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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  January 25, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PST

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>> i feel like i'm on a boston baseball game. [laughs] >> or in south carolina. >> have a great weekend. >> i'll be here on sunday. head over to fox nation. >> goodbye everyone, have a great weekend. >> bill: breaking overnight, longtime trump associate roger stone arrested in predawn raid in florida. we've got a pack three hours, folks. i'm bill hemmer. it's friday, can you tell? [laughs] >> sandra: all right, thank goodness it's friday. i'm sandra smith. stone is that you appear in federal court in fort lauderdale about two hours from now on charges of obstructing an investigation, making false statements, and witness tampering. paul manafort due in court moments from now in washington for a hearing that claims he lied to federal investigators after making a plea agreement with the special counsel. >> bill: you may recall that roger stone has said publicly he could be indicted. in fact, here he is just two
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days ago with tucker carlson. >> no matter how much pressure they put on me, no matter what they say, i will not bear false witness. i will not do on michael cohen has doubts and makeup lies. >> bill: we begin with you. let's begin with what we think we know. >> thank you, bill. according to the 24 page indictment that was released, there are seven counts against roger stone. they all relate to contact with wikileaks during the 2016 presidential campaign. the charges include obstruction, in this case, failing to provide emails and text messages to congressional investigators, making false statements about his contact with wikileaks. the other element is witness tampering. a key section goes to sohn's alleged contact charm campaign
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officials over wikileaks. you see juliana solms there. he lives in the ecuadorian embassy to avoid arrest on a separate matter. the indictment refers to wikileaks simply as organization one. materials possessed by organization one, wikileaks, and the timing to which to release it. stone wrote to a supporter involved in the trunk and pin, spoke to my friend in london, that julian assange, the payload is still coming. stone told a high-ranking trump official that the head of organization one, wikileaks, had "serious security concerns," but would it really is a load every week going forward. what's key here is that the indictment stop short.
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the hackers in the campaign, bill. >> bill: so this is lying, which is what we have seen in many other cases. >> and withholding evidence from congress. not to go off on too much of a tangent here, but this is sort of a similar model that was used in the michael cohen case over his testimony about the trump-moscow project. >> bill: interesting. what do we expect in court a bit later this morning? >> according to the special counsel here in washington, stone is scheduled to appear about two hours from now for what is called an initial appearance before u.s. magistrate judge. what usually happens in these cases is that the charges are read in open court for the defendant, and the court defends that they have a lawyer or once a public defender. what really stands out this morning is the nature of stone's arrest. there were about a dozen officers, including fbi, some in
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tactical gear for those early morning arrest on the allegations that largely centered on process crime, not violent crime, and not indicated in the indictment that he is a flight risk. >> bill: that's a pretty big show for us. >> correct. >> bill: catherine, we will be with you for hours, so stand by. >> sandra: new reaction from the white house. kevin corke's life from the north lawn on this friday morning. kevin, what are you hearing? >> in the most 2019 thing ever, we are watching twitter very carefully to see if if the president has anything to say, although he has repeatedly and vehemently pointed out that there was apsley no coordination and no collusion between the trump campaign and russia. but yes, we continue to watch twitter. if we see something, i promise to say something. this all goes back to this idea that roger stone is a proxy for what a lot of people at the white house feel is simply a chance to go after the trump campaign. again, the special counsel is
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looking into collusion between the campaign and russia. did it happen? well, the president has said repeatedly now. that said, there are questions surrounding stone, the campaign advisor, mainly has alleged contact with the purveyor of wikileaks, as you heard catherine reported moments ago. the curiously timed email jumps appear to have helped the trump campaign in 2016. here is sarah sanders. >> my first reaction is real simple. this has nothing to do with the president and certainly nothing to do with the white house. this is something that has to do solely without individual, not something that affects us here in this building. >> i want to share a treat because i think you will find it interesting. the president said back on the third of december about roger stone "i will never testify against trump." he will not be forced by rogue and out-of-control prosecutor to make up lies and stories about
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president trump. nice to know that some people still have guts. of course as you all know at home and in the studio, this is just the latest in an ever-expanding string of individuals associated with the trump campaign, or in the trump orbit, if you will, who have been indicted or arrested. >> sandra: you keep track of it all for us as we await developments. at the shutdown continues, kevin, and there are new reports that the president may have a backup plan. >> yet, this is interesting here let me just put it this way if you are there is a lot of transactional behavior in washington, but you want someone to be transformational. you can look at this idea of maybe calling for a national emergency as being more transformational, rather than strictly transactional. here's the idea behind it. and this is cynical, political, but certainly a possibility. the president has made a few
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offers that congress has rejected. a few votes in congress, and those field. now, it's possible, certainly possible he could try to solve the humanitarian crisis by way of calling for a national emergency. that would eliminate the problems over on capitol hill. here's the president and kelly and kellyanne conway. >> we have a lot of alternative alternatives. everybody -- look -- for the most part, everybody agrees when i say everybody, i would say almost everybody. we have to have border security. we have to have a wall. >> the president has always said that he has that as an option. he has not executed on that option because he would like to work the legislative process. >> he liked to let the process work itself out, but nancy pelosi reacted yesterday, you may have heard that the president would possibly consider a spending bill if the house were to put down a bit of a down payment on a border barrier.
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>> i hope that that doesn't mean something -- >> a down payment for the wall. >> that is not a reasonable agreement between senators. >> so you keeping track of all of this, we've got roger stone, day 35 of the shutdown, possible national emergency. just another friday here at the white house. >> sandra: keeping it all together well. kevin corke, thank you. >> bill: thank you, kevin. editorial director, good morning to you. you believe a poor start on behalf of republicans and the white house, but now that is shifting. where do you see that? >> it was a poor start because the republicans, notably president trump, so that he would be proud to own the shutdown, but increasingly, the republicans have been showing that they are the ones willing to negotiate. the present proposal for a down payment and a short-term continuing resolution to get the government open again is the latest example of that.
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he saying okay, let's get the government open. give me a small portion of the money that i have elsewhere, but nancy pelosi has again just said no. the democrats are basically saying we will only talk about opening the government, you giving us the money that we demand, but we won't give you a nickel of the money that you need to keep the campaign promise. so i think there's a chance that the public is going to begin to see that it is the democrats who are holding the workers hostage. that is the democrats, rather than the president. >> bill: here is one scenario. we were in the spot two weeks ago. you can declare a national emergency, then it comes the court challenge. what does the president do? he goes to supporters, says i try, they blocked me. is that the assumed message there? >> yeah, i think what is happening here, the suggestion of an emergency, the declaration of an emergency, shows that the white house is working on twin
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tracks. they want the agreement with the democrats. they want the funding through the normal process of congress, but at the same time, the white house and the president want to put pressure on the democrats and say listen, if you absolutely refuse, you digging your heels and you just will not negotiate, we have another option, and that is to take money out of civilian money at the pentagon, and a couple other sources. we can get ourselves as was reported this morning, up to $7 billion, which is actually more. this is one of the ways that he is trying to put pressure on the democrats. >> bill: they voted three times to pay for their workers. it doesn't get a lot of attention because you are in the minority now. >> yeah, that's a really interesting things too appeared putting pressure on the democrats. three times the republicans have said that the furloughed workers are going to get paid even while the government to shut down, and
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there has been an increasing number of democrats who have defected on this. six, ten, then 13. that shows more and more democrats are getting antsy about the fact that they are going to start looking like the ones who are preventing the shutdown and holding the furloughed workers hostage. >> bill: hugo, nice to have you back. >> great to be with you. >> bill: want to come on that. >> sandra: for more on the shutdown a little bit later on, you will hear from our headliner. next up, what has director of strategic medications, mercedes schlapp will join us to talk about all of this. sarah sanders just a few moments ago, sang the arrest of roger stone has nothing to do with president trump or the white house. we will ask mercedes more on that. >> bill: it's going to be a rocking morning here. here is how that one. >> we could have passed for that right here today, and there is one reason and one reason only we did on. because the democratic leaders stood up and said i have joy. >> these crocodile tears that he
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is crying too hard for me to take. >> bill: where does it go? how do we get out of it? freshman senator rick scott appeared brand-new to washington, d.c. as a few answers. we will talk to him live coming out of it in a moment. >> sandra: meanwhile, the u.s. changing their protocol for those seeking asylum. what migrants can now expect. >> bill: also, a revolution in the making, the u.s. backing the opposition leader. the growing crisis inside that country. >> all members must align themselves with democracy and respect for the rule of law. the time for this is done. the regime, of former president nicolas maduro is over. he is morally bankrupt. it was a very life changing experience... and it felt like i was me again.
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arrested at his home in a predawn raid. guns drawn on behalf of the fbi. stone had predicted that emails about the clinton campaign would go public. we talked about that for two years. the accusation is that he was in contact not with the russians but with wikileaks. and the charges today go to a lying and emails, conversations to try to get wikileaks to put out more emails, et cetera. why did it take two years to get to this point? it appears to be not collusion but some of obstruction. that's laid out earlier today. rick scott out of florida, the former governor, welcome to washington, sir. how's it going so far? >> well, washington, it is just pure faith. people act like they care, but on border security, they would open the government if they cared. >> bill: what is fate? >> washington. you talk about people, they are
6:17 am
worried about paying the bills. i spoke with some coast guard members this morning, they can't pay their rent. they can't make their car payments. one young man who emigrated from jamaica, he loves the coast guard, he's got a 1-month-old. he is worried about paying for medicine. one young lady i talked to said i don't know if i'm going to stay in the coast guard if this is going to happen every so often. i talked to some young men that just got out of boot camp. they had to pay their own way to get to the station here in washington, d.c. this is wrong. >> bill: you are making the case that is not necessary. can i come back to that in a moment? i'll let all know roger stone stuff. we have some aerial shots of fort lauderdale. where do you think this goes. where do you think it goes? >> i don't know the details, but here's what i do know. the american public wants to know what happens. they want mueller to investigat
6:18 am
investigate, finish his report. it's been almost two years now. let's put all the facts out there. if somebody has done something wrong, let's hold them accountable, but let's go on with trying to figure out how we open our government, secure our border, make this place a better place for every american. >> bill: you said something very interesting about a fake washington, d.c. here's michael bennet, democratic senator from colorad colorado. some pretty strong salvos against it ted cruz. >> these crocodile tears that the senator from texas is crying for first responders are too hard for me to take. when the senator from texas shut this government down in 2013, my estate was flooded. it was underwater. people were killed. >> i don't believe that i have ever bellowed or yelled at one of my colleagues on the senate floor, and i hope that in my
6:19 am
time before me, i never do that. >> bill: what is your reaction? >> i'm disappointed in everybody. everybody is to blame for this. think about this. i am a business guy. you don't walk away from negotiations. you don't go home." nancy pelosi has sent house members on. you don't do that. chuck schumer shut down funding of the coast guard. bring about our borders, things like that. don't do that. you stick around, you stay here, and you get something done. how difficult it might be, you do it. if i was the president, i would be so frustrated right now. he is thinking about using his emergency power. when i was governor, we had a crisis, i said what can i do? i would do everything i could to sell that crisis. that is exactly what the president ought to do. that is his job. he should be furious with congress right now for not funding the border and opening the government. >> bill: two more things. you are looking for a $600 million in disaster relief. why is that if you not solve?
6:20 am
>> it's just pure politics up here. i'm going to be a voice for puerto rico on the center. i was there eight times after their hurricane. it was horrible. it is not in the budget right now for disaster relief. i want to make sure that there is no waste. we've got to take care of these individuals. i'm going to do everything i can to be a voice for puerto rico. >> bill: thank you for your time. i don't get the sense that you are enjoying much of your time in washington at all. >> i want to secure the border, i want things to work. >> bill: do you think that you work better as a governor than a senator? >> bill, it's a totally different job, but i'm going to figure out how to do good things for americans. >> bill: rick scott. thank you for your time today. >> sandra: fox news alert, president trump responding to alexandria ocasio-cortez is proposal on taxing the rich.
6:21 am
listen. >> that's a big, beautiful area, and by far the richest. now it's one of the poorest places in the world. that is where socialism gets you, when they want to raise your taxes to 70%. >> sandra: now senator lee elizabeth warren joining her, calling for taxes on the super rich. we will discuss that more with a maria bartiromo. she will join us live from dallas, switzerland next. you fel baby then come on, ♪ ♪ oh come on ♪ let's get it on applebee's. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. your digestive system has billions of bacteria, but life can throw them off balance. re-align yourself, with align probiotic. and try align gummies, with prebiotics and probiotics to help support digestive health
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amazon prime video so when you say words like... show me best of prime video into this... you'll see awesome stuff like this. discover prime originals like the emmy-winning the marvelous mrs. maisel... tom clancy's jack ryan... and the man in the high castle. all in the same place as your live tv. its all included with your amazon prime membership. that's how xfinity makes tv... simple. easy. awesome. >> bill: if you're just waking up, here is the news of the morning. a former interim campaign advisor roger stone was arrestes home. arrested on charges of obstruction and making false statements and witness tampering. he is going to be before a judge, so we are awaiting that
6:25 am
as well through south florida. standby. it is a big part of our coverage this morning. >> sandra: fox news alert your nicolas maduro closing event as well as embassy in washington, d.c., ordering all diplomats to come home from the u.s. after the trump administration recognized one cueto as the president. live from atlanta with more on the situation. steve, this is heading for a violent showdown. >> sandra, it certainly is heading for at least a showdown of sorts, and the elected president, nicolas maduro, who is not recognized by the u.s. now has ordered all u.s. diplomats out of the country. the interim president who is recognized by the u.s. says that those diplomats can stay, and the u.s. has ordered out, saying it is not going to pull the diplomats out of venezuela. so what happens saturday morning? if the president, maduro, still
6:26 am
controls the military, if his orders not being obeyed, will he forcefully put u.s. diplomats on planes? or will he take lesser measures like cutting off the electricity or services to the u.s. embassy? so we are going to see a real showdown as early as tomorrow. and the u.s. has called for for an emergency meeting at the security council to discuss venezuela. sandra. >> sandra: steve, who has the upper hand right now? >> the momentum has swung back and forth so far. you basically have countries lining up to support either one president or the other. maduro strongest supporters are russia and china. the interim president, recognized by the u.s., juan guaido, also recognized by canada and most of south america, including brazil. the key players are the military. their top figures have all pledged loyalty to maduro, but we could see a real test. if these demonstrators really push their street protests close to the presidential palace, the
6:27 am
real question is will they rank and file soldiers fire on their own people? that is a test we could see coming in venezuela very soon. sandra. >> sandra: steve carrigan, thank you for the update. >> bill: another alert. former trim campaign chair, paul manafort, he is due in court at any moment to address claims that he lied to federal investigators. this after roger stone was arrested earlier today. he's due in court at 11:00 a.m. eastern time, so we are watching at all. we will tell you what they mean as soon as we figure out as they move forward today. >> sandra: new protocol from the department of homeland security. what they will require from asylum-seekers. we will have a report on this live next. >> it's a grades policy that we support. it seems like a reasonable, a reasonable compromise. they are still having their claims process. billions of mouths.
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>> sandra: former interim campaign advisor roger stone, a big morning. arrested on charges of obstruction, making false statements, witness tampering. this is the scene in fort lauderdale, florida, outside of his home. a story we continue to watch this morning. he is accused of trying to undermine congressional investigations and russian interference in the 2016 election by making false statements and denying he had access to important records. so we're going to have a lot more throughout the program on this. >> bill: meanwhile, starting today, officials will start sending some asylum-seekers back to mexico while their cases are processed. the policy is set to be introduced at the tijuana port of entry in california with the busiest border crossings in the entire world. we talk about the story left from los angeles today. good morning. >> good morning, bill.
6:32 am
this is how it is supposed to work. and it catch and release where people arrived, and to deter future immigrants. so they are not mexican, they are central american. 90,000 families, 99% are still here, because the u.s. can just send them back. an immigration judge must hear their claim. officials say 90 percent don't leave. >> once i step into the country, you know what happens, right? you know what they do. what do they call it, you know? they put 1 foot in our country, right? and we got them. >> so here is how it works. say the u.s. accepts 150 a day, shelters the most vulnerable, the disabled, children, lgbt population, the rest would be required to stay in mexico while the u.s. considers their claim. technically, it begins today,
6:33 am
only at the port of entry. hundreds gather every day in tijuana waiting to get cold. so now, they will enter the por port, stay there claim, getting a bus ticket to be here in the u.s., they will be sent back to mexico, given a toll-free number to call to find out the status of their case, and if necessary, a bus will take them to federal court in san diego. again, the u.s. hopes to expand it, but there will be a backlash in mexico, bill. expecting a court challenge. we will have to survive that you continue, but they would like to believe that in the future, they can go to other ports of entry along the border. >> bill: thank you, william. we will be watching that story. >> sandra: massachusetts senator elizabeth warren becoming the latest democrat to suggest taxing the rich to pay for special programs. she's calling it the ultra millionaire tax.
6:34 am
she tweeted this. "they have rigged our economy and our tax laws. we need structural change. that is why i am proposing something brand-new. an annual wealth tax on the tip-top 0.1%. we would get $3 trillion to invest in rebuilding the middle class. let's make that happen. let's go let's bring in maria bartiromo, she is live in dallas. i can only assume that there is a lot of talk about these types of proposals that we are seeing back here in the united states by someone like elizabeth warren that is running for president. >> yeah, and the reason is because we have seen these kinds of proposals before, and we have seen that it has hurt the economy. the most glaring example, obviously, is socialism in venezuela and what happened to that country. but even when you go back two years ago, three decades ago, when we had tax rates up as high
6:35 am
as 90%, you did see the economy fall back. and it does impact things because people behave differently. money is mobile. and money will move where it is treated best. so you're talking about elizabeth warren's idea where if you are able to amass $50 million in assets, that means let's say that you work hard your entire life and were able to gain a good salary, gain a stock portfolio, gain homes, buy real estate, if all of that collectively adds up to $50 million in assets, not earnings, you will pay a 2% tax on that, and for billionaire, it's an additional 1%, so 3%. what this will lead to his people looking for different tax structures to evade that and hide income. we talked about alexandria ocasio-cortez as planned. let me be clear.
6:36 am
i said it in round numbers. i'm talking about income taxes. right now, they have an income tax of 30%. aoc's plan is to raise that marginal tip-top rate to 70%. so if you're going to take anyone who has income above $10 million to 70%, that person is going to look for ways to avoid that tax and come up with some kind of a structure to show that you don't actually have that kind of income. i think there is an issue about inequality, and we have to understand and figure out how to do that. my feeling is that people want opportunity. they want jobs. there should be more focused on education. to educate people to have the best training they can have so that they can actually become millionaires themselves. they can gain assets and income. that's really what is needed here, not take from one person and give to another, redistribute and create an environment where everybody is
6:37 am
the same. it doesn't matter how hard he worked, it doesn't matter what you do, you have a great idea. >> sandra: you clearly feel very passionate about her, and so does the president. >> i've been watching our opponents, our future opponents, talking about 70 present. number one, they can't do it. maybe more importantly, what happens is you really have to study and to take a look at what has happened to venezuela. it is a very, very sad situatio situation. >> sandra: comparing it to the situation that is turning quite frankly pretty violent in venezuela. meanwhile, i've got to ask you about what the talk there is entree. we had larry kudlow, the president's economic advisor, and he sounded pretty optimistic that some sort of deal can get done by that march 1st deadline. here is the latest from the president on that, and i will get your thoughts. >> but as you know, we are charging tremendous tariffs now,
6:38 am
and they go up as of march 1st. i think we would like to make a deal. i like exactly where we are right now, to be honest with you. we are very happy. we have millions of dollars coming into our treasury. millions from china. we never had $0.10 $0.10 comino our treasury. >> sandra: that would be a big deal, and it does sound like the white house is feeling pretty optimistic about this. >> sandra, the chinese are feeling optimistic as well. the chairman of the country was here, talking about this. here is what i got from the runner of the national securities industry. he was on a panel on tuesday. they want to open up the market. 100%. they have already been allowed to operate and owned 51% of its bank in china. that's going to go to 100%. so for sure, the financial services industry is going to open. my prediction, you are going to get a deal. more importantly, they will open up the markets, allow foreigners
6:39 am
to come in. if you want something in china, you can only owned 49% of a joint venture. that will change. you can on the majority, 51%, ultimately it will go to 100%. china needs a deal as much as the u.s. does. we cannot afford protest and unrest in the street. they want a deal. what i do not think will happen, the forced transfer of technology. that is a cultural thing. i cannot -- we will see if we get there, but i do you expect a deal between china and the u.s., and i think it is going to include an opening of markets. by the way, on the tax thing, we know already that the top 10% of earners pay 71% of all income taxes. >> sandra: was unbelievable. by the way, great stuff out there and all those, watching your program, "mornings with maria." thank you very much, maria, for coming on. >> thanks so much, sandra. >> bill: now, the price is
6:40 am
right, and some bad timing for a contest on who was just told to come on down. >> mr. armstrong, come on down. you're the next contestant on "the price is right." >> bill: where's tara? where's sarah? that's right, she's in the bathroom. she was in the bathroom when her big moment came. there she is. come on down. you are the next contestant. >> sandra: when you've got a go, you've got to go. >> bill: so she hugs drew carey, and he jokes about not shaking her hand. she said it's a wet hand but a clean hand. >> sandra: you are there for that moment. bad timing. all right, fox news alert. do you" or just a little more than one hour from now. after he was arrested on a seven count indictment in the mueller probe. so we await his arrival there.
6:41 am
>> bill: students facing threats. will we learn who circulated the video between the native american poster and the covington teenagers? congress wants twitter to fess up. we will talk about it live next. making it stronger. faster. smarter. because to be the best, is to never ever stop making it better. the new 2019 c-class family. lease the c 300 sport sedan for $429 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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>> bill: longtime associate roger at stone due in court. indicting him on charges of obstruction, making false statements, witness tampering. no evidence of collusion, but nonetheless, he was arrested. 6:00 a.m. out of ohio, how are you doing, sarah? good morning to you. just want to get a quick reaction. where do you think this is going? what does it tell us? >> we have more to take a look at. they must feel that something was done illegally, i assume. my question is are we talking about dirty politics?
6:45 am
bad behavior? on ethical behavior? are we talking about something that is actually illegal? we're talking about who contacted who. wikileaks, we know that they are thieves. they sell emails. where do we go from here? i have always been about trying to find the truth, and i hope that we can do that. as a republican, as a young man, i was proud during watergate, that we found the truth. so let's go in that direction. but at the same time, you can't ignore things like the clinton campaign paying for dossier that was worked on by the fbi and a doj and all of this. we have so much to try and clean up. right now -- >> bill: it's two years on. here is rudy giuliani. he had a quote with "the washington post." he said "they do have some alleged false statements. i don't want to minimize that, but there is no evidence of anything else. the president is safe here." react to that. >> only time will tell, i guess. he is his lawyer, and i hope that that is the case, you know,
6:46 am
we will look into this. a false statements especially to congress are not acceptable. we do have an obligation to take a look at that. we will see where things are going with this, as well as all of the other things that are taking place, and i hope that someday we get some of those done, and we can move on as a country because all of this is dividing us tremendously. >> bill: while, you mentioned the dossier. it was reported this week that apparently in his closed-door testimony with congress, he apparently told them that when they acquired the dossier, that it came from the clinton camp. he could not vouch for its legitimacy. so what are we to take from that come with" remarks because these are some of the things that we have known. the american people are starting to take from that, they broke from protocol. i guess the question is there again, was this illegal? if i was the judge in the court,
6:47 am
i would like to hear from them. talking about what they were told, what was implied, and what wasn't implied. >> bill: if he gave that information to the fbi, that means that every leader of the fbi, it could be dodgy. i say this to you as we see the helicopter shot above roger stone's house. >> yeah, could be dodgy. well, it seems to me that it was. when you withhold evidence, when you withhold some facts, from the fisa court, where the person you're talking about is not there to defend themselves, that's a problem. it's a misuse of the court in my opinion. and i think that that needs to be brought forward. you notice all of the people so far that we really know about have been let go or retired, they are gone. and it seems that there may be more to follow. >> bill: two more topics. i don't know what your view of it is. how do we get out of this now? republicans in the house admitted this is the reality of
6:48 am
being in the minority. we voted three times to pay federal workers, and all three have been rejected, so what next? >> well, you know, one of the things that we hear from speaker pelosi is i'm not going to negotiate until you open the government again. well, donald trump can't just flip a switch and open the government again. neither can kevin mccarthy or mitch mcconnell. when he refused to sit down and talk at all, how can that possibly happen? you need the congress, you need the house of representatives, you need a bill on the president's desk. i would think that that means that she needs to be at the negotiating table, but she refuses. >> bill: more to come on this. perhaps we will find a way out of this over the weekend. your home district is separated by the district where these covington catholic high school students are from, separated by the ohio river. congress wants twitter to fess up as to who generated the handle. over the weekend last weekend, helped her to feel a lot of the
6:49 am
tension that was given with this face-off with the native american man. kenny forced twitter to give you that information? so you can find out who was pushing this, how to prevent it in the future. speak out one of the things that we have talked about for the last two years are what are our adversaries roles in our society, trying to upset the american people? help destroy democracy. russia using social media. is that who did it? i think that that is the type of thing that we know. they love things that divide us. we have concluded that. it is important that we know. i would hope that twitter would help us with that. this is the type of thing that they love seeing, that russia loves seeing, when we divide ourselves more and more. this adds fuel to that fire. as i review that, it seems to me that the only ones with poise where the kids from covington catholic. >> bill: using misleading account, account information is a violation of the twitter
6:50 am
rules. good to have you back. braddock, from ohio. thank you for your time today. >> thank you, bill, sandra. >> sandra: quick update on paul manafort. we were expecting him in federal court at any moment. we are told that he entered the court a short time ago, limping and using a cane. the proceedings just began. we are going to have an update for you soon. meanwhile, drone siting. for about 90 minutes at newark international airport in new jersey tuesday. what's being done to keep this from happening over and over again? a live report from newark airport next. okay, max...time to help mrs. tyler
6:51 am
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>> bill: all right, here we go, folks. keep you updated on what we think we know about roger stone
6:54 am
right now, the former campaign advisor arrested earlier today. at 6:00 a.m. fort lauderdale time. the fbi had guns drawn at his home. he should be in court in about an hour. we will follow that for you in a moment here. standby. more coming up with alan dershowitz momentarily. >> sandra: meanwhile, drone causing a big headache for government and private business as they struggle to combat malicious use of the aircraft. coming after that drone scare last week at newark international airport. i'm sorry, this week. it's been a long week. you why they are now with more on what we are learning. what has to be done here? >> yeah, good morning, sandra. the bottom line is our nation's airports do not have the extensive counter drone technology in place to detect or take down a potentially dangerous or threatening drone, leaving newark liberty airport
6:55 am
on tuesday completely shut down for about a half-hour when a pilot spotted a drone flying nearby. now they have tried some counter drone systems before at several airports over a 22 month trial. my, but they determined that the technology available was simply not ready to protect her airports. commercially, there are at least 230 counter drone options, ranging from guns that act as drone jammers, nets that will chase them midair, but these are mostly in the trial phase. the most practical counter drone measure is early detection. the giant chamber where they are perfecting drone readers. they retro fruit trucks with powerful sensors, then use video cameras to triangulate the location of the person operating the drone. >> we've designed radar and spectrum sensing sensors up on top. the radar up there can see it up
6:56 am
to 10 kilometers. >> believe it or not, up until three months ago, the federal government, sandra, did not have the right to actually shoot down or take down these drones. that was until october when the trump administration passed a federal aviation taxpayer that allowed the department of justice and homeland security to take these down. here that was illegal up until a few months ago. >> bill: what does the roger stone met her mean? alan dershowitz is live in a moment. we will talk to him coming up live at the top of the next hour. stand on by. - [narrator] u.s. money reserve is the only
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to buying gold. absolutely free. we're one of the most dependable gold distributors in america. give us a call today to get started. >> sandra: special counsel robert mueller, arresting roger stone in a predawn raid on charges flowing from the russian investigation. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." it's friday morning. i'm sandra smith. >> bill: how are you feeling, all right? >> sandra: i'm feeling good. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer, roger stone charged with seven counts of obstruction. it is part of the mueller matter, relating to wikileaks. the clinton campaign during 2016. what does it all mean? at the courthouse in fort lauderdale. >> good morning, bill. a very dramatic morning here in broward county.
7:01 am
fort lauderdale in particular. for a long time, dirty political trickster, as he likes to break, roger stone, also a long tone advisor of president donald trump. he worked for his campaign in 2015 before either being fired or being -- just quitting himself. he was arrested this morning. we are told that we have video of the suv arriving. we are told by the federal guard here at the gate, it was roger stone inside. it was a large, black excursion suv that arrived here right at eight: 28:00 a.m. then went down into the dash out of view from the public. there were quite a few median cameras, as you can imagine, read it here, all staked out, waiting for that arrival. we do believe that roger stone is upstairs in the courthouse here downtown fort lauderdale. and in an hour, he will be facing u.s. magistrate lorena
7:02 am
snow. outside of his home here in the city, crime scene tape remains up in the neighborhood to prevent traffic from going in and out as it normally would. we don't know if fbi agents are still inside, however reportedly around 6:00 a.m. this morning, it was incredibly dramatic as out stepped about a dozen fbi agents. they started pounding heavily, presuming to awaken roger stone. the lights came on, and within 30 minutes, they were escorting stone out, likely going to the fbi field office. now he is here, and his attorney has said that they found no russian collusion, they being the special prosecution team. otherwise, he would be charged with it.
7:03 am
they also denied that roger stone's ever got any information from wikileaks. there was one bullet point which says "after though wikileaks release that was damaging to the hillary clinton campaign a senior trump official was directed to direct stone about any additional releases." that's a big question in the indictment. the prosecution really did spend a lot of time hammering out did stone collude with wikileaks regarding the stolen computer data? it was also revealed that -- after wikileaks hacked into the dnc emails, russian hackers also got in there. and all of those leaked emails late in the campaign really seemed to provide a negative spin on hillary clinton and more positive one on then candidate donald trump. >> bill: thank you.
7:04 am
we will be upstairs in an hour if you're let you know what happens. seven counts indicted on roger stone. one count of obstruction, lying to investigators, one count of witness tampering. if he is convicted on any of these, he could face some serious prison time. back with you next hour. in the meantime, she wrote the book "the case against him impeaching from." tell us what this means, based on what your understanding suffer appeared >> i read the indictment. it is a typical meal or indictment. very heavy on stories, stories involving collusion and wikileaks, but the indictment itself all relates to obstruction of justice, tampering of witnesses, in other words, crimes that occurred as a result of the investigation.
7:05 am
this is typical of mueller. he has found almost no crimes that occurred before he was appointed special counsel. he was appointed to special counsel to uncover crimes that had already occurred. he is virtually failing in that respect in every regard. almost all of his crimes that he has indicted people for our crimes that resulted from his investigation, false statements, tampering with witnesses, obstruction of justice. i went there today the list of all the people who had been indicted by mueller. and it was very hard to find any american who had been charged with any crime that occurred before mueller was appointed special counsel. so what's happened here is these are crimes that are generated by the investigation. it doesn't make them any less criminal, but it really means that there has been a failure to uncover the basic crimes for which he was appointed, namely
7:06 am
before he was appointed, was their illegal collusion? illegal conspiracy with russia? we don't find that. in this indictment, he tells stories about alleged collusion, stories about wikileaks, but that is not the events that occurred before he was appointed. that's very significant. >> sandra: the president's attorney, rudy giuliani, just spoke to "the washington post." they asked what was the president's reaction to this? what he learned about roger stone, what happened at his house this morning, he said he wouldn't comment specifically on the president's reaction, but he did say that the president is not nervous about the stone indictment. should the president in any way be nervous about this? >> there are two reasons why someone would want to be nervous, whether he is implicated in the indictment itself. the answer to that is clearly n
7:07 am
no. secondly, whether or not stone has been indicted in order to squeeze him into testifying, as judge ellis, who presided over the paul manafort case. it is not to get people like paul manafort or stone. it is to get them to sing. and perhaps even to compose, to create guilt allegations against the real target here, the president. so the president should be worried every time he knew or had any acquaintance with his arrested because according to judge ellis, the purpose is not to get that person, but you get that person to provide information or testimony against their real target, the president. that is the tactic mueller has used from day one. as a civil libertarian, it's a very disturbing tactic. it's all too common among prosecutors, but it's very, very disturbing. what they do all the time is they threaten people. they say if you don't testify, we are going to put you in jail,
7:08 am
your family in jail. now, people object to the fact that trump and giuliani made alleged threats against michael cohen's family. and that's wrong if that happened, but it's also wrong of prosecutors do the same thing. prosecutors tamper with witnesses all the time. the differences it is legal for a prosecutor to threaten somebody that unless they become a witness and it testify according to what the prosecutor wants him to testify, they will prosecute them, their relatives, their friends, and their associates. it is a double standard of injustice. >> bill: lets go through a couple of things. sarah sanders, she was on cnn earlier today, and responded earlier this way to the initial arrest. >> my first reaction is real simple. this is nothing to do with the president, certainly nothing to do with the white house. this is something that has to do solely with that individual. not something that affects us here in this building. >> bill: so that was her this morning.
7:09 am
i want to take you back two days. roger jones was on with tucker. part of his commentary at one like this at the end. watch. >> are runaway social prosecutor who is accountable to no one. house intelligence committee, democrats, keeps insisting that i have perjured myself. that's life. it is both accurate and truthful. but i'm not even allowed to have a copy of it. >> bill: so let's see what comes of that. just listening to you talk, that is what you believe. remember when paul manafort was arrested at 5:00 in the morning? he and his wife were in bed. guns drawn on behalf of the fbi, local time, and apparently there was a tv crew of some type that was there as well. i don't know how that happens, but just put that together. you're making making the case that these are processed crimes, but yet they are being arrested.
7:10 am
>> in a very heavy-handed way. of course. normally the situation is you call the lawyer, told the lawyer look, he's been indicted. please show up at the federal court tomorrow at 10:00. maybe keep an eye on him, make sure he doesn't run away, but in cases like this, you don't typically see arrests of this kind. rudy giuliani himself is guilty of having done that. do you remember when they went after goldman sachs executives? had him handcuffed, arrested. in the goldman sachs office, and then it turned out that there was no case to be brought against him, so this is something that prosecutors do a lot in order to intimidate witnesses. when they want to get people to testify, they are very heavy-handed. and they make the point very clearly this is not about you. you can save yourself, your family and friends. just give us what we want to hear about the president. that is why the president always has to be it's a little nervous,
7:11 am
even though these are not obligations related to him, it's against a person who may have information related to him. stone doesn't strike me as a type of guy he was going easily cooperate, but when you are facing a long prison term, the most loyal of people turn to themselves and say i have to look out for myself first. >> sandra: that makes this tweet very important done. this goes back to december 3rd 2010, professor. he tweeted out "quitting roger stone, i will never testify against trump. the president went on to write "this was recently made by trump, he will not be forced by a rogue and out of control prosecutor to make up lies about president trump. nice to know that some people still have guts." how will those words player? >> while -- [laughs] they are going to allege that he is tampering with a witness, telling them not to testify,
7:12 am
urge him not to testify. that is a very, very weak charge. you don't obstruct justice and public by sending out tweets. but look at, michael cohen said that he would take a bullet for him. now look at what is happening. so you never know what's going to happen when a person is arrested for a myriad of crimes as you described, the process crimes. these are serious crimes. but when you look at the scorecard of how many crimes which the special prosecutor has uncovered against americans that occurred before he was appointed, and that relate to the russia probe, you really have to say it's been a very disappointing investigation. if the best you can do is essentially create crimes by your investigation, which is what has happened. that doesn't exculpate the people who have really lied or really obstructed justice. it tells you something important about the investigation. >> bill: some people believe
7:13 am
with this action that mueller is closer to the end. are you in that school? >> we don't know. we know he has convened or extended grand juries. one would hope that we are close to the end. we know that he was waiting for the election. and that's over, and i would expect that before the summer, we would see an end. again, i would hope and fairness that one his report is completed, the new attorney general, hopefully he will be sworn in by then, we'll look at the report, give a copy to rudy giuliani end of the rest of the trump team. now you have a chance to read about that. and we will simultaneously produce though to report so that the american public and see what the prosecution and defense have to say and make up their own mind as to who was right. it is only fair. >> sandra: what you expect to go down in this federal courtroom?
7:14 am
>> oh, it is going to be just technical. they will say he pleads not guilty, he doesn't need a lawyer appointed, he has his own lawye lawyer. they will be given -- it will be interesting to see what they have asked for in terms of bail, or they arrested him, they must think or claim to think that he is a danger of flight or something else. so we will see what approach the prosecutor has towards his remaining liberty. we saw paul manafort was openly remanded as a result of a legitimate misconduct while he was out on bail. so that's the important thing to look too. >> bill: we've got to run. but we have a hundred more questions. we apologize that we are out of time. that is quite clear. >> it doesn't allege it. that is not the crime. that is part of the story.
7:15 am
that is -- >> bill: interesting. >> it is not alleged as a crime. it doesn't have to be proven at trial. just write something, scribble something on the wall of a bathroom, accusing somebody of something. there is no opportunity to read about that because it is not charged as a crime. it is the storytelling part of this. it is just storytelling. >> bill: stone has been saying for two years that he is likely to be indicted. why does it take to you and a half years to get to this point? how come? >> well, there may have been a sealed indictment for a while. we don't know the answer to that question. they were probably trying to build up the case. they didn't want one counselor to count, they wanted seven counts. so it takes some time to do that. maybe they want to negotiate behind the scenes. we don't know that. there is no evidence of that, but that sometimes happens when negotiations break down, so the indictment comes forward. >> bill: thank you, sir. >> they are working very hard at this indictment.
7:16 am
>> bill: alan dershowitz, live in florida. >> sandra: thank you, professor. another story that we are watching, the democratic proposal did not include funding for the president's border wall, in contrast to the republican one. senators from both sides expressing frustration. >> i think as important as anything else that has come out of the two votes today is the recognition of what we can't do. you saw that play out with the vote count today. that's what we can do. now you've got leader mcconnell and the minority leader trying to figure out what we can do. >> we are not going to get into negotiations while the government is closed, and you have hostages that have been taken. it is not going to be a productive discussion. it can't be done quickly. i think democrats and republicans both understand that. >> i want to see the government
7:17 am
get open and government workers get paid. now it's going to be up to republican leadership, democratic leadership to come together and begin to negotiate. >> sandra: now the white house floating the idea of a down payment for the wall as it seeks a deal with democrats and perhaps one that they can live with. chief governmental official, mike emanuel. >> good morning to you. a prominent democrat told me it is good that the senate is in session. they are in town, they are talking, at a time when lindsey graham is talking directly with president trump about the possibility of possibility of short-term government funding package. we will see what they can work out. two votes on the senate floor. democratic proposal which did not contain any wall funding, and one that the president supported. both failed, but sources say that was an important exercise to show all involved that compromise is necessary. the next question is what president trump's play will be. there has been the idea of the
7:18 am
blue ribbon panel, if you will, to look at the border security issue. the other issue is he could to clear the border security and national emergency. some are worried about that, suggesting it would not stand up in court. bottom line, we expect to hear from house speaker nancy pelosi first thing this morning. she is telling us she is waiting to see what the son of can work out. sandra, bill. >> sandra: mike emanuel on the hill for us. thank you. >> sure. >> sandra: the u.s. now ordering nonessential employees to get out. why the state department remains on high alert. elizabeth warren aiming a new policy at what she is calling the "tippy top" of the rich americans. how she is looking to fix income inequality.
7:19 am
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7:23 am
rerouting traffic and increasing speed days in between aircraft when necessary." this is happening now. laguardia has been affected. if you are flying today, you may have to double check to make sure that you're going to be on time. we will be working through this now. >> sandra: check with the government website. according to their website, monitor any traffic delays that you may experience if you are indeed flying today. it's a big story. a lot of big airlines have come out with stories as well. basically saying we have reached a tipping point. day 35 of this shutdown. if you're concerned at all about bullying and that faa statement, they also say that results have been minimal. impacts to efficiency, will containing efficient levels of safety and the national airspace system. so that brings us to this moment. president trump excepting speaker pelosi's decision to delay the state of the union.
7:24 am
what will the reversal mean for ending the shutdown? it all comes together. let's bring in our a-team. ed henry, david asman. we are sort of all learning this together. but the faa finally has a lot of sick collins, we have got to ground some flights here. >> i think the very bottom line, first of all, safety for everyone, not the politics of it, but i think that there will be an impact in the politics. it is about time that both sides came to a deal. we should point out that it has been almost a week since the president of the united states came forward and set i want to make another compromise. he already said all wall, a barrier, i will compromise on that. now he comes to the table and says daca three year extension, all of these things that
7:25 am
democrats have supported before, just like they have supported a barrier, chuck schumer and others, and it is not that they are even divided. the democrats have not come to the table in this round with the president. i think there's going to be political pressure on both sides to finally come to the table. >> bill: how do you see it, bill? >> i agree with that on the surface. the president says that he won't sign a bill and thus there is funding for my wall. ms. pelosi says i'm not going to give you a dime. the differences, as ed points out, the president is willing to bargain for this, and ms. pelosi is not. she is on record saying that there is nothing that he could give me. i am not sure that that is a sustainable position over the long run. right now, it is a game of chicken. i think she kind of checks the president on the state of the union address, but i'm not sure that her position holds up all that well.
7:26 am
also, this is her best time. she controls only one part of congress. this is her best time to extract things that the democrats want. remember, last year, chuck schumer shut down the government over daca. now they are able to get a solution, but they are not even willing to talk. >> sandra: david. >> whenever the economy is at risk, the president tries to make a deal. that's the bottom line. china, we thought a deal would never get done. this event began to happen when he saw the market threatened, when he saw the economy threatened. now we are seeing direct results of the shutdown on the economy, whether it's what's happening at the airports, even in tariffs, for examples. he is getting a lot of calls from his business friends, saying we need a tariff exemption, we get them to the commerce department. they are not issuing tariff exemptions, which is an unfortunate part now for a lot of people doing business. it is affecting people on the
7:27 am
ground, in the air, and it's affecting some of the big business folks out there president deals with. when that happens, he knows that he cannot be reelected if the economy is down during his reelection campaign. he wants the economy to be roaring. the security issue and the economy issue are his proudest achievements. if they are threatened by what is happening here, he will -- >> bill: les not over blow this. some of the reporting is changing as we go. there has been a correction to some of the reporting period that faa hauled some of the arriving traffic and laguardia airport. the shortage of air traffic control workers. that's a far cry from shutting down. by the way, someone who goes back and forth between washington and new york a lot, this happens a lot. shutdown or no shutdown, you leave dca, they tell you it is only going to be an hour long flight, then you are circling laguardia for a couple of hours. >> remember back in the reagan administration -- you don't remember, but bill and i do,
7:28 am
there was an air traffic controllers strike. president reich and at the time took a very dramatic step, and he fired all of them. then they should did not come to our shutdown. it is a very scary thing to hear of any problems with the air traffic controllers, and the union is out there, making some scary statements. we have survival issues with air traffic controllers. >> bill: you bring up reagan. they have a lot of latitude in how the american people feel appeared under president obama, it was with the memorial. so everybody in washington, all of the networks saying isn't this a terrible thing? barack obama shut the national parks down, i do believe. so did bill clinton during the mid-90s. i think what the trump administration is trying to do is minimize the effect on the american people thus far. >> last night, the president, he came up with another compromise. he said look, let's open up the
7:29 am
government for another three weeks, and don't give me 5.7 billion, give me a down payment. immediately, and, nancy pelosi said i don't even know what that means. he said he wanted it prorated. this probably means he wants 500 million. he wants 1 billion. they are still not at the table. so i think this president has shown he is willing to negotiate. as david said, democrats won't come to the table. >> david brought up that air was before. one of the x factors with donald trump is he is willing to take a lot of pain that others are not. have third parties take the pain in the case of tears. he is willing to do that. i think in many ways, president trump cannot lose this fight. he picks the flight. the wall, it is his signature issue. he is not going to get the whole 5.7 billion, but i think he will get -- >> he's going to fight for it.
7:30 am
>> bill: thank you. we are going to bring you back in a moment. president trump talking about his next move on the shutdown. because they are meeting to see if they can work out something, maybe on a temporary basis, but we have a lot of alternatives. >> bill: so is a national emergency the next option? unless the democrats come forward -- >> sandra: plus, new asylum policy now taking effect. we will have the new details on that straight ahead. but believe me... i'm not your average consumer. that's why i switched to liberty mutual. they customized my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. and as a man... uh... or a woman... with very specific needs that i can't tell you about- say cheese. mr. landry? oh no. hi mr. landry! liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> bill: welcome back. >> sandra: flights delayed due to air traffic control shortage. the faa has put out a statement saying that due to the increase in their sick call lands, newark also reporting flight delays there, they decided to reroute
7:35 am
traffic and increase spacing. that is calling some flight delays, and in some cases, some flights to be grounded. we are going to continue to watch all of this. day 35 of the shutdown. you can certainly see how it is starting to be felt. we will have more on this for you as we proceed. >> we have to have a wall in order to have border security. you cannot have border security without a wall. we can play games, talk about technology, talk about drones flying around to see if they can work out something maybe on a temporary basis. but i have -- we have a lot of alternatives. >> bill: that was late yesterday afternoon, doubling down on his demand for the border wall. now, the next steps as though shutdown drama continues. we will bring andy mccarthy in. how are you doing, sir? >> doing great. >> bill: the legal hat is on. >> bill: do we declare a national emergency?
7:36 am
is that the most optimistic way out of the mess? >> i think what you would have to do today -- who knows what you would have to do, but i guess what should happen is they should play out what's going on in the senate. and see if that gets us market, get this thing settled. i would let that happen before i went to the emergency declaration step. the emergency declaration step as we have discussed, it stops everything cold because what will end up happening is someone will immediately go to the district court, and these judges, as we have seen again and again, declaring not only a freeze on with the administration does, but national implications. their order doesn't affect us there districts but the whole country. that would put a stop at least temporarily for a considerable period of time, working its way through the courts.
7:37 am
>> bill: you're talking a year or two? >> i don't know that it would be that long, but many months. that would give them some time to work it out in a legitimate way. but what i think for the president is that politically, and i am not a politics guy. i am a law guy. take this with a grain of salt. the script flips the moment he declares an emergency from the chaos at the border, the real crisis that actually does exist down there, to whether he is acting unlawfully. and i don't think that helps him. i think as long as he continues to point the focus at what is going on at the border and how we have a real security challenge that has to be addressed, he is gaining. the minute that he takes legal action that at least half the country is immediately going to say is illegal, and a district
7:38 am
judge is going to freeze, then it becomes whether he is acting allow leslie, rather than -- >> sandra: meanwhile, waking up to the roger stone news. >> i didn't wake up to with the way that he did. you know, there is lot of things to be said about this. it to me, there is the roger stone aspect of it, how important it is to him, then there is the question, sandra, of what does this mean for the country. i read that indictment, and what it says to me is that the special counsel and the fbi have known for at least a year, probably much longer than that, that there is no espionage can seriously. there wasn't between the kremlin and the trump campaign. because of their obsession for investigative secrecy, the thing that the country should have
7:39 am
known, the country hasn't been allowed to know. it has been a situation where we have operated under the possibility that the person we elected as president was suspected as being a russian agent. they have known that was untrue for a very long time. and they had an obligation to correct the record. i am sure that they would tell you that it is not the governments job to give you status updates. when you are talking about a challenge to the government to govern itself, what i think about that is kind of beside the point. they had an obligation to correct the misimpression because they created the misimpression. director james comey in march of 2017 publicly got up at at the house of representative -- i think it was the intelligence committee hearing, and said that the fbi was investigating russia's appearance in the election.
7:40 am
the cyber espionage conspiracy. mind you, they never come out publicly and announce the existence of an investigation. they announced that it is ongoing, they went the extra gratuitous step of saying and we're looking into any coordination between the trump campaign and the kremlin. that something else they never do. they never come out and say who the subject -- >> bill: you have the sworn testimony that was reported two days ago. told everybody that the dossier from the clinton camp, stepping cautiously with it. i just want to add this pure jay sekulow just put out a statement, it does not allege collusion by roger stone or anyone else, rather it focuses on allege it saul statements mr. stone made to congress. >> that's true, but also, if you read it and look at everything else they have done, including the indictments of the russian
7:41 am
entities, you know that they have known that trump was not conspiring with the kremlin. why not issue a report that puts everybody's mind at ease? wouldn't have stopped them from looking at obstruction, investigating all of these other people, but at least the country would know it's president is not in cahoots with the kremlin. >> bill: thank you. andy mccarthy, nice to have you. from campaign swag to bull's-eye, the maga in the starting to become aware at your own risk. it why everyone is appalled by the red hat. more on that, coming up. >> it has become symbolic of a lot of things in this country. >> some have even referred to it as the modern day version of the confederate battle flag. hear those words...
7:42 am
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7:46 am
maga hats under fire, as they blame his supporters. we want to bring back our a-team. ed henry. leader in charge. david. our hallway buddy. >> that's right. we're neighbors. >> bill: what do you think of this? >> you can always tell when the racism truck has gone too far when the left begins to call african-americans races. one of these people suggesting that we should ban maga hats, that kanye west is part of the problem. he was wearing a maga hat. it's just -- you can't go that far, i don't think. i live on the upper west side of manhattan, where people define themselves by the buttons they wear, the teachers, and the hats. they are 99% anti-trump, make america great is nowhere near some of the signs that you see on the upper west side.
7:47 am
that's the first amendment, that's the wonderful thing about our country, they want to ban the first amendment, it's that simple. >> you have alyssa milano saying that the red hat is the new white hat. so bizarre, absurd, ridiculous, but you come to expect that from these people who hate the president. the democratic congressman from kentucky, he has since corrected it, he says that we should ban teenagers from wearing maga hats. >> forgetting what you just said. >> bill: the teenagers from covington catholic said we bought them that day. right before they were about to leave -- >> they become souvenirs. they sell them on the streets. union station. even if you don't like the president, you might buy it as a souvenir because you are in washington. the idea that a congressman would say you can't wear a hat. hello, first amendment. you know, bill, look.
7:48 am
this story, everything turned out not to be true. the boys didn't confront the native american. the native american is not a veteran of vietnam. almost everything has been untrue. what is interesting to me about the maga hats, even some of these people, they said yes, we got this. you know, they were wearing those hats. as though that justifies it. it is just so interesting because some of these people are so quick to say this hat is a sign of racism or bigotry, and so forth. that is how it appears to them, but isn't bigotry -- i mean the textbook definition is that you are so attached to your own opinion that you can't even consider a counter argument, and you judge people by the group. aren't they doing what they accuse the president of doing? >> sounds like it. [laughs] >> gentlemen, have a great weekend. ed henry, david. >> sandra: by the way, what
7:49 am
you think about a 70% tax rate? >> i'm not particularly in favor of it. just to put it on the record. i don't make that much. >> bill hemmer is in trouble. >> sandra: whoa, whoa. becoming a part of some of their platform. we are going to talk to charles payne about all of that. taxing the superrich. next. i can breathe again! ughh! vicks sinex. breathe on.
7:50 am
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7:53 am
>> sandra: so there's been some flight delays due to air traffic control shortages. the faa putting out a statement that due to sick call-ins from some of their workers that they've had to either space out, create wider spaces between flights, that actually caused a lot of delays at laguardia, newark, philadelphia due to staff problems with air traffic control. it is a situation that we continue to monitor specifically here on the northeast. we will see where this all goes. we are watching it for you this morning. >> bill: now, the faa -- so warning of delays, but the ground stop is no longer there. >> sandra: gotcha. president trump, the moneyman is here. hello, sir. host of "making money with
7:54 am
charles p.m.." so, higher taxes? is that going to work for them? >> it might get them elected. [laughs] that's the real question here. people are feeling it. this is a result, guys. this is not alexandria ocasio-cortez. elizabeth warren. these are guys in silicon valley, san francisco, saying maybe something is wrong here. maybe these good guys that we thought, all of these billionaires, maybe there is something inherently wrong with this system. a we know that historically, this has never worked. in fact, the taxes on assets, countries that have tried it, france being the most recent one, it doesn't work in practice, but it does work when you have -- >> bill: oh, it's a major issue. starbucks came out with earnings. what do you think?
7:55 am
>> my take away is they welcome back christmas. they got rid of the political finger wagging interface. they stopped doing all of the politically correct stuff, making us love each other. i will give you an example, one of their coffee cups, they took away the whole theme of christmas. they brought it back last year along with some flavors. peppermint mocha, some of the gingerbread. but in this last christmas, the sales were the best ever in america. the best ever. they got rid of all of the corporate virtue signaling. wagging their fingers in our face. all of the patronizing. >> sandra: i don't know who drinks this stuff. eggnog peppermint? >> people like that stuff. i am a straight old school black coffee drinker, but i think there is a lesson here. sell us the coffee, sell us the ice cream, sell us the sneakers, sell us all the stuff, but don't preach to us. >> sandra: there was sort of an activist pushed for them.
7:56 am
>> let's be honest, this is howard schultz. he may run for president. i am looking at all of these companies that do this, ben & jerry's, the gap, 1969, in these progressive areas, san francisco, seattle, vermont. this is part of the echoes of these companies. i don't think it's right to turn off potentially half of your customers or tell us that we are bad people. >> bill: see you at 2:00. charles payne. we think it might be dramatic, moments away, roger stone meeting before a federal judge. predawn fort lauderdale. the indictment, the evidence, and their reaction coming up from the white house as we continue right here. newday usa can help you refinance and get 54,000 dollars or more and lower your payments by $600 a month. and since they've been granted automatic authority by the va, newday can say yes when banks say no.
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liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> sandra: all right, well at this hour, we are awaiting a court appearance by roger stone. fbi agents are arresting him at his florida home early this morning, following his indictment and the meal or investigation. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> bill: do you like friday or not so much? >> sandra: i'm happy it's friday. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. longtime local operative facing charges brought on by the special counsel, bob mueller. obstruction, witness tampering, false statements. as we get reaction, they say none of this implicates the white house. none of this implicates the president. >> it looks to me like director
8:01 am
mueller is focused with a lot of peripheral characters, people that have maybe some association with the campaign, but nothing with the actual election, which is supposed to be the focus of the investigation come so i have no idea what mr. stone did or did not do, but that has nothing to do with the trump campaign. end of the results of the 2016 election. >> sandra: catherine herridge has the latest from washington. catherine. >> thank you, sandra. this 24 page indictment released by the special counsel in washington contained seven counts against roger stone. obstruction, making false statements, and witness tampering. the timing matters because the allegation center on statements stone made to the house intelligence committee in the fall of 2017 about his contacts with wikileaks during the presidential campaign. and this is similar to the prosecution model used against the president's former personal attorney, michael cohen, who pled guilty to lying to the
8:02 am
senate intelligence committee. it lays out stone's emails, text messages, and media appearances, but the head of wikileaks, julian assange, what he knew about the emails. the indictment refers to wikileaks as organization one. "after the july 22nd 2016 release of stolen dnc emails by organization one, they were directed to contact stone about any additional releases and what other damaging information wikileaks had regarding the clinton campaign." john thereafter told them of the potential future release of damaging material by organization one. that witness tampering is extensive on its face, appears to present a real problem for stone and his legal team because of the paper trail. the indictment alleges that stone repeatedly urged a witness to make false statements to the house committee that would back up stone's testimony.
8:03 am
and according to the indictment, stone went further and a text with congressional subpoena looming. "stonewall it. plead the fifth. anything to save the plan." then an allusion to richard nixon. godfather part two. the hackers who obtain the clinton emails. that is important to emphasize. alan dershowitz said on fox this morning that the allegations don't go to that issue, and he also emphasized the issue of timing. >> what's happened here is these are crimes that are generated by the investigation. it doesn't make them any less criminal, but it really means that there has been a failure to uncover the basic crimes for which he was appointed. namely, before he was appointed, was their illegal collusion? illegal conspiracy with russia? >> what also stands out is his
8:04 am
arrest this morning in florida with about a dozen officers, including heavily armed fbi team with tactical gear. typically, this show of course is used when the suspect is a flight risk, and there is a threat of violence were concerned that could be destroyed. also within the last few minutes, we got new information about the hearing this morning in washington, the former trump campaign manager, paul manafort. i'm just going to get my glasses. the bottom line is that the hearing is over and that the federal judge in this case has scheduled a sealed hearing for february. a sealed hearing meaning that it is not public. where the two sides will argue again over evidence that there was an alleged violation of the plea agreement by paul manafort with the special counsel, and whether at the end of the day he foregoes the benefit of the plea agreement, which will be reduced jail time. that has been put off until
8:05 am
february, so we've got a continuance there on the paul manafort case. >> sandra: all right, catherine herridge. thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> bill: 's 5 minutes passed feud and update now from the faa, saying that the grounding has been lifted. there could be delays, however. new york and philadelphia, laguardia, all of this relates to the shutdown. to bills failed to pass in the senate. peter doocy picks of the story from the halls of capitol hill. peter. >> bill, today is also the day that hundreds of thousands of federal workers are going to miss their second paycheck during the shutdown. it is something that lawmakers are aware of who are still in town the day after the democratic and republican plans to reopen the government wound up in the recycling bin, and we've just been told that president trump has been briefed about those air traffic control delays that the union -- the faa
8:06 am
are blaming on the shutdown. that is something that senator graham was also talking about. we just caught up with him on his way out of mitch mcconnell's office. >> i think that the problems are a sign of things to come. and i have been ready for weeks now to have -- to reopen the government, to give us a chance, without a shutdown hanging over us, to reach a compromise that would meet the president's priorities and to do some things that we have been working on for 13 years for the daca. >> president trump said that after both of those bills went down that he would be willing to sign the three weeklong continuing resolution that funds the government at contending levels until the middle of february as long as it came with a down payment of the wall, some sort of a prorated payment, prorated portion of the $5.7 billion that he has been asking for, but the speaker of the house last night said she
8:07 am
had no idea what that meant, and she wanted us to wait until this morning when she said she was going to have a press conference that sounded like it might be house democratic counter offer for border, but the press conference has been postponed, and for speaker of the house explained a little bit of the reasons behind that on her way in this morning. >> no. >> there are no active discussions right now? >> in touch with them. >> thank you. [indistinct question] >> do you want border security? >> most of the house lawmakers have already left town for the week. the senate is officially gobbling in an hour from right now. they've been told that there could be something later on
8:08 am
today, but they haven't been told what exactly they might be voting on. >> bill: back to the shutdown. sarah sanders saying the president "has been breached, and we are monitoring the ongoing delays. we are in regular contact with the officials at the department of transportation and the faa." "on that. >> sandra: martha maccallum, good to have you here in the morning. nice to have you here. the blame shifting in washington, are you getting that sense over the shutdown? >> you know, i think what is happening is interesting because it expands beyond the 800,000 people who are directly affected by this to sort of touch other people across the nation, and that may be a catalyst to move on towards discussions, but one of the things that strikes me is that there is so much enthusiasm -- oh, maybe the damage breaking because mitch mcconnell and chuck schumer are talking. they have held these conversations. then we have the two votes that
8:09 am
happened yesterday. however, the two people who are most detrimental, chuck schumer can't do anything without the blessing of nancy pelosi and her saying i think we can work with us. then on the other side, you have the president who says he doesn't want anything that doesn't include some money for his wall. she has dug in on that. i think unless the airport situation and perhaps other similar catalysts really start to make the pain felt across the 300 million plus people in the country who aren't feeling this now per se, i think they could be dug in for a bit longer. the other option that i think is out there is that the president does do a short-term agreement to open the government with money for border security but not specifically for a while. he still has the other card to play which is an emergency crisis. they have identified millions of dollars to do that. look, i am also going to pull this card out. i'm going to declare an emergency at the border, and i'm going to spend this money. go ahead and fight me on it.
8:10 am
>> sandra: we just talked to senator rick scott. you have that ready? you really got a sense of frustration coming from him. >> if i was the president, i would be so frustrated right now. he is thinking about using his emergency power. we had a crisis, i said what can i do? i will do everything i can't use solve that crisis. that is exactly what that president ought to be doing. >> sandra: he has said that he has learned that washington is fake. people just say things that they don't actually mean. he is really frustrated this morning. you really get that sense. as we learn more on roger stone, martha, we woke up to the entire story about what was happening down at his home in florida. now we know he is in court right now as we speak. i just -- i wonder what comes from this. the white house has already spoken. sarah sanders says this has nothing to do with the president. this has nothing to do with the
8:11 am
white house. rudy giuliani, the president's lawyer put out a statement. he is not nervous about the situation. what are your thoughts? >> roger stone has been telling us loud and clear for months that he was going to be indicted. my guess is that he has been wearing his best pajamas for a long time because he knew that they were going to come in the middle of the night just like they did for paul manafort. when you look back at randy, jerome corsi, these guys were dying to be part of the action in this campaign, right? they were sending signals that they were going to get information from wikileaks. they were in contact with wikileaks. then when it all came down, they started telling stories that didn't match up about what was going on between them. that is what is in this indictment. a crisscross of wrong information that they told the house committee. it was revealed in those emails. you know, one of the things, i went back and looked at the actual emails. the actual emails that were released.
8:12 am
and whether or not what they said would have actually impacted anyone's vote, right? this is the end product of all of this discussion about the russians and everything. they wouldn't understand if they became evangelicals. that was one of the things. maybe that would have ticked off a lot of evangelicals, who were already pretty solidly in his camp. there was also what don brazil gave to hillary clinton. that was back in march. this came out in october. yes, it was a shocking story. is it something that is going to move someone's vote one way or another? then the question of latinos -- it is not something that you would want latino voters to sleep, wanting to know that they needed to reach out to bill richardson, get their endorsements for hillary clinton before the campaign. not sure that a lot of latino
8:13 am
voters were going to be swayed by that point. see, this is the big deal. this is what it all came down to. these emails that we are supposed to believe were so influential and swaying. as you guys pointed out earlier, the whole discussion that has been taken down to roger stone, his communications with wikileaks. it is not wikileaks and russia that seems to be revealed as part of the a, b, c connection. >> sandra: to be clear, alan dershowitz was on this morning, and he said -- and i am quoting the professor. "almost no crimes had occurred before the special counsel. virtually failed in that respect in every regard. do you think the robert mueller probe is coming to an end soon? >> i think there are some indications that look like it probably is, and i think back to what jonathan carl said. it could be that it is not quite as explosive as people have expected. but nobody knows.
8:14 am
and robert miller will put his report together. i think the fact that he came out after the buzzfeed story with the revelation that he did -- not exactly what people have been looking for. >> sandra: we will be right back. >> thanks, guys.
8:15 am
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8:17 am
>> the president has taken a step forward. he has put a proposal on the table that included priorities that democrats have been advocating for for a decade.
8:18 am
now, we do need a response from the democratic party. i would suggest that nancy pelosi needs to come up with the idea. >> sandra: senator lindsey graham on the shutdown here talk to the present yesterday, saying that they are open to a stopgap spending bill. if it includes payment for the border wall, not on board with that. i'm she serves on the homeland security and armed services committee. thank you for being here. we welcome you to america's newsroom. what did you make out what went down yesterday? >> first of all, this is a good thing that they are having conversations about the deal, that is more than we have seen in the past ten days. obviously, nothing has passed. i am a practical person. i am happy to at least see that it is starting. >> sandra: though white house signaling that a large down
8:19 am
payment on the wall, on wall funding could be enough to bring republicans to the table. what are your thoughts on that? >> we are all talking and circling around the same thing. i am a big believer in border security. i have worked my whole life for it, i am ready to have a conversation. do i think we need a wall from sea to shining sea? we are willing to talk about border security. we have to stop holding the federal government hostage. we are seeing the effects of the government shutdown. so i think we are closer than people probably think. you've got to get it done. >> sandra: based on your knowledge of the situation, having been a member of homeland security, do walls work it? we seem to hear differing opinions on this from your party? >> listen, i used to work at the pentagon. you figure out what is truly required, and you move out. i'm from michigan. we are a border state. if someone said that we needed a
8:20 am
wall along the canadian border, everyone would say a lot of our border is a river, so we can do it. be practical. if we need technology, let's do it. i'm ready to spend money on it. but a physical concrete wall, we know is not required across the entirety of the border. >> sandra: we know that they have moved off of the concrete wall. based on the portion where we do have fencing and we do have wall type structures, do you see that working? >> listen, we have existing structures that need to be reinforced, i am for that. we need to reinforced with steel or whatever, let's do it. but we've just got to get off of this idea that it is all or nothing. >> sandra: i only have a few seconds left. what does each side need to do to end this? >> it is a 1-2 punch. look at the security needs on the border. >> sandra: we will have to leave it there. congresswoman, thank you.
8:21 am
>> bill: first reaction from the president himself on twitter about the roger stone news. standby for that. drone scare. are we ready for a sky filled with these? coming up in a moment here. >> sandra: three harrowing days ending injury after a missing little boy, thank god he was found alive. the boy that police were able to locate him overnight, and he is safe and sound. >> we just want to tell everybody that we are very thankful that you took the time out to search for casey and prayed for him. he's good. he's up and talking. he's already watched netflix. so he is good. he's good. or more to pay credit card debt, or just put money in the bank. it even lowers your payments by over 600 dollars a month. as a veteran, you've earned the powerful va home loan benefit that
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>> bill: we are told from our folks down in florida that the roger stone hearing is now over. he has been released or will be released on a moment on a $250,000 bond. we are getting worried that he has to surrender his passport, which has been par for the course for all of these cases. apparently, his is expired, so it is not much of a matter to him pure travel restricted to the southern district of new york. while this is happening, the president has sent his first tweet in reaction. here it is. "greatest witch hunt in the history of our country! no collusion! the border coyotes, drug dealers, and human traffickers are treated better. who alerted cnn to be there?" we can file an appeal of the pieces on there. apparently there was a television. guns drawn, banging on the door. there was a tv camera crew there, how they knew about it, we do not know at this moment, but apparently that was captured
8:26 am
on video. >> sandra: quite a scene. we have a reporter down in florida. fort lauderdale area is where it went down this morning. good morning. >> hey, sandra, we are at the u.s. courthouse, where roger stone, the ten minute first court appearance, the u.s. magistrate lurana snow. i can describe to you what was happening, it was very straightforward here the magistrate read the seven charges against them. that is five counts of lying to investigators, one count of obstruction. she made him sign a $250,000 security bond. however, he will be able to be released. the government did not make an argument to keep roger stone detained during the process of this case. so that's good news for roger stone without a doubt.
8:27 am
she asked that he stay in south florida or the virginia area. those are the only places he can be pending his next court appearance, which likely will be in either d.c. or new york. this was a d.c. federal grand jury. the special team is primarily headquartered. expecting that his court case will then go from here up to you therefore its duration. i can tell you what he was wearing because he is well known for being quite the dapper dresser pure navy blue polo, jeans. he was shackled around his wrist as well as his ankles. he had beige shoes on with some striped socks. he was arrested about 6:00 a.m. and believed to be woken up by about a dozen federal agents with guns drawn and body armor, pounding on the door of his fort lauderdale home.
8:28 am
after they went in, they put him in a vehicle, took him off, going to the me in my field office. showed up at about 8:30 in the morning in a black suv, heavily tinted windows. there are quite a few cameras outside for that. this is what is happening outside of the courthouse in anticipation of roger stone coming out. perhaps that 12:00-12: 15, roger stone intends to come down here to the microphone stand that has already been set up, make a statement, likely answer a lot of questions. he is a man who bragged about it being a very long time republican little dirty trickster. he has always been involved in
8:29 am
about eight presidential campaign so far. >> sandra: all right, seems like maybe has battery is dying there on his microphone pack. that is the latest. the roger stone court appearance this morning. at least $250,000 bond after quite a morning, bill. >> bill: jay sekulow, personal attorney to the president. it goes like this. "does not allege russian collusion, rather the indictment focuses on alleged false statements mr. stone made to congress." maybe we see roger stone, maybe we see his attorneys, but we will stand by for that. there is a camera meanwhile outside of the offices. apparently there is some sort of fbi agents. we are told is that there is some material from that office. >> sandra: we have just learned, and we will keep this camera, we will keep watch
8:30 am
outside of his office is there. in florida, as the news continues on "america's newsroom." stay tuned. we will be right back. liberty mutual accident forgiveness
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liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> sandra: fox news alert, federal judge releasing president trump's longtime confidant roger stone on a $250,000 bond. he faces multiple charges in the special counsel's russia pro. john roberts is live in the north lawn with reaction there. we just learned that roger stone is expected to step up into the microphone a short time from now. >> he's never been at a lack of having things to say. no doubt about that. said that that was going to happen sometime around 12:15 or so. let's just refresh everybody at home. arrested at home with guns drawn and a predawn raid. indicted by a grand jury on seven counts, including one count of obstructing an inquiry,
8:34 am
six counts of making false statements to the house intelligence committee, and one count of witness tampering for allegedly threatening radio host randy critical to have him give false testimony. even at one point, threatening to take away his dog. the president weighed in on this, saying "it's the greatest witch hunt in the history of our country. no collusion, border coyotes, human traffickers are treated better. who alerted cnn to be there? more on that in just a second. rudy giuliani said this is another case of a process crime that only arose after it began, nothing that stone did prior to the investigation was critical. nothing more than another false statement charge. it doesn't allege collusion. no underlying wrongdoing by mr. stone or anyone else. seems like we are coming to an end.
8:35 am
the white house distancing itself from any culpability here, sandra smith does blessing the question about whether the president may have told him to lie. "insulting." also this. >> that charges are about whether or not he give false statements, and that has nothing to do with the president. those are charges that they have brought against this individual. >> and nancy pelosi will spend the next two years investigating all things trump, had this to say. "it's very interesting. the president of the united states united states has surrounded himself with this connection to the integrity of our election. it's obviously something that we have to get the truth about. it is also bothersome to see his connections to russia and those suggestions that we should question whether we should be in nato, which is a dream come true
8:36 am
for vladimir putin." >> while it draws an indictment, it does not draw a connection between roger stone and russia. wikileaks insists that russia was not the source of the leaked emails from the hectic democratic server that it release. however, u.s. intelligence agencies say that they believe people with direct ties to the kremlin were responsible for giving those emails to wikileak wikileaks. according to their producer, who was on the scene here in washington, they noticed an extraordinary amount of the grand jury activity yesterday on a day when there typically isn't any. they put two and two together and said well, maybe we should check out roger stone's house, and clearly, that sort of gumshoe reporting paid off for them. >> sandra: of course, answering the president's question "who alerted cnn to be there?" john roberts, thank you. >> i have other alternatives if i have to. and i will use them if i have
8:37 am
to. they want to go through the system. we have to have a wall in this country. we have criminals pouring into our country. >> bill: the president late yesterday afternoon talking about border security, considering declaring a national emergency. meanwhile, the administration will send some asylum-seekers back to mexico other cases are processed. we want to bring in the vice president of the national border patrol. how are you doing? welcome back here to america's newsroom. >> good morning, i'm doing good. thank you for having me on. >> bill: what do you think about the national emergency? do you think that that would be the best route? >> you know, right now, we have many individuals that are entering our country illegally. we have agents being continuously attacked. we have people laughing at our immigration laws. we saw what happened in san diego. we have agents that have not been paid because people don't
8:38 am
even want to show up to the meetings and try to negotiate. it most definitely is an emergency situation at this point. >> bill: so another court case would follow that. get tied up in the courts, you see how long that process goes. is that months or years? >> correct. right, that some of the issues. there is a group of individuals up in washington that forgot that they were elected to represent the people of the united states. and they are too busy trying to represent people from another country. that is what the issue is. >> bill: here is chuck schumer. i don't know if you agree with this, but it is what he said yesterday. >> democrats are happy to discuss border security under regular order with the government open. we support stronger border security. president trump it believes the best way to do that is an expensive and ineffective wall. we disagree sharply over that. >> bill: although he has voted for it in the past, you are well
8:39 am
aware of. if you were to reopen the government, without a deal on border security, do you think that they would get anywhere in the next three weeks, sir? >> i think when you dig your heels so much, you are against the wall now, they weren't against it before. their hatred now towards one individual, that being president trump, apparently is a lot more important than their love for this country and them wanting border security. i think they have dug their heels in. that is one of the problems. >> bill: tell me what has happened, how that works. give me a sense of what they are saying in tucson. how was this debate being perceived down there? >> you know, agents understand the need for border security. in the areas that we have been able to put better barriers like a wall, better fencing, the numbers have dropped. it allows the people that are crossing to be able to funnel into areas where we can put more
8:40 am
agents, more technology, situations like that. so it definitely is a huge help and huge deterrent. these people need to understand that. >> bill: finally, what do you think the way out is for this? >> just by listening to what has been going on, declaring a national emergency seems to be the one way out to be honest. you are now seeing these individuals that are claiming asylum, saying that they are going to be sent back. if they come across illegally, you can't send them back. you have to go through the whole process. >> bill: so who would you be sending back? >> good question. the individuals who go to the ports. >> bill: we are out of time today, but we hope that you come back here live in tucson. >> sandra: new reaction from the president of venezuela as the u.s. officially recognizes the opposition leader as interim
8:41 am
president. our former u.n. ambassador, bill richardson, will be here to talk about what comes next in venezuela. >> bill: watching the pictures now, the news conference from roger stone, after a judge released him on $250,000 bond. you will see that live when it begins right here on fox. as a country give you as a veteran is the eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. if you need cash for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no. give us a call. call now: 1-855-376-1361.
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>> well, we are looking at venezuela, it is a very sad situation. that was the richest state in all of that area. that's a big beautiful area. by far the richest. now it's one of the poorest places in the world. that's what socialism gets you. >> sandra: president trump on the chaos in venezuela, after recognizing president maduro's opponent as the interim leader. ordering all venezuelan diplomats to return home from the u.s. amid the government protest there appeared former new mexico
8:45 am
governor bill richardson joins us now. also our investor to the u.n. governor, welcome. thank you for coming on the program. >> thank you. >> sandra: what do we need to know about the situation in venezuela? >> while, we have put maduro on the offensive. i think it is good to recognize the opposition leader. in the past, maduro has outsmarted his opponents. now he is on the defensive. what we look at, what will the venezuelan military do? now, so far, they pledge their support for maduro. he is on the defensive. i think there is a lot building. they are losing their homes, their jobs. they are hungry. i think we made the right move,
8:46 am
but we have to protect her diplomats. we don't need military intervention. we have to protect our people there. so that is objective one. >> sandra: there is lots of ways that we are looking to put pressure on venezuela. how did the president's decision, how did this come to be? >> well, it seems to me that this opposition leader was elected in the venezuelan congress, and i believe that he caught the imagination. he's 35 years old here young guy. opposition had been divided in the past year declared himself president. he made a bold move too. then we followed suit. the organization of american state, several other countries, major countries, with mexico being the exception. that was a little disappointing in my view because they have a new president there. white house pressure -- sandra, i think we have to be very
8:47 am
careful. the president mentioned the fact that venezuela has a lot of oil. america buys a lot of venezuelan oil. if we put oil sanctions, gasoline prices would go up, so i think we've got to be very careful. there is a lot of refineries in the gulf coast, citgo, import into united states. the venezuelan military, what they do is key. they say you too maduro you've got to have free and fair elections. maybe that's the way out. >> sounds like you are following a pretty delicate process. here is marco rubio. >> what i support is having every option available. i am not saying that that is the case here. i am telling you, though, the u.s. has always had the right and continues to have the right to act on our national security
8:48 am
interest. that site, our goal here is a peaceful transition of power. reestablishment of democracy, elections very soon. >> sandra: he's making the case to keep the military option on the table. >> you say that, but really, in latin america, it hasn't worked for us. i think senator rubio, who had a key role in persuading the administration to move ahead and recognize this opposition leader is on the right path. peaceful transfer of power. internationally supervised elections. the only ones that are going to persuade maduro to do this is the venezuelan military, cuba, has a lot of influence with maduro. then countries like mexico that have so far back to them. turn on them. you need to have elections. i think that's the key. i think that is the peaceful
8:49 am
transfer of power. >> sandra: other countries also throwing in their support. here is sarah sanders on all of this. white house press secretary. >> we all supporting the national assembly. we would like to see a sense of order. we will see how things play out. they have followed our lead and joined us. >> sandra: i guess that's where we are today. how things have played out for you. final thoughts from you, governor. >> you know i'm not a big fan of the president's foreign policy, but it was a bold move what they do. they roll the dice, they changed the dynamic. but i think we have to be careful. don't intervene militarily. do it diplomatically. get a dial on it with the venezuelan military. find a way to say to cuba look,
8:50 am
we've got to resolve this thing. were not talking to cuba much. be careful how we do it if we do do wood because that affects a lot of people. >> sandra: so we will. as the press secretary said, see how things play out. governor richardson, good to get your thoughts. >> bill: calling off the ground stop. reporting delays at major east coast airports due to staffing issues. the white house as the president on top of it. getting a report on the ground.
8:51 am
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amazon prime video so when you say words like... show me best of prime video into this... you'll see awesome stuff like this. discover prime originals like the emmy-winning the marvelous mrs. maisel... tom clancy's jack ryan... and the man in the high castle. all in the same place as your live tv. its all included with your amazon prime membership. that's how xfinity makes tv... simple. easy. awesome. >> bill: fox news alert no. the faa reporting -- at
8:54 am
laguardia. it can be a tough place to fly in and out any day of the week. how is it going today? >> if you were to take a look here at the terminal for the most part, it looks like business as usual. but appearances can be deceptive. at 10:00 this morning, there was a partial call. it lasted about one hour. the air traffic has now resumed here at laguardia, but there are delays. there are delays not just here but there are delays being reported at philadelphia as well as other airports, including newark. the delays are essentially not going to be rippling through the air traffic system. arrivals now we are told about 41 minute departures. but again, the ground stop has now been halted itself, and flights have resumed, but with
8:55 am
delays. the faa issued a statement saying "we have experienced a slight increase in sick leave, affecting new york and florida. as for severe storms, we were just clustered into operations to a safe rate to match available controller resources." what does that mean? they are mitigating the impact of the sick out by adjusting staffing, rerouting traffic, and they are changing the spacing they say between the aircraft's. now yesterday, the president of the air traffic controllers union reacted to the government shutdown. here's what he had to say. "there are prop professionals that are trying to keep the system running, but they are actually -- i'm getting hundreds and hundreds of reports. i can't come to work anymore." >> president trump has been made aware of the sick out today, and there is some good news to all of this, bill. even though the tsa, those are the people who take you through
8:56 am
security, monitor security operations, say that the number of people calling in sick because of the government shutdown have doubled, there are twice as many people calling in sick today. tsa workers, as one year ago. we are told that here at laguardia airport, the wait time is only about 11 minutes. this, though, delays are affecting not just laguardia, but much of their traffic system. >> bill: thanks, david lily miller peered out there and laguardia. >> sandra: just a short time ago. we could hear from the long term trump advisor any moment now following his indictment in the russian investigation. for more breaking news, stay tuned. we will have more coming up. liberty mutual. they customized my insurance, so i only pay for what i need. i insured my car, and my bike.
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come on in! find your place, today, with silver sneakers... included with many medicare plans. call the number on the screen now or visit >> sandra: all right, roger stone is expected to step up to the microphone at any moment now. we will hear him in fort lauderdale, florida, where
9:00 am
it was a hectic morning outside of his own. >> bill: since about 6:00 a.m., before the sun came up early today. we will stand by for that. watching of action throughout the day here. >> sandra: heck of a weak! [laughs] that's a wrap for us. we will see you back your monday morning. "outnumbered" starts now. speed when we begin with the fox news alert. we are expecting comments from former trump political advisor roger stone or his attorneys possibly this hour. after his arrest in florida this morning in a predawn raid. stone is facing several charges including obstruction, lying, and witness tampering in a rush investigation as we are getting the reaction paper will bring that life. this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, fox news contributor rachel campos-duffy. fox news contributor morgan ortagus. and, fox news contributor jessica tarlov. joining us in the center seat, andy mccarthy, former u.s. attorney and fox's contributor as well. and


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