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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  December 28, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. i'm marc stein in for tucker this evening. he will be breaking his prehog man a observances to make an appearance later on. a new warning from president trump as the government shutdown in the second week. trump refuses to give an inch in his fight for a bored dwer wall. today, he warned on twitter, we will be forced to close the southern border entirely if the obstructionist democrats do not give us the money to finish the wall and also change the
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ridiculous immigration law that is our country is saddled with. hard to believe there was a congress and president who would approve. the office of management and budget director and the incoming white house chief of staff, mick mulvaney, told folks this morning, that the president is ready to negotiate an end to the shutdown but the democrats are nowhere to be found. >> the president has been here all weekend, all christmas. he is staying in washington, d.c. over new year's. he has canceled his plans for christmas and new year's. we are talking on an hourly basis of what's happening in california and what is not happening in washington, d.c. with senate democrats. the president is very heavily engaged on an almost minute by minute basis. >> it still strikes me very unusual that the democrats did not provide a counteroffer. they left town. the president is here. president canceled his plans. where are chuck schumer and nancy pelosi in. >> where is nancy pelosi? she spent the holiday living the high life at a resort in hawaii.
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mulvaney also said pelosi seems to be the key holdup while chuck schumer might be more pliable. >> the vice-president and i met with leader schummer last saturday. my gut was that he was really interested in doing a deal and coming to some sort of compromise. the more we are hearing is that it is nancy pelosi preventing that from happening. >> chris hon is a radio host and ned ryan is the founder and ceo of american majority. they both join us. chris, once upon a time, your former boss, senator schumer, 2009, he said when we use phrases like undocumented workers, we convey a message to the american people that their government is not serious about combatting illegal immigration. people who enter the united states without permission are illegal aliens. he talked about the 650 miles of
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border fence that creates a significant barrier. was he just drunk that night? he had fallen face down in the eggnog? he wouldn't be saying stuff like that -- he hasn't said stuff like that in recent months. >> i think you are confused and buy into the hype that a lot of people on the right convey democrats as not wanting any border security at all. that's not true. they are not this made for the base, made for tv border wall, that president trump is not going to get. the american people voted in november for a new majority in the house of representatives. they gave him an 8.5% edge. those people most certainly were not putting money in for this ridiculous wall. i heard the intro. right now, the republicans still control the house of representatives. nancy pelosi is the minority leader until next week. then, he will negotiate with her. i'm telling you right now, he
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will get nothing to the wall. he needs to come up with something to give them first if he wants anything in return. >> let's have a second shot at my question, then. why do big-time democrats not use words like illegal aliens anymore? >> go ahead, then, you take it. >> they can't. they cannot get trump a win, mark. they can't give him anything for his wall, because it would infuriate their far left base who doesn't want anything dealt with with our immigration system or securing our border. they think they are getting a two fer, denying trump a win and making their leftist base happy. it is pretty stunning this has all taken place over the last five years when in 2013, most democratic senators voted for $46 billion and a border wall. this is complete insanity. at what point do we as a sovereign nation not have the right to say, we are going to
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secure our borders. we have a moral responsibility to our citizens. >> now, you are using these naughty phrases like, national sovereignty and that kind of thing. the president has threatened to close down the border. in a sane world to use the term you used, ned, in a sane world, we would have an enforced border. that apparently is impossible in the united states. so, chris, if we've got a choice between totally open borders and a closed border, actually, isn't the president's suggestion for a closed border on the mexican border actually less insane than open borders? >> we don't have that choice. the president's choice of a closed border on the mexican border is absolutely insane. >> why is it insane? >> you wait until next month if he closes the border and see how bad our stock market would be and our bad our economy would become. that is a ridiculous statement by a ridiculous president who does not understand world
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markets. he claimed a couple of months ago who have renegotiated nafta. why would anybody renegotiate anything with him if he turns around and closes the border. >> wait a minute, wait a minute. wear with me. hear me out, chris. australia doesn't have a land border and it trades with the rest of the world. iceland doesn't have a land border and it trades with the rest of the world. instead of having ports of entry that people can just walk through, why not close them and at least insist they have to get on a flight to lax or o'hare or whatever, where we at least know who they are before they get on the plane. what's wrong with that, chris? >> because the systems of trade and the avenues of trade have been developed over years and years and years. what are we going to do, change it overnight, because the president has a whim? >> no, no, no, ned. you fake that question there.
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>> i want ned to weigh in on this, on the border. >> it is given to him under the immigration and nationality act, donald trump should say i find the entry of illegal aliens on the southern border detrimental to the interest of the united states and until democrats want to be serious about securing our border, i'm shutting it down and i'm going to shut it down for the rest of my term until we get serious not only about securing our southern border but fixing our immigration system. i wouldn't argue with that system now. >> we have to leave it there, guys. >> shut down the border and crash the economy. >> relax about the economy. that's all algorithms, any way. the test that kristin nielsen made a visit to the still open borders. california police arrested an illegal immigrant suspected of murdering an officer during a traffic stop. for more, fox correspondent,
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jonathan hunt is here. >> good evening, mark. arrest of the alleged killer of officer singh came 43 hours after the 33-year-old officer who leaves behind his wife and five-month-old son was gunned down. the suspect, gastavo ariaga was in the u.s. illegally according to the sheriff who angrily denies california's sanctuary laws which prevented him from being deported for previous dui convictions. >> we can't ignore the fact that this could have been preventible. under sb-54 in california, based on two arrests for dui and some other active warrants that this criminal has out there, law enforcement would have been prevented, prohibited from sharing any information with i.c.e. about this criminal gang member. ladies and gentlemen, this is
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not how you protect a community. >> with immigration and border issues at the heart of the current government shutdown, homeland security text, kirstjen nielsen visited the border area near el paso, texas. her visit was to get a first-hand look at the medical screening facilities at the border station in the wake of the death of two young guatemalan children who crossed the border and were taken into custody by border control agents. they have said that agents did all they could to help the 8-year-old boy and seven-year-old girl as soon as they became aware they were sick. the second's visit also comes on the heels of hundreds of immigrants being released on to the streets of el paso this week by immigrations and customs enforcement agents with i.c.e. saying they are constrained by law over how long they can detain immigrant families.
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second nielsen, mark, is also due to visit border facilities in yuma, arizona tomorrow. mark? >> thanks, jonathan. earlier this year, by the way, the oakland mayor, libby sharp, publicly took a stand against america's own laws after learning of an impending i.c.e. sweep that was seeking criminal, illegal aliens in na jurisdiction. sharp issued a warning so that shows illegal immigrants could flee. she said any other action would be racist. >> it is a continued distraction. it is a continued per pet weighs of a racist lie that immigrants are not valued members of our society. we in oakland know better. we in oakland have a community that welcomes and honors all people no matter where they qcae from or how they got here. >> months later after the murder of the policeman from fiji,
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sharp tells busby, i have no regrets, none. the more time goes by, i feel i did the right thing in standing up for our community and pointing out our val lval lieus are not aligned with our liaws. travis allen joins us now. this appalling murder, and it is hard to look that the photograph on christmas morning, of that policeman and his wife and their five-month-old child and the service dog and not to feel as his fellow officers did in denouncing the indulgence of these illegal immigrants. this guy was a model immigrant. this is the choice. you want people like this to come to your society. he comes here from fiji. he assimilates with the community. he serves the community. he becomes a police officer. then, someone, who shouldn't be in the country murders him and the mayor of oakland is really
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on the illegal side, rather than the legal side of this. >> you are exactly right. this is the criminality that we are seeing in california. libby sharp, as you just mentioned, the mayor of oakland, gave warning to over 900 criminal illegal immigrants, people who came here illegally and committed crimes while they were here. because of her warning, they are roaming free across the state of california. as you know, california is now an illegal sanctuary state as well, which means that our law enforcement can't co-operate wih federal immigration authorities. you start pairing this together and you can understand the sort of problem we have in california. this tragedy we saw with corporal ronald singh, how do california democrats across the country, like nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, how can they hold their heads high and address the family when they know the weight of their tragedy falls fully on
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their shoulders. >> why have they chosen -- the democrats have made a choice. that mayor says immigrants. they aren't immigrants. they are illegal immigrants, criminals. corporal singh is an immigrant. he filled in the paperwork. it is tedious, time-consuming. he did it by the book, because he wanted to come here by the book. why do the democrats choose the other guys? >> this is the problem. they are choosing people who are not val lid, legal u.s. citizens. you talk about corporal ronald singh. this guy was from fiji. his whole life's dream was to be a police officer in the united states. his family called them their action hero. he was an incredible man, an incredible family and his life ahead of him. why should pelosi and schumer be putting illegal immigrants ahead of u.s. citizens and our safety. this is very clear. not only do we have to secure the border. we need to do it today so we don't have more of these tragedies.
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>> you are right on that, travis. rudy julie an in i says it is time for the mueller investigation to be investigated. a former federal prosecutor will weigh on that next on "tucker carlson tonight."
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is it time for the mueller investigation to face an investigation of its own. president trump's defense lawyer, rudy giuliani, says mueller should be probed to see if he helped destroy evidence after thousands of text messages between peter strzok and lisa page went missing. the department of justice complains the politically explosive text went missing due to a technical glitch. francine hates is a former federal prosecutor and national coordinator for child exploitation and prevention. she joins us. francine, there is kind of a credibility issue here. everybody in some little
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rinky-dink civil court knows that you don't do this kind of stuff. how come the fbi gets away with vaporizing important evidence from key figures? >> that's a great question, mark. i don't know how they get away with it. the thing that concerns me the most is that you are talking about text messages that show bias. as i'm sure you know, every criminal defendant in the courts across this country are in entitled to any evidence that shows bias by a witness. strauk who would have been a witness showed clear bias in his text messages with his lover, page. it was wrong to get rid of these text messages. they were the subject of an oig investigation already. it seems to be a constitutional violation. >> peter strauk is this weird
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figure. he is on the hillary investigation, the trump investigation. he gets sent to the white house to snitch up michael flynn and flown to london to see the australian high commissioner to get the goods on papadopoulos. then, he is sent to the special council's office. according to the oig report, it is the special council's office that reviewed the cell phones and put them back on factory settings. isn't that corruption in the specks counsel's office. bob mueller was a united states attorney and fbi director. he knows better than most people what is relevant to a potential prosecution and what is relevant is always exculpatory information. that is what is contained in these text messages. it is shocking that they deleted them. it makes you wonder whether it
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was purposeful. >> that phrase you use, exculpatory information. prosecutors can be punished for that. nobody seems anxious to punish bob mueller. maybe giuliani has a point. a new report claims that president trump's former attorney, michael cohen, who famously said he had never been to prague may have been there in the summer of 2016, according to cell phone tower evidence. that, as you know, is one of the most explosive allegations in the various trump -- details in the trump dossier. is this anything real or is it hearsay upon hearsay? >> i think, mark, you hit upon it. i think it is hearsay upon hearsay. it reminds me of the very steele dossier that was the source of this information in the first place, that has been unverified. it is still unverified to this day.
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it relies upon mysterious russian or eastern european intelligence sources, the same thing that the fbi and the department of justice asked the fisa court to rely upon in the carter page fisa warrant. it is not reliable information. until you show me american surveillance, by americans that prove he was in prague, i'm not going to believe it. >> you don't see why this mi-6 guy, christopher steele, a british subject, should be allowed to interfere in the 2016 american election, basically? >> i really don't. i think we should leave that to americans. >> and presumably, he wouldn't actually if cohen had been in prague, he has now copped a plea with mueller and the rest of the guys, he would presumably have no insensitive not to disclose that. if he had been there, the investigation would know it, wouldn't they? >> they would. in fact, he has made no secret of his new-found hatred for president trump and his evil
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ways, as i think he put it. so i think if he was in prague and it was part of some vast conspiracy by the president to collude with russia to throw the election, i think he would be on twitter talking about it right now. >> yeah, he does seem to be relatively leaky about that. are we anywhere near a wrap-up of this investigation? >> well, of course, rumors say that mueller will put out a report in february. it is long overdue in my opinion. this investigation has been going on now for well over two years. i quant imagican't imagine whats they are doing now. i look forward to it. at this point, he is just justifying the millions of dollars he is spending. >> he has spent millions of dollars to reset iphones to factory settings. francy, thank you for explaining that. tucker is going to be back. michael bloomberg, another billionaire, who may be readying
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billionaire, michael bloomberg, still growing speculation as a possible presidential contender. if he does run, a top adviser says he would be willing to spend more than $100 million of his $40 billion fortune to win. in a recent interview, bloomberg says, if he runs, then fighting climate change will be a top priority of his campaign. of course, emmanuel macron became president of france with a similar agenda. they are now facing riots and burning down the town. cliff fallon is an associate editor at city journal. he joins us. wouldn't it be quicker for michael bloomberg to throw $100 million out of the window and watch it float into the
5:27 pm
atlantic? >> $100 million for michael bloomberg, that's what he leaves under the plate. he spent $100 million on his third mayoral campaign. he spent $100 million in the recent mid-term elections when he wasn't running. when wilson says he is willing to spend more than $100 million, i think we can assume he is willing to spend comfortably more, in the billions, to achieve this. >> is he not just, though, one of these politicians who is too disconnected from ordinary life? he was all about the trans fans to regulate the salt out of your cheeseburger. when it snowed, he couldn't regulate any salt on to 7th avenue. that was beyond me. >> and sodas and salt and trans fat, those were all things that he focused on. at the same time, bloomberg was a nonpartisan, technocratic mayor with a business friendly
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agenda and a focus on law and order. he did a fairly competent job running the city. >> by comparison with what's come after? >> yeah. the thing with bloomberg is his emphasis on climate change, gun control. those indicate that's the ex toent which he is still in the elitist bubble. >> nobody west of the hudson is interested in climate control. >> west of the sierras. i'm not sure he is preelly in touch with the heartland. >> isn't he absolutely what there is no place for? as he said, he is like a centrist techno craft. in a hyper partisan environment where people either want donald trump or miss cortez? >> he has missed his window in the democratic party. they have moved theologically. one thing he did when he was
5:29 pm
mayor that will come back to haunt him is for immigrants, he charged their sponsors if they went on benefits. that's legal. >> absolutely. >> that's like the public charge. >> i agreed to all that. >> that's the sort of thing that, to me, it seems perfectly reasonable. i'm not sure that the mainstream of the democratic party now would be in favor of things like that. >> so he would have to explain some of his identity politics? >> to the woke aspect of the democratic party. >> how woke is he on the ocasio cortez scandal? >> he is extremely unpoke. maybe you could have said it was implicitly racist. now, they would say it is objectively racist. he will have a lot of explaining to do. >> do you think that comes from spending every weekend in
5:30 pm
bermuda? >> you would think with someone so concerned about rising ocean levels, he might sell that and try to find something in vail or aspen. >> higher ground. that's from the guy who managed to put a lot of the ocean into the new york city subway during superstorm sandy. well, thank you for that. i can hardly contain myself when we come to the thought of a michael bloomberg presidential candidacy. the first democratic primary debate is actually only six months away. the party is still trying to find an identity for 2020. a new poll of democratic voters says the candidate they are most excited about is, quote, somebody entirely new, unquote. if they can't have that, they would settle for joe biden. jason nichols is a professor of african-american studies at the university of maryland and he joins us. this is very interesting
5:31 pm
polling, jason. there was an old new yorker cartoon years ago, a guy coming out of the theater and the marquee says, fun for young and old, "the new york times." it is a middle-aged guy looking extremely unhappy. that's what the democratic primary is, fun for young and old. either guys that have been around for half a century for people that are very tallow and youthful and not a lot of space in between them, is there? >> i think there are people that may be young but actually have plenty of experience. many of the people have been in congress or been in the house for a long time. i think we have a good field of people. i think more people are gonna come out and announce in the next two or three months. i think it is going to be really exciting. it's an exciting time. i will say your last segment was really cool. that is the first time i have heard anybody use the term woke on a fox news segment. that was the first and i enjoyed
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it. >> i'm totally unwoked. >> i would agree with that, you are not woke. >> thanks. anyway, since you brought up bloomberg, is bloomberg your idea of somebody who excites you and excites the base? >> no. i'm gonna agree with what you guys said about the fact that he has to answer for stop and frisk and broken windows, which i will say is objectively racist. we have seen the numbers of the people who get stopped and frisked. they are usually black and brown. i'm not excited about bloomberg. i would agree he is out of touch. he is someone who is very pro-business scene, very wall street. i don't think he is going to catch on with the progressive parts of the party. >> is that where the energy is? you put it in what one might call identity politics terms. to go back to the young and old thing, you have got like
5:33 pm
geezers. you have bernie, joe biden, old white men in a party that seems to want something with a little more of an exotic free form about it. >> i don't know that any american is exotic, whether you are a black american or a white american. >> if you think about identity politics, people are like the one thing about ocasio cortez, she is a young latina. you guys are interested in all these categorizations of people, isn't it? >> people ever excited about ocasio cortez, because she is young. the other guy, crowley, was out of touch with his base. that's why he lost. he overlooked her. any boxer will tell you, you don't overlook your opponent. he overplolooked her. i think there is a good chance she will challenge chuck schumer in the future if he does the same thing. >> bring it on. i would love to see that.
5:34 pm
she will hang all that stuff about when he is demonizing illegal aliens around his neck. go for it, alexandria. that would be a great moment, jason. >> i think it will be fun. i think all of this is going to be fun. we have to remember we don't have to decide things. democrats don't have to have a clear answer. we know what it was in 2016 when republicans smelled blood in the water with hillary clinton. they had a huge field. donald trump was not the number one guy at that point. it was a guy named mike huckabee. anybody remember him other than remembering that he is sara's father. he is the guy at the top of all the polls at this point. we have a long road ahead of us. >> sir, who is your trump figure? who is the one that's going to come down the escalator and soar to the lead and leave the other 17 guys in the dust? is it cory booker, kamala harris? who is it going to be? >> i like that you picked the
5:35 pm
two black candidates. i like cory booker, certain things about him. i don't think he is the guy. i actually like someone, her name is tulsa gabbert. there is a good chance she will run. she is military. she brings patriotism back to the democratic party. she is very progressive on a lot of niece other issues. i think she is somebody who could catch fire and leave others behind. >> but you, the democrats, are always looking for that strong military figure with the military background you mentioned. they actually hate her position on syria. it is not john kerry's year again. they are not looking to square the circle with some hawkish democrat, are they? >> i think tulsi, unlike donald trump, was not afraid to actually visit a combat zone and see what it is and see things
5:36 pm
for herself. i think that that was something that can be explained pretty easily. i think once people actually hear her and give her an opportunity to explain herself, i think that she will resonate. >> okay. well, we'll see how that prediction holds up in that first debate in six months time. thanks a lot, jason. always good to see you. happy new year. >> happy new year to you, mark. >> thank you. just today, this just in, another 202 c0 contender. actress, angelina jolie hints that she might run. she says she can work with both governments and militaries. so she may be worthy of high office. with dozens of other people possibly contending from michael bloomberg to oprah, we see no reason to exclude her. angelina versus bloomberg. that's the democratic primary as it is shaping up on the eve of
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the big campaign season. tucker will be back right after the break. stay tuned.
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a crazy week on wall street came to an end today with the dow swinging back and forth all
5:40 pm
day like a drunken sailor. before settling at a modest drop of 76 points. the dow opened this week with its worst christmas eve ever as it dropped 650 points but it followed that with its biggest single day gain ever on boxing day, rising by more than 1,000 points. despite the good week, though, unless stocks make a dramatic rally on monday, this will be the worst december for u.s. stocks since 1931. it is all the algorithms. we need to sacrifice more virgins into the volcano of the gods of the algorithms. brett kavanaugh's confirmation battle was this year's most dramatic new story and exposed the indangers we all face from uncorroborated accusations. here is what happened. >> tucker: it is hard for most of us to imagine what it must be
5:41 pm
like to be brett kavanaugh. david sorenson has some idea. he once worked as a white house speechwriter. he was fired after "the washington post" published an article accusing him of domestic violence. without a conviction or solid evidence and without much time to respond to the charges, he lost his job. his reputation was destroyed. if current trend continue, a lot of people might learn what that is like. david sorenson joins us to tell us. thanks a lot for coming on. >> thanks for having me, tucker. >> tucker: i'll say it up front. i know nothing about your marriage or the details even of this case. all i know is that you did not have a chance to respond. there didn't seem to be concrete evidence these charges were true. they were made by someone who, i think, had motive to make them. the consequences you suffered were overwhelming. what was your response to this? >> well, i felt a deep and profound frustration. i think judge kavanaugh is
5:42 pm
feeling that right now as we speak. i never thought i would feel in my life. the feeling of having your reputation that you've so carefully built over so many years be destroyed in an instant and further more for millions of people to believe these baseless accusations simply because they fit a political narrative is incredibly frustrating. i couldn't imagine how difficult it must be. i could, for judge kavanaugh, and the situation he is in right now. it is terrible. your reputation is something that. >> tucker: you can't get back. there are lots of crimes committed in this country all the time. in almost all of them, we wait to hear the evidence and then we weigh it to the side what we think of it. in this one specific category of alleged crime, we weighed it dramatically to one side. did you feel like you had the onus of proving that you weren't a domestic abuser? did you feel like people automatically believed your
5:43 pm
ex-wife? >> yes, absolutely. even though there was no evidence whatsoever. it was simply a baseless allegation. it contradicts everything we have learned throughout our lives about justice, about fairness. it contradicts the legal system that we have built up carefully over centuries to create a fair form for getting to the bottom of the truth. it is really scary how the left is waging a war on the basic building blocks of our civilization whether it comes to priorities like truth, fairness, merritt, reason. these are things that are thrown right out the window at the expense of their pursuit of political power. it is also equally shameful to see the media participate in it so agregregiously when they useo be considered. ideally, they were considered to be ann arbor arbitor of truth.
5:44 pm
they are participating in these smear jobs. >> it is a sad and ominous trend for those of us that have sons. >> it is terrible. your reputation is something that's gained by the rain drop and lost by the bucketful. judge kavanaugh is learning that the hard way. i hope we are calling him justice kavanaugh despite it all very soon. >> tucker: thank you very much for that. i appreciate it. >> mark: we from we must always believe the woman to europe's plan to abolish words with man in them completely and real life witches are angry with president trump. the liberals are going to help us understand why next. >> this whole witchhunt going on in the united states, the russian witchhunt, we have had a phoney witchhunt deal. this is a pure and simple witchhunt.
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>> mark: the european union can't secure its borders, can't stop terror attacks at christmas markets and can't get members economies in order but it can fight against so-called gendered language. a new trans lation guide for european parliament staff in strasburg tells them to avoid using words with man in them due to the offensive connotations. instead of mankind, they must use humanity and instead of man-made, they must use artificial and so-on and so-forth until language is so sterile, it will be better to not speak at all and just communicate in euro-approved emojis. michael loftis is a comedian. he joins us. michael, it is tough being a
5:49 pm
xheed yun when the european union is working the room. you wouldn't want to follow a commissioner on open mic night after comedy gold like this. >> i don't think you would. i don't think you could. europe has fallen. thank god world war ii isn't today. all the nazis would have to do is tell some offensive jokes. two guys walk into a bar. everyone would faint. >> mark: well, i'll say this for them. they are working this. justin trudeau, the beloved prime minister of canada rebuked a woman for referring to mankind a couple of months back and said it should be people-kind where as the european union is at least posing humanity. it is less clanky than justin is offering. >> it is less clunky but man is
5:50 pm
still in there. even in female, man is in there. it is like a bad marriage. you can't get out. you can't divorce us, ladies. we are here. >> mark: how far do you think they should take that? baghdad, the capital of iraq. that is not my baghdad, as the hipsters would say. do you think they should actually start renaming some of these cities and places as well? >> sure. let's have bag person for baghdad. i feel bad for the translators, the ones that have to use -- they can't use he or she anymore. that's how i thought you learned another language, the masculine and feminine. the eu meetings, the translators are going to be reduced to using whistles and clicks. the whole thing is going to look like a dolphin show at seaworld. >> any have 137 official languages. it is not just in the european.
5:51 pm
it is not just obvious ones but think you don't think about like welsh and basically everything is going to come out sounding like welsh by the time they are done with vacuuming the language here. >> welsh, that's a tough language. god help anybody that has to eliminate gender specific p pronouns from that one. don't they have anything else to do? france is on fire every other night. can't they fix a bridge or paint something. >> don't say him, don't say her. it is just absolutely ridiculous. the whole thing is turned into a monty python skit, the ministry of silly walks is in charge of europe. >> it is running an entire continent now. >> mark: you say, don't they have anything better to do? there are people who actually think this stuff is important. >> those people are idiots.
5:52 pm
>> mark: in the spirit of the season? >> they need to be thrown out of the country of their origins. >> mark: you have so much love for your fellow man or whatever -- your fellow peoplekind. you are brimming with it. >> that's right. i'm going to cut you off. don't you assume my gender, mark steyn. >> mark: we are going to come up with a new pronoun just for you. thank you very much, michael. happy new year. let's hope for a manly new year for michael. >> a very manly christmas new year. >> mark: we wish you a manly christmas. president trump routinely refers to the russian investigation as a witch hunt. now, some real life witches are angry at him. cnn recently profiled witches who say that president trump's use of the term demeans the suffering of actual witches and war locks, if you'll find that
5:53 pm
masculine term. >> witches can decide with liberals. you know what any wish president trump would stop saying about the mueller investigation? >> it's a pitch hunt. that's all it is. a witch hunt. a russian witch hunt. this is witch hunt like nobody has ever seen before. >> reporter: the author of witchcraft activism calls the term -- >> really disgraceful. thousands were executed suspicion of witchcraft. >> they have a lot to be offended by. his use of the term witch hunt is very low on the list of priorities. it does demonstrate his ignorance, as usual. >> reporter: pleaded someone. he will have to start referring to it as a wild goose chase. that might offend geese. >> kathy ariu is the founding publisher of "catalina" magazine and this show's liberal sharper.
5:54 pm
it is always great to see her. where do you stand on this witch-o-phobic language. >> it is a new time and witches ar a minority. we need to respect minorities in our country. they are speaking up. they are saying this is an old-fashioned term. it is not acceptable anymore. as a group, they do not appreciate it and would prefer it not to be used. they are offended by the term witch hunt. there are 1.5 million witches in our country. there are 1.4 million people who are presbyterian. this is a large group, the wick an. >> nobody talks about presbyterian. >> england had a witch finder. matthew hopkins got paid a pound for every witch he found. >> it was a real thing. women who were considered strong
5:55 pm
in our country, in the puritan society, were pitchwitches. it is outdated. donald trump doesn't understand it. people who are one with nature call themselves witches. vegans. >> mark: let's come back to that. these people are not exactly witches. they can't do anything. >> it is not about hexing. it is a new definition of pitching. >> mark: what's the difference between that and cultural appropriation? like rachel dolazol pretending to be black. they supposedly put a hex on brett kavanaugh. >> this group says that is not about hexing. they have nothing to do with the cousin in brooklyn who did the hexing on cavanaugh. this is another group. >> mark: what do you call someone who belongs to a coven then? >> that's the whole thing. within the witch community, you know you are a witch for these 15 reasons. it is on youtube.
5:56 pm
there are these wonderful videos. there are witches of instagram and guide books on how to be a proper witch in our society. >> mark: that's like me saying i'm a lesbian hispanic, because that just feels cooler. >> and it's okay. it is totally okay. it is america. it is okay. >> mark: so it is self-identity politics. >> it is fine. it is fine. why not? >> mark: where is all the cultural appropriation come from? >> it has to be respectful. as long as you are not hurting others. as long as you are not disrespectful, which they are saying trump is being disrespectful by saying witch hunt. >> mark: you are saying there is 1.5 million witches who can't do anything witchy like put a spell on you. >> they do witchy things that are not old-fashioned defined witchy things. >> mark: being able to put a spell on you, that's old school?
5:57 pm
>> that is old school. >> mark: what is a witch then? >> instead of analyzing water, they are enjoying the water, drinking the water. it is about spirituality. it is a new movement. they are identifying with it. it is going away from christianity and embracing nature, perhaps being vegan as opposed to eating meat. >> mark: so being a witch. it is not like in harry potter? >> no, no, no. that's movies and tv shows. >> mark: but witches, macbeth, in the old days? >> no, no, no shakespeare here. >> mark: no black magic here? >> no, no, no hexing. these are good pitches. >> mark: that's ridiculous. >> it's real. it is actually real. >> mark: that's like pat boone saying i'm black now, we're moving beyond the whole skin color thing. what's the point of any of it then? >> that's the whole point, i
5:58 pm
guess. we are moving in a world where everything should be accepted and it should be okay as long as you are not hurting others. >> mark: basically, being a witch now, you mentioned the despised presbyterians that have now been outpaced by the pitches. >> they are not despised. they are just a smaller group. >> mark: they are on the downsize. >> christianity is going down and witches are going up. >> mark: being a witch is just like being a presbyterian with vegan food? >> i guess you could be a presbyterian. some witches say you could be a presbyterian and a christian and also a witch. >> mark: where do you think the trump witch hunt thing comes from? >> the witches perhaps feel he doesn't know when he says witch hunt that there is a witch minority in the country and they are speaking up saying we exist. >> mark: it is like saying you are welching on your debts and then welchmen getting offended by it? >> i have no idea what that
5:59 pm
means but, yes. >> mark: the european union is not far enough, kathy. we need to outlaw not just male word but actually figures of speech as well. it is always good to see you. are you flying off on your broomstick with my coven? >> don't stereotype me, please. >> mark: if you live in the new york area, you might have seen the sky flash a deep, unnatural blue last night. many noticed the light was the same color used by the aliens who destroy new york in independence day. others drew a comparison to ghost busters. look at that. that is the same blue as in the alien movies. con edison power says it was all perfectly natural as far as bright blue flashes in the sky go. the company blamed the light on something called an arc flash at a power station in queens.
6:00 pm
no aliens this time but we will continue to be vigilant monitoring it into 2019. some district court will say that trump has to let in all those aliens. you know that's coming. bad for us. welcome to this special edition of "hannity," the trump agenda. i'm gregg jarrett in for sean. it is day seven of the presidential shutdown of the government. president trump not backing down from his efforts to fund the ever-important wall on our southern border. today, he tweeted, we will be forced to close the southern border entirely if the obstructionist democrats do not give us the money to finish the wall and change the ridiculous immigration laws that our country is saddled with. hard to believe there was a congress and president who would


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