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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  January 11, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PST

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broncos went on to the super bowl where they lost to the new york giants. on this day in history, the cleveland browns fans have never forgotten it. enjoy the games this weekend. >> sandra: absolutely! and you, too, bill hemmer! have a great weekend, everybody. the "outnumbered" starts now. >> melissa: fox news alert, new indications the white house is moving closer to a decision on whether president trump will declare a national emergency to build a border wall with mexico. this, with the partial government shutdown now in day 21. just hours from becoming the longest in the nation's history. this is to be 25, and i'm melissa francis. here today is harris faulkner, fox news contributor lisa boothe, national security analyst morgan ortagus, and joining us on the couch, fox news political analyst and cohost of "the five," the juan williams. you are all over the place! >> juan: and looking for to the weekend. it's going to be cold, there's going to be snow. and football!
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>> getting to the part you are looking forward to! >> eagles or saints? >> juan: i think they are terrific playing at home. >> come on! >> melissa: fabulous! before that, let's talk a little politics. the stakes are getting higher now in the show down as today marks the first time some 800,000 government workers will not receive their paychecks, but the senate passing a bill yesterday ensuring furloughed workers will get back pay once the shutdown ends. in the meantime, "the wall street journal" reporting that the white house advisors are divided over whether the president should declare a national emergency to get border wall funding. president trump telling sean hannity he will decide soon. >> we have the absolute right to declare a national emergency, this is security stuff. this is a national emergency. if we don't make a deal with congress, most likely i will do that. i actually would say that i would. i can't imagine any reason why not, because i'm allowed to do it. the laws 100% on my side.
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>> melissa: republicans under lindsey graham calling on president trump to do that. watch. >> the president has said that, if the congress doesn't act -- and we are not -- then i will do this by myself using the powers i have. now is the time to exercise that option. if the end game is emergency declaration by the present, do it and do it now. >> melissa: republican senator chuck grassley warning, "i would advise against that as a bad precedent, even if the president has got the authority to do it. i would advise against it and i think each site out to be laying something on the table to negotiate." the white house also says it directed the army corps of engineers to look at alternatives to funding border security on the wall. kevin corke is live at the white house with the latest. kevin? >> melissa, good afternoon. if anything, the president is doubling down on this idea that the boarding needs to be enhanced. whether that's a wall, or a fence, or a barrier, it doesn't
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really matter. in fact, if we take it to twitter, you get the sense the president is not only really entrenched in his position -- he has really been getting to feel like he has gotten the support he needs on capitol hill to see this thing through. he writes this -- which, by the way, he calls it a humanitarian crisis at our southern border. you may remember president obama mentioning that same thing back in 2014. here is the quote on twitter. "i just got back, and it's a far worse situation than almost anyone would understand. an invasion! i have been there numerous times. the democrats, crying chuck, and nancy don't know how bad and dangerous it is for our entire country." the tree continues, "a barrier or wall should have been built by previous the administrations long ago. they never got it done. i will. without it, our country cannot be safe. criminals, gangs, human traffickers, drugs, and so much other big trouble can easily pour in. it can be stopped cold!" that's the message ahead of
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today's scheduled roundtable discussion on border security, right here at the white house. melissa, that comes up at about 2:30 this afternoon. also, their piece to be a bit of a pivot taking place in at least the way the white house is talking about this wall issue. maybe a little bit less about the wall or fence, and more about the consequences of illegal immigration as it is seen through the eyes of the women and men who face the real dangers serving this country along our southern border. that, as the president took his message of support to the lone star state yesterday, where he was asked if, in fact, he was ready to declare a national emergency to build the wall. he said absolutely and he added, as you pointed out, that he would be well within his right to do so. we do anticipate pictures and sound ahead of the very top. we call it a spray here at the white house. the president will convene the group. he will make some comments, we will have pictures of that, and as soon as we get them we will promise to pass it along so you
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and yours at home can hear the conversation is going. at least in their early stages. >> melissa: will be on edge versus for that one. thank you so much. one, i think the president has changed. he has been talking about how he wants to trades may succeed for a while. he was talking about the workers, saying they can stay. i wonder why democrats are saying no on behalf of h1b and daca, people who could potentially stay here permanently. why would you want to say no to that? why wouldn't you make a deal for those people? >> juan: i think they tried to make a deal the past -- >> melissa: he sing it now. why right now? >> juan: additional efforts to try and limit legal immigration. they got the white house back off of that deal. >> melissa: that was then, this is now. he is desperate. >> juan: the president is desperate, yes. he tried to get out of this situation. i think what you're saying is democrats saying "we told you, this is not the way to negotiate. if you want to negotiate about
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the mentoring crisis, about the need for further boards of security, where it got to do it >> melissa: he said more beds. he has offered democrats everything and he's happy to do it. how stupid is that of democrats must take them up on the offer and go for it? >> juan: i think they want to go for that, but they don't want to say upfront that he will have a wall. and he walked out of the meeting this week when he asked nancy pelosi "will you be open to a wall in three months? "and she said no. >> melissa: to more of the fence? that they agreed to and voted for in the past? the 2006 vote, they voted for a tiny fraction. would you take all those goodies they want? daca, h1 become a more beds, more security? you can have that, and can i have a fraction of the fence he voted for in the past? democrats are so dumb to say no to that. why? >> juan: i don't care what you're saying. because you frame it as of democrats are the ones who have put forward this problem. remember, you have a republican in the senate and democrats who
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were approved a deal that would have had us open this government. it was the republicans who said no to that deal, unless there is a wall. negra sing border security is a part of both sides. every 100%, but they are in -- it doesn't necessarily mean we will have a wall. you have a case here where i think there are eight congressional districts on the border, melissa. not one of the members of congress from those districts have voted for a while. the one republican, will hurd of texas, right on that southern border, he voted with democrats. >> harris: and he doubled down yesterday. we heard from representative will hurd, and we know that there are not just issues of reopening government as if those would be enough. but, for him, he is looking at other issues in terms of what works in his -- and he is a republican, asking those questions. i would ask this political question. if the president pulls the emergency handle on the national emergency crisis hatch, that is,
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in fact, a win for democrats. they get to watch that power scooped up. they also get to say "no, we stood firm against his president and maybe him do something that republicans didn't want him to do." it's complicated. it gets to be less and less about border security and more about job security. morgan? >> morgan: i agree. what's happening right now is -- what we are seeing have been on this couch today is what's happening in washington. the democrats are saying "it's your fault," and the republicans are saying, "no, it's your fault." and the american people are stuck in the middle saying, "what's going on here? why aren't our federal workers doing this?" the president is saying, "i want to come to the table." and when nancy pelosi said, "no, i won't give you any funding," that's when we see the talks fell apart. i know senator graham and others are trying to come up with some kind of compromise, they have over the past few days. the immense region isn't saying they will declare a national
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emergency. they are saying, "we are trying to get to a solution. that will be a last resort." >> melissa: hang on -- he is saying it pretty primly. space >> morgan: as a last resort, though. >> melissa: from a negotiating point of view, if you don't see that every time he sets up a negotiation he puts a very extreme action on the table that he is willing to take. that's a normal negotiation. you say either "i will shut down the government, i will call a national security emergency." there's an extreme action there. my point is not who's to blame. my point is that there is a golden opportunity right now. somebody who negotiates and said his negotiation, there's a golden opportunity for democratn in exchange for a tiny bit of steel fence. and you are an idiot if you don't take them up on it. >> harris: but is not a win for them. the win for them is to press him to do something he doesn't want to do. >> melissa: i thought they wanted to help people who are trying to immigrate here.
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>> lisa: i dispute juan's original point that present troubles on the defense here. i think is been on an offense, increasing port security to the american people. that's what he did yesterday going to the southern border, having administration officials explain why we need additional infrastructure along the southern border and why a wall as needed. i think he also did that in his address on tuesday night. when he explained to the american people why we need a board a while and why he wants to keep people safe. it's because he loves to see americans here on the inside trying to keep a safe from what is on the outside. i think he has been on the offense making that case, and i think having reggie sing there, the brother of corporal rommel , also make that case. what he did is point out is the best of the immigration system and what we want to happen. having people that corporal singh come to america legally. you want to be part of society. all he wanted was to be a police officer and serve the united states. and then you have the worst of the immigration process, the
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illegally and records that have committed prior crimes, who murdered the immigrant who came here legally. i think president trump has been very effective. >> juan: here's what i said he is on the defensive -- what we see is that the white house issuing directly, "is there way that we can still do tax returns and still deliver on food stamps? is there a way the government can continue to function so we can mitigate the damage from a shut down?" it's caused by the president about stress own actions. if you are doing that, i think is an indication that you are worried that, in fact, the pressure is not on the democrats but increasingly -- and according to polls, this is consistent -- the pressure is on republicans, and republicans on capitol hill are worried about -- >> melissa: i'm so silly, as a mom and a rational human being, i made the mistake that we are trying to solve this problem. but you are 100% right. it's not about immigration reform. which i stupidly thought it was. it's about 2020 and a political win. you're right. >> harris: but we are talking about --
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>> melissa: what an idiot i am. >> lisa: melissa, stop trying to solve problems. that summer goes on in washington. >> melissa: democrats raising eyebrows after announcing the first focus of their mission and the oversight committee. the president's first attorney, michael cohen, the reaction as critics ask why democrats want to speak to somebody who has already pled guilty to lying to congress. plus, reports that we may be just weeks away from robert mueller completing his final report. we've heard that before. the pushback from the president's legal team over a few sticking points, coming up. ♪ shelfie! the great-tasting nutrition of ensure. with up to 30 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals! ensure. for strength and energy.
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and it protects you with 24/7 professional monitoring. i guess we're sleeping here tonight. xfinity home. simple. easy. awesome. call, go online or demo in an xfinity store today. >> harris: fox news alert, breaking news. wisconsin's revealed new details as 13 year old teenager jayme closs is found alive after she was missing for three months. we shared information from the sheriff's office moments ago, and police are saying they arrested a man in connection with her kidnapping and the murder of closs' parents. jayme closs was found walking out of the thickly wooded area in wisconsin is today. she was by herself and approached a woman who was walking her dog. police say they still don't know yet what happened to jayme over the last month. the suspect of the kidnapping is murders has been identified of
9:17 am
jake thomas patterson of gordon, wisconsin. fox news is continuing to cover this developing story. we can tell you that police say he did not have a record paid so much more to this. keep watching. >> he agreed to testify before the house democrats next month. what do you think of that? are you very? >> i'm not worried about it at all, no. >> president trump responding to house democrats, announcing they are kicking off their major public hearings with his former personal lawyer, michael cohen. he will testify publicly before the house oversight and reform committee next month. cohen says, in a statement, "in furtherance of my commitment to cooperate and provide the american people with answers, i look forward to having the privilege of being afforded a platform with which to give a full and credible account of the events which have transpired." oversight chairman elijah cummings says he will consult with special counsel mueller's team to ensure that his testimony does not interfere
9:18 am
with the ongoing russia probe. his appearance will come one month after he started serving a prison sentence for three years, after pleading guilty to campaign finance and charges. cohen separately pleaded guilty to lying to congress about a trump real estate project inside russia. the testimony brings a sharp rebuke from the top republican on oversight, ohio's jim jordan. >> the first big hearing the democrat congress has, they bring in a convicted felon. think about this, he has gone to prison in two months. first big hearing, and he is going to prison why? because he lied to congress. and that is your first big witness? if this doesn't underscore the fact is they are totally focused on getting the president -- >> harris: so, juan williams? your thoughts on this? >> juan: i was interested in jim jordan's opening bid, because what he's trying to do is undermine cohen's credibility out the box. the man is going to jail for lying. i think he does in the sense
9:19 am
that, most prosecutors these people have been involved with the crimes to testify against other people. presidents call that behavior, a rat. gangster language. but i think that's what you're going to hear from people. because there is the possibility that cohen know so much about the president's business dealings with russia that we have not heard -- i guess we will get more details and colorful stories about the payments to the porn star in the "playboy" model, and the meetings with the russians at trump tower. the potential is there for this to be headlined. summing down not coming from somebody worked for the president for ten years. >> harris: among all that salacious in this, it's kind of baked end. but this man isn't just the proven felon he lied to congress. now he's going back. the bar for talking to congress is very different from the bar in talking with mueller, which is why i estimate they want to check with mueller and make sure they don't step on him. if and when he was to congress
9:20 am
again, its potential, we don't know. it's problematic. it frustrates the case of them being able to lean on him as somebody who can supply testimony. after trying to in the facts around them anyway to prove that what he's saying is true. >> juan: to your point, he doesn't have a deal with mueller yet. if you want but congress going to check with mueller first to make sure that case doesn't get muddied if and when he lies to congress again. >> melissa: as he stands in front of congress, the very first question is, "less time you lie to us. are you lying then, or are you lying now? >> harris: i understand lanny davis at something similar. let's watch that and i will come straight to you, lisa. >> lisa: sure. >> what is it like when you actually realize that this same man that michael admitted to shamefully helping and has private sector job as an attorney, when you recognize this same man was now president of the united states, he wants to tell this story about what caused him to change
9:21 am
and to now tell the truth. how danger is to have this very same man who, after this way in the private sector. to have the powers of the president. >> harris: the answer to moses question, "where you lying then to now?" he says "now it's the president, not just his client." and that's what he's willing to tell the truth. that's what i got from lanny davis. >> lisa: does anyone believe him? lanny davis has helped the president in recent types, because he threw cold waters on the dossier sing parts of it are not true in relation to michael cohen. i think he's done a favor to president trump. 2b9's point, you said headlines per that's what this is going to be about. that's what the next two years away to be about. oversight is going to be part of it. elijah cummings has the broadest authority in the investigator powers. this is what president trump will be gets in the next two years. outside of headlines, i don't
9:22 am
think it will bring much more obligation to president trump. the only thing illegal he's been advocated and, potentially, are these payments to these women. that being said, the former sec chairman, bradley smith, has also said he doesn't think that's illegal. so that seems dubious and questionable, as well. >> harris: morgan from i want to get you in here as well. we know michael cohen reports mark march 6 to prison. we know he could mitigate his sentence or his circumstances, depending on what he provides to mueller or congress. >> morgan: sure. as you point out, it will all be problematic. not because what we are saying about michael cohen, but what the southern district of new york has said about him and his credibility. for these hearings, this is one of the instances where i'm really going to miss trey gowdy because he was so spectacular at being that prosecutor on the republican side. we will have will hurd, who worked in the intelligence community for very long time. if we actually start to talk about things about russia, collusion things, he will be excellent create a real expert
9:23 am
counterterrorism and counterintelligence come on that front. most of it will be salacious, most will be ridiculous, and the whole goal is just one more tip at the president. that's what they're trying to do as they march toward impeachment. that's what they want. >> melissa: new questions as the mueller investigation appears to move closer to a conclusion. i i don't know. [laughter] cnn reporting investigators are examining conflicting public statements by president trump and his team, which could be seen as an effort to influence witnesses and obstruct justice. among the topics said to be looking at is whether the president knew about the june 2r meeting with a russian lawyer. the president reported attempt to have then white house counsel don began dispute article saying he threatened to quit overpressure to fire mueller. the president's attorney, rudy giuliani, tweeting "red cnn article that mueller wants to use the public comments as part of an instruction claim. according to the latest theory, you can't even defend yourself. but who says mueller steam
9:24 am
doesn't leak? extremely unethical." there's a lot to sort through there. lisa, this idea of trying to make criminal public statements would be so dangerous to politicians. because they are always out there saying things like "if you like your doctor, you can keep her doctor. if you like her but plan, you can keep your plan. the cost will go down." if we start prosecuting every politician who says something that is untrue -- wait a second, i'm onto something! [laughter] i take it back, let's do it! >> lisa: sometimes you make too much sense when you talk about congress. to that point, president obama obstructed justice when he told chris wallace on "fox news sunday" that hillary clinton didn't put her national security at risk, et cetera, et cetera, when she was under discussion by the fbi. to that same point. the only real case to be made is james comey. but guess he was making the case for aspiring courts are democrats. guess he was making the case for
9:25 am
his firing caused mike rod rosenstein, the deputy attorney general. the inspector general and his report, they laid out the case for firing james comey. on the obstruction part, or doesn't seem to be -- there is no case there on the collusion front. what premise take place in regard to anything russia related? where is that investigation right now? >> juan: ethic it's pretty obvious. the present was minna believing a statement about the russia tower meetings to, in fact -- to tell a lie. to see it as an obstruction of justice and joy he was involved in it i think we don't want to miss that we have an opportunity to finally get some clarity. i think this can be numbing at some points. when you people like paul manafort, the president's former campaign manager, coming forward. it's obvious he was sharing
9:26 am
data, polling data, with the russians. we have heard that mueller has been interviewing one of the presidents pollsters. we are onto something, i think. lisa, it's much larger. worrisome. the key difference between anything that any ordinary politician says, melissa, is that this is a criminal investigation. >> lisa: it's not, it's a counterintelligence investigation. >> juan: it's not. it's potentially a criminal case because we see people going to jail. not only manafort, but cohen, for example. >> morgan: is history repeating itself. we start out with something we are seeking to find out about a president or his team, and ends up in obstruction and who is having sex with whom, and other things they haven't intended. especially if you look at obstruction and the bill clinton case in the '90s, bill clinton was under oath. if mueller is trying to prove an obstruction case for think the president said publicly, i think the legal community would say that there is a vast difference between bill clinton being under oath and president trump talking
9:27 am
to the media. harris custom xp when i think we are short on time, so i yielded away silently. because i want to hear from everybody else. you know i will make up the difference. >> melissa: democratic presidential candidates going out of their way to relate to their voters. now we have former congressman beto o'rourke talking immigration from the dental chair. oh, my goodness, plus, u.s. officials at the pentagon confirming the troop withdrawal from syria now underway. can the reardon adventures and reassure allies of the u.s. will remain a key player in the middle east? we will debate that next. ♪ billions of mouths. billions of problems. dry mouth? parched mouth? cotton mouth? there's a therabreath for you. therabreath oral rinse and lozenges. help relieve dry mouth using natural enzymes to soothe and moisturize.
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♪ >> lisa: a u.s. defense official confirming the u.s. has begun withdrawing troops from s. that official declined to discuss a specific time on, location, orchard movements due to security concerns. the president's decision to
9:32 am
withdraw troops drew criticism from republicans as well as democrats. the start of the withdrawal comes after a national security advisor, john bolton, on a trip to turkey on sunday, said troops would not leave until classroom classroom that devices are defeated and u.s.-backed kurds are protected. yesterday in egypt, secretary of state mike pompeo failed to reassure allies that the u.s. will remain a key player in the region while also calling out iran. >> we view the maligned activity from the republic of iran, this really don't revolutionary force in iran, has created an enormous instability in the region. part of that is making sure that iran doesn't destabilize or continue to destabilize syria. so, yes, we will use the full power of the united states to achieve that outcome. >> morgan: in an exclusive fox news interview, secretary pompeo said the u.s. will host an international summit on stability next month. harris, when you look at the polling nationally when it comes
9:33 am
to our involvement in places in the middle east that i've been in on a lot of times, the make and people are actually on the side of the president in terms of not understanding why we are there and what the mission is there. but the president has been hammered by many national security types for not the sort of having a plan for this withdrawal in syria. where do you stand on this? >> harris: i can only report back from conversations that i've been having on this topic on "over time." i have a real thirst for military issues because i was born and raised a brat. i had on lieutenant colonel daniel davis this week. >> that was a good interview. >> harris: thank you. one thing is that that was really mind opening was, when we go in with one mission and then we have mission creep, someone has to be responsible for that. i'm paraphrasing him, by the wa way. but this whole idea that we go in and we just stay because no one can figure out what the end game is, and we just don't want to shake the earth too much, it really doesn't work. it doesn't solve any problems.
9:34 am
russia found this out by going in, and afghanistan, and trying to do that sort of, "let's just squat here for a while and see if we can change things. we can't, people are getting killed and we are spending money. we are leaving." it's very complicated parade when you go in like he did in syria -- and melissa was right about this, under obama it was a humanitarian situation. then the question begins -- after cam weapons were used in syria, and this president held his redline and fired those tomahawk missiles, what's the mission now? >> melissa: right. >> harris: maybe he's asking that question. doesn't have, as colonel davis said, every right to ask that question custom work to ask it of the generals, the people on the ground, and we as american people should demand those answers, too. >> morgan: politically, this is sort of a fastening foreign policy discussion that both sides of the aisle are having right now. i'm seeing, as people shape up for 2020, democrats being all over the place. you have a lot of people hate hitting the present, being more hawkish on the democratic
9:35 am
side, for this decision in syri. but then had elizabeth warren saying she would pull everyone out of afghanistan. is there a consensus among the democrat party that they agree with the president on this? where are they as it relates to foreign adventures overseas? >> harris: think it's a question over it being a rash action. you think you saw that response, in terms of jim mattis, the foreign secretary, and what he said about the present being on a different page. similarly, our allies. people in israel being concerned that they weren't informed. told, what is the long-range plan. you are emboldening someone like assad, the president of syria. you're emboldening iran. >> harris: he doesn't need much, he's got a bunch. >> juan: he's a bad guy in my opinion. you are having iran say, "if the u.s. is pulling out, we can play a larger role." the russians saying, "we have a larger role." and turkey -- it's as a result of a product on that conversation between
9:36 am
president trump and the head of turkey. erdogan. he is saying, don't go after the curbs that have been american allies and now are subject to having turkey go into normal parts of iraq to take out the kurds. this is really a complex chess game. if you add in the bold and brash manner, even if the numbers to put you in some ways, it could have catastrophic consequent is. >> harris: in the back on his ices, too. >> lisa: if it complicated about this conversation is there doesn't seem to be many great and definitive answers on either side. as harris so articulately laid out -- >> harris: thank you! >> lisa: seriously. what's a long-term plan? >> harris: we have to know that. >> lisa: on the flip side, i see the concerns about withdrawing. and ambassador bolton saying we are trying to get insurance is. >> harris: by the way, you can get both. >> lisa: but who are we trying to get assurances from? russia, iran, syria. >> harris: what it comes to the mission of whatever we are,
9:37 am
we need our own mission. we can work in all those aspects of the bad, the evil doers, whatever we want to call them. i call some of them savages and isis. clearly we can do both. >> lisa: of a dozen to be in a clear-cut great answers there. i think that's what makes this conversation so complicated. >> morgan: my first masters at johns hopkins was on counterinsurgency. i wrote pages on this. [laughter] >> harris: would you put that up on your twitter? i would click on that! [laughter] >> morgan: that's the next segment! sorry, we've got to go. first, new york city, and then the nation? big city democrats call for wealth redistribution, saying the time has come. plus, the democrats field for 2020 taking shape, in traditional and nontraditional ways. have some social media postings, little too far customer we will be back. ♪ >> i'm here at the dentist, and we are going to continue our series. ♪
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9:42 am
>> harris: breaking news now on supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg. we have just learned that she will again miss work next week. we are also told that her recovery from recent lung surgery to remove cancer from her long is on track, but she has not the ability at this point, healthwise, to return to work. simply announcing that she would miss work recently made headlines with the high court, because she hadn't done that before. even though she has had surgery, in the past, and has struggled with cancer in the past, it has not been like this. this is the statement now from the high court, the public information officer. "justice ginsburg will continue to work from home next week and will participate in the consideration based on trans curbs of oral arguments.
9:43 am
in her recovery from surgery is on track. postsurgery evaluation indicates no evidence of remaining disease and no further treatment is required." often called the "notorious rbg," she will be working from home now. this update that she will not return in person to do her work next week, for a second time since surgery. we will keep you posted on her development. and now, the 2020 democratic primary race taking shape at a stepped-up pace. juan williams has just put his hands up in the air. [laughter] "the new york times" is reporting, senator kirsten gillibrand has tapped two senior communications aids for a suspected presidential run prayed this on the heels of reports that she and senator sherrod brown are planning trips to iowa. senator elizabeth warren has already announced an exploratory committee, and made a stop in iowa with several of ed's last weekend. now she is going to new hampshire. kamala harris with a sort of soft lunch with her memoir, and
9:44 am
a flurry of tv appearances, has said she could come out mlk weekend with an announcement of sorts. we will watch for that. but. beto o'rourke reportedly set to launch a solo tour, marked by his signature social media postings. >> melissa: oh, my goodness. >> harris: we may have gotten a globs of what to expect when beto spoke about the border of the president was in texas yesterday, while getting his teeth cleaned live on instagram. [laughs] >> so, i'm here at the dentist. we are going to continue our series on the people of the border. i am here with diana, my dental hygienist. >> harris: i bet diana was surprised. anyway, liberal commentator anne-marie cox tweeted this. "love me some beto, but this is scary territory." after senator warren live stream herself in her kitchen. a member we talked about this? did you see what people said about it? kimberly with a she said "go
9:45 am
grab me a beer." her efforts getting mixed reactions. common people can get into the pool and once and such at the splash is so big come everybody's in water on their ankles? is it too much too soon? >> juan: i think people want to. it's part of the democratic process, to let 1,000 roses and flowers bloom. let people here all the argument. let people on the far left you a kind of the energy of the party see how far they can push against the pragmatists, who says we need to defeat donald trump. >> harris: what will you do with alexandria o'casey of cortez? she would take a lot of the water of the pool. >> juan: choose a convenient foil. i'm so fascinated by the visit to the dentist. >> harris: why are you fascinated? >> melissa: in the dentist chair? i'm coining a phrase, it's
9:46 am
called "20/20 tmi." i don't want to see your gums, i don't want to look in her purse. i agree with you, there should be a million out there and it makes it more interesting. i think that's what democracy is about. by don't need to see your gums. >> juan: this is the new media environment. they don't want, for example, for you to have a camera crew and do it normally. or make -- >> but nobody wants to see what the dentist! >> juan: it's not you or me. look at how many people tune in to see elizabeth warren of beto o'rourke or donald trump. >> harris: i think is going to send you some of those roses later. >> lisa: to melissa's point, and your point as well, the reason we are seeing this -- i think we are agreeing a little bit. hillary clinton's achilles' heel was the lack of authenticity. we will talk about the likability, but it's the lack of authenticity. david axelrod has driven this point home. he's as deaf as a candidate wins. that's what we're saying, the response to that. >> harris: i can see that man's spirit!
9:47 am
that is too much authenticity for me. that is so close up -- >> morgan: i just want to see body parts. i want to know what you're doing on immigration, the middle east, a health care. i don't need to see your body parts. nobody does. >> harris: it does make it all interesting, right close to mike >> juan: 's entertainment. >> harris: i know people are going to say "oh, my gosh, aoc already. beto already." i know you guys are excited. >> melissa: 2020 tmi. don't steal it. >> lisa: it was coined by you, nobody can. >> morgan: he's going be cowering whenever he sees beto's getting his teeth done. >> harris: first it was health care, for illegal immigrants. then mandatory paid vacations. now new york city's mayor is talking wealth redistribution. pushing it as a national model for the democratic party. whether that will fly with people in the middle of the nation. stay close. musical music >> there is plenty of money in the
9:48 am
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9:52 am
at the same time, they have gotten smaller and smaller share of the wealth they create. here's the truth -- brothers and sisters, there is plenty of money in the world. there's plenty of money in this city. it's just in the wrong hands. >> lisa: that was new york city mayor bill de blasio during his sixth estate of the city speech. he used the hour-long address in order to promote his compliment sent out his progress up all the ideas, as a new model for the democratic party nationally. that means policies like asking companies with five or more employees to provide mandatory paid time off, and redistributing wealth from landlords to fight income inequality. this coming days after you proposed text taxpayer-funded health care for residents. he said he would in embark on a
9:53 am
national tour. melissa, i will start with you. you are shaking your head. a speech you don't get me started. >> lisa: can i get you started? to get you started, can i ask you about his plan regarding health care? there are 600,000 uninsured, 300,000 are illegal immigrants. he's dedicating $100 million. that is about hundred $67 per person which is basically wellness visit. where this the rest coming from? speech of the simon problem. i would mind if they got health care. the problem is that when he was talking he was talking about me. i am a hardworking person who works hard every single day. i have seen my tax bill go up. by virtue of living in new york city, i pay more than 50% of every dollar i make toward a tax of some type. whether it city, federal, sales tax, whatever. it's worse than it's been since i've been living here. granted, i did not live here in the 70s and other times when the city was going down the drain. but since i've been here this is the worst that it's been. he is taking more and more of my money for it and what the hell
9:54 am
is he doing with it? people go into the emergency room, and yes, the government as a pick up the tab for that. i love a more efficient way to provide people with health care. but whatever he is doing with my money, it's not working. >> juan: i don't think that's fair, by the way. >> melissa: how? what part of that? >> juan: amazon is moving to new york city. got to give him some credit. >> melissa: and he's giving them a huge tax break! the mom-and-pop company on the corners going to pay more taxes. he's going to give them a break, that's so stupid. empty storefronts, empty buildings, empty apartments. everywhere you go. you don't live here, juan. the >> juan: i do live here! >> melissa: you don't walk up and down. you live in d.c. it's a disaster. it's going down the drain. move here come my friend. >> juan: so many people view it as a land of opportunity.
9:55 am
>> lisa: timeout. i want to ask you, it was president obama in 2006 that made the case, in the audacity of hope, the drain that it's going to have on the social safety net. do you agree with that statement? that president obama made previously? >> juan: i think obviously you are in a situation where you can point to low income people. but this is an era of income inequality. so you see gavin newsom in california, andrew cuomo here in new york, de blasio, alexandria ocasio-cortez, all talking about steps. whether it's helping people with tuition, medical bills, to try and ameliorate some of -- the damage. >> lisa: but are the policies going to address income inequality close to mike >> morgan: this goes back to the italian family owned restaurant in my neighborhood. it's my favorite place come on 66 and second street. it's owner of a small business. i ask how things are going, how's business, and she says, "i'm worried about the minimum wage increase. i'm going to have to make sure my workers are happy. i'm going to have to give less shifts.
9:56 am
they won't be able to work as many hours. i'm not going to be able to employ as many people. i'm going to have to add to the restaurant prices. it comes down to come yes, we are all privileged live in new york city, but these mom-and-pop businesses and restaurants are affected negatively by all of this. >> lisa: more "outnumbered" and just a moment. stay with us. drivewise. feedback that helps you drive safer. and that can lower your cost now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? need a change of scenery? kayak searches hundreds of travel sites - even our competitors - so you can be confident you're getting the right flight at the best price. kayak. search one and done. if you're a veteran homeownecall newday usa., home values are rising, and with newday's va cash out home loan, you can borrow up to 100 percent of your home's increased value. you could get 54,000 dollars or more
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10:00 am
weekend was to mark >> juan: big time. i'm looking forward to snow. i like the idea that you get to cocoon. >> i'm going skiing. >> melissa: you know our plans. we are back here on monday. in the meantime, here's harris. >> harris: fox news alert now, federal pay checks for thousands of federal workers are not going out today. president trump is standing firm on border security and a barrier along our southern border with mexico. democrats refused to pay for that barrier or wall. i'm harris faulkner. an important hour of "outnumbered overtime," day 21 of the partial government shutdown. the pressure to solve the problem which is on the verge of being the longest shutdown in american history has hit critical mass, as is workers are going without pay. yesterday, president trump traveled to the southern border where he said he is close to declaring now a national emergency. that cou r


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