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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 10, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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>> tucker: trace gallagher, great to see you. we wanted to talk to hillary clinton tonight about her friend ed buck but she was not available. tune in tomorrow to see if she is here. they show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink.♪ good night from washington. ♪ >> sean: welcome to hannity. tonight we are less than one mile away from the u.s.-mexican border in mcallen, texas, where we just wrapped up an exclusive interview with president trump. that going to bring you interview in full. coming up tonight. now, of course, we are here in texas, covering the president's very important trip to the southern border. and today he toured border facilities. he met with officersrs at a border patrol station. he attended a security briefing and he sat down with the victims of illegal immigration and, meanwhile, democratic lawmakers, they were 1800 miles away in the comfort of their capitol hill offices, where they still refuse to reopen the government and even negotiate, all because
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president trump had the audacity to try to improve border security, something they supported just a few years ago. think about it. in order to obstruct the president's agenda, the hate trump democrats, hate trump media, they actually have to pretend that border security doesn't matter. that walls are somehow immoral. walls they voted for in the past. and that is, of course, one big manufactured crisis. and they keep saying it again and again and again. take a look. >> president trump must stop holding american people hostage. must stop manufacturing a agcrisis. >> this president just used the backdrop of the oval office to manufacture a crisis. >> this is a manufactured crisis. no crisis exists and anyone making the argument is most likely guilty of fear mongering and willfully misleading the american people. >> locals will tell him on the border, even conservatives, is that there isn't a national security crisis. >> the notion that we have a crisis there, security
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crisis, is absolute nonsense. >> this is a manufactured crisis and a crisis that was manufactured by the trumprt administration. >> this artificial crisis of the president isn't going to justify his appropriating money for a wall that congress is unwilling to give. >> is there a crisis at the border? the president said there is a humanitarian crisis at the border. is there? >> absolutely not. we have a challenge, all our humanitarian issues are challenges for us. >> tucker: of course, the hate trump democrats, theirr best friends, the hate trump media, constantly now repeating that exact talking point. in other words, nothing but an extension of all things democratic party because they are all saying the same thing. take a look. >> the big scam of the whole address was there is a crisis. there's not a crisis. >> folks, the president has manufactured one heck of a political crisis for himself. >> donald trump is manufacturing a national security crisis. you will hear them say is that this is a manufactured crisis. it's not a national security crisis. >> it remains a "seinfeld"
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shutdown, all about nothing. >> what happens when there is a real crisis, when there is a real emergency? does he take to the airways? do we give him the airwaves? do we believe him? >> some question if there is a crisis at all, as the president has claimed. >> there is not a crisis at the border. it's a manufactured crisis for the president to get a political win. >> crisis can have, as we see now, a very elastic definition. >> hest is determined to convince you there is a crisis at the border. even though an intelligence official tells cnn, "no one is saying this is a crisis except them." >> sean: they all sound all alike. they all say the same thing. one big talking point repeated again and again. we do lose 300 americans every week because of the 90% of heroin that crosses that southern border. now earlier today, "daily caller" sirius xm patriot's
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kerry pickett, she had the opportunity to ask nancy pelosi to defend that stance on border security. take a look. >> calling this a manufactured crisis. >> yes, it is. >> you essentially say the same thing to corporal ronald singh's family? l >> i'm sorry, what are you saying? >> i'm sorry law saying? >> do you say this is a ngmanufactured -- >> to corporal ronil singh's family who ended up losing him to illegal immigrant who ended up shooting him in your state. would you say this to families who had lost relatives to heroin overdoses because, obviously, the drug came from mexico? what would you say to families like that? >> well, what i would say to families like that is what ifa say to the president, regularly, these are tragic situations. tragic situation at the two little children died in the custody of the border patrol. but the plural of anectode is not data.
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what the president is proposing will not eliminate those possibilities. >> sean: is nancy pelosi going to look officer singh's family in the face and say that, manufactured crisis? i wonder if she would tell these families that lost their loved ones that that doesn't really count as real data, that this is a manufactured crisis. i don't think they are seeing it that way. these are real human beings, real americans, law-abiding people. we have families that are being uprooted and destroyed. lives senselessly taken forever. take a look. >> the way he was killed, what my family is going through right now, i do not want any other family, law enforcement person, to go through that. whatever it takes to minimize, put a stop to it, my family fully supports it.t. >> i want them to go to work, be safe, come home to
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their families safely, and i always, every day, you know, scared that i would lose my son. never in my wildest dreams did i ever imagine my son dying at a family outing. a criminal illegal alien that killed him. [applause] >> sean: really, chuck? really, nancy? you are calling that a manufactured crisis, and we lose 300 americans every week because of heroin? 90% of which comes across the southern border? now, these are the m facts that the mainstreamty media and the democratic party, they refuse to show you. they are all in sync together. just an extension of each other. 4,000 criminal aliens were arrested for homicide. 30,000 criminal aliens were arrested for sex crimes. over 100,000 for violent
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assaults. and last year, 800 gang members were apprehended at our border. that's a 50% increase over 2017. there were also 122% increase in fentanyl. and that's being smuggled across the border as well. 90% of the heroin, that's smuggled across the border. that's in every small town and big city in america. and keep in mind, every seven days, 300 americans are dying. 17,000 individuals with criminal records were r apprehended trying to cross the border. 60,000 inadmissible or illegal immigrants are turned away from our borders every single month. over the last 30 days, 20,000 children were smuggled or trafficked right here into the united states. on the other side of the border, the crisis is also very real. one out of three women make this dangerous journey to our southern border are sexually assaulted. we need to protect people on both sides of the border.
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seven in 10 migrants have reported being victims of violence during that dangerous trek. and an average of 50 children every day require emergency medical care after they arrive c at the southern border. speaker pelosi, chuck schumer, this is not a manufactured crisis. these are real statistics, real people, real lives, and many deaths. this is about life and death. as you can clearly see, this is humanitarian and a national security crisis of fepic proportions. and it's a national security emergency that has now been brewing for years. somehow in 2014 when obama was president, well then the mainstream media, well, they weren't saying it washe manufactured then. and they highlighted the crisis. "the washington post" has reported, "white house requests $3.7 billion in emergency funds for border crisis." now, look at this headline from fake news cnn. "daniel's journey how
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thousands of children are creation a crisis in america." even "the huffington post" weighed in with a featured story about the southern border being a crisis. and the mainstream media on tv did not refer to this as a manufactured crisis. as a matter of fact, we went back to our archives, here is how they portrayed this in the media when obama was president. >> this growing humanitarian crisis on the u.s. border with mexico. >> the government struggles to balance border security with a growing humanitarian problem. >> nobody wants illegal immigration. n there is many tenets to immigration. there is obviously securing the borders, which everybody agrees with. there is not one person that doesn't agree with whatever we have to do to secure borders. >> the white house calls this an urgent humanitarian situation and says its request to congress will include a border security >> sean: they always support the democratic agenda. in this case, that was obama's agenda. the only difference now iss donald trumpa' is the president. now, for the first time, according to democrats, and the media, walls are actually immoral.
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and many of these same democrats voted for some of these walls. and border security funding is also racist. and i.c.e. should be abolished and, sadly, to them, the thousands of victims of illegal immigrants, they don't seem to matter. take, for example, fake news cnn anna navarro who pretended to file her nails out of shear boredom while a guest was actually talking about real life dangers regarding illegal immigration. take a look at this. >> even if i were to -- >> [sigh] >> grant you that. the illegal crime rate should be zero. you can do your nails.ef do you know who can't do your nails are people who have been killed, anna, by dangerous, known illegal aliens who have been allowed to stay in this country because of the leftist policy that people like you promote in so-called sanctuary cities. >> i'm so tired of you calling me leftist. >> sean: cnn rolls out a pretty pathetic hate monger every night to bash
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president trump. it's every second, minute, hour of every day, and trashing the president is more important than to, say, show you, the american people the truth, what's really going on at our southern border. now, that's why fake news cnn's jim acosta took a selfie stick and literally headed down to the border wall. in an attempt to prove that there is no crisis atwa our esouthern border. instead, he accidentally showed that walls really work. take a look. >> here are some of the l steel slats that the president has been talking about right here. as you can see, yes, you can see through these slats to the other side of the u.s.-mexico border. but as we are walking along here, we are not seeing any kind of imminent danger. there are no migrants trying to rush towards this fence here in the mcallen, texas area. as a matter of fact, there are some other businesses behind me along this highway. there's a gas station, burger king, and so on. but no sign of the national emergency that the president has been talking about. as a matter of fact, it's pretty tranquil down here. >> sean: that's because there is a wall there. a barrier.
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there you have it. peace and security. walls work.. you don't have to take his word for it, just take a look at the statistics. the wall south of san diego, that resulted around 92% less in terms of illegal traffic.d the wall in el paso, texas, resulted in ao, significant drop of trafficking. so did the walls in tucson, yuma, arizona, went down 5 miles barrier. a barrier to 64 miles of barrier. important to note that every american understand what is at stake in all of this. thousands of real american lives. that's the bottom line. inthat's who we're fighting for. that's what this whole argument should be about. it's about the safety and security for every single american living in this country. and, by the way, for people on the other side of the border. now it's your government's responsibility to protect these borders. we all must demand our lawmakers do their job. put politics aside. take it seriously.
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how many more americans have to die? how many more americans have to get drugs that wille brought in from our southern border?ha we going to lose 300 americans a week? how many innocent people get killed, like officer singh? or pierce cochran, whose parents were on the show the other night? now today, i had the honorw, of interviewing the president of the united states, who is fighting his hardest to secure these borders. and he was down here as well. >> sean: mr. president. >> president trump: thank you, thank you very much. >> sean: rio grande behind us. these are the guys in the front line. you are giving them encouraging messages. right behind them is 500 pounds of drugs that they have captured from this river. >> president trump: that's right. they are incredible people. we have just spent some time together and we had a whole group at a meeting that we also had that was just covered on your network and other networks. and it's incredible the job jthey do. we really appreciate it. they have a tremendousru
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amount of drugs that they just captured right behind us.. and that's what they do. if we had a steel barrier, concrete barrier, we wouldn't have the problem. >> sean: i have some shots that we will show in this. people can walk across the river and take them about, what, a minute and a half, two minutes? >> president trump: that'se true. >> sean: there is no barrier. all those drugs get in if these guys can't carry every inch of, you know, the ch2,000 miles. >> president trump: that's right. they have easy access into the united states. we built a lot of wall.. we have renovated tremendous amount of wall with money we have already gotten. and we are continuing that. but now we just really want to get it going and finish it up. we will build the new wall. and it's common sense. it really is, when you think of it, whether you are into the world of law enforcement like these incredible folks behind us that understand the wall so easily, i mean, it would make their job so much better. and they could also go to other areas because where you have the wall, you don't need so many people. we would probably pay for
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that many times in one year if you think about it. just many times. so it's not a money thing. it's a political thing. they look at the 2020 race and not feeling too good about it, they will do whatever they can to win. >> sean: i have tapes of c maybe 20 democrats, they all use the same phrase, "manufactured crisis." interestingly, their best friends in the media are all using the same word, "manufactured crisis." we have drug cartels and" gangs we are dealing with. 90% of america's heroin crossing our southern border nand then, of course, we have had homicides and we have had sexual assaults. 100,000 violent assaults. what do you say to that talking point the media and the democrats are using, this is manufactured? >> president trump: well, you know, i watched last night. i saw on your show last night, actually, where you had anchor after anchor using the exact same word. "it's manufactured." >> sean: sounds like they were in collusion. >> president trump: a little collusion.
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that's the real collusion, okay? you take a look. they all use the exact same term. literally the exact same two but they had "manufactured." i said, where do they come up with that? "that's a manufactured crisis." no, it's a manufactured sound bite because it was just a sound bite. but every -- virtually eevery, you know, i call it the fakeur news. i'm sure you haven't heard because, you are not fake news, actually. you are real news. and there is some of that around. unfortunately. these are great people. these are patriotic people that do it correctly. but, you know, when i hear that term, "manufactured," andnd you see every single group using it, it's very sad. s >> sean: we lose 300 americans a week, 90% of the heroin comes into the country. in the last two weeks, we lost officer singh in california. pierce cochran, i had his parents on the show this week. >> president trump: i saw that. >> sean: i don't know how you recover after losing a child killed by illegal t immigrants. i have met and intervieweded so many angel moms and dads.
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>> president trump: make them too. >> sean: are they going to say that to them, the peoplet that lost their loved ones, their sons, their daughters,f their parents. >> president trump: sean, you know, many of the people that aren't getting their check, they get it they will get it soon. many of the people they are with us 100 percent. they want us to win this battle. these people want us to win. everybody wants us to win this battle. it's common sense. death is pouring through. not just at the border. they get through the border. they go and filter into the country. you have ms-13 gangs in different places like los angeles and you have gangs all over long island, which we're knocking the hell out of. o there should be no reason for us to have to do they shouldn't be allowed in. in if we had the barrier they wouldn't be allowed in. >> sean: everybody that i have met and spoken to, they all say, tell the president if you see him hold the line.ik >> president trump: oh, yeah. >> sean: you said earlieral today that it's likely that you are very likely going to declare a national emergency.
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how soon would that happen? >> president trump: if we don't make a deal with congress, most likely i will do that, i would actually say i would., i can't imagine any reason why not because i'm allowre you had to do it. the law is 100 percent on my side. so if we can't make a deal with congress, we should be able to make a deal withat congress. if you look, democrats in congress, especially the new ones coming in are starting to say, wait a minute, wend can't win this battle with trump because of the fact that it's just common sense. how can we say that a wall doesn't work? they show on helicopters empty fields and people just running through. and you put a wall, they can't run through. >> sean: what are the options, though, if you declare a national emergency? the pentagon also has the funds available that they would be able to help support the building of the >> president trump: if we don't make a deal with congress, which we should be able to. really just common sense and there is some compromise needed and, look, they know that the wall is working. do you know what works? a wheel. and a wall.
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they call it a medieval thing. well, you know, i'm looking at all these very expensive m cars all over here loaded up with machine guns and every single one of them has wheels. a wheel is an old thing. there are two things that work. they work. a wall would be so effective. it would solve so many killings and so much death and drugs and human trafficking. where they tape up women on their face. they tape them up and put them in the back of a car or a van and they drive right through our >> sean: i guess the next most important question is when you do that, would you expect they are going to go judge shopping? they will go to the ninth circuit and go to california to start the process. isli there -- are your attorneys telling you is an expedited way, perhaps to the supreme court? >> president trump: they are saying there possibly is and hopefully we wouldn't have to go through it the wall is very clear. swe have the absolute right to declare a national emergency and this is security stuff. this is a national emergency if you look at what's happening. and you just heard the statement they came in last week or this week from pakistan and different people. they got them. c >> sean: did you see sara carter last night had people from bangladesh?
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>> president trump: absolutely. they come in through the southern border because it's considered the space and place where they can get in. we want to close it up. these people have done the greatest job. it's hard work. and it could be a lot easier and it would be virtually 100 percent effective. and nancy and chuck know that, but it's politics. it's about the 2020 campaign. it's about running for president. that's what they are doing. they are already doing it. it's a shame. we got to put the country first. finally. >> sean: when you see the same democrats, hillary, obama, biden, schumer, allen supporting this, you know, in 2006, 2013. they are not supporting it now. is it because you are the president and theyec don't want you to get a win? shouldn't the win be about the country being safer, more secure? >> president trump: they know what i'm say something 100 percent right. it's not only us, it's everybody saying it everybody says it. if you don't have a barrier, whether it's a steel barrier or a concrete wall, substantial and strong, you neveroi are going to solve this problem. you are never going to solve it. and i don't need this. look, i could have done something a lot easier. i could have enjoyed myself. i haven't left the white
10:21 pm
house because i'm waiting for them to come over in a ulong time. you know i stayed home for christmas. i stayed at the white househr for new year's. >> sean: i think you tweeted "christmas eve all alone, where is chuck and nancy." >> my family, i told them, stay in florida and enjoy yourselves.t the fact is i want to be in washington. i mean, i consider it very, very important. >> sean: last question. timeline before you think you have to go the route and declare a national emergency? >> president trump: well, i think we are going to see what happens over the next few days. they should do it immediately. look, we're not going anywhere. we are notl changing our mind becausee there is nothing to change your mind about. the wall q works. it's not a question, like, maybe it won't work. it will work 100 percent. we are adding on to that equipment to find drugs that are hidden in cars. i mean, incredible equipment. we are adding sensors and drones. what we need is we need the barrier. if we don't have a barrier, if we don't have a steel or concrete barrier, we're all wasting a lot of time. >> sean: and liveses will be saved. i know you are thinking about the furloughed employees. you support them getting all
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their back pay. >> president trump: 100 percent i support them tremendously. but i also support families, like the singh family and others. others by the hundreds and by the thousands that have lost somebody because our policies are so bad and especially at the southern they have lost and they have had people so badly hurt. but they have lost them. they have lost their lives. they have lost their heart tout of the family. i support those families. the angel moms, you know the angel moms very well.w >> sean: i have interviewed them. >> president trump: i support them, too. >> sean: does it mean a lot that the president is down here. >> absolutely, it does. >> sean: is he describing the situation accurately? >> yes. >> sean: if you get the wall the drug also stop. you can stop the cartels, human trafficking, drug trafficking the gangs. >> yes. >> sean: it will help. >> it will improve effectiveness. >> sean: by what percent. >> like the chief said, the majority of our traffic is usually coming through areas
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that don't have a wall, like this, 515 pounds of dope. >> sean: mr. president, thank you for your time. thank you for you do. thank you, we appreciate it. >> sean: as we continue, we are just one mile from the southern border with mexico and the united states. we'll talk to senators ted cruz, john cornyn about the border crisis as we continue straight ahead. ♪ my name is jeff sheldon,
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send out to everybody, let's use this sound bite today. so it's a manufactured -- but. it's not. >> sean: all right. that was president trump today at a round table on immigration and border security in mcallen, texas. earlier today at theen border i talked to the texas senators ted cruz and john cornyn about this border crisis. take a look. >> sean: senator, you came here. this, right over my shoulder -- >> yeah. >> sean: it's, like, a two-minute walk. literally, you can walk across the rio grande and we saw the drugs when i was interviewing the president. >> yeah. >> sean: this is happening every day here.. >> this is over 500 pounds of drugs that was intercepted right here. i think this trip was very valuable.ashi i was pleased to come down with the president to meet with border patrol but also to meet with victims whose w family had lost their lives to illegal immigration. there are real human tragedies and when you see chuck schumer and the democrats force a government shutdown because they are so adamantly opposed to
10:29 pm
securing the border, that's really out of touch andop it's not where the american people are. >> sean: you know, i sat in a briefing here in this very sector and -- come on over, senator. r.senator cornyn. >> good evening, sean. >> sean: how are you, while my friend? >> i'mdown good. >> sean: i was just telling senator cruz last time i was down here i been to the border 14 times and rio grande and san diego. i saturdays in the security briefing with governor perry at the time. in a seven yearr period, in this state, 642,000 crimes committed against texans. some petty crimes. but it included murders and rapes. >> right. >> sean: this is a huge problem. this is life and death. how long should the president be holding out? i know some are getting a little nervous about reopening the government, furloughed employees. >> i think the president's advice to us is to stay strong and we will. we are not going to fold. we are on the right side of this argument. as ted and i both know, we have talked to families affected by crime. we have talked to, of
10:30 pm
course, to the law enforcement border patrol. to the migrants themselves who get raped, robbed, and murdered in the hands of some of the criminal cartels, i don't think people fully comprehend it, so i'm glad the president is down here to bring the point home, this is not just about economic migrants. it's about illegal drugs and human trafficking. it's about crime. and so it's really important that he is here. >> sean: the idea that somehow people are making the argument that this is manufactured, we just lost officer singh. we lost a young kid in knoxville, tennessee, named pierce cochran. i interviewed his parents. their lives will never bene the same again. they lost their 22-year-old kid. there seems to be a callousness or a disconnect. we are losing 300 americans a week because of the heroin and the opioid epidemic. 90% coming through this border. >> well, look, officer singh's brother joined us for the roundtable and he was grieving his brother and
10:31 pm
worth noting, both he and his brother are themselves immigrants but they came the right way. they came legally, seeking the american dream, and his brother wanted to be a cop, wanted to keep people safe, and he lost his life to a criminal illegal alien.ll you know, the democrats, they masquerade, they try to cloak their support for open borders by saying it's compassionate. sean, it is not compassionate to want even a single little boy or single little girl in the gcustody of human traffickers. nobody -- look, you and i both have kids. no one wants to see a teenage girls in the custody of human traffickers that do unspeakable things. do you know what the compassionate thing to do is? secure this border and stop sillegal immigration and stop the drug trafficking. >> sean: well, democrats did politicize it when they talked about family separation. the separations you are discussing are permanent separations. >> that's right. >> sean: that can never be fixed. so the democrats, they don't seem to want to negotiate at all. what's the next stept and should the president just hold strong and wait until they come to the table? >> unfortunately, in
10:32 pm
addition to everything you have discussed, we have about 800,000 federal employees that wonder how do they pay their mortgage? how are they going to put food on the table? completely unnecessary oucollateral damage. this is a dispute could be solved in 30 minutes if nancy pelosi and chuck schumer actually wanted to negotiate in good faith. >> sean: didn't they support it in 2006 and 2013? >> absolutely. >> sean: they sounded like trump. >> well, hillary clinton, all supported the secure fence act in 2006 and again during the gang of eight immigration bill. they voted for $50 million worth of border patrol. >> sean: 2013. >> even more than that. look, the president is asking for a little over $5 billion int border security and to build a barrier. the democrats have said, chuck schumer and nancy pelosi have said, hell no, not one penny that goes to a wall. their objection isn't on substance. i mean, schumer and the rest of them voted for $40 billion just a few years ago. their objection is pures politics. they hate the president. their left wing base hates
10:33 pm
the president. and chuck schumer -- this is now the second schumer shutdown in a year. he forced one earlieror because he wanted to see amnesty. he forced the second one because he wants to see open borders. i know you watched the president's address earlier this week and then schumer and pelosi. >> sean: the "saturday night live" skit that followed. >> "saturday night live" were remotely fair, that with will be their opening. they won't make fun of democrats. i promise you they won't do it. w >> sean: they have to. it would be impossible to be that biased. though, that thing when i saw schumer and pelosi, that thing looks like a hostage video. >> sean: hostagege videos could be more compelling. >> i'm just aboutul certain if you watch it again in slow motion, nancy is blinking sos as schumer is talking. [laughter]li >> they know they are in the wrong and american people know they are in the wrong.. >> sean: do you think this will turn around? expecting a breakthrough! yesterday they saidd no to the wall, nothing.
10:34 pm
i know the president pretty well. i think he is going to stand firm as long as the senate does. mitch mcconnell is standing strong. lindsey graham is standing strong. you are standing with the president. >> we will stand strong. i think once nancy pelosi t and chuck schumer's caucus starts to hear from theirg constituents who are having trouble paying their bills and putting food on the table, i think they will crater. >> i will say, look, to furloughed federal employees they are going to receive their back pay. >> sean: the president r supports that. >> they will receive their back pay. they will be paid. schumer needs to end this shutdown. yesterday the president came to the senate and had lunch with all the senate republicans. it was striking. there was a unity. we were standing together and unified.d i'm grateful the president has helped really infuse some spinal fortitude. the democrats are starting to panic. the position they are taking is not reasonable and not right. >> sean: we can't have any more americans being killedea dby people that didn't respect our laws and sovereignty. and this opioid epidemic, those drugs that have flown into this country, they are going to every small town
10:35 pm
and big city across this country and 90% of it is b fromun right over there. the heroin and fentanyl. >> heroin and fentanyl, you are right, more than 70,000 people died of drug overdoses. a lot of that was opioids coming from across the border. and as you said, sean, 90% of the heroin coming from mexico. so this is a humanitarian crisis. and it is a national security crisis. >> sean: life and death? >> absolutely. >> sean: thank you, both. appreciate your time. good to see you again. >> sean: up next, geraldo rivera, he interviewed border crisis demonstrators and you will definitely want to see what he found out. also, sara carter has been on the ground here in mcallen, texas. the incredible footage that she shot of people breaking the law, getting into this country from bangladesh, straight ahead. ♪ >>got it. ran out of ink and i have a big meeting today >>and 2 boxes of twizzlers...
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senat ♪ >> sean: earlier today, our very own geraldo rivera went to a nearby protest right here in texas and talked tore americans on both sides of this immigration debate to hear their thoughts on borderar security. do they think it's a manufactured crisis or not? take a look. >> why are you here? >> we are here to support definitely donald trump. we believer the wall needs to be built. it's time it needs to be built. >> we are for immigration but why are not for illegal immigration. i think that's what people forget. we're against illegal immigration. so that's why we are here. we are here to support donald trump. >> we need to protect america. >> the wall is unnecessary. you don't have to spend $25 billion on the wall. you can use that towards jobs and border patrol. you don't need the wall. >> you don't need a wall for p
10:41 pm
an illegitimate president. >> we are not against this. everybody has a right to express themselves and i hope that they get to the point when we can know how -- that we can share with everybody. let's build a bigger table instead of building a border wall. >> sean: last night, we showed you video of sara carter revealing migrants their dangerous and expensive trek to the u.s. by the way, they were from bangladesh. joining uss now, fox news correspondent geraldo rivera and fox news contributor ander investigative reporter, sara carter. pretty tense debate. bangladesh, we've get to a moment, because at the briefing today, all over the world, they are coming here. it is the easiest crossing point. it takes a minute to cross over the rio grande. here, you now have to come my way. >>f [laughs] >> sean: we had a pretty big battle the other night. a lot of people have talked to me about it. we have been friends a long
10:42 pm
but they are not offering a dollar. they are not offering to negotiate. they are not offering -- what they thought was a crisis just a couple years ago now they are saying a manufactured crisis. 300 dead americans from heroin overdose as week, geraldo. go after republicans a lot. go after your fellow friendlyem democrats. >> i'm not a democrat or republican. i just happen to be a progressive republican like we used to have in the old days.n this is the rio grande valley. you have mcallen, which is the biggest city in the rio grande valley. yes, you are right this is theig corridor. what is different, and why this is an urgent crisis right now, it's not a single guys coming across like it was in the old days. now entire families are coming and it's not just from mexico, they're coming from central america. they are getting on this side of the bridge or coming across the river in small boats and request asylum.s >> sean: maybe 2% -- i think 98% are good people. but the 2% that come to america and kill americans, are involved in crimes,
10:43 pm
drug-dealing, rapes, look at the numbers. >> but the good news, sean, you have to let people know is, the wall is being built here in mcallen, texas, and through the rio grande valley with money allocated. >> sean: the president needs $5.7 billion. >> they already have 1.6 from the omnibus spending bill that beto o'rourke voted for it and now a month from now, the first 25 miles ofof president trump's new wall will be built. >> sean: we're still in need of the billions more to get it done. >> that's right. g g we are still short. there is enormous gaps here in mcallen. sean, as you know, i was out there sitting near national wildlife reservation.rr >> sean: bangladesh. they surrendered to you, which was amazing. >> [laughs] i was there with the law enforcement official. who was off duty and personal property owner. and he said this happens every day. we get people from bangladesh, from china, from pakistan, from other parts of the world.
10:44 pm
so this isn't just about -- >> sean: the middle >> -- central americans. i understand, i was in guatemala. i saw what happened there. it wasn't just about the people from central america and mexico. this is about people from all over the world, like you said. we have no idea who they are. they dump all of their identifiers and then they come in. they either surrender to border patrol or they sneak into this country. >> sean: how many more officer singhs have to die? how many more pierce cochrans have to die? wait a minute, how many more americans have to die from the heroin that's coming in, the 90% of it? >> you know, sean, how i feel when you bring up these cases. these are tragedies. they are awful. they are outrageous, but they do not represent the vast majority of this population. we are talking about hungry children are coming across. >> sean: thousands of homicides by illegal immigrants. >> 27,000 families in december. >> i agree with you what you are saying, geraldo, we have to look at what is happening to these families. if we really care about the families that are coming into this country, they are being raped, they are being
10:45 pm
exploited. they are being trafficked by criminal trafficking organizations and drug cartels. you cannot move through the mcallen -- into mcallen without paying either the two cartels. border patrol agents who patrol this area say there are gun battles that sound like iraq across the border. >> sean: go back, you can't duck this. if you have thousands of americans dying, and then 300 a week because of the heroin that flows into the country with fentanyl now a bigger problem. >> why don't you blame americans for some of this dope coming across? >> sean: 90% of the heroin is coming from southern border. >> 90% of the money,in 100 percent of the money is coming from americans' pockets to buy the dope. that's why you have the trafficking.g. >> sean: i will blame the i users as well. availability goes down in huge numbers, a lot of these people will be alive. >> that's right. >> sean: that doesn't explain away the officer singhs or the young pierce cochran kid.
10:46 pm
>> i think that if the president of the united states, whom we both support, if he were to say, i don't need a concrete barrier all 2,000 miles, of course, i'm not going to deface an environmentally sensitive area or a wildlife or a refuge or the catholic church's property. i'm going to do the right thing -- >> sean: the president said he would give on daca, he would give on dreamers. >> that's right. >> sean: your democrats won't offer a dollar! >> again, i reject that. t they are not my democrats. tsthey are obstructionists. they voted for it under obama. >> sean: tell chuck and nancy to negotiate! >> negotiate. >> sean: last word, sara. >> negotiate. it's part of an infrastructure that we need. we need the w wall like we need more resources at the border. we need to hold the governments to the south of us accountable for corruption. >> sean: thank you, both. when we come back, we will get reaction from the acting border patrol chief, who had amazing statistics about what's happening here in
10:47 pm
mcallen, texas. that's next. h ♪ e oh, wow. you two are going to have such a great trip. thanks to you, we will. this is why voya helps reach today's goals... all while helping you to and through retirement. can you help with these? we're more of the plan, invest and protect kind of help... voya. helping you to and through retirement.
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♪ >> sean: all right, earlier today at the border, i talked to rio grande valley sector acting chief patrol agent raul ortiz, here is what he had to say. >> sean: you are the top guy. >> i am the top guy. >> sean: your position, of all the border patrol, this whole sector. >> we run about 277 miles in south texas in about 315 miles up the shoreline. >> sean: i was watching and listening as you were talking with the president and it meant a lot to you and the rest of these guys here today that the president took the time to come down here. you know, we can pan and look right across there, i
10:52 pm
can walk across that rio grande straight into mexico, correct? >> yes, sir. >> sean: how long would it take me. >> take you about 15, 20 seconds. >> sean: right? >>n: yes, sir. >> sean: this is wide open. >> yes, sir. >> sean: in yuma, the sector they went from 5 miles to 64 and it decreased illegal crossings by 95, 96%? >> yes, sir. >> sean: that would happen here. >> most definitely, we have 55 miles of fencing on our sector.e it's on our east side. counts for about 6% of my traffic. west side where i have very little fencing and technology counts for 94% of my traffic. we need to finish the job. i have got 35 gates that are wide open. we have started construction on those gates. this is the first president to come down here since i have d been down here inbe five years. iow came down here in november of 2013. during 2014, we had the humanitarian crisis with unaccompanied children. i didn't have anybody from the white house come down here and show the support for the men and women of the
10:53 pm
border patrol, cbp and dhs. having the president come down here means an awful lot. >> sean: you hear the media and democrats call this a manufactured crisis. okay. what's your answer to that? >> so in 2014, we apprehended 256,000 people. we are on pace to apprehend over 200,000 people. just yesterday, i apprehended 133 people from different countries other than central america and mexico. >> sean: where? >> from pakistan, india, romania, china, on and on and on.ta >> sean: that was yesterday? >> just in this sector alone. 450 people were apprehended total. wewe continue to see increases. we are averaging about 620 a day in this sector. >> sean: unbelievable. what is the bigger problem? what percentage of people coming just because they want a better life, what we take for granted? i g understand that. is it 2% that integrate themselves into that population that wants a better life that are cartels, drugs, human trafficking? you know --
10:54 pm
>> the economic migrants down here certainly are a vulnerable population. but i think what middle america and most people don't realize is are cartels are making tons of money off of everybody who crosses this river. $1.7 million a week are made into the cartel's pocketsad from the unaccompanied children and family units that are crossing. >> sean: just here. >> in this area alone. >> sean: what are the drugs you are seeing besides marijuana and heroin? >> fentanyl, methamphetamine, cocaine. we continue to lead the country in apprehensions and seizures. 40,000 pounds of marijuana already just in this sector alone. >> sean: this year. >> fy19.ea >> sean: what about 90% of heroin in this country is coming from over that border. >> yeah. >> sean: how much of that are you seeing? >> we are seeing an awful lot at the ports of entry. hard narcotics getting through our checkpoints. couple days ago, 80 pounds of north of cocaine at checkpoints just north of us. it's coming through here.
10:55 pm
>> sean: you guys do a great jobha every day. thank you for what you are doing.ll >> thank you, sir. >> sean: i wish you all the success. i think this is success. we don't want people dying. nor do we want people on that side to get hurt or people on this side. we'll can't let the violent criminals and cartels, the gang members and such. thank you for what you do. every day. >> all right. >> sean: thank you. appreciate it coming up next, we are going to share our big plans for tomorrow night's show, a major announcement straight ahead. ♪ chicken?! chicken.
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get our special tv offer a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again! programming note, tomorrow night, 9:00 eastern on the fox news channel, we will be hosting a special hannity town hall, on border security, and the toll of the illegal immigration in our nation and why this is, in fact, a real crisis not a manufactured crisis. we'll be speaking with many angel moms and dads and i.c.e. officials and much more. exclusively, tomorrow night, 9:00 eastern. unfortunately that's all the time we have from mcallen,
11:00 pm
texas. thank you for joining us. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham, standing by for the "ingraham angle," to take it away. ♪ >> laura: i'm laura ingraham, this is the "ingraham angle" from washington, we have a truly important show for you. we will have the left and media enablers, discount discounting the crisis on the border, we're going to bring you to the border, real stories from real people who live there throughout the hour. but first, the casual cruelty of the left. that's the focus of tonight's "angle". oh, the democrats never trump if a nationalics going off the rails, my friends. earlier this week, we exposed their true motives during the partial government shutdown. they want to keep it going as long as possible for pure mitt cal gain, simple as that. the


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