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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 29, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PST

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those aliens. you know that's coming. bad for us. welcome to this special edition of "hannity," the trump agenda. i'm gregg jarrett in for sean. it is day seven of the presidential shutdown of the government. president trump not backing down from his efforts to fund the ever-important wall on our southern border. today, he tweeted, we will be forced to close the southern border entirely if the obstructionist democrats do not give us the money to finish the wall and change the ridiculous immigration laws that our country is saddled with. hard to believe there was a congress and president who would
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approve. the president is also threatening to cut off all u.s. aid to honduras, guatemala, el salvador, the three central american countries that are refusing to prevent migrant caravans from forming and mobilizing to our southern border. as shutdown negotiations continue, president trump has canceled his trip to florida. he will remain at the white house. nancy pelosi, in the meantime, is getting some rest and relaxation at a luxury resort in beautiful hawaii. mick mulvaney is blaming her and other democrats for the on going shutdown. watch this. >> this is a crazy discussion to be having. all of the dems, chuck schumer voted for border security in 2006 and 2011. they like it when there is a democrat in office and not when donald trump is in office.
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in all fairness, having worked with the vice-president and i met with leader schumer last saturday, the last time we sat down face to face. my gut was that he was really interested in doing a deal and coming to some sort of compromise. the more we are hearing, nancy pelosi is preventing that from happening. >> joining us with more on this. rich edson. >> good evening, greg. capitol hill is mostly quiet. there is little indication this partial shutdown ends this year. president trump insists on monty for a wall. house democrats calling a wall immoral, ineffective and expensive. next week, democrats assume control of the house. democratic leader, nancy pelosi, appears in line to become speaker again. republicans are trying to pin shutdown blame on pelosi saying she is refusing to negotiate on wall funding to appeal to liberal house democrats and assure their support in her race for speaker. >> the house democrats are in a bit of a bind. i don't think nancy pelosi wants to put any offer on the table
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until after she is elected speaker and so that's holding it back. >> the white house budget director, mick mulvaney, says the administration offered democrats a deal that would spend lesson a wall than the $5 billion the president is demanding. he said democrats have shut down discussions. democrats say they had a deal to fund the government until the president demanded more money for a wall. new york congressman and democratic caucus chairman, hakim jeffries, tweeted, day seven of the republican shutdown. republicans continue to hold the american people hostage. we refuse to pay a $5 billion ransom note. they will give members at least 24 hours notice to return to washington to vote if there is an agreement. back to you, greg. >> rich, thanks very much. joining us now with reaction, florida attorney general pam bondi and arizona congressman andy bigs.
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congressman, it wasn't just 2013 but all the way back to 2006, then senator schumer, obama, biden and clinton were all voting in favor of constructing a barrier on the mexican border. frankly, not much has changed in the interim 12 years, except the problem has gotten a lot worse. are people like schumer suffering acute amnesia or is it just petty partisan politics? they can't stand to give trump something he wants even though it is the same thing they have long wanted. >> yes. i am not sure how sincere they were in 2006. i can tell you what they are sincere about today is that they just don't like president trump. they do not want him to get a victory. they want to impeach the guy. so there is no way they want to give him a political victory right before they are going to open up impeachment hearings and further investigations on president trump. that's what this is. they are willing to put politics above national security.
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this has always been a national security issue. it will continue to be until we build the wall and we start taking care of some of the other issues that go along with that. >> speaking of national security, let me turn to the fine lawyer who is with you, pam bondi. three previous presidents have sealed the southern border. it was reagan, nixon, and johnson, ex he gent circumstances. they have broad latitude under section 215-a of the immigration and nationality act. should this president act to do the same? >> well, you know, being a leader is leading by example, greg. we know that. that's exactly what president trump is doing. he is in the white house wanting to work with the democrats while they are vacationing. i think he wants to compromise. mick mulvaney did a great job
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saying, we want to compromise. come to the table. that's what a true leader is. that's what president trump is. could he do it? i absolutely believe he could. it is so much worse than it has ever been. i know firsthand as a career prosecutor. yesterday, the drugs, 31 million kids could have been affected by the number of drugs that came through that border in one day. those are just ones they caught. that's unreal. that's almost the population of california. that's ridiculous. the children being smuggled. that's what the president cares about, the security of americans. >> he absolutely does. congressman, the president's idea of cutting aid to honduras, el salvador, guatemala, because they are doing nothing to stop these caravans that are coming to the united states border. should he cut aid to those countries? >> absolutely. i don't know if you're aware. i'm sure you are.
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in honduras, there is another caravan forming up. these are not organically formed. they are done with united states ngos who go down there and form these caravans. we should be prosecuting those people for aiding and abetting, crimes that are committed. yeah. this is a real problem. this is a lever he has. he should use it. i have a bill in congress to pay for the wall with some of that money. that's what should be happening instead of this game that's going on. >> pam, i want to pick up on something you said. nancy pelosi loves to portray donald trump as this insensitive, wealthy business n businessman. i guess she doesn't realize that we realize that her combined income or wealth with her husband is $58 million to $72 million. she lives in a very tony section of san francisco and here is the president, working at the white
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house, willing to talk and she is off at a luxury resort in hawaii. either she doesn't care about the optics or she just doesn't care about all those furloughed workers while she is enjoying fun and games in the sun. what do you think? >> or the safety of the citizens of our citizens. that's what makes president trump so special and such a leader. he, mick mulvaney and kirstin kne nielsen. she is at our border. nancy pelosi, it is in their face is what she is doing, instead of trying to work together. everything in this world. the congressman knows well, it is about compromise. that's how you get things done with opposing parties. no one is going to be completely happy. we have got to protect our citizens. president trump and mick mulvaney said they are willing
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to work together. for her, just walking away from the table when they are saying they want to compromise, it is actually sad. >> it could be described as either indifferent or heartless to those lives that may be in jeopardy and those workers who are without a job when she is having a great time in hawaii. congressman, democrats are going to be taking over the house next week. how does this then get resolved? >> well, i think there are two things to remember. first of all, the bill is sitting in the senate. chuck schumer could get this through without nancy pelosi if he had the will. he doesn't have the will. the next thing that's gonna happen is that the democrats have a lot of folks back in the d.c. area that aren't going to get paid. they are going to start putting pressure on the democrats. necessary where you are going to see some leverage that comes in. we are going to have to wait it out, actually, i think. >> pam, the problem is the
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filibuster. i mentioned this last week on the air. isn't it time to get rid of the filibuster for everything once and for all? some media website picked up on it and accused me of mimicking the president. i was mimicking myself in a column i wrote a year and a half ago. isn't it time to get rid of the filibuster for all legislation? it is tyranny by the minority. it is exactly what the framers didn't want. >> it is obstructionist. they are trying not to have a law passed. they are trying not to come to the table. that's exactly what you said, greg. i heard you say it. that's what you meant by that. i know that is. yes, it is obstructionist. why would you get elected to office and be unwilling to work with the other side on the other side of the aisle? look what republicans just did sweeping criminal justice reform. jared kushner was brilliant.
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democrats wanted it. you know what, republicans compromised to get an overall great bill passed to help those in prison. that's what this could do. this could save american lives. >> attorney general, pam bondi, congressman, andy biggs, thank you both for being here. on this show, we have long emphasized that open borders have serious national security implications. joining us retired cia senior intelligence officer, daniel hoffmann. former member of the fbi joint terrorism task force, steve rogers. the shooting of a california police officer by an illegal immigrant, known gang affiliations, doesn't that underscore there are legit mass safety and national security concerns at risk here, which is why there needs to be not just border security but a wall?
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>> it certainly proves president trump's point. president trump has been very consistent. he is making decisions based on national security, two word not in the vocabulary of the democrats. we have a president saying, we are going to do everything we can to stop the influx of weapons and drugs and those things that threaten national security. let's keep one thing in mind. he went to the border. he talked to police officers and border agencies. management by walking around. president trump goes down, gets the recommendations of those confronted and challenged by criminals. he made the decision that's what has to be done, the wall. >> dan hoffmann, given your background with the cia, talk to us about the safety and national security concerns that may be at risk without a wall and without proper border security. >> i think there is no question that constructing a wall at
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strategic locations with surveillance and a dedicated border patrol can be a last line of defense against transnational criminals and the potential for trysts to use what is in some places a very porous border. from my experience at the cia, i think we need to get out front of this and work with our mexican partners. we have had some pretty good collaboration with them and hit the cartels pretty hard to reduce the drug flow into the united states. separately, we need everify so illegal aliens can't work here and a visa tracking system. ruffle 40% of illegal aliens are overstaying their visas. as a citizen, i'm schagrinned a the breakdown of the legislative process. comprehensive reform is about $5 billion. i don't understand why we can't get it done and do a little
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compromise. >> maybe it is coming down to semanti semantics, steve. the president wants a wall. some democrats are saying, well, a fence would be okay. that's just a silly semantical argument. >> dan said something very interesting that nobody wants to talk b the potential of terrorists crossing that border. i have to give president trump a lot of credit on having vision and forethought from preventing that from happening. that's why the wall is important. >> i hear democrats and the media, which i realize is redundant, say, you know, you build a wall 12-feet tall, they'll get a 13-foot ladder. how do you respond so something like that? >> i'm going to invoke the late charles krauthammer who said we need to reduce the river of illegal immigration to a trickle. is the border wall a panacea?
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is it going to stop all illegal immigration? no but it is going to reduce it and make it harder for illegal immigration to take place. that will deincentivize people from making an arduous journey where many of them risk and sometimes lose their lives. do we know of cases where try s terrorists have come across the southern border? >> i remember when the late senator john mccain was grilling undersecretary frances taylor about transnational criminals crossing the border and whether there were terrorists that crossed that border? >> he didn't do a whole lot to convince me that dhs was able to detect whether terrorists had crossed the border or if they had at some point in the past done that.
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terrorists are looking for the soft spots and the vulnerabilities to exploit. if we see a vulnerability, best to shut it down before someone exploits it to their advantage. we don't want those threats visited on our shores. >> steve, i see you nodding your head at that. >> dan has this nailed down. ms-13 gang members are terrorists and they are looking for avenues to get into this country. without a wall, it makes it much easier. you could get a strong door. there will be a burglar that will be able to get in that door but it buys time for the police to respond and do what they can do. >> not everybody can bring a ladder to the wall. it is like a red flag. we can see that coming. >> dan, steve, thank you both for being with us. >> pleasure, thank you. coming up, the illegal cop killer suspect. i mentioned it a moment ago. he has been caught. we are going to get the fallout
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1:21 am
five-month-old sun was gunned down. he was in the city illegally. the sheriff said the sanctuary laws prevented perez ariaga being deported for previous dui convictions. >> my point is, why are we providing sanctuary for criminals, gang members? it is a conversation we need to have. >> mark: on the subject of so-called sanctuary laws, the mayor of oakland, libby sharp, who once warned northern california residents about an impending customs enforcement raid says she has no regrets for her actions. the federal immigration agency has, quote, gone astray. with immigration and border issues at the heart of the current government shutdown, homeland security kirstjen nielsen visited the border to get a first-hand look at the
1:22 am
medical screening facilities at border stations in the wake of the death of two young guatemalan children who crossed the border and were taken into custody by customs and border protection agency. it comes on the heels of hundreds of immigrants being released on the streets of el paso by immigrant and customs enforcement agencies saying they are constrained by law over how long they can detain immigrant families. secretary nielsen is to visit border facilities in yuma, arizona tomorrow. >> thanks very much. >> mark: joining us is author of "how do i tax thee," kristen tait and retired general, tony tata and fox news contributor, robert jeffers. good to have both of you with us, all three of you. kristin, let me start with you. the president's critics have long accused him of exaggerating
1:23 am
the threat and now we see the tragic shooting of a police officer the day after christmas by an illegal immigrant. the sheriff said this was preventible but california's sanctuary laws made the tragedy possible. he is right, isn't he? >> the sheriff is absolutely right. this cop-killing migrant had been in the country illegally for years, had been arrested numerous times in the past and was the member of a gang that is notorious for murders and human smuggling. he shouldn't have been here in the first place. california's sanctuary laws, which prevent local officials from turning illegals over to federal officials, he was still here. had he been deported, this cop would be alive today. greg, how many more americans need to lose their lives before sanctuary states like california start enforcing federal laws?
1:24 am
i place the blame for this chaos and devastation at the feet of the democrats like nancy pelosi who demand open borders while living in gated communities where they are completely separated from the devastation their policies bring into this country. >> general tait, this is california facilities and to some extent the entire state aiding and abetting this behavior. there is a felony statute that says you cannot harbor or shield illegal aliens. if you do, it is five years behind bars. if somebody is killed because of what you did, you could serve up to life behind bars. don't we need to start prosecuting some of these people who are aiding and abetting? >> absolutely, greg. we need to start prosecuting. we also need to sort of rewind the clock and get these people out of the country. we need to deport these criminals that are being caught. the sanctuary cities need to be
1:25 am
done away with. this is a real problem. all the crocodile tears the left are crying about the children at the border, they are not crying over this officer's child that is now going to live without a father, officer singh's child and wife. it is a travesty what's happening at the border and these sanctuary cities. border security is every bit as important to national security as anything we do overseas. so we have got to fight the enemy on their 5 yard line and our 5 yard as well. >> pastor jeffers, there is this new political cudgel that democrats are using and it is, in fact, religion? i want to play a clip. >> jesus christ who had to flee
1:26 am
for his life with mary and joseph. thank god there wasn't a wall that stopped him from seeking refuge in egypt. thank god there weent an administration plik this or he would have too have perished. >> what would jesus do? that's where jesus would be. that would be the issue. if you read the new testament. if you read the gospels, that's exactly what jesus would be told about. >> i told them about solomon, king solomon when he was to become king of the jews. he prayed to god and said, how can i ever follow king david, king david, king of the jews. i need you to give me great understanding and wisdom, lord. as he prayed and prayed and prayed, god came to him and said, because you did not ask for longevity, great wealth or vengeance against your enemies, i will give you more wisdom than
1:27 am
anyone has ever had. >> i suspect, pastor, forgive me for saying so, i any religious doctrine and faith and grace are being exploited for political purposes? >> it is being perverted. 364 days of the year, the left uses the bible. they use the bible on christmas to pervert the christmas story to push this open border policy. nancy pelosi says a wall is immoral. the pope says it is unchristian. i remind people na that in the bible, god commanded nehemiah to build a wall around the city of jerusalem to protect the citizens. the bible says heaven is going to have a wall around it. not everybody is going to be allowed in. i think it is wrong to demonize president trump for doing what the bible commands him to do as the leader of government. that is to protect our citizens. he is doing the right thing. he shouldn't be demonized for doing it. there is nothing improperly or unchristian about building a
1:28 am
wall to secure our borders to protect our citizens. >> kristin, as jonathan hunt's report indicated, hundreds, if not thousands, of detainees, with children, are now being released due to a judicial decision. literally, some left at bus stops in the cold. i don't know how in the world they can be absorbed in that reasonable y reasonable -- region, el paso. isn't this a situation and court decision that actually incentivizes illegal to bring children with them? >> oh, yeah. central american migrants have learned now if they come across the border with children, they are far less likely to be deported and far more likely to be released on u.s. soil. that's why we are dealing with a record number of asylum seekers. here is the thing. when these thousands of migrants are released, we don't have anywhere to house them. these people are roaming the
1:29 am
streets with nowhere to go and nothing to do. this has become a real crisis. the question is, what do we do now? are we supposed to build a bunch of low income housing for every my grapt in the world that wants to come here. there are tons of homeless veterans already here in this country. we already have enough problems here. now, we have the entire third world that wants to come to our country with their children and be taken care of. at some point, there are limits to what we can provide for everybody. >> general tata, is it a fair bet most of these people will not be coming back for their court hearing? >> i think that's a bet i would take, greg. what you see here and i've listened to your previous segment. we have this flow coming across the border as the commentator just said. they bring children, using them as human shields. it is just despicable the way the left champions these people to come across the border and undermine our laws. we are a nation of laws. we have to enforce those laws
1:30 am
and we have national security issues and in these caravans, there are known terrorists. when vice-president pence comes out and says, there are several hundred known terrorists and criminals in the caravan, you don't think that we have people walking in that caravan listening and determining who is there? you bet we do. we are not going to blow the sources and methods. we have good intelligence on what's going on. we need to start enforcing these laws and sending the people back and defending our own goal line here as we fight overseas also. >> pastor, i have about 30 second left. i want to give you the final word. >> today, greg, i preached the funeral service for the chief of police one of our cities here in the metroplex. i reminded hundreds of police officers that the bible says, they have been chosen by god to protect those that do right and
1:31 am
punish evildoers. it is wrong to vilify police, i.c.e. officials or the president of the united states for fulfilling the god-ordained purpose of government and protect us against evil. >> kristen tait, general tata and pastor jeffers, thanks for being with us. >> thank you. coming up next, an incredible example of media bias like you didn't think it happens. we are going to tell you about
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welcome back to this special edition of hannity. without a doubt, this was not a good week for the mainstream media. nbc news forced to backtrack on its report that president trump did not visit the troops on christmas after his surprise visit to iraq. "the washington post" coming under fire for its report of the president's trip in a rare move. "the wall street journal" even called the post reporting grat tu is tussally negative. "the washington post" isn't alone in its negative coverage of the president's trip with the troops. >> in retrospect, i give him credit for going to iraq. his performance was shameful. >> the president has confused this with a campaign rally. >> this is a political rally in front of troop ns iras in iraq.
1:35 am
>> it is the united states congress and the people of the united states that are supporting our armed forces. they don't belong to him. >> heic lice the grinch. it was so negative. you want positivety. why would he visit the troops and do that? >> wow. here to talk about this, fox news contributor, retired lieutena lieutenant colonel alan west and from the hill, joe concha. all the news anchors and guests are railing on the president and his visit to iraq. you just saw some of the clips. i remember other presidents, including obama, visiting troops, giving stirring speeches and so forth. the media didn't lash out at those presidents. what's the deal? >> of course not, greg. because it is christmas-time.
1:36 am
a president is visiting troops overseas in these horrible conditions. any president, whether that be republican, democrat, they have been afforded very positive coverage in those situations, rallying around the flag and the troops. here, i see three themes. i'll go through them quickly. the first are mistakes. nbc says that president trump is going to be the first president since 2002, not to visit the troops at christmastime. they post it before christmastime is over and end up making that mistake. they backtrack but as you know the accusation is always seen 100 times more than the exoneration. then, there is the pivot. when the first narrative fell apart, trump not visiting the troops, then it went to what they were talking about with "the washington post," let's call into question his motive. let's put in a news story that he bowed to public pressure to go because the media covered it. we are reading minds in terms of the president's motive.
1:37 am
three, finally, the bias of omission. rarely have i seen any reports or it's been buried that the first lady, whose footwear was actually mocked, because she wore timberlands and what else are you supposed to wear to a war zone in they are boots. first lady, melania trump, is the first lady to visit a war conflict zone since 1969, lady bird johnson. if it was michelle obama or mrs. bush, that absolutely would have been covered. >> i spent a couple of months in iraq right after the outset of the war and i wore timberlands. good thing the media didn't figure it out. congressman west, what's your take on all of this? >> without a doubt, greg, happy new year to you and joe. you are seeing a media that is going to pick apart anything that president trump does. having been a person that's been in operation desert shield, desert storm, iraq and afghanistan, it would have been wised for the president to find
1:38 am
someone that had been deployed to the combat zone and advise him and say, what would you like to see from me if i were to visit a combat zone? i think the most important thing would be that everyone previous to you have gone in and given speeches. why don't you just go over there and sit and talk with our troops. serve them some chow and sit and get to know them. don't allow the media to turn this into some type of circus. that's what's very important about having someone within your inner circle, a good counselor or adviser that can talk to you from the perspective of someone that's been deployed into these zones, how to do something different and unique and then you turn the tables on the media, which, you know, is going to try to find anything wrong with president trump's actions. >> joe, "the washington post" story was particularly egregious. these grat tu i tuss paragraphs about perceived scandals not
1:39 am
directly related it was obvious, wasn't it? >> of course. if that's in the opinion section, we are not t this was the page one story that people are reading for news, for facts, not for people's feelings on what they think may be happening or what the motive is. "the wall street journal" took them to task and "the washington post" had to edit some things. that one cnn story, i just can't get over it, in terms of going after military members who are presenting "make america great again" hats to the president to sign. gee, if you are going to attack military members, you have a problem. the bigger problem is the fact that the air force then came forward and said, no, that doesn't break protocol. the bias of omission. president obama in july, 2008, went to kuwait and visited an american base there and signed
1:40 am
memorabilia. i don't have any problem with any president doing that for the troops if that makes them happy. this was omitted from cnn's report that previous presidents have done this before. the bias of omission, greg. >> congressman, you have a former assistant white house counsel under barack obama going on a tweet storm saying the president's violating the hatch act. no, the hatch act doesn't apply to the president or the vice-president. besides, these are people giving him hats. what is he supposed to do, say, sorry, i can't touch the hat? >> you are absolutely right. the president of the united states of america, as commander-in-chief, he was not over there having any type of election rally. he was not over there talking about froops should be supporting him and voted for him. he was not asking the troops to go out and take a stand for him one way, shape, form, or the other. if you are a troop and you have something that is representative of the president of the united states of america, which is what the "make america great" hat is,
1:41 am
and you have the president sign it for you, guess what, maybe you have some of the relatives back home that sent those hats over to them or anything they have signed. that is just one of the things. at joe said, keep these troops happy and keep their morale up. they are away from their families. you would think they would know better. >> colonel west, joe, good to see you both. >> thanks. happy new year. >> happy new year. the most unusual headline yet in the mueller probe, we are today is the day you're going to get motivated...
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in the russia probe may befalling flat yet again. get used to it. greg gordon is admitting that his new story about michael cohen being in prague in 2016 meeting with the russians relies actually not on first-hand knowledge or second-hand but third-hand knowledge. watch this. >> did your sources see the interception themselves or are they passing along information from other people? >> the sources have -- some of the sources have government sources and some of the sources are people who have told us that they have trusted intelligence type sources that they get information from. we don't know the specifics. we have used these sources on many subjects and they have been very accurate. >> you know that sound a lot like the steele dossier. i reread it. if your sources didn't see the
1:46 am
intercepts themselves, did they let you see them? did they pass -- have you seen the intercept? >> no. >> no. a bit of a problem there. even msnbc says this looks a lot like the infamous steele dossier. cohen has flatly denied the report. in yet another bizarre turn, a new court filing claims that robert mueller collected a, quote, nude selfie, as part of his investigation. not of himself. a nude selfie just generally through his investigation. joining us now for reaction, fox news contributor, david web, and former clinton pollster, doug showhaan who is also a fox news contributor. this guy, read mcclatchy, you saw the clip. a guy told the guy who told me. it is not only thin, it is reckless and irresponsible,doug. >> look, michael cohen is
1:47 am
presumably looking for a formal cooperation agreement or a letter from the special counsel that he fully cooperated. he has said explicitly he was not in prague but he was not in the czech republic. if it wasn't the case, how could he be doing this given what he is ultimately seeking and that is sourcing, greg. >> this is garbage. as i pointed out in my book about this very subject, that was something that was demonstrably false. cohen has every reason, if it's true, to say it is true. he would be golden with mueller. >> exactly. this is something so easy to prove if it was true. so this goes beyond hearsay, right? remember, first, second, third. >> triple, quau drubl hearsay.
1:48 am
>> as somebody in the media, you have the guy who makes up stories and doesn't have real sources. you have these reporters. mcclatchy is a respectable organization. they have to be looking at this and what this does to their organization. >> what about that? >> it does raise questions. i looked last night when this came out for how the mainstream media handled it, what cohen said, what his so-called spokesman lawyer, lanny davis, said. none of it gave me any confidence that this sourcing about a cell phone that may have taken a vacation on its own somewhere near the czech republic, which is about all that seems to be reported, is the case. i'm befuddled by the whole thing, just totally. >> there is not even really a legal aspect to this when it comes to what this is about. where are they going with this?
1:49 am
more of this is about delegitimizing, attacking, going after trump. you and i have talked about this. others have talked. if they want to go after cohen for serious charges, they could have taken him to tax court and other things. this all angles around president trump. >> it is in the dossier, it is. i continue to read the dossier all the time. i never fail to laugh. i can always use a good laugh. it is preposterous on its face. this is another demonstrably false facet of the dossier. i want to switch to this crazy selfie that mueller, nude selfie that mueller has obtained through his investigation. talk about no stone being left unturned. >> that's not a pun. >> no. here is the funny thing about it. he won't turn it over to concord management, the russian firm that is asking for it, because he says the nude selfie is allegedly national security.
1:50 am
>> what do they have a tattoo of his classified documents? >> i can't make this up. >> you are a lot better lawyer than i am. i went through the harvard law school as we've discussed. you were a skilled defense lawyer, not me. i don't really know how to react to this one. i'm really befuddled. usually, i have answers and sometimes even good answers. on this one, i don't know. >> i say go to your supermarket check-out line. that's where this story belongs, the "national enquirer." >> we didn't have smart phones and selfies back then. we had poll aroids. >> and they are all yellow and you can't see what's on them. david webb and doug schoen, good to see you. >> thanks very much. the dems are ratcheting up their impeachment plans and left wing media are going into
1:51 am
1:52 am
1:53 am
>> welcome back to the special edition of "hannity." yesterday, elizabeth drew, a journalist who reported way back on the watergate scandal wrote an op-ed entitled "the inevitability of repeats impeachment." even republicans that may be deciding that the president has become too great a burden to their party or too great a danger to their country.
1:54 am
sounds like she's in lockstep with democrats. remember these discussions of impeaching president trump? >> trump would like to redefine the law the way that he wants to redefine it, but he's wrong. and yes, i believe he should be impeached. i really do believe that. >> we have learned that there is no evidence of the president of the united states engaged in a felony to obtain the office of president. >> of the constitution could not be any clearer. impeachment is the appropriate remedy for bribery, for treason, for high crimes and misdemeanors. it speaks for itself. >> i think impeachment is something that has an impact on the country. one fact is clear, the facts are clear. >> motives and his actions are
1:55 am
pontifical. and i will fight every day until he is impeached. impeached 45. >> i rise today, mr. speaker, to call for the impeachment of the president of the united states of america. >> joining us now is attorney and lawyer differently, ceo ryan rotella and allie stuckey. let me turn to you first, since you are the lawyer. i thought better of elizabeth drew until i read this op-ed, in which she makes it abundantly clear that a president can and should be impeached if his political opponents simply disagree with his policies. that is ludicrous, isn't it? >> absolutely. this is the whole theory that we have been saying from all of the lawyers on the left. all of them have been what i call the chicken little legal
1:56 am
strategy which is we keep saying the sky is falling, the sky is falling, that trump should be impeached. eventually they have to prove i it. it's like you think you are going to see alien independence day and all of a sudden, elf walks out. you understand this, you know what watergate was about and it's disappointing that drew didn't seem to understand it. we had a special prosecutor who put 62 pages together with his grand jury called the road to watergate. a third grader could see that president nixon did something wrong there. do we think that mueller will get something done that's less than war and peace when he does his report and that anyone is going to understand it? i think this stuff will ultimately backfire. >> so troop withdrawal, mattis resignation, ongoing investigations involving trump, these are all reasons to justify impeachment. but those aren't treason, i
1:57 am
crimes were misdemeanor, are they? >> no. they are not impeachable offenses. but as we pointed out, that's not a reason to file for impeachment. we probably will file for impeachment and i think that's a great strategy for donald trump going into 2,020. let the democrats run themselves into the ground, and that if this is how they want to run and the platform they are going to run on which is simply hating donald trump, donald trump can leverage that madness to continue his agenda. it will be very difficult for americans in 2,022 make the choice for the party that simply does not have a platform besides beating the current president. >> i spent the last chapter of my book talking about the incredible media bias toward trump. you know, they wrote that he was a manchurian candidate.
1:58 am
putin's defective puppet. one anchor even fantasized on air about the arrest of donald trump, barricading himself in the oval office as federal marshals came to arrest him. i mean, i'm not making this stuff up. this was actually said by so-called journalists. has their unabashed scorn and visceral hatred for the man totally obscured their judgment and common sense? >> absolutely, and your book was fantastic by the way. one thing i wanted to mention about your book and that you touch on, we are trying to draw parallels to watergate into president trump. you know like me the worst type of client that you can have is one who won't tell you anything and hides in secret. that was richard nixon, this guy taped himself in secret. his tweets are out there for the entire public to see. he is fully transparent. i think as a lawyer, that's part of what drives people nuts.
1:59 am
they are not used to his transparency and i do think ultimately though for a legal reason, this is never going to get to high crimes and misdemeanors and i really think our audience should be interested in what mueller's report looks like and compare it to the road to watergate report and the ken starr report. >> password for you, i have about 30 seconds. >> i think you are exactly right and i think the democrats know that. that's why they have already drawn and are publicizing their opinion before it comes out. they are making the case to the public for impeachment simply so that they can run on that. facts don't matter, justice doesn't matter, morality doesn't matter. it's just about not liking president trump. >> thank you so much. unfortunately that's all the time we have left tonight. be sure to check out my book. folks, the illicit scheme to
2:00 am
clear donald trump. good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. i'm marc stein in for tucker this evening. he will be breaking his prehog man a observances to make an appearance later on. a new warning from president trump as the government shutdown in the second week. trump refuses to give an inch in his fight for a bored dwer wall. today, he warned on twitter, we will be forced to close the southern border entirely if the obstructionist democrats do not give us the money to finish the wall and also change the


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