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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  January 28, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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to each other. the two men dodge being hit and the woman joins in throwing longhandle broom, the fight ending without anyone getting hurt. we will try find out what they were fighting over. that wraps first hour of "fox & friends first", "fox & friends first" continues right now, bye bye. rob: january 28th and the government is back open. jillian: all right. rob: shutdown clock reset for 3 weeks, live in washington where white house is warning congress to make a deal or we will build without one. after slamming predawn arrest. rob: latest on the charges against him as stone gears up for so-called fight of his life. tom brady heading to ninth super bowl. ninth, could it be his last? jillian: can you believe that, "fox & friends" first continues
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right now. ♪ ♪ carley: we like that. it is so cold. good morning, you're watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning, i'm carley shimkus in for jillian mele. rob: i'm rob schmitt, thanks for starting the day with us, carley, good to see you as always. carley: good to see you. rob: the clock is ticking for president trump and congress to strike a deal on border
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security. carley: griff jenkins is in washington where the president and top democrats stand, good morning, griff. griff: good morning, carley and rob, federal workers are back today, uneasy as the fight between the president and democratic leaders is far from over, president trump casting down on the process, to avoid another shutdown in just 3 weeks telling the wall street journal, quote, i personally think it's less than 50/50 but you have a lot of good people on the board, he's not ruling out closing the government saying, certainly an option, this is white house chief of staff mick mulvaney pressed on the president's sticking point, the wall. >> it's not a made-up magical number, it's the wall where we need it the most and where we need it the quickest. that's what's driving this. this is not president married to true number, this is to do the
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right thing. griff: now up to bipartisan committee to find common ground as joe manchin says it's time to bring in the professionals. >> no wall, all wall, halfway in between, let the professionals tell us what it takes to keep it safe, people that understand on the front lines, professionals that can be a deal-maker, help us find a right path. >> mark it on your calendar, here we go, funding runs out on february 15th when the government could face another shutdown or the president could finally declare a national emergency which rob and carley the white house communicated is really an option this time, guys. >> that would be controversial option to say the least, of course, still on the table, griff, thank you so much for being with us, we appreciate it. griff: thank you. carley: government maybe
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temporarily back open, the fight over border funding continues. rob: roy blunt says democrats have turned border security into a game. >> many of the democrats in the last few months have looked at the president making this a big issue in his campaign and they decided, well, we can't be for that anymore. in 2013 who is still on the senate voted for 700 miles for barriers and a whole lot more money than anybody is talking about right now, certainly speaker pelosi has been for barriers in the past. the whole idea that 650 or 700 miles of barriers are appropriate, 702 miles are immoral, that's incredibly interesting place to draw your line what's moral and what's not moral. i think this debate got way too political. i think the president has shown more room willing to move than others have but we need to solve
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this, we will see the speaker step up and talk along with senator schumer or find out that talk didn't mean anything, give us what we want and then you're not going to get what you want. rob: all right, in the meantime house minority steve scalise slamming speaker pelosi over her state of the union stalemate. >> i think nancy pelosi is afraid of the country's feeling the method that the president has and charade. something the american people look at in a negative way when they look at nancy pelosi trying to hold the state of the union hostage. rob: despite government shutdown ending friday, pelosi has not reinvited president trump to deliver the state of the union address yet. next tuesday has been thrown as possible new date. carley: federal employees heading back to work today after longest government shutdown in history. the white house says workers who went without paycheck per week
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will get their money very soon. >> some of them maybe later this week but we hope by the end of this week all of the back pay will be made up. carley: as we have been talking about, possibility of another shutdown in 3 weeks if border compromise isn't reached by then. rob: roger stone hasn't ruled out cooperating with mueller probe after predawn arrest. carley: gearing up for what he calls the fight of his life. todd piro with the latest fallout from the stone incident. >> good morning, guys, he could strike a deal even as he called obstruction charges against him fabricated. >> if there's wrongdoing by other people in the campaign that i know about which i know of none, if there is i would testify. i would also testify honestly about any other matter including new communications with the
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president. it's true that we spoke on the phone but those communications are political in nature. >> stone adding there was no conspiracy or collusion with russia. this after friday's arrest and indictment alleging that stone worked house intel committee by making false statements, denies he had certain records and persuading witness to lie. president trump tweeting, cbs reports that in the roger stone indictment data was released during the 2015 election to damage hillary clinton oh, really, what about the fake and unverified dossier, total phoney con job that was paid for by crooked hillary to damage me and the trump campaign, what about all the one-sided fake media coverage, collusion with crooked h that i had to endure during my successful presidential campaign. what about the now revealed bias by facebook and many others? roger stone didn't even work for me anywhere near the election. in the meantime trump confirmed he is person one in the indictment, the one stone
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allegedly directed to contact wikileaks to get more hillary clinton emails but adding he will tell the truth if asked in court and house intel chair adam schiff predicting the stone arrest would not be the last big move from the special counsel, guys, over to you. carley: all right, todd, thank you so much. rob: todd, thank you so much. carley: switching gears here. the officer attacked and rushed to hospital responding to a call that gunshots in denver, the gunman arrested following a 6-hour standoff where the home he was hiding in went up in flames, take a look at that. the cause of fire under investigation. both police officers and third injured in car accident are expected to make full recovery. rob: glad to hear that. all right, about the sweep
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through the midwest, polar vortex is going to blast the region with life-threatening windchills as low as negative 40-degrees. carley: that kind of cold could mean frostbite on exposed skin. janice dean is tracking, this is no joke. janice: this would be dangerous not just frostbite but dangerous windchills that could actually kill people if you're outside, across the upper midwest, we will be talking about temperatures minus 30, minus 40, air temperatures that's without the windchill across the northern planes and upper midwest, that's where the worst is going to be, temperatures that they haven't seen in decades, that's how cold it's going to be, the good news it will be short lived, look at some of the forecast windchills, minus 39, minus 20 in chicago. wednesday, thursday, friday and then it's going to come across the great lakes and parts of
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northeast, i also want to point out that we have fast-moving system, as far south as mississippi river valley, we could see snow across the beach over the next couple of days, winter weather advisory, blizzard warning including fargo. interacting with some of the cold air and we will see southern snow as we get into tuesday or wednesday, of course, the headline will be not only the southern snow but the arctic freeze, there are some of your snowfall totals, again, when you see temperatures that they haven't seen in decades across the northern plains it is serious. the good news it isn't going to last, for now, you can't go outside in these temperatures. carley: wednesday is the worst. >> wednesday is the worst and thursday and towards the northeast and start to move back into canada.
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rob: not much colder than that on mars, literally. that's not a joke. >> it's been serious deadly cold. rob: ridiculous. janice: we will keep you posted. rob: we appreciate it. carley: ten minutes after the hour, president trump slamming the price tag of illegal immigration, we are crunching the numbers of just how much broken border policies are costing us next. rob: will she or won't she, believe it or not hillary clinton 2020 could be a reality, we will talk about all this. oh! oh!
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we should preface that the president's tweet is not being confirmed and everybody is wondering where he gets numbers in the country. it may not be nearly as high but still a number and still cost to the country. >> whole debate on how are you coming up, the president is saying, 200 billion, i think the point the president is trying to make, what is the economic cost of illegal immigration. can we have decent debate about immigration in general. over the last few weeks has certainly demonstrated that our government is not capable of debate. by talking about different figures in the way that he is, regardless of how he comes up with the figures, he's trying to incite more genuine debate. carley: if democrat was here to
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debate you, many illegal immigrants pay taxes, they can't benefit from our system the way we do, so they actually contribute to our economy, your response to that talking point? >> so the fact that they contribute to economy validation is to why we should have illegal immigration, this is part of the argument that i don't understand. carley: okay. >> it's obvious focus is on the wall. we went for government shutdown over the wall. he has talked about number of other things as it relates to illegal immigration. what i want to see more from democrats is what exactly is solution to the problem, that's where the debate has sort of fallen apart, right in we need to get back to the place of saying regardless of all the different elements to it we need genuine political debate versus something that's waste of taxpayer's time. >> another cost is our country loves to send money to other countries to try and fix their
2:17 am
problems and we spends hundreds of millions of dollars in central america and two three countries in particular and we don't get back a lot for the money and one of our contributors morgan ortegus thinks we need to spend more idea. >> a lot of different ways to spend the money. look at private invest meant corporation is doing, sleepily dormant institution within the government that invests in companies and industries and infrastructure in countries that are friendly to the united states but need a boost up and i think morgan's point and one that i absolutely agree with as well, we need to look at dealing the issue at the source of the problem. rob: corruption. you send the money it doesn't get to people. >> 100%, that's why we need to pay attention to the source of it and not necessarily what's happening on the border.
2:18 am
if you look at things the oversea private investment corporation and what the work, you will see great case study and what we should be expanding upon. imagine the kinds of lives and i spent a lot of time, imagine the kinds of lives people must be living where they will risk their children's lives, their lives to travel very, very dangerous terrain to get there. i'm not saying let's allow illegal immigration, i'm very much against that, let's spend more time talking about the root of the problem than frankly petty political debate that we have been seeing for some time. by the way, this is decades in the making, this is administrations that have not been able to solve issue and that's something the president has rightfully brought up several times. multiple presidents not being able to deliver a solution as it relates to immigration. carley: big question and we only have 15 seconds to cover it. 5.7 billion is he going to get the border wall? >> i think he's going to get it through a blended process.
2:19 am
[laughter] >> i think now it's all down to politics and the question -- i think one way or another, he's the deal guy, i think le get a deal. rob: barriers, it's not going to be wall. carley: call it whatever you want. appreciate it. rob: 19 minutes after the hour, democrat eric, california grilled about persistent resistance for president trump. >> completely unwilling to say anything positive about this economy in relation to the leadership over the last 2 years, are you allergic to saying anything positive about donald trump? rob: good question, the congressman response is coming up. carley: boston red sox will celebrating world series at the white house but one of star players is snubbing the president, we will have that next minimums and fees. they seem to be the very foundation of your typical bank. capital one is anything but typical.
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we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. rob: boston red sox will not be joining to celebrate world series win at the white house, american league mvp telling boston globe saying he simply decided he will not go. carley: all right, los angeles rams and new england patriots touchdown, get it in atlanta for super bowl week, win or lose the big game on sunday, tom brady is not ready to ride off into the sunset just yet. >> is there any chance this is your last game? >> zero. zero, yeah. i've said that for a long time. carley: wow. rob: why would he? carley: looking to lead patriots to record sixth super bowl win.
2:24 am
think he can pull it off in we will have a wait a couple of days on that one. rob: turning to fox business alert, the u.s. post office historic price hike on stamps. carley: tracee carrasco is here with more on effort to increase revenue, good morning, tracee. tracee: last time the post office was profitable was about a decade ago, they raised prices, they are now 55 cents, that's 10% increase, a record price adjustment not only letters getting more expensive, the number of other things at the post office, large flat rate box, also priority mail, priority mail express, first-class mail, all those prices are going up. last year the post office recorded a net loss of almost $4 billion, so they are hoping the price increases might be able to make a little bit of that up.
2:25 am
rob: i wish they would quadruple the price of junk mail. there's so much of it. carley: oh, my gosh. rob: want to bring in revenue -- carley: contribution for a week. tracee: apple reported sensor that is could detect gases like carbon monoxide. the sensors could soon be on apple watches, iphones and some of the other smart home devices, we know carbon monoxide is deadly, tasteless and indivisible -- invisible gas and could be danger at home, work and public. carley: wow. just when you think they couldn't think of anything else. thank you.
2:26 am
time now is 25 minutes after the hour, democrats roasting former starbucks ceo howard schultz as he strongly considers running for president as independent. >> essentially it would provide donald trump with -- with his best hope of getting reelected. carley: more on announcement throwing the left into a tail spin. rob: also harry potter himself, the latest to go after the maga hat, casting spell on super bowl tom brady, coming up.
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♪ ♪ this simple banana peel represents a bold idea: a way to create energy from household trash. it not only saves about 80% in carbon emissions... it helps reduce landfill waste. that's why bp is partnering with a california company: fulcrum bioenergy. to turn garbage into jet fuel. because we can't let any good ideas go to waste. at bp, we see possibilities everywhere. to help the world keep advancing. carley: good morning, welcome back, a look at top headlines this morning, federal employees heading back to work today after the longest government shutdown in history. white house says workers who went without paychecks for weeks should get their money by the end of the week.
2:30 am
and officials are warning against threatening american diplomats in venezuela has violent protests flood the street. national security adviser john bolton tweeting, quote, any violence and intimidation against personnel, leader juan will represent great assault in rule of law and will be met with significant response. the note coming by several nationals from the u.s. recognizing guido as president of venezuela. kamala harris heading to iowa after kicking off campaign in california. >> we are here because the american dream and our american democracy are under attack and on the line like never before. [cheers and applause] carley: california senator's agenda includes medicare for all, universal prek education
2:31 am
and reversing the trump administration's tax cuts. and on that note, a wealthy businessman could be following in president trump's footsteps at 2020 field widens, the former ceo of starbucks howard schultz is considering a run for president as an independent candidate. lauren green joins us live with more on how the announcement is throwing some democrats into a tail spin, good morning, lauren. >> good morning, carley, absolutely, 7 months after he stepped down as ceo of starbucks, howard schultz is now setting his sights on being commander of the country instead of just coffee. >> i am seriously thinking of running for president. i will run as a centrist independent outside of the two-party system. >> schultz adding that his biggest priority if he wins is to see the american people win. >> i want to see america win, bring me your ideas and i will
2:32 am
be an independent perp who will embrace those ideas because i am not in any way in bed with a party. >> in his first tweets ever schultz writes, quote, this moment is like no other. our two parties are more divided than ever, let's discus how we can come together to create opportunities for more people, #weimagineus. schultz has given $150,000 to democratic campaigns in the past few years and some people on the left are planning to boycott starbucks, vanity projects that help destroy democracy are disgusting. if he enters race i will start a starbucks boycott because i will not pay a penny that will help trump win. jillian castro echoing that opinion. >> essentially it would provide
2:33 am
donald trump with -- with his best hope of getting reelected. >> republicans seem to be staying quiet about announcement. schultz will make final decision on 2020 once he wraps up book tour later this year, rob. rob: lauren, good to see you, thank you so much. could independent like schultz shake up the 2020 election? does he have a chance? here to debate is obama administration roger and republican strategists chris turner, thank you for coming on this morning. roger, i want to start with you, does this hurt the democratic party, if he jumps in, does it hurt the democratic party? >> well, i come from a no drama school of politics so i will not get overheated about this, there's a couple of questions that i think kind of orbits his situation, one, there could very well be variety of democrats are
2:34 am
running, we don't know what lane mayor bloomberg will end up. i will lay that play out before i get overheated about it. can mr. schultz shed the corporate ceo model and go in and introduce himself in small settings and actually hold the floor in new jersey house party or iowa union hall or something like that and really take this to 35 or 40 americans and talk for a couple of hours? i didn't come away with any vision of where he would want to take the country from his 60 minutes piece last night. to me there's a lot of more questions ahead of us than anything that i will get worked up about. rob: let's go over the chris, some policies make a lot of sense, he wants to go after the debt which lately republicans and democrats both don't seem to care about at all.
2:35 am
he wants to do it not by raising taxes but cutting entitlements which i think, chris, you could argue he might take votes away from republicans talking like that? >> well, it's really interesting to me the fact that it's kind of -- the situation, it's kind of an interesting statement on the modern democratic party, this is a person who is a life-long democrat, he is a jewish kid from brooklyn, new york, grew up in public housing, starbucks brand, raised capital, bought the business, turned into a multinational -- rob: american dream. >> he's a social justice warrior on the left and yet he is absolutely dead on arrival with the party that he has supported his entire life, thinking back a week ago -- rob: he says he doesn't like that party, he says he's tired of both parties, life-long democrat but i think, you know, he's more of a kennedy
2:36 am
democrat. >> doesn't it say a lot the party he has supported his whole life doesn't have a place for him anymore. alexandria ocasio-cortez, from brooklyn, society that allows someone to exist, billionaire business person is immoral. interesting kind of observation on the democratic party that someone like this literally has no place in the party anymore. rob: let's look at headlines that came out about this, paints the pictures and the media are feeling about this, exstarbucks ceo could get trump elected. radical centrist, i don't know if that makes any sense. castro, julian castro, howard schultz running in 2020 would help trump, we heard sound bite just like that a minute ago. let's go to numbers here on
2:37 am
independents that have run for president over the years here, ross perot did a good job, jerry johnson, 33%. does he have a prayer? >> i will see how he flushes this out. the big question, does he layer onto early primary state kind of calendar and actually run kind of parallel to the party which i think would be smart or does he hang back and do more of a vanity project. sounds like if he will wait after book tour that he will roll into the general and do personality-driven thing and i don't think this is the cycle to be untested ceo wanting to, you know, dabble in politics after you made millions and things like that. i don't think that's where the
2:38 am
country is and what the country is looking for. rob: we will see, there's a lot of animosity towards big party, gentlemen, appreciate it very much. >> thank you. carley: hillary clinton could be gearing up for a third presidential run. according to cn, in the candidate is telling people she's not closing the door to see, reportedly interested in the idea in the wake of recent indictments, last october clinton said she would not like to run again but he would like to be president. and julian castro just announced campaign this month and he's already talking about undoing president trump's landmark tax break. >> i absolutely would look at undoing the -- the tax cuts that benefited the wealthy and benefited corporations. or car castro says that's just one way to pay for the democratic agenda if they regain the white house.
2:39 am
he suggests shifting the money for health care, the former mayor of san antonio and hud secretary says he wants the country's top earners to pay more taxes, something we hear over and over from the left in 2020. rob: that's the common theme, 39 minutes, from freddie kruger to sopranos, has name calling become an extreme? >> thank you robert mueller and everyone work to go make sure that we have sovereignty for the united states of america. [cheers and applause] carley: that's one way to say it. actress taking time now praising each other to praising partisan politics, reaction next.
2:40 am
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2:43 am
carley: current actor awards gearing up hollywood, praising one another at 25th annual ceremony. rob: highlights from the star-studded night. >> celebrating handing out highest honors. >> best picture win, the cast of black panther taking top price of outstanding performance. following up golden globe with male actor honors. in a much closer race, 2 for 2 for award for lead actress, emily blunt supporting actress.
2:44 am
>> amazing, not something that i can or ever would get used to or take for granted. >> accepting trophies including individual honors for cast members rachel and tony. the cast of this is us winning dramatic second year in a row plus sandra picking up the leading acting award and star jason also walking home happy. >> it may never have been more urgent to see the world through another person's eyes. >> with movie acceptance speech alan receiving highest honor in life-time achievement award, ashley, fox news. rob: they didn't shy away from getting political, actress thanking bob mueller's office during her acceptance speech. >> thank you, robert mueller and everyone working to make sure that we have sovereignty for the united states of america.
2:45 am
[cheers and applause] carley: outstanding performance for her role in escape. rob: probably to say his name. carley: send us thoughts on facebook, instagram, e-mail us, we will read your comments coming up. time now is 45 minutes after the hour, democrat eric grilled about resistance for president trump. >> your guest seems completely unwilling to say anything positive about this economy and the relation to the leadership over the last 2 years, are you allergic to saying anything positive about donald trump? rob: congressman's response coming up.
2:46 am
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>> i'm steve doocy coming up in 11 minutes on "fox & friends", you know how today is different from last monday, because today federal employees are actually going to get paid. actually they are going to get back pay in thefection week, government shutdown is over and talking about how the president says there's a 50-50 shot that he will sign what legislators are working on in the next 3 weeks, otherwise, the government might shut down again, we will talk to a bunch of lawmakers about that. republican dan bongino talking about that and newt gringrich and talk about roger stone, whether or not he will cooperate with robert mueller and cardinal nolen. a busy 3 hours kicks off, carley shimkus 10 minutes from now right here on the channel folks
2:50 am
trust for morning news. carley: can't wait, i will see you about 10 minutes. going down there. attacks on the president reaching new levels with many in the media comparing president trump to television villains an dictators. >> the guy walking around -- >> i'm not saying trump is hitler, volunteered for the army. >> that's what i said. >> political, not as ku kluz klan and appeal today white voters is exactly the same as donald trump. >> so has the attacks reached a new low? here to weigh in executive director of accuracy and media, gus, thank you for being here this morning. >> thanks for having me.
2:51 am
>> you see montage like what we just played, do they believe what they are saying or is this a ratings grab in. >> well, it's both, i believe, right, i deeply believe that, you know, they are trying to insert bias that these networks, the mainstream media, cnn, msnbc especially have tried to essentially over the last years of the trump administration tried to attack and demean the administration and ensure that essentially they become attack machine for democratic party in helping them essentially try and defeat president trump in 2020. carley: all right, now, to be fair, think back 3, 4 years ago, right-wing media hammered president obama and not many conservative outlets, it wasn't as apparent or is president trump really getting hit harder than president obama was during presidency?
2:52 am
>> well, definitely getting hit harder than president obama was during presidency. in fact, harvard released a poll very recently, you know, going back to 2017 and essentially grabbing all of the headlines and all of the media appearance and showing that trump received a 90% coverage that the president received was 90% negative and that goes in comparison to president obama and president bush who were closer to 60% and 50% mark respectfully and it's truly interesting to see that the media has really -- the mainstream media has gone after the president, trying to weaken his administration and really his message to his own voters and to the country. carley: i want to get to another topic, british newspaper recently printed unflattering article about first lady melania trump. said that she was famous, very successful model before she met
2:53 am
the president, also said pretty troubling things about her dad, all of it untrue, they apologized. they said they will would her damages, huge win for the president who is one of the favorite phrases is fake news media. >> definitely, i mean, this is just a terrible, terrible mistake and truly i'm glad that the first lady is getting from this and hopefully lesson learned from the media and ensures that there's accuracy, i guess, out there and not this type of fake news that comes out and really, really goes out to really destroy potentially american lives, thankfully the first lady fought back and gained for it and all the better for it, really. carley: yeah, the president and the media, thank you for being with us, appreciate it.
2:54 am
>> thanks so much. carley: time now 53 minutes after the hour, harry potter himself casting a spell on tom brady for having a maga hat. we will talk about that next shn a fabric softener too. [throat clears] say hello to your fairy godmother, alice. oh and look they got gain scent beads and dryer sheets too!
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♪ rob: welcome back. california democratic eric swalwell grilled over
2:58 am
negative toward president trump. failing to recognize the country's success. >> do you think the economy is on fire. >> at the top floor popping champagne. >> unemployment at 3.9%. you just seem completely unwilling to say anything positive about this economy in relation to the leadership of our last two years. are you allergic to saying anything positive about donald trump? >> no. i think he has lost focused and now it's him as a political reason to distract from other issues. rob: pbs hitting hard. swalwell says he blames president trump for the quote political divide in the u.s. carley: earlier we telling you about actress patricia arquette at the guild awards. we asked you your thoughts and comments are pouring in. >> i fail to see what mueller is doing to ensure national sovereignty talk about a stretch
2:59 am
rob: harry potter takes aim at patriots star tom brady days before the super bowl. >> who are you routing for. >> browns. >> should tom brady retire. >> no. he should stop winning things. that maga hat in your locker. rob: that was harmless. actor daniel ratcliff going after brady for having a make america great again hat in his lockner 2015 and angry at him for winning all these games. everybody hatsd the patriots. carley: i like tom brady because is he a michigan man. the comments pouring in on most of this at all. linda says who is daniel radcliff. he is harry potter and who cares what he thinks. rob: stick to acting.
3:00 am
leave the politics to the politicians. carley: i'm a huge harry potter and tom brady fan. rob: you are a huge ray of light like me. carley: "fox & friends" starts right now. >> the clock is re-set in the battle over the border wall. >> americans want a secure border. we expect congress to deliver a secure border. >> you got to remember how radical the left has become. these are people that want to abolish ice. they like sanctuary cities. the call the wall immoral. they don't support the federal workers. >> presidential candidate kamala harris is heading to iowa today after kicking off her campaign. >> i am running to declare medicare for all. >> i am seriously thinking of running for president. >> if he did run, it would provide donald trump with his best hope of getting reelected. >> former trump campaign advisor roger stone is due back in court. >> everything i


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