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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  December 28, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PST

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can side and took them out with a new one. enjoy your new signed cam newton new jersey. that is all the time i have tonight. shannon bream and the fox news that may team, take it from here. >> we begin with a fox news alert. looking for a suspect believed armed and dangerous a manhunt is underway in california for man authorities say is an illegal immigrants wanted in connection with the murder of a police officer. shot while working overtime on christmas night. the president weighing in on the tragedy and the partial government shutdown over border wall funding, his comments and the latest on the search for the suspected copula coming up. later as donald trump's serious strategy dividing the gop, surprise decision catering to his america first voters but has the president lost an important part of his base? some pundits claim that is not only a growing case for
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impeachment but for the senate to remove the president. our panel will debate that. two democratic senators question whether a judicial nominee is fit for the bench because he's a devout catholic, calling the church's views on marriage and abortion extreme. how the nominee is answering their claims tonight. welcome to fox news at night. we begin with the search for a man police say is an illegal immigrant now on the run in california wanted in connection with the murder of a legal immigrant called an american patriot. jonathan hunt is live with the latest from the west coast. good evening, jonathan. >> reporter: that urgent search for the killer is in full swing tonight but by law enforcement officers who worked alongside the young officer who was gunned down at 1:00 am wednesday in newman in northern california. today the newman police chief broke down as he talked about officer sings one christmas day, just hours before he was murdered had taken this photo
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with his wife and their young son. >> a 5-month-old he will never hear talk. he will never see his son talk. he doesn't get to hold that little boy, hugged his wife, say good night anymore because a coward took his life. >> on wednesday officers pulled over a gray pickup truck that had no license plate. minutes later, he radioed shots fired. i have been hit. the suspects was seen on security camera footage buying beer in a convenience store shortly before the shooting. he has not been formally named but officials say they know who he is, they believe he is still in the area, they know he is armed and dangerous and they revealed he is an illegal immigrant. offices thing was a legal
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immigrant from fiji so dedicated to his law enforcement career that he apparently took and paid for extra english lessons to make himself better understood over the police radio. >> offices thing is a shining example of what immigration in america should be. young man who immigrated legally. it was his dream to come to america and be a police officer and he worked hard to achieve that goal. >> reporter: the sheriff and others who worked with him say he loved being a police officer, he loved his family and he was, quote, living the american dream until that dream was snatched from him and his family in the early hours of wednesday morning.
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>> truly a hero, thank you very much. the president weighing in on the border wall fight and the manhunt for a suspected copula in california tweeting there is right now a full scale manhunt going on in california for an illegal immigrant accused of shooting and killing a police officer during a traffic stop. time to get tough on border security, build the wall. richardson reports on how the battle over border security is going or not going on capitol hill. >> it appears to be going nowhere. the house and senate gambled in. a few minutes later they traveled out as the white house and democrats are billions of dollars apart on border security and wall funding, donald trump has returned to the white house after visiting us forces yesterday in iraq. this evening he tweeted this isn't about the wall, everybody knows that a wall will work perfectly. in israel the wallwork 99.9%. this is about democrats not letting donald trump and the republicans have a win. they may have to and senate votes but we have the issue, border security 2020. the white house is the administration extended an offer to democrats 5 days ago but has
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received no response, the president says any funding bill that ends this partial shutdown must include money for border wall. house democrats say they offered republicans tweet funding bill options, all with money for increased border security but not a wall. and they say they will passable to reopen the government after they assume control of the house next week. >> we can't resolve this before then. democrats will step up to the plate, act like professionals and do the responsible thing and bring forward bill to refund the government. >> in the last 48 hours the needle has moved towards a very long shutdown just because of the impasse we are seeing, the unwillingness of democrats to actually engage in meaningful dialogue. >> mitch mcconnell says if there is a breakthrough in negotiations senators will have 24 hours to return to washington and vote but with little movement towards a compromise the senate is adjourned until next week.
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shannon: we will stand by just in case. let's bring in jack friends and can indications director matt gorman to talk about issues that are intertwined, welcome to you both. i want to revisit what the president said. there is a full scale manhunt going on for an illegal immigrant accused of shooting and killing a police officer during a traffic stop. times get tough on border security, build the wall. there are those who say when the left does this you shouldn't take politics, something that happens so quickly and when it is playing out, what is your take? >> this crime was horrific and whoever committed it needs to be caught and brought to justice but reframing it come up pulling back in terms of the political aspect of the president, this is going to show what is at stake during the shutdown, the
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shutdown is about border security, legal versus illegal immigration and from the start the president was consistent about how he is for illegal immigration just like this police officer and against legal division illegal immigration. what the shutdown is about plays in clearly and shows what is at stake when crimes like this happen. shannon: it illustrates two sides of the issue in a horrific tragic way but it certainly sparks the national conversation about this as we watch a partial government shutdown. i want to show something else that came in from governor brown in california issuing a statement saying on behalf of all californians we can extend our condolences to corporal singh's wife, young son, loved ones and colleagues. our hearts are with the community of newman and law enforcement officers across the state who risk their lives to protect and serve the people of california. critics are going to say this is the same governor who signed a huge package full of things naming the status into a state and making it tougher for law
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enforcement to crack down on people who are in the state illegally. >> one thing that always happens after all these events is they do become politicized and that is unfortunate as i worked in a law enforcement agency, two of my friends were murdered in the line of duty and immediately after that happened there were discussions about second amendment questions, mental health issues of the suspect and none of us cared about it, the family didn't care about it, local law enforcement agency didn't care about it. this is the time the discussion should be. both parties should reach out to the family recognizing this is a long-term trajectory shift, not just for that family but that law enforcement agency and a really challenging situation. my heart goes out to them and i hope all elected leaders and political leaders take the politics out of this for some time and wrap their arms around the community and the family to show their support. shannon: we are checking in as
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authorities think they have some geographic boundaries where the suspect is confident they will close in on the individual. the picture is clear for anyone who has information, easily recognizable if you know that person. this is all playing out against the backdrop of the shutdown as the president says he decided to stay and work on this, democrats didn't, they left town, they went home, democrats say we put some things on the table, he wouldn't take him days ago so there was no reason to come back and negotiate because they were taking over a week from today. you heard one of the more conservative republicans on the hill who feels the needle moved in the way of a longer shutdown.
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probably not more than a week but once the house passes something house democrats if they fund something not including anything for the border wall for the president does it get through the senate and what does the president do with it when it gets to his desk? >> the only thing that matters is what leadership and donald trump agreed to needs democratic votes to become law and right now as richmond and congressman meadows, neither side voted to end the shutdown. what you have seen in the last week or two, as rich noted in a tweet, border security will be an issue and the president is at his best when he has an enemy just like hillary clinton in 2016, now he has chuck schumer, nancy pelosi, they will be the enemy into democratic front runner emerges. it is something he is best at, when he has an antagonist. away come his base and show a clear contrast of what is at stake in 2020. >> trying to reopen the conversation, he said i don't have much company. that was not moving forward. is what he said about the fact that he thought they had a deal, at least he says they did until the president got involved. >> we will work at it until we get to an agreement or majority say yes but i think we had that
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until the president went off his meds and who knows what happened? >> the president loves having someone to joust with and words like that are most certainly to get a reaction from him i suppose. >> i don't think that is helpful to the conversation. the senate voted 100-0 on a compromise package so we know what democrats would support. the only people that care about the blame game of people in washington. across the country people are wondering if this week as paycheck will pay next week's bills, there are 800,000 federal workers and their families which means millions of people who don't have any money coming in and as this continues to play out it isn't good for either party. it is bad for the president, he took ownership of this early on but somebody is waiting for an adult in the room, some leadership to step up, take the politics out of it and simply
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say let's come to a compromise but a lot of people don't have money coming in, not sure how they will make their mortgage payments and coming weeks and make sure somebody steps up and compromise is reached. >> it has been claimed to us the current paychecks will go out if this doesn't wrap up in the next few days. we could be talking about those employees being paid back the delay in living paycheck to paycheck is everything if you're trying to get the salt. they gavilan for minutes today and nothing happened. democrats take over, we won't expect a lot of momentum between now and then from either side. thank you. time for your daily mueller update. donald trump's lawyer calling for an investigation into the
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special counsel during an interview, rudy giuliani accused the office of destroying evidence related to the russia probe. he also said donald trump, quote, won't answer anymore questions from these people. the president's former lawyer michael cohen is denying a report that he took a trip to prod in summer of 2016 to meet with russian officials. federal judge denying a request from the justice department to delay a hearing into conservative author jerome corsi's lawsuit against robert mueller. the justice department claims the partial government shutdown has hampered its legal prep work for the case. donald trump's strategy sparking criticism. some pundits claiming the sudden decision bolsters the case for impeachment. tonight's power panel is here to weigh in. stick around for david, daniel and christian next. ng i buy. and last year, i earned $36,000 in cash back. which i used to offer health insurance to my employees. what's in your wallet?
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♪ >> there are a l >> a lot ofot trump voters are
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very upset with pulling troops out of syria. i know a bunch of them who don't like this at all. they are deeply disappointed. there are other trump voters who think that this is another promise kept, to get us out of hellholes in the world where nothing ever changes, nothing ever benefits us, that we expose our best and costliest treasure, blood, for no apparent gain. >> rush limbaugh referring to a perceived split and donald trump's base thanks to his decision to pull us troops from syria and afghanistan. rush and others believe this could pose a problem for the president was russell -- walter russell need ready in wall street journal donald trump's decisions on syria and afghanistan provide a way for some in the gop to break with the president without losing
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their own populist credentials. the new york times sees the syria decision uniting left and right against him. washington post writer, time for some republicans to seriously consider removing trump in the event the house moves to impeach, trump is a menace to our democracy and national security. is between america first base and the hawkish conservatives, let's discuss with the or panel. david mcintosh of the for growth and former cia station chief, former senior advisor in the trump and bush administration, welcome to all of you. i went to play with the president had to say when he was visiting troops in iraq yesterday. >> i'm more hawkish than anybody. nobody is more hawkish than me but i like to use it in the right place and i like not using it at all. >> what do you make of the characterization of his personal position? >> it is absolutely right. he's hawkish when is a director to the united states or world
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order because when bashar aside threatened to use chemical weapons trump acted decisively and struck and acted very decisively in killing isis, deploying forces to syria to encompass that mission but we need to have some economy. we can't be everything to everyone and if you at syria and afghanistan, that money could be spent deterring the chinese, deterring russia. instead we are wasting it on cowboys and indians in the middle east. >> a lot of people think us pulling our presence out from there is a threat to our national security and plenty i worried about the kurds, iran, russia's influence. what is your assessment. >> i spent three years in my life deployed in combat zones trying to collect intelligence on threats from transactional terrorists and others and stopping those threats before they are visited on our shores and we don't have the wherewithal, the resources to nation builders the president rightly said the question is what is the right commitment,
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2000 troops in syria to collect intelligence and stop those threats by leveraging allies take the syrian democratic forces to fight isis. what i would like to see, maybe this is a developing story and the president needs to explain to the american people. >> there's been calls for that, that he would give a national address explaining what he sees short and long-term and clarifying policy. we have not had a clear policy in syria for years. i want to read more of the walter russell need peace, he says for the first time donald trump made a foreign policy decision that divides the coalition that brought them into the white house and risks his control of the gop, donald trump is regally challenged his political opponents but his syria decision risks alienating allies he can afford to lose. >> here is rush limbaugh reacting to that piece. >> the global liberal order is rearing its head which
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everything's trump is following through on a campaign promise, get out of syria, which to a certain faction of his bases but the point in this column is there are others in his basement don't like this at all. shannon: where he is he at the base? >> we don't take position on policy. i will refer to kristin and daniel on that but on the politics the president will have his base with him. there has been a moral case made for why we are in syria. 80%, 90% of republican voters want the president to succeed and once republicans in washington to support him so when he makes the decision to leave syria they will be inclined to support so i don't see the big divide. there is a part of the base that wants us to be strong
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militarily, that is the correctly described in wall street journal but they are concerned about taking on china and russia if they are aggressive. the president will be fine politically on this. the washington elite, he has never been comfortable with them and they are not comfortable with him. shannon: a piece you had written this week, interesting talking about the president sees value in using our economic strength, trade and those policies, just as much as using our military, so he sees the way to use them both and not just solely focused on military incursions. >> he looks at the spectrum, not just economics as one thing and war is another and the military is another. when it comes to studying china is not just a bigger military which the president achieves, 17
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billion in this fiscal year although that might be a high watermark with nancy pelosi coming in on the house but other issues like trade, using that to get better deals from not just our adversaries but our allies, many of whom have been taking advantage of it, and we go up and down, and forcing 2-1, 20% in afghanistan, it is a clear strategy and afghanistan. relying on a navy and air force, there's a lot of support for that. >> do you think the president is persuadable on syria and afghanistan because a number of his good friends and allies like lindsey graham who got back from
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afghanistan days ago say they are not going to let this go, there needs to be a tougher conversation trying to persuade him which they are actively trying to do? >> the president swiveled in a different direction in august 2017 when he made that speech about afghanistan and that was counter to what he said during the campaign but i would say the fight against the terrorists in south asia and the middle east it is human based and it is hard to do it from the air. we need people with skills and to some extent the secret of our success is the secret of our success, the al qaeda guys we are killing who threaten our homeland and that is a good thing. i want -- the public is unaware, perhaps they need to be more aware of the steps we have taken. shannon: we found a poll from over the summer about support for troops in iraq and syria
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used to combat extremists but you can see republicans, 69% when the survey was done over the summer were in favor of having our troops there. it looks like from this survey they saw the benefits of keeping them there. >> i think they did. my point is they trust the president and if he says we don't need them anymore, 69% saying okay. shannon: aligning with what he wants to do. >> that is key with the republican base and that leads to another question about impeachment. i think the fact the washington post is giving advice to republicans that they should impeach a republican president is laughable in some ways. as christian demonstrates. that is what we saw today. republicans in the senate will stand by the president because the base of republican voters will.
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shannon: the new york times saying all we need is 22 gop senators, to convince them and this may be the time, the president has been in trouble for 4 and pulled back from the precipice but could this be the time? will there be a gop move to get on board? the senate is a different story. >> maggie hagerman is a journalist running a political campaign to get people to impeach donald trump who hasn't actually committed a crime or been accused of a crime are convicted by the house of representatives, really the fake media on overdrive. >> i will wait into that political discussion. president obama was arguably guilty of far greater dereliction of duty when he withdrew our troops from iraq and that enabled the growth of isis in iraq. by not interfering or
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intervening in syria, creating conditions for isis to grow, how can you speak this way about donald trump and not look back at recent history as well? it doesn't seem to be a productive discussion. >> democrats are making a big mistake driving for impeachment, we did with bill clinton, backfired on republicans but americans want to return to business. if there's more chaos with impeachment, they will turn on the democrats. heather: great discussion. come back soon. california wants to get more of a say in the election cycle. what they are doing to make its votes matter more during the primary season. california's governor taking his climate change fight to space. >> we are going to launch our own satellite to figure out where the pollution is and how we are going to end it.
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shannon: a salamander complicating the project in northern california, stick around for details.
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>> shannon: the associat >> the associated press reporting support for the republican party among latinos has not weakened during the trump administration. the last data from the midterms, 30% of latinos voted for republicans and according pure research center a comparable number of voted for candidate trump in 2016. the nation's most populous state is complaining about not having enough of a voice in the process of nominating president a candidate so california is moving its primary in time for 2020. that is a huge prize for any potential nominee. >> and the clock is ticking as we talk about this presidential election. california wanted to be treated evenly. they are moving it up by several months.
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it could change the democratic primary process. last week the dnc released information about presidential debates that we build held in 6 months. california voters head to the polls early and new poll shows democratic voters looking for a new face. in just 6 months democrats vying to become the 46th president of the united states will take the stage and debate but exactly who will grace the stage? no one has confirmed they will be there. joe biden, california senator kamala harris and beto o'rourke are popular in democratic circles but a new poll suggests democrats 59% surveyed are looking for a new face to be there ticket. >> we have led the world not by the example of our power but by the power of our example. >> joe biden came in second after the somewhat new candidate
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with 53% of the vote. a biden spokesman denied a report that the former vice president is upset at former president obama, meeting with other 2020 contenders. biden has yet to make a public decision on the race. last on the list, former secretary of state hillary clinton had this to say in october about running again. >> you want to run again? >> know. >> there was a pause. >> i would like to be president. >> the polis voters in california head to the polls on march 3, 2020, 3 months before the normal june primary in the state and the early voting system, voters in the golden state will be able to cast ballots in february, the same time traditionally nominating content in iowa and new hampshire are underway, that will likely put candidate in california early. california will join texas on supertuesday. it is a way for california to be
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treated equally to compete with new hampshire, iowa, california, a big state but they want to be treated like a big state. >> an interesting collection of early stage. they may not be the biggest states that politically the most important. thank you. california's governor planning another move to defy the trump administration by pushing his climate change agenda. claudia cowan reports the move that is truly out of this world. >> reporter: jerry brown recently closed a global climate summit in san francisco with an out of this world idea. >> we want to know what is going on all over the world all the time. we are going to launch our own satellite to figure out where the pollution is and how to end it. >> space-based technology can pinpoint sources of methane, a potent greenhouse gas that contributes to global morning. >> this initiative will enable
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us to spot the methane, the pollution, to point out those who pollute and develop the local remedies to end it. >> for californians of a certain age brown's call might sound like déjà vu. in the 70s during his first term as california's governor brown proposed a communication satellite to link state leaders in the event of an emergency. at the time the idea was so out there and help turn brown the nickname governor moonbeam. but in the four decades since, governments and private companies have launched numerous satellites, supporters say it is fitting that brown now at 80, the nation's oldest governor, is ending his long political career owning the name he got in his 30s. >> he's embracing the moniker governor moonbeam. the time has come when the future has caught up with him. he is right on the money for
12:36 am
california. >> reporter: california's newly elected governor agrees. >> i forgot what to name it. >> reporter: the name, design and cost estimates are still being worked out but the plan is for private companies to build the satellite and launch it into 2021 with data being available in 2022. interesting to note as he prepares to exit public life and a career in politics that has lasted half a century, jerry brown is the oldest and 6 youngest california governor thanks to the 28 year gap between his second and third term. shannon: thank you so much. california's experience with legalized pot is not as profitable as first thought. that leaves tonight's western roundup. recreational marijuana use became legal in california a
12:37 am
year ago with state officials predicting it would bring in $1 billion a year to the golden state. jerry brown projected $630 million in revenue from legal parts sales but a new analysis from the la times find it generated $471 million for the state. retailers blame high taxes and conflict regulations. two weeks after a court order hall to the opening of the city sanctions homeless camp in downtown olympia a judge in washington state says the city can once again let people move into the site. it doesn't local business owners are challenging the decision in court saying the city is violating its own laws and pushing their customers away. at 30 salmeterol speak up at a $1.4 billion public works projects on hold in northern california. two environmental groups are asking a federal judge to force the fish and wildlife service to determine if chester salamanders should be considered endangered species. they argue a federal government
12:38 am
plan to raise the shasta dam by two stories could threaten the salamander species with extinction. senate democrats pushing a judicial nominee over his membership in a catholic service organization they call extreme. what is the knights of columbus all about and why are senators trashing it? reverend gerald mary live after the break.
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>> all of this is basically intended to just bring that little piece of comfort to the families from around the region. >> shannon: that is a bit of what the knights of columbus says it is all about, but the social and charitable organization that was founded shannon: that is a bit of what the knights of columbus as it is all about but the catholic social organization founded in 1882 is under fire for two democratic senators. her own oh of hawaii and kamala harris have been growing a lawyer for district court about his membership in that catholic charity group. hiro hironosays they have had a number of extreme positions asking a nominee if he could hear things consistently or if he was intending to leave the organization if he got a seat on the bench.
12:43 am
he says his involvement in the knights of, was consist of charitable work and community events and he's not backing down. bring in the reverend gerald murray, great to have you with us. some of the concerns the senators have, the knights of columbus is taken positions on abortion and marriage they say are extreme and out of the mainstream and also he calls himself pro-life. is it fair to ask whether he can be an objective judge? >> i look at this as an attack on the catholic church because the knights of, and this is a catholic organization. traffic teachings about the matter of killing children and marriage is between a man and woman are not extreme positions, those are taught by law and culture for most of western history until quite recently. it is not fair to say if you're a member of a catholic organization you are an extremist because we don't have religious tests in the united
12:44 am
states as we respect religion. you may not agree with someone's religion but don't say to him it is a legitimate for you to uphold those positions you are teaching as extreme. there attacks are extreme. >> there are those who take this a step further and say it is not just about having faith but actually practicing it and that is where these questions we have seen with other nominees have been pushed on whether or not they adhere to the bible or the tenets of their faith. phil donahue you know well, president of the catholic lead for religious and civil rights that in writing an op-ed, senators harris and hirono are engaged in selective profiling and sexism, sonja sotomayor was not considered a problem but she is catholic but she's also reliably pro-abortion and end of story. is it more about the issue? >> it is. this is a replay of the brett kavanaugh debate that was had which was to basically say
12:45 am
abortion as dictated by roe v wade is an unassailable position in american life. anyone who criticizes it is an extremist and the catholic church says no. abortion is killing unborn children and decent people don't believe that is right and they should be able to advocate in a free society for laws to bring that into legal force in the country. it is a shame the motives of people like this proposed judge in nebraska are impugned because they are religious people. religious people are called upon in disaster and they do a lot of that disaster relief and everybody is happy when they show up at the border after fire or explosion but if they say by the way we also believe about human life and marriage suddenly they are called extremists and get out of here. that is wrong. shannon: from the leadership conference on civil and human rights writing an open letter urging vote against this man. based on his track record of
12:46 am
partisan activism and hostility to lgbt q the quality and reproductive freedom he would be incapable of serving as a fair and neutral arbiter. he should not be confirmed for life appointment to the federal judiciary. that is a question for me too. if there are people of other faiths than can follow system, protestant, christianity, evangelical questions, would people of other faiths get the same questions on capitol hill? >> i haven't heard that. muslim members of congress were recently elected, their religion teaches marriage is between a man and a woman and they don't endorse abortion which no one is saying the muslim faith makes you incapable of serving as a legislator little the judge. in this country the experiences of religious people, follow the constitution and discharge their judicial function a good, decent
12:47 am
and honorable. the senators, practicing catholics equip the bench because they are extremists, that is wrong. if you want to defend the border make your argument, don't attack people who think abortion is wrong. shannon: research says if he confirmed he will adhere to precedent, he will not go rogue, he will do his duty as a judge and in all cases that come before him. thanks for joining us in this conversation tonight. a miracle rescue in france leads to where in the world. a 12-year-old boy defining the odd after an avalanche buried him for 40 minutes in the french alps. french police asked never dog found the boy alive and relatively unharmed. rescue workers call this miraculous, his chances of survival dramatically decreased after 15 minutes. a delay in congo election sparking violent protests with law enforcement. police firing live ammunition and teargas into a crowd of 100 demonstrators. the delay being blamed for the
12:48 am
deadly ebola outbreak but it could mean more than 1 million votes will not count. in portland, oregon a man has become the first person to trek across antarctica seller. call in over 80 finished his adventure yesterday. it took 54 days in subzero temperatures lugging his supplies on his lead as he skied through the frozen tundra. his family stayed up all night monitoring and online tracker as he covered his final 77 miles. donald trump hoping to build on the political momentum built up from brett kavanaugh's confirmation in the new year. take a look at the dramatic year for the high court and what is ahead in high profile cases on the docket in 2019 after the break.
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>> shannon: you might have seen videos of blowing up your twitter feed tonight of this,
12:52 am
new york city's skyline lighting up blue. according to the nypd, it is from an apparent transformer explosion in queens. it is unclear how many people are out of power, but the nypd also tweeting out that the fire that was spa tweeting the fire is under control. no reported injuries at this time was a wicked winter streaking havoc across the midwest putting 30 million people, and the northeast. a stretch of interstate 70 in western kansas as the winter storm batters the area. kansas, one of several states where blizzard warning have been issued. some areas bracing for 18 inches of snow. they cancel college football game in dallas last night and two people on a flight to texas were hospitalized after suffering injuries during severe turbulence from the storm. the political fight over supreme court vacancy typically short but intense.
12:53 am
the confirmation of brett kavanaugh up to a level rarely seen in the nation's history becoming the year's most political debate. a look at 2018 and the year ahead on the supreme court. >> i never sexually assaulted anyone, not in high school, not in college, not ever. >> reporter: a real-life legal thriller. the supreme court nominee denying allegations for sexual misconduct. his main accuser, christine ford who said brett kavanaugh assaulted her in the early 1980s. >> the ones that i will never forget. they have been seared into my memory and have hunted me as an adult. >> reporter: all of the accuser's alleged witnesses denied any knowledge of the event. of all this a multiple stuff is in the year of trump, a government shutdown, abrupt departure's, the russia probe, none was more bitter yet more
12:54 am
significant in the long run than the confirmation of brett kavanaugh to sit on the us supreme court. his legacy could now span decades. 2019 promises more drama on and off the bench. the justices will continue confronting a range of legal challenges to the president's immigration policy. the border wall, asylum restrictions, sanctuary cities, daca, birthright citizenship which the president tweeted about in october. this case will be settled by the united states supreme court. the president has had some success among the shaky conservative majority due in part to the 114th justice who promises to be a key player in a range of hot button cases. >> many issues where he has the potential to be the swing vote. you will see a cthe lawyers to try to pick off that vote from brett kavanaugh, make an argument that will appeal to brett cavanagh. >> reporter: those include
12:55 am
religious freedom, healthcare, executive power, abortion and transgender military members. brett kavanaugh grabbed the headlines but it is the man in charge quietly reasserting his authority. john roberts angered conservatives by siding with the court's liberal block turning aside separate appeals over efforts by 15 states to restrict medicaid funding to planned parenthood and trump's immigration asylum restrictions. and the federal judge who glossed the asylum policy nationwide. >> this was an obama judge and it is not going to happen like this anymore. >> reporter: that to defend the integrity of the judiciary. a risk between 22 separate branches of government that will carry over into the new year. the white house is building on two supreme court justices by getting a record number of lower court judges confirmed to the federal bench.
12:56 am
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>> you have to understand this is not supposed to happen here. my department is hurting. jillian: friday, december 20th, this is "fox and friends first". happening at 4:00 happening at 4:00 am. and illegal immigrant cop killer considered armed and dangerous, on the run. the urgent manhunt across the sanctuary state of california happening right now. as that officer's death fuel donald trump's call for a border wall, with one week since the government shutdown. will democrats and republicans


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