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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  December 30, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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pennsylvania. thank you, morgan, a good job tonight. kat timpf. happy new year, every one. jon: president trump meeting with south carolina senator lindsey graham and making some news on this day nine of the partial government shutdown. good evening, i'm jon scott, and this is "the fox report." ♪ ♪ jon: graham and the president having lunch at the white house today, the two speak about a variety of issues including the partial government shutdown which is now in its second week as president trump and congressional democrats remain at odds over border wall funding. here is graham after the lunch. >> i don't see democrats giving us more money unless they get something. so the one thing we talked about is making deals. i think he's very open-minded, i know there's some democrats out there who would be willing to provide money for wall border
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security if we could deal with the daca population and tps people. and, hopefully, we can get some serious discussions started maybe as soon as next week. jon: ellison barber is live at the white house now with more. >> reporter: yeah, senator graham said that the president was upbeat, in a good mood and receptive to making a deal if it includes the president's -- or if it achieves the president's goals of securing the border. graham said that he does not know when the partial government shutdown might end, but he thinks that a deal can be made if everyone will start talking to each other. i asked him why democrats weren't at the white house today and why as far as we know democrats have not been invited over here since the shutdown began. >> well, it's pretty hard to get here from hawaii. but the phones do work. so all i can say is that the democrats have said they're not going to give him a dime for a border wall, so the approach the democrats have taken have made
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it pretty hard to have a discussion. they're telling us what they won't do. >> reporter: democrats say they're hearing different things from different people about what president trump will or will not accept. a few days ago house minority leader nancy pelosi told "usa today," or quote, trump says we're going to build a wall with cement, and mexico's going to pay for it. he's already backed off of the cement, now he's back to, i think, a beaded curtain or something, i'm not sure where he is. the president's tweeted about the wall and used the word "wall" at least 12 times since christmas writing on friday, quote, we will be forced to close the southern border entirely if the democrats do not give us the money to finish the wall. john kelly hold the l.a. times president trump is not actually asking for a wall, he says they moved on from that after speaking with customs and border protection agents who work along the u.s./mexico border. kelly said, quote, the president still says wall, often times, frankly, he'll say barrier or
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fencing, but we left a solid concrete wall early on in the administration when we asked people what they needed and where they needed it. the white house claims democrats are the ones playing games. >> it is a silly semantic argument because people who just want to say wall, wall, wall, want it to be a four-letter word and not respect what customs and border patrol and i.c.e. tell us they need, which is enhancements at the border. there may be a wall in some places, there may be technological enchancements. -- enhancements. but always saying wall or no wall is being very disingenuous and turning a blind eye to the crisis at the border. >> reporter: there's enough back and forth to make none's head spin, but outside of the west wing today one to have president's key allies seemed somewhat hopeful. >> what i mentioned today is an outline of a potential breakthrough. the president is not asking for too much, and we're going to put on the table some ideas that
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have been embraced in the past. the question is can we stop hating each other enough up here to find a way forward that'd be a win/win. >> reporter: jon? jon: ellison barber at the white house, thank you. meantime, lawmakers from both sides of the political aisle weighing in on the funding stalemate. house majority whip steve scalise speak on fox news sunday saying 12 years ago chuck schumer had similar views to the president when it came to border security. >> if the senate's got a different way and a better way to approach border security, they ought to put that plan on the table. chuck schumer was for this in 2006. i'd be curious to know what changed. is it just that donald trump's the one now requesting it? but if he's got a better way to keep this country safe, i think it's incumbent upon him to show the american people what that plan is. jon: and the democrats also weighing in on the shutdown as new york congressman hakim jeffreys says the left will not give in to president trump's $5
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billion demand for border wall funding. >> what donald trump and the republicans want to do is waste $5 billion in taxpayer money op an ineffective, medieval border wall that is a fifth century solution to a 21st century problem. yes, we need comprehensive immigration reform. yes, we need to enhance border security. but we are not willing to pay $2.5 billion or $5 billion and wasting taxpayer dollars on a ransom note. jon: garrett tenney is in washington with the latest. >> reporter: negotiations between party leaders haven't been happening like you'd typically see during a shutdown, but a number of lawmakers in both parties are trying to work out a deal. the current proposals include a combination of funding for the wall, a fix for daca and a number of provisions that democrats support. the idea or the hope is that those additions could be enough to get a deal, but that was also the hope with a bipartisan immigration deal that president
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trump nixed last year. and today on "face the nation," senator jon tester wasn't optimistic this time around would be any different. >> i think we've been here before. i was in the room when the president said if congress passes something, i'm going to sign it, and then he moved back away from that. and so i think, ultimately, in the end we do need comprehensive immigration reform. there's no doubt about that, margaret. but in the end, we need to know what the president wants and, hopefully, that'll stick to it. >> reporter: senator lindsey graham is one of the lawmakers, but on state of the union he said the problem is democratic leaders aren't interested in negotiating or trying to reach a compromise. >> the bottom line is they want trump to lose more than they want the country to win, i fear. at the end of the day, there's a deal to be had, but everybody's changing their position here, and most americans are pretty tired of it. >> reporter: lawmakers are expecting negotiations will pick up later this week once the new congress begins, but until then the shutdown will continue to drag on along with the
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finger-pointing across the aisle. jon? jon: garrett tenney reporting, thanks. in northern california new reaction from the newman police chief after the heartbreaking death of an officer killed in the line of duty. an accused illegal immigrant with gang ties is suspected of murdering officer ronil singh on the day after christmas. >> ronil was just a kind man. you know, i talked about our department being a family, and every family has the smiley, happy jokester one, and that was ronil. and that was taken from us, and it's been very, very difficult for our department. jon: and now we're learning about new arrests. jeff paul is in our west coast newsroom with more. jeff? >> reporter: jon, authorities say the suspect was not only in the country illegally, but they say he was making a run for the border the day he was taken into custody. investigators also say he had
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previous arrests for duis and known gang affiliations. several now including local sheriffs in the area saying none of this might have happened if it weren't for california's so-called sanctuary laws. randy richardson spoke with fox news earlier and was asked about that. >> i would hope that people out there find this tragedy for what it is, it's just a tragedy. i want to remember ronil singh and not really so much about everything else. it was a senseless tragedy. it could have been prevented, but unfortunately, we're here today having this conversation because it was not prevented. >> reporter: now, in addition to air craig baa's apprehension, an additional seven other people are in custody. after being arrested in connection with this case, that includes the suspect's two brothers and girlfriend. all seven of them accused of trying to help arriaga in some fashion. chief richardson also spoke about losing one of his finest
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officers, one of just 12 in the entire department. >> it's a tremendous blow, and we're having our ups and downs. we have good days, we have bad days. not everybody's having them at the same time. we've had incredible support from other law enforcement agencies stepping in when we need it to cover our streets because we're not able to handle those shifts. it's been a tough, tough few days. >> reporter: corporal singh leaves behind a why wife and five-month-old son. jon: so sad. jeff paul, thank you. back to the white house lunch meeting now between president trump and senator lindsey graham of south carolina. the two also discussing the president's order to pull u.s. troops out of syria which graham has said is the wrong move. but now the south carolina senator says he feels a lot better about the decision after meeting with the commander in chief.
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listen. >> i think the president has come up with a plan with his generals that makes sense to me. the goal is to make sure isis doesn't come back. we left iraq too soon, we had 'em on the ropes in iraq, left too soon. i think the president's very committed to making sure that when we leave syria, that isis is completely defeated and we're inside the 10-yard line. jon: here is more. >> reporter: as u.s. troops prepare to leave syria, the american withdrawal is already being felt across the region. russian-backed syrian forces entered a northeastern city friday at the invitation of ypg fighters. the kurds fear a massive turkish military operation once u.s. troops leave the country. on saturday u.s. coalition fighter jets were still flying over the city, but the future remains up in the air. the city is a critical area just 20 miles from the turkish
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border, and turkish president erdogan has promised a major operation against the kurds. critics of president trump say the u.s. troop withdrawal is a betrayal of kurdish fighters who helped the united states defeat large parts of isis. since 2016 local fighters back by the united states have controlled the city after reclaiming it from isis. residents are now in a difficult position. they face either an invasion by the turks or see the syrian army talk control of the city, both of which could lead to more violence in northern syria. a successful takeover of the city by syrian government forces would be yet another victory for president bashar al assad who's already seen a normalization of his country in the past few months. just last week both the countries of the uae and bahrain announced that they would be moving embassies back to the syrian capital of damascus. jon? jon: thank, trey. a rescue helicopter crash kills
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four people in the united arab emirates. you can see the helicopter going into a tailspin here, diving and then going up in flames. it was in the middle of a rescue mission yesterday near the world's longest zipline. an investigation into the crash is underway. preparations also underway for the big night as new york city and the world get ready to welcome 2019. security is tight, but will the weather cooperate? a live report from times square next. plus, our coverage of the partial government shutdown continues as both sides refuse to budge over the border wall. ♪ >> our negotiations are at an impasse at the moment. i wish it were not so, but we've got to move away from the blame game, blaming the president, blaming the democrats, pelosi and schumer and others. ♪ ♪ (vo) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®.
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♪ ♪ jon: a woman is recovering from serious injuries after police say a man she met on the popular dating app tinder stabbed her multiple times. her suspected attacker then died while in custody. we have that story. >> we had just left work at this animal shelter before she went on to meet her tinder date the night she was stabbed. 24-year-old megan tapley is suffering from serious slashes and stab wounds after police say her tinder date attacked thursday night. >> what's up, guys? >> reporter: officers found eric stalzer stabbing her, so they tased him to stop the attack. he then died while in custody on the way to the hospital. >> sad. freak incident, and our thoughts
3:17 pm
have been with the family today. >> reporter: tapley is the youngest of four siblings, and her oldest sister tells me she's extreme hi smart and caring not only for other people, but also animals. tapley has worked as a vet's assistant at this animal center for three years. her sister tells me, quote, my sister has been through a horrific attack that would have killed her had the police not arrived. it's going to be a long recovery due to extensive wounds, but she's an amazing, strong young woman and will get through this. her family and friends are here for her and will be by her side throughout this recovery. tapley's family was not available for an on-camera interview since they're still by her side in the hospital. a source also tells us stelzer was likely suffering from a mental health eshoo, and the -- health issue. i'm lisa pappas, boston 25 news. jon: well, the countdown to the countdown is on.
3:18 pm
the big night is almost here as people all over the world prepare to greet 2019. new york's times square is getting ready for the big ball drop. jackie heinrich is live in times square right now. jackie? >> reporter: hey, jon. there are 25,000 balloons all ready to drop on the crowd tomorrow night. also 3,000 pounds of confetti and, of course, the ball is ready to go. but there are a hot of preparations happening all around us that you can't see, stuff that's going to keep the crowd safe. new year's eve tradition is running 112 years strong, so it's got to go off without a hitch. organizers tested the ball-drop mechanism and the 32,000 lights that more than a billion people will be watching on tv tomorrow night. this thing is huge. the current ball weigh nearly 12,000 pounds, it's 12 feet in diameter and encrusted with more than 2500 waterford crystals. this year's theme is the gift of harmony, 192 waterford crystals were installed in a new pattern
3:19 pm
on thursday. we have come a long way since 1907. the first new year's eve ball was made of iron and wood. of course, half the preparation is in security. more than a million people had been packing into times square, so thousands of nypd officers will be deployed around the city. sniper teams are already stationed on rooftops, and for the first time nypd is using drones to back up its network of more than 1200 security cameras. right now there are no credible threats against the event, but intelligence analysts are working around the clock. >> so you will see a lot of officers. you'll see a lot of officers with a lot of gear and long guns and the kinds of weaponry needed for securing such a huge event. there, obviously, will be measures you won't see as well. >> reporter: of course, the city is also preparing for the massive clean-up effort that's going to follow. last year city workers cleared out more than 57 tons of debris from times square after the
3:20 pm
festivities ended. part of the cleanup is all of that confetti, the city drops 1.5 tons on the crowd. this year the honoree is the committee to protect journalists after a particularly violent year with the killing of jamal ca khashoggi and also the shooting at "the capital gazette" in annapolis, maryland. so this will be esteemed journalists from several organizations flipping the switch to signal the start of 2019, and among them will be our very own jon scott so, jon, we are ready for you here in times square. millions will be watching, and it's all ready to go. jon: jackie, i'm honored to be asked to participate. look forward to it. jackie heinrich. a pair of possible democratic presidential candidates speaking out today. what terry mcauliffe and michael bloomberg had to say about 2020. and the partial government shutdown looking more and more likely to last into the new year. what kind of a difference could a democratic-controlled house
3:21 pm
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no emails. when insurance is affordable, it's surprisingly painless. jon: the partial government shutdown appears set to drag on into the new year when control of the house goes from republicans to the democrats. i'm jon scott, and this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour, if you're just joining us, president trump and congressional democrats battling over border wall funding. the president says he wants $5 billion for it and says it's crucial to keep illegal immigrants out of the country. some democrats say the wall would hurt the u.s. more than it would help. >> it hurts the local economy, it hurts private property owners, and it doesn't do what customs and border patrol agents want, which is they want more manpower, they want more technology. >> you have people that are here legally from mexico, from central america saying get the wall where we need it, secure the border, you've got to make
3:25 pm
this country safe. i don't know why they're not being listened to. jon: joining us now for more on this, judith miller, pulitzer prize-winning journalist. so we seem to be at loggerheads here, and neither side willing to budge. is one side winning this fight right now, judy? >> well, i think if you rook at the poll -- if you look at the polls, jon, the democrats are clearly ahead in that this shutdown is enormously unpopular. according to a recent reuters poll, only 25% of the people polled think that shutting down the government is a good idea. certainly, the 800,000 people, the federal workers affected by it don't like it over christmas and at this time. and more than that, donald trump is being widely blamed for the shutdown, this unpopular move.
3:26 pm
47% of people said they thought that the president was responsible, and that's compared to 33% who blame the democrats. and, of course, it's obvious why people blame donald trump for the shutdown, and that's because he said more than 25 times that he wanted the shutdown, he favored the shutdown if he didn't have the votes for his wall. so he is taking the rap for something that's widely seen over the holidays as scrooge-like and unfair. so at the moment, he's on the defensive. but never underestimate donald trump's ability to change the subject or to reverse that point of view. jon: you know who else doesn't think much of the shutdown is the chairman of the senate appropriations committee, richard shelby, republican from alabama. here's what he had to say. >> at the end of the day, all of this will end, we don't know
3:27 pm
when, in negotiations. it's not a question of who wins or loses. nobody's going to win this kind of game. nobody wins in a shutdown. we all lose, and we kind of look silly. jon: so there's going to have to end, it's going to have to end in some kind of compromise. the question is, you know, will the president who's been so vocal about wanting $5 billion, he might take half of that the, but would he go any lower? how does the president come out of this without something for his wall? >> well, i think they changed the definition of whether a walling is a wall. [laughter] as nancy pelosi said when interviewed by "usa today," well, is it a wall or is it a beaded curtain? kellyanne conway today, a spokesman for the president, said, well, maybe we're talking about slats, maybe we're talking about enhanced technical
3:28 pm
surveillance and other measures to assure security for the people at the border and for the country. i think there's going to have to be some give, because the democrats going into a new congress with 40-miss -- 40-plus seats in the house, the majority in the house for the first time since donald trump's election, they are feeling their oats. they are not willing to compromise. i don't think on this one nancy pelosi really wants to compromise. and so i think that it's going to have to be the republicans that cave a bit and give way on what constitutes that four-letter word, wall. jon: you mentioned kellyanne conway and nancy pelosi, and we have conway talking about nancy pelosi here, urging her to come back from her hawaiian vacation. listen. >> first, the democrats have to come back. nancy pelosi needs to come back from hawaii, less hula, more
3:29 pm
moolah for the dhs, customs and border patrol, funding our border security. they need to come to the table and do their job. a fully functioning democracy demands that the congress and the executive branch work together. jon: i've heard a number of democrats now, judy, refer to the wall, the president's desire for a wall as a fifth century solution to a 21st century problem, but i don't hear concrete proposals from any of them as to what they would do instead except for, you know, some vague promises of more electronic monitoring and perhaps more customs and border patrol personnel. >> well, you're right. their position is that it's not up to them to propose an alternative. they're the ones who are saying the president's idea of a wall is inefficient and ineffective and medieval, to use that term, and that they want something more up-to-date and modern -- jon: but the president did promise -- >> they're saying it's up to the democrats --
3:30 pm
jon: the president did promise it time and time again during the campaign. i mean, this was one of his signature issues, and it got him elected. >> absolutely. but he also promised that the mexicans were going to pay for it. and now he's saying, well, it's actually the american taxpayers who are going to pay for it, and that's the argument the democrats are having with him. they say they don't want to spend 5 billion or $3 billion on a wall. they offered $1.5 billion as part of a compromise that the president walked away from. so they're not in a mood to compromise, and they say it's up to him to come to grips with the fact that he can't make good on the promise that he's already backed away from in terms of who's going to pay for it. jon: and nancy pelosi has some thorny issues ahead because she cannot be seen as caving into this president when she wants to win re-election as speaker of the house. >> absolutely. and she's already made the ultimate sacrifice, jon. she's canceled the congressional dessert reception on thursday
3:31 pm
for the incoming members. [laughter] this is her idea of, you know, compromising -- [laughter] because nancy pelosi, i think, is a good vote counter and thinks that she does have the votes now to become the speaker of the house. she's going to have a hard time inside her own party maintaining discipline and holding down that leftist, young, rebellious faction that want to confront and challenge the president rather than get things done for the american people. so she's going to have a hard fight just maintaining discipline within her own party. jon: i know that you've spent a lot of time in the middle east. the president points to the wall that the israelis have built between, you know, israeli-held areas and some of the palestinian areas as a huge success for them. is it? and should it be copied, or could it be copied in a way that would be successful here? >> well, it's a huge success in terms of security. it's not been a huge success in
3:32 pm
terms of advancing a political agenda that would lead to ultimate compromise and a solution of the arab-israeli conflict. but, yes, in terms of security, it has worked. the problem is our border is very different from theirs. it's far longer. parts of that border are simply not amenable to a wall, and i think that i do agree with the people who say in a modern, 21st century economy you need technological surveillance, you need smarter security, you need more immigration judges to hear asylum cases, and you need immigration reform. that's what jon tester has been saying. both sides need to compromise, get off their high horse or their high walls -- [laughter] and understand that we really have to do something about our broken immigration system. this may be the moment for that if people willing to compromise on capitol hill and in the white house, but i'm not sure i see
3:33 pm
any signs of that at the moment. no christmas spirit there, or jon. jon: the art of the compromise, that's politics, right? >> it should be. [laughter] jon: judy miller, thank you. >> happy new year, jon. jon: president trump's personal attorney, rudy giuliani, with a stern message for special counsel robert mueller today saying enough is enough, and it's time for mueller to show his cards in the russia investigation. here's giuliani this morning on "fox & friends." >> my ultimatum is puppet or shut up, bob -- put up or shut up. there are those of us who believe you don't have anything on collusion. and by the way, it's not a crime, so what the heck are you doing? do you have anything that shows the president of the united states was in a conspiracy to hack the dnc with russia? of course you don't. but if you do, put out a report or give it to the justice department, let them review it, make sure it's not classified. put out a report. jon: so far the mueller probe has resulted in more than a hundred criminal counts, although many have been lodged
3:34 pm
against russian agents, and they will never go to court. a pair of democrats speaking out on their prospects for a possible white house run. asked today about a potential 2020 democratic bid, former virginia governor terry mcauliffe says he's, quote, obviously looking into it. meantime, here's what former new york city mayor mike bloomberg is saying. >> timeline is beginning of the year, end of january into february maybe. there's no rush to do it. everybody wants to know what you're going to do, and the bottom line is i'm not sure yet. i care about a bunch of issues. i care for my kids, i care for this country that's been so good to me, and i want to see how i can help the best. jon: bloomberg says if he runs, it would be as a democrat. he switched his registration from democrat to republican in 2001 to launch his political career, then switched back to democrat two months ago.
3:35 pm
president trump has already put two justices on the supreme court, but some of his tweets have sparked questions about the partiality or impartiality of judges. dan springer takes a look at how the commander in chief can and cannot impact the courts. >> reporter: when u.s. district court judge john tygar blocked a plan, president trump railed against who he called the obama judge which drew this response from supreme court chief justice john roberts: we do not have obama judges or trump judges, bush judges or clinton judges. what we have is an extraordinary group of dedicated judgements doing their level best. trump tweeted back: sorry, chief justice john roberts, but we do have obama judges, and they have a much different point of view than people who are charged with the safety of our country. court watchers say, essentially, both men are right. >> presidents certainly hope that the judges they nominate
3:36 pm
share those views long after the president's out of office, and i think the chief justice is correct that the judges are independent, they are not beholden to the president who nominates them. >> reporter: president trump also bashed the 9th circuit court of appeals for not even hearing his appeal on the asylum ruling. it's been a frequent attack during a string of losses op immigration cases. >> you go to the 9th circuit, and it's a disgrace. i'm going to put in a major complaint. >> reporter: of the 41 sitting judges, 25 were nominated by democratic presidents, 16 by republicans. president clinton picked the most with 14 followed by obama, george w. bush and jimmy carter. trump now has 2 of the 23 active judges but has nominated 5 more to current vacancies. >> it's soon going to be a trump court. it's soon going to be -- not a majority of these 29 judgements, but they're going to have a substantial chunk. >> reporter: because republicans control the senate and only a simple majority is needed to confirm federal
3:37 pm
judges, president trump will reshape the 9th circuit court of appeals. whether future rulings are to his liking depends on the questions at the heart of the trump/roberts debate; exactly who gets confirmed and how independent will they be. jon? jon: the progressive alexandria ocasio-cortez, who just burst onto the national scene, taking aim at a fellow democrat who recently called her a bright and shiny new object. what the new york congresswoman-elect is saying so outgoing missouri senator claire mccaskill. and the state of california is planning to launch a satellite to try to combat climate change, but one question, who's going to pay for it? >> we want to know what the hell's going on all over the world, all the time. so we're going to launch our own satellite, our own damn satellite. ♪ ♪ yeah!? i switched to geico and got more! more savings on car insurance!?
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♪ jon: a young member of the new congress, self-described democratic socialist alexandria ocasio-cortez, is in a war of words with outgoing senator claire mccaskill, tweeting: ocasio-cortez also has made headlines promoting her far-left agenda since defeating longtime incumbent joe crowley in the election. she begins her term in the house of representatives this week. california might launch its own satellite to monitor climate change. as one of democratic governor jerry brown's last acts before leaving office january 7th. claudia cowan explains how this would work and who would pay for it. >> reporter: california governor jerry brown if recently closed out a global climate
3:42 pm
summit in san francisco with an out of this world idea. >> we want to know what the hell's going on all over the world all the time. so we're going to launch our own satellite, our own damn sat lite to figure out where the pollution is and how we're going to end it. >> reporter: brown says space-based technology can pinpoint sources of methane, a potent greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. >> this initiative will enable us to spotlight the methane, the pollution and then be able to be in a position to point out those who pollute and then develop the remedies to end it. >> reporter: for californians of a certain age, brown's call the launch a satellite might sound like déjà vu. in the '70s during his first term as california's governor, brown proposed a communications satellite to link state leaders in the event of an emergency. at the time it helped earn brown the nickname governor moonbeam. >> ignition, liftoff. >> reporter: but in the four
3:43 pm
decades since, governments and private companies have launched numerous satellites, and supporters say it's fitting that brown -- now at 80, the nation's oldest governor -- is epping his long --en ending his long political career owning the nickname he got while in his 30s. >> he's now embracing the moniker, governor moonbeam. but i think the time has come when the future has finally caught up with him. so he's right on the money, and this is a good thing for california. >> reporter: california's newly-elected governor agrees. >> it's a great bookmark in history. i just want to figure out what to name it. [laughter] >> reporter: the name, design and other key details are still being worked out, but the plan is for a private company to build the satellite and launch it into space by 2021 with data being available in 2022. in sacramento, claudia cowan, fox news. jon: some estimates say more than a million people will pack into new york's times square
3:44 pm
tomorrow night. some arriving at least 12 hours in advance. they will need to pack their patience and maybe a poncho. it's going to be rainy in the northeast. accu weather has a look at the nation's weather. erin? >> reporter: well, jon, that's for sure. hopefully, they have on those rubber boots and that poncho because we could see up to an inch of rain across new york. 48 degrees in times square on new year's eve, real-feel at 45. notice the rain clouds. yes, we are going to see plenty of rain, a bit of a breeze. here it is already getting started in the south, this moisture. it's going to push off to the north and to the east, and it is going to e eventually reach the northeast. the good news is with that moist air coming in from the south, we're also going to see some warmer temperatures. so by the morning time washington, d.c., philadelphia, you're going to see that wet weather, reaching new york in the afternoon. here's the future cast. notice at lunchtime it's already wet across the ohio valley into
3:45 pm
the mid-atlantic. is still try for now, but that storm is moving fast and furious. it is going to be reaching new york right around 3:00, but here we are at midnight as the ball drops, well, so is that rain. we are going to see bursts of downpours right around that time. so, again, it's going to be a very wet one. check out these real-feel temperatures. now superior accuracy when you take into consideration things like the winds, the cloud coverage, the temperature. that's how you get the accu weather real-feel, and in far go it's going to feel like 36 below 0. that's brutal. look at the east coast, totally different story. it is going to be warm when you compare 2019 to 2018. not bad. it was a cold one last year. 5 degrees below 0 for the real feel. again, this year it'll be around 45 but, again, soaking wet. here we are for new year's day. it's going to be cold across much of the country. we have a high pressure system in place driving down that cold
3:46 pm
air from canada, and on the east coast more rain in the forecast for the southeast. here are the temperatures. new york, we are talking record-challenging temps. the record is 62, we'll be at 59, so that's close. cold in the north-central renal. not bad down in california. speaking of california, well, the rose parade is coming up in pasadena. great conditions as far as sunshine, staying dry, but rook at the winds. -- look at the winds. we could see gusts up to 40 miles per hour. but for game time, conditions are great. back to you. jon: erin, thank you. well, 2018 is about to come to an end a little over 24 hours left, and it was a year full of historic events including the summit between president trump and north korean reeder kim jong you you jong -- kim jong un. a look back at the year's top stories coming up. plus, a deal between disney and verizon that will keep disney-owned stations on tv for
3:47 pm
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♪ ♪ jon: well, almost all of 2018 is now completely in the record books, leaving behind a completely unexpected diplomatic realignment, a contentious supreme court confirmation, a royal wedding and hot more. fox news chief anchor shepard smith takes a look back at the events that shaped the last 12 months. shepard: 2018 brought an election that shook up d.c., major action on immigration and a showdown over a supreme court nominee. those stories and more dominating the headlines in 2018. the year kicked off with a big mistake in hawaii. an emergency alert system falsely warned of an incoming
3:51 pm
missile from north korea. lawmakers in washington started their year with a partial government shutdown. it lasted three days before republicans and democrats cut a deal on spending and immigration. president bush got into a -- president trump got into a trade war with china after slapping new tariffs on some products. he said it was payback for unfair treatment. washington and beijing later agreed to a temporary truce. in parkland, florida, a gunman killed 17 high school students and staff. a few months later a shooting at a high school in santa fe, texas, left 10 ted. teachers in west virginia walked off the job to protest what they called a lack of resources and funding for public education. they got a pay raise and inspired protests in other states. the trump administration announced a new zero tolerance policy that led to the separation of immigrant children from their parents at the border. the president later signed an
3:52 pm
executive order to end the family separations. the fight against syria -- the fighting in syria intensified in 2018. a suspected chemical attack on civilians prompted a second round of u.s. missile strikes. north korean leader kim jong un met south korea's president in the dmz, setting the stage for president trump's own summit with kim. the two leaders agreed to try to ease military tensions and work toward denuclearization. america's dad, bill cosby, convicted of sexual assault and sentenced to 3-10 years behind bars. his lawyer said they would appeal. president trump announced the u.s. withdrawal from the landmark iran nuclear agreement, and the feds reimposed sanctions against iran while european leaders said they would work to save the deal. the president also recognized jerusalem as israel's capital and moved the u.s. embassy there. the u.k. celebrated a royal wedding.
3:53 pm
people around the world watched prince harry marry the american actress meghan markleing. the nfl announced a new policy for players who don't want to stand during the national anthem; letting them stay in their locker rooms to avoid having their entire teams fined. but the players' union protested, and the league put the new policy on hold. our neighbors to the north made big news. qanta -- canada became the second country to legalize recreation marijuana. ur bay was the first. supreme court justice anthony kennedy retired, and president trump nominated judge brett kavanaugh to replace him. that led to emotional hearings over decades-old accusations of sexual assault. judge kavanaugh denied the accusations, and the senate confirmed the him. divers rescued 12 boys and their soccer coach from a cave in thailand. they were stuck there for more than two weeks, trapped by rising waters. in the russia investigation, the
3:54 pm
former trump campaign chair paul manafort convicted of tax and bank fraud. he also pleaded guilty to two counts of conspiracy. special counsel robert mueller later accused him of lying to investigators. america said good-bye to war hero, senator and former presidential nominee john mccain. the arizona republican died of brain cancer. of he was 81. the senate voted unanimously to condemn saudi arabia, saying the crown prince was responsible for the murder of "the washington post" columnist jamal khashoggi. president trump said there was no direct evidence linking the prince to the killing, but u.s. intelligence officials reportedly concluded he ordered it. the florida panhandle took a direct hit from hurricane michael, one of the strongest storms ever to hit the u.s. and parts of the carolinas devastated by hurricane florence. the deadliest anti-semitic
3:55 pm
attack in american history took place at a synagogue in pittsburgh. the gunman opened fire during saturday services. eleven people killed. thousands of central americans headed toward the united states in a caravan through mexico. president trump deployed the military to the southern border. a few weeks before the midterm elections. and in those midterms, a split decision. democrats won control of the house, but republicans gained ground in the senate. the election season also saw another contentious recount in florida following razor-thin wins by republicans in the senate and governor's race. the state eventually upheld both victories. in california the so-called campfire became the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in state history. it obliterated the town of paradise and killed more than 80 people. family, friends and colleagues gathered to remember former president george herbert walker bush who died at age 94. he died months after his wife of
3:56 pm
73 years, barbara. looking ahead to 2019, democrats and republicans will share power in washington as the next presidential contest starts to take shape. of course, we'll be here for it all. in new york, shepard smith, fox news. jon: and we'll have more "fox report" after the break.
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3:59 pm
>> americans all over the country will have front row seats to a striking site. a super blood will full moon. a big, bright red moon in the sky just like last february's blood moon. our neighbors in south america and parts of western europe and africa will also be able to see the moon. >> disney of rising region a deal on high-stakes spat over
4:00 pm
programming fees. it threatened to knock espn, abc and other disney owned channels off of fios network. verizon says they will be released soon. >> that's how we report this sunday. i'm jon scott. thanks for watching, fox news sunday starts right now. n for chris wallace, day nine of the partial government shutdown. president trump doubled down on his border wall. >> how long do you think the you shutdown will last, mr. president? >> whatever it takes. we need safety for our country. sandra: how far apart are both sides on the deal. >> we have to work on it until we get an agreement where the majority say yes. >> where are chuck schumer and nancy pelosi? they're not stalking right now. sandra: what options are on the table. we'll discuss the showdown standoff with kellyanne conway and get an update on the negotiations with steve scalise, the nu


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