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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  January 22, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PST

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please join us. also, you can head to the radio. >> president trump doubling down on his defense of covington high school students in the wake of that viral video as we learn classes were canceled at the school today over security and safety concerns. good morning, everyone i'm sandra smith live inside "america's newsroom." >> eric: i'm eric shawn in for bill hemmer. the president is tweeting about this controversy calling what he says is a smear campaign by the mainstream media. we are now hearing from the students themselves for the very first time. >> several media platforms blatantly lied about the events regarding in the controversy in d.c. the community and the individuals.
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there have been many threats against the laws, the parents and such that include that we should all be locked in the school and burnt to the ground. the school being bombed. >> sandra: main welcome a new reaction to the buzzfeed report as we learnt the president's legal team reached out to special counsel after it was public -- published, life fox team coverage and peter king will join us in just a moment, kevin court is at the white house but we began with covington, kentucky, doug, there has been talk of lawsuits but can you verify that? >> yes, i can and we will have more on that in a second but i wanted to set the scene for what is going on and what we expect to happen as we have talks of a native american groups outside of the diocese of covington where we stand. we haven't been able to verify that but talks by antifa and haven't been able to verify that at 10:00 but we will keep our eyes open. but the overwhelmingly thrust up
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so many media they are and as we have seen in the story. and we just take one tweet for example to show you what has happened with that. there is a tweet that says it's not about border security but about white supremacy, prayers for nathan phillips the native american elder who seemed banging his drum. the teens taught hate. responding to that tweet, los angeles attorney by the name of robert barnes tweeted this is a libelous ally, retract or get sued. hours after the mainstream media narrative was established from alternative videos began springing up conveying an entirely different narrative. the teen who wore maga hats themselves being taunted by a group of african-american groups called the black israelites. then native american nathan phillips who approaches the group within inches of one student nick sandmann's face. he does not move, does not react in any way and some accused him
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of smirking but he said in a statement yesterday, i believe that by remaining motionless i was helping to diffuse the situation but i realize had everyone cameras and a group of adults trying to provoke a group of teenagers into a larger conflict. now, people have asked where were the chaperones? well, the chaperones it right in the midst of the kids. one of them told "cincinnati enquirer," there was nothing they chaperones could have done differently. i'm very proud of the way the boys behaved in this situation. it was not until the boys returned to covington, kentucky, that they realize they had become a major national news story. as she said, the school has been closed for today because of some threats, very, very viable threats indeed coming their way. >> sandra: school closed today, we will see, doug, we also hear at the kentucky and congressional delegation is involved? >> doug: they are. in a variety of ways,
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senator rand paul of kentucky tweeted, several tweets about the situation. one of them said too often rush in judgment with the media. we should stop, look at the facts first. tom massie the republican congressman representing this very much involved and promises to be more involved has come to the students defense. president trump also tweeted, looking like nick sandmann, treated unfairly and early judgments proving to be foals, smeared by the media, not good but making a big comeback. this story is not at all over and the potential for lawsuits and then protest so we will keep our eyes open to keep you informed. >> sandra: doug mckelway in covington, thank you. >> eric: the legal team did speak with special counsel's office about the story and agreed yes, it was inaccurate. intelligence committee member known as sounding off about this in the media frenzy. >> buzzfeed with dozens and
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dozens of vectors of news media people have staked their entire careers on this russian gambit. so they are desperate. every week we have something new, something comes up that this is an end-all, be-all and last week buzzfeed was looking for hail mary pass and it just didn't work. >> eric: kevin corke or at the white house where he always is, kevin, it is fair to say rudy giuliani has some explaining to do with the timeline he laid out with the president's to michael cohen. and dealing with the military. spot on and listen, let me just call it this. this is modified message management but in a town, and a subject that requires discipline, i think it is fair to say this is an unnecessary distraction for the president's legal team to say the least. still understand how we get to a situation like this. the president's attorney has
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been in touch with the mueller team to clear up those loose ends on statements he's made about the president, conversations with former michael cohen. giuliani, a strong defender of his clients, but when it comes to the mueller probe, he has on occasion to clarify or walk back comments because it is clear to know this. any missteps could at least in theory be used against his client. the latest clarification happen to be those conversations and he said this president trump had several conversations with michael cohen about trump tower and in january 2016 as far as the president knows it ended then. but giuliani at at the president couldn't say definitively when it ended because he didn't know. he later said this, in answer to the president, and answered that the president gave to robert mueller the trump tower project doesn't say when it ended to come again, because we didn't know when it ended. he added that the scope of the questions of mueller's team wanted answers to went to the end of 2016 but that does not
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mean trump tower proposal goes until then. again, this is very important because it speaks to the idea you don't want inconsistencies what you are saying publicly and what perhaps under oath or an answer to questions given by the mueller team. it is also two-point -- point out, eric, this project went forward to. >> eric: it did talk about it but never happened. meanwhile legislation to get the government back open because of the shutdown on capitol hill. there was opportunity the senate begins that potential process to both this week but how can that help? >> devin: listen, play the pressure on democrats and get them on the record and may be just maybe get maybe get them to off of the democratic leadership and hopefully come to some sort of a understanding and may be began to negotiate as you know the democrats simply won't do that until the government is in fact reopen. let me share a statement from the appropriations committee. very interesting statement imploring democrats and colleagues across the aisle to
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come to the table to at least try to negotiate an end to this government shutdown, which as you know now is near month of a month old. the president has proposed a serious compromise to end the shutdown. as you see there, he goes on to say he provides immigration reforms that democrats have long supported. that is a very important part of that statement. he goes on to say for the good of the country i encourage my colleagues to join in passing this legislation or come to the negotiation table with constructive solutions of their own saying no to everything will not move our country forward. but as you know, democrats like chuck schumer say the wall simply is not who we are as a nation. in funding it would be inconsistent with our values. >> we are aghast that he wants this giant 30-foot wall to be the symbol of america. i tell president trump and i tell him to his face, we want the symbol of america to remain
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for statue of liberty, freedom, equality, not a device of wall. [applause] >> we will fight for that, fight for that we will. >> devin: schumer and a great number of democrats voted for border security including a barrier in the past, but not under president trump yet at least, not yet. >> eric: 2006 they voted for two-thirds more of a barrier. delving into this the next three hours, thank you devon. >> sandra: for more on this jack king, congressman, thank you for your time this morning. so you were listening to all of that and i just wonder what the house and the senate, back at it today, what do you think will come from this? >> pete: first of all i fully agree with the president and the democrats, they will come to the table. i guess what i would hope for, to move this and the senate and we start a debate to bring
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democrats over. ideally pass it in the senate. then i will send it to the house, nancy pelosi with a different bill but we stand in real negotiations to begin them. and basically come everything democrats are asking for in the past been given somewhat and asr as chuck schumer and nancy pelosi being morally opposed to a wall and out the symbol of the country, barack obama 130 miles of wall. so i guess, by their logic we should go and tear down all the walls on the border now, the wall in san diego. i mean, this is ridiculous. it is shameful the 800,000 people out of work. i was against it from the start because i didn't see a strategy but we are where we are. the president to me has been extremely reasonable. i think the democrats while they may still feel he is ahead in the polls, overplaying their hand and it will blow up in their faces. >> sandra: and expected to take up the president's later proposal in the senate, i say if
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and that is a big "if" still, it has to go through the house, but what happens they are? >> pete: , what that would mean and i'm sure nancy pelosi will pass a different bill in the house but the two sides to give what they need to get this over and done with. the president come again, he is being the most reasonable here. and the american people realized that more and more that he's asking for basically not awol at all but giving a status to the dreamers, to the gps people and provide all the other technology needed to come a more bolder patrol agents, to increase the rate on the asylum cases, all of this to me is a comprehensive plan and the democrats should go with it. if they want to change it, fine, put that on the table. >> sandra: and just a couple of topics to get to because it's been a busy tuesday so far.
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what you have heard as far as they exchange that occurred prior to the special counsel coming out and debunking that bose feed report that there was interaction with the president's legal team and rudy giuliani talking little bit about that, what did you make of what we learned they are and what they were able to share with the special counsel's office? >> pete: yeah, rudy giuliani is the expert federal counsel. he has done a lifetime of experience in this field. and always the backstage negotiations going on between the defense team and the prosecutors. so i think what giuliani -- giuliani is doing, putting forward to them and i think the fact that he went to them about the bose feed story. that would be part of the backstage negotiations that does exist between prosecutors and defense counsel and against the bose feed story test disgraceful
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the way that people ran with it. look on his face, it didn't add up. look it could have been true, but this was nothing at all but a total lie. that is indicative what has happened throughout the entire proceeding. pete king, always great to get your take on things as we start out the morning. we will have a lot more coming up white house press secretary joining us to weigh in on all of the topics and more 9:30 a.m. eastern time and join us for that. >> eric: sandra we will talk to dan kildee and the leaders of his party willing to accept any compromise that comes from the white house. plus breaking news on denuclearize korea, the report is the country has a dozen undeclared missile bases. how will that impact a second summit with the united states general jack keane will join us on that next. >> kim jong un is looking forward to it and so m.i.a.
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>> eric: a stunning new report on secret ballistic base in north korea. that report from washington impact. it also claims as many as 20 undeclared missile bases are in that country. this report says the u.s. has told north korea to freeze its nuclear program pending the president's upcoming summit with kim jong un. what does all this mean, joins us the institute a fox news senior analyst, a general did not cite, surprise surprise gee whiz. >> no surprise that north korea will hide things and secondly
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i'm actually confident that i know very proud of the analysis of available public imagery. all of our intelligence services are very much where this site as well as many other sites that are not disclosed. >> eric: so we basically have the finger on the nuclear program. do you think that anything concrete to be achieved from the upcoming senate in the talks? >> jack: i want to take the president's word and he is saying a couple of things to us. the communication by letter with kim jong un. and those around him have said the letters have been surprisingly sincere. and we have not read them so we can't comment on this, the actual facts of this. but the second thing he has said, there is more going on then what is being reported in the media. i have been saying for some time that one of the real issues as the north koreans have never given us from the first meeting that we had with them an inventory of all of their sites, nuclear and ballistic missile
6:19 am
sites. and therefore, put together a program or timetable of dismantling those sites with inspectors from independent inspectors. >> eric: in the absence of that does that show insincerity again they are trying to pull the wool over our eyes? >> jack: that leads to our speculation and leads me to that speculation but i'm hoping that the president has that information out or at least a predicate for maybe having the summit and we connection to make progress. where we are though and it's undeniable, north koreans have not given up a single ballistic missile or singular nuclear or chemical biological weapon. that is where we are. >> eric: say that again because we have not agreed to international inspections. they have not agreed to opening up any of these sites. they have not agreed to giving up anything up let alone tell us where anything is. >> jack: what they have done, they have stopped nuclear and ballistic testing. so the crisis flying over japan and flying towards guam has been removed i'm sure. but the second thing that is an
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issue when we know for a fact north koreans come to the summit with the president, they will put something on the table, hopefully that is tangible. and they will want in return a few things. >> eric: what would you like to say? speak -- the ninth i don't want to see us give up sanctions because that's what brought them to the table. that is what we have given up in the past in these negotiations and they never fulfilled their promise what they delivered on the table. that has been the panel of behavior. hopefully, this is different but i do think kim jong un is different than his father and grandfather. i think he wants to change the economic situation in his country. he wants to open it up to the world a little bit more than what the kim dynasty has done but here is the other thing. i think he wants to hold onto many nuclear weapons also. he wants to be a nuclear power. >> eric: finally, the pentagon remains an extraordinary threat, do you agree? >> jack: the outcome of course. this is a company -- country with threatening the use of ballistic missiles. >> eric: jack keane come
6:21 am
always good to see you and we will see you at the summit. sandra. >> eric: congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez after an economic system that allows billionaires is immoral. maria bartiromo will be joining us live from davos next. >> i think it is wrong a vast majority of the country does not make a great wage and i think it is wrong you can work 100 hours oand not see your kids. of thousands of clients worldwide. there may have never been a better time to start diversifying your assets with physical gold and silver. and right now, it's easy to get started. just pick up the phone and call toll free to request the complete guide to buying gold with hundreds of pages of important information. don't put it off another day. call now. - of all my years involvement with buying gold,
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for the funeral home. he will be laid to rest later this week and officer sean tuder was killed trying to make an arrest. the play say and 19-year-old suspect is now in custody and he happens to be the second alabama police officer to die in the line of duty. >> sandra: congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez was sharp reaction with the latest comments on our economy. she responded to critics of her plan to increase the top marginal tax rate in this country to 70%. >> if you think that the system will allow billionaires to exist when there are parts of alabama where people are still getting ringworm because they don't have access to public health is wro wrong. >> sandra: maria barton mona -- maria barton moral mother, maria clement beautifult they are, and i know that this is a gathering of some of the richest people in the world right there in davos but o
6:26 am
over? >> maria: you make a good point because you have a lot of wealth here but people look at that and say, what is that going to do to the economy if you make it so economically difficult for the highest earners? let me point out that according to the tax foundation, the top 10% of earners already pay almost 80% of all taxes, so you already have the highest earners paying their fair share if you will. but this comment reminds me of something mayor de blasio said we could go and that was he told the gathering, look there's a lot of money in the city. it's just in the wrong hands. what exactly is the wrong hands? is the wrong hands kim jong un the billionaire that gave $100 billion to ny you medical school so that you that ny you give out free medical education or maybe it is who just gave
6:27 am
hundreds of millions of dollars to the new york public library so that people can have access to new technology in the library? or maybe it is someone like david coates who has given so much to medical schools, hank greenberg having given hundreds of millions of dollars to presbyterian. so you have to wonder what those billionaires would do with their money if the first thing they have to do is give 70% of it to the government. let's talk about productivity for a second. it will no other conversation. are you going to work incredibly hard with the belief that you can earn a great success and you can get better and more wealth? are you going to work really hard if you know that at a point, you will have to give it all to the government? i don't think so. so those comments to me seem quite naive. >> sandra: she said that when asked whether a world that allows the billionaires is a moral outcome, she responded no, it's not. she did take exception with some
6:28 am
billionaires like bill gates, for example, or warren buffett. she did not say that they were are immoral. likely, that might come up a couple of times out there at the economic forum, we will see but meanwhile what is the discussion? what is the tone out there? obviously the global is the conversation china in a trade deal, what are they talking about? >> maria: for sure. those two coats big subjects along with technology and robotics. on the global economy, most people acknowledging we are looking at the global slow down. the u.s. best position, no doubt about it given the tax cuts and the boost to growth that we saw last year. but overall, a year, we are talking about synchronized global story but now pretty much talking about synchronize global slow down. some economies were worse off than others but let's not forget even though china's economy slowed to 6%. in the economy in the world would love to see 6% economic
6:29 am
growth. so i'm not saying this is a catastrophe, yes, we are coming down from higher levels but i don't think people with a recession especially not this year. china wants to see a deal done and it looks like both countries need to get a deal done. expect something to be agreed upon, china opening up its market, sandra. >> sandra: president trump wants the world to know the world is booming and manufacturing among other things. maria, we will check out with you at davos 'switzerland. >> eric: denied for paul wei lent the american accused of spying in russia and we learn about the russians claim, was found in his possession when they arrested him. >> sandra: plus the senate heading back to work as the media rush to judgment with the covington high school students and the native american protesters comes under scrutiny. press secretary hogan gidley --
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>> eric: an alert, the senate to return to work today as majority leader mitch mcconnell works to bring president trump's proposal to end the shut down to a vote this week. both sides continued to point fingers at each other. this morning the president tweeting this, democrats are getting themselves. they don't really believe it. if they say you can stop crime, drugs, human trafficking and caravans without a wall or steer real barrier, stop playing games and give america the security at deserves as humanitarian crisis. life on capitol hill with what we can expect on the senate si side. >> eric senate and house to hold both to end the shutdown this week, but it sounds like the votes will be on different things. mitch mcconnell on the senate side with president trump's proposal down on paper which is basically border wall money in exchange for temporary protection for daca recipients
6:34 am
brought to the country illegally as kids. >> so now the task at hand to go to the senate floor and hammer out this agreement pass it this week to get it to the house. president trump posted without a will we could never have border security. with a powerful wall or stealer stealer -- still barrier drugs will go down all over the u.s. but know this, they want to play political games. must finally be done correctly, no, but house democrats want to have a plan crafted by house democrats. that is why speaker pelosi wrote this this morning, this week house democrats will vote on more bipartisan bills to reopen government and x -- have border or national security. and stop holding americans hostage, stop blocking these bills and into the shutdown. now pelosi used the word hostage they are and we noticed that his
6:35 am
language that has made its way out on the campaign trail we are people who to challenge president trump next fall are starting to show up. >> sandra: he is now holding the american people hostage over a y project that he calls the wall. while eight the hunt -- while 800,000 people are trying to figure out how they will pay thr mortgage. it is completely irresponsible. and those folks don't want a wall, they want a paycheck. >> eric: for senate plans a procedural vote later on today. it would need at least seven democrats and 60 and a chance of success so to gauge the chances of this bill passing or advancing in the procedural stage, watch the democratic senators from places like maryland or virginia where there are a lot of federal workers among the constituencies, eric. >> eric: joe manchin commit
6:36 am
thank you. >> sandra: white house press secretary hogan gidley -- hogan gidley, good morning to you. so the sun and the house back in session today. what are the presence -- president's expectations where the senate takes up the latest proposal? >> hogan: his expectations are clear he wants an open government and secure border. the senate looks to move on a deal thursday for a vote. we have a humanitarian crisis along the southern border. we have a national security crisis as well. he put forth a common sense plan that use things that democrats wanted and included that in the plan and wanted to secure the government. right now the democrats refused to come to the table at all. you just showed, i should say a tweet from nancy pelosi. in she won't even have a conversation with the president. she was very clear if we do everything democrats wanted and voted for every piece they wanted, then they talk to us about what we wanted. when the president put that forward as a proposal, fine, i will open the government and do what you want but will you have
6:37 am
a conversation about border security? she said one word no and that's where we stand right now. >> sandra: if and that is a big "if" if the senate to make through both chambers does mitch mcconnell have the blessing of the president that he will, indeed sign that? >> peter: that is a big "if." we don't know what the final bill would look like but the president is clear what he wants. that is why we took the initiative and set forth a proposal that was signed off by some democrats and pieces of it what they wanted up to and included, we change the actual materials that the wall would be made out of. so many democrats voted for steel berries -- barriers and that's why hillary clinton and barack obama, joe biden, chuck r voted for it they would be willing to vote for it again but until this time, there is only one thing that has changed and that's donald trump is in the white house. they are playing politics with people's lives and is dangerous for the country and 800,000 workers by midnight tonight if the deal was not reached, they are guaranteed to miss a second
6:38 am
paycheck in a row. that is unacceptable and the democrats have to come to the table to fix it. >> sandra: nancy pelosi made a suggestion that he should not publicly deliver his state of the union address next tuesday. what is going to happen, who can? >> hogan: we have no announcement at this time but nancy pelosi does not dictate the winter when he will or will not have a conversation with the american people in the state of the union address set up so the president can explain what's going on with the government and just what's going on around the globe. the president has an incredible story to tell about how far we have come into this country economically and national security capacity. all of those things are impacting americans positively, and we have an announcement on that, we will let you know but politics with that venue. >> eric: if she maintains the invitation, which she has not completely taken the invitation off of the table but made a suggestion he does not deliver that on the house, but what is the president's plan b? how would he deliver it where where would he deliver it?
6:39 am
>> hogan: there are many ways to deliver the state of the union. i will not get ahead of what he will announce. but the fact is, she has not canceled it but asked us to postpone it. she did that without input from national security. in fact, secret service could not protect the speech which is absolutely ridiculous. if the secret service can protect the president of the united states on a trip to iraq, chances are they can protect the american president in the halls of congress. >> sandra: we came to expect the afternoon briefings, press briefings from the white house every day almost. that came to an end. and the last we checked, there has not been one held this year, hogan. is there any plans to hold that back up again and sarah sanders at the podium again? >> hogan: she will come back when she finds a reason to do that because so often, so funny because the media often tell us when sarah sanders stands behind me at this podium, why can't we hear from the president? we need to hear more from the
6:40 am
president. we put the president out and speak to the people every day, why can't we hear from sarah sanders? when the president isn't going up we have a conversation about the message we deliver. and sarah sanders will absolutely be back to the podium talking to the present delivering the message to the american people. >> sandra: but no definitive date on that? >> hogan: i'm sorry? >> sandra: but no definitive date on that? >> hogan: it's not that they ever stop but sometimes we need to come to the podium to communicate things and we don't. a lot of times we don't come to the podium it is because the president addressed american people whether on the way to marine one and successful president in history. most of the media history will tell you that. it doesn't necessarily mean sandra -- sarah sanders needs to be at the podium when the president is talking to the american people. >> sandra: a couple of big items, the latest covington shut down after the confrontation and the media portrayed it one way but it was discovered it wasn't the way that played out. the president felt passionate
6:41 am
about this and captivated the attention of the world. he suggested it could and the dreamers. has he reached out to those students? >> hogan: not that i'm aware of at this point but this hold -- this whole situation i dangerous situation that does et here and the media rushes to get it first and not get it right, this is the type of thing that happens out there. these children, their lives are affected by this and will be in the foreseeable future. the schoolhouse shut down with bomb threats. school shooting threats. one of those instances you look at the video and everybody jumps to one conclusion. then when you see the entirety of the video it was not exactly what the report said. that is dangerous. >> sandra: what is the president thinking on this this morning? have you had a chance to talk to him? >> hogan: i haven't talked to him directly but he tweeted to the american people that this is a situation that is dangerous for those out there because so many in the media, can jump and do not get it right. that is something that has to change.
6:42 am
the buzzfeed news over the weekend as well. it's been a rough overall week for the media and the president says fake news is the end of people, these are those examples to show that. >> sandra: i have to ask about buzzfeed and the latest on shutdown by robert mueller. we have learned the president's legal team rudy giuliani exchanges with robert mueller and his team. what was the extent of the conversation they are? >> hogan: i don't know the extent of the conversation. what i can tell you on your program actually last week, derived four, the present -- the president has not done anything wrong. the facts bear out that period and shows the report to be completely false based on someone who is a convicted felon, the government has millions of dollars and also self admitted liar. they will not cover it
6:43 am
whatsoever. so that situation we find. that has got to change. speed -- speed to rudy giuliani that legal was in with robert mueller before he debunked the story. >> hogan: right but rudy giuliani expressed all of this and the president has maintained the fact he's done nothing wrong, no collusion. and we've done this for two years and the american people want this wrapped up. the majority of the essay, politically motivated is the problem. >> sandra: we will take a break, hogan, thank you. >> hogan: thank you so much for your time. >> eric: get the view of the shutdown from the democrats. stay with us proven cough medicine. with 8 hours of vapors, so he can sleep. vicks vaporub. goodnight coughs.
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6:47 am
the issue is still being litigated in the courts. but the justice did refuse trump administration request to hear an appeal now on the merit preferring the issue work its way through the appeal court. the justice department. one of the justices to bypass the lower court and decide the issue now, but the news is the supreme court will allow the military ban on transgender serving in the military to take affect while these lawsuits continue. >> eric: reported democratic leaders in the house, their own vote to continue to reject the president's proposal to reopen the government. now, despite protections for daca recipients and other immigrants in exchange for the border wall funding. what does this mean? chief deputy served santa white house, congressman, good to see you. if this continues are you concerned your party will appear absent?
6:48 am
i don't really concern myself and i don't think anybody should concern themselves with the objects of all of this. this is a really set of issues but my view is clear. we should not use the leverage of a government shutdown to get something that the legislative process itself will not deliver. the framers designed a system to reconcile the big differences that we face. they never imagined that we would use leverage that really could have an impact as we are now learning on public safety and national security in order to get something through the legislative process that otherwise wouldn't result from due process. >> eric: i'm very nervous about that. congressman what about the concerns from summit that they don't think the democrats in good faith if indeed this continuous? >> dan: i think they should have faith in our system. our system was designed to reconcile big differences.
6:49 am
we ought to have faith in that system. i understand, we've had problems coming to resolution, but let's face it. what the president introduced at the last moment after a budget compromise was struck and the senate indicated willingness to pass legislation to keep the government open was a new element. a new edition beyond what we had already agreed to. we shouldn't stop government from exercising the responsibilities that we have already agreed to fund in order to get leverage to do something that we have not yet come to an agreement on it. that is the biggest concern i have about this. is that we seem to have people who have so little faith in our system and government that they are willing to shut the government down in order to get something in exchange for reopening the government and provide the basic elements of the civil society. i think this is a really bad moment for us. >> eric: what about the broader issue concerning the democrats back in 2006, for example, voted for exactly this
6:50 am
offense. let me show you the vote on that, the secure fence act, hillary clinton, chuck schumer, joe biden, feinstein, president obama at the time. but he said no. and yet, now you have one-third less of a fence for the democrats to propose. >> dan: well, what we want obviously smart border security. as you now indicate, clearly we support border security not just in 2006 but the senate passed comprehensive immigration reform which dealt with border security in 2013. of course, in both cases, the republicans refused to bring those pieces of legislation to the floor. but now here we are. how do we get through this? we don't do it by shutting down the government. we have an honest conversation between people of goodwill to try to come to some solution. but we can't solve this very obviously very complex set of issues with the shutdown being used as leverage. >> eric: congressman, we will
6:51 am
see what happens, thank you for joining us. >> sandra: an update to the supreme court allowing the military ban on transgender serving in the military to take affect while the issue litigated in the courts. we will have more on this in just a moment ially well ially well for all those extra years? well, you have to start planning as early as possible. we all need to plan, for 18 years or more, of retirement. i don't have a whole lot saved up, but i'm working on it now. i will do whatever i need to do. plan your financial life with prudential. bring your challenges.
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6:54 am
>> sandra: fox news alert, a moscow judge denied bail for paul, the marine spying in russia. the state appointed lawyer said wayland had classified materials in his possession when he was arrested. and following the story live from milan, italy, amy. >> high, sandra, well, wayland's lawyer said he received the flash drive from unidentified russian and he thought that it contained travel tips, the problem is the russian
6:55 am
government is saying it contained state secrets and he was caught in an act of espionage, saying paul wayland defended his innocence and did so from a glass box in the moscow court room. he will have to stay in the prison until february 26th. his lawyer says only have had access to 5% of the files in this case. whelan's family said he was in moscow for a wedding and went to russia a lot. he had taken some of the guest of the wedding around before he was arrested and according to russian media report wayland picked up in his hotel, taking possession of a flash drive with a list of employees tried to russian security department. >> on a flash drive, he has received the information which is a state secret. in reality, paul is expecting to receive some personal information which is not -- the information with culture for instance.
6:56 am
>> eric: which -- >> russia has not said which u.s., britain or canada, but the u.s. marines served in iraq before being convicted of larceny related charges. but again, attesting his innocence and the lawyer said he did so with great dignity however this is intense moments if found guilty 20 years in prison, sandra. >> sandra: amy kellogg, thank you. >> eric: another caravan heading to the u.s. border. coming up new mexico's immigration policy is affecting the influx of people seeking asylum in the country. our headliner border patrol agent chris kerber a rope will join us and a half an hour from now. stay with us when heartburn hits... fight back fast with tums smoothies.
6:57 am
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to help you sort through your options and find a perfect place. a place for mom. you know your family we know senior living. together we'll make the right choice. >> sandra: fox news alert brand-new reaction from the white house has the president offers a new compromise for democrats. senate republicans to open the government. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom" tuesday morning i am sandra smith. >> eric: it is a busy tuesday morning, hello, i am eric shawn in for bill hemmer. republicans rebate -- unveiling a new into the shutdown. majority leader mitch mcconnell a vote to consider the president's proposal later this week. right now hogan gidley on the president's plan for swift action. >> he wants an open government and secure borders. we have a humanitarian crisis and along that border as well.
7:01 am
he put forth common sense plant that used that democrats wanted included that in the plan and we want to secure the government. >> sandra: chief mike emanuel on capitol hill on a dizzy morning, mike. everyone has made their point but now it's time to make all come at the situation for furloughed employees is not getting any brighter. the crisis at the border is not improved by show of votes. the president's plan to address both issues quickly. other senate republicans say they were focused on finding a solution. >> i'm reaching out to others as members of the caucus have been doing that. we continue to do that but i think it is important that we are making this offer, hey, come on let's negotiate a solution and get this done. >> eric: on the other side house speaker nancy pelosi does not seem impressed. house democrats will vote on more individual bills to reopen government and says they will
7:02 am
act to bolster funding solutions that work. pelosi is calling on president trump and the senate majority leader to stop blocking those bills. bernie sanders tweeted today, trump says he supports the work -- working class, really? the true government shut down 800,000 federal workers worry about how they will feed their kids, pay their mortgages or see a doctor. mr. president and the shutdown d the senate dumb -- democratic leader once this periods eco-i tell president tro his face, we want the symbol of america to remain for statue of liberty, freedom, equality, nota divisive wall. >> we've present -- expect the procedural foe on the senate which he laid out over the weekend. the senate going one direction in the houses going in another. a furloughed federal workers are about to miss another paycheck this week. sandra. >> sandra: michael emanuel,
7:03 am
thank you. >> eric: meanwhile, the supreme court allowing the trump administration and to restrict transgender men and women from serving in the military two. life at the white house on this ruling, that broke just moments ago. >> hey, eric 5-4 decision and the socially the supreme court has done is allow this band to go into effect while it works its way and the issue works its way through the lower courts. it's had mixed success in the lower courts and the supreme court allowing this transgender banff for most transgender people serving in the military to stay in place while that works its way through. we are still waiting for a reaction from the white house on all of this. we haven't heard anything from the president the and it just came out. the mixed outcome that has been working their way through. so it is a victory for the white house for now as this issue makes its way through the courts, eric. >> eric: meanwhile, the president is responding to that. the video incident with the
7:04 am
covington high school students, what is he saying? >> he is defending the high school students and criticizing those who vilified them throughout the weekend, especially after a longer versions of the video had come out. those, some folks criticized a high school student have come out and reverse that criticism. some continue that criticism but the president has weighed in on twitter and says "nick sandmann, the high school student from covington and for students of covington have become symbols of fake news and how evil it can be. they have captivated the attention of the world and i know they will use it for the good. maybe even to bring people together. it started off unpleasant, but it can end in a dream. the high school is closed to an email sentelle and fox confirmed, it cancel classes in order to ensure the safety of students and faculty at their campus, eric. >> eric: thanks so much. >> sandra: for more on this,
7:05 am
let's go to the financial intelligence analyst from the treasury department and fox contributor, john, senate majority leader harry reid and hugo gordon, the director for the "washington examiner," john, your firs first time as a team o welcome to you. >> john: thank you for having me. >> sandra: here we are day 30 or something and a lot of us have lost track but finally something happened this week the senate and the house getting back together, getting back to work. >> john: fingers crossed i can actually come up with something. it has been 32 days the government has been shut down from 800,000 people going without pay. many being called back to work without pay and nearly 46,000 irs agents so i think it is a painful time for a lot of us in the country. but not just federal workers. we are talking about the economy. the economy has lost a deal, billions of dollars? >> sandra: do you want to see nancy pelosi compromise with the president? >> john: let's open the government first to do what we need to do. >> sandra: that is where we
7:06 am
are. >> john: you were shaking your head. but listen, you don't want a president holding the government and the economy hostage every single time whether this present or future democrats. but also, the reverse, nancy pelosi refusing to come to the table. >> it seems ludicrous to give the other side what they are demanding before getting what they want. the democrats have already said that if the government is reopened, they will not negotiate money for the war. and usually in the negotiation somebody give something and the other side give something and they meet somewhere in the middle. but i think after a bad start when president trump said he would be proud to own the shutdown, the republicans are now doing a pretty decent job suggesting they want to negotiate. the president has come up with a plan. there is new legislation for mitch mcconnell. it is looking like the democrats are being obstructive. and i think the republicans will
7:07 am
eventually get that message. >> sandra: morgan. >> i think short-term and long-term issues with these tribal countries. so i think the bill to get through the senate this week. it is sort of like checks and balances and the constitution, right, the senator come forward and to break this gridlock. that is the essence of the balance of government here. but when we go to long term once we get the government back open, i don't think this issue will go away anytime soon, we go back to 1984, kissinger released a report to the tribal country during the george w. bush administration. in the republicans and democrats administration, bite and put out a plan 2017 for the tribal countries. we've had 30 years of failed policy and that his wife we continue to have these people that are rushing to the united states because they are fleeing drugs and crime. we need to look at a much larger long-term solutions to deal with
7:08 am
very difficult problems they are. >> eric: john, does that address that finally after decades of basic incompetence? >> jon: i think one of the biggest problems on the proposal, thrown out there by the president and mitch mcconnell wants to have a bow on is changing the rules of asylum, right where they basically want to say, you want to file for asylum, stay in your own country, do that we will get back to you. which is ludicrous and goes against the notion of what asylum is which is getting people out of dangerous situations. the other proposal in there that we need to be mindful of, it would take away this power over the decision-making authority from independent judges and give it to the department of homeland security. so basically, a department managed by political appointees. >> sandra: i want to get the news back in here because we got the update from the supreme court on the transgender issue in the military. the high court also no action on another pending appeal from the administration.
7:09 am
that's when dealing with daca that we mentioned at the top three separate court appeals to end the program but undocumented immigrants but the justice department as we know wanted to process. so i wanted to get that update in here. i do want to move on to the issue of covington. that high school shut down citing safety concerns after this confrontation between what happened in washington. i want to get the president's latest take on this issue. nick sandmann and the students of covington have become symbols of fake news and how evil it can be. they have captivated the attention of the world and i know they will use it for good and even bring people together. it started off unpleasant, but it can end in a dream. at the white house, reached out to any of the students and aware that has happened but i wonder if that will. where does this go next, morgan? >> morgan: i think the president's message was spot on. sometimes he was criticized for taking these opportunities and seemingly divide people more. but i think this is a moment the present put out a positive
7:10 am
message. i think originally only saw the videos, we were horrified with the edited video but along with the story, the media needs to have an honest discussion about how they cover these internet videos once they come up. "the new york times," "the washington post" ran to the very first narrative on the internet. later, "the new york times" yesterday published what i thought was a more balanced piece but why not wait for the opportunity to publish the more balanced piece and do your job as a journalist? >> eric: there were chaperones they are, but listen to what she said about the fact that everybody in the world jumps to conclusions. >> i think that was one of the reasons they were targeted. and i think they were also targeted for what they stood for, which is christianity, the right for life, and they were singled out. and i believe partially because of the color of their skin, they were targeted. >> eric: talking about the hats that they were wearing and
7:11 am
the black israelites who had been a militant group that we have seen in new york and washington and they were left out of this at first. >> jon: absolutely. the boys were the targets the left and a lot in the media wanted. they are white, men, trump supporters and to boot, catholic. check the boxes for left-wing bigotry. so a lot of people wanted to believe that. but one of the things i would say about the video that first came out, the young boys, nick sandmann was smiling. if you are told as mr. phillips said that the boys fooled around this elder and mocking him, then you look at that smile, and it does kind of look challenging, sneering, smirky. but if you are told the facts that actually mr. phillips went up and confronted the boys, then you can see the smile, trying not to make controversy et cetera.
7:12 am
this is one of those things to go back to, morgan, it is an opportunity for people to say, look, it's only preconceptions that pursuit -- produce the results. if you wait and get the results you can actually see there was nothing. >> jon: the consequences john, you look at this letter covington high school parents about their students not being able to go to school today, writing this after meeting with local authorities we made the decision to cancel school and be closed tuesday january 22nd in order to ensure the safety of the students, faculty and staff. all activities on campus will be canceled, evening, students, parents will not be on campus for any reason. athletics, everything canceled. >> eric: i think it is a shame and i agree with everything morgan said. just to add a little bit to it, all based on that red hats, right? people regardless of where you said, you either thought this kid was great, or you thought they were the devil. >> jon: i don't actually agree with that because the first time
7:13 am
i saw the video it was not about to happen at the video reported to all of us. your first thought, oh, my word how can these children do this? so i think actually the commentators on the right criticized the video and wanted to and edited it -- edited video. i don't think it was to defend the kids. >> eric: -- bimah - >> sandra:n their own words. real consequences for these actions and that all stems from the 32nd clip on a two hour video taken out of context. people jump for conclusions before they never did the research. it is now showing. >> jon: to pick up where i left off, goes to the bigger thing. where we very quickly now as americans retreat to political corners where we are comfortable and on social media, news outlets, wherever you want to go. the problem is we demonize the other side. both sides are guilty of it. i think what you said a few moments ago, demonizing the
7:14 am
left, is a perfect example. the reality is, when i leave here come i will get tweets and emails saying how much i hate america because i'm a democrat. i'm not someone who hates america far from it. it is time for america to take a breath, step back, and actually think about the type of country we want to be. and start seeing people as people. and get comfortable with the fact that we will disagree and that is okay. let's have those reasonable conversations and not name-calling. >> eric: that is true but it isn't true that everybody is cited -- decided to their tribe. the catholic church criticized the boys because the information that they had was based on lies. >> sandra: they put out statements almost immediately. >> eric: statements out but not condemning and apologizing so the boys behavior but the information they had been given was a pack of lies from this nathan phillips, who said that they have swarmed around him but it wasn't true. >> jon: this comes on the back
7:15 am
of democrats attacking judicial nominee because of his catholic faith. this comes on daca. i just want to say that there is daca anti-semitism in the women's march and the democratic party had just a breath -- step away with that. people of faith in this country very much worried about being attacked for their faith and their pro-life rally around the attack for their faith. the vice president's wife attacked for teaching at a christian school. so you don't think faith in america all stripes is under attack then you're not paying attention. >> sandra: we will surely have more on this coming up, thank you for the a-team and all of that. >> eric: speaking of political discourse, nancy pelosi said the border wall is immoral and congressman acosta neil cortez agrees. the world allows billionaires and that is immoral to, charles to react plus we will have this. >> there is 99.9% chance he is the guy leaking my testimony and he's never met a camera he
7:16 am
didn't love, i would bet a lot of money it was him. >> sandra: that was donald trump jr. with serious accusation at chairman adam schick. we will dig into that and just a bit. >> eric: the super bowl set for february 3rd. a break from politics. we will break down and the advertising is selling out, 30 seconds of their time for eyeballs. is it worth it? ♪ if you're a veteran homeowner and need money for your family,
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and if we are ever late, we'll give you a automatic twenty dollar credit. my name is antonio and i'm a technician at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. ♪ >> eric: democratic congressman alexandria ocasio-cortez has said, taking a broad swipe at the capitalis cac system allowing people to require a billion-dollar fortunes and said billionaires are immoral. joining us is a guy who is not a deal in nearby almost may be, charles, fox business network, charles, she had a point. the average s&p executive is like four or times, we see these
7:21 am
big shots acquire so much money. >> here is the point come i think. she went on to say she has nothing against the billionaires themselves. and this is what we have to think about for instance, the richest woman in africa isabel de santos, the daughter of a dictator. she is worth $2.8 billion. the average person in angola makes $4,000 a year. the richest person in south america, hugo chavez's daughter. hugo chavez said the rich are bad, wealthy, lazy, gluttonous. she is worth about $5 billion. so the point i'm trying to make is, we have a system where you can become a billionaire, but even though i'm not a billionaire, i am a millionaire. and i was born. i have nothing. i lived in apartment without heat or hot water. so she doesn't like the system someone from harlem, someone from the southwest where she represents my wife where we can live an amazing life, give to charities, help raise people,
7:22 am
help educate people. she doesn't like the society, they alternative bids, where only the dictators kids can be billionaires. which one does she want? >> eric: we have seen what has happened cuba and venezuela. >> charles: all over the world. it doesn't stop here and so does capitalism need to do some things in this climate? i think the answer is yes. there are things to do particularly with this wave of anticapitalism, you have to be smart in the corporate and it will not work. it's not about commercials, right that may or may not democrat men but smart things to your point so that more people don't buy into this. >> eric: >> sandra: here she is in her own words on billionaires. >> if you think the system allows billionaires to exist when there are parts of alabama where people are still getting ringworm because they don't have access to public health is wrong. >> sandra: to clarify in the interview, billionaires
7:23 am
themselves are not morally questionable but the economic system that allows them to grow so wealthy is. >> charles: that's why i brought up this point there were billionaires and other systems as well. but do we want to adopt a system where only billionaires have to be the dictators children? >> sandra: all right we have to ask you about the super bowl. [laughter] >> sandra: the commercial cost has surpassed $5 million for 30-second spot. is this still the place you want to be to advertise? >> charles: it's all about eyeballs, right? all about captive audience on eyeballs. i used to think commercials are good but every year worse and worse. i don't remember a great memorable commercial in a long time. i'm still thinking about the clydesdale right? and you spend this much money making great commercials. >> do we make too much of those ads? >> charles: it is fodder but by the same token people in the field making a whole lot of money. a big-money event and businesses take the chance to save the most
7:24 am
part i think that it does. >> sandra: cbs the broadcast rights for the super bowl have been charging between $5.1 million to $5.3 million and they have sold already more than 90% of the available commercial spots for the game. and they are expected to clear $500 million in advertising revenue from the super bowl. >> charles: nice. >> sandra: big bucks. >> charles: the biggest tv event of the year and people feel like it is worth it. >> eric: i have to get the nachos, popcorn, beer, talk about those sales. >> sandra: by the way -- finish by talking marcus because back from the holiday and getting a snapshot of how things look as we start off the holiday shortened week for u.s. daca, what is driving that? >> charles: it is just sort of one of those know a month. and you think about friday, the dow jones 336 points and up 10% this year.
7:25 am
but out of a rocket ship with the start -- stock market and how the news goes for a while. >> sandra: charles, thank you. no developments meanwhile, the rush on espionage charges. the new evidence we may be hearing paul wayland was caught with. >> eric: plus the migrant caravan moving closer to the border has put washington on the clock to try to get a deal finally done, next up we talk to border patrol agent and asking what is really going on in the situation on the ground. >> we have a lot of people in caravans coming up. if we had a wall we wouldn't have a problem. but we have too many open areas. >> tech: at safelite autoglass
7:26 am
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>> sandra: paul wayland the american arrested in russia under suspicion of being an american spy going through a pretrial hearing in moscow. his russian lawyer said wayland was in possession of state secrets when he was arrested in
7:30 am
late december. his attorney said prosecutors are still withholding most of the evidence they say they have against him. weyland insists that he is innocent. he remains in detention without bail and whelan's family said he was in russia to attend a wedding. >> eric: there is 99.9% chance he is the guy that was leaking my testimony. cnn running quotes from newman on. the house intelligence committee that has to say something about what is going on and they are. he has never met a camera he didn't love. i would bet a lot of money that it was him. >> eric: that sound like donald trump jr. sounding up against house intelligence adam shift of orchestrating a series of inaccurate leaks and said that damaging his father in the white house. catherine herridge with the latest on this, hi, katherine. >> donald trump jr. testified intelligence house committee 2017 behind closed doors about
7:31 am
june 2,016th trump tower meeting with russians as -- at the campaign. hillary clinton to secure that meeting. what we know now the meeting included in addition to donald trump jr., former chairman paul manafort, the president's son-in-law at jared kushner lawyer and an italian, antonio scalia in a separate matter. the president son-in-law accused congressman shift, the chairman of house intelligence committeef leaking closed-door interview with house investigators in real time. >> i came out of testimony 8:00 at night looking and cnn running quotes from noon on about my testimony. you know, in the house intelligence committee, the to say something about what is going on and they are. since he's never met a camera he didn't love him i would bet a lot of money that it was him. >> we have asked congressman shift on the allegations he lead the testimony and of course we will update you as we
7:32 am
hear back from that office, eric. >> eric: q, catherine brought new information of handling the russia. based on james baker, >> james baker was interviewed twice by house investigators on fox news and confirm sections of that transcript. baker was forthcoming about the fbi probe during the sessions and admitted there were irregularities in the way the russia probe handled it. baker confirmed he was personally involved in the surveillance process and trump campaign aide, which he said was unusual. i don't want to see it as the end like when it's about to go to the director for certification because then it is hard to make changes. i want to see it and i wanted to read it because i knew it was sensitive. the surveillance warrant application based on heavily redacted and publicly available record shows it relies heavily on unverified trump nonca paid for by the dnc and clinton campaign. the project is important to note
7:33 am
because i will come back to it in a second was funded through d.c. law firm. baker continued to come i wanted to make sure that we were filing something that would adhere to the law and stand up over time like a reference to surveillance warrant application. in the hearing, baker also confirmed and what he said was a first he met with a private attorney michael sussman from -- and obtained information for the russian probe. the spokesman for sussman said unrelated to the firm's work on behalf of dnc and the clinton campaign. with that said, this meeting between baker and sussman senate inquiries and the subject of preeminent action lawsuit. >> eric: we will be talking with judge napolitano with the fbi's top lawyer meeting with that private lawyer. great job, thank you. >> sandra: thank you, katherine main welcome the senate will get the government reopened. the border patrol bracing for a new caravan heading to the u.s.
7:34 am
it could make things worse on the southern border. border patrol agent, chris cabrera. thank you for your time this morning. what can you tell us about that caravan and what does it mean for the southern border? >> we've been dealing with these caravans for quite a while. i know we get a tremendous amount of people coming and come october, november, hitting about 5,000 a week. so unfortunately the system is overwhelmed right now. quoting manpower out of the field and in the process, we need to come up to fix us very soon or if not, we will be in serious trouble. >> eric: chris, what type of effects do you want? >> chris: , first off some type of barrier on the southern border to help us fund those to detect -- to avoid detection and catch and release loophole we have going on right now. because right now that is one of our main factors that is
7:35 am
hindering our ability to do our job. >> sandra: we came to you but the fact the senate and the house are back at it today, back to work, trying to get something done to reopen the government. the president spurred on his demands for funding for the border wall. what is your message to congress as they reconvene today and try to work something out? >> chris: you know, i think it is time for them to get to work. i think a lot of federal workers are obviously, a lot of federal workers are hurting right now with a lack of pay. if you combine that with the fact that right after they announced the shutdown on the 22nd, they went on vacation. senators, congress went on vacation. they came back for a day and took another extended break. they took another break this weekend. we are out here working for no money, and they are not even working. they need to get to work and do their jobs. >> eric: we are really behind the men and women on border patrol who are out there. thank you for your service and they are as well this goes on.
7:36 am
your sector is rio grande and 234 miles of the proposed fence. part of that is the rio grande valley. can you give us specifically what is going on there right now, and how can the president's proposed fence stop that? >> chris: right now we are at the busiest actor in the united states right now. we account over 50% of the traffic that comes into the united states. and what these barriers do, a fence wall or whatever they want to call it today, it funnels traffic away from the neighborhoods and away from the communities into areas safer for the community, safer for the agents, and safer for the people we are trying to apprehend. if we are going to play this game, it where it benefits us and the community and not in people's backyards. >> eric: that is fascinating that is not just a matter of stopping people but funneling those to a specific point of entry where law enforcement can do its job more effectively? >> chris: exactly. the rio grande valley, a pretty unique and the fact that if there is not a barrier up there,
7:37 am
there are some spots somebody can be right at the river bank and into a neighborhood or into a waiting vehicle in minutes. so having a barrier they are will slow them down and allow us to make that apprehension as proposed to getting into a vehid taking off high-speed pursuit or traffic and drugs. it can be very dangerous. and that's what the southern patriots are meant to stop. >> sandra: the president tweeted a short time ago illegal immigrant who murdered four in a pet among other things any rights for people robbed and killed, illegal immigrants should not have been in our country. 26 people killed on the border in a drug and gang related fight. two large caravans broke into mexico and headed our way. we need a powerful wall. are you making the case that a wall or barrier or some type as you refer to will stop this? >> chris: well, it will definitely help.
7:38 am
obviously, one thing a wall is not going to do the job but it is part of one of the tools that is very beneficial and helpful to have. but we also need more manpower. we need the technology. we need infrastructure up in order to do the job the correct way. and it will be beneficial to the agents on the southern border. >> eric: at the president's plan calls for more immigration and peeping up border patrol agents. and we would -- is there anything else you would like to see in the proposal? >> chris: i would like to see immigration judges on the front end of the system and waiting through some of these asylum cases immediately as opposed to a couple of years down. and you can adjudicate the first day but if you can bet some of these claims to see which ones are validating and which ones need more investigation to determine what they are and start the system early as opposed to fire for five to years down the road >> eric:
7:39 am
finally, do you think there will be a fence built where the president wants it? >> chris: you know, i hope so. i've seen it in areas where i work that it has helped us out a great deal. i think of people were to take off their bipartisan line and come down and actually see what we see and see where it works and where it doesn't work or whatnot they are and how it's affecting the community, if people were to see that, they would understand what we are talking about as opposed to people that have never been down there. they just have this idea someone told them this where they saw it on facebook. >> sandra: chris cabrera, thank you for what you do every day and those you work with. thank you and thanks for coming on the program. >> chris: -- >> chris: thank you. >> eric: tom homan will be here. more on the shutdown, the caravan and what he wants to see with border security. >> sandra: next up, daring to clean up the establishments biggest messes and they hate him
7:40 am
tor it. he will join us to explain that next. 's value. if you need cash for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no. give us a call. call now: 1-855-376-1361.
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7:44 am
>> eric: president trump said he is shaking up washington. delivering on his promise to bring major change to the nation's long-term challenges. our nest guest pointing that out writing, trump is daring to clean up the establishments biggest messes and they hate him for it. steve hilton, the next revolutionist on fox news news channel. they hate him for, steve? >> this is what i think he is driving lot of the hate particularly from those who hate the president on the right. those who are part of the republican establishment. many have been in power. if you look at issue after issue, the immigration and border which you have been talking about but whiter than that. the decline of manufacturing and the way jobs have been lost on trade, relationship with china china, things going wrong not
7:45 am
just the last few years under oa but for the last few decades where you have seen wages stagnant to working americans and for decades trying to getting the upper hand. geostrategic leave for decades on trade as well. what he is doing is going in and challenging the consensus, challenging the status quo. so that absolute war is actually working. remember what they set about manufacturing, you will never bring back manufacturing. who's got a magic wand, last year of manufacturing jobs the best performance since 1987. since before china. the wto. you talk stocks on trade, bringing china back and making concessions now and all of the established field to deal with like faster technology. so it is actually working. that is one of the reasons why i think they hate him so much. >> eric: why doesn't he get more credit for that? >> steve: i don't know. [laughter] if you get to the heart of it a conversation with bill bennett who was on my show sunday night,
7:46 am
i think a lot of it is totally superficial. it is to do with questions of taste. they literally don't like the fact that he has different culturally and they don't like the fact that he doesn't give credit to intellectuals. they don't like the fact that he eats mcdonald's. all of those kinds of things they find him vulgar and not to their taste. totally superficial. they can't actually focus on the substance of what he's doing. actually improving the long-term problems. >> sandra: interesting in your piece you write that very word, hope. issue after issue trump is barging and, yes throwing out the old playbook and its cold change. unlike obama who talked endlessly about changed, president trump is actually delivering it. remember hope and change. we heard a lot about that. it is interesting. >> steve: that is exactly right. and almost the people are amazed, you know, there is a candidate that runs for office. he says, i'm going to change things and i'm going to do
7:47 am
things different. he was incredibly clear in the campaign. clear about the bad trade deals and about bringing back all of these different things. about ending the foreign war. then he actually does it. that never happens in politics. that is why i think there is such shock at the way president trump is behaving. he is just taking, if you make a promise you deliver. that is why so frustrated about the war because that is the one big promise that hasn't yet been delivered. by the way, exactly why the democrats will not let him have the war. because if he gets the wall, all the promises delivered to. >> eric: it is a symbol for the democrats, they say come about him. do you think he threatens, threatens the status quo? >> steve: yes. indirectly so. and i think the trade question is almost the most revealing example of it because it's been such a consensus. left and right. you can't really do anything
7:48 am
about the impact of the trade deals, globalization, uncontrolled or unrestricted globalization is unquestioned goods. a lot of us have had that assumption by the way. i've been part of that consensus too. actually one of the most policy positions of donald trump. decades ago, totally consistent on it and actually, going down that road. the result is an improvement. getting the jobs coming back and getting reorganization of supply chains around the world. it is a really big change. he is proving all of those and almost establishment of critics wrong. >> eric: he makes it interesting. [laughter] >> sandra: steven hilton thank you. we have breaking news coming into us right now from our own john roberts reporting from the white house, exclusive free reporting multiple sources are telling fox the sergeant at arms delivered a letter from the
7:49 am
white house asking to schedule walker for next week state of the union address. of course, the controversy surrounding that is that the speaker of the house nancy pelosi invited the president for the state of the address and then made a suggestion he should not do that in the wake of the government shutdown. we will see what happens with all of this. but that is the latest we are learning what that means and as far as whether or not that address will happen and the public address tuesday night next week. i don't know, but we will have more on this coming up. we will be right back.
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
>> eric: now to the latest on the state of the union address schedule next tuesday january 29th. we are exclusively reporting fox news by john roberts at the white house. the sergeant at one delivered a letter from the white house asking to schedule a walk-through for next week state of the union address. previously scheduled walk-through last week canceled at the request of speaker nancy pelosi's office. remember, she made the suggestion for the president not to hold the address before congress next tuesday because of the government shutdown. at the moment, we are reporting that it is president trump's intention to be at the capitol on january 29th to deliver that address.
7:54 am
no reaction to the letter from nancy pelosi's office as of yet, but certainly, we will get an update from john roberts at the top of the next hour on all of this. meanwhile, facebook facing a big thumbs down, "the washington post" with the federal trade commission a record-setting fine against the social media giant for mishandling data. already under scrutiny in europe for privacy violations they are. brett larson from 24/7 joins us. they will have a huge test to restore trust. what is happening? >> this is a massive fine khmer record-setting and i do know back in 2012, the sec find just over $22,000 for privacy violation. so the word is that it might be larger than that. rebuilding trust is going to be job number one for them after this. whether or not they pay the fine, companies get fined all the time especially google, facebook and especially e.u. generally they don't write a
7:55 am
check but say welcome hold on a second let's work this down. >> eric: wouldn't this be like a drop in the bucket for them? >> brett: $22,000 is not a big fine for a company worth as much and makes as much money as facebook. this began last year. it began before mark zuckerberg set down with congress and consent to agree with with the sec that they are in violation of. and they began probing and also connected to the scandal where over 80 million people's records were accessed inappropriately. >> eric: however, do you think they will clean up their act? >> brett: unfortunately, i think what we are seeing with facebook, they react to everything when caught with her hands in the cookie jar. they quickly pull their hand out of the cookie jar and say sorry. mark zuckerberg with an apology, but we haven't seen any concrete change come out of them. we have not seen them step forward and say, here is what we are going to do. a privacy policy and we will write it in stone.
7:56 am
we will protect your data into these things so you can feel confident using our services and not feel as though your private data will be compromised. >> sandra: brett larson, thanks. >> eric: president trump coming under defensive-school students in covington that went wild on a viral video. the school had to cancel today as native american groups gather for a vigil. we will have a live report from covington, kentucky, the latest on that developing story. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ reach her health goals! i'm in! but first... shelfie! the great-tasting nutrition of ensure. with up to 30 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals! ensure. for strength and energy.
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>> sandra: breaking news at this hour, it fox news that the president is preparing to deliver his state of the union address next week. welcome to a brand-new hour of american newsroom i'm sandra smith. >> eric: and eric shawn in for bill hemmer this morning. sources are telling us white house delivered a letter to the sergeant of arms. that letter requesting a walk-through as they plan to go ahead with that speech next tuesday. this after how speaker nancy pelosi asked the president to delay the duress because of government shutdown security concerns. chief house correspondent john roberts on the north lawn. john, the president is throwing down the gauntlet to the speak speaker. eric, good morning to the white house going ahead with the state of the union as it was planned and also my understanding that preparations continue up on capitol hill for
8:01 am
the possibility of that this thing could still go ahead. the sergeant of arms which oversees the process and the state of the union on capitol hill has been delivered a letter from the white house this morning asking for a walk-through of the house of representatives and the area of the capital where the president would be traveling in preparation for the state of the union which is scheduled for next tuesday, january 29th. you probably remember the sergeant and arms last week canceled planned walk-through. that was done at the request of speaker pelosi's office. we have not yet heard from speaker pelosi's office whether or not they will ask the sergeant of arms to not schedule a walk-through or not, but i'm also being told that sergeant of arms staff was told last week and again today, to proceed with planning as if this thing is happening. so we do not know whether or not this is going to actually take place on tuesday, the 29th,
8:02 am
eric, but the sergeant and arms office capitol hill, the u.s. secret service the department of homeland security and the white house are all planning to go ahead with the president being where he was asked to be next tuesday. so the ball is now in nancy pelosi's court. let's see what she says. >> eric: at least preparing and waiting for the speaker's office on this. meanwhile shutdown at the senate considering the bill this week that does include the presidents wall money but the democrats likely to oppose. >> john: yeah, but there were also democrats open to the idea of what the president is talking about. the acquittal here and seems to be in the house and the senate whether you can negotiate while the government is closed or whether on principle. you have to have the government open before you go ahead with negotiations. the press secretary said this morning. >> playing politics with people's lives and dangerous for the country and they are 800,000
8:03 am
federal workers by midnight tonight if he did was not reached they are guaranteed to miss a second paycheck in a row. that is unacceptable. democrats have to come to the table to fix it. >> john: one of the democrats that is considering the offer, joe manchin, always been a democrat and in a state president trump won by 40 points, sometimes the president's ideas are good ideas for the state of west virginia. but the leadership on the democratic side in the senate, chuck schumer, still firmly with his heels dug in on all of this thing. no negotiation until after the government is open. and he is still firmly opposed to any idea of a border barrier. listen here. >> we are aghast that he wants this giant 30-foot wall to be the symbol of america. i tell president trump and i told him to his face, we want the symbol of america to remain
8:04 am
the statue of liberty, freedom, equality, not a divisive wall. [applause] and we will fight for that and fight for that we will. >> john: but the president tweeted what he sees the benefit of a wall and without a wall of the country could never border national security with a powerful wall steel barrier or crime rates will go down all over the united states. and the democrats want to play political games but must finally be done politically and he will not cave. eric, i attended last week a briefing customs and border protection where they were talking about the need for a wall particularly some areas along the rio grande valley and west towards texas. the thing is, they want to have drugs and other cross-border activities but because the wall cannot be built and we talked about this yesterday at the floodplain of the rio grande, that means a lot of migrants from central america and northern tranquil countries would be able to get their feet on u.s. soil long before they gt
8:05 am
anywhere near a border barrier. those are people that want to be apprehended by the border patrol. while this is designed to stop illegal activity, drug smuggling, it would not stop the idea of migrants coming across, putting feet on u.s. soil so they can be apprehended by the border patrol. >> eric: the last hour a border agent said another way to funnel people so they can be apprehended. and more senate democrats potentially to break the presidents way, john always good to see you, thank you. >> john: thanks, eric. >> sandra: tom homan, thank you for being here this morning for senate panel released a text of this bill to reopen the government back to work in washington today. did it make it through the senate? >> i hope so i looked at it and the president has come to the table, negotiating and put $800 million of humanitarian something the democrats wanted
8:06 am
an $800 million to technology. and that something the democrats wanted to. to restart the program, some think the democrats wanted to. on top of all of that, daca on top of that. the president is negotiating but the democrats have not given one intron negotiation. >> sandra: we are left wondering what will happen. we heard from chuck schumer, tom, reiterating that democrats are unwilling to negotiate any border security funding until the president reopens the government. and i know you are already trying to jump in because this is a frustrating situation. >> tom: it is frustrating. and he's aghast at the president but i'm aghast he voted for border barrier several times in the past. but it doesn't vote for one now because he doesn't want to give president trump a win. he's put his political hatred, this president over the responsibility to protect this nation. you don't need the government to reopen to negotiate. the people negotiating at the table are getting paid and
8:07 am
working. he's getting paid. nancy pelosi is getting paid. nothing to prevent to sit down to a table and negotiate to get men and women back to work. >> sandra: congressman pete king from new york joined us earlier on the program and here is what he wants to see happen with the senate bill. >> i guess what i would hope for now, to move this in the senate and we start a debate to bring democrats over ideally pass it in the senate and then sent it to the house. nancy pelosi shows a different bill, but at least and a real set of negotiations to began. so basically, everything democrats have asked for in the past is somewhat. >> sandra: somewhat optimistic but the american people are looking on, and they want the government to work something out. >> tom: looked, the president has put it on the table and i think it is a good negotiation. i don't agree with all of it but he has come to the table in a meaningful way and listening to both sides. at the same time the democrats this morning, they want to cut
8:08 am
the ice budget in half which would double the amount of catch and release. again, the democrats not serious about border security and the bill supports that ideology. >> sandra: tom homan, thank you for joining us. >> tom: thank you for having me. >> eric: canal, members of native american groups are holding a peace vigil outside of the archdiocese in covington, kentucky. that has president trump weighing in on the confrontation between the high school students from covington and native american elder outside of the lincoln memorial. we are now learning about safety plans that are in place at the catholic high school where the students attend. after those students in the video were threatened. in an email to parents of the school, the school says, after meeting with local authorities, we have made the decision to cancel school and be closed tuesday january 22nd. in order to ensure the safety of our students, faculty and staff,
8:09 am
life in covington and kentucky with more on these developments, hi. >> and taking a look at the peace vigil by native americans and supporters right now outside of the covington diocese. all calm and peaceful in effect local fox affiliate cameramen told me a few minutes ago he shot a nice moment where the guy with the maga head shaking hands and exchanging telephone numbers. they've got to work this out but there are three things to help spur this rush to judgment. first, the initial editing highly selective midway through the confrontation, many mainstream outlets which was picked up on social media where absolutely there are no standards. the outcome of course, went viral and inexplicable reaction in the early stages by the diocese of covington which condemned the kids typical of reaction from the hierarchy in the country with the statement by arch bishop of louisville who condemned that shameful actions of covington catholic students.
8:10 am
he has now deleted that tweet but the results were very predictable. a rush to judgment and a lot of threats coming to catholic school students where the school had to be closed today. >> there have been many threats against our lives, her parents, and some of the stuff includes that we should all be locked in the school and it should be looked pertinent to the ground. the school being bombed. the school with threats. it is really scary. >> doug: some have suggested those maga hats that the kids were wearing in the crowd that provoked the conversation. one mother of one of the school children have us a different take on that. >> i think that was one of the reasons they were targeted and i think they were also targeted for what they stood for, which is christianity, the right for life, and they were singled out. and i believe partially because of the color of their skin they
8:11 am
were targeted. >> doug: alternative videos out there suggest that another group of kids, young african-american youth who goes by black hebrew israelites taunting the covington students with homophobic slurs and other slurs and then native american nathan phillips approach one of the kids and examined, and just inches away. that was the standoff that went viral. sandmann accused of smirking at phillips, but in a statement, he said and i quote "i believe by remaining motionless, i was hoping to diffuse the situation. i realize everyone had cameras and perhaps a group of adults try to provoke a group of teenagers into a larger conflict." among those coming to the defense of the students, the president of the united states, senator rand paul and the local congressman tomas he said that even taunted by homophobic bigots which was obviously, the children. they insulted no one, back to you. >> eric: such a shame, tom,
8:12 am
thanks, sandra. >> sandra: to new transcripts top fbi lawyer james baker admitted unusual steps were taken to get a surveillance warrant against a member of the trump campaign. napolitano will join us with an analysis straight ahead. >> eric: analysis with secret sites in north korea. how about that? they made that announcement after the second summit between the president and kim jong un was announced. so can the north really be trusted? matt of the service committee they are life will join us next on that. >> no surprise north korea will hide things over intelligent services very much aware of this site as well as many other sites not disclosed.
8:13 am
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every minute counts. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why we show you exactly when we'll be there. saving you time, so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ >> eric: two major decisions from the supreme court this morning. that justice declining to take action on daca. and protections nearly 700,000 undocumented immigrants came to the u.s. as children and remains in place as the issue continues to play out in the lower courts. the high core also this morning allowing the trump administration to implement restrictions on transgender military service. however, the court and the case that challenges new york city law that restricts handgun use. >> sandra: fox news alert, a
8:17 am
new report revealing another secret ballistic missile and korea. the estimated 20 sites undeclared by the rogue nation just days after the white house announced plans for more high-level talks between president trump and kim jong un. >> there will be a second summit and at that summit, we will be laying out our expectation for north korea to take concrete steps to begin to make real the denuclearization that kim jong un committed to. and the president is very optimistic. >> sandra: let's bring in texas congressman mac thornberry, ranking member on the health services committee, congressman thank you for being here this morning. so what do you make first of this identifying another seek -- secret military site and of course, all of this happening ae are learning about this days after we learned of the next summit between kim jong un and the president. >> two thing stood out to me.
8:18 am
one is there are more and more commercial satellites taking pictures of the earth. and so this revelation was based on commercial photography. that takes it harder and harder for nations to hide things. and i think that is a bigger direction that is somewhat interesting. on the specific issue, it is absolutely true, the first summit, north korea has not tested nuclear weapons and they also have not had a missile test. but at the same time, they have done nothing to dismantle their existing program and so, in fact, the evidence shows they continue to build missiles and nuclear weapons. so back what the vice president said, it is crucial coming forward that they take concrete, specific steps that shows they are serious and not just playing us along. >> sandra: and the summit between kim jong un and the president very important.
8:19 am
general jack keane was here earlier and we were able to ask him what he wants to see from that meeting. jack: i have been saying for some time, one of the real issues is that the north koreans have never given us from the first meeting we had with them an inventory of all of their sites, nuclear and ballistic missile sites. and therefore, put together a program or timetable to dismantle those sites with inspectors from independent inspectors. >> sandra: i want to move on to shut down and breaking news in just a minute, but that was general jack keane's take. that is a big expectation for that summit. >> mac: yeah, but he is exactly right, even though the intelligence committee has a good handle on what they are doing, some of it is underground and tunnels and so forth. inspectors would be important. the other key thing last week administration with new emphasis on missile defense. so that makes that even more important because there is no telling whether north korea will
8:20 am
really give up their programs were not. >> sandra: i only have a short time left, congressman and i want to get to do things. state of the union with the president will deliver at that before congress to the nation tuesday night. the shutdown, where does it go? first the shutdown. will anybody budge on this? >> mac: somebody has got to budge because too many people are being hurt. the president has laid out a good compromise. a lot of democrats are uncomfortable with speaker pelosi's hard-line stance that doesn't give a dollar for the wall. a number of them have said they would vote for some wall money with other things. so i think the tensions in the democratic stonewalling are going to grow, and they will hear from their constituents about it. >> sandra: certainly some more pressure on nancy pelosi. lastly, we learned fox news exclusively reporting the sergeant and arms delivered a letter from the white house asking for a walk-through for next week's state of the union
8:21 am
address. right now, we are told the president is prepping to deliver that. do you know anything further? what do you want to see happen here? >> mac: the constitution says the president should give a report to the nation on the state of the union. it is also true that house and the senate have to pass a bill to invite him into the house chambers. if speaker pelosi does not do that, then i think the president will have to look for another venue, may be out in the country somewhere or somewhere else around washington. >> sandra: all right, congressman mac thornberry, we covered a lot and thank you for coming on "america's newsroom." >> mac: thank you. >> eric: deadly attack that has occurred overseas. and officials have come from dozens of people were killed and another brace and tell of an attack. that one on a military base they are. coming up, we will have a live report on this new development from the pentagon. ♪ hey, saved you a seat.
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8:25 am
>> eric: right now one bombshell after the other after a trial of mexican accused drug lord joaquin l chappell guzman, going to the federal courthouse and following the trial, joining in the studio. it is like a soap opera. >> it is a tel aviv trial. it is gaining a lot of insight into fascinating insight how guzman came to make $14 billion over 25 years and the cartel. so far more than a dozen witnesses have testified. most are convicted drug traffickers with l chappell in exchange for more lenient sentences like garcia, known as el ray and former operations chief how the cartel transported
8:26 am
cocaine from columbia to cancun that moved to mexico city, where stuck in the gas tank and smuggled tunnels, trains. the illegal ports of entry into the u.s. we have heard about bribery and corruption all levels of the mexican government. police officers guarding drugs, military members paid millions to attack "el chapo" rifles ando former president, to call off a manhunt in accusation he denies. we have learned how the fbi paid "el chapo" $480,000 to gain access to "el chapo" personal text messages and phone calls and today one of his mistresses, continues her testimony of former politician "el chapo" arrested for smuggling marijuana. the process -- the prosecution to wrap up this week and i'll c7 federal charges in one of those charges leading to criminal
8:27 am
enterprise carries a minimum life sentence. it is a massive, massive case. what could be and what is "el chapo" defense? >> mac: a lot of evidence but look, just to a man who really like the notoriety that came with "el chapo" nickname. they say he is a victim of conspiracy, corrupt mexican officials working with true leader of the cartel and a man known as el maglio who is still on the run right now. so that is they are defense. >> eric: the trail to wrap up soon. >> he could take the stand as well, we don't know. >> eric: >> sandra: a moscow judge denying pao for marine ven accused of spying on russia. and we learn new details about paul wayland's arrest.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> sandra: fox news alert on a major blow to afghanistan's government. a tele- band suicide bomber driving his truck onto a
8:31 am
military intelligence base near kabul killing thousands of people. afghan officials calling for assault one of the deadliest attack in a 17 year war with the taliban. life from the pentagon, lucas. >> the death toll has climbed to at least 45 killed and another 70 wounded. outside of afghanistan's capital. >> a military base belonging to the national director of security. where some soldiers were living and targeted by suicide car bomb attack her. the building of the compound where the soldiers were living was damaged and three other suicide attackers killed on the spot. a tele- band suicide bomber with a stolen u.s.-made vehicle through the afghan pays 25 miles outside of kabul, 17 years after the 9/11 attacks the taliban and contest half of the country. the attack on afghanistan intelligent service unprecedented by african officials.
8:32 am
and they plant claim to responsibility for the attack. the times a tele- band holding peace talks with u.s. officials in qatar. over the weekend for senator lindsey graham traveled to pakistan where he called on president trump to meet pakistan and afghanistan's leader to end the war. >> i'm going to urge him to meet with the prime and astir as soon as possible. i think they will hit it off similar personalities. one thing i would say is that the war in afghanistan will into reconciliation. >> lucas: late last week the pentagon announced first american first american because of late this year. 26-year-old cameron medic from texas was shot and wounded during the raid in western afghanistan and he died u.s. military hospital in germany thursday. the medic was a member of elite 75th regiment. his wife, pregnant with their first child was able to travel to germany to be with him before he died, sandra.
8:33 am
>> sandra: lucas tomlinson at the pentagon, thank you. so for two years the american people want this wrapped up in effect the majority of them say that this is a politically motivated witch hunt. that is a problem a problem. >> eric: stephanie, press secretary making the case that the mueller probe should wrap up. this comes with new reports of top fbi lawyer james baker. he was involved in getting a fisa warrant on a trump campaign aide carter page. it back 2016, some raising questions about his actions. and napolitano here, the judicial analyst and the liberty file on the great fox nation. >> we always beat up the government. [laughter] >> eric: i have to get on -- you on my show but seriously now, is it normal procedure for a cop, fbi lawyer to meet with a private lawyer and the dnc
8:34 am
hillary clinton associate a law firm? >> well, no it's not. that type of meeting or evidence gathering ought to have been done by an fbi agent and should have been available to everybody on the team that was conducting this investigation. >> eric: what was the investigation? >> a counterintelligence investigation of the president of the united states at one point. aunt omissions a few weeks ago and also counterintelligence investigation and a picture on the screen, 1 of 4 campaign officials, a fisa warrant. users set -- viewer say what is the fisa warrant? the answer said it shouldn't be unusual because lawyer should examine those applications, but they don't. why don't they? fbi agents don't want fbi lawyers to know they are going to faisal with its low standard
8:35 am
rather than go to a regular article three judge. >> eric: they don't want to go to their own lawyers? >> andrew: correct. fisa has corrupted the fbi. it has taught them that they can get the same search warrant from the fisa court with a very low standard of probable cause of speaking to a foreign person. i could talk to my taylor and qualify for the fisa court as opposed to the crime which is what they have to demonstrate in order to get a search warrant in a criminal case. why should it be difficult when they can get away with a little less or one? so james baker and james comey and andrew mccabe all knew of this corruption and did nothing about it. the president is correct when he complains that fisa has corrupted the fbi. >> eric: that sounds like a dirty little secret or a big secret at the bureau and this whole process. baker said that he went through
8:36 am
this process because it was sensitive. and the law firm said there was nothing wrong. let me read you what the president is tweeting this morning. the president says, former fbi top lawyer james baker just admitted involvement in fisa warrant and further admitted there were irregularities the russia probe handled. they relied on unverified trump the oca paid for the d.c. -- dnc and funded through big corporate hillary law firm represented by her lawyer michael sussman. do you believe this question worked baker hard and gave him a search for russian probe. this meeting exposed in the senate and this and inquires much more unconstitutional hoax. >> eric: i disagree with unconstitutional hoax and i disagree with witch hunt but i agree with the president the murky and inscrutable origins of this investigation would not have come about but for fisa where the judges standards are so low.
8:37 am
listen to the statute. the judges aren't making up the standard. the standard is unconstitutional because it allows fbi to invade privacy and avoid the requirements. >> eric: are they potentially doing that right now? >> andrew: absolutely. >> eric: really? >> andrew: fisa meets in secret and records not even accessible to the judges on the court. who keeps fisa records, the clerk? no, kept by the nasa, national security administration. who are they question domestic spies. the public needs to know this so they can do this to the president of the united states, they can do it to you or to me. why are you worried? anybody watching this now. and should congress step in? >> andrew: do you know all this fisa step in nsa spying recently extended last year? one of my congressman devin nunes aware of all of these
8:38 am
excess of asylum until after the vote to extend the votes and authorities. i don't know what congress would have done had they known about this before they voted to continue this unconstitutional monstrosity. >> eric: chili, expose by the judge, always good to see you. >> andrew: . >> sandra: a russian judge denied bail for paul wayland the american citizen arrested in moscow -- moscow for espionage and will remain in custody pending his trial. senior foreign affairs amy kellogg will join us now with more on that, amy, good morning. >> amy: high, sandra, paul wayland and a moscow court in a glass cage in a hearing that both reporter said his lawyers said that he proclaimed his innocence at length and with gr. the former marine from michigan is being forced to state in moscow's prison until the end of february. his lawyer said his hearing was conducted constructively,
8:39 am
however, they have not received enough information on the case. wayland picked up an moscow hotel room. he had just been handed a flash drive. the russian site it contained state secrets that wayland had solicited. whelan's lawyer said his client thought he was getting a bunch f travel tips. >> on a flash drive he has received the information which is a state secret. in reality, paul was expecting to receive some personal information, which is not a state secret. information concerning culture. >> his family was in moscow for a wedding when he fell out of touch and failed to turn up for the event. he had been to russia many times and made a lot of contacts on social media there. there has been speculation he was set up for a side swap. mosque althea minnelli denies this but as we know, following a officially has said very little about the case and information that has come out in different media reports
8:40 am
in russia about perhaps the content of the material on that flash drive. so basically, that extent where a stab in the dark but i will point out the minister last week said he believes that wayland was caught red-handed. it's the two amy kellogg, thank you. >> eric: back home students from covington catholic high school defending their classmates. president trump slams the media coverage of that viral video confrontation. so why did reaction to the storage of spiral out of control? we will ask former arkansas governor mike huckabee. i was also docked as well as my good friend, real consequences for these actions. and it all stems from the 32nd clip taken on a two hour video out of context.
8:41 am
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not long ago, ronda started here. and then, more jobs began to appear. these techs in a lab. this builder in a hardhat... ...the welders and electricians who do all of that. the diner staffed up 'cause they all needed lunch. teachers... doctors... jobs grew a bunch. what started with one job spread all around. because each job in energy creates many more in this town. energy lives here. >> a lot of negativity and they hate surrounding this event comes from people on social media, doe
8:44 am
at the event. i come i myself was not even present but i'm very hopeful about defending my school and my peers. and i have been talked on three separate occasions. this has led to tsunami of hateful messages and threats and everything above. >> sandra: covington catholic high school student taking to youtube describing the hate that they have received following that viral video of a confrontation between their classmates and native american elder in washington. former arkansas governor mike huckabee joins us now. and i'm sure you've got some strong reaction to all of this, governor, as those children are not even at school today. the schools had for safety concerns, they could not open their doors this morning. >> mike: what a tragedy. a couple of messages have come out of all of this number one, the media shows reprehensible irresponsibility in rushing to get these videos on the air that showed a one-sided story but later proved to be completely untrue. they have culpability here and
8:45 am
especially the commentators. some of them went on and just trash these kids who are high school kids. it turned out they didn't do anything like what they were being accused of, but forever and ever, their reputations are going to be indeed sustained by something that didn't even happen. that is the first message and the second one come i think it is time for some really smart lawyers to go represent these kids and to be honest with you, to the ever living daylights out of some of the celebrities who have released private information on the internet about them. people like the so-called comedian patton oswalt. that is so reckless to do that. and put these kids at risk. these are not public figures. it is one thing for public figures to have all kinds of things said about them, you know, if you are a public figure you expect it. these are high school kids. they don't deserve this. this could affect their future,
8:46 am
their lives, not just getting a college but jobs. they've got to do something about it. the only way to stop this nonsense is for people to pay a price. the price out to be paid in the courtroom, and it ought to be a seven-figure judgment against some of these people who ran their mouths without engaging their brain. >> sandra: well, the president has put out some statements on this by twitter. he said this, looking like nick sandmann, covington catholic students were treated unfairly with early judgments proving out to be false. smeared by media. not go to, but making big come back. some in the media and elsewhere have decided in the wake of some rush to judgment calls have issued apologies. hollywood actress jamie lee curtis is one of them. i want to put this up there on the screen. she writes, "there are two sides to every story. i made a snap judgment based on a photograph and i know better to judge a book by its cover. i was not there i should have
8:47 am
never commented. i'm glad there was not violence. i hope these two men can meet and find common ground as can we all." and we read meghan mccain and others as well said they rush to judgment on this issue. we haven't heard from everybody, governor. >> mike: no, we haven't. i'm grateful jamie lee curtis to the responsible thing. others have deleted tweets and some cowardly and never sent an apology. i think that is only half of what they ought to be doing. but some of them have doubled down. alyssa milano come back and said, these kids are still at fault because they should not have been protesting for the sanctity of life. and i'm wondering, why not? they have a first amendment right to stand up and in this case, they are standing up for the lives of unborn children. is that not okay? two alyssa milano it isn't and if they stand for a position she'd disagreed with and i don't know who died and made her god but if they disagree with her it's okay to punch them in the face or to ruin their lives or
8:48 am
do whatever they want. more than anything, that is troubling that people have lost their minds. that is just what this is about. when people can even say, look, these are folks with a different point of view than me. i don't like them come i don't agree with them. i will shout over them, but i will not go wish them ill. when you start wanting people to suffer or to die or to experience violence, you have crossed a line. that is not the market of civilized behavior but savagery. it's got to stop somewhere. >> sandra: kathy griffin, the comedian, was one of those saying names these kids so they can pay the consequences. i want names, she tweeted out. it was really something to watch all of that coverage unfold. governor mike huckabee, good to see you this morning. did you have a final thought? i didn't want to cut you off. >> mike: just that i don't think there are consequences. i'm talking about significant
8:49 am
painful consequences to write big checks to these kids. it will keep happening but it will stop when people have to be responsible. we teach kids that. be responsible and own up to what you have done and pay the price. we need to start having these folks pay the price for what they are doing to these kids. >> sandra: serious discussions to be had. governor mike huckabee, thank you. >> mike: thank you, sandra. >> eric: oversees turkey vowing to hold an international gro of the murder. looking to hold the conference accountable. . details on that straight ahead. which i used to offer health insurance to my employees. what's in your wallet?
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and the army taught me a lot about commitment. which i apply to my life and my work. at comcast we're commited to delivering the best experience possible, by being on time everytime. and if we are ever late, we'll give you a automatic twenty dollar credit. my name is antonio and i'm a technician at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. speed to senate majority leader of mitch mcconnell with a plan to end the government shutdown. put up the president's plan and force democrats to be the ones to reject it. and keep the government partially closed.
8:53 am
whether he can force their hands and how the outcome will play out politically is fascinating. >> mixed messages from democrats on martin luther king jr. day with 20 possible delivering a message of unity. other slamming the president errors racist. we will debate how voters might respond to. >> some of them at the same event. all of that was our guy in the middle at the top of the hour. >> eric: i will see you guys in 7 minutes. turkey with a new international investigation into the murder of "washington post" columnist. turkey said the saudis have not shared any information on his death. shelby was a critic as you know what the saudi crime prints. he was killed by saudi hit squad in october after walked into the saudi consulate and is temple. benjamin hall following the story with the latest, high, benjamin. >> benjamin: hi, eric.
8:54 am
and taken back become a backseat in the news recently but in turkey, this constant pressure to get to the bottom of it to discover who ordered the killings, who ultimately should face justice. as you point out turkey to take steps to launch an international investigation into the killing meaning for greater scrutiny and tribunal officially pointing the finger at those who ordered the killing and even some with the crown prince. turkey has repeatedly said that in order of the kill issued by the highest level of the saudi government and the saudi hit men did not, could not have acted on their own. and they also say saudi arabia has not shared any information despite the joint investigation. on sunday, secretary of state mike pompeo said the u.s. was gathering fact to uncover those involved in the killing but said the relationship with saudi arabia could be maintained. some like lindsey graham seem to counter over the weekend. >> have concluded that the relationship between saudi arabia and the
8:55 am
united states cannot move forward until mbs has been dealt with. >> meanwhile german weapons maker plans to sue the german government for stopping all arms export to saudi arabia following the killing and in germany, as a result of that weapon ban, weapons $2.3 billion have affected and have been affected by the export suspension. so we continue to see this poll between those who say justice, we need to find out who did it but at the same time important relationship between saudi arabia late, national security, geopolitically. and always two sides and different directions. one thing for certain eric, this story not going away anytime soon. >> eric: the journalist, so disturbing, benjamin, thank you. >> sandra: the state of the union still in limbo as the senate prepares to take up the president's immigration proposal. so where does this all go for's
8:56 am
here? we will have it next.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> sandra: this, from the newsroom news vault. the unabomber case ended on the state back in 1998 when ted kaczynski pleaded guilty, admitting to a 17-year campaign of package bombings that left three people dead. the name, "you unabomber," coming from the task force satisfied him. universities, the primary targets, and because the bomb was placed on an american airlines flight. he was caught not long after "the washington post" posted an antitechnology manifesto attributed to the unabomber in 1995. his brother recognize the writing style and went to the feds. and that's for my news vault this morning. >> eric: you know, his brother david and sister-in-law, linda, had to be commended for that. i was in helena, montana covering that when he was arrested. and there little cabin in lincoln, they were able to trace to him all the way there. it was a relief when he was
9:00 am
walking out of the police station in helena. >> sandra: the senate and house back to work today. we will see what happens p thank you very much, eric. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> melissa: fox news alert, less than an hour from now, the senate will be back in session as republicans prepared to introduce a bill to reopen the government. drawing on president trump's proposal which democrats have already rejected. this is "outnumbered" and i'm melissa francis. here today is harris faulkner, town hall editor and fox news contributor katie pavlich, fox news contributor jessica tarlov, and joining us on the couch, josh holmes, former republican strategists and chief of staff to senator mitch mcconnell. what a perfect day to have you here. we are about to see some action, we hope. we want to lean on you and find out what would be the smartest thing going forward. a couple seconds to think about that? don't move. [laughter] se


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