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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  January 27, 2019 3:00am-7:00am PST

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♪ ♪ president trump standing his ground on securing the southern border. the president says negotiations with the democrats will start immediately. >> president obama can send $1.8 billion to the iranians finding a few billion dollars for border security is something this president can do. >> starting to send some asylum applicants back to mention go. >> presidential openfuls are trying to get a jump start on the 2020 field. >> this president is not qualified to be the president. >> i will beat trump in ohio where they know me best, beat him in new york where they know him past. >> first lady melania trump got
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an apology for an expo say riddled with outright lies. >> an arctic blast gripping the midwest and more bitter cold is on the way. >> roger stone back home after the dramatic arrest. ♪ ♪ >> oh, no. oh no. he's going down. ♪ ♪ have you ever tried to do that, ed? >> i hissed th missed the begin. >> you spin around like this and then try to host the show. >> it's not easy. you do it six or seven times, try to run straight, it ain't happening. height have to do that on the show. katie, you've got heels on. >> i think because i know how to
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wear heels i should be better at it. you never know. >> sees you and raises you again and again. >> it's a competition. >> it is. nice to be back. i'm glad to superman flew in and take care of things for the moment. we've got a lot of news breaking overnight. >> it never stops. >> people thought that the battle against illegal immigration was over with and the president moved, no, the president insisting on twitter all day yesterday that he's not giving up the fight for a barrier and it comes at a time when yet another caravan is gaining both in numbers and moving closer to the united states. >> there's a caravan in mexico at the border of guatemala that has swelled to 12,000 people. mexico taking new steps to over many of them a one-year humanitarian visa promised by
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mexico's new president. but as our president has said over and over again, this is a problem and there are more people coming. we need to stop it. >> did you stay 12,000? >> 12,000. >> griff has been down there. i believe he's be down there to cover it again. >> the number was 8,000, the more recent one. >> this is a cascading effect. the president tweeting yesterday, he said, only fools or people with a political agenda don't want a wall or steel barrier to protect our country from crimes, drug and human trafficking. it will happen. it always does. that's an illusion to the fact the wall will be built. i've said i will do it. i will do it. when you see the caravans come eang if the border is wide open, you're going to have problems. >> the democrats were for it before they were against it. you can pull up video saying
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that the 2006 fence didn't have enough fencing and yet here we are today with a bigger crisis, thousands of people as you can see on your screen and people don't want to talk about it. >> roughly in 2013 there were people like chuck schumer talking about borders and barriers, whatever you want to call it. >> comprehensive border security is a different issue. the crisis is happening now. they have to turn off the flow and that is not being comp being accomplished. >> we have no idea who these people are. if you have a country, you know who's coming into your country. but the thing is, the focus has changed that's why the left hates it. they hate it because trump is for it. when it was comprehensive immigration reform it was all amnesty and then a little bit of
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border. trump says it's the other way around. >> you want to secure the border so you don't have a daca or amnesty problem in ten years. >> the democrat democrats are dn the end zone as we get ready for the super bowl saying we won the last but. the president is not going to get any money for the wall. but republican mark meadows can say, look around the couch, get some loose change in washington. there's always money being spent. look at the obama administration and the money they sent to iran. >> if president obama can send $1.8 billion to the iranians, i didn't appropriate that. certainly finding a few billion dollars for border security on our southern border is something this president can do legally and without a challenge. let's look at ten us c-sections 284. it says that dod can help protect the border, build
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fencing, build walls. the supreme courts are on the executive branch's side of this. >> anyou kno. . >> and you know this, to his point, the bags of cashing sent from the obama administration, there was no bill in congress that said send bars to iran. this was money moved around within executive power. and the president is going to find a way. >> he's given two options here, negotiate come up with a fair plan that includes border security, a wall or barrier of some kind or i'm going to have to declare a national emergency. >> and they won't give it to him. nancy can't. she can't give in, can't give him a dollar. it's all immoral now. it will have to have a national emergency because the president cannot afford to go to the person people in 2020 saying i tried for the wall and couldn't
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get it. >> the president's best weapon may be democrats imploding on their own with some of their policies, the things they're pushing. remember day one of the congress, let's abolish the congress, let's impeach the president. but they're also talking about taxing you big time. many of the democratic presidential candidates for 2020. look at this tweet from elizabeth warren, it's time to fundamentally transform the tax code so it's not rigged for the rich. my plan taxes the wealth with a net health over $50 million, bucks the top 1. pete: pay their nai1% and pay y. >> this billionaire paid $100 million for a super yacht. i'm sure he can pay my ultra millionaire's taction to help
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the americans struggling with loan debt. he's not talking about all of the people employed and all of the jobs that put into making it. >> daniel snyder is the owner of the red skins, he dropped out of college, self made billionaire. >> punish him for his success. >> poke hand tus is taking on the red skins. there's an irony in that all together. >> i missed that part. but this guy, this is how they -- why do they use this phrase, it's time to fundamentally transform. transforming america. that's the way they do it. nothing is fair, take it from the rich and restribt it. horestribtredisibredistribute i. >> the way that elizabeth warren
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wants to fundamentally transform america requires that everybody in america, including the middle class and the people in the lower class to pay more taxes. all of these programs they want to implement are not going to be paid for through an ult millionaire's tax. eventually it's going to be pay for through everyone. medicare for all sounds great until you talk about raising their taxes and then they're against it. >> she's talking about the tippy top. >> and then it goes to everybody. >> how do it get on daniel snyder's yacht. >> your eyes were popping out. wow i want to get on that yacht. >> i want to be there. >> you know who else is the tippy top in elizabeth warren. she's got some money. >> there may be more trouble brewing, if you will. >> nice pun. >> for the democrats.
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former coe of starbucks talking about runs for president. this headline, ex-ceo could get trump reelected. schultz thinks politics is broken and may run as an independent. the democrats think that's a terrible idea. there's an idea that you have michael bloomberg may be running as a democrat, now you have howard schultz as an independent, it takes votes away from the democrats. it may be a recipe for the president, not the democrats. >> the rnc passed a resolution saying they'll support president trump's reelection. the republicans don't want an independent because it only helps the democrats. >> there's one name that comes to mind. ross perot. we've seen this movie. for someone like him to think who are the political advisers. i couldn't pick howard schultz
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out of a lineup. he's obviously a rich guy but there's no constituency for him. >> you normally buy dunkin' donuts for us here. >> let us know if you're a dunkin' or a do nuts kin donuts. >> one name for you. ralph nader. those who made sure that al gore was not elected as president. the same thing could happen. an urgent manhunt for a suspect accused of killing five people in louisiana. police believe that dakota is armed and dangerous, his killed his parents, girlfriend and her brother in two separate shootings. he's stole one of the victim's 2004 dodge pick cup trucks to get away. more than 70 hurt in a bomb attack in the philippines.
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two bombs went off. the first happened during the cathedral during sunday mass. the second happened as the security officials responded to the first. nikoa maduro's government accusing the united states of leading a coups against him. showing the tweets as proof at an united nations meeting. one tweet recognizes maduro's rival as the angting president of venezuela. roger stone appearing defiant against recent charges against him. exclusive photos showing him wearing that t-shirt roger stone did nothing wrong. he was indicted on several false charges. he is due in court on tuesday. >> he's going full nixon again as well. >> they're going to start selling his shirts for his legal
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fund. the left says it never happens but texas officials discovered tens of thousands of noncitizens have actually voted in one or more elections in texas. so just how big of a problem, just how big of a voter fraud is this? a former doj official says the problem isn't just texas. it might be all around the country. he joins us next. the man tried to conquer the disney bat contest. ed is going to try it later. but he never stood a chance. ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop.
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. texas election official said friday since 1996 tens of thousands of noncitizens cast ballots in elections. an evaluation found 95,000
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non-us citizens who are registered to vote in texas and about 58,000 of them voted in one or more texas elections. texas attorney general responded by saying, quote, every single instance of illegal voting in our state deprives individual tactionens of their voice. my election fraud committee stands ready to investigate. christian adams is here this morning. we hear all of the time that noncitizens aren't vote in our elections. people who say there's voter fraud are conspiracy theorists. tell us how big of a problem this is. >> it's not just t. texas. texas is a big problem. we've been fighting places like the state of philadelphia. pennsylvania. we're fighting houston, harris
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county. they're hiding nervous. places like california, michigan. the system is broken. the reason this is happening is because all there is a check box, are you citizen were yes or no, some people don't know what it says because they don't speak english and they're marking vote when they get a driver's license. the system is broken. that's why this is happening. >> how do you solve this problem. you just explain how they get on to the voter rolls. how do you get them out of the rolls that so they're not entire fearing with the elections for american citizens? >> this is why president trump had an lex committee that i was on and we would have gotten to the bottom of this. all of these academics, civil rights groups, frankly party
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officials in a certain party are against getting to the truth. they don't want you to know that 58,000 people who aren't citizens are vote in texas. that in pennsylvania there might be been up to 100,000 aliens that have gotten on the rolls because pennd.o.t. has been descreuing up there. how you get to the bottom is to dig for the truth. but the problem is any time you do, groups come out to attack you. >> and the wa is the way to proe voter id laws? how do you prevent this kind of fraud from happening in. >> sadly getting id is what's causing it. they're going to get driver's licenses and getting on the voters rolls because of motor voter. don't make motor voter so flimsy. there has to be some form of citizenship verification. we're trying to defend some states right now.
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and the other thing to do is to citizenship verification on the back end. remember the immigrants are the victims too. this is messes up their green card status. >> it seems like noncitizens vote by the tens of thousands is interference in our democracy. we have to leave it there. thank you so much. coming up, a war hero charged for being a war criminal now faces the death penalty. an update on the case of major matthew goldstein from who he says the case is devastating her family. she joins us next. and the left's latest craze, comparing trump to famous tv villains. one op-ed calling him tony so pra no. how bad will the trump derangement syndrome get? we'll take a look. coming up. ♪ ♪ ob. failure is not an option.
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comcast business. beyond fast. some quick head lines. the pete hegseth walking edition. banksy created this piece of a mourningful woman to honor those killed in the 2014 paris attack. thieves cut the artwork off an emergency door and took off in a truck. -9d 0 people died in that attack. memorials taking place around the world. today marks 74 years since the auschwitz camp was liberat liberated. six million people were killed during the holocaust and we never never forget. pete? >> thanks. well in march a harygd had
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been set for the green beret who was killed of the killing of the 2010 taliban bomb maker responsible for the deaths of two marines in their unit. julie goldstein is the wife of matthew goldstein and joins us this morning. give us an update. our viewers are familiar with matt's case. he's open about what he did and grievinbelieving it was well wis bounds to do so, killing a taliban bomb maker. he's about to face a hearing, military justice in march. yet he submitted a letter, a request to his chain of command. update our folks on what's happening right now. >> sure. matt submitted on friday a petition for dismissal of the charge with prejudice. this is also supposed to go to every commander and civilian in the chain of command between matt and the secretary of
3:26 am
defense. it has the rights and responsibilities of the commander as well as the justification of the charges. in response to that, what the army has done is they have rescinded all of his leave in passes. they're restricting him to fort bragg which is separating him from our family, our children, his civilian employment which they're desperate by trying to make him lose, his fed call care, all of our extended family and support network. they have also orchestrated a pay issue and matt will not see a check anytime in the foreseeable future because of a command-orchestrated situation. >> hold on, julie. he submits this memorandum which he's asking for the charges to be dismissed, it's within his rights as a soldier. >> yes. >> did you anticipate that he would effectively be put on lockdown on base?
3:27 am
>> it's hard to anticipate or predict anything they're going do because the army makes up the rules as they go along. so you take a chance in trying to defend yourself and do the right thing, you take a chance that they're going to punish you as they have. >> there's already a punishment process in place. he's got an article 32 hearing coming up in march. that is the process by which someone in the military goes through the justice system. he's hoping someone will review it before them, as high as the secretary of defense. and the problem you're facing is once you're in the process it's hard to find someone in uniform willing to step up saying i'm in charge of the case. here's what we're looking at. it's almost a faceless process. matt was on the battlefield for our country. made some tough calls at tough moments. what is he asking for right now? >> somebody in the chain of command, any command tore take
3:28 am
jurisdiction and dismiss this with prejudice. we don't have really any hope that anybody is going to step up and do the right thing. we would love to hear from president trump on the matter, if he can step in. you know, they are also drk by restricting him to fort bragg, they're also keeping him from his legal representation which is based in d.c. which is very interesting to me. one of the next steps we're going to make is we'll be requesting a commercial inquiry and making an ig complaint into the actions of the people who are orchestrating this, lar particularly the prosecuting jag and the lieutenant colonel. >> thank you for your courage. for guys that make tough calls on the battlefield, all you want to hope is that the government gives them the benefit of the doubt and up stead it seems that matt is getting the exact
3:29 am
opposite. we're going to keep following this case. give our best to matt. >> can i add one more thing? >> yes. >> it's been indicated to us that the prosecution would be happy with a plea deal in which matt would serve two to three years. so if that tells you anything about their case, that they have against him on a capital crime. >> they want him to accept something and admit guilty that he of course will never admit to because he was doing his job. >> absolutely not. >> julie goldstein, thanks you very much. tough case. she's appeared in several magazines but this model is living in fear that politics would kill her career. well she's now telling the world she worked and supports -- worked for and supports president trump. that model will join us next hour. plus, one state wants to put god back in its schools. the latest effort to put our national motto "in god we trust"
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in every classroom. seems like common sense. the most decadent day of year, national chocolate cake day. we're indulging with cake for breakfast next. ♪ ♪
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david duke's political life is exactly the same as donald
3:34 am
trump. >> a taste of moose leeny here. >> this is a guy who kept a book of hitler's speeches on the night stand by his bed. >> whenever he goes up there like it's a moose leeny hearing. >> i'm not saying that trump is hitler. hitler volunteered for the army. >> all right. >> how low can you go? >> pretty low apparently. >> i look at it during the break and i found a story that said among mass murderers in world history, hughe moose leeny is responsible for killing 400,000 people in world war ii and another 30,000 in ethiopia. you're comparing the president of the united states to someone who killed -- killed. not just had nasty rhetoric or tough fights, killed over
3:35 am
400,000 people. >> and they say ridiculous things, president trump is keeping hitler speeches next to his bed studying them. an insult to holocaust advisers. but not only have these people going from dictators and people who committed genocide against entire groups of people but they're comparing him to fake characters in television. comparing him to hitler isn't enough. the "the new york times" running this op-ed headline, if trump were toni so pr soprano, michael bloomberg saying it's the version of a bad horror movie but instead of freddie krueger we've got donald trump and the nightmare at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. freddie krueger is a fictional character who would murder his victims in their sleep with razors and awful things.
3:36 am
>> michael bloomberg is the least interesting person. a clown. ridiculous. that's twice i've called people a clown on this program this weekend. i'm going to have to dial that back. >> trump thaz killed has killef people. isis. a lot of isis people are dead. he wants to kill isis and build a border wall and suddenly he's all of these things. do they think this is going to help him? do they think average people feel that way about their president? as you go into 2020, this kind of rhetoric, the folks on the left are going to use it. >> it downplace real evil that's happening in the world thamplet's the real point. what do you think? friends@fox famous models and influencers including kendall jenner are facing subpoenas.
3:37 am
investigators are trying to find out what the founder did with $26 million from investors. the infamous festival was promoted as a luxury once in a lifetime concert in the bahamas. the event turned out to be a real scam. an nfl player forced to take a psych exam after police say he punched an office every. detroit lions linebacker was arrested for paying a taxi fare in new york city. the police say he became irritated as they tried to fingerprint him. he would face up to seven years in qulail if convicted. >> yrn indiana wants to put godk in school, in god we trust. the measure would also require schools offer elective religious studies classes. the courses would be taught in a
3:38 am
secular manner and would not promote any specific religion. a brave fan's attempt to show case his athletic ability backfires at the world's most famous arena. >> ♪ you spin me right round >> oh no. he's going down. >> go down hard. the madison square crowd looking on as the university of maryland fan slowly losing his balance. the idea is to spin around on a baseball bat, which pete is going to do later, then go make a basket. >> the idea is to make someone make a fool of themselves and they did a really nice job. >> those are your headlines for the morning. >> do you think rick could do the weather? >> have you ever done that? >> like a tornado, rick. >> i have played the game. >> it's a fun game. you usually play it in grass with your friends not on television. >> and you do that when you're under 25. at a certain point that don't work at all. let's talk weather. really cold air across the northern plains.
3:39 am
it will be there all week long. we have to get through this week. feels like minus 32 in fargo. we have snow up there. rain again across florida. sorry, florida, a washout of your weekend. heavy rain across central parts of florida this morning. one batch of snow in the eastern great lakes and blieb behind ths where the colds winds comes in. wednesday is the coldest day of the week. what is happening over here? >> come on over. >> cake for breakfast. >> national chocolate cake day. we're using it as an excuse for chocolate cake for breakfast. >> we've got some incredible decadent cakes to try this morning. >> we have chocolate mousse. you've got to try that. >> you've 0 no you're not just y
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chocolate cake company, you've been around since 1921. >> so we have to ask, out of all of the cakes in the bakery, what is your favorite? >> i'm a mousse guy, a standard family recipe. 90 years. that's a blackout cake made with chocolate pudding. that's my grandmother's chocolate pudding recipe. get your finger in there. that's the mousse. get in there, man. >> what is that? a chocolate covering. >> a vanilla ganache. >> you want to control yourself and have a small cake for breakfast. >> i love that we have national cake day. we have a reason to eat cake. isn't it great? >> do we need a national day to
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eat cake? i don't know. cake all of the time. >> cake for breakfast. >> for goodness sake, let them eat cake. >> we have nine locations throughout the city. >> do you ship? >> we ship black and white, our signature item. >> i love those. >> is that from you, the "seinfeld" episode? >> i wish it was. >> when you come to the city get a black and white cookie. signature item. some on the left quick to declare victory now that the shutdown is finally over. >> nancy pelosi as is the master negotiator. >> speaker pelosi handled this very very well. a veteran of washington and her colleagues are glad they appointed her speaker. >> too soon? we debate it next. she wants to tax millionaires 70% but most persons aren't going to be willing to shell out 10 buck to
3:42 am
fight. >> don't tell her. >> bad news. >> he's going to tweet about it. >> the tippy top. ♪ ♪
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. well after the shutdown standoff ended the democrats were quick to race to the tv cameras and declare victory trchlt.>> the longest shutdown n american history will finally end today. the president has agreed to our request to open the government and then debate border security. hopefully now the president has learned his lesson. >> for they dancing a little early in here to debate, mark lauder and democratic strategist jason nic mick nic nickels.
3:46 am
>> the biggest thing they were offerings is that they wouldn't negotiate while the government was shou shut down. now they'll have to negotiate and fund the wall on border security or expose themselves for what they have. >> what about that, the democrats keep saying we don't want the president's wall but we want border security, we want to protect americans. are you going to put your money where your mouth is? >> now americans actually trust nancy pelosi and congressional democrats on border security more than the president. he has lost a lot of political capital. if he shuts the government down after february 15th, it's going to be disastrous for him politically. i think democrats have the upper hand right now. i think we're going to get border security but i'm not certain we're going to get the
3:47 am
wall. >> so you say they have the upper hand. does that mean the democrats will come to the table? last week the president came out with a new proposal, trying to move closer to daca. are u yo going to negotiate with this president? >> i think they're going to gesh yait. negotiate. he didn't offer anything substantive, he didn't offer a permanent solution. >> not a permanent solution but when you saw he didn't offer anything substantive, he put it on the table, saying three years of protection for daca, others as well who are here temporarily. he's not talking about deborting them. hodeportingthem? >> he needs more. if he's trying to negotiate he needs to put more on the table, come up with a permanent solution for daca and perhaps the democrats will actually speak to him on a border wall. i think now we realize that a border wall is wasteful and most americans don't support it.
3:48 am
>> the democrats are on record having voted for a board are wall on numerous occasions, doubling the border barrier in 2013, 2006, it just shows the hypocrisy of democrats that when president trump is in office they suddenly don't want a wall. >> mark, we already have 650 miles of border wall and that's what you're referring to. we don't need any more. much of the terrain is not conducive to crossing. we already know that a border wall will not stop the flow of drugs. >> tell that to the customs control experts who work on that southern border. they know the walls work. >> they come through tunnels. >> even former president obama head of border protection supports additional wall. >> appreciate you both getting your points in. we'll see what happens in the next two weeks. some democrats say it's a major concern but most americans are not willing to shell out 10 buck to fight climate change.
3:49 am
we'll have the details coming up. plus, harry potter himself. now he's casting a spell on super bowl star tom brady for having a hat. ♪ are holding you back, and your current treatment hasn't worked well enough f
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3:52 am
. all right quick headlines. ohio senator sherrod brown making a bold prediction about a possible presidential run. >> i will beat trump in ohio where they know me best, i'm beat him in my home state, i'll beat him in new york in his home state. >> the president beat hillary clinton by eight points.
3:53 am
al alexandria ocasio-cortez says she'll miss a documentary that he's in due to complications from the shutdown. the premier is today. the shutdown ended on friday. he did not elaborate on her change of plans. >> that's a movie about her? >> it's a documentary about her. they followed her around in the house. >> would you really want to follow pete all day? >> i'm not sure how they would file that. >> the congresswoman's big cause is this green new deal that we're going to spend. >> trillions. >> if not billions to fight climate change. surely the american people are behind her. surely a lot of people are saying sign me up, i'm willing to take money out of my own pocket to battle climate change right? >> or not. >> there's a new poll coming
3:54 am
from the a.p. they said would you pay $1 a month to impact climate change. most said they would. when they upped it to $10 a month, 68% of americans put on their common sense cap saying nope, i'm not interested, which points to the fact if this is -- the democrats, the representative you just talked about, the socialist from the bronx who is actually from westewestchester, she says the d is going to end in 12 years. >> they're not willing to sacrifice their cans and nylons to help. >> don't forget the straws. >> this goes to the idea that they think they can throw money at a problem. individual people with be conservationist by changing little in their behavior. even if you were willing to give $10 a month, do you trust that
3:55 am
people are going to use that money to impact the climate in a positive way? you don't make the environment better by taking money from people and throwing it at issues. you do it by going out in your local neighborhood and picking up the trash and not running the faucet. >> every time there's a protest against the president, there's trash everywhere left on the national mall. >> . >> it's true. >> remember the tea party protest? thithere was a lot of conch of that. >coverage ofthat. >> al gore came out with the docks meantry sayinhisdocumentae world was going to end. and we're still here. >> and they look at china which is spewing and spewing and the rules don't apply to them. >> india as well. >> and suddenly now -- i have to recycle. i can't put anytime a bag. i have to dump it. >> you know who else it doesn't apply to? the people pushing this.
3:56 am
at davos they all fly in on private jets and drive in suvs. until they're willing to walk the walk. >> will you get behind the socialist from the bronx/wet bronx/westchester. >> this is a religion for the left. >> but you idea about pete in a documentary earlier when you said you would follow him around. the first episode, him trying to recycle. >> it would be secretly throwing anytime the garbage. they're telling us we have to move on. why? it's stunning television. you've heard the impeachment calls from demeanors. >democrats.>> either going to bd by congress or the ballot box. >> we're going to impeach them [bleep]. >> a new poll shows a majority of americans disagree. she's appeared in several magazines but this model has been living in fear that
3:57 am
politics would kill her career and now she is telling the world that she's worked for and supports president trump. that model is coming up. ♪ ♪ has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today.
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. president insisting he's not giving up the fight for a barrier and it comes at a time when yet another caravan is gaining both in numbers and moving closer and closer to the u.s. the republicans have two different objectives. they don't care about safety. if they did they would build the wall. >> for trouble brewing if are the democrats. former coe of starbucks is talking about running. >> this president is not qualified toob a president. both parties are consistentry not doing what's necessary for the american people. >> first lady got an apology for
4:01 am
roger stone appearing defiant against recent charges against him reading this t-shirt reading "roger stone did nothing wrong." >> you spin me right round. >> oh no. he's going down. ♪ ♪ >> good shot of the white house there. i would watch that video 15 times in a row on a loop. >> and if you fall. >> i'll do it on my sharpie marker. >> next hour we've got the sharpie out. >> how many turns? >> i'll do seven or eight. >> ten? >> do at least ten. >> be prepared, i will bite it on national tv hard. >> then we're definitely doing it and replaying it for the next year.
4:02 am
>> i'll let him go first and then i'll decide. what do you think? >> i'm going to be in the middle watching and laughing. >> i do love it when teams gets creative with their halftime performance. >> and involve the crowd. >> involve the crowd, a few laughs, all in good fun. this guy knew what he was getting into. the border battle continues. obviously democrats celebrate what they believe is a big victory already in maybe round one of all of this. the president saying he's going to fight another day. there's a new caravan with about 12,000 immigrants just around guatemala, mexico border. and the president of mexico encouraged the migrants to apply for humanitarian visas. you see a long line of folks saying they want to get into southern mexico. >> this is not the caravan that we were talking about. this is not the caravan that griff was in. >> that was days ago.
4:03 am
>> that caravan is already approaching the mexican border. this is a new caravan even larger of 12,000 migrants who will presumably could gain more steam going through mexico. and i thought the mexican government was going to take this more seriously. what they've done, give them a one-year humanitarian visa, a one year free paz t pass to makr way to the u.s. border. >> and if these people in the vary kann decide to reject the one-year visa saying they're coming for asylum, it plofs thas that the asylum system in the u.s. is easy to fool. the president is paying attention to all of this as for the next three weeks he'll be negotiating on a border wall on our southern border say in a treat over the weekend, only fools or people with a political agenda don't want a steel or barrier to protect our count coy
4:04 am
from crimes, drug or human trafficking. it will happen. >> we continue know who any of these people are. they're pouring through the country. after the tijuana situation where locals, mexicans wur saying we don't have the resource rs for als for all of e people to come here, it's interesting to see mexico's reaction. >> there's a bipartisan committee that's supposed to get together and come up with solution to deal with the crisis. they've been talking about doing this for years now. can they get it done in three weeks? >> we'll see. >> probably not. >> this is the conference committee -- i can't see who those folks are. if that's dick durbin, he'll be helpful, i'm sure. it's difficult to see what they come up that meets the li litmus test of what nancy pelosi says
4:05 am
and what president trump wants. they're going to do it with slight of hand and side deals, all of this stuff that folks can't accept. maybe we need a little common sense. lou holz had some opinions last night. >> the problem is the democrats and the republicans have two different objectives. 30 years ago we had the same objective, keep the people safe and let them be successful. today the democrats have a different objective. obviously they don't care about the people, they don't care about safety. why do i say that? if they did, they would build the wall. they have drones, drones does nothing but say we catch and release. >> at one time we used to come together. now the democrats don't want to come to the table and negotiate. >> drones do nothing. drones are fine but without a physical barrier -- and then the fact that most will turn
4:06 am
themselves in. when you saw the video of the guys going over the fence, they turned thepse themselves in buty knew the system would spit them out. >> they're falsely claiming asylum. they're at first approved, it's a low bar and then the majority of them are thrown out once they get to the second hearing. and a lot of these people in mention so they look, we're doing this for a job but we're going to say that we're seeking asylum because we know we can get in the country by doing so. >> it has not changed at the border. there's still a crisis at the border. democrats celebrating saying we won the last round and we can maybe move on from all of that each though the problem is there. and you wonder if they'll have similar yeub rous when it comeso impeaching the president. there's a poll that says that the americans do not want the president impeached. >> he should resign but if he
4:07 am
doesn't resign he should be impeached. >> i'm so pleased that people are now having the courage to at least say the word impeachment. i think it's inevitable. i certainly think he qualifies for impeachment. >> donald trump is going to be impeached by the congress or the ballot box. >> we're going to go in there eanl we're going to impeach low pressure loimpeach[bleep]. >> the party is looking at the pals. the new washington post abc poll suggesting the public, 65% opposed to impeachment, only 40% support. it's a boomerang. >> that's the thing you have to be careful about. given the field on the left, they're going to go as far left as possible. and whether nancy pelosi is going to be able to hold off the caucus in her house calling for impeachment. >> she can't do anything other than resist, resist because her
4:08 am
younger members will call her out for it. the linchpin would be bob mueller's report. the same poll asked about how americans feel -- same one asked about confidence in the support. 22% had none, good amount 19%, 7% living on jupiter with no opinion. so it's a mixed bag. then i think people don't know what he's got and don't have confidence that i he'll be fair. what's been fair about how donald trump is treated versus how hillary clinton was treated. >> it will be interesting to see how the democrats react to that report if it didn't have what they want in it. you've seen the democrats saying we va to do our own investigations because we can't wait for the mueller report. they're not getting enough from the mueller report which means they're not getting what they want. >> how many investigations are going on in washington right now. >> . >a lot.>> they've only been in s
4:09 am
a couple of weeks and they have more coming. this is on multiple fronts. >> the house just got rid of a committee on terrorism to focus more on the russia collusion issue. >> yes. >> which says a lot about where their priorities are. when you look at polling when it comes to elections, russia is at the bottom of the list. >> absolutely nobody cares. this town here cares a lot because they're invested. they looked like fools for being invested in the narrative and want it to work. but no one watching this program cares. e-mail us. do you care about russia? have you ever been to russia? can you speak russian? diswhr do yo>> do you care aboun probe? >> bob mueller is supposed to be an independent investigator he's playing into the hands in this country that there are two forms of justice. roger stone gets his door kicked
4:10 am
in at 4:00 in the morning, a 68-year-old guy, no physical threat to anybody. yet hillary clinton bleach bits her commute computer, nothing ho her or abedin, any of these people. i couldn't pronounce her name. there are two forms of justice. >> and that doesn't play out well. turning now to your headlines, a convicted human trafficker is back behind bars after facing an alabama prison. cory davis surrendered to federal authorities in kentucky. he escaped earlier this week while on work detail, hid behind furniture on a trailer to get away. >>. u.s. and canadian fighter jets scramble to intercept two russia blommers. bombers.
4:11 am
they never entered the soften air space and were escorted away. no conflicts were reported. pope francis tells hundreds of thousands of youth to live life off line. the pope is encouraging them to get involved in their local communities. instead the pontiff was speaking to a crowd gathered in panama for world youth day. he's wrapping up a five-day visit there with mass this morning. novak djokovic wins the australian open for a record seven time. sweeping rifle raphael nadal in three sets with the win. djokovic captured his third straight grand slam title. those are your head lines. >headlines.>> remember the uma/h
4:12 am
moment? it was funny and then it bombed. >> makes anthony weiner's name sound simple. >> blast from the past. we got to move on. the media taking aim at maga hats. >> some referred to the hat as a modern day version of the confederate battle flag. >> when i see the make america great again hat i am triggered. >> harry potter himself the latest to go after the maga hat now he's casting a spell on super bowl star tom brady for having one. nairt elizabeth warren senat wants to impose a tax on the wealthy. what are the other senators what are the other senators talking about. we 50ewe'll take a look next. and a beverage distribution supervisor.
4:13 am
4:14 am
4:15 am
4:16 am
. 2020 presidential candidate elizabeth warren upping the ante proposing a wealth tax that targets americans with more than $50 million in assets and savings. what are the other 2020 democrats tax policies. here to break them down, senior fellow at the national tax uni union. walk us through this. we've got elizabeth warren's ultramillionaire tax. what is that? >> it's a tax not on income but on belt. wealth. that's asset accumulations, stocks, business, and the renoir that somebody has sitting in their living rooming. of the 12 countries that have hads taxes like this on the
4:17 am
books, 75% of them have gotten rid of them. look at the volatility of the stock market. can you imagine taxes wealth based that. >> it's a tax on all of the stuff you have forever. >> exactly. and that makes it constitutionally suspect because the 16th amendment allows the federal government to tax income but not assets. >> kamala harris has an approach to a universal basic income type concept. >> kamala harris is proposing what we'll see from a lot of the democrats is that every person gets a check from the government in order to do whatever they would want to with it. the problem is who pays for it. we haven't seen a lot of specifics from the democrats about who will pay for the proposals. elizabeth war rent gets credit for saying who would be the far target. >> her policy is everyone gets a check from the government?
4:18 am
>> exactly right. and the notion being that there's enough money going around to fuel that kind of spending. i would argue that is not the case. and if you look at the math of the matter, that would make it difficult for it to be a proposal to be funded with the current revenues that we have. >> they don't worry about math. math doesn't matter because the world is going to end in 12 years. >> a billion here and billion there pretty soon you're talking about real money. >> here's a few philosophies, kristen gill brand, talk to us about she wants to extend the bush era tax cuts. you've got heul r julio castro. >> we haven't seen a lot of specificity from the candidates. we have house democrats like ocasio-cortez talking about marginal tax. but she's not running for president. the senate demeanors wh demeanoo
4:19 am
run are going to have to articulate what their vision is for the future. that's going to force them to stand out in the pack. what we've seen so far is every member who comes out with a specific plan is trying to tap the rich more and more. we've seen in the past though when democrats talk a lot about taxing the rich they rarely put that into play. it will be an interesting concept to see the senate democrats who have the power to vote on policy if they put their money where their mouth is. >> this is all a prelude to 2020 of course. you say sticking out of the pack is going to mean looking like the best resister of the president and then basically the most extreme. do you see even more extreme policies potentially coming out? >> that's certainly possible. we've got socialism in the mix as a hot topic for democrats running for president. that's going to be difficult for them once they get out of the primary. the democrats need to put forward a candidate who can beat president trump and not just
4:20 am
state their base. that is two competing priorities for democrats runs for president. that's going to be difficult when you look at the tax plans. >> sticking out of the pack is not going to be modest increases at the margins of the tax rate. it's going to be extreme solutions that works for the base. thanks for brakin breaking that. new york's liberal governor allowing abortions up until a baby's due date. mike huckabee says the law is disgusting. he joins us ahead. a model feared politics would kill her career by now she's telling the world that she worked for and supports president trump. that model joins us coming up next.
4:21 am
4:22 am
4:23 am
4:24 am
a 23-year-old model is opening up about a big secret she kept from her fashion industry colleagues. she's a trump supporter worked full time on his 2016 presidential campaign. >> elizabeth pipko writing in the new york post she feared politics would kill her career in modeling. >> elizabeth pipko joins us live now. whydy you decide to come out and write this op-ed. >> it was time for me to say that my choice for supporting the president defends all of the mernamericans who support him. >> you don't lean left or conservative but president trump inspired you to get involved in politics. how was that? >> i was passionate when u was little. we had a president pipko joke in my household. it was getting young people to
4:25 am
vote. made me feel like i had a voice and i was appreciated by someone. i never felt that way in politics. i thought it wu time i got involved and showed other young people that it was important for her country and future. >> why is this such a big deal that someone would come out and pronounce that they support the president. what sit about the fashion industry? >> i think they're similar to hollywood -- i don't want to say left. but everyone has to be similar. everyone has to agree. i don't want to say we're intimidated by photographers but they kind of run the show and there's a bunch of people around them, hair, stylist, makeup and we all have to agree. there was no chance that i with us going to go out there and say that i supported the president because. >> were there specific policies that president trump talked about on the campaign trail? >> it started out with his honesty when he said america
4:26 am
first, something no one had ever said. it made it that much more important. >> do you fear there's going to be a backlash that it's going to hurt your a career? >> based on the criticism i've received there is going to be a backlash. i don't know thaw i'll model again which is okay with me. >> you may lose a lot of money because of this. >> it's a part of me. like i said, i'm not just a trump supporter. i workedded on the campaign. i met my husband there. it was the biggest achievement of my life. the fact that i couldn't share that and be proud of that, it took its toll. >> as a model did you look up to melania trump who made her way up in the fashion industry? from a personal perspective and a ploftion na professional modeg
4:27 am
perspective, did you have any conversations with her in. >> i have not speaken wit spoke. i would be honored. you know, she is just the ultimate role model not just for models but i think for women. >> i'd logically you were having to live a lie or be silent. >> exactly. >> you feel liberated? you're almost unafraid of the consequences, capable to be yourself. what does it say about our society that you have to hide your political views. >> reading the comments that are coming in. >> what are they saying. >> calling me a nazi, which i'm a la religion jew. the positive comments of people telling me they're terrified to tell their coworkers, their friends and family that they support the president as well, that's scary. it's not america. that's not why people come here.
4:28 am
that's not why we have the democracy that we have so people can be scared. >> people come from countries where you can't say things because you might get a knock on your door. >> as a young person it's really scary. >> what about that, your piers,, they fall into socialism. what would be your warning of not thinking about what you're saying but calling names and justifying what they're saying to you in response to your decision in. >> i think a lot of it is not being fully informed. people love to hear something, that's the popular 0 opinion, that's what i'm going to say. google it. he's done incredible things for our country and i think if everybody did the research and didn't listen to everyone around them, they would be positive about what's happening. >> do you worry about your peers losing their individual creative
4:29 am
tifcreativity and freedom? >> all of the people that i admired and loved as people grouped into one circle and i don't think they'll be the same. >> think for yourself. >> thank for being here. >> president pipko? >> thank you. >> if you run a fashion business, elizabeth pipko is here. thank you for your courage. the 202 2020 race for democs keeps going. governor huckabee has some advice. >> the national protests are down in the nfl and the ratings are up. coming up.
4:30 am
4:31 am
4:32 am
4:33 am
♪ ♪ a beautiful shot obviously of the sun rising over the white house. a whole bunch of democrats want to live there. >> a growing number. >> terrible song, a beautiful shot. >> a large field of democrats trying to run and get into the oval office and kick president trump out of there in just two years. >> they're going to try it. let's ask somebody who was a part of a big crowded field. who better than governor mike huckabee author of "rare,
4:34 am
medium, done well, make the most of your life." you were a part of presidential run in a big field. what is your advice to a budding young democratic candidate for 2020. >> first of all, thanks so much for reminding me of that. you know, i think the democrats are going to have to rent out cowboy stand yu stadium and that for the candidates. it's going to be a crowded field. there could be 30 people that could end up starting out. not all of them will last to the early primaries but it still could be 20, 25 people or so that could be on the early stage. how they figure that out, i don't know. it's very difficult to get your message out especially if the media decides to pick one or two candidates and give them all of the attention. that's what happened to us. an an actual study showed that donald trump got got 90% of allf
4:35 am
the coverage during a two-week span in september. and in that kind of environment, you're done. you can't compete. >> you lost twice, not just once, right? >> that's right. thank you so much. by the way, ed, there will be a package op your door in the morning. >> wow. >> we have a fun banter back and forth. but in all seriousness, you stuck around the second time and i remember you winning iowa as well. >> let me correct you on that. i want to correct you because you brawlgt i brought it up. i came in second to john mccain, beet roomny and al beatf the other candidates. but i won most of the southern states and west virginia and some others as well. >> how do you break out in this crowded field and how do you assess it right now. who among the democrat dos you
4:36 am
fear the most who might break out and be tough challenges? >> i don't think we know. the big issue is that there's not a dominate candidate. it's not like it was for the democrats last time. basically it wu all nailed in, cooked in advance. bernie gave her a good run but it was never going to happen. there's not a candidate like that who is the heir apparent. not even joe biden. the fact that the democrats have moved to left and all of the early candidates are trying to out-left the others, this is where they're headed. which is great news for the republicans. i hope they can't to take sharp left turns wherever they go. >> speaking of sharp left turns, new york just legalized abortion up to the day of bert. does this portray a bigger issue for society as a whole than people might think? >> it's uncivilized, savagery.
4:37 am
it was not done with a sense of sobriety and oh my, we don't have a choice. this was done with celebration and applause and a standing ovation. the celebrate the killing of an unborn child. to celebrate that baby parts would be sucked out of a mother's womb not because there's a medical necessity or emergency but just because the mother decides i don't want to have this baby. what have we become as a culture when we think that's okay. i'm appalled by it and i wish every american would stop and think about it. what we're saying is that some children aren't worth as much as others. some human beings are disposable and expendable. i find that rei revolting to fid that some people are better than others. we're about the idea that all of us are created equal, endowed by our creator with unalienable rights and that starts with life.
4:38 am
>> governor, how far have we come when this is celebrated. you have some who have been plo abortion a advocates who are reluctant yet this is a celebration of aforce all the way up to a due date. >> i think people ought to be ashamed of themselves thinking this is okay. i wish that the democrats would be a little more honest about their support for planned parenthood which was started by an absolute racist. she thought that black people should be not just discriminated against. she thought they should be exterminated. and one of the reasons she started planned parenthood was to do very selected breeding. i mean that is really just -- i mean it's revolting to think that somebody believed that. >> but governor, what about the implication of people who support planned parenthood, a group called shout your abortion, educating about
4:39 am
abortion. how far left thaz the agenda been driven into society to delegitimize certain children over others? >> one of the things that i think people don't understand -- many my previous life some 30-something years ago, time as a pastor, i counseled counseler of women who have abortioned when they were younger and now they're moms. and i cannot tell you the level of guilt guilt that they feel. the good news is that a loving god cleanses and hels. burales.heals.they come later tt what they've done, especially when they've now had children and they wonder what would my child be today if i hadn't aborted that child. and that's a serious issue. and there's some wonderful organizations that are helping women deal with the guilt and the deep emotional pain of their
4:40 am
abortions. and i can assure you there are a lot of women out there who are doing anything but celebrating the fact that they aborted their baby. >> serious talk from former governor mike huckabee. thanks for coming in. >> the package just got smaller. >> thank you. all right. turning flow t now to your head. incredible video of a milkman saving a baby from a fire. the swaddle comes loose and the baby falling. the milkman making a life-saving catch. the incredible rescue in china. the mother was saved soon after. a famous tribute by british artist banksy was stolen to come men rate those killed in the paris attack. thieves cut the artwork off at an emergency door at the venue and took off in a truck. 90 people died in that attack.
4:41 am
harry potter casting an evil spell on the patriots because quarterback tom brady has supported president trump. >> the only thing offensive about that picture is gillette. >> should tom brady retire? >> no. but he should stop winning things. that maga hat. >> too much winning. spread the winning around. actor daniel radcliffe ripping brady for message a make america great again hat. that's the headlines. >> remember there were witches trying to cast spells on the president for the med terms? >> when kid harry potter turn 35. >> this is all fantasy. this is not real. >> we're all getting old. what's going on? >> we're aging. it's happening. it's chilly out there, we're going to have a cold week. the one good part about it is it's only this week. it's going to warm up.
4:42 am
minus 8 is your actual air temperature right now, indianapolis, chicago, minus 3 yesterday, madison, wisconsin got to minus 23. definitely cold air that sticks around for a while. here's the mid atlantic, northeast ohio valley, a few showers going through, behind it a little bit of a front. lake effect snow as well. the temps are warmer along the coast. florida, heavy rain throughout much of the rain today, could see some localized flooding. we need some rain in south florida. another batch of snow in the plains areas of minnesota and wisconsin. behind that is where the coldest air comes in. and across the west, a dry stretch, doesn't happen in the pacific northwest that much but seattle in the upper 40s and dry until wednesday. >> thanks, rick. >> .
4:43 am
the crisis in venezuela getting out of control as protests intensify and socialism crumbles. why americans should be concerned about the situation down there. and is trouble brewing between democrats and former starbucks ceo howard schultz? why the left is saying he's the man who could get president trump elected in 2020. they're putting him through if grinder already. ♪ ♪
4:44 am
4:45 am
4:46 am
. ven venezuela reaching the breaking point. what was once south america's richest nation as citizens continue to flee by the thousands. should americans be concerned in here with insight, national security consultant and senior fellow at the hud sson institut, rebecca.
4:47 am
why should the americans be concerned about venezuela. other countries have joined us. but people are asking why does this matter to us? >> right. because good neighbors are sovereign stable neighbors. when you have a country like venezuela that is couplabling under a couple of decades -- two decades ago this was a prospering nation. and then the people who lived there began to suffer and so they flee. three million people have left since 2014 and they have to two somewhere. go somewhere. you have money laundering and they spill over into other countries and we feel effects of that and we want to take some people who with seeking asylum but we can't take everybody. if we can do something to help the countries in our neighborhood, it's in our interest to do so. >> we have a map showing details of the numbers in 2018. these are the preferred destinations if are the migrants
4:48 am
fleeing. a million to colombia, 290,000 came to the united states, ecuador 220,000. you can see the rest of the countries on the list. but from a national security perspective, should americans be concerned about terrorism activity in the region, who these people are, who's fleeing and bad actors taking advantage of a crisis situation? >> absolutely. we want to know who these people are. we have to be able to vet them. but then it's a greater problem beyond that. we want people to come to the united states who can assimilate and integrate and be part of the american life. it's a numbers game. when you have massive numbers of people with different cultures coming here, we want to integrate them into american life. and when you have numbers like this, 300,000 in a couple of years it becomes difficult to do so. there is a national security problem. and so if the american people -- we're not talking about going
4:49 am
over, this conspiracy theory of a coups like some democrat members are implying, we're supporting the will of the vens way a lanvenezuelan people. if we can support them, we should do so. >> we've heard of countries so that people don't have to flee and come to the united states. do you believe that the united states and other countries backing maduro's opposition will lead to the venezuelans getting back their freedom so they can stay in venezuelan rather than migrating in. >> that's the only hope they have. may havnay dothey do have the ae soch and independent people. they've only been living under the socialism for a couple of decades. if we can just help them, help the interim government, plo vied the political backing and support, help these people take back their own ability to live and better their own country.
4:50 am
they're only fleeing, the mass migration only happened in the last couple of years. they want to be in venezuela and make their own country a better place to be. >> thank you for your insight. a british paper forced to apologize and pay for damages because of false statements may made about melania trump. plus, national anthem protests are way down in the nfl and the ratings are way up. the league's battle with president trump actually help them? former super bowl champ burgess owens says it did. we'll explain next. ♪ ♪ so, the fairy queen found the best spot next to the river... and we all rushed down to meet her... vo
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
. call it a comeback. nfl ratings continue to rebounded aweek ahead of super bowl 53 as anthem protests has declined. did the nfl's battle with president trump help the league? >> let's ask a former super bowl champ, friend of the show, author of "why i stand," mr. burgess owens. good morning, sir. i wonder whether you think there's a direct correlation here. >> there is. obviously, you know, what we're looking at -- and i talk about this by the way in chapter 15 -- it was 18 of nfl, the flag and globalism. you know, we have fought against this process the last two years and it's something i've been talking about for two years. we're in the fight for our nation. it appears we might have won a battle. but socialists and atheists are in a war against our culture. the nfl's collusion with the
4:55 am
left, simply there, black kids believe that the flag represents racism, past and present. we have the brand, nfl brand, global brand, keep this in mind, is now a castro loving marxist. it's subtle but at the end of the day it's not over. the fight is not over. >> if you look at the numbers, in 2017 there were 200 protests, viewership was 14.9 million, in 2018 there were only 59 protests, which is far fewer with a viewership of 15.7 million. protests were down 71% with a 5% average increase in viewership. so it seems like people left the nfl as fans and as soon as the nfl said look, we're not really all about your guys kneeling on the field, insulting american heros who of course work as police officers to secure these
4:56 am
games, do you think that there's been a benefit, a positive effect from that in. >> the benefit is that short term we made a point that we're about our flag and culture. but understand, this is a long term deal, guys. i want you to look at the player's coalition for instance that we make a big deal of 37 first of all it's not a nonprofit and it's run -- the task force they talk about is run by five players, five owners and two nfl employees. so that hope we well fund is not run by black players. it's white wealthy elitists using the program for social justice. we need economic justice. we have to understand what we're fighting against seriously. >> you're so much. >'s all a bigger fight. thank you for your time. all right. well the left says it never happens. but texas officials discovering tens of thousands of noncitizens
4:57 am
have voted in one or more elections. just how big of an issue is this? we'll look at that next. plus, maria bartiromo and byron york here coming up. this is not a bed.
4:58 am
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but allstate helps you. with drivewise. feedback that helps you drive safer. and that can lower your cost now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? ♪ >> the president insisting that he's not giving up the fight for a barrier, and it comes at a time when yet another caravan is gaining both in numbers and moving closer and closer to the u.s. gillian: the 2020 race for democrats keeps growing. ed: howard schultz now talking about running. >> the big issue is there's not a dominant candidate. all of the early candidates are trying to see if they can outleft the others, which is great news for the republicans. pete: harry potter himself the latest to go after maga hats, casting a spell on super bowl star tom brady for having one. >> first lady melania trump got
5:01 am
an apology for an expose riddled with outright lies. gillian: roger stone appearing defiant against recent charges against him, reading this t-shirt -- wearing this t-shirt reading, "roger stone did nothing wrong." >> oh, no, this is not going to go well. >> oh! ♪ ♪ ed: we have the challenge. and then the basketball, can you walk? can you dribble? we will find out with pete hegseth in less than a half hour. pete: oh, boy. do we have a basketball too? ed: i saw a basketball in the back. gillian: he's been drinking coffee all morning, preparing for his moment. it's going to be great. ed: starbucks or what is it? pete: no, no, howard schultz? well, actually -- >> might help elect your man
5:02 am
president. pete: he might, right. you should stick around. 28 minutes from if now i'll probably make a fool of myself. i might get katie and ed to try it as well. great to have you back. ed: katie, welcome back to the couch. katie: thank you so much. ed: maybe a little too soon because the crisis at the border continues. in fact, that caravan we've been talking about has now swelled to 12,000 migrants coming from guatemala, into mexico, hoping -- we'll see whether they can make it, you see some of them there, this is friday -- but it's grown now to 12,000 according to various outlets including "the new york times," it's now 12,000 in this caravan. katie: now, the mexican government is offering them a one-year humanitarian visa to stay, and let's not forget homeland security put that policy into place recently where we are going to force migrants
5:03 am
who make it to the u.s. border who are claiming a asylum even to stay and wait for their claims in mexico. so they're doing what they can to deal with that, but the president, of course, is watching all of this and tweeted: only fools or people with a political agenda don't want a wall or steel barrier to protect our country from crime, drugs and human trafficking. it will happen, it always does. pete, as you've been saying, we tonight know who these people are. pete: we have no idea. the president refers to i've made promises and i've kept them. he sees the skepticism even among some conservatives whether this wall will get built. got three weeks to have the negotiations. ultimately, he knows that this -- if he doesn't build the wall through emergency action or some other way to find the resources to do so, he's in big trouble. so the wall, in his mind, is going to get built one way or the other, but there's a hoot of confusion. -- a lot of confusion. this appears to be attached, now we're learning, to the existing caravan that griff was in. i don't know, i can't count the
5:04 am
caravans. he reported about another one in february, there's fliers already -- ed: can't keep track of it, that's part of the problem. we don't know who's coming here. pete: and you mentioned humanitarian visas? that's a one-year free pass to go through mexico and reach the southern border. mexico's supposed to be serious about this. instead, they're enabling it. they're helping migrants make it to the u.s. border. of that's not a friendly neighbor. katie: illegal immigration continues to be a problem, and we have another problem here in the united states, 58,000 non-citizens voting in texas. now, this was over multiple years, but clearly it shows a problem. christian adams, a former doj official, talked about it this morning. pete: yes. >> this is the real foreign influence in our elections, and this is why president trump had a election integrity commission that i was on, and we would have gotten to the bottom of this. the problem is that, katie, that all of these academics, civil rights groups, frankly, party
5:05 am
officials in a certain party are against getting to the truth. they don't want you to know that 58,000 people who aren't citizens are voting in texas. pete: so this is a yearlong investigation involving the texas department of public safety that revealed 95,000 non-citizens registered, 58,000 voted according to the secretary of state there, and this is an effort to make sure the rolls don't include illegals. ed: well, and this is the thing, democrats said the border crisis was a manufactured crisis. not true. conservatives have been saying throughout this whole ballot over illegal immigration -- battle over illegal immigration that democrats have a strategy. they're going to eventually become voters for democrats. democrat, oh, that's nonsense, they don't vote. there's this voter fraud thing is a canard. katie: right. ed: then you look at the facts, and non-citizens voting in multiple elections, it makes you wonder this is just a look at texas. katie: and there have been multiple studies in other
5:06 am
states, and christian adams touched on this. pennsylvania had the same problem, and places where they don't require voter id to vote -- ed: interesting, is pennsylvania a border state? how many states actually have had this problem? pete: under texas law non-citizens can obtain a driver's license by providing proof they're in the state lawfully, but state law does not require verification of voters' statements that they're citizens. if this is happening in texas, you better believe it's happening in california, in new york state -- if you've got a sanctuary city or state and you can get an id? the lunacy and demagoguery from the left that voter or id laws are racist, and all the states that have voter id laws -- minnesota tried to do this, i was familiar with that process, they will give free identification to anyone. no one's excluded. so they want the gray area because they know some of the wrong people -- katie: well, we've been hearing
5:07 am
for two years about interference in our elections, foreign interference, and here we are with non-citizens actually casting votes, and the left said that the fraud doesn't exist. right, but speaking of 2020 and elections, ex-starbucks ceo howard schultz could get trump reelected in 2020, democrats are thinking, and he's getting involved because he thinks politics are broken. but as an independent on the run, democrats think that's a really bad idea. ed: that's the story in the atlantic magazine. and what i think democrats are thinking about when they hear howard schultz considering an independent run, he's going to be on "60 minutes" this weekend, if you go back to 2000 one of the real reasons al gore lost, lost by just a few hundred votes, was it 537 votes? ralph nader had over 90,000 votes in the state of florida alone. those were liberal votes that could have gone to al gore, they didn't. they instead went to the green party. pete: yep. ed: if you have a third party
5:08 am
candidate like this coming at it from the left in 2020, this could be a insurance policy for president trump. pete: you probably don't know who howard schultz is, here's a little bit about why he thinks he might have a sliver of the electorate, howard schultz. >> at a most fragile time not only the fact in this president is not qualified to be the president, but the fact that both parties are consistently not doing what's necessary on behalf of the american people and are engaged every single day in revenge politics. katie: former governor mike huckabee has run for president twice and was on the show earlier talking about how democrats are trying to outleft each other. >> the the big issue is there's not a dominant candidate. it's not like it was for the democrats last time with hillary. basically, it was all mailed in. the fact that the democrats have moved so far to the left and all of the early candidates are trying to see if they can outleft the others, this is
5:09 am
where they're headed, which is great news for the republicans, and i hope they continue to take sharp left turns everywhere they go. pete: governor huckabee will also never be on the program ever again -- [laughter] ed: you said they only lost once, and you only talked about once -- katie: fact-checker ed henry. ed: he did well. pete: i don't know where the constituency here is. we live in two different countries right now. no one's voting for the no-labels caucus. katie: some people might, and they might ruin it for democrats. pete: i think you're right. you just saw the rnc unanimously got behind president trump -- ed: an independent like howard schultz, do they split the anti-trump vote and guarantee that he gets -- pete: you're right, because if they nominate an extreme leftist, there's plenty of still sensible democrats somewhere who are going to want a howard schultz. katie: speak of democrats running, we've heard a lot about medicare for all, a working
5:10 am
wage, minimum wage increases -- ed: giving out all kinds of free stuff. katie: staffers for campaigns on the left want their bosses to know that they want to be getting paid what their bosses are saying on the campaign trail. [laughter] so this is from the secretary of the campaign workers guild which is a union for campaign staffers. they say it's hard to be going door the door telling people you should vote for this candidate because they support a $15 minimum wage when you yourself are making less than that. it's hard to go door to door calling for medicare for all when you're not even being given health care. ed: this gets at what mike huckabee was saying, 15, 20, 25 democratic candidates, they're also going to be splitting all the campaign money between donors, so they have limited funds. they're going to be coming on cable tv to try to get free messaging because they don't have a lot of money in the bank. you try to go cheap with your staffers, try to get volunteers, and then you try to underpay because they don't have a lot of
5:11 am
money in the bank. how are they going to keep their promises about medicare for all, great health benefits? meanwhile -- we've seen this in priest campaigns where -- previous campaigns where democrats having not pay equity between men and women, by the way, which they all preach. some of the female staffers make less than men even though they say, oh, donald trump, he's got a pay equity problem. so some of their problems are going to catch up to them. katie: maybe they should realize markets should drive the payments. pete: campaigns are cheap -- katie: true. we have limited time, so i'm going to get to your headlines. a fox news alert, an urgent manhunt for a suspect accused of killing five people in louisiana. police believe he is armed and dangerous. authorities say he has killed his parents, his girlfriend and her father and brother in two separate shootings. the suspect reportedly stole one of the victims' 2004 dodge pickup trucks to get away.
5:12 am
firefighters moving thousands of people to higher ground as a second dam threatens to collapse in brazil. on friday as many as 300 still missing. the new brazilian president is surveying the mass damage from the first collapse as rescuers rush to find survivors. the u.s. and taliban nearing a deal to end the longest war in american history. the chief american negotiator says significant progress has been made during talks this week, but there are still issues to work out. the key holdups are terms of a ceasefire and establishing communication between insurgents and the afghan government. and those are your headlines. negotiations are happening in afghanistan. ed: melania trump, the first lady, facing endless criticism from the media. >> this is a first lady who is not culturally american. >> michelle obama had done half the complaining that she has done, she'd be skewered.
5:13 am
ed: oh, boy. one news outlet is backtracking and even paying damages for fake news about the first lady. we've got details. pete: about time. and the left's latest craze, comparing trump to famous tv villains like freddy krueger or mob boss tony soprano. how bad will trump derangement syndrome, tds, really get? we're going to break it down for you. ♪ ♪ taste of cheesecake. philadelphia cheesecake cups. rich, creamy cheesecake with real strawberries. find them with the refrigerated desserts. (clapping) every day, visionaries are creating the future.
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5:17 am
any embarrassment. we have agreed to pay mrs. trump substantial damages as well as her legal costs. so the question now is will other media with outlets be forced to do the same? the conservative partnership institute's rachel bovard joins us now. god to see you. -- good to see you. >> thanks for having me. ed: it seems like the embarrassment is really for "the telegraph." >> well, this is far for the course for mainstream media and the progressive left who say they want to be taken seriously but can't be bothered to do basic fact-checking and are more interested in publishing salacious lies about the first lady. this is not the first newspaper we've seen in this situation. last year mrs. trump settled a lawsuit against "the daily mail" for $2.9 million, again, against a maryland blogger who claimed she was a high-end escort before becoming first lady. ed: insane. >> they want to be take then seriously, but they're not interested in actual facts, so what are we supposed to believe here. ed: we've got the list of lies,
5:18 am
there's so many. among the corrected errors, that her father was not a, quote-unquote, fearsome presence, did not control the family as they allege, is she did not leave her studies due to an exam, but because she wanted to pursue her career as a model. corrected the timing in which she even met the president, they got that basic fact wrong. she was not a struggling model as they claimed when they first met, and she did not cry the night the president was elected. some of these are such basic facts. what year they met. how do they get these things wrong? it seems like they've got an agenda. >> that's absolutely correct. these are basic, verifiable facts. what was published in "the telegraph" is actually an excerpt from a book, and the author is unrepentant. she is accused of not fact-checking basic, verifiable facts. so, again, the agenda is obvious here. they are in any other world, on any other planet melania trump would be revered by mainstream
5:19 am
media and the left for being an immigrant who speakes six languages, a devoted mother. but because her last name is trump, we have to smear her -- ed: it's outrageous, but you know what? she's fighting back. her spokeswoman, stephanie english shock, tweeted this yesterday: opportune disparaging her name and image, mrs. trump will not let people in the media outlets make up lies and false assertion in a race for ratings. and then the tweet says cc at nina burleigh. i went online, checked it out, and she wrote a book a few months ago, apparently, about the first lady and other women in the president's lives, his previous wives. that seemed to be an interesting little threat. >> right. and that is the author of the piece, the excerpt that was published in "the telegraph." and, again, you read the comments in response, she is unrepentant in the face of
5:20 am
actual facts that have been disproven. she looks like an agenda -- has indiana general da-driven journalist, and she is unhe penitent. can you imagine if the press had treated michelle obama this way? people would be up in arms. ed: absolutely. >> this is absolutely inappropriate, and good for mrs. trump for standing up for hearse. ed: rachel, we appreciate you being here. >> thanks for having me. ed: a stunning move from new york's liberal governor, he signed a new law allowing abortions up until a baby's due date. our next guest says there's absolutely no reason for late term abortions. he explains the medicine behind this next. gonna be 50 times happier... i would've gone into aspen dental much sooner. it was a very life changing experience... and it felt like i was me again. that's when i realized i hadn't been for three years. at aspen dental we're all about yes.
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5:24 am
nine people are arrested in a climate change protest at new york's rockefeller skating rink. you can see them laid out on the ice, one protester hung a banner reading climate change equals mass murder. police arrested protesters for disorderly conduct. and robberies ramp up in chicago. at least eight people have been forced to surrender their canada goose coat in recent weeks, some at gunpoint. this video from one of those incidents, two men ripping the coat off a back. the jacket costs as much as $1700. katie: new york passing a sweeping abortion law allowing many abortions up to the day of birth. >> another new york national precedent will be established, the most aggressive women's equality platform in the nation is going to be in law in this state. [applause] and that's the way it should be.
5:25 am
katie: but our next guest, an ob/gyn who says he delivered more than 2500 babies, tweeted: there's not a single fetal or maternal condition that requires a third trimester abortion, not one. dr. omar homada, a former army surgeon, joining us now to explain. sir, tell us what you meant by that. >> hey, katie. basically, in the third trimester of pregnancy, there's not a single condition that requires an abortion. there's not a single condition that requires that we kill the baby before delivery. there are several things in third trimester pregnancy that require that we deliver the mother, and that is a fact, but there's not a single thing that actually requires us to kill the child. katie: so this new york abortion law which allows abortion up til the day before birth is, essentially, a recreational abortion bill. >> well, it does three things. it actually removes all the protections for the fetus.
5:26 am
so before the new york penal code basically stated that after 24 weeks if a baby was killed, there was a risk of the perpetrator being charged with homicide. that's been removed. it allows for any health care practitioner that's licensed or authorized as the legal terms in the bill state to perform an abortion, so it doesn't have to be a physician. it and removes all restrictions at all for any type of abortion at any time for any reason. katie: so when you heard about this law and the cheering inside of the chamber, what did you think about that? >> i thought it was a travesty. literally. i mean, it tore me up because i'm thinking, you know, there are some reasons that we will end a pregnancy like an ectopic pregnancy in the first trimester or other reasons in the second trimester, but there's absolutely no reason to be end a pregnancy so that the child dies in the third trimester. there are genetic things that will happen where the child will end up succumbing, but there's
5:27 am
no reason for us to do it. it tore me up, it's unconscionable. katie: does a bill like this go against the medical code and doctors' ethics when you say, first, do no harm by not trying to save the lives of both the baby and the mother in the third midwest -- trimester? >> it certainly does. we take the hippocratic oath, but some of those terms have been removed recently. it does go against what we do as physicians in terms of saving lives and comforting patients. katie: you're a professional, you've delivered 2500 babies, but you've gotten threats for coming out and quoting medical science and your experience. >> yes, definitely. and i had a little trouble hearing you. i think you said i've gotten flak -- katie: yes, threats that you've gotten for speaking about what this bill actually means. >> remarkably, there's a group of female physicians and nurses that have come out very hard trying to threaten my career. i've gotten some death threats
5:28 am
already which, you know, i don't really take seriously, but it's on social media. and also they've done some other untowardly things that, you know, trying to shut me up, i think. katie: when they say -- when you say they want to threaten your career, did they not think you're a qualified physician considering how many children you've delivered and your experience in the area of women's health? >> of course they do, but they don't like what i'm saying, so they are trying to shut us up, shut me up and shut others up that believe like i do. and i think that's just a common method that the left uses. they want to invalidate and destroy. there's no understanding, there's no desire for common ground. all they really intend on doing is try to validate and destroy because they want when they want it. katie: in your professional medical opinion, what do you think the medical implications are for this legislation? >> i think it's going to, of course, increase the number of abortions that are done in the state of new york, and it's going to have a lot of people
5:29 am
gravitate to that state where other states are more restrictive. i know here in tennessee we are trying to pass a heartbeat bill just like iowa just did, and that is our hope, to protect the unborn, to help mothers and to also just promote life. katie: well, dr. hamada, we really appreciate your perspective. we did reach out to governor cuomo's office and haven't heard back. thank you so much for sharing your professional medical opinion with us, we appreciate it. >> my pleasure. thank you, katie. katie: all right. harry potter himself now the latest to go after maga hats and how he's casting a spell on super bowl star tom brady for having one. plus, one state wants to put god back in its schools, the latest effort to put our national motto in every single classroom. and a man tries to conquer the dizzy bat contest, but he never even stood a chance. so can pete hegseth master the challenge? we're going to find out. pete: this is not going to go well. this is not going to go well. i'll try to spin it after
5:30 am
spinning. ♪ ♪ to make you everybody else... ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop. does this sound dismal? it isn't. ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful life on earth. ♪ ♪ it's the most yeah, i've had some prettyeer. prestigious jobs over the years. news producer, executive transport manager, and a beverage distribution supervisor. now i'm a director at a security software firm. wow, you've been at it a long time. thing is, i like working. what if my retirement plan is i don't want to retire? then let's not create a retirement plan. let's create a plan for what's next. i like that. get a plan that's right for you. td ameritrade. ♪
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you might or joints.hing for your heart... but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. ♪ ♪ >> this institution and others like it like hillsdale and college of the ozarks and other schools that put values first are going to be what brings our country -- what keeps our country great and passes it to the next generation. it is not inevitable that america will be a free country or a country where where you have an opportunity with those god given rights to be whatever you want and achieve whatever
5:34 am
you'd like. that was just a portion concern i had the honor of giving a speech at liberty university for their convocation. it's the largest private christian school in america. i'll tell you this, i'd never been before. it is amazing. 10,000 students packed in that stadium, i had a chance to talk for about 25 minutes. really neat what they're doing with the student body there. it gives me a lot of hope. katie: is values first your 2024 campaign slogan? [laughter] ed: i was mesmerized. i was watching you on youtube. i was looking for a funny moment, but in all seriousness, it was a good speech, it was very fun and a big crowd. pete: they do that once a week, 10,000 kids. they have worship services -- katie: that's awesome. ed: you didn't mention your co-hosts. every weekend he's fighting the good fight, as if you were a alone. katie: maga madness continues.
5:35 am
a harry potter star is the latest to hate on the maga hat and how he has beef with tom brady for wearing one. listen to daniel radcliffe. >> take that maga hat out of your locker. [laughter] i feel that was the moment when the country were like, oh, come on, dude, we're awesome and behind you. don't put that in there. ed: oh, boy. katie: p -- stop winning, is the first thing. pete: stop winning so much? ed: back in 2015, there was a m taxer ga hat in brady's locker. i don't think you've seen that -- katie: look at that, gillettes right next to it. pete: that's the real controversy. ed: you had alyssa milano, she said the maga hat is the modern day whited hood. now a little pile on -- katie: but they're now going
5:36 am
into pant su. [laughter] movies which are fake to try to dispel what the president's doing? pete: correct. shouldn't harry port have stopped making movies like a decade ago? katie: i think harry potter made too much money and way too successful and they should stop winning so much. they should reduce -- pete: the tippy, tippy tops -- pete: tax them all. if you have a maga hat, wear it today. you know what? don't let them intimidate you. katie: turning now to your headlines, roger stone appearing defiant, exclusive photos showing him wearing this t-shirt reading "roger stone did nothing wrong." a grand jury indicted the former trump campaign adviser on several charges including making false statements and witness tampering related to the russia probe. he is due in court on tuesday. some lawmakers in mississippi want a new flag, and one fresh design is getting support. the current design is
5:37 am
controversial for incorporating the confederate flag, a big blue star surrounded by 19 smaller ones. it represents mississippi becoming the 20th state to join the union. several bills have been filed to redesign the flag. and famous models and influencers including kendall jenner are facing subpoenas over millions of payments to promote the fire festival. investigators are trying to find out what the founder did with $26 million from investors. of he was sentenced to six years for fraud. the intimate shots were promoted as a once in a lifetime concert weekend in the bahamas. it turned out to be a complete scam. and a brave fan attempts to showcase his athletic ability backfires. >> oh, no, oh, no. >> oh, he's going down. >> it's not going to go well. katie: the announcers very excited about that. he's going down. the madison square garden crowd
5:38 am
looking on as the university of maryland fan slowly loses his balance -- pete: i don't think it was slowly. katie: the idea is to spin around on a baseball bat, then go make a basket. so, in honor of that, our own pete hegseth is actually going to attempt this -- pete: how many times, how many times do i have to spin? seven? ed: that's kind of easy. what about ten? katie: ten. pete: i'm hearing ten. ten times around? now, this ball is very flat, i will say. katie: excuses already. ten times -- pete: this is going to take a long time. katie: one, two, three, four, five -- pete: i don't know. ed: oh, he's going to fall now. pete: this room is not steady -- katie: one more, one more. another one! pete: i can't even stand. [laughter]
5:39 am
ed: oh, he's doing it! oh! [applause] pete: if i had tried right away, no chance i stay on my feet. ed: it's harder -- pete: holy cow. i'm happy to be your guinea pig -- ed: the control room is saying it helped you keep your balance, because you sat down. but i'm on team pete. pete: thanks, ed. rick: katie was counting ten seconds, not ten rounds. katie: you cheated, you stopped at nine. [laughter] rick: ed, your turn. are you really competitive, ed? ed: i don't know, maybe not. [laughter] katie: he's going to let pete win this one. rick: -44 actual degrees in international falls, that is up from -45 which it was last hour, so it's getting a little bit better. this is across the lower 48. it is also cold all the way
5:40 am
across parts of the south. 35 in that's. the cold air, well, it is really cold up there. it will extend down farther towards the south, even's going to feel it. big rain across florida, another washout. south florida, you have a drought going on, so you need the moisture. unfortunately, it's happening over the weekend. one batch of moisture, and another will die down later on today, and that's going to usher in more cold air. i want to quickly show you monday, tuesday. tuesday starts to get worse. wednesday, look at that, a high temperature of -20, wednesday could be your coldest ever high temperature for the day, chicago. katie: -44. pete: high. ed: still ahead, florida congressman michael wolff, maria bartiromo, and we're going to bump out on the controversial moment when pete hegseth regained his balance. katie: shorter and shorter,
5:41 am
closer to the ground. pete: not pretty. ed: he stopped at, like, six revolutions. [laughter] pete: did he kneel? he kneeled! he did! he took a knee! katie: there you go. ♪ this is not a bed.
5:42 am
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it's been a long time since andrew dusted off his dancing shoes. luckily denture breath will be the least of his worries. because he uses polident 4 in 1 cleaning system to kill 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. polident. clean. fresh. and confident. ♪ ♪ ed: quick headlines. indiana wants to put god back in public schools, lawmakers proposing a bill to add in god we trust posters to every public and charter classroom in the state. the measure would require schools offer effective religious studies classes. and a new absence policy lets students at duke university miss class without saying why. the school's new incapacitation form lets students request time off, no reason needed. duke says it's relying on the honor system for this new policy -- [laughter] pete? pete: the honor system with college kids. president trump signing a bill
5:45 am
to reopen the government tweeting yesterday: negotiates with democrats are start immediately. will not be easy to make a deal, both parties very dug in. the case for national security has been greatly enhanced by what's been happening at the border. katie: but do republicans actually trust democrats to act in good faith when it comes to negotiating? florida gop congressman michael waltz, thank you so much for being here today. >> hey, thanks so much, katie. katie: so given the words by nancy pelosi immediately after president trump made his announcement about reopening the government saying you know how i feel about a wall, which means we're not giving you one, are democrats really willing to come to the table on this? >> well, i think a lot of the freshmen democrats are, and i think you're going to see that in the coming week. they understand we need border security, they understand we need to resolve these problems, and going to shutdowns, you know, isn't the way to resolve it. look, we have a record number of veterans in my freshman class. they're frustrated. we're about america, we're about
5:46 am
accomplishing mission, and this is just blatant politics at its worst. i was standing in an empty capitol building on friday, so the speaker sets the schedule of the house. and at 11 a.m. on thursday, everybody ran for the airports because she dismissed everybody. so, look, in business and in the military if you have a crisis, you stay until it's done. i'm not taking a paycheck, and i'm staying in washington til we get this resolved. pete: well, but this is government, not business or the military -- >> yeah, i'm seeing that firsthand. [laughter] pete: you are, more than any of us. i want -- i hear you. i want to believe what you're saying is true, but count me as skeptical -- >> oh, you should be. pete: that freshmen democratic congressmen willing to work with the president and give him wall funding. who are these, i call them unicorn democrats that are going to suddenly save the day, find consensus on an issue where both sides are dug in. >> right.
5:47 am
look, she only won the speakership by a few votes. there were a good number that did not, you know, look to her for leadership. at the end of the day, you hit the nail on the head. there is a massive lack of trust. and was -- just a few days ago if we reopen the government, that people are going to negotiate. the other side is going to negotiate in good faith. the president has called their bluff now, and i think what he's done is reset the narrative so if three weeks from now we find ourselves back with a shutdown, you know, they didn't come to the table. i think he's been very reasonable. he's offered a lot of what they want in exchange for real border security and, you know, we have to get this problem solved. katie: switching gears a little bit here, the trump administration last week recognized president guaido as the official president of venezuela saying dictator maduro is no longer the president of that country. why is stability in venezuela important for americans here at home? >> well, first of all, i want to applaud the president and the
5:48 am
administration for taking this bold step and senator rubio who's been a real leader on this issue. over three million venezuelans have fled the country. it's destabilized right on our doorstep. the united states is the biggest buyer of venezuelan oil. we, you know, we need to take leadership and really, i think, moving past this dictatorship that has gone on now for far too long. enough is enough down in venezuela. i'm watching two things, i'm watching the military and where they're going. the yens are cheerily -- the generals are clearly in the bag for maduro, but those mid-ranking officers, importantly a military attache broke in the last few days, and his video has gone viral. but i'm also watching the russians. and if we start seeing little green men popping up in caracas and russian military contractors taking over, we need to take even a tougher or stance.
5:49 am
katie: very quickly, do you think the lessons on socialism should be a warning to those here in america? >> oh, my god. yeah, absolutely. you know, my democratic colleagues who think this is cool and this is the way the united states should go, you know, i challenge them. they're saying we should give up 70% of our paychecks and hand it over to the government? i challenge them to lead by example and give up 70% of their pay. katie: congressman, thank you so much for coming on today, we appreciate it. pete: appreciate it. all right, well, from freddy krueger to mob boss tony soprano, the left's latest craze comparing president trump to famous villains. katie: plus, this model has been living in fear that politics would kill her career, and now she's telling the world that she worked for and supports president trump. ♪ ♪
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
♪ ♪ >> david duke's political life, not him as the grand wizard of the ku klux klan, is exactly the same as donald trump. >> a taste of mussolini here with a guy walking around with a tie that's 8 feet long. >> whenever he goes out there and whips up like it's a mussolini rally and, yes, that's what i said. >> i'm not saying trump is hitler. hitler volunteered for the army. [laughter] pete: okay. and the extremism doesn't end there. former mayor michael bloomberg saying this, and i quote: it's like the government version of a bad horror movie, but instead of freddy krueger and the nightmare on elm street, we've got donald trump and the nightmare at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. katie: here to react comedian
5:54 am
michael loftus. nice to see you. pete: michael, how you doing? >> hey, good morning, it's good to be here, you guys. hegseth, you were smart to take a knee, buddy, i thought you were going down. i had $50 that you lost a tooth. [laughter] ed: he was about to take a header. pete: i took mitigating actions. okay, so trump, even "the new york times" said if trump were tony soprano, so why can't they hold back on these nasty comparisons, michael? >> you know, i think they're really trying to hurt trump's feelings bad. they think it's going to get under his skin, but it's not. america loved tony soprano! [laughter] hbo is bringing the sopranos back. i want four more years of trump, baby. ed: what about four more years of the sopranos? >> they're going to do it. and if trump is like tony soprano, like the clinton family is the legit behalf that. -- mafia. for real mafia.
5:55 am
they were getting protection money all over the globe. hillary's like, hey, libya, nice country. it'd be a shame if something happened to it. hey, you guys want some uranium? there you go. don't tell people a where you got it. ed: we want to remind people you're a comedian, although there are some facts behind -- katie: here's the thing, they compare the president to real-life murderers and dictator it is like mussolini and hitler, and now that hasn't, apparently, worked. so they're going into fictional characters to make a second point. >> yeah. yeah. when bloomberg is calling you freddy krueger -- [laughter] like they got nothing left. they have nothing left. and once again i'm, like, i bet trump is like freddy krueger for the democrats. even when they go to sleep! [laughter] they can't escape him. katie: they're so worried about him, you know, hiding in their closet or something. pete: yeah, they turn around, and there he is. katie: can't stop thinking about him, terrible. pete: maybe this is just a
5:56 am
glimpse into their nightmares, you're right. >> it is. they're -- go ahead? katie: are their nightmares coming out to fruition for all of us to see what a they think about in the middle of the night? >> and the it's crazy how this is -- and it's crazy how this is a nightmare for the democrats. like they're saying, like, the economy's doing great, wages are coming back, manufacturing jobs, consumer confidence. it's all going so well. and this is a nightmare for the democrats? katie: apparently, it's their worst nightmare. pete: you know who really is dead? isis. they're the real dead ones. [laughter] >> yes! and the democrats are like, we gotta stop this. and meanwhile, they're out there pimping socialism with alexandria ocasio-cortez, and socialism is the legit behalf that. that's -- mafia. ed: michael love discuss, appreciate you coming in. pete: thank you, sir, appreciate it. ed: still ahead, byron york, ya
5:57 am
bartiromo -- maria bartiromo, both joining us. pete: most americans aren't willing to even shell out $10 to fight so-called climate change. ed: so-called? pete: yes. ♪ ♪
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> more trouble brewing for democrats. >> the big issue there's not a dominant candidate which is great news for the republicans. >> roger stone appearing the fire wearing this t-shirt, roger stone did nothing wrong. >> one news outlet is backtracking and paying damages
6:01 am
to the fake news about the first lady. >> oh no. ♪. >> now, he's got a little help from rick and a little help from katie. the world was definitely spinning. >> all of a sudden pete, who says you have to stand for the anthem, taking me. ãtakes a knee. >> i've got a bat for you.
6:02 am
we have emails pouring in. we're always happy to see people do stuff but he ran those dogs with boots on their paws. >> you should have done five clockwise and five counterclockwise. >> this email from kevin, come on ed. the world wants to see ed spin five clockwise and five counterclockwise. you are not a kneeler. >> i'm going to stand. >> it's a funny video. >> good on you. >> a lot of news breaking overnight. on friday, when the democrats started dancing in the end zone literally thinking they've won this battle over the border wall.
6:03 am
the crisis continues at the border and that is not gone away. we are hearing this one, the caravan has gone to 12,000 migrants making their way from centralamerica through mexico . likely to reach the southern border of our country because mexico has effectively event them a free pass. you talked about the documentation they're getting. >> the president of mexico is providing humanitarian pieces that will last for a year. this latest my gran is near the border of guatemala and mexico. they are offering humanitarian assistance with the question is how many will try to come to the dates to try to claim asylum. homeland security implemented a policy that even though you come to the united states seeking asylum, you will be returned to mexico where you will then wait for your asylum claim to process been the asylum system in america is backlogged by 800,000 cases at this point so it takes years for these people to get their
6:04 am
claims pushed through. if they are legitimate at all. >> which is why the president is tired of waiting tweeting, only rules or the ones with a political agenda don't want a wall or steel barrier to protect our country from drugs and human trafficking. it will happen. it always does. they now have three weeks. the clock is ticking to get the deal on border security.the president still demanding that money. democrats think he doesn't have leverage and the president suggesting otherwise. because of the crisis that they call manufactured, but israel. >> if you look at that video, that looks like an actual emergency. there's precedent for a declaration of a national emergency. that is the key leverage this president has but if you want to legislate a solution to a compromise, now is your time. otherwise, i am declaring this emergency in building this fall because we have no idea who these people are, streaming into this country. >> - - talked about what we will see over the next couple
6:05 am
weeks. >> the president has called their bluff. three weeks from now we find ourselves back to the shutdown, they didn't come to the table. i think he's been very reasonable. he's offered a lot of what they want in exchange for for the security. we have to get this problem solved.>> the fact is democrats didn't come to the negotiation table in the last round.>> not only in the last round. on friday, nancy pusey and chuck schumer said were not doing the wall. >> the president asked, if we reopen, will you talk about my wall. no. which is part of why we got to 35 days. he said this is notabout shutting the government down, this is about building a wall but i just don't believe there are enough democrats to work in good faith to give even a dollar as nancy famously said . we will have representative david price, democrat from north carolina. it is on the 17 member bipartisan group working on a solution but we will have him on this channel and we will ask
6:06 am
him. >> we'll see if they can prevent another shutdown. >> or a national emergency that will end it all. >> you had in the campaign, the waters and others talking about how they would quote, impeach they are polls, "washington post" flash abc news, thing that could be a big political mistake. 55 percent of the country opposing the idea of impeachment proceedings. 40 percent supported. but they've dug a hole because you have all these them is on record saying they want to get him out of office. >> democrats who were elected in the freshman class were very far left. but also district that president obama won and that president trump took back for the republicans. they're starting the new congress with the shutdown that they may have another in three weeks based on what leadership
6:07 am
is saying. the question now is are you want to spend your new time in congress, shutting down the government and impeaching the president. >> half ofthe u.s. senate is running for president . so they're going to do what they want and it's going to look like the socialist from the bronx because they want to be the coolest and hippest and the most progressive against president trump. the resistance will continue. i don't think those numbers matter on the grassroots. that is the democratic primary base. >> you mentioned the socialist from the bronx, she's pushing a new deal about battling climate change and the idea of spending trillions of dollars. because congresswoman alexandra oak - - ocasio says we only have 12 years or so we have to take drastic measures annual turnover more tax money to deal with the problem. >> is people were asked if they're willing to pay $10 per
6:08 am
month to fight climate change, 60 percent opposed. 28 percent were supportive. if you are not willing to do it voluntarily, democrats want to force you by taking your taxes. >> everyone looks at how their taxpayer dollars are used. this you promised these great things and you never wonder they are skeptical. that includes people who think climate change is a big problem but the democrats think it's world war ii. that's what she said. if you think the nazis are coming to use the world war ii analogy, then you do what you need to do to save the world. that's their mindset. it's coming. 2020 b about this issue on the left. >> so they're trying to get fired up over climate change. - - says i will give as much to climate change as nancy is willing to give to the border wall. >> an email from betty, i would get $10 a month for the wall.
6:09 am
>> i believe there's a gofundme page for that. >> you're already paying for i . this i did you have to pay 10 more dollars. >> now they will build walls on private life of branches i want walls built. i wonder if you could allocate on your tax return, how much would you give if you specifically is going to the federal government building a wall? >> and not just the general fund going to be spent on iran. >> shrimp on treadmills. they, with this book called the pork book and it's all about the ridiculous things the government spend your money on. one year, there were hundreds of thousands of dollars spent studying shrimp running on treadmills. >> sump don't even move, do they? >> later on.
6:10 am
>> turning onto your headlight . a convicted human traffickers back behind bars after escaping in alabama prison. corey davis surrendered to authorities in kentucky.he escaped earlier this week while on work detail. they think he hid behind furniture in a trailer to get away. this woman, jessica davis, is also facing charges. she's accused of helping david. a longtime republican congressman is in hospice care. - - had surgery for a broken hip. the 75-year-old has represented north carolina for over two decades. he's known for sending heartfelt letters to families and fallen soldiers. the nfl says playing the title game would cost $100 million because it would be delaying the super bowl. the league responding to a
6:11 am
lawsuit over the new orleans saints season-ending laws. ticketholders were calling on the nfl to schedule a do over. saying a bad call cost was in the game. >> it did but, they had a chance in overtime as well. >> a model reveals he's a supporter of president trump after keeping it quiet for years. she joins earlier to say why she speaking out. >> i think it was time to defend my choice for president. as well as defend the president because i don't think enough people are doing it. >> she wrote she feared politics would kill her career in modeling. she told us at this point, she doesn't care. she wants to speak out in support of what she believes. >> it's a free country, she should be able to. >> some democrats are anxiously awaiting the release of bob mueller's report. what will democrats next movie if the report doesn't turn out
6:12 am
to be what they've been hoping for? he joins us. plus, this rockstar is a little too tired. why robert francis o fork is holding off on a potential 2020 decision.>> jesse watters enters the swamp. the story behind this photo. i wasn't there. >> you've got to stick around. it's a famous restaurant. he was there. ♪ with its historical records... could learn you're from ireland... ...donegal, ireland... ...and your ancestor was a fisherman. with blue eyes. just like you. begin your journey at
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such as body rash, or trouble breathing. don't reuse needles, or share insulin pens. the most common side effect is low blood sugar, which can be life-threatening. it may cause shaking, sweating, fast heartbeat, and blurred vision. check your blood sugar levels daily. injection site reactions may occur. don't change your dose of insulin without talking to your doctor. tell your doctor about all your medicines and medical conditions. check insulin label each time you inject. taking tzds with insulins like toujeo® may cause heart failure that can lead to death. toujeo®, ask your doctor. ♪let's groove tonight. >> anti-trump democrats relying on the release of robert mueller's highly anticipated report as they continue to push for impeachment.>> in an op-ed, my next guest remembers
6:16 am
what will democrats next movie if this report doesn't give them what they want? barbara york joins us with more. lay out your argument, what happens if they don't get what they want? >> start off with the you were just talking about. 55 percent of americans in a pose impeach what 45 percent favor it. if you listen to the newly elected democrats in the house and the ones war veterans, they will say i'm waiting until the report from special counsel mueller to make a decision on impeachment. but the question is, what if mueller doesn't give them what they want? that became a real issue after the whole buzzfeed report. buzzfeed reported that president trump directed michael cohen to fly to congress. and then in an unprecedented move, the mueller office poured water on that report.
6:17 am
they just knock it down.i think at that point, loved and let's begin worrying. they think well, what if he doesn't give us what we want? >> the "washington post" is running a headline that says the house should investigate impeaching trump from general michael hayden. as the mother report continues to not show collusion, that they are going after investigating the associates of president trump through these house panels. >> that's exactly right. we've heard a lot around the election how democrats are going to investigate trump on all sorts of things. they will be this subpoena cannon. now you have talked about starting an investigation specifically designed to look for impeachable offenses. the reason they're doing that is, they were thinking hey, that's what we are depending on mueller to do. but if he doesn't do it, just to be safe. we need to start our own investigation.
6:18 am
>> so you think it's a backup plan. you really do. they are sent to want to find an avenue one way or another. how much of this is about a true belief of impeachment and playing to a base that demands that with the 2020 election in front of them? >> i think a number of the representatives themselves have an emotional commitment to resisting trump. they are almost unanimous apposition and the show down - - excuse me, in the shutdown site over a border barrier that many of them supported otherwise. so they have an emotional commitment to opposing the president. they know a lot of their base wants to see them impeach trump now. they don't even have to wait until mueller. they want to see it right now. so they do need a mechanism by which they could move ahead with impeachment if mueller doesn't give them what they want. remember, in all of mueller's court filings, his charges,
6:19 am
plea deals, including this latest marjory stoneman indictment. mueller has not alleged there was a conspiracy. between russia and wikileaks and the trump campaign to influence the 2016 election. >> impeachment is about high crimes and misdemeanors. so far,we don't have any of those crimes committed in terms of collusion because collusion is not a crime as defined even by the special counsel for you mentioned impeachment . you're not just talking about if there was collusion with russia. you were talking about looking into impeachable offenses at any level. >> tax returns, business and any of that. >> there's a famous statement from many years ago that impeachment is whatever the house of representatives decides it is. and impeachable offense decides whatever it is they wanted to be. they are looking into all sorts of things hoping they could find something that they can make and impeachable offense.
6:20 am
look at the michael cohen case with the stormy daniels payoff. the allegation there was a campaign-finance violation there. for a while, a lot of democrats got to talking about russia and started talking about campaign-finance. they are in fact looking for something they could use for impeachment . >> even their rhetoric, if we can't impeach him now we will impeach him at the ballot box. last time i checked, that's an election. >> christianity is under fire from attacks on second-leading karen pence is new job at the catholic school. to the cat the controversy. is a growing trend dangerous for all faiths? >> and a group of bipartisan lawmakers tasked with negotiating border security but will democrats be able to agree to fund structure, a wall? congressman david price, a democrat, is on that committee. he joins us, coming up next.
6:21 am
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6:24 am
a couple quick headlines for you.former texascongressman robert francis telling political, he's exhausted from his failed senate run and could take months to decide on a possible 2010 2020 presidential run. if he runs, he will face, harris among others. the california senator is holding a rally for her 2020 campaign. harris announced she's running for president earlier this week. >> president trump meanwhile, giving congress three weeks to
6:25 am
work on a border deal double and the shutdown for good he says. a group of bipartisan lawmakers including our next guest, forming a homeland security conference committee to put together a border security package. that's the goal anyway. but will democrats and republicans act in good faith to make sure it includes funding for the wall? let's ask one of those democrats. congressman david price joins us live for an inside look. i appreciate you coming in. >> good morning, thank you. >> there's a lot of skepticism that democrats want to negotiate in good you believe a border wall is immoral? >> i believe we need multifaceted approach to border security and in the past, we've had various components to that. our goal right now is to keep government open and to make sure that all of these seven appropriations bills including the one that i helped put together as transportation and housing ranking member and now chairman. that those bills are enacted as we have our government up and running at full strength. >> when you say multifaceted
6:26 am
approach. you talk about drones, other facets. but i want to ask you specifically, yes or no, does the multifaceted approach according to you including a barrier or a wall? >> i believe the president - - the key mistake the president made was in shutting the government open he can argue for whatever physical barrier he wants to argue for. i think we will insist border security is about a lot more than physical barriers and for that matter, homeland security is about a lot more than border security. >> i get that but you didn't answer both of my questions. i said is the wall immoral, yes or no? >> if you're wanting me to anticipate the results of these negotiations, i'm not going to do that. >> i'm trying to get a foundation. nancy pelosi said, your speaker, she said it's in - -
6:27 am
immoral. do you agree with her? >> i can tell you what she meant. i think she met in this context there's a range of immigration policies that are so outrageous and egregious on the part of president trump and his administrations, those policies are immoral. it's immoral to separate families at the border. it's immoral to have these raids, indiscriminate raids that report people willy-nilly. it's immoral to stop refugee flows from the world's most desperate countries. >> let's talk about border security, please.>> i'm talking about the wall becoming a symbol of a range of policies that are reprehensible. it becomes a fraught discussion. >> let's be specific but i asked you if it was immoral. i didn't get an answer. i asked if it includes border
6:28 am
wall. you didn't answer the question but does your approach to multifaceted border security, how much money are you willing to give for a barrier? how much are you willing to give? >> i'm telling you we will have a serious negotiation about what for the security looks like and needs to be. and there are many areas of agreement. i think we need to fortify ports of entry. that's where the drugs are coming in and that's where we need better detection for more personnel. i think we can agree on that. >> again, does include a barrier, yes or no? you launched all of your attacks on the president about family separation that you're talking about a multifaceted approach. does a multifaceted approach according to democrats include a barrier? yes or no? >> i won't tell you how to ask the question if you don't tell me how to answer it. >> i'm asking you a specific question and giving you a chance to answer multiple times.
6:29 am
>> i was the chairman of homeland security appropriations committee when we built almost 700 miles of fence. you know that. republicans that there needs to be a barrier and fencing on that 700 miles not all of it was funded. my question now relevant to these current discussions. do you still want a new barrier? do you still support a barrier? >> i think there are many priorities much more pressing than a physical barrier. moreover, i think the president has poisoned the well. he's made this ridiculous demand for a concrete wall.
6:30 am
a symbol of his presidency. and he's gone after immigrants and away he shouldn't be surprised if this becomes a toxic debate. >> one last time, do you support a barrier, yes or no? >> i'm not going to anticipate the results of these negotiations. >> congressman david price, i appreciate you coming in and answering questions. meanwhile, new york has a new abortion law that allows abortions up to the baby's due date. if you're stunned, you will be stunned at how many more states are looking at similar plans. plus, elizabeth warren citing a purchase by a billionaire as proof as he can afford the billionaire tax.
6:31 am
- - knows more about money and politics. she's coming up live. i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today.
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nothing can prepare you to hear those words... ♪ breast cancer. we thought that we would travel to cancer treatment centers of america. we left on day one feeling like we're gonna beat this and that feeling is priceless... visit >> the left, this week attacking those of the christian faith. from second lady karen pence for taking a part-time job at a christian school and covington
6:35 am
catholic. which led to the # expose christianschools. let's bring in our religion panel. billy hollowell, author of fault line . - - muslim scholar and author of in the land of invisible women and rabbi evan, author of first the jews combating the world longest-running hate campaign. thank you for joining us this one. billy, i will start with you. are these isolated incidents or is this a growing anti-christian trend? >> it's a trampy resort with bernie sanders and dianne feinstein thing that dogma is living loudly within. this is a trend attacking the very values that some of those waging the attacks and bruised several years ago. it's after views on marriage and abortion and life and trying to malign people through the force of shame. >> i will go to you because radical islam is not known as being very tolerant.
6:36 am
how does islam look in true fashion at other faiths? >> islam is categorically pluralistic. it requires the most him to believe in christianity and judaism and accept them both. i find this very, this version of being progressive which involves directing hate and animus at my fellow believers but the good example is the anti-semitism at the women's march. so this is intolerable. criticizing the vice president's wife for following her belief in teaching children with her belief system is an example of intolerance that is not the reading of some sort of social progression. i think this is very false. >> she mentions louis farrakha . your book is written about this. are you seeing - - is this the beginning of a trend that could look like what the jewish faith has faced with thousands of
6:37 am
years? >> exactly right. i called the book, first the jews. when you see anti-semitism, you often see other hatreds follow. i can see, there's persecution of christians rising across the globe. anti-semitism was a signal that that was going to happen. now we're seeing people conflate religion with bigotry. it's the opposite of history. religion has often been a force for good and it started with jews in the anti-semitism and now it's spreading to other faiths as well. >> you're absolutely right. hence the title of your book. i want to move on to another subject and we've seen an unfortunate turn of events in the state of new york with the pro-abortion law that effectively allows in many cases, abortions to be conducted all the way until the day of birth. billy, i want to start with you. as a christian, how do you feel about these - - do you feel you're going backwards on this
6:38 am
issue? >> the bible tells us we were knit together in our mothers forms. this particular law protecting abortion through birth based on the life and health of the mother is that mental health, physical health, it's very vague language. it's so vague that it seems intentional. it also takes away, there was a provision if the woman was abused and is over 24 weeks. before this law came into effect, that babies life was ended would be protected. that has been removed from the law. it's unfortunately idealistically consistent. it's an unfortunate law and i think it opens a gaping wound in the law that will be abused. >> sincere question, what does islam say about abortion? >> islam is extremely clear about the sanctity of human life. nothing overrides that including the rights of god. if someone is starving, they may eat for bin and food to protect life.
6:39 am
however, there is permission in islam forabortion , particularly to save the life of a mother. as a physician who took care of critically ill women who were pregnant, this is a real dilemma. doctors and families face. the law, i am worried in some ways but in other ways, this protects doctors that are charged with looking after the life of gravely ill pregnant women. also, sometimes the most terrible deformities, tickly affecting the brain cannot always be recognized before the third trimester. many of them are missed even with advanced prenatal care. and that can be a catastrophe. that i am worried in the language about social and demographic permissions. islam says do not kill your offspring, even if you fear poverty for god will provide. so this is a complicated area which doctors and patients will have to think carefully about i can't condemn the law. >> with the jewish faith
6:40 am
condemn the law? >> judaism has a complex of you of abortion. it's clear that conception is a key moment but judaism also says the life of the fetus isn't really a life until about 40 days. there are some scholars that say life doesn't begin until exit from the mother's warm. i do think judaism, our motto is - - to life. it's a complex debate. but we have to look at the law carefully. i basically agree with what ahmed said that there are good things and some questionable things. >> to me, it's the celebration that's the most disturbing aspect of it. it's a difficult and regrettable decision no matter what. i will stay with you rabbi because today is national holocaust remembrance day. the minute we forget is the moment we returned to the sins of the past.
6:41 am
>> this is a time when we have so many holocaust survivors were passing away. it was more than 70 years ago. it makes fighting anti-semitism and remembering what happened so much more important. we are living in a dangerous time. we are living in a time with the hatred rising in europe. we see the middle east on fire. we see people in the united states accepted by progressives who call jews termites. it's a dangerous time. i think people of all faiths need to speak out because we are in danger. the same kind of forces that hurt us 70 years ago can hurt us today. thankfully, in a panel like this, it would not have been conceivable 80 years ago. religious ties. ties between jews and christians and jews and muslims are getting better. that's why i wrote this book. that's why we need to think about it today. >> very well said. very quickly. >> as a member of the - -
6:42 am
foundation, fighting anti-semitism as a muslim is my particular privilege. all people of all faiths must stand with the persecuted which does include in america, persecuted jewish people as well as christian persecution around the world. it is our responsibility. >> and billy, i bet you would agree with that. >> we've got to learn from history. >> thank you all very much this morning. millionaire and 20/20 presidential hopeful, she's a senator from massachusetts. once a wealth tax on ultra millionaires. marino says this is nothing but an economy killer. she joins us live coming up next. and ed and katie are out there with chef david burke with a restaurant on wheels. we will try it out. ♪
6:43 am
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6:46 am
alert. a murder suspect is captured in virginia. dakota is accused of killing five people in the weeds and he killedhis parents, girlfriend and her father and brother into separate shootings. the suspects will be transported back to louisiana . >> meanwhile, democratic hopeful elizabeth warren taking aim at dan snyder from the redskins as part of her purse to tax the wealthy. the progressive millionaire says this billionaire owner just paid for a super yacht. i'm pretty sure he can pay my new # ultra millionaire tax to help the million of yacht -less americans struggling to pay college debt. >> joining us is maria. >> whether it's elizabeth
6:47 am
warren's tax on wealth and access or aoc's 70 percent idea on that to be tom. she says what this does is it dictates behavior. there are unintended consequences as a result of making things much more difficult for the wealthy. and the highest honors. for example, one thing people will likely do is try to avoid taxes. and hide wealth. come up with structures that will try hard to avoid it. so you won't get the revenue. another thing people do is they will move. money is mobile. it will go where it is treated best. already, the top 10 percent of earners pay 71 percent of all income taxes. if you put a tax on assets you work your whole life. you work hard. you gain some wealth and you start accumulating assets. then you know the government will take it away or before you
6:48 am
put money into philanthropy, you've got to give 70 percent of the government, you've got to change her behavior. there are a lot of unintended consequences in all of this. >> they all need to watch your show. >> we have a big show today because now we have three weeks before the next funding deadline. we will talk with senator lamar alexander and talk about what he's thinking because he's on the senate appropriations committee. then we have democratic presented ben mcadam. he's a moderate . we'll talk about whether he agrees with this radical stuff coming on the left. your interview on abortion as well as talking about taxes in particular. and what this means in terms of economic growth. we have 4.2 economic growth last year. partly as a result of - - taxes. >> they were telling the
6:49 am
speaker they want border security so that will be interesting. >> i think there's a real push within the democrats that say we don't want this investigation. we want to get things done.>> rick is enjoying breakfast inside shave - - chef david burke's restaurant on wheels. to look at me now, you don't see psoriasis. you see clear skin. you see me. but if you saw me before cosentyx... ♪ i was covered. it was awful. but i didn't give up. i kept fighting. i got clear skin with cosentyx. 3 years and counting. clear skin can last. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you. cosentyx is proven to help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis find clear skin that can last. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting cosentyx, you should be checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms.
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jesse watters, there he is in dc. he called me to get him as reservation so i told the folks at the palm, sit him under my caricature. so he was in henry's world in
6:53 am
washington. there's michael. iunderstand a great dinner with jesse's family and friends. it was really awesome . >> chef david burke. i've never heard of this concept. on wheels. alfresco dining. [indiscernible] >> we are trying something we've neverdone before . so you want alfresco dining. >> correct beside - - sidewalk dining. you can find this on - - we serve lunch and dinner. it's like being on stage. >> you really drive around? >> we don't drive as you eat. the food comes from the restaurant. you purchase your beveragesand come out . and we serve.
6:54 am
if you want to smoke, we don't come in. if youwant to smoke cigars for super bowl or rented this for valentine's day. it would be great . crabcakes, pretzels, scrambled eggs with lobster. that's what you smell. >> hard-boiled eggs with caviar. >> let's go down sixth avenue. we've never tried this before. we've got a moving camera out there. our audio guy is falling all over the place. this is pretty cool. people are looking at us. this is a bucket list right here. >> did anyone tell you we would be driving?[laughter]
6:55 am
>> it would be a great idea - - >> those pancakes looks good. >> i brought breakfast food for you guys. >> you know i've never had caviar before. >> it's an acquired taste. [multiple speakers] >> we are just getting the word out but people haven't booked - - >> the meal is about 1.5-2 hours. >> what's the website again? >> or you can go to woodpecker.
6:56 am
next week is woodpecker for dinner. and david's tavern. [multiple speakers] >>. [indiscernible] >> we will be right back. more "fox and friends sunday" coming up.
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6:59 am
katie: we're back on television. ed: that was my daughter, so i wanted to tape it. pete: we're just having breakfast together. ed: this is pretty cool. pete: chef david burke, look at the things you're doing for "fox & friends". pete: i wanted to go to the park. 'd ed you want to go to the park? >> this, actually, you could
7:00 am
bring to a house. ed: so you could bring it to your house. chef david this would be a pretty good gift to give somebody -- >> listen, celebration room. ed: guys, we'll see you next weekend. have a great sunday. ♪ ♪ maria: good sunday morning, everyone. thanks so much for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo. straight ahead on "sunday morning futures" right here, senator lamar alexander. we'll discuss the temporary dealen ending the government shutdown and whether congress can negotiate a long-term bill for border security. will president trump ultimately have to declare a national emergency? plus, the ranking member of the house intel community, deafen nunez, on why he -- kevin nine necessary. how democrats are plotting a course of oversight for the trump administration. also house minority whip steve scaliseo


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