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tv   Watters World  FOX News  January 5, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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tickets for both shows are on sale now go to the website for ticket information we are out of time thank you. [applause] on "life, liberty & levin." [♪] jesse: welcome to. "watters' world," i'm jesse watters. nancy pelosi got the gavel and the left is starting to unravel. congrats to nancy. she got what she deserves. what did she get in the caracas caucus. caracas is the capital of venezuela. let's look at their agenda. universal healthcare. price tag, $30 trillion. math is hard when around
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socialist. two, a green new deal. a government takeover of the entire economy. the goal? eliminate oil and gas. for someone who flies all the time, solar-powered planes sound risky to me. how do they play for it? alexandria ocasio-cortez wants too raise taxes -- wants to raise taxes to 70%. >> once you get to the tippy top you see tax rates as you i'm up this ladder, you should be contributing more. >> you are talking about a radical agenda compared to the way politics is done right now. >> i think that it only has ever been radicals that have changed this country.
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abraham lincoln made the radical decision to make the emanicipation proclamation. franklin roosevelt made the radical decision to have social security. jesse: she just compared herself to lincoln and fdr. cocky, but i like it. you can raise taxes to 70% and you still can't pay for all her fantasies. pelosi's people want to abolish i.c.e., chase families out of restaurants and are already insulting half the country and comparing president trump to hitler. here is frank johnson much florida. >> donald trump voters are less educated, less prosperous, older
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and dying early. many are dying from alcoholism, drug overdoses, liver disease or simply a broken heart caused by economic despair. americans, particularly plaque americans can't afford to make that same mistake about the harm that could be made by a man you named hitler or a man named trump. jesse: by the way, congressman johnson said that in a church. here is rashida tlaib from michigan. i said bullies don't win because we are going to go in there and [bleep]. jesse: she looks like a lot of fun. if you impeach trump you get president pence. imagine what kind of judges he'll name to the supreme court.
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they will make brett kavanaugh look like ruth bader ginsburg. brad wereman introduced articles of impeachment. the second thing they did was introduce a bill to appeal the electoral college. they can't get over 2016. >> i now call the house to order on behalf of all of america's children. jesse: here to respond. former arkansas governor and fox news contributor mike huckabee. and herman cain. mike huckabee what did you think about my brilliant commentary? >> it was brilliant. i like the caracas caucus. if that happens we'll become the
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american carcass. i'm shocked anybody would take alexandria ocasio-cortez seriously when she talks about a 70% tax rate. this destroys the american economy. the very week when we had the best job numbers that show people of color are particularly better off than they have ever been. jesse: the lowest hispanic unemployment rate of all time. and the biggest growth of manufacturing jobs in 20 years. >> i'm happy to be on with my good friend mike huckabee. your commentary, jesse, was brilliant. jesse: i love you guys on the show. you are suckers. >> i would add one metaphor to your caracas caucus. the democrats demonstrated they
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are a 200-piece orchestra where none of the instruments are tuned and they are trying to play the symphony, hate trump. ocasio-cortez is economically illiterate. she has demonstrated that about our taxes being 70%. this is not her money. this is what liberals and lunatics misunderstand. it's not their money. jesse: you make a point about the orchestra playing different notes. let's play the congresswoman from michigan saying the m-er f-er. >> when your son is 15 and he says mom you won. but bullies don't.
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i said, baby, they don't, we are going to go in there and [bleep]. jesse: this is nancy pelosi being asked about that statement. >> i'm not in the censorship business. i don't like that language. i wouldn't use that language. i don't establish a language standard for my colleagues. but i don't think it's anything worse than what the president has said. i don't think we should make a big deal of it. that's how people talk around. jesse: that's the speaker of the house not taking a hard stance on that language. this is congressman cleaver who had a different thought about it. >> this young person who just got elected might think this is okay. i don't know her and i haven't spoken with her. i have seen the video.
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what she did was absolute swli wrong. at this point i'm refusing to accept the vulgarity. i heard people on the floor saying they were aghast at what was said. jesse: delays fracture among the democratic leadership and the entire house about this you will have garrity in-your-face d -- about this vulgarity. >> it would have cost me a mouthful of soap had i ever said anything like that when i was growing up. i didn't want to eat soap. i found other things to eat. but kudos for congressman cleaver for being bold enough not to defend that. even more so. it's not just her words about
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the president. but the fact that she is an anti-semite. she put a most of-it note on her map that disavowed the existence of israel. this is a dangerous person in the congress if her views were to catch hold. hopefully they won't. but would i like to think the people in her district are having buyers' remorse for having sent her to congress. gees * people on the other side are saying president trump said vulgar things in the past. he talks tough. to get upset about this language seems hypocritical. how do you break that down? >> it is hypocritical and here is why. the president may have said some things the left and the democrats don't like. but you never used that level of vulgarity. for a member of congress. she is talking about the
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president of the united states. i understand there is a lot of trump hate in this country. but the democrats, the liberals and the progressives and the lunatics. they have taken it one step further and they don't even respect the office of the president. and this is something they raised to a whole new level, and it's uncalled for and unnecessary. i think it's going to backfire. they are not going to accept this kind of vulgarity from someone. jesse: if they continue with this onslaught of vulgarity and insanity, people will be saying, what were we thinking. didn't hillary clinton say they were going to be uncivil until they got the power back? well they got the power back.
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i think you both ran against this guy. mitt romney made quite a splash with the nasty op-ed against the president's character. says he has no dignity. he was asked about it. let's listen to what he had to say. >> after he was elected president it was have much my hope that he would rise to the occasion. rise to the mantel of the office. i don't think he has followed through on that front like he has followed through on some of his other promises. >> do you regret that tweet? >> i am going to wait to see what thal earn toughs are in 2020. president trump: i wish mitt could be more of a team player. i am surprised he did it this quickly. i was expecting something. if he fought really hard against
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president obama like he does against me, we have won the election. jesse: you both ran against him. what do you think about the new mitt or the old mitt. >> it's the same old mitt. he was for donald trump when donald trump gave him money and hugged him in the endorsement. then he game against him because he was going to go to the senate and he wanted to make some noise. flip-flops. this week he put both of his feet in his mouth. i hope he's enjoying the flip-flops. i'm disgusted with mitt. he couldn't even wait to be sworn in before he went after his own party. i hope he fights for a secure border as hard as he fights against the president of his own party. the american people elected the
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president, not him. >> when i first heard about the op-ed. i said to myself, senator mitt romney is the new make. which means he'll do anything to get attention. let me share a story about mitt romney. when i was running for president and the media decided to believe the accusers. they didn't believe me and i dropped out of the race. so in 2012 i met with candidate romney who was about to get the nomination. and i gave him advice on three separate sit-down occasions. do you know how much of that advice he used? none. one of them was, mitt, your 7-point tax plan is never going to fly. you need to develop some new talking points out on the campaign trail. his staff i believe systematically talked him into not listening to me.
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we did to flip flop on the president is another indication he's not a true leader. he's being overmanaged by some of the people around him, and that makes me even more disgusted. not because he didn't listen to me, i don't have all the answers. but because he doesn't appear to be his own man. jesse: that leads me to a story i never told publicly. when i interviewed him when i was a scrappy street correspondent. i went up to his suite at a hotel where they were having a big conference. i walked in and there were about 12 guys in brooks brothers suits with perfect hair and they had computer screens set up with a bunch of monitors with dials going everywhere. it was like myth was an android. he was a computerized guy with consultants and wires running through his brain and he wasn't
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his own man. i feel bad because i voted for him. i like you guys because you guys think i'm brilliant. so we'll leave it at that. thank you very much. a woman's march postponed because it was too white. they postponed the march because too much white people were involved. the organizer is here to explain next. ♪ [ dog snoring ]
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xfinity home connects you to total home security you can control from anywhere on any device. and it protects you with 24/7 professional monitoring. i guess we're sleeping here tonight. xfinity home. simple. easy. awesome. call, go online or demo in an xfinity store today. >> in my view, ineffective, too expensive, almost immoral. immoral. i am moral, ineffective, expensive, not effective, that costs billions of dollars. the what else an immorality. jesse: that's nancy pelosi calling the wall immoral, ineffective and too costly. and she still won't fund it. president trump says the wall is necessary and non-negotiable. president trump: we need protection in our country.
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we are going to make it good. the people of our country want it. i have never had so much support as i have in the last week over my stance for border security, for border control, and for frankly the wall or the barrier. i have never had anything like it in terms of calls coming in and people writing in and tweeting and doing whatever they have to do. i have never had this much support. jesse: members of the border patrol backed up the president. >> anywhere you look where we have built walls, they have worked. they have been an absolute necessity for border patrol agents in securing the border. >> you have got to ask yourself this question. if i come to your home, do you want me to knock on the front door or do you want me to climb through that window. >> these criminal aliens who have been released from jail and
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deported will come right back into the united states. however, if we had a physical barrier, if we had a wall, we would be able to stop that. jesse: joining me, charlie kirk, it looks like the border patrol is calling nancy pelosi a liar. the guys on the ground say wherever they put a wall, they work. >> when polled, 95% of border patrol agents said a wall would help them do their jobs. shouldn't we listen to the guys on the ground? this is a fundamental issue not just about american sovereignty and safety, but whether the democrats are willing to spend billions of dollars to other countries across the globe, but they are against building a
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barrier o burnt american flag. jesse: $54 billion we send overseas in foreign aid. the obama care website. how much did that cost? that thing broke. it's over $2 billion. solyndra. after a billion. all he's asking for is $5 billion for the wall. they funded the wall before. >> i think we can add the wall to that list of failed programs. jesse: you don't agree with the border patrol agents? are you calling the border patrol agents liars? >> we have barriers now. jesse: they said where there are barriers it funnels the illegal aliens to softer spots.
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soot problem with the president's approach to this is making the wall the center piece of our immigration policy. jesse: how would you secure the southern border. >> having a fence -- jesse: president david. how would you secure the border. i just elected you. how would you have secure the border. >> the reality is having agents across the border -- the president has put agents on the border and said the border is secured. so why does he need $5 billion for a wall. when said he sent troops to the board and now the border is secure. jesse: when you look at the border, it doesn't look secure to me. if you look at the visuals, charlie and you see people throwing rocks at border patrol agents. there is a statistic here that
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the border patrol reported that assaults against agents spiked 300% after the caravan. doesn't nancy pelosi have a wall around her house. >> and maxine waters. if walls don't work. why does the vatican have one. if walls don't work, why does israel and other countries build them. the democrats are intentionally demagoguing this subject. they are losing middle america, and they are quickly losing the latino americans. lowest ever hispanic unemployment rate. but the president has said all along. legal immigration. he is not a fan or supporter of line cutting or border jumping. we are behind the president 100%. we need to defend our
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sovereignty. the arguments i'm hearing against it, he has don't. complete the wall and then you will be able to secure the border. jesse: david, please respond to charlie when he says do you support line cutting or respond to the border patrol guy when says would you rather have someone come through the front door or break through a window. >> we would all prefer someone to knock at the front door. but that would require a comprehensive immigration policy. jesse: elizabeth warren drinks a beer. you have got to see this thing. dean cain and i examine the
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jesse: this week elizabeth warren otherwise known as pocahontas to some announced she is launching a presidential exploratory committee. she posted this on instagram in the hopes of being more likeable. >> hold on a second. i'm going to get me a beer.
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hey, my husband bruce is now in here. want a beer? >> i'll pass on the beer for now. >> are you sure? jesse: i can't. is this a stunt or is this the real elizabeth warren? we had no idea. she is a harvard professor. get me a beer. i think i'm going to get me -- long pause, she thought what she was going to get herself -- a beer. jesse: the husband, do you want a beer? no. but she thanked him for being in their house. thank you for being here. i live here. that wasn't the best way she could have come out to have a sit-down and be authentic.
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jesse: she was doing that cooking thing on the internet. she probably does cook online a lot. this was a little bit forced. but michelob ultra was the drink. i would have gone with sam adams since she is from massachusetts. maybe she is trying to slim down for the race. i think she looks fine to me. michelob ultra is not the beer drinkers' beer. remember hillary when she was trying to act hip and do some dance on ellen? remember this? what dance was that? it makes me uncomfortable watching it. >> she knew better than to dance
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next to the twitch. he's a ridiculous dancer. jesse: or ellen. i don't know twitch. >> he's a great dancer. jesse: speaking of great dancers. mitt romney. remember this incident when he was on the campaign trail trying to act cool? >> who let the dogs out? >> people try to look cool and hillary wants hot sauce. be authentic. try to be yourself. jesse: do you hunt by the way? >> i do not hunt. jesse: neither does john kerry. 2004 he went out there and put some clothes on. that's john kerry in the most of camouflage you can put on one human being. he's so camouflaged i can't even
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see. jesse: this remind me of michael dukakis in the ultimate look. >> that's not helpful. jesse: even the army was like get him out of there. >> he put his name on it. one little gaffe like that. jesse: it's curtains. she is coming off the biggest gaffe all time. claiming she is native american. >> i said warren 1/2020. jesse: donald trump made some people laugh. some amazing free association and entertaining commentary when he was at the white house the other day. president trump: when i say i'm sorry, folks, you have to pay
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up. i shouldn't be popular in europe. i am not elected by europeans. i'm elected by americans. american taxpayers, frankly. i think my relationship, i will tell you, with the leaders of europe is very good. so taliban is our enemy. isis is our enemy. they are both our enemies. let them fight. sir, we want to do it -- they go in and they end up fighting both of them. it's the craziest thing i have ever seen. i think i would have been a good general. but no knows. when i became president i had a meeting at the pentagon with lots of generals. they were like in a movie, better look and tom cruise and stronger. i was here for christmas. i was all by myself in the white house. it's a big, big house. except for all the guys out on the lawn with machine guns. i never saw so many guys with
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machine guns in my life. the secret service and military. these are great people. they don't wave. they don't even smile. but i was there all alone with the machine gunners. and i felt very safe. >> you want to talk about authenticity. that's authentic. that's him being him. he said some very funny things. jesse: i like the generals thing. better looking than tom cruise and stronger. >> i would agree with him on that. say what you want to. it's the way you would have a conversation around the dinner table. i think he's being authentic. jesse: dean cain, everybody,
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mr. authenticity. jesse: the women's march postponed because it was too white. up next, diamond and
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jesse: house speaker nancy pelosi already making waves with president trump. this is what she told the today's show's savannah guthrie. she was asked if he deals with her differently because she is a woman. >> he has to learn to deal with women in power and women strength. but we'll see. jesse: here to react, the
11:42 pm
strongest women i know, diamond and silk. i know how president trump deals with strong women. he dealt with hillary. he beat her. >> the president does not have a problem with working women. the problem is when you have a congress that don't want to work, they want to play games. and we don't have time for it. they want to pass the buck. the problem is congress who need to do their job. that's what pelosi needs to be focused on. not the president. >> nancy pelosi who don't want to do her job, that's not a strong woman, that's a weak woman. jesse: he treats women the same way he treats men. megyn kelly, ted cruz, jim acosta. he gets in their face and tells them how he thinks. i don't think playing the gender
11:43 pm
card on the president works. let's go to mcdonald's. the new straw policy is making people crazy. the plastic straw things, they don't put them up front. you have to ask. all hell broke loose. watch this. >> for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. he better be glad that wasn't diamond and silk because we would have beat him down like he had stolen a straw. that's assault. that girl, that was her reaction to commence to using her fists. her fists was her weapon that day. >> and she used it well. jesse: that was the last straw,
11:44 pm
my producer said. anderson cooper. we know him as the cnn host who had the duty of doing the very wet new year's eve last week. i guess they are allowed to drink on cnn. he took a few shots. and i think it was his first time. watch this. >> we are going to have some shots. >> i'm not a big drinker. if you feel like joining us at home. but don't drink and drive. call an iesh, call a friend. get a cab. first one of the night. >> i feel better already. anderson made me promise not to compare about the weather. >> i think my lungs are scorched. >> i think they did it at the top of every hour. they were being so hypocritical
11:45 pm
when it came to kavanaugh and him drinking beer but they are throwing back tequila shots like a fish drinking water. anderson cooper was drinking hot water. here is our moral to the story. stop drinking, anderson. don't put any alcohol in your body. jesse: save the drinks for jesse watters and diamond and silk. you will be at the trump hotel february 23, i believe. that will be a hell of a chit-chat tour. >> get your tickets. >> also on fox nation. check them out. speaking of ladies. the women's march postponed because, not rain. it's too white. later in the show. americans fail basic geography.
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>> greenland or iceland or something. >> that's alaska. >> any country. the entire
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jesse: a woman's march was postponed earlier this week in california baits was too white. here to explain the decision, one of the organizers of the eureka women's march in humboldt county. i thought the women's march was about being a woman, not about what race you were. >>it is about being a woman. but we also acknowledge it needs to represent all women and not just some women. jesse: you thought the women's march was going to marginalized other women? >> without their voices beings represent, yes. that's what we feared. we are postponing it base of a lack of representation from our leadership team and not just the participants. jesse: does it matter the race
11:51 pm
of the women in the march? why does the race matter? i thought it was about the contents of their character, not the color of their skin. >> again, this march is not representative of the people in humboldt county. but like having this march be just a response to the inauguration of trump is missing the underlying issues, and so that's what we want to focus on. trump is only a symptom of white supremacy and patriarchy and colonialism. jesse: colonialism? >> correct. jesse: what does america have to do with colonialism. >> all the headlines are talking about the whiteness of humboldt county. that's not fair to say without acknowledging why that is the case.
11:52 pm
that is the case because of the genocide of indigenous people. jesse: that's the reason you canceled the march because hundreds of years ago your white ancestors killed a lot of native americans here? >> we postponed it, not canceled it. we postponed it because the leadership putting on the march did not represent who all were living in our communities. so having an event that is labeled by [bleep] would cause more damage because they had to experience the horrifyingness of having american soldiers cutting their reproductionive organs out and genitalia out westering them as hats. the fact that this march is a symbol of [bleep] is what we
11:53 pm
want to work against. jesse: just a lot to digest there. i could do a whole with you, kelsey. i think one of the closest nba teams, the sacramento kings, do you think they are too black of a team? >> i do not follow sports at all. jesse: i'm just wondering because they don't represent the overall population of california, sacramento. i don't know. you have very sensitive. you are probably the most of sensitive guest we have ever had on. "watters' world" besides mage it seems you care a lot about the feeling of other people, especially the feeling of other people hundreds of years ago and i respect that. hopefully when you guys get the march back, you guys have more
11:54 pm
diversitdiversity so everybody s included. >> that's our goal for the march we are working towards on the international women's day in march. jesse: up next, last call. it's the worst geography quiz you will ever see.
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jesse: time for "last call." i was check out social media and came across this casey clip from jimmy kimmel live. everybody says weather watters, your street interviews are a setup. >> who knows stuff like that. >> can you name any country on this map? >> yes. africa. >> that's a continent.
11:59 pm
>> country, greenland or iceland or something. >> that's alaska. >> any country. on the entire map. >> this is so horrible. >> where is america? can you name any country on this map? >> oh, my gosh. did they teach this in school in i would hope so. that's america. that's a continent. name a country in south america. honduras is in here. no, here, no * somewhere here. jesse: they probably stole that idea from me. just kidding, jimmy. that's all for us tonight. remember i'm watters and this is
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my world. [♪] judge jeanine: hello and welcome to the first "justice" of 2019. happy new year. i'm judge jeanine pirro. thank you for making "justice" number one last weekend. we have a big show on deck. corey lewandowski, dan bongino, candace owens and more. but first my open. this week newly elected congresswoman rashida tlaib just hours after the honor of being sworn into the united states congress had this


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