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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  January 17, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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he tweeted i know you can't tell but finally on the inside after i dropped two tickets disapproval liii am honored to work with usaa and wounded warrior project and give an army sergeant chance to see the big game. >> in and banned from royal caribbean cruises after jumping off the ship for viral fame. the man hurt his neck when he jumped from the ship. another teen fell to his death on a royal caribbean cruise. rob: slamming to several parked cars in the parking lot in ohio. take a look at the crash, then swerves, not clear if it was intentional, police searching for the driver. rob and jillian. jillian: it is thursday,
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january 17th and we begin with a fox news alert. rob: a second caravan just began in el salvador. day 27 of the partial government shutdown, and all democrats towing the same line as nancy pelosi. >> a wall that protects people is not immoral. obviously they work some places. jillian: are top democrats starting to crack under pressure? rob: a pro-level yankee prank. one of the players. jillian: it continues right now. ♪ don't need money ♪ don't take fame
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♪ don't need a credit card to ride this train ♪ might just save your life ♪ that's the power of love ♪ jillian: all right with everyone in studio is enjoying this. thank you for starting your day with us. migrants are pushing through guatemala. rob: griff jenkins joins us from guatemala city as we learn a new group is now on the move. >> reporter: good morning. we are in guatemala city outside the migrant shelter. the capacity is 3, she expects
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upwards of 2500 to come. on the streets, dozens of migrants have come and are sleeping outside it looks like one is starting a fire. it is cold in the early morning hours and there was a discussion towards mexico. if you look at the trash in the street, this was not here yesterday. i mention it because it was one of the real frustrations in mexico, they don't like the trash and something this caravan is going to get grief for. if you look inside the shoulder they are trying to get the migrants food, shelter and a shower as they continue towards the united states. we ask about the story here, here is what he had to say. >> two years ago.
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>> are you discouraged from trying to go because the border is harder to get across? >> i know it is harder but i got to try. i have 2. >> reporter: the numbers will grow. 150 starting down there, north into guatemala. as they approach the mexican border, both criminal organizations and in small numbers as to the mexican police who will deport them. we will find out as the numbers grow. we are 150 miles from the guatemala mexico border and that is where the next real test will come to see if mexican officials make it harder to get across the border. rob: thank you so much.
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jillian: a disaster relief bill that would fund the government through early february would help areas affected by hurricanes and wildfires in reopen the government temporarily but the republican-controlled senate is not likely to consider the bill because there is no money for donald trump's border wall. democrats have expressed concern the president would use disaster funds for the wall. key republicans say they are confident that won't happen. rob: house majority leader steny hoyer was forced to admit wall do work. in an interview with bret baer, the democrat rejecting nancy pelosi's claim that a border wall is immoral. >> i don't think it is an issue of morality. a wall is immoral if it tries to imprison people who shouldn't be in prison. they work some places.
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rob: democrats are willing to compromise to end the government shutdown. jillian: republicans firing back against nancy pelosi's request to postpone the president's state of the union address. the democrat citing consider your -- security concerns during the shutdown. rob: how the trump administration is responding. >> reporter: two week after inviting donald trump to deliver the state of the union address nancy pelosi walking that back, the speaker of the house in the letter to the president writing, quote, sadly, given the security concerns and unless government reopens this week, i suggest we work together to determine another suitable date after the government has reopened. she attempted to justify her actions. >> a security decision, to the united states and the responsibility for implementation. you can make it from the oval office.
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rob: steve scalise sounding off on the move. >> the left has become unhinged. they tried to do everything to insult the president, do not even acknowledge that he is the president. pelosi can try to stop the truth from coming out. rob: kevin mccarthy telling fox news, quote, it is unbecoming of a speaker to do this. democrats sounding off on the letter and the fate of the address. >> i have not seen the speaker's letter. haven't got a reply from the president, it is not officially -- >> reporter: secretary of homeland security kirstjen neilsen saying they are fully prepared to support and secure the state of the union. the focus and dedication and all they do each day to secure our
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homeland. at the white house donald trump signs a bill giving federal workers, as the shutdown enters day 27. he sat down with problem solvers caucus yesterday but no problems were solved at that meeting. rob: nancy pelosi of demand sparking pushback in washington. jillian: karl rove says the democrats politics have hit a new low. >> this is never happened in american history. the house of representatives, the congress of the united states has never refused an opportunity for the president of the united states to deliver the state of the union address in person. it shows how partisan we have become. and nancy pelosi's case, how absolutely irresponsible. and this was all because of national security. she did this because she is
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angry with the president, humiliate the president, what the president to surrender. like ulysses s grant at the battle of fort donaldson, she wants immediate and unconditional surrender this is her way, shame on her for doing this was american deserves better. jillian: it would be the first time since jimmy carter in 1981. rob: after meeting with senators involving in syria and afghanistan after yesterday, rand also the president is still committed to pulling troops out of the middle east. senator lindsey graham warned declaring victory could provoke isis. >> every american what troops to come home but all of us want to make sure when they do come home we are safe. i hope the president would look long and hard before he said it. >> isis taking credit for the
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suicide bombing in syria that killed four americans including two servicemembers and that surveillance footage shows the frightening moments the blast unfolded. >> five people that is a winter storm slammed california. one man killed when a tree fell on top of the homeless and haven't. in california heavy fog and rain blame for 19 car pileup. dozens are hurt. weighing down a plane leaving with its nose in the near lake tahoe. janice dean joins us as the winter storm pushes east. here we go. >> the storm is coming from the west, the cold air is in place. who will get what? we have a big question on the northeast as we go through the next couple days but the west remains active, and coastal rain
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pushing to the northwest. we will see the next storm get attacked together across the northeast, we will see snow out of it. tonight into friday morning, that will be a messy commute for the northeast and this is our big weather maker as we head into the weekend, developing across the midwest, the mississippi river valley. who will get the totals? the heaviest snow is inland. these snow totals will change over time. parts of the northern plains will get snow. it will be a rain event in the mississippi river valley and we could the potential for icing as well. the big totals will be in land and here is the model forecast. the totals will change. some areas will get two feet of snow.
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boston, 7 to 10 inches, new york, two to five inches. that will change because we are very uncertain how warm it will be, the rain/snow line wherever that is will cut the snow totals but it goes a little south or towards the ocean we will get more called air being pulled and more snow. i can't give you accurate snowfall totals. by the way, behind that, the coldest air we have seen in some cases in years. rob: protesters against epa administrator andrew wheeler. >> please restore order. >> this man wants to deregulate, this is an outrage! >> please restore. rob: policeman removing demonstrate, eight arrested.
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he has been acting administrator since july. jillian: democrats have been pushing back on the president's pick for attorney general. barr has been confirmed for and the effort of controversy will not work this time. rob: real-life fake news, the phony headline that has some thinking donald trump quit, walked out of the white house, stay tuned. ♪
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jillian: democrats growing witnesses for attorney general nominee build barr, attacking his record on mass incarceration and his potential impact on the mueller probe. rob: will this be enough to
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derail his nomination? thanks for coming on. does he get through? >> he does and he should. the president set a high bar and it is going to be barr who is the attorney general. under president george hw bush he was confirmed as assistant ag and deputy ag and by unanimous voice vote which is unheard of for this type of decision he was confirmed. he is the perfect person, he serves and gets out, sees service as an opportunity, not a career and is a successful attorney, not a hyper-partisan. he is right for the job. jillian: has the way this has played out surprise you? >> know. this is politics as usual in washington. they are trying to find any excuse not to vote for somebody
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who is ultimately overqualified for this job. the president made the right selection of the right time. is coming back to serve the government again and democrats are beside themselves because they were for barr before they were against him. >> talking about the mueller investigation, he satisfied -- he said he has no reason to do the wrong thing or make a bad choice. he's in a place in his life where he doesn't need to be coerced by anything. that speaks volumes especially in washington where a lot of people do have that issue. >> he is beholden to no one. he is not beholden to the president or special interests. he is a creature of the law, one of the few people in washington who has no ax to grind. he is the ultimate professional and he believes his job is to honor the constitution and rule of law. what more could you ask for?
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jillian: diane feinstein says this is down to the mueller documents. what do you make of that? >> nonsense. she is looking for any excuse not to support him. he should be supported. i will tell you there is no way this gentleman should not be confirmed. we should welcome this type of service from somebody with this type of career. shannon: most of these democrats were thinking of 2020 have to go against this. >> nothing surprises me with a hyper-partisanship in this town even this past week with the speaker of the house unprecedentedly uninviting a president of the state of the union on a bogus claim that he cannot be protected. this is the debasing of the constitution and the way things should be done in america. it is unfair, it's not right into do it for politics is even worse. jillian: rewinding a couple months, the grilling we saw the
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to the entire country of now justice brett kavanaugh, a lot of people hoped that would have been the last of it but clearly not. >> they certainly can't use that again because it was thoroughly rejected, by discussed of the american people but when you see the testimony of barr, it is sober, it is factual. there is no hesitation in the questioning and he honestly answers the senators and i think you can't ask more of that. rob: he seems to be a straight shooter. thank you so much. jillian: 20 minutes after the air, slumping sales and leading to more bad is for apple. tracy carrasco has the biggest stories next. rob: alexandria kislyak claiming the president in her first speech on the house floor and she didn't stop there. are you filming? at,
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>> welcome back, there were multiple lawsuits against the doctor accused of giving lethal sentinel doses to patients. >> it happened again. jillian: several families say doctor prescribed powerful painkillers speeding up their death. the hospital which is all be so being sued fired the doctor. rob: not getting vaccinated is considered a top for the global health. the world health organization condemning the so-called anti a anti-vaxxers who have made -- back - hiv and the flu making the organizations topping 10 global health threats for 2019.
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>> apple preparing to cut back on hiring over week iphone sales. rob: more on these expected cutbacks. >> reporter: apple will cut back on hiring. it is not clear which divisions will be impacted by this but this does come after apple's report of slowing iphone sales and a missing forecaster in the holiday quarter, this according to a report in bloomberg. this disclosure from apple ceo tim cook came right after he sent the letter to investors discussing apple's recent struggles particularly in china. remember shares of apple felt and present after that news. shares of apple training slightly lower in the premarket, they didn't close by one person wouldn't yesterday. rob: government shutdown,
2:26 am
everyone is worried about tsa calling in sick. 40 seconds i was through security. >> the tsa saying lines are getting back to normal and many airports despite reports earlier that there were longer lines at airports because of these staffers allegedly calling out sick because of the government shutdown. the tsa reporting overall passengers waited 30 minutes or less, 98% of passengers waited less than 15 minutes at screening checkpoints so definitely seeing things get back to normal, not being impacted too much by any workers calling out of work. jillian: good news. rob: police rating the home of the georgia man uncovered a plan to attack the white house and that wasn't his only target. more details coming up. jillian: all eyes on the shutdown, trade war with china could be on the cuffs as indian. peter more easy joins us with what we learned overnight and how it impacts the economy. ♪
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oral or nasal. >> we are back with a fox news alert, a man is behind bars accused of plotting a terror attack on the white house, the fbi says he told an undercover agent he wanted to blow a hole in the white house attack people with guns and grenades. he was arrested interesting operation where he traded his car for rifles and explosives. the federating his daughter home overnight were ticked off -- tipped off about someone who had become radicalized. a police officer now accused of killing her outside her home. tray von anderson fired multiple shots at pain as she was heading to work in louisiana. he called 911 and made up a story about a mystery gunman. pain had been working as a cop
2:31 am
for less than two months. two other men are under arrest believed to be accomplices. alexandria kislyak using the first floor after the president. >> if not normal to shut down the government when we don't get what we wanted it is not normal to starve the people we serve for a proposal that is wildly unpopular among the american people. >> he let a group of freshmen congresswoman on march to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell's office. they hope to express frustration with the senate not considering house bills to end the shutdown. the new chairwoman of the house financial services committee has a fresh warning for wall street. >> the crisis was a result of wall street running amok. the committee will be paying close attention to other financial regulators tried to weaken reforms and we will be keeping an eye on the big banks and their activities.
2:32 am
>> maxine waters says she will keep a particularly close watch on the growth of financial technology as americans continue banking in new ways. rob: economic chaos across the pond. the uk's divorce deal from the european union could be heading for our next after plan a which was more than two years in the making was voted down in parliament so as teresa may scramble to find a brexit solution, how will be no deal impact the us and world economy? here to weigh in his chief economist for the international trade commission, peter more easy -- peter morici. what do you think will happen? >> we will have a no deal. postponing a decision or actually crashing out. let's say it crashes out,
2:33 am
britain is an important export market to the rest of europe. europe is teetering on recession right now anyway. the central bank is not doing anything about it. my feeling is it could tip it into recession, the whole continent. longer-term, europe could be better off with britain leaving but in a short-term we have to remember europe is our largest export market which is why folks like the ford motor company are so upset. being inside the eu is not good for britain. how do they get out? rob: bob shanks saying the no deal and brexit would be catastrophic for the auto industry and ford's manufacturing operation in the country and that is why we are talking about this. in the united states, why do we care? with the eu is doing with the uk? it could have implications on the entire world.
2:34 am
>> ford has a conflict of interest was when we talk about changing the trade regime. britain leaving the eu, established players have to rearrange their investments. the automakers were against nafta in the beginning because they established themselves in canada and mexico to take advantage of tariff protection. when you talk about change that is what you get from the ford motor company. and britain is better off outside the eu long-term. rob: teresa may holding onto power, the new plan in 70 days to do it. this is from forbes, china is losing the trade war in nearly every way, big conflict between the us and china and this forbes article highlights reasons china
2:35 am
is struggling. the stock market is down, gdp export import data all negative. the president is winning the game. >> he is winning in some measure. the trade war is not the only reason at all china has economic difficulties but the bottom line is china get along by the government cheating on wto rules and taking advantage of other countries. they are like the kid in the class who is always reading other people's desks. they are worse than that. they are the sopranos. that disturbed me about these negotiations. and the harvest organs and transplant them to communist party officials, it is like a concentration camp. we are dealing with a 1930s fascist regime. the idea we can negotiate with these people and get them to abide by free-market rules and have free trade with them is silly.
2:36 am
>> we are so intertwined with china at this point the idea of pulling away from them and isolating them is painful but in the long run it is something we've got to do. >> just like brexit, these are not permanent. mister cook doesn't want to take his iphone is simply out of china but it is good for the country to do that. it is a criminal regime. if you think you can do business with the devil, read daniel webster who is not going to come back and defend america. where making a terrible strategic misstep. this is like chamberlain at munich. rob: we appreciate it. jillian: a judge ordering top obama administration officials to answer questions about the benghazi attack. is that the next step toward justice. general anthony tata says it is
2:37 am
time for accountability. rob: turn your attention to the tv. this was incredible and dangerous. the man jumped off the side of the cruise ship. he went a long way down to light up social media and now he is in trouble. ♪ you've got to fight for your right to party ♪ ing all over for our big idaho potato truck. it's out there somewhere reminding folks about heart healthy idaho potatoes and making contributions to local charities. so this year, i've built myself a secret weapon. there it is let's get 'em boy! awe man. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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rob: a breakthrough on benghazi, federal judge ordering former obama administration official susan rice and ben rhodes to answer questions on the deadly 2012 attack. jillian: the judge questioning rice's motives about her deceptive talking points and hillary clinton's state apartment response. could this take the families of benghazi victims closer to justice? rob: the former commander of us forces in afghanistan, retired
2:41 am
brigadier general anthony tata, will there be an attempt to deceive? they dig anything out of this? >> the wheels of justice are grinding slowly but they are grinding. the judge made an amazing decision to have roads and rice answer questions that need to be answered. the obama administration, a couple months before president obama's reelection that involved secretary clinton. secretary clinton was involved in decision-making process as well, the us military was on standby, prepared to reinforce and told to stand down and that is what we need to get at and the judge mentions, why this may
2:42 am
get that why secretary clinton was avoiding a freedom of information act by using a private server. there is a lot of play here. i'm glad judicial watch is continuing to press for this. otherwise we would not having the information on this. >> are you expecting any bombshells out of this? >> if it were in person verbal deposition where they didn't have ten lawyers, that there might be something out of it. what i am seeing is carefully scripted answers that may lead to something. they are under oath and assuming they tell the truth, could lead to 120 days to have another hearing and could lead to
2:43 am
secretary clinton, having to answer deposition questions. rob: right before the reelection of president obama, a very critical time and you believe there was this thinking the obama administration didn't want there to be a threat of radical islamism in these areas, they didn't want people to think there was that threat. they had an agenda they were trying to push by hiding this and information that needed to be out. >> think of the backdrop in 2011, we pulled out of iraq, he says there's nothing to worry about and then the arab spring happens at the syrian civil war happens, isis is being created. it is artie determined they are cooking the books on isis intel that the president has said. he didn't want any intelligence to make it to the public domain
2:44 am
that was counter to his narrative so central command was not producing any products of record that demonstrated anything about isis so that was not consistent with his belief that there was no threat from radical islam so this is all part of the narrative the state department and others were supporting and he weapon eyes to these agencies to support his political power and agenda. jillian: thank you for your time. how about this? house majority leader steny hoyer says walls do work in some areas after all. >> they work some places. obviously they work some places. jillian: are democrat starting to break from their hard-line border stand? rob: congressman michael burgess joins us with that. ♪
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>> i'm just outside studio f where inside we have our first live studio audience. was going to happen? i have three fun hours. i have the actual run double dollar guests will be live in the studio today. lawrence jones, stuart varney, the former acting ice director, judge andrew napolitano, diamond and silk, pete hegseth, rand paul, bill hammer, sandra smith, chuck janine, a quiz show with tom schuler who and at the conclusion of the program, lee greenwood singing god bless the usa.
2:49 am
we will make a big entrance in 12 minutes. take a peek. there is our first ever live studio audience kicking off shortly on fox news channel. rob: okay. jillian: steny hoyer countering nancy pelosi, admitting walls do work in some places. >> for the people living in border states especially with some barrier that has been constructed, you say they don't work. they work there. >> obviously they work some places. rob: that is a big moment. democrats move closer to embracing a border barrier. republican congressman michael burgess in texas joins us live. good morning to you. the same interview which was a
2:50 am
great one, bret baer got him to say walls can work and do work and walls are immoral, nancy pelosi's right-hand man. what do you think? >> a breakthrough i guess. we have all been waiting to see when people are going to talk to each other about this. it has been a series of speeches and talking points to this time. i hope it is indicative there is now going to be a little bit of a loosening of the logjam. i didn't see the interview because i was in the rules committee trying to work and get the government open, but comments continue to be made, if you open the government for 30 days and let us work on this we will get to a conclusion but if i recall correctly the speaker and minority leader of the senate, the president said if i
2:51 am
allow things to open for 30 days we work with me? they said no. he said okay, goodbye and that was the end of that discussion. it needs to change and people need to talk, you can come to a compromise on this but it needs to happen sooner rather than later. jillian: we heard what steny hoyer said yesterday. we had congresswoman hill who comes from a law-enforcement family who says she believes in a border barrier and what's conversations to keep moving forward. do we see the domino effect in the democratic party? >> indicative of congress was supposed to be at home in a district work period that the speaker has canceled so congress will be in the house. we will be here working next weekend that is a good thing. we should not be not working with something so important is taking place. the story that came out of puerto rico with people taking a vacation on the beach, that hurt their narrative. perhaps there is a little bit of
2:52 am
frustration on the other side with how things have gone and the narrative that surrounds them. rob: two big reasons nancy pelosi has for turning down this idea of a barrier, that was a big moment. let's talk about something else the speaker did, asking the president to delay or cancel the state of the union or given it in writing and she makes a point they never had a state of the union when the government was shutdown but what do you think? >> the president needs to deliver the state of the union. the expectation that the american people have. i will admit having been on the other side, there's nothing quite like the majesty of coming in and addressing a joint session of congress with the joint chiefs of staff there and the diplomatic corps. it is a big deal and a big stage
2:53 am
for the president beyond. at the same time people want to hear from the president. it is a constitutional requirement the president from time to time comes and delivers remarks either in person or in writing on the state of the union. it is a requirement. jillian: do you see an issue with being delayed or in writing? >> it is unacceptable to say the president to deliver his remarks in writing. no one wants that. the president -- you see this over and over, democrats are anxious to do things, they don't want to normalize the presidency of donald trump but he is the president, he was elected, he needs to deliver the state of the union address. rob: they want to take the juice out of it, a great moment for the president. jillian: we are coming right back. how much horse power does this thing got? doing great dad! looking good babe!
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♪ this is the part where i break free ♪ this is the part where i say i don't want it ♪ this is. rob: all right. government shutdown, partial government shutdown day 27. jillian: um-huh. rob: coming upon a month already. listen to this story, a basketball star is firing back after the nation of turkey accused him of being a terrorist.
2:58 am
knicks center enes kanter a turkish national only thing he terrorizes is the rim. >> i'm not -- i'm a basketball player. 26-year-old basketball player. rob: there is a reason for this. turkey claims he is part of a terrorist group and wants a warrant to extradite him from the united states. kanter has repeatedly slammed the country's president. president erdogan telling him, quote, the hitler of our century and this is how erdogan is retaliating against him. did he not travel with the knicks in tonight's game in london after receiving hundreds of death threats. there is turkey for you. jillian: alex rodriguez pranks an unsuspecting fan who thought he looked an awful lot like a rod. >> yeah. jlo. >> you are kidding. [inaudible] >> never.
2:59 am
oh, my. >> well, eventually let the young woman in on the secret shaking her hand and giving her a high five. rob: cutest couple ever. jillian: they really are. rob: kristin mccalfry giving an army veteran a trip to the super bowl. i know you can't tell. smiling on the inside after i dropped two tickets on him super bowl 53. honored to work with and give army sergeant alex somerson a chance to seat big game. he served two tours in iraq. jillian: a man banned from royal caribbean cruises for jumping off a ship for fame. >> holy [bleep] jillian: not smart. he hurt his neck. last week a teen fell to his death on a royal caribbean
3:00 am
cruise. don't do that. rob: that's a big jump. real fake news. handing out fake editions of "the washington post." dated may 1st, 2019. saying president trump resigned and people celebrated around the world. the actual "the washington post" says they do not tolerate stunts like this. jillian: all right. thanks for scroing us. big show. live audience. "fox & friends" coming your way, 2, 1. have a good one. >> another caravan. the second this week, begins its track to the u.s. border. >> one of the migrants we talked to was inside. >> what happened? >> was illegally. >> congress fights over funding the wall, one ranking democrat admits maybe walls do work. >> wall that protects people is not immoral. obviously they work some places. >> nopghts is no nancy pelosi ie shutdown to see you lens the state of the union. >> it is a special security event. >> nancy pelosi did not tell the truth today. shame on her for doing.


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