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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 26, 2019 1:00pm-3:00pm PST

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thanks to my panel thanks to all of you for watching. we hope to see you right here next week. ♪ hello everyone shutdown is over for now. but the uncertainty remains. as toe whether the federal government will function at 100% for more than three weeks. president signs off on bill yesterday that does not include money or for his proposed wall. welcome to the new hour of america's news headquarters. >> hi everyone. welcome i'm eric shawn. president trump is continuing to hint, though, what he may declare a national emergency at our southern border. if congress has not given the the 5.7 billion dollars toward a barrier and a the funds for the wall. most in thes including house speaker nancy pelosi, well they're sticking to their stance of not including any money or
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for a wall in a long-term immigration bill. we have team fox news coverage all of this this afternoon for you and live at white house plus speaking with david who has latest reaction from congress. hi, with david. >> good afternoon there's a lot of reaction in the clock. it is ticking even louder because members of congress know that february 15th is the deadline if they don't hash out some sort of an agreement president trump says he'll move forward with that wall in a minute but now that government is back open, hundreds of thousands about 800,000 are back to work. but still those paychecks won't come in immediately many of these agencies have been shutdown since december 21st end of 2018 they need a couple of days to press everything. you'll start to see things opening soon, though, when it comes to national parks and museums. we check with national park service we're told you need to check specifically with -- park sites you're interested to find out when they'll be open and as people head back to work or check out national parks members of congress they're going to be coming back to the capitol on monday with february
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15th, top of mind. >> but i think you're going to see people golden rule and talk about to we need? and you know, there are places that fence or wall may work people are saying should we tear down walls, about wall is symbol of distinguish but if this downtown of people think that thing is appropriate but need to be using much more technology -- >> i can it will you that that's based on a number of republicans and democrats having private conversations over the last 48 hours. even today, there will be additional conversations in a bipartisan way, but really -- you know, you can't look at this situation and believe that it will be easy. >> mark meadows from freedom caucus president trump made it clear if congress doesn't plan border security on february 15th he'll their a national emergency and tap into other funds to build that wall. eric. >> if the president does their
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that which is in his powers a national emergency -- can democrats then still block him from building his wall? >> well they can -- theoretically do that because they say that there's going to be some kind of lawsuit several members here on capitol hill have said they will take legal action, president trump is keenly aware he's had actually mentioned being sued over this and that would just tie up things even longer. eric. >> all right we'll be talking about that in just a moment if indeed president does declare a national emergency. all right. >> as we were getting new reaction from president trump who despite his threat for calling a national emergency, saying now that he's hopeful a deal can be struck . ellison barber at the white house. hi ellison. >> president trump active on twitter today saying that he thinks they can work out a deal, the white house, of course, announced this yesterday president trump announced agreement in the rose garden yesterday afternoon and few hours later, he signed the bill.
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>> after a 36 days of spirited debate and dialogue, i have seen and heard from enough democrats and republicans that they are willing to put partisanship aside. i think and put the security of the american people first. the walls we are building are not medieval walls. they are smart walls. designed to meet the needs of frontline border agents -- >> despite seeming to lose this round of the border wall president trump sounded fairly optimistic in rose garden manhattanning that tone today but at the same time he says it, quote, will not be easy to make a deal. both parties very dug in. the president signed a bill to reopen the federal government funding through february 15th. in thes and republicans agreed to form a bipartisan conference committee to continue tboarkses over border security. some say president trump caved
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here that democrats got exactly what they wanted in the president gave up on the very thing that led to the shutdown. funding for the wall -- conservative fire called hell the biggest wimp ever to serve as the president of the united states. and the rose garden mr. trump made case for a wall often focusing on crime and talked about technological enhancement things that democrats tend to focus on in many the border security debate. >> no border security plan can ever work without a physical barrier just doesn't happen. at the same time, we need to increase drug detection technology, and manpower to modernize our port of entry which are obsolete. we do not need 2,000 miles of concrete wall from is sea to chinese sea we never it. we never proposed that. >> white house sighs they think they can get a deal here. a white house official told me
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what they're really forward next is exactly who will take the lead on that conference committee when it comes to negotiating a white house official told me they think that a lot of moderate democrats particularly those in district that are in state president onef districts that lean red think those people support funding for border wall and private talks during this shutdown is what led to this deal. they think they can get a deal with those folks the question and some officials minds here at the white house is will those democrats be the ones actually leading the negotiations. moving -- >> ellison barber thank you verify. >> for more on what could happen and dan palmer formerrer advisor to ted cruz presidential campaign. a democratic strategist dave brown, let me start with you. the the 64 dollar question, or i guess 5.7 billion dollar question right now -- will any democrat, any democrat on the bipartisan conference committee would any democrat support funding first in fencing or the barrier which the
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president has always been calling for? >> i think that would be wise to because alternative doesn't play out well for them. the president will declare a national emergency. he's framed the issue correctly as one of national security and humanitarian crisis on the border. and if democrats want to tie up some executive action in the courts, then, there can be no comprehensive immigration reform as long as the wall is in resolve, and without that the dreamers are high and dry and they're statistic in limbo that's a constituency that is very important to the democrats and structural pressure will be on them not on the republicans to resolve it. so if it ends up going that way i would check to make the proposal to trump to break the long jam. they won't be happy if it is tied up with the court. >> david do you think that chuck and nancy can support building some type of barrier? >> you threw a graphic up -- that shows that a majority of the american people don't support building a wall they do support funding for more border
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agents but don't supporting a wul and same fox news poll that couple out earlier this week with, also shows that the most americans and majority don't support the way the president is handling immigration very large so i think politically, no. in fact, if anything -- if you want to use midterms a referendum on president handling of border security america is clear and they don't want this approach. but i do think it is or very telling listening to the president's comment earlier today in the rose garden, i mean, he's clearly opening the door for -- for some dialogue about about what a comprehensive border security package might look like and whether that's funding for a smart wall. funding for technology such as what congressman republican congressman heard which district sits along border called for, or some combination therefore. so i think politically what you'll see with this conference committee both sides trying to find a way to move forward in a way where there's a package that can pass out on both house and senate. >> in terms of that package yesterday in the rhodes rose garden you've seen the president
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evolve he went from 5.7 billion down and vetoed that one back up. but now he's talking about this fence and look i ask people about this a lot. in 2006, the secure america act that democrats voted for 654 miles of walls here's the omb request for what the president wants. he only wants 250 -- 234 miles the president wants less than one-third of a steel barrier now why won't democrats in good faith and goodwill support one-third of what they voted for in 2006 which is not a wall, but this type of steel barrier in yuma where experts say it is most desperately needed. >> i appreciate the fair question and see what comes of the conference committee but i want to offer a context here because i think this has been hardest part of this debate. the challenge with -- discussion about the wall and way the president has historically talked about the wall, it's not just a wall. when he says wall it's a battle cry for much larger symbolic --
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political statement about not only a physical barrier but also an appeal to his base on immigration at large and i think, it is parte if you look at the proposal system and administration offered they're not only interested in that narg scope of silence seeker but a way to scale back dramatically number of people who can come legally to this country so that's a challenge politically that we can't actually have it is difficult to separate a discussion about the qawl from comprehensive -- immigration reform and border security because the president has really lefts us no room to do that so i do think there will be interesting to it see if a path forward can come out of the conference committee where both sides can declare victory. >> do you think that is a dog whistle do you think that basic ily as long as that word is in there democrats are not going to go to vote for basically what they voted for in the past? >> eric you asked a great question. you got evasive answer, what's changed since 2006 is the democratic party they've swerved sod far left they're putting interest of noncitizens ahead of
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citizens. i disagree with with dave. i think that the issue is framed correctly one of national security and humanitarian crisis. despite whatever rhetoric the democrats want to roll out about a wall being ineffective or third century solution, and we should rely on technology, if they have a front door, they've already conceded that a physical barrier is an important part of securing access to their own homes. we all understand the merit of a physical barrier. this is about signaling on the left and events are going to overtake them as soon as we have more killings by illegals of the united states citizens or more tragedies lightning border they can't sustain these arguments about technology and all of the other improvements that they would like to turn off as soon as president trump leaves office. we need to hard physical barrier are. that is to the public towns. >> i'm sorry dan that statement ignores the reality of policy and that policy debate for the past decade i served in senate in 2013 when the senate passed comprehensive immigration reform and i'll tell you that republicans your side,
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definitely support technological enhancements no one is saying to take everything off the table but what i find really interesting frankly where drugs into the country through legal ports of entry we need to be focused where those vulnerabilities are and smart technology more border agent as. >> that's the democratic point of view dan your last response. >> this is why the president really has no look when you have a divided government there's two tools you can use persuasion to find votes and legislative process or go to executive action. at this point the the democrats have proven unworthy counterparties to any good faith negotiation. he's got to go to the courts got to be preparing his briefs to get tied up in 9th sir chott it has to get resolved in the court does he have the right to do? we're going find out. yeah likely find out maybe in three weeks unless democrats and republicans in conference committees can can have the same type of debate and come to conclusion that we have here in the the fox news channel.
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gentlemen, thank you. >> thanks eric. >> thank you. >> fox news alert on crisis in venezuela wrapping emergency meeting secretary of state mike pompeo attending today decision where he called on countries to recognize opposition leader juan as the country's rightful leader. >> we're here to urge all nations to support the democratic aspirations of the venezuelan people as they try to free himself themselves from illegitimate mafia state. jackie is live at united nations with the very latest. jackie. >> art russia tried to block crisis there internal matter and accused united states of trying to organize a attack but there's growing support to rally behind venezuela interim president and call for new elections. trump administration has been encouraging other state to
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support juan as interim president after president nicholas won reelection last may and what u.n. and e.u. rule as rigged election and he's a president who packed to the court with loyalist and governors consolidated his own power and moved to dissolve legislature. his win has been widely rejected by the international community he held the election seven months early and voted turnout less than 50%. meanwhile, he was declared interim president because of a clause in the constitution that allows temporary power declare new elections if president is not fulfilling basic duties. this morning venezuela foreign minister tried to convince security counsel that it was legitimate. >> either you stand with forces of freedom, or you lead with him and mayhem. many of the statements -- many of the points made by the secretary of pompeo are in line with the language of the cold
1:15 pm
war mccarthy bringing cold war they're bringing the war back and bringing abduction of 19 8. >> this morning britain, france, germany, and spain all said they would recognize unless new elections were announced. the economy is in free fall millions have fled country and there's widespread starvation and riots. the united states is 14 other countries have recognized interim president but former president maduro has support from russia, china, cuba, syria, and iran. secretary of state mike pompeo did not part words no surprise he's coming from krnghtses that don't uphold democracy within their borders saying russia sen china is backing failed regime to keep investments over the last several years. art thou. >> i speak about the very subject later. thank you.
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>> he's back home in fort lauderdale free on bail this weekend, after his dramatic predawns arrest and his b for victory sign that's like his icon richard ms. foreperson nixon used to do as president of the the united states. well mr. stone remains depiengt about testifying against current president he says he won't. what's next for him and the mueller investigation. >> plus, the nfl responds to the lawsuit from new orleans saints fans who say that referees robbed our team of a ticket to the super bowl. did i say our -- yeah i said it. >> you know you're mad i know, i know. yes.
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1:21 pm
trump campaign chairman repeatedly lied to investigators he had promised to help. jillian turner has more now from washington. >> roger stone slated to appear for arraignment tuesday morning in 11 a.m. according to the latest from court officials. he was released on a quarter million dollar bail yesterday. and showing the world he's in a fighting mood. >> i will not bend i will bear false against the president i intend to fight because this indictment is -- is fabricated. this indictment is thin as can be. >> the president reacting this morning with a new tweet deflecting attention from his long time friend saying with if roger stone was dieted for lying to congress, what about the lying done by combmy brennan clapper lisa paige and lover, baker and so many others. what about hillary to the tbig and 33,000 deleted e-mails? what about lisa and peter's deleted texts, and a weiner's
1:22 pm
laptop much more. while his attorneys sticking to the president's favorite line, no collusion. saying in a statement on the 24-page indictment, quote, it doesn't allege collusion. now, white house staff has been echoing the message there's nothing doing. >> look i'm not an attorney i haven't read that document and won't get into i think thises i don't know. what i do know -- is that this has to do with the president or the white house -- >> but house speaker is sticking old adage to tell by their friends. the president of the united states has surrounded himself with this connection to integrity of our elections as oaivel something we have to get the truth about. he faces seven charge hads including lying to congress witness tampering and the investigation the special count gotten guilty pleas from 34 people. six them former or trump advisors including the president's former attorney
1:23 pm
national security advisor, and campaign chairman. >> jillian turner, thank you. >> let's bring in john on north line of the white house, john as an attorney fox newsradio white house correspondent john good to see you now everybody is in that client that was -- in the court papers that a high level trump campaign official was directed to get more information from stone on presumably wikileaks had more on democrats and what do you think that claim goes and why was that -- overtly do you think put in this indictment? >> it was interesting that was included in the indictment. we don't know and i'm not going to speculate but very few people in the trump campaign that we're intimately familiar with both -- mr. stone, and also familiar with this high level that was instructing this senior campaign official to reach out to mr. stone. so i'll let your imagination
1:24 pm
goes to where it wants to go some people are speculating it is president trump some of his spokes people have said it was not mr. trump so see what he has as he proceeds with his investigation. >> beyond that, roger stone isen didding that he never talked to the president about this when he was a candidate. here's what mr. stone said last night when he was on with tuck. >>ing reporters jump to conclusions tucker and say well the trump campaign official who directed stone to find out about wikileaks was donald trump. no it was not. there are several things in here in the indictment that are simply not true. >> so who was it if it wasn't the president? who was -- >> well i have to speculate about that. buzz since it never happened, it appears to me that they have composed testimony for someone. perhaps rick gates perhaps stephen bannon, i'm intrigued by term and you're a lawyer of composed testimony. he's inferring someone is lying
1:25 pm
about it. >> well, i don't know what mr. stone is referring to. i've read this 24-page indictment, and the narrative is very compelling and what is in that document including the electronic messages uncovered by the mueller team are compelling and are problematic quite frankly from mr. stone he maintains his innocence, the indictment presents a case which to some people seems like a cut and dry instance of a guilty verdict coming forward if this does indeed go to trial but we have to wait to see how this plays out. i would not be surprised eric to see a superseding indictment brought against mr. stone in the weeks or months to come if he does not cooperate with mr. mueller that's been his playbook he did the same thing with mr. manafort issued a superseding indictment and got his cooperation in his investigation. >> in other words, the special prosecutor is hold hoing back
1:26 pm
like a hammer or baseball bat saying they don't cooperate now i have to avenue a launch of stuff i'm going to dump on you. >> that's exactly right what typically happens with a federal prosecutors they don't put all of their eggses in one basket they don't let the other side of the defendants team know exactly all of the information they have in their case. in this or particular indictment, there may be more that mr. mueller may be holding back and is waiting to see whether or not mr. stone cooperates in the investigation we've heard many times over the course of the past 24 hours eric that mr. stone has no intention of cooperating with with robert mueller's investigation. >> adamant in saying it would not bear false witness against the president if indeed he ever testifies but john you're an attorney sounds like there could be a superseding document on the way but we'll see. >> always good to see you, of course. ♪
1:27 pm
yeah despite anger and creative creativity from saints fan who is robbed us a trip to the super bowl because of this noncall against los angeles rams, the league is standing firm. so the nfl cfo says replay even a few with postpone the super bowl which cost an estimated 100 million dollars to put on. nation filed numerous lawsuits calling for everything from the game to be replayed to refunds for tickets. but you know what, we don't give up. saints fans we do not give up this petition calling for a doover game has more than
1:28 pm
152,000 signatures the rams, still have to the rest of this -- >> you're going to be okay -- >> no. it is not right. i cried at the a airport. i was on my way to try to, you know -- get some place. >> in hollywood or new orleans? >> on my way i saw the back end of the game at the airport and i couldn't help myself this is not right. you can't these guys work really hard to get to this point. drew brees turned 40 he's still a machine. but, i mean, it's just -- let's move on because i would go on and on and go off and i'm not being, you know -- very partisan i'm being very bias because i can it is football it's not the news it's football. >> who dat nation girl. >> for sure. we'll go with the saints for next year because i want my art thou to be happy. >> they deserve to win, and they had that game we had that game. >> all right we'll do something else on next sunday night. >> because i'm not watching the
1:29 pm
super bowl. [laughter] >> well meanwhile how about something like politics? this 2020 presidential hopefuls heading down to deep south some of them are trying to make an impression and an early voting state and they better have something in their presidential platform about the seance i'm telling you right now for next year. and here's something really important federal workers returning to work on monday but will this nation's airport have tsa agent to ease air travel? my experience with usaa has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today.
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>> fox news alert a man hunt underway or for a suspect after shootings happening in two perishing in louisiana leaving five people dead. authorities searching for this man here, identified as dakota, the shootings happening this morning in a living stoun parishes about 70 miles west of new orleans and investigators say his parents were two of the victims.
1:34 pm
parts across country are returning to normal this weekend after the government has finally reopened. but to know what world busiest airport in atlanta the tsa there's scrambling to get agents back to work one week before thousands of fans will arrive there. for the upcoming super bowl, jonathon live at atlanta jackson international airport with more and john there seems like they're trying to ramp up behind. >> yeah. you know, had is a shutdown ended just in the nick of time but it is not like these tsa workers will instangtly get a paycheck some of them may have to wait until january 31st. others a little bit into february before they're fully compensated and so, many of these tsa families are -- who live paycheck to paycheck are trying to deal with missing two paychecks but a lot of people are trying to come to the rescue a lot of charities getting involved, in fact,
1:35 pm
southwest airline as open an airport food pantry right here in the main terminal other airlines and airport food vender and local food bank have helped stock it with supplies it assist federal workers trying to make ends meet. stories that i hear will bring you to your knees their struggle is so real. and this is affecting them so we want to do our part to help. >> nationwide many tsa employees are expressing concern that the agreement to end the government shutdown is only a temporary agreement and many fear that they may be out of work once again in the middle of february if a permanent agreement can't be reached. >>st that's what the conference committee is hopefully they'll be getting down on that to solve it meanwhile jonathon you have a big crush for the super bowl how is he preparing for that? >> yeah, well i'm sure city officials are breathing collective sigh of relief that
1:36 pm
this government shutdown ended just in time for the super bowl travel season. the last thing they wanted was the shortage of security screeners which was responsible for some very long license and some of the recent days. they're expecting tens of thousands of visitors flocking to the city for the big event and then especially on the day after the super bowl, when everyone tries to leave at the a same time. the city predicts a record 110,000 people will travel through the airport on so-called mass exodus monday city officials say they are prepared, though, atlanta police posted this video on their twitter feed. watch. >> we know what we've got to do. >> organized. patience. >> always earned, never given. >> atlanta are you ready? now that your city is ready to execute. >> now back to the tsa, they're not revealing exact numbers but the agency says it does plan to
1:37 pm
bring more agents from other parts of the country to assist here in atlanta during the busy super bowl travel season at the world's busiest airport eric. >> there will be another great team next weengdz as we can seat line. jonathon, thank you. art thou. eric for more on this let's bring in aviation analyst and president of boyd group international thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> i understand that you say there's a bigger story behind the air traffic controller shortage. tell us all about it. j well, i mean, we had a very small number that called in sick. we saw the result of that. i called in sick they didn't come to work but we're so thin with air traffic controllers what we saw this past week in new york and philadelphia probably in three years that's maybe the norm unless we get the department of transportation to do their job and hire more controllers train them properly and support them properly. that is in place right now. >> so you feel that the way with
1:38 pm
to avoid what you believe is a threatening crisis -- would be to get guidance from department of transportation. have you heard enough from secretary elaine chao with a plan? >> i have no idea where she is. with her department that had a problem over the past week, the woman was nowhere to be seen she's not a leader but nesting at top of the organization that's one of the problems that we have with air traffic controllers are keeping us safe and wonderful people, this is a life eating job they go through. but under obama administration, they lower the standard to get people into it. they get people out we need sol real direction there and we aingt delivering. >> what are the requirements in training and how do you attract more people to the profession of air traffic controller? >> well one of the things that gets more people into air traffic control there are training programs at universities around the country. but under the obama
1:39 pm
administration those who had that kind of training or often put secondarily to how i put it -- to applicants who have other social needs that's not safety that was outrage. i think that could be turned around but one of the things too is pay, it is supervision not been very good for these controllers also at the top, there are a traffic control system that's a program they're putting in has been a failure since the beginning has been in the public sector a lot of people, wearing orange jump suits. >> like you're saying there's some level of affirmative action taking place now. i don't have the other side in that story. we're going to keep going. sir, but i hear your complaint there. let me right now play some sound from paul, he is the national air traffic controllist association president. >> we're at a 30-year low of our certified controllers in a system. 10,500 of which 19,000 almost 20% of them, 19 --
1:40 pm
20% can retire. so we need to keep that pipeline coming through the academy. now some of them were very close to ending their class now they have to start all over again. >> mr. boyd, do you feel like air traffic controllers feel empowered that they have a hand in the ending of the government shutdown yesterday? >> i don't think so. i think they did what they have to do with what they had but i think the gentlemen just said he just scratched surface we have a shortage of them getting people into there is a problem and you know other things there like the senior management of the organization at the top we have to fission all of those sorts of thing out of there but it is beginning to be a natural case of these kind of -- ground stop it is in the the next three to five years unless we get some real direction at the top of the department of transportation. >> do you think that tsa and air traffic controllers feel confident that there will not be another government shutdown in three weeks? >> i don't think any of us feel confident about that. you know, if i did it would be
1:41 pm
las vegas making book. i think it is one with of the issues where i think it probably will. i think people have seen on both sides of this issue, that security is important people on both sides of the issue vp seen that we really got to fix certain thingses and i think it is beginning to get fixed. >> meanwhile are skies safe? >> skies are safe that's why we have a ground stop those make us safe but by keeping people, planes of the sky but one little issue remember too there are fewer airplanes falling 10% fewer at the day there were in 2007 and not enough to management it when we have a problem like this. >> mr. mike boyd thank you very much. for your insight and we will talk to you again soon i'm sure. thank you, sir. >> thank you. have you heard about this asylum seekers are sent back to mexico for being processed we'll have more on this new policy from the trump administration, straight ahead. your brain changes as you get older.
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average new asylum policy now implemented along the southern border at the want did of homeland security has begun sending some io sigh lem seekers back to mexico while their diss are are being processed. now this pilot program starting at the border cross in the nation. jeff paul is live from los angeles to give us more details so jeff what's changing? >> the trump administration announcing some asylum seekers will be sent become or have to wait in mexico while their claim is being processed at the moment, it's only applies as you mention to sandy port of entry in san diego, that's a location where many from the migrant caravan have traveled to over the last few months. now previously those who have credible claims were either detained for several months or released into the u.s. while they waited for a hearing but now some will be sent become to mexico or forced to remain there while they wait for any developments on their
1:47 pm
immigration status. president trump says, something had to change with so many claims. we have nowhere left to house them and remold them kent get them out because lawses are so obsolete. so and we will be forced to release these peel into communities something we don't want to do. >> unaccompanied children and disabled will continue to receive shelter and well, at the moment this only applies to the fort of entry in san diego. it could be expanded to other locations. art thou. >> we're told that some groups they're speaking out about this policy shift. >> yeah some are concerned about where and how these migrants will live while they wait on their claim but there's also fears that this could drive people away from ports of entry some migrant advocate groups to
1:48 pm
force migrants away from pursuing legal routs into the u.s. pushing them off to dangerous border cities to try to find a way in. even the national border patrol counsel which support for the trump administration and the past feel this policy could have unintended consequences. >> the dhs is pulling smoke in mirrors right now because i don't think it is a process that really is going to work. you're enforcing laws against people that are trying to do it legally and you're also facilitating a way for them to try illegally that's where problem is. while the -- mexican government has said it doesn't agree with the move, it will continue to take care of any asylum seekers. art thou. >> jeff paul thank you jeff. eric. >> and patrick says there's a call to pay tribute to air force veteran who passed away. central texas state veteran cemetery that's -- now north of austin, well they were on its facebook phage to come to pay respect to youssef backer he's going to be buried
1:49 pm
at a funeral on monday morning official don't know where his family show up and no one will show up and served in air force in 1964 to 68 their cause is heated a group including local motorcycle club have replied saying their members will attend mr. walker's service. we turn to weather. frigid temperatures gripping parts of the midwest with a national weather service talking about potential windchills of 40 degrees below zero many certain areas i don't know how cold that is. but it is really cold. details, coming up. >> hopefully it doesn't get worse throughout the week but i feel like it is and i'm not ready for it. to look at me now, you don't see psoriasis. you see clear skin. you see me. but if you saw me before cosentyx... ♪ i was covered. it was awful.
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the victims of the mass shooting out of florida bank this week being remembered. a vigil was held outside the sun trust bank the same time five women were murdered inside on wednesday. police charged the 21-year-old suspect they say he told four employees and one customer to get down on the floor and then shot them in the back. >> my thoughts of wisdom i thought it was part of a healing process.
1:54 pm
it's had on everybody -- >> investigators are still looking for a motive. become to politics with sights on 2020 you know some of dozens of those potential and a confirmed candidates on the left well some of them are heading south this week an making a pitch to voters in south carolina. we have more. >> make no doubt about about it. the road to the white house starts in south carolina. as the field of presidential hopefuls grows democrats are hitting the trail in medicine meadow state at the 19th annual at the dome, local church, and schools how many ways can we talking about what's wrong right now? >> senators elizabeth warren kamala harris, cory booker and bernie sanders all making appearanceses this week in the deep red state. >> we now have a president of the united states who is a race ist. whole of our country is still
1:55 pm
loud and the question is, are we dissatisfied? >> south carolina holds the first in the south primary which carries particular upheel to democrats according to political analysts, charles -- >> about a quarter with of the population is african-american andst that's a cornerstone of the democratic election. >> he says pall meadow when they are made clear he point to 2008 when then candidate barack obama separated himself from hillary clinton. >> there is no accident that senator booker and senator sanders both are here in this. as democrats swarm south carolina more than a year out from the party's primary, the state's gop says everything is on the table for the republican primary. this includes scrapping altogether and efforts they say to save taxpayer dollars and show support for president trump did you nothing is finalized at this point a decision won't be made until the end of summer in
1:56 pm
columbia, south carolina, emily fox news. >> thank you, well a single digit temperature in lake geneva wisconsin isn't thing out of the ordinary this time of the year but if you're near a tv check it out it bring aspect call like ice castles. now, the national weather service says it is going to get worse tweeting, quote, a potentially record arctic air mass is expected to plunge into the central and eastern u.s. as we get into early next week windchill values could reach 40 degrees below zero in morn plains, great lakes region is where it is going to happen. >> stay warm and stay safe. stay tuned. we'll be right back. nce-weekly . in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it. oh! under seven? and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds.
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>> now would begin with reaction from washington. the longest government shut down in history has ended but another one remains. the stopgap measure to get the government finally up and running. giving congress a deadline of three weeks to come up with a long-term plan on immigration that will also fund the border wall. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's news headquarters", i am eric shawn. arthel: i'm arthel neville. the president calling on both parties to restart negotiations right away.a warning may deploy a quote - powerful alternative if congress fails. the president tweeting 21 days goes by very quickly. negotiation with democrats will
2:01 pm
start immediately. will not be easy to make a deal but both parties very dug in. the case for national security has been greatly enhanced by what has been happening at the border and through dialogue. we will build the wall! we are fox team coverage. david is live on capitol hill with reaction from lawmakers but first ellison barber, live at the white house. reporter: the president says if there is not a deal at the end of this, he will declare a national emergency and get border wall finding that weight. the deal open the government but it did not have a permanent solution. they will spend the next three weeks negotiating and putting together a homeland security package. >> i think we have a chance, yes. i think we have a good chance. will work with democrats and if we cannot do that then we will
2:02 pm
do, obviously, we will do the emergency. because that's what it is. it is a national emergency. reporter: this is exactly what democrats want to. they've asked the president to reopen the government and then have negotiations over board security for the president however, says it is not a concession but a way to take care of federal workers hurt by the shutdown. in the rose garden he once again tried to make a case for the physical barrier at the southern border. he says the only choice is to build a quote - powerful wall or a steel barrier. >> the walls we are building are not medieval walls. they are smart walls, these barriers are made of steel. they have see-through visibility. which is very important. and are equipped with sensors, monitors and cutting edge technology. including state-of-the-art drones.we do not need to thousand miles of concrete walls from sea to shining sea.
2:03 pm
reporter: and coulter, once one of his lotta supporters, called the president a wimp. arthel: thank you. eric: meanwhile, you can almost hear a big sigh of relief from government workers hoping that the end of the government shutdown will not be short-term. but a deeply divided congress can make it difficult to come to a full deal. they say lawmakers must find common ground. >> we in congress will roll up our sleeves and try to find some agreement on border security. we do not glance over the specifics of border security. democrats are firmly against the wall. but we agree on many things such as the need for drug inspection technology, humanitarian aid, strengthening security at the ports of entry. and that bodes well for finding an eventual agreement. eric: the president has given
2:04 pm
congress three weeks. david is live in washington with the potential progress. if any. reporter: if any. submit 800,000 federal workers that missed two paychecks. they do not even want to hear the word shutdown, let alone think about a possible shutdown again if congress does not get his act together. if congress does not reach a deal permanently by february 15 something could happen. the president signed that cr continuing resolution tonight to reopen government and more portly, pay people. but the paychecks will not come in immediately. many of the agencies have been shut down since december 21. they need a day or two to process everything. as people go back to work or check out national parks on monday, members of congress will come back to the capitol with february 15 top of mind. >> i can tell you that it is based on a number of republicans and democrats having private conversations over the last 48 hours. even today, there will be additional conversations in a bicameral and bipartisan way.
2:05 pm
but really, you know, you cannot look at the situation and believe that it will be easy. >> i think you'll see people go in room and talk about what do we need? and you know, there are places that a wall may work people are saying should we tear down walls that exist now? i think walls are a symbol of division. but if this group of people thinks that something is appropriate, that we need to use more technology. reporter: if we get to fifth grade 15 and there's no deal the president will declare a national emergency. he has mentioned several times on camera that he fully expects to be sued. members of the democratic party say he will take them to court if he declares a national emergency for the wall, which could type things out more. just about three weeks away, the clock is ticking. eric: they have that deadline on the mind. thank you.
2:06 pm
arthel: meantime, immigrants seeking asylum at the southern border are encountering new rules. department of homeland security implement a new protocol this week. making immigrants wait in mexico while there are cases processed in the us. jeff paul is live in los angeles with details. reporter: previously, those that had credible claims were either detained for several months or released into the u.s. while they waited for a hearing. but now, some asylum-seekers will be sent back or have to wait in mexico while their claim is processed. at the moment, this only applies to the sandy cedar port of entry in san diego. that's where many of travel to from the caravan in the last couple of monster the president stressing something has to do be done with so many claims. crisis seems like a reasonable compromise so that people are still having their things processed but at the same time, we are not forced to send them into the interior of the united
2:07 pm
states with no other recourse. reporter: ;advocate groups on both sides of the border fill the policy will just make the situation more dangerous for migrants. they feel it will push them away from legal ports of entry forcing them to turn to dangerous border towns where homicide rates are some of the highest in the world. even the national border patrol council which is often shown support for the trump administration, feels a change could harm those trying to migrate lawfully. >> if they come across illegally, you can't send them back you have to go through the whole process. so who would you be sending back is the individuals that go to the ports. reporter: unaccompanied children and disabled will continue to receive shelter. the mexican government has said it does not agree with the move. it will continue to take care of the asylum-seekers. arthel: jeff paul in los angeles, thank you. eric? eric: former trump campaign advisor, roger stone. he is back home out on bond but is set to be arraigned in federal court next week. you know mr. stern remains
2:08 pm
defiant in the face of a seven count indictment from the mueller probe. he told an interviewer site that he plans to fight when he calls the false charges against him. >> i think we both know the game here. wear him down financially, make sure he is broke so he has to plead guilty to these charges. even though he did not commit them. then try to flip me against the present. i'm facing $2 million no potential legal fees. eric: he is fighting back it is outspoken. gillian turner has more from washington. arthel: roger stone appearing at arraignment tuesday morning. he was released on 1/4 million dollar bail yesterday. showing the world he is in a fighting mood. >> i will not bend, i will not bear false witness against the president. i intend to fight! because this indictment is fabricated. this indictment is thin as can
2:09 pm
be. reporter: the president reacted this morning with a new tweet. deflecting attention from his longtime friend. saying, if register was indicted for lying to congress, what about the lying done by comey, and so many others. what about hillary and the fbi and deleted emails? and what about deleted text and laptops and much more? stick into the favorite line, no collision. staying in a statement on the 24 page indictment quote - it doesn't allege collusion. white house staff has the message, there is nothing new. >> and nonattorney i'm not going to get to things i don't know. what i do know is that has nothing to do with the president. it has nothing to do with the white house. reporter: but the house speaker is sticking to the old adage
2:10 pm
that you can tell a lot about people by their friends. >> is very interesting. the president of the no state has surrounded himself with this connection to the integrity of our elections. it is obviously something we have to get the truth about. reporter: he faces seven charges. including lying to congress, witness tampering and obstructing a congressional investigation. special counsel has either indicted or convicted or gone guilty pleas from 34 people. six of them, former trump advisors including the president's former attorney, national security advisor and campaign chairman. arthel? arthel: gillian turner, thank you. a massive manhunt underway in louisiana for the 21-year-old gunman believed to be behind a shooting spree there that left at least five people dead. officials say it happened this morning at two separate parishes livingston and ascension parishes. the shootings are believed to be connected. two of the victims reportedly suspects parents. he has been identified by
2:11 pm
authorities but he is still on the run. wanted for two counts of murder. illegal use of weapons and home invasion. eric: controversial congressman speaking out in public for the first time. since his colleagues voted to remove him from all of his house committee assignments. how king is pushing back and what he is calling a quote - political decision. plus, the battle over the border wall playing out on capitol hill as the new deadline is now looming. sparking this question, can democrats and republicans finally agree on a deal that both parties can live with? we will debate that straightahead! thanks to navy federal it only took 5 minutes. so vets can join? oh yeah. how do you kind of buy a new car? it's used. it's for mikey. you know he's gonna have girls in that car. yeah. he's gonna have two of them.
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amazon prime video so when you say words like... show me best of prime video into this... you'll see awesome stuff like this. discover prime originals like
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the emmy-winning the marvelous mrs. maisel... tom clancy's jack ryan... and the man in the high castle. all in the same place as your live tv. its all included with your amazon prime membership. that's how xfinity makes tv... simple. easy. awesome. the one congressman steve king, made a public event since a rebuke from house colleagues about racially insensitive remarks he made to the new york times. he received applause at a town hall in his district a way push back against accusations of racism. saying that his remarks were misconstrued. >> not one has set up to sam lied to or misrepresented anything or give it to you in any spin that is anything other
2:16 pm
than what i believe to be the objective truth. not one soul has said that i have done this. there's plenty of evidence to the contrary. eric: they stripped him of all committee assignments. he did not the decision calling a quote - political decision. arthel: backed our top stories now. the president reach an agreement with congressional leaders to reopen the government. giving both parties three weeks to negotiate a long-term solution. the president setting out to reassure his base after some conservatives accused him of caving on the issue. today, the present tweeting court i wish people would listen to my words on the border wall. this was in no way a concession. it was taking care of millions of people who are getting badly hurt by the shutdown. with the understanding that in 21 days, if no deal is done, it is off to the races. meanwhile nancy pelosi not mixing words when asked if she
2:17 pm
had a change of heart about funding for the border wall. >> have i not been clear on the wall? no, have been very clear. and the fact is that diversity is our strength. the differences of so many different ways, including differences of opinion. that is our strength. but our unity is our power. and that is what maybe the president underestimates. arthel: let's bring in david jackson appeared a white house reporter at usa today. david, let's start with the president. what is the president's next move? will he declare a national emergency? >> i think if you were betting on that you would have to say yes. i think in the days ahead or the weeks and we will see him do what he dictates. tweeting a lot talking about the need for the wall and trying to pressure democrats into accepting it in voting for funding for it. but the attitude of nancy pelosi it's hard to see how he will get congress to go along with that. i think the only option will be either another government shutdown which republicans will oppose or a national emergency
2:18 pm
route. >> what are we expecting for the democrats in the meantime? >> i think continued opposition. the committee has been formed to try and develop a new border security plan. there may be some sympathy on that for a border wall and then they may pay -- persuade some democrats.nancy pelosi is such objection is hard to see how any of them will want to vote against her and go with donald trump on this. arthel: in the next three weeks, you are not so sure that we will see a bipartisan bill that will include funding for president trump 's wall. chris is really hard to see. nancy pelosi is writing quite high on that. she won the less shutdown so hard to see a significant number democrats going against her and voting for the will funny. i just don't see the support for congressional bill that will include well-funded. arthel: reread the president's tweet earlier saying that you know, it was not a concession.
2:19 pm
should president trump be concerned whether or not he can beat it? >> i think so. i think so the ready getting an ear full from conservatives. in addition to trying to somehow pressure democrats into supporting the wall he will also have to defending the deal. that is again with a national emergency comes in. he will use that to say hey, look, i'm so going to fight for the wall. but he will be spending a lot of time reassuring conservatives. arthel: is it time to turn on the volume on the extreme voices from the right? and consequently, whatever extreme voices there are on the left? >> i think you are probably right. there are some people in the white house told the president just that. it feels i think that is what he thinks is his base. a tough reelection, i think they will continue to be given quite a hearing at the white house and it will be tough for him. between the right and left on this deal.
2:20 pm
arthel: president trump is the president of the united states. not the president of the united base. >> right. and you hear a lot about that. he is in a very difficult situation. most people feel like he lost this shutdown, he's in a very bad spot right now. he will have to fight to get out of it. arthel: isn't about the art of the deal? it is about negotiating, getting as many points as you can get and it is give and take. so you know, the president should not feel he completely is lost. just get to the negotiating table like he knows how and make a deal! >> that is true but i think people feel he could have had a deal in february with a large component for border security including the wall. he could have had the same deal back in december. he feels like he is kind of on your side, he feels like he's doing the best and all he can to fight for the wall. the democrats are blocking him and he will have to try and keep making that for the next
2:21 pm
three weeks. arthel: do think the president thought this was going to be easier? why didn't he do it when had full control? >> that's a good question. back in december he could've had the same kind of deal but he turned against it and full well knowing the democrats were taking over the house. i don't know if he expected this to be easier once it happened, the certainly weren't. i can imagine why he did that. i'm not sure we will ever know. >> david jackson, we have to leave there. out of time, good to talk to you, thank you. >> thank you. arthel: by the way, fox news is going more in-depth on this topic. tune in for a one hour town hall special tomorrow night, "fox and friends" coast, brian kilmeade will host, battle at the border from san antonio. brian will talk with a panel of experts about pressing immigration issues affecting texas voters. you can catch it right here on the fox news channel tomorrow night at 8 pm eastern time. eric: that promises to be a
2:22 pm
lively, in-depth look here on the fox news channel. meanwhile, the president's form advisor, roger stone, out on bond and finally maintaining his innocence after the indictment in the mueller probe. what's next for him and what to the charges made for that investigation? our legal panels here and on deck. plus, a deadly accident after a train slammed into that school bus. we have the latest on the investigation ahead. choose glucerna, with slow release carbs to help manage blood sugar, and start making everyday progress. glucerna. i but i can tell you i liberty mutual customized my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no... only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ it would do more than haul. if i built a van, it would carry my entire business. i'd make it available in dozens,
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come hok., babe. nasty nightime heartburn? try alka-seltzer pm gummies. the only fast, powerful heartburn relief, plus melatonin so you can fall asleep quickly. oh, what a relief it is! arthel: major airports getting
2:26 pm
back on track after dealing with staff shortages as a result of the government shutdown.the airport in atlanta is just one of those airports that felt the effects with passengers waiting for hours and long security lines. this is the city prepares for thousands of travelers arriving next week for the super bowl. jonathan is live at atlanta. first thing, when will tsa workers receive their backpay?
2:27 pm
reporter: many tsa workers will receive full reimbursement within the next five days. some however, will have to wait as late as february 9. for family living paycheck to paycheck, this can be a huge burden. others are pitching up your southwest airlines open if you'd pantry right here in the terminal building and play some other airlines and food vendors and food bank have contributed to help tsa workers and other federal workers make ends meet. until the family budgets recover. >> the stories i hear when they come into the pantry, will bring you to your knees. their struggle is so real. and this is affecting them and so we want to do our part. to help. reporter: it is not over yet and nationwide, many tsa workers are expressing concern that this temporary ending to
2:28 pm
the government shutdown is just that, temporary. they brace themselves for possible more trouble next month.arthel: let's hope it doesn't happen. they are ready suffering too much from the spirit about preparations next week? you have a lot of people coming to the airport. reporter: tsa is preparing. they will not reveal exact numbers but they do say they plan to bring in additional agents from other parts of the country to help expedite the security lines. as far as how busy they are expecting, they say inbound visitors will be arriving over the course of several days. nothing at the airport can't handle. but what they are really having to prepare for is the day after the game, when everyone tries to leave town at the same time. officials expecting 110,000 people will pass to hartsfield jackson on that day. that will be an all-time record high for the world busiest airport.
2:29 pm
arthel: that is a lot of people! one good thing, lots of good food in the airport. if you get stuck. reporter: that's right i was there today!arthel: thank you, jonathan serrie. >> i made it clear it will not testify against the president. because i would have to bear false witness against him. >> if you were convicted you think the president would pardon you? >> the only person i've advocated to pardon for is marcus garvey. eric: that is roger stone piercing he will not go against the present. one key passage of the indictment has a speculation across the country. after the july 22 released of dnc emails by wikileaks, a senior trump campaign official was directed to contact stone about any additional releases and other damaging information organization one had regarding
2:30 pm
the clinton campaign. what does that mean? our legal penalty. david bruno criminal defense attorney and trial attorney, prosecutor and trial attorney also with this, mercedes, legal analyst. you got this intriguing line, mercedes, about a senior campaign official being directed to contact stone. while the prosecutors put that in. >> it's a warning shot. if you disrespect, you looking at whoever was in the know they know. we are not in the know. we sort of suspect but whoever's in the know, the prosecutor is sending a warning shot. you know who you are. we know who you are, we will not to identify you at this moment. we are still gathering information. but if i were the defense attorney involved in this i would say, this, they may be referring to us. let's strike a deal. let's go in there before they come to us. and really circle the wagon.
2:31 pm
because by then we cannot strike the best deal. eric: the lawyers talk about that behind the scenes when they negotiate. >> yes but here we go, the timing of that is important. because that line comes after the july 22, 2016 actual week. that was the first one. every outlook in america was looking for that information at that time. the fact that it means i do not believe that donald trump because donald trump already had contact with roger stern at the time.what would have to ask someone else to reach out to roger stone? the other point to make is that it is not a illegal conduct. . -- person one, doctor corsi. what has been charges that he lied to congress, he obstructed justice when he was lining up the testimony and that he also tempered with evidence. eric: that is a famous
2:32 pm
godfather two scene. last night they asked rajasthan specifically about this and this is what mr. stone said. >> have you spoken to the president about this? >> i have not. but again, if you watch cnn or msnbc, you wouldn't know that. because they act as if stone acts as a conduit between the trump campaign and wikileaks. between donald trump and wikileaks. when the president answered the written interrogatories it correctly and honestly said roger stone and i never discussed this. and we never did. eric: there is the denial right there. >> it's interesting. we don't know specifically what the answers are but those interrogatories the answers of the president a few months ago now at this point, really, they will be comparing whatever the president wrote in those questions in response saying everyone that comes forward, in the inner circle and external soccer, every individual they start to bring in and they start to circle what they have
2:33 pm
with stone. they'll start comparing whatever stone says. and is externally that he's going out and making these affirmative statements because whatever he says can be used against him in the court of law. so if it goes to this there is not a deal struck he goes forward, any of the statements is made publicly, can come back to haunt him in the court of law. eric: how does he know exactly what the president said? was it completely made public? >> good question but let's just look here. special counsel chose to hold off charging the individual answer to his home until after the president gave those statements. eric: what does that mean? >> what does it mean? because president trump may not have known about what special counsel has the communications between him and roger stone. eric: they went in like he was john gotti junior. he always said they knew they were coming and at 6:00 in the morning he got that knock on the door. >> is what were talking about
2:34 pm
before the start. it shows that mueller thinks you're still many pleading evidence. we believe that you still are doing -- eric: they called it -- >> there been negotiations like that where you can call the defense attorney and so we would like your client to come in. you come in. but doing this in the middle of the night? they obviously think that he is still capable of obstructing justice. destroying evidence, they're going to go in and sees everything and they have! after they have computers. after that they seized the phone. eric: but he has none this will happen for months now. >> but he is probably i am sure represented by counsel. that they did not have this negotiation. this negotiated arrest. eric: do you think the show but it was overkill or appropriate? >> i think it was appropriate as a former prosecutor myself. they wanted to get phones i'm sure. they want to get computers in the house. they did not want to give a
2:35 pm
head's up. there's been an allegation of obstructing justice before. and safety is important there. they did not do it, they did not do any explosives, they didn't do anything further in the warrant. they got a warrant and executed it. eric: and the judge signed off on that? >> yes, they established probable cause evidence would be in the home. eric: the judge signed off on that. finally, rajasthan has been professing his innocence. whatever he said and talked about has shown that he is full and open and on his website this is part of what he said. >> if anybody had bothered to read my website, the stone cold truth, they would know that i basically refuted and documented the reputation of every charge in this indictment. the indictment is thin indeed.
2:36 pm
so what is this about? it is about silencing me. eric: do you think that this is what it is about? >> we don't know at this point. honestly eric, this is taking a long time, there's lots of evidence. there is mountains of evidence, mountains of witnesses. we don't really know. but it is certainly pretty extraordinary for them to take such an affirmative step. i'm sure his attorneys are saying you're taking a risk by doing this but he's briefly ready for a fight because someone who wants to strike a deal would not take a step against mueller if that's what they wanted. eric: the message, i'm never going to strike a deal. >> that is his message to robert mueller. eric: and they say it's -- >> can't imagine! because all of the texts put into the indictment are clear! that he liked to congress. he said, i do not have any text message or any emails involving wikileaks. we know that to be untrue. based on text messaging. so these may be definitive declarations of innocence before. he's done in front of congress. as a result he is has five charges of false swearing in the indictment because of it.
2:37 pm
>> we talked about this. it is so easy to have your client be brought up on charges of obstruction of justice or lying. it is so easy because they can be tripped up, it depends on the questions being asked. there are lots of ways that can happen.then your client can be condemned. eric: he is back in court next week. guaranteed he will come out with a big thing and speak out to all of us. >> pitch by the -- which by the way he should stop talking. >> he should hire us! eric: put a gag on him or something. he was 16 years old and then 20 years old in 1973. thank you. arthel: thank you.there are new satellite images suggesting saudi arabia could be making and testing ballistic missiles. saudi arabia crown prince recently saying, the kingdom might build nuclear weapons if iran does. if true, this could strain relations with the u.s. and one of his most important allies in
2:38 pm
the region. kitty logan has more now from london. reporter: settled images appear to show the saudi arabia may be testing ballistic missiles. expose this evidence of a new test site to the west. the concern is that if saudi arabia is developing long-range ballistic missiles, there's a potential of regional stability. saudi arabia has been in support of the official government in yemen for three years. this has turned into a proxy war with iran. iran backing the rebels fighting the government. they fire missiles into saudi arabia several times. the situation could escalate further if the saudis use a long-range missile in response to regional enemies. last year started crown prince mohammed bin salman said they might develop nuclear weapons if they felt around would do the same. iran weapon program is limited by the deal signed in 2015 but some believe iran may be still
2:39 pm
continuing to work on developing nuclear weapons. now if saudi arabia does develop longer-range missiles that could put pressure on existing regional tensions and also between the u.s. and saudi arabia. arthel: thank you very much. eric: a u.s. canadian fighters have intercepted two supersonic bombers. the bombers look similar to this one in the picture pretty remained in international airspace. we are told that they were escorted by u.s. and canadian aircraft according to norad. this is the first known flight in the region by russian bombers so far this year. this comes as a secretary general prepares to meet with the secretary of state, mike pompeo in washington. arthel: meanwhile political turmoil in venezuela as the u.s. chooses sides. the secretary of state mike
2:40 pm
pompeo taking a stand at the united nations. general jack keane ways -- weighs and, next. one-millionth order. millionth order. ♪ there goes our first big order. ♪ 44, 45, 46... how many of these did they order? ooh, that's hot. ♪ you know, we could sell these. nah. ♪ we don't bake. ♪ opportunity.
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the united states virgin islands. eric: a 13-year-old was killed when a train slammed into a school bus yesterday in east texas. the bus driver and another student were injured in the mishap. school bus officials say it was attempting to cross the tracks in a small town of athens, texas. authorities are working to determine the exact cause of why that happened. at this police chief said that there are no gate arms were warning lights at that crossing. >> there has been no activity that is taking more of our time over the past days then ensuring the protection of all the folks under our chief authority over there in venezuela we are working
2:45 pm
diligently to make sure they are protected. there is no other priority for the secretary of state. no higher party for the president of the united states. we've discussed this at some length. arthel: secretary of state mike pompeo on the safety of americans in venezuela. mr. pompeo today addressing the united nations security council at an emergency meeting on venezuela. secretary pompeo urging international support for the countries opposition leader, juan guaido who has declared himself interim president as he stands up to dispute president maduro. but the un representative of russia hitting back at the secretary of state. >> venezuela does not represent a threat to peace and security. if anything does represent a threat to peace, it is the shameless and aggressive actions of the united states and their allies. and at the ouster of the legitimately elected president of venezuela. arthel: joining with nora, general jack keane, a retired
2:46 pm
four-star general, chairman of the institute for the study of war and a fox news senior strategic analyst. general, always good to have you.>> good to be here, arthel. arthel: should the u.s. back juan guaido? and if so why? >> a ready done that and unequivocally. it began with the vice president mike pence the day before juan guaido designate himself as president of venezuela. and once he did designate himself, on the square, hundreds of thousand people present, president trump endorsed it and now, an overwhelming number of countries have done the same. we kind of had a standoff here. obviously, we have someone who is declared himself to be the president of the country. he has the full backing of the national assembly, all of whom are elected officials. and maduro, clearly in charge of all the state functions as of now, it is not going anywhere. the un ambassador to russia,
2:47 pm
lying through his teeth like they normally do at the sessions. when he said he is the legitimate president of venezuela when everyone who has looked at this, believes that the may election was an absolute fraud. and that is one of the reasons why there is so much unrest in the country. the other reason is the humanitarian catastrophe. arthel: and meanwhile your venezuela military supporting nicolas maduro, maduro told the u.s. to evacuate our embassy in caracas. they ordered all non-us emergency employees to leave in as well. also advising us residing in venezuela to leave, their commercial flights available there till peerless introduced china and russia again. longtime supporters of nicolas maduro appear telling americans to butt out. so general, i ask you, where are the consequences that could prop up here?
2:48 pm
>> there are many. including violence that we have been watching now for a couple of years. it could manifest itself rather significant. about 20 people killed in the last couple of days, the last few days, excuse me. as a result of the massive demonstrations. what is so different about the demonstrations that are occurring now is that the numbers are coming from the impoverished area. we are people in the past did not demonstrate in those areas, it was largely the middle class that was demonstrating. but it is testimony to a huge degree of suffering, medical supplies that are available, shortages of food and water that the prevalence of disease. and then just an incredible amount of criminality that has taken place. major capitol crimes that are occurring there, making it the crime capitol of the world.
2:49 pm
russia and china have economic interest here. and of course it is interesting, to have the russians tell us to butt out in the western hemisphere. but nonetheless, that's what they are invested in and certainly does not too surprising that the countries that are aligning themselves with maduro, are more authoritarian countries.iran is the other one. turkey, surprisingly. they become much more authoritarian regime and troublesome to the united states. that's who is lined up with maduro. the rest of the world is really lined up completely and most all of south america with the people clearly, i venezuela who are suffering so much and certainly, hoping that change in power will take place here. the military will be key. minister of defense backing nicolas maduro. he has the guns. there in the back pocket of the regime. the military is fundamentally corrupt as it is in most authoritarian regimes.
2:50 pm
and we will see what happens. as a result of that. guaido is seeking amnesty for all of the military leaders. whether it is persuasive or not for them to fold their hand and pull away from nicolas maduro remains to be seen. arthel: general jack keane, thank you very much. >> good talking to you, arthel. eric: this weekend millions of people in the midwest are dealing with frigid temperatures. it might get a whole lot worse! our meteorologist, adam klotz will be here to tell you where and what the temperatures, where they are going. if it's cold where you are here's an idea. stay in, stay warm and go to our streaming service, "fox nation". there it is, you can watch make schools of investigation of what happened tojimmy hoffa. the program is called riddle. the search for james hoffa , one hour and and a half streaming appeared exclusive material for your weekend. only on "fox nation".
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deep-freeze. especially in the midwest. it is today chicago hard. take a look at our frozen lake michigan on lakeshore drive and the windy city really living up to its name, the windchill dropping into the negatives.
2:55 pm
wont you know it, just the beginning! adam klotz live in our extreme weather center with what we can expect. adam: you really have not seen anything yet. we are talking about placing the negatives but it is about to get colder. windchill is one in chicago, it has been negative today. this is very early on. much colder air is on the way. here's how it sets appeared future radar, some low-pressure systems will move across the midwest. when throughout the day early sunday, a large one late sunday into monday. bring with us no across michigan, back toward wisconsin, areas will see snow largely maybe three inches to six inches. this area, not a huge winter snow maker. they are used to seeing snow here. but the backside of this will pull in some of the coldest air we have seen in some cases, inasmuch as a decade. everything the purple graphic,
2:56 pm
zero or colder. this will stretch close to the ohio river. further to the south everything you're looking at in the blue, these are temperatures of 32 degrees. it is getting down there towards the coast. it is going to be frigid cold i am thinking some spots in the -30s next week. eric: look at the map, 32 near mobile and all through the panhandle. adam: all along the gulf coast. eric: stay home and watch riddle on "fox nation"! all right adam, thank you. arthel: that is cold! that does it for us. we will be back again tomorrow at noon eastern, 11:00 a.m. central. hope you will join us. eric: thank you for watching. and thank you for watching fox news channel. we know that you have lots of choices for news and we appreciate your trust in us. does this sound dismal? it isn't. ♪ ♪
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jon: president trump signs a bill to end the longest shutdown in history. it only pays federal workers until mid-february, teeing up more uncertainty. this is the fox report. president trump signed the bill yesterday despite no funding for his proposed wall which he previously said would be a non- nonstarter. mr. trump says congress needs to put forth a good faith effort. this as critics pounce on the president and accuse him of conceding to speaker nancy pelosi. the white house disputes that narrative. >> 100% no, the president stood up for the american people. he opened the government. we had democrats from


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