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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  January 13, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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miss that. thank you for watching you can learn more about the next revolution we will see you next sunday with the next revolution will be televised. . >> this is life liberty and within i have a great cast we will talk about soviet collusion and democrat style this is never discussed you are professor of political science and the executive director for center of division and values you have written a lot about the cold
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war and have gone to those documents that have become available since the end of the cold war i consider you if not the expert but an expert that took place during the cold war why do i want to discuss this tonight? i will tell you because one of the things you address is the extent to which ted kennedy, the lion of the senate and the kennedy family was colluding with and conspiring with working with the kremlin to defeat the reelection of president ronald reagan. this was never discussed russia keeps coming up there is no context for what is taking place today so what happened with kennedy in the kremlin? . >>
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they did not touch it or do a single thing with that. so the reporter for the "london times" also working the bbc he reported on it just
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a little bit did not show the whole document there was a rush on the archives by different researchers who were there at the time to get a copy of the document, it was finally given to me doing research on a book for ronald reagan and the fall of communism published 2006 and harpercollins mainstream highly respected press. when i was told about the documents in 2000 for the person said does it really say this? yes. it's worse. wait until you read it. i published it in the appendix of the book. the document said senator kennedy like other rational people is very troubled by the
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state of the us soviet relations the deterioration of soviet relations and it blames us deterioration not on the kremlin but on reagan's belligerence and actually used that word. and it says this is due to reagan's refusal to engage in any modification of his politics policies. so kennedy and the document of his offer they blame this deterioration of the soviet relations on ronald reagan. mark: kennedy or the soviets? we make this would be the defense of the kennedy people so that is their interpretation of this but according to others he is in this with the interpretation. >> he approach them and later
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was commented in the article february 1992 and dismissed it that is not what people are trying to make of it. but when the crusader was published 2006 the only media source in the country that touched it, you are from philadelphia was a regional cable news outlet. i did that show and actually called kennedy's office and said what is your response to this professor book? they argued with the interpretation. >> what did kennedy want to do? . >> it was it - - within the context of the 1984 presidential election just around the core. so they are communicating in 1983.
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>> right before he is up for reelection kennedy makes contact with the kremlin what does kennedy want to do with the kremlin? . >> according to the document kennedy believes it is the fault of reagan's and not the fault of the soviet union. he even says kennedy is very impressed with and drop off of all people the soviet dictator. so basically we have kennedy in the soviets agreeing that economics is working. the only time you ever see them acknowledge that working. so that being the case is there any vulnerability in
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1984? yes it is the questions for them peace. so kennedy offers to the soviets to help them communicate to the american voters their peaceful intentions. mark: so kennedy is prepared to be the puerto rico surrogate. >> that's a fair way to put it. in order to communicate better with the united states. that the following steps be taken. i would encourage people to read the document word for word. but the steps would be first of all, kennedy goes to moscow and help arrange for soviet political military officials to come to the united states to directly talk to the american people.
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even to set up interviews between american journalist and soviet officials named walter cronkite and barbara walters. they are specifically mentioned. that they could go unfiltered directly to the american public and kennedy would go over there and then the document ends to say i weight instructions this is the offer made and in the final paragraph talking about kennedy's own presidential process and whether or not he would run in 1984 and definitely looking to run 1988. it is all housed within the context of the presidential election. mark: let's unravel some of this. we have contact, author from
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kennedy. we have an effort to the upcoming reelection of ronald reagan really to defeat reagan and an offer to get the kremlin and the propaganda on american television with the american media. by a top democratic senator ted kennedy. >> 1980 he was challenging carter. >> so with today, can you imagine if donald trump or his campaign had one tenth of 1 percent of this? . >> and the smoking gun of the actual document. >> in the document is housed within the foreign policy the nuclear policies 1984 presidential election and
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written by the head of the kgb to the government. >> this is like having a document by the current head of the russian fsb how directly to putin to say here's an offer being made by senator so-and-so and it is all laid out right there. >> we are left with a meeting with donald junior of what took place now we read a newspaper that perhaps manafort shared polling information or something like that. we have calls for impeachment and indictments that this is the same media that completely ignored what you have discovered and written about original documentation and if we had a prosecutor at that
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time of a mindset to prosecute a case like this, look what they would have. >> it gets even worse so be published in the appendix of the book the actual translation which comes to an a half pages and in 2010 we say we will do this the entire document in russian and then followed with the english translation hoping maybe this time they would say it's better. mark: we will pick it up right there when we returned because this is too important to speed through. ladies and gentlemen, don't forget you can watch me on levintv on her brand-new networ network. go sign up or call us on the tall - - toll-free number t ♪ [peaceful acoustic guitar]
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mark: professor, there is a communication kennedy is written up by the head of the kgb sent to the head of the communist party the head of the ussr is interesting the democrats talk about the logan act this is a clear violation to say this is treason. what happened? . >> that is the real scandal. we don't know what happened because nobody even asked kennedy no reporter and there were no articles in "the new york times" or "washington post" or "boston globe". >> this was 1992 so the chronology, think about this he died 2009 so 17 years and my book came out 2006 a reporter asked kennedy's office and ages had one or two sentences arguing with the interpretation of this document that is mentioned by the "london times". the document is out there. it is published by a major publisher congress doesn't
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hold a single hearing? congress is not interested? . >> that leads to the kennedy family and i thought here it comes they will say it's a forgery. they did not say that. they did not deny it the documents are real but it begs the question so what happened next? did he go to moscow? what was the next step? and frankly here is what happen and drop off was very sick and the 269 people who died in the korean airliner shot down by the soviet september 1983 reagan even wrote in his diary so he would be dead within a year so maybe that happened maybe he got sick but they did not follow
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up that somebody just having a general interest in the media would at least call kennedy by 1992 to follow up. >> chuck schumer was elected to congress 1981. nancy pelosi is elected i believe 1987. they were alive and they are still alive. you have the house intelligence committee. the senate intelligence committee the foreign affairs committee's. they don't want to investigate one of their own. they didn't want to know. >> and one liberal said to me kennedy does this in the interest of pcs worried about the cold war and nuclear armageddon.
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he's trying to do what he can he is worried. this is justified. i said i don't know if that's a motivation or not but nobody asked him about it. are there any political motivations? at least ask maybe at some point they would have. >> that even if there were no other aspects, what he did was an abomination. he went around and conspired the kgb and the soviet government. there was a cold war. . >> i will tell you how hot it was may 1983 march of 83 reagan had done the evil empire speech and going public the national security decision one of the most important documents aimed at taking down to defeat soviet communism within the cold war reagan's
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closest national security advisor and one of reagan's closest friends and card was like a grandfather to me. asked him about this and i said were you aware of what kennedy was doing at the time? he said you know, , i had heard things about this. but i did not know any information and at this point that would be 2005 i had that conversation. i cannot help you i cannot remember. but the point here is reagan's right-hand man did not know what he was doing. and then to say we just want to let you know, that senator kennedy will be reaching out to the soviets and wants to make contact. mark: this is what i wanted to do this program with you.
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you have overwhelming evidence that a senior senator who wants to be president of the united states of a very important political family , has enormous influence in the united states senate and with the media and organizations is up to his eyeballs including not with the russians but the soviets. if you are the president of the united states today with an investigation for two years with thousands of so-called journalist and others trying to pin collusion for the russians. which was propaganda by clinton and schumer have a criminal investigation constant talk about impeachment and indictments but nothing sitting back waiting for a special prosecutor to tell us. these are the things i would do then they went to say
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impeachment but still today when it comes to kennedy. absolute censorship from the media and congress doesn't want to know anything. >> our publicist works and i am not making this up i carry that document around with me in my briefcase i even have a couple of friends who know me who play the role of the sex - - 60 minutes reporter i just picture him getting nailed. but they never called. mark: when we come back alger harris who is he and why is he important and the role. important and the role. we will
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reporter: republican senator rurnlging president trump to reopen the government while negotiating with democrats over funding for the u.s.-mexico border wall. senator lindsey graham echoing nancy pelosi to called for a halt to the shutdown. a winter storm that slammed the midwest over the weekend is moving east. it's blamed for the deaths of at least 9 people. it left hundreds of thousands of
10:28 pm
people without power. the wintry weather is expected to die down by tuesday but not before leaving snow in atlantic city. for those to reverse the dose for those may have had a critical reaction. now back to "life, liberty & levin". >> alger harris of the 20th century lived through the 20th century and was accused of whittaker chambers to, a former communist who was close to the soviets working for the gr you that is the one
10:29 pm
organization they had to change the acronym because the kgb went in and out. to be,, - - a columnist at columbia >> it was one of the leading party newspapers with the daily work. he eventually came to see the ron stench of exactly what stalinism was that the soviets were doing like a lot of americans place for a loyalty
10:30 pm
oath stalin soviet union. mark: chamber flips as a conservative and a libertarian. he starts writing later for national review and is taken under the wing of richard nixon and others trying to get to the bottom of this. >> you wanted to ensure soviet power in the united states the exact oath that cbs you members swore in the 1930s including almost every member of the hollywood ten.
10:31 pm
mark: let's stay focused. tell us more about this. >> chambers eventually left the party and told numbers of congress and the cliff notes version, by far, and summarizing. he said among the people who were the worst context in the united government was the guy who worked with the state department aimed alger. what he eventually accused him of doing and this appears what to be what he did. he would leave his state farm in office late in the evening and take the papers with him and these are classified documents that were not supposed to leave the office and he would take them home to his wife priscilla who at night on a typewriter would retype these documents verbatim. in the morning he would bring the papers back. chambers said that he was the career of those documents from alger hiss to a soviet agent by
10:32 pm
the name of -- and to give you an exact number and give you a sense of how egregious this was chambers estimated that 52 times he acted as a career of alger hiss documents to the soviets. mark: so he was a soviet spy but more than a state department -- he was an advisor to franklin roosevelt. >> he was and he was at yalta. mark: and he was inviting frank the roosevelt and had to negotiate with stalin and the soviets while he was a spy for the soviets. >> his role at delta which liberals have tried to downplay for decades was much more substantive than people realized. in fact, grade but by the late dan evans and herb called stalin's secret agent of a chapter called the ghost ship at yalta. his is in many ways the front man at yalta and it was at del delta, the very 19 -. mark: they do started dividing.
10:33 pm
>> if you want to tag a date and the cold war began to take that week february 4-11, 9045 really the cold where began at alta where stalin would lie and break all the promises and assurances he gave fdr. mark: fdr was told over and over again not to trust stalin. >> that's right. he generally trusted stalin but he did. mark: was franklin roosevelt ever held to account for what take place? rescue more about this when you return. don't forget, join us most week nights on live-in tv go to place tv .com -- mark to sign up. give us a call right now at 844 oh e vin we'll be right back. ♪ the unknown beyond the horizon. that was once our frontier.
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mark: will come back. this is an egregious violation
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of american national security. it leads right to the oval office. right into the president's confidence. president had confidence in alger h iss. when this came out wasn't sometime after the fdr and ministration, truman administration, when did this come out? >> the chamber trial was a 9048 so that point fdr had been dead for three years. thirty-six alger hiss was eventually convicted of perjury. mark: but the accusations was a vendor for the trial. >> absolutely. a lot of them have taken place behind closed doors as well. mark: when fdr was president were there any questions raised? >> fdr was getting rest about the 1930s and in fact martin who is the head of the committ committee, texas democrat, which eventually led into if not
10:39 pm
became the house committee and he talks in his memoirs about the 1940 meeting and if i get the dates wrong it's a shameless plug for my book but they're in my book. martin was it was in 1940 that he met with fdr and tried to warn him of the penetration of this administration. commerce department, agriculture department, throughout all levels of government to five and this is dismissed as the red scare? >> fdr said mr. congress, you see up bugaboo under every fed. mark: but there was a bugaboo. alger h iss. >> harry dexter white and locke and curry and lee pressman, victor pirlo, guys that worked in the wall of campaign in 1948. these guys it's an important point. if they weren't soviet agents a lot of them were agents of influence or duped which meant
10:40 pm
they were soft liberals who do not realize they were being -- which is probably the case of harry hopkins. probably fdr's vice president and a lot of times the worst damage is caused not by a guy who's directly working as an undercover agent feeding information to the other side but by guys who were clueless. mark: but where were the investigative journalist back then? >> they were worshiping fdr. if they could have if there was a progressive mount rushmore fdr would be the first had chiseled up there. every ranking by presidential historian said the greatest presidents. mark: he's always in the top. >> it's always lincoln and washington in the top two and fdr number three. on this yalta point fdr within the last few weeks of his life so yalta ended february 11, 9045 and died april of 45 and he to
10:41 pm
told, anna rosenberg and bill lakey the number of people he said you know, avril was right. we can't trust stalin. already breaking his promises. mark: and churchill also told them. >> , and the worst quote from fdr was where he said this, i believe that if i give stalin everything he asks for and asks nothing from him in return and he uses the word -, he will work with me to advance the world of democracy. stalin will not try to annex anything and will work with me through a world of democracy and peace with fdr is not a communist but he did not understand the communist threat. he thought the threat was from fascists and not enough these which is true but had a total blind eye to the communist. mark: because he was a leading progressive back that's right. mark: which is the progeny. that's the progeny of marxism
10:42 pm
and of the other -- >> and his wife as well. eleanor was very -. mark: so here we have kennedy undermining reagan because he's tougher on the soviets. fdr with alger hiss in others and really we can say he was naïve. that's the best spin you can put on it. when you are present being told all the time to check out this guy and this guy and you can't trust ellen. a little more than naïve, in my view. here is my point. today the democrat party claims to be the party that challenges russia. >> right, right. mark: is that the party that challenges russia or are they only getting into this russian thing because i think it's a way to get rid of trump? >> that's what it is. they are suddenly now russian hawks. they are suddenly look out for the new joe mccarthy's. they are now looking for a bugaboo. mark: any meeting, e-mail,
10:43 pm
text -- >> right, the slightest what ever they are all over it and they've got an entire investigation arm of every major newspaper looking into an arm under every rock. mark: we of a criminal investigation with a special counsel whether where there is no information or quote unquote collusion available to anybody on the russians and cnn does not have any, msnbc does not have any in the holocaust denying new york times does not have any, washington post does not have any in the communal investigation goes on and we look at this in context and what was done against the reagan administration by a democrat, when you look at what was done in the fdr and ministration by spies including democrats working for the soviets and i'm sorry but this is the history. then you look at what they're doing today turning the government upside down and turning the country of the down
10:44 pm
if there is a meeting or e-mail or a text and if there is something it's an impeachable offense and its absolute media insanity. >> i had a liberal friend e-mail me about six, seven months ago wanting my help on this and i said where have you been? now all of a sudden you hate the russians of all things? he wanted to know to he said isn't this the worst threat in the world right now and they have gone from being lambs to being walls on this. mark: but when they take
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mark: i have to ask you this, professor. the media in the group think the 1930s and 40s let us down as far as i am concerned -- and it's not only this will not get into this today but books have been written about how "the new york times" and other media, big media, basically downplayed the holocaust. because they had a progressive mindset and for a whole bunch of reasons but you look at that. and look at the reagan. he was taking on the soviet union and he really wanted to defeat them and they were pushing investigations and
10:49 pm
pushed iran-contra and wanted to take them out, too. media was part of that. media today which clearly have wanted to take out this president and on it every day. they give a pre- speech analysis and the other day he gave a speech about the border in the budget and they give a post speech analysis but now they fact check everything. in order to conceal their ideology. is that the problem? have the media become devoured by the progressive movement the way hollywood has the way academia has for the most part and the way the democrat have or are they just another appendage at this point? >> there driven by their prices. they deny that but look at cnn. it's 247 trump, trump, trump friend of mine in the media says cnn is treating the trump presidency like a natural disaster, like a hurricane. it's all negative news all the time and you can't go there for news.
10:50 pm
mark: it is the tone. you actually have people comparing him to adolf hitler, joseph stalin as a waste supremacist an anti-semite who has jewish children and granted in. they call him a liar and look at msnbc and its day in and day out, cnn does the same thing in a debate whether or not he should be able as president to give a speech to the nation on our networks because he can't be trusted and he is a liar. i'm afraid the media have turned the corner around which they will never return. that is there so ideologically driven and one direction that it's become basically a party mouthpiece for the democrat party. >> it has been for a long time and in fact, i can see a liberal watching the show saying no, no it's because trump is uniquely bad but no, you did this to bush
10:51 pm
but you did it to both bushes and maxine waters called george hw bush a racist. in 1992. and then double down and said no, i don't apologize and i think he's a racist is a horrible things about reagan. it was unbelievable set about reagan. reagan in the 1980s did not have box and did not have the internet and did not have conservative talk radio. basically it was they were completely controlled by the democrats. mark: in 1954, barry goldwater you have that publication called fact and 1100 and some odd psychiatrist who commented on him basically saying he was mentally unhinged, mentally ill and then you had the goldwater rule put in place by the association for whatever and they broke the role this time with trump and again they drag on psychiatrists and psychologists claim he's mentally unhinged and let's talk about the 20th amendment. you don't do this sort of thing with obama or hillary clinton and they don't this sort of thing with harry truman, john
10:52 pm
kennedy and so forth. that is why i think we talk about item of the press it is time we, the people, start talking about it. freedom of the press exists for us. it does not exist for time warner, it does not exist for comcast that owns -- the point of freedom of press freedom of speech, first amendment is for the people. do you think the people are being served by the media today? >> no, i don't. it's what you need to push freedom with different types of media and why people need to go to sources like this like your show. it's why conservatives need to use media platforms and social media. again, with reagan in the 80s what did he have? get national review, american spectator and commitments. that was it. washington time started up nearly -. mark: as you well no, to massive electoral insights the second time around even though kennedy
10:53 pm
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i learned that my ten times great grandmother is george washington's aunt. within a few days i went from knowing almost nothing to holy crow, i'm related to george washington. this is my cousin george. discover your story. start searching for free now at mark: today the modern democrat party is supposed to be upset about russia. they are electing so well called democratic socialist with so much in common with that regime. let's look at this quickly. new york times strongly supporting the castro revolution and you have jim wright, former speaker of the house, democrat, meeting with ortega, communist in nicaragua and he's back and a thug. you have john kerry in 1971 and it is in your book whose meeting with the north vietnam communist
10:58 pm
delegation before the peace negotiations, official peace negotiations and maybe there's a reason why the media in this country never provide context for their reports. you millennial's out there who don't know anything you're talking about and are not taught about it in college and so forth so they want you to believe this is a collusion thing and so forth and so on is a one off and it exists in the e-mail means everything in this text means everything in this meeting means everything, am i wrong? >> no, the fact that your time supporting matthews to the infamous reporting in 1957 and i think it was -- who said when the world gave us up for dead it was the matthews article in the near times that resurrected us. it is very true. john kerry after that meeting would also go and testify before the senate foreign relations committee about our troops committing war crimes in vietnam reminiscent in a fashion of genghis khan, as he put it.
10:59 pm
mark: genghis khan was the greatest genocidal eniac the earth has ever known. killed 11% of the world publishing. >> awful that he would say that and that came to bite him in to the four with the swift. mark: yet he was still nominated. >> executive democratic nominee in 2004. at only did they not complain about it that much but allowed to go through to the point where he became the junior senator from massachusetts under senator ted kennedy and the senior senator got the democratic emanation into the report. the media, liberal media, has an incredible ability to ignore the glacier, right? and focus on something else or look under every rock or a bugaboo under every fed when it comes to someone like donald trump. it all depends on whether it affects their guy. if it's their guy in the office for their guy not in the office.
11:00 pm
mark: great pleasure you thank you. mark: we appreciate it. don't forget to join us next time on the life liberty and the bin. ♪ chris: i'm chris wallace. shutdown, day 23. the longest hall -- halt in american history as each side digs in over the border wall. ♪ ♪ >> what the president is proposing is not the best way to protect our borders. >> the democrats don't care about the border, and they don't care about crime. chris: now, the president weighs declaring a national emergency and funding the wall. >> congress should do this. if they can't do it, i will declare a national emergency. finish. chris: we'll get the latest on where negotiations stand. >> i have never been more depressed about moving forward than right now. i just don't see a pathway


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