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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  December 31, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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on it 25 was. put on a table lamp, julie. >> julie: all right, john mark karr can i. happy new year to you. i will be back at 7:00 for dana today and then in for martha in at 7:00. here is leland in for shep. >> leland: president trump telling democrats to get back to work and give him a border wall. top democrats say that will never happen. but we have new details on their plan to end the partial shutdown when they take control of the house this week. a key republican critic of the president's decision to pull troops out of syria now says he is feeling better about the plan. plus, elizabeth warren takes a big step toward a white house run that's all ahead this hour. i'm leland vittert in for shepard smith. we begin with a potential turning point now. if the 10-day partial government shutdown on this last day of 2018. fox news has learned house democrats plan to file a
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package of spending bills any minute now that would be a first step in reopening the government. then they plan to advance this package when they take control of the house on thursday. our capitol hill team reports the house would take up a temporary plan for the department of homeland security to create some, quote breathing room on border security. that's at the center of the shutdown. president trump demanding $5 billion for a border wall. the democrats are refusing to give him. white house correspondent kevin corke beginning the hour on the north lawn. kevin, the president going to bite on this? >> well, that's a great question. i can honestly tell you no one knows for certain. the democrats simply want to advance this legislation because they have a job to do they want to be in power in the house and make sure american people at the same time sign off on this.
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what the democrats are hoping to accomplish here in the next several days as they assume power of the purse on capitol hill. very interesting strategy. you mentioned it. they want to not only try to get the government funded at least in the short-term, they also want to pick up the tab for important different agencies. so they are expected to unveil a continuing resolution, as you pointed out. got that from our sources and our colleagues over on capitol hill that would also fund dhs until february 8. it would also pass six remaining government spending bills. that's the plan for the democrats, although, to be fair, again, it is highly unlikely that the white house and the president will bite on this. and while the president says, listen, i will not budge on anything without funding for the wall. democrats are reminding people of the president's pledge to have mexico pay for the border wall. let me share a tweet from adam schiff. he says this. what trump said mexico will pay for the wall, i promise. i'm proud to shut down the government for border security. i'll be the one to shut it
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down. he adds this. what he says now. taxpayers must pay for the wall. the democrats own the shutdown. he ends with a quip promises made, promises broken. the white house tells me and they have said consistently the message is easy. no wall funding, no deal. leland? >> leland: we heard from chuck schumer no deal unless you give up the wall. the impasse continues right now. the president and i guess now his former chief of staff john kelly exchanging some words about this border wall. is this semantics or was there a real gaffe there between how they felt about things? >> i think there is honestly a lot of space between the two men with respect to how they perceive border security. now, that said, i think they are on the same page. whether you call it a wall, fencing, slats, the talking about border security broadly speaking. but, this was part of that exit interview. you may have seen this in the "l.a. times" that john kelly, the general was talking about, listen, this
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is never going to happen, this idea of this solid concrete wall on our southern border. that is something that we gave up early on in the administration. in fact, he said. this. the president still says wall. i'm using quotes here as he did. oftentimes frankly he will say barrier or fencing. now he's tended toward steel slats. we left a solid concrete wall early on in the administration when we asked people what they needed and where they needed it. keep in mind, border security folks at border patrol and ice were saying listen, we don't want it to be all solid because we need to be able to see what's going on on the other side. still, kelly's assessment obviously had the president talking on twitter. let me take you back to his favorite social media platform. the president saying this: an all concrete wall was never abandoned as has been reported by the media. some areas will be all concrete but the experts at border patrol prefer a wall that is see through, thereby making it possible to see what is happening on both
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sides. makes sense to me. all this as they are separated, leland, by just $5 billion. we will see if something breaks. for now, back to you. >> leland: we will keep watching. kevin corke at the white house. breaking news now, senator elizabeth warren speaking outside her home in cambridge, massachusetts this after earlier today taking a big step toward a presidential run. let's listen. >> look, i'm in this fight because i understand what's happening to working families. i grew up in a paycheck to paycheck family. and my big chance was a commuter college that cost $50 a semester. i run for office because i'm grateful down to my toes for the opportunities that were given to me. and i am determined that we will give those same opportunities not just to some of our kids, but to all of our kids owe think when we fight for something positive, for something big, when we show not just tell you about show what
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democrats will get out there and make happen i think that's how we win. >> do you think your politics are too polarizing for a national audience? >> you know, look, the way i see it right now, washington works great for giant drug companies. but just to the for people trying to get a prescription filled. washington works great for for profit colleges and student loan outfits, but not for young people who are getting crushed by student loan debt. and you could keep going through the list. the problem we have got right now in washington is that it works great for those who have got money to buy influence. and i'm fighting against that and you bet it's going to make a lot of people unhappy. but, at the end of the day, i don't go to washington to work for them. our government should be working for the people and that's the movement i'm going to lead.
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>> you articulated this very point throughout the course of your career. and you saw a developer from new york appropriate that message in 2018. how do you basically convince people that this message is still a message that belongs to the democratic party given that it's, again, it's been and used effectively by a real estate developer? >> we have to get out there and be clear about what we are fighting for and show we are willing to fight for it it's not enough to talk the talk. we have got to be willing to get out and walk the walk and that means we have got to stand behind the kinds of changes that will matter in the lives of everyday people. and when that means standing up to big drug companies we won't do what this administration has done that is raise prices whenever you want. we will say we are going to make real change.
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>> how does your message compare to that of sherrod brown, for example, and heroes who are making some of the same points. >> i think it's great that we have a strong and growing group of democrats who are making these arguments, who are fighting these fights. that's how we build a movement. we do it together. >> senator war religion you have not been afraid to take on donald trump as i said in the past. you expect that you go head to head, toe to toe with him and throw it right back with him as you know he has already started to do. is that part of winning this. >> look, i think the central part of winning this is to get out and talk with people about what we are fighting for. we want a government that works not just for the rich and the powerful. we want a government that works for everyone. and we can make that happen. we have to do it together. i think that's how we win. >> senator warren, now that you have had a few weeks to think about this, if you were to do it over again
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today, would you handle the release of the d.n.a. test any differently today? >> you know, look, i have put it all out there. it's there for anyone to see. but at the end of the day, what this is going to be about, this election going forward is going to be about the tens of millions of families across. >> leland: elizabeth warren outside her house in cambridge, massachusetts, the day before january 1st, 2019 as she says i'm in this fight all the way. earlier today she released a video of her biography and talking about what she thought was wrong with washington echoing some of those very same things here in this news conference. certainly, the first democrat to take this kind of marriage step towards a 2020 run. more on her chances and some of the other top democrats' chances with our political panel a little bit later. some of the names they have for you will surprise.
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meantime president trump says is he going to pull troops out of syria slowly it comes after a republican senator lindsey graham who originally called the decision a huge mistake. he now says the president and his commanders are, quote: slowing things down in a smart way. and the withdrawal from syria is in a, you quote, pause situation. president trump made the surprise announcement about syria. u.s. defense officials told fox news he caught his own military off guard. trey yingst just across the border from syria in our israel bureau. our middle east bureau. hi, trey. >> leland, senator lindsey graham tweeting last night that president trump will make sure before any u.s. troop withdrawal from syria that isis is completely destroyed. iran will not fill any sort of power vacuum left in the region. and the kurds will be protected. the statement coming after a two-hour meeting between trump and graham where the two reportedly reached an understanding of how the administration plans to pull u.s. troops out of syria.
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president trump tweeting a number of times today about syria, starting by saying, quote: if anybody but donald trump did what i do in syria, which was an isis loaded mess when i became president, they would be a national hero. isis is mostly gone. we are sending our troops back home to be with their families, while at the same time fights isis remnants. now, leland, according to the united nations, isis is not mostly gone. a report released just four months ago indicates that at least 20 to 30 hours isis fighters are still operating on the ground in both iraq and syria. leland? >> leland: all right. so you had u.s. forces inside of syria about it r. 2000000 of them as you mentioned. marines, artillery, those kind of things. what about all the u.s. backed fighters in syria. specifically the kurds that went after isis? >> >> leland, right now the american withdrawal, the preparations are already being felt across the region. on friday russian backed syrian forces did enter the
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northeastern town of monbib. at the invitation of kurdish fighters. fought bloody battles in syria. the kurds are fearing a massive turkish military operation once u.s. troops do leave the country. now, president trump has actually received a lot of criticism for this decision. many critics say he is abandoning kurdish forces. he saw his u.s. envoy mcgurk resigning over the matter. mcgurk tweeting today was my last day at the state department. i wish my former civilian and military colleagues well as they work under extremely difficult circumstances to protect the interests of our great country. it was a privilege to serve alongside them. now, leland, moving forward, it is waiting game to see how quickly president trump will make this decision to pull these troops out of syria. but he has received a lot of internal push back not only from his former u.s. special envoy against isis but also others at the u.s. state
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department. leland? >> leland: john bolton, the national security advisor heading other to both turkey and israel some time next month. trey yingst in jerusalem. trey, thank you. defense secretary james mattis saying goodbye to workers at the pentagon today. writing in a farewell memo that the department has proven to be at its best when the times are most difficult. the retired marine corps general hand president trump his resignation letter earlier this month. shortly after the president made that decision to withdraw u.s. troops from syria. lucas tomlinson live at the pentagon here in the last few hours of secretary mattis' time. hi, lucas. >> hi, lee land. that's right. defense secretary mattis steps down at 11:59 p.m. tonight, one minute before the ball drops on 2019. there will be no ceremony. instead, a phone call will take place between mattis and his deputy patrick shanahan who takes over as acting defense secretary. the call follows an approved script the pentagon says it won't release it this
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morning mattis did send a farewell message to all department of defense employees. mattis quoted president lincoln and urged his forces to remain undistracted, quote: so keep the faith in our country and hold fast alongside our allies, aligned against our foes. it has been my high honor to serve at your side. may god hold you safe in the air, on land and at sea. patrick shanahan takes over as acting defense secretary. he could be in the position for months because president trump says he is in no hurry to nominate a replacement. >> leland: i'm surprised he would quote lincoln at a time like this. happy new year to you and your family. thank you. coming up, we will talk to one of the top republicans on the house foreign affairs committee about what the syria troop withdraw from the region could mean for our region, our allies and also here at home. see you on the other side of the break. ♪ ♪
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not in this house.? 'cause that's no ordinary family. that's your family. which is why you didn't grab just any cheese. you picked up new kraft expertly paired cheddar and swiss for eggs. beat that! kraft. family greatly. we talked about syria and he told me some things grin that make me feel a lot better about where we are headed in syria. he promised to destroy isis. he's going to keep that promise. we are not there yet. but as i said today, we are inside the 10-yard line. >> leland: that was republican senator lindsey graham in south carolina after having lunch with president trump at the white house. as we mentioned, senator graham was an outspoken critic of the president's plan to withdraw u.s. troops from syria. but, after yesterday's meeting, he says he has
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never felt better about where things are headed. let's bring in republican congressman francis rooney of florida. at least for the next couple of days here vice chairman of the house foreign affairs committee will change in the new congress. good to see you, sir. >> good to see you, leland, thank you. >> leland: lindsey graham feels a lot better. do we understanding what he feels a lot better about and why? because this seems now incredibly opaque. >> i don't think we know enough details of what the president originally had in mind or what the president has in mind right now and what lindsey might have been able to change his thinking on. but we do know that isis is an ideology, not a state. and we have got to keep our foot in their back and it's not good for the world or the united states to give them any opportunity to fire back up. >> leland: sort of inherently answers the question i had for you but i will ask it anyway which is white it be better to wait to announce u.s. policy until we do have all the
12:20 pm
details you mentioned we don't? >> well, you know, the president has a unique way of expressing things and then many times he comes back in and adds the details later. at the end of the day, it's comforting that lindsey graham is satisfied he's a smart guy. he has been involved in this game a long time as long as we keep our foot in isis's back and keep them down and lont don't let them regain territory then we can work to their total erratic can a occasion. meantime as your people just said, we don't want to give iran any more space in syria to develop their axis of evil. >> leland: we certainly know that the iranians are working on that day and night. move you now to the issue of the government shutdown. the republicans come back now in the minority. one interesting thing i heard from some senior democrats is this idea of $5 billion is wanted by president trump. but they don't feel like he has given any real plan in terms of what this wall looks like. you're in the construction business. based on what have you seen, is there enough information
12:21 pm
given by the administration to really actually appropriate the $5 billion what the wall looks like, where it's going to be, what it needs to do? >> i have not seen a detailed analysis of where the money would go. i have seen some topical analysis. in fact, i asked him for that and suggested that they link the number of border crossings that would be interdicted by certain investments in wall and/or fence and/or whatever in different areas along the valley. i spent a lot of time in the valley. the valley and the whole rio grand border and the land border with arizona and new mexico is very complicated area. each area has much different characteristics. >> leland: by way of saying would it be better to figure out what to do in each one of those different areas you talk about and then how much it is going to cost and then go to congress with that or do the 5 billion upfront. >> i think it would give us a lot stronger position vis-a-vis the democrats to bombard the american people with real facts like that and make them realize the
12:22 pm
investment that they are paying for. >> leland: congressman francis reasony of florida. we will talk to you again soon, sir. >> thanks, leland. >> leland: all the best. happy new year. we'll be right back. after months of wearing only a tiger costume,
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♪ >> leland: hackers attacked the company that owns.
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so largest newspapers in the united states, including "the chicago tribune," the new york daily news and "the baltimore sun." the "l.a. times" reporting the hacks seem to come from outside the united states, it's unclear if another country's government was involved or just oversees hackers. matt finn live in chicago. hi, matt. >> lee land, this afternoon tribune publishing tells fox news that right now its systems are not 100 percent repaired after this cyber attack that tribune says affected all of its properties nationwide. newspaper customers over the weekend did not receive their newspaper or only received a portion of their newspaper because of this cyber attack on tribune publishing which publishes some of the largest newspapers, including the "new york times" and fox news' corporate cousin the "wall street journal." department land of homeland security is investigating cyber incident. it first detected malware in its systems on friday. tried to fight back but it was too late. one of the papers affected the "l.a. times" published an explanation writing in
12:27 pm
part, quote: because of a major computer breakdown that affected our printing and deliveries, many of you did not receive your copy of saturday's "l.a. times." we are also aware that some of you have been unable to report your missed delivery. tribune publishing says unfortunately none of its customers credit card information was stolen in this attack, leland? >> leland: bring up more questions than it answers. forbes reporting that the hack may be linked to foreign actors. what do we have on that? the linked to groups in china and north korea. forbes is also reporting that this could be the same ransom ware that was used in that 2014 cyber attack on sony studios which resulted in loss of sensitive information being made public. fox news asked tribune to comment about the foreign connections, right now tribune says it cannot comment on forbe's
12:28 pm
reporting. the fbi is also reportedly investigating this attack. lee land? >> leland: interesting, note worthy to watch the sony connection and his industry repeating itself. matt finn in chicago. matt, thank you. lots of americans are apparently leaving high tax states like new york, california and illinois, and moving to places where they can keep more of their money. for that, fox business jeff flock live hammond, indiana a states who population evidently is growing. growing for this reason, jeff? >> i think so. somewhat antidotal but there is evidence as well. yeah, i'm on the illinois, indiana border. indiana low tax state and illinois a high tax state. take a look at the numbers. you know, a lot of states lost population last year as we checked the 2018 numbers on population. but the biggest loser by far was illinois. 114,000 people moved out over the course of the past year. and even with births and
12:29 pm
people moving. in the state lost net 45,000 people. and it's the fifth straight year illinois has lost people. as we said, a total of nine states all across the country, the ones absent the ones driven by an energy economy like alaska, west virginia, which was not a good year. it's mainly high tax states that's like new york, illinois, hawaii convicted cut. those are the places people voting with their feet and leaving. >> leland: so what is the evidence that they are moving and voting with their feet in your words, even if it's raining out because of the high taxes? >> who wants to live here right now? nobody, probably. lovely weather we are having. but, yeah. there is evidence if you look, for example, like illinois has a new governor coming n two weeks. he has promised to switch from a flat tax income tax to a progressive tax that's like the u.s. tax code. if you make more money you get charged not only more money but a higher
12:30 pm
percentage of your income in tax. of the progressive income tax states currently look at the past year, they collectively lost about 293,000 people in 2018. the states ha had number of them gained 139,000 people. increasingly it does seem like people, based on taxes, both income and property tax, are trying to move to places where the government doesn't take quite as much of it. leland? >> all right. makes sense. jeff flock there in a very rainy hammond, indiana. thanks for braving the weather for us. happy new year. and democratic senator elizabeth warren has taken a major step toward running for president. she spoke just a few minutes ago. more on that. first, live look now at the dow. up about 200 as traders are trying to finish off the year in the green. it will be hard though to make the whole year green. it's been a wild month. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪.
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stocks wrapping up what could be their worst year since the 2008 financial crisis. a live look now at the dow as we look up 218 with about 25 minutes of trading left. analysts say investors are reacting to possible progress in trade talks between u.s. and china. fox business network christina partsinevelos here. that's sort been the story of this year contracting to whatever the latest rumor is on trade talks with china. >> exactly. they need some stability. that's what traders need. right now a lot of them are jittery. a lot of times when headlines come out you see immediate reaction. barrons calls that zombie market a loft traders are taking news, taking the headline, not even dissecting it just reacting right away. so often when what did the federal reserve puts out a note saying they are going to increase interest rates or talking about, you know, future month. you will see a reaction right away. then you will see it die
12:36 pm
down. people are starting to read the notes. dissect the news. >> it brings up election lent point if you follow the logic out zombie trading has very little to do with economic reality. >> very good point. you look at the economy and say hey, you have got unemployment low since 169, 7.1 million jobs opening. yes, they are starting to see a slowdown in the housing market. but there is all of these positive signs. so why is the market reacting this way? again, the market is not always the exact same thing as the economy. it's not the economy, flight it trails. so part of that people have to remember you will see a difference. you have a lot of jittery investors this entire month because of the instability. tariffs, what is the fed going to do in 2019? will they continue to tighten interest rates? less money supply in the market makes it harder to trade stocks and bonds. >> will the earnings growth continue into 2019 and the list goes on.
12:37 pm
kristina, thanks so much. good news we have a lot to talk about in 2019. >> definitely. >> leland: we will see you then, ma'am. from the fox urgent wire senator elizabeth warren laying out the reasons that she is considering a white house run. you saw her speak live from her house in massachusetts earlier this hour. democrat lawmakers says she is forming an exploratory committee which allows her to raise money and hire staff for a 2020 presidential campaign. earlier she gave a preview of her platform. america's middle class is getting hallowed out. middle class is shrinking. i'm in this fight all the way. washington works great for the wealthy and well-connected it's just not working for anyone else. >> leland: the republican national committee calling senator warren a, quote, fraud and out of touch. david reporting live in washington. david, nice to see you. >> hey, lee land, nice to see you, too.
12:38 pm
this announcement moving closer to a 2020 campaign came with a video message to supporters on this final day of 2018. to be clear as you said this is just exploratory committee as the democratic strategist put it to me today she is dipping her toe in the water to see how much money she can full and when she can pull it in. warren is the highest profile democrat to announce she is publicly considering a white house bid. former secretary of housing and urban development under president barack obama announced just a few weeks ago that he too is exploring a white house bid. warren has quite a following. came you through the ranks as attorney and law professor. she is well-known as a strong driving force behind a consumer financial protection bureau under the obama administration warren said to video supporters today when talking about running for public office not in a million years why ever feel compelled to run. she did hold this news conference outside of her home in cambridge where she answered some questions about this run i think the
12:39 pm
central part of fighting this is getting out and what we are fighting for. we want a government to that doesn't work just for the rich and powerful. we want a government that works for everyone. we can make that happen. we can have to do it together. >> warren a frequent critic of president trump is entering a field expected to be one of the most crowded in history, no doubt leland, we are looking at debates coming up really in about six months. >> leland: easy to count on both hands and both feet the number of possible democratic contenders here. any idea what the time line is on some of these other folks on when they may announce? >> well, you know, that's the big question. we are waiting to hear what former vice president joe biden wants to do. vermont senator bernie sanders, kamala harris and cory booker, both senators in california and new jersey respectively. we don't have a specific time line but you have to wonder with elizabeth warren jumping in officially on the last day of 2018 it, might push those other candidates to make up their minds and soon. leland.
12:40 pm
>> leland: mr. spunt welcome to the network and welcome your little one to the family as well. niles to see you sir, happy new year. >> you as well, thank you. >> leland: with that we bring in our panel who ted cruz's transition that didn't happen. house majority leader kevin mccarthy president trump's campaign jack friend, democratic strategist and former spokesperson for america. play more from elizabeth warren's warren's roll out film and get your thoughts on it? >> these aren't cracks that families are falling into. thee are traps. america's middle class is under attack. how do we get here? billionaires and big corporations decided they wanted more of the pie. and they enlisted politicians to cut them a fatter slice. >> leland: boy, that does not have the hope and change, uplifting message that brought barack obama to the white house and then re-election. >> yeah. that's true. i think that one of the challenges that all of these candidates are going to face
12:41 pm
and i think you are exactly right that we could be seeing maybe 2 dozen announcements within the next month or so is going to be really how do you broaden your message. senator warren has done a good job playing to the progressive space she doesn't own that space anymore. a couple colleagues in the congress and o'rourke playing into that space. how do you transition to a general election message? how do you do something that's more broad is going to be the challenge that she is going to be facing. >> leland: dan, you and i were talking early yerming, in some ways if you watch all of elizabeth warren's film some of the tone and anger in it echos in a way what we heard from a populist donald trump on the stump in 2015, 2016. >> in my view that was incredibly cynical roll out video. she is basically telling us what to fear and who to blame. i mean, she has got to really come through with better rhetoric than that that is this cheapest form of leadership playing to
12:42 pm
anger and playing to fear. she does have a good point. wages have been flat in this country. that's terrible. she has the wrong diagnosis. the cure is not more government. you take the path that elizabeth warren lays out you will end up in france. what we need is a closed border so that we can shore up the value of labor in the united states. this unregulated migration across the border is hurting american families. also, we need a trade deal with china. she is talking about a better -- a government that serves more people. we need a society that works better for people. not just a government. she is too government centric. >> leland: dan, with that, obviously you don't see elizabeth warren as a threat to the president, best position to win the dnc nomination, best position to win overall, you say when the nomination, michael bloomberg and best position to win overall michelle obama. why does michelle obama scare you if she were to take on president trump?
12:43 pm
>> she is enormously popular unifies the thread of the democratic constituency. and i think she would be very, very formidable. she has enormous name i.d. she can raise unlimited amount of money. the press would swarm behind her the mainstream media and shield be riding a tremendous wave. i don't think she is going to run. i think michael bloomberg, however, with his name i.d., his bottomless pocket and the front loaded nature of this year's race in a yowded field where you know they are going to be voting on absentee in california at the same time they are doing caucusing in iowa and new hampshire. only those candidates who can raise a great deal of money and have name i.d. are going to be competitive. he would obviously be very formidable. >> leland: zac, what do you think of dan's pick? >> i'm not siding with those picks. obviously michelle is not going to run. i think michael bloomberg is a long shot. let me tell you this, in 2008 i don't think obama picked obama to win the primary and north korea 12
12:44 pm
they didn't choose mitt and didn't choose trump. it's a long, long process. i do think there is a fair point here about having a more upon message. i think the economic message resonates. it's a message the democrats need to be talking about more that the economy really has not been working for a lot of people. even though the numbers would make it seem like the economy is strong. people are still really struggling but there is a way to say it that actually resonates, i think with the industrial midwest and some of the rust belt states that we have lost in the 2016 race that we started to win back in some of the congressionals. really localizing it to a populist but positive message. >> do democrats face some of the same problems now in 2020 that republicans faced in 2012? you have to move so far to one extreme to win the primary, it makes it much more difficult to win the general. >> well, i think that we are in unchartered territory. the difference between 2008,
12:45 pm
2012, and 2016 with social media and. so changes that have occurred i don't even know on a day-to-day basis how you get a narrative across it seems to be a messaging day-to-day messaging component governing by crisis. problematic for a campaign how to resonate. quite frankly the primary electorate is very different from the general election electorate and how you get that message from the primary to the general it can be very difficult for some of these candidates. >> leland: dan, we will end with you, president trump has been expert in many things when it comes to his political trek. but he seems to be unusually good at getting his opponents to make mistakes and get them angry and get under their skin. how does he do that with this broader democratic field? >> early on it's just back a mole, you know, whoever seems to rise up i'm sure is going to coin a nickname and brand them low energy, pocahontas, this or that he will find ways to synthesize what is fundamentally undesirable about his
12:46 pm
opponent. but i think, frankly, if this election were held tomorrow, he would have a cuff time cobbling together 270 electoral votes. look at the numbers in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. i think he needs to really focus on raising the wages of average working american families. this is absolutely critical. and those states are going to be the determinant states going into 2020. so back to how do you raise wages, you need to restrict immigration across the border. you need to make a deal with china. and, you know, settle in so people see higher wages. >> leland: so far neither of those things have done. note worthy zac and dan you both indicate the economic issues and debate is where this will be won in the rest belt going back to james carville's line it's the economy, stupid i believe in 1992. fellows, great to see you. thanks so much. happy new year and we'll talk about it on the other side. >> thank you. >> happy new year, lee land. >> leland: coming up, an american citizen arrested in
12:47 pm
russia shah on suspicion of spying. what's behind it perhaps coming up. about 50% of people with evesevere asthma k? have too many cells called eosinophils in their lungs. eosinophils are a key cause of severe asthma. fasenra is designed to target and remove these cells. fasenra is an add-on injection for people 12 and up with asthma driven by eosinophils. fasenra is not a rescue medicine or for other eosinophilic conditions. fasenra is proven to help prevent severe asthma attacks, improve breathing, and can lower oral steroid use. fasenra may cause allergic reactions. get help right away if you have swelling of your
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>> leland: security officials in russia say they have arrested an american citizen in moscow on suspicion of spying. if convicted he could spend
12:51 pm
20 years behind bars. state department correspondent rich edson in washington with more. wow, rich. >> domestic security service says authorities arrested the american citizen friday while he was in the act of spying. the russian government has release nod further information on his arrest. the state department spokesperson says the russian ministry of foreign affairs has formally notified the united states of his detentionenned is that international law requires russia grant u.s. officials access to him. officials have requesting to seed detained american citizen and they expect russia will allow it. two weeks ago, a russian citizen pleaded guilty to acting as a foreign agent to promote russia friendly policies in the united states russian political prisoner of the u.s. and leading a social media campaign to free her. in his annual news conference, russian president vladimir putin denied she was following instructs from the russian
12:52 pm
government. putin also claims russia would not arrest innocent people simply to exchange them for russians held in other countries. leland. >> interesting points. president putin made in that news conference there. all right, timing on that. what do you make of president putin reaching out to president trump. coincidence on the timing here? nice holiday letter from the president of russia according to the kremlin with a holiday greeting. the russian's office quote vladimir putin's stress important factor behind ensuring strategic stability and international security and reaffirmed that russia is open to dialogue with the united states on the most edges extensionive agenda. president trump cancelled a more formal meeting with the russian president g-20 summit at biewn knows aries. they cited days before russia had seized artillery in strait. at odds over the backing of the assad.
12:53 pm
poisoning of former russian spy and daughter in england and interference in the 2016 u.s. election. leland, back to you. >> leland: rich edson in washington. a lot more to come from. this hear back from friends at the state department. rich, thank you. times square getting ready to ring in the new year on what could be a very rainy night in new york city. come up, we will take a look at celebrations around the world where it's already 2019. ♪ ♪ oh! oh! oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪
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12:58 pm
lighting up a foggy night there celebrators in huge show crowds in beijing watched giant polar bears and pan does dance in front of the stadium from the 2008 summer olympics. and a live look at times square just down the street from us here. if it look as little dark that's because of the rain that is pouring down. that is not deterring thousands from already packing the streets. major security preps underway as people around the world gather to watch the ball drop at midnight. jackie heinrich also out in the weather reporting from times square. hi, jackie. >> hey, leland, more than a million people are expected to pack in to sometimes square tonight. so, of course, safety is the number one priority. for the first time nypd is using drones to back up its network of 1200 security cameras. so no angle at times square will be left out of view. they are also using bomb-sniffing dogs trained to lead their handler to
12:59 pm
potential suicide bombers before they ever reach a crowd or a target. of course, organizers had a lot of preparation of their own. on saturday did air one way or the otherness test of the 3 tons of confetti ready to drop onto the crowd. tested the bulb's 32,000 lights and drop switch. it's a lot of pressure with a billion people watching on tv. believe it or not, there have been mistakes in the past. >> you know, the first year i did this back in 1995, the ball was actually we used to do it by rope, six people. four men on ropes. there were supervisor and a man with a stop watch. even back n the 1950s the ball got stopped halfway during the celebration. >> we have come along way from the first new year's eve ball bulb in 1907. 25 light bulbs 25 watts each about what you would use for a table lamp. leland. >> leland: jackie, happy new year to you and yours. thanks for being out there for us. i'm leland vittert in for
1:00 pm
shepard smith. dow up 208 as the closing bell is about to ring on the last day of 2018. and the last trading day. charles payne in for cavuto to break it all down. ♪ >> charles: stocks going out with a bang as russia rings in the new year. and a big party planned in times square at midnight tonight. welcome, everyone, i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. this is a special edition of "your world." investors doing buying on final trading day of the year. not enough to keep the major averages from finishing 2018 in the red. this following a brutal december. the dow, nasdaq on the pace for their worst december since 1931. we'll dive into the numbers in a moment. first, stocks gaining on signs of a trade deal in the making with china and maybe a deal in the works to end this government shutdown. blake burman is at the white house with more on that. blake? >> hi there, charles. happy new year's to you by the w


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