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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  January 14, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PST

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it's kind of cute though. finally the ugly. i don't get. this a picture of an egg. beats out kylie jenner for the most liked stain gram photo. jennifer's photo showing her daughter's hand rapid around her thumb adorable. jennifer poking fun at the egg's victory where she cracks an egg and writes take that little egg. am i missing something or is it just a little egg. todd: we are boring, people. >> president trump says it's time for democrats to get off the beach and come back to work while the shutdown enters a day 24. >> they were brought down on a private child supporter jet. >> and they are returning to a major wake-up calls as reports a new caravan is on its way. >> it is a crisis. what is he supposed to do just give in? he is not going to give in. >> 11 deaths across the midwest and virginia. the massive winter storm continuing to push east. >> the storm forcing hundreds of flight cancellations. >> president trump pushes back against a pair of
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reports on his possible ties to russia. >> if i were the president, i would embrace the story. it backs up his narrative. >> they have investigated this over a year. they have found no collusion it looks like a witch-hunt. >> we have got to hit the ground not running but flying. we can look at anything. anything. >> intercepted and right right through jeffrey's hands it's latimore. >> saints marching on after ending the dream of a super bowl repeat. ♪ ♪ ♪ steve live from new york city it's "fox & friends" for this monday after a very cold weekend. by the way. brian: not if you were in florida. steve: exactly. big news out of washington the office of personnel management federal offices in d.c. are closed. there is a government shutdown because of snow. brian: right. they are not great at snow.
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they should be greater at snow because they are closer north. steve: they're not good at drizzle. ainsley: cold in washington but not puerto rico where a lot of democrats were partying and having a good time going to see hamilton and that takes us to our top story. brian: right it was senator menendez doesn't have a shirt on there. there is a reason why he wasn't. day 24 of the shutdown while the president sits at the white house. ainsley: dozens of democrats in san juan with their families and meetings down there are lobbyists and even enjoyed a broadway show hamilton. steve: rob schmitt wee have dispatched him to puerto rico where there was a winter retreat. rob, when the lawmakers flew down to puerto rico, did they pass any of the tsa agents who were getting no pay but still having to work? rob: i doubt it because they had a private charter, steve. but that's a good point. you know, that's the optics of this. and that's why it doesn't
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look that good. i think pelosi was invited, said she was coming. the shutdown happened. she cancelled. there is 30 plus democrats more than 30 down here with their entire families. it's more than 100 people. they are put up in this fancy hotel behind me. the buss are lined up right now. take them to breakfast and out for the day. in this is a winter retreat by a democratic political action committee. they are lobbying for more money and more attention for this island territory, the united states that has been through the ringer the last couple of years. puerto rico is debt-ridden and has been for a lot of years. and then they had that hurricane in 2017, september. maria. which just disseminated this island and caused tens of billions of dollars in damage. and that just made everything so much worse. today, this group of democrats will be lobbied some more by a latino political action committee. and then they are going it meet with local leaders there is a lot of anger here over this federal oversight program that was implemented to help this island live within its means and slash a lot of the welfare programs.
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they have been spending way more than they bring in here on this island. and the local politicians also are trying to get more money from the federal government for disaster relief and they want more control of that money after the hurricane they want to be able to decide how it gets spent and not have that oversight. but, of course, there is plenty of leisure time. favorite photo of the day bob menendez nice golden tan in january on the beach here in san juan, very much enjoying himself. as i said, they got to bring the families down. it's a work/play trip. the optics of it aren't that good. the show hamilton very popular. they have a -- they brought a show down here, a special performance that they did on sunday. all of the democrats went to see that. and then they got to party with the cast afterwards and they paid for their own tickets, we understand. here is a couple of tweets. sarah sanders, democrats in congress are so alarmed about federal workers not getting paid they're partying on the beach instead of negotiating a compromise to reopen the
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government and secure the border. ronna mcdaniel chair it should be stated schumer and pelosi we don't believe are here and also according to democrats, they are here to see what needs to be done in this territory that has really had a rough bout, especially since 2017 in that terrible hurricane. there is two sides to this story, of course. we'll send it back to you. brian: rob, i want you to stay there as long as it takes to get to the bottom of it. find out exactly what is going on there. don't want you back in rough weather. rob: we cropped it i have got my bikini on here. [laughter] steve: rob schmitt reporting live from puerto rico. so he mentioned that there were lobbyists. there are 109 lobbyists. there are 30 members of congress, which makes almost four lobbyists for almost every member of congress.
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some of the corporations represented r.j. rendell, facebook, comcast, amazon, intel and verizon. ainsley: to rob's point the optics aren't good. you know there are 800,000 workers not getting paid see pictures of them going to work and congressman supposed to be doing something in washington and see them on the beaches with their families and know they are down there having a good time it doesn't look good. brian: abc, cbs, and nbc did not cover it the president did tweet about it. it was smart. the fact that he stayed through christmas, stayed through new year's, stayed through the shutdown, can he possibly get a partner to negotiate. and what is that negotiating about? well, let's talk about what's happening. we are in day 24, the longest shutdown in american history. american governmental history. it's over basically $5.8 billion, which is a joke considering the size of our budget. but so far if you look at the polling it looks as though the democrats have public sentiment on their
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side. abc says 53% blame the president and republicans. 29% blame the democrats. however, as time particulars byparticular-ticks by i look for that gap to close. clearlily as of now the president does not have a partner to negotiate with. steve: in fact nks that's what the president has said. the president has said the democrats need to come to the table and let's just talk about this. lindsey graham one of the more moderate republican notice u.s. astronau senate wasy clear open he reopen the government for three weeks. and get something. this president is not going to cave, lindsey says. >> every democrat that i have worked with for about 10 years now has agreed to funding for barrier slash walls on obama's watch, on bush's watch and all of the sudden it's a bad thing on trump's watch. it does per plexer me how you expect this to end when you tell the president of the united states you can't get it you get one dollar
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for a wall when in the past the democrats have appropriated billions for the wall. what is he supposed to do? just give in? he is not going to give in. steve: meanwhile senator joe manchin said let's bring the bill up in the senate and see if we could actually get enough republicans and democrats to override the president's veto threat. so that's extraordinary. brian: not a chance. ainsley: lindsey graham says i don't want to speak for the president. i think if democrats gave him something or said, listen, you have got to work with daca recipients, we will give you money for the wall, he thinks the president will go for that. brian: it's an opportunity. other big story over the weekend. really two of them. the "new york times," followed by "the washington post." has two stories related to the russia. well, it's worth going over. essentially they say if -- they were alarmed about a series of things with the fbi. number one, when the president made his statement, hey, russia, if you have any more of hillary clinton's emails let us know. they also noticed he was not making enough negative comments about vladimir putin. and they also said that some
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of his policies he was kind of nice about it. having said all of that, they were concerned, too, about the change in the platform of the rnc, of the republican national convention and that it seemed to soften the language on russia. you take all these things together and that led them to believe that the president was actually being investigated as being an asset to vladimir putin. ainsley: that he was working for russia. that's what they were investigating right after he fired james comey. steve: let's look at the headlines. the "new york times" had this one fbi opened inquiry on whether trump was secretly working on behalf of russia. the "new york times" admits there was no evidence that trump ever had any contact with any government officials from russia. and then "the washington post" had the headline trump has cancelled details of his face-to-face encounters with the -- concealed that is to say with putin from senior officials in the administration. as it turns out, the president simply didn't like leaks. remember, the president had only been in office a couple of weeks when the "the
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washington post" had on heir front pages all the details of his private conversation with the australian prime minister where he hung up 35 minutes later. -- 35 minutes early. clearly the president didn't like leaks and to reiterate what a lot of people have said about this story since then. this is not a conventional president. ainsley: "the washington post" said he concealed all of his notes. he took his notes that he had with vladimir putin, their one-on-one, that he wanted to take those notes back and he told the interpreter don't talk to anyone in the administration about what we discussed. and the president's team was asked about this, sarah huckabee sanders said that was absurd. brian: it is. it also has a pattern. the president met with president xi in private in mar-a-lago. the in the pet with kim jong un in private in singapore. that's the way he does things. chris christie read the "new york times" story and said wait a second, the president should not tweet in anger and not be angry at all about the "new york times" story. he should embrace it. listen. >> it backs up his narrative. his narrative is that fbi agents were acting in a
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rogue manner overstepping the normal course of business because they had something against him. and that story is an extraordinary story that they would open a counter intelligence investigation against a president of the united states. and i think it backs up some of the narrative the president has talked about. brian: all those guys have been exposed -- guys, people. lisa page, peter strzok, mccabe, baker, out, out, out, out. they had a private agenda. this is what the president was saying. then they bring up the fact the steele dossier they claim underlines a lot of their concerns. ainsley: he says when they to people they don't care about this. middle merge there is a disconnect between washington, d.c. and middle america when it comes to the russia probe. let us know what you think about this. steve: 6:11 in new york city and jillian joins us on monday with news of kidnapping so many details we don't know about. ainsley: so glad thee was found. jillian: yes and still so many details. the man accused of kidnapping jayme closs and
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murder derlg her parents is prepared to face a judge for the first time today. jake patterson is facing thirfirst degree intentional homicide. jayme's aunt said he had absolutely no contact with the family before the killings in wisconsin. the 13-year-old escaped last week. she is now staying with family. an alabama police sergeant and air force veteran remembered as a hero after he was killed in a shootout. >> he is out here just doing what he loves trying to make a difference. when most of us put on this uniform, that's what it is for. it's not a claim to fame. jillian: sergeant carter leaves behind a wife and kids. he and a fellow officer were hit when they approached suspects trying to break into cars. the other officer was critically injured. two people are in custody. teachers in the nation's second largest school district are set to go on strike today. a los angeles' teacher's union insisting their protest is a last resort after a nearly two year battle for higher pay and
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smaller class sizes. the district is scrambling to bring in hundreds of substitutes to keep schools running. the school district serves more than 640,000 students. talk about the playoff the saints marching on after ending the eagles' dreams of a super bowl repeat. >> throws, intercepted went right through jeffrey's hands. it's latimore. jillian: new orleans winning 20-14. they will play the l.a. rams in the championship next sunday. the patriots score 35 first-half point as they pound the l.a. chargers 41-28. they are now taking their eighth straight trip to the afc championship taking on the chiefs next sunday. brian: patriots do it again. they would so overwhelm me. sorry about your eagles. ainsley: i thought about you. jillian: they came out really pounding it hard. you can't score 14 in the first and nothing the rest of the game. brian: i think that's right.
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jillian: that's kind of a problem. ainsley: thanks, jillian. steve: meanwhile on this monday there is real beef growing this morning over meat and those who try to pass a veggie burger off. onstate could make that as it a crime. brian: another caravan is gearing up to leave honduras tomorrow. after the u.s. government pledged nearly $6 billion to help that country. should president trump pull that funding? morgan ortegas promises to talk about it. >> good morning. smarter. because to be the best, is to never ever stop making it better. the new 2019 c-class family. lease the c 300 sport sedan for $429 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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♪ >> there is another major caravan forming right now in honduras and so far we're trying to break it up. so far it's bigger than anything we've seen. brian: all right. with another migrant caravan forming in honduras you just heard the president what will happen to the 5.8 or the billions of dollars plejted to the development of central america? should the president pull the fund organize threaten. to say joining us now to discuss it for the first time is a fox news contributor. his former naval reserve officer and intel analyst for the treasury department. morgan ortegas. >> thank you. brian: i know you will be on outnumbered a little bit later morgue. >> yes, with you. brian: i will be playing the man. we know the caravan is forming and we don't want them and that's not the way to come here. how do we stop this pattern. >> there is a number of
3:19 am
short-term and long-term things the president can do. first off are, what's something they could immediately work in congress with we need to change asylum laws. because the president put pressure on mexico. we did see that asylum seekers have to apply for asylum in mexico. you can take that a step further and require for people in these northern triangle countries guatemala, honduras, el salvador to apply in asylum in the nearest u.s. embassy or consulate that would actually have them stay in the country instead of embarking on very dangerous caravan. we have a public perception issue. the problem is with little information in these countries there is this perception when you go on the caravan you get into the united states. and it seems like you are with a bunch of people. there is a public perception that this is successful. that's why people keep doing it. brian: so you have a choice, this family, x family, y family wants to come to america. pay somebody to bring you there. they believe there is safety in numbers. aren't they getting the message that they are being stopped in tijuana that
3:20 am
america is reinforcing its border. >> that's the key. as we continue to secure the border and continue this fight, then that message will percolate. that's part of the challenge and why not just the wall but the dwyer border security package that the president and his team are proposing is so important in this fight. because you are never going to deal with the root cause of these issues which will take a much longer term solution without having a secure border and working on asylum laws. brian: you are calling on a regional conference, why not do it in mexico. >> look at two partners who have been very valuable to us in the region. mexico and colombia. venezuela on the border. it's an absolute rest. we started 1990. it took 15 years to get results. we did invest a lot of money. colombia invested four times more money than the u.s. put. in we could have a plan like, this a regional plan that focuses that has people in the region leading instead of the u.s. always leading. brian: i'm fully in support of your employment here. i will see you on outnumbered a little bit later. >> i can't wait.
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brian: coming up straight ahead, let's talk about 2020 it's been four minutes. joe biden could enter the race any day now. where does he stand on the top issues. what about julian castro, elizabeth warren. and also who is president obama supporting? maybe not his former vp ♪ ♪ jardiance asked- and now you know. jardiance is the first type 2 diabetes pill proven to both reduce the risk of cardiovascular death for adults who have type 2 diabetes and heart disease...
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i am a techie dad.n. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. ainsley: secretary of state mike pompeo is set to arrive in oman any moment now. his latest stop comes hours after meeting with crown prince in saudi arabia. the two did discuss the killing of saudi journalist jamal coosh but unclear what they discussed. secretary pompeo is on a tour through the middle east. theresa may calling out
3:25 am
parliament a day before a major vote on brexit deal. here is a live look in the u.k. where she is giving a speech advocating for her deal. she claims mps are more likely to block brexit than let the u.k. leave without a deal. steve? >> steve: thank you, ainsley. newly declared 2020 candidate julian castro for the wealthy and corporations to, hey, pay your fair share. >> asking wealthier individuals to pay their fair share. the same thing goes for corporations. you know, we have corporations, multinational corporations that are hardly paying anything in federal taxes. >> you want to increase the corporate tax rate? steve: doesn't say how high taxes should be. where do castro and others ounce list of 2020 democratic contenders stand on the issue? here to break it down next to the touch screen jim mcglock colin president and partner at mcglockin and
3:26 am
associates. so far, jim it, looks like there could be three dozen democrats before it's all done. >> maybe more. the question seems to be a lot who is not running as opposed to who is running? steve: no brainer last time was it would be joe biden. but his son had just died and he said you know what? i'm not into this it this time. now sounds like it is. >> the interesting thing he would be 77 years old when he took office. but then you compare that to president trump who is actually be 76 years old. he is the energizer bunny. it's real interesting. is he a frontrunner but i think it's more on paper than it is in reality. steve: on paper what he is talking about is changing the education system infrastructure and middle class tax reform. but, you know, we have heard joe talk about tax reform for a long time. the president over the weekend tweeted out he is a 1 percenter, run for president a couple times. never gets more than 1% which i do not believe is accurate. >> interesting thing now he gets about 30% of the drank vote. but he is almost like the
3:27 am
pseudo frontrunner here. hillary was getting way over 50% of the vote. the other thing thing is one poll showed about six out of 10 primary voters want somebody new. they want an outsider. steve: all right. then how about elizabeth warren a senator from the great state of massachusetts? >> very, very, very liberal and very, very anti-trump as she has been over the years. some people think she missed her window. they think she would have been the better candidate four years ago. she is already out there and done a couple youtube videos and whatnot. steve: which were catastrophes. >> and she stepped on herself when she did the new d.n.a. test and then when she did having the beer. steve: maybe this is the new guy, somebody nobody has really heard of a former congressman from maryland john delaney declared back in 2017 is he running for president. >> yeah. he declared in july of 2017. a lot of folks say john who? but he has got he could be the outsider. is he trying to run as a centrist, a businessman and it's tough with the left of center and almost the
3:28 am
socialist nature of the democratic primary. that's going to be tough for him to win running an a centrist candidate. steve: especially when we heard from julian castro how corporations and wealthy people need to pay their fair share. then have you tulsi gabbard ohio believe was considered in the trump administration a democrat from the great state of hawaii. >> that's exactly right. she fits the bill for new and a fresh face and in a lot of ways she is getting attacked more not from republicans but from the left. first of all on gay marriage only a few years ago she was against gay marriage. and also they are attacking her because of the fact that she was rumored to be considered in the trump administration. steve: final person we are talking about and some of the things on her resume. julian castro former hud secretary under president obama and of course famously the mayor of san antonio, texas. >> he is only about 43 years old. former mayor. former hud secretary.
3:29 am
the other thing is to look at him. is he getting attacked more -- he is another one getting attacked from liberals calling him a light weight and somebody who is not up on policy issues. steve: all right. what is he interested in universal healthcare raise taxes on the rich which we heard the sound bite for and pathway to citizenship for people in the country illegally. >> higher taxes and amnesty for illegal aliens. again, one of the things you will see in the democratic primary. you worry if you are a democrat that they pick somebody who is too liberal and out of touch with the electorate. steve: that's what happens in primaries and then in the general they have to move to the middle. >> it is going to be a brutal primary for the democrats. steve: well, it's early. jim, thank you very much. >> always a pleasure, steve. steve: meanwhile, many in the media are going in a crazy frenzy mode over those reports that the fbi investigated president trump as perhaps a russian agent. >> deep damage control mode. >> like out of a movie.
3:30 am
the president been turned basically. >> the tentacles are now leading to the top. steve: well, dan bongino is fired up about that and he is going to join us live next. plus a veteran's home burns to the ground. a firefighter spotted his american flag and saved it. that heroic firefighter joins us live come up. you are watching "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ never compromise what's right ♪ and uphold your family name ♪ you've got to stand for something ♪ or y'all fall for anything ♪ always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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this round's on me. hey, can you spot me? come on in! find your place, today, with silver sneakers... included with many medicare plans. call the number on the screen now or visit ♪ >> and there was another guy singing out on a prayer >> i think he knows the words. >> yeah, he might. brian: how great is that. brian: is he a huge patriots fan and he thinks is he going to the super bowl again. who could doubt them after the way they played. ainsley: new england
3:34 am
patriots living on a prayer, that's your shout of the morning. steve: guy in the necktie with the lighter shirt and pink tie is bob kraft, the owner of the patriots singing along with jon bon jovi of the great state of new jersey. and the crowd in gillette stadium in foxborough, yesterday. brian: the patriots had their prayers answered earlier in the game. los angeles chargers supposed to be too good to stop they got stopped right away. went down 14-0. never looked back. went up 14-0. never looked back. they are now one step away from going to the super bowl again. ainsley: nothing better than football, your team winning and having a celebrity that sings that song sitting in the stands supporting your team. they all sang it to him. what a life. steve: that's great. it's about 26 minutes before the top of the hour on monday. let's bring in dan bongino former secret service agent, former new york city cop. hosted dan bongino podcast and author of "spy gate" he has a business card about a foot and a half eye long.
3:35 am
dan you, good morning to you. >> good to see you all. i'm frequently mistaken for bon joe not because of my looks but because of my last name. steve: "new york times" had that wig story over the weekend. whether pump was the man temperature ran candidate. he was working for russia. president trump would not release the notes from his meetings with vladimir putin because there weren't any. this guy is just doing something behind the scenes that nobody can put their finger on. dap, what is he doing behind the scenes that nobody can put their finger? >address the "new york times" first. it's absolutely devastating but not to donald trump. if you read the story with clear eyes the story is devastating to the fbi and the department of justice, steve. read through the story and it's clear as day now that this investigation
3:36 am
counterintelligence investigation into donald trump appears to be motivated by political animus and just a general dislike of trump. that's the bombshell here. and now they are on the record admitting it one more thing about this "times" story too. this is important as well. remember, it's rod rosenstein's memo that's used to fire comey. the "times" report alleges that the firing of comey somehow initiated the ci investigation into trump. why didn't they look into rod rosenstein as well? i think the answer is obvious. this is nothing to do with russia. this was a personal hatred of donald trump and now they are on the record having admitted it. ainsley: the media and democrats were reacting to the story. watch this and we will get your reaction? >> this bombshell "new york times" report. >> bombshell breaking news. >> it is indied a bombshell. >> this is very explosive. >> they were in deep damage control mode. >> like out of a movie. >> the president been turned, basically. >> the tentacles are now leading to the top. now it's the president of the united states of
3:37 am
america. steve: okay. so it's a bombshell. what do you make of the fact that the president didn't have any note takers when it came time to sit down with vladimir putin? >> >> i don't know why anyone is surprised by this either. the president's administration has been victimized by series of per neighbors leaks and some cases mike flynn criminal leaks and investigation into all of his dealings with russia. steve, if that was accompanied by a story about the president's, you know, passive behavior towards russia, basically accommodating russia, i would say all right, maybe there is something there. remember it's the president whether you agreed with the policy or not who sold lethal arms to ukraine defense against russia, expanded the imagin magnitsky a. the president's actions against russia do not meet any of the criteria for someone accommodating russia at all. the fact that there was no note taker to avoid leaks, why is this a story only
3:38 am
with president trump. where was the story about president obama and all of his illicit dealings with iran? note taker? they didn't even acknowledge the meetings existed. forget about a note taker. again, it's just this -- brian: we never would have found out about the money if it wasn't for iranian television. the piles of cash. the president, you know, has not been critical of vladimir putin. almost said nothing. his actions, for example, he came down on western europe for being attached to his natural gas pipeline and called tha out angela merkel for doing it he took some of his langage and a way he has talked positively about vladimir putin and they said well, if we are curious about -- if he, indeed, an asset. they are letting that play into that narrative. if you look at all the people involved, they have been exposed. peter strzok has been exposed. lisa page has been exposed. andy mccabe fired. fired by his own fbi. all those people were basically had a political agenda it doesn't put down the rest of the fbi.
3:39 am
but, let me ask you. this in the big picture, there was talk over the weekend from chris christie and even jonathan karl of abc that the word is this mueller probe is not going to be explosive. underperform in terms of taking down the president. is that a sense of what you hear that's happening and could that be the reason why some of these explosive stories are being written to get people alarmed? >> this has been the line of attack i have been taking on this from the start. having studied this case from the beginning, it's pretty clear to me somebody is trying to get ahead of a piece of information here. whether as it's you just mentioned, brian, a lackluster mueller report or ig report that points to serious fbi malfeasance in this case, it's clear to me somebody is trying to get ahead of the narrative. this worries me, guys. having been a former federal agent, when you put the handcuffs on someone, it's tough. it really is you are taking
3:40 am
away their freedom. watch their kids cry at 5:00 in the morning raid as you pull somebody out of bed and put handcuffs on them. if you have an ounce of empathy, that's a tough thing to do even with the bad guys. now imagine if you weren't a bad guy, like donald trump, and did you nothing wrong, and the full weaponized power of the fbi was unleashed upon you and now they are admitting it. how would you feel? now you understand why the president's mighty pissed off right now pardon my language. brian: when he used that language with pirro saturday night i'm insulted by the question. i have never heard that tact before. >> i was on that show and i heard the interview as it was going on. of course he is insulted. brian, think about it. what's the worst thing someone could accuse you as the united states citizen of being? a traitor, guilty of treason. this is what they have done to this man with no evidence and now it's in the newspaper and the "new york times" that it was built off a fake political document and the media is celebrating like they got donald trump.
3:41 am
no, they got someone. they got the fbi is what they got. steve: dan, bon jovi thank you very much for joining us live. [laughter] brian: bragging on being on that show we will brag that we have jillian on that show. all right? jillian: good monday morning. hope you had a good weekend. we are following a number of stories starting with this. manhunt intensifies for three suspects wanted at a shooting in utah mall. three people injured one of them critically. chilling moments when gunfire erupts. [gunfire] jillian: as you can see terrified shoppers running froon particularly. police believe the shooting may be gang-related. a federal judge blocking the move to let moyer employers
3:42 am
opt out of providing access to free contraceptive. expanded the employer's exemption list to include schools, yfortsd and nonprofits. new legislation on the table to prohibit companie companies m labeling meat substitutes meat. >> there is no meat in any of this, not even the meatballs? >> no. there is not. jillian: vegetarian state lawmaker in nebraska says the idea came to her after seeing two women in the grocery store struggling to tell the difference between real meat and the substitute. usually marked. it would apply to items like veggie burgers and tofu dogs. it's usually marked. ainsley: i would love a veggie burger. i don't know how healthy they are. it tastes like a fried food. jillian: there are many of them. some are good and not. steve: some of them really taste like beef. ainsley: so good. delicious. brian: good veggie talk. ainsley: we have a big show this morning. we have dr. oz, mike
3:43 am
huckabee and kellyanne conway as well as michelle malkin all here live. brian: what about this topic, ainsley, gas prices dropping across the country. what does it mean for you in the trump economy? stuart varney is here and why he wasn't mentioned in ainsley. ainsley: stuart is here. ♪ let's get it started ♪ let's get it started? in here ♪ with uncontrolled moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis, you never know how your skin will look. and it can feel like no matter what you do, you're always itching. but even though you see and feel eczema on your skin, an overly sensitive immune system deep within your skin could be the cause. so help heal your skin from within. with dupixent. dupixent is not a steroid, and it continuously treats your eczema even when you can't see it. at 16 weeks,
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to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best to make you everybody else... ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop. does this sound dismal? it isn't. ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful life on earth. ♪ ♪ brian: all right. if you have noticed, it's costing you less and less to fill up your gas tank and you're not alone. steve: the average price of gasoline per gallon in the united states is down to $2.31. that's a 12-cent drop in just three weeks. ainsley: what does this mean for the booming trump economy let's ask stuart varney on the varney and company on the fox business network. it's wonderful for all of
3:47 am
us, doesn't cost as much to fill up the car. >> a boost. a shot in the arm for the economy. everybody can see it on a daily basis. you drive past the gas station and there's the sign and it's dropped another couple of cents. in fact the price of gas has fallen almost every single day for the last three months. steve: what's going on? >> we're down 60 cents per gallon in three months. what's going on, this is very simple. president trump has deregulated energy in the united states and american technology has allowed to us dominate the energy market and produce a great deal more oil. america is now producing over 11 million barrels of oil a day, massive supply. therefore, when it's refined gasoline the price of gasoline comes down. steve: supply and demand. >> really that simple no. question about it it's the result of american technology called fracking. you've heard that expression. that's allowed to us produce a whole lot more oil than we did in the past and that is driving the price down and
3:48 am
that is clearly helping the trump growth economy. brian: let's just expand that guess who benefits when the price of gas and oil go up. russia and iran and a lot of those enemy nations in that region. so that is their economy. and when that goes down, they suffer. >> iranians by the way just recently removed the last four zeros of the value of their currency against the dollar. that's because they have rampant run away inflation. 110,000 reals to $1. last three digits to make it more manageable. that's a sign of gross inflation that's because of their economy is in terrible shape because of the drop in the price of oil. ainsley: there were regulations against fracking. the president removed those regulations and more people are allowed to frac here we have more oil and prices go down? >> that's pretty much it. yes. the president has made it easier to go after the oil that we have got in our territory. and made us energy
3:49 am
independent. ainsley: better than getting it from another country. >> it's a wholly good thing there are 10 states in america now where the average price of gas is below $2 a gallon. steve: right. >> in missouri looking at 1.85. brian: stuart refresh your recollection going to talk about any of that on your show 9 to noon on fbn. >> we have goolte good news like that. we put it out there. ainsley: thank you, stuart. steve: meanwhile, democrats are doubling down on new strategy to stop the border wall by calling it things like. this a vanity project. >> this is a vanity wall. >> the president's vanity project. steve: so will calling it a vanity project strategy work? a decisio discussion is upcomin. brian: such a coincidence. ainsley: a veteran's house burns down but a firefighter spotted his flag and saved it. they will join us next.
3:50 am
♪ ♪
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
♪ ♪ ainsley: early friday morning in toledo, ohio, a vietnam veteran's house burned down and one of the firefighters who happens to be a veteran himself spotted an american flag and says he had to save the flag from those flames. that firefighter was allen, a veteran of the united states navy and he joins us now. alan, thank you for being with us. >> thank you, ainsley, it's good to be here. ainsley: you are welcome. good to see you. tell us what happened on friday morning in toledo. >> there was a -- i hate to say a bread and butter fire.
3:54 am
one of our normal calls we get. we do go to a lot of house fires, structure fires in toledo unfortunately. before we arrived on scene, our incident commander deemed the structure unsafe for firefighter operations. so, at that point it became a defensive fire. so, breathed a little bit of sigh of relief with that knowing that there weren't going to be any firefighters inside in danger. at that point we just throw water on the structure from the outside and try to keep surrounding structures from catching fire. and that's what we were in the process of doing when i had looked up and i was helping a rookie showing him how to properly throw a stream, a fire stream and just spray water. and looked up and i saw the flag waving with the flames burning behind it. and that kind of set off a little bell in the back of my head, hey, that's not right. so, i just -- i walked up to
3:55 am
the porch and i took the flag down and set it on the bumper of our ladder truck to keep it from burning up. because i knew we were going to do a controlled burn and let the structure burn down safely. so i didn't want the flag to go up with it. ainsley: the video is very touching because you couldn't save his house. i'm sure the people who lived there worked their whole lives to put that together and, you know, provide a roof for their family. that's so sad to see. so touching to see you as a veteran walking away from the home and saving the flag. what did the people who live there have to say about it? >> i don't usually get a lot of feedback from people we deal with. it's just the way the cards fall. i did not get a chance to speak with the homeowner, unfortunately. but it's kind of been a whirlwind here the past few days. i'm sure i will be speaking with him some time in the future. ainsley: i'm sure he would want to meet you, i understand is he a veteran as well. what does the flag mean to
3:56 am
you? why did you do that? >> it does mean a lot to me. ever since i was a kid. it's always-i think it starts with the the memories of my father and grandfather and uncles seeing pictures of them in their dress uniforms. i have always been inspired to serve and join the military and give something back to the country for the freedoms that we have. and to me the flag is a symbol of a lot of the freedoms we enjoy. and sometimes take for granted. and deep down inside it means something to me. and like i said, that flag is a representation of that feeling i have. so, i wouldn't want to just let it go to waste. ainsley: alan, thank you so much for your service and for saving that flag. you are a good man. we appreciate you being here. >> thank you very much. it's good to be here. ainsley: great. well, she lost the race for governor in the state of georgia and now democrat stacey abrams has a radical
3:57 am
new plan. >> some cases you would be supportive of non-citizens voting? >> i wouldn't oppose it. ainsley: letting non-citizens vote. is that really a good idea? plus, dr. oz, mike huckabee, kellyanne conway and michelle malkin are all here live. ♪ don't stop me now ♪ a good time ♪ having a ball ♪ don't stop me now california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at when did you see the sign? when i needed to create a better visitor experience. improve our workflow. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics. yeah! now business is rolling in. get started at
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[indistinct conversation] [friend] i've never seen that before. ♪ ♪ i have... ♪
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♪ brian: they were partying in puerto rico as a partial government shut down hits day 24 as the president sits at the white house. >> this is a winter retreat by a democratic political action committee 30 plus democrats with their entire families. >> yet another migrant caravan is expected to head to the u.s. starting tomorrow. >> you're never going to deal with the root cause of these issues which will take a much longer term solution without having a secure border. >> president trump firing back at the "new york times" report claiming he was investigated for being a russian agent. >> clear as day now that this investigation appears to be motivated by political
4:01 am
animus and just a general dislike to trump. that's the bombshell here. >> drives, falls back, throws, intercepted went right through jeffrey's hands, it's latimore. they champs out and show you why they are the number one team. ♪ give it to you ♪ even if i could, i wouldn't on you ♪ i would stop the world for you. brian: get pumped up. it's 2019 and nothing has gone wrong yet, right? ainsley: electricity, that's a good one to download, brian. i like that song. steve: it is "fox & friends" for a very busy monday from a very chilly new york city. today's daytime high 18 degrees. puerto rico or down one of those islands actually we know people who were, 30 members of congress all democrats on the weekend
4:02 am
retreat. brian: steve, i know you got that wrong. there is a government shutdown time to rally together and solve this problem. it's the longest shutdown in u.s. history. ainsley: you sound like sarah huckabee sanders. that's what she tweeted out how all these federal workers aren't getting paid yet the democrats are down there partying on the beach. steve: that's right. 30 democratic lawmakers are part of a congressional hispanic caucus having their winter retreat over the weekend. 30 lawmakers flew down on a chattered 737 with their families and chief of staffs. a retreat with 109 lobbyists, and corporate executiveexfour lobbyists for ey member of congress including people from r.j. reynolds, facebook, comcast, amazon, microsoft, intel and verizon. brian: is that a coincidence? steve: there are a lot of things going on in that world of retreats but just the fact that it's going on when there is a government shutdown, that is what we would refer to in politics as very bad optics.
4:03 am
ainsley: the timing of that is bad. they probably should have cancelled it. 30 congress men and women down there. we hear that nancy pelosi and chuck schumer are not down there but bob menendez caught on the beach picture of him going viral. brian: doing his showing of hamilton. he wrote all the songs. he created it and produced it and he wants to raise money for -- that's where his dad was born. he wanted to raise money there. so they had something to watch. they didn't just have to stay on the beach all day. the president did notice this and tweeted this out. i'm at the white house waiting for the democrats are everywhere but washington as people await their pay. they are having fun and not even talking. the damage done to our country from a badly broken drugs, crime border, drugs crime so much and so much that it is bad is far greater than a shutdown which the dems can easily fix as soon as they come back to washington. now, keep in mind, the polls show the people are on the democrat side. they are blaming the
4:04 am
president republican 53% blame republicans. the president has nobody to negotiate with and this drags on. that number is going to close. until that number closes, i don't see the democrats changing their behavior. al al calling a crisis. he wants funding for that wall democrats and republicans can come to the table and figure something out there. is another migrant caravan apparently growing and building and set to leave central america. brian: honduras. ainsley: griff jenkins is going to be live for us. steve: tomorrow that's when it is supposed to set off. regarding the government shut down, today is day 24. the president has made it very clear the democrats have got to come back to the table. just negotiate. nancy pelosi last week was very clear. not actually 10 days ago. not a dollar for that wall. and here you can see some of the things going on in mexico. there is no end in sight. and so, what you see on
4:05 am
television are a number of democrats trying to demonize the president's wall project by calling it this. >> what we don't want to do is waste taxpayer money on a vanity project. >> we are talking about a request for $5.6 billion that the american public knows could be spent on issues that impact them every day not on the president wants vanity project. >> what we are not doing is giving him more than 5 billion for a vanity project. >> for one thing this is a vanity wall. >> members of his own party are expressing that is quiet about a vanity project. >> steve: you know what? is it a vanity project? keep in mind the president of the united states donald trump when he was running for president made it clear he was going to crack down on illegal immigration. he was elected president of the united states on that promise. we are going to build a wall. mexico is going to pay for it i don't know how that part is going to work out. nonetheless, it's not the
4:06 am
vanity project. he is keeping a campaign promise. a lot of people across this country wanted him to do it. now he is doing it and that, perhaps, is why the democrats are calling it a vanity project because it's all about him. it's not. it's about a lot of people across the country who would like to see better border security. brian: i will say this. people want to know how is this going to end? one thing the democrats are counting on is that the republican senate will break because murkowski, collins, gardner have all weighed in and said i hope we can reopen the government and keep on talking keep in mind 22 republican senators up for re-election and 12 democratic senators. joni ernst, exposed as well as martha mcsally just appointed as well as senator perdue. ainsley: senator lindsey graham says i thinks the president would support daca protections if he got some funding for the wall. he thinks that could be the way that they could negotiate. steve: also, apparently there is an axios story that's been ricocheting
4:07 am
around the internet that talks about how in one of the early meetings where the president of the united states was negotiating apparently in the white house, probably the situation room with the congressional democrats and republicans and at one point mick mulvaney tried to compromise, give out a compromise number and the president criticized him quite language. kellyanne conway is going to be joining us one hour from now. brian: just exexpand. mibleg you basically got us into this mess you didn't ask for enough money as omb director to begin with. we had 1.6. i needed more than that. you knew it that's how you got us into it. mick mulvaney made it clear to chris wallace we are asking for 5. we would settle for 2.5. give away your hand if you give away that number. steve: the president felt in the meeting he was compromising too much. that's why the president
4:08 am
apparently exploded at him. we will ask kellyanne about that. brian: they still are tight. steve: that's what they said afterwards. that's what they always say afterwards. ainsley: do you alleluia remembeafterwards.ains do y'all remember stacey abrams called it election season instead of election day. there she is right there. she was interviewed. tell us what you think. do you agree with her do you think you should be a citizen in order to go to the polls and vote? listen to what she said. >> i think there is a difference between municipal and state and federal. the began you later o cities decide is so specific as to, i think, allow people to be participants in the process without it somehow undermining our larger democratic ethics that says you should be a citizen to be part of the conversation. >> so in some cases you would be supported of non-citizens voting. >> i wouldn't oppose it. brian: whose election is it? steve: she wouldn't oppose it sounds like she is open to non-citizens voting in local elections.
4:09 am
brian: fantastic. mayor de blasio wants non-citizens to get free healthcare. clearly where the democratic party is going. let non-citizens vote in elections and let non-citizens get free medical care. where do we come in as americans. ainsley: pictures of the caravan coming up. we will let you, in pay for your healthcare and you can vote. brian brian get a ballot at the gate. steve: what do you think about that? should non-citizens be able to vote in some local elections? that is always already happening out in california in certain spots. there was discussion during that same program maybe 16-year-olds should be able to vote as well in, perhaps, school board elections and abrams said she had to think about that. was not going to take a stand on it nonetheless, that brings up a question. who should be voting during elections? brian: you know what? don't be declared if she says she is running for president. she barely lost.
4:10 am
beto o'rourke running for president obviously it seems pretty clear. who knows? steve: well, she was in washington this past week to talk to democrat leaders for running for senate out of georgia. ainsley: we will see. all right. let's hand it over to jillian who has headlines for us. >> good monday morning to you and to you at home as well. get you caught up on story out of wisconsin. a man accused of kidnapping jayme close and murdering her parents is due in court today. facing first degree intentional homicide and kidnapping charges. jayme's aunt telling fox news jayme had n jay he had no t with the family before the killing shoe. he is staying with family: the storm blamed for 11 deaths across the midwest and virginia. massive winter storm continues to push east, dumping nearly a foot of snow in washington. the storm forcing hundreds of flight cancellations and leaving at least 200,000 people without power. president trump heading
4:11 am
south today for the 100th annual farm bureau convention. the president will address the crowd in new orleans talking about the agricultural industry in the u.s. this is the second time the president has aappeared at the convention it ends wednesday. a little bit of good news. chris pratt and katherine schwarzenegger are engaged. the actor posting this photo on instagram writing sweet catherine so happy you said yes. i'm thrilled to be marrying you. proud to be marrying boldfully faith with you here we go. she is the daughter of arnold schwarzenegger. the two have been together since june and they reportedly met through catherine's mother maria shriver. isn't that adorable. ainsley: are you heart broken though? jillian: he's so cute. ainsley: he's so cute and such a good christian. he always gives the lord -- talks about the lord. jillian: she is beautiful. ainsley: we interviewed her. she wrote a children's book and was on our show.
4:12 am
brian: over achiever. ainsley: has a son. brian: you know a lot about him. ainsley: i really like him. we were in hair and makeup one day. the whole team were researching him and searching his wick peed i can't. grew up lutheran and jew for jesus. now goes to non-denominational churches. we don't know if it's true. we will all researching him. brian: beats talking shutdown. ainsley: and congratulations to him. and tim tebow. good wonderful christian guys off the market. brian: even all the guys who got engaged. steve: while congress gets back to work later today on trying to solve the partial government shutdown, good luck. some democrats are meeting with lobbyists while soaking up the sun in the caribbean. we are live in puerto rico coming up next. brian: but, first, he want to give sanctuary and
4:13 am
healthcare to illegal immigrants. now, california governor gavin gavin newsome wants to tax drinking water. finally. governor mike huckabee is lehr and try to make sense of that. ♪ my experience with usaa has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today. psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis, little things can be a big deal.
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4:17 am
♪ ainsley: this morning, democrats are slammed for partying on the beach down in puerto rico as the partial government shutdown enters day 24. brian: yep, dozens of dems are in san juan, even enjoying a broadway show. steve: rob schmitt is in puerto rico we dispatched him there in front of the one of the fancy hotels that the democrats were staying at this weekend for their winter retreat. rob. >> that's right, yeah. it's the last day, guys. this is the hotel that they set up shop at. a very nice place. what a great environment to have this winter retreat. it's an annual thing that they do and they come down here, it's 83 degrees and sunny in january. they love that of course. amid the partial government shutdown of course optically it doesn't look that good. this is a retreat put on by
4:18 am
democratic political action committee. 30-plus democrats, a whole bunch of lobbyists and corporate owners stiff like that. trying to get more money and more attention for this island territory that has really had a rough bout the last 10, 15 years even. they have come into tremendous debt the hurricane in 2017 that disseminated the island. today the dems are going to be lobbied a bit more by a latino political action committee. meet with political action members talk about the anger over the forced as you start measures put in place trying to get this island to live within its means and not rack up so much debt. the politicians also want more disaster relief down here and more control of it. so there have been meetings and there has been some work done. there has also been plenty of leisure time. we are going to show you a picture here that is making the rounds. a great instagram photo for bob menendez, got the shirt off at the beach looking
4:19 am
pretty good got the nice tan. the special hamilton performance. the show came down here. all the politicians went to that yesterday afternoon. they got the party with the cast sarah sanders in a tweet and there has been a lot of tweets about this. the president hats tweeted as well. democrats in congress are so alarmed about federal workers not getting paid, they are partying on the beach instead of negotiating a compromise to reopen the government and secure the border. now, we should say this is an annual event as i said. it was planned a long time ago, long before the government was going to be shut down so these people are just going through with it. we do understand nancy pelosi was supposed to be here. she decided not to come. brian: smart of her. steve: then again nancy pelosi was in hawaii was it last week or the week before during the shutdown. brian: too much beach. steve: rob, thank you very much. tough job. brian: after a while you get burned out from the beach. 19 minutes after the hour. the media going into a frenzy over those reports claiming the fbi investigated president trump as a russian agent. for example: >> deep damage control mode. >> like out of the movie. the president been turned,
4:20 am
basically. >> the tentacles are now leading to the top. brian: mike huckabee here to react coming up. ainsley: we are joining in on the biggest trend on social media right now. how hard did aging -- what does it say how hard did aging hit you challenge. okay. that's the first picture i posted on social media i guess you guys pulled it. i do look a lot older. brian: no, you look exactly the same. steve: that's about 10 years ago. ainsley: i know, gosh. dr. oz is here to discuss how to grow old gracefully. come on, in dr. oz. steve: never grows old. we have his picture coming up. ♪ ♪ did you ever notice that the very first bite of every great meal is always the potato? that's why it should always be an idaho potato.
4:21 am
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4:24 am
brian: time nor news by the numbers. first 235 years that's how long ago the american revolution officially ended the treaty of paris was ratified on this day in 1784. marking the end of the year's long battle between great britain and the united states. we did win. next, 37 years, that's how long this italian fugitive has been on the run. >> interpol agents traced a mobile device and arrested the convicted murderer in bolivia. he was returned to italy this morning. i'm sure there will be a lot of people there to greet him. finally, 42. that's how many babies the phoenix fire department. the department sharing these adorable photos of the babies placed to spell pfd. the babies either have a mom, dad or both parents working at the department. ainsley: that's awesome.
4:25 am
ainsley: 2019 already seeing very first media twin. how hard to aging hit you. steve: joining in when you post your first ever profile photo on facebook, which mine is screen left. i believe that was 2008. and then you compare with your latest profile picture as you can see screen right with our cookbook, i have changed a little bit. ainsley: no. brian: everyone is getting in on it as well. i believe that's me. and who better to join us and also we have janice here and jillian here and dr. oz is here host of the dr. oz show. dr. oz, what do you know about aging? you are not aging. >> the way you learn about aging is by not doing it something called the real age test. thinking about 35 million americans tells you how old your body thinks you are. when you see those two pictures not just a chronological difference. some of hav have you gotten younger. something effects age some are predict being like
4:26 am
eating a healthy diet versus fast food all the time or getting the right amount of activity. some of this stuff is surprising. if you don't care of the surprising items. your aging starts to accelerating. oprah and i started a company called share care. survival. insurance companies are using this now it's more accurate than your chronological age in predicting how long you will live. a couple surprising ones. high blood pressure northbound one. solid streaking up on there doesn't just affect your insides. it literally causes wrinkles. steve: what if you are taking medicine for it does it offset it? >> offsets to a large extent. not completely better to not have high blood pressure. major stressors. divorce; major cause is financial. big insurance companies get involved because they realize if i can get you not to have financial stress you will live longer i can sell you better insurance policies.
4:27 am
beginning to change the very fabric of how we do business. janice: how about hereditary? >> by the time 50 1/3 of how you age genetic. two thirds is lif lifestyle. you don't look like brian by accident. he workers at it. brian: thank you. >> play soccer in high school. works when you do the right things. go back to college reunion. facebook shows that to you beautifully. exintern daughter daphne. harvard, princeton. second ones to get facebook. they all have those pictures. they are doing this exact same exercise you start to see a difference between college graduation and now. if you are 40 versus 50. that difference begins to accelerate if you don't care of basic real age determiners. >> i'm 48. can i start now? >> yes it pays off for when you are older. cigarette smoking is a good example. you will lose 8 years of your life if you smoke. however, when you stop smoking, within five years, that risk goes almost to
4:28 am
nothing. look at that. that's a good example. >> some of it we can't control talking about genetics and hereditary things. what can we control outside of smoking, drinking? is it sleep? is it diet? steve: there you are 10 years ago. jillian: i was a very blond. janice: i did the reverse i went blonde. >> places on the planet where people live a lot longer age to 100 than most of the rest of the places. build communities where people tend to be healthy. the smartest thing can you do is have a social connection not be lonely biggest epidemic in america now is loneliness and be with people who are healthy. if you are overweight person and you hang with thin people. you will lose weight. if you live in a community where people support each other, through big stresses, especially, can you weather the stresses. that's what's allowed humanity to survive. the safety net of our society has always been each other. we forget that. then we begin to age rapidly. steve: what you are saying
4:29 am
is everybody has chronological age. real age whe which have helped develop over the last couple decades can you change your real age. >> developed at the cleveland clinic. well-established. i mentioned earlier used by insurance companies to predict your mortality. it's that powerful. take the test it will let you know what really matter. listen,. brian: where do you take the test. >> it's free. go to share care. download the app. super easy. already 30 million americans use it already. take advantage of that biggest message it gives you is what really matters. if you give up meat you will live a few months longer. if you give up cigarettes it's 8 years longer. focus on the big stuff. janice: be happy. >> happiness is critical. how you find happiness, purpose and meaning. all these blue zone folks teach you that and being in community of folks like minded like you. pick the right tribe. pick the people that you can get along with and identify with you.
4:30 am
this is a big reason why we have this in america right now. we are uncomfortable talking about that reality. but have you got to find people that connect with you and that's a two-way street. brian: social media you might think it brings people together. in many cases it brings people apart because they don't have any real relationships anymore. they don't have to interact like they used to to get them. >> something more powerful than looking about somebody in the eye that you care about and we each cook together. if you look at and connect it means something. that's the human connection. our free frontal cortex, our brains grew the size they are not to hunting you need a walnut size brain to go hunting. i can tell you feeling good, are you aging well? physical beauty is a barometer. i can tell if i want to mate with you. partner with you, i do trust you? that's about our brains connecting. brian: we should use more tribes. steve: we would love to see your social media pictures do. a split screen for us if you
4:31 am
could. show us you 10 years ago and you today. email them to us at brian: watch the dr. oz show whenever you can. jillian: get a good tribe like we have. >> george anthony is coming on with his wife. he has a halo. i visited with him in orlando suicide attempt or bad accident by accident. we will find out. ainsley: get good botox and have a good hair and makeup team and you will never age. >> a little filler. a little tuck here. janice: no comment. brian: this has gone off the rails big time. ainsley: moisturize. brian: smoke but get good botox treatment. >> god bless you. steve: he wants to give free healthcare to everybody in new york including everyone in the country illegally. is bill de blasio going to bring his idea to the white house? what he just revealed about his 2020 plans coming up. brian: he is probably not up yet. steve: we have governor mike huckabee in the next hour of "fox & friends." plus, a little later on
4:32 am
kellyanne conway. ainsley: i bet he is up. brian: any other surprises? what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at new tide pods 2.0 with upgraded 4-in-1 technology. your detergent. stain removers. and odor fighters. all fit in the palm of your hand. it's got to be tide.
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4:35 am
>> this bombshell "new york times" report. >> our bombshell breaking news. >> it is indeed a bombshell. >> this is very explosive. >> they are in deep damage control mode. >> like out of the moe. >> the president been turned basically. >> the tentacles now leading to the top. now it's the president of the united states of america. steve: well, as you can here right there a lot of bombshell talk over the weekend. bring in hike huckabee. fox news contributor and former governor of arkansas. mike huckabee. ainsley: governor, good morning. >> when i watch democrats one thing certain they all get the same script and say exactly the same words. the words themselves i wonder can a democrat think for himself.
4:36 am
ainsley: like vanity project. >> or do they have to have someone hand them the script it's amazing to me. brian: you have the "new york times" story opened up and then "the washington post" the next day. they talked about -- the fbi opened up an inquiry as to whether president trump was secretly working on behalf of russia. hey, russia, if you are listening, i want hillary clinton's 30,000 emails and because he made that statement to lester holt that he fired james comey to get the heat off of the russia investigation, but if you listen to the rest of the interview, he said i know by firing comey, it's actually going to heat up and could make things worse. they listed all these things as if they are new revelations. i thought i was reading a different article, governor. >> well, what scares me the most is that the fbi can decide on its own to go and investigate a duly elected president of the united states and just decide to go after him because they want to. guys, i'm going to tell you something, this is incredibly damaging to the way our constitutional
4:37 am
republic is supposed to work. and for me there was a bombshell. it wasn't that president trump made a joke about hillary's 30,000 emails. what is a bombshell is that you have the highest law enforcement agency in the country that decides to go after on a clandestined investigation the president of the united states. tell me what do you think would be the reaction if the fbi had decided to investigate barack obama, bill clinton or anybody else for that matter just because they had heard something based on rumor. this is really really scary stuff if you stop and think about it. ainsley: it doesn't change anything because, still, no collusion no, collusion. we keep hearing. now, chris christie was asked about it over the weekend. and he said the president should use this. he should embrace the story. he said the fbi acted in a rogue manner and overstepping. the president should tweet about the failing "new york times." how insulted he is and he says that the president should say this is what i have been saying all along. he should use it in his fair.
4:38 am
do you agree with that? >> i absolutely do. i think, you know, at some point, somebody has got to take a good dyson vacuum clean tore go over to the fbi and clean out the leadership because there is something. brian: they are being cleaned out. governor, they have been cleaned out. >> well, there needs to be then accountability for those who are being cleaned out and there are still some there that shouldn't be. the rank and file deserve better leadership than this. there are good people in the fbi. good, hard-working people of integrity that are disgusted with what's happened to their agency that they committed themselves to. and they deserve better leadership. and i'm really hoping that there will be people truly held accountable. not just fired, but i'm talking about truly held accountable. and some need to be prosecuted for using their positions as a political weapon against the -- steve: let's see if the ig or goj do anything about that. don't hold your breath. brian: i have one thing to add. jonathan karl who is not a
4:39 am
front to the president for the most part reported on sunday what he is getting from people in and around the mueller investigation it's almost certainly going to be anti-climate particular he says the "new york times" reporting that mueller -- the "new york times" reporting there is no sign that mueller is following that lead at all. mueller's investigation doesn't show any collusion -- will not show any collusion or coordination with russia or any knowledge of that. so, can you imagine if the mueller report comes out and it's anti-climate particular, do you think that maybe the media is getting word of that and beginning to start their own? >> well, i think that's part of it, brian. look at donald trump's life in the greater context. this is a man who has been a business guy. he has made money all over the world. but there is no indication ever that he has even thought about betraying his country. what they are accusing him of. what they are saying they are investigating is something that is of the most monumental kind of crime that a person would do
4:40 am
to betray one's country. there is no indication donald trump does anything other than truly love this great nation of ours. and is fighting to make it better. and the very notion that these people are accusing him of something like that is, to me, beyond outrageous. and i hope that there will be some, again, i'm going to use the word accountability for not only the people in the fbi. i would love to see some accountability in the news media about the way that they have lied about this president, lied about his motives. lied about what he has done and not told the story of the things that he has accomplished that have made america great again. to borrow a phrase that i heard somewhere, i'm not sure where. it just popped into my head. steve: all right. well, let's see where those fact checkers are when that comes out. all right, governor mike mike huckabee, always a pleasure. panhandle of florida. ainsley: thank you. >> great to be with you guys. take care. steve: thank you, sir. ainsley: let's hand it over to jillian who has headlines
4:41 am
for us. jillian: good morning. the head of the california utility company facing potential criminal charges over last year's deadly wildfires has resigned. williams is stepping down from her role at pacific gas and electric company ceo. company facing potential bankruptcy and criminal charges after saying some of its equipment malfunctioned before the camp fire started. at least 85 people died in that fire. mayor bill debazio could be weighing a run for the white house. the new york city democrat refusing an opportunity to put the rumors to rest. >> are you considering running for president. >> i'm focused on the job i have. >> are you considering running. >> i'm focused on the job i have. >> are you ruling things out? >> i never rule things out because you never know what life brings. jillian: saying he wants to push the party further left. thousands of patriotic picking up a big assist after the national anthem singer forgets his
4:42 am
microphone. ♪ jillian: the crowd star-spangled banner. he has been with the team 16 years. ainsley: thanks, jillian. steve: cold day in new york city. janice dean is weathering the chilly weather with some friends. janice: what's your name and where are you from. >> randy jones from brooklyn. janice: and you guys. >> bryant from texas. janice: first trip to new york. >> yes. janice: here on "fox & friends." congratulations. you dressed appropriately. that's very good. look at the temperatures. 23 right now in new york city with the wind chill. it feels even colder than that cold air as far as south as the gulf coast. that storm system that brought incredible amounts of snow across the midwest, parts of the central plains
4:43 am
and even the mid-atlantic is now exiting. however, i want to point your attention to the next storm snl that is going to bring a lot of heavy rain to the coast and some snow across the sierra, nevada, range the rockies and this system is going to combine with a couple of other systems. look at this as we head into the weekend. ice and the potential for heavy snow, maybe even getting into new york city. up towards boston. stay tuned, my friends. all right. back inside where it's warm. thanks for coming, everybody. come on over here. give me a big hug. ainsley: all right. yea. especially cold out there today. steve: it is chilly. tell them hello from us. tens of thousands of illegals arrested in the rio grand sector last year. our next guest lives there she is the daughter of a border patrol agent who was furloughed and her whole family is rallying behind president trump to build that wall. brian: is he a legendary rapper now snoop dogg is trying out a new career. broadcaster? >> he fired on -- hold on
4:44 am
now. let's go. let me see some. 300 miles an hour, that's where i feel normal. having an annuity tells me my retirement is protected. learn more at retire your risk dot org.
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quote quote
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brian: all right. president trump is putting the heat on democrats this morning as the shutdown enters day 24. all-time record. moments ago we tweeted this. i have been waiting all weekend, democrats must get to work now. border must be secured. nancy and cryin' chuck can end the shutdown in 15 minutes at this point it has become their and the democrats' fault. as dems refuse to budge on border funding, border patrol agents working overanytime it the rio grande valley sector where 40% of all apprehensions last year occurred. over 162,000 in total. this region is where our next guest lives and her life has been affected. she is the daughter of two furloughed border patrol federal workers. one is a border patrol agent and the other works with the va says president trump has her family's full support during the shutdown.
4:48 am
that daughter tori roberts joins us now. tori, the shutdown, you are still behind it even though it's hurting your family personally, why? >> good morning, mr. kilmeade. yes, i am still behind the shutdown because i do believe that a border wall will help us tremendously here at home. i think that mr. president trump is staying strong and that's a good thing to show the democrats how much we need that wall. brian: tori, what has your dad said about the border? what makes you think it's such a crisis? >> not just what my dad has said but what i have seen myself. i have noticed that there are illegal immigrants just in our streets, in our school system, even in offices and working places and that's not right because many of them are on welfare and we are the taxpayers who are paying for it. brian: so we have 8 in 10 democrats say they don't want the wall and they don't see this as a crisis. nine in 10 republicans see it the opposite way. how do you explain the difference? >> i think the democrats right now, i'm sorry to say, this but they are a bit confused. as we all have seen the
4:49 am
clips of them saying the wall is good and they supported it when obama was here. we have part of obama's law here in brownsville nearby city. i don't understand why democrats are flip flopping on this topic. the wall is there. it just needs to be expanded and built higher and better. but i think they are just trying to blank at the jump right now. brian: i understand your mom works at the va and dad works for border patrol. both are not being able to get a paycheck yet. the money is going to come but not yet. how is it affecting you guys? >> it's affecting us kind of tightly. my mom always tells me we're be careful with your money and don't spend it don't go out with your friends as much. it's hard. it will be okay. it's not that big of a deal. we will be able to make it we have savings. it's all good as long as we just take care and don't spend on anything major. brian: they are still going to work, right? >> yes, of course, they are going to work every day and they are happy to go to work
4:50 am
because they know they are making a difference for our country. brian: tori, have you seen the difference in your schools from illegal immigration in your area? has that really shown up in your schools? >> i have noticed in my school a few bad influences have come into town. different ways of getting items that students should not be a part of. even on social media people will be posting illegal things that students my age should not be seeing? so i really have seen difference in my school as well. brian: tori, i'm not going to tell what you to do for a living, i will say this. i'm thinking political science, running for office at some point. i know you have some time to make a decision. tell your parents thanks so much and thanks for joining us this morning. tori. >> thank you, thank you, mr. kilmeade. brian: all right. come up straight ahead. we change gear as little bit. counselor to the president kellyanne conway here live at the top of the hour to talk about everything white house-related. and it's the question on every football fan's mind this morning. why is tom brady sideline
4:51 am
jacket so huge? carley shimkus with the social media reaction pouring in next ♪ magic in the air ♪ ♪ ever notice how hard it is to clean impossible kitchen and bathroom messes with wipes and spray cleaners? try mr. clean magic eraser. just add water, squeeze, and erase. mr. clean magic eraser works great on burnt-on food in the kitchen. it's perfect for cleaning stubborn bathroom soap scum. even on glass. and it even removes four times more permanent marker per swipe. try mr. clean magic eraser, for your impossible kitchen and bathroom messes.
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4:54 am
ainsley: tom brady he always catches our eye. is he catching a lot more eyes now for football fans all over the country because not because of his game, actually this time. why, brian? brian: viewers flocking online to the debate oversize jacket sideline jacket i should say get even bigger in this playoff game? steve: look at that it's
4:55 am
gigantic. here with reaction lighting up social media fox news headlines 24/7 reporter carley shimkus. carley, if that's what it takes to win the game everybody should wear them. >> we should all be wearing them it looks like a couch cover. ainsley: wear them to keep warm. >> football fans they wear these big coats to keep them warm. ainsley: they have to go over their shoulder pads. brian: i don't know what that is. >> it does feel and has photographic evidence that's his coat of tom brady specifically just keeps on getting bigger and bigger. there are so many tweets people making fun of and poking fun at his coat. lindsey says why is tom brady's coat so big is it full of inflatable. patriots fans are not going to like that tweet. people should stop making fun of tom brady everyone knows the coat camera adds 210 pounds. brian: did win by a lot. >> oh, yeah, they won by a whole lot. steve: keeping with sports, let's talk a little bit
4:56 am
about hockey, new voice in the beauty. >> he announced the game on saturday and took things to the new level. take a lesson. >> snoop dogg in the house. let me see some. drop the stick, man. let's get cracking to the middle of the ring. let's go. >> go get him dion. get him dion. move, dion. get out the way. go get him. >> very talented guy in many arenas. brian: i'm not sure he should cheer on fighting. >> he missed his true calling in life: everyone who watches hockey but no clue how hockey is played. is he a big time hockey fan. regularly spouted at games. pretty eclectic guy with the cooking show with martha stewart and also an nhl announcer. who knew. brian: he also has a game show. >> that's right. brian: no time to rap. >> rapping, that's so last year for him. steve: carley, thanks very much. coming up, counselor to the president kellyanne conway is going to be joining us
4:57 am
live from the white house in a couple of minutes. ainsley: plus, michelle malkin, deroy murdock and michael goodwin, they are all live in the next hour. brian: we are not going to show you their picture though. ♪ ♪ ♪ . .
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
♪ >> this morning democrats are slammed for partying on the beach down in puerto rico as the partial government shutdown enters day 24. >> yet another migrant caravan expected to head to the u.s. starting tomorrow. >> what is supposed to do? give? the president will not give in? no wall. no deal. >> president trump firing back at "new york times" report claiming that he was investigated for being a russian agent. >> tell me the reaction if fbi decided to investigate barack obama just because they
5:01 am
heard something? steve: average price of gasoline in the united states is down to $2.31. >> it is wholly good thing. >> intercepted. went right through jeffrey's hands in latimore. they show you whyer this the number one seed. ♪ brian: if you're a saints fan, better life than if you're a eagles fan after that last play. steve: there is snow on the ground. federal government decided not to have employees go to work, because it's a snow day. ainsley: isn't that a good sign? make it a great year. let's go to washington, d.c. with snow on the browned because
5:02 am
kellyanne conway is with us. you look beautiful. >> good morning. mother nature provided back ground. ainsley: don't you love the hush of the snow? >> gorgeous day in washington. i'm sad about my philadelphia eagles. they always deliver. sad end to a great season. ainsley: you and jillian. this was friday an article in "the new york times." the headline fbi opened inquiry whether trump was secretly working on behalf of russia. what is your reaction to this? president said, sarah huckabee sanders said it was absurd that the president was working with russia. what is the president saying this morning? >> the president said this weekend most insulting thing ever been said about him which is saying a great deal given everything said and done. the other thing i i have a slightly different view. it confirmed the president said all along at some of the rogue actors at the tippy-top of the
5:03 am
fbi who are no longer there because they were fired and worse. some of them were deemed to be leaking and lying texting each other obviously with their tremendous biases against this president. i think it confirms what he said all along about some of those rogue actors, not the 35,000 rank-and-file women of the fbi who go to work do a fabulous job every day. also i think the headline could have aid, what so many of these stories could have said, and never do, investigation opened up, no fruit came of it. nothing came of it. that is the really the important part of this, is that 2 1/2 years into this and millions and millions of dollars, we're yet to see proof of any collusion. i ran the campaign successful part of it at the end. i never talked to anybody in moscow. i talked to people in mechanic lanburg, north carolina and michigan. steve: this came out yesterday, trump concealed details of face-to-face encounters with
5:04 am
putin from senior officials in the administration. i was reading kellyanne, in "the wall street journal" this morning, in the putin meeting in germany 2017, the president wanted to reduce the chance of leaks, so didn't have any note-takers aside from i believe rex tillerson who might have taken notes and passed word along. >> apart from, what has been printed i will tell you that was a time where there were tremendous leaks including from when the president would have meetings in the oval office. i can recall early on two calls with foreign leaders, i believe mexico and australia leaked contents immediately. there was great suspicion some people were obviously leaking this but i also am just amazed in this reporting people fail to mention other facts which is that unlike president obama and other administrations this president has been very tough on russia. he expelled 60 russians from this country, closed two
5:05 am
consulates. treasury put fresh new sanctions on russia. the president of course is selling, america is exporting energy to our eastern european allies that certainly hurts russia and not once but twice when assad gassed his own people in syria, children gasping for the last breath the president took real tear action. unlike the person he beat with the silly dollar store red plastic button, he is not trying to do a phony reset on a stage at a podium. he is trying to form good, positive, working relationships with leaders all around the world where we think we can work on big issues together. at the same time pushing back with sanctions and expulsions when necessary. brian: kellyanne, no secret he met with kim jong-un in private, one-on-one. he met with president xi, one-on-one. he met with president modi with india, one-on-one. he always like to do it with one-on-one setting.
5:06 am
adam schiff will look to subpoena the note taker, interpreter, to find out what took place when the president was meeting with vladmir putin. will the president push back on that. >> i haven't discussed that with the president. i assume the democrats stop shutting down the government, funding the government with border security to keep us safe they will subpoena any number of people. they have to be careful generally, if you read a lot of polls, listen to people across this country, there are a heck of a lot less interested in investigations indictment, impeachment talk, than they are making sure their paychecks are protected making sure this economic boom and deregulation boom and this trade boom under this president continue. one other thing i would note, just this morning on different network, senator chris coons said he doesn't see president is hiding something. he said separately in different
5:07 am
interview a few days ago, remarkably he thinks barrier would work, and barrier or wall is not immoral. he is pushing back as are many other democrats privately and publicly on speaker pelosi's claim that walls are immoral. you have a lot of democrats out there making joyful noises, reinforces barriers in the southern border or adding to them. brian: maybe seeds of a deal. >> that would be great. we showed up to work today. we'll negotiate with anyone. by the way if democrats would like some kind of briefing akin to the one president had with the cameras in the room on friday, it was remarkable to hear from the people on the ground, supervisor of san diego came in here, she said walls work in san diego. 92% reduction in illegal crossings over the decades. yuma. brian: arizona, tucson, arizona, el paso, texas, these walls work. we heard from people of fact, pastors that lead congregations,
5:08 am
we heard from customs border patrol, dhs. something else democratic senator chris coons said, he said that is what dhs says we need. that is important. this is not idea from president trump or vice president pence. this is the brave men and women at dhs, customs and border patrol tell us they need to do their job. if pelosi, schumer, want to come here for briefing with those men and women we can arrange that. they can hear directly from people on the ground. they can tell us what they need. what is hard to understand 300 americans die from heroin overdoses every single week in this country. brian: having said all that, having said all that, with the democrats partying in puerto rico rather than staying here. abc poll, 53% blame the president and republicans for the shutdown. what is your reaction, what is the president's reaction? >> we'll not talk about media polls. i'm digging into them for 2020. on this one not who is to blame,
5:09 am
how can we get border security and reopen the government. the reason i say that is, because people are also, surprised only 53%, since 95% of the media coverage tells people the answer to that question, becomes almost like a quiz question. so that is one thing. the other thing is, that after the, after the house did its job and passed $5.7 billion in border security funding before christmas, the senate just had to do its job. mr. schumer needs to find those eight or nine, 10, democratic votes to get us to 60 votes. leader mcconnell will put it on the president's desk. the democrats are failing to fund dhs as a way that dhs wants to be funded. this is not just about the barrier. let's's be honest here. we have 800,000 case backlog in immigration cases this increases number of immigration judges.
5:10 am
increases personnel at the border, more protection, meet humanitarian need. there is a lot in the package that needs to be funded. brian: what will happen now? what will break this deadlock? are you just waiting for the democrats approach you? will you reach out to chris coons or joe manchin, to some of the moderate voices to push back on leadership? ainsley: before you answer that, kellyanne, senator lindsey graham indicate ad emergency declaration would be last resort. he is urging the president to open the government short period of time for three weeks so they can all figure it out. any of those a possibility? >> i've been to some of those meetings where that has been discussed. the president said to speaker pelosi last week, we were here, they came back, okay, if i reopen it for 30 days could we work on the wall, she said no. he said good-bye. they totally mischaracterized the way he handled that in tone and content. i was sitting right there. the bottom line is this, they said no. he put it on the table. he asked her, okay if we reopen
5:11 am
the government, she said no, not to do it in 30 days f they're changing their mind, if they're listening to the customs and border patrol agents and listening to families and kids -- brian: reach out to moderate voices? >> he continue to and will continue to do so. i'm a fan of talking to 31 democratic house members represent districts that trump-pence won in 2016. some of them are making joyful noises about border security, they're going home saying, what are you doing there? i elected you, i elected donald trump and elected you two years later because i believe in the same thing, that you will help us protect borders. more and more democrats including those from california, maryland, new york, making positive noises about, very positive overtures about barriers, fencing and if they don't think that the fencing that is already there, the miles and miles of walls and fencing border security first are they willing to say let's get i rid
5:12 am
of it? many voted to renovate it. they know it works. no one's rational mind would securing our borders not include a physical barrier. includes many other things. how could it not include impediment you can't crawl under, drive over -- thrive through or walk around? >> we had so many barriers in the past. john bolton asked the pentagon to look into striking iran the last year? >> i have not comment on that many. i'm not able to speak to anyone at the pentagon or ambassador bolton about that particular story. the president is very pleased with number of overtures that ambassador bolton is making. coming book from another foreign trip. busy place, foreign policy national securitywise. secretary pompeo has been abroad this past week, gave interview in saudi arabia last week i believe. so, again, i have confirmation on that particular story.
5:13 am
i'm always loathe when i read it in the paper first and don't have opportunity to talk to principles because they get some things wrong. brian: i don't see anything wrong looking at iranian targets especially sending rockets that almost hit our embassy. it makes total sense. >> we know how the president feels about iran. he ran successfully on killing nuclear deal. billions of dollars, pallets of cash went to iran. israel is our best friend in the region and this president is the greatest friend to israel as benjamin netanyahu himself. he moved embassy is. many presidents promised. he is the one who delivered. brian: got it. thank you, kellyanne. >> have a great day. ainsley: you too. some on the left claiming there is no terror threat on the southern border. our next guest says they are wrong and he has proof. steve: he wants to give health
5:14 am
care to everyone and president newsome wants to tax, water. ♪ nt and automatically adjusts... so you wake up ready to train for that marathon. save up to $500 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. only for a limited time. billions of problems. dry mouth? parched mouth? cotton mouth? there's a therabreath for you. is so you can... breathe easy, there's therabreath at walmart.
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>> vicious rhetoric, paranoia and fear, hatred, bigotry, precisely zero, terrorist groups or terrorist plots have ever been connected with u.s.-mexico border. brian: that was beto o'rourke. democrats have long been down playing the terror threat at the border. our next guest writing brand new op-ed, says terrorists are in fact entering from mexico. they are a threat. the democrats should be dealing with during the shutdown. here to explain syndicated columnist fox news contributor deroy murdoch. we heard the numbers. so far people say, what's the big deal? >> it is kind of a big deal. brian: only been six is. >> only six. well let's see. only took one terrorist to drive down the westside highway couple years ago, mowed down, i think, killed eight, injured 12. we had the san bernardino shooter in 2015. one person there. only one terrorist. 14 dead, 22 injured. remember the pulse nightclub, dead, one terrorist, 49 dead, 53 injured.
5:19 am
left laughs up, only six. what is the appropriate number? six, 16, 66, 600? what number would be it okay to come across the border? i say the answer is zero. brian: we don't have any idea who we don't get. >> this is examples of people at border. some coming across on foot, some sneaking inside of cars. those are the ones we know about. some we don't know about. brian: total apprehensions in the southwest border in 2018, 396,579. that is a huge number. suspected terrorists prevented? this number, 3755, known or suspected terrorists have been prevented from entering the country. >> that is correct. these are people we stopped. thank god we stopped them. other people have gotten through. they may not be blowing things up or knocking things down. they would be raising money for hezbollah as one of the people caught was doing. they could be a h radicalizing.
5:20 am
they could be sitting quietly waiting for instructions from tehran or elsewhere. i think it is terrifying that the democrat party doesn't believe this is serious, some big joke. brian: that is why you wrote the column. we'll talk more about that on the radio in a little while. big picture are you shocked difference between eight in 10 republicans see this as crisis in the border. nine in 10 democrats don't. how do you explain it? >> trump made tread. all 54 democrats in the u.s. senate voted for $46 billion in bothered security, including 700 miles of double border fence. the difference is doned. >> j trump. they hate the man's guts. if he is for it they're against it full stop. brian: we'll talk about it again. >> good to see you. brian: straight ahead a major democratic donor under fire after two people are found dead in his apartment. our next guest has been sounding the alarm for more than a year.
5:21 am
there is more to the story you never hear from the media. michelle malkin said the border wall should be a monument for the people, not the politicians. she will join us. ♪ to help you maintain balance and help keep you active and well-rested. because hey, tomorrow's coming up fast. nature's bounty. because you're better off healthy. (danny)'s voice) of course you don'te because you didn't!? nature's bounty. your job isn't doing hard work...'s making them do hard work... ...and getting paid for it. (vo) snap and sort your expenses to save over $4,600 at tax time. quickbooks. backing you.
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hey, batter, batter, [ crowd cheers ] like everyone, i lead a busy life. but i know the importance of having time to do what you love. at comcast we know our customers' time is valuable. that's why we have 2-hour appointment windows, including nights and weekends. so you can do more of what you love. my name is tito, and i'm a tech-house manager at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. >> hope you have a good morning so far. welcome back. we have some headlines. the man accused kidnapping jayme closs is due in court. jake patterson is facing first-degree homicide and kidnapping charges. photos obtained show the filthy cell where crossspent 88 days in
5:25 am
captivity. she is staying with friend. investigators hope the recordings from a deadly october plane crash. how the pilots battled mechanical failure. the plane nosedived into the java sea. it will take months to analyze the new data. steve? steve: jillian, thank you. investigators in california looking into the second death of an african-american man in the home of democratic megadonor ed buck over the span of less than two years. the man, now being identified as 55-year-old timothy dean, he died of an apparent overdose. back in july of 201726-year-old jamil moore was fend dead after a overdose in the same apartment. our next guest has been sounding alarm over ed buck for over a year. he joins us from l.a. with more. jasmine, welcome, good morning
5:26 am
to you. >> good morning. steve: start at the beginning. who is ed buck? >> ed buck is a major donor to the california democratic party as well as a lot of its elected members. he has given lots and lots of money. he is a well-known animal rights activist as lgbt activist. steve: you, jasmine, have been sounding the alarm, i think about six months ago, essentially said don't be surprised if something like what happened to jamil moore happens again. lo and behold sadly it happened again. >> yes, we told them in july of 2017 after numerous young men contacted me and told me about the very same sort of experiences jamil moore had written about his journal. that there was a pattern this man was a predator. if they didn't stop him, there would be another person that would die inside of ed buck's
5:27 am
house. six months after our district attorney, jackie lacy declined to prosecute ed buck, jamil moore, we have timothy dean who was found dead. steve: indeed. you've been doing great reporting on this. >> thank you. steve: in fact after jamil moore died you became friends with some his friends and you were able to look at journal that detailed some of the things allegedly mr. buck had done. >> right. so when jamil passed away his journal was on him. for whatever reason the sheriff's detectives did not look through his belongings. when his belongings were collected from the morgue, we have had the journal. in the journal he detailed how ed buck hooked him on crystal meth. had given him his first injection of crystal meth. such a painful, painful journal, i'm sure the young man never thought the world would ever read. he told us exactly what happened to him. after that journal was published, after i published
5:28 am
that, that is when the sheriff's department decided to open a homicide investigation. a lot of evidence from ed buck's apartment was already destroyed and gone. steve: with ed buck and current, the death they're investigating right now, regarding 55-year-old timothy dean, here is the statement from mr. buck's attorney on the death. listen to this, jasmine. >> the individual came over. had already been partying apparently had already taken some substances. this is a situation where mr. buck has had long-time friends who unfortunately do not handle their life well. steve: when you hear him say that what do you think? >> he is getting paid to say that. if i was getting paid i would be doing that job as well. the fact of the matter is, two black men died in this man's house of an overdose within 18 months. and that is not a coincidence. like i said, we have nearly a dozen young men who have come forward who are sharing their
5:29 am
stories with detectives, who have spoken to me. this is a pattern. this is a practice with ed buck. it is very clear if he is not stopped there will be a third body. steve: you have been a democratic activist for a while. you worked on capitol hill. you worked in california politics. this is very upsetting to you personally. why, regarding the democratic party? >> because over 77% of black people in california vote democratic. we vote for democrats. it is a shame that when something like this happens, when you have the chair of your state party, who at the time was eric baumann, very good friends with ed buck, was willing to turn a blind eye, as well as instruct others not to speak on it, as a black woman, as a black democrat, i expect more from my party. that is not the type of investment black people expect from democrats, when we're being killed, when we're being hurt and we're being harmed, we expect the democratic party to stand up for what is is right. if it was someone, white, a
5:30 am
white gay man, i feel like the democratic party would take a completely different position. because these are young black gay men, who are largely invisible i feel like my party feels like they're not worth it, that is absolutely wrong. steve: well, the law enforcement out in california are looking into the cause of death for mr. timothy dean. let's see what happens with that. thank you very much for joining us today from los angeles. all right. congress is about to return to work on day 24 of the partial government shutdown, but senator bob men men dead and other democrats are busy enjoying sunshine on the beach. we're in puerto rico this morning. michelle malkin is fired up about that story. she is live next. also a sibling rivalry started very early in one family now going viral. ♪
5:31 am
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♪ brian: we are back. president trump eager to negotiate for the border wall. he tweeted this this morning. i've been waiting all weekend. democrats must get to work now, border must be secured. steve: the president slamming democrats for partying in puerto rico. you have my senator, robert menendez -- brian: six is more years. steve: there you go. on the shutdown. day 24. ainsley: rob schmitt live in san juan where democrats are wrapping up their winter
5:35 am
retreat. rob? reporter: guys. you have to wonder what bob menendez thinks about that picture being up on tv all day long. 30 democrats, more than 30 democrats and their families are here. they have been posted up since friday, all weekend at this very nice hotel behind me here in san juan. their families are with them. more than 100 people were flown private down here on a private charter down here to do this. this is a winter retreat they're calling it, highlight some issues puerto rico is having. it was put on by a democrat political action committee. they're trying to basically lobby for more money and more support for the island territory. the problems with puerto rico from the debt they have had number of years, then the hurricanes, two of them, maria was the really bad one in september of 2017, decimated the island, caused billions of doll landing. today, more of the same. a latino political action committee will lobby members for a while. they have meetings with local
5:36 am
leaders to talk about how to get more funding down here. local leaders also want them to loosen the grip on the money, let them kind of control that money. they want more disaster relief and want more control of it. there is a lot of leisure time. you can see bob menendez on the beach, with a nice tan in january. tweet from sarah sanders. democrats are partying on the beach instead of negotiating a compromise to reopen the government to secure the border. this is annual event. it happens every year. as you talk about this morning, optics maybe not so good. steve: rob schmitt, sounds like they're doing leave blowing in the background. brian: how could you tell? ainsley: is that the same leave blower from the white house? brian: that guy is probably on government shut down of the let's bring in michelle malkin, syndicated columnist and author. michelle, as rob pointed out, optics not good for the democrats, while the president is holed up in the white house,
5:37 am
has been through christmas. brian: snowed in. pete: here the democrats down at the luxury resort having a great time. >> it is an understatement to say that the optics are less than optimal here. republican strategists couldn't write a better contrast between where the president is and what he has been doing, working overtime, going down to the border, to underscore the national crisis that has been ongoing for decades. and then you have the so-called party of the people, partying for the people, playing beach blanket bingo with corporate lobbyists after being shipped there on private charter. could somebody please document the carbon footprint that that alone has implemented? steve: they had to take a private charter so they didn't about by the tsa people who weren't getting paid. >> good point, steve. i will say also, isn't it
5:38 am
interesting, democrat winter retreats are in hard scrabble areas like nebraska. these people protest global warming but they're all for it when it is for their winter retreats. nice and warm there in puerto rico. brian: michelle they weren't laughing in houston and miami where tsa workers, so few showed up, they had long lines, had to shut down many lines. i wonder what happens this week as pressure heats up. who do you think the pressure is on? >> i think it is on the democrats, if the narrative is told properly and contrasting these two things i think is the narrative that has to break through. i mean what we have had on all of the other networks of course is this idea that somehow president trump is akin to a human rights abuser because he is standing and holding the line on the sovereignty of this country. you have story after story, sob story after story of the hardship here when the real hardship of course is the costs that have been borne by the
5:39 am
american people because nobody in washington wants to stand up to do something about this finally. how many wakeup calls after 9/11 that underscore this is a national security issue, this is a public safety issue, it's a cultural issue, it is an economic issue? and instead, you know, didn't we just have nancy pelosi partying it up in hawaii? brian: yeah. >> where else can these people go, the democrats to avoid the problem? we have to confront it now. ainsley: you wrote in an op-ed that the border wall should be a monument for the people, not the politicians. why do you think that? what do you mean by that? >> what i mean by that, and i document it extensively, see it at the hypocrisy of democrats for every profligate government infrastructure available, billions and billions of dollars spent on things like the boston big dig, or the 100 billion-dollar pipe-dream bullet train that jerry brown
5:40 am
has been wasting money on. or every highway and pork project named after robert byrd. the people don't want these things. they are vanity projects for big-spending democrats. but for once we have a president who says, you know what? the basic infrastructure and duty of government to make sure there are physical barriers on our border to keep us safe. no, we can't have that. we can't have that. and so, you know i'm thinking it would be nice for once if we had an infrastructure project that was built for the people, and not the politicians. steve: how quick is the president going to want to deal with democrats on a infrastructure after this? >> yeah. it is hard, it is really hard to deal with these beltway crap weasels who want to invest in everything except for the basic sovereignty of the country. i want to particularly call out dianne feinstein here. now the people are trying to switch arguments.
5:41 am
it is not really border causing the problem, it is visa overstays when people like these democrats including dianne feinstein obstructed those basic reforms more than 20 years. brian: mishal malkin, thank you very much. >> you bet. brian: jillian, top of the hour. i heard you have something to say. jillian: yes i do. story we're following out of utah. a manhunt intensifies for three suspects wanted at shooting in you tall mall. three were injured one critically. chilling video captures the moment gunfire erupts. [gunfire] [screaming] jillian: can you imagine? terrified shoppers running frantically. police believe the shooting may be gang related. governor of california want as new tax on drinking water you are. gavin newsom said it would allow a state to create a fund for
5:42 am
poor communities to access clean drinking water. jerry brown had a similar proposal would cost tax pay arrest dollar per month. sibling rivalry starting early in this mortgage caroline family. watch the little girl's face looking very unimpressed with her new baby brother. >> can you give him a kiss? >> can you give him a kiss? >> a kiss on the head right there? jillian: dad posting the hilarious video on facebook calling his daughter's reaction, priceless. got to love it. brian: she is not only star in the family. tough to deal with. ainsley: she is so cute. love that video. brian: thank you very much. 18 minutes before the top of the hour. ainsley: alexandria ocasio-cortez, my gosh, want as 70% income tax. new york city mayor bill de blasio wants health care for all including illegal immigrants. my next guest says democrats are
5:43 am
racinging to the radical left. brian:wer there for one of the biggest car shows of the year in detroit. >> we'll bring you the north american car truck and utility vehicle of the year. stay right here as america's number one morning show, "fox & friends," continues. [tires screeching] experience amazing at your lexus dealer. when did you see the sign? when i needed to jumpstart sales. build attendance for an event. help people find their way. fastsigns designed new directional signage. and got them back on track. get started at
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5:46 am
brian: quick football headlines. did you see the games yesterday? the saints marching on. nfl playoffs continue to be hope for them they like. new orleans ending eagle's dream of super bowl repeat. 20-14. they play the los angeles rams in the nfc game next sunday. that will be sensational. patriots score the first 35 points of the half, pounding the loss lo chargers 42-28. they're taking the their 8th straight trip to the afc championship game. that is amazing stat. you will never see that again.
5:47 am
the patriots have to beat the chiefs again this year. college football champs are heading to the white house to celebrate their big win. clemson tigers will meet the president of the united states. winning their second national championship this year beating alabama. ainsley is downstairs. ainsley: south carolina goes to washington a race to the radical left, according to our next guest who writes in a new op-ed, even with the total collapse of venezuela before their eyes and undeniable horrors of life under communism and socialism, american leftists are no longer embarassed to espouse ideologies that failed miserably every place they have been tried. here with more, "new york post" columnist, fox news contributor, michael goodwin. >> my pleasure. >> this is very interesting, why are the democrats what is the appeal to race even farther to the left? >> we're seeing it in the states like gavin into newsom. ainsley: taxing water.
5:48 am
>> bill de blasio here in new york city wants free medicaid, paid vacations for every private employee. certainly, chuck schumer, and nancy pelosi, on the border there, is no problem, no big issue there, let's move along. of course alexandria ocasio-cortez who wants the new green deal and medicaid for all. i mean, medicare for all. >> 70% tax. >> this is now what i call the race to crazy land. everybody on the left is acting as if there is no history here. that we can, government can take all private property and redistribute it. it is the great redistribution race that they're in and we're seeing it up and down the democratic party. and i think what it says is, it is two things. why? first bernie sanders was pretty successful in 2016 with this kind of socialist approach to free college tuition, medicare for all. i think a lot of people saw that as the new wave of the party. and then secondly, i think it is
5:49 am
this rage against donald trump. i mean it is very hard to sort of want to make a deal with donald trump. like dealing with the devil for democrats. so what do they do? they want something so far off the charts that trump can't possibly be for it. it will galvanize young people who have a preference now for socialism over capitalism. but i think it's a destructive race. the difference now, they are serious. these are not ow lying ideas for the party. these are the party leaders themselves talking about open borders, no distinction between legal and illegal immigrants, free stuff for everybody, forever. this is, this is a new kind of democratic party. ainsley: some democrats saying they're even open to illegals getting a chance to vote. >> sure, sure. ainsley: how do they have so much support though? when you hear they will tax 70% of your paycheck if alexandria ocasio-cortez gets her way, how do they have so much support? that is a lot money giving back to the government? >> i think a lot of it is
5:50 am
ignorance. i frankly think american young people today are not being educated properly in schools. they don't know the history of our country. they don't know the history of other countries. they don't understand economics. ocasio-cortez, she is charming and delightful in many ways. she got an economics degree from boston university and she clearly doesn't underst on his way to new orleans to address american farmers. he may speak to reporters. we'll bring that to you live if he does. as the president urges democrats to end this shutdown. so what happens next? day 24, folks. we'll have it all right here on "america's newsroom." join us in moments.
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
♪ brian: super bowl of the auto industry, the north american international auto show is here. steve: that's right.
5:54 am
car expert mike caudill is live in detroit with an exclusive look at winners. michael? >> breaking news in detroit. off the wire here within five minutes, north american car truck, utility vehicle been announced it is genesis g-70, taking home car of the year honor. the hyundai was an upset. that was the dark horse in this battle for the suv utility vehicle category. the hyundai kona. we expected the ram 1500 to win. one of the most talked about vehicle last year, they won truck of the year. big congratulations. that is big honor for the industry. other big news, one of these vehicles, this is one i like to take home, the all new lincoln continental. this is the coach door. it is the first time since the 1960s, they had reverse opening coach doors on it. kind of interesting history. the continental has been around for 80 years. beautiful vehicle. i love the exterior design own this.
5:55 am
we have other news at the show. i want to jump to ram showing off 2500 heavy-duty. it has 35,000 towing capacity. that is the equivalent of roughly three nfl football teams. the red one is the ram power wagon with a 6.4 leader hemi under the hood. that is the 6.7 cummins diesel noter to meant for hauling big things. kia showing of the telluride here at the show this is eight passenger, three-row vehicle. i love the design. kia a standout at the auto show with the suv. it is packed with technology. this is for you, brian. the lexus rcf. this is the track car. zero to 60 in subfour section. carbon fiber, titanium exhaust. i will close it out with 700-horsepower in the mustang shelby gt 500. i am breaking this to you before
5:56 am
the embargo lifts in five minutes. this thing is awesome. the design of this mustang is in incredible. 700-horsepower. zero to 60 in three section. a lot of cool cars here. brian: i can wait three seconds. steve: congratulations to genesis, ram, hyundai for vehicles of the year. ainsley: thank you, mike. you know them well. 56 minutes after the top of the hour. more "fox & friends." you both comfortab le. and snoring? how smart is that? smarter sleep. to help you lose your dad bod, train for that marathon, and wake up with the patience of a saint. sleep number is ranked #1 in customer satisfaction with mattresses by j. d. power. and now, save up to $500 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. only for a limited time.
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we know that when you're spending time with the grandkids every minute counts. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield.
5:59 am
that's why we show you exactly when we'll be there. saving you time, so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ that's going to wrap up this program today. thank you very much. go to for the after show. >> or run to the radio if you really like to. a briefing from the white house any moment now, president trump could talk to reporters. several big stories of the day. the president pushing back hard on two different russia reports, calling out democrats in the meantime in the shutdown battle. we say good morning. we hope you had an awesome
6:00 am
weekend. i'm bill hemmer. >> good morning, bill. i'm sandra smith. the president calling a "new york times" front page story


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