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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 15, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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the show that the is pomposity and group think. tune in tomorrow to see what happened. it is now time we are going to go, we are 15 seconds, 13 now from sean hannity's show. >> sean: you have been. >> tucker: new year, man, i'm going to turn it to you with four seconds. >> sean: all right. tucker, thank you from the swamp in d.c. welcome to hannity. like a false prophet righteousness, james comey, former fbi director constantly pretending to be a courageous hero fighting for truth and justice. in reality, is he a hateful, vengeful, air gantz narcissist. we now know who abused power and fostered one of the most corrupt federal departments this country has ever seen. tonight we can report the walls are closing in on james comey. we have, yet, another major development in our hannity watch on the deep state. former fbi general counsel
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james baker of the man who served as jim comey's top lawyer. >> he too like others sunday criminal investigation for leaking to the media and baker has long faced scrutiny over his ties to mother jones reporter david corn. remember corn was the first journalist to report the existence of christopher steele's dirty dossier in the lead-up to the 2016 presidential election. so, let's keep track of comey's leadership at the fbi. you know, mr. integrity. okay, now, of course we know comey himself was fired by president trump. his second in commands andrew mccabe was fired for lying. andrew mccabe is now currently under a criminal investigation comey's top investigator peter strzok was fired for his obvious political bias. he may soon be under criminal investigation as well as his ex-girlfriend top fbi lawyer lisa page. she was forced to resign over her bias then have you
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comey's chief of staff james rybicki he has resigned and now we know comeyy's general counsel jim baker now we can report under an official criminal investigation. something comey himself that he admitted to doing when he leaked the fbi memos about president trump, remember, to his professor friend at columbia then to the "new york times" for the very purpose of spurring a special counsel investigation which coins dentally being carried out by comey's close friend robert mueller. how nice. so, what did all the people, i just list, have in common? , they all wanted hillary clinton to win one of them 100 million to zero. they all hated and continue to hate donald trump. they all work together to rig our political system and fix out outcome of the 2016 election by using their powerful top position, not rank and file, the top position, the fbi and the doj to help hillary clinton win, to cheat, to rig an
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election. and as we now know they had an emergency policy and a media leak strategy in case clinton didn't win 100 million to zero. after comey was fired top officials inside out fbi were angry. they acted out of that anger, malice emotion without any evidence, no probable cause or reasonable suspicion and ended up what was a partisan investigation into the president of the united states with a wild conspiracy accusing the president of working with vladimir putin to fire comey because russia told him to do it. no evidence they were angry. this was their punishment. this was their pay back abusing power to attack the president that they never want elected. this brings us tonight to a hannity history lesson. green greenwald recently pointed out that the fbi in their investigation into donald trump used eerily similar tactics to those
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pioneered by j. edgar hoover. remember hoover served as fbi director for decades and became infamous for aggressive investigation into americans who he suspected had ties to the soviet union. hoover even suspected fdr's vice president henry wallace to be a lengthy probe and surveillance simply because hoover disagreed with wallace's policy. the fbi should never be in the business of investigating political differences or policy decisions. it shouldn't be, well, lashing out because of personal opinions that they have. the role of the fbi which is the 99% of field agents of rank and file they do their jobs and investigate crimes and criminals. not politics, not policy and especially nowft launching a counterintelligence investigation into a duly elected put with zero evidence because you don't like him. today william barr, president trump's pick to be
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the next attorney general faced his first day of confirmation hearings on the hill. senator lindsey graham who will join us later grilled him about whether or not he would investigate the fbi's baseless, corrupt investigation into president trump, taken out of anger for the firing of comey. take a look. >> we hud always be on guard about the politician interfering in an investigation but we should also have oversight of how the department works and those with its tremendous power use that power. are you familiar with the january 11st "new york times" article about fbi open inquiry into whether trump was secretly working on behalf of russians? >> yes, mr. chairman. >> would you promise me and this committee to look into this and tell us whether or not, in the appropriate way, a counterintelligence investigation was opened up by somebody at the fbi, slash department of justice
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against president trump? >> yes, mr. chairman. i think there were a number of investigations as i understand it going on in the department. >> have you ever heard of such a thing in all the time you have been associated with the department of justice? >> i have never heard of that. >> are there rules about how you can do counterintelligence investigations? >> i believe there are mr. chairman. >> so if you want to open up one against the president are there any check and balances? >> not outside the fbi. >> well, we need to looj at that. in terms of people who are actually enforcing the law, don't we want to make sure that they don't have an agenda? >> that's right, mr. chairman. >> do you promise me as attorney general if you get this job to look into see what happened in 2016? >> yes, mr. chairman. >> sean: that's a good sign that william barr cares about equal justice and application of our laws and saying he will serve as a fair attorney general.
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mr. barr, there are no shortage of corrupt trump haters to investigate and many with a lot of power that they have abuse you had. no shortage of crimes here. tonight we are going to begin to lay out a road map of corruption for the new attorney general to be our own gregg jarrett has compiled a comprehensive list. to start we are not go through the full list tonight with fisa abuse. that is lying to a fisa court. that is committing a fraud against a court to get a warrant to spy on a trump campaign associate using hillary clinton's bought and paid for phony dossier that was full of russian lies. james comey, an griewf mccabe, sally yates rod rosen sometime all committed crime on a fisa court presenting hillary clinton's dirty dossier biased. it was never verified, never corroborated and full of russian lies and they never told the courts that it was bought and paid for by hillary clinton.
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next up, mr. barr, you get this job you need to look into the theft and leaking of government documents. jim comey obviously committed a serious crime when he intentionally leaked his fbi memos about his conversations with the president. it's important to also look at abuse of power changes that would be comey, mccabe, strzok, all fired, lisa engage. bruce orh should have been deported twice. disagree with politically all trying to get hillary clinton elected and then having an insurance policy, and a media leak strategy if, in fact, donald trump did win. let's not forget about lying to the fbi. after all, this crime shouldn't only apply an american war hero like general flynn and trump campaign staff like george.
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andrew mccabe was fired over that charge. is he going to receive the same treatment as general flynn and be prosecuted. the doj also will need to tackle the unauthorized leaks. we now know that james baker is already facing a criminal investigation tonight over this charge but so, too are we going to look ought john brennan and james clapper and what about susan rice and samantha powers. should they be investigated over the marv amounts of names that they unhavocked while serving in the final year of the obama administration. and because of james comey's biased and inhe want investigation of hillary clinton exoneration before investigation obvious violation of the espionage act, mr. barr must also revisit hillary clinton's various driment. like oh e the deleting your emails and hard drive and washing it with bleach bit and busts up devices and ripping out sim cards. we will show you how
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mr. barr should tackle that in tomorrow night's monologue. get back to barr's testimony on capitol hill earlier today in a concerning statement he actually said that the mueller investigation is not a witch-hunt. i strongly disagree. take a look. >> you say you have known mueller a long time. >> would you say you have a close relationship with mr. mueller? >> i would say we were good friends. >> would you say that you understand him to be a fair-minded person? >> absolutely. >> do you trust him to be fair to the president and the country as a whole? >> yes. >> when his report comes to you, will you share it with us as much as possible? >> >> consistent with the regulations and the law, yes. >> do you believe mr. mueller would be involved in a witch-hunt against anybody? >> i don't believe mr. mueller would be involved in a witch-hunt. >> sean: maybe we can assume bar is trying to placate democratic fears giving the benefit of the doubt. not rushing to justice. a in the until proosm
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guilty. we know roberts mueller is on a witch-hunt. look no further than the people mueller hired. multiple big time democratic voters those who made tens of thousands of dollars combined in contributions to the campaigns of obama, kerry, clinton, and other democrats. mueller he hired zero republicans. not one attorney worked for hillary clinton who worked for hillary clinton. how could you hire hillary clinton's attorney at the clinton foundation? and mueller's so-called pit bull according to the "new york times" andrew weissmann? he actually attended hillary's election night party. and weissmann has also come under fire for his aggressive prosecution tactics withholding if you withhold. excacan a pa tore evidence. one case forced to close their doors, tens of thousands of people lost their jobs before the supreme court overturned
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weissmann's prosecution 9-100. in another case, mueller's pit bull weissmann said four innocent merrill lynch to prisoner for a year. never get that your back in your life. before that case was overturned by the fifth circuit of appeals. we are suppose to believe that that track record arointing those people are fair based investigation as carried out by an obvious aggressive partisan team e lawyers that mueller picked. he also picked strzok and page. we know where they stand. we will continue to monitor all the latest developments surrounding the deep state throughout the show tonight. turn to hannity watch on the government shutdown. today president trump invited democrats to the white house. is he trying to make a deal. he is offering them every opportunity, invited them to lunch and a meeting to discuss border security. that invitation once again by, oh, i will give you a dollar nancy pelosi and
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company. making it all the more difficult for the putz to negotiate with a group of people how far do you negotiate when they won't come to the table to talk? this comes as a new migrant caravan is on the move now tonight in honduras according to a human right group the care of van has warmed to 2,000 individuals. racing more concerns about more dollarss. >> reports back up to the united states without a doubt this is good for everybody on both sides you have our burden if we had physical barriers. remember, a wall makes everybody safe. we don't want to encourage the journey which is literally difficult people die. which is subject to human trafficking. physical abuse, sexual abuse. those who want to come here for a better life. i have set many times i want a better life for themselves their kids and grand kids. we have got to have a system
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where we vet anyone and everyone trying to come into our country. we have had americans that have lost their lives because of illegal immigrants. 90% of the drugs, heroin, for example, coming into this country come from our southern border. that makes it a life and death meter. noift a politic employees. happy democrats should take note. good news on the economic front tonight. german automaker volkswagen announced expanding operations in tennessee that's good news following the news the president tweeted out volkswagen will be spending $800 million in chattanooga, tennessee and they will be making electric cars. congratulations to chattanooga and tennessee. a job well done. a big win. and it gets better a new poll finding that over 7 in 10 investors, the economic fundamentals has strong and long-term optimism remaining high. democrat strengthened to destroy all that optimism with their far left nanny state socialist dreams.
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like democratic pair of new york comrade bill de blasio, actually pushing a new plan to confiscate private party from landlords. those he claims creates unlivable conditions. and he is even saying wealth is in the wrong handle of the people of new york. that sounds like he wants to confiscate money from some people and redistribute it to other people. coastal comrades out in california they are now pushing their own radical far left agenda with another nanny state proposal to ban paper receipts because people is still hold toxins. america better wake up. socialism is on the move and taking over the democratic party. unemployment women in the workforce, consumer confidence remains high. wage growth is the best it has been in a decade. but democrats threatening to turn back all this progress,
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higher taxes, burden son regulation and, of course, they don't want any energy independence. some want a 70 or 08% tax rate. socialized medicine u government mandated crimentd change all while making our nation say less secure because they want to fire ice and wants open borders. they want to control your business. they want to control your decisions. they want all the power and all your money. how far does that make you better? reaction the author of the number one best seller russia hoax. jarrett along with former florida attorney general pam bondy. good to see you both. this list of crimes. >> yeah. >> sean: we watched william barr today there are some things he said that made me say uh-oh. he can't, for example, say i support lock her up. >> right. as i noticed on social media a lot of people are upset about that. >> but he was shocked, he said, at the text messages. he was displassed over out
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fisa abuse recounted by the chairman. bruce ore and his wife's involvement in the dossier and finally you knows the counterintelligence investigation by the fbi with no legal standards, no probable cause no, reasonable suspicion simply because they put arrogance and audacity of the fbi to do this was really quite breath-taking and you could tell from william barr's response. he has his work cut out for him, sean. >> sean: you put out a list of specific people, specific crimes. >> right. >> sean: you and i could never understand why jeff sessions never followed up and applied the law as it's written. out when asking -- that's all we are asking for. >> he wasn't really the attorney general. the de facto attorney general was rod reserve stein. and he was angry at trump for getting blamed for writing the recommendation that comey be fired he is
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the one who tried to recruit cabinet members to depose out president. he shut one who appointed the special counsel. so when you have the guy in, that of the fbi which was rosenstein who was in bed with his subordinating in after trunk there could be no justice. >> sean: we introduced you as former attorney general of florida. >> weird, right? >> sean: we think to your new life. you wamped the testimony today. are you confident that mr. barr will apply the law to all of the serious examples you have abuse of power and corruption that we have spent a lot of time exposing on this show. >> sean, i read an op-ed that was published about why william barr is the best selection in the country to be u.s. -- to be our u.s. attorney general. and now i'm even more convinced than ever. he said the right things today. he has honest. he was genuine. and he will go in to it with
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an open mind. this is a tough man, he is going to do what's right. i have no doubt in my mind actually i. >> sean: hillary clinton he is violated espionage act. all the people committed grawd on fisa court are they going to be held accountable. >> . he is a career prosecutor and attorney general and put right above wrong. is he going to do the right thing. i have no doubt in my mind is he going to look into all of that just like they tried to attack our president of the united states. >> and coonsd g do you think that will he do it himself or appoint a special counsel? what would you audit advise him of? >> i would as advise him. this man has no reason to recuse himself. >> sean: is he not going to recuse himself. >> no, absolutely not he should not recuse himself. >> i agree with pam. he should do it himself. there are great career
6:20 pm
prosecutors perfectly capable. there is no conflict of interest here. >> sean: based on the names we know we mention new the on log tonight will they go to jail? >> yes, they should. >> a grand jury you will investigate and make the whether they should be prosecuted. >> sean: ly be brighted? >> you would have been prosecuted long allege and so would i? >> and thanks to all out great men and women in the trenches every day the fbi these people are making itlike horrible. they are doing a great job. >> sean: so angry at what these top officials did and they should not be ground with them either. thank you both. when we come back, explosive interview. former house intel committee chairman devin nunes, lindsey graham when we get back straight ahead. a bigger room?! -how many of you use car insurance?
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♪ >> sean: all right now as senate lawmakers grill the ag nominee william barr, we are learning more about the deep state and the abuses he will be cob fronting when confirmed. for example, according to reporting from our own catherine herridge, former top fbi lawyer james baker, this is under comey, is the subject now of a criminal investigation into illegal leaks to the media. this also growing evidence of the deep anti-trump bias among senior fbi officials. now, with devin nunes from the house intel committee revealing that the bureau's leaders, goat: had no real evidence against the trump team but launched an investigation anyway following the comey firing. joining us now for reaction is the congressman himself congressman devin nunes, when i hear that, what i'm hearing is that is a revenge investigation but it had already gone on for nine months. immediately after they exonerate you had hillary, with no investigation, they
6:26 pm
launched the so-called trump-russia collusion investigation. nine months into it, comey is fired. but we learn from peter strzok, larger himself and comey that they had nothing at that point. >> why would they submit a room president conspired with putin to fire comey. >> sean, let's think about it a different way. we have these supposed rickenbacker hawks sitting over at the counterintelligence division at the fbi and doj. where were they in 2012 when barack obama got caught on a hot mike telling the russian leader at the time he needed to more time to rate until after the election? it looks like that was trying to work with russians. where were they investigating when the ukrainians were begging the united states for weapons in the congress was trying to give weapons to the ukrainians after the russians had invaded and annexed crimea, nobody went to investigate the obama
6:27 pm
white house or president obama. so, you have no evidence in this case. you have no records, no phone calls, absolutely nothing of any sort and, yet, you supposedly reportedly are investigation the president? and furthermore supposedly this scope memo that outlines whatever mueller is supposed to be looking at, if the "new york times" story is to be believed from last friday night a friday night news dump, if that's to be believed then that means somebody leaked pieces of that scope memo to the "new york times." we still have yet to see it here in the congress. >> sean: john unioner has been investigating. i don't know if you have seen this heed line in the "new york times." mccabe tries to reengage christopher steel after comey was fired and they have a transcript supposedly by bruce ohr showing the fbi went back to steel between comey's firing and mueller's appointment. now we also know that there
6:28 pm
was communication, bruce ohr was the conduit, if you will, for christopher steele. and he was trying to get his information. remember, the dossier has been discredited. he was fired. still in contact with all these top officials and trying to feed information to mueller which we got in the exchanges of bruce ohr. >> so, remember how we got here. we set up a task force. we gave a list to at the end of the last congress or actually last summer. task force was created to conduct a bunch of entries what supposedly is leaking out are pieces of these interviews that chairman god i can't understand chairman goodlatte had asked for the fbi and doj to release them. they sat on them. now i think what's happening is people are select tialy leaking pieces of this. i have ratified this story a number of times. i have knot read the transcripts. i don't know if that's true or not but obviously it's very alarming if it's true
6:29 pm
that think were already trying to get him to go back to steele and get him to come back after they plan to was normalitied and phi lie. we need to know more about this which is why these transcripts have from all these interviews need to be released. >> sean: we have got to hope the new attorney general gets into this deeply. >> a. agree with you. >> sean: congressman nunes, thank you very much. joining us now with much more south carolina senator lindsey graham is with us. he was, of course, leading these hearings with william barr today. senator, good to see you. >> thank you, sean. thank you very much. >> sean: your thoughts on the hearings. let's start there. and will bill barr do the things that jeff sessions did not do and that the deep state, that's hillary clinton, and all the people we mentioned earlier? >> yeah. i believe so. i have seen no evidence collusion between the trump campaign and russians buttery have celine at love fbi and doj.
6:30 pm
how can you certify to the fisa court on four separate occasions that you have enough evidence to get a warrant against american innocence, the dossier is verified to this day. is he going to look hard and warm at the department of justice and the fbi the way they connected the clinton investigation and the way they started up the mueller investigation. here's long story short. mr. barr believes that politicians should not interfere in criminal investigations. but he also believes a criminal investigator should thought be out to get politicians and they were out to get trump. >> sean: there are a lot of forces working against him. but, for example, i know if i deleted emails, acid washed the hard drive i would go to jail. >> are you confident he dual that because every other american i guess if you are, investigated and emailed is that what hillary has taught
6:31 pm
us it? i. believe she got away with this. they were out to get trump. they say to themselves and they are out to help her. so i want him to do more than mr. horowitz did. explain to the country how it got so bad. i want him to tell us what happened with the fisa warrant application process. how could it get so off base. if there was a counterintelligence investigation of the president of the united states, i want him to tell us how it started, who started it. i want him to clean up this mess. i'm not expecting him to throw mueller over. but i am expecting him to clean it up the mess at the department of justice and the in fbi and i this the president picked the right guy to do it? >> we now know for a fact that russian lies were used. >> yes. >> sean: also an investigation into hillary was rig you had. favorite candidate over another can date. >> right. a strategy if that failed.
6:32 pm
>> sean: right u let me move to glifertion governor lives are at take. we have 90% of heroin coming into this country from our southern borat. the president today a national emergency is needed that's fine. you have been talking to people and you have a different approach. what is it? >> well, i think he needs to build this wall because we need out wall. i think democrats are being hypocritical because they alvote i had for more wall funding the president is asking for two. ways to bailed a wall. do it yearself actual reaction. the other option is to get a ledge a listen solution. moption has said i the give you. democrats work with the president to fund the wall adequately and meet his priorities if he would do other things. mr. president, if democrats come to you in the senate and say that we would like to work with you for a few weeks to see if we could
6:33 pm
1068 this problem, give them the -- give them a chance and if they don't deliver, do it by yourself. >> sean: do you think you could convince there are those democrats exist? in the senate? >> well, they have got to come out of the shadows and say we are willing to work with you, mr. president, to meet your priorities and we want some things, too. but we reject nancy pelosi's idea that you only get a dollar for the wall u if there are democrats willing to come forward to work with you, mr. president for a few weeks to it see if we can solve this, take him up on it and if you don't get what you want -- shane sean so you will have five or 10 democrats say give us a chance to during on jobbics open the government. if we don't get it done in three weeks you should declare the national emergency and use pentagon funds or other resources. >> mr. president if you are watching this show i think there are democrats that would work with you that why could get a deal within out
6:34 pm
senate. bye bye by the way in my true you don't get a pathway to citizenship. keep it simple. the bridge act. you will no citizenship. if democrats in the senate will work with you, give them a chance. a couple of weeks. if it doesn't work. do it yourself but give it one last shot. >> sean: first question will be one dollar nancy. than they will work with you. no doubt they are better about nancy and extremism. what is nancy going to say? recommendation i am dying to hear what they're going to say. >> get them in a room and ask them. see where they go u. >> sean: senator graham. good to see you. when we come back, we have a live report from honduras where a new migrant caravan is forming as we speak in central america. we will also get reaction. dan bongino, leslie marshall when we come back straight ahead. ♪
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♪ >> sean: joining us now live from honduras with the very latest on the new migrant caravan is fox news correspondent steve harrigan who was there. steve, here we go again. >> sean, here we go again and the wave of caravans are getting closer and closer together. it's really about two caravans right now. the one i'm on in the lead right here. this is going in to guatemala. and all the way down the street you can see the overflow from this shelter. you've got people trying to huddle up and stay warm. it's about 60 degrees here. and you have got another caravan already forming. so have you got one on the move and one forming. the numbers are getting larger quicker than the past caravan in october. the numbers doubled today. 2,000 up from 1,000 at the start of the day. so they are moving faster too. they have gone 150 miles today. go through guatemala. through mexico. the goal is to get to the united states.
6:40 pm
so far they are having no trouble getting into guatemala. mexico could be another question. the president has promised to treat migrants humanely but they may be wearing out their welcome in some parts of mexico. in tijuana they have just shut down a major shelter that used to house ho thousands of migrants people fed up. shutting down a shelter with another wave of convoys on the way to mexico. back to you, sean. >> sean: steve harrigan in honduras tonight. thank you. with more reaction fox news contributor leslie marshall former secret service agent host of the dan bongino show podcast. our friend dan bongino. let's start with you. okay. i had on friday night angel moms and dads. >> yes. i actually saw it i was watching. >> sean: 4,000 homicides illegal immigrants. we have 10,000 sexual assaults. 100,000 violent assaults. 90% of heroin we have an opioid epidemic as you know comes from southern border.
6:41 pm
i know the democratic talking points and the press talking point this is a manufactured crisis you heard from those moms and dads is that manufactured or is that real life and death? >> that's reef life and death, certainly. nobody should have to bury a family member to violent crime whether a person came here illegally or whether they were born here legally. with regard to all of those numbers, let's talk about drugs. el chapo himself has said after, what, two months in a brooklyn court we brought the drugs in. we didn't use those border points. in the past 30 days three separate tunnels were found one under an arizona parking lot into mexico. two other in nogales and in addition, 790 kilos found in pennsylvania. biggest drug haul ever, majority of illegal immigrants come to this country by plane and overstay their visas so do we have a crisis? yes. but the majority of
6:42 pm
americans don't want a wall they want solutions that work. >> sean: i was at the border with the president last thursday and those drugs are coming in shockingly dan bongino, less solid a liberal that agrees it's a crisis. it's life and death. the reality is, it protects both sides. the people that won't make this treacherous journey where some people die and on -- such an arduous task. some people are sexually assaulted and it would be good for both sides in the end and we have legal immigration. >> right. yeah, sean listen, you are right it does protect both sides. our immigration laws are absurd. we have consent decree incentivizing families to make this dangerous trek across our border and central america with young children who clearly can't handle this. this is dangerous to everybody involved. but if i can quickly address with due respect to leslie her talking point there. it's a little bit ridiculous. so you are suggesting
6:43 pm
because drugs come in via ports of entry, airplanes and probably our northern border, too that we should somehow ignore the southern border and the wall? that's like saying you know, listen, we have a drug problem in the neighborhood so let's ignore the burglaries, too. this is a really ridiculous outrageous liberal talking points that makes absolutely no sense. if we can put up a physical barrier and stop some portion of the drug flow we should. we can handle the ports of entry problem with a ports of entry solution. >> well, the problem is that i know that when we liberals speak you can't hear us but i want you to hear me. >> sean: i think he heard you well. >> no. we are not saying we don't have a solution and we don't do something, yes. but my point is if you have drugs coming, as you mentioned the northern border because we have four borders. and if you have drugs coming through ports of entry whether it be pennsylvania or the l.a. docks, the l.a. ports in california on the west coast, if have you tunnels under ground, the
6:44 pm
wall doesn't stop is that. what democrats are saying what the majority of americans, 63% which by the way over 30% are republicans in that latest poll they want not just a safe border they want decisions. a wall, a drone doesn't cover even conjunction all the areas i just mentioned. >> sean: why did democrats support $50 billion just in 2013? why were they making the case and sounding like donald trump just four years ago? >> majority of democrats did not and i know nancy pelosi did. but, remember, at one time. >> sean: schumer, hillary, obama, biden. >> correct. when you go back to when bush was president secure the border act who was one person who voted no that was nancy pelosi. as a democrat i disagreed with the democrats saying hey we will give you money for a wall. >> sean: last word, dan? >> leslie, you just debated yourself. >> no, i didn't. >> you just made the same point in the same sentence walls won't stop it and yet
6:45 pm
they had a tunnel underneath the wall to get around the wall that initially stopped it. clearly it was a deterrent. and then they found the tunnel. i mean, you just debated yourself. you made our point and not yours. >> tunnels in places where there are absolutely zero fepszing. >> they have to get around the construction. what you are saying they have to get around the obstruction by building devices. >> democrats have been saying we want some expansion. we don't want what the president campaigned on to fulfill his campaign promise. >> criminals have to find their way around because they were obstructed from getting in the country. you just made our point. >> you made mine if you saying criminals have to find a way around it or over it or fund which they will. the wall may not be immoral but it's ineffective. >> that's what an obstruction does. >> they supported the wall and sounded like. >> not all, my friend. >> sean: most of them and they voted to allocate the
6:46 pm
money. >> many democrats like myself were not in agreement with that vote. >> sean: thank you both. ment ojoe con shah filling in fr jesse watters taking on jessica tarlov we'll see whose world it is tonight straight ahead. ♪ gooo team... order online pickup in an hour. and, now get 20% off with coupon. at office depot officemax.
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>> sean: tonight our hannity watch on the hate trump media news busters out with a report broadcast network evening newscast they trash trump for the year 201890, 90% of their coverage and major blow for the radical left the dnc will no longer sponsor the women's march after remarks of anti-semitism. it might become his world because jesse didn't show up
6:51 pm
we have joe concha, the official media reporter of the hannity program and jessica tarlov is with us, fox news contributor. [inaudible] >> sean: got to be somebody's world and i'm betting on concha holding the line. >> i'm going universe. world is small. >> sean: how is it possible that you have -- we're going to impeach this mfer, hanging out with the most radical people. democrats, ari fleischer made a good point. farrakhan. nobody says a word. why? >> double standards, mostly. i think after a while people are getting fatigued by the news, sean, believe it or not. pew research does a great study last year found that 70% of americans are worn out by the news including 79% of republicans. and then you look at axios and survey monkey, another poll. 65% say fake news is usually reported because people have an agenda in the media while own 3% think it's because they made a mistake. think of these numbers for a
6:52 pm
second. they are fatigued. they are worn out. and the news they are seeing 90% negative after a while have no impact because it's the same thing every day over again. >> sean: every second print hour print cable except for this show and we are letting you on which is a an exception. >> a gift to your viewers. [laughter] >> so conservative media does a good job as well as propping up the people. i want to add about rashida tlaib who did say at that private event that. >> was public event. >> she got five times more coverage than steve king's racist comments u now he is finally in trouble. if you look at someone like mitt romney. >> sean: she hung out with a radical anti-semite radical. >> talking about news coverage five times. >> sean: farrakhan. >> i have been clear about my feelings will farrakhan. the dnc dropped him. >> sean: when are they getting their assignments taken away.
6:53 pm
>> committee member associated with him? >> look what happened with the dnc dropping the women's march. five times negative coverage for rashid that tlaib than steven king. >> farrakhan put up a tweet not too long ago comparing jews to termites and twitter is worthless at this point because that tweet somehow is still up. his account is not suspended that's what i mean about double standards think conservative puts up anything remotely like that they're off the platform. do you know why i know that? because we have seen it over the last couple of months. >> i'm not in any way, shape or form defending louis farrakhan, i never have. i even said to you in the green room. i don't understand the louis farrakhan he stand for the same thing as the democratic party. >> sean: get pictures with them including obama that they hid for years. >> the picture with obama. >> sean: eight years to hide from the american people. >> i'm really sorry.
6:54 pm
louis farrakhan is not a democrat representative. steve king i republican representative. >> sean: went to the church of gd america for 20 years. >> and david duke loves donald trump. >> sean: not quid pro quo here. >> i think it is. >> sean: president of the united states started his career in the home of unrepentant domestic terrorist. >> is president obama a domestic terrorist, no, absolutely not. is louis farrakhan a democrat? >> sean: make the point. >> things would be different. >> steve king doing this in eighth term of congress that is the point. >> why would it be different. >> sean: if it was a republican. >> if it were a republican? >?>> if it were a republican? >> sean: yeah. >> most of the media is based in new york and washington. and when you live in this environment, you are going to end up thinking the same way that a lot of other people do it's the mentality and you are not going to get a gold star. >> sean: i have got to let you go. >> impossible. >> concha's world.
6:55 pm
coming up, cnn fake news analyst gets utterly embarrassed after playing the race card. wait until you see this next. ♪ ♪
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6:59 pm
♪ >> sean: all right, cnn vagueness legal analyst areva margin had a hard reality check earlier today. she appeared on fox news contributor david webb's radio show, i tried to claim he has white privilege. watch this. >> i've chosen to cross the different parts of the media world, done the work, so i'm qualified to be in each one. i never considered my color the issue. i considered my qualifications the issue. >> well, david, that as a whole another long conversation about white privilege, the things that you have the privilege of doing that people of color don't have the privilege of. >> how do i have the privilege of white privilege?
7:00 pm
>> david, by virtue of being a white male, you have white privilege. it's a hole, long conversation. >> areva, i hate to break it to you but you should have been better prepped. i am black. >> sean: boom! [laughs] oh, man. that is all the time we have left this evening. always fair and balanced. not part of the hate trump media. let not your heart be troubled. where are you, in new york or the sewer? >> laura: i'm in new york. write downstairs from you. >> sean: it's gary. i got to tell you, ten, 18 rats for every one person in new york, some 9 million times 12. >> laura: the same thing in washington but at the lawyers. same deal. >> sean: [laughs] >> laura: by the way, hannity, we have david webb on the show tonight. one of those embarrassing moments. >> sean: a classic. >> laura: a good happen to anybody. it could happen. >> sean: as a white male, you benefit from white privilege. uhhh, okay. >> laura: i'm going to talk to him. i actually kind of


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