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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  January 7, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PST

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for five minutes unfiltered go to fox and sign up for fox nation. >> that song takes you back to college, doesn't it? >> don't forget to take yourself to the radio. my show starts in five minutes. >> have a great day. see you tomorrow. >> bill: fox news alert after weekends of meetings no deal on the border wall. the white house putting something on the table only to have democrats deny that suggestion as we say good morning. hope you had an awesome weekend. i'm bill hemmer live in new york city. you as well, my dear. nice to see you. >> sandra: i'm sandra smith. the president framing a possible compromise but congressional democrats aren't budging. talks expected to resume this week as the president considers whether to declare a national emergency to get the wall built while both parties play the blame game. >> president trump: we'll build a steel barrier. they don't like concrete we'll give them steel. steel is fine. steel is actually more expensive than concrete but it will look beautiful and it is
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very strong. >> the president really does believe you can solve this in 10 minutes. we're asking for $5.6 billion. they offer us zero. the democrats for better or worse think they're winning this battle politically. >> the president is prepared to do what it takes to protect our borders, to protect the people of this country. >> we need to open up government and then negotiate. not the other way around. because we're prepared to negotiate. >> the president seems unaware of this but we've already built a wall across much of the border and all border security experts that i talk to say where a wall makes sense it has already been built. >> our purpose in the meeting at the white house was to open up government. the impression you get from the president that he would like to not only close government, build a wall, but also abolish congress. the only voice that mattered was his own. >> sandra: kevin corke is live at the white house this morning. good morning to you. >> happy monday. good morning. great to be with you. the white house floating a number of ideas as you see all
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in the effort to not only enhance border security but to protect our sovereignty as the nation. i want to share part of a letter sent to the house appropriations committee. part of this long process to try to figure out a way to end the shutdown. this is from acting o and b director russell vot. i want to share a few pull-outs. 5.7 billion for you heard it all weekend long, a steel barrier. you don't like concrete, fine, we'll go with steel. also more border patrol agents. they want to add to ice personnel and they want more detention beds and technology. >> president trump: we have criminals coming in. human traffickers coming in. we have drugs pouring in. we have things happening that you don't want to even know about. it's been that way for decades and we can't have it anymore. >> can't have it anymore says the president who spent part of his weekend at camp david.
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2019 agenda strategy session in which the wall and shutdown as you can well imagine drew top billing. that will continue to be the focus here again today. >> sandra: what's the latest on the outreach to congressional democrats? >> you saw over the weekend the vice president, mike pence, was very busy not just meeting with congressional staffers from the offices of chuck schumer and nancy pelosi but also making his broad overture to democrats in general. they want this to get done somehow, some way, they want to make sure that as the interest continues in this story line of whether or not we'll get funding for the wall, can we reopen the government, they want to do all they can to figure it out together. by the way, there are democrats on capitol hill that say listen, this idea of declaring a national emergency. it won't work. here is adam schiff. >> look, if harry truman couldn't nationalize the steel industry during wartime this president doesn't have the
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power to declare an emergency and build a multi-billion wall on the border. that's a non-starter. >> a non-starter. 17 days in, sandra, no end in sight. we'll keep you posted on the outreach again today as i learn more, i promise to pass it along to you. for now, back to you. >> sandra: we depend on you for that. >> bill: read between the lines now. byron york, good day to you. couldn't do steel. a whole lot of meetings. how much movement. >> nothing. it appears that absolutely nothing is going on. there is movement on one side, which is the white house side, which the president has given up completely on the idea of a concrete wall, which truth be told is something that the security expert thought was a bad idea from the get-go. and the president is also saying well, we'll put in money for other stuff. wealth
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-- we will put in money for other things at the border. the democratic leadership are basically stuck in a no go position. and the question will be is there going to be some split among those democrats between nancy pelosi, who says that a wall is not only bad policy but that it is immoral, and other democrats who maybe don't go that far. >> bill: there has been a lot of meetings. some went out to camp david. i don't know why you had to go to camp david. perhaps there was progress there. what you're suggesting and what we're hearing we aren't moving forward on this. if you're in day 19 right now and you have a state of the union address coming up in 2 1/2 weeks, do you see a way out of this, byron? >> you also have additional signs coming that this really is a partial government shutdown but it does affect a number of people. and we will have -- if it goes further and further there could
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be federal paychecks missed. a more human cost. it affects 25% of the government. 75% of the government not affected but still that 25% is a lot of people. we are going to see what effect that might have on these continuing negotiations. so far -- >> bill: i try to figure out how both sides to declare victory. that's something that really is a mystery right now. topic number two, the acting secretary, acting cabinet members. the president talked about that over the weekend. >> president trump: i sort of like acting. it gives me more flexibility, do you understand that? i like acting. we have a few that are acting. we have a great, great cabinet. >> bill: the acting members continue. do you have a problem with that? >> the president is making a virtue of necessity. the one acting that caused a lot of concern and a lot of criticism was the acting
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attorney general matthew whitaker. his replacement -- permanent replacement has been nominated. bill barr, a former attorney general. he will get a confirmation hearing with the senate judiciary committee next week. that's underway. as far as the others are concerned, like an acting interior secretary the president doesn't feel any great need to address that quickly. by the way, the chief of staff, which is simply a presidential appointment, mick mulvaney is also acting right now. the president does like this acting thing. >> bill: when you consider the amount of transition, too, take it slow. figure out who you like and go with it. nice to see you on a monday. hope you had an awesome weekend and we'll see you later in the week. thank you. >> sandra: trading will be underway just less than 30 minutes from now. futures pointing toward a higher open as a new round of trade talks begins today between the u.s. and china into ending the trade war between the world's two largest
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economies. edward lawrence has more live from the white house. edward, this is a first face-to-face meeting with the u.s. and china since the two presidents met at the g-20. what is different now and has progress been made? >> the biggest difference is the change in tone from the chinese. the meeting happening today and tomorrow in china. a spokesman for china saying china and the u.s. remain on equal footing to come to an agreement. it could be a signal that china would like to have an issue and stop the issues with their economy. their economy is slowing down. manufacturing was contracting in china and markets were seeing a slide. we saw a blockbuster jobs report, low inflation, low unemployment, and wages are rising here in the u.s. the foundation of our economy is strong. china is seeing manufacturing with companies possibly moving manufacturing out of china long term. they want to stop that damage. they also see the president is very serious about what he says and going forward to try to
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make a deal. >> sandra: president trump paused the increase in tariffs on $200 billion of chinese imports as we know from 10 to 25% to let these play out. any indication that there will be an agreement before the plan date march 1? >> it's interesting. the chinese seem to be serious this time around. they had high-level folks enter into the meeting that happened there. they announced a series of reforms. they haven't acted on it. stealing companies intellectual property will be illegal going forward. a number of government agencies signed onto that. china is buying more soybeans, rolling back tariffs on automobiles. additional tariffs. it is back to the original 15%, still high. the u.s. would like to see punishments written down in these agreements. they want to make sure china follows through on their word. senators in the u.s. are watching closely that the u.s. makes sure we trust and verify.
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listen. >> i'm hoping it will work out. it should be fair trade. it should be fair to all of us. and i think that's the message the president has put out. i think he will bring the chinese to the negotiating table. it can't be a one-way street just with china. >> he is the chairman of the appropriations committee watching closely. chinese officials are saying if things go well in the talks they're looking forward to talks next week with u.s. trade representative possibly here in washington, d.c. so again, progress being made going forward. the chinese trying to avoid the latest round of tariff increases by the president. back to you. >> sandra: markets looking up in hopes of that being the case. >> bill: more on this and the border battle. mercedes schlapp is our guest live in the 10:00 a.m. eastern time hour. looking forward to talking to her. >> sandra: can you read that? >> bill: i can, actually.
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should have been a doctor. >> sandra: we look forward to talking to her. that will come up shortly. breaking news on the plan to pull u.s. troops from syria. >> president trump: the countries that hate isis and they can do a little fighting in their neighborhood also. we're pulling out of syria. we won't be finally pulled out until isis is gone. >> sandra: what the administration wants to accomplish before troops come home. >> bill: it has been nearly 20 years since the terror attack on the uss cole killed 17 u.s. sailors. now justice for the victims finally. plus this. >> i will go cornering the market on the charisma -- what do you think, mitch mcconnell next? that could be good. >> sandra: christian bale taking the only shots at politics during last night golden globes award. what he said about the man he just won an award for playing. excuse me a minute...
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>> sandra: fox news alert. two americans suspected of being isis fighters captured in eastern syria. they were identified as warren christopher clark from houston, and another man with no location in the u.s. reported for him. kurdish forces captured the pair in a group that were suspected fighters from ireland and pakistan. >> president trump: we are pulling back in syria. we're going to be removing our troops. i never said we're doing it that quickly. but we're decimating isis. when i was elected president two years ago, isis was all over syria and all over iraq. we've wiped out isis. >> bill: the president with a weekend circling back on comments with withdrawing troops out of syria. john bolton clarifying conditions for a withdrawal. foreign affairs analyst walid phares joins me on this.
6:16 am
good morning. what did the words of john bolton tell you about u.s. toops? >> it tells me that the president made the first step, of course, to say that eventually we need to get out of syria. there won't be bases in the future, not a long project. he wanted to see turkey doing more against isis. but then, of course, the national security apparatus of the u.s. studied the situation and found out that although this is the goal, we need to put some conditions. first condition absolutely is to terminate isis once and for all which means fighting against isis. second securing the kurds. meaning we have to talk with the turks and setting them the price for you to intervene against isis is not to dismantle or destroy the kurds. >> bill: we have allies fighting in syria. you don't want to leave them behind unless they're protected. matt thornberry on that over the weekend. >> we have been very successful in beating back isis. i think the president deserves
6:17 am
a lot of credit for that success because he took the shackles off of our military and they've done a lot of good work. but that job will not be finished forever. we have to at least have some presence to keep the pressure on. >> bill: i don't think you disagree with that. what does that look like do you believe? >> i would not disagree with the fact that strategically the u.s. should be present in the region ready to intervene any time isis would emerge neither this part of syria or other parts of the middle east or in yemen or other places. the absolute real guarantee is when we defeat isis, to make sure that the forces that will be taking over from isis are friendly and are allies and we have relationship with them. the biggest mistake in iraq we withdrew in 2011 without making sure that iran's militia won't take over from us. we should not repeat that mistake in syria.
6:18 am
>> bill: a commander-in-chief says we won't fight these wars forever. how to wind it down is a peck peculiar weekend. the mastermind of the uss cole had been found and killed. he said our great military delivered justice for the heroes lost and wounded from the uss coal. we killed the leader of that attack. our work against al qaeda continues. we'll never stop in our fight against radical islamic terrorism. the lesson in this is that the u.s. military is not going to stop until they find you. you have to remember the impact of this attack that was overshadowed by a national election on behalf of george bush and al gore. a pre-cursor to 9/11. it's clear that at long last victory in that struggle. >> you're absolutely right. our intelligence community, our military, our other agencies
6:19 am
basically insure that despite our political divide here and political changes. three administrations have passed since then. they are dead focused on finding those who are responsible for these killings and take them out. this is an example. >> bill: walid, thank you so much. nice to see you. good to have you back on our program today. walid phares there. >> sandra: senator elizabeth warren taking iowa by storm selling her 2020 pitch to voters. >> i am not a person of color, i am not a citizen of a tribe. tribal citizenship is very different from ancestry. tribes and only tribes determine tribal citizenship and i respect that difference. >> sandra: that was warren trying to get ahead of the debate on her cherokee heritage as she explores a presidential run. our a-team will dig into that. >> bill: 13 people are dead from the flu. how to keep your family safe over the winter.
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and it protects you with 24/7 professional monitoring. i guess we're sleeping here tonight. xfinity home. simple. easy. awesome. call, go online or demo in an xfinity store today. >> bill: tragic news out of utah. police officer shot and killed in the line of duty. 29-year-old officer shot saturday night while trying to arrest a suspect outside of salt lake. he was rushed to the hospital where he died just before midnight. he was a husband, father of a young son, three-year veteran of the provo, utah, police force. >> you understand sacrifice. see the officer you would want to show up at your door and your biggest crucible moment. he is honorable and hard working. he is decent in every single way and he exemplified the nobility of policing. >> bill: he managed to return fire after he returned shot.
6:24 am
the suspect a 40-year-old man was under police guard at a hospital in stable condition. >> sandra: the flu is spreading in the u.s. 13 children now dead from it. and hundreds have died. we're hearing 24 states now have reported cases. let's bring in dr. marc siegel professor of medicine and a fox news contributor. not a pleasant subject but one we have to discuss because this is affecting people across the country now with hundreds of deaths. how bad will it get? >> thousands of hospitalizations. last year we saw 80,000 deaths related to the flu. we won't see that this year. another flu a season, the worst of the two kinds of flu. we're starting to see it peak. over the next month or two months is when you'll see most of it. as you reported, 24 states are widespread. influenza-like activity is heavy now on the east coast and across the southern united states but it will end up being
6:25 am
in every state. >> sandra: a lot of people at home were thinking i haven't gotten my flu shot yet and this looks scary. is there still time where this will prevent this from happening to your family? should you get one now? >> you should. we only have a 40 to 45% compliance rate for flu shots in the united states. that's awful. it has to get much higher. you know why? this year it looks like the strain of flu that's present dominating is covered well by the shot. even if you say i'm a young, healthy person and don't need the flu shot. if you get the flu shot you decrease the risk of spreading it to somebody who is old and has chronic illness, who is young, a pregnant woman. anyone in the household can get it from you. much less likely to get it if you're covered with your flu shot. everyone needs it. >> sandra: how do you know when you have the flu versus a cold. >> the number one thing is you are walking along working and say i got to lie down. i can't walk anymore.
6:26 am
suddenly fatigue, muscle aches, high fever. that's the flu. a little bit of a cough. with a cold you get a lot of congestion. it is being hit with a ton of bricks. we used to call it the grip. that's the reason. you have to stay home from work, by the way. you won't want to work if you have the flu but you have to stay home so you don't spread it. >> sandra: i can imagine with hundreds of deaths there are thousands of reported cases. this must be affecting the hospitals and doctors must be seeing an influx of patients. >> it's huge in new york city right now. we watch for secondary infections. that's what kills you and what killed people in 1918. it is people that get pneumonia. you have a heart condition and get a heart attack from the flu. it puts a tremendous stress on your system and you get another bacterial infection. doctors often say i found it. it's the flu. let me treat the flu. and they miss a secondary infection like pneumonia. >> sandra: two reasons why people don't get the flu shot. one, it's hard for parents to bring their child in for another shot.
6:27 am
they fear having to go through that process the screaming and the kids don't like it. two, adults say they feel like they're injecting themselves with the actual flu virus. is there truth to that? >> there is truth that neither of those two things. the flu mist is back on the market this year. new study out of pediatrics shows it is not as good as the shot but if you have a child that's shotphobic get them the mist, please. that's one thing. the other point you made it is not the flu virus that's in the shot. it is just a protein. >> sandra: can it make you sick? >> it can give you the sniffles or cold-like symptoms for 24 hours. it cannot give you the flu. you get a sore arm or sniffly or a few -- >> sandra: if you haven't gotten your flu shot and get one today it takes two weeks from today for it to be effective. >> that's enough time. again we're just starting to see the season peak. mid-january, end of january
6:28 am
we'll be here talking about how it's a lot worse. if you had your flu shot you're less likely to go to the doctor or end up in the hospital. >> sandra: good stuff. thank you. >> very important to get that shot. >> bill: breaking news from the high court in washington, d.c. we're learning justice ginsberg will miss oral arguments today continuing to recuperate from cancer surgery. the first time in her 25-year history she has missed oral arguments. plus there is this. give it a listen. >> we're not going to give in to the radical left ever until we can find a rational way forward where we'll have wall as part of a border security plan we're going nowhere. >> bill: senator lindsey graham hunkering down on the border battle. will democrats budge? national border patrol brandon judd is live on that as the president declares a national emergency to get the wall built. updates on that coming up. watch this.
6:29 am
>> and it hits the upright again. that's impossible! >> sandra: well, that did happen. the bears super bowl dreams are cut short. the tears are dry on my face. stay tuned as they make a bear's fan relive a bad day.
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>> bill: off an rolling on a monday. here is wall street trading started two minutes ago and we are sharply unchanged. big day on friday. 750 to the up side for the dow. like to see that. new round of trade talks begin today between the u.s. and china. negotiateers in beijing trying to avoid the new tariffs. the talks continue. what gives we don't know.
6:33 am
they aren't solved yet. right now it's kind of like -- >> sandra: sharply unchanged. love it. oil is one to watch this morning. it is up more than 2%. highest it's been in three weeks. some production cuts by opec. energy stocks and the stock market are expected to be a hot spot. >> bill: it looks like a day in january right there. it's just -- >> sandra: charles payne will be here next hour on that. top story this morning. the white house asking congress for $5.7 billion to build a steel barrier instead of concrete wall as the president considers declaring a national emergency at our southern border. >> president trump: we'll build a steel barrier, steel. less obtrusive, stronger. we're able to use our great companies to make it by using steel.
6:34 am
we'll be doing a steel barrier and that gives us great strength at the border. we have a crisis at the border of drugs, of human beings being trafficked all over the world. they're coming through and we have an absolute crisis. the criminals and gang members coming through. it is national security. it is a national emergency. it will all work out. what we need is, we need a strong border. >> sandra: national border patrol council president brandon judd joining us live in studio this morning. great to have you here and welcome back to "america's newsroom." do you get a sense that anything was accomplished over the weekend? >> my sense is that the president is trying to work with congress to bring that number to where it needs to be in order for him to get the border security that he wants. again, when i speak with the president, the sense that i get is his main concern is the security of the american public, which is what got him elected in the first place. he wants to secure the american
6:35 am
public and to do that we have to have the proper security on the border which includes the walls, personnel and technology which is what he is fighting for. >> sandra: the wall he is no longer calling it. the white house border security plan as they laid it out. 5.7 for steel barrier, 75 addition all immigration judges and staff and 750 border patrol agents. i wonder based how they laid this out is what you're seeing there enough to secure the southern border? >> it is the start that we have to have to where we can see what it will do. the steel barriers, they act the same thing as a wall. if you look at the fenceings we currently have in places that we built, those are working very well because they're concrete reinforced through those steel barriers so they cannot cut through them. the pictures that you showed of those landing maps, those have to be removed. those can be cut through very easily. we spend a lot of resources trying to match all the holes from the smugglers that come
6:36 am
and use torches to cut through those. what he is doing is giving us those things that we have to have. we never needed necessarily a concrete wall. we've always wanted something that we could see through and that's again something that he listened to. he listened to the rank and file agents, what they told him we needed and that's what he is working on. >> sandra: based on what they've laid out as far as money, change in technology, are you convinced this will indeed decrease illegal immigration through our southern border and stop the flow of drugs across the border? >> yes, i'm 100% positive about that. he has listened to leadership and the rank and file agents that are patrolling the border. and he is putting forth exactly what they have told him. >> sandra: this is something you know very well. we were talking at the break. you're from arizona. you've been at this for a long time. almost personal to you. i get that when we talk to you about it. something that you take very seriously but you take the heart as well.
6:37 am
why do you think that democrats are not coming to the table on this issue and not willing to compromise to get this done? >> i don't think they want to give him a win right now. they know that 2020 is coming up. they want to win that election desperately. and so if he actually drives down illegal immigration, then it is going to be another win for him and it's not something they want. i've invested 21 years of my life in border security. i know what we need for border security. i just wish this wouldn't be a political issue. i wish would be the issue that everybody wants it to be, a matter of american safety. >> sandra: here is lindsey graham on the issue. >> we're having to negotiate with people who want to abolish ice, not support ice. we're having to negotiate with people who see the border patrol agents gassing children rather than defending our borders as professional law enforcement officers. as long as the radical left is in charge, we're never going to get anywhere. the president will come promise
6:38 am
but he will not capitulate. >> that's the problem we face. the vast majority of the american want border security and understands when these people try to break our laws there has to be consequences to those laws. if there are no consequences, which is what the radical left espouses, then we'll continue to give this magnet to those people that cross the border illegally. >> sandra: what sense do you get the president will get it done. >> i wouldn't bet against him. i've worked with him for two years now. look at the economy. he has done so many great things that it would be dumb to bet against him. >> sandra: brandon judd, great to have you here. come back soon. >> bill: 22 now before the hour. alarming trend for police departments nationwide for the third straight year more officers committed suicide than were killed in the line of duty. matt finn is live on that story in chicago. matt. >> good morning.
6:39 am
new york and chicago led the country last year with at least five police officer suicides. chicago's force is smaller so by the numbers it is considered the worst. happening right now here in chicago across town a family is preparing for the funeral of an officer who killed himself on new year's day. police suicides on the rise. at least 160 officers nationwide took their own lives in 2018. one more than 2017. a spike of 19 suicides from 2016. chicago police officer dane smith took his life on new year's day. the officer's stepfather who raised him said dane was getting helped for depression. he leaves behind a wife and young son. >> anger, guilt because what could i have done better to prevent that? >> ron is a retired officer who wrote a book on police suicides. he thinks many officers internalize the worst of their job. >> mine was a little baby girl
6:40 am
4 years old shot in the eye. i still picture that to this day and it was pretty hard. >> he says police are often afraid to get help for fear of being labeled soft or unfit for the job. he admits bad cops need to be weeded out but general disrespect for police hurts morale. >> in a scathing statement the order of police writing in part police are so vilified in the media and political system. that is a leading cause of despair. >> here in chicago police officers tell us they work under extreme pressure, fear of lawsuits or being labeled racist. officers tell us they hesitate to get professional treatment for fear of being unfairly labeled mentally unstapled and losing their license to carry. >> bill: tough stuff. on the streets of chicago. >> sandra: here we go. my chicago bears were set to send the defending super bowl
6:41 am
champs home last night when this happened. >> and, and -- it hits the upright again. that's impossible! >> sandra: not impossible. 10 seconds left. 43 years out all for the win and just like that the bears season -- it was a good one. it was a good time. >> bill: it was a double doink was the headline. if that football not there, but right there. just like one quarter rotation and it goes the other way and you win. sorry, congratulations to the eagles. >> sandra: we have eagles fans in the control room. i'll say congratulations. >> bill: how do you feel? are you okay? >> sandra: it was fun, you know. it was fun while it lasted. go bears. >> bill: one of the great things about new york, every nfl team has their place where all the fans gather and watch the game. the chicago game in new york yesterday, they were really
6:42 am
jacked up. they did a great job. >> sandra: chicago has the best sports fans, right? >> bill: pretty good. >> sandra: all the new yorkers here and new englanders. >> bill: they'll be back for sure. they have a good team. top democrats tamping down talk of impeachment. have you heard this? >> if the president committed the crimes we've seen considerable evidence he has committed we need to take that seriously but that's something we'll have to wait for mueller's report and do it in a serious way. >> some surging forward. where will that go? peter king with join us next on that. also. >> sandra: houston police make an arrest in the killing of a 7-year-old girl. the latest on this investigation. as a fitness junkie, i customize everything - bike, wheels, saddle. that's why i switched to liberty mutual. they customized my insurance, so i only pay for what i need. i insured my car, and my bike.
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6:46 am
something that has such a crescendo in a bipartisan way. >> we'll have to see what the mueller report says. nancy and i have both said we voted that way on the floor of representatives. >> bill: democratic leadership talking down talk of impeachment. new york congressman peter king republican. good morning to you. brad sherman, a democrat from california last week said this about that impeachment word. >> i think i have 200, 300 million allies who feel the president is not doing a good job and that the country would be better off if he weren't in the white house. >> bill: how do you see it? >> i can tell you being on the intelligence committee and following this as closely as i can first of all there is no evidence of collusion, which is the reason why the special counsel was appointed in the first place.
6:47 am
as far as heard adam schiff talking about criminal activity. i don't know what he is talking about unless it's the payment to stormy daniels which some say should have been declared as a campaign contribution. the other side of that is if the president used campaign funds for that payment, they would have said it was an abuse of campaign funds. to me i have seen no evidence of any criminal activity. certainly nothing at all of russian collusion. mueller may have something else, i don't know. but so far there is no indication of it. >> bill: from republican leadership in your chamber the house, here is liz cheney on that topic. >> impeachment is not a political thing. it never should be. it tears at the very fabric of our constitution. if it is and to be pronouncing on that issue, you know, just having been sworn in without having any evidence at all can't be anything but political. >> bill: i think that nancy pelosi has spoken that same way. impeachment is a political process.
6:48 am
they don't have the votes. they aren't going to pursue it is what pelosi is saying so far and saying we'll wait until we get the mueller matter if and when we move forward at all. >> her problem is the democratic base wants impeachment. you heard brad sherman said he believes the american people don't like the job president trump is doing. i disagree with that. even if that were true that's not grounds for impeachment. you have to have abuse of office, a serious crime. so far there is no evidence of that at all. i think it's really wrong to be casually using a word like impeachment. you are talking about undoing a national presidential election. the ultimate in democracy. that election, that four-year election is the most important thing we do as american citizens. to undo that because some people don't like someone is wrong. >> bill: the president relishes the fight and hear that tone in his vote. he is almost like bring it. now, adam schiff from over the weekend said he will make
6:49 am
transcripts of interviews they have done available to the mueller team. listen here on that. >> we hope as one of our first acts to make the transcripts of our witnesses fully available to special counsel for any purpose including the bringing of perjury charges if necessary against any witnesses but see the evidence they contain and flesh out the picture for the special counsel. >> bill: why would he do that and what do you think that reveals? >> i think it's a false issue. we have said all along the mueller team can have whatever information we have at all. for instance, just several weeks ago we voted to make roger stone's testimony available because they wanted it. this to me is a phony issue being created. anything we have that the mueller team wants they can have. we're not holding anything back. intelligence committee was never holding it back. it's available. it is under oath and i sat in for most of those key interviews and based on that is why i'm saying i've seen no
6:50 am
evidence of collusion, i've seen democrats ask questions for seven or eight hours, 35 versions of the same question and there is no evidence of collusion. that's the bottom line. as far as whatever the intelligence committee has that bob mueller wants as far as i'm concerned he can have it. i'm not aware of there ever being any resistance to that. >> bill: peter king. thank you for your time. we'll see you in person soon. 10 minutes before the hour. >> sandra: supreme court justice ruth bader ginsberg will miss the first day of the new session today as she recovers from recent cancer surgery. this will be the first time she will miss an oral argument since joining the court in 1993. we'll have more on this as we get it. plus this. >> due to statements that have given my inspirations on how to play this role. >> sandra: christian bale doing a 180. he went rogue. some of the most talked-about
6:51 am
moments of the awards show next.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> sandra: last night's golden globes there were no political attacks from host andy sandberg and sandra oh but christian bale took a shot at two republicans. william la jeunesse is live in los angeles following the big night. william. >> sandra, bale stepped outside his role as an act or to personally criticize the man he played to win his golden globe. dick cheney. he got plenty of laughs from fellow hollywood he leets. they nominated vice for six awards for its portrayal of the bush administration. former officials call the movie a wildly inaccurate partisan shot by a former comedy writer at "saturday night live".
6:55 am
last night bale said the devil inspired him to play the former vice president. >> thank you to satan for giving me inspiration on how to play this role. >> bale admitted he never spoke to cheney despite portraying him and took a shot at senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. >> for all the competition, i will be cornering the market on car is may-free -- mitch mcconnell next? that could be good. >> no mention of trump but there were pleas to resist in the streets and the ballot box. praise for hollywood's diversity and inclusion and whitewashing of history when they tried to rescue a joke about the black panther movie, known for its drug dealing, extortion and fire fights with police. >> they were all framed and -- the world hasn't been a
6:56 am
nightmare. >> there are 37 more awards ser for hollywood. three will be on tv. >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: a barrel of laughs, huh? still no deal to end the shutdown. our headliner white house communications advisor mercedes schlapp is living coming up in a moment. we have a long list. come on back at the top of the hour right after this. >> president trump: it's about stopping human traffickers, it's about stopping drugs. so we have to have it. we have to have it. we have no choice. it is not a question that you think i like doing this? i don't like doing this. i have no choice, we have to have it. your insurance rates skyrocket after a scratch so small
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liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> sandra: more than two weeks into a bitter battle over border security and another round of weekend talks bears no fruit. welcome back to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom" monday morning. i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer, good morning, everybody. president trump now proposing a barrier made from american steel while offering to address democratic demands seeking common ground. the president making it clear he is willing to sit down and talk and reach an agreement. so far democrats aren't looking to accept that offer. >> this could be settled in 24 hours or less if we could get together and i think we've got to get together because ultimately, maria, this will only end in some negotiated
7:01 am
settlement. the american people want us to do -- work together. >> the actions are dictatorial and not consistent with the constitution of the united states. but it does show desperation. i say to the president, if you have confidence in your ideas, open up government and then let's sit down and discuss border security. >> we have differences. we should discuss those and try to come to an agreement. don't hold the whole government hostage to do it. the one person who is doing that is donald trump. >> democrats have said over and over again that they support border security, that they support protecting american citizens. now it's time to fulfill some of those statements they've made. work with the president. let's get this done and open the government. >> bill: full coverage this hour with tom hoe man with an insiders view. we start with mike emanuel on the hill live on monday. >> good morning. president trump has jumped on something a leading house democrat has said about his
7:02 am
authority tweeting earlier congressman adam smith, the new chairman of the house armed services committee just stated yes, there is a provision-in-law that says a president can declare an emergency. it has been done a number of times. no doubt. let's get our deal in congress. here is exactly what the chairman of that house armed services committee said. >> there is a provision in law that says the president can declare an emergency. but primarily to build facilities in afghanistan and iraq. in this case, i think the president would be wide open to a court challenge saying where is the emergency? >> what are typically automatic government functions are more difficult such as trash pickup on the national mall during a partial shutdown. a key house republican says the new speaker of the house has gone too far with her argument. >> i was struck this week when speaker pelosi said this is a moral issue. we already have some sort of barrier across 30% of the border.
7:03 am
to go to 40% is a moral issue? it just tells me this is politics and the disappointing thing is the country -- the best interests of the country do not seem to be the first consideration. it is all about political positioning. >> house majority leader was asked about fencing or a barrier at the border. >> we've done fencing in the past. >> so you'll do it in the future? >> however, what is happening today and hopefully the administration will come -- the administration has not come up with any specific plan as to how they are going to spend this money. now, remember, understand it was the last congress. the president said to mitch mcconnell i will sign this bill. mitch mcconnell signed a bill and sent it to the house. >> bickering continues as we enter a new week with no sign of a deal in sight. >> bill: onward we go. >> sandra: for more tom homan is former acting director of
7:04 am
ice and fox news contributor. good morning, tom. here we go. a big weekend of meetings. the vice president and president and congressional leaders, president's advisors. has anything changed on this monday morning? >> first that last comment i just heard they have no idea how to spend that money. yes, they do. last year when they gave the $1.6 billion is little known that the border patrol couldn't build what they wanted where they wanted it based on a lot of informative data. they weren't allowed to build prototypes they tested. they weren't allowed to build new fencing in areas that needed it most. the border patrol knows exactly where they want to build it. the democrats keep lying to the american people. i see what happened this weekend. i really think the democrats -- their responsibility to defend this nation and secure our border need to be stronger than their desire to see the president fail on this issue. i just think they're putting politics ahead of everything else. it is ridiculous. >> bill: look at the details.
7:05 am
the full screen. this is what we're getting from the white house, the details they would like to see. $5.7 billion for the steel barrier, 75 additional immigration judges and staff to handle the influx. 750 border patrol agents. 2,000 additional law enforcement, technology at the border crosses, $800 million for humanitarian needs and 2,000 detention beds in addition to the detention beds they have already in place there. that's the lot. >> it is a lot but as to the security of the southern border let's take the detention beds. ice has asked for 51,000 beds based on solid data. last year they were given 41,000 beds. 10,000 less than what they needed. that's 10,000 people that will be caught and released. when you catch and release illegal aliens entering this country, it entices more people to come. if they think i'll be released into the interior of the united states not to show up in court and order from a judge to remove them, they won't remove.
7:06 am
it's an enticement. ice needs the beds to enforce the rule of law on the border. >> sandra: what do you make the changing of the language being used to describe what will be built. a steel barrier rather than the president talking about the wall. is any of the changing of the language, does it concern you? >> absolutely does not. when the border patrol contract had the prototypes of the wall built and got them on display down in san diego, i went down there and looked at the prototypes when i was ice director. border patrol has said concrete barrier makes sense but some areas they wanted steel posts to act as a wall but they can see through. they want to see what's coming at them from mexico. that makes operational sense. border patrol has been clear they would like something they could see through. there are certain parts of the border where there is solid concrete, a flood levy that exists and expand but other areas they want the steel posts where they can see what's coming at them. together with technology. border patrol has been clear from the beginning on different
7:07 am
types of walls and areas based on what kind of landscape. >> bill: the view from the other side. a democrat was on over the weekend from rhode island talking about a comprehensive plan and solution to the overall problem. >> the reality is this is a complicated problem. it requires a sophisticated answer. i think the incoming chief of staff for the president and the outgoing chief of staff have both said a border wall doesn't solve this problem. we need to have comprehensive immigration reform and additional personnel and need to use technology. so we want to secure our border and respond to these challenges but we want to do it in a way that works. >> bill: i think what he is reflecting on is the list i just read off here. it seems -- he seems to have a lot in common with what you and the president are pushing for. the problem is they cannot get to yes when it comes to a wall. >> i do think these are changes. they need to change the loopholes in the law that entices people to come.
7:08 am
you can only detain families up to 20 days. that isn't time enough to see a judge. they get released. don't show up in court and never leave. why do you think so many families come across right now? they know they can't be detained and if they do get detained they're released into the interior of the united states. they need to fix the fly and raise the asylum bar. give ice the ability to detain these people in the beginning to make sure we know who they are. he is wrong on the point walls don't make sense. walls work. i've said it many times. 100% effective and i said last week the president gets to go to the american people. every place the barrier has been built. what did illegal immigration look like before the barrier and after. 100% of the time it went down. >> sandra: you heard nancy pelosi in the lead into you talking about the white house, the president, republicans, this is an act of desperation as she described it. how do you respond to democrats and where they are at this
7:09 am
point? we're looking at day 17 of the shutdown. >> i would say nancy pelosi, you need to love your country a little more than you hate this president. your number one responsibility is to protect the americans and secure our border. we have already shown how a wall can be effective. put politics aside. this is all politics. they don't want the president to have a win on the border. what they don't understand the president wins on this border issue, america wins. america is more secure. less drugs get across and less guns get across and less illegal immigration. despite what i've seen this weekend on the media terrorists come across the southern border. i detained them as an ice director. many more come. we have a relationship with the panamanian government. we stop people in panama attempting to get to mexico. it ain't so much how many terrorists have been arrested entering the country illegally. how many did border patrol not
7:10 am
catch? that's what americans should be thinking about. >> bill: thank you for coming back today. we'll call on you again. thank you, sir. live in washington 10 minutes past the hour. breaking news, victory in the war on terror 20 years in the making. al qaeda terrorist suspected to be behind the deadly bombing of the uss cole in yemen in 2000 has been killed in an air strike a week ago. 17 american sailors died in the cole and dozens of others were wounded. the commanding officer on the cole the day it was bombed as it was refueling in yemen >> i'm extremely gratified because it sends a strong signal the u.s. government is still willing to invest the time, intelligence assets and most importantly the ordnance that if you kill or harm americans, we're going to find you and we're going to hold you accountable. >> lucas tomlinson picks up the story.
7:11 am
>> after nearly two decades on the run officials say justice has been served and the former skipper of the uss cole described the targeting process. >> we wait for that moment patiently, thoughtfully, deliberately and then when the opportunity presents itself like it evidently did in this case where he was alone outside the capital, we got him with a drone strike. >> he had been on the f.b.i.'s most wanted list. a $5 million bounty on his head. u.s. central command said the drone strike was launched new year's day. the attack on the cole was 2000, less than a year before the 9/11 attacks and start of war in the middle east and afghanistan that the u.s. is still fighting today. two al qaeda suicide bombers with 1,000 pounds of explosives tearing a hole in the hull while the destroyer refueled in yemen. it killed 17 american sailors, 40 wounded.
7:12 am
in a tweet president trump said our great military has delivered justice for the heroes lost and wounded in the cowardly attack on the uss cole. we've killed the leader of that attack. we'll never stop in our fight against islamic terrorism. tom cotton said enemies who would target americans take note. never again will you sleep a peaceful night on this earth. there were 36 american air strikes in yemen last year down from 100 in 2017. the alleged mastermind of the cole attack remains in gitmo since 2006, bill. >> bill: lucas tomlinson with a lot to think about and a lot of history from the pentagon. >> sandra: democrats taking claims in 2020. elizabeth warren taking her pitch to iowa. joe biden making a decision and bernie sanders. how the horse race looks this
7:13 am
morning. >> rising democratic star alexandria ocasio-cortez calling herself a radical taking a number of swipes at the president last night on the interview on 60 minutes. does it help the divisiveness in washington we'll take that up in a moment with the a team. >> i think there are a lot of people more concerned about being precisely, factually and semantically correct than about being morally right. my experience with usaa
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its all included with your amazon prime membership. that's how xfinity makes tv... simple. easy. awesome. >> sandra: this morning's commute in cities across california may be rougher than usual as parts of several highways are closed because of mudslides, flooding, snow from over the weekend. white-out conditions in the sierra nevada regions and parts of the pacific coast highway remain closed after a mudslide where the woolsy fire burned 100,000 acres back in november. >> i'm not a person of color. i am not a citizen of a tribe. tribal citizenship is very different from ancestry. tribes and only tribes determine tribal citizenship. and i respect that difference.
7:18 am
>> bill: democratic senator, possible -- likely candidate for the white house elizabeth warren on the road in iowa over the weekend making several stops across the state. steve hilton is back host of the next revolution. morgan ortagus is back, mary ann marsh is back former senior advisor john kerry. mary ann sent us cookies to soften us up. she is running. how did she do with the crowds in iowa? >> she couldn't have had a better start to her campaign in iowa than she had this past weekend. terrific crowds. she didn't talk about trump and introduced herself and ideas in a positive way. that's the first step to any successful campaign. you have to start positive and define yourself, you have to define the debate. no need to contrast yourself or go negative right now. >> sandra: get ahead of the debate on her heritage.
7:19 am
>> she did that two months ago. a lot of people took it -- by the way, it was not mentioned that much this weekend frankly. >> i wouldn't call it getting ahead of the debate. digging herself a giant hole and jumping into it. i agree to a certain extent. she needs to move past that and i think that she did do that. what's interesting to me her message in many ways really echoes of all things donald trump's message in 2016. she is talking about many of the same issues that marked him out from the republican crowd. she is talking about the way working class americans have lost out. talking about the corruption of the political system. donald trump remember used to talk about how all the other candidates were the puppets of the donors. it was interesting. there is something to her message. i don't agree with the solutions she is putting forward but i think if she can stick to the economic populist message that's the right way to
7:20 am
go. >> i think steve is right. but i also think the question is she certainly has branded herself for many years. a lot of credibility on these issues but can she take away the working class voters away from the president? there is a lot of consistent that biden can. not sure if she can. the other thing we are talking about president trump. she has 20 people to go through in this primary before she even gets to president trump. he has been great at giving people monikers that stick with them. it is hard to overcome. i agree a strong start to mary anne. i thought she stuck on message this weekend. the big question what do the other people do in the race? senator kamala harris jumps in, if she jumps in there are so many things -- or bernie sanders. these guys are vicious. let's see how this roasting match goes. >> bill: you set us up quite well. let's get it all out and we can go at it. vermont newspaper with regard
7:21 am
to a bernie sanders candidacy. we fear a sanders run risk dividing the democratic party and could lead to a split. too much at stake to take that gamble. number two, guys, bernie sanders should not run for president. in fact, we beg him not to. this at a time when joe biden is about to get in. he is running, right? >> they all are running. >> bill: here is the question between warren, sanders and biden, who is the best fit to win iowa today? >> warren. remember, before she even got out there she hired four of the very best iowa operatives to work for you that people would kill to have number one. number two, out of the gate early, fast and smart. biden -- joe biden's problem is joe biden. bernie sanders best days are behind him and finally getting the scrutiny he never got in 2012 and he should have. >> i was on the opposing side of trump in the primary
7:22 am
initially. we had 100 million and had all these things. president trump creamed everybody. whether it's the republican or democrat party, it's about operatives or money. i think about who has the energy and message. we saw president trump do that. blow everybody away in 2016 in the primaries. all of these old things that we used to judge politics by, operatives, campaign dollars, who is raising this and who has this promotion on board. who has this advertisement on board. none of that matters anymore. >> i think that break it down into two parts. there is the message and then there is the personality. i think what you saw with president trump, donald trump as he was then both were right. in this case as we were discussing earlier the economic populist message is the right one for whoever is going to succeed in the democratic race and potentially in the election. but you have to have the personality, too. i think all these people you are talking about, sanders and warren seem like yesterday's people. there is no excitement about
7:23 am
them. >> sandra: we haven't talked about ocasio-cortez yet. i know, steve, you've got some strong thoughts on this. she is calling herself a radical. she says her mistakes don't compare to the president's lies and she says this is how taxes work. >> you look at our tax rates back in the 60s and when you have a progressive tax rate system your tax rate let's say from zero to $75,000 may be 10% or 15%, etc. but once you get to like the tippy tops on your $10 million dollars, sometimes you see tax rates as high as 60 or 70%. it doesn't mean all $10 million are taxed at a high rate. as you climb up this ladder you should be contributing more. >> sandra: is that how it works? >> it's how it doesn't work. i love watching that. i want to be fair, right? i totally get the heart of what
7:24 am
she is saying there which is that the many working americans it feels like it's not a fair economy and people don't get a fair shake. but the idea that you help those in the middle and at the bottom by bringing down those at the top is so completely wrong and has been shown to be wrong in economic history throughout the ages. if you go through the tippy top what you do is send the economy to rock bottom. that's not good for anyone. >> sandra: is there an appetite that in the democrat party? >> everybody is talking about populist economics and the fact that people in this country no longer feel if you work hard and play by the rules you'll get ahead. donald trump campaigned on that but it helped the tippy top. >> i have to -- look >> i want to talk about the fact that everybody in this -- >> -what you're saying is not true. >> what thing we can agree wrong, if ocasio-cortez gets the facts wrong and are you a
7:25 am
trump supporter for not getting the facts, then you are a hypocrite. >> look at the data in the last year. incredible data how exactly the people that donald trump promised to help, working americans, blue collar workers are benefiting. manufacturing. the best year for manufacturing job growth since 1997 before china entered the world trade organization and sucked the manufacturing jobs out. wage growth up. wage growth up for the first time in decades. that's working people and results for working real people. >> it is not fair that steve has such a great british accent. i would like to have one as well. what you're seeing if we step away from the tax argument what you're saying here with the -- the democratic party of the 1990 under bill clinton is totally over. we're seeing it back to a 1960s liberal hippie ideology that so many of us thought of. she is right to say she is
7:26 am
radical. her ideas are radical. the democrat party is heading in the radical direction. what lindsey graham said yesterday how do you debate and try to reason with people on immigration when they want to abolish ice. a radical extreme left party and that's what you'll see. >> bill: the sound bite from 60 minutes. >> do you believe president trump is a racist? >> yeah, yeah, no question. >> how can you say that? >> when you look at the words that he uses which are historic dog whistles of white supremacy. when you look at how he reacted to the charlottesville incident where neo-nazis murdered a woman versus how he manufactures crises like immigrants seeking legal refuge on our borders. it is night and day. >> bill: that from last night. this from two days ago on the twitter feed. tired, profiles about working
7:27 am
class trump voters, wired profiles about working class ocasio-cortez and the link to a "washington post" piece. can you marry those two ideas? >> what's tired is calling donald trump a racist. we've seen everyone do that for three years. that's not a surprise. what also is actually surprising is that the democrat base continues to go after and talk in such a disgusting, downward fashion towards white working class voters as she did in the tweet. if you want to win the presidential election you can't talk down to any voters. they have not learned anything from 16 as they continue to demonize hard working class americans around the country. i don't know when they will learn the lesson. >> bill: do democratic leadership like the attention she is getting? >> i think everyone has a right to say what they want to say. >> bill: that wasn't the question. do they like the attention she is getting? >> i think they like the attention the freshman class is getting. she is one of them.
7:28 am
i would point to congresswoman from massachusetts presley with a national profile and a little smarter about all this. >> bill: yes or no? >> i would have loved to address the last topic. a lot of hits on that one. >> bill: thank you all. appreciate it. >> sandra: after meetings all weekend still no deal on the president's border wall with the white house. will they and the democrats find a way to come together? mercedes schlapp is coming up and where everything is heading. >> the president is prepared to do what it takes to protect our border and the people of this country. he knows that the number one job he has as president and commander-in-chief is to protect its citizens. reach her health goals! i'm in! but first... shelfie! the great-tasting nutrition of ensure. with up to 30 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals! ensure. for strength and energy.
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state of the art technology makes it brilliant. the lexus nx, experience the crossover in its most visionary form. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. >> bill: arriving now on the island of nantucket in massachusetts, kevin spacey will be in court accused of
7:33 am
groping a busboy in nantucket three years ago. we're outside the district court on the island there with more in massachusetts. >> spacey's attorneys tried to spare him the spectacle of attending his own arraignment. the judge struck that request down. spacey will plead not guilty when he is formally charged this morning. his attorneys tried to get the case thrown out. they made use of a law that allows court magistrates to hear the case in a trial-type setting before the charges are brought. massachusetts is the only state that allows show-cause hearings and they're not allowed for felonies like spacey is accused of. the charge is from 2016 at a restaurant. he is accused of getting an 18-year-old busboy drunk and groping him. the teen captured what he says is the alleged incident in a snapchat video. the accuser will not be in court today but by reporting the sexual assault my client is determined and encouraging voice for those victims not yet
7:34 am
ready to report being sexually assaulted. my client is leading by example. spacey hasn't made any public statements but had a youtube video seem to impersonate his character from house of cards. unclear whether it was related to the charges. he has been accused of unwanted sexual advances from 30 people. some of whom have chosen to remain anonymous. he is expected here in district court this morning any moment now. bill. >> bill: thank you, jackie heinrich in nantucket. >> sandra: the partial government shutdown stretching into a third week as president trump seeks a compromise to secure the border. let's go to our headliner this morning, mercedes schlapp, white house director of strategic communications, good morning to you and welcome to "america's newsroom." >> good morning. >> sandra: first up, what is the latest? was anything accomplished over the weekend? >> the vice president and the negotiating team at the white
7:35 am
house met with congressional staffers. the democrats basically asked for a list of what resources border patrol agents need and the department of homeland security. so we provided that list yesterday and it is very extensive. it shows that our border patrol agents need massive resources, not only is it just border wall funding which is very critical and important $5.7 billion but also talking about money for judges to deal with the backlog of cases that we're dealing with and then we also have to keep in mind more detention space. as we've seen this huge surge happen at the border with illegal crossings at about 60,000 per month. >> sandra: what response have you received so far? democrats asked for the list and you have provided it. how have they responded to it? >> what's so ironic is the democratics and leadership mentioned in the meeting last week with the president that they want to secure the border. yet they failed to define what
7:36 am
border security means. our definition is very clear. we need to insure that there is wall at the border. they get stuck on concrete wall. the president is talking about steel and providing steel barriers that are very effective at the wall. and basically answering to the needs of our border patrol agents. the democrats are using delay tactics. they want to push forward on funding individual bills at this point. we're saying look, we have to fully fund the federal government. department of homeland security is part of the federal government and needs to be funded. >> bill: the list mercedes. tell us if we have it right or what we're missing. $5.7 billion for the steel barrier, not concrete. 75 additional immigration judges and staff to deal with the influx. 750 border patrol agents, 2,000 additional law enforcement, technology, $800 million for humanitarian needs. 2,000 additional detention beds. that's the list that went out over the weekend. >> that's correct. >> bill: the president said he gave in on the concrete and
7:37 am
went to steel. gave the list because they requested it. has there been any movement do you believe in the discussions that happened on saturday and sunday to reopen government? >> i think you'll need to ask the democrats. they are stuck right now. they are saying they are interested in securing the border but yet they haven't made the step forward. and we have offered, we have provided a good-faith offer to the democrats. for weeks we've said let's negotiate. let's reopen this government and insure that we address the humanitarian crisis that we're seeing at the border. bill -- >> bill: the answer to the question then is no, there is no movement. >> the democrats need to stop the delay tactics. we need to work together and we're ready and willing. we have been ready and willing for weeks to insure we reopen the government and insure that we also address this humanitarian crisis. when you are talking about 20,000 minors being smuggled every month through the
7:38 am
southern border, it is a crisis. when you are dealing with one in three women being sexually assaulted as they are coming up through this dangerous journey trying to come to the united states. our system is overwhelmed and we need a very strong response and the democrats need to take action. >> bill: i totally understand the point you're trying to make here. in terms of negotiations has there been movement? i'm not hearing a yes or no from you which is okay. it's just if there has been movement we want to discover it >> we've made movement on our part in providing the information that the democrats need. the ball is in their court. they have to move forward if they want to reopen this government and work with us to insure that they provide the needed resources to our career men and women on the border every day. >> sandra: any hope this could come to an end this week? >> we'll keep talking. we'll keep explaining to them and presenting the facts to the american people.
7:39 am
and making the case that this border crisis is something that we have to deal with. it is a national security crisis. a humanitarian crisis. we're talking about the lives, vulnerable families that are those individuals trying to come in through the border and we have a legal immigration system that we need to take care of and insure. >> sandra: we're watching day 17 of the shutdown and watching the u.s./china trade talks resuming today. is there hope that this two sides will come together? where does the president stand on this issue this morning? >> the president talks about his positive relationship with president xi in china. obviously this is critical. we want to insure we keep pushing forward free, fair and reciprocal trade deal with china. china has been impacted very negatively because of the tariffs. we've seen their economy drop. in essence it's again this is part of a process. they have 90 days until march 1 to get a deal done. this is part of what we need to
7:40 am
get done to insure that the tariffs are not reinstated. >> bill: a lot of talk over the weekend. one of the topics that came up was impeachment first from nancy pelosi you'll hear and then steny hoyer from sunday. this is how they answered it and characterizeed it yesterday. >> depending what comes forth from the special counsel office. if and when the time comes for impeachment it will have to be something that has a crescendo in a bipartisan way. >> impeachment talks right now are a distraction. we'll see what the mueller report says. nancy and i have both said we have voted that way on the floor of the house of representatives. >> bill: what is the reaction from the president when the talk of the i word comes up? is it a fair assessment to say that when the topic is broached that he in a political sense relishes that? >> there is no question that president trump has been the most successful president in
7:41 am
pushing forward a bold agenda not only from the domestic standpoint but foreign policy standpoint as well in terms of the growth of our economy, of his list of accomplishments that this -- that the president is focused on every day. so if the democrats want to keep their impeachment talk where they know there is no collusion and transparent and cooperative in the process is a losing strategy for them. the american people want -- the democrats, the president, republicans to work together to solve problems for our nation. that's what the president is focused on every day. if they want to use impeachment as their political maneuver, they can go and try but let me tell you something, they will lose. at this point as we say the president is very focused on the agenda on insuring we can find bipartisan solutions on infrastructure and trade and keep this economy booming as he has been able to accomplish in his short time in office. >> sandra: as far as the president and his team changing their tune on the withdrawal of troops from syria and the
7:42 am
timetable there, we're hearing something different from john bolton as far as conditions. what do we need to know this morning about this and where the president and the administration stand? >> the president hasn't changed his position. his primary goal is to insure the safety of our troops and all -- allies as well. we have done our work there in syria. we have defeated the territorial caliphate and it is time to bring our troops home. >> bill: is he changing his position? >> no. this with the department of defense takes time to take out the troops. we want to make sure our troops are safe in this process. >> bill: if he did not issue the decision he did three weeks ago, would james mattis still be serving in his administration? >> look, as we know secretary mattis and the president had some fundamental disagreements. what we know is president trump
7:43 am
is right on this issue of syria. we have done our work in syria in withdrawing our troops and being able to defeat the territorial caliphate and he is working wonderfully with acting secretary shanahan and our team and the president literally is sticking to his word. he said he was going during his campaign he would withdraw troops and he did just that. >> bill: mercedes schlapp, thank you for your time and we hope you come back. we have a lot more questions as i'm sure you can imagine. >> thank you so much. >> sandra: meanwhile we're watching this four, kevin spacey, the actor, we are awaiting his arrival at the nantucket district court. that's a live look inside that courthouse where he is set to be arraigned on one count of indecent assault and battery that involved an incident of groping of an 18-year-old at a nantucket restaurant and bar called the club car back in july of 2016. we'll have more on this as we get it.
7:44 am
7:45 am
>> bill: moments ago here is kevin spacey arriving in the island of nantucket. he is charged with an allegation that goes back about three years about groping a minor on the island of nantucket. he has just arrived a moment ago to return and face the judge. we'll watch this. jackie heinrich and others are bringing us the latest what's happening there. >> sandra: a lot of cameras and media on the island to get a glimpse of him. he stayed out of the public high since 2017. there was a buzz feed article -- this is just moments ago. kevin spacey arriving at the courthouse on the island of nantucket. he was accused of sexually accused of -- there are a number of allegations, this one is groping of an 18-year-old at
7:46 am
the nantucket club. we watch kevin spacey. set to be arraigned at 11 a.m. >> bill: trade talks between the u.s. and china resume today in beijing. charles payne. >> sandra: we missed you, happy new year. >> all over. like johnny cash. >> bill: are we going to make headway? >> i think so. it's the circumstances particularly for china have really changed so dramatically. the tone has changed dramatically from the politburo. >> bill: we knew about the economy but what's the politburo. >> if you look at it. it was very different than a year earlier where they were talking smack. that's the technical term i use. we'll win this thing. it ain't no big deal. we are going to defeat the
7:47 am
imperialist americans and this year it was like hey, we have a buckle down and figure this thing out. this morning by the way, there was a surprise visit by the vice premier at the meeting. again, another sign that china is taking this thing very seriously and want to deal. >> sandra: why is the market not getting the heads-up. they've been flat most of the day actually. now moving up by 70 points. >> we had a 700-point rally on friday. in fact, think about the sessions we've had post christmas. we have had 1,000 point gain. the biggest individual one-day gain in the history of the stock market followed by one of the most reversals. down 600 points with an hour to go and ended up 300 points. the market has shown amazing resolve. some ofist is digesting. there are a lot of question marks out there not just china but our economy as it shifts from this serious overdrive into a slower economy. will the fed mess this up?
7:48 am
some of the questions we feel like we got short term answers but they linger. >> sandra: you sound optimistic. >> i'm very optimistic. did you see the jobs report on friday? sometimes you separate the market from the economy and what's happening with america and i love it. a great number. >> bill: see you at 2:00. you come on back, charles. >> sandra: kevin spacey has arrived at the courthouse in nantucket for his arraignment on assault and battery charges and expected to begin in a few moments there. the live look inside the court. he have has arrived, we're told. when he did arrive and walked towards the door of the courthouse, he did not say anything per our reporters on the ground there. so he is set to be arraigned at 11:00 a.m. eastern time a few moments from now. nantucket district court accused of groping an 18-year-old at a restaurant in july of 2016. we await the actor's arrival
7:49 am
there. >> bill: the alleged victim is the son of a former boston news actor. last month you might recall that spacey went online and posted a video titled let me be frank. he plays the character frank underwood, house of cards, netflix which he talks to the camera based on what we saw. that video has more than nine million views. he has stayed out of the public eye since an article popped on buzz feed in 2017 which he was accused of sexually harassing an actor by the name of anthony rapp. this regards an 18-year-old on the island of nantucket in july of 2016. >> sandra: a number of allegations have been brought against spacey. this particular one being held in the nantucket district court. so this is a big moment as you mentioned. he has been mostly out of the public eye except for that video where he played his house
7:50 am
of cards character. 9.3 million views as we all look on at what happens next for kevin spacey, the actor, and his life. >> bill: get a break. back to nantucket and back to charles payne even maybe. he is still sitting here. back after this.
7:51 am
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7:54 am
>> bill: we saw kevin spacey go inside. rare to have a camera inside the courthouse. but that's the law in nantucket, massachusetts. jackie, what did you see a moment ago? >> huge media scrum as kevin spacey made his way from the car into the courtroom. there were photographers trying to ask questions, reporters asking him questions. he didn't make any statements as he made his way into the courthouse. he has been largely trying to keep away from the public view. he actually hung out in his jet at the airport here on nantucket for a half hour before he got into the car. we knew it was kevin spacey. there is only one private flight scheduled to arrive on the island today coming from baltimore. we know that actor had been living there. we had cameras watching him as he made his way here and entered the courtroom. he is expected to plead not guilty to the charge stemming from the incident alleged to have happened in 2016 where he
7:55 am
is accused of getting an 18-year-old busboy drunk at the club car restaurant here on the island and then groping him. that victim is the son of a former boston news anchor, she has held a number of press conferences talking about the impact it has had on her son. he is not in the courtroom today but of course kevin spacey is there. although he did try to avoid the spectacle of appearing in person for his own arraignment. his attorneys tried to ask if he could not be present for this citing a lot of media presence. the judge did strike that down. so he is inside. the courtroom is packed. standing room only. only allowed to have one person from each organization, news organization in the courtroom with a producer inside right now monitoring those developments and we expect the charges to be read out and also some details, including possibly what the trooper had asked the victim when he made
7:56 am
his initial complaint. we are awaiting those details coming up any moment. >> bill: we're listening to the judge. drop inside the courtroom now. >> should interfere or interrupt these proceedings. if you do, you risk being held in contempt, which carries a fine or even incarceration in some cases or certainly being removed from the courtroom. by all means sit and observe but do not interrupt these proceedings. and with respect to the press, we have the pool cameras up here and other members of the press if you have your laptops or your telephones, you can communicate with them in the course of doing your job but you cannot take pictures or record. anyone violates these requirements, your phone can be taken from you. as i said likewise you can be held in contempt. i don't anticipate anybody will act contrary to my instruction
7:57 am
and i hope you won't. i thank you in advance for your consideration in that regard. madam clerk, go ahead. >> bill: 1888cr0598. this is an arraignment, your honor. this complaint charges that in the town of nantucket on july 8, 2016, did commit indecent assault on battery on a person 14 or over. >> if you are charged with this offense, this matter is open you can held for 90 days without bail. mr. d.a. requests beyond a bail warning? >> beyond the bail warning we're requesting that mr. spacey be ordered to state away and have no contact with the named victim and his family. >> the court will impose those conditions. anything additional? >> no, judge. >> okay. all right. so no request in terms of
7:58 am
movement or staying within the united states, >> as required by the court and as required by the probation department, our request specifically is to stay away. >> okay. all right. those will be the conditions then. you will sign those conditions, you will be required to stay away and have no contact direct or indirect with the alleged victim. all right. i know there was a motion filed by defense. i had occasion to look at it. mr. d.a. have you looked at it? >> yes. >> okay. you want to be heard on the motion? >> briefly, judge. regarding the motions to preserve, we agree that anything that is currently in our custody and control we have to preserve. we will preserve and turn over in discovery. as it relates to the motion to preserve itself we're suggesting at this point the scope that is being requested
7:59 am
by counsel is overly broad. it is asking for july 7th and july 8th of 2016 but all the way up to the present. we suggest that based on what has been filed up to the present is overly broad. the affidavit and motions suggest that mr. little and his girlfriend or another individual were texting contemporaneously on the 7th and 8th and by providing this other information we'll likely see that something happened or that he talked about it further. there is no basis for that information within the motion to preserve. we would suggest it's a fishing expedition at this point and that the motion should be narrowed at least to the 7th and 8th of july of 2016. >> a fair point. i don't know who will respond. feel free. >> your honor, i don't believe at this point we need to talk about the scope. that's something in terms of a subpoena. in other words, what i subpoena
8:00 am
or serve on those individuals might require a discussion or some litigation about the scope. all i'm asking at this point is we preserve it. in other words, this is data that we believe is not only potentially exculpatory but likely exculpatory. i don't want to see any of that data deleted, destroyed, even inadvertently or any other way manipulated. i don't think it is a burden at all on the commonwealth nor on the two individuals named in the motion. the complaining witness. to simply say i'm ordering you not to destroy anything so that mr. jackson, the commonwealth can litigate in front of the court at some point whether or not there is exculpatory information that leads up to today. in other words, all i'm asking for a just to put a bubble around that data so it doesn't get destroyed. i'm not saying i get it yet. i don't want it destroyed yet. >> further response?
8:01 am
>> we can only control, judge, at this point what's in the care, custody and control of the commonwealth. as far as information that would be contained within the specific service providers of these individual cell phone carriers that's different. we have no control over that, judge. we would suggest as far as the preservation goes whether it be to the individuals directly or to the providers that it be limited at this point to the 7th and 8th until more information can be provided as to why it might likely be exculpatory versus a fishing expedition. >> i haven't seen any of the police reports so i don't know what except for the affidavit, i don't know what information that you base this request upon. i do think that the 7th and 8th certainly would be appropriate to time span to preserve the evidence but i understand that even if the motion is allowed, it can be modified down the road and can be tightened up.
8:02 am
so i am inclined to allow the motion. i don't know that i'll do it all the way up from the 7th and 8th up. i may give you maybe six months worth of preservation. i don't know that i'll require that everything be preserved. go ahead. >> six months worth of preservation is better than nothing and i can accommodate the commonwealth and court on that. >> so from july 7th and 8th. >> of 2016. >> six months thereafter the motion will be allowed and a requirement that the cell phones and i think the cloud-based and then some passwords, etc. that all be preserved. as i say that is subject to further modification one way or the other depending upon what is discovered during the course of this matter. >> thank you. >> we have a further date gents
8:03 am
and ladies that works? >> we haven't discussed one yet. i can confer with counsel. i think we can come up with a date in a minute. >> you can be seated. you don't need to continue to stand. thank you. >> your honor may i consult my cell phone real quick? i have my calendar on it. i apologize.
8:04 am
>> your honor, mr. jackson -- i'm local counsel on the case, are you going to require my appearance, and the appearance from someone from my office at all proceedings? >> are you in already? i know you came in so that he could enter the -- >> i do have a notice of appearance on file and mr. jackson was filing one today as well. >> your appearance is already in. we'll leave it there. thank you. >> if it please the court
8:05 am
counsel and i discussed informally a date of the 4th of march, a monday. i understand that's most convenient for the court. >> that's right. jury week is in february. so march 4th would probably work. >> counsel and i also discussed off the record and i would ask for the court's guidance on this. he has no objection, the commonwealth has no objection to mr. spacey not making that appearance. i can make the appearance on his behalf without him having to be there on that day. >> that's fine. his appearance can be waived. the rule requires he be available. he should at least be on the other end of the phone if there is some reason he needs to be contacted. his appearance can be waived, sure. >> can we schedule that for 11 a.m. again? >> sure.
8:06 am
all set. anything additional, folks? >> i don't think so. thank you all for your help. i'll step off and then the camera people can break down their equipment and those connected with the case can depart. thank you very much. >> this case has been continued to march 4, 2019 for pre-trial hearing at 11:00 a.m. the defendant's appearance has been waived. report to the probation department to sign the conditions. stay away and no contact with the victim. >> court stands in recess. >> bill: kevin spacey inside that courthouse in nantucket. we expected a plea today. that won't happen. you heard a moment ago the case is continued to early march at which time he is not required to come back for that date. >> sandra: kevin spacey's lawyer tried to negotiate him not having to appear in the courthouse today. a scene where we get a live camera glimpse inside the courtroom. he has to return for a court
8:07 am
appearance march 4th. his accuser as you heard the judge say has waiveded the necessity of accuser being present in court as was the case today as well. >> bill: there are cameras all over this island anticipating his arrival and now his departure. jackie, hello again. >> there is a lot of discussion on preserving evidence and filling you in what is evidence is. according to police documents there are text messages the alleged victim sent to his girlfriend during the night and after the alleged assault happened. in police documents it talks about what the victim says happened to him while he was interacting with kevin spacey over the course of that night buying drinks and then afterwards how he describes running away from the club car restaurant. the court documents also talk about a snapchat video.
8:08 am
there is some discussion as to what exactly that video captures but the victim says that it shows kevin spacey making contact with him. the defense for kevin spacey argued that it only shows kevin spacey making contact with the victim's shirt but the victim alleges at the moment the video was taken is when the indecent assault happened when kevin spacey was trying to make contact with the victim's genitals through his pants. so there is a lot of discussion about keeping those text messages and also that video intact, preserving that evidence so it can be combed through at a later date as the trial progresses. that was a large part of the discussion and you heard the continuance of the court date until march 4. we expected a plea today. that didn't happen. this case has been so far continued and making his way out of the courtroom.
8:09 am
people are making their way to the other side of the courthouse where a car is waiting for him. so there has been a lot of hype on the island. a lot of folks showing up for this. kevin spacey hasn't made any statements for a year since his initial accuser anthony rapp made the statement that kevin spacey climbed on top of him when he was 14 years old back in the 80s, i believe. shortly there after as more accusers came forward and his character ways killed off in the house of cards series he had been largely silent and hadn't made any kind of public statements until the let me be frank video was posted to youtube where he appears to be impersonating his character. there is no word on whether or not it is connected to or in response to these allegations. but making statements to the effect of wouldn't you all love it if i just came out and said this was true. it's not that simple not in life or politics.
8:10 am
it is about a three-minute video, the first we heard from him and the first we've seen him since all this happened. a lot of activity here on the island. you can expect him to make his way back to his plane scheduled to depart sometime around noon. don't expect him to linger around here much longer with this huge public spectacle of him appearing here in district court. >> sandra: the evidence you mentioned will be key snapchat in the courtroom. they talked about text messages exchanged between the accuser and his girlfriend. what sort of pictures are involved. i'm sure we'll learn more. jackie heinrich outside the courthouse. the accuser's attorney put out a statement ahead of the court appearance saying my client is leading by example. in that statement she wrote by reporting the sexual assault my client is determined and encouraging voice for the victims not ready to report being sexually assaulted. so we will likely see kevin spacey again, a date of march 4
8:11 am
has been set. he faces up to five years behind bars if convicted of all the charges against him right now. >> bill: i know you aren't an attorney. is there a way to explain why no plea was entered and is there a way to explain as to why for the next court date he is not required to be there? >> it was a request that went to the judge without looking into what exactly the motion was and the reason that they provided it to the judge, i couldn't say with any certainty. i would expect it probably is the same reason they requested that his appearance be waived today saying that his appearance would be prejudicial. as we've seen, he has already been tried in the court of public opinion. his reputation has picked apart since all of these allegations came out. so that's somewhat typical. but as it appears, the court system here in massachusetts has largely refused to give him
8:12 am
any preferential treatment. we know the attorney for kevin spacey requested that he have a show cause hearing which here in massachusetts is the only state that this kind of case happens where the defendant appears in front of a court magistrate. in those type of cases usually a settlement is reached between the accuser and the accused before the charges come down. that was -- that hearing did happen in nantucket but the magistrate ruled there was probable cause to charge him. it did move forward. as we saw resulted in his arraignment, public arraignment that appeared on a public calendar and appeared in person. of course to the court largely shut down that request for him and also denied the request through his attorney for him not to have to appear here. as it appears, they aren't giving him too much preferential treatment here. >> bill: the alleged victim was
8:13 am
18 in july and roughly 20 or 21 years old and not in court for this hearing today. >> sandra: we expect his departure shortly. march 4 is the next date. doesn't have to be present, kevin spacey doesn't, but the judge demanded he be available on the phone and the accuser doesn't have to be present and spacey was ordered to have no contact with the accuser. that's the outcome of this particular court appearance. we'll see where it goes next and continue watching the live picture for him. much more coming this morning in "america's newsroom." the shutdown, day 17. the white house saying it is negotiating a key point on the wall. democrats are not budging. we'll have the latest from washington >> bill: secret documents revealing democrats tried to influence voters on social media leading up to the 2017 alabama senate election. now there are calls for the f.b.i. to investigate. some are describing it as russian-like disinformation. we'll dig into that and figure it out.
8:14 am
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overwhelming air fresheners can send you running... so try febreze one. with no aerosols and no heavy perfumes. so you can spray and stay. febreze one. >> bill: during the break we saw kevin spacey leave the courthouse. that's his car there. as quickly as he came he is leaving now. here we go leaving the courthouse while we were in commercial break. >> everyone stand back.
8:18 am
everyone stand back. he said nothing, we did not expect him to say anything. the judge tells me no plea was entered. there has been no indictment. there has only been a charge by police. police charges don't give rise to people. a long and tedious process in the commonwealth of massachusetts. wanted to get a word in on that and put a period on it today in nantucket. 18 minutes past the hour. >> sandra: new york congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez pushing back against criticism on 60 minutes. she says her mistakes don't compare to what she calls president trump's lies and she is held to an unfair standard. let's bring in john sununu who served as the white house chief of staff to president george h.w. bush and a former new hampshire governor. good to have you on this
8:19 am
morning, governor. start off with those comments. is she held to an unfair standard? >> no, and her -- you know, attacking the president for dishonesty is quite interesting coming from someone who started her campaign with the absolutely dishonest allegation that she was just a girl from the bronx instead of the reality of her having been raised in upper class west chester county. she has become really the poster child for the radicalization of the democratic party. she stands for super socialism. she wants everything free. she doesn't like it when people attack her for the ridiculous positions that she has taken. she is quantitatively ill literate. can't do the arigt me particular of what she is
8:20 am
espousing and she gets upset when people do the math for her. >> sandra: when it was discussed in the interview about her position in congress wanting to make progressive laws in america she said if that's what radical means, call me radical. >> it has to be defined. senator, she is redefining radical so that it doesn't sound so bad. but she is radical in the true sense of the word. free everything is radical. anti-capitalism is radical. super socialism is radical. attacking everybody who criticizes you as racist or sexist is radical. she is radical in the true negative sense of radical not in the more positive sense of her redefinition. >> sandra: a lot more we could dig into. we're short of time because of the breaking news at the top of the hour and we'll have you back. >> bill: 20 past the hour. john bolton is outlining
8:21 am
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8:25 am
including former vice president joe biden said to be close to a decision on what he will do. peter doocy is live in des moines, iowa, with the fallout on this monday. peter, good morning. >> good morning, bill. joe biden campaigned a lot for other democrats in the mid-term cycle but is close to a decision about a campaign for himself and "the new york times" is quoting biden as talking about the rest of the field to a democratic official and saying this, i don't see the candidate who can clearly do what has to be done to win. the 76-year-old biden topping early polls of the democratic field forming. elizabeth warren became the first contender to hit the ground in iowa this weekend. big crowds turned out to hear her talk about her biography and a lot on cracking down on big banks like wells fargo. while warren talked about dangerous times in the country now she barely never mentioned tt trump by name and told me
8:26 am
why. >> our 2020 issue will be is how we talk about what we stand for. our affirmative vision of how we build a country that reflects our best values. and that's what i try to talk about every chance i get. >> but trump talk is the centerpiece of billionaire tom steyer's early pitch coming to iowa this week and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to run that ad during this weekend's nfl playoff games. >> the question isn't whether he should be impeached. he is the most corrupt president in american history and we all know it. the question now is how fast can we move past this president so we can build a more just and prosperous future? >> none of the likely caucus goers said they're told on anybody but they all said they don't want to wait long before figuring out who their first
8:27 am
choice is in the democratic field and why we expect a lot of big announcements very soon, bill. >> bill: peter doocy live in des moines, iowa. we await more. >> sandra: the divide among democrats becoming more clear as the party struggles with talk of impeachment while they await robert mueller's report. >> he is clearly not done. more work for the grand jury. other potential charges he must be considering. of the united states mint. and as one of the largest us gold coin distributors in the country, us money reserve has proudly served hundreds of thousands of clients worldwide. there may have never been a better time to start diversifying your assets with physical gold and silver. and right now, it's easy to get started. just pick up the phone and call toll free to request the complete guide to buying gold with hundreds of pages of important information. don't put it off another day. call now. - of all my years involvement with buying gold, it's only gotten better in my faith in the company,
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>> sandra: national security advisor john bolton outlining the conditions for withdrawing troops from syria after president trump reaffirmed his commitment to bringing them home. jennifer griffin is live from the pentagon with the latest there. >> president trump's national security advisor has essentially put the brakes on any immediate pull-out of u.s. forces in syria. during a visit to israel this weekend john bolton said certain objectives must be achieved before the u.s. leaves like making sure kurdish allies in syria are protected.
8:31 am
president trump made the decision to pull u.s. troops out of syria last month following a phone call with turkey's president who considers the u.s. backed kurdish force to be a terrorist organization that led to the resignation of jim mattis. the new chairman of the armed services committee says the president's syria plans still are not clear. >> i don't think anybody knows what the policy is now. that's part of the problem and what secretary mattis did a decent job. our allies matter. and the president treats them like dirt. he insults them regularly, does not consult them. makes radical decisions via twitter and changes his mind the next day. >> pentagon officials say president trump originally ordered them to pull out within 30 days. chairman smith says he wants to bring former defense secretary jim mattis to testify before his panel in the coming weeks. bolton met with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu last night and landed in turkey
8:32 am
where he will begin meetings tomorrow. israel wants u.s. troops to stay at a base in southern syria to help them keep iran in check. the chairman of the joints chief of staff general dunford is heading to turkey negotiating protections for the kurds who fought alongside u.s. troops. >> sandra: jennifer griffin reporting from the pentagon. thank you. >> if the democrats want to keep their impeachment talk where they know there is no collusion and transparent and cooperative in the process it's a losing strategy for them. the american people want the democrats, the president, republicans to work together to solve problems for our nation. that is what the president is focused on every day. >> bill: mercedes schlapp last hour with us here as some democrats tread lightly on the topic of impeachment. fox news senior judicial analyst and host of liberty file judge andrew nepomuceno how are you doing? fresh off the break. happy new year to you and welcome back.
8:33 am
we missed you. what do you think they are going to do? >> nancy pelosi has more than herding cats on her hands. she has a major divide. the radical democrats want to impeach the president whether there is a basis or not just to torment him. the more sober ones know it's half political. there don't appear to be any republicans in favor of this. i don't know where it's going to go. but i share the views that were just articulated by mercedes schlapp. you don't emotion peach -- impeach a president because he is unpopular but what is in the constitution, which don't appear to be here. >> bill: pelosi and adam schiff were asked about it and what he will do with mueller etc. >> we hope as one of our first acts to make the transcripts of our witnesses fully available to special counsel for any
8:34 am
purpose including the bringing of perjury charges if necessary against any of the witnesses. but also to see the evidence they contain and flesh out the picture for the special counsel. >> bill: what he is talking about is allowing the special counsel to have transcripts of some of the interviews they've conducted on capitol hill. >> he is permitted to do that as the chair of the intelligence committee. his colleague congressman nadler, the chair of the judiciary committee is per misted to do that and they can go back and release transcripts taken when the republicans ran the committee when the republicans promised secrecy and immunity. >> what do members of congress know what bob mueller doesn't know? >> probably very little. congressman schiff may have seen something. a witness being less than truthful or bob mueller might not know about. i would think that the mueller crew knows a lot more about allegations involving the people surrounding the president than the congress. >> bill: it is my hunch if they
8:35 am
do it's probably been leaked already likely. peter king from our 9:00 a.m. hour on impeachment. >> i think it's wrong, really wrong to be casually using a word like impeachment. you are talking about undoing a national election, presidential election which really is the ultimate in democracy, that election, the four-year election is most important thing we do as american citizens. to undo that because some people don't like someone is wrong. >> not doing do i fully a profoundly agree but it's an accurate understanding of what the framers intended with respect to impeachment. it is for treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors which affect the security of the government. it is not because you don't like the tone or the tenor of the person in the white house. so as we said earlier the democrats have a problem when people in their caucus in the house of representatives can
8:36 am
use this as cavalierly as you talk about the weather. >> bill: next topic. that is -- has to do with the border shutdown. the border battle. a suggestion on behalf of the commander-in-chief he can call it a national crisis and start construction of the wall after that. senator shelby was asked about that over the weekend, too. >> i believe the president has got a lot more power to defend this country as a commander-in-chief than people realize. and he mentioned earlier today i heard something that he could declare a national emergency. well, he could. and that gives him more power. but what i would like to see us do it through the congress. through the appropriation process. >> i don't know if that was a confirmation he believes he would be legally able to do that. what do you think the legal ruling is? >> the president can declare a national emergency but it must be a true emergency. and an immediate and palpable threat to lives, to property,
8:37 am
and to safety. that cannot be addressed by ordinary government means. that means the government needs the emergency powers. even the emergency powers which let him move troops around and assets around without getting permissions and shortcutting his orders going right to the troops in the field does not give him the power to take property. this government has to take property in order to build the fence on private property. >> bill: doesn't have to be 1900 miles in length. >> the republican in texas whose district the fence or wall whatever it will be would go indicates that most of it is on private property. the government can't take private property and the president can't spend money without a statute authorizing it by the congress. so he can make the declaration. when harry truman tried this with respect to steel mills in 1952 during the korean war the supreme court said you need a law from congress to operate those steel mills.
8:38 am
>> bill: you could declare it but face a legal thing that might stop it. >> a youngstown, ohio civil matter. >> sandra: disturbing trend. the number of police officers committing suicide has surpassed the number of officers killed in the line of duty for a third year in a row now. matt finn is in chicago with more on this. matt. >> sandra, right now in chicago a funeral is underway for a police officer who committed suicide on new year's day. 36-year-old dane smith was the sixth officer to kill himself in chicago in six months. last year in 2018 chicago and new york led the country with at least five police officer suicides. since chicago's force is smaller by the numbers it is considered the worst in the
8:39 am
country. according to the nonprofit blue help that keeps track of officer suicides there were at least 160 law enforcement suicides last year. an increase in one compared to 2017 and a spike of 19 from 2016. officer dane smith being buried today in chicago leaves behind a wife and young child. described by family as a warm but tough guy who was open about getting treatment for depression. no one saw suicide coming. his stepfather said he has deep remorse and worries about the family. >> anger, guilt because what could i have done better to prevent that? and sorrow, because i know that he is leaving a little baby to grow up all by himself without a father. it will leave a huge gap in our family. >> police tell us they often hesitate to get professional treatment because they don't want to be labeled soft or unfairly mentally unstable to
8:40 am
cause them to lose their license to carry and job and income. here in chicago the pattern all order of police released a scathing public statement that reads that police are vilified by media and politicians which is the leading cause of officer despair. police tell us more than ever they work under extreme pressure being hit with a lawsuit. there are bad apples on forceers that need to be weeded out but in general disrespect towards law enforcement contributes to lore morale. sandra. >> sandra: matt finn reporting from chicago. >> bill: a stunning new report detailing the social media tactics allegedly used during the alabama special senate race. the democrats use a disinformation campaign to try to beat republican roy moore? karl rove will look at that coming up live in a moment next. u have served our country honorably. one of the benefits that we as a country give you as a veteran is the eligibility for a va loan
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>> bill: an update on a deadly shooting in texas, eric black facing capital murder charges in the death of a 7-year-old
8:44 am
girl. last sunday she was shot in the head and was killed in houston. officials saying the suspect admits shooting the little girl but by mistake. >> based on the information that we received, this was likely a case of mistaken identity where the intended targets were likely someone else. we have recovered evidence to continue to corroborate all the information we've received. we definitely feel we're in a good place at this time. >> bill: contrary to initial reports the suspect was not white. any speculation the shooting might be racially motivated. >> sandra: shocking new reports that democrats used russian-inspired tactics to influence last year's senate race. the secret campaign was called project birmingham which used facebook to deliver misleading messages to hundreds of thousands of voters.
8:45 am
the "washington post" says the goal of this effort was to radicalize democrats, suppress unpersuadeable republicans and advocating for write-in candidates. let's bring in karl rove former deputy chief of staff to george w. bush. you have had a chance to dig into this, karl. project birmingham. did this happen? >> yes, it did. that quote that you had about radicalized democrats, suppress unpersuadeable republicans and encouraging a write in candidate. that is not the washington goals. that's spelled out by the authors of this program that was funded with $750,000 from reid horman, the founder of linkedin. 100,000 dollars of that money flowed directly to a group called new knowledge based in texas, a social media digital firm. and they proceeded to use
8:46 am
tactics that literally apeed those used by the russians. reed hoffman had a political advisor saying the russians engaged in many, many tactics some of which is appropriate for us to mirror in american elections. the deceptions the russians used to try to influence the 2016 elections ought to be used by the progressive left. this is dangerous stuff. >> sandra: more on the "washington post" on the documents that reveal how democrats did this. quote, the document, for example, says it planted the idea that the moore campaign was amplified on social media by a russian bought net. evidence supports the documents' claims creating a conservative facebook page to siphon support away from moore. this scandal as expanded. there are calls for federal and state investigations.
8:47 am
facebook says it is conducting a review. a lot of these documents are coming under scrutiny. where do you imagine this goes? >> i bet there is an investigation. there is a fundamental -- my personal view fundamental violation of law. if you put up a tv ad or send a mail piece or print up a leaflet to be handed out, it has to have a disclaimer showing the name of the sponsoring group. that has to have filed a filing with either a state election official if it's a state office or the federal election commission for a federal office. they spent god knows at least $1,000 up to $750,000 to affect the outcome of the he loek shun in alabama and didn't have an officially committee doing this work. they made up phony groups and didn't file the appropriate paperwork to establish those commissions and you are obligated to spell out who you are spending money on behalf of or against who you are spending
8:48 am
money. they didn't do either one of those two things. these people were violating federal election law left and right with vast sums of money in a race settled by 22,000 votes they were targeting 650,000 republicans. i'm not certain it would have won the election for doug jones but this is -- we shouldn't be even asking if that question is probable. these people were violating the law and somebody ought to be held to account. >> sandra: a lot we don't know about what happened there. final thoughts on elizabeth warren in iowa over the weekend, karl. >> a little bit awkward but she is doing it smartly. she refused to take the bait steve doocy asked her to take a whack at donald trump and she said i'll be focused on what my message is. she has a clear message. the little man and little woman are being screwed by corporations and billionaires and ill rebalance the relationship and she has done a good job.
8:49 am
there is some informal primaries we'll have this year before voters go to the polls. one will be a primary for who gets the best talent and she got at least a noteworthy item by hiring bernie sanders' guy in iowa to be her person in 2020. we're off to -- we're at the beginning of what will be a long process. i think she had probably a b minus or b announcement. better than castro who announced the day before appeared got no press whatsoever. the former hud secretary and mayor of san antonio. >> sandra: carl roesh, -- karl rove. >> bill: start of a new week. >> we have a monday you want to have all over again. the partial government shutdown in week three as the president says he would be okay with a border wall made out of steel and that the white house saying the ball is in the democrats' court as they are still saying no money for a wall. someone has to blink first, right? we'll debate it. who will it be?
8:50 am
>> congresswoman tlaib saying congress has a constitutional duty to remove what she calls our lawless president. but leadership saying no thanks. whether we are seeing a growing rift among the democrats or not. >> i saw a couple of democrats apologizing for her way of expressing herself. >> not having an impact on her, though. all that plus our gentleman in the middle. "outnumbered" on top of the hour. >> bill: a gentleman. >> you set the bar high. you have are a gentleman, too, sometimes. >> bill: fox news alert. south korean media reporting that kim jong-un is on his way at the moment to beijing to meet with the chinese president. on the same day the tariff negotiations between the u.s. and china are said to be taking place. we're watching this closely and get a live report on that coming up next. uy. and last year, i earned $36,000 in cash back.
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>> bill: fox news alert. word of another summit with kim jong-un with new reports the north korean leader is heading to beijing to meet with china's president. what this would be, it would be clearly about the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. late in december just of last year the north korean leader said he is ready to denuclearize but sent a warning along with that. that could be part of this discussion here. but on the same day that we're getting reporting of this, sandra, this is the same day that u.s. and chinese negotiators are getting together for the negotiations over the u.s./chinese tariffs. so both stories running concurrent with each other. both of them have enormous international implications. >> sandra: on that front charles payne was on with us earlier talking about movement
8:55 am
when it comes to the negotiations between the united states and china. and since he was on with us, the markets rallied over 100 points. there you have the dow nearing the noon eastern time hour up 162 points. monday morning, bill hemmer, it looks like we're set for another wild ride on wall street. >> bill: a lot of these investors are watching the tariff talk. any time you get a note of optimism, the markets jump on that. they're anticipating a resolution to this. the chinese government cannot be happy with its current economic condition. it has only gone lower as the tariffs have gone on longer. so what charles suggested is that some of the leading members of the chinese government are ready to say and soften a bit of their language. perhaps there is a chance here that maybe get closer to a deal. maybe not a deal. >> sandra: some of the energy stocks doing well as a result of the rally in oil prices feeding into what we're seeing in the markets. here we go again.
8:56 am
those are some of the -- the dow up 170 points. looking some of the losers on the doubt. consumer-type stocks. it will be another one. >> bill: we'll watch the chairman kim thing and remember the headlines. he took the special train and we would imagine that's probably part of this now, too. >> sandra: meanwhile the government shutdown dragging in on with no signs of progress. what will it take to break the stalemate in washington much more coming up on "outnumbered." they'll weigh in next. with our service. a benefits but the va home loan benefit is a big one. if you want to use it to get cash, call newday usa. va loans are all they do. and don't let less than perfect credit hold you back. even if you've been turned down for a va loan by your bank, call newday usa. they've been given automatic authority by the va... they can often help veterans when other lenders won't. by re-financing up to 100 percent
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breathe freely fast, with vicks sinex. my congestion's gone. i can breathe again! ahhhh! i can breathe again! ughh! vicks sinex. breathe on. >> sandra: all right, we've got best just coming into the newsroom now. sarah sanders, the president's press secretary, just tweeted this a few moments ago. "president donald trump will travel to the southern border on thursday to meet with those on the front line of the national security and humanitarian crisis. more details will be announced soon." sarah sanders just announcing that trip to the border thursday on twitter a few moments ago. >> bill: if that's the case,
9:00 am
the shutdown is not over. >> sandra: yeah. well, definitely not over. >> bill: not concrete, but steel. have you had enough from me today? [laughter] >> sandra: i wish we had better news, but that's not the case. "outnumbered" starts now. >> melissa: fox news alert, the government shut down now on the verge of becoming the second longest in u.s. history. if there is no deal by the end of today, for now, still no sign of a breakthrough in negotiations. this is "outnumbered," and i'm melissa francis. here's today's harris faulkner, former ohio state democratic minority leader, capri cafaro. host of "kennedy" on the fox business network, kennedy. joining us on the couch, my former tv has been, host of bulls and bears on the fox business network, my beloved david asman. we are still next-door neighbors! >> david: we are, we are very close. back-to-back, that's right. >> melissa: b have a lot


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