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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  January 3, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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for a second. >> jason: i got spanked. this is the mug i did not win. that's all the time we have. i am jason chaffetz in for laura ingraham. pick up my new book "the deep state." it's time for shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team. >> shannon: showing up and taking the quiz challenge, you get points for that. >> jason: that's all i did. that's what it takes. i didn't even hit the buzzer. i got skunked. >> shannon: i will get you a mug. i know someone. i will hook you up. all right, jason, great show. we begin with a fox news alert. making history, nancy pelosi taking the speaker's gavel again today and with the democratic control of the house, she says she welcomes the new dawn of bipartisanship in our nation's capital. tonight, top democrats calling for bipartisan ship too. they want republicans to help them investigate the president. it's all happening amid the partial government shutdown.
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tonight "fox news @ night" will investigate the bills the house democrats passed to reopen the government. pro-life activists worried by what's in the measures as they head to the senate. hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i am shannon bream in washington. we have fox team coverage. chris stirewalt is here with his to-do list for congress. leland vittert on the latest on capitol hill where i understand the house has voted on senate measures to fund the government but not the wall. good evening, leland. >> exactly, shannon. look no further than how late speaker pelosi kept the new congress tonight for approved that she wanted this day to be about her and trying to corner the president, as you noted, with bills the dawn from the wall. fair to say i had other ideas. at 4:30 this afternoon, he changed the conversation. >> happy new year. happy new year to everybody. >> walking to the press briefing room for the first time, president donald trump gave bipartisanship a few seconds of airtime.
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>> i want to start off by congratulating nancy pelosi ending speaker of the house. it's a very, very great achievement. hopefully we are going to work together and get lots of things done. >> doubled down on his instagram name. >> i've never had anything like it in terms of calls coming in, in terms of people writing in and tweeting and doing whatever they have to do. i've never had this much support. >> border patrol agents flanking the president backed up the statement, despite foregoing pay during the shutdown. >> i worked in arizona for ten years. we didn't have physical barrier barriers. illegal immigration and drug smuggling was absolutely out of control. >> we are all affected by the shutdown. we have skin in the game. ask yourself this question. if i come to your home, do you want me to knock on the front door or do you want me to climb through that window? >> hours before on the other end of pennsylvania avenue, nancy pelosi became the first speaker to reclaim the gavel
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since the 50s with a seeming not to bipartisanship. >> he said if we ever close the door to new americans, our leadership role in the world will soon be lost. ronald reagan. >> she made it clear what the words meant policy wise. >> are you willing to give him some money for the wall? apparently that is the sticking point. >> no, nothing for the wall. nothing for the wall. >> while pelosi's democratic caucus voted on measures to reopen the government, the vice president match the speaker's defiance. >> the bottom line is you will not accept a deal that does not include a wall, if i'm hearing it right. >> i think the president has made it very clear. no wall, no deal. >> on the power to enforce that comes with a president to veto. it's unclear if republicans in the senate will force the president to use the veto or provide some protection from these bills the house trespassed. >> shannon: all right, leland. thank you very much. minute-by-minute updates.
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first avenue congress, democratic members not listening to leadership. democratic lawmaker brad shuman reintroducing articles of impeachment. he says i continue to believe that obstruction of justice is the clearest, simplest, and most provable high crime and misdemeanor committed by donald j. trump. this evening nancy pelosi's top lieutenants hit the airwaves to explain their agenda going forward. adam schiff says he's interested in bipartisanship if it means republicans on the committee wish to join his investigation of the president. >> this is the most precarious time in my lifetime in terms of our republic. we have a president who denigrates the freedom of the press, who goes after the independence of the judiciary and in so many ways, i think is threatening the livelihood of our democracy. the answer to that cannot be more of the same. >> shannon: the new chair of the house finance committee has called for president trump's impeachment many, many times and has vowed in her words to get
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him. democrat maxine waters says she will be investigating the president via the banking syste system. >> we have been trying to find out about the money ties to russia, through deutsche bank. we know deutsche bank lends this president, have loaned him a lot of money. we want to know whether or not money-laundering is going on. we will do some of that. >> shannon: hank johnson repeatedly likened president trump to hitler. in a speech on new year's day, commemorated the anniversary of them as the emancipation proclamation. >> anti-immigrant, racist strongman to the nation's highest office, much like hitler took over the nazi party, trump has taken over the republican party. >> shannon: johnson attempted to clarify his remarks later, telling local publication the point of his messages that democracy is under threat and if
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america is not vigilant, tear and will set in. both sides talking tough while also calling for bipartisanship. is there a way out? i would say there are many impasses. let's bring in chris stirewalt. how do you pluralize it? i don't know. >> impasses. i think for florida and west virginia people we can go for impasses. >> shannon: will keep it simple. from "the wall street journal" " they call it "enter the house of pelosi. the main democratic will be investigating not legislating. they say voters may think they sent democrats to washington to check president trump's unpresidential habits. what should we expect? >> it depends on what happens out of the shutdown business. that's a bunch of, as my mother would have said, bartok from republicans and democrats.
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all of it is fine to say but the matter at hand is determinative at this moment. the government shutdown. markets are not happy. the consequences are racking up. it's not good for either party but it's particularly not good for a president who needs to be able to get things going in again. he needs to at least take one hot poker out of his eye right now. that would be good for him if he could get one of these things out of his way. how pelosi is able to navigate this, how the senate response, what the president is going to do, we are heading for an absolute pileup here in this demolition derby. >> shannon: we all talk about here in washington, the fact that the president likes to have an opponent. he has said nice things about the new speaker, nancy pelosi. there is kind of an interesting conversation about what sort of relationship they really will have. she seems to be having fun with this too. she said no money for the wall. today she was asked about, would you give at least a dollar. here was her response.
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>> a dollar? [laughter] $1? >> are you willing -- >> you said $1. that's not your question. you said $1. >> shannon: we know the house passed these measures. probably not going to pass the senate. even if it did, the president is not going to sign it. where does it go? >> we are stuck in the same place. it's just a stupid semantic gam game. both parties treating their base like suckers. treat the political base like mushrooms. keep them in the dark and cover them with horse manure. it's an info decimal rounding error and they both want more money for border security. it's a difference of a couple billion dollars which is nothing. it's a ridiculous joke. it's a question of when will one or the other feeling of pain in
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this to lose face, knuckle under, and sign off and let it go? >> shannon: we don't see the end of the road just yet. we are on a new 116th congress we will see all plays out. a great to-do list from you outlining what the democrats are going to be all about. folks should check it out. chris, you and your impasses. thank you. leading conservative voice firing back at the new democratic majority already. "we knew they couldn't help themselves." jim jordan, representative sherman files article files arf impeachment. my next guest voted for jordan instead of kevin mccarthy. he got a vote and sell. assist republican congressman from kentucky, thomas massie.
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why did you vote for jordan? >> jordan said let's do what we told the people we would do. when it looked like we might still be the majority, jordan was running for speaker. i pledge my vote to him for speaker and i followed through even though it's a vote for minority leader. i think that's what people want us to do. do what we said we would do. it was an easy vote for me. i did get one vote. i tied with joe biden. he got one vote. it's fun to watch. it was more fun to watch the democrat side because they had fractures over there that you are starting to see. some of their members who are to the left of nancy pelosi, if you can imagine that, they were fracturing away from her. she was able to hang on in the speaker vote and that's where all the drama was. >> shannon: more drama tonight. you were on the hill voting on measures to get the government reopened. obviously the democrats are in
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control. what they offer up is not going to be the ideal package. this goes to the senate now. the president has said he will not sign it without wall funding. nancy pelosi said you get $0 for the wall. how do you resolve it? 800,000 federal government workers wait for a solution. >> i think we forget the cartoon we watched, schoolhouse rock. when the senate passes a bill in the house passes a bill dealing with the same topic in their differences, they both appoint members to a conference committee will go together and negotiate a compromise bill which then goes back to each chamber. that's the old schoolhouse rock cartoon. then each chamber vote on it, no amendments can be offered. that's where i think we should go. pelosi doesn't want to give $1 for the wall. i agree with chris. this is a rounding error in my - in our federal budget. we spent $100 billion on
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disaster relief for texas, florida and california and puerto rico last year. that's $100 billion for those disasters. what about the disaster at our border? can't we spend $5 billion on that? p run let me ask you about senator cory gardner, republican, said we should not be figuring out this wall funding in the midst of funding the wall. he says we should pass the bipartisan bills that include money for border security while we fight for more border security money. congress needs to take further action. that work should be done when it's fully open. >> no, i think that's where trump needs to make it stand. he's got a good position. three quarters of the government's entitlements. that goes on whether we vote for it or not. it's not shutdown. of the appropriations, three quarters is funded. the military, department of education, department of labor. a lot of government has been funded. we are talking about a quarter of a court of the stuff i'd write now. the president's right to take a stand here. >> shannon: before you go, i want to ask, you reintroduced
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your bill. to audit the fed. does it go anywhere? >> it has passed twice in the house with a vetoproof majority. i think the president can support something like this. he's not a big fan of the fed. it's the best time to pass audit the fed. i think the president would sign it. we need to get it passed in the senate. >> shannon: will watch. a lot of americans want to get their eyes on that information. congressman, great to have you with us. newly sworn in house speaker nancy pelosi inviting president trump to deliver his second state of the union address january 29. speaker pelosi says she looks forward to welcoming the president took capital. the me too movement looming large over a potential 20 candidates. we ate tell you about a little-known rule changing in
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>> shannon: for the field of 2020 democratic candidates, they me too movement looms large. the senate democrat who led the charge against justice brett kavanaugh, dianne feinstein, throwing her weight behind joe biden. trace gallagher is looking into a surprising early endorsement. hey, trace. >> shannon, if democratic california senator kamala harris decides to run for president, she won't have the backing of her california colleague dianne feinstein for the five term incumbent's had her preferred choice for president's former vice president and delaware senator joe biden. quoting "joe was chairman of the judiciary committee when he came to this place. i've watched him as vice president. i've seen him operate. i've seen him perform. he brings a level of experience and seniority which i think is really important." biden was judiciary chair during the clarence thomas supreme court confirmation.
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he's been widely criticized for his handling of the anita hill questioning. to this day, biden says anita hill was vilified and that he wishes he could've done more to prevent those questions. critics say he chose not to do more. dianne feinstein has also been criticized by republicans for her part in bringing forth uncorroborated and decades-old sexual misconduct allegations via christine blasey ford against then supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. meantime, if joe biden does decide to run in 2020, he could get a boost over bernie sanders. one of the reasons sanders did so well against hillary clinton in 2016 is because he dominated in states that voted by caucus, winning 12 out of 18. experts say it allowed him to capitalize on his small but fervent base of supporters. several states that caucused in 2016 will hold primaries in 2020 and primaries tend to have higher turnout and favor candidates with wider support.
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for example, in 2016, bernie sanders only won 11 of 39 primary states. sanders 2016 campaign manager jeff weaver says switching from caucuses to primaries will have zero effect on a sanders 2020 run. if the caucuses don't damage a potential sanders run, sexual harassment allegations might. for than two dozen men and women who work for his 2016 campaign say it was replete with sexual violence and harassment. sanders says that will be addressed. shannon. >> shannon: trace gallagher, thank you very much. we'll democrats line up behind biden at the expense of sanders? a lot to discuss. time for tonight's power panel. fox news contributors leslie marshall and guy benson and opinion editor boyd matheson. welcome and happy new year to all of you. a couple different things i want to talk about with bernie sanders. i want to play a little bit of his apology after this letter
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came forward and the allegations among a number of people who worked in his campaign in 2016. >> i certainly apologize to any woman who felt she was not treated appropriately and of course if i run, we will do better next time. i was a little bit busy running around the country trying to make the case. >> shannon: leslie, there were people on both sides including women who felt it wasn't exactly the best apology. i am sorry if someone felt a certain way. they feel like he could do better and maybe you should take another stab at it. >> i am with those women that feel that way or men that feel that way as well. you have people that said we came to individuals within the campaign, the bernie sanders campaign. he was the captain of the ship. he needs to know more. he needs to have done more. going forward, i think it's great they're going to have a dedicated toll-free hotline so if anybody feels uncomfortable or wants to make a complaint, it
8:22 pm
is set up. that's a good first step. i think more has to be done. we are in a me too movement and we just had a record number of women sworn in today in the house and senate and congress. >> shannon: boyd, do you think it doesn't anything to him long term? >> i don't think so. it's going to be based on what does he do next. what does the campaign look like and who does he have in key positions. they were a very white, very male leadership. it's going to be, does he engage in the conversation and does he do something to change the dynamics of the dialogue? or does he keep making half excuses, have issues? >> shannon: i heard people discussing, one reaction that they were two too white and toe male. it doesn't have anything to do with race or gender, the inappropriate behavior.
8:23 pm
anyone can be guilty of that kind of behavior. if you say the way to solve the problem is to make it more diverse based on race and gender and some of hiring people with the best skills or political instincts. is that the way to go? >> i am pro-marriage and against identity politics which i think is often toxic. >> i am probe merit there was just one or two complaints but dozens of people who either experienced it themselves or saw it and for bee at the head of the campaign, the ceo of the corporation, to say i knew nothing about it, sorry if people were offended. i was a little busy. it's not a great answer and if he runs and if the democratic field is packed which i think it will be in thing started getting nasty, i think this could become a serious problem for him. especially if there are females on those debate stages who feel like, and i say stages because there might be more than one, they feel like he's a threat, they want a box out some of his voters, this can get dredged up
8:24 pm
and if he gives answers like that, it's not going to. >> shannon: is much as democrats have been talking about this idea of diversity and a fresh new class of faiths and people coming to the ranks and through their bench, consistently the polling continues to show three white guys at the top. beto, biden, and bernie. not in that order but they are concerned about that. we will see if it's more divers diverse. there was a piece out today that talked about democrats opposition to the border wall and the fact that many have voted for similar things in the past but now they have gone a whole new level. part of what he said here about the fact that they don't seem to want any kind of infrastructure at all. he says "their opposition to president trump's border wall is not so total is to be nearly interesting washable from opposition to any serious infrastructure at the border at" >> their biggest problem is they are on the verge of doing something that's irresponsible or irrational. they are getting so far down the
8:25 pm
path of we are going to say no to everything, calling the wall immoral and those kinds of things, it doesn't do anything to advance the cause and it's getting to the point where the american people are saying wait a minute. are we not a country? do you not believe we should have any kind of border at all? i think the one thing the democrats have to remember especially in how solid they are in power is restraint always works. if they want to use this as a fight so they can have a fight with president trump, they will probably lose it in the end. restraint always works and just because they can do something, keep the government shutdown and keep things as they are, doesn't mean they should. they need to take a look in the restraint department and look at the rationality department to make sure they know what they are doing and why. >> shannon: leslie, this idea of the double standard, invoking president obama. he says democrats are treating the notion of a wall as practically a human rights abuse. president barack obama routinely droned people without generating as much as trump does.
8:26 pm
asking for $5 billion to better fortify the southern border. is it political? >> it's not all political. where's the motivation for democrats to fulfill a campaign promise of a republican president that many of them, with a 40 seat gain and a huge blue wave in the house, campaigned on along with immigration? what democrats need to do and i think they will come out ahead even if the senate has known the president doesn't sign it, they have to look at comprehensive immigration reform, things that are going to secure our border, and a wall isn't going to do it. the majority of people come here undocumented and stay come via plane. in california, we have sanctuary cities that have to be addressed. i think quite frankly if they speak to what the people wanted, elected them to do, and they do pass something that's comprehensive that includes border security without a wall, a physical wall across the
8:27 pm
southern border with mexico, i think will be a win for the democrats because i think that's echoing the sentiments of the people, so say the polls. >> shannon: this piece, he says he thinks the president probably has the upper hand by the way this has been ruled out is not working. he says trump has the better part of the argument. his -- no discernible strategy, it makes it unlikely that his view will carry the day. >> the democrats are wrong on the merits of the immigration issue in some respect but the president of republicans by extension have bungled this entire thing because they have basically said that we are going to own the shutdown and then yes, we are going to pass this out of the senate unanimously. now we won't sign the same thing we just passed. it is sort of a mess when it comes to messaging. again, i think the democrats, i agree partially, partially with what leslie said that there has to be a multi-blonde approach
8:28 pm
but one element has to be a physical barrier all along the border. this is something almost every democrat voted for in 2006. later in the gang of eight. if nancy pelosi is now saying walls are immoral, should she not be campaigning to have the existing walls torn down as a moral crusade against these horrible barriers? it's a ludicrous public policy position. >> shannon: something tells me we are not going to get that piece of legislation. guy, boyd, leslie, thank you. leslie, you heard guy say -- >> do you have that on tape? >> shannon: we do. thank you. come back soon. republican leaders say democrats are wasting no time prioritizing abortion and there are allegations tonight it might involve your tax dollars. "fox news @ night" is investigating the language of brand-new legislation and how democrats are trying to reverse
8:29 pm
a policy that pro-lifers have been celebrating. >> eliminating a crucial pro-life policy in place today. >> shannon: we will have analysis from both sides of the issue after the break. high blooe and need cold medicine that works fast, the choice is simple. coricidin hbp is the #1 brand that gives powerful cold symptom relief without raising your blood pressure. coricidin hbp. uh uh - i deliverberty the news around here. ♪ sources say liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. over to you, logo. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> shannon: visited fox news alert. brand-new democrat majority has passed legislation they say will and the partial government shutdown. republican leaders say the bill is dead on arrival to the senate. there's no money for the border wall. the president is not going to sign up but there's another issue buried in the text that house republicans are not happy about. corresponded ellison barber has the details. >> the house passed a combined bill to reopen part of the federal government through september 30. the vote passed 241-190 with seven republicans joining democrats to vote yes. the house approved funding for
8:34 pm
dhs on an interim basis. but with no wall funding. none of this is expected to go any further. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said the senate will not consider a bill that cannot pass their chamber and the president will not sign. for most opponents including the white house, they disapprove of this proposal because it lacks funding for a physical barrier on the southern border. for some, a major concern is abortion. >> sending money overseas for forest serialization and forced -- forced abortion. added to a bill under the dark of night. >> this bill was supported by mitch mcconnell, lindsey graham among other senators. >> it eliminates a crucial pro-life foreign policy the united states does not and cannot fund abortions, period. >> if what our calling said is true, then we should take this
8:35 pm
provision out of the bill. >> protecting life in global health assistant policy, known as the extended mexico city policy. president ronald reagan instituted in 1984. at its core it prohibits federal funding for nongovernmental organizations that they perform or actively promote abortion as a form of family planning. it's been rescinded and reinstated a number of times. president trump brought it back and expanded it, flying into things like the president's emergency plan for aids relief and the malaria initiative. critics argue there are communities where there is one clinic. if that clinic loses funding forgiving someone at abortion referral, a lot of people might not have access to all the other things they do like making sure people have information related to hiv prevention, bed nets to
8:36 pm
keep malaria carrying mosquitoes at bay. supporters disagree. the susan b. anthony list says house democrats are trying to "foist a radical pro-abortion agenda on the nation by including a provision to get rid of this policy in their proposal to reopen the government." they say it makes american taxpayers complicit in the exportation of abortion. tonight the house rejected a procedural move by republicans hoping to get the provision taken out. it would have sent the spending package back to committee. that effort failed. >> shannon: ellison, thank you very much. more on the language, let's bring in jehmu green and marjorie dannenfelser. welcome. jehmu, i want to start with this portion from senator marco rubio. he says it's nothing more than far left wing theater as these policies have no chance of
8:37 pm
passing the senate or being signed by the president. i have worked to ensure taxpayer dollars are never spent on abortions at home or overseas and will continue to do so. to ensure this bill is defeated. is it more about making a statement knowing it's not actually going to be signed into law? >> i think this statement is very clear that this policy is cruel. it was cruel under ronald reagan. it was cruel under both presidents bush and unsurprisingly president trump expanded it and made it even more cruel. a few facts i think are really important to the discussion. there are 230 million women who don't have access to contraception in this world. there are 830 something women in a day that die from pregnancy related complications. the global gurule the u.s. has bounced back and forth, one
8:38 pm
thing we know for sure is study show does nothing to reduce abortions and it actually increases the millions of unsafe abortions that happen in the world every year. it leads to many deaths. >> shannon: let me bring in marjorie. today the president of planned parenthood tweeted i know abortions cost women their lives. she says 320 kenyan women are hospitalized and seven die as a result of illegal abortions. >> i don't know that jehmu understands the policy. here's what it is. it prohibits any funding for any health related organization that we participate in outside the united states from in any way getting entangled in abortion. it has nothing to do with contraception. contraception is not touched by this policy. it also does not take 1 penny
8:39 pm
away from any of those programs that do this. what happened today, day one of her leadership today, she made this a priority. contradicting a day one priority of president trump when he instated this policy. frankly decided to make a statement. everyone knows this is not going to get through the senate and everyone knows the president will not sign it. it was just doing exactly the opposite of what she said she wanted to do as the leader of the democratic party which is open up and make -- have a bigger tent on abortion policy and instead it's the same old story of making americans pay for abortions and exporting abortions even to other countries undermining their own cultural norms and their own loss and in ways make it very difficult in our negotiations with them on other issues. >> shannon: i want to bring up a poll that was done january last year.
8:40 pm
they asked people how they feel about using tax dollars in any way to be connected to paying for abortions. 60% said they oppose or strongly oppose it. 36% said they support or strongly supported. jehmu, where do we go from there knowing americans are opposed to any link between tax dollars in promoting or finding abortions. >> this isn't about tax dollars funding abortions. i'm sorry, marjorie, but i do know this policy and i think the people who know this policy best are the doctors. you had a segment talking to border control agents, or president trump talking with bor patrol agents. why do conservatives refused to listen to the doctors who are very clear on how harmful this policy is. the world health organization. these are the spurts on this issue. yet conservatives and
8:41 pm
republicans feel their passion around this issue is more important. more important than the health care, more important that the human rights that health care is and i would say. let's listen to the doctors. >> it comes from countries all across africa, they don't believe abortion is legitimate. they think contraception is but they don't think abortion is. they don't appreciate it when we with cultural imperialistic ideas go in and try to lobby to overturn abortion laws in their country and undermined the cultural values of those countries. americans definitely don't support abortion funding in this country and they definitely don't support -- [both speaking] >> shannon: we are out of time and clearly not going to solve it tonight. we are glad we have both voices on either side of this conversation. jehmu, marjorie, thank you both very much. a major feat for china's space
8:42 pm
industry. brand-new pictures from the far side of the moon. the british army seeking snowflakes. stick around for "where in the world."
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>> shannon: this is a fox news alert. a manhunt is underway in texas city, texas. police say they are searching for a suspect after three young children were found dead in an apartment. a woman also found injured with a gunshot wound to the head. authorities are responding to a
8:46 pm
welfare check at the apartment when they discovered what had happened there. the person of interest we are told is 27-year-old juniad hashim mehmood. they want to talk to him. three children found dead, a woman with a gunshot wound. the search is on in texas. the first time ever, tonight there's a spacecraft on the far side of the moon they didn't come from the u.s. instead it's the latest achievement in china's space program. correspondent kristin fisher tells us about a serious challenge to what has long been america's supremacy in space. speak out this is the first picture ever taken from the surface of the far side of the moon and it was taken by the chinese chang'e-4 probe. the feet put strain on the map is a global space power. on par with russia and the united states. nasa administrator jim bryden's tide called it an oppressive and compliment. >> if were going to compare awesomeness, it's important to
8:47 pm
understand what china adjusted as a first in human history and it's awesome but it's also true the united states of america flew closer shows on than any country on earth and we are now in orbit around an asteroid in deep space. >> even the u.s. is still the undisputed leader exploring deep space, the chinese lunar landing is a challenge to future american dominance in space. something president trump has promised to protect with his space force. >> we must have american dominance in space. >> president trump with the u.s. back on track to return to the moon and about a decade. the chinese have announced plans to do the same. a former nasa administrator is worried the chinese could win the race. but not the current one. >> what we are trying to do now is nothing entirely different. this time when we go, we are going to stay. >> the u.s. also faces threats in space from russia and iran. iran has publicly announced plans to launch three rockets into space in the coming months
8:48 pm
and today secretary of state mike pompeo warned the u.s. will not stand by and watch the iranian regime's destructive policies place international stability and security at risk. iranian officials say they are simply trying to launch three satellites into space. but the u.s. and its allies worry that perhaps it's a disguise for a ballistic missile program. shannon. >> shannon: kristin, thank you so much. we talked at the top of the show about how speaker pelosi promised bipartisanship when taking the gamble. but her acolytes are sending messages that sound a lot less conciliatory. about an hour ago, one of the brand-new freshman women in congress taking things a step further, her comments. we are going to have to bleeped them next. he's facing 20 years in prison. one of chicago's most powerful city council member's has been charged with attempted extortion. we'll take you to the windy city after the break. i would've gone into aspen dental much sooner. it was a very life changing experience...
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>> shannon: a brand-new congress was sworn in and it's getting heated. during a move on event, brand-new democratic congressman from minnesota, rashida tlaib, had some profane words for president trump. >> when your son looks set me and says bullies don't win. they don't. we're going to go in there and were going to [bleep]
8:53 pm
>> shannon: she was sworn in today to the one of the 16th congress with a copy of the quran and in that traditional palestinian gown. we will put her in the column of impeach. tonight, one of the most powerful city council members in chicago is facing 20 years in prison. matt finn is in chicago with more. >> alderman ed burke is the longest-serving member on chicago city council, 50 years on the job, considered one of the most powerful men in the city and today in federal court he posted a $10,000 bond accused of extorting a burger king. burke has 48 hours to surrender his 23 weapons at a passport. five weeks ago, alderman burke's offices raided by federal authorities. a complaint reveals alderman burke is charged with extortion, allegedly trying to force a burger king into giving business to his private law firm in exchange for the remodeling permits the fast food restaurant chain was seeking in burke
8:54 pm
award. the complaint reveals investigators tapped alderman burke's cell, recorded phone calls indicating that burke threatened to play hardball with the fast food restaurant and directed one of the company's executives to make a $5600 donation to one of burke's political friends. he faces up to 20 years in prison. burke's attorney says they look forward to proving the alderman's innocence in court. >> the transaction describing the indictment -- not extortion or an attempt to extort. >> his law firm represented president trump's luxury tower in downtown chicago, reportedly saving trump tower by appealing property tax bills. burke is the longest-serving council member. today outgoing mayor rahm emanuel said it would be "unacceptable" for speed to continue. the chicago alderman has faced scrutiny before but has escape
8:55 pm
charges. the chicago alderman is controversial for having taxpayer-funded bodyguards and a car and now it's considered one of the most high-profile names the u.s. attorney's office ever reeled in. in chicago. >> shannon: matt, thank you. police tell us or we are getting reports tonight that the story we gave you a few minutes ago about three children being found dead, woman shot in the head in texas, a man hunt was on. we are told the suspect has turned himself in. we will get you more details as soon as we know more. in houston, police are still looking for a suspect in the drive-by shooting death of jasmine barnes in a walmart parking lot. celebrities have put out money to try to capture the shooter in houston, houston texans wide receiver says jazmine reminds him of his own daughter who was announced he's going to donate his entire paycheck from this saturday's playoff game against the colts to the child's family try to help pay for funeral expenses. to everyone trying to bring in that proper perpetrator and eve
8:56 pm
helping the family, you are all midnight heroes. most watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. good night from♪ washington. i am shannon bream. ♪that all i really know ♪is here you come again, and here i go, here i go♪ here we come again. applebee's all you can eat is back. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. every insurance company tells you they can save you money. save up to 10% when you bundle with esurance. including me, esurance spokesperson dennis quaid. he's a pretty good spokesperson. ehhh. so when i say, "drivers who switched from geico to esurance saved an average of $412," you probably won't believe me. hey, actor lady whose scene was cut. hi.
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but he never called me back! if your cousin's wife's sister's husband isn't a lawyer, call legalzoom and we'll connect you with an attorney. legalzoom. where life meets legal. see you tomorrow. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." in a few minutes, we'll talk to the vice-president of the united states and ask him whether america is getting a border wall in the end, and what the white house is willing to give in exchange for that. that's just ahead. democrats have returned to power on one half of capitol hill after eight years out, nancy pelosi is once again the speaker of the house. we can expect, because they are telling us. she has signaled her opposition to the border with mexico. watch. >> are you willing to give him something for the wall? >> no, nothing for the wall.


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