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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 12, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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>> what's happening, man. leland: i know. kristin: we have a a private concert here. leland: i wanted to leave you and ricky and clara to have a nice time together. we'll be back. ♪ president trump slamming former fbi director james comey yet again, after the bomb shell new york times report that the bureau opened an investigation into the president after he fired comey. according to the newspaper, fbi agents were trying to determine if the president may have been acting on behalf of russia. this is an astounding report. we have all the details today. hello, i'm eric shawn. arthel: i'm arrest they'll no - arthel neville. according to the new york times, comey's dismissal prompted agents to launch an
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investigation which later landed in the hands of special counsel robert mueller. allison barber is live at the white house with more on this. allison. >> reporter: the fbi reportedly opened an investigation days after president trump fired then fbi director james comey. investigators reportedly were so concerned by the president's behaviors that they had to investigate whether or not trump's actions constituted a possible threat to national security and whether or not the president knowingly worked with russia or unwittingly fell under their influence. president trump, his allies are pushing back on this incredibly hard. his former attorney told fox news at no time did special counsel mueller make any request of the president or his counsel when it comes to allegations, that he calls bizarre. he went on to say this, the new york times' story is an unwitting disclosure and verification of the utter corruption of their oath by comey and his colleagues to undermine the free election of the president of the united
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states. this is the stuff of banana refebruarrepublics and dictator. president trump referred to the failing new york times. he said he learned from the times that former associated with the fbi opened up an investigation on me for no reason and with no proof after i fired lying james comey, a total sleeze. mike pompeo had this to say in an interview with cbs news. >> i'm not going to comment on new york times stories. i'll say this, the notion that president trump is a threat to american national security is absolutely ludicrous. the idea that's contained in the new york times story that president trump was a threat to american national security is silly on its face and not worthy of a response. >> reporter: as for mr. comey, the former fbi director sent one tweet today, quoting former
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president franklin d. roosevelt, he wrote i ask you to judge me by the enemies i have made. according to the times, agents and senior fbi officials became suspicious of trump's ties to russia during the 2016 campaign. special counsel robert mueller, the times reports, took over the investigation when he was appointed and right now it's unclear if mueller is still pursuing it. the times notes some former law enforcement officials outside of this investigation have questioned whether agents overstepped in opening it. arthel: thank you very much. when my grandmother got here almost 100 years ago, i'm sure that she never could have imagined that just two generations later one of her grandsons would be serving as a member of the united states congress and the other would be standing with you here today to say these words, i am a
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candidate for president of the united states of america. [ cheering and applause ] eric: well, the 2020 presidential race is already underway and another hat thrown in the ring this morning. that was julianne castro, formally announcing his bid for the white house. castro is a former mayor of san antonio, texas. he's the latest candidate to join what is expected to be a crowded democratic field, vying to challenge the be president in 2020. casey siegal is at the rally and is in san antonio with more on the announcement. hi, casey. >> reporter: hi, eric. things are quiet now, the rally over, but at one point the line wrapped all the way around the block. hundreds and hundreds of people turned out to see the former mayor of san antonio, their former mayor, julianne castro officially declaring himself a candidate for the presidential 2020 election.
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this location on the city's west side is near and dear to his heart. he and his family took a public bus to get here, broadcasting the ride on facebook live from the number 68 bus, a route he told the crowd that he and his twin brother, gentlema used to o school growing up in the community. castro said he is proud to call himself a son of san antonio and the crowd went wild. he said under the current leadership, the country seems to be falling backward instead of forward and he is running to, quote, make sure the promise of america is available to everyone. >> it's time for new leadership because it's time for new energy. in the years to come, we must go forward as one nation, working toward one destiny, and that destiny is to be the smartest, the healthiest, the fairest, and the most prosperous nation on
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earth. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: last week, castro campaigned in iowa and nevada. next week he is headed to new hampshire, wasting no time. the 44-year-old former secretary of housin house housing and urbt believes they universal health care, cry mat climate change, rg the minimum wage and comprehensive immigration reform. while not mentioning president trump by name, the biggest reaction came from the crowd when he said we as a country should be saying no to a wall and saying yes to building communities. eric? eric: casey, the path to the presidency starts always in new hampshire in january as you know. thank you. arrest they'll. arthelarthel.arthel: senator eh warren visiting new hampshire this weekend, this is her second visit to an early voting state
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since forming an exploratory committee. they are an organizing event today. she spent last weekend introducing herself to voters in iowa, this as the democratic field seems to be growing by the day, along with senator warren and you now julianne castro, highighhawaiian congresswoman is announcing she is joining the race for the white house. floyd mackson is here, a gop strategist and alcoholler chief of staff to mike lee -- and former chief of staff to mike lee. we know that president trump is a scrapper, he lodge personal insults, derogatory nicknames, an unconventional method that worked for him in 2016 many will this style work for the president again? >> i think the president needs
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to pivot a little bit in terms of getting to policy issues. those are the keys in terms of a re-elect. while everything will go on on the democratic side in terms of who's in, who's out, they'll have a circular firing squad at each other, as the republicans did in 2016. so what the president should do is take a step above the fray and say let's talk about policy, let's talk about the economy which i think will be the real driving force when we look at 2020. arthel: that's a good point you make there. scott, your turn now. considering the early snapshot of potential and actual democratic candidates, who stands the best chance of challenging president trump and why? >> well, whoever gets in, you only have like three candidates right now, trust me, there will be more, but in a crowded case of a political campaign and you have 15 to 20 or more candidates, you've got to distinguish yourself either with money, message or being able to mobilize voters in all of these primaries and caucuses that are
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coming out. i would watch to see who has the most money and the best message to do that on the ground in these states because they don't have to attack donald trump. donald trump's going to tweet and be donald trump for the next two years. so the dems don't have to attack. they have to have a message and they've got mobilize the voters and stuff. i think kamala harris, you have to watch her. california will be up on r super tuesday, that's a lot of delegates. she automatically becomes a player when she gets in. you should look for a former southern governor of a southern state, like a terry mccullum who can have a connection with the left, i think he can do well too. he's got a strong record as governor of virginia, which is a purple turning blue state. arthel: scott, i'll stay with you for a moment of of you you mentioned money and message. in terms of message, what is the
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democratic message that will resonate with all of the people or most of the people in america to win the white house for them? >> a couple things. one, it's got to be about health care, it's got to be about growing the economy for all, if you will. more importantly, it's got to be the fact that donald trump has a record to run on right now. and you've got to ask those voters, that electoral base, not the core base, that's 35 to 40, that's who he served in the four years but he hasn't done much with the electoral base that put him over the hump p. in 2020, you could attack his record because those people who voted for him who are not part of the core base, they are going to be the ones that are going to be looking for an alternative, if you will. arthel: i want to bring lloyd back in. i want to make sure he gets equal time. boyd, scott said it too, if the president focuses on the record, it would be better for him in terms of winning in 2020.
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you said the same thing, boyd. i ask you, though, in order to appeal to the broader american voting l pool, can the president stick to his message and not get distracted by other things that are happening around him? >> that's the whole key, arthel. focus always precedes success. i think if the president focuses on that, moves it forward in terms of the economy, then i fear that the democrats are probably going to get focused on what they are against, rather than what they are for. i think scott would agree that that's a real risk for the democrats is if they start becoming just anti-trump, dug in all of these issues, they risk irrelevancy, whether dealing with border security, whether that's the economy, whether that's even health care. people agree on the vast majority of he these issues. the democratic candidates have got to get on a positive message. we know what you're against. tell us was what you're for will be the real test in terms of the american people. arthel: that's an excellent point. >> i agree with boyd, actually.
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but the president can't grow at least from a democratic information we have because he's been so focused on his core. that gap between the core and the electoral base that he won, if he can't grow, he's got to -- he won't have hillary clinton. he won't have comey. he won't have barack obama. arthel: he might have bideen. >> the president's got to find his boogie man, if you will. >> the democrats may take care of that for him. the best bet is for the democrats to overreach, whether it's in terms of investigation, whether that's overreach on border security, there are chances there for the democrats to fumble and make very similar mistakes republicans made in 2012 and 2016. arthel: boyd, let me stay with you. a simple answer for both of you. boyd, what democratic ticket would you like to take on president trump? >> wow, that's the million dollar he question. i think those that will be most interesting -- you have to
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remember -- arthel: i'm considering you want the ticket that would lose to the president. go ahead and give me your answer. scott, i a want to hear your choice. >> i think republicans in general would like to see ocasio-cortez spend only six months in the house and then go right to the presidential. socialism sells really well in the pry mayo primaries but doesy when you get to the general. anything that swings the democrats further to the left, into let's give everything away, i think that helps the president in the end. arthel: scott, your ticket choice? >> i'm looking for moderates. it's too early to say who i would like to see. arthel: you've got to answer. you're not going to snake out of this. >> i'm a lawyer. i'm going to answer. arthel: i've got 20 seconds. >> i like biden and harris against trump and pence. if i had to have my druthers right now. again, they've got to democrat and prove they can win the
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primaries and win the delegates. that's an open question for everyone. arthel: lots of open questions. thanks to you both. take care. >> thank you. eric: now to an astounding, amazing story, new details about the terrifying ordeal of jayme closs. she was found safe and thankfully reunited with her family. that nearly three months after she was abducted and her parents were shotgunned to death in their home. the suspect jake patterson is in custody as the investigation picks up steam. >> she is doing as well as circumstances allow. i know all of you are searching for the answer of why any of this happened. believe me, so are we. not knowing for some time, but our goal is to continue to do what is right for jayme and see that justice is served. eric: matt fin is in the town
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of baron, wisconsin where this all happened. i can't imagine the reunion she is having with her family after what she has gone through. >> reporter: it's a bittersweet reunion because unfortunately she wanted her parents executed. three months later this is where she was found, it's a he very remote area, not a lot of street lights, a place where unfortunately a person could easily be concealed. this is the neighborhood where police say the 21-year-old suspect, jake patterson, lives and it's likely the house that the young girl was held captive in for the majority, if not all of the time. this neighborhood is currently still barricaded by police. they say they just got a warrant to go inside the home where jayme was yesterday. this brave young 13-year-old girl decided to make a run for it when her captor was not home and she succeeded. she successfully got into the
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arms of her neighbors. >> tired, skinny, you know, dirty. she hasn't -- probably hasn't bathed in quite a while, if at all. yeah, she looked rough. >> run down. >> she didn't really have any emotion. she was probably in shock. >> reporter: her captor is charged with two counts of first degree mom side and one count of kidnapping. this entire region rejoicing, even the city of minneapolis lit up one of the downtown bridges in lime green, jayme's favorite color and the theme of the ribbons and tribute for jayme. the extended family said they taped the funerals of her parents in hopes she would come back to them alive and she could watch the videotape of her parents' funeral and say good-bye.
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the suspect actually is expected to appear in court for the first time on monday. back to you. ericguys.eric: jean utter, theg walker, thankfully worked for decades in child protective services so he she knew what to do. arthel: america's top diplomat visiting the middle east, talking about the way forward in syria. as the u.s. begins the withdrawal of military equipment there. more on our exit strategy, coming up. plus, a community in mourning, another one, after a female police officer is fatally shot in the line of duty. details on this tragedy straight ahead. i heard her describe our officers tonight as our daughter and our friend and just this is an absolutely devastating loss to the police department. (♪ )
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11:22 am
life. jeff paul is live in our west coast newsroom with the latest. jeff. >> reporter: yeah, arthel, investigators say she was responding to the scene of a triple car crash when shots were fired immediately. they believe the suspect rode up on a bike to the scene and ambushed the officer, unloading the entire magazine. he reloaded and started shooting in different directions. he shot a firefighter nearby in a boot but didn't hurt him. he even shot at a woman's backpack. the suspect was later found dead inside his apartment. police say he shot himself. despite the gunfire, officer corcorna was the only person toe at the scene. >> she's just an absolutely star in the department and somebody that pretty much every department member really looked to as a close friend, a sister. this is just an absolutely devastating loss to the police
11:23 am
department. >> reporter: officer corona graduated from the police academy in july of last year and had just finished her field training right around the holidays. she was patrolling on her own for about two weeks prior to being shot. her father, a former deputy says, while he is heart-broken by the loss, he's not angry. >> you know, i mean, we're going to grieve and the individual's not with us any longer, so, you know, we don't -- we're very faithful people. she died doing what she loved to do. she knew that that was a possibility and i think she embraced that. >> reporter: less than two weeks into 2019, five officers have already been shot in the line of duty including one officer just last night in arlington, texas. officer corona is the third officer to die this year from being shot while on duty.
11:24 am
last year a total of 48 died from such injuries. arthel: this took place in davis, an hour and 40 minutes from san francisco, right? >> reporter: absolutely, arthel. eric: what a reminder of the sacrifices of our law enforcement officers. mike pompeo continuing his nine nation tour of the middle east with a stop this weekend, today in fact, in abu dhabi. he met with the commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan. this as the pentagon set plans in motion to withdraw troops from syria. he is reassuring our allies about the president's plan and about wrapping up the pressure on iran. >> we new the activity from the islamic republic from iran as creating enormous instability in the region. part of that is making sure that iran doesn't destabilize or continue to destabilize syria.
11:25 am
so yes, we will use the full power of the united states to achieve that outcome. eric: as part of the power, the secretary of state announced the u.s. will host a world summit on iran next month in poland, to focus on curbing o curbing the s influence in the region. iran is on the top list of the state sponsor of terrorism in the world. mark dbowitz joins us. the meeting in poland will help create they hope a an arab nato. do you think the european nations that slapped more sanctions against iran, do you think they can unite against that regime? >> i just got back from the gulf, met with top leaders in the gulf, era countries arab coo
11:26 am
got back from india, and there is deep concern about the activities of the country of iran. they will be talking about the destructive activities. i think this is something that is necessary. i think even the europeans who opposed president trump's decision to withdraw from the nuclear deal understand that the islamic republic needs to be stopped. eric: in the netherlands, the e.u. is slapping sanctions on tehran because they accused the government of sending assassination squads that killed two activists on the streets in 2015 and 2015, two dissidents shot in the head. do you think the europeans will give up iranian business for the principle of dealing with this outlaw regime? >> i don't think they will. i don't think they want to. but i don't think they have any choice. i think president trump is rightly putting them to a fundamental choice between
11:27 am
iran's $400 billion economy and america's $20 trillion economy, between doing business with iran and doing business with the u.s. dollar, the world's predominant currency. european business leaders are making a different decision than the european government leaders. eric: what do you think could happen in this meeting? >> i think the europeans are acknowledging the reality, they have little choice. i think there needs to be a common understanding, that regardless of your position on the iran nuclear deal, dozens of countries understand iran is engaged in support for terrorism and building ballistic missiles capable of carrying a nuclear warhead to target the united states and other countries and brutal human rights abuses within iran. i think there's a broader understanding amongst dozens of countries including the europeans that those aspects of iran's activities need to be addressed immediately.
11:28 am
eric: you mentioned an assassination plot. there was one in the united states where the intelligence services were allegedly behind a plot to assassinate the saudi arabian ambassador in a restaurant in georgetown. the national council of resistance of iran, they hold a huge rally just outside of paris every year. authorities in belgium and france, they've arrested three people including an iranian diplomat in an alleged plot to bomb -- that iran was going to bomb the rally and it included a lot of former u.s. officials including rudy giuliani who speak every year at that group. you've got a potential assassination plan right there in france allegedly directed by tehran. this is what is being said about secretary pompeo, quote, the u.s. secretary of state reiterated that when america partners with enemies such as the moolas, they advance,
11:29 am
gaining access to weapons of mass destruction, violations of human rights, export of terrorism, holding up the regime running iran. they are changing the illegitimate regime at the hands of the iranian people and resistance. can that ever be done? >> one hopes. people are very skeptical. 1980, ronald reagan came into office and they believed we had to reach a detante with the soviet union. reagan called them the evil empire and launched a policy using all instruments of national policy to go after the soviet union and six, seven years later the soviet union collapsed. the regimes are weaker than you would expect. they use repression and brutality to keep down their own people. they are spending money on their
11:30 am
agenda throughout the middle east and the world. hopefully in our lifetime we will see the end of the islamic republic, the best guarantee for global security. eric: they allegedly targeted officials who live here in the united states in washington. mark, always appreciate you coming in and thank you for your insights. >> thanks so much. arthel: still no end in sight as the partial government sean entershutdown enters a report 2d -- record 22nd day. president trump responding to the impasse in washington, announcing he has a plan to reopen the government. details of the president's strategy freigh straight ahead. ♪
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eric: the partial government shutdown the longest ever in u.s. history. it is now in the 22nd day.
11:35 am
no deal is in sight right now on the funding for the wall and other issues. meanwhile, congress did approve back pay for about 800,000 of the federal workers who missed pay for the first time in the paycheck yesterday. but they will only get that money after the government reopens. >> in the house, we have put on the floor the legislation that had already been passed by the senate. the republican senate initiative that passed 92-6 in the senate, we're putting on the floor here, sending it back to them to say we take yes for an answer. eric: what can we expect? david, i want to welcome you to the fox news family. hope you got a desk and an office with a window and congratulations. >> reporter: thanks a lot, eric. very glad to be here with you guys. i really appreciate it. the hundreds of thousands of federal workers, they're counting on that back pay.
11:36 am
many felt the sting from the shutdown yesterday when they missed the first paycheck. the vote in the house to pay the employees passed 411-7. the senate passed it thursday. we have indications from the white house president trump will sign the bill but that doesn't completely stop this now historical government shutdown. california house democrat john garamand. >> this has become a serious national problem, not just for the workers, but also for people that rely upon governmental services. >> i lament greatly the suffering our federal workers are going through and their families. i hope we find a solution to this. >> reporter: it's clear, both sides of the aisle feel for those federal workers and other americans affected but the crux othe issue as you know, nancy pelosi says she won't give a
11:37 am
dollar toward the border wall, president trump wants $5.5 billion. the president has given mixed signals on whether he'll declare a national emergency to build the wall. remember all the trash that's been piling up at national parks since december 22nd? the national park service announced employees will start taking care of the trash again. many of the public bathrooms that were closed at the parks are now open. now, we are waiting to see what congress does when members are back on monday. the majority of them left, not including congressman garamendi and rooney. it's possible we'll see funding of individual sections of the government that are closed but the stalemate over the wall will likely continue. eric: the standoff goes on. david, thank you. arthel: president trump responding to news of the record long shutdown, urging democrats to return to washington and
11:38 am
reach a deal. the president tweeting, quote, we have a massive humanitarian crisis at our southern border. we will be out for a long time unless the democrats come back from their, quote, vacations, and get back to work. i am in the white house ready to sign. let's bring in ledge king, a washington correspondent for usa today. good to see you. how much weight does the president's tweet carry? he said he would own the government shutdown. now president trump says it lies on the democrats, quote, returning from their vacation. >> it's been a battle of rhetoric, and the longest shutdown of history is only going to get longer unless something happens. and it's become sort of a face-saving situation. the president tweeted today that elections have consequences. he promised voters who elected him that he would build the wall. well, in 2018 democrats won the house by promising to fight the trump agenda. there you have it. both sides dug in and it's not
11:39 am
clear quite he yet how they get out. arthel: let me get back to what you said in a second. first i'll ask this question. let's talk about if you could the culpability of the democrats. how much are they to blame for the shutdown? >> a they're not going along with the president's request. the democrats feel they have done their job of negotiation. near side wants to accept blame. the president did call this the trump shutdown but he's since obviously poured the blame back onto the democrats. it's not clear who -- how this is going to end. but as far as who is going to own this, i mean, it depends on the polling. it depends on how this ends and who gets to claim victory. arthel: the president said he owns it. so, you know, that's that. he already said it. let's talk about this.
11:40 am
as you mentioned, first of all, there have been bills on the floor, both from -- from both houses, both chambers, th housed the senate that the president probably would have agreed to but it didn't happen. so again, according to your sources and reporting, why did it come to this? you mentioned the president, he had a chance to do this. why didn't president trump get his wall while his party controlled all branches of government? and what do you know about his strategy for next week? >> well, that's a very good question. i mean, as far as why the republicans did not give the president what he wanted, the democrats in the senate could block certain things and -- arthel: they had the majority, right? >> they had the majority. because you need 60 votes to get bills through, the problem is the president apparently sent mixed signals and the republicans passed the bill that you mentioned that did not have
11:41 am
wall funding, but then he rejected and came back. so part of the problem is thed administration's given mixed signals on this. as for strategy, he has talked about this emergenc manage decky declaration. people in his party haveen have couraged him to do that, like senator lindsey graham. others have told him he shouldn't do that. when there's a democratic president he probably could use the same tactic for things the republicans don't want. it's a bit of a quandary. arthel: meanwhile, we've got hundreds of thousands, millions when you include families and the trickle down effect on small businesses, americans are being hurt by this government shutdown. when you ask americans their take of the shutdown, what are they telling you? >> i spoke to a tax examiner from philadelphia who talked about how her job is to hear stories from people in financial binds when they can't pay their taxes and she said to me now i'm
11:42 am
the story. and she said that it's not her -- it's a situation that was not her doing but what can she do? and she choked back tear as she talked about you how she had to talk to her creditors, talk to mortgage lenders, and these are people that are responsible, fiscally responsible people and they've been thrust into this situation and to your point, there's a larger community near national parks, a lot of small businesses that are suffering because they don't have the visitors. so it's a frustrating situation. people are losing on so many levels. they don't really care about the politics of this. they just want the government reopened. arthel: really quickly, i want to ask you quickly, do you think jared kushner, the president's adviser will have a sway on the president in saying let's not call for a national emergency, let's do what it as to get the government reopened again? >> i think what the president will go for is a strategy where he can come out and say i've
11:43 am
delivered on my promise, whether jared kushner is the one that convinces him or somebody else, to be determined. arthel: in the promise of that he would build a wall and mexico would pay for it? >> yeah, that's right. arthel: thanks,. ericledge.eric: there's been ay explosion at a bakery in paris, it happened in the center of the french capital. what authorities say may have caused that blast. this comes as thousands of those yellow vest protesters filled the streets of the city of lights for the ninth consecutive weekend, what demonstrators continue to demand of president emmanuel macron. okay, max...time to help mrs. tyler
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arthel: at least three people are dead including two firefighters a and dozens injured after a powerful explosion at a bakery in paris, the blast devastating the street, knocking out windows and overturning parked cars. authorities say it was caused by a gas leak. eric: protesters causing more chaos in the city of lights for a ninth saturday today. it's becoming a regular thing there as thousands of people turn out for the so-called yellow vest demonstrations. police in paris using a water cannon and dispersing tear gas to try to disburse the crowds after the protests turned violent. more than 100 protesters were arrested. kitty logan with more on what seems to be kind of sadly routine. >> reporter: that's right, eric. this was actually a much larger protest than we've seen in recent weeks. it was more peaceful in most places, despite those clashes that we've seen. it is as you say the ninth week of these demonstrations now and
11:49 am
they have in previous weeks been pretty heated. in central paris there were clashes between protesters and the police as the march came to an end. the violence broke out despite huge police presence in the city, tens of thousands of officers out on the streets. authorities say they have arrested over 120 people in paris alone today. some were detained even before the protests started. but the majority of those protesters marched peacefully. those testimon demonstrations nn paris. there was a large demonstration in central france. clashes broke out there too. the yellow vest protests started over field duty and the french government reversed the decision. that wasn't enough to stop the protests. now they've become more about the border issue of economic
11:50 am
hardship, unequal living standards, and against president macron himself. it's interesting to note that here in london there was also a small copy cat demonstration in the center of the city today. the u.k. is of course currently going through a political crisis of its own over britain leaving the e.u. and much of the tension that we saw at that demonstration was between pro and anti--brexit protesters. the movement here in the u.k. is certainly nothing on the scale of what it is in france. currently those french protests have ended for today but there are likely to be more in the weeks to come. eric: seems like it's a saturday thing. kitty, thank you. arthel: a major winter storm now threatening millions with heavy snow. we're live with the forecast, that's up next.
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arthel: listen up, millions of americans now in the path of a monster storm bringing snow, sleet, ice and potentially bringing plenty of problems for travelers on the ground and in the skies. meteorologist adam klotz live in the fox extreme weather center. adam, where is the snow going to hit? >> hey, there, arthel many it's going to hit a lot of folks. this is a large system,
11:55 am
stretching from places across the plains states, kansas city, the colts and chiefs play there later today, this is tracking through chicago, indiana, ohio, and eventually the mid-atlantic. washington, d.c., northern virginia, maryland, all spots will see snow from this system, picking up overnight and intensifying into early sunday. we've got a lot of winter storm watches, warnings, advisories, stretching from portions of the mid-atlantic, back to st. louis, fairly heavy snow in some of these spots, already 3 to 4 inches. that is going to continue to pile up here over the course of tonight, running into tomorrow. here's our forecast precipitation, what's still going to fall. you're looking at areas here fairly widespread. we're going to get another 3 inches and then you run up here along the mid-at lain particular, the d.c. area, still a spot where we could see more significant snowfall, picking up tonight through tomorrow.
11:56 am
i wouldn't be surprised if d.c. saw up to 6 inches of snow and areas around that getting up to 6 inches of snow. a lot of other places lower than that. here's the hour by hour forecast. you can pay attention to thenint through tomorrow. by tomorrow afternoon this system is pushing off the coast and we'll begin to clear out again. arthel: that was detailed. adam, thank you very much. eric: that does it for us for now. we'll be back in one hour, 4:00 p.m. eastern, with more news. arthel: meanwhile, "the journal editorial report" is up next. i'm arthel neville, he's eric shawn. eric: see you in less than an hour.
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welcome to "the journal editorial report." president trump traveled to texas thursday, making his case for a border wall amid a protracted funding fight with democrats that has closed a quarter of the federal government and furloughed 800,000 employees. the president so far stopping short of declaring a national emergency but saying he's likely to do so if the shutdown drags on. >> we have the absolute right to he declare a national emergency and this is security stuff. this is a national emergency. if you don't have a barrier, whether it's a steel barrier or a concrete wall, substantial and strong, you are never going to solve this problem.


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