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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  January 24, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PST

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>> if you're in san antonio go to lulu's cafe and bakery. we're doing the special and you'll watch it on sunday. >> how fun. >> bill: breaking overnight, the saga between two of the most powerful people in america continues. the state of the union address next week will not happen until the shutdown is over. i'm bill hemmer live in new york. good morning. >> sandra: a lot of big guests coming up as well. good morning, i'm sandra smith. the president having a change of heart after nancy pelosi blocked access to the chamber yesterday afternoon. the drama far from over at the nation's capital as senators get ready to vote on two competing shutdown bills. both parties still pointing fingers at each other. >> president trump: she doesn't want to hear the truth. she doesn't want the american public to hear what's going on. and she is afraid of the truth. >> the government is still
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shutdown. the original date was mutely agreeable. >> nancy pelosi doesn't want to american people to hear the president's message but the american people want to hear the president's message. >> she seems unreasonable and a dislike for the president that's hurting the country and this idea of not letting the president speak is really overplaying your hands. >> bill: team fox coverage begins our coverage today. congressman michael mccaul reaction and peter doocy on capitol hill. we begin with kevin corke on the north lawn of the white house. >> we'll try to follow up what was an incredible day to be honest with you. we've seen wild times in washington during the trump administration. yesterday stood out. it began with the president informing the speaker of the house that he would be delivering that state of the union address as planned next week. that was a move that invited a response from the speaker
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herself telling the president no, you aren't going to do that until the government is reopened. late last night. i was up watching twitter and we saw this tweet come across. the president declaring he would wait to deliver his state of the union until a later date. he said this as the shutdown was going on nancy pelosi asked me to give the state of the union address. i agreed. she then changed her mind because of the shutdown suggesting a later date. this is her prerogative and i will do the address when the shutdown is over. i am not -- repeat am not looking for an alternative venue for the state of the union address because there is no venue that can compete with the history, tradition and importance of the house chamber. i look forward to giving a great state of the union address in the near future. the speaker herself wrote mr. president i hope by saying near future you mean you will support the house passed package to end the shutdown that the senate will vote on tomorrow. that would be today. please accept this proposal so
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we can reopen government, repay our federal workers and then negotiate our differences. for his part the president has made it clear who he believes is breaking tradition. >> president trump: the super left democrats, the radical democrats, what's going on in that party is shocking. i know many people that were democrats and they're switching over right now and switching over quickly. so i hope they know what they're doing for their party. so far they haven't. >> as we look now at day 34 with no end in sight. not yet. an important day on capitol hill. we'll have all the details from here as we hear from the president. for now back to you. >> bill: buckle up it's only 9:00. thank you, sir. talk to you soon. >> sandra: hours from nouf the senate takes up competing bills to reopen the government. both measures are expected to fail. peter doocy is live on capitol hill with more. peter, what's the difference between these two bills?
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>> one of them just puts president trump's proposal on paper where republicans get 5.7 billion in border wall money and democrats get temporary protections for daca recipients brought to the country illegally as kids. >> the president has produced a fair compromise that pairs full year government funding with immigration policy priorities from both sides. enough political spite, enough. enough showboating for the resistance. >> the democratic offer today very similar to a bill that already passed the house just a continuing resolution, open the government for three weeks, not a nickel for the border wall. >> to say one is a democratic amendment and one is a republican amendment doesn't get the magnitude of this. the difference.
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because one is holding 800,000 workers hostage. millions of americans hostage. unless the amendment authors get their way. the second says we're not demanding anything, just open up the government and let's discuss it. >> bill: when these votes begin around 2:30 this afternoon in washington they both need 60 votes to advance. so they are both expected to fail. if, though, there is some surprise and one of them gets through, it is not going anywhere fast in the house because those lawmakers are expected to call it a week and head home for the week early this afternoon. sandra. >> sandra: any republicans expected to join democrats and vote for a three week cr? >> yes, there are three that we know of right now. cory gardner told his paper in colorado that he will back a bill to open the government right away. susan collins from maine and
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lisa murcowski will support it. we don't know if any democrats will vote for the republican measure, though. >> bill: meanwhile a revolution could be underway. chaos descending oh venezuela. clashes between supporters and opponents of the current maduro government. trump administration will recognize the opposition leader juan guaido and refuses to pull diplomats out of the capital city. >> i couldn't be more proud that a president trump's direction the united states of america became the first country in the world to recognize president guaido. the united states will continue to bring the full weight of economic and diplomatic pressure until freedom and
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democracy and fair elections are restored for the people of venezuela. >> bill: mike mccaul leading republican on the foreign affairs committee. get to three topics. pompeo says this with regard to maduro. the united states does not recognize the regime as the government of venezuela and does not consider former president maduro to have a legal authority to declare our diplomats to get out. he told them to get out within three days. where does this go, sir? >> historic opportunity for democracy to prevail over a socialist dictator maduro who has created so many abuses against his own people. i applaud the president and vice president for standing up for this new leader in venezuela. remember, venezuela is one of the greatest threats in the western hemisphere aligned with iran and cuba. to answer your question i think this ultimately leads to wherever the military,
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whichever candidate the military in venezuela will back. >> bill: we'll watch that. what about the state of the union? you heard the news from overnight last night. it will not happen on tuesday. you okay with that? >> i think it's a national disgrace. i think it's an embarrassment and unprecedented. if anybody is throwing a temper tantrum it's nancy pelosi. it's a sad day for america. the american people and congress want to hear from the president. she -- they want him to bring the nation together when the government is shut down and border security issues. i just -- never seen anything like it, bill, in this town. >> bill: that's saying a lot. we've covered a lot of things together over the years. i don't know how you get out of it. the tweet from earlier. without a wall there cannot be safety and security. build the wall and crime will fall. i was watching senator rob
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portman with neil cavuto. he is a moderate guy. he said the president has been bending on this and democrats haven't given anything and new barriers are exactly what the democrats want in terms of border security. so if that's true and if you believe that, this comes down to personality, does it not? >> it comes down to personality. i think the democrats are dug in. it is also with semantics. the secure fence act that passed in 2006 that passed schumer, barack obama and hillary clinton voted for it and it's an important point. the steel barrier, the fencing they call it, that is down at the border most constructed under the obama administration. what we're really talking about are how many more miles of this steel fencing do we want and need down there? our experts tell us 234 miles.
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it really boils down to that. i think the president has made a very reasonable compromise offering to negotiate on going from concrete to the steel fencing that's already down there. talking about protected -- temporary protected status for people in the country. also legalizing the daca program. the thing is nancy pelosi rejected his offer before he even talked to the american people on his national address. i think that's not good faith negotiation. in fact, the only counteroffer she has made on the table is $1 to pay for border security. i think that 4 1/2 trillion dollar federal budget if we can't find 5.7 to secure this nation, how sad is that? >> bill: mike mccaul, thank you for coming in today. three big stories that we're watching. thank you, sir, sandra. what's next? >> sandra: a big show lined up on thursday. here is some of what is on our
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agenda. steve scalise will join us over the battle of the state of union and government shutdown and the headliner house intelligence committee member devin nunes will join us and also larry kudlow at 11:00. >> bill: the whole thing about the president and nancy pelosi. even if you get past that stumbling block right now how will this relationship go on other issues? the president slamming michael cohen's decision to postpone his testimony on the hill. ranking member jim jordan will join us with his reaction on that decision coming up. >> sandra: we're awaiting a news conference in florida after a gunman goes on a shooting spree killing five people in a bank. >> i was in total distraught. i was crying. >> i would have never seen this
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breathe freely fast, with vicks sinex. my congestion's gone. i can breathe again! ahhhh! i can breathe again! ughh! vicks sinex. breathe on. >> bill: nancy pelosi has become a nightmare for the democratic party. she seems unreasonable. she seems to have a dislike for the president that is hurting the country. there is a reaction to this far left rhetoric in the senate by more mainstream democrats that i think will allow us to get the wall funded, daca and tps recipients. there is a deal in the making. the more extreme nancy pelosi gets the more likely we'll have the deal. >> bill: interesting interview senator lynndie graham calling out the house speaker in that comment swinging too far to the left is what he believes. josh holmes, former chief of
6:16 am
staff for mitch mcconnell. josh, how are you doing? good morning to you. senate will vote on two things today. don't know if they go anywhere. what does mitch mcconnell do? you know him well. >> what we see on the vote on the two bills both unlikely to pass the senate deciding back to nancy pelosi's decision to cancel the state of the union in a letter last week that she might very well be incapable of making a deal. the senate will try to shake something loose. to senator graham's point one thing we haven't looked at is why nancy pelosi is doing what she is doing? in part yes, she is a liberal. but she is also perched on top of a democratic conference at this point. barely elected speaker in the first place and unclear whether she can control her conference if she did a deal at all. part of the record we're in a record setting stand-off here, i think, is because per ability
6:17 am
to get 218 votes or the majority of democrats for almost anything is a real question at this point. >> bill: come back to mcconnell. the reason why you do the two votes for my understanding both go down in defeat and force dialogue between the two or further debate, is that correct? >> yeah. it's already having that effect. you are already seeing senators who had largely stood on the sidelines begin to have a conversation. this is not a difficult rubik's cube to solve. 5.7 billion request on one side, 1.6 billion appropriations bill that already passed. somewhere in there we should be able to find a deal. if reasonable heads prevail and nancy pelosi can figure out how to get her caucus together they should be able to resolve it soon. >> bill: chuck schumer on the proposals on the table said this on the floor of the senates. >> let me be very clear. these two votes are not equivalent. not on the one hand or on the
6:18 am
other hand. the president's proposal demands a wall and radical legal immigration changes in exchange for opening up the government. the second vote demands nothing in exchange for opening up the government. >> bill: i don't know if you heard my conversation are mike mccaul. moderates like john barrasso and rob portman are saying the white house is bending and bending and bending, definitions, distance, how much money you need, etc., etc. i don't know what happens today. let's hang onto that. your point about nancy pelosi is very interesting. what is the level of pressure she is facing within her own caucus to make sure that she satisfies those who voted for her to be speaker to make sure that she does not go back on her word in a sense? >> i think it's the driving factor here, bill. i think it's the reason why she can't make a deal. she is a legislator and been around a long time and certainly orchestrated skillful deals in the past.
6:19 am
she might be incapable politically of doing it now. remember, we did this a few years ago with speaker boehner. all anybody could talk about whether he could control a tea party conference. the same exact thing is happening within the democratic conference but we're talking about the president trump and senate republicans. that's really not the focus. where this should be is whether or not democrats have anything that they would like to accomplish here. surely they have a legislative agenda they would like to trade in exchange for a wall and yet here we are four weeks in and they got nothing. i think that's really telling. >> bill: very interesting you bring up the blue dog or the tea party compareson with john boehner. he was herding cats every day and he would talk about it publicly how difficult the challenge was and she faces a similar situation now. even if you get past this, josh, what is does trump/pelosi relationship going to amount to?
6:20 am
>> the political dynamic needs to change a little bit. the ocasio-cortez wing of the democratic won't help to reelect a bunch of democrats who won in red districts get reelected. as soon as people begin to see the election in the front headlights instead of the rearview mirror i think the dynamic changes a little bit. border security is not a radical idea. a barrier is not a radical idea. what's radical is holding the government closed for four weeks over a $4 billion problem in the context of a $4 trillion budget. it is completely radical. we need to put more distance between the last election and get closer to the next election before people's minds change a little bit. >> bill: you sound so reasonable. i don't think you fit in that town. thank you, josh, great to see you. come on back. >> sandra: all right. we're awaiting details on a mass shooting in florida after a gunman opened fire inside a bank. what police are learning about
6:21 am
the motives. >> bill: also the latest on the rush to judgment learning more about the native american protestor at the center of the controversy. what he is saying a bit earlier today. stand by. >> what did you think about his words and his explanation and his version of this encounter? >> coached and written up for him. in insincerity, lack of responsibility. ♪ maybe you'd mellow out a bit if you got geico to help you with your renters insurance. oh, geico helps with renters insurance? good to know. yeah, and they could save you a lot of money. wow, suddenly i feel so relieved. you guys are fired. get to know geico and see how much you could save on renters insurance. i'm begging you... take gas-x.ed beneath the duvet
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♪ >> bill: the most expensive home in the u.s. went off the market selling for are you ready? wait for it.
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$238 million. four story penthouse apartment in new york city on central park south. a building named the bill air's bunker. he also owns homes in many other places. for $240 million is a ton. >> sandra: a presence in a lot of different cities. >> bill: he runs citadel. >> sandra: he loves mcdonalds. there was recently an article done on him and i'm quoting him. it drives people nuts i take them to mcdonalds all the time. >> bill: i like that. super size that. >> sandra: all right. we have a lot more to get to this morning. we're awaiting a police news conference happening in south florida after a horrific mass shooting at a bank there has devastated a community. police apprehending the suspect but not before five people lost their lives. >> today has been a tragic day in our community. we've suffered significant loss at the hands of a senseless criminal doing a senseless
6:26 am
crime. >> the individual -- exacting justice. the people of florida stand with the community here in light of this tragic circumstance. >> sandra: phil keating is live in miami. any idea on a motive in this case? >> still no motive has been announced by the sheriff or police chief. but the police chief did describe it simply as cold blooded murder. the suspect just about 45 minutes ago had his first court appearance. 21-year-old who moved to the small town of see bring, florida a short time ago. bond was denied. he walked into the sun trust bank and start evidence shooting killing five people and barricaded himself inside the bank with customers still there, too. according to the police the suspect called police to tell them what he had done. a swat vehicle busted a hole in the bank wall and hostage negotiators entered the bank
6:27 am
and finally able to get the suspect to surrender. he reportedly wore a white t-shirt into the bank featuring four grim reapers on the back. he was in jail last night being held on five counts of first degree homicide. residents in the town of 10,000 are devastated. >> it's so sad. so devastating. it's a shock that this happened to our small community like this. i'm still shaking. i'm still shaking. >> the sheriff scheduled a news conference to update with new information in 90 minutes from now at 11:00 a.m. eastern. >> sandra: how are neighbors describing the suspect, phil? >> they said the suspect and his parents, stepfather and mother he lived with all were very nice and friendly and described him as pretty much a normal guy. we also do know that the florida department of corrections actually hired him
6:28 am
in november but he quit two weeks ago. one friend of the suspect's mother said he was smart and helped her 9-year-old daughter with homework. they're in disbelief. distraught. this is a small little town where everybody even if you don't know each other you politely smile and say hello. they are rocked today for sure. >> sandra: we're waiting on the news conference. phil keating in florida for us. thank you. >> bill: 9:48 in new york. authorities out of mexico report a surge in migrants crossing into their country en route eventually to the u.s. what's behind that rising number? >> sandra: democrats on the house oversight committee adding progressive power. what will it mean for the high profile investigative committee? >> bill: the president lashing out at michael cohen after his former attorney postpones testimony before the house panel. the president said that is not
6:29 am
the real issue. >> he says he has been threatened by you giuliani. >> president trump: he has only been threatened by the truth. which i used to offer health insurance to my employees. what's in your wallet?
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on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> bill: new information on immigration. mexico is seeing a surge in migrants trying to enter their country on the southern border as word spreads of a more lenient policy and wide open border with guatemala. william la jeunesse is live with the story in l.a. today. >> two things are happening in mexico that make enforcement harder for agents here. one, mexico opened its border with guatemala. in the past they tried to control the southern border, police on the river, fences on the bridges. no longer the case. under new president, immigration agents are welcoming central americans with bottles of water and
6:33 am
mexico is issuing humanitarian visas allowing migrants to stay in mexico or transit to the u.s. without question. >> i think it's very good. you see a cop and mexican migration officials. this is a great benefit they're giving us. >> mexico's migration institute said that central american's entering mexico surged. 80% from hond hond, 10% minors. most say they'll come to the united states. as for the u.s. border i spoke to agents in texas, arizona and california. they told me the situation is getting worse and spreading. most central americans used to primarily go to south texas they're showing up in greater numbers in yuma and other places. on monday agents apprehended 150 central americans that scaled the wall with a ladder. migrants jumping over a vehicle
6:34 am
barrier in el paso. agents tell you that barriers are critical in urban areas. they deter, stop and slow. technology and cameras and drones compliment but not a substitute for a barrier without which they would be overrun. agents are supporting the president's call for a barrier 250 miles. half that will go into the rio grande valley. they aren't happy. they're working without pay. families are struggling but somebody has to guard the border. >> bill: good reporting in los angeles. >> sandra: president trump going on offense slamming his former attorney this morning after michael cohen postponed his congressional testimony because of threats he says to his family. the president tweeting this morning, quote. so interesting that bad lawyer michael cohen who sadly will not be testifying before congress is using the lawyer of crooked hillary clinton to represent him. gee, how did that happen? remember july 4th weekend when crooked hillary went before
6:35 am
f.b.i. and wasn't sworn in, no tape, nothing? congressman jim jordan a ranking member of the house oversight committee joins us now. thank you for coming on this morning. that was the president's reaction to the postponement of this hearing. what is yours? >> if you look at the statement mr. davis and mr. cummings made they talked about the threats but also talked about ongoing investigations. my guess is michael cohen's postponement had more to do with the second part the ongoing investigation aspect. mr. davis when he talked to our attorneys on the committee told them he didn't check with special counsel or southern district of new york or the attorney general in the state of new york. he worked this out with cummings and got cohen to come for this scheduled hearing. now they're postponing it. my guess is they've heard from the folks with the ongoing investigations. >> sandra: it has been indefinitely postponed. we don't know whether there will be a subpoena-type action. this was written in the "new york times" this morning talking about this putting
6:36 am
democrats in an awkward position. they write they must decide whether to force mr. cohen to testify despite the concerns about security or walk away all together from the hearing that they held out as the first marquee moment in their plan to showcase their aggressive oversight of mr. trump and his administration. >> i think that's exactly right. a couple of things are in play. if they subpoena him, they may. what will he answer? when you're subpoenaed, do you take the fifth? how does it work out. that's the concern they have to deal with. second is this. maybe they got sensitive to the fact that the first big hearing they were doing they were bringing a guy in to testify in front of congress who in five weeks is going to prison for lying to congress. maybe at some point they understood that may not be the best thing to do. i don't know what mr. cummings is going to do or how it will work out. we're focused on getting the truth out. if mr. cohen comes we'll ask the quefls the american people deserve answers to. >> sandra: we are talking about
6:37 am
the house oversight committee and there has been some progressives that have joined this committee. i just wonder if you can sort of tell us what picture this paints for the next couple of years. they're up on the screen there. we have alexandria ocasio-cortez named to the house oversight committee. talib who has been in the news quite a bit lately added to that xwhity. what overall does it mean for investigations and more going forward? >> we'll see. this is a call for speaker pelosi and chairman cummings. they can put on the committee whoever they want. we welcome them to the committee. our focus is the truth. in the past i have been able to work sometimes with folks on the liberal side of the spectrum. there is obviously a big difference between where the freedom and progressive caucuses is. but we have found common ground. a member of the progressive congress and i have
6:38 am
co-sponsored and worked on legislation that protect people in the press. when the f.b.i. comes kicking on your door wanting you to divulge constitutional sources. it's called freedom of the press. on those issues we can come together and work on it. there is a big difference between where the progressives are and where the freedom caucus is. >> sandra: meanwhile the committee has already launched a new probe. happened actually during this program yesterday that we learned about this into alleged grave breaches of national security in the security clearance process with the white house and the trump transition team. is this a sign that this committee is really going to ramp up trump-focused investigations? >> as if we needed another sign. the democrats are completely focused on halting and stopping the trump administration and where i think they should be focused, on helping the country. think about the very first day of congress brad sherman
6:39 am
introduces articles of impeachment. not even 24 hours on the job we had the congresswoman say the disgraceful things she said about the president and nancy pelosi who won't negotiate with the president on the immigration, border security wall concern that we have right now. of course, top it all off with nancy pelosi doesn't invite the commander-in-chief to give the state of the union address. they're completely focused on stopping the president not helping the country. the oversight committee is continuing that trend which i think hurts the nation but they will do all these investigations again. our focus will be getting the truth to the american people and that's what we'll stay fully focused on. >> sandra: of course, this particular investigation is seeking information on clearance issues involving a number of former but also current trump administration officials. the reason why we're showing jared kushner for a bit he is named specifically in this. >> this is how the democrats will operate. the commander-in-chief, the president of the united states has a right to have the people around him who he thinks will give him the insight and advice
6:40 am
he needs. let's work through this security clearance process. the administration has done that. understand they are so focused on stopping the president and not on helping the country. i think we'll continue to see this. i hope that changes but it certainly doesn't look like it is going to. >> sandra: i have to leave it there. a couple seconds left. how does the shutdown story end? >> if nancy pelosi would get focused on helping the country we would get a solution. let's sit down and negotiate and not play the games of not inviting the president to the state of the union. let's help the country and get a border security wall built. >> bill: much more on a lot coming up here. ranking member devin nunes will join us soon. we'll talk to him coming up shortly here a few minutes away. >> sandra: a new twist in the showdown between president trump and house speaker pelosi as the president pose opponents
6:41 am
-- postpone his state of the union address. two bills hit the senate floor today. does the needle move at all? plus this. >> it's pretty good. did you see that? the rivalry between the jets and patriots playing out for fans for real. you see clear skin. you see me. but if you saw me before cosentyx... ♪ i was covered. it was awful. but i didn't give up. i kept fighting. i got clear skin with cosentyx. 3 years and counting. clear skin can last. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you. cosentyx is proven to help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis
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>> bill: we're hearing from a lot of republicans house minority leader kevin mccarthy blasting speaker pelosi saying she is making her battle with the white house personal. her dislike for president trump is hurting the country after the president delayed his state of the union address scheduled for next tuesday. it will not happen until the government is reopen. house minority leader steve scalise has been roaming the halls talking to a lot of
6:45 am
people. how are you and what do you want to deliver for our audience today in terms of where we go and what's up next? >> good morning, bill. good to be back with you. i think everybody sees that there is a clear way out of this. but it involves nancy pelosi putting all those personal differences on the side and doing what's best for the country and sitting down and negotiating with the president. president trump has been here in washington, stayed here throughout christmas. he has said over and over again he is willing to negotiate on all terms, on all fronts. he put daca on the table on saturday. think about this, bill. the president spoke at 4:07 p.m. on saturday. at 4:00 p.m. nancy pelosi had already put out a statement opposing what the president hadn't even suggested. so that just shows she is absolutely no incentive or interest in solving this problem. but the country demands that she put those differences on the side. put some kind of offer on the table to secure our nation's
6:46 am
border. >> bill: here is her tweet in response to the president. i hope by saying near tour i hope you -- please accept this proposal so we can reopen government and negotiate our differences. does that move the needle anywhere? >> if you look at her proposals she has put on the table not a single dollar on the table for border security and physical barriers. look, bill, there are a growing number of democrats here in the house that are finally saying enough is enough. it's time for nancy pelosi to put something on the table and they support the president's request for a wall. even steny hoyer, the majority leader of the house, said that physical barriers should be part of the solution. it's time for nancy pelosi to listen to a growing numbers not just of republicans but democrats in congress who say it's time for her to actually negotiate, put something on the table. this idea of literally slamming the doors of the house chamber
6:47 am
and holding the state of the union hostage. enough is enough. release the hostages and let's go get a deal. >> bill: you have to figure a way out of this. never before in history has an invitation been revoked. never happened. >> it's never happened. george washington in 1790 delivered an address to congress on the state of the union. first time in history. nancy pelosi will be the only speaker to -- it is disgraceful and unbecoming of the office of speaker. she needs to do her job. the president has put multiple offers on the table. nancy pelosi has yet to put a single offer on the table to secure our border and solve this crisis. >> bill: lindsey graham had strong comments last night here on the channel. he suggested that she is bad for -- i'm paraphrasing now. a danger to the country, bad for the country is the phrase he used. do you agree with that? >> well, i think that first of
6:48 am
all it's clear nancy pelosi aligned herself with the most far left radical elements of her own caucus. it is a dangerous place to be to say you will oppose national security. the things -- this isn't something president trump asked for. the 5.7 billion is what our border patrol agents and the people who risk their lives, bill, to keep our country safe have said they needed for border security. so if she is opposing that amount of money, what does she think we need to secure our border and why isn't she willing to give the people who risk their lives to keep us safe that money? >> it is clearly pretty obvious based on the negotiating strategy she emotion employed. back the graham. the judgment of history will not be kind. called it absurd, petty and shameful. >> and it is. i agree with that. ultimately i think she is more afraid of the far left elements of her base than she is understanding that this is a moment where she needs to step up and do her job and that is
6:49 am
to negotiate. we don't always agree. we have divided government. but part of divided government means you'll have to work with people on the other side. when a growing number of her own members of her party in the house are saying it's time to resolve this and put border security money and wall funding on the table, she has to listen to them. look, it's a growing number. i think the pressure is building on nancy pelosi. we had a vote again yesterday to pay all federal workers for the work they've done. >> bill: why do you believe pressure is growing on her? from which corner? >> you are seeing more democrats in congress calling on her to solve this and to ultimately work with the president to find some kind of agreement. when you see the president putting offer after offer on the table and saying here is another approach to it. again, before the president even submitted his latest proposal on saturday nancy pelosi called it a non-starter and said she was opposed to it. she said you have to pass the bill to find out what's in it. on saturday she said she is
6:50 am
going to oppose the plan before she finds out what's in it. enough is enough of that kind of foolishness. time to do your job, everybody has to come to the table. i've been in those meetings. in the situation room in the white house where the president said look, i'm willing to renegotiate on the term wall. ban cement structure. we'll go to steel slats. more effective at securing our border. not one time have they put an offer on the table. he is putting more options on the table to solve the problem. >> bill: i didn't mean to suggest he is moving the goalpost but he is giving more leeway. >> she has to say yes to something and so far she hasn't been negotiating at all. >> sandra: president trump and kim jong-un could be meeting again and it could be happening soon. what north korea's leading is doing to try to make a second
6:51 am
summit happen. a defiant trump administrations saying we aren't pulling our diplomats out of venezuela despite being warned to do it. we'll talk to someone linked to all the chaos. vicks vaporub. goodnight coughs.
6:52 am
6:53 am
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6:54 am
>> sandra: breaking news from north korea. kim jong-un ordering preparations for a second summit meeting with president trump saying he will wait with patience and good faith. benjamin hall is live in london. benjamin. >> hi. of course we've been hearing a lot about the second summit for some time now. particularly the speculation where it might be and when. all of this comes after last week's successful meeting in d.c. between president trump, secretary of state mike pompeo and kim jong-un's deputy and right-hand man. today north korean media said
6:55 am
kim jong-un had expressed great satisfaction with the envoy's meeting in the u.s. and spoken very highly of president trump for expressing his unusual determination and will for the settlement of the issue with great interest in the second summit. today the president here also tweeted in response to his critics saying the fake news media loves saying so little happened at my first summit with kim jong-un. wrong. after 40 years of doing nothing relationships have been built, hostages and remains are now back home. no more rockets or missiles being fired and no nuclear testing. this is more than has ever been accomplished with north korea and the fake news knows it. i expect another good meeting soon. much potential. the last summit ended with a dee nuclearization pledge from kim jong-un with both sides saying they'll have joint efforts to build a lasting and stable peace on the korean peninsula. despite kim's determination
6:56 am
with another meeting with trump the two remain at odds over the fundamental issues. remains to be seen when the meeting might be. people are suspecting it could be in vietnam at the end of february. >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: there is a high chance for a senate collision today on the shutdown. they'll vote on two competing bills to try to reopen the government. will either one pass? our headliner, house intel committee member devin nunes at the top of the hour. come back right after this. ance, so i only pay for what i need. and as a man... uh... or a woman... with very specific needs that i can't tell you about- say cheese. mr. landry? oh no. hi mr. landry! liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> sandra: this is a fox news alert. the senate has two bills to reopen the government as the state of the union takes a new twist. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning. seems like we always say we've never really been here before. we've never really been here before. the first time ever a disinvite for the state of the union next tuesday. speaker pelosi about to hold a news conference at president trump agreed to delay the address on tuesday until the shutdown is over. reaction now from all sides. check it out. >> if nancy pelosi would get focused on helping the country we could get a solution. the president offered one over the weekend. let's sit down and not play the games of not inviting the president to the state of the union. >> i want my republican friends to understand the stakes here. reopening the government for three weeks may not sound like a long time but important to
7:01 am
800,000 public servants who have been working without pay. >> the american people and the congress want to hear from the president and bring the nation together. at this critical time when the government is shut down and we're looking at border security issues. >> we have many employees suffering because of this shutdown the president has engaged in and the speaker and the house democrats are committed to reopening the government. we have now voted 10 times to reopen the government. that is our priority. >> complete coverage begins now. the headliner is devin nunes on the hill. >> mcconnell needs seven democrats to vote for president trump's plan >> hard to think of a reason to oppose this but my democratic friends are trying to come up
7:02 am
with anything to justify prolonging the stalemate. i have a great deal of respect for my friends across the aisle but this is getting down right silly. >> senate democratic leader is selling the other proposal. the one to reopen government and not provide money for president trump's wall. >> one is a democratic and republican amendment. it doesn't get the magnitude of this, the difference. because one is holding 800,000 workers hostage. millions of americans hostage, unless the amendment authors get their way. the second says we're not demanding anything, just open up the government and then let's discuss it. >> assuming the two plans don't have 60 yes votes in the senate a new senator says it shouldn't be hard to cut a deal. >> i want a bill that is going to do something. that will have border security, it will open up government and then we can continue to have conversations after that. this idea you open up the government and you deal with
7:03 am
people that have said i will not negotiate with you, that's crazy. >> the house democratic whip says he hopes it's a start of wheeling and dealing. >> i hope all of us if the senate were to fail to get 60, i'm hopeful the house and senate staffs will come together on what kind of opening that we can have that will be a reopening of our government >> votes in the senate expected at 2:30 p.m. eastern. >> bill: mike emanuel on the hill. >> sandra: let's bring in our headliner devin nunes. thank you for coming on. we're hearing from just about everybody this morning. seems tensions are rising. where do you stand at this moment? >> i just think i'm ashamed. this is nonsense. the speaker disinviting the president is totally ridiculous. it should never happen like this. i think it's a sign of our
7:04 am
times, right? i think if the speaker was to cave she would probably be ousted by her membership. she is in a very weak position. even yesterday, for example, there was a bill on the floor where we were only six democrats away. if six democrats would have voted with us we would have won one of the pieces of legislation on the floor yesterday. she is very weak. she is getting weaker by the day. i think overall this is just bad for america and bad for the country. >> bill: what was the legislation related to that you're describing? >> it was on an amendment we put onto the spending bill about paying federal employees and so we came six votes away from actually winning that amendment and sending the bill to the senate that would have paid all the federal employees and, of course, built the wall. >> bill: wow. here is nancy pelosi from last night. she said this. >> you've come at a time when the government is shut down. sadly, with this shutdown, the
7:05 am
white house is not showing -- >> bill: talking to a group of mayors in washington, d.c. what about that? >> i just think that the speaker is very, very weak. if you look at the number of what i would say extreme left people that are socialists promoting socialism here in washington, they are the ones running the conference. and so it's not -- i don't think she had a choice politically even if it wasn't what i would say is the right thing for the american people. >> sandra: what we know at this point is that state of the union address will not be delivered next tuesday. it has been -- american people are watching this all unfold almost hard to believe at some times, congressman. i think i know the answers, but who is winning in this? the american people feel like they are losing out. i'm sure you talk to them on the street like we do. >> i think there are some people that actually wonder
7:06 am
whether or not this state of the union has become too bloated and is just full of politics and not really -- whether or not it achieves something or not. regardless, the president of the united states should have a platform to go out and speak directly to the american people and to the congress to lay out his priorities. and this has been a custom for a very long time. i don't know why it's been done away with but it doesn't make a lot of sense. >> bill: we're dealing with new times here and you're aware of that. michael cohen will not testify in the february 7th date he had originally planned with house democrats. he is talking about ongoing threats against his family. the president addressed that yesterday and how he reacted at the white house. >> president trump: i would say he has been threatened by the truth. only threatened by the truth. and he doesn't want to do that probably for me or other of his clients. he has other clients also, i
7:07 am
assume, and he doesn't want to tell the truth for me or other of his clients. >> bill: what is your position of cohen not testifying? were you eager to hear what he had to say? >> i actually wanted cohen to come testify. his lawyer was out recently talking about how -- whether or not cohen knew -- remember the trump tower meeting that everybody talks about, this is where the trump people were willing to collude with the russians? i want to know whether or not that was true. i don't think it was true. but there needs to be more focus on the fact that i don't think mueller and his investigators are even looking at who was behind setting up that trump tower meeting? so nobody has ever interviewed as far as i know the special counsel hasn't interviewed glenn simpson and fusion gps, the people working for the clinton campaign, digging up dirt on president trump. okay at the time candidate trump. he met with them before and
7:08 am
after. so i would love to have cohen in congress answering some of these tough questions, whether -- saying he is getting threatened seems pretty silly to me. >> sandra: jim jordan suggested something almost similar. he suggested that perhaps democrats on the committee came to this realization, watch. >> maybe they got sensitive to the fact that the first big hearing they were doing they were bringing a guy in to testify in front of congress who in five weeks is going to prison for lying to congress. maybe at some point they actually understood that may not be the best thing to do. i don't know what mr. cummings is going to do or how it will work out. we're focused on getting the truth out. if mr. cohen comes we'll be prepared to ask him the quels that the american people deserve answers to. >> exactly. that's -- we wanted cohen to come in. i think this is all -- it makes no sense he is using the excuse he has been threatened. it doesn't make sense. >> bill: a piece today in the
7:09 am
"wall street journal" talking about bruce ohr with the f.b.i. what he told the f.b.i. her first line is everybody knew. inside the piece the ohr testimony is the f.b.i. knows how seriously it erred. she makes the case bruce ohr went to the f.b.i. in the summer of 2016 and said we don't know where this stuff came from, you should look into it and check it out but i can't tell you that it's pure. that's the case she is making and everybody in leadership at the f.b.i. knew about it. does that line up with what you have discovered? >> well yes and why is this important? i think is the more important question, bill. we were told by numerous top officials within the department of justice and f.b.i. that they did not know about the dossier until the middle of september just prior to getting a fisa warrant on carter page. we now know that that is totally bogus and totally untrue. in fact, they were given this
7:10 am
at the end of july at the first of august and so somebody there has to be held accountable not to mention who was in this meeting? who did bruce ohr brief? he preefd four people on the special counsel. two have been fired. two still there. one the leader of the special counsel. the deputy to bob mueller. nobody is asking these questions about are these people conflicted out? they're in the chain of custody. >> bill: mr. ohr worked for the justice department when he gave his testimony to congress in august and he told this team the came from the clinton came and warned it was biased and unproven. >> exactly. they knew this at the end of july, the first of august and likely knew it ahead of time i would guess. make sure people understand this point. this was evidence. so you have two people that are currently on the special
7:11 am
counsel that were in the chain. they were taking evidence that now they're using. so likely if they were actually bringing any of this to a court, if they were -- if they did not reveal these conflicts that they had in terms of the chain of custody of this evidence, what i've heard it they may -- i don't think they'll find collusion at all except with the democrats and clinton campaign if they actually looked. >> bill: you are saying the evidence would be thrown out in a court of law. >> thank you for your time, congressman. >> we hope that nicolas maduro will accept a peaceful transition of power in venezuela. that he will accept the will of the people to move his country forward and embrace their new president juan guaido. >> bill: the trump administration taking sides in venezuela's country backing the opposition leader refusing to
7:12 am
pull u.s. diplomats out of that country. pompeo says the u.s. does not recognize the maduro regime and does not consider maduro to have the legal authority to break diplomatic relations to the united states or declare our diplomats -- he said get out within three days. apparently that won't happen. steve harrigan watching the volatile situation that might shape up like a revolution. >> that's what could happen. people are worried across the world. not just the u.s. lining up to back one of these two men calling himself the president of venezuela. it is really the whole world picking sides. on the one hand you have nicolas maduro, a one-time bus driver. he was reelected last year in an election widely seen as fraudulent by the u.s. and by dozens of other countries. he still has the backing of the military and the security forces. he says he is not going anywhere.
7:13 am
he is inside the presidential palace in venezuela. he is also backed by russia and china. on the other side you have the interim president juan guaido recognized by the u.s., by canada and by much of the south america. he had several hundred thousand protestors out in support of him on wednesday. he gave himself the oath of office. so you have two men calling themselves the president of venezuela. nicolas maduro has sharply reacted to the u.s. move saying the time for gringo interventions is over in south america and given u.s. diplomats 72 hours to get out. the second man calling himself president said no, the u.s. diplomats don't have to leave. it's interesting to see what happens next. will the protestors come back on the streets and what will maduro do with the man calling himself president now backed by the u.s. those protests were violent yesterday. there were water cannons and
7:14 am
rocks but not crushed by security forces. the big thing that's different maduro hasn't arrested the opposition leader, not willing to take that risk and raise the stakes that high yet. bill, back to you. >> bill: steve harrigan watching that. a man in venezuela in prison. his family seeking help from the u.s. embassy and we'll talk to his mother next hour on "america's newsroom." >> sandra: breaking news on the deadly shooting in florida. what we're learning about the suspect. his former girlfriend and a possible motive as we await a news conference. >> bill: fundraising effort of the mother of two, one of four americans killed in last week's bombing in northern syria and tell you how you can help coming up. >> sandra: prosecutors investigating death threats for students at covington high school. >> we have a number of different charges that might apply. the one is terroristic
7:15 am
threatening. >> sandra: senator kevin kramer is speaking out on the reaction from some on the left. he will join us live straight ahead. you can borrow up to 100 percent of your home's increased value. you could get 54,000 dollars or more and lower your payments by over $600 a month. with automatic authority from the va, newday can say yes when banks say no. take advantage of your home's increased value. call newday usa now. go to or call 1-800-405-6714
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7:19 am
wall plus daca plus tps. i've had more democratic senators talk to me in the last two days than talked to me in the last 30 days. the harder nancy pelosi goes left and the more trump goes to the middle, we're going to get this thing solved. >> sandra: lindsey graham as the senate gets ready to vote on two bills to reopen the government. mitch mcconnell calling the republican bill a fair compromise. democrats demanding an immediate end to the shutdown with nothing for the border wall. north dakota senator kevin cramer joins us now. >> it's good to be at work. >> sandra: give us something. what happens here? >> what happens? well, i think what happens is we'll have our dueling amendments today, the two bills, the one that's brought by the republicans and one that's brought by the democrats. that in and of itself is worthy of notice because for a long time there hasn't been this
7:20 am
type of discussion, debate, negotiation if you will, even if it's two sides in the united states senate at least people are talking about. i agree with senator graham said. >> bill: what we hear from the folks we're interviewing it is like a level of frustration you don't normally come across. we hear it if everybody. now we get word from some of our producers that joe manchin may vote yes on both measures today. what does that tell you? did you know about that? >> well, i didn't but i'm not surprised. there could be others that will vote yes on both measures. both measures do something a lot of us want to do is reopen the government. that said, what i hope happens is i doubt either one of them will get the 60 votes to pass but we have competing proposals debated for the last month this debate was between the speaker of the house and the president of the united states. >> sandra: senator joe manchin said he is leaning hard voting
7:21 am
for both bills willing to do whatever it takes to reopen the government and leaning pretty hard towards voting for both. just wanted to get that in there. we just heard that. >> that's the first i've heard as well. i wouldn't be surprised if other democrats thought the same way. we have two democrats from maryland, virginia. the largest population of federal workers in the country. they shouldn't be voting against reopening the government including the republican proposal which is the one of the two that could get signed into law. that shouldn't be forgotten. they're not just symbolic. one of the bills the president would sign and would end the shutdown. >> bill: one more question on this. we've had a lot of people trying to get into the i guess the mentality of nancy pelosi and why she has taken the position she has. republicans believe that she is hanging on by a thread right here to her position as speaker of the house. josh holmes used to work for
7:22 am
mitch mcconnell. this is his characterization why she won't do a deal. >> i think it's the driving factor here, bill. the reason why she can't make a deal. she is not incapable of doing it but might be incapable politically of doing it. they have a legislative agenda they would like to trade in exchange for the wall and four weeks in they have nothing. >> bill: a quick comment. do you agree with that? is that the buzz on capitol hill? >> let's remember that becoming the speaker was no easy matter for her because she had to satisfy this very radical left freshmen wing of her caucus. that wing hasn't gone away. we're familiar with it in the republican conference. i was in the house for six years where 20, 30 members can make sure you aren't the majority and that you aren't the speaker. i believed all along much of what senate democrats are doing is protecting her speakership and when where she has a more secure footing on that we could move forward. she is running out of time and
7:23 am
they're running out of patience. >> sandra: meanwhile senator you've been having strong thoughts on what we saw happen in washington, d.c. several days ago at this point now. the country has had a chance to digest and watch that confrontation that we're looking at now, the covington kids, had to have school canceled. many talking about the threats they've received. here is rob sanders, a prosecutor, on the threat to those kids and legal action. watch. >> the most common one i think that might apply in this situation is terroristic threatens second degree when you -- or any student in the educational institution in connection with the school function. >> sandra: they're investigating this but what were your thoughts on all of that? >> well, my thoughts on all of it is it's a tragedy that we're
7:24 am
even at this point and what once used to be called mainstream media is not fair. rush to judgment because they wanted to believe it. a kid that believes in santa claus two or three years after they're old enough to know better. they believe what they want to believe and see what they want to see. the problem i've had since then. i hope there is a bank of lawyers that sue media for libel and some movie stars. what bothers me the most i was watching your show yesterday as you know i tweeted about it. what we're seeing is some of the media that backed off their original story apologizing are now starting to re-evaluate the incident itself and equate some blame or some moral equivalencey and say if the kids weren't wearing maga hats. the chaperone should have gotten them someplace else. i want to be clear these students did nothing wrong, zero. there is no however or but. they were not the guilty party
7:25 am
here. they weren't doing the harassing. they weren't the ones that were invading other people's space. there were there doing peaceful protected expression of speech. by the way, for life. for life. and i just get very concerned when our media even subtly implies that somehow the students were in the wrong for being there. it is like being blamed for your own murder because you were in the bank when the bank robber pulled a gun out. it is not right. i think our media needs to reflect. >> bill: need to focus on the hebrew israelites. grown men, big ots, they don't like white people and they have escaped this entire ordeal. >> i watched the hour and 46 minutes. the vile those people spew. they don't deserve to have the capitol mall as far as i'm concerned. >> sandra: senator, thank you
7:26 am
for coming on "america's newsroom" this morning. >> bill: we're learning more about the native american on nbc earlier today. >> i was trying to walk away. there was a place where i could take my people because we were surrounded. we couldn't go right or left. >> bill: is that what the video shows? phillips is now clarifying multiple reports about being a vietnam veteran. what he is saying about that. >> sandra: the saga continues on capitol hill. still no deal on the shutdown as the bitter feud between the president and speaker of the house rolls on. our a-team digs in on all of that next. >> the american people want to hear the president's message. nancy pelosi can't stop this. it just shows how petty she is and how disgraceful this action is. of the united states mint. and as one of the largest us gold coin distributors in the country, us money reserve has proudly served hundreds of thousands of clients worldwide. there may have never been a better time
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♪ when you have nausea, ♪ heartburn, ♪ indigestion, ♪ upset stomach, ♪ diarrhea... girl, pepto ultra coating will treat your stomach right. ♪nausea, heartburn, ♪ indigestion, upset stomach, ♪ diarrhea... try pepto with ultra coating. >> sandra: fox news alert. we await an update on the mass shooting in florida at sun bank yesterday afternoon. a gunman killing five and then
7:31 am
calling 911 shortly after. the suspect, 21-year-old, is now behind bars after negotiations failed. the swat team entered the bank. his ex-girlfriend said he had a fascination with death. authorities will be holding a news conference. we're waiting on that happening 30 minutes from now and we'll bring that to you. >> what i've always said is i've never set foot in south vietnam. and that's -- i don't know how much clearer can that be? >> native american elder clarifying earlier today on the nbc "today" show. it had been reported he was in vietnam. many online were quick to attack the covington high school students after a video of their encounter with him went viral. griff jenkins with the fallout from today. on it goes. >> good morning. it is still going viral and
7:32 am
still unclear exactly what happened in the now famous face-off video. first a covington high school kid sandman got his say on the "today" show and this morning it was phillip's turn. >> even though i'm angry i feel forgiveness in my heart for those students. that forgiveness goes to those chaperones and teachers who should have -- who should have just said you students this isn't the place. >> now we're learning more about phillips' service record. he served in the u.s. marine corps reserves from 72 to 76 reaching the rank of private e-1. refrigerator technician and anti-tank missile man. contrary to the reports you mentioned the marine corp said he had no deployments and never served in vietnam and confirmed an incident with phillips after
7:33 am
the lincoln steps stare down. he attempted to lead others to disrupt mass. a spokeswoman saying january 19, 2019 during a special mass at 7:p.m. a group of approximately 50 individuals attempted to gain entrance while chanting and hitting drums. the individuals were asked to leave the property after it was determined they didn't intend to share in the celebration of the mass. no word whether sandman and phillips spoke to each other and plan to do so. the national debate continues. >> bill: thank you, griff jenkins in d.c. 33 past the hour. >> nancy pelosi has become a nightmare for the democratic party. she seems unreasonable and seems to have a dislike for the president that is hurting the country and this idea of not letting the president speak is overplaying her hand. >> sandra: the stand-off
7:34 am
between house speaker nancy pelosi and president trump. the president giving in the state of the union address will now be delayed. our a-team is here. kayleigh mcenany, marie harf and tom bevan. i don't know if it's fair to say the president gave in. he wasn't invited. he was invited, then uninvited. it is getting ugly. >> i don't think it's fair to say the president gave in. it is separation of powers. nancy pelosi has to pass that concurrent resolution and the president is respecting that and rightfully so. it is getting ugly when you consider the fact it's the first time in american history that a speaker of the house has denied a sitting duly elected president not to speak to the american people. what a terrible precedent this sets even when tip o'neil and ronald reagan were at their worse and even nixon didn't
7:35 am
happen. when bill clinton was impeached this didn't happen. what a terrible precedent. jetstream on nancy pelosi. >> the state of the union will happen. donald trump will go to the capitol and give a state of the union. there is no set date or reason it has to be next tuesday. many people think it's inappropriate while the government is shut down and people can't pay rent to have a big ceremony where everyone who is there is celebrating things while a lot of the country is hurting. >> the president did the right saying will say i'll go after the shutdown. maybe the fact the state of the union is postponed will encourage everyone to come together and end the shutdown. >> bill: a poison pill for her to swallow to sit behind him. >> i don't think so. i think the opposite, bill. i think the opposite. nancy pelosi will sit behind him in a position of extreme power right now. i have underestimated her as a
7:36 am
democrat. >> bill: she would have been throwing daggers. >> which would have been great. >> bill: the state of our union is divided. >> look, we're more divided as a country than we have been since the 1960s. some would say since the 1860s, culturally and every way imaginable. politics is in everything. sports, movies, culture has all become political now. donald trump, social media, resistance is a toxic stew and we can't seem to find another way out of it. >> bill: marie just did. lindsey graham sent out a tweet your decision to take the high road regarding speaker pelosi's petty denial in the house chamber will serve you well over time. from lindsey graham's lips to marie harf. >> i don't think that you can
7:37 am
really ever describe president trump as taking the high road but -- >> bill: you just said you were surprised he went there. >> we'll see what the next tweet is. we'll see how he responds to speaker's pelosi counteroffer that she will give later today to his proposal from saturday. on the state of the union i think it is a side show. part of a larger game over the shutdown and the wall fight. >> sandra: you think the state of the union is a side show? >> the fight over it has been a side show piece to the shutdown conversation. i'm glad it has been postponed and glad he will give it after the shutdown is over. >> sandra: latest fox news polling on building the border wall. those who favor building it now at 43%. that support has built from september 2018 as you can see four points. those who oppose have stayed the same, tom. >> the needle moved a little bit in trump's direction has he made it a centerpiece of the fight. but the larger point still more
7:38 am
people are against the wall than for it. conversely in a 74, 73% of folks are for more border security and more border patrol agents. folks are in favor of border security. less in favor when it is called a wall which why trump has backed off the wall. barrier, fence, slats, whatever. right now we've seen him take a hit in the job approval rating. he is down since the day the government shutdown started he is down 5 points. disapproval gone up 3 1/2 points in our real clear politics average. >> so much of this depends on how questions are asked. the harvard harris poll said 49% support a security barrier, the same poll found a few months ago majority supported a security barrier. it depends on how it is asked. one thing that's underdiscussed is nancy pelosi is really risking a lot by playing
7:39 am
politics here. you consider 56% of the fox poll want to see the state of the union happen. another poll found that 56% viewed the president's offer on saturday as a good faith effort to negotiate. so there is a lot at risk when nancy pelosi plays politics with state of the union, with the president's compromises. i think the needle is shifting towards the president. >> we haven't seen it in polls yet. the fox news poll said most think the shutdown is an important and most of them blame president trump. >> bill: your opinion of the shutdown is what we found. has the experience been a hardship for your family? 66% say none. about 20% say moderate. i flew across the country and back again. i didn't have a single problem. it was easygoing.
7:40 am
i'm saying the poll shows 2/3 of the american people say it hasn't been a hardship. if that's the case, tom. trying to get a sense about how or where the parameters of a shutdown are and what the true impact is on people outside of washington, d.c. >> i don't think it's very great. to your point, the numbers in that poll show 2/3 of the people say it is not affecting them at all. 20% are having some effect. only 10% say they've been affected by the shutdown. it is just not showing up. it's a big deal inside washington and media focus on. >> most federal workers outside of washington 95% live in washington >> democrats voted nine times to voted the government. >> marie -- why didn't democrats vote to pay the federal workers now? six democrats voted the first time, 10 the second time. why? >> sandra: we'll see what happens in the senate this
7:41 am
afternoon. still a big question and we'll leave it there a-team. >> bill: four americans killed in syria. one leaving two boys. what people are doing for the fam legal of this american hero. >> i was over with the president when our americans were returned this saturday. difficult to be with those families. these are patriots and great americans who sacrifice their life to help keep america safe. loan benefit. e the newday va cash out loan can get you $54,000 or more to pay off credit card debt, put cash in the bank, and lower your payments by over $600 a month. with automatic authority from the va, newday can help veteran homeowners when other lenders won't. home values are rising. now's the time to use the va home loan benefit you earned with your service. go to or call 1-800-406-4921
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>> bill: u.s. military sending additional troops to syria to pave the way and provide protection for ventall withdrawal after the deadly bombing attack in syria that killed four women. including this woman. she worked for the u.s. navy leaving behind a husband and two young boys. tunnel for towers has started a
7:46 am
fundraising drive. every time we talk to you we're talking about the loss that a lot of people are going through. tell us about shannon. >> she was spectacular person. she served her country the last 15 years. eight deployments overseas. she was described as a superstar from the navy from her superiors because she spoke five languages, she helped us in so many different ways to save many lives. but she gave up her own while doing this. it is a tough loss for her family. her whole family comes from service. my life long friend firefighter said she was killed and remember my niece that signed up after high school because of 9/11? she just got killed today. she is beautiful. a beautiful person. >> sandra: what can people do to help? >> as usual what we try to do is pay off their mortgages. they have a mortgage on their
7:47 am
house. two beautiful kids and we're asking everyone go to tunnel to you can do one of two things. you could join us straight for shannon kent and make sure that money goes to her family and also join us on $11 a month that we're asking all americans to chip in because listen, if most of your viewers went and signed up today for the $11 a month we could help all these families of gold star families that go over and protect our country and die and leave a young family behind. >> bill: your quest is to pay off the mortgage and make sure her husband and two sons are taken care of. >> one less thing he has to worry about. the first one we've done. we've done many mortgage payments and built houses for first responders and fallen service members. the first one a female who died in the line of duty left behind a young family. i grew up with the family on
7:48 am
stanton island. it is an incredible loss. tunnel for join us for $11 a month and we can help all these families. it's important to say when you serve our country or community and give your kids a kiss goodbye and you don't come home that we have a contract with them that we'll take care of them. you protect us but something happens we'll take care of your family that's left behind. $11 a month is a very small price to pay to make sure that our country is safe with heroes like shannon. >> sandra: in the middle of what we're feeling is so much tension in washington, you know, the heat is certainly turned up right now and the rhetoric has gone out of control in some cases. we see this every time. you are on a beautiful end of things where you get to see the giving side and charitable side of people who are willing to help families like this. >> we don't get involved in politics tunnel to towers.
7:49 am
we stay -- we want to make sure we help these families. the other thing about our country, you can be divided like this because of people like shannon kent. >> sandra: great note to end on. >> bill: we have the website. our viewers respond to you and i know your sponsors do, too. thank you, frank. >> sandra: we're watching the stock market this morning. a bit of a sell-off there. china is still front and center. what's happening with the shutdown? all of this uncertainty weighing on the market. money man charles payne will be here and we'll ask him a lot of questions coming up.
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
♪ ♪ no pain, no gain >> sandra: something for everybody. mostly gain on wall street with little pain. take a look at stocks this morning. thursday morning. 41 point sell-off at the dow. money man charles payne is here. what do we need to know? >> you know, the china trade negotiation is right around the corner. the anxiety. next week is a big meeting. the anxiety is there, no doubt about it. yesterday up 300 points.
7:54 am
some report came out. i don't know who put it out. america canceled some lower level talks and this may derail the whole thing. we go from being up 300 on the dow to being down 100. >> sandra: nothing to that, right? >> nothing to it. the market reversed and closed up 200 things. two competing things. what doesn't get any press is how great these earnings have been coming in and what the message is with respect to america's economy. trade war is going to kill our economy, shutdown will kill the economy. one of the biggest winners in the market today is one of the airlines. southwest airlines. they'll lose $15 million from the shutdown. they gave amazing guidance for the quarter saying the demand is healthy and hasn't change. same thing with the china trade thing. it will eventually tilt our axis and sink into the ocean. that's not opening on the corporate level. and the markets are grappling with that. more and more we can see -- we know potentially what the
7:55 am
damages could be from some of these things but reality unfortunately has masked a lot of great things going on. >> sandra: shutdown is a real concern. >> i'm not taking that away. ist is a concern. if you're investing in the market or have considered it there is always something to be concerned about. and there are two different things. the idea that somehow it has already had this sort of -- >> bill: wilbur ross said we're miles and miles apart or miles and miles away. >> bill: i love wilbur but golly. about a month ago i made a statement on my show and i put it on twitter the administration needs to be quiet. there has to be some chapter in art of the deal that says when you are winning be quiet. when i first started working on wall street when you ask for the order, shut up. that was the main thing i learned in selves on wall street. ask for the order and be quiet. they keep coming out.
7:56 am
he wanted to establish sort of parameters. >> bill: maybe he is communicating to beijing. >> we all know that. he is trying to say don't put too much hope we'll get a grand bargain next week. i don't know everyone thinks that will happen. the best will be an agreement to move it along and we both understand and want to deal. >> sandra: 2:00. >> bill: speaking of the bottom line. the shutdown. what effect is it having on the economy. talking about that with larry kudlow. the president's economic advisor next hour. do not move. for veterans. it lets you borrow up to 100 percent of your home's value. not just 80 percent like other loans. and that can mean a lot more money for you and your family. with our military service, veterans like us have earned a valuable va benefit. the right to apply for a va home loan. the newday va loan lets you refinance your mortgages,
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accepted by the ada. oral-b. brush like a pro. >> sandra: we are getting closer to a senate vote on a pair of competing bills to reopen the government. one backed by republicans. the other by democrats. at the moment neither looks like it has a good chance of passing. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm sandra smith. >> bill: it makes me bill hemmer. the votes on day 34 partial government shutdown. 800,000 workers about to miss another paycheck. meanwhile president trump conceding to speaker pelosi says he won't give the state of the union address until the government is reopened. despite that victory for the speaker some lawmakers argue she is losing ground in the larger debate. >> there are a growing number of democrats here in the house that are finally saying enough is enough. it's time for nancy pelosi to put something on the table and they support the president's request for a wall.
8:01 am
even steny hoyer the majority leader of the house said that physical barriers should be part of the solution. >> sandra: fox team coverage on all of this. kevin corke is standing by at the white house. we begin with peter doocy reporting live on capitol hill. peter. >> sandra, if president trump's plan is going to advance in the senate today, republicans need the support of seven democrats. so far we only know of one that is even thinking about it. west virginia senator joe manchin. >> what does that mean ?oo >> i'll do everything i can to open the government. >> on the other side we only know about three republicans so far who intend to support the democratic measure. lisa murcowski and susan collins. 3 1/2 hours from now two votes in the senate. one of them on the president's plan where republicans get $5.7 billion in border wall money.
8:02 am
republicans offer temporary protections for daca recipients brought to the country illegally as kids. the democratic plan, just a three week long continuing resolution funding the government at current levels for three weeks with some money for disaster relief but no new money for a border wall. both of these bills also come with a low level of confidence that they are going to advance. >> we'll have these votes today. i'll support the president's bill. it is not a perfect bill. i want a permanent solution. a long-term fix on border security and a long-term fix on daca and tps. that's not going to happen today. but hopefully this will start the negotiations to get something done. we need to get government open. >> the shutdown is almost certainly extending into next week now because it is 11:00 on thursday here in washington, d.c. and house lawmakers are about to leave town for the weekend. no votes tomorrow or saturday or sunday to end the shutdown
8:03 am
in the house, sandra. >> sandra: that brings us to this moment. peter doocy, thank you. >> again leaving town. all happening on capitol hill as the president pose opponents his state of the union address until after the government reopens. kevin corke has that part of the story from the briefing room at the white house. >> good morning. i don't think there is any question the feeling here is this idea that maybe security was the reason the president ought not deliver his state of the union address on capitol hill? there was never intention for the speaker to allow him to give that address from the outset is the feeling here. now to that end the president maybe feeling like maybe i'll apply pressure to get her on record saying it had nothing to do with security. in a letter yesterday that he sent to the speaker, sort of forcing her hand he said listen, i'll deliver the address as planned next week. that drew a quick response from the speaker, the congresswoman from california telling the president the chamber wouldn't be available so long as the government is shut down. then late last night a tweet
8:04 am
from the president declaring he would, in fact, wait. he wrote this. as the shutdown was going on nancy pelosi me to give the state of the union address, i agreed. she then changed her mind because of the shutdown suggesting a later date. this is her prerogative. i will do the address when the shutdown is over. i am not looking for an alternative venue for the state of the union address because there is no venue that can compete with the history, tradition, and importance of the house chamber. i look forward to giving a great state of the union address in the near future. about which the speaker wrote mr. president i hope by saying near future you will support the house-passed package to end the shutdown that the senate will vote on tomorrow. that is today. please accept that proposal so we can reopen government, repay our federal workers and negotiate our differences. do keep this in mind. speaker pelosi has been clear there will be no funding for a barrier or wall. that is it full stop.
8:05 am
so the idea on capitol hill is we still have to figure out a way to come together to end the shutdown. the president for his part is among many republicans who feel like it's the democrats who need to come to the negotiation table. >> president trump: the state of the union speech has been canceled by nancy pelosi because she doesn't want to hear the truth. she doesn't want the american public to hear what's going on. and she is afraid of the truth. >> it's time for nancy pelosi to listen to growing numbers of republicans and democrats in congress who say it's time for her to actually negotiate, put something on the table. this idea of literally shutting and slamming the doors of the house chamber and holding the state of the union hostage. enough is enough. release the hostages and let's go get a deal. >> no public events for the president so far today. we'll watch twitter carefully as the house and senate prepare to vote. >> bill: thank you, kevin corke briefing room at the white house. thank you, sir.
8:06 am
sandra. >> sandra: speaker nancy pelosi is holding her weekly press conference. let's dip in and listen. >> you've heard the letters from the former secretaries of the department of homeland security saying this is harmful, open up government. you've heard from the f.b.i. agents association that goes to the shutdown. no funds to pay confidential sources or to pay for investigation and prosecution of cases including child exploitation, cyber-warfare or ms-13 terrorism-related cases. heard from the air traffic controllers, pilots and flight attendants warning that we have a growing concern for safety and security. we can't calculate the level of risk currently at play and predict a point at which the entire system will break. i heard the president of the association -- of the flight attendants, air traffic controllers last night say that
8:07 am
in one place 40% of the people -- only 52% of the workforce there of 100% that they should have. of that 52%, 40% are eligible for retirement. this is not something about reupping when you see how casually this administration treats the important work that air traffic controllers do fours and then the commandant of the coast guard said i find it unacceptable coast guard men and women have to rely on food pan trees and donations to get through the day-to-day life at service members. the commandant of the coast guard. he is saying that he finds it unacceptable. >> sandra: you've been listening to nancy pelosi on capitol hill. her weekly news conference. obviously the big topic she is discussing is the shutdown as
8:08 am
it continues and the cancellation of the state of the union address. for more let's bring in congressman mark green. he joins us now and serves on the oversight and homeland security committees. thank you for your time this morning. help us out. good to have you. where does this all go? >> well, we're fighting very hard to get the speaker to sit down at the table with the president. here again today with the state of the union the president makes another good faith effort to try to reach some kind of consensus. we know the bills in the senate aren't going to work. we've got to get these people the leadership to the table and get them negotiating and working. >> sandra: how do you do that? >> you know, we are i think as freshmen coming together to put our pressure on the leadership on both sides of the aisle working together to sort of leverage the new folks but i think i just heard nancy pelosi say talking about ms-13 and the threat they are and need to
8:09 am
open government. if they're the threat let's put $5.7 billion on border security and get this deal done. i don't understand why she continues to say two different things. speaking out of both sides of her mouth. it blows me away. >> sandra: which side is feeling the most pressure right now would you say? >> i think that the pressure is increasing on the democrats. if you look at the quotes from their members in congress. quotes like get in the room. that came from a democrat freshman. they're feeling more pressure right now. all the calls i'm getting from my office when i flew through the airport a tsa agent in tennessee said build the wall. >> sandra: tell us about more of those phone calls. >> the calls that we're getting, 95% plus are stay the course, hold tight, let's get border security. they know the four efforts that happened last year from the schumer shutdown to the offer from the president and the bill
8:10 am
from ted cruz and mark meadows to reunite families to the last effort last saturday. everybody knows that we, the republicans, have done a very good job trying to get something in front of the democrats that they would agree to. every time they walk away. so they understand that we shouldn't trust that if we reopen the government they'll come to the table. america knows what's going on. >> sandra: are republicans united on this issue? >> 100% in lock step. >> sandra: i want to play this sound from the house intel committee ranking member california republican congressman devin nunes talking about nancy pelosi not allowing the president to deliver the state of the union address next tuesday. watch. >> it's a shame. it's nonsense. the speaker disinviting the president is totally ridiculous. it should never happen like this. i think it is a sign of our times, right? if the speaker was to cave she would probably be ousted by her membership. she is if a very, very weak
8:11 am
position. >> sandra: get your response to that. >> i understand what he is saying. clearly her caucus is divided. there is a very progressive, far left leaning wing to that and they are putting tremendous pressure on her to go one way. she has moderates pulling her the other. she is in a difficult spot in that regard. i agree with the ranking member. she probably would be in jeopardy if she gives in on this. but this is about american people not about our position or policy or politics. this is about doing the right thing for protecting americans. >> sandra: only a few seconds left. based on what we're seeing up to this moment. we can't project the future, how does this issue play come 2020? >> well, clearly i think american people want border security. you can say wall or barrier or whatever words. if you have say we want border security it is like 70 something%. it will play very well for
8:12 am
republicans. >> sandra: okay, we appreciate having you on the program this morning. >> bill: more on all this in a moment. shutdown wiping out growth in the first quarter. the director of the white house economic council is larry kudlow and here to answer that and more shortly. >> sandra: as tensions wrafrm up by the u.s. and venezuela we'll hear from a mother whose son has been held by the regime for nearly five years. what the political turmoil could mean for the fight to bring him home. >> we hope nicolas maduro will accept a peaceful transition of power and accept the will of the people to move his country forward. are you a veteran, own a home,
8:13 am
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you've earned and deserve. go to, or call 1-877-423-5739. >> sandra: the u.s. saying it will recognize venezuela's opposition leader as the nation's president. the maduro regime responding by giving american diplomats 72 hours to leave the country. our next guest has a son held in venezuela for nearly five years now on weapons charges. joining us now is barbara leininger. our thoughts are with your family. a story that many of us have only recently come to know. as we follow this, what should we know about what happened to your son and how he ended up there? >> well, he ended up there because he was married to a venezuelan girl and they
8:17 am
decided to go to venezuela to visit her sister and her niece. and they just wanted to go on a trip and see family. it was a very innocent trip and they thought they would have a good time. >> sandra: and then three of them, including your son and his wife -- and her sister, i believe, ended up arrested. why? >> they were charged with terrorism. they were charged with weapons trafficking. the usual thing that i think foreigners are charged with in some of these countries. there were a lot of arrests going on in the city that they were in and a lot of demonstrations going on because of the government. and i feel like they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> sandra: what are you asking for now? have you received attention from the u.s. government on this and tried to get help?
8:18 am
>> sandra, i've spoken to people in the state department. i've spoken to my senator. i've really tried to reach out to people that i thought could help me. i've worked through the venezuelan government. legally my son should have been released a long time ago. most recently he was supposed to be released november 5th. had a court order for that release. and the government -- venezuelan government blocked that release. so really i need the help of our government. as a u.s. citizen i think we expect that our government will intervene in these situations. i actually need president trump. i need vice president pence to help. i need them to go in and find some way to get my son home. frankly, i'm worried he will come home alive -- >> sandra: not alive at this point? >> exactly. his health is deteriorating. his mental and physical health. he is not in a good place, as
8:19 am
you can imagine five years in a venezuelan prison is not easy. >> sandra: i know you are concerned because he had some medical conditions that required medication that he may not be receiving. what is your level of communication with him? >> it is very rare. i don't get to talk to him very often. unfortunately even when the u.s. embassy goes to visit him, they cannot facilitate a call. legally they are supposed to be allowed to take a phone in but for whatever reason the prison denied them recently to take a phone in. so i was not able to speak to my son. and i know he is desperate to talk to me and i know he has a lot of concerns. so it's very scary. >> sandra: to be clear, barbara, as we work our way through the timeline it was april 2014 that he traveled to venezuela and arrested the same month. a month later in your first communication with him, your son admitted to shooting a man in self-defense during what he
8:20 am
described as an altercation. what more can you tell us about that specifically? >> from all of the work that my venezuelan attorney has done and information that i've received, most of those charges were murky at best and ludicrous at worst. i think it's ridiculous. it is not my son and not something he would do. there is really no evidence that my attorney has uncovered in her investigation that any of this happened. so until i know better, i'm sure he is innocent of these charges. >> sandra: fast forward four years later november 2018 and you had put out publicly on facebook there was a scheduled release date for todd. did venezuela schedule his release? >> a judge in the city where all this happened scheduled his release. he signed the papers. he signed the documents. he said todd was legally allowed to leave.
8:21 am
that was on november 5th. i have a video from my son saying he is coming home. and it's very heart wrenching because he is excited. there have been multiple times he was supposed to be released. but this one we were pretty sure was going to happen and the government blocked it. >> sandra: i know i hear an immense amount of heartbreak and frustration in your voice. your son still there now. we'll continue to follow this story and god bless you and your family as you've been through a lot. barbara, thank you for joining us. >> bill: good luck, barbara. jayme closs escaped from a cabin where she was taken and held for months. should she get the reward money? we'll talk about that next.
8:22 am
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simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. >> sandra: west virginia democrat senator joe manchin speaking out about today's senate vote on dueling bills to end the government shutdown. here he is moments ago. >> you are going to vote for both of them? >> i want to move this forward. this is ridiculous. if people would take the time and go and talk to the federal employees in their states and find out the hardships we've put them in. this is all manmade and turning not only into a catastrophe but an emergency. we've got people that basically work in our prison systems and people that work in air traffic control systems and tsa and so many, agriculture are all hurting. our food banks are being stressed to the point, this is ridiculous. this is all manmade. i'm voting for both. i want to work with the president and my colleagues.
8:26 am
the thing of it is in an interview i just did i said basically how could anybody vote against the second proposal, okay? the second proposal is something we all voted for before. so it's hard to -- be hard to justify that one. the first one is the president is saying here is my offer. can't we get on the bill and start talking about it? >> both proposals are expected to fail. what happens in the next couple of days? >> what needs to happen? we need to stay here and work and they're trying to message and say listen, there are a few of us that want to work with everybody and anybody that can stop this immediately. but with that being said, president is getting a loud message. what he is saying won't be acceptable if it fails. trying to rekindle what we did unanimously before on december 20th for some reason because we
8:27 am
are totally tribal and picking sides and it is not the right thing to do for my colleagues, on the republican side for vote for that. doesn't make sense. that's where we are. what do we do? sit here? we should stay right here. good people here want to do it and we've been talking and talking. now is the time to take a proposal if this vote fails. take a proposal to the president and say listen. we're at a quagmire now and the people can't stand it any longer. give us the time it takes to put something together. you are seeing the house move a little bit. saying maybe we could consider 5.7 but no wall at all. let the professionals come in. look at custom and border patrol come in telling us what it takes to secure our board irsers. what does it take and let them lead and get the politics out of the way. because now we have the democrats in the house side
8:28 am
saying maybe we need the money but differently than what -- maybe a combination of both of those could be done. that's where i'm at. >> sandra: you're listen to joe manchin come firming he will vote yes on both of bills in the senate to end the shutdown and reopen the government and urging his colleagues to do the same. >> bill: watch that vote. two of them this afternoon. kentucky, police picked up their search for a missing mother of four. she was last seen four weeks ago leaving a bar with two unidentified men. >> savannah just gave birth to twins in december and the father of those twins tells us that he thinks the two men savannah was last seen with know where she is. surveillance video shows her with two men leaving the area of a bar called the other bar in lexington on the morning of
8:29 am
january 4. police have identified and questioned these men. so far no arrests. police executed a search warrant on a home and seized a car from that house that a lexington news station reports is the parents' house of one of the men seen in the surveillance video. her mother said she is living a nightmare. her daughter seldom goes to bars. a good-hearted person. reliable young mother who was always in touch. >> i fear that something has happened to her, that she is being held against her will somewhere. and, you know, but i have to hold on to a glimmer of hope and say she is okay. >> bill: she is five feet tall, rose tattoo on the left shoulder. this is an active investigation but this morning they have not told us just yet what they might have found in that house and in that car.
8:30 am
>> bill: matt finn on that mystery in chicago today. >> >> sandra: the partial government shutdown. could it take a toll on the economy? larry kudlow will join us and run some of those numbers for us. your digestive system has billions of bacteria, but life can throw them off balance. re-align yourself, with align probiotic. and try align gummies, with prebiotics and probiotics
8:31 am
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switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> bill: breaking news on michael cohen. the senate intel committee has subpoenaed michael cohen to testify next month. kimberly strassel, good morning to you. he was going to testify and yesterday declined that because of the threats to his family. richard burr the republican from north carolina and the democrat from virginia are the heads of this committee. they issued a subpoena for cohen. they want him to talk before he
8:34 am
goes to jail. can you make logic why they would want to hear from him then? >> a lot of people want him to talk before he goes to jail. there has been this ongoing question because once he said he wasn't going to voluntarily come in you've had all these house committee members talking about subpoenaing him. the senate jumped in front of them. the question and i think this is senator burr once again undermining house colleagues in that they've made the claim there is real issues with having him come in and talk before the special counsel probe has finished up because his lawyer, michael cohen's lawyer has already carved out all kinds of areas where he will not discuss things. house republicans have said why are we bringing him in if we can't get to the bottom of all these things that he knows about. >> bill: devin nunes was with us last hour and he said i want
8:35 am
to hear from michael cohen. i have a number of questions for him. here is a few of them he told us last hour. watch here. >> we were told by numerous top officials within the department of justice and f.b.i. that they did not know about the dossier until the middle of september just prior to getting a fisa warrant on carter page. we now know that is totally bogus, totally untrue. in fact, they were given this right at the end of july, right at the first of august and so somebody there has to be held accountable. >> bill: what he is describing there is september of 2016. you are writing today in the "wall street journal" about a guy by the name of bruce ohr department of justice and you are suggesting that everybody knew at the f.b.i. the higher levels of the f.b.i. in the summer of 2016. and what they knew in the summer of 2016 is that ohr told them that the dossier came from the clinton camp and he warned that it was likely biased.
8:36 am
so where does that leave all of this now kimberly? >> this has been one of the great falses that came out of the d.o.j. adam schiff at the house intelligence committee everyone claiming look, it couldn't have been the dossier that got us on the trail of trump and that launched this whole counter intelligence investigation because we didn't know about it until the middle of september. well now bruce ohr has said he met with the author of the dossier, christopher steele, at the end of july and that he immediately went to then deputy f.b.i. director mccabe and briefed senior people at the department of justice. everyone knew about it around the time they were starting the counter intelligence investigation. does it mean it was the factor that launched? we don't know exactly what different things played into it but some people were not being truthful about when they had this knowledge. >> bill: you write the ohr
8:37 am
testimony the f.b.i. has been twisting facts from the start. what you are suggesting throughout the entire piece, kimberly, pick your poison and pick your leader at the f.b.i. everybody was aware of it and everybody jumped on it, correct? >> yeah. why would you feel the need to change these dates around? why would you feel the need to suggest that nobody knew about this document until later unless you were admitting that this document has major problems and that it should not and could not have been a predicating factor in going after the president. it was opposition research from the rival presidential campaign. and i think that is an admission right there whether they've said it or not from the f.b.i. that they knew this was not a solid basis for taking action with the fisa warrant and counter intelligence. >> bill: this is what bruce ohr told congress under oath in
8:38 am
august, correct? >> correct. >> bill: okay. on the cohen matter we're getting reaction both the majority and minority members of that committee are not offering comment. we'll see where that goes. what would you want to know from michael cohen? >> well, obviously the democrats are suggesting that he has some knowledge of president trump colluding with the russians. that perhaps he gave that -- remember, you still have some democrats and even a media outlet claiming that michael cohen was in prague like the dossier said. he said he never was there. his passport shows otherwise. the conspiracy theories continue to swirl. any good interview is asking him did you play a go-between role in any way, shape or form. the special counsel's paperwork that has been filed on him in court would suggest no.
8:39 am
this will be congress's chance to ask him flat out. >> bill: thank you, "wall street journal" with us again. >> sandra: the partial government shutdown continues and some say it could seriously slow economic growth. will it still be a problem once the government is actually reopened again? larry kudlow director of the white house national economic council is here on a lot of questions that we have this morning on where things go next. >> we haven't had an economy like this in over 50 years. would you say that's correct? and because of the strong economy, everyone is pouring up and we're stopping them. it is a lot of work.
8:40 am
8:41 am
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>> bill: jayme closs who escaped from her kidnapper set to receive $25,000 from the company where her parents worked. jamie's mother and father were shot dead on the night she was kidnapped. the company offered the reward
8:43 am
for information on her whereabouts. the teenager escaped from the cabin where she was held by herself. nearby residents called 911 and police arrested a 21-year-old suspect. he is charged with kidnapping her and murdering her parents. >> sandra: fox news alert. the partial government shutdown may stall economic growth. white house economic advisor kevin has et predicting zero growth if the shutdown lingers. a lot of things coming out of the white house this morning. we want to ask larry kudlow shortly about this. warning there could be zero growth this quarter. can they quantify the hit the economy is going to take as a result of all of this. another big question is china and this meeting that will be happening next week, whether china actually wants a deal. you've been asking all these questions as well, bill. let's get to larry kudlow.
8:44 am
we've got him now. larry, are you there? >> i'm here, thank you very much for having me. >> sandra: good to have you back on "america's newsroom." thank you for taking the time to do it. if you can, what were these remarks? it seemed that kevin hassett poured cold water on a lot of things of the economy and markets this morning talking about the possibility of zero growth this quarter if the shutdown continues. is it that bad? >> look, kevin hassett is a dear friend and colleague and the smartest guy in the building. let me read you a statistic that came out this morning that i think is the most important thing i've seen since the shutdown began. initial jobless claims, initial jobless claims that come out every week, a leading indicator of the jobs report and a leading indicator of the economy. they dropped from 212,000 to
8:45 am
199,000. that's a 13,000 drop. this is the first time since, get this, november 1969 that initial unemployment claims have fallen below 200,000. so this is very important. any good wall street economist will tell you how important that number is as the lead are indicator. when i was in those positions, what does that mean, it suggests very strongly that the jobs report for january, which will come out in i guess the week after next, will be up, up. it may be up a significant amount. it also suggests, as almost every other data point suggests, that the economy is very strong. we will beat 3% economic growth in the fourth quarter when the commerce department reopens.
8:46 am
we are seeing very strong chain sales. we don't get the retail sales report right now and we see very strong manufacturing production and in particular -- this is my favorite with our corporate tax cuts and deregulation we're seeing a seven-month run-up of the production of business equipment, which is, you know, one way of saying business investment, which is another way of saying the kind of competitive business boom we expected to happen is happening. i just want -- those are the actual numbers. the rels of it to be honest with you, i'm not sure in your question. i'm saying you know what? some of these numbers are just going to be glitches. they'll be anomalies. >> sandra: suggesting the impact of the shutdown. can you quantify what you are
8:47 am
saying is or eventually will be the effect of the shutdown on the economy? >> i can only give you numbers like this. these are facts. they're all pointing in the direction of a continued strong american economy. look, we're the hottest economy in the world. nothing has changed. we're the hottest economy in the world. trillions of dollars are flowing here and building new plants and equipment. we'll be building plenty of energy pipelines. automobiles. blue collar workers. let me go back to jobs. jobs is everything, right? jobs is everything. this report that came out this morning says jobs market is strong. >> sandra: there is no doubt that's strong. jobless claims is a 49-year low, larry. got it. point taken. beyond hassett's comments you expect gdp will snap back after the shutdown ends. so snap back from what? that suggests it's taken a hit. >> it will snap back from its
8:48 am
glitch, anomaly. >> sandra: the headline is the economy -- >> can i just say something again? awful lot of smart people out there trying to make these estimates. it is like counting angels on the head of a pin. can i be honest? we don't know. all i'm saying is the direction, the trends, the surge, the improvement, it is all in place and this shutdown, which is regrettable. i don't like hardships any more than the next person. i think the president is 100% right on the respect to border security. >> sandra: we have so much we want to get to. wilbur ross made comments that clearly moved the markets this morning. the commerce secretary suggested we're miles away from a deal with china. i don't have time to play the sound. miles and miles away from a deal. how many miles, six miles, 6,000 miles? >> okay.
8:49 am
touche'. vice premier, the top economic advisor to president xi in china is coming here at the end of the month and these will be very important talks. president trump is rather optimistic. i have just spoken to him about this. there are no deals being done. we have a lot of work to do. we have a lot of ground to cover. the meetings in beijing by the deputies, which were now two weeks ago, these were the broadest, deepest in scope meetings on china/u.s. trade ever. and of course as you know president trump has car car -- let me just say on this point i think the talks will be determinative. >> sandra: they're happening first of all. there was talk they weren't
8:50 am
happening. >> no, no, that issue was never in doubt. there was incorrect talk that there was going to be a meeting with his deputies that was canceled. that wasn't true. i rebutted that the other day. we're in constant touch with them. people were saying a meeting that didn't exist was canceled. you can't have a meeting that didn't exist, you can't cancel a meeting that never existed. >> sandra: you sound optimistic that talks will continue. we keep hearing optimism. the trade deal will get done. if there is a plan b if one doesn't get done? >> that's a good question. i don't want to be overly optimistic here. i'm just saying the scope of the talks is huge and the talks are going to continue at the highest level. that's all i want to say. we have nothing on paper. there is no contract, there is no deal. the president wants a deal that will help america. >> sandra: i'm about to hit a hard break. thank you for coming on the
8:51 am
program this morning. i wish we could have you longer but you sound pretty optimistic, larry kudlow from the white house. thank you for your time, sir. >> thank you. va home loan benefit. but i've got some good news that will change that. newday's operation home. it lets veterans buy a home with no down payment and without paying one dollar out of pocket for closing costs. no down payment and not one dollar out of pocket for closing costs. why rent when you can buy? newday's operation home is real. spread the word! go to or call 1-800-401-0838
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at comcast we're commited to delivering the best experience possible, by being on time everytime. and if we are ever late, we'll give you a automatic twenty dollar credit. my name is antonio and i'm a technician at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. >> bill: republican leaders now in the house railing against a shutdown. kevin mccarthy first up. >> he is correct that our government is designed to find common ground. not one person can always have their way. unfortunately i think the speaker thinks different. there was a low point in history for the speaker of the house to uninvite the president of the united states. a low point that we're still shut down. even lower that you would have
8:55 am
people in congress go home and not solve this problem. i listened to the majority leader today. he did not list one bill outside of suspension that they will bring up next week. how can that be a majority party? how can the majority party refuse to communicate, refuse to even willingly sit in the room? i'm requesting that we all leadership get in the room tomorrow and make a commitment to one another that we stay in that room until we solve the problem. because i believe we can solve it rather quickly. i will work with anyone that wants to put america first, that wants to solve this problem and wants to make sure we open up this government and pay our federal workers and secure this border. i will vote when it comes to daca. one person can't have all they want. it's concern on all sides and i'm willing to make that work. take any questions you might have.
8:56 am
>> house republicans last session didn't have a lot of opportunities to priorities this and you went after tax reform and said there is we'll worry about the wall. you had two years and you chose not to in favor of other things and only now putting up this fight? >> i disagree with the premise of your question. we put up the fight. you look in the house and what we passed for the wall and border security. >> bill: the house will adjourn this afternoon. the senate will vote twice to end the government shutdown. will the votes pave the way? a quick break here. back in a moment. happy birthday!
8:57 am
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>> bill: i feel better. [laughter] >> sandra: this week has been -- >> bill: do you feel better? >> sandra: i always feel good
9:00 am
sitting next to you, bill hammer! [laughter] >> bill: i love that answer. >> sandra: i think we are giddy at this point. thank you for joining us come everybody. >> bill: steve on friday. >> sandra: sp 25 starts now. >> harris: fox news alert, we are waiting procedural votes in the senate on two computing bills aimed at reopening the government. the republican bill that includes funding for president trump's border wall or barrier, and democrats 'spill that does not include that funding. neither is expected to pass, but we are waiting to see if any lawmakers split with the parties and vote with the other side. you are watching "outnumbered." i'm her smoking. here today, joseph kennedy on the foxes don't like business that were, there she is. beautiful purple, cutting herself. fox news contributor, lisa boothe, bringing the sunshine. contributor just good health, also smiling. in the center seat today, get ready to rumble. professional wrestler and fox news contributor tyrus. hopefully we'll need to wrestling. it's because


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