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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 27, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PST

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eric: president trump venting his frustrations again over the country's immigration system, he's doing this on twitter. this as the lawmakers head back to capitol hill hoping to hash out a deem on border security. and leaving parts of the government at that time without funding potentially. the big question is will democrats approve the president's border fence. i'm eric shawn. arthel: the president reiterating his threat to declare a national emergency if no deal is made to fund
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construction of his long-promised wall. this in the wake of supporters the that the president caved. mick mulvaney tells john roberts that's not the case. >> why he did what he did is many democrats came to us, and they are starting to agree with him on the necessity for a barrier on the southern border. that's a marked difference on where the democratic leadership is. nancy pelosi saying even if they open the government she wouldn't give a single dollar for the wall. we go to ellison barber live at the white house. reporter: the white house is trying hard to push back on the narrative that the president gave in to the democrats.
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they are making the argument you heard mick mulvaney make in private conversations and also in television interviews saying they reached this deal because they had moderate democrats coming them saying they were willing to fund a physical barrier at the wall once the government was reopened. they say president trump took advantage of an opportunity here. republicans were considering crossing party lines and supporting the democratic plan. the short-term agreement the president signed. the white house says moving forward they will try to put pressure on democrats for upgrades to structures already on the border.
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a bipartisan group of lawmakers have three weeks to negotiate on border security and behind president trump a homeland security package. >> i think the president wants his $5.7 billion. it's not a number that's made up. it's what the experts have told him. the better question is what are the democrats willing to do. he was the one' staying in washington, d.c. when nancy pelosi went to hawaii. reporter: mick mulvaney says the president does not want to see another shutdown or declare a national emergency, but if they don't reach agreement by february 15, he's prepared for either. eric: the clock is ticking to come up with a deal on border security. tennessee republican senator lamar alexander who is on the appropriations committeeways in
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this morning on sunday mornings truetures. >>ee we need to get it out of the public's hands and the speaker'sed hands who have known a comprehensive border security plan includes more technology and a physical barrier. hi, garrett. >> neither side of this debate has budged very much over the last month. president trump is demanding his border wall. nancy pelosi is saying you are not going to get anything for it. there are questions about how different negotiations the next three weeks will be. but there is optimism from members of both parties. they could produce a bigger deal on immigration reform as a whole. >> i think democrats want to look at the ho lirks stic
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approach. we have proven it's hard for us. with the president and the white house and legislature. we locked horns on this thing, no wall, all wall. let the professionals tell us what it takes to keep us safe. >> congress has been trying to take on immigration reform for decades. wholesale reforms will be a challenge given the constraints. but marco rubio says he believes the president is willing to work with democrats on those very issues. >> i think the people will be surprised how far this president and white house is willing to go. if the president can get his primary promise which should be something we all share. we want to protect our borders in a way that's effective. reporter: the bipartisan committee will start
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negotiations to try to avoid a shutdown in less than three weeks. arthel: the president sound off on shutdown talks. saying 28 days goes very quickly. we will build the wall. let's bring in new york republican congressman peter king. congressman, thank you for being here with us. so if you were to stack a bipartisan bill that would the avert another government shutdown, what it would include? >> i strongly support a wall, but i'm also against the government shutdown. i thought it was a mistake from the start. i think the president should stop listening to people in the freedom caucus.
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the democrats should support the wall. they did it with presiden -- the with president obama. and the democrats shut down the government last year because of the dreamers. the * is offering three years to the dreamers, three years for tps. so both sides have a lot to gain here. if we listen to the great majority of republicans who didn't want a shutdown, i can tell you that from talking to them. get it away from nancy pelosi and get it away from the hardliners. i wouldn't even call it the moderate. common sense people. we can get that common three weeks and stop talking about the shutdown. let's negotiate where the pressure is on the democrats.
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the hypocrisy and opposing the wall. the let's focus where it belongs on the democrats in not supporting the wall. arthel: perhaps the difference would can president trump didn't prit as a campaign promise. remember candidate trump's campaign promises we'll build a wall and mexico will pay for it. now the taxpayers are paying for it. i'm just saying that's where everybody is getting caught up in congress and i'm wondering if you anticipate based on people are dug in. do you anticipate a permanent solution to immigration and border security to prevail in three weeks. a permanent solution. >> i would hope so. putting campaign promises aside, we need a wall. i was the author of the house bill in 2006 who provided
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structures along the border so i strongly support it. we have to do what's best for the country, whether or not the president promised it in his campaign. i know from talking to democrats, not necessarily the moderate democrats, but the liberal ones. the speaker made a big mistake saying a wall is immoral. arthel: there is already walls in place. arthel: if the president does not get the funding for his wall, starting tomorrow, think that $1.3 billion from the dems, a wide gap from the $5.7 billion the president want. if the president does not get the funding for his wall he feels necessary. do you any the president should declare a national security? i think you said you would
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advise him to do such, take up that option. >> i would certainly not have the government shutdown. if i believes the emergency declaration is warrant, if his lawyers tell him they think it will stand up in court, that's the route to take. it's not just the 800,000 employees affected. i think airline safety was affected. and there are many businesses who do business with the federal government and their employees are not getting paid and several companies i'm aware of are being told they may go under because of this. government shutdowns never worked. i have been in government shutdowns since 1995. the person who calls the shutdown end up losing. last year the democrats called the shutdown and they realized it was blowing up in their faces and they backed away from it. you can't shut down the
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governmenter time you don't get something you want. again, if the president feels that an executive order is warrant, that's his prerogative to do it. i would hope we can reach a result here. there is so much on the table that's available. where everyone gets something they want. get away from the base. don't listen to the freedom caucus on the right other progressives on the left. that's there business to criticize the president from the right. the fact is, it's the broad middle of america that has to be dealt with and listened to. arthel: i hope they all listen to you. you carry a lot of of weight in d.c. why don't you get in there and lock them in a room and tell them this is about the people, not politics. >> my wife says i carry too much
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weight. i wish they would. when you talk to people off the record. you talk to democrat and republican side, very few of them want a shutdown. but the feeling is the president and nancy pelosi and chuck schumer are being driven by their bases. you can't allow bases to be run by their country. i feel strongly for the wall. i also feel strongly for the daca dreamers. arthel: i want to say this. no one wants a porous border, least of all, illegal immigration. what is the greatest threat to our southern border and the biggest challenge to securing it. >> i think the ultimate threat is the breakdown in law and order and it can cause more and
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more people to come across the border. there is the danger of drugs and theirism. the greatest fear for me is the breakdown of law and order and those applying legally for immigration. everything has to be involved. technology, forcing people against companies hiring illegals in this country. and a border wall of barriers in certain segments. all of that is essential. and we have to go after these companies that hire illegals because they are as responsible as anyone for what's going on. barriers are essential. arthel: congressman king, thank you very much. say hello to your wife for us. eric: a shocking story. a manhunt ended for a young louisiana man suspected in a deadly shooting free. he was nabbed at his grandmother's house early this morning in virginia.
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authorities say he shot and killed his parent and three others, including a 17-year-old and 20-year-old brother and sister in two separate unrelated shootings back in louisiana. sad story. reporter: authorities believe the shooting was or a dispute between the suspect and his girlfriend. the sheriff thanked authorities in virginia after the suspect's arrest. they believe he first shot and killed his girlfriend and her 17-year-old brother and father. then they believe the suspect drove to his parents house where he shot and killed his mother and father. investigators say the us select had been living with his girlfriend's family but was recently asked to leave. >> this is probably i would say
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one of the worst domestic violence incidents i have seen in quite a while, for a young man to walk into a bedroom and kill his mother and father, then kill friend in living on. reporter: authorities say the suspect had no major criminal past. just a possession of drug paraphernalia charge. he faces first degree murder, home invasion and illegal use of weapons. eric: the grandmother alerted police and that's how she got him. arthel: a gunman targeting a church packed for sunday mass. does the indictment of roger stone having anything to do with russia collusion? ve got to tell something important. it's not going to be easy. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back
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and lying to congress. but surprisingly he left open the possibility of talking with the special counsel. gillian turner has more on what's in store. reporter: the chairman of the house intel committee says the democrats' investigation into potential russia collusion has been vindicated by the latest indictments of roger stone, president trump's long-time friend. >> all of the above, lying about all of the above. 100 contacts, and probably a thousand lies. it's the bigger broader picture mueller is looking into. reporter: he's facing charges of lying to congress and on strucking an ongoing investigation. but despite the charges he's still in a fighting mood. insisting if he did tell congress mistruths, he didn't mean to lie. >> any failure of memory on my
9:21 am
part was not i tension. they are errors that would be inconsequential within the scope of this investigation. reporter: president trump says despite the fact six of his core yats have been caught in the cross-hairs there is still no collusion. john brennan struck out at the president. if you are utter incompetence is not enough to run you out of office. your political corruption surely will. the latest indictment signals the end of the investigation is
9:22 am
closer than thought. eric: he'll probably come out again with his nirkson v victory sign and talk at the microphones. arthel: stone was charged in part for lie together house intelligence committee. maria bartiromo spoke with devin nunes about the indictment. >> roger stone is an odd political figure. he's a flamboyant guy who runs around, kind of a press guy. says a lot of things, and hangs out with some serious people. but, however, i think the mueller investigation is really at the bottom of the barrel when they are look at people like this. arthel: let's bring in the national journal politics i'd tore. josh -- is this another stone on the path to proving russia
9:23 am
collusion with the trump campaign? >> it was interesting to hear devin nunes earlier today dismiss stone's role with the trump campaign and portray him as a bit figure. he was one of trump's closest early advisors. when you look at the bigger picture, a whole lot of folks on the montreal campaign have been indicted for possible connections with the russians. this isn't just an isolated incident it's part of a pattern and what mueller is trying to paint with his indictments. but i do think the one thing that is preventing the public from really turning on president trump is there hasn't been yet any allegation or indictment alleging collusion. there is a lot of smoke and you hear the cliche' a lot, where there is smoke, there is fire. but we haven't seen that political fire that could turn on the trump white house. arthel: jonathan turley for the
9:24 am
hill wrote despite the breathless news coverage the indictment is under whelming. as for the media it e-mails to only be counting heads of trump associates indicted instead of what they were actually charged with. nothing in the indictment suggests the president took part in russia collusion. are we to believe that mr. smaller as shown all he knows as it per tan is to roger stone? >> i think it's fair to believe that mueller has a few aces up his sleeve. the public is waiting with impatience to hear what mueller has. impeachment is a political process as much as a legal process. if the public isn't sold there is collusion and there hasn't been evidence alleging that high
9:25 am
bar, it will be tough to persuade enough republicans bipartisan alliances emerge to put trump in trouble. there was a flue poll that came out this weekend. over half of voters in the abc "washington post" poll said they were sceptical about what the mueller's report is going to lead to, whether it was totally fair to president trump or not. that will make it tough for democrats to really pursue impeachment charges if things get further. it hinges on whether there is evidence of collusion. they will were we have no idea of what mueller has produced because he hasn't produced it yet. but those who support the president have been vocal in trying to discredit the mueller investigation. but i guess the law is the law and we should follow that. but let's get back to roger stone. given his poe pencity for
9:26 am
theatrics -- given his propensity for theatrics, how much of what roger stone says can be trusted? >> mueller's strategy is to get stone to turn and cooperate. it sounds like he's not. he was feisty when he was indicted and spoke at that privileging where he -- at that briefing where he said he hasn't told any lies and he'll stand behind president trump. he looks like he'll be a tough witness to flip. that's mueller's goal. there is a lot of smoke. and stone is an unconventional figure in that trump circle. but he was his first campaign manager. the big news from that indictment is that there were one or two people from the trump campaign that were in touch with stone at the time that were asking what he knew about the wikileaks situation. so that will be a big piece of
9:27 am
evidence to come forward that could depend on whether stone is guilty or not. arthel: did you see steve martin play stone on snl? he was perfect for that. politics editor national editor. eric: new satellite images show saudi arabia may be building their own ballistic missiles. israel's ambassador to the united nations will be coming up on that. the democratic field for the presidential nomination getting more crowded every today. kamala harris officially announcing her candidacy today. we already did so on tv. we are live in oakland, california where supporters are gathered for a rally. you can go to fox nation and
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eric: california senator kamala harris taken off her campaign for the 2020th presidential bid today. she announced on television but she's making an official with supporters at a big rally in california this afternoon and that's where dan springer is right now where she will be holding a rally to make her announcement official. hi, dan. >> k., eric.
9:33 am
kamala harris' big kickoff event begins here in her hometown of oakland, california. while she's not well known nationally, she's been a u.s. accent for two years. she certainly has been labeled a front runner already in the effort to take on president trump in 2020. she did announce her candidacy on monday on martin luther king junior holiday. she spoke an event hosted by her black sororities to key early primary state where the black vote is critical. harris is a longtime prosecutor and attorney general of california. she may be best known for her grilling of brett kavanaugh at his confirmation hearing. with a poll taken after richard is 70% approval rating among democrats in california. it has drawn criticism that she's not progressive enough. a democratic strategist is known harris for 20 years says that won't stick. >> she pursued a number of other more progressive policies and
9:34 am
programs that she was doing her job. but there's a certain faction of them at cisco, which is one of the most left-wing cities in the country that chose to attack kamala harris for essentially not read the defense attorney. eric: we been given a heads-up on the speech today. medicare for all, universal pre-k and every college coach also attacked residential by saying he's put the american dream and american democracy imperiled. she criticized the criminal justice system, which she's been a part of for 30 years. >> we have a system of justice that is included systemic racism. we have a system of justice were a mother and father have set their child down when he becomes a teenager and tell him he may be stopped. he may be arrested and he could be shot based on the color of his skin. eric: this is a big rollout
9:35 am
affair. there are probably a couple hundred cops here. security is very tight, all paid for by the harris campaign. expect several thousand people here. still here. still a full year away from her very first primary. let the season began. tran do some fancy digs for the announcement of kamala harris. we'll bring you the announcement later afternoon live. thank you. arthel appeared arthel: a desperate search underway in kentucky for a kentucky for a mother of four missing since january 4th. 22-year-old savanna spurlock last seen leaving the bar earlier this month. her family hoping for answers as police try to retrace her steps. >> kentucky police used a car while executing a search warrant as part of the ongoing search for 22-year-old man is spurlock who disappeared nearly three weeks ago. >> she's got four kids.
9:36 am
she's got family and friends that love here. >> last seen with these two men. one of them lives on the property police searched according to media reports. both of them questioned by police, but so far no arrests. spurlock has seven -week-old twins with her ex-boyfriend of three years she kill smith. smith tells fox news, i do think the guy she was with at night is exactly where she is. she's out there worried and thinking about her kids, family and friends. they tell fox news they do not know the man on the video in the video and they savanna is a goodhearted reliable young mother who does not go to bars often and is constantly in touch. >> fear something happened to her, that she's being held by her will somewhere. but i have to hold on to a glimmer of hope that she is
9:37 am
okay. >> savanna left their home with a friend. later in the night comes savanna face time her mom to tell her she would be home in the morning. her phone has been dead ever since. >> when you live and breathe it became a crippling. if you know anything, we beg you, come forward. >> please call this an active investigation that they are not releasing what they might've discovered in the house in the car that they see us. in chicago, fox news. >> 20 people now have been killed. dozens of others wounded after two explosions at a roman catholic cathedral for authorities say muslim militants had been a day. the first bomb went off during sunday mass. the second as soldiers and police posted outside the cathedral rushing in to help.
9:38 am
trading since following the end does appear to be a targeted terrorist attack aimed directly at conflicts. >> erik, 20 people are dead and more than a hundred injured after two bombs exploded at the church in the philippines. the blast occurred on sunday morning at a cathedral on the island of jolo. according to authorities, one one improvised device to set off inside the church as soldiers rest of the concern and another ied exploded injuring many of the first responders. the president of the philippines added today we will pursue to the end of the earth the ruthless perpetrators behind this dastardly crime until every killer is brought to justice and put behind bars. the attack comes a week after the most minority in the philippines voted a referendum
9:39 am
that would create an autonomous muslim region in a years long conflict between the government and a separatist population. no group claimed responsibility for the attack sunday come up with the philippines have fought extensively against islamic state be militants over the past few years. the attack today comes as the u.s. state department did issue a travel warning to the philippines just last year warning of potential terrorism and bombings in the country. eric: just horrible. arthel. >> saudi arabia has begun building its own ballistic missiles, raising concerns of a possible arms race in the middle east. israeli ambassador to the u.n. what he said next. a deep freeze hitting the midwest is the reason braces for dangerous and records leading windchills. ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle,
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eric: new satellite images suggest that saudi arabia is building a fact jury to manufacture its own ballistic missiles. the move could potential to further strain relations with the u.s. also signaling the kingdoms are ramped up efforts to arm itself against the threats from iran. what could this mean for the middle east? israel's ambassador to the united nations who we always welcome in our god is here. a messenger, good to see you. do you think for you and your nation and for the world, is saudi arabia testing perhaps ballistic missiles because they could face iran? >> saudi arabia the threat is iran. two years ago was about agreement. it is continuing the ballistic missiles. even came to congress and spoke about the issue. unfortunately still there.
9:45 am
but the saudi is looking at the iranians, only the saudi is within the region that will follow the iranians. are you concerned about an arms race? >> we are. that's where you put the pressure on iran. stop of a ballistic missile test to condemn that and we expect the europeans to apply for sanctions against the u.n. the united nations resolutions on ballistic missiles. a ballistic missile by its own definition go to another content. >> a clear violation you cannot play around that. i expect my colleagues at the security council to look at the face. the leader speaks about the nation in developing ballistic missiles come a better believe him. eric: on the ground in syria, finally the prime minister said
9:46 am
yes, you have been hitting these warehouses near where i ran slicing. munitions, weapons, supplies for hezbollah as well as other terrorist entities. why did the government finally say guests were going to draw the line and prevent iran from from rebuilding in having a foothold in syria? >> we have a very clear policy. we will not allow iranians to take over syria. look what happened in lebanon. they want to do the same in syria and we will not allow it. 80,000 iranian troops, melissa militias. 80,000. most of them are pakistani and, iraq use. but they control it. they spend $7 billion a year promoting terrorism in the middle east. it is absurd. eric: how can we stop that?
9:47 am
>> we are fighting. prime minister benjamin netanyahu said we will not sit idly by. we will fight. we will attack every time i will send weapons and we'll be there. eric: u.s. ambassador, germany has been held in a lot of supporters say he's done a traffic job in terms of europeans. you think they're doing enough to try and want iran? the iranian airline accused of resupplying unsetting material land and it's been barred from landing in germany and that's one example of. do you think the europeans have done enough in what would you call them to finally do. >> let's speak about the airline. delphi backer -- behind air. they put missiles on the flight.
9:48 am
they decided to ban this airline. but it's not enough. we expect them to join the leadership of president trump. you cannot do business with this regime. you have to apply sanctions and then bring them back to the table and renegotiate. eric: to talk about the threats from tehran in your state of the jewish people. we want to know this is international holocaust remembrance day to honor and remember the 6 million. your reflections on this day, ambassador. eric: we stick with their survivors but unfortunately they will not be here to speak of the holocaust. we will be the ones without responsibility. tomorrow -- 40 u.n. ambassadors and from there we will go to israel. they will only speak about all
9:49 am
nations around the world to speak about the importance of the holocaust. eric: what's been happening around the globe and in this country with anti-semitism attacks, which happening in france, for example and the rise of radical islamic terrorism. are you concerned in the near future when there's no more survivors left, how do we continue and keep their legacy and message alive and keep their ongoing word from ever being forgotten or ignored? >> education. that's what we need to do, to educate the next generation. anti-semitism is on the rise. today i saw polls. people are not aware about the holocaust. we need to teach our children about what happened and to prevent the next holocaust. eric: that is absolutely outstanding and said that we should never forget. thank you very much. we wish you good luck on your trip and we will leave you with the words of ann frank who said
9:50 am
what is done cannot be undone, but one can prevent it from happening again. we'll be right back. ♪ we live like no one's watching, ♪ laugh like there's no tomorrow... ♪ ...and welcome you... do the same. ♪ the united states virgin islands.
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eric: millions are bracing for a dangerous winter storm expected to bring below freezing wind chills in heavy. meteorologist adam klotz is tracking the arctic bots. here's the latest. reporter: is called already that the middle of this upcoming week the bottom will really fallout. knowing they guess in some places it feels like temperature and chicago already every. figure 13 in green bay, negative 30 embargo. that will fill it with a bit deeper and we'll see some cool temperatures across the country. without also talking about snow. the system will move on through the rest of your sunday into monday bringing in a lot of really cool they are. future radar the timestamp in the corner moving across the midwest of the upa, michigan eventually down into ohio. so much cold air behind the entire system. delays in getting into places like northern alabama, mississippi. it is frigid and not just in the u.s. but across the country. the northern portions of the
9:55 am
winter system areas getting fairly wide red six inches to 10 inches of snow. portions of minnesota over wisconsin and michigan. however, at least some snow in the system into areas were you typically don't see it. runs along the east coast stretching back down towards mississippi river. places like mississippi, alabama, tennessee. spots we don't get a lot of snow. the reason behind it is a temperatures are about to plummet. match your windchills which are lowe's across portions of the country tuesday morning. zero degrees in chicago with the windchill down to negative 20 and gets that way by wednesday. temperatures falling to negative 19, negative 31 in fargo. places typically much warmer down towards freezing in new orleans the 22 degrees in atlanta will run us into
9:56 am
thursday and the colder day shift to the east in places like new york city waking up a temperatures close to five degrees negative 22 in chicago. this is probably the coldest air for some of these places facing a decade. arthel: the fact you even said so in mississippi a possibility. we'll talk to you. eric: 34 degrees in new orleans. eric: we never let it freeze there. arthel okay, so we will be back with senator kamala harris makes her official announcement. eric: we will see you at 4:00 p.m. eastern. rty. liberty.♪ when cravings hit, hit back.
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>> coming outcome of president trump's former campaign manager roger stone is speaking out today i'm facing seven felony charges by special counsel robert mueller's investigations and his loyalty to president trump. leland: the three-week sniper president trump's border wall. will congress make a deal or will the president declared an emergency. >> and caught after a massive manhunt, police have just fashioned the 21-year-old louisiana man accused of killing five people. welcome to "america's new


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