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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  December 26, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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>> all right, that's going to do it for me. i'm in for the rest of the week and i hope you tune in tomorrow through friday, i will be doing "outnumbered." i am in for harris today, and here is "the daily briefing." >> dana: president trump not backing down on his demand to fund the border wall. same without it, the government will remain closed. hello everyone, i'm dana perino and of this is "the daily briefing." ♪ christmas has come and gone but the partial government shutdown is still in effect with no end in sight. today marks the first full business day since many departments and agencies closed up at midnight last friday. ellison barber is live at the white house. ellison, could we see the shutdown and before the new year? >> it doesn't look like it. president trump told reporters the other day that he's not exactly sure when the government might open back up but he said it will not open before he has
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the physical barrier at the southern border. >> president trump: i can tell you it's not going to be open until we have a wall or fence or whatever they would like to call it. the people of this country want border security. it's not a question of me, i'd rather not be doing shutdowns. >> president trump of course told democrats in the oval office that not long ago he would be proud to shut down the government over the wall and would take the blame for it. we know white house gave the democrats a counteroffer last week, between the 5 billion dollar the white house wants for border security and the 1.3 billion the white house says democrats are currently offering. congressional democrats say they don't know where the white house stands and they really don't know what president trump wants house minority leader told "usa today" this. "he says we are going to build a wall with cement and mexico will pay for it. while he has backed off of the
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cement he is down to a beaded curtain now or something. i'm not sure where he is. >> dana: let me ask another question sort of related. the border patrol says another child has died in its custody. will there be any changes as a result of that? >> border patrol said they have made some changes and they are now going to do secondary checks on all children in the care and custody of customs and border patrol. secondary medical checks is what they are saying they are going to conduct and they are also saying they are considering options for a surge of medical assistance from the coast guard and they might ask for help from other federal agencies. this is something that democrats are focused on, this is the second child to die in custody of border patrol agents this month. there were lots of questions about the last incident and how the administration was carrying out practices of the border and we've already heard some democrats at the hill talk about this and they are already asking
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for more information. >> dana: all right, thank you. more on this with chris stirewalt. i tell you what, you have a good cohost, too. >> chris: she's all right, i don't know whether you've heard of her. >> dana: take a listen to president trump in 2016, and then now on the wall. >> president trump: it's going to be a great wall, it's going to be a real wall. not one of these little babies. it's going to be a very tall wall, a very strong wall, a very powerful wall and beautiful wal wall. i can't tell you when the government will be open. i can tell you it's not going to be open until we have a wall or fence or whatever they would like to call it. i'll call it whatever they want. but it's all the same thing, it's a barrier for people pouring into our country. >> dana: so the president stress that that's one of the tools in the toolbox for border immigration.
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i'm curious how you see the shutdown ending. previous shutdowns, you could see how it might end but this one i don't know. >> chris: is a president originally said it didn't have to be a wall, but you had to call it a wall. you could build a fence but as long as it's called the wall it's the wall. the point is until they get to a $3.3 billion increase on border security, that's where it's at it, that's a halfway between the two offers. as we talked about before, this is three hundredths of a percent of our deficit, not even our budget. this is all silly political posturing. as you say, both sides have taken -- if you are nancy pelosi you say, i can wait until i take over as speaker on the third of january and let the republicans chase each other around for a while. but mitch mcconnell made it perfectly clear that he is not doing anything until trump works out terms with democrats.
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he's not going to keep flinging things out the wall like a bunch of chimpanzees in the primate house. they will wait until there's a substantive agreement between the president and the democrats. >> dana: dana milbank writes that because to the white house switchboard are greeted by the following message. "we apologize but due to the lapse in federal funding, we are unable to take your call. once funding has been restored, we will be able to take your call. please call back at that time. this question about competency in the white house, and everybody tries to say that they claim, they know what the american people want to. one of them might be, there are about 900,000 that are affected by the shutdown and this is real for them. >> this is absolutely real for them. if you remember all the
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caterwauling, about gm laying off tens of thousands of workers, 900,000 people at a time where there is uncertainty about the economy, 900,000 people who will not get paid until later, losing their buying power right now is not something that any economist would want to have happen in a macro sense. in a micra sense it's incompetent, it's an incompetent way. when you are talking again about four hundredths of a percent of the deficit, in a trillion dollar deficit and people are doing posturing over something that doesn't mean anything, and the very thing that the president got his republican nomination on the basis of, it's got to be a wall, not pretend wall or border security, now he's saying the same thing that jeb bush and marco rubio and everyone else said back then. words matter. >> people like chuck schumer actually voted for those things in 2007. i don't know why they don't hammer that a little bit more. >> and those things are
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controversial. it's a noncontroversial thing that democrats have voted for her again and again over time, and this again is a bunch of phony baloney. >> so if this does stretch out through the new year, it does get easier or harder for the president to try to end of this? >> it's harder because she can start firing legislation off. right now the republicans passed a bill, and paul ryan through one final hail mary and left it in the senate slap which was impressive. but once pelosi takes over, they won't have a problem and they will start jamming the senate and putting pressure on that wa way.
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and susan lee is here from the fox business network. it that will tell us what investors can expect through the end of the year. it is today a buying day? >> it's been a tough four-day fly from the market. and barring a huge four-day rally into years and, we are looking at the first down year since 2008. that's economic growth around the world, and oil prices are falling. and virtually, and this is -- i would say it's a gut check of course for the markets. and as i read this morning, retail sales are huge. >> mastercard, they are saying
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it's the best retail year in six. $850 billion are spent over the holiday, shy of a trillion because we were expecting the first trillion dollar shopping. or, 850 billion is not bad. amazon came out with stellar numbers this morning, record sales during the holiday and they shipped a billion items for free. tens of millions of new prime subscribers. bestsellers were the echo dots and fire sticks, but of course they can sell them for cheaper. >> and now these stores have to try to clean out their remaining inventory. so now's the time to go shopping. >> and i think we should do more contribution contributions. >> and we have an update on
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supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg following her cancer whose surgery in new york city. plus it russia test a new hypersonic weapons systems thing the missiles are impossible to detect. and new fallout after the death of an 8-year-old migrant child in u.s. border custody. what they are doing out of or prevent a repeat of this tragedy. >> with so many children, with flu season and many people coming ill, our job is to try to identify any children that need medical care and get them to hospital as quickly as we can. ♪ in ife rise from ruin. in southern california, a small family business becomes a beacon of hope. in seattle, people with disabilities create success and shatter barriers. day in, day out, people prove that when we work as one, we have the power to create better futures for us all.
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>> dana: supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg has been sent home from the hospital days after cancer surgery. justice ginsburg was discharged yesterday and is now recuperating. she underwent surgery to remove two malignant growths in her
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left lung. dr. say there's no evidence of any remaining disease. last month she cracked three ribs in a fall at the courts and treatment for the injury revealed the cancer. russia flexed its military muscles with vladimir putin overseeing the testing of hypersonic nuclear capable missiles. the kremlin claims they can strike anywhere in the world and easily invade missile defense systems. if this is true, lucas tomlinson is a live with more. what do you think russia is trying to do? >> this was a merry christmas from vladimir putin. the russia militant say they launched a hypersonic missile that hit its target 4,000 miles away nor near the border with kazakhstan. it can travel at 20 times the speed of sound making it a challenge for any u.s. missile defense systems. vladimir putin witnessed the launch first hand and he called the test on excellent new year's gift to his nation.
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>> the new avant-garde missile system is invincible for today's and future air defense systems and missile defense systems. this is a big success and a big victory. >> putin says he will deploy this type of missile next year but he wasn't the only one watching today. american spy satellites orbiting the earth also witnessed the launch. >> and what are they saying at the pentagon? >> they say that the u.s. military does very similar tests about four times per year. they launch from vandenberg air force base in california which travels 4,000 miles into the south pacific. officials say these hypersonic's are nothing to worry about because the u.s. military has its own hypersonic set is working on and it tests them and they are coming. also the same officials say why would the russians or anyone that the chinese or launch a missile when the u.s. military has its own nuclear arsenal,
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which carry 24 missiles and each of them have multiple independent warheads. these are underwater at all times capable at launching nuclear missiles at hundreds of cities around the world. the u.s. also has hundreds from montana, north dakota, and wyoming. they want the u.s. is falling behind, and "with respect to hypersonic's in particular, the united states finds itself trailing china and perhaps russia as well. all of this raises the possibility that america may find itself at a technological disadvantage. >> we are seeking to remain the preeminent military power in the world which means we have to do five things at once. we have to be able to continue the fight against terrorism, we have to deter iran and north korea.
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we have to continue to counter russian aggression and of course we have to deal with the pacing threat that we face in a resurgent china. >> i will have more on russia's medicinal launch tonight on special report with bret baier. >> dana: indonesia issues and extreme weather warning and a grim search for survivors following saturday's deadly tsunami. plus homeland security rushing to complete new medical screenings for all children in custody of the border patrol. this after the death of an 8-year-old detained in new mexico. >> it is tragic. we are thinking about his family right now, just what they must be feeling to have lost their child christmas day.
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>> dana: the death of an 8-year-old migrant is sparking an urgent effort to check the medical condition of every child in border custody after the child died yesterday. that was the second child in custody to have done so. the head of customs and border control saying his agency needs more help from congress. william la jeunesse is live in our west coast newsroom to explain how this happens and who gets the blame. >> dana, as you know, because the boy was in border patrol custody they will get most of the scrutiny. and depending on your party, it may be the blame agency has been asking congress for more shelter space and closing that asylum loophole for many weeks. pull factors bringing in now at 25,000 women, children and families per month compared to just 7,000 last november. >> we are seeing huge numbers of families with lots of children,
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young children, as well as unaccompanied minors coming into custer custody after crossing the border unlawfully and the borders are not built for that. >> so here's the timeline. the agency provided philippe a gomez and his father passage. days later they were transferred to the el paso station. december 23rd, again because of overcrowding they were traveled to mike transferred to the alamogordo station. and on december 23rd in agent noticed the boy looked sick. he was admitted around 9:30 a.m. in the morning to receive tylenol at the hospital, and tested negative for strep throat but had a fever. he was given ibuprofen and released around 3:00 p.m. around 5:00 p.m., agence took into a highway checkpoint holding cell and hours later he began vomiting. he lost consciousness on the way to the hospital and died just
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shy of midnight on christmas eve. >> dana: did he receive water and other care while in their custody? >> yes, he was in for seven days. you get food, there are well wee checks every four hours. >> dana: president trump is making a surprise visit to iraq. that spring and lucas tomlinson. this is the president's first trip overseas to see the troops. he took the first lady, melania trump, with him. what do you know? >> it was a surprise. in fact, we were under strict orders not to report until the president was wheeled down in baghdad. and the president is now landing in iraq where over 5,000 american troops are deployed and will deploy and stay to fight
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isis in the coming weeks and months. last week, the president is pulling all neighboring troops out of syria but the troops in iraq will stay. there are u.s. army artillery units on the border with syria that artists shelling isis around the clock and the last known city, and that continues. the president is responding to critics, and showing the troops that his commander and in chies with them. >> the search was very important if i recall? >> yes. that was fierce fighting during the height of the iraq war, u.s.
11:25 am
special operations forces. they just want to show the troops and just want to show that he is listening to perhaps some of the criticism. he's there to show support. perhaps we should have been tipped off when just a few days ago on christmas eve, the government of iraq issued a statement over twitter saying that it was making christmas a a national in iraq. and at the majority of muslim nations. >> looking back, i noticed that tweet. and could there be a meeting with any other iraqi officials? >> he will meet with top u.s. military officials and, there was an election recently in iraq and a new prime minister so perhaps the president will be meeting him. of course there are lots of tensions in the nation, nation, you have iran forces and surely president trump would want to keep the government of baghdad
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firmly in the united states camped in. >> let's bring in chris stirewalt. i think one thing that's different about this trip, the president took the first lady with him and you can see in pictures they they are, they love the visit and, this comes at a time where there is a question about, and trying to rebuff iran. but we might need your help. >> this presents a very unique opportunity for the military and senior brass to have an opportunity to influence the president. we know how his decision to yank the troops out of syria came about, which was, he was convinced by the ruler in turke turkey.
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and, now he has been hearing in preparation for this trip, and, chris, this is coming in and i'm sorry i read it off on my phone but this is how you get things these days. president donald trump in iraq for that unannounced visit that we are just breaking here. he says while he is their "he has no plans at all to remove u.s. troops from the country. and they are concerned about any instability and the possibility of iran's influence. and, without consultation with with anybody, but rattled a lot of nerves.
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and so we are staying behind, will we stay with our mission in iraq and provide stability there? and, if you are a general, you take them around. what you are doing in syria, and -- , the president and his e flying into be there, that's pretty safe and impressive. and, she looks like she's
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beaming, and they always love a visit from the commander in chief, they are not forgotten in any way. chris stirewalt is next, please stick around for us please. let's bring in daniel hoffman. and, the morning after, there was activity just north of the president is now, and in al-assad airbase, he has no plans at all to remove u.s. troops from the country. your thoughts? >> the israeli reportedly struck his ball at targets near damascus yesterday. it's a clear statement from the israelis that they will not tolerate syria used as a forward base against the country.
11:30 am
this is really the first one that we have seen since the september incident where the syrian air defense directive russian military aircraft were 15 russians were killed. i do think that the president statement is important, and we are not quite done with isis geographic space in iraq and syria, so there is more work to be done there. then there is concern about ice is into an insurgency referred to the al-assad airbase and the surge which is so important, we dealt with irreconcilable al qaeda elements and drove a wedge between them and the tribal shapes. >> dana: tell me about iran's attempt to influence iraq, and are they able to try to rebuff that? >> they have mounted a significant influence campaign, frankly since our invasion going back to the days of the army. mounting attacks against the united states and then the
11:31 am
government of iraq. some of the elected representatives of iraq from the core is a senior politician. case because ali was part of the special groups targeting u.s. military, and in one case killing seven of them in january of 2007. he is now also elected and playing a role. so what iran is trying to do is similar to their hezbollah model, where they try to mold the political situation in iraq and bring to the fold. that's what we are trying to do. >> you are seeing from reuters, and we will wait to see if he is going to meet with anybody else. i did want to ask you one thing because one thing that i had ask you to come on to talk about is
11:32 am
the president said he does plan to reduce the number of american troops in afghanistan. but here in iraq he says he has no plans at all for reductions they are. you think maybe the president could change his mind about afghanistan? or are they just in two different places, and we don't need as many troops in afghanistan at this time? >> i served for a couple years as station chief and i can tell you from my own experience, we do need the 14,000 troops there. what i think the president has always said is that we should remove our troops or add troops as conditions based. we did see a breakthrough in afghanistan where special envoy and previously we had required that the taliban meet with the afghan government. i think now we need to continue to step up the military pressure and provide the important training and assistance to the
11:33 am
afghan army. the president did change his own assumptions and it's certainly possible he might do it again. >> dana: dan, if you could stick around, i'd like to bring griff jenkins. you've been to iraq so many times and i'd like to get your thoughts today. >> not the specific issue you are talking about but, i was there in 2003 during the invasion of iraq, the first submarine division, led by general james mattis. and of course you just heard velasquez talking about afghanistan. we'll guess who led the first marine division there? it was madison. so president trump is making this trip, and it's pretty much the guidance of his soon-to-be former defense secretary that made these decisions. it's interesting to see that while this is not necessarily a thanksgiving business or a christmas visit, it's coming at a time when you have serious
11:34 am
policy divisions under consideration. >> dana: yes indeed. because you've been there and talk to so many troops that are serving, during the holidays, it what does a visit like this mean to them? >> they say about war it's 95% boardroom and 5% sheer terror and when you have your commander in chief, in terms of morale, it's a real boost. particularly when you are getting the news from thousands of miles away. one thing to point to, and that is the last time i was in iraq was in 2016, november of 2016. president trump had just been elected, and we were speaking -- we were with the president curtis and at that time, they were wondering, will president trump and his administration remember the long relationship between the americans and the kurds? so now of course that is being
11:35 am
tested. >> dana: chris stirewalt, if you are still there, it is difficult for our nation to be at war for any time and it's certainly difficult to be at war for this long against an enemy that is elusive, they try to hide in the shadows. the importance of a commander in chief and a president constantly reminding not just the troops but also the american public why we are there, why it matters and how important it is to keep the morale up. >> especially when it's dangerous. when you ask the ultimate sacrifice from men and women in uniform, they deserve a commander in chief who is their advocate. the american people who are the boss deserve to have things explained to them in a clear, concise, succinct way. it doesn't serve us both to the republic but also does a disservice to the enemy. if we are united, the story of democracies throughout time when it comes to war is this. it's the will of the people. when the will of the people is
11:36 am
united behind the endeavor of war, you cannot beat us. we are undefeated and undefeatable. when we are divided and confused, we are sadly easily foiled. this is a crucial moment where there is a lot of concern about what his agenda is and what his priorities are, and what he is asking people to die for. those things -- the pressure is on these president to make a statement that explains to the american people but this is all four. >> dana: chris stirewalt, stick around. you might have more information about the president's visit. >> president trump was elected in part to crush isis. and today isis only controls 1% of the territory it once held. now, the president is defending
11:37 am
his pullout of all of the troops from neighboring syria, about 2,000 troops and all. keep in mind, the 5,000 troops in iraq today include special operations forces, and those task forces could be launched to conduct raids in neighboring syria if called upon. very similar to the usama bin laden read years ago. it's important to remember where the president came from, and recalled that he criticized his predecessor, president obama for pulling out the u.s. troops. many people say that's what gave rise to isis in the first place. so for the president to say today that he has no plans to remove any of the 5,000 troops in iraq is very significant. >> dana: lucas, let me ask you one other thing. about defending his decision to withdraw u.s. troops from syria, a lot of people are going to come around to my way of thinking. i think a lot of people will come around to my way of
11:38 am
thinking and it's time for us to start using our head. maybe he had other comments, anything to read into that? >> some special operations forces defending the decisions to pull all troops out of syria say many of the guys on the ground in syria were bored. they had killed a number of isis fighters and were lacking some targets. now granted just this week, the coalition put out a statement saying air strikes have continued in syria killing hundreds of isis fighters, but again, you pull some of those troops out of syria but if 5,000 troops are going to remain in iraq, some could be used to launch raids in syria and remember, there are french artillery units on the border showing isis positions as we speak around the clock. and within range of u.s. military jets and also artiller artillery. >> when you look into the photos that were shown here, you've seen that some of these folks
11:39 am
have been here for a number of years. this is the fourth or fifth deployment and when you talk about the impact of the president's visit, you are talking about the sacrifice that was given, particularly in the toughest years, 2006 and 2007. it is the message that he sends to boost the morale of the war fighters who have seen this conflict well before president trump was in office. it should not be overlooked that his first visit to the war zone should not be overlooked. >> dana: also the people at al-assad airbase, that makes a huge difference to turn things around. let's bring in michael allen, former national security met councilmember. you and i used to work together at the white house, and it takes a lot to put one of these trips together and takes a lot to keep it a secret. we had known for a while that
11:40 am
the president had sent advanced teams but the president must've known there was a possibility he would go up on this trip when over the weekend we had him announcing the pullout over syria and then telling secretary mattis, you said you would stay till the end of february but you could leave by january 1st. so there was some in certain uncertainty. >> i think the president is trying to communicate that he is on top of the national security decisions that he has been faulted for recently. certainly for the syria division and he it's good to see he's also on top of iraq. i've been there and certainly president bush and other members of congress have been there. it's great when you go because we learn so much more. i think that makes you understand the mission and to me and makes you hope that the
11:41 am
syria division will be an elongated in a way that helps us protect our honor to our comrades in arms. it's a president's prerogative to make these wartime decisions but we think we want them to be made and wound down in a sensible way so we can make our commitments. and at the russians and iranians don't come in behind us. i'm so glad president trump went, it means a lot for morale and a lot for the country. >> a lot of them were frustrate frustrated. i'm talking about republican members of congress. but let's talk about today. those republicans who might have been critical of the president's decision on syria, they are thinking today in terms of the president going, is there hope that the president then decides that this is a lower cost, high reward situation, they are still professionals doing their jobs and keeping the peace in that
11:42 am
area? >> we hope they see this is a model deployment of u.s. troops, not unlike having troops in germany and south korea, for decades after a major conflict. we get used to the territory and we can sort of play a role in politics to ensure that these countries don't fall into, say, russia's sphere of influence or worse, the iranians fear of influence. this is a good stabilizing force for u.s. troops to be there and maybe, he will take a look closely at what the most sensible thing to do is in syria as he looks to draw down. >> dana: is a recap, president and trump and first lady first lady melania trump leaving around midnight. it was a secret that could not be reported until the president and the first lady were on the ground. you can see they are now on the ground in iraq at the al-assad
11:43 am
airbase. we will continue with griff jenkins, chris stirewalt, and more. we will be right back with more on the president's visit to iraq
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>> dana: fox news alert, president trump and the first lady making a surprise visit to iraq. let's bring back daniel hoffman, sarah sanders thank them for their service, and you make a good point, you need to remember that the diplomatic staff, the nbc staff and beyond, all the different types of diplomacy that's being done, they need this visit for their morale, too. your thoughts? >> there is nothing more important to embassy staff and
11:47 am
the president visiting and walking the ground, and receiving what i think everybody would concern to be the most valuable briefings. it's also important for the president's relationships. you will recall that president bush had a very strong relationship with prime minister malik e. this is an opportunity for president trump to engage with the prime minister. >> tell me more about that. in terms of the overall well-being of the country at this point, and have the american troops had an impact in the diplomatic corps? >> i think the troops have had an extraordinarily positive impact. not just on the positive lethal attacks against our enemies, isis and al qaeda in iraq, but also on the soft power, on the train and a system is that
11:48 am
mission of iraq he forces, making them more professional so they can stand on their own, not only dealing with internal threats from iran which is trying to penetrate iraq he ministries and iraqi armed forces and use these popular mobilization, malicious, to do their own dirty work against the sunni. that's the reason why having our troops and our diplomatic corps there so important for a missio mission. >> dana: michael allen, if you are still with us, i'd like to bring you back into ask a question about the geopolitics of the region and the concern about the hezbollah targets being hit. the concerns about turkey and our kurdish allies and iran. there's so much going on. >> our allies see its national security wrapped up in what happened since syria.
11:49 am
they target all the time in the country of syria. so they see it as a very important. you talk to many people in the region and they worry that there may be some sort of war in the offing. then we need think about turkey, when you think about president air to , he says he's been aggressive and wants to invade northern syria and slaughter many of the kurds that have fought with us we have to play sort of a stabilizing role. we don't want isis and others to have a safe haven from which they may plan and then. we have to keep an eye on this region, and it's in our national
11:50 am
interest. >> dana: let's bring in to raking next. he has some information for us. >> from what we understand, the israelis are going to be continuing their security relationship with the trump administration and the united states. elections were just announced in the israel and this is a delicate position for the president to be in as he travels to the middle east and he's trying to appease a number of parties here, working with the israelis, and a key ally of the united states but also staying close with the turkish government there. i think an important note here, and something to keep an eye on moving forward is looking at the relationship between the united states and at the kurds. a lot of the criticisms the administration has received so far has been from the pushback's and some people saying that they administration is abandoning the
11:51 am
kurds in northern syria, for the trump administration actually traveling to iraq and the president actually discussing that with military relationshipp there. not only expressing appreciation of those troops but the key allies. we saw two years ago, we saw the united states working very closely in the role of an advisor to those kurdish forces in northern iraq and that was something very similar as to what has happened in northern syria. that's certainly something to keep an eye on as the president is visiting troops here in iraq. >> dana: indeed. president trump in 2015 and 2016 was campaigning as the "law & order" guy. he focused on domestic politics, doesn't like a lot of international things but if we are going to be there, we will do something in particular about it, like isis.
11:52 am
president trump comes in and decimates isis to the point where they don't have that much territory, and they still have a presence. tell me about this imaging. the president now with troops there, and, how do they compete against that? >> often presidents, all presidents but certainly this president, method matters and technique matters. so if we think back to something like, james comey's firing, you could look at it in a lot of ways. in this way, if you would have done it in a way that was a victory, if you would have done it in a way, not in my tweet and not in the world looking out but
11:53 am
using a tweet like this to put a stamp on it, and we succeeded them from doing things wrong. we will maintain a presence and it would have caused so much less consternation to call it a victory, and we tried to end our iraq force entirely -- >> he campaigned on that, too. >> now you see president trump going and i'm getting a text from a commander that i won't mention that is from that and bar region during those tough years that says, it is incredibly important for the troops to see their commander in chief physically making the case to do what they are doing. and so, while the president is making his first trip over there and we will likely see him stay over there, but in afghanistan
11:54 am
the fact that he's going there to tell them in person, here's what i'm doing, it is apparently something. >> the new congress will be a divided government with democrats in charge, and back when we were there, and oh six, oh seven and oh eight, nancy nancy pelosi try to defund the troops. do you think that will happen again? >> i think there will be some of that because as we know the democratic party is running very far left. it may not be as intense as it was because people were really after president bush. but i think that president trump needs to not think of this as an isolated day. this is a great day and his presidency to go over and do this. but i think he needs to begin to see it as a series of issues. especially among republicans but also among many of the voters that put him in the white house.
11:55 am
we have to hear from him on what his views are and where he wants to go with afghanistan and iraq, and even with syria, and begin to put the pieces together. i think that helps them fend off irresponsible actions of the democrats in congress and of their 15 presidential candidates may try to pull over on him. >> dana: daniel hoffman, can i ask you to comment -- maybe it sounds and improbable, but it could be an influence in the region going forward with geopolitics the way they are no now? >> it's very much a work in progress and the fact that the president demonstrated work commitment, there is a lot of work to do their. >> daniel hoffman, chris stirewalt and chris jenkins, stick around. we will be right back.
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>> the president and first lady are landing in al-assad iraq, and you see some wonderful pictures of them there. the president wants to get u.s. soldiers home from syria and that iraq can be used as a base
12:00 pm
to stage attacks on islamic militants if needed. the u.s. can't attack isis so fast and so hard to come up they won't happened. the president is also saying that the 11 hour flight was on a darkened air force one with lights off and window shades drawn. >> breaking news the day after christmas, president trump landing in iraq on an unannounced visit. his first trip to the war zone as commander in chief. 3:00 p.m. right now in new york, 11:00 p.m. at al-assad, iraq. after announcing that all u.s. troops would be leaving syria, iraq's neighbor to the west. he spent about three hours on the ground, the first lady along with him, and met with commanders and troops there as well as the u.s. ambassador to ir


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