? driven griff let's ask them. sean and rachel duffy joining us. merry christmas. >> merry christmas to all of you. katie: how was the christmas morning with eight kids? >> it is pretty crazy. i tell you, we had our daughter home from college. first one went off to college for the fall. really exciting to have them back. older kids start to lose sparkle a little bit.
5:46 am
the thing about a big family there are always little ones keep the magic alive. todd: >> he was eating santa's cookies we laid out the night before. he wasn't quite getting it. >> they're all into the deal. todd: our sources tell us santa made a visit to your house. we have been unable to confirm what was delivered. can you confirm that on air? >> confirm what? i missed that. todd: what was delivered by santa. >> santa did arrive. yes, there were a lot of presents. even for rachel she got one herself. but, a lot of presents. i tell you what, as adults i love playing with kids toys. remote control. i love helicopters. someone got that. a remote controlled cars. katie: all right. >> all the kids toys are -- todd: party at the duffys. katie: yoga barbie was a big hit
5:47 am
katie: doing yoga with the government shut down. you look like you're in wisconsin, but tell us what is going on in washington, d.c. will congress be able to get the deal on the border wall? >> be clear i'm back in wisconsin. we also did the work in the house. we passed a bill with $5 billion for border security. president trump agrees with the house bill. mitch mcconnell in the senate and senate republicans agree with our bill. so we're just waiting on democrats in the senate. chuck schumer, to figure out that americans want to secure our border. they're sick of meth and heroin coming across the southern border, devastating communities. we're in wausau, rice lake and hudson, it is crushing our communities. we want to know who comes in the across the boredder. when chuck schumer sits down at the table with the president, we'll be well on our way to opening back up the government. let me say one thing about the president. this is about the perception of american people. the president has to continue to message the american people why
5:48 am
he is fighting to secure the border. know he likes to tweet. do a national address to the american people from the oval office saying why this is so important. if he does that i think he wins hearts and minds of the people and chuck will roll. >> i will add, sean and i went grocery shopping day before christmas and walmart and sam's club. every five steps sean was stopped by a constituent say, keep fighting for the wall, keep doing this. they talked about, not just security with illegal immigration. a lot of people were talking about the drug impact on our community because it is very profound. it is affecting so many families. griff: sean, i want to ask you, we're hearing some movement, i don't know. would you accept as a house republican putting something like daca, putting something on the table to try and get schumer and pelosi to move? >> everyone watching your show knows you never get 100% of what you want. if you're married, if you get
5:49 am
35% you're a winner. so we, so we're not going to get everything. we'll negotiate, you know, and i think to deal with daca kids, whether 5 billion or maybe four billion, we can deal with democrats. but the problem, they said we will not give you any border security, money, we don't want to build the wall. we supported it back in 2006. because donald trump ran a campaign on it we don't want to support it. and nancy pelosi is focused on, she doesn't have votes yet to become speaker on january 3rd. if she supports border security, she thinks she can't become speaker. there are internal democrat politics at play. what we have to tell the american people, we're willing to negotiate, we are willing to sit down. but democrats have to join us in the conversation. >> seems like nancy and democrats hate the wall more than loving to do something for the daca recipients they claim to have been fighting all this
5:50 am
time. i think you're right, todd, there is a deal to be made. border security, resolution for the daca kids. i think that is a deal all americans could probably get behind. katie: rachel and her husband, who is a congressman, not in the house right now because the house did their job on border security, so they are back home in wisconsin. thank you so much for your time today. >> merry christmas everybody. griff: right now you probably have a fridge full of christmas leftovers. don't just make a sandwich. how does eggnog french toast sound? we're making it right there and todd is going to eat it. along with jillian. ♪ ening therapy collection with new spearmint and peppermint oil. it gently whitens, plus it has a fortifying formula to protect your enamel. look for a $1 coupon in this sunday's paper.
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♪ oh, there's no place likargh!e ♪ this one's a pretty big tree... ahh! i'm trying... [ glass shattering ] ♪ yippiekiyay. [ laughter ] ♪ mom. ♪
5:53 am
♪ >> good morning to you. welcome back. some headlines christmas edition and video going viral. four-legged friends unwrapping gifts. this pup is dying to get his hands on present through the door. another one with help from her owner. how cute. a man behind bars accused of throwing a christmas ham. kentucky police say david brennan hurled the meat the a woman during argument over which day they should host christmas dinner. todd: just to review nobody is in jail for not winning the
5:54 am
megamillions power lottery. make that clear for the nation. speaking of ham and food, now that your christmas dinner is over, you probably have a fridge full of leftovers, #, right? >> we have that at our house. our next guest will turn all the leftovers into new dishes that are not leftovers. griff: joining us is chef and culinary nutritionist diane hendrix. merry christmas. what have you got? >> turkey, ham, pork, beef is your main thing, vegetables, potatoes, showing you ways to turn it all around and use it for leftovers. katie: where should we start? >> let's make this, this is a christmas leftover sandwich. we'll use olive oil. griff: pour it in? >> that is virgin olive oil. really good, full body, favor, and wonderful. it is usda certified organic. that is important. when you put olive oil in a pan
5:55 am
it gets more liquid. set that straight up right on there. katie: what is that? >> that is a tortilla, left over bree, and chews a little bit of cranberry sauce. you definitely have. it freezes great. i will show talk to about my show on recue, freeze something a great way to save food. turkey, pork. put another one on top of it. put another one on top of it. what i do at home, i wrap a brick in aluminum foil, literally. you don't have to do that. that will brick it. katie: an actual brick. >> actual brick wrapped in aluminum foil. katie: while that is finishing up, go through breakfast. >> use the eggnog with eggs that is really delicious. in with the eggs, pour it over the bread, let it soak.
5:56 am
todd: sweet potatoes. >> sweet potato hash, with a egg. this is vegetable omelette. do them in a muffin tin or. katie: move on to lunch. >> set it that way. >> i'm not done with lunch. >> these are just sliders made with either homemade barbecue sauce or jarred barbecue sauce or pork or turkey. this is cheesesteak pizza with left over beef. we have, soup, turkey soup, make it with pork or beef, whatever you want. chile. >> these are good anytime of the day. >> giving a shoutout to my niece stephanie, she is the best baker. made the cookies. it is a really easy way. everything freezes great. so that is a cheesesteak flat bread. katie: what about the flat bread
5:57 am
part? do you break that. >> that is store bought. it was from a company out of new jersey. >> talking about freezing talk about your show. >> fresh to frozen and back. streaming on roku now. teaching how to prepare meals and bring them back to the table. love it. >> more "fox & friends." ♪ we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. we're the tenney's and we're usaa members for life. call usaa to start saving on insurance today.
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>> everyone is busy eating right now. >> get your leftovers cooking. they're in the fridge. you know how to do it. thanks for joining us. >> rest of the show, show. good-bye! >> fox news alert. there are growing questions about the treatment of migrants at the southern border after an 8-year-old boy from guatemala dies in u.s. custody. good morning, i'm rick leaven -- leventhal. >> and i'm anita vogel. he is now the second migrant child to die in u.s. custody this month. the tragedy has lawmakers demanding answers. >> it's very troubling to me, you know, you have two children who have died in custody just over the last month. i want to find out how we improve conditions at


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