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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  January 6, 2019 3:00am-7:00am PST

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♪ farewell to a hey to. >> to say good-bye to police officer ronald singh. >> thank u you for being the man we want to be. >> he wanted to be a police officer in america. he wanted justice and justice will be served. a weekend meeting with vice president mike pence ends with no deal trchlts democrats are never going to give this president the win he deserves. >> walls work. >> thousands of yellow vest protesters took to the streets of paris. security forces fired tear gas and rubber bullets. elizabeth warren testing the
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waters for a 20 run. >> i can't stop donald trump from hurling racial insults. i can be in this fight for all of us. here in arlington. amanda's mom's appointment hello mom. just got rescheduled - for today. amanda needs right at home. our customized care plans provide as much >> are you serious? - or as little help - as her mom requires. ♪ ♪ whether it's a ride to the doctor or help around the house. oh, of course! tom, i am really sorry. i've gotta go. oh yeah. look, call right at home. get the right care. right at home. i think he got all of his moves from pete hegseth. a little kid looking up to you. >> you think so? i've dunked that in any driveway. >> i want to see the video. >> after the show i might go home. >> i would do that on the show but you guys would probably pull the hoop out so i would fall.
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>> charlie brown style. >> i hear people talking, what are they doing. >> about to win. >> they go from 50 miles per hour. >> i was there and it was -- someone hit the throttle. >> we'll show you the video later. >> we got to make sure you can handle the tough stuff, ed. amazon prime video so when you say words like... >> we've got a lot on show me best of prime video immigration, a lot on the news into this... you'll see awesome stuff like this. heading guard. shutdown into week three. discover prime originals like the emmy-winning the marvelous mrs. maisel... not a lot of progress. tom clancy's jack ryan... sometimes you take a moment and step back and pause and and the man in the high castle. remember. we've covered the story, the all in the same place as your live tv. killing of police officer ron its all included with your amazon prime membership. sangh in california. that's how xfinity makes tv... his memorial service was simple. easy. awesome. yesterday an, man, was it powerful. >> absolutely. laying to rest a hero. a powerful tribute as you say. we had keith richardson on the program last sunday, one week ago. ed: and some quick headlines he was emotional then. this mob of cowboys are so pump he was emotional yesterday. ed to watch playoff football
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among the things he was pointing they literally stormed into at&t out is that ronald singh was stadium and standing room only someone who came to this country tickets offered yes on a first as a legal immigrant and went come first serve basis. dallas came away with the big w out of his way, the chief said, to learn english so he could beating the seahawks 24-22. connect with the community pop alabama and clemson meanwhile so when he had to make an set to square off again for the arrest, give instruction to national title. people about an emergency, they top ranked teams in the country would understand him. competing for the national it was incredibly moving to talk championship monday night third time in four years, alabama has and listen to what they said, won two of their last three the remembrances of his life. >> the whole country has been match-ups. jedediah: thanks, ed. mourning this together. before he was even sworn in as if you've been watching his the new senator from utah mitt fellow police officers, it was a family there. romney wrote an op-ed attacking everyone praising him, saying beautiful things about him. and in that photo, i was going president trump's character it's a move his new colleague says is to mention the photo, you truly the same mistake that cost him the white house in 2,012. cannot grieve enough when you "romney cuts self interest ahead see his wife, his beautiful of the larger national interest, child and calling attention to the op-ed brought to mind 2012 the fact that this was when many republicans chose to divide the party by continual completely unpreventable. the reason why you need border ly bashing each other etiquette and does senator purdue have a point and here is kayleigh mcenany and republican
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security. strategist lauren claffey. kayleigh you have to wonder with all that's been going on within the country with socialists winning in congress, talking about socialized medicine, elizabeth warren out there saying crazy stuff why would mitt romney choose at this time to go after president trump of all people? >> yeah, it's a great question, >> the purpose was to become a because as our chairwoman police officer. he told me about all of the pointed out earlier in the week, we are divided as a pride he had in america and how party. it paves the way for democrats much it meant to him to be here and to be given this and i would also make this point , that this week, there was so much attention paid to mitt opportunity. and he told me that he always romney and divided republicans but if you take a moment and wore an american flag every time look at the democratic party you he went to an interview. had a congresswoman laced into a and he wanted everyone to know profanity-laced tirade against that he was proud to be an the president calling for american. impeachment and representative sherman filing never did i think we would be for impeachment and nancy pelosi and saying no we don't won't standing here saying good-bye to that right now and meanwhile alexandria cortez calling for 70 such a great man. ron, thank you. % taxation something her party thank you for being the man that doesn't all agree with, there's we all want to be top thank you divided democratic problems. we as a party are united around fo.thank you for being the provr this president and have a 90%
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approval rating among republican s so we're united we that we all strive to be. should also focus on the democrats positions as well. jedediah: lauren what do you think of senator purdue's point that if mitt romney had this issue with president trump why thank you for being the police not just pick-up the phone and talk to him and why not schedule officer, the k9 office wer offie a private meeting instead of going through the washington post and choosing to at this time with so many key issues at corporal that everyone should strive to be. the forefront bash the president we will say good-bye today but >> so i think this is a marker you'll always be in our hearts for mitt romney. and we'll take it from heir. he's being hounded by the >> a testament to this moment. washington media about how he's thousands of sheriff's deputies, going to respond to every tweet president trump sends out and police officers there in he's attempting lay down the attendance. there were two overflow marker that i'm here to do the buildings packed with people. job and i'm not going to respond a seven-mile procession for that to every single thing that president trump does. officer with blue ribbons there's a lot of policy issues we agree on and will work wrapped around poles and trees together on and there's going to be times i don't agree with what all of the way. a community -- not just a he says or how he says it and that was a play to his utah physical community of that location but a community of constituency. brotherhood of police officers the majority of republicans out who recognize the patriotism there are very proud of the work that president trump is doing that goes with these services. they think he's an effective you watch these images. president but they say time and again they are embarrassed by >> you see his relatives in the his rhetoric sometimes so
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president trump and mitt romney will probably have a very front row, his widow. effective working relationship his brother emotional there, which is why president trump i emotional at the news don't think came out swinging too hard against him in the conferences that we saw a week tweet when he responded, but mitt romney thought this was an ago. there were some lighter moments, effective way to get his message the chief saying during his out to get the media off his back. remembrance that people who were jedediah: kayleigh was it really arrested by officer singh saying effective though and what do you think the reaction was among trump supporters? i saw just on social media trump i was arrested by him. supporters were saying hold on a second you've been in there, he was profession tha nal. mitt romney for three seconds and this is what you chose to i made a mistake and he had to focus on is this going to make arrest me. now this topic of the i remember that man's face. establishment versus the trump supporters emerge and you'll >> i want to remind people they have division not only coming suggestions of divisions from the left but also furthering can visit tunnel to towers. org division inside the right, with people feeling the need to come to donate to the singh family. and rally to trump's side saying hold on do we have more i'm sure they need all of our establishment republicans in love, support right now. there trying to take him out and >> the sound of the bagpipes. the left trying to take him out? >> right exactly and that's why i had tears in my eyes coming you saw trump supporters rise up into the show watching all of in droves this week and say hey, the foy photos. hold on, we support the president and we're a party of voters. without our voters we don't exist as a party and what
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message do our voters send when they give president trump more votes than any presidential nominee in the history of our party they send the message to stand behind the president and you're exactly right. we cannot be divided at a time of divided government. he was kil he was killed in h in the next two years it is crucial that we stand and say hey, we're the party whose that was caused by an illegal putting forth infrastructure and immigration plan. we're the party with the rising immigrant. he was killed on economic tides. december 29th, about a week we're the party with the paid ago in a car crash. family leave plan. we're united around policy and and his mom wrote this saying bettering the lives of the we're all aware as a family that american people and it's the democrats who are causing the chaos and creating division nothing will bring pier pierce . among our country so it's really important and crucial we stick but don't tell me my son doesn't together. i think mitt romney will. he extended an overture back to the president and the president said be a team player and mitt deserve better. for god's sake. out of respect for men and women romney said i think i can work with the president so i do think they will have a good working who fought for this country, do relationship. jedediah: lauren do you expect more republicans to follow suit the right thing eang com and coe in the vein of what mitt romney did, do you think we'll see a lot of republicans as we illegally. approach 2020 criticizing the >> here's another tragedy in president, maybe suggesting some republicans should step up and tennessee. open even though we want to run against the president? do you think that's a new shine the lights on these emerging trend? >> i don't necessarily think so stories that people don't often
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pay attention to. very few people knew about it. but i do think there's a real it's happening almost in the conversation about how president shadows. people are being killed by trump wins again. he's very popular among the illegal immigrants and it republicans but he only doesn't get national attention. maintains around 39% support in this new poll, 62% saying it's america, broadly and so it's really difficult to win re- election with just 39% of the very serious or somewhat serious population behind you at any point, so so i do think there's of a problem in this country. a larger conversation whether 24% say it's a minor problem, 7% that results in a primary candidate i don't think so, it say not a problem, 6% i'm not may happen, we'll wait to see sure, that's the 6% unsure. but i think that's what's interesting and people are putting a lot of hope and miss the 7% who say it's not a problem, you have the democratic reading romney's op-ed that he's going to somehow be the leadership in the house and republican primary opponent and senate suggesting by and large it's not a problem. main challenger to president they say they're for border trump over the next two years security but in these and i just don't think that's negotiations they're not making the case. i think what you're going to see it the priority that the is a lot of independent-minded president is for sure. senators running for re-election >> we're going to talk to former like david purdue in georgia up 2020 and i read his op-ed i.c.e. director tom holeman live at 6:30 about it and i think frankly as a play to his georgia what we're going to fine is the base where he is standing with people are on the side of the president because he just president trump. launched his 2020 campaign and these torstore thesethese eventn he's got to make sure he's in
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line with the president because the president maintains high popular it among georgia voters and he's going to have a tough if democrats don't get on board race just like we saw. and recognize that the wall is >> president trump is going to part of the equation. have no problem in 2020 his it's not all of the equation. we've talked about a number of approval is far higher than 39% with the rising economic tides. other things. but that is important and until there will be zero problems. they take it seriously people are going to rebel open say jedediah: thank you both really appreciate your perspective. something needs to be done. obviously this caused a lot of >> pierce cochran was 22 years chaos. a live look at the white house president trump leaving for camp old from knoxville, tennessee. david moments ago what he just told reporters coming up next son of the knoxville fire carpet and apple profits are down and killed by a 45-year-old illegal the company is blaming tariffs drunk driving the wrong way. but is the future of apple in that's why he was killed. jeopardy? it's almost as if it's happening maria bartiromo says they have a big problem and she's next plus in the shadows yet people are talk about a baby boom. this picture of 30 moms and 31 babies at one hospital is going viral. all of them are going to be here live, coming up. affected. wow, look at that! >> ♪ baby love >> . when heartburn hits... fight back fast with tums smoothies. it neutralizes stomach acid at the source. tum tum tum tum tums...
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smoothies... ...and introducing new tums sugar-free. >> you say right there, elizabeth warren was barn storming the state of iowa and she was getting some good crowds. maybe it's because she's early, out there first among a dozen or so democrats that will be running but she's trying to take it to president trump early. >> i don't know the definition of barn storming. >> you have to officially yo use it. >> she got some decent crowds, nowhere near what president trump would get but she's enthusiastic about options against president trump. here is part of what she had to say in sioux city, iowa. her background continues to be a big part of the conversation. >> i am not a person of color. i am not a citizen of a tribe. tribal citizenship is very different from ancestry. tribes and only tribes determine
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tribal citizenship and i respect that difference. now, i can't stop donald trump from what he's going to do. i can't stop him from hurling racial insults, but what i can do is i can be in this fight for all of our families. >> you see her trying to pivot there. >> that's tough to listen to. this is so woman who ride about her a ancestry. you didn't object to being listed that way in legal directories for a long period of time at a pivotal point when universities were trying to recruit people of diversity. it's going to come back to haunt her. people who don't like politicians who lie right out of the gate. that didn't work for hillary clinton. >> in one word, pocahontas.
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>> what i was going to add, she got one question i'm apai awaref from a democratic voting saying why did you engage president trump on this. you walked in a trap and it backfired on you. it's democrats saying what in the world happened here because you made a mess of this. and so i think to yesterday dies what maheart-healthyle salad the california walnuts.ver? point, it's going to be an issue the best simple pasta ever? california walnuts. in 2020. >> the big issue is her polici the best simple dinner ever? great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at policies. >> she keeps talking about working. >> this is what president trump
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has captured. >> jobs report. >> what do you think about elizabeth warren's campaign? >> if you really want to find >> as we look at what's going on in china, it's clear that the out how effective a wall is, 9 9 economy begins its slow there for the second half and what i believe to be the case is for99%effect is tif. the trade tensions between the united states and china put >99%effective. additional pressure on their economy. pete: so it did! a shocking poll on everyday let's bring in maria bartiromo host of sunday morning futures americans who actually say they and back from vacation. want to follow him out the door. maria: yes. ed: welcome back. maria: glad to be back. really? pete: we were with as drift ♪ without you. >> see ya. maria: thank you. pete: so the ceo admitting the ♪ trade policies of this
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♪ administration have put big time pressure on china and apple may be part of it? maria: there's definitely pressure on china no doubt we're seeing that affect in the economy in china and it's starting to slow but apple cannot blame all these other things on a slowing situation at apple. this has a lot more to do with apple than it does the tariff and the trade war going on right now, because the fact is that apple is trying to sell not one, not two, but three phones that cost more than $1,000 into the emerging markets and the emerging markets are slowing. you know, the average per capita income in china is something like $16,000, in india it's $2,000, in america it's $68,000? try selling three phones costing $1,000 to those markets and see what happens, as the economies there are slowing. so this is more of an apple in the emerging markets problem than it is about the tariffs in my view. pete: interesting. ed: is it partly to some of these tech giants like to blame things on the president. maria: exactly. ed: and the administration and tim cook i believe had dinner with the president last summer
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and has talked about having a factory, a plant of some kind in america, that would create some jobs here and we saw some big jobs numbers on friday. maria: we sure did. ed: he's bringing jobs back. maria: he really is. this administration policy is on the economic side are working it's very clear. let's not forget, tim cook has factories in china and he has done that intentionally for a reason because it's so much cheaper to get the cost of the phone produced in china, so that's a whole separate conversation. in terms of the economy here, things are booming. you saw the numbers 312,000 the conversation with charles earlier and it's true. wages are going up. you look at hispanic unemployment at 4.4% the numbers are really compelling and it does remind us that the economy in the united states is booming and it has everything to do with the economic policies coming out of this administration. jedediah: isn't it tough to run against this then i keep thinking about democrats looking at these numbers they have to figure out how to run against a booming economy. maria: and so far the answer has been aoc saying let's pay more
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taxes. and let's tax the rich even more make no mistake, okay, the top 10% of earners pay 80% of all taxes. what do you want to go to 90%, 100%? if you want to continue to see numbers like we did on friday, 312,000 jobs created for the last month, you have to keep a tax structure in place that makes sense and you have to incentivize businesses to create more jobs and that's what we're seeing happening because of the tax cut plan enacted last year. pete: i don't know how they don't understand if you raise taxes they will go somewhere elsewhere the effective tax rate is much lower. maria: or they sit on cash. remember that, pete when you had corporations sitting on their cash because they didn't know what was around the corner in terms of regulation, higher taxes, the deregulatory story is even more powerful than the tax cut story out of this administration. ed: you've got senator shelby coming up the chair of the appropriations committee. maria: he's been right in the middle of the talks and we'll talk about how long this can go on once january 11 comes around that's the second pay period for people of the year and it's going to start getting tougher
3:17 am
and tougher for those people . if you really want to find furloughed right now and we've out how effective a wall is, got representative, a democrat from california, member armed just as israel. services committee who has 99.9% effective and our wall admitted we need border security will be ever bit as good as that so what's behind all of this is this fight over the border wall. if not better. look at all of the countries i'm excited to hear what he has to say and by the way on the that have walls and they work apple story tomorrow i'll be in 100%. >> from israel to the vatican, san francisco. i had on an analytic on october president trump has pointed out 24 who basically told us how was have worked for other on mornings with maria on fox countries around the world so business apple is having issues why can't it work for ours. apple is going down, sell the >> joining us to discuss, the stock. the together is down 30% since he made that call on my show former mayor of israel. mornings with maria on fox business he's joining me tomorrow from san francisco so we have to find out what he thinks about apple now. i want to talk to you about pete: market mover we always see israel. that. we're in a fierce debate about maria thank you. maria: thank you happy sunday. jedediah: we've got headlines for you guys. wall security and the wall in ten new lawsuits are filed. the u.s. the georgia plastic surgeon what are the efficiency of the recorded in several videos walls built in israel. dancing during operations. >> well, if you want to one of her colleagues who appeared in the video is now understand whether walls work, facing his own lawsuit in the israel is a tremendous example. case. the surgeon previously agreed to
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we have two different kinds of temporarily give up her medical walls that have been built in license after the videos were the past couple of decades. made public. so let's first look at the wall pete: wow. jedediah: parents filed a lawsuit against a pennsylvania school district over its decision to arm teachers. in judea and smea samaria. >> taking a gun into a scenario where you're surrounded by that many children with that much north of jerusalem and south of activity going on is just a recipe for disaster. jerusalem. in judea and samaria, between they could defend themselves in that building, if you don't want to that's fine, but let that the year 2000 and the year 2005 person defend themselves and there were over 1,000 terrorist those children. jedediah: this is the first attacks in israel, over 1,000 district in pennsylvania to let teachers carry guns. people killed in terrorist other states are considering attacks, i should say, and there similar policies. a california college is rolling were several thousand who were wounded in terrorist attacks. out gender pronoun stickers. ed: [laughter] i, myself, was shot and wounded jedediah: uc san francisco is encouraging to put these sticker s on their id's. in a terrorist attack along with there's a standard, he, she, him my 3-year-old son who was shot in the head. , her, there's also an ask me the terrorism was so intense and about my pronoun option. every day people didn't know if ed: what? they were going to be able to jedediah: they say the goal is get to work or the children were to avoid missgenderring and take going to get to school. a look at this insane from duke it was a terrible situation. israel's government decided to freshman zion williamson.
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build a wall separating the major cities of israel from >> are you serious? samaria and judea. so a wall was built, part of it slam dunk! pete: i love it. of concrete but most of it from jedediah: the steal and a 36 oh, very very strong steel. throwdown, scoring 25 points. pete: you know, minor fact i it was a high wall and it had once played at cameron indoor. jedediah: really? barbed wire as well as high-tech pete: i did when i was in college. mesh churs anmeasures and it way jedediah: did you do that? pete: no i got in for one second effective. ed: i talked to a basketball it cut down on terrorism by 95% coach yesterday who said that he coached against you when you even. so it was very very effective. were at princeton and you were not in the scouting report. and to this day we don't have pete: definitely not. the end of the bench is not in major terrorist attacks in the the scouting report. big cities in israel. i need to know who this coach is now, if you look at the southern ed: he said you had too much bacon. pete: too short too slow it's border that separates egypt and true. well hillary clinton ran for president twice and lost. israel, down there was a problem so why are democrats thinking of illegal immigration. about running in 2020, why are so the issue was a little they reportedly trying to win different. it was illegal immigration as her endorsement we'll have mark opposed to terrorism. penn coming up. >> yep. ed: talk about a baby boom
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>> but the illegal immigration meanwhile this picture, 30 moms was causing a lot of crime and 31 baby babies at one hospital 55,000 immigrants came in from had gone viral. all of them, every baby, every the southern border between the mom, will be here next. >> ♪ we are family years 2000 and 2012, a wall was when i say, "drivers who switched from geico to esurance built, actually mostly fence but a physical barrier, a very saved an average of $412," you probably won't believe me. strong physical barrier on the entire southern border. but you can believe this, and in the first year that it real esurance employee was built the entry, the illegal nancy abraham. look her up online. entry into israel was cut down esurance, it's surprisingly painless. almost to nothing. and the year after they raised the level and your time.
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>> well summarized. this democratic congresswoman doubling down on her impeachment comments. what should. partieparty's focus be? democrats debate next.
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♪ [ dog snoring ]
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jedediah: talk about a baby boom the st. cloud, minnesota hospital birthing unit breaking records with 30 members of their staff welcoming 31 babies in 2018. pete: one of them had twins. this photo of them going viral and now they all join us to recreate that moment. ed: speaking with us are a couple of the new moms, we can't mic all of them, registered nurses samantha schwartz, lauren , welcome to fox & friends i just simply want to say how's it going? >> [laughter] it's busy. >> it was better about an hour ago. pete: yeah, you've been waiting baxter. for this segment how do you keep
3:24 am
it's bedtime. 31 babies calm or is it just not peace of mind should never be out of reach. possible? >> it's hard. [ voice command beep ] xfinity home. xfinity home connects you to total home security jedediah: you know i look at you can control from anywhere on any device. this and i think of this as a woman if i were to become and it protects you with 24/7 professional monitoring. pregnant and go into a hospital and see so much of the staff either pregnant or know they i guess we're sleeping here tonight. xfinity home. simple. easy. awesome. have babies that's really comforting because it would make call, go online or demo in an xfinity store today. me feel like you guys were going through the same stuff i was. have you found that a lot of the patients feel that way? >> i think absolutely. welcome back. i think that, you know, i always a couple quick headlines. police charge a suspect with tell our patients that all of capital murder in the shooting death of 7-year-old jasmine those that work on our unit really love what they do so i barnes. eric black jr. admitted his feel like we're good at what we involvement in the drive-by do and as you can see here we shooting in houston. all really love families and investigators believe it was a case of mistaken identity. babies and everything they are going through too. the arrest comes hours after a pete: lauren, samantha what in rally calling for justice for the world is in the water in st. jasmine. for the first time in cloud, minnesota? >> everybody is askings that history the top three jobs at but really it's just that we're the cia are held by woman. a lot of young families and we
3:25 am
love babies and love what we do. pete: i love it. >> i think it's month so in the the deputy director oversees a department that brings in air. ed: i feel like i'm on an intelligence. airplane right now with a whole pascal previously named bunch of kids. pete: there is all of the names we're scrolling the names of elizabeth kimber as deputy your beautiful young children. i think that it's 15 boys and 16 directs of operations. girls, so pretty darn even there pretty cool. democrats may have a newfound control of congress, at , did you guys plan this like was there any scheming? least the house, but they can't seem to decide on a strategy to ed: [laughter] >> no. >> everybody asks us that but take on the president, that would probably be especially when it comes for calls of impeachment rnghts impossible. jedediah: you guys also have eight women that are first time we're goinimpeachment.>> we're e women's and there's 142 staffers and impeach them [bleep]. who work in the family birthing >> impeachment is a divisive unit this has to be the cutest segment we've ever done. approach to take. >> the thing that we can do is i never seen that many babies in a room at once. to not have someone there who's this is the first time for me. committed high crimes and pete: guys i want to ask you i know the other ladies can't hear you. translate those question. misdemeanors on the one hand and how many of those children curl hurting the country on the other. >> it's too early to talk about have a dirty diaper? that intelligently. we have to follow the facts. what percentage? we'll see where the facts lead. maybe it will lead to raise your hand.
3:26 am
impeachment or not. >> donald trump is going to jedediah: [laughter] pete: it's the reality of mother impeached by the congress or hood. god bless you guys. impeached at the ballot box. ed: i've been distracted by all >> here to debate, a former of the crying in a great way like it's very cute. bernie sanders campaign and jedediah: you're incentivizing the ladies across the countries elizabeth cooke. welcome to both of you. to have more babies but as a woman you see all of these susan, what's your thought on babies you kind of want one. whether the president should be >> [laughter] impeached or not? >> it's true. >> it's not for me to say right >> yeah, we get asked a lot if now. i think all of the voices said we get baby fever working on we have the most diverse this unit. clearly we do. congress ever. you have to have the facts in fn pete: clearly you do. ed: what are play dates going to be like? are you already thinking ahead order, as nancy pelosi said, and to the play dates you're going move str strategically and not to have? that's going to be a lot of fun. >> yes, they would definitely emotionally. you get you facts an come be busy with a bunch of toddlers together with the voices. the new congress started two days ago. i think we have a ways to go jedediah: how is this possible? pete: how many husband's are before we really determine who's gathering off camera right now going to be impeached and who is and you want them to come help? >> a lot. not. >> that is a rational reasonable pete: yeah! >> with other siblings too. way to approach it. but it doesn't seem that actual pete: i love seeing this, what's members of congress who have a the name of the hospital up there in st. cloud? vote in this are treating it >> st. cloud hospital.
3:27 am
that way. pete: st. cloud hospital. we played the clip of the one ed: it's their birthing unit. come woman using profanity pete: you guys are true to your saying let's go get him. cause and we're glad you're here where do you stand? >> it's the most diverse this morning. congress we've had in history. please thank everybody there for such an early morning cold, these folks were elected on we're grateful but look at the emotion. a lot of people were elected on two in the front! oh, my goodness. emotion, divisiveness, we're jedediah: kiss those babies for going to get him, that was their me, man. pete: love it. god bless america thank you both founding platform. thanks to everybody for us. now they have to do it. will you? you have to be able to back it jedediah: thank you. ed: that was awesome. up. pete: oh, my goodness. to me personally i think you jedediah: a lot of babies. need to get in, know what you're so cute. talking about, know what you can pete: we were playing like a and cannot do. soundtrack in the background. if you do not say what you're going to do, you've failed your ed is just sweating. what's going on right now. ed: all right, meanwhile hillary voters and they will be clinton remember her? she ran for president twice and impeached from the ballot box. lost, so why are democrats >> to your point, they were thinking about running in 2020 and reportedly trying to elected on emotion and folks who win her over? wanted them maybe to impeach the we'll ask her former advise or mark penn about the game for the president, we've got a clip on what the democrat democrats saiy endorsement coming up. jedediah: president trump wrap ped up speaking with were running on a few months ago. reporters as he heads to camp >> the top priority of the democrats if we're lucky enough david, that's coming up.
3:28 am
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3:29 am
position to down the democrats. trelegy and the power of 1-2-3. i think we look at how does the ♪ trelegy 1-2-3 country come together. >> i don't think anyone is downing the democrats. save at i think we're all wondering which is it? they said they wanted to fix health care, they wanted to run on the economy. they were going to focus on -- as you heard, dick durbin, leaders in the congress, we want to focus on kitchen table issues. let me show you what they've introduced articles of impeachment, presidential candidates required to release tax returns, a mueller tax bill and abolishing the electoral college. this is not what you ran on. >> this is just the reality. let me keep it real in the field. all year long this will be a game o for tit for tat. this is a game. and president trump made it clear when you send him a subpoena, he'll send one back. it sounds good to say you're
3:30 am
running on those issues. but that's not the reality
3:31 am
pete: quick look ahead at this week kevin spacey is set to appear in court tomorrow on sexual assault charges the actor is accused of groping a teenager two years ago if convicted he could face up to five years in prison and in a second story on tuesday how democrats will introduce a new bill requiring universal background checks for gun sales the day marks eight years since former congresswoman gabby giffords was shot in arizona and she's expected to help introduce the bill and come saturday we'll find out if former hud second jillian castro will run for president and the democrat launched a committee last month and castro is among 30 democrats who might run for
3:32 am
president ed? ed: meanwhile several possible 2020 candidates seeking advice from hillary clinton, these hopefuls include elizabeth warren and corey booker to name a few with additional meetings on the calendar. they all want to see whether or not they can win her en endorsement. let's go to mark pence, i want to apology in advance the president just spoke to reporter s that tape is turning in a minute so we may go to him in a moment but real quick what is the benefit of trying to get hillary clinton's endorsement? >> well remember they're all in a primary now and she's got a 75 % rating among democrats, if you ask who democrats want to be their nominee actually 43% she's winning among women so she remains a powerful force within the democratic party but she's going to keep her cards close to the vest until she makes her own decision whether to run and one candidate i would be highly unlikely that she would ever endorse of course is bernie sanders given the fairly bad blood that seemed to emid-term from that last campaign.
3:33 am
ed: i've got 30 seconds what's your sense about the i word and in in beachment, you went through bill clinton impeachment and saw a boomerang on republicans could this on democrats or not? >> well you know, i think so much is going on here that could boomerang. what congresswoman does not make an impeachment movement this thing is going to turn on the mueller report and right now there's nothing we know of that would justify an impeachment that would be sustained by the senate and so trump acquitted like clinton acquitted is the likely headline here, will they what do you look for when you trade? follow it? i want free access to research. i couldn't tell you right now. ed: i don't think anybody knows yep, td ameritrade's got that. free access to every platform. wise words as always from mark penn. yeah, that too. we'll have you back soon sorry i don't want any trade minimums. for the short time, thank you, yeah, i totally agree, they don't have any of those. mark. >> back again, thank you. ed: i mentioned the president is i want to know what i'm paying upfront. headed to camp david he just yes, absolutely. do you just say yes to everything? took marine one from the white hm. well i say no to kale. house and he is going to be mm. heading to camp david and yeah, they say if you blanch it it's better, you'll see him right there. but that seems like a lot of work. president trump: fantastic.
3:34 am
no hidden fees. the best numbers we got in many no platform fees. no trade minimums. and yes, it's all at one low price. years. it shocked wall street analysts, td ameritrade. ♪ it didn't shock me i know what's going on but the jobs numbers we know that when you're >> tspending time with thelass grandkids... ♪ music were beyond anybodies expectations. >> tech: ...every minute counts. really hundreds of thousands more than your top six so that and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. was a great thing, one of the that's why at safelite, we'll show you exactly when we'll be there. elements of the jobs numbers is if you remember the past with a replacement you can trust. administration said you'd need a all done sir. wand to bring back manufacturing >> grandpa: looks great! jobs. >> tech: thanks for choosing safelite. well, manufacturing jobs are >> grandpa: thank you! >> child: bye! >> tech: bye! coming back at a very high level saving you time... so you can keep saving the world. we had a tremendous >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ manufacturing jobs report and we're very happy to see that we've worked very hard. we have many companies coming back into the united states, many consider companies going to . it's your shot of the morning. i went to mike's deli in the michigan, going to pennsylvania, going to ohio, and other places, bronx. there's five bur boroughs here. but they're coming back into the united states in most cases they've left and now they're coming back in so we're very happy with that. i went to arthur avenue. i'm going to camp david.
3:35 am
we'll be discussing many topics, that is david grecco. north korea the china trade deal which is coming along very well both of those subjects coming they have monster sandwiches. along very very well. little literall italy in the br. we'll obviously be discussing the wall which is desperately there's dave, holding up the needed even if you read some of the papers that don't report trump sandwich. it's huge. all american ingredients. accurately, which are many but a but he made clear to me he's couple in particular, they say bipartisan. he said, we've got a hillary that the surge to come into our sandwich and he said it's made country has never been stronger and it's very unfair to people that want to come in legally but with salami that's cut crooked like that. the surge has never been when i heard that, i said, i got stronger and we have to build to bring jed and pete over there. the wall where we have to build >> we got to go. >> let's do it. a barrier. the barrier for the wall to be >> i'll try them both. steel instead of concrete if >> on a future saturday we're that helps people it may be going to do a field trip to the better but i'm willing to do bronx, try the trump sandwich that so our great steel and the hillary sandwich and companies which are now back in we'll report back. >> we'll let you know which business, they were doing very sandwich wins. poorly and now they're doing >> straight out of arthur very well. a lot of steelworkers working that have never had a chance of
3:36 am
avenue. i was going to get it for you getting a job in the steel but you never get me gifts. industry again. our steel industry was dying and >> we'll make that trip. now it's very vibrant. let's bring in tom holeman, former acting director of i.c.e. i intend to call the head of tom, you're a big dude. united states steel and a couple other of our great steel you could probably take down the companies to have them come up trump sandwich, right? with a plate or a design of a >> no comment. >> comments on everything else beautiful steel product which we but not on the trump sandwich. now make here and we'll use that break down where we are. we saw the president tweet as our barrier, so we're trying yesterday, the wall is coming a "game of thrones" picture. to do everything possible to get money to our incredible people seems that talks didn't go but many of those incredible anywhere yet. the president insisting they people agree with me and they say make sure you win this want their $5.7 billion. battle. your insight on where we are. this is a very important battle to win from the standpoint of >> i think president trump is doing the right thing. safety, number one, defining our i talked to him last week. he's not going to give up on the wall. country and who we are, also the wall is important to him. i worked for six president ps from the standpoint of dollars. s. he put it front and center while this wall will pay for itself he's president. many times during the course of last week nancy pelosi said the wall was immoral. the year. the money we're talking about is
3:37 am
what's immoral is the very small compared to the congressional leaders who put their hatred for this president return. and the desire not to give him a you'll receive a return many times during the course of the win on the border. year. that's the kind of numbers we're talking about but most their number bun responsibilityy importantly, it's about safety. is to protect the border. it's about security for our a win for the president is a win for america. country. it's about stopping human securing the nation is a win for everybody. >> getting a lot of pushback traffickers. it's about stopping drugs, so we from the left and the media. you have jason johnson on have to have it. got to have it. another network calling the wall we have no choice. it's not a question, you think i a monument to white nationalism. like doing this? i don't like doing this but we let's take a listen and get your reaction. have no choice we have to have >> that the president wants is a it. monument to white nationalism. reporter: mr. president, anybody who agrees to give any [inaudible]. money to this wall is foolish. president trump: i can relate and i'm sure that the people and by the way as sief said all that are on the receiving end along, donald trump said mexico will make it adjustments, they was going to pay for the pal. unless he gets a check, i don't always do, and people understand see why the dsms hav democrats a exactly what's going on but many of those people that won't be receiving a paycheck, many of reason to have a conversation with him. those people agree 100% with >> white nationalism? >> why is securing our border what i'm doing and i will tell you i just saw a poll, 75% it racist in any way you can think
3:38 am
was on fox but i just saw a poll of. securing the border is the right thing do. 75% said immigration is still we're protecting americans. when u wa i was director we movd important and it is. it's a very big issue. reporter: [inaudible] president people to countries. trump: i can't hear you. securing the border has to do reporter: if there is a national with keeping criminals out of emergency what is the point of having a shutdown. the country, keeping drugs out president trump: i may declare a of this country and protecting national emergency dependent on americans. that's what the wall is all what's going to happen over the next few days. about. we have a meeting, vice it's nothing about racism in the president pence and a group will wall. be going to a certain location it's ridiculous. >> there's an interesting take, that you know where that is and i use that word loosely, in the they will be having another meeting. "the new york times" suggesting i don't expect to have anything this is a symbol for the happen at that meeting but i president, he's boxed himself in. going to the campaign, they used think we'll have, nor does the the wall, his campaign staff to vice president, but i think get him to stick to script we're going to have very serious talks come monday, tuesday, because it lit up the rallies wednesday. we have to have border security. if we don't have border security we're going to be crime ridden saying, his political advisers and it's going to get worse and landed on the idea of a border worse and it was so sad watching wall as a way to make sure their the funeral of the slain police candidate was remember to talk officer yesterday. about getting tough on
3:39 am
immigration which was to be a officer singh. that was a very sad thing but signature issue in his campaign. this is going on in many places they go on to say having spent over the course of if you go more than four years as a candidate and then as president back to the year 2000, we have whipping his core supporters thousands of people that have into a frenzy over building a been killed by illegal wall, mr. trump finds himself in immigration, by people coming a political box of his own into the country illegally, and making. i know you weren't directly killing our citizens. involved in the campaign, you we can't have it. we can't have it. had a day job. talk about this president's commitment. is it a ploy? >> no, it's not. reporter: mr. president, will i've had many conversations with the workers get a paycheck on january 11? the president. president trump: we'll see what happens whether or not it's i just talked to him last week. we've never moved off the need settled. reporter: [inaudible] president of a wall. he's looked at the data. every place they put a board irr trump: i will say this, i have tremendous support within the republican party. if you look at congress, you saw barrier 100% of the time illegal with all of the numbers you saw immigration declined. just a very small group of he's seen the data. people voting and it wasn't that's what i wish. i wish he would go around really against, it was a vote to open, it wasn't against because schumer and pelosi and talk to i think everybody agrees, the american people, show them the data, how the wall has been
3:40 am
successful 100% of the time, talk about the number of criminals and drugs coming across the border and speak directly to the american people. when americans hear the truth, when they see the effectiveness of the wall, more people are going to push democratic leadership to give the president the $5 billion he's seeking. >> the article in "the new york times" was from their news and is session, where their news opinion tends not to be news. there's a new poll out we had to get your take on. americans who wish to leave america. the poll says that 20% of women, 13% of men, 30% of americans under the age of 30 years old would like to leave america at some point. so last time i checked, there's not a wall to leave if you want and a lot of the news is pointing that this is the fact that they don't like trump. >> well, i don't understand that at all. i think for this president who's
3:41 am
taken on kneeling during the national anthem, his number bun responsibility and goal is to protect this nation. this president wants the america back that you and i both grew up in. america is decided. he's trying to get america back e forgetting what america is really all about. >> they've been told in our schools that america is a bad place too, that's a problem, it all adds up and they want to go somewhere else. >> we've got millions of people trying to come to this country legally and illegally. can't be too bad. >> they'll ev they've seen the e
3:42 am
thank you so much. we're going to turn to headlines for you this morning. fox news alert. a police officer is shot and killed in the line of duty. the officer was trying to arrest a fugitive outside a store when the shooting happened. the suspect is in the hospital with minor injuries. the police plan to release the fallen officer's name at a news conference this afternoon. a teenage girl accused of taking a police cruiser and going for a joyride, going up to 50 miles an hour. the girl jumped in a car when two officers got out to chase a suspect. new york's fine er finest rn the new year by retrieving this engagement ring after it slipped off of a woman's finger and through a manhattan grate. >> that's grate. >> it is. this comes weeks after a newly
3:43 am
engaged british couple lost their ring through a grate. can you imagine? this thing never loses my finger. >> if you're in the moment you're probably not paying attention. >> you're stressed out. >> have some empathy. comedian kevin hart turning down pleas to host the oscars. lawrence jones has a message coming up next. ♪ ♪ e best simple salad ever? great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at
3:44 am
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vascepa is not right for everyone. do not take vascepa if you are allergic to icosapent ethyl or any inactive ingredient in vascepa. tell your doctor if you are allergic to fish, have liver problems or other medical conditions and about any medications you take, especially those that may affect blood clotting. 2.3% of patients reported joint pain. ask your doctor about what the science behind prescription vascepa can mean to you. amarin thanks the clinicians and patients who participated in the vascepa clinical trials. are you serious? >> are you serious? some quick sports headlines right there. that was duke freshman williamson. dick vitale making the call. williamson with the steal,
3:47 am
scoring 25 points in the win over his how manytown team clemson. hopefully he'll end up with the knicks here in knox. the chargers face the ravens and defending super bowl champs the eagles playing in chicago. and last night the colts dominatedominateddominated the . the cowboys hold off the seahawks in their wild card playoff game. cowboys win 24 22. 24-22. this was lawrence jones' reaction to the big win. >> let's go dak! let's go, dak! >> i hand it off to my colleague. >> thank you, ed. let's bring him in. lawrence jones you were not excited at all, were you? >> well, you know, it's been a long time coming for us cowboys fans. america's team, the fans are happy. >> it's been since 2015. so a lot of us have waited a long longer than that.
3:48 am
i don't feel much pain for you but congratulations. >> we want to talk about what's going on with kf kevin hart ande len degeneres. i supported ellen. what do you make of this whole fee yos cofiasco, the way the md to these tweets. >> i like to call the new mob a wildfire. it's a fire you can't contain. if you put gasoline in it will hurt people you love. this is not about the lgbt community. any type of issue, any type of past statement you said in the past, you can be hit for. and that's said. kevin is a loving guy. i believe ellen is a loving woman. and the fact that they're having to go through this is unacceptable. but you know what, ellen was a
3:49 am
part of the mob at one time too. she attacked a pastor in the past and now they're attacking her, her friend. it's not acceptable. >> here's kevin hart on ellen. >> it's an attack. that's a malicious attack on my character. that's an attack to any. >> for you to be the bigger man, for you to say i understand and to not pay attention, there are so many haters out there. whatever is going on on the internet, don't pay attention to them. that's a small group of people being very loud. we're a huge group of people who love you want to see you host the oscars. >> when did we get to the point where we forgot that we all learn and have the ability to learn. please grasp this and use it in 2019. lawrence, doesn't look like
3:50 am
he'll host the os considers but maybe we've learned something about this. >> it's by his decision. he says you know what? i'm done with it. i hope ellen has learned a lesson as well. people get hurt because of this. i love and respect everyone who is out there but we should have grace for people. we shouldn't be destroying careers. the outrage mongers will eventually come for you. >> it's a wildfire. you can't control it. >> and you can't only defend people you agree with. every now and then you've got to defend people on the other side who have apologized. thanks for coming on. >> i hope the cowboys lose next week but i love you anyway. >> love you do, bro. how much would you spend for a good night's sleep. some people would spend up to 300 bucks. we've got some cheaper ways.
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3:55 am
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3:56 am
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3:57 am
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4:00 am
our third week of this partial shutdown. the president insisting they want their 5.7 billion. >> he's not going to give up on the wall. this wall is important to him. congressional leaders are putting their hatred of this president ahead of the number one responsibility to protect this country. >> laying to test a hero, ron singh of california. >> ron, thank you for being the man we all want to be. >> he wanted to be a law enforcement police officer in america. he wanted justice and justice will be served . >> 2020 presidential campaign has already kicked off. >> elizabeth warren barn storming the state of iowa. >> i can't stop donald trump
4:01 am
from hurling racial insults. i can be in this fight for all of our families. this moment. arlington as elliott gets in. >> are you serious? ♪ ♪ my junior high choir teacher used to play this once a week and we would sing along. >> who can sing it? ♪ rock around the clock snpts ♪ einstein james deen, cleveland has a winning team ♪ >> boo. >> give me one or two practice runs and i've got it. >> i decide to dance in, you
4:02 am
sing. >> while we were reciting the words in junior high, i didn't know half. >> someone did a whole story of the top 100 billy joel songs and they trashed that song. it's fun. >> great song. >> let us know what you like that. >> do you like that song? >> people are going to e-mail us that. friends@fox government shutdown, the third week officially now. the president keeping border security, his crash to crack down on illegal immigration front and center in these talks. >> today in a clip that will air eventually, mick mulvaney, the acting chief of staff at the white house, talked about the negotiations for the wall. a newer clip we'll share with you. listen. >> he was willing to agree -- and he mentioned this at the rose garden press conference -- to take a concrete wall off of
4:03 am
the table. if that is not evidence of our willingness to solve this problem, okay -- because again what's driving this is the president's desire to change the conditions at the border. and if he has to give up a concrete wall and replace wit a steel fence in order to do that so that the democrat consist say he's not building a wall anymor. >> you want the headline to be. >> we told the democrats two weeks ago. this is what we want to build. do you think this is a wall. under the way the law is written right now, it's not a wall. but if that's not evidence of the president trying to resolve this, i don't know what is. >> he's making a fair point, the president has shown movement. >> be interesting to see if he budges on the numbers. the democrats to come back saying we're not going to give you the 5.6, but we'll give you 3 or 4. >> trump said i didn't make up these numbers out of thin air. i spoke to border agents. i had hard stats behind me.
4:04 am
>> take the numbers up. who cares. the dems don't care about border security, they never have. the existing allegations authorizations have allowed for fencing which steel slats -- it's all washington nonsense. it technically qualifies so you could use the funding for that but not the concrete wall. it's a smart move by the white house. >> what you're getting at is an important point that people forget about. congress has authorized fencing, they haven't appropriated the funding. the president wanted to change it from fencing to the wall and for congress to finally appropriate the money nchts now. >> now what mick mulvaney is saying, he's willing to meet you halfway and number two, willing to go to fepsing instead of a wall.
4:05 am
hhe'll get beat up on the right. >> the more unreasonable the democrats come, he should ratchet it up. the wall just got ten feet taller. >> now people in the media are starting to sound completely unhinged saying that trump is making the wall about race. take a listen to what johnson had to say on another network. >> this wall that the president wants is a monument to white nationalism. anybody who agrees to give any money to this wall is foolish. and by the way, as i've said all along, donald trump said that mexico was going to pay for the wall. unless he gets a check from them, democrats don't have a reason to have a conversation with them. >> the wall has been a con for donald trump's ten tooth base. the wall has been a scam. it's always been a lie. nothing about the lie has ever been real and donald trump knows it diswhr that is absurd.
4:06 am
>.>> that is absurd. >> two networks in that. not one. >> so it's for his base. he campaigned for it. but for rick wilson to say you have a ten tooth base to go after the president's supporters to support that they're quote unquote hillbillies like peter strzok and lisa page did, was nasty and absurd. >> that's why trump won because the supporters became so enraged with nonsense like this, not only from the left but a lot of establishment republicans and never trump movement. you're not just insulting trump. this kind of stuff, you guys are helping strump. trump. >> going back to the campaign, deplorables. >> we had someone who knows things about the borser border,m
4:07 am
holman, former i.c.e. director, this is what he had to say. >> a win on the border for the president is a win for america. securing the border has nothing to do with racism. it has to do with keeping criminals 0 it of this country, keeping drugs out of the country and protecting americans. that's what the wall is about. nothing about racism about the wall. that's ridiculous. >> it's about the rule of law whether you're black, white, hispanic, whatever. the laws have to matter. we've covered the funeral of ron singh, covered the story of another kid in knoxville, tennessee killed by a drunk driver. they want to make it all about racism. >> police chief richardson was at the funeral for officer singh talking about the fact that he was a legal immigrant he did it the right way.
4:08 am
was a proud american. someone who is on the op site scale of this is another hollywood star, jim carrey. been attacking the president left and right and has now taken it to a new low. let's remember this year according to sound scientific evidence human beings revolve from apes and not the other way around. and he has trump supporters devolving into apes. >> this is the tone deaf ps. hollywood doesn't get how insulting this is to the american people. you're not just insulting trump, you're insulting everyone that rallied around him. if your goal is to not get him reelected, this is the biggest fail ever. we want too know what you think, friends@fox news. com. do you think it will help trump? >> the president tweeted this though, just seven minutes ago
4:09 am
saying we simply cannot allow people to pour into the united states unprotected, undocumented and unchecked. wait. that was barack obama in 2005. and then also i voted when i was senator to build a barrier to try to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in. that was hill cli clinto hilly n 2015. >> you have what are supposed to be respected journalists at "new york times." he has an op-ed column writing, the people versus donald trump. he has demonstrably unfit for office. what are we waiting for. he writes it's becoming clear that 2019 is likely to be dominated by a single question. what are we going to do about it. it's sort of a call of arms, a rallying cry. let's take this guy out. it's not just sort of left loon
4:10 am
members of congress using profanity to say let's impeach blah blah blah, it's respected journalists saying let's take him out diswhr is he a respected journalist? >> won the pulitzer prize. >> they give awards to each other. he's a fraud. he pretended for a long time to be an unbiased journalist. i know there are unbiased journalists out there. most of them work here. but they're all lefties pretending. he should have been real. he was a fraud for years. he tells us what he thinks. he's unfit for office. what are we waiting for. this whole a block, this first part of the show has felt like us recounting how the elites really feel about donald trump. >> we've been talking about what democrats have been prioritizing and one of those things is
4:11 am
impeachment. constantly talking about impeachment. a lot of mainstream media publications are going to have to find justification for that. >> and some lawmakers may be be with their comments about the president. we're going to turn to headlines for you. law enforcement officers across the country were among thousands gathered for the emotional funeral of corporal ronald singh. >> had i known christmas morning that i would be the last time that i saw him, i would have hugged him, but you will always be in our hearts and we'll take you from here. >> the seven-year veteran of the newman, california police was shot and killed during a traffic stop. an illegal immigrant and known gang member is charged with murder. police charge a suspect with
4:12 am
capital murder in the shooting death of 7-year-old jasmine barnes. noter say eric black jr. admitted his involvement the drive-by shooting in houston. investigators believe it was a case of mistaken identity. the arrest comes hours after a rally calling for justice for jasmine. john bolton says taking u.s. troops out of syria is co contingent on defeating isis. saying there is no timetable for withdrawal, the u.s. must ensure that isis is gone. last month the president announced plans to take all troops out of syria. those are the headlines. >> they were preaching no timetable for withdrawal in afghanistan. if you're going to do it in syria, you better do it responsibly. elizabeth warren hitting the trail taking on the president and defending that controversial dna fest. >> i am not a person of color.
4:13 am
not a citizen of a tribe. >> david bossie here to react next. he's made headlines for riding his mechanical horse around his new jersey town. >> i love it. >> this morning, the electric cowboy rides again. >> i'm going to try something like that. seems safer than what i was doing yesterday. ♪ ♪ yeah, uh...for the team... >>the team? gooo team.... order online pickup in an hour and, now buy one hp ink get one 30% off at office depot officemax and, now buy one hp ink get one 30% off yeah, i've had some prettyeer. prestigious jobs over the years. news producer, executive transport manager, and a beverage distribution supervisor.
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we know that when you're >> tspending time with thelass grandkids... ♪ music >> tech: ...every minute counts. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield.
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that's why at safelite, we'll show you exactly when we'll be there. with a replacement you can trust. all done sir. >> grandpa: looks great! >> tech: thanks for choosing safelite. >> grandpa: thank you! >> child: bye! >> tech: bye! saving you time... so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ >> i am not a person of color. i am not a citizen of a tribe. i respect this difference. i can't stop donald trump from what he's going to do. what i can do is i can be in this fight for all of or families.
4:17 am
>> senator elizabeth warren in iowa this weekend using her first trip to the early caucus state to address that dna test disaster. that's all you can call it now. here to react, coauthor of "trump's enemies," david bossie. let's start with the idea, she's trying to have it every which way it seems to me. i'm not a person of color even though back at harvard she seemed to suggest that she was and now she's trying to split the difference saying i'm not a member of a tribe but i have native american ancestry. what say you? >> let's be honest. she's a fraud in that sense. that's what politicians get called out on the carpet for, right? when they stay something that ceasthat'sso flagrantly ridicul. she's an elitist from the ivy
4:18 am
league and she's trying to pretebd thapretend that she's n. i don't think she has to worry about what donald trump is going to do to her. i think she has to worry about what her democrat primary opponents are going to do to her. donald trump does not worry about -- president trump is not going to worry about pok pocahos here. he's going to making sure the economy is great. democrats entire narrative is based on an economy in the downtrodden, in identity politics, trying to make americans feel like they need a leg up, a hand out. and instead this president continues to create manufacturing jobs, 300,000 now jobs. that's their fundamental problem. >> for elizabeth warren and the
4:19 am
other democrats, whether it's cory booker and others already out there testing the waters, they're out there saying that the middle class is hollowed out and they've been forgotten about. can they credibly make the case when the jobs number is over 300,000 new jobs created and manufacturing jobs at their highest level as you know in 2 is years. >> this president has the support of the average american, the men and women on the floor of factories or the police departments, the fire departments, the union workers across this country who are seeing their wages go up by over 3%. we haven't seen that in decades. it is outrageous that the democrats who hate this president more than they love this country will do anything to tear him down and they do not give him any credit for the credit that is due. and that is taking is dated and dying economy under barack obama and breathing life into it and giving this tax cut that he did,
4:20 am
giving -- bringing back jobs from overseas, bringing back companies from overseas. it is really a resurgence and this president deserves the credit for it. >> i've got a minute left. let's push it forward and help us figure out with our viewer what is is going to come next in the government shutdown and how illegal immigration plays in there. it's indication on the president orcpresidenton the committee. his critics say he's boxed in right now. >> they don't understand. the american people want to fix this problem. and the president is their voice. you look at kate steinle, you look at officer singh. you look at the young man who was just killed by a drunk driver, illegal. it is happening over and over again in our communities, whether it's drug, human trafficking or these outrageous crimes. the american people just continue usually get fed the negative news about what illegal
4:21 am
immigration is doing to them in their communities and that is what the president brings voice to. >> we've got to go. -mile-per-hour "fox & friends" omore "fox & friends" on theoth. appreciate you coming in. become mini vans.
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nutella tubs being sold at kos it costs 22 bucks at costco. paul wheeland, an ex-marine was arrested in texas last week for participating in a quote spy machine. >> the 48-year-old international security exe executive and formr marine has been held in a prison in moscow. his family is dpe handin demand. joining us his brother. tell us your story. what's gone on for your family. the story is difficult to follow at times. he's in there for a wedding. he take as group of people on a tour. and suddenly he's brought up on
4:26 am
espionage charges that could leave him in prison for years. >> it's hard to believe he's been in jail or detention for ten days. we learned about his detention the way the rest of the world did. on monday morning we were concerned because we knew he had disappeared or gone missing. so i used the internet to do searching and searched on things like american killed in moscow and found that the ministry announced that it had detained him for espionage. we knew he had gone missing because he missed the wedding, the whole point of his visit. and it was the groomsmen who made a report to the u.s. embassy to say that paul was missing >> david, any reason for you to -- any rationale in your ming from the outside, we don't know the detail wbt don't know paul the way you do. his background.
4:27 am
what reason would there be for russia to say he's a spy, we're going to detain him? >> i don't know. honestly i know what everybody has seen about paul and they must think he's one of the more quirky people that could have been picked up. i can't think of anything in particular that would have caused the russian government to want to detain him and particularly on espionage charges. seems totally unbelievable. >> the u.s. ambassador to russia has visit d visited him. secretary of state mike pompeo say the u.s. may demand immediate return of paul. take a look at what he says. >> with respect to mr. wheeland, we've made clear to the russians or expectation that we'll learn more about the charges, come to understand what he's been accused of and if the detention is not appropriate we will demand his immediate return.
4:28 am
>> does that statement give you some confidence that the u.s. government is looking at this closely and will handle it appropriately? >> yes. and i think secretary pompeo's statement reflect what is the reality is. the russian government hasn't given any detail about why he was detained, what the charges are. the criminal act, 276, it's extraordinarily vague, at least the english interpretation i read. i think a lot of this, even dealing with them in the consulate, the russian country has been on holiday for this weekend. the embassy saw him last week and hopes to see him again this week. but it's still very early stages as far as even helping him to get toilet paper and his eyeglasses in jail. i think it's going to be a slow process and i understand that secretary pompeo is both engaged in this and also aware that there's not a lot of detail yet. >> speculation can be rampant,
4:29 am
some on the internet suggesting that maybe he wasn't there for a wedding. can you address those rumors? was he there for a wedding? who was getting married? just any details you can provide. >> he was there for a wedding. that's my understanding. i have no reason to think not. i have speak within the groomsman, a former marine. this sort of news story strips privacy from people and we're doing our best to protect that groomsman because at the end of the day i'm not sure the wedding has anything to do with paul being selected. but i also don't think it will have impact on us getting him home. that's what we're trying to do. >> anytime an american is unlawfully detained by a foreign government, especially russia, our hearts go out to you. we appreciate your time. >> thanks for sharing your story. an.>> john huntsman will fow that case.
4:30 am
good samaritans and a police officer team up to save a man inside a burning car. the dramatic moments caught on camera. and huge job news for the new year. more than 300,000 jobs added last month and a big boom for manufacturing. charles payne says it's only going to get better in 2019 and he joins us next. >> there he is. >> happy new year. >> you too. how is it going? ♪ ♪
4:31 am
4:32 am
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4:34 am
♪ ♪ saw the jobs number ons friday and they were huge. the president pointed out that the predictions suggested that it was going to be 150,000 less jobs created than the 310,000 roughly that were created in december. who better to break it down than charles payne. >> good morning. >> where did the number come from? >> this is the most amazing story really of the week. not only is it over 300,000 jobs created in the month of december, the best december since 1998. over 400,000 people came back into the labor force. you have to understand what's really critical about this. these are people who had given up on the idea of working again. 92,000 high school grads came back into the labor force.
4:35 am
over 200,000 people with a high school diploma came back into the labor force. we're seeing record unemployment rates for blacks, hispanics. remarkable. and the manufacturing renaissance some would call it a miracle. the best number of manufacturing jobs. >> 284,000 created in 2018 alone. you know, barack obama famously said you have to have a magic wand to make that happen. here it is. >> here it is. these are folks who, they had kind of given up because, again, the experts have said this. ourobots, cheaper to do it offshore, we can do it in this country and do it better. that's exactly what is happening happening. this is a number that everyone should be cheering. >> "wall street journal" has a
4:36 am
headline "jobs for the forgotten man. wage increases are reaching unskilled corners of the labor force ." what do you think about that? >> i didn't get a chance to break down the supervisor versus nonsupervisor work. in november nonsupervisor workforce had a bigger wraij increase than their supervisors. three months in a row, wages over 3%. the money is making its way to prosperity. it's making its way into the heartland, into urban areas that have seen nothing but blight. it's making its way into so many parts of this country that was an economic desert before. >> january 2018 african-american unemployment was at 7.7%, hispanic americans 5%, by the end of the year, african-american unemployment 6.6%, 4.4% for the hispanics.
4:37 am
sometimes people don't feel it. i was amused by what you tweeted. you were being driven to a speech and the driver saying trump is not helping me. and you said. >> i gave a speech. he was my driver and he said the corporate tax cuts don't help me. i said maybe not but i can tell you what, it helps corporations who get a chance to reinvest this money or the corporation that's hired me to give this speech or hired you to drive me. maybe it did help, you know what i mean? h he was kind of quiet after that. >> you have a lot of socialists coming out, ocasio-cortez talking about tax rates as high as 70%. those people are going to want to usher in policies that are opposite of the trump policies that have led to this growth. will they be successful or will people look at their pockets saying that is not going to work. >> they may be successful. they've ght a m got a momentum d
4:38 am
them. and i think this is where corporate america has to wake up. because there is a -- it's not really embracing socialism a much as it is rejecting capitalism. here's a gallop poll. democrats positive on capitalism in 201656% wu now it's 47%. positive on socialism went from 58 to 57. it wasn't that they gravitated to socialism but it's wholesale rejection of capitalism and it's pervasive amongst 18 to 29-year-olds. we have to be careful when a company like general motors is buying back stock and firing people at the same time. you can get a raise like this driver of this car, if someone says yeah, somebody, some ceo made more than you, then you will feel like it's unfair, even though i'm doing great, might be doing better than i've ever
4:39 am
done, a construction worker at the peak of my career, i could be made to feel awful or angry if i'm told that this ceo makes x. corporate america is tone deaf to this. there was an airm that got rid of plastic straws on tuesday and then on wednesday hiked the bag fees. ain't going to work, my friend. we got a serious war going on. >> approval for capitalism in the same gallop poll drop 28%, 45%. they're looking at the levels of profit, pointing at that. no real good alternative p. >> the world has changed a lot since adam smith. but corporate america better be smart. this whole social security system that we had, it began in germany with his mark, it was
4:40 am
put in to stop the spread of socialism. we better be smart with corporate america. and also, let me read one headline to you. look, apple's trouble makes trump's trade war harder to defend. this is the tone deaf stuff that's killing us. >> maybe they should make their stuff here. >> maybe. we got some headlines coming
4:41 am
4:42 am
across southern california, debris flow there, winds up to 80 miles an hour across central california and 60 mimes an hour overnight in seattle. snow across higher elevation of arizona. this storm in arizona and the four corners pulls out tomorrow and across the northern plains. more moisture across parts of california and maybe a little bit more danger of some more debris flow there. temperature wise things are going to be pretty good overall and maybe another two to three
4:43 am
feet. are you guys skiers? >> i'm trying to learn. >> the west coast is having an amazing year. >> don't tell me husband that. he wants to go skiing. >> i don't know what i'm surprised of were that it's negative 36 waking up in fair banks or pete didn't know that was part of america. >> oh boy. >> more weather in montreal. some in the media praising this new democratic congresswoman and many of her colleagues. what they didn't tell you, she once tweeted that israel is evil. we'll discuss that next it's coming. and plus, elizabeth warren admits she drank a michelob ultrawultra but there are thousf better options out there. we've got some suggestions for the senator. >> oh boy. >> let's try some beer. ♪ ♪
4:44 am
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4:47 am
welcome back. some in the so-called mainstream media fawning over the diverse new democrat-controlled congress. but are they ignoring the anti-semitism and anti-israel stance of some of its newest muslim membe members. joining me now, author of the book "first the jews," rabbi mullvick. i'm going to lie out two examples on two congress wem. this is a tweet from 2012, writing israel hip m hypnotizede world. hashtag gaza, hash tall palestine, hashtag israel. there was a picture showing a
4:48 am
post-it note, pointing to israel saying no, this is palestine. break down the view of these two memberrance what it says about how they feel about israel. >> it's very worrisome. there is a growing part of the far left that associates israel with apartheid, with oppression, with imperialism, with human rights abuse abuses and then tht part of that is that those who associate with israel are seen as complicit in that point of view. and this is anti-semitism, pure and simple. i don't see the same things said about china, tha saudi araib ar. saudi aabsaudi's expe last three years. >> go to saudi arabia where women were just given the
4:49 am
ability to drive in a limited way. as a christian you can't go there, let alone worship there. yet our own ally in israel, they condemn -- omar saying she was not for a anti-semitic movement. you've got two members saying we want to come after israel. >> that's pure anti-semitism. there are probably very good people who -- there are some who would support bds. there was a liberal democrat larry summers who said sometimes people can be anti-semitic in effect if not intent. but the actual effects of their actions are anti-semitic and i think that's the case with
4:50 am
boycott divest sanctions. >> these two women happen to be muslim. many on the left look away when it comes to islam but look at a high level of scrutiny when it comes to israel. why the difference? >> an interesting question. i don't think that anti-semitism has anything to do with whether somebody is jewish or christian. there are strong allies of israel. in some ways some of it comes from intersection alty. people think that because jews generally are successful or educated, some must be oppressors. israel has been an extraordinarily successful country in the middle east, they must be doing something wrong. that's where some of it comes from. some might take a religious
4:51 am
veneer but it's something deeper. >> thank you for your time. appreciate it elizabeth warren admits she drank a michelob ultr ultra bute are lots of other options out there. in classic fox style, we're going to try them here in the studio.
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
hold on a sec. i'm going to get me a beer. >> so authentic. >> after announcing her 20 to run, senator elizabeth warren cracked open a cold one. >> she revealed the beer she was sipping is a michelob ultra, the club soda of beers and her favorite.
4:55 am
but there are so many better options out there. we want to help the senator out. >> we're here with some options the senator may want to consider as she gets ready for 2020. here's our man, a former president of the new york city's beer, if you like lighter
4:56 am
colored, lighter bodied beers, slings shot is a good choice. this one is local, started by home brewers here in new york city. lots of feu fun delicious beers. >> michelob ultra, club soda of beer. >> she was referring to light colored beers. we in craft beer like to make it more robust. but this house lagger i brought, they're from massachusetts, fan tas it can lager beers, something to be excited about. >> what about the chosen brew. >> of course hebrew and schmoltz
4:57 am
brewing is of choice. >> it's okay to drink mike lobe ultra. >> they pair with food, fantastic flavors. >> thanks for coming in. , but ancestrydna showed me the specific places they called home. 20 million members have connected to a deeper family story. order your kit at to a deeper family story. p3 it's meat, cheese and nuts. i keep my protein interesting. oh yea, me too. i have cheese and uh these herbs. p3 snacks. the more interesting way to get your protein.
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now is the (vo) quickbooks. backing you.
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♪ pete: in our third week now in partial shutdown. the president insisting they want their 5.7 billion. >> he's not going to give up on the wall. this wall is important to them. congressional leaders put their hatred for this president. the number one responsibility is to protect this country. >> laying to rest a hero. pete: we talk to ron sync in california. >> community of brotherhood of police officers. >> ron, thank you. thank you for being the man that we all want to be. >> he wanted to be a law enforcement police officer in america. he wanted justice, and justice will be served. ed: 2020 already upon us. elizabeth warren hitting the trail. >> i can't stop donald trump from hurling racial insults.
5:01 am
i can be in this fight for all of our people. >> i don't think she has to worry about what donald trump's going to do to her. i think she has to worry about what her democrat primary opponents are going to do to her her. >> the electric cowboy riding a robotic bull in new york city. ♪ pete: i'm actually glad they juxtaposed that. a guy riding around in like a mini-bull and they got me going 70 miles an hour on unfair competit.on pete: 70 miles an hour? that's the first time i've seen the replay. and i gave you the benefit of the doubt the first time. but that was a cave. that was just a give in. that was actually not that fast. that was some 70 miles per hour.
5:02 am
that was two seconds! one second of glory, you know? ed: this is a good enough show that even -- it was fun. you guys rigged it against me. jedediah: it was fun to be on there, you have to admit. pete: how does it feel to be the end result of a rigged system? you should start tweeting about it. ed: really upset. i'm going to tweet, be very angry about it. jedediah: protest. pete: move on. oh, man. what else should we talk about today on the show? email you say ed: talking about a partial government shut down entering week three. it's about illegal immigration. and guess what? a key member of the mainstream media just admitted president trump might be right. they're not going to admit that he's right about the showdown over the shutdown, but the washington post has a massive story today saying, guess what? there is a crisis, pete, at the border! the washington has figured out that out.
5:03 am
pete: your favorite paper finally came around. here part of what they had to say. record numbers of migrant families are streaming -- streaming into the united states overwhelming border agents and leaving holding cells dangerous dangerously overcrowded with children, many of whom are falling sick. two guatemalan children taken into u.s. custody tied in democrat. this is -- i mean, sometimes there are moments you see it in the political discourse where people have to acknowledge the obvious in front of them, from quarters you didn't expect. for this acknowledgment to come alongside the sad news we saw in california that we're now learning in knoxville, tennessee of crimes committed by illegals against citizens, all of it starts to add up. ed: resulted in deaths, not just crimes. pete: when you watch one party in our country stand up and say it's immoral, ineffective, and too expensive, and it looks to have a w.ll jedediah: and president trump actually tweeting this a.m. saying we simply cannot allow
5:04 am
people to poor into the united states unchecked, undocumented, unchecked. barack obama, 2005: i voted when i was a senator to build a barrier to try to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in. hillary clinton, 2015. ed: so there he is. he's exposing the hypocrisy which is that two key democratic leaders of the last decade or two basically admitted at various points in this -- ed: chuck schumer has as well. that we have a real problem, maybe even a crisis of dealing with illegal immigration. when the president tweets about it, when the president goes to the rose garden he's seen as an extremist or worst, a racist, for calling out the obvious that both barack obama and hillary clinton called out years ago. jedediah: it's all a political game, obviously, for these people. they cared about border security before. it was a key issue that trump brought to center stage, and now that it is -- they don't want to give him the satisfaction because he's going to run again and they don't want him to be able to say "i told you it was a problem, i fixed the problem, i led to make this happen." they want to be able to say, oh,
5:05 am
no, we resis.ed pete: cannot give him a win. you're exactly right. jedediah: and trump also tweeting this a.m. and where we the only reason they do not want a wall is because walls work. 99% of border crossings will end end. a properly planned and constructed wall will pay for itself many times a year." so he is not backing down. pete: a fair point. what if they don't want it because they know that walls work? jedediah: pete: and the problem perpetuating itself is something they feed off of, the cycle of amnesty -- jedediah: they campaign off of. pete: -- more discussion and votes and let's make them legal and let's give them all driver's license, linked into the welfare system, let's get 'em voting. it's a complex the democrats think they benefit from while people are hurt by it. that's why i say the president is on such high ground right now now. take that $5 billion and bring it up to 15 or 25. you going to be children about this, i'm going to go back to where it began. let's build the whole thing in emergency multiply i'm not saying that's going to happen but he's in such a strong spot.
5:06 am
ed: washington post acknowledges that maybe pete's been right about it on immigration, then he says let's double it, let's triple it. pete: the win is 5 billion so it's -- you know, he knows negotiations better than i do. jedediah: couldn't help hims.lf pete: really? ed: all right, double, triple, let's jedediah: you do make a good point, though, because you're saying that, well, donald trump has the people on his side in many -- and we see that in polling that's coming through. 62% very serious or somewhat serious the problem with immigration, 24% a minor problem problem. only 7% saying that this is not a problem at all. 6% unsure. so when you look at numbers like this, you're inspired to tell president trump to dig his heels in on this issue because people around the country are saying we want human trafficking, drug trafficking to be stopped, someone to take this seriously. polling is not in your favor. ed: the numbers only tell part
5:07 am
of the story; right? what's real about the crisis which even the washington post seems to be acknowledging is a crisis of illegal immigration is that it is affecting our communities. it's not just a problem at the border. it's in california. it's in tennessee which we'll get to in a moment. let's start in california. officer singh tragically murdered on christmas night leaving behind a widow and a 5 month old son killed by an illegal immigrant. and there was just a remarkable coming together yesterday at his funeral out in california. pete: outpouring, thousands of sheriff's deputies, sheriffs officers converging in month des on, california, which is near newman where he was a part of that police department. multiple overflow rooms, over overcrowded, seven-mile procession with people standing hands over their heart honoring this fallen hero, and chief randy richardson of the newman police department was on our program recently. but he had the tough task of standing at that podium and memorializing a man he loved and
5:08 am
revered who clearly loved this country. listen to the chief. >> he told me he came to this country with one purpose. and that purpose was to become a police officer. he told me about all the pride he had in america and how much it meant to him to be here and to be getting this opportunity. and he told me that he always wore an american flag every time he went to an interview, and he wanted everyone to know that he was proud to be an american. never did i think we would be standing here saying good-bye to such a great man. ron, thank you. thank you for being the man that we all want to be. thank you for being the provider that we all strive to be.
5:09 am
thank you for being the police officer, the k-9 officer, the corporal that everybody should strive to be. we will say good-bye today, but you will always be in our hearts hearts. and we'll take it from here. ed: well, you know, he went to say, in fact, that officer singh made a point of learning english and getting better and better practicing it, because he wanted to connect with people in the community. he wanted -- if he needed -- if there was an emergency situation he needed to tell a family do this, avoid that, as a police officer, he wanted to be able to communicate. he went out of his way to make sure his english was good. remember, last weekend we not only had chief richardson on a.d. program, we had frank sill siller from you can go to
5:10 am
they've raised thousands of dollars for the singh family. it's going to help pay off their mortgage. there's been such an outpouring from our audience that they're going to do a whole lot more for the family. stay tuned for pete: this story has gotten a lot of headlines and rightfully so but there's other stories we haven't gotten enough but it's important to cover because the same dynamic is at pay. on december 29th, pierce corcoran, 22 years old, was killed in a car wreck when an illegal immigrant suspect swerved into oncoming traffic. the illegal immigrant's name is francesco eduardo, charging with negligent homicide, driving without license or insurance. he was not intoxicated at the time, he's currently in i.c.e. custody and the mother, wendy corcoran of this young man speaking out online talking about how much this has affected their family, jedediah: she said online "we are all aware as a family that nothing will bring pierce back, but don't tell me my son who lived in this country and followed its rules doesn't deserve better. for god's same out of respect
5:11 am
for the men and women who fought and fight to make this country such a desirable place to live do the right thing and come here legally and become a responsible citizen." really powerful message there, and i think you're going to find these stories are touching people throughout the country, you know, this -- these are preventable instances of tragedy and this is why this border security today becomes real and tangible for people. people are dying over this, and i think this is what's going to hit home, especially when you have members of families coming out and saying this illegal immigration where you can't screen these people, where you have, you know, gangs coming over, where you have convicted -- people who are convicted of crimes coming over, where you have instances like this that are preventable, these are our family members you're taking. ed: chief richardson who we showed a moment ago has tried to stay out of the political debate saying i got to focus on the funeral and the family. but there's a sheriff involved in this case who said directly this murder of a sheriffs
5:12 am
officer was preventable. it was an illegal immigrant. let's not forget the details. when caught he tried to flee to mexico, he had a brother and co coworker and others who were arrested for trying to cover.up pete: two prior dwis he could have been reported to i.c.e. since it was a sanctuary state. this is not political. if you read wendy corcoran's, nothing political about it at all. nothing political about it at all. the whole statement is remembering her son. when you hear this "for god's sake, out of respect for our country do the right thing, come here legally and become a responsible citizen," to think you're not here illegally, it's a one strike and you're out system, one, two, three, four, we're not reporting them to i.c.e. it's a real problem. jedediah: it should have been political to follow the laws. you're talking about about lawbreaking. we are a country of laws. that should be a unifying element and it's kind of disgraceful that it's not. ed: as chief richardson said we'll never forget officer singh
5:13 am
singh. stay tuned again. fox & friends tomorrow. we got a major announcement about the outpouring of support from you, our viewers, and we really appreciate it. pete: you guys are outstanding. great patriots. well, the democratic darling socialist from the bronx has a new idea on how to pay for her socialist plan. >> tax rates as high as 60 or 70% as you climb up this ladder, you should be contributing more. pete: tippy tippy tippy-top. tippy tippy. those top americans are already paying their fair share. the next guest has the numbers to prove it. ed: interesting. plus foreigner is bringing back one of their greatest hits, and it's all for a great cause. i love foreigner. ♪ i want you to show me ♪ i want to feel what love is oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?!
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♪ >> you said like the tippy-tops on your ten millionth dollar sometimes you see tax rates as high as 60 or 70% president as you climb up this ladder, you should be contributing more. ed: well, that's alexandria ocasio-cortez, a congressman floating a massive tax hike on the rich to fund what she calls a green new deal related to climate change, claiming now that wealthy americans should be contributing more. but according to a bloomberg analysis of 2016 tax returns, the top 1% of taxpayers already pay a greater share of income taxes, 37.3%, than the bottom 90% combined. here to help us break down the numbers, director of strategic initiatives at americans for tax reform, paul blair. good morning, paul. >> good morning. thanks for having me. ed: gist give me your general
5:18 am
reaction before we dig deep on the numbers 'cause i see that the congresswoman has been tweeting a lot in the last 12 hours going after the house republican whip, for example, steve scalise and saying "i don't understand economics." >> look. i think the congressmen has killer instincts when it comes to her dance moves but her fundamental understanding of economics and tax policy is sub subpar. here's the reality. as you pointed out, the top 1% already pay 37% of all federal income taxes. break that down even further, the top 3% are paying over half of all federal income taxes as a share of all paid in 2016, which is the most recent data we have. so her suggestion that only the tippy-top should pay a little bit more because they're not paying their fair share just ignores the data on how much they are already paying as a percentage of the total share of taxes paid by u.s. taxpayers. ed: she and others never quite explain what "fair share" really means, how they define that. and to your point, when you look
5:19 am
at the actual facts, the actual numbers, the rich are paying an awful lot already. average total tax rate for the top 1%, 33.6%. top 10% of taxpayers, top 10% paid 69% of total individual income taxes in 2016. and, finally, top 50% of taxpayers paid, yes, 97% of total individual income taxes in 2016. so paul, quite simply, what more can rich give? >> well, her proposal would double it, double the top rate paid by those high earners. she tugged it would kick in at above $10 million, but there's not a lot of money left. i mean, you know, to my point that. >>necessarily understand economics, high earners have the ability to adjust how they are paid. it's not necessarily salaried income that they're making. they make this money in terms of dividends or investments that you make and so you raise these taxes and people shift their investments to avoid higher taxes, and so what she would
5:20 am
likely experience is no money to pay for a green new deal or infrastructure or any of the sort of left's favorite priorities for spending projects projects. there's not a lot more that they can get because people adjust their investments. ed: we've got 30 seconds, though to take her side in this for a second. she points out that there are a lot of -- the rich like warren buffett who say they don't really pay the 33% that we mentioned earlier. they have all kinds of ways to hide their money, move money overseas as they say. so what can we do to actually get people to pay that 33% that are rich when in fact warren buffett and others say they pay 15 or 20%? >> well, i think the biggest thing we do is speed up the economic recovery. businesses make more investments we'll get more tax revenue from the businesses that they invest in and the employees that they hire. probably the best way to get more money out of rich folks. ed: paul blair, we appreciate your insight this morning. nancy pelosi says she supports border security. that's what she says. but a wall? >> actually is an immorality.
5:21 am
it builds walls in people's minds about who should come here here. ed: is it really immoral? we talk to border securities. now we're going to talk to face experts. your enamel is very precious. acidic foods can
5:22 am
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peace of mind should never be out of reach. [ voice command beep ] xfinity home. xfinity home connects you to total home security you can control from anywhere on any device. and it protects you with 24/7 professional monitoring. i guess we're sleeping here tonight. xfinity home. simple. easy. awesome. call, go online or demo in an xfinity store today. pete: we are back with a couple headlines for you. we begin with a fox news alert. two americans -- well, former americans -- captured fighting for isis in syria. u.s. backed forces in the region took these two into custody. three other isis fighters were also captured in the operation. and in another story, police charge a suspect with capital murder in the shooting death of a 7-year-old girl in texas. authorities say eric black jr. admitted his involvement in the drive-by shooting of jasmine barnes. investigators believe it was a case of mistaken identity.
5:25 am
more people could eventually be charged. and in a third story, 50,000 protesters hit the streets in france. this is the eighth weekend in a row that yellow jacket demonstrators clash with police protesting the high cost of living and emmanuel macron. one group even rammed a small truck through the entrance of a government building. the french president is once again condemning the violence. we'll see how that goes. jed? jedediah: thanks, pete. house speaker nancy pelosi says she's for comprehensive immigration reform and border security. but a border wall? well, that's apparently immoral. >> the inference that you draw from a wall is that the only way to do that, that actually is an immorality. it builds walls in people's minds about who should come here here. it's a very sad thing that he's doing to instill that kind of fear. jedediah: joining us now to react fox news religion
5:26 am
contributor father jonathan morris and pastor robert jeff jeffress. pastor jeffress, what do you make of this comment by pelosi that somehow walls are immoral? >> well, it's absolutely absurd. you know, the bible teaches that the primary responsibility of government is to maintain order and keep its citizens safe. and there's nothing wrong with using a wall to do that. i remind people that god used a wall, he told nehemiah to build a wall around jerusalem to keep citizens safe. the bible says even heaven itself is going to have a wall around it. not everybody's going to be allowed in. so if walls are immoral, then god is immoral. there's nothing immoral about a wall. but what is immoral is for democrats for political reasons to block this president from fulfilling his god-given responsibility to keep our country safe. and it's certainly immoral for democrats to support sanctuary cities which are nothing but havens of lawlessness and are directly responsible for the death of police officer ron
5:27 am
singh and many others. and i think instead of vilifying and demonizing president trump, we ought to thank god every day we have a president like donald trump who takes his oath of office seriously and is willing to do whatever it takes to keep this country safe. jedediah: you know, father jonathan, we have human trafficking and drug trafficking at the border, you have sexual assaults happening, you have children dying because it's being incentivized for this illegal immigration to occur and for people to track through these horrendous conditions. isn't it immoral to ignore all of that and not enforce border security? >> let me start by saying it's especially hard for us to digest from what nancy pelosi, speaker pelosi said is that, you know, she's talking about what is immoral, what is unethical, and at the same time she has been the biggest promoter of even late-term abortion, partial-birth abortion, and so we say "hold on. if you're going to talk about one one thing being immoral let's talk about what the basis of our morality is."
5:28 am
that's the first thing. but to answer your question, jedediah, i think we have to do that just like pastor jeffress says, a government has responsibility, the obligation to keep its people safe. now we have to figure out how to do it. it's not a wall that has to go from the pacific to the atlanta coast. what happened at the beginning of president trump's campaign he was using that type of language. i think we can all agree right now that what is immoral is our system of immigration currently in which we say we're going to keep an unsecure border, we're going to allow people to come over, we're going to give them jobs, but they're going to get low wages and they're going to be second-class citizens. that is immoral right now. and so, yes, we do need sop barrier in some parts of our southern border no doubt. but what we need right now are real, real statesmen and states stateswomen to come and say
5:29 am
we're going to leave partisan politics aside and really work together on those things that really they are not very few apart. everybody knows there needs to be some barrier in some parts of the southern border and that we need other things, technology, et cetera, and then a total immigration really reform and making sure that the situation right now gets rectified. jedediah: pastor jeffress, final thoughts on the left co-opting religion recently and using that to suggest that these policies are un-christian, anti-christian anti-christian. what do you make of that? >> you know, the left usually has no use for the bible or its teachings except when they want to pervert those teachings for their agenda. and look, i think my friend father jonathan and i both agree that we ought to be compassionate to those in need, and america is the most compassionate nation on the earth to those who come into our country legally. you know, if somebody knocks on your door with a legitimate need jedediah, i know you well enough to know you're going to try to meet that need but if they knock down your door and come into
5:30 am
your home uninvited, you're not going to be thinking about meeting your needs. you're going to thinking about getting them out of your house so i think the country is doing the right thing to show compassion to people who come to our country legally. they should be demonized our government officials for trying to solve this problem. jedediah: thank you both for helping us with this fight. jim carrey is known for his comedy but his newest work of art is pretty outrageous. it compares trump supporters to apes. dan bongino is fired up and he's on deck. kevin hart reportedly turn down pleas to host the oscars after facing backlash for old tweets. ♪ in california
5:31 am
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5:35 am
let's bring in dan bongino, former n.y.p.d. officer, is author of "sky gate: the attempt to sabotage donald j. trump." there she was she lost her voice apparently at the end of the day barely keep -- but she's already answering questions about the whole indian heritage thing. what do you make of it all? >> you know, pete, this is just not going to go away. it's eerily reminiscent as ed knows very well asking one of the great questions of hillary clinton about the server. hillary clinton did not come out right away and clear the air on this. voters are generally very forgiving. elizabeth warren is doing the same thing and she's making the same mistake. she's dragging this thing out and slowly but surely changing the story each time. pete, i don't know if you caught it but if you look at some of her statement yesterday when answering that question, now she's trying to make the distinction between tribal membership and ancestry. listen. just come out and say it. you made a mistake.
5:36 am
i don't care how you do it, you got caught up in the identity politics when you were younger, you wanted to feel like you were part of something, but just apologize. this is ridiculous. jedediah: but that, dan, that would have been to be an admission of a lie because for so many years she advertised herself. >> y.ah, jedediah: as native american. she was listed in directories of harvard university as being a minority. they said she was a woman of color. she didn't debate that at that point and say "no, did we want to be define me that way." if she comes out and says that it still means for years she lived a lie and that might be unacceptable to voters as well. >> right, but jedediah, it is a lie. listen, i love you to death but you can't tell me 2 plus 2 equals 7. incidents going to happen. this is not going to happen. one more point on this 'cause this is critical. one of the most damaging political narratives out there, right, think about it. they are narratives that change a preexisting thought about a
5:37 am
person. in other words, if you know a politician is generally considered a hot tempered guy and he yells at a reporter -- not that i know anything about that, wink and a nod -- it's not going to do a lot of damage; right? but if you come out as this identity politics warrior like elizabeth warren fighting for what you perceive to be marginal marginalized people and then you take and you hijack their ancestral identity and heritage? that's a really damaging narrative. she needs to clean this up. ed: dan, something else that caught our eye is jim carrey, another hollywood elite who's been bashing the president not just with tweets but with his artwork. he now has i guess what he tries to call art human beings devolving into apes basically, trump supporters. and he tweets "let's remember this year that according to very sound scientific evidence, human beings evolved from apes and not the other way around." it's almost like an evolution of something else. the deplorable comment by the aforementioned hillary clinton, the struck-page texts about "i
5:38 am
can smell the trump supporters in the walmart" to rick wilson the other day saying they only have ten teeth to now this ridiculous art. they just haven't learned, have they? >> no, they haven't. i mean, that's also an absolutely idiotic scientific statement, that human beings evolved from apes. has this guy taken a basic anthropology 101 course? is he really that stupid? what i can't figure out here, and i mean this, with all due respect to people who act. some are very talented. i can't. i don't know how to do it. it's not my bag of doughnuts; right? but why are we taking your advice on politics? one thing i've always respected about kanye is his thing was, "hey, think for yourself." i'm totally cool with that, you're a celebrity, hollywood elitist, a singer, you tell people to think for themselves, why. but why are we listening to you idiots? i don't understand, a guy whose horrible artwork and bad science and, by the way, he's not even that good of an actor. what was his last -- ace ventur
5:39 am
a3? ed: didn't he do "dumb & dumber dumber"? pete: i did like him in dumb and dumber. but ace ventura -- ed: danny bag of doughnuts from florida. pete: thanks, dan, appreciate it it. where is rick bag of doughnuts? >> belly of doughnuts more like it. all right, guys rebuke let's talk a little bit of weather. we had a big storm across the east coast. everybody is excited the storm from yesterday is gone. yeah, exactly. a much nicer day across -- almost everybody across the eastern seaboard down across the southeast, 43 in atlanta, today you'll go into the sixties. here's how the mid-atlantic northeast today tons of sunshine down across the southeast, you might even see beautiful azaleas with beautiful weather. thanks, guys.
5:40 am
pete: well, this guy tried mugging someone for a cell phone in a parking lot. but he messed with the wrong dude. ed: i met this guy. pete: it turns out he's a world champion kickboxer! jedediah: wow. pete: he's showing off some of his moves he can teach us coming up. ed: he came all the way from west palm beach to show us. next country star larry gatlin. what's up, buddy? welcome. ♪, yeah, singing that's the world's biggest rodeo show of the great time est job, the riskiest job. the consequences underwater can escalate quickly. the next thing i know, she swam off with the camera. it's like, hey, thats mine! i want to keep doing what i love. that's the retirement plan. with my annuity i know there's a guarantee. annuities can provide protected income for life. learn more at
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♪ ♪ i want to know what love is ♪ i want you to show me. ed: some quick hollywood headlines. foreigner putting a new spin on that classic, "i want to know what love is" to benefit the shriner hospital for kids.
5:44 am
golden globes, hosts say they will strike a lighter tone. we'll see and steer clear of politics. the show starts eight o'clock. we'll be checking the facts to see whether they bash trump or not . pete: i'll be asleep. speaking of hollywood awards shows, comedian kevin hart turning down pleas to host the oscars after facing backlash for controversial tweets he posted years. jedediah: so did hollywood pc culture go too far? grammy award win country music star larry gatlin joins us. >> hi, kids. good to see .ou jedediah: doing great. pete: you've shown up ed henry once again in your attire. jedediah: well dressed for sure. >> you know, john rich i think said camo was the new black, or black is the new camo. so i just got a black camo and, you know, do the whole thing. jedediah: i love it. >> and i'll do a little plug. it's liberty legends usa all made in america, the gatlin collection. ed: you need a pocket square. >> i got buttons on that. you know, it wouldn't quite wor. pete: you look very dapper
5:45 am
always is this political correctness, you know, run amok? now you have, you know, a mob out there psychology through people's tweets from ten years ago even if they've apologized, that's not enough, there's no such thing as redemption anymore anymore. what do you make of him saying, "you know what? i'm not hosting." >> lenny bruce wouldn't have been able to get a job in our society, jonathan winters. inherent in comedy most of the time is that somebody gets a little "aahhh" i gotcha, a little ribbing. i don't care what color you are, i don't care what -- i don't care who you sleep with, who you -- none of that stuff. but it's also not my responsibility to make you feel good about yourself. this guy, he's a comedian, a comic. he said something, you know, eight years ago -- jedediah: ten years ago. >> or ten years ago, how many of us really want to go -- don't go back and get my yearbook. i'll never be on the supreme court. okay?
5:46 am
so i -- you know, i saw a little bit about this, about him, and i think he was trying to do the right thing. what he thought was -- but, hell it -- excuse me -- heck, shucks, it's hard to know what the right thing is when everybody who is accusing you, they have their own different standard about -- political correctness has gone -- you know the washington redskins, the kerfuffle -- look it up, fresno. i'm sorry. i love fresno. we've been there many times. all the deal about political correctness, the washington redskins, you know, -- pete: the logo. >> they got so upset, the team got together, they were so embarrassed about their name, they got together and they decided that from now on they just want to be known as the redskins. >> take washington out of the name. too controversial. pete: there's a poll that caught our eye from gallup that asked young people about their feelings about america. i know you love america, we do too. it turns out 20% of women, 13% of men, 30% of americans under
5:47 am
30, and 40% of women under 30 would like to leave america. what are they missing? >> well, i think let's take a look at 'em and ugly ones let's just buy 'em a ticket and -- see right there, i'll get crapola about that. it's a joke! if you're the ugly one, you know know. get on out. pete: am i allowed to laugh? i should be. that was funny. >> i wonder where they want to go. pete: exactly. >> i've been to a lot of other countries. i'm an anglophile, a francophile i love paris, i love london, i love the french philosophers and the writers and the expats in the twenties, hemingway and john lospasos, i want to go over there. i can't wait to get back home. you know, they don't say this is the greatest country. well, it's the greatest country. you know why they say that? 'cause it is. go live in some of those other places. i've been there. so let's do some crowdfunding and help 'em pack.
5:48 am
ed: larry gatlin, great to have you on today, and great to have you on after bush 41 passed, you knew him well. it was sad that we lost him last year but your remembrances of him were wonderful. >> fine man, great family. thank you. ed: democrats are calling for the president's impeachment. now the new york times is taking it a step further, new headline calling on the american people to force him from office. jedediah: and this guy tried mugging someone for a cell phone in the parking lot. messing with the wrong man. it turns out he's a world champion kickboxer and he's teaching us his moves coming up. it's time for our lowest prices of the season on the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it's the final days of the lowest prices of the season. the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed is only $1299.
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♪ jedediah: this florida mugger got more than he bargained for when he attacked a 68-year-old man for his cell phone in a restaurant parking lot. pete: bad idea. the man turned out to be steve
5:52 am
shepherd, a world champion kickboxer. shepherd fought back against the attacker throwing punches that sent the attacker to the ground and eventually fleeing. here to show us his moves, five time kickboxing world champion steve shepherd. steve, thanks for being here. >> sure. it's my pleasure. pete: so at that moment, you're mugged, the guy comes from -- show us what happened. he comes from behind. >> he came from behind. i had injured my leg running. pete: okay. >> and so i was limping. so this is how i was walking. exactly. now, in boxing you learn to be in the moment. you learn not to think. you learn to be aware of every split second; right? if he was a boxer, he wouldn't have done this. you know why? look at the back of my shirt. [laughter] five time world champion steve shepherd. i would hesitate attacking somebody like that.
5:53 am
pete: so what's the -- ed: so what's the key when someone wants to defend themselves, it's about shifting your weight, you kind of need to plant so you can power forward? >> well, there is a science, of course, to boxing and kickboxing kickboxing. and learning how to punch is actually simple. i don't want to say simple. it takes generally six to eight weeks. and you can punch like a professional. however, doing it when somebody somebody's bunching back at you is a different story. ed: i'm going to hold the bag so you can show us the story. i'm going to hold it. i saw your moves during the break. >> this is a left hook. this is called a left hook. you lean forward, all my weight weight's on my front foot. in boxing there's an old saying, you punch with your legs. so when i hit. jedediah: ooh! ed. nice. pete: i get hit with that. don't steal this guy's cell phone part time ladies first. let's let jed try.
5:54 am
jedediah: you lean in and then you -- >> not bad! now, what you want to do again in boxing first you bunch with your legs so you don't do this. you do -- your hand goes to the outside and it's like slapping when you throw a hook. it's exactly like slapping. right. and you want to do the -- lean forward. and then this comes out about to here. the wider the arc, the more power you get. you hit with your glove up. right! look at that. pete: she's doing it backgrounds on the heels right now. "pistol" pete. >> beautiful. whoo. look at that. look here. the wider the arc, the more power you get. look at me. good one. i shift my weight to the right or i'm leaning forward. if you lean forward, make sure your heel is up in the air. pete: i see. okay. i don't have the technique d.wn
5:55 am
jedediah: you got to pivot your feet; right? >> pivot, get your hit into it and really we call it turning your left knee in. see my knee? all i do is that. pete: my commander first said the first one to get violent in a fight usually wins. is that about right like having the mind-set to say -- >> i don't know. [laughter] pete: you would know. >> i wouldn't just haul off and hit somebody. pete: sure. but once aggression is activated you got to be ready. >> yes, you do. jedediah: you have a match coming up in march; right? >> yes, march 22nd. however, a slight problem. my -- during that encounter, it ruptured my eardrum and i might have postpone it a little bit. jedediah: you'll be back no doubt. >> absolutely. yeah. the reason i am here is because i'm 68, all right? and i defended myself. people equate 68 automatically to 88.
5:56 am
pete: they're wrong. >> they do! at 68, i have been told i am too old to fight. i have been told that for years. and i've been calling the florida boxing commission -- thank you, commission -- they now allow older guys to fight. pete: in palm beach; right? >> kick box super fit in downtown west palm beach. ed: 68 is the new 38, how about that? >> there we go. jedediah: don't mess with this guy. awesome. pete: trump about to leave for camp david to strategize about the border as the partial government shutdown enters week 3. we'll take you there as soon as we get it. ed: plus senator mitt romney -- that's right a new title -- senator romney still feeling the heat after criticizing the president. one of his new senate colleagues says that same mistake cost romney the white house in 2012. does he have a point? we'll debate it with two republicans coming up.
5:57 am
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pete: in our third week now of this partial shutdown. the president insisting they want their 5.7 billion. >> congressional leaders, they put their hatred for this president ahead of their number one responsibility which is to protect this country. ed: learning to rest a hero. pete: a community and brotherhood of police officers who recognize the patriotism that goes with this service. >> thank you for being the man that we all want to be. >> he wanted to be a law enforcement police officer in america. ed: 2020 already upon us elizabeth warren hitting the trail. >> i can't stop donald trump from hurling racial insults. i can be in this fight for all of our cities. >> jim carey is known for his comedy. >> why are we taking your advice on politics, that he's such a credible authority that we're supposed to listen to jim
6:01 am
carey? >> anxious here, in arlington, assett jot gets in. >> [applause] >> are you serious! >> ♪ ♪ ed: so a viewer wanted me to note that tennessee basketball usually has a lot of highlights, and we've been going back to georgia and florida and have fans in the audience. pete: i get this e-mail a few days ago, why didn't you highlight florida winning a big bowl game, they beat michigan you're a jerk basically i thought it was a random viewer i said what are you talking about we mentioned florida winning twice and then i later look and name was jay groman. shawn groman's father sent me hate mail. jedediah: [laughter] that's fantastic. ed: i was like what are you
6:02 am
talking about? ed: don't mess with staten island is what i'm hearing. jedediah: exactly right. i told you. face to face. ed: i'm sorry, i'm sorry. pete: i'm just watching. we don't really know what's going to happen ever on the top of every show we love it but we are watching though the white house, because any moment now, president trump will be leaving the white house getting on i believe marine one and going to camp david. ed: he's called his senior staff together they want to go over priorities for 2019. there are a lot of operators starting with the economy of course, healthcare is a big issue on the hill, illegal immigration, cracking down on it is front and center for this president, always been at the top of his agenda and of course these budget talks which are tied in with cracking down illegal immigration, because the government shutdown now entering week three, partial government shutdown. jedediah: negotiations are in the thick. mick mulvaney acting chief of staff actually commented on the negotiations, take a listen. >> was that he was willing to agree and he mentioned this at the rose garden press conference to take a concrete wall off the
6:03 am
table. if that is not evidence of our willingness to solve the problem , because again, what's driving this is the president's desire to change the conditions at the border, and if he has to give up a concrete wall and replace it with a steel fence in order to do that so that democrats can say see he's not building a wall any more that should help us move ahead. we told the democrats this two weeks ago. this is what we want to build. do you think this is a wall? actually, under the way the law is written right now, technically it's not a wall but if that's not evidence of the president's desire to try and resolve this i don't know what is. pete: that is the very latest from mick mulvaney. that was this morning also this morning the president tweeting this. he said the only reason they do not want to build a wall meaning the democrats, is that walls work. 99% of our illegal border crossings will end crime in our country will go way down, and we'll save billions of dollars a year. a properly planned and constructed wall will pay for itself many times a year.
6:04 am
so, both sides strong in their positions. we also heard overnight that the white house doesn't plan to budge on that $5.7 billion budget number so as they head to camp david if we get sound from the president we will bring it to you. the strategy sessions begin and as they head back. ed: you say the white house is not caving on the $5.9 billion, or 5.7 billion there may be a little bit of movement on the democratic side. i just got a text from a friend whose close to the negotiations they're coming back at 1:00 p.m. eastern roughly vice president pence, democratic counterparts and this source is telling me that the democrats were indicating yesterday that they might be okay with about 100 miles of steel wall, not an actual wall, pardon me, essentially like the semantics of it that maybe we'll do 100 miles but it'll be steel fence not an actual wallace the president said in the campaign. now will the democrats pullback from that? did they rethink it overnight? is that just something floating around we'll see but there might be movement on the democratic
6:05 am
side. jedediah: it's to no one's surprise actually some in the media have painted this as about race. take a listen. >> this wall that the president wants is a monument to white nationalism. anybody who agrees to give any money to this wall is foolish and by the way, as i've said all along, donald trump said that mexico was going to pay for the wall so unless he gets a check from lopez, i don't see why democrats have any reason to have a conversation with him. >> the wall has always been a con for donald trump's tin-tooth ed base. the wall has always been a scam. it has always been a lie. nothing about the wall has ever been real and donald trump knows it. pete: you heard it. his ten-tooth base so we had tom homan on, former acting i.c.e. director who knows what's going on had a very different perspective. listen to him. what they fail to understand is a win on the border by the president is a win for america. securing our borders is the
6:06 am
right thing to do. securing the border has nothing to do with racism and has to do with keeping drugs out of this country and criminals out of this country and protecting americans. that's what the walls all about. there's nothing about racism with the wall. history ridiculous. ed: do you know who might agree with tom homan, is the washington post which is a lot of editorials and op-eds and we'll get to more of those in a moment going after the president there's an actual news story in the washington post today, you can find it online suggesting there's a crisis at the border there are people streaming across the kind of language the president uses and he's called a racist as you heard in that clip so i just want to add that that fact-based story actually says you know there is a problem at the border. jedediah: more than 51% of these border patrol agents are hispanic and advising the president, they are saying hey, listen this is what we need. this isn't donald trump making up a policy because he doesn't like people of a certain race. these border patrol agents are the ones on the border doing this job every day. this isn't about race, but about
6:07 am
border security. ed: msnbc said it's a bunch of white guys around donald trump who said he missed the border patrol agents. pete: they also keep citing all these experts that say walls don't work which is why coming in today we've had multiple guests on talking about walls and history of walls in certain places. we don't have sound but david ru ben, a mayor of a town in israel which i've been to, two types of walls have been built. one on their southern border with egypt because newly-released had a huge illegal immigration problem, it was almost completely eliminated 17 people in one year and zero after they built a wall and built it taller and then one in sam area known popularly as the west bank, because of their terrorism problem. terrorism went from hundreds of bombs going off in jerusalem against jews to almost nothing because when you have a physical barrier it is successful. you hear mick mulvaney talk about the wall and democrats talk about steel fencing. it's almost almost about the word. it's like wall equals trump because they hate trump so much you have to hate the wall.
6:08 am
you have to call it a fence or something else they just can't give them a win so stick with the wall and build it taller, ask for more money. the reason they're starting to cave is because they are on the wrong side of this issue all the way with the electorate that sees this is a bad problem. when they go to this strategy session we'll learn what they talk about we might hear from the president but they have to walk into this i would hope confident they are on the right side of this issue the american people are with them and democrats are making themselves look shallow at every turn. jedediah: the plan was to campaign against that wall though. these democrats wanted to run against trump and they wanted immigration to be key an they wanted to say his wall doesn't work we didn't let him have it and now the idea the american people are turning to trump side and saying hold on a second people are dying as a result of this -- pgh >> professor: but what do you want a chain link fence? jedediah: anything they can use to change the language to make it look like it's their idea. ed: so the wall in the short-term is to deny the president a victory. what's the goal in the medium to long term? drive him from office. pete: correct. ed: this is out there in the open. this is not in the shadows.
6:09 am
headline, new york times, by the way, he used to be the bureau chief on the news side now has an op-ed column, this column -- pete: he's a liberal. ed: the people versus donald j. trump. he is unfit, he writes for office. what are we waiting for. "the united states has never had a president as unfit for the office as trump and is becoming clear that 2019 is likely to be dominated by a single question. what are we going to do about it " so it's essentially a call to arms. jedediah: sure is. ed: by a columnist at the new york times drive him from office jedediah: who echoing what democrats are doing, and they are talking about impeachment. and abolishing the electoral college so the media is going to pick up on that and say okay wait democrats are on it they are going for impeachment let's find justifiable reasons and let's make this the front and center story and the bottom line is nobody is paying attention to the fact that the economy is doing better and people see right through all of this stuff. pete: totally he's been in office for 700 days and the message of the left has never
6:10 am
changed. we don't believe that the election in november was valid or justified. we want this guy out of office, and what he's done in those 700 days? ed: by november you're saying november 2016. pete: november 2016. but what they've done is exposed themselves of the fraud they are the reason the fake news media is true the reason the opposition party is true he's exposed all of these deep state folks who are washington bureau chiefs, because they're newsmen. we've got great newsthen here at fox news channel. oh, i'm just unbiased look at my analysis. you've always been a lefty, hid it under a news column for years now you're open with your opinion you want to get rid of trump so do your fellow journalists at the so-called new york times, the ones that have been frauds have been exposed by this president because he sees it and he can talk about it and the american people, we may have 10 teeth or 12 or 14 or eight, i don't care. we're not dumb. we know when someone is selling us and that's what's happening. ed: i think the real point here
6:11 am
is pete has been triggered so we'll have to move on. jedediah: there's a dance now that goes with it so tell us what you think though, friends. there's a dance now. pete: i get too excited i start hopping. jedediah: friends@fox e-mail us and let us know. turning now to headlines we begin with a news alert two americans are captured accused of fighting for isis in syria. u.s. backed forces in the region say they took these two into custody. three other accused isis fighter s were also captured in the operation. reports say two people are now charged in the drive by shooting death of a seven-year-old, jazz mine barns this is video of one of those suspects eric black jr. appearing in a texas court this morning black is charged with capitol murder. police say black admitted his role in the shooting. investigators believe this was a case of mistaken identity. and behind bars in russia, accused of espionage. paul wheeland's twin brother joined us earlier shocked by the charges. >> i can't think of anything in particular that would have
6:12 am
caused the russian government to want to detain him and particularly on espionage charges, it just seems totally unfit. jedediah: there's been speculation russia could use the arrest for a potential prisoner swap. russia denying those claims. law enforcement officers across the country were amongst thousands gathered yesterday for the emotional funeral of corporal ronald singh. >> had i known christmas morning when i sent him home that it would be the last time that i saw him, i would have hugged him but you'll always be in our hearts. and we'll take it from here. jedediah: heartbreaking. the seven-year veteran of the newman, california police force celebrated christmas with his wife and five month old son when he was shot and killed during a traffic stop. an illegal immigrant and known gang member is charged with murder. those are your headlines. ed: remember tunnels to towers.o rg, our viewers have gone above and beyond to help the family of officer singh.
6:13 am
one last chance tonight. pete: that's right. well moving on president trump touting his record so far in office. president trump: probably done more in the first two years than any president any administration in the history of our country. pete: the former obama advise or ben roads says president trump has done nothing compared to his boss, so whose right? we're going to set the record straight coming up next. jedediah: plus talk about a baby boom this picture of 30 moms and 31 babies at one hospital is going viral and all of them are going to be here live. ed: all of them? jedediah: all of them that's right. that is the cutest thing ever. ed: welcome! >> ♪ ♪ ♪and shakin' me up so ♪that all i really know ♪is here you come again, and here i go, here i go♪
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the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it's the final days of the lowest prices of the season. the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed is only $1299. ends sunday. president trump: you can't impeach somebody that's doing a great job. i've probably done more in the first two years than any
6:17 am
president any administration in the history of our country. you look at tax cuts, you look at regulations, you look at what we've done for the vets you look at the rebuilding of the military, i could give you a list that's pages long. pete: that was president trump in the rose garden on friday. well former obama advise or ben roads took issue with it tweet ing this, in his first two years trump's predecessor passed a trillion dollar government stimulus, rescued the global economy in the auto industry, passed obamacare, wall street reform, and brought home tens of thousands of troops. well, mark ladder served as press section to mike pence, he joins us now to react. mark, ben roads trying to spin the obama years as successful. your take? >> well we could summarize the obama years like an oprah episode. you get a government handout, everybody gets a government hand out. under president trump, you get a job, they get a job and everyone gets higher paychecks. it's really that simple. pete: it is, but he could have
6:18 am
tried to cite the iran deal, he could have tried or at least movement in that direction, government stimulus to your point is government spending, he claiming you saved the global industry on auto and banking, i mean, there's a lot of promises, not a lot tied to things that affect americans here at home. >> no you're absolutely right and what we're seeing right now under president trump is the auto industry is coming back to the united states. pete: for real. >> you've got manufacturing growing at the fastest pace in 20 years, under president trump. paychecks are going up and when it comes to the foreign policy, as you mentioned, obama gave billions of dollars to terrorists, basically had isis form under his watch, this president went out, killed, captured terrorists, decimated isis and we're standing strong again on the world stage. there's really no comparison between the two. pete: it's really interesting to watch them try to spin it. they can't stand what they see s's the hyperbole as a result of
6:19 am
president trump trying reverse engineer eight years that led to trump because people were fed up from a lack of priorities from the obama administration but right now we're into a showdown, almost into the third week of a partial shutdown. president trump his chief of staff and many white house leaders will be heading to camp david in a matter of moments we hope to get footage of that shortly. what do you believe they will be discussing today? >> well i think broader term they are going to be looking at 2019 as what can we do to continue the president's agenda continue the economic success we have seen under the first two years of president trump and while the shutdown will be a part of that i also know the vice president will be continuing to meet with leaders on capitol hill or their staffer s trying to work there or find a way to work through border security issues to get the government reopened but this is a president whose going to continue focus on rolling back regulations, freeing up the american economy, so we can create even more jobs, and then he wants to invest in infrastructure and in our cities and help out the schools.
6:20 am
so many of the things that he ran on, they're going to continue to enact. pete: god it mark lotter thank you very much for your time this morning appreciate it. good stuff. well democrats thinking about running for president in 2020? well they reportedly are trying to get some advice from twice failed presidential candidate hillary clinton. while former clinton advisor mark penn here to react to that idea coming up live, plus senator mitt romney newly minted still feeling the heat after criticizing president trump and one of his new senate colleagues says that same mistake cost romney the presidency in 2012 does he have a point? we'll debate it, coming up next. >> ♪ ♪ makes things easy. traveling lighter. taking a shortcut. woooo! taking a breather. rewarded! learn more at the explorer card dot com.
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