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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 29, 2018 9:00am-11:00am PST

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also, to toot my own horn a little if i don't, who will? be sure to catch mina show, called bulls and bears on fox business network weekdays 5 pm eastern time. on behalf of the entire "cavuto live" team, and they are great! happy new year to everyone! we wish you health, happiness and prosperity in 2019. >> week number two of the partial government shutdown in washington with no signs of a compromise deal for the presidents border wall. we will talk to members of both sides of the aisle including democrat, john garamendi, good to see you sir. >> and at the southern border in arizona, the secretary is meeting. and the handling of migrant children. >> illegal alien in jail today. accused of killing a california police officer. seven others in jail. who police say were trying to help get to mexico.
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>> and boy, the more that we learn about the situation in california and the family of officer singh the cedric s. welcome to "america's news headquarters" i am leland vittert. >> and kristin fisher. >> this is day number eight of the partial government shutdown and the present is continuing to blame it on democrats. an hour ago he said i'm in the white house waiting for the democrats to come on over and make a deal on border security from what i hear they're spending so much time on presidential harassment, that they little time left for things like stopping crime and our military. garrett tenney is live with more on where the standoff stands today. >> not expected to resolve the next few days. lee's congress is out of session until wednesday with the new congress begins and so far democratic leaders are refusing to negotiate with the white house. that could change later this week though.
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once democrats take control of the house and nancy pelosi is expected to become speaker. they are expected to attempt to move the government late next week will likely be the first step of a large negotiation. a number of lawmakers in both parties are now suggesting a permanent station to daca. those parts of the country illegally by their parents as children, could factor into the deal with two sides trying to reach a compromise. >> the reality is that we have the shutdown now. i think it is incumbent on both sides to get this resolved. i think democrats should come back with their own, i think there is room for negotiation. the president is willing to come down the dollar amount. democrats should go along with a wall and if daca is on the table, then let's do that. >> the president ratcheting up rhetoric during the stalemate in negotiations. . and he is turning to fund the entire border if they do not
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fund his will. but democrats say they are not taking this seriously. >> his threat to close a southern border, his threat to withdraw foreign aid to the central american countries, do you take that seriously when he writes stuff like that? >> no. and i think it's a bigger fact that no one takes the president serious. he is the boy that cries wolf a little too much. but also i think is really disturbing the president of the night states is holding the american economy hostage. >> later this week, lawmakers would likely start to feel a bit more pressure to make a deal. hundreds of thousands of government workers are set to return to work and those that do will not get paid at least right away. manning the capitol stock to close if they run out of funds midweek. as folks start to fully impacted could push congress and the white house to make some kind of a deal. >> the museums closing, such a huge draw for tourists in dc. garrett tenney, thank you so much. leland: all right, homeland security secretary, kirstjen nielsen visiting yuma, arizona during her second day touring the u.s. southern border. this amid the fallout of the death of two migrant children.
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jackie heinrich following the latest on her trip. reporter: hi, leland. this trip was closed to the press so we do not know that everyone that the secretary met with. but we do know she was scheduled to meet with medical professionals. including the texas border town, where an eight-year-old guatemalan boy died on christmas eve. the eight-year-old died in new mexico. border patrol said he'd been sick with the flu. he was taken to hospital on monday by border patrol agents after he was detained about 90 miles south in el paso. he crossed the border with his father. and this marks the second death of a child and border patrol this month. another died in el paso after being detained in new mexico. she suffered shock and dehydration. the death put the spotlight on border patrol facilities and questions about the quality of medical care in the midst of a partial government shutdown. the president has been standing by his campaign promise to get
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the wall built. and secretary nielsen visits the facilities, border patrol enacted a series of changes including medical checks on all children in there care and a focus on kids under 10. human rights advocates don't think a visit from nielsen will cause much change. >> i think what happened, to jacqueline and felipe could happen pretty soon. it doesn't matter that this business is not making any difference because the policy that is criminalizing immigrants, pulling children in jail is not changing. and so for secretary nielsen. >> meanwhile, democrats call for nelson's resignation p1 represented from arizona called it a photo op. a representative released a statement. -- they provide more evidence that she is unfit to lead. i reiterate my call for her to resign. secretary nielsen store
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continues there with a scheduled stop in arizona. leland: jackie heinrich in new york, we will see where secretary heads next. thank you, ma'am.kristin: interest is made in the murder of a california police officer. the sheriff of the california county is calling the tragedy preventable and is blaming the state century laws for the deaths. reporter: after a very intense search the man suspected of shooting and killing the newman police officer, ronil singh was arrested on friday. investigators say the suspect and kelly was trying to get back to mexico. he had been on the run for two days after the police say the suspect shot ronil singh the day after christmas during a stop for a suspected dui. ronil singh just celebrated with his wife and son and leaves behind other family including her brother, who was absolutely heartbroken. >> yes, he is not coming back.
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but -- there is a lot of people out there that misses him. and a lot of people that i don't know who worked days and nights to make this happen. i would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. to make this happen. leland: this is the suspect, gustavo perez arriaga. investigator say he was in the country illegally had previous arrest for dui and known gang affiliations pair the sheriff in the area called out california so-called sanctuary laws suggesting the outcome could have been different if tougher immigration laws were in place. but the community last night choosing to focus energy on the life of the officer that they lost. many showed up for a vigil to honor officer singh. he was one of only 12 officers at the newman police department. some of his fellow colleagues spoke aboutthe close bond .
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>> when you lose a brother ronil it is difficult to process. i don't think i can say how i felt and i got the text message and i saw it on facebook. it is surreal. i want to be on my phone and call him and hear his voice. but that's not going to happen anymore. leland: officer singh, from fiji came here and legally became a police officer. police say they were seven other people that were arrested in helping the suspect. the suspect is expected in court on wednesday. kristin: such a sad story. jeff paul, thank you. leland? spewing with that we bring in congressman john garamendi of a government shutdown continues and the debate of the funding wall is at the heart of the spirit congressman, good to see. bring up the tweet the
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president sent about corporal singh's murder in california for the president tweeting this on thursday. there is right now a full-scale manhunt going on in california for an illegal immigrant accused of shooting and killing a police officer during a traffic stop. time to get tough on border security, build the wall. at what point did democrats have to, at least agree that there is as much of a problem on the southern border that building something called a wall with a physical barrier or whatever, that will be put in place to stop people like the person who killed officer singh from coming over illegally? >> first of all, along with every californian, we share the sorrow and the tragic shooting of officer singh. with regard to the question of border security, i can assure you that the democrats, all of
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us with congress and beyond want border security. we want the money to be spent wisely in the most effective way possible. and that includes physical barriers and certain places, it also includes various kinds of observation, technologies and also, the ports of entry. all of those things have to be part of the puzzle. and we will and have supported such measures in the past. >> what does the words, border security mean? it is a physical barrier, physical barriers would be okay. why not have a couple billion dollars to build larger, physical barriers, that being a wall? why is it such a hangover democrats? >> i do have a hanger. it is taxpayer money being spent without any -- they say $5 billion we have not offered one iota of information about where the wall would be built, what it would contain.
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is it a spike fence? is it a cyclone fence? what is it, where is it? leland: congressman -- >> wait a minute, i'm on the armed services committee, transportation committee. we would not allow the department transportation or any part of the armed services to spend a nickel without a specific plan, where, when and how and for what purpose it will be spent. the president comes up with a plan, he needs $5 billion for a specific purposes. we will be happy, at least i would be happy to appropriate that money. leland: that is an interesting point. >> yes! leland: when you have you on record that the issue here is not the wall. it is that you want a specific plan of what the wall looks like and where is going to be. we know congress spends lots of money on lots of different
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things. >> exactly. >> they maintain vacant public properties. how specific does the plan need to be? >> i would recommend what is similar to what we require for the army corps of engineers. build a levy someplace. or put in a lock on the river. they have to come with a specific plan as to what it will cost, what its purpose, what the benefit of that particular project would be. mr. president, you want a wall, where do you want to put it? what is it going to, what purpose would it serve? how will it interdict illegal crossings on the border?we know that we have an insufficient ports of entry, we also know that the coast guard interdict 10 times the amount of drugs as does the border patrol on the mexican border. let's spend the money wisely. after all, it is a large amount of money. $5 billion, taxpayer money or it is borrowed one way or the other. and we need, i need, before i approve anything i want to know where it will be spent, for what purpose and what the benefit of it will be. leland: will quickly congress men will have about 30 seconds
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left. this is a different perspective than many in your party who said that there will be no wall. the president has to give up his idea of a wall if he is going to have a deal to reopen the government. nancy pelosi is taken a much harder line. have you heard that perhaps, once she become speaker in the new congress, more democrats would be willing to make a compromise that you just made? are you you an outlier in your party? >> well, i do not know if i am an outlier or not but i do -- i know that my colleagues want to know what this will be and i do know that on the third of january or possibly the fourth, we will vote out a proposal to end the shutdown. hopefully, it will be a compromise that the president can agree to. leland: will it have money, significant mass of money for border security? >> well, it's only will have 1.3 billion. we have already agreed to that.
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will there be more? we have to see what comes into negotiations. once again, i do not want to appropriate any money until i know that it will be spent usefully. leland: congressman, nice to see. when there is a plan for a wall we will come back and show it to you and see if you vote for it. we appreciate it. >> show me the plans. thank you. leland: good to see you always. "fox news sunday" tomorrow. sandra smith in for chris wallace. she willhave an exclusive interview with house majority whip , at least for the next couple of days, steve scalise. check your local listings for listing. "mediabuzz" tomorrow, howard talks about coverage of a partial government shutdown. also, the big news this month of the presidents trip to iraq. it looked like a lot like a white christmas there. a powerful storm battered the midwest. heavy rain dumped a foot of water in some parts of the south. you can see that coming to louisiana on the left-hand side of your screen.
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duluth, minnesota on the right. icy roads and floods, several accidents all over the country. there've been three snow related deaths in the midwest due to the storm. one death in louisiana blamed on the roads. conditions are quieter right now and most of the hard-hit areas. by this week's storm. the forecasters say there could be more snow and ran across parts of the country. on new year's eve. kristin: not good! coming up, could one of america's most iconic retail chains getting a last-minute reprieve from liquidation? plus, nasa's probe is more than a billion miles out from pluto. and a mystery object that scientists cannot wait to explore. [bell ringing] and wall street's wild end-of-the-year ride. we take a look at the roller coaster buying and selling is affecting economy and your retirement. erything i buy. and last year, i earned $36,000 in cash back.
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the sears store. now more than $4 ion bid to save sears department store
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from liquidation. at least for now. the lesson offer could keep 50,000 people employed through the new year. sears file for bankruptcy in october. the iconic department store plans to close more than one third of their 700 locations. kristin: it was anything but a quiet holiday on wall street. wilde, 2018 as we come to a close. the doubt broke their losing streak up after this worse christmas eve ever. and again over a thousand points the day after christmas patron is not to make sense of this the founder of capitalist -- jonathan. help us out! help us make sense of this. what are process -- what are folks at home supposed to make of this? >> is usually very quiet and so we can wall street but it is anything but. it's been a very tremendous and disappointing year for people on wall street.
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about a decade ago the crisis, investors lost money in stocks and bonds. you saw some of the confusion this week as you said with massive swings on the outside and the downside. and despite the fact that so much of the fundamental data is good, we know markets are forward-looking indicators, which is why so many are worried about a recession and worse moving to 19. kristin: in addition to help us break down and understand why. why is it happening? why is it so volatile right now? >> first and foremost, the present rate of interest rates are playing a role in volatility. we have almost had executive truly abnormal, never before, unprecedented, ultralow interest rates. which in many opinions including mine that have led to a lot of mall investment. a lot of debt taking on. we are see normalization, that is affecting markets and also trade. if you query ceos and economists, they say the presidents trade war is the
9:22 am
number one fear for 2019. it has cost american consumers $50 billion so far. it is another factor playing into markets and investors as a truck to shuffle the deck and wonder what exactly it will look like in 2019 and beyond. kristin: and the fed raising the interest rate. the president has been critical of jerome powell. he just tweeted quote - the only problem the economy has affected they do not have a feel for the market, they don't understand necessary trade wars are strong dollars or even democrats shutdown over border. the fed is like a powerful golfer who cannot pour because he has no touch pretty can't put. you can see the fed rate has raised interest rates four times this year. does the president have a point? is the fed a powerful golfer who cannot score? because he is no touch? >> he is only powerful. many presidents have expressed
9:23 am
dissatisfaction with the fed over time. that is not unusual. it is unusual however, the tweets, the particular targeting. a lot of what you saw on christmas eve, the massive selloff the day before christmas i believe came as a result of fears that the president would in fact fire jerome powell, fire steve mnuchin. it is clichc where was he the market, the uncertainty and a lot of that facing the market right now is actually not coming from wall street it is coming from washington. it is coming from the president. kristin: how much is this shutdown, the partial government shutdown, how much is that affecting the markets? >> the market is actually off since the shutdown. historically it hasn't had a big effect but i will reiterate, i think tariffs continue to have an effect. the market is down by about 12 percent since the president and his now infamous ima tariff man tweet. this is a big factor pulling into investors, big and small.
9:24 am
and companies large and small moving into 2019. kristin: what is me for 401(k)s and folks at home watching, what does it mean for their bottom line and their retirement? >> i think it is certainly a time for caution. we said it before, the markets are forward-lookingmechanisms. think about
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9:31 am
security. the president is here because of the shutdown.he plans to travel to mar-a-lago but did not because of the partial government shutdown. white house says democrats have walked away from negotiations and the president is not threatening to shut down the southern border. >> all options on the table. it's the only way we get democrats attention. >> you have to ask nancy pelosi right now what we have seen from her is that she is unwilling to actually do anything until she gets her speakership. reporter: a week ago the white house give democrats a counter offer somewhere between 5,000,000,001.3 billion for border security a new wall construction. the ministration officials will not say exactly what the offer is but around $2.5 billion. the white house says they did not hear from democrats for days and they just walked away. >> a steel barrier that the president tweeted, that is what he was to build. democrats believe or not do not
9:32 am
call that wall. they offer 1.3 billion to do that. we countered with $5 billion. reporter: democrats say they have given the white house three options to reopen the government. all included border security funding but not for the presidents wall which they call it moral and ineffective. through twitter and also through speaking with the media, white house and officials, the president has said that if democrats want to come and talk, they know where they are, they know where to find far as we know in the past week no democrat has received a formal invitation to come to the white house and actually sit down and talk with people at mick mulvaney, like president trump. kristin: republicans blame democrats, democrats blame republicans with roughly 800,000 federal employees stuck in the middle. thank you. leland: now who is really to blame? because democrats blame republicans and republicans blame democrats? we bring in that louisville kentucky base radio host,
9:33 am
leland, this brings up a point. how much wiggle room does the president had with his base? building the wall conceivably cost about $25 billion. now you're talking about getting less than 1/10 of that. in this compromise. is that enough for the base to believe the president is keeping his word? >> yes well it is a great question. i think that the problem here because i was listening to the report a couple moments ago. who is to blame? i think both sides are to blame in this case. the president has to do something for the security. and that has to be something big. there is little copper mines in the sense that you can build an actual wall along many parts of it. you can build a virtual wall along other parts of it.but something big has to come out of cannot just be a little bit here and a little bit there. it has to be huge. i think there is wiggle room and i think there are a lot of american simply border security has to come first. you know, and if you do not
9:34 am
have that component of whatever immigration reform is coming along, you've really got nothing with strep supporters. leland: but what is it about the semantics? you just use the word border security which is what the democrats like to say. the president says build the wall, meaning a large, impenetrable barrier. it makes you think that back to, more than a year ago or so we were going to this immigration fight and remember there was going to be daca for the entire wall. you have to wonder if that would have been a good deal to take back then. >> well, yeah. here is the thing, i think both sides are wrong on this.i think there is a component for dealing with things that people have already come here but are not committing any crimes. but there has to be security first. maybe that deal would have looked a lot better. i think middle america wants to see that they is serious action border security. i think they see that they will
9:35 am
be more -- to redo a path to citizenship? leland: it brings up a larger question. both sides are to blame, the president was elected as negotiator in chief. >> right. leland: republican set both the house and the senate for the next couple of days.but in two years i still couldn't get anything done. why she republicans base, watch the presidents base and the republicans base feel better about the next two years when all of a sudden he will have to negotiate with nancy pelosi rather than paul ryan? >> right. and that is the problem.the problem is that republicans over the last two years have been really weak on the issue. they are afraid and i don't quite understand that. we are talking about border security, this is a winning issue with middle america. again, i think a border package that includes some kind of path to citizenship is good for most americans if the border security is first. i do think the presidents path is much harder now that he's going to do with nancy pelosi. i also think democrats are smart enough to recognize when
9:36 am
they see the polls, middle america wants to see border security. i think it's a winning issue for the president even if he doesn't have control of the house. leland: when you say it's a winning issue deeming this as a wedge issue or you can actually win and get the money for it? >> i think is a winning issue to stand on the side of border security. i think most americans recognize. leland: if it's a winning issue why does the president why should he say look, this is an issue of national security. mick mulvaney saying we've come down from 5 billion to other number. we had met gates on singh had to be a crooked number meaning something that begins with two or above peer wanted to say look, we need 25 billion for the wall. bring me that where the government stays close. is that a winning issue too? >> i think so. i think most americans want to see security.
9:37 am
and i do have an issue though with the presidents rhetoric on saying, i will shut the border down if i do not get my wall. because i look at that and say wait a minute now, if we can shut the border down, why do we need the wall? i think he undermined his own point when he says that. that rhetoric is hurting a little bit. >> and at least the legal crossings will probably undermine economies of california, texas, arizona and some other states. >> and you also force illegal crossings away from those checkpoints and it would be a better problem. leland: interesting point. no surprises come from a man named leland. best to your father as well, sir. >> will do, thank you. it is good to be on with you. leland: thank you.kristin: so many lelands! the president said the democrats had text messages between lisa paige and her lover, agent peter strzok. the techs were asked for and invaluable to the truth of the witchhunt, this is a total obstruction of justice all texts demanded. gillian turner has more on the
9:38 am
state of the special counsel investigation and in the report. >> standing by that claims michael cohen, the president's former attorney traveled to prague in the summer of 2016 to meet with russian government officials on half of the trump campaign. >> was acting actually able to physically see for yourself? >> i wish we had. we held out for a while for that and you know, it came a time when we thought we had critical -- >> the d.c. bureau reported thursday that foreign intel agencies discovered a cell phone believed to be michael collins. ringing cell towers in and around prague during august through september 2016. they also report a european intel agency intercepted a conversation between russians and which one of the participants mentioned that michael cohen was in prague. michael cohen punched back thursday tweeting i hear prague is beautiful in the summer time. i wouldn't know is i've never
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leland: new video just coming in from paris today, the group of protesters marching to the headquarters of two french broadcasters and say they will do the same to offices of other television networks. some in the group accused the
9:45 am
media of favoring the president, emmanuel macron struck a government and minimizing the protest. there's been violence all of paris. this began and you can see there is no signs of letting up. kristin: the fight over border security now highlighted by the death of two migrant children in i.c.e. because he peered and how they are managing the influx of migrants asking about the southern border. here to discuss as we have an analyst, alex, i would like to start by talking about the two children. you've had two children die in u.s. custody and just two weeks democrats came out to say this is proof that our facilities at the southern border is simply not capable of handling this influx of migrants. to the family shelters need
9:46 am
reform? what needs to be done? >> i think they actually need to reform. if the government is going to keep separate families and keep apprehending families and putting them in detention. the government is simply not equipped to keep this large number of people who are mostly asking for asylum, in detention for lumpy times. they do this it has a responsibility financially anything morally for taking come -- there is no law that says they have to be detained while the cases are being heard. you can let them out on ankle bracelets or other monitoring programs. so that these problems, these deaths and tragic situations don't occur. things the cheapest and easiest way to solve the problem as opposed to putting in other additional checks. >> but they have these you know, in the united states there walking around before
9:47 am
asylum claims to have been heard. the department of homeland security, they say they simply cannot deal with this massive influx. that the demand is just a way they have not been able to meet the demand. our ankle bracelets really the best solution that you can come up with? >> in previous years the government has used ankle bracelets and other things like caseworkers a check up on people were going to asylum hearings. and a lot of different programs a call alternative to detention programs. they have had a 90 or 99 percent success rate in terms of getting people to show up for court hearings and complying. and the good thing is they are cheaper, then holding them in government detention where the government has to pay for health care and housing and everything. it is not 100 percent effective no solution is. but if we're going to look at something that minimizes the chance of the folks dying while
9:48 am
being detained and also doesn't cost taxpayers much money while complying with law, letting them out on ankle bracelet is a far better way. and they don't just disappear a lot of them do show up. majority of them do show up to the court hearings when they have them. >> were now the department of homeland security secretary, kirstjen nielsen is on the border. yesterday, she was at the facility where the eight-year-old boy had died, what do you make of her trip across the border right now? do you think that she is doing enough? is she saying the right things? she's called these deaths tragic in heart breaking but we have not heard much else from her. what more would you like her to say? >> i would like her to show and say clearly, what the government is doing to try and prevent these tragic situations from happening. while also saying the government will comply with our obligations under the law. she is under a lot of pressure both from the president, for not being hard enough on
9:49 am
enforcing the board and also from democrats and others, for being too hard. she's really between a rock and hard place. they present is asking her to do a job that is essentially very difficult and impossible. and democrats are criticizing her for failing to do so. i do not envy her and her situation but she needs to be clear and a better communicator. she said come up with a policy that will actually work and actually be effective at making sure the folks do not die while also being consistent with our laws. kristin: what about a border wall? would that help? >> i don't think would help at all. the evidence is that a border was very expensive along the entire border it would cost about $25 billion at minimum to build. $800,000 per mile to maintain per year after that. the number of people coming to the u.s. now is near a 40 year low. also the people coming in now, it's not like in years past or mexican illegal immigrants were coming to look for a job. these are people coming in and immediately most cases turning themselves into border patrol
9:50 am
agents and asking for asylum. so a portable doesn't really get at a lot of these problems. it doesn't really get at a lot of these concerns. i think it is more of a symbol rather than it will be in terms of effectiveness. kristin: the president certainly still wants his wall. we will see if he gets it although it is looking increasingly unlikely as democrats take control of the house in a few days. alex nowrasteh, thank you for coming on>> think of having. leland: chuck schumer unleashed," for one washington family . how this truck ended up in their home. and, kristin fisher is about to get really excited! nasa is set to make history. we will tell you where this probe is headed.
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leland: this is a wake-up call for one group in washington state. pierce county police say the truck crashed into a bedroom going over one bed and hitting a bunkbed where 10-year-old girl was on the top bunk. the wall may have been disturbed evidently, the young girl came away with only minor injuries. kristin: what a close call!
9:55 am
who can forget this image of pluto reported in july 2015 by the new horizons spacecraft. now the spacecraft is a billion miles beyond the planet. there is another close encounter just past midnight eastern time on new year's eve. the probe will come within 2200 miles of a large distant rock and an asteroid belt called beyond the known world. over the furthest object in the solar system humans have ever seen or ever explored. despite the partial government shutdown, you can still follow along on the nasa web stream. leland, nasa is never going to -- leland: that is my new year's eve! i did not know what i was going to do in new jersey but now we do. kristin: you know that nasa will not let a little thing like a partial government shutdown interfere. leland: chemical back to that picture of pluto. i never knew that it existed
9:56 am
but -- is pluto still a planet? kristin: technically, no. leland: no. kristin: it's not but look how crisp and clear the images. the camera on board that spacecraft is incredibly high quality. and that is a kind of quality image will get others large distant rock no one has ever seen. leland: all right, you know what -- you monitor the web stream, okay? and text me on new year's eve. kristin: i will text you. leland: all right. we will talk more about this in the break. in the next hour, we will go back to utter no real news! about the partial government shutdown as 2019 approaches. and we try to break down who exactly the president is pointing his finger at. what that means and political implications for him. and a suspect behind bars accused of killing a police officer. why one we suffer says that the why one we suffer says that the death was preventable. purchase, every day. why one we suffer says that the death was preventable. my credit card only earns double miles on airline purchases! well, you earn double miles on this and on everything
9:57 am
with the venture card. thanks! hey, by the way, how'd you get in here? ..
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10:00 am
>> there was a time in washington when christmas and new year's were not a lot to talk about. >> here is what is making news right now. the battle over the border wall as congress prepares to convene next week. democrats and republicans are no closer to a deal to end this partial government shutdown. we will talk to thomas on the house budget committee.
10:01 am
>> it on mourning the loss of one of the men in blue as the sheriff tax on sanctuary city laws that keep the accused killer on the street. >> ugly winter weather, millions of americans dealing with the aftermath, snow, ice and rain storms. but first donald trump is continuing to call out democrats over the partial government shutdown in the border wall, tweeting out, quote, i'm in the white house waiting for democrats to come over and make a deal on border security. they are spending so much time on presidential harassment they have little time left for stopping crime and our military. garrett tenney has been following this all day long on this shot down, any end to this shutdown? >> reporter: very little progress in this standoff. that is why a lot of folks on capitol hill say they expect it
10:02 am
to be a long shutdown. capitol hill has been a ghost town with both sides digging in with the new congress, most lawmakers headed home to work out a deal but so far democratic leaders are refusing to negotiate with the white house. nancy pelosi's office released a statement saying democrats offered 3 options to open government and strong, sensible border security but not the president's in moral, expensive wall. democrats will elect a new speaker once they take control wednesday. republicans claim nancy pelosi refused to negotiate until after she wins the job. if that happens democrats are expected to move a bill funding the government late next week, it is not expected to include funding for the wall which is why the chairman is expecting the shutdown to last for a while. >> it is possible when the democrats take control they will send something with 0 money for the wall.
10:03 am
i talked to the president, looked him in the eye. he believes border security and making the community favors one of his constitutional mandates, when you have a constitutional mandate it is hard to go against that. >> they expect daca could help the two sides. and dreamers brought them into the country illegally as children. how it figures and that is another issue. kristin: let's try to get a few more answers, the border played a prominent role on the part of the government shutdown debate. more actions from california congressman tom mcclintock. happy holidays to you. >> thanks for having me. kristin: for folks that tuned out over the christmas holiday
10:04 am
and trying to tune back and it doesn't feel like much progress has been made. is any progress been made? >> not to my knowledge. the house past a funding bill that included funding for the border wall and all the funding necessary to keep all aspects of the government open. it stopped dead in the senate because of the cloture rule which is the heart of the problem. presumably a majority of the senate would have passed the bill, would have been signed by the president weeks ago but because the senate maintains the cloture rule coming gives chuck schumer the ability to block any legislation he doesn't like. that legislation died there along with hundreds of other bills that the house center the senate in the last two years all stopped because of the cloture. i don't blame chuck schumer for abusing that rule. i blame mitch mcconnell and republicans for refusing to reform it. kristin: the house was able to
10:05 am
pass a bill which would have given the president funding for the wall, but there is no way democrats are going to get on board with that and they are days away from taking control of the house so where might you and other republicans be willing to give? >> there the senate republican majority, there will be house democratic majority coming in on january 3rd. at that point, negotiations will have to be made to get anything done. kristin: one specific point you might be willing to compromise on? >> the president has compromised on the amount of funding but democrats refuse to negotiate. republicans offered several bills to resolve the daca situation and provide for border security. by resolving daca we didn't encourage a new wave of illegal immigration.
10:06 am
those efforts were rebuffed by the democrats in both the house and the senate. kristin: democrats say their witty from the white house, the white house says they are waiting to hear from democrats, what are you hearing from the white house? are they giving you any guidance or indications of what they are trying to do behind-the-scenes to get the shutdown solved? >> they are trying to secure the border which was a signature promised the president made to the american people and upon which he was elected. otherwise we end up with a vast open territory between mexico and canada both of which have borders and actually enforce their immigration laws. kristin: donald trump decided to stay in washington dc, he canceled almost all his holiday plans, no christmas at morrow lago, no new year's eve at mara lago. do you think congress should
10:07 am
have done the same and stayed in dc until the shutdown is resolved? >> that the only way you can negotiate differences, sit down and talk about them. i understand nancy pelosi is in hawaii. hard to negotiate when the seat of government is in washington and the incoming house speaker is vacationing in hawaii all the while complaining about a government shutdown. kristin: nancy pelosi is vacationing in hawaii but we haven't seen the senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell, or the house speaker on capitol hill since last saturday. you walk around capitol hill and it is a ghost town. curious if you think that played well with the 800,000 federal employees who are stuck in the middle of this. >> of course it doesn't and it shouldn't. the whole process of our government is based on discussion, deliberation, negotiation, people talking with each other.
10:08 am
that is what has broken down. it hasn't broken down on the republican side. republicans send a full bill from the house to the senate, it was stopped dead in its tracks by senate democrats and the president offered to compromise, completely rebuffed by senate democrats and house democrats. heather: we hope compromise is reached and soon as we enter the eighth day of the partial government shutdown. thanks for coming on and happy new year. >> a local police officer would be alive today if only for the state sanctuary laws. the accused killer is an illegal immigrant. is behind bars but he had a long rap sheet and was never deported. jeff paul with the latest from los angeles. >> reporter: the suspected killer caught by police after a 48 hour manhunt.
10:09 am
investigators say gustavo perez arriaga was heading to the border when they arrested him in bakersfield, 200 miles from where authorities say the suspected shooter shot and killed ronil singh who pulled him over on suspicion of dui. the suspect was in the country illegally, previous arrests, gang affiliations. the so-called sanctuary laws suggesting the outcome could be different if tober immigration laws were in place. >> if he wasn't here he wouldn't have been driving drunk and it wouldn't have been reported to officer ronil singh and the encounter would never would have occurred. my point is, why are we providing sanctuary for criminals, gang members? it is a conversation we need to have. >> the community choosing to focus their energy on the life
10:10 am
of the officer they lost, many should a provigil to officer ronil singh who leaves behind a wife and son. a native of fiji, he immigrated to the states legally where he became a police officer, one of 12 officers at the police department, some of his fellow colleagues spoke about the close bond. >> don't know why this happened to my body. he was a great man, great father, he has a wife, 5-month-old son. he will not be able to teach how to ride a bike anymore, bicycle, he will not be able to grow up with him. >> reporter: investigators say they have arrested 7 other people on suspicion of helping the suspect including his girlfriend, his brother is expected in court on wednesday. leland: we bring in steve, we have seen, it has gone from
10:11 am
deep sadness to anger on the face of that sheriff. is he right? >> is 100% right. your heart goes out to that officer's family and his department. all law enforcement feels very deeply, you can twist the center in this and rationalize, that sheriff is 100% right. that man should not have been present in the united states to begin with. multiple contacts with law enforcement, there were many opportunities to deport him. california law precluded that happening between local officers and ice. that officer paid with his life. leland: he was arrested a couple times on dui charges. it brings up a larger question. in this case, there was a massive dragnet and the sheriff
10:12 am
talked about that yesterday after ronil singh was shot and killed, there were helicopters brought in, fbi task force brought in, homeland security, etc.. the suspect was trying to make it to the border. without massive dragnet, you wonder how many, if it wasn't a police officer killed, the suspected been able to make it home across the border. >> that is unknown. in any situation where there is a homicide, not so sure they turned out in any greater number. >> when there's a police officer killed there is overwhelming resources. >> all-americans are at risk by having criminals who could have been deported at large. police officers are at more risk because people who see really violate the law, there is a very good chance they will coming contact with law enforcement. if it is 3 times there will be a fourth time. the person most at risk is american law enforcement, this
10:13 am
is not the first time this has happened. right here in washington dc, off-duty fbi agent, montgomery county firefighter, were killed by an illegal immigrant who had been arrested multiple times when there was a team trainer -- detainer. this agent and firefighter were killed. this is not an isolated situation. leland: is there a way to deal with this at the federal level? it seems as though old colleagues in the fbi, have their hands tied. >> this is an issue being fought at the courts that the federal government tried to counter but there is no solution. you live with this situation, a terrible situation, these people are known criminals, known violent criminals, they
10:14 am
are here illegally, come into contact with law enforcement and there's no deportation. leland: the man who was arrested had no gang affiliations. what message does it send as you point out, law enforcement is a greater risk than the general public because people who are offenders are often re-offenders, but law enforcement, you take somebody like the man who is arrested, allow them to leave custody, then he comes back and killed a police officer, it has to be demoralizing to police officers around the country that nothing is being done. >> law enforcement is in a demoralized situation which is demonstrated by the fact that recruitment among law enforcement agencies starting with the fbi and working through the system, are down. we had more law enforcement
10:15 am
officers killed this past year in gun violence than many years before. i hate to say it but there is nothing good that is "happening now" in terms of law enforcement. leland: perhaps if something good could come out of this it is the part focus of the infection point. it was clearly, in the words of the sheriff preventable. >> there is a man who came to the country illegally to serve the american public which is the case with most law enforcement officers effort to end this way is terrible. >> our thoughts and prayers are with his family. kristin: a snowstorm blanketed several states in the midwest in minnesota and north dakota
10:16 am
where 3 people died in snow related incidents, cars swept away as part of the south had to deal with heavy rain. many of those areas the forecasters say another storm could bring rain and snow to the country in time for new year's eve. leland: us troops prepared to leave syria. how allies on the green region, affecting their trust in american leadership around the world. our political panel breaking down the brinksmanship on capitol hill and the white house and whether there's a path toward a breakthrough to end the government shutdown and fund the wall. a look back at a historic year for the supreme court and what the new makeup of justices means for cases coming up in 2019. but we still had to have a cigarette. had to. kayla: do you know how hard it is to smoke in a hospital?
10:17 am
by the time we could, we were like... what are we doing? kayla: it was time for nicodermcq. the nicodermcq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. and doubles your chances of quitting. nicodermcq. you know why, we know how.
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this is moving day with the best in-home wifi experience and millions of wifi hotspots to help you stay connected. and this is moving day with reliable service appointments in a two-hour window so you're up and running in no time. show me decorating shows. this is staying connected with xfinity to make moving... simple. easy. awesome. stay connected while you move with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. kristin: defense ministers for turkey and russia are meeting in moscow to discuss the situation in syria as us forces prepared to withdraw from the country. >> reporter: this was a fairly short meeting to talk rubber complex dynamics for key players in the north of syria
10:21 am
but one stress -- us troops leave. this focuses on the northern city, the last stronghold for syrian opposition. russian and turkish defense ministers agreed to cooperate on the ground in syria to prepare to pull out. donald trump recently announced he would withdraw all 2000 us troops in syria now that isis has been defeated and lost most of its territory. following that announcement regional alliances are already shifting. on friday the syrian ministry into the curtis stronghold as part of an agreement between them and the kurds. it is an important city strategically, close to the turkish border. us troops are operational there. the details of the plan on how to withdraw those troops is being discussed but turkish
10:22 am
kurdish fighters supported by us troops in the fight against isis are worried they could be vulnerable to attack by turkey. they are looking to protect against threat of attack which has been seen gathering near the border. these kurdish fighters control around the third of syrian territory and they could still play a key role in the outcome of the wall. that while in syria has been going on for eight years, almost eight years, no sign of it coming to a end. the government in syria wants to recapture the key stronghold, that could take some time. kristin: thank you. leland: with that we bring in heritage foundation senior fellow peter brooks, appreciate it. you think about now, the us is gone and turkey and russia are having a little meeting to
10:23 am
figure out how things go in syria. hard to believe us interests will be high on their priority list. >> i have different interests than we do. the russians have a strong interest in the regime of bashar al-assad who runs damascus, the tax have interest in their neighbor, isis and the kurds. it is a complex place. leland: it has been complex for 1300 years. we have video of us troops in the kurdish stronghold there. not only did they represent an enormous presence for the us on the ground in terms of helping the kurds fight but us troops were there, us airpower was going to protect the fighters. implicit in us troops leaving is that protection leaves. the kurds might be asking with friends like us who needs
10:24 am
enemies? >> not necessarily. us ground forces may be leaving but you mentioned airpower. the united states will still have airpower and ground forces. leland: is the us going to start on us forces if they take on the kurds and russian forces? >> john bolton is on his way early next month and will be talking to the turks. we don't want our nato allies work against their interest, a lot of consultation, that is going on. >> the turks of not been the best ally in the world. >> they are nato allies, they are a partner, we can talk to them. they were part of the decision in the first place. leland: it doesn't seem like friends. >> i see your point. the fact is we can bring them back into the fold and we will put effort into doing that. leland: what if those efforts fail? >> things could be bad. we have concerns about the kurds.
10:25 am
they have interest in isis as well. they were doing terrible things to the kurds. not just that they were fighting for us but also fighting for themselves. leland: let's see if i can summarize what you are saying. donald trump ran on a different foreign-policy that republicans and democrats have over the past 40 or so years, more, quote, america first policy, so pulling back from large alliances and nationbuilding, seems as though what we are seeing is that doesn't come without price to us interests. >> no question about that. the president said the withdrawal would be slow, a lot of consultation going on. the rollout wasn't good on this. we needed to know more in advance. when i was on this network talking about it i said let's not be too rebels, let's hear more. the ministration should tell us more. we are hearing things from the
10:26 am
state -- leland: you seem encouraged. >> i'm feeling more comfortable. i still think there is risk and that is why we got risk to our allies, israel, and isis resurgence and russian resurgence in the region, turkey, what turkey might do to the kurds. there is a lot to be concerned about. i'm looking forward to hearing more from the administration about their plans for removing troops. the president made a visit to iraq. john bolton is going to the region. there's a lot at play. leland: john bolton to iraq as well. appreciate it. kristin: our political panel joins us for a fair and balanced look at the battle over the border wall. ♪ tty stressful. this music is supposed to relax me, though. ♪ maybe you'd mellow out a bit if you got geico to help you with your renters insurance. oh, geico helps with renters insurance? good to know. yeah, and they could save you a lot of money.
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kristin: the partial government shutdown heidi didn't to a divided congress in the new year and republicans and
10:31 am
democrats trade blame for the impasse. let's bring in worldwide cofounder kevin paul scott and democratic strategists taryn rosencrantz. happy holidays. we are eight days into the partial government shutdown and yet it feels we haven't made any progress, no closer to a deal. how do you see this playing out? one side has to give. who is going to be? >> it is down to the optics. what use it is it feels like nothing happened because nothing has happened. we are sitting here where neither side wants to look like they are going to lose. if trump is at all on the wall it looks like a failure for him. of democrats budge, all these things going on comes down to funding for the wall. you have to wonder if donald trump will give in because he
10:32 am
said he would take credit for the shutdown or if he's trying to flex muscles to show nancy pelosi that he's has some strength and is not going to roll over when she takes control in january. it comes down to optics. kristin: the chief of staff said yesterday he expects this to go on for a very long time so how do you see this? which side is going to giving your opinion? >> donald trump is up against 70% of americans in the latest poll, they blame donald trump and the republicans for this shutdown and no one is in favor of this shutdown and the financial impact it is having on americans nationwide and our financial stability across the country. and across the world. i don't know how much longer he can go on. it is a tricky situation for the president. if i was a republican operative i would be worried about the optics. i would agree with kevin that there is so much at stake. he campaigned that he was going to have mexico a for the wall.
10:33 am
now he is going to bat to die on this hill for having the american government pay for it. that will be a hard thing to overcome especially with 70% of americans say i blame you for this. >> he is going to get some of the blame but one of the reasons donald trump was elected is because he is not beholden to washington, not doing the same old thing about by the polls. if there's one thing, this year going into the 2018 midterm election, the tariffs weren't popular and the president is sticking to his guns on this. the pullout of syria makes a lot of republicans angry. you can disagree with the president's policies, you can't say he's motivated by politics and poll numbers. i think this shutdown is not a great one but we have to remember certain people find it refreshing this president is willing to stand up and not to politics as usual. kristin: i want to play soundbite from an hour ago, and
10:34 am
interesting point, he said i might be more open to supporting the president's border wall if perhaps he were able to provide more concrete details about where it would be, how much it would cost, listen to this. >> i do have a hang up here, that is taxpayer money being spent without any plans whatsoever. the president says $5 billion but has not offered one iota of information about where that wall would be built, what it would contain. is a spike fence? a cyclone fence? what is it? where is it? kristin: would it help if the president provided details about it? >> it may help but we are far
10:35 am
apart on this. he wants $5 billion, democrats are not going to comprise on $3 billion or $4 billion or to a half billion dollars. they don't want a wall so the issue is walter no one? not how it will be built or how much money. it comes down to what democrats budge at all on the wall. even if it is only $1 billion it would be seen as a victory for the president of. don't budge on the line trump gives it will be a democrat victory. kristin: donald trump is winning the democrats, democrats are ready for the president. what should democrats be doing? should they be walking over to the white house as donald trump suggested on twitter? >> this blame lies with the president. the senate proposed a bipartisan compromise before the shutdown and he squarely rejected it. it is in his hands. he tweeted earlier that it was sad he was here for christmas but it is said we have americans not getting paid because of the government shutdown over something the senate put forth in a bipartisan compromise. there was no reason to reject
10:36 am
it except this stubborn idea that he can't lose. he has to see this as a victory. one thing kevin said that wasn't right, the american people, the vast majority really want to see us have our country be enhanced border security, they do want to see a country that is financially stable that have great leadership in great position. kristin: i got to leave it there. this is the ninth longest government shutdown in us history. we will see how much longer it drags on. leland: take a look at this guy. they are looking for him in arizona. he escaped from a tucson prison one day after turning himself in. i guess he changed his mind. donald trump, how can he politically exploit democrats call to deny him the wall? and saying, "really?" so capital one is building something completely new.
10:37 am
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kristin: a manhunt in arizona for an escaped inmate. lewis moreno escaped from the fema county detention center in tucson. they earlier he turned himself in on an outstanding warrant for dui and sentenced to 30 days in jail. leland: the president that he canceled his new year's plans and that the white house waiting for democrats to make a deal. in coming chief of staff says compromise may be possible. mcmullen he. >> in all fairness, met with leader schumer, we met down face-to-face. he was interested in doing a deal and coming to a compromise, the more we are hearing is if nancy pelosi is preventing that from happening. kristin: for more on the president's shutdown strategy bring in gop financier, nice to
10:42 am
see you. you listen to make mulvaney and the republicans talk about this, it is 5 billion, now sources are saying it is somewhere around demanding to a half billion or a little more. matt gates was on a couple days ago saying all we need is a crooked number. you negotiate a lot of real estate deals, feel that republicans are almost negotiating against themselves. >> i don't wake the way democrats framed the debate. this is a national security issue and this hiatus while nancy pelosi is relaxing on the beach in hawaii and the american public is spending time with families provided a window for the president to reflect on how the debate has been framed. if he frames this is a national security matter costs is irrelevant. nancy pelosi wants to make this a moral argument. the moral imperative couldn't have been more clearly stated by the death of this officer in california. this is incomplete outrage from a national security standpoint at cost is irrelevant.
10:43 am
leland: the president reflecting on how to discuss this. this was on politico talking about the president. he stayed home from florida but hardly appeared on television or in public. if you are going to do the, quote, i'm working thing, shouldn't you do it and sit at a table with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer place cards and empty chairs? >> that sounds like a lot of optics. the fact is -- leland: that is arguably donald trump is the best politician in a very long time when it comes to optics. >> he has certainly television skills and is good at optics but for democrats who have front doors, a passive physical barrier to entry to their house, a passive physical barrier on the border would be ineffective is ludicrous. for them to argue that the cost
10:44 am
is too hi demonstrates terrible at math. this bill at $20 million equates to $50 per us citizen. the cost of an illegal immigrants over their lifetime in the united states is $130,000. $1 trillion. leland: you're making a clear and convincing argument different from what we're here from every member of congress or the president. why aren't we hearing this cost doesn't matter, just build it, argument? >> that is a tactical mistake. the democrats set a trap in the republicans have fallen into it. this is a typical dynamic. this is a national security issue. cost is irrelevant and the cost is a good investment. a $20 billion wall equates $6 per hour in increased wages. don't we think restricting the
10:45 am
flow of unskilled labor is going to improve american wages? not just one year but every year thereafter, for a government that spends $13,500 per year per person to incur liability over the last 30 years, $15,000 per person in unregulated migration is ludicrous. leland: the president tweeted any death of children or others are the fault of democrats and their pathetic immigration policies that allow people to make the long trek thinking they could make the country illegally, they can if we have a wall, they wouldn't even try. the two children in question are very sick before they were given to border patrol. the father of a young girl, not her fault he had given her water for days, they are working so hard and get so little credit. we are not hearing this
10:46 am
drumbeat from the president of the we are going to shut down the government as long as we need to because of the national security threat and therefore i want my $25 billion, my blank check, the government can stay close as long as we need to. is that the argument you suggest? >> with that sweet he tended to underscore the hypocrisy of the democratic position, they are attempting to take the moral high ground when they suggest incidence of young children dying on the border demonstration that the president is morally bankrupt on the issue, nothing could be further from the truth, turning off the magnet of the ability to enter this country on foot without that is the reason these people begin this journey. they need to turn off the magnet. the moral argument has to do with protecting american citizens. we see that with angel
10:47 am
tragedies, the officer in california, these are two of numerous incidents where the united states lives are put at risk because we don't have a passive physical barrier on the border, democrats who have the front door is different. kristin: you heard the fbi director make a similar argument in terms of the way law enforcement is put on the front line and putting greater danger due to the lack of laws about this. and palmer from los angeles, interesting argument, thank you. >> after a year marked by confirmation hearings for brett cavanagh we take a look at what could be ahead for the supreme court in 2019. organizers are getting ready for new year's eve in the big apple. take a look at how they are making sure the new year gets off to a colorful start. ♪
10:48 am
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10:51 am
>> the political fight over a supreme court vacancy are typically short but intense the confirmation of brett kavanaugh amped that up to a level rarely if ever seen in the nation's
10:52 am
history becoming the most-watched political debate. we look at the year that was in the year ahead for the supreme court. >> i never sexually assaulted anyone. not in high school, not in college, not ever. >> reporter: a real-life legal thriller, supreme court nominee denying allegations by several women of past sexual misconduct. is an accuser, christine ford who claims brett kavanaugh assaulted her in the early 1980s. >> the ones that i will never forget. they have been seared into my memory and have hunted me episodically as an adult. >> reporter: all of the accuser's alleged witnesses denied any knowledge of the event. automotive us tough full in the of trump a government shutdown, abrupt staff departures in the russia probe, and perhaps more bitter, yet more significant in the long run than the confirmation of brett kavanaugh to sit on the us supreme court.
10:53 am
his legacy could span decades. 2019 promises more drama on and off the bench, the justices will confront a range of legal challenges to the president's immigration policy, the border wall, silent restrictions, sanctuary cities, daca and birthright citizenship which the president tweeted about this october, this case will be settled by the united states up in court, the president had success among the shake conservative majority due in part to the 114th justice who promises to be a key player in a range of hot button cases in coming months. >> many issues, he has the potential to be a swing vote. you will see a concerted effort in many cases by lawyers to pick off that vote for brett cavanagh making arguments they think will appeal to brett cavanagh. >> those include religious freedom, healthcare, executive power, abortion and transgender military members.
10:54 am
brett kavanaugh grabbed the headline but the man in charge is reasserting his authority. john roberts in recent weeks anchored conservatives by siding with the liberal block turning aside separate appeals of her efforts by 15 states to restrict medicaid funding for planned parenthood and trump's immigration restrictions. the president criticize the federal judge who blocked the asylum policy nationwide. >> this was an obama judge and it is not going to happen like this anymore. >> that led roberts to publicly rebuke the president, defending the independence and integrity of the federal judiciary, trump pushed back, a rift between two separate branches of government that will carry over into the new year. >> this isn't file footage, they are dropping confetti before the big night and before we watch the lunar probe go by.
10:55 am
we will tell you why the confetti is flying today in times square. ♪ ♪ nothing you can't do ♪ new york ♪
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10:58 am
>> live pictures of time square. you can see that gridlock.
10:59 am
they will have drones over times time square to help police keep that i on the new year's eve celebration. this is a video brian yunus got to keep other drones out of the area. along with hundreds of other officers on the ground to keep people safe on monday night. see make the have of the ball dropping on new year's eve. they are testing out confetti of the multicolored paper. more than 1 ton of confetti is said to drop on midnight. you are going to be watching the new horizon probe. humanity is ever explored. we already know what you look like. in on my television will be
11:00 am
the new year's special for the fox news at that's not an exciting new new year's i'm not sure what is. it is day number eight of the partial government shutdown and still there is no deal insight. this has present trump as he closes the southern border completely he said congress refuses to give in on border security funding in the law. good to see you also. great to be with you. these are the senate. until at least monday. with both parties continuing to pass the blame. about 25 percent of the federal government will remain close affecting roughly
11:01 am
800,000 workers. they can pin the blame on nancpe


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