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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  January 14, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PST

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that's going to wrap up this program today. thank you very much. go to for the after show. >> or run to the radio if you really like to. a briefing from the white house any moment now, president trump could talk to reporters. several big stories of the day. the president pushing back hard on two different russia reports, calling out democrats in the meantime in the shutdown battle. we say good morning. we hope you had an awesome weekend. i'm bill hemmer. >> good morning, bill. i'm sandra smith. the president calling a "new york times" front page story
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ludicrous. they say they launched a report after president trump fired director, james comey. >> bill: another report saying the president concealed details from senior administration officials. >> sandra: trump has been firing off tweets all weekend and all morning with response. on the congressional side, lawmakers are reacting. >> i would like to know who leaked it, because they have an agenda not very friendly to president trump. i don't trust what i read in the "new york times." >> na was a concerning, eve en alarming report. it suggests the mueller investigation needs to continue. >> sandra: doug has the latest from the white house. good morning. >> the president has been picking his travels very carefully as the government shutdown enters its 24th straight day, the longest on the record. visits to troopers, a good
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thing, visits to puerto rico, not such a good thing. the president has tried to encourage their spirits. he tweeted at 7:20 this morning, getting ready to address the farm convention today in nashville, tennessee, love our farmers, love tennessee, a great combination. see you in a little while. the trouble is that meeting with the farmers is in new orleans. the president instantaneously deleted that tweet. the he said the onus is on democrats to end the shutdown. nancy and crying shuck can end the shutdown in 15 minutes. it has become their and the democrats fault. i have been waiting all weekend. democrats must get to work now. border must be secured. that, while 30 or more democrats and their families have been meeting in puerto rico on hurricane recovery efforts and taking in a performance of the broadway show, "hamilton" and soaking up some sun. not the kind of image you want to see in the midst of a
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government shutdown in a very cold and snowy washington, d.c. >> sandra: doug, the administration is pushing back hard against this latest "washington post" report that president trump tried to hide his conversations with vladmir putin. >> reporter: that report coming down the pike after friday night's report by "the new york times" that the fbi opened a counter intelligence investigation of the president of the united states, basically, looking into whether or not he was a russian spy in the aftermath of firing of james comey. now, "the washington post" is reporting that mr. trump took a translator's notes of his conversation with putin at the 2017 g-summit in germany. it has further entrenched both sides in the broader debate over u elections and beyond. the white house and republicans defending him against what they believe is the fbi's rogue leadership. >> the president said it is the most insulting thing he has ever been asked, that's ever been said about him, which is saying
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a great deal given everything that's been said and done about him. the other thing is, i have a slightly different view. it confirms what the president has said about some of the rogue actors at the tippy-top of the fbi, who are no longer there because they were fired and worse. some of them were deemed to be leaking and lying, sexting each other. >> reporter: democrats increasingly convinced that president trump is acting in concert with president putin. >> why is he so chummy with vladmir putin, a man who is a former kgb agent, never been a friend of the united states, invaded or our allies and threatens us around the world and tries to undermine our election. why is this president trump's best buddy. when he takes the interpreter's notes and wants to destroy them so no one can see what was said and written transcript, it raises serious questions about the relationship. >> reporter: the new house of
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the intelligence committee, adam schiff, vowing to subpoena the translator's notes in advance of the g-17 meeting in 2017. >> bill: let's get some analysis. byron has been watching it all new york. let's get some information on the russian report. judge jeanine asked the president about it on saturday night. here is how part of that went. >> i am going to ask you. are you now or have you ever worked for russia, mr. president? >> i think it is the most insulting thing i have ever been asked. i think it is the most insulting article i have ever had written. if you read the article, you would see they found absolutely nothing. >> bill: what democrats are saying is that he did not say no to the question. you can interpret his response as forcefully as it was. byron, what is your read on that? >> well, i would not be surprised if he does say no at some point in the future. it would have been a very simple answer to say, no.
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the important thing about this "new york times" article is that it does say that no evidence has publicly emerged to show that president trump was in touch with russian officials secretly or was somehow being directed by them or anything like that. >> bill: i have the quite right here. no evidence was emerged that president trump was secretly in contact or took direction from russian officials. keep going. >> the republican question is, what's this all about? a number of republicans believe that trump was essentially under investigation by the fbi long before may of 2017 when this report says the fbi was so disturbed by these reports that they opened up an investigation. basically, the whole trump/russia investigation that had existed for more than a year or a year at that point was directed toward president trump. so a lot of republicans are trying to figure out why this report came out, exactly what's going on behind it.
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you saw lindsey graham who is now the chairman of the senate judiciary committee where republicans still had the majority wanting answers on this. >> you have elijah cummings in 60 minutes. here is a little clip about what you can expect very soon. >> we can look at anything. the fact that we can look at anything is part of the problem. there is so much. the congress doesn't meet but so many days in a year. all i'm saying is that we have to hit the ground not running but flying. >> bill: that tells you a lot, doesn't? >> well, it does. what congressman cummings said, there is a big problem. the big question for democrats now is the oversight committees normally oversee anything in the united states government. if there is corruption in this program, money wasted in this program, they should investigate that. so should they actually investigate the actual problems
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in the united states government or should they focus entirely on president trump. i will say in this coming congress, the holy grail for democratic investigators will be to try to get the president's tax returns. the law does allow the house ways and means committee or the joint committee on taxation to get an individual's tax returns. we'll see a lot of fighting on that. for democrats, a lot of democrats believe that could be the key to everything they want to investigate. >> bill: come back to these stories from the times and the post over the weekend. how much do you think that is related to the hearings that begin tomorrow with bill barr, the new a.g.? >> what we have seen in the past, a big blockbuster news report provides material for questions that senators ask the nominee. so i would not be surprised if you see a lot of questions to bill barr about this. most of the questions from democrats are going to be some version of, you are not going to
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disturb the mueller investigation, are you? so far, nobody has. the mueller investigation is apparent apparently matching towards its conclusion. to our knowledge, it has not been impeded in any way by the trump appointes that run the justice department or any other agency. >> bill: you write a piece and say in the border fight, democrats want a wall that won't keep anybody out. you mean, you can give the drones and all the surveillance but that's not going to stop a caravan. what's your point, byron? >> a number of democrats say a real wall would be immoral but a technological or a smart wall, james clyburn's words, would be a better idea. it would use cameras, drones, infrared sensors and other technology to detect people crossing the border illegally without putting up an actual physical barrier to stop them.
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that's never worked in the past. it is even less relevant now because the nature of the flow of illegal immigrants across the border has changed. in the past, it was single adult men that could be apprehended and quickly returned. now, it is more families and uncompanied children, who by u.s. law cannot be returned. they are not trying to enter undetected. they want to be caught and then begin the asylum process that can keep them in the united states even if their asylum claim is not valid. >> byron, interesting point, thank you. the wall predeuced crime in san diego, tucson and el paso. >> big-time. >> bill: byron, thank you so much. alan dershowitz is coming up later this hour about the report and when it means. peter king, the next hour, is our headliner and former white house press secretary, sean spicer, has his take on the day
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of the news. that's a packed show. >> sandra: we can't just say a busy monday morning. every monday morning. we have a fox news alert. president trump is warning turkey not to attack kurdish forces in syria once american troops leave. the president tweeted, starting the long overdue pullout while hitting the little remaining isis territorial caliphate hard from many directions. we will attack again if it reforms. we will devastate turkey economically if they hid kurds. create 20-mile safe zone. this comes as secretary of state, mike pompeo, meets with the crown prince in saudi arabia. we have more from the capitol with more. secretary pompeo elaborated on the president's tweet? >> reporter: he did this morning, sandra, shortly after his meeting with the saudi crown prince. the secretary says that the president is simply explaining his administration's goals in
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syria. >> we want to make sure that the folks that fought with us to take down the caliphate and isis have security. also, that terrorists acting out of syria aren't able to attack turkey. >> reporter: here in read, secretary pompeo acknowledged that the u.s. and allies have to work out the precise methodology of how they will accomplish that. he says the administration is looking to create buffer zones to protect forces that fought with the u.s. turkey considers serial kurdish forces to be terrorists. the united states considering them reliable partners in the fight against isis. turkey's foreign minister is commenting on the president trump's tweets. he says they are never afraid of threats and threatening turkey economically will get you nowhere. >> bill: about 12 past the hour. this deadly snowstorm continues
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hitting many. now, the east coast slammed by the winter fury. seven are dead in multiple states. we'll tell you about what the storm is coming up today. >> sandra: president obama calling for new blood in the democratic party. that undercutting his friend, joe biden, as the democratic field gets bigger and bigger. >> bill: meanwhile, the suspect in the jayme closs kidnapping is in court. how the community is pulling together to help the 13-year-old recover. >> it is a strong community. you have seen how people have come together the last few months. there is going to be a whole lot of healing that needs to go on in this community from every perspective. we have all the faith in the world that that will take place. y precious metals company led by a former director of the united states mint. and as one of the largest us gold coin distributors in the country, us money reserve has proudly served hundreds of thousands of clients worldwide. there may have never been a better time to start diversifying your assets
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upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you. fox news alert. a powerful storm dumping its way
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across the midwest. nearly 1.5 feet of snow has been in some parts of the country. slick roads caused crashes in kansas that killed four people. in missouri, four people were killed. north carolina, virginia, and washington, d.c. seeing several inches of snow and ice as well making for hazardous conditions. >> one of the challenges we have in this world is people clinging on to power instead of seeing power. we need new blood. >> you heard it there. that was barack obama from about 100 yards away from that camera talking about what democrats need in 2020. in the meantime, here is what you are getting, kelsey gaper, congressman john delaney, elizabeth warren, senators kamala harris and kristin gillibrand and bernie sanders and joe biden. former chief of staff under
6:18 am
president h.w. bush, how are you doing, sir? are you running, by the way? >> i'm switching parties to run as a dem. >> bill: they would love to have you. the thing we heard from president obama was new blood. how do you interpret that comment? >> look, if i were joe biden, i would tell obama to button his lip and butt out of the process. the president has no business interjecting into every little thing that's happening nowadays. if obama was referring to the quantitatively illiterate millennials who don't know the difference between 1 billion, 1 million, or 1 trillion like ocasio cortez or the anti-catholics, like ka mel lahair ris, the republicans have thrilled to have him stick his nose where it ought not to be. >> bill: run, joe, run. i assume he is running?
6:19 am
>> biden is running, i think the democrats are going to be surprised at the energy he brings to the game. this is going to be a wild and wide-open process. i think biden's experience and long political list of ious will serve him well. i think he is being underestimated by a lot of people. >> bill: interesting. there is a piece by cnn that talks about why in is happening, because they believe donald trump is beatable. what's trump's path to re-election? >> it is paved by the goals and the chaos of the democratic party and what will be the irresponsibility of the democratically controlled house. i think you will see over time they will begin to change their minds. >> bill: what if he doesn't get the wall? is that the same as no new taxes, read my lip from the early '90s? >> in an odd way, as long as he makes the fight, if he doesn't get the wall, i think it
6:20 am
strengthens his re-election. >> bill: how so? >> his base will still want that wall. he brought them out with that message. he will bring them out this time and say, give me a republican house and senate and we'll do it. >> bill: meaning he has an election issue to run on. go back to the pictures of all the faces on the screen. i know how the rnc was pulling their hair out in 2016 with 17 republicans trying to get the nomination. what does the dnc do with this? >> they rent yankee stadium for debates. >> bill: how do they handle it? >> i don't know, i don't know. it is so chaotic. what are they going to do? draw groups of ten for debates. let's see how they handle it. it really is 37 to 40 candidates, there is no
6:21 am
constructive way to handle it. >> i am here for as many as 20 debates. governor, thank you. you can choose to watch as much as you want. thank you, gov. >> sandra: we are still awaiting president trump's departure at the white house. it could be happening at any moment now. will he talk to reporters on his way to new orleans. we do not know. if he does, we will certainly take those comments. russia reports the shutdown battle, still dominating headlines. we will take you there live, if, indeed, he does speak to reporters. >> bill: this story on friday. wow, was this a stunner. that's the suspect in the jayme closs kidnapping set to make his first court appearance in a matt fer of hours as we learn more about who he is, jacob patterson. >> there has been a lot of emotion. there was one scene that showed a number of people assisting with the search. this has been an emotional time for this community.
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we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. kerry walls, wife of an air force veteran just won the lottery in virginia, $100,000 and a ford expedition suv. her husband is one of 800,000 federal employees not getting paid for the shutdown. that's a pretty happy picture. >> sandra: that's pretty good timing. congratulations to her. >> sandra: now, to the suspect of a wisconsin double murder around kidnapping case due in court where prosecutors are expected to formally charge 21-year-old jake patterson today. he was arrested after 13-year-old jayme closs escaped from a home where she was held for months after her parents were found murdered. patterson's lawyer speaking
6:26 am
about the case yesterday. >> it's too early to determine what our defense is. we have not seen the criminal complaint or read the police report or seen any videos or other materials they have available for us. we have to evaluate the entire case before we can make a decision as to which direction we are going. >> sandra: matt finn is following the story live from baron, wisconsin. >> reporter: jayme closs's alleged kidnapper has been in custody since last thursday and we expect to get our first glimpse of the alleged killer and kidnapper. 21-year-old jake patterson is being held on two counts of first-degree homicide and one count of kidnapping. his attorneys, the public defenders say, this case is so severe, they prefer he not use the option of appearing in court via video. >> the seriousness of the charges, he should be in court
6:27 am
rather than through a video screen. >> reporter: this is the barron county center. white jayme was missing, they held press conferences there. now, jayme closs's alleged kidnapper is going to appear inside this building before a judge, sandra. >> sandra: now, we are getting the very first looks of the house where jayme eventually escaped from. >> reporter: the daily mail obtained some eey photos of this house. they have some storage box and purple boxes. this could be the room where jayme was held. it is a fairly messy house. you can only imagine this poor girl might have spent thanksgiving and christmas and new year's in this house after
6:28 am
she watched her parents being executed. jayme's aunt tells us she will be in court and every proceeding going forward. the closs family is seeking the harshest sentence possible for the alleged killer and kidnapper. hundreds of thousands of students in amy juror city could be in a bind. why a national movement may lead to the first teacher's strike there in nearly 30 years. >> sandra: the president not pulling any punches as he sounds off on the battle with democrats over border security. why he says the entire shutdown battle could be resolved in 15 minutes. arizona congressman, andy biggs, joins us on that. >> we would love for the democrats to join us here. it is not puerto rico. it is pretty out here. hopefully, there will be no snowball fights. we are here to negotiate. the president has been working the phones.
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>> sandra: right now, we are hearing the president is on the south lawn taking questions. we expect him to discuss the shutdown battle and earlier this week he was taking aim at the democrats who went to puerto rico for a working vacation. the president has been sounding off on this on twitter saying i'm in the white house waiting. the democrats are everywhere but washington as people await their pay. they are having fun and not even talking. as we await the president, he is talking to reporters now. congressman, andy biggs, sits on the house judiciary committee and joins us now. obviously, the president could make some news here, depending on what he says. he is headed down to to talk to the farmers in new orleans. a big moment for the president and those farmers. a lot to discuss there. a lot to discuss here. first off, what do we do if the shutdown continues? the president says, 15 minutes, that's all i need and we can solve this.
6:33 am
how do we do it? >> we need the democrats to move a bit. they have been unwilling to move or sit down and negotiate with any sincerity. the president has moved every which away from $25 billion to $5.7 billion. he has been indicating he would be willing to move off that number. we have to build a wall. the democrats have said, we are not going to give a penny. that makes it really hard to take care of something like this, specially when they leave town. >> sandra: what we know about that is 150 lobbyists are down there as well, and about 30 democratic members of congress traveled to puerto rico, some with their families. this is a winter retreat that was planned before the shutdown, of course. also, this special performance of the hit broadway show "hamilton" is involved. the president has openly criticized democrats for being down there to begin with.
6:34 am
does he have a point is this. >> i think so. the optics show insensitivity at its best and hypocrisy. these same people were castigating the president. imagine if he were to go to m a mar-a-lago how insensitive they would be. the optic is so bad. it is like a let them eat cake moment. we understand your problem but we're going to go hang out at the beach and pictures i saw of these folks on the beach of puerto rico, it's just a really bad optic at this time. >> sandra: they chartered a jet that carried the attendees and brought 250 pounds of medical supplies on that flight. we continue to hear others sound off on this shutdown. here is senator dick durbin. >> reporter: it is time to send out the kentucky bloodhound and look for mitch mcconnell. the centrists who were trying to
6:35 am
find solutions were shut down by the white house. it is time for them to speak up and tell mitch mcconnell, the party is over. we want this to end. there is no excuse for the shutdown. open up this government tomorrow. the president can do it in one phone call from much mcconnell can get it started. >> sandra: congressman, how do you respond to the senator? >> i say, first of all, the democrats have the extra eight or nine votes that would allow for a wall to be built and funding from the house bills sent over previously. we need to redo that. it is not the president that's causing this shutdown. it's the democrats. they control the votes in the senate because it is a 60-vote rule. the second thing i would say is that president obama declared the emergency 12 times. i think we are forcing president trump to declare an emergency to build the wall. i think that is probably where we are going to end up going. that's just where we are. >> sandra: at the same time,
6:36 am
congressman, support for the wall does seem to be growing. this is the latest abc pole. 42% of americans support a wall. that is up from 34% just one year ago with 54%, the majority of americans polled still oppose building a border wall. opposition is shrinking. 63% opposed the wall a year ago. what do you make of this trend? where is it going? obviously, there is a trend of building support for the wall. >> i think you are right. i think the polls show that. when i'm going out, i sense that trajectory is moving that direction. here is why. the narrative is actually getting out there now. no one can deny there is not a real serious issue at the border, a crisis, if you will. so what that does is that allows people to reform their opinions and that's what you are seeing, as we find out more and more about the problems. you have got the caravans that has come across. that has highlighted it.
6:37 am
you have another caravan forming. it is going to be the biggest caravan yet. when these people start coming across the border and crashing through the border, americans understand we have a real serious problem. i think the trajectory is going to grow. if you wait another month, it is going to be well over 50%. >> we'll see. meanwhile, the president and the gop continue to get the blame for the shutdown. the latest polling, 53% blame republicans and the president for that. that has grown as far as democrats, 29%. we want to move on to this "new york post" report. on this 32-foot smuggling tunnel that's been discovered at the arizona border. congressman, what can you tell us about this? mexican authorities have unearthed a 32-foot long smuggling tunnel they have found in less than a month. can you tell us anything about that? >> what i know is it is a small tunnel as far as the size, the
6:38 am
circumference. it is big enough to get a person through and drugs through. this is the preferred method now. nogales has a series of drainage pipes that run through it. so they connect into those. one time, they actually cut a hole underneath a parking spot in nogales where they could actually bring a van that they cut the bottom of the van. they would run people and drugs over that before that was found. this is another way of people getting through. it is a serious problem. this is, like you say, the third one they found this month. we suspect there is many more. >> sandra: this is a 32-foot long tunnel. the others uncovered were a 50-foot and a 6 a-foot tunnel used for the transfer of drugs and people according to officials. you described the width of it, the circular door, according to police video in this report says, it is just big enough to fit a body. congressman, great to have you on the program this morning, cord a lot. >> thanks, sandra.
6:39 am
>> bill: hundreds of thousands of students in l.a. bracing for what could be the first teachers strike in 30 years. union members say they did not receive a new contract offer. they are holding out for smaller classes and more personnel. jonathan hunt is tracking that. jonathan, where do we stand? >> reporter: good morning, bill. the strike is part of a national movement under the hashtag "red for ed." it began in west virginia and has emboldened teachers union. the la strike is the first in 30 years. we are expecting a large picket here at john marshall high school in l.a. what the teachers want is more money in terms of salary. they want smaller class sizes and more nurses, more librarians. they say that the district superintendent, austin buttner, is not negotiating those things in good faith. listen here. >> buttner says that our
6:40 am
proposals about more staffing, lower class sizes, more resources and support is rhetoric, because there is no money. we have not had an honest partner in bargaining. this may be rhetoric to buttner but very real to those of us who are educators in lausd, to our students, our parents and family. >> reporter: the l.a. school district says it simply cannot afford the teacher's demands which would, they say, in effect, bankrupt the district within two years. listen here. >> we can not afford everything they are asking for. we hope they will come to the table and tell us what they really want. they can't have everything they are asking for. we know that. they know that. >> reporter: mayor eric garcetti of los angeles, a potential democratic presidential candidate in 2020 has studiously avoided taking a side in this
6:41 am
but he did weigh in via facebook. >> i urge both sides to come back to the table as soon as possible and keep working around the clock to preach an agreement soon so that teachers and students can get back to the classrooms where they belong. >> reporter: 31,000 teachers are supposed to be out on strike today here, bill, in what is the nation's second largest school district. there will be 2000 substitute teachers brought in. that is very few, obviously, for the more than half million students within the l.a. school district. an open question, where those students will be, where their parents will decide to send them or keep them at home. it is going to be a very interesting day to see what kind of impact this strike has and whether it is the nation's second largest school district. >> bill: affecting a lot of people. john anan than hunt, live today.
6:42 am
>> sandra: the dream for the eagles to win a second one slipped through their hands when they lost. late in the fourth, only six points down. pas pasco, right through the hands of an eagle receiver and right into a new orleans saints. other teams to move on to conference chipship games include the chiefs, rams, and who else, of course, the patriots. tom brady and new england will play in their eighth straight afc championship game next week. what a weekend. >> bill: the chargers just did not show up yesterday. the evening game was great. you have saints at rams, smitty, sunday. i know you are taking the saints. >> sandra: yep. >> bill: you have the patriots and the chiefs in the late game. the winners go to the super bowl in atlanta. >> sandra: who are you cheering for? >> bill: give me a day or two.
6:43 am
>> sandra: i'll give you a day or two. ask you on wednesday. >> bill: president trump takes questions from reporters. stand by. we'll play you the tape. alan dershowitz is on deck to take it all on. coming up next, live. >> i don't care. i had a conversation, like every president does. you sit with the president of various countries. i do it with all countries. it's tough to quit smoking cold turkey. so chantix can help you quit "slow turkey." along with support, chantix is proven to help you quit. with chantix you can keep smoking at first and ease into quitting. chantix reduces the urge so when the day arrives, you'll be more ready to kiss cigarettes goodbye. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix. you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. stop chantix and get help right away if you have changes in... behavior or thinking, aggression, hostility, depressed mood, suicidal thoughts or actions, seizures,
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- [voiceover] with your gift of just $25, we can rush an emergency survival package to help one desperate elderly person for a month. call right now. - [eckstein] call the number on your screen. >> bill: we have a lot cooking. president trump taking questions at the white house. one report claiming after the firing of james comey, he, trump, was being investigated as a possible russian agent. no proof. alan dershowitz wrote the report, "the case against impeaching donald trump." we might get interrupted. we will try and squeeze in as much as we can. let me set the table. "new york times," key sentence. you know they are paying
6:47 am
attention to the white house and saided following. it is not clear whether robert mueller is still pursuing the counter intelligence matter. no public evidence has emerged that mr. trump secretly conspired or took direction from the russian government. what are we to think, what's the hunch as to why you do a counter intelligence operation? >> it is not a criminal investigation. it is not designed diet or charge anybody with a crime. it is designed to get information to prevent a foreign enemy from intruding on american interests. that's why it should never be conducted by a special counsel, a special counsel of prosecutors. that's not the role of prosecutors. it is the role of the fbi counter intelligence. it would also be the role of a special commission set up by congress to investigate russian influence on elections, which i have called for from the very beginning. it is not the proper role of a prosecutor to write a report telling us how to make our relationship was the russians
6:48 am
better. that's for congress. that's for the president. that's not for a special prosecutor. >> bill: andrew mccarthy writes, fbi russian investigation was always about trump. in his piece, it goes on to say, it wasn't about manafort or flynn or carter page. do you agree with him on that? >> absolutely, 100%. not only do i but judge ellis, who presided over the manafort case agreed with him. judge ellis said on the record, the question about manafort is not about manafort. it is an attempt to squeeze him to get him to sing or compose against the real target of the investigation, donald trump. here, you have a judge conducting the trial making that. you don't need me and mccarthy to make it. you have a judge making it. it is self-evidently true. all these other people are collateral damage to squeeze them to get incriminating evidence against president trump. that's the way they often operate. it is a core violation of civil
6:49 am
liberties. >> bill: we have a two-minute warning for the president so i may have to interrupt you. if that's the case, we don't know what ex text bob mueller is investigating that aspect of the leadership of the fbi. your headline, should mueller report comment on non-criminal conduct? will he or won't he or should he or should he not? >> i hope he doesn't. he should not. in the hill, i make the argument that a prosecutor's job is to indict and charge or not indict. it is not enter job to issue reports about noncriminal conduct. remember, they only hear one side of the issue. they don't hear evidence that exculpatory. they don't allow cross-examination. a report by a special prosecutor is worthless, except if it has corroboration or if it indicts. >> apology for the brevity. here is the president. good morning. it's beautiful. too bad they took the snow off the ground. too bad. it was more beautiful last
6:50 am
night. i'll be going to new orleans right now. i'm going to be speaking in front of our great farmers. i look forward to that. i did it last year. i look forward to it. we will be back a little bit later. i believe, i don't know, if the weather changes things. the clemson championship team, the national championship team, will be coming tonight. it will be exciting. a great team, unbelievable team. they will be coming tonight. i think we are going to serve mcdonald's, wendy's, and burger kings with some pizza. i really mean it. it will be interesting. i would think that's their favorite food. so we'll see what happens. they are coming tonight, the national champions, subject to the weather. i have been here all weekend. a lot of the democrats were in puerto rico celebrating somethi something. i don't know. maybe they are celebrating the shutdown. we have a very big crisis, a
6:51 am
humanitarian crisis on the border. everybody knows it. they know it. many of them are saying, we agree with you. many of them are calling and many of them are breaking. the republicans are rock solid. we have to take care of our border. many of the people, they are all going to get their money. many of the people that aren't being paid right now are in total agreement with us. you saw the border patrol agents. you saw what was happening. they are in total agreement with us. so we'll see how it all goes. i will tell you this, we have a priority. it is the safety of our nation. the southern border has been horrible for decades. because of the success of our country, it is now at a level that we can not put up with. the democrats have to do something. we need their votes. otherwise, we can't solve it. without their votes. they now control the house. let's see if they can lead. i don't know that they can lead but we are going to soon find out. >> reporter: mr. president --
6:52 am
>> what did you say? >> reporter: lindsey graham -- [ indiscernible ] >> that was the suggestion that lindsey made. i want to get it solved. i don't want to just delay it. >> i don't know anything about it. i read it this morning. it is a lot of fake news. it was a very good meeting. it was a very successful meeting. i have those meetings with everybody. i just know nothing about it. it was a very, very successful meeting. we talked about israel. we talked about the pipeline tla germany is paying russia a lot of money. i don't think it is appropriate. we talked about that. we talked about many subjects. i have those meetings one-on-one with all leaders, including the president of china, including prime minister of japan, abe.
6:53 am
we have those meetings all the time. no big deal. >> reporter: mr. president, mr. president. >> president trump: i never worked for russia. it is a disgrace you asked that question. it is a whole big fat hoax. it is just a hoax. >> reporter: mr. president, what about -- >> president trump: i haven't been following it. i really haven't been following it. [ indiscernible [ indiscernible ] >> president trump: i don't know if we are close to a deal. this should be the easiest deal i have ever seen. we are talking about border security. who could be against it? we are talking about drug traffickers and human traffickers tying up women and
6:54 am
pouring into our country. we can't have that. we have drugs, we have criminals. we have gangs and the democrats don't want to do anything about it. they say it is immoral. it wasn't immoral three years ago, five years ago, six years ago when they all raised their hands to approve a wall. all of the sudden, it is immoral. it is immoral, one reason, because they know they are going to lose in the 2020 election. that's the only reason to them it is immoral. >> reporter: how about ocasio cortez? >> president trump: who cares. >> reporter: what about trade? >> president trump: we are doing very well with china. they are having a hard economy because of the tariffs. we are doing very well. we are at record. our unemployment numbers just hit another record. we are doing extremely well as a country. we are doing better than any country right now anywhere in the world. china wants to negotiate.
6:55 am
i have a great relationship with president shi. it is good to have relationship was russia and china and japan and india. i have relationships with almost everybody. that's a good thing, not a bad thing. i think that we are going to be able to do a deal with china. i can tell you we are getting things that before i became president, you would have had no chance at getting. they would have laughed in your president's face. >> reporter: are you getting -- >> president trump: the people that started that investigation are mccabe, who is a proven liar and was fired from the fbi, lisa page, who was forced to leave the fbi, and her lover, peter strzok, who we got their text messages and what they said in those text messages was shocking, when you talk about
6:56 am
bias and also comey. i guess they started it because i fired comey, which was a great thing i did for our country. so the people doing that investigation were people that have been caught that are known scoundrels there. you could say they are dirty cops. i'll tell you what. it is so unfair what's happened to the fbi in terms of the men and women working in the rank and file of the fbi. i know many of them. these are great people. they are so embarrassed by their leadership. you have never seen that. i have never seen a turn-around in a bureau or agency like i have with the fbi. they are so embarrassed. i think 12 people now have been terminated. others, if you look at what's happening, others are going to go. what happened to the fbi. so when you say should i have confidence in the fbi or intelligence agencies, when i
6:57 am
see all of these people, when i see lisa and her lover and their notes and their texts get captured and you see what they say about me, having nothing to do with investigation, let me tell you something, when people see that, you have an angry country. the whole thing is a hoax. it is a big hoax. it is very bad for our country. what happened with the fbi, i have done a great service for our country when i fired james comey, because he was a bad cop and he was a dirty cop. he lied. he really lied. all you have to do -- wait a minute. all you have to do is take a look at crooked hillary clinton investigation where they brought her on july fourth weekend, july fourth. they didn't swear her in. they didn't do anything. they just let her go. she usually, mostly said, i don't know. she didn't know anything. just like james comey a week
6:58 am
ago. he was interviewed by congress. unfortunately, people didn't see it, because the republicans with paul ryan unfortunately they didn't put him out there. what he said was either he is a bad liar or he is grossly incompetent. unfortunately, people didn't see it. you can read the transcripts. what? [ inaudible ]. >> president trump: you know how i feel. this is so simple, you shouldn't have to call a national emergency. i have the absolute legal right to call it. i'm not looking to do that. this is too simple. the democrats should say we want border security. we have to build a wall, otherwise you can't have border security. we should get on with our lives. the democrats are stopping us
6:59 am
and they are stopping a lot of great people from getting paid. all they have to do is say, we want border security. that auoughauto matmatically me or a barrier. >> bill: a snowy day in washington. >> sandra: you heard a few things from the president. he was asked about the lindsey graham suggestion to reopen the government for a few weeks so a deal can get done. the president responded, not interested. he said, i don't know if we are close to a deal. democrats don't want to do anything about it. he also went on to talk about the fbi investigation of the president as it being retaliation for his firing of james comey. he said the people that started that investigation are dirty cops, rank and file, embarrassed by leadership. he called it a big hoax and very bad for the country. the president weighed in on all the headlines. >> bill: there are two big stories over the weekend regarding russia, "new york times" and "washington post."
7:00 am
all this in context of what you are going to see at this hour. that will be the hearings of william barr, who is nominated to be the next attorney general. hope you had an awesome weekend. hope you did too, sandra. >> sandra: good morning. welcome to another hour of "america's newsroom." >> bill: good morning. we begin with chief intelligence correspondent, katherine heritage, who joins us live. >> reporter: we confirmed over the weekend that it was the house republican line of questioning that uncovered revelation that in may 2016, senior leadership debated whether president trump was directed to fire fbi director, james comey. contacted by fox news, congressman, john ratcliff confirmed his questions. james a. baker uncovered the
7:01 am
claims some of which were reported by the new york crimes. they called the baker leak selective. the full transcript reveals that a may, 2017 political bias affected senior fbi leadership and emotion. not evidence drove the decision-making. fbi senior leadership could not accept that president was fired for cause and the president had the constitutional authority to terminate comey. president trump has responded to these reports labeling the former fbi director, a bad and dirty cop. he said he did a great service when he fired director comey in may of 2017. house democrats are going to be taking up many of these issues in the coming weeks, bill. >> bill: so the president's nominee, william barr, expected to face confirmation hearings. what is the story from that? what would be the lead? >> during his meetings on capitol hill to prep for this week's confirmation hearings, william barr was pressed on a
7:02 am
whole host of issue, particularly how he would handle the special counsel report. the new chairman, lindsey graham, said he will lead these confirmation hearings and that barr had offered him a number of assurances. >> i asked mr. barr directly, do you think mr. mueller is on a witch hunt? he said no. do you think he would be fair to the country as a whole? he said, yeah. do you see any reason for their mueller's investigation to be stopped? he said no. do you see any reason for a termination based on cause? he said no. >> another thing to watch is this unsolicited memo send to rod rosenstein. he said any obstruction of justice by robert mueller targeting the president over his firing of comey and issues related to former national security adviser, mike flynn,
7:03 am
was not legally sound. as i understand t mueller's theory is premised on an unsupportable reading of the law. if my view, it would have great consequences, far beyond the immediate confines of this case and would do lasting damage to the presidency and the administration of law within the executive branch. here is another senior democrat in the senate, chris coons, reacting. >> i asked about his intention to recuse himself or seek an opinion from the ethics counsel and the department of justice and whether he would follow that regardless of the advice or outcome. we talked more briefly about pardons and the criminal justice work of the department, particularly combatting violent crime. >> wild card topics to watch for this week comes from the aclu. they say barr laid the foundation for government surveillance programs and they want senators to press the nominee for his position on warrantless surveillance and
7:04 am
mass data collection. >> thank you, catherine herridge. >> sandra: you heard president trump say he doesn't know if they are closer to a deal with the democrats on the border. he said the southern border has been hashl forrible for decades. >> reporter: as we speak right now, the president is enroute to the farm bureau convention in new orleans, louisiana. he told reporters that he rejects senator lindsey graham's call to temporarily reopen the government while negotiations are underway. na following two incendiary stories over the weekend that allege after president trump fired james comey, the fbi launched a counter intelligence probe of the president of the united states investigating whether president trump was a russian spy. then, another story in "the washington post," first posted yesterday, that said that president trump was so
7:05 am
protective of his private meetings with putin, that he took possession of a translator's notes at their private bilateral meeting at the g-17 summit in hamburg, germany. the white house and president pushing back hard against those stories. >> president trump: i never worked for russia. not only did i never work for russia, i think it is a disgrace you even asked that question. it is a whole, big fat host. >> i don't know who haleaked it. i, for one, don't trust what i read in "the new york times." >> reporter: as a chairman of the senate judiciary committee, senator graham said he wants to ask william barr whether there was, indeed, a counter intelligence investigation of the president of the united states. that while congressional democrats plan their own investigations and want to grill a.g. barr about what he plans to do with the mueller probe. >> the number one question on everyone's mind, will bob mueller be allowed to complete
7:06 am
this investigation without political interference from the attorney general or president? will the results of it be made public so america can see for itself exactly what happened. bill barr volunteered information in the past, saying the president shouldn't be subjected to this kind of investigation. i'll just tell you, that's the first line of questioning you can expect. >> reporter: all that while as many as 30 democrats are enjoying a working vacation in puerto rico exploring the expenditure of recovery funds, some of which the president would like to use to build the proposed wall. at least one democrat, bob menendez of new jersey, found time for the beach, an optic which does not look all that good given the government shutdown in a cold and wintry washington, d.c. >> sandra: doug, thank you. >> bill: we want to bring in new york congressman, peter king, republican on the house side. how are you? a good monday morning to you.
7:07 am
>> i'm doing fine. >> bill: i know you saw the stories over the weekend. the president said, i have never worked for russia, a big, fat hoax, a disgrace to ask the question. what's your view on what you have read? >> from what i have seen and heard, if this is true, what the fbi did is absolutely disgraceful. they have been investigating the trump campaign from the summer of 2016. zero had come up involving president trump. james comey told that to the president. the reason president trump fired comey was comey refused to say that publicly, that the president was out under investigation. for the fbi to use that firing, that legitimate firing, as an excuse to launch an investigation of the president of the united states, as to whether or not he was a spy, that's almost like a coup within the government. that is disgraceful to have no evidence and to be investigating the president of the united states. to me, this is not indictment of president trump. this is an indictment of the fbi
7:08 am
leadership and it proves, i believe, what the president has been saying about the bias against him, trubaker, strzok. they were going after him. disgraceful. >> sandra: they were claiming the president went through extra measures to conceal the details of this conversation with vladmir putin. senator ron johnson was asked about this and had this to say. >> i have no first-hand knowledge of what the facts are here. i do know president trump was burned earlier by leaks of other private conversations. i can certainly understand his frustration from that standpoint. you said earlier, this is not a traditional president. he has unorthodoxed means. he is president of the united states. it is up to him as to who he wants to read into his conversation with world leaders. >> that is ron johnson.
7:09 am
that was his response. i totally agree with senator johnson considering all the leaks that come out of the white house, out of the government, out of the deep state, whatever you want to call it. the first few days president trump was in office, they were leaking the contents of his private telephone conversations with world leaders. the last thing president trump would want was his conversations with any world leader ending up on "the new york times." a direct leak from some people in the government directly from the president's office, whether the president would be talking here or overseas. his conversations are going directly to the "new york times" or "the washington post." i don't blame the president at all. we are talking about national security. if you are talking to a foreign leader, a person that can be an adversary, the last thing you want is that all over the news. people act as if somehow there are some secret talks going on with the president and putin that are dangerous.
7:10 am
how about when president barack obama was caught on a microphone talking to the president of russia telling him to tell putin, once the election is over, i'll be able to give him a better deal. that, to me, if anything, showed collusion. it would be that. it wasn't. i am just trying to make a point here. they go after president trump for everything. the most obvious example of a president talking to a foreign leader in a whispering way about a deal he was going to give them was president obama talking to medvedev about what putin could expect. >> it was something like transmit to vladimir. i will have greater flexibility after the election. you said this was an indictment of the fbi. "the new york times" says no public evidence is emerged that mr. trump secretly conspired with the russian government or took direct. that is from the same article. i don't want to lose sight of
7:11 am
that comment from the article the way it is written there. do you believe that bob mueller is also charged with investigating the fbi to see the actions they took and the behavior that came from the fbi leadership? >> i certainly think he should. he has gone far afield anyway. this started out about collusion. it has gone all over the field to michael cohen's taxi cab medallions to porn stars and everything. i think mueller is probably the ideal person, as he has had so much access, to look at what the fbi did. was this an abuse of power by the leading law enforcement organization of the country, the top people to go after the dual elected president of the united states. i can imagine if this had been a conservative administration going out and barack obama going in. it is the bush fbi.
7:12 am
>> sandra: the shutdown continues and the president and the white house are taking on democrats for this trip they have taken to the beach over the weekend. sarah sanders wrote this. democrats are so alarmed about federal workers not getting paid, they are partying on the beach instead of negotiating a compromise to reopen the government and secure the border. it is about 30 democratic members of congress that went down to puerto rico for the weekend. they have this special performance of "hamilton" down there. they are raising money. this is an opportunity for the white house and republicans to say, you are not here, you are not trying to resolve this issue. how does this get resolved, congressman? >> it's terrible optics. they shouldn't have done it. i am not one of these people that takes shots for people for traveling for meetings, et cetera. to do it when the government employees are not getting paid, it is wrong. it shows certain arrogance. this should not be that tough a
7:13 am
deal. i would call on both sides. the democrats have always supported a wall in the past. if they want to take some of the money out, give the president a wall. >> sandra: lindsey graham said let's reopen the government for three weeks and work this out. the president was asked about that. he said, i'm not interested. are you urging the president to do the same? >> i would like him to do that. even they don't, they don't have to reopen the government it get this done quickly. give the president a wall or a good part of the wall he is asking for. secondly, the republicans can give the democrats daca. this should be a very easy deal to make. the president has moved, by the way. when he gave his speech the other night, the barrier was four-fifths down on the list. democrats have not moved at all. they are locked in. they won't move. they can't be seen by their base as making any kind of agreement at all with president trump. i was against the shutdown to
7:14 am
begin with. we are where we are. the president is showing flexibility. the democrats are not. they should. >> bill: peter king, thank you for your time. when are you back in washington? a lot of your colleagues were hit on the weekend not not being in washington. >> if there was any purpose of being in washington, i would be there. i'm within two hours. i'm going down this afternoon. >> bill: peter king, the republican from new york, thank you for your time. >> sandra: democrats, the majority party in the house promising to launch a flurry of investigations into the trump administration. >> i still believe that people, the average citizen, the guys on my block, they ought to know if the president is making a deal, whether he is making it in his self-interest or that of the country. >> sandra: is that the best thing for democrats to push going into the 2020 presidential
7:15 am
race? former white house press secretary, sean spicer, will join us with his take next. >> bill: theresa may facing a make or break moment in terms of brexit. we have a preview of the big vote that will happen tomorrow. nigel firage spearheaded the movement. he is our guest coming up live in moments. everything i buy. and last year, i earned $36,000 in cash back. which i used to offer health insurance to my employees. what's in your wallet? the best simple salad ever?d great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at
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7:20 am
spicer. what do you expect when we eventually hear from cohen? >> i don't know. it seems like he has changed his story multiple times in terms of his defense of the president. now, he wants to clear his conscious, quote, unquote. it will be interesting to see which michael cohen shows up. he has told various different stories over the last year and a half. i think there is no question his incompete integrity and recollection of the facts is in question. >> bill: cbs reports that they have sent 51 letters to government officials looking for documents related to all kinds of things like aircraft by cabinet members, flow of foreign money to trump enterprises, like the hotel in washington, d.c. i'm quoting here from cbs. is this going to be what the white house would consider presidential harassment?
7:21 am
is that what is coming here from cummings and others? >> there is this balance. every party does it to the other party when they are on different sides. republicans did if to democrats. democrats did it to republicans. we did it to clinton and obama. they did to to bush. they will do to trump. part of it is politics. they need to satisfy their base and part of it is policy. what i would argue, though, is that with everything happening that's under the president's watch, just last month you saw 312,000 jobs grow. you have seen 2018, 2.6 million payroll jobs, the highest since 2015. there is a lot of good going on. businesses are growing. manufacturing is on the rise. a lot of positive things are happening to the american workforce. what we don't want to dice stifle that through this. they have a role. no question about it. they have every right to look at these different agencies. there is a difference between
7:22 am
political witch hunts and the proper constitutional oversight of policy. let's not overlook all the good things that are happen tog this country under the president's watch and the policies he is advocating for since he has gotten into office. we have to be very careful. there is the politics part of this where chairman cummings is trying to do things to make sure his base sees them being aggressive towards the trump administration. then, there is the policy piece. where that tipping point is doing things that undermine all of the good that the president has been able to accomplish. >> sandra: some of the things elijah cummings had to say, he thinks trump is making a lot of money off of the job, he thinks the press is making a deal whether it is his self-interest or the country. >> that's a cheap shot for him to say. the president has donated his salary every quarter since he was in office. he divested from his company, letting his sons run it.
7:23 am
the president was very well off when he ran for this office. unlike a lot of politicians, he ran for it. he probably could be making a heck of a lot more money outside of government, than inside the government. he is doing it because he cares about the country and he wants to give back. we have to be very careful with the accusations that we throw around and what's happening. you have got, asabout, 30 democc members down on some pak event where they are soliciting money from lobbyists in puerto rico and hanging out on the beach. they are members of his party, probably some of the members of his committee. he has to be careful about the words and charms that he throws around if he wants to get into this business. >> bill: sean, we are just getting a couple of headlines that bill barr is going to talk about tomorrow. lindsey graham was on the air on sunday saying that he has his very specific questions. is barr going to protect the mueller investigation, et
7:24 am
cetera? how do you think this hearing goes? is bill barr the next attorney general? >> there is no question he is the next attorney general. republicans have 53 seats in the senate and picked up two. they have to lose three. i don't see that happening. bill barr was previously the attorney general. almost every democrat at that time voted to confirm him. he has a stellar reputation. i think he understands, because he has held the job before. he has been held in such highest steam by the legal community, that there is no question he understands not only the job but the current political environment. i see this is a political test where you are going to see all of these 300 plus people running for president on the democratic side and vote against him to appease their own base. at the end of the day, he is a highly qualified candidate for attorney general. he will be confirmed and we will
7:25 am
move forward. >> sandra: on the written testimony we are starting to see some pieces of talking about the special counsel being able to complete lis work, this is going to be a big question. he said, i will follow the special counsel regulations scrupulously and in good faith. on my watch, bob will be allowed to complete lis work. i am sure that's what you would tell us your expectations were before that. final thoughts? >> absolutely. to some degree, this is a false -- strawman argument. there is no evidence that the president has threatened to fire mueller. all you are seeing is inconsistent. all we want on the republican side is wrap this up. we are two years in. there has been no evidence of collusion. let's put our cards on the table and wrap it up. that's exactly what the attorney general nominee is going to say. >> bill: thank you, sean. he is also going to say, quote, the president, no assurances, promises, or commitments from me of any kind, either expressed or implied and i have not given him
7:26 am
any, end quote from bill barr. thank you, sean, good to have you back. >> you bet. >> bill: breaking news following this developing matter in new jersey. reports of an active shooter situation at a ups facility outside of philadelphia. so it's southern new jersey right near the border with p.a. details are not clear right now. any victims, the suspected shooter is in custody. we are watching this prit right now. >> sandra: democrats are refusing to compromise as the shutdown drags on. what is their strategy for ending this standoff? >> it perplexes me how you expect this toned. when you tell the president of the united states, you get $1 for a wall. what is he supposed to do? just give in? he is not going to give in. but you're still moved by moments like this. don't let psoriatic arthritis take them away. taltz reduces joint pain and stiffness and helps stop the progression of joint damage. for people with moderate to severe psoriasis,
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7:31 am
that shots have been fired at a ups facility in logan township, new jersey, 200 birch creek road. the state police are responding to the incident at the logan township ups facility, the nypd count counterterrorism unity saying they are monitoring the reports of the active shooting. as we learn more, we will bring na to you. >> president trump: a lot of the democrats were in puerto rico 1 celebrating something. i don't know. maybe they are celebrating the shutdown. we have a very big crisis, the humanitarian crisis on the border. everybody knows it. they know it. many of them are saying, we agree with you. many of them are calling and many of them are breaking. the republicans are rock solid. we have to take care of our border. the democrats have to do something. we need their votes, otherwise,
7:32 am
we can't solve it. without their votes -- they now control the house. let's see if they can lead. i don't know if they can lead. we are going to soon find out. >> bill: the president talking about border security, government shutdown. time for america's "a" team. how are we doing, team? >> good morning. >> happy monday. >> bill: what's going on in puerto rico that's more urgent than what's happening in washington, d.c. and the up hundreds of thousands? >> are you talking about the annual meeting of the congressional hispanic caucus. that's why they are meeting in puerto rico? >> bill: he said i'm not going to call a national emergency. if that's the case, we have a shutdown to continue. >> if 30 republicans were off
7:33 am
somewhere in a tropical island, it would be the head story screaming across all the cable networks. >> bill: facebook, microsoft. >> absolutely. whether they will pay a political price, you can see. you can see the way the republicans are jockeying, peter king, who was just on your program, trump said, republicans are rock solid. they are not rock solid. they are on the wrong side of it now. the timing is obviously why we are asking about the democrats in puerto rico. obviously, republicans have retreats as well. they are down there at a time where the president is saying, i'm here. i'm ready to negotiate. let's get this done. >> sandra: for voters that are nonpartisan, this is the sort of thing the optics can move people. in 2017, of the 261 working days, only 145 days was congress in session working. it's that kind of thing that
7:34 am
makes people very frustrated with their government. they say, look, we get it. border security is important. we get that democrats don't necessarily want to give money for the wall. let's come up with some kind of solution. you have to be in washington. >> tom picked up on an important point. you have five republican senators coming out asking for the government to run again. four of them are up for re-election in 2020. when you have 22 republican senators up, and one of those really up for re-election and possibly has a primary from his right is mitch mcconnell, the governor of kentucky, matt bev vin, could primary him. if he did that, he would have an opposition. i think this does not end until bevin declares one way or the other what he is doing. >> kristin hit on this. you have majorities that are in favor of border security. certainly, republicans. a lot of independents and some democrats. you have that juxtaposed with the idea a majority of folks don't want to see the government shut down. they want a solution. we are not getting one now.
7:35 am
those are the two forces in opposition to one another. >> bill: chris coombs, democrat from della which are, talking about the imminent morality of the wall brought up by nancy pelosi two weeks ago. kelly conway responds it him and says it is not imminent more. >> i don't think a border wall is in and of itself immoral. it would be great if we could reach a resolution to our country's broken immigration system and find a path forward to invest in border security and new technologies and approaches that would actually make us safer. >> he thinks a barrier would work and that a quote, barrier or wall, is not immoral. he is pushing back on speaker pelosi's claim that walls are immoral. >> it is a vanity project, which has been brought up time and time again. >> when it is a fence, democrats have in the past voted for it. when you call it a physical wall, barrier, it is the
7:36 am
language around it is going to be a wall and it is going to be "x" number of feet tall and made of this material is when dem yachts begin to push back. frankly, the polls show that is the least popular way to frame the issue. when you talk about it as border security and things like a fence, increased monitoring, those are extremely popular. the border wall, it has gotten a little more popular since last year, still remains the majority of americans opposing it. >> if they wanted to, they could figure this out in a heartbeat. >> once you declare something immoral, how are you supposed to support it? beto o'rourke said it was a racist idea. once you have declared it racist or immoral, it is hard to find common ground. >> the vast majority of americans oppose the wall and the government shutdown and want it to work. >> bill: it is easy to do, mary
7:37 am
ann. they are arguing over peanuts. when it comes to washington, d.c. and a budget, this is nothing. >> two of the three branches of government are run by republicans. donald trump, the republicans in the senate. mitch mcconnell won't have a vote on the things the senate passed unanimously at christmas to do this. >> sandra: how is 2020 shaping up? marianne, your latest piece, published on the 2020 election is here and guess who the democratic front-runner is? >> elizabeth warren. no one could have had a better week than she had including the book ending in iowa, new hampshire. a crowd of 600 people, five of them in warren t-shirts, ended in a standing ovation. more than 300 trying to take the picture of her. >> bill: at the same time, democrats are vowing to see who is the most radically left. >> we are going to see the democrats go to the left.
7:38 am
that's where the energy in the base is. the question is, how far? who do they nominate? how can they get back to the center? bill, you are a golfer. my dad would remind me, early ripe, early rotten. she is out in front now. democrats are looking for someone who is going to be a fresh face. by the time all these other candidates get in, is she still that fresh fruit on the free or is she already rotten? >> sandra: however, the president took aim at her on twitter bringing up some of the instagram live streaming she did to try to connect with voters. it was a little awkward. if you are a democratic candidate, you would love to have the president tweet about you. i can get in a fight with the big guy. in a way, i think jumping in early was a smart move. you can always ftry to raise moe money but it is hard to raise time. >> elizabeth warren never mentions donald trump by name,
7:39 am
ever. it tells you a lot. >> bill: in metrics that matter, it is hard to imagine a better week for her. >> minus the live streaming thing. >> bill: thank you. >> sandra: breaking news out of israel. prime minister, netanyahu confirming that the military carried out strikes against hundreds of iranian targets in syria. trey yanks is live with more. >> reporter: sandra, israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu took credit for hundreds of strikes on iranian targets in syria, including strikes that occurred over the weekend on a weapons depo near the damascus airport coming at a weekly cabinet meeting about israeli actions, something that is rarely done by the israeli military or government. he discussed the location and timeline of the strikes, confirming reports from syrian state media that the attacks occurred on friday. he left open the possibility of
7:40 am
future strikes in syria. >> this reflects our consist sten policy and firm determination to prevent military entrenchment in syria. if need be, we will intensify these attacks. >> reporter: the syrian military claimed that most of the strikes were intercepted by syrian air defenses. the event comes days after u.s. secretary of state, mike pompeo, said in cairo, egypt, that the united states fully supports israel's rights to defend itself. the country faces unique threats from jihad and hezbollah. when asked whether the israelis would strike iran, prime minister, netanyahu did not rule out that possibility. a new report in "the wall street journal" indicate that is the trump administration saw options last year for striking iran within its own country. this development does come as u.s. froops prepare to leave
7:41 am
syria, something that has been controversial with u.s. allies in the region who fear this could lead to more rapid iranian expansion. sandra? >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: theresa may planning for britain's exit from the european union facing a critical vote tomorrow. the world is going to watch this. there is a good chance it might go down. what would that mean? is there a plan "b." nigel farage has his opinion coming up. >> if no deal is as bad as you believe it is, it would be the height of recklessness to do anything else. your family? newday usa can help. we earned a lot of va benefits with our service. but the va home loan benefit is a big one. if you want to use it to get cash, call newday usa. va loans are all they do. and don't let less than perfect credit hold you back. even if you've been turned down for a va loan by your bank, call newday usa. they've been given automatic authority by the va...
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7:46 am
what are they voting on? >> reporter: 2 1/2 years ago, we had a referendum and voted to leave the european union. hooray, i thought. we are on our way. the method was to invoke an article, called article 50. that meant we entered into a process of a two-year negotiation during which we tried to reach a withdrawal agreement. what mrs. may is putting before the house of commons tomorrow is her two years of work on her withdrawal agreement. here is the problem. it says it takes us out of the european union. it actually leaves us trapped in many aspects of it. it is what we call brino, brexit in name only. because of that, both opponents of the european union and supporters will vote against it. we can confidently say she is going to get one of the biggest political beatings any british
7:47 am
prime minister has ever had in history. >> sandra: based on that expectation, she is warning this if there is no deal. >> a no deal brexit that would cause turbulence for our economy, create barriers for security cooperation and disrupt people's daily lives, or the risk of no brexit at all. for the first time in our history failing to not implement the referendum and letting people down. these alternatives remain in play if the deal is rejected. >> sandra: pretty strong warning there. >> reporter: of course. she is trying to blackmail members of parliament into vote for her deal. this business about a no-deal brexit, what the treaty says is that you have two years to negotiate a withdrawal agreement or, at the end of two years, march 29th, next year, you just leave. get some perspective. all the business that we do with the usa, is done on world trade
7:48 am
organization rules. there are perfectly good rules out there under which you do business. the other point about leaving with no deal, we would become a genuinely independent country. that's what people voted for. here is the problem. the real problem is, given mrs. may's weak leadership, our political establishment, our globalist establishment, has used this weakness to now try to overturn the greatest democratic exercise in the history of our nation. my prediction, for what it's worth, is we will finish up with that expiring date of march the 29th being extended. we won't leave on march the 29th. it will get extended for a few months and then disgracefully, what our politicians will try to do, is make us vote again in a second referendum. that, i think, folks, sadly, is where we are going.
7:49 am
>> bill: essentially, they voted to leave 52-48. they did not want brussels making decisions for people throughout the u.k. they voted on it. it past. >> reporter: it was economic decision also. >> bill: it may never happen, that's the point you are making. >> the point i am making is that the establishment don't accept it. big, multi-national business, doesn't accept it. if the prime minister had struck a clear course, we would be out already. she didn't. we are seeing all of them. of course, people like mr. soros, very actively involved funding these campaigns. they want to force us to vote a second time. they want to try to threaten the life out of us, threatening economic disaster that will befall our country. i think they are in for a real surprise. my view is that the genie is out of the bottle. if they deny us the brexit we
7:50 am
deserve without voting, i think we will say no again in a bigger way. >> sandra: bhawhat's the outcom for markets? it builds a lot of uncertainty that global markets don't need right now. >> i think mrs. may losing tomorrow is priced into the markets already. i suspect in terms of sterling, you may see a further rally against the dollar. not a dramatic one. the markets fear no deal, because no deal will be short-term turbulence for long-term prosperity. continuing things as they are, the market is on balance, will probably like that. >> bill: big vote tomorrow. thank you, nigel firage. >> sandra: we are watching an active shooter situation we updated you on a while ago in logan township, new jersey. a police source saying the gunman is holding hostages. we are going to have a live
7:51 am
report and an update on what we are learning here next. here ya go, hon. hello! i'm an idaho potato farmer. did you ever notice that the very first bite of every great meal is always the potato? that's why it should always be an idaho potato. only genuine idaho potatoes have the perfect taste and texture to get your meal started right. whoa. hey look, it's huge. oops, gotta go. hey, wait. come back.
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7:55 am
township. rick leaven that you will following this. >> reporter: i am told this is an active shooter situation. local logan township police have reported shots were fired. my law enforcement source says no one has been shot. while the gunman may have fired rounds, no one was hit, at least the police don't believe there are any victims. there is an active shooter situation. that ups processing facility has been fully evacuated, i'm told and law enforcement authorities are assessing the situation and trying to deal with this situation, which i'm told is a domestic situation. the shooter is, i'm told, an ex-boyfriend, who has taken two hostages, one of them, the ex-girlfriend. this hostage-taker, is known to local law enforcement. apparently, he went into this ups processing facility and took
7:56 am
his ex-girlfriend and at least one other person hostage. he is holding those hostages as we speak. they don't believe anyone has been shot. although shots may have been fired. local schools are on lockdown as the authorities have surrounded this facility and are trying to resolve it as soon as possible. >> bill: more to come. president trump slamming democrats with a shutdown stalemate. we have breaking developments you need to know. that suspect accused of holding wisconsin teenager, jayme closs, makes his first appearance. we are back with details coming up after the hour. can get you $54,000 or more to pay off credit card debt, put cash in the bank, and lower your payments by over $600 a month. with automatic authority from the va,
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on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ fox news alert, president trump heading to new orleans after making it clear that he never worked for russia, calling a "new york times" report this weekend a hoax, while also weighing in on the shutdown. welcome to a brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. day 24 of the shutdown. >> bill: i'll have to check that. how was your weekend? >> sandra: it was good. how was yours? >> bill: it was good. i'm bill hemmer. good morning, everybody. trump set to arrive in new orleans about two hours from now to speak to the american farm bureau federation annual convention. he was pretty fired up before taking off, lashing out at
8:01 am
democrats for not doing anything about border security, saying that's the reason there is no deal. blasting two different reports about russia from this weekend. >> president trump: i guess they started it, because i fired comey, which was a great thing i did for our country. so the people doing that investigation were people that have been caught that are known scoundrels there in, i guess you could say they are dirty cops. i have done a great service for our country when i fired james comey. he was a bad cop. he was a dirty cop. >> bill: chief white house correspondent, john roberts, live from the north lawn. snow on the ground, blue skies above. john, let's begin a brand new hour. good morning. >> reporter: it is gorgeous. good day for the clemson tigers to come to the white house at 6:30. it will be an interesting event. the president reacting on camera for the first time to the one-two reports in "the new york times" and "the washington post" over the weekend.
8:02 am
first, to "the new york times" report, that after he fired james comey, the fbi initiated a counter intelligence investigation to see if the president might have been acting on behalf of russia when he did that on judge john-janine. the president pointing out that all of the people involved, andrew mccabe, peter strzok, bruce ohr from the justice department and others calling them scoundrels and dirty cops. listen to what the president said. >> president trump: i never worked for russia. you know that answer better than anybody. not only did i never work for russia, i think it is a disgrace that you even asked that question. it is a whole big, fat hoax. >> reporter: the president dismissed any notion of wrongdoing after "the washington post" reported that president trump kept notes of his 2017
8:03 am
homburg meeting with vladmir putin from his aides. >> president trump: i have those meetings one-on-one with all leaders, including the president of china, include the prime minister of japan, abe. we have those meetings all the time, no big deal. >> reporter: "the washington post" reported that the president requested the notes from the american translator in the room and didn't show them to anybody else. it should be pointed out there was somebody else in the meeting with the president and vladmir putin, rex tillerson. there is at least one other person besides the president and the trance lay ter who would know if anything was amiss and why the president asked to hang on to the notes. tillerson has talked in the recent past. maybe he will talk again. >> bill: he says he will not call a national emergency but he believes he could. where are we on that? >> reporter: we are nowhere with the national emergency and
8:04 am
nowhere closer to ending the shutdown than we were last week. the white house does continue to reach out to democratic leaders to see if there is a possibility of some sort of negotiation. so far, there doesn't seem to be. the president also taking a swing at democrats who were at a retreat in puerto rico over the weekend have the listen here. >> president trump: i've been here all weekend. a lot of the democrats were in puerto rico celebrating something. i don't know. maybe they are celebrating the shutdown. we have a very big crisis, a humanitarian crisis on the border. everybody knows it. they know it. many of them are saying, we agree with you. many of them are calling and many of them are breaking. the republicans are rock solid. >> reporter: back to what you asked for a second ago. the president still not ready to pull the trigger on a declaration of a national emergency to build a border wall. listen to what he said. >> president trump: i'm not looking to call a national emergency. this is so simple you shouldn't
8:05 am
have to. i have the absolute legal right to call it. i'm not looking to do that. this is too simple. the democrats should say, we want border security. we have to build a wall. otherwise, you can't have border security and we should get on with our lives. >> reporter: speaking to chris wallace, lindsey graham revealed that he suggested to the president that he open the government for three weeks before declaring a national emergency. graham thought that opening the government might give way to some negotiations. the president telling him that he is standing fast. no negotiations or no government reopening until there has been negotiations on border security and a border barrier. so, at the moment, bill, we're exactly where we were last week and the week before that and the week before that. >> bill: you are going to need a bigger shovel down there. john roberts on the lawn. >> reporter: are you suggesting there is more than snow here? >> bill: good answer. >> sandra: we have more on that
8:06 am
russia story now. you heard him already. judge andrew napolitano is here, fox news senior analyst and host of fox nation's "liberty file." i never worked for russia is what we heard from the president outside the white house as he was leaving for new orleans. i want to get your thoughts as we learn more and we all have some time to digest this "new york times" report. >> none of "the new york times" report surprises me. i do believe with the president that there were rogue elements in the fbi that were determined to interfere with his presidency. the problem is that the congress has made it easy for them to do so. for example, if they wanted to surveil his phone conversations or investigate his background, they would have to go to a grand jury and get a subpoena or a federal judge and get a search warrant, the standard for which is probable cause of crime, a very high standard. they would have to produce some evidence that donald trump did something wrong.
8:07 am
instead, they used the fisa court, whose stanford for surveillance is very, very low. arctic lar suspicion. make out the case using your words and we won't double-check what you say and give you the search warrant. donald trump, the president, is correct when he says, the fbi can be corrupt. we are not talking about all of them but the half dozen involved in this or the half dozen who managed this and decided to start this investigation. they are corrupted and seduced by the ease with which they can get warrants from the fisa court. that's the first point i want to make. the second is, the fbi can investigate nothing on its own. just like the nypd can't investigate anything on its own. the nypd needs a district attorney to approve. the fbi needs a high-ranking justice official to approve. that could only have been one person, rod rosenstein. when he had the meeting at which he admitted he said what do you want me to do, wear a wire? he said it was sarcastic.
8:08 am
people at the meeting said it was serious. this is probably what they were talking about. >> sandra: here is lindsey graham responding over the weekend to that. >> to me, it tells me a lot about the people running the fbi, mccabe and that crowd. i don't trust them as far as i could throw them. if this really did happen, congress needs to know about it. what i want to do is make sure, how could the fbi do that? what kind of checks and balances are there? >> sandra: doesn't this concern us? >> this should concern us. i share senator graham's concern. fortunately, he is the incoming chair of the senate judiciary committee and has a great personal say in what is investigated publicly. he is a very fine lawyer. he knows that we have historic abuses of the fisa law. now, we have examples of those historic uses being done to interfere with the president's behavior as president. >> sandra: meanwhile, we have the william barr testimony tomorrow, the confirmation hearing for the next attorney general for the president's pick.
8:09 am
we are learning bits and pieces of what he is going to say tomorrow. his opening statement includes,ible it is in the best interest of everyone, the president, congress and most importantly, the american people, that this matter be resolved by allowing the special counsel to complete lis work. i also believe it is very important that the public and congress be informed of the results of the special counsel's work. for that reason, my goal will be to provide as much transparency as i can consistent with the law. you are going to expect obviously a lot of questions on this tomorrow. >> i would think the democrats and republicans are going to grill him on this. but what you just read from the statement he is going to give tomorrow, he has sworn to under oath. he is locked into that version of characterizing his behavior. i will not interfere with this process for political reasons. he also told senator graham that if it is a close call between keeping something secret and opening it up, he is going to err on the side of opening tup. the first time we have heard
8:10 am
that. >> sandra: as far as promising to not fire robert mueller, "the wall street journal," seth linski, published this piece. let's not make an unconstitutional deal. they may preclude barr from promising not to fire mueller. for a special prosecutor to be constitutional, the president has to be able to fire him. if mr. barr vowed not to fire mr. moore, he would be undercutting president trump from day one. >> bob mueller can only be fired for cause, whether it is by donald trump or attorney general will barr. i'm sure mr. linski knows that. they can't fire him because they are afraid of his work or don't like him. then, he would be replaced by somebody else. the lesson of firing archibald cox is lee on gentlemjaworski. >> bill: in the meantime, the man accused of kidnapping 13-year-old jayme closs and
8:11 am
killing her parents in november is due in court. police arrested 21-year-old jake patterson after the 13-year-old escaped from a cabin where she was held for 88 days. matt finn outside the courthouse in baron, wisconsin. >> reporter: within a few hours, we expect to get the glimpse of the man this blasted through the closs home with a shotgun, murdered the parents and kidnapped jayme closs. in his initial appearance today, a judge is expected to potentially set bail and establish probable cause for patterson's charges. as we hear so often, neighbors and people who knew patterson, say they never saw this coming. patterson was perceived by many as extremely reserved, so much so he was voted most quiet in his 2015 high school class. this morning, we are getting a first look at photos obtained by
8:12 am
the daily mail that show the inside of this suspect's house where brave 13-year-old jayme closs escaped. one photo shows a small room in the basement with a mattress on the ground, stuffed animals, what appears to be purple storage boxes. this might be the room where jayme closs was held. another picture shows a living area fairly messy. jayme closs might have endured unknown horrors in this house. patterson has been alone in a jail cell since his arrest. >> bill: matt finn, from barron, wisconsin. we await that court appearance. >> sandra: iran confirming it is take steps to enrich uranium fuel again amid reports that the white house considered a military strike on iran. jason chaffetz will be here to react to that. >> bill: joe biden might be closer to deciding on a run for 2 2020. barack obama calling for new
8:13 am
blood. could that undermine the vp's campaign? was asked governor sununnunu th same question earlier? >> if i were joe biden, i would tell president obama to button his lip. he has no reason to interject into every little thing that is happening nowadays.
8:14 am
8:15 am
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8:17 am
2020 presidential run. his former boss, barack obama, had some advice on how his party should move forward saying, "people cling to power instead of seeing the power in other people." we have a deficit of leadership and need new blood. joining me is bill mcgurn, former speechwriter for president george w. bush. a need for new blood? >> it is not the first time president trump dissed the vice-president. when he was mulling his run, the white house tried to persuade him not to do it, took sides against him. i think you could argue the last election was mr. biden's best shot at winning. >> sandra: so this particular piece in "the examiner" is quoting the piece from "the hill" that brings this up and says the president loves this guy, thinks the worst of him. he would go into a battle ditch
8:18 am
with joe but that is different than giving his brand to him. >> he helped to persuade him not to run. on paper, he brings a lot. he has the top name recognition. the party faithful or with him. in a party that's put so much in identity politics, he is a very, very old white male. he would be entering office almost the age reagan was when he left office. >> sandra: is he a leading contender for democrats? >> at the top of some of the polls before we have had debates and see who comes forward. i think joe biden plays well to a lot of constituencies that might hurt president trump. for example, in these midwestern states, a lot of blue collar workers who voted for president obama twice and then voted for trump. the question is, could he excite the other sides of the base more than kamala harris.
8:19 am
>> sandra: former governor john sununu had strong words on the topic. >> i think the democrats under 70 are going to be surprised at the energy he brings to the game. i think biden's experience and his long political list of ious will serve him well. i think he is being underestimated by a lot of people. >> sandra: "the new york times" is reporting that biden is likely to declare his candidacy by the end of january. it seems like a big endorsement coming from a former governor. >> why wouldn't you? if you look around and you say to any american, you could be president and you look around and you are a governor or senator or vice-president, you say, what do they have that i don't have? there are so many in the democratic field. >> sandra: look at that. what's going to happen. >> why not? i'm the one leaning at the top of the polls. why wouldn't you take a whack at it? >> sandra: he told a crowd that he believed, joe biden, that he is the most qualified person in
8:20 am
the country to be the president. >> if you didn't believe that, maybe you shouldn't run. that's what all those people that you just showed probably believe that. look again. the question, a lot of different coalitions. nate silver has the thing running down the different candidates. joe biden does very well among the party faithful, not as well among latinos. not many latinos in delaware. somewhat well among african-americans. then, there is mellillenianialm. who can keep the base and get that little extra oomph to put them over the top. >> sandra: bill, thank you. >> bill: police surrounding a ups facility, someone taking hostages. we will get you an update when
8:21 am
we return right after this. many of you ow so have served our country honorably. one of the benefits that we as a country give you as a veteran is the eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. if you need cash for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no. give us a call. call now: 1-855-376-1361.
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8:25 am
entered the facility. he has confirmed that no one has been shot. you are looking at the logan township police department where a news conference is expected in a few minutes on this on going situation, which i'm told is a domestic situation at the ups facility, where an ex-boyfriend entered the facility, apparently injured a security goouard and took an ex-girlfriend and one other hostage. i am told no one has been shot. the facility was evacuated. local schools are on lockdown. authorities are attempting to or may have already contacted the gunman in how to discuss how to end this situation peacefully. what i'm told is an on going domestic situation where an ex-boyfriend entered this ups facility and took an ex-girlfriend and possibly one other person hostage. authorities are working to resolve it as quickly and as
8:26 am
safely as possible. britain's prime minister making her final pitch for a deal on brexit before a crucial vote in parliament tomorrow. what it means for the british economy. theresa may's power. >> bill: d.c. is digging out of a snowstorm and digging in on a shoutdown. who makes the next move? karl rove will tell us next. >> president trump: i'm not looking to call a national emergency. this is so simple, you shouldn't have to. democrats should say we want border security, we have to build a wall. otherwise, we can't have border security and we should get on with our lives. than not be here because of migraine. i have three words for migraine... "i am here." aimovig, a preventive treatment for migraine in adults, reduces the number of monthly migraine days. for some, that number can be cut in half or more.
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hello, i'm an idaho as you probably know, i've been looking all over for our big idaho potato truck. it's out there somewhere reminding folks about heart healthy idaho potatoes and making contributions to local charities. so this year, i've built myself a secret weapon. there it is let's get 'em boy! awe man. always look for the grown in idaho seal. > los angeles teachers are now officially on strike. the sticking point is over how big a pay raise they would get and how quickly it would be put
8:30 am
in effect. los angeles is the second largest school district in the country. the city has hired hundreds of substitute teachers but the strike could still affect hundreds of thousands of public school students. >> bill: this is a vote that will take place tomorrow. the british prime minister, theresa may, on the floor of parliament, one day before the critical vote on brexit that could decide the fate of britain's future with the european union. this was born out of a populous movement. they voted to disconnect from the european union out of brussels. 52-48, the percentage breakdown. they no longer wanted the eu to determine their financial and economic future. may has urged parliament to approve the brexit deal, quote, for the good of the country. her government is on the line. the future for millions is on the line. we frankly have no idea how this vote will go. if it goes down, if it fails, it
8:31 am
is an open book as to what they do next. theresa may a moment ago. >> the current dropped withdrawal agreement now represents the only politically prak tickal and available means of securing our exit from the european union. mr. speaker, i know that some members would like a unilateral exit or a hard stop to the backstop. i have explained this to the eu and tested these points. the eu would not agree to this, because they fear that such a provision could allow the uk to leave the backstop at any time without any other arrangement ns place and require a hard border to be erected between northern ireland and ireland. i have been very clear with them. in is not something we would ever countenance. the uk is steadfast in its commitment to the belfast
8:32 am
agreement and would never allow a return to a hard border. >> bill: from a moment ago in london, if the vote fails, mrs. may will have three working days to come up with a plan "b." watch that vote. a lot on the line. back here at home, lindsey graham yesterday. >> i would urge him to open up the government for a short period of time, like three weeks, before he pulls the plug, see if we can get a deal. if we can't at the end of three weeks, all bets are off. see if he can do it by himself through the emergency powers to my republican colleagues. stand behind the president if this is his last option. >> bill: president trump responded about two hours ago, talking about reopening the government. he says the republicans are standing rock solid. here he was at the white house. >> president trump: that was a suggestion that lindsey made. i did reject it. i'm not interested. i want to get it solved. i don't want to just get it
8:33 am
solved. >> bill: karl rove, former deputy chief of staff. i saw you on fox news sunday. you had a big bag of fired up yesterday with wallace. what do you think happens? who comes to the table? how does it get done? >> i don't know who comes to the table but we better have some adults start showing up. i can't believe this. the democrats will not take yes for immigration reform. 111 democrats in the house, including nancy pelosi, jim clyburn and hakim jeffries, three out of four of the top leaders for the democrats, last year, voted for money of the wall. 80 members of the senate, including 9 of 11 of the leading democratic leadership, voted last year for money for a wall. $1.6 billion. why not come to the table and say, mr. president, you want $5 billion. we gave you $1.6 billion last year. we'll give you, let's say, $4 billion. that's one-tenth of 1% of the federal budget. we need to get a solution for the dreamers or the dreamers and
8:34 am
the people that are in what's called tps, temporary protected status. we could resolve some problems and each side could walk away with something. instead, we have nancy pelosi out there saying the wall is immoral, ineffective and expensive. where was she -- did she say it was immoral when barack obama presided over building 133 miles of wall along the southern border? this is ridiculous. adults ought to come to the table and get it done. >> bill: she says it is a vanity project. it is pennies compared to what washington spends. >> ten cents out of $100. >> bill: "wall street journal" said illegal crossing in san diego dropped 92% after they constructed the wall. that goes back to president clinton. illegal traffic dropped 95% in el paso. tucson, 90%. go ahead.
8:35 am
keep going. >> look, that's what gets me. nancy pelosi was there when bill clinton built the wall. nancy pelosi was there when george w. bush built the wall and she was there when barack obama built the wall. never did she say it was immoral or inefficient. if she really believes it is immoral, she has a moral obligation to tear down all the existing wall. she is not going to do that. she knows the wall works in heavy metropolitan and urban areas. it stops people from being able to jump from a neighborhood on the southern side of the border and into a neighborhood on the northern side of the bored border and disappear forever. >> bill: do you have a way where both sides save face? >> they only save face by getting something each side wants. find a way to get to that point. nancy pelosi, we hear a lot of criticism of president trump. he is just appealing to his
8:36 am
base. well, nancy pelosi is refusing to do something that would be good for our country, an important immigration reform. she is scared to death of the left wing democratic base. the president made a mistake of having a televised meeting with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer at a point where nancy had not yet locked in being elected speaker. now, she is sort of scared to death of upsetting her, quote, base on the left by cutting a deal with the president. she ought to rise above the petty necessities of appeasing the hard left of the democratic party. otherwise, latinos are going to say, wait, we thought you democrats wanted to reform immigration. you missed a great chance to do so. >> bill: you saw the two reports, "new york times" and "washington post." some in the fbi think the president was working for russia. in the west wing. others suggest he ripped up or concealed or whatever the
8:37 am
phrasing is, to make sure the notes of his meetings with vladmir putin would not be made public. you have been in some of these meetings. what do you think of that allegation? >> first, let's fake the fbi counter intelligence investigation. ordered by andrew mccabe. if we needed any evidence he was out of control and out of line, this is it. the information we now know about this counterintelligence investigation was leaked, itself a violation of the law. the timing was this. comey gets fired. andrew mccabe begins a counterintelligence investigation on president trump. within two weeks, bob mueller is appointed as the investigator. he takes over. he sub sums that fbi investigate. if there was any evidence whatsoever, do you think that in the last year, do you think if there was any evidence at all that, donald trump was a mature yan candidate, that bob mueller would have set on the sidelines and waited until the final report was due?
8:38 am
absolutely not. >> bill: what they are saying is that the obstruction was the collusion. that's the argument we are hearing on behalf of democrats. answer that but answer the questions about the note with putin as well. >> look, on the firing comey as being collusion, look, i think he should have been fired for the way that he mistreated hillary clinton. he had no authority to step in and take the right of the attorney general and make a determination as to whether she should be charged or not. he was violated the standards and prk it practices of our government. he had absolutely no prit right as the prosecutor taking that power upon himself, that he was not going to charge her. he had no right to trash her. i think he should have been fired at this moment and the president should have fired him when he came into office. this is an excuse, an attempt to keep it going. as to the notes, i wish the president hadn't done it. plenty of presidents have private conversations that are not revealed to others.
8:39 am
in this instance, there was an int int interpretor that would have told something. >> bill: i'm out of time but i thank you for yours. >> sandra: a federal judge temporary blocking a trump policy allowing employers to opt out of having women with birth control coverage. william is following that live from our west coast bureau. >> reporter: under at fordable care act, president obama required all employers to provide free birth control. the trump administration saying employers with religious or moral objections should have the option to opt out of providing that coverage. on sunday, a federal judge in northern california disagreed. hayward gill an saying the 12
8:40 am
states in washington, d.c. showed they are likely to suffer irreparable harm if that were to occur. planned parenthood praised the ruling saying it is time that politicians recognize birth control as health care and that women in consultation with doctors decide what contraception we receive, not our employers. the trump administration disagrees saying sunday night no american should be forced to violate his or her own conscious in order to abide by the laws and regulations gochbing our health care system. the ruling applies only in washington, d.c. and the state that sued meaning women seen in these states seen here can still receive free could tra sepgs through their health plan. women in the rngtates could lose that if their employer claims a religious exemption. it could change if the court of appeals in philadelphia issues that injunction nation-wide.
8:41 am
the cost about $580 a year. the state said that cost will fall on be bullied into providing a service that conflicts with is there faith. >> thank you, william lodge inness. >> bill: what iran's nuclear chief says the scientists are working on. after john bolton asked the pentagon for options on a military strike to iran. jason chaffetz reacts on that next. >> we all know how the president feels about iran. it is this president that ran on it and successfully killediran f dollars and palettes of cash were going to praun. iran. ah come on, i know you can hear me. mike mike mike...mike what day is it mike? ha ha! leslie, guess what today is? it's hump day. whoot whoot! ronny, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars
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8:45 am
reports that john bolton explored possible military options for a strike against the nation last year. >> what john bolton did in asking for military options for the president, who always will make the decision in the end, was rationale. it is just what i would guess the obama administration did, even in the midst of negotiating a nuclear deal, which i thought was terrible. they had military fallbacks in case the negotiations did not work and iran broke out and started to build a nuclear weapon. >> sandra: let's bring in jason chaifetz, former utah congressman and a foxconn tribute tore. they quote many senior officials, one of which says it definitely rattled people, that people were shocked by it. a current senior administration official disputed that characterization. the nfc said the council provides this president with option toss anticipate and
8:46 am
respond to a variety of threats. did anything here concern you? >> it woulds irresponsible if the national security council didn't give the president options. it was last september when iran fired rockets in the vicinity of our u.s. embassy. there was a lot of indication, evidently intelligence, nothing na i hathat i have seen but you read about it now saying that iran was a bit on the march. for john bolton, the national security council, to provide the options to the president is exactly what the nfc should be doing. >> sandra: tehran confirming that they are taking steps to enrich fuel again. >> the united states government gave this nuclear capability to a very favorable iranian government at the time. the concern is that they want to now enrich this uranium above 5%, at 20% and up to a weapons
8:47 am
grade, which would be in the 90% range. it was obama that gave them hundreds of billions of dollars. i think president trump did the right thing by tearing up that agreement. it was absolutely the right thing to do. you do worry that the iranians are going to move toward a weapons-capable, nuclear-grade production. the united states has to be ready to deal with that. >> sandra: i have to ask you about this. it is a role that you know very well. kind of changing subjects here. house oversight and reform committee chairman, elijah cummings got a lot of attention for saying this. >> we'll get anything. >> look at interior, epa? >> anything. but the fact that we can look at anything is part of the problem. there is so much. the congress but doesn't meet but so many days in a year. all i'm saying is that we have to hit the ground not running
8:48 am
but flying. >> sandra: hit the ground not running by flying. as you know, he can initiate investigations, call for hearings. he has subpoena power. what is he saying here? >> i'm very concerned about the direction of this. i have the greatest respect for mr. cummings and i thought we worked well together. the committee was the oversight and government reform committee. the first action they have taken has gotten rid of that word, government. i believe fundamentally, elijah cummings and the democrats believe the government is the solution, and not the problem. the committee was founded in 1814 to oversee government expenditures. his interpretation is they should be investigating anything and everything that has to do with donald trump. if you saw him on the street and got his autograph, you are probably going to be under an investigation with elijah cummings. that's the concern. there has to be evidence of wrongdoing and then you pursue it, not just going on fishing expeditions and look at all
8:49 am
things trump all day long. that's not productive. that's not where taxpayers dollars should be going. there is no evidence the president has done something wrong. you can't pursue an investigation of it. >> sandra: according to some support, cummings staff has sent 51 letters to government officials, the trump organization and the white house requesting documents related to topics including private use of government aircraft by cabinet members and flow into money to various trump enterprises, like his hotel in washington. would this fall under the category of normal operations as he is in this oversight role? >> some of those are legitimate. looking at government travel is something that is very legitimate. some of these others are just fishing expeditions. i worry that they are using -- it's amazing to me. the democrats have this new found belief in openness, transparency and accountability. where were they for the eight years i was involved in the committee?
8:50 am
they weren't out there supporting me when i was frying to issue subpoenas and get information about the irs scandal and benghazi or you name it. because it is donald trump, they suddenly have a new set of principles they want to engage in. >> sandra: jason chaifetz, thank you. happy monday. busy one, bill, as we await the president's remark to farmers on day 24 of the longest partial government shutdown in u.s. history. the shutdown keeping some farmers from getting subsidies to offset china's retaliation on u.s. tariffs with both sides again over the border wall. what will it take to finally end the shutdown standoff? who knows? >> people feeling it now. the president hitting back hard for two big stories saying he never worked for russia and never tried to hide the contents of his meeting with vladmir putin. democrats say they will investigate.
8:51 am
>> sandra: all that plus our guy in the middle out numbered at the top of the hour, bill. >> bill: thank you , ladies. president trump arrives in new orleans to talk to the nation's farmers. the record-setting shutdown will be a topic. what will he say on that? we'll have it live for you when it happens coming up. a, rocket . this is a very difficult job. failure is not an option. more than half of employees across the country bring financial stress to work. if you're stressed out financially at home, you're going to be too worried to be able to do a good job. i want to be able to offer all of the benefits that keep them satisfied. it is the people that is really the only asset that you have. put your employees on a path to financial wellness with prudential. bring your challenges.
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. prime minister, theresa may, making her last pitch for a brexit deal. greg picks it up live in london. what are we watching on this, greg? good morning. >> reporter: bill, it is happening as we speak. it is the make or break time for uk prime minister may and her plan to get britain to exit the european union or brexit. parliament in session right now. she is arguing for maybe the last time that her plan delivers on a 2016 vote by the british
8:55 am
public that britain should leave the european union and at the same time avoid some other nasty possibilities by the march 29 deadline. here is a bit of what she said earlier today. >> life argues that the consequences of parliaments rejecting it would be grave uncertainty potentially leading to one of two outcomes. either a no-deal brexit, that would cause turbulence for our economy, create barriers to security cooperation and disrupt people's daily lives. or the risk of no brexit at all. >> reporter: this vote was planned for last month. there wasn't enough support then for may. it doesn't look like there will be support tomorrow. folks vote pro and anti either way. it could be another deal, no deal. president trump has already weighed in on this in the past couple of months. he doesn't think that may's deal
8:56 am
gets the uk away from the eu sufficientlily. this is, of course, crucial to the united states. the uk is a major strategic and mi econom economic partner. the phrase is kicking the can down the road. that march deadline might go to june. back to you. >> bill: greg, thank you. >> sandra: president trump firing back at reports that he secretly acted as a russian asset and he says it is all a hoax and he never once worked for russia. 300 miles an hour, that's where i feel normal. having an annuity tells me my retirement is protected. learn more at retire your risk dot org. psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis, little things can be a big deal.
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9:00 am
glamorous hollywood star tying the knot. their marriage did not last long -- they divorced 274 days later in october 1954. but they remained friends. when monroe died in 1962, dimaggio arranged for her funeral. until his death he sent rosa several times a week to her grave. >> bill: on this day. >> sandra: on this day. that's it for us. we will see you tomorrow. to be 25 starts now. >> harris: we begin with this fox news alert. we are waiting president trump, who write and i was on his way to new orleans will he will speak at the american farm bureau's annual convention. that speech comes as the longest government shut down in our nations history just hit day 24. this is to is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, melissa francis, national security analyst and newly-minted fox news contributor morgan ortagus. i love that, you give her a high five! democratic strategist from the upper side of that


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