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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  January 29, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PST

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>> that is during a snowstorm, all-time we have tonight, new podcast tomorrow. or itunes. a bit episode we had america, what you're going to learn about what is facing our country. shannon bream and the fox news at 19, take it here. >> that mom has nothing on my mom, my mom was a substitute teacher and that is all you need to know. >> have a great show.
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daymac we begin with a fox news alert, four houston police officers gunned down, two in critical condition for being told it was related to an anti-narcotics operation and for one of the offices this is not the first time he had been shot in the line of duty. we go straight to the scene and we have the texas attorney general here with us tonight to react and he will respond to push back on his claim that 99,000 noncitizens may be registered to vote in his state. howard shultz confronted by hecklers furious that he hurts donald trump's chances for reelection. ever exploring a presidential run as an independent. most powerful democratic super pac will do what it takes to stop him. it is sparking serious backlash as the left shows anger during his first public appearance since his bombshell announcements was everybody wants to know about the president's national security adviser's inadvertent disclosure or a message to the disputed president of venezuela. a warning that all options are
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on the table. in minutes, former treasury it official morgan ortagus called us after her, the opposition leader, more support from around the globe. we have fox team coverage tonight. the latest on senator kamala harris fresh off of the townhall event. trace gallagher with the latest on howard shultz. >> reporter: howard shultz is certainly selling a book. whether he intends to run for president as an independent is opaque but the prospect is getting a lot of attention. from his 60 minutes interview to the start of a 3-month book tour but if tonight was any indication, it will be a long 3 months. >> you egotistical billionaire. go back to twitter.
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go back to davos with the other billionaire elites. >> shoulders and just getting near full, is also getting arrival on twitter like this from a former hillary clinton advisor, vanity projects that help destroy democracy are disgusting. if he enters the race i will start a starbucks boycott because i'm not giving up any that will end up in the election coffers of a guy who would help trump when. historically the massive and independent run does end up hurting democrats as michael bloomberg concluded when he ruled out running as an independent because quoting again the data was very clear and consistent. in 2020 the likelihood is an independent would just split the anti-trump vote and reelect the president but howard shultz thinks bloomberg is underestimating independents. >> they had to vote democrat or republican. i also believe there are lifelong democrats and lifelong republicans who will want to find a new home. nobody wants to see donald trump
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fired and leave office more than me. >> the man shultz wants to leave office waiting quoting howard shultz doesn't have the guts to run for president, watched a month 60 minutes and i agree with him he's not the smartest person, i hope starbucks is still paying their rent in trump tower. if shultz runs he will get a lot more of that from the president social appears willing to hit back. >> i think donald trump is a very insecure man. that insecurity is manifested with all of these attacks which i view as weakness. >> reporter: barely 2019, and 2020 is off and running.
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daymac thank you for the update. california democratic senator kamala harris moving to the left as she tries to whenever progressives worried about her days as a law and order prosecutor and she's talking tough and pointing the finger at law enforcement. >> late tonight we have kamala harris fighting back against her critics on twitter who say she's not far enough to the left, she's not to their vein of how they view law enforcement, how they view police, the top-tier democratic candidates are having to prove groove their progressive -- would have been thought of as past the realm of even the fringe. the senator of california in a speech yesterday earned comparison to barack obama's rollout in 2007. you she is on the issue of
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education, she wants free college, healthcare, universal government run healthcare, medicare for all, immigration, she wants to read them in ice, support doctor, or opposing a border wall, but she's facing scrutiny and got questions tonight from the liberal base for being of all things too tough on crime with soundbites like this from 2010 ricocheting around twitter. >> as a prosecutor in law enforcement i've used a stick. the school district, let's work in tandem around our collective objective to get those kids in school. >> reporter: she gave an exhaustive answer and explanation talking how she wanted to, rather than put people in jail, put truancy reform with a bail system. >> i'm proud of my record but i also do know there's a lot more work to be done in this country
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around, justice and reform of the system. >> a real danger for democrats is able move so far to the left and be pulled the direction by charismatic, dynamic, populist, liberal democrats that the eventual nominee even if he or she is not from that wing of the party will be so branded with that but it will be impossible for them to get back to those suburbanites. >> reporter: republicans hope that is the challenge for democrats, republicans face a problem of similar gravity, how to focus 2020 as a referendum on the challenger whoever the democrats may nominate, rather than 1992's election it turned into a referendum on george hw bush, we know how that ended for the incumbent. daymac what is the left's\for their 2020 chances? the former gop contender mike
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huckabee joins us tonight, great to have you with us. >> great to be here. daymac what do you make of this backlash against howard shultz, former ceo of starbucks talking about running as an independent, a number of people up in arms, largest super pac of the democratic side saying they will take him out, threats of boycotting starbucks, bloomberg morning you can never win. feels like ross perot all over again. >> it may be. howard sure that entry into the race helps donald trump get reelected i will go out tomorrow and get a double dark roast coffee from starbucks and buy one for the house because it would be a great way to prevent what is about to happen with the democratic nominee and that is this extreme push to the left. watching these candidates going as far as they can i think i'm
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re-watching the christmas story because everyone is triple dog daring the other candidates to see how far they are willing to go to the left and somebody is going to be like flick and get a tongue on the flagpole. >> i thought you were going to warn people about shooting their eyes out but that's not what you are talking about. >> a triple dog there. daymac i will not -- play a little bit from senator harris, a huge crowd that showed up for her, she talked about free education through college and all kinds of other ideas howard shultz that is one of the problems with democrats because they can to clean how to pay for this stuff, here she is on another popular talking point tonight. >> the solution, i feel strongly about this, we need medicare for all. that is the bottom line. [applause] >> george mason, put a price tag on this, $32.6 trillion over a 10-year period they are not the
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only ones, there are other estimates in the same ballpark, how do we pay for that? >> we don't. simple answer is you don't pay for it because you can't and what you end up with is a rationing of healthcare because you start deciding what is healthcare? what is necessary? who gets to make that decision? if government is providing it government makes the decision. it's no longer individual consumer's decision, not even your doctor's decision. one of the things that is disturbing when she says we will give medicare for all madonna how we are going to pay for, we're just going to do it, then talks about college education, i don't know she realizes it, let me be fair, i thought she had a terrific rollout, very impressive, she's a good speaker, she has charisma but what she is saying is not steeped in reality. when you talk about free college the reality is colleges i mostly run by the state. i don't know of one federally owned college so how does a
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federally elected president and force free college for every person in every state with all the different nuances of tuition unless you just give every person a voucher to go ever wear it the want to go. won't is violated democrats attitudes toward vouchers, letting parents pick the schools for their kids? daymac governor huckabee, great to have you with us, thank you, sir. this is a fox news alert, houston police officer in critical condition after a firefight broke out as officers were trying to serve a warrant, we take you live to the scene as we get more information about the suspect. live from fox 26 in houston, good evening. >> reporter: some scary moments for residents out here is dozens of shots rang out in broad daylight, a neighbor giving a tip that drug activity was
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happening at the house behind us, they believe the drug activity was taking place, the police did their investigation, found that was happening, came to serve a warrant and now we are dealing with 5 officers recovering, we are told this occurred just before 5:00 this afternoon. this is when narcotics officers went to serve an arrest warrant at a home on 7800 harding st. in southeast houston. offices announced themselves and two people in the home started to shoot at them, the officers were struck by bullets, one of the officers was injured, the two suspects were shot and killed at the scene. multiple law enforcement agencies were working this investigation and it is still ongoing at this time. the police chief gave a press conference and here's what he had to say. >> despite the fact the police department in 2019 has 300 fewer officers and we have 500,000
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more people our men and women we said it then and say it again, they don't make excuses, they make a difference and what you saw today with these officers, they have the courage, guts and perseverance to keep the community safe. daymac two of those officers are in critical but stable condition. the other two officers are in stable condition and one of those officers who was injured was discharged from the hospital. after those two suspects, their names of not been released. we will keep you up-to-date as we learn more information. daymac thank you very much. as we get new details about the condition of those police officer, ken paxton has more on what happened in that firefight in houston it is you to respond to back lash against data about
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12:19 am
in houston, several officers wounded, two in critical condition, two suspects dead. anything you can add? >> know. we had something like this happen a couple months ago in houston. these guys are courageous, heroic, and our thoughts go to them and their families. shannon: one thing that stunned me most is one of the most senior officers is someone who has been shot before in the line of duty, the police chief talking about how they want to go back to serve their community. >> we are grateful they are all going to make it and it has been a tough day but we are grateful they are still with us. shannon: we reported about the numbers that came from texas, 95,000 noncitizens registered to vote. one report said 58,000 may have voted in one or more election, you have plenty of skeptics including one of your state
12:20 am
reps, a democrat says we've seen texas politicians conjure the specter of voter fraud as a pretext to suppress legitimate floats, naturally skeptical. >> it is simple math from the secretary of state matching voter rolls with the department of public safety's licenses so these are just numbers of self-reported noncitizens saying when i got drivers licenses and registered to vote they were not citizens and they got matched and these are just the facts. >> bets stevens commenting on this is despite those numbers there's no credible data indicating a legal voting happening in significant numbers of the report from the secretary of state says 58,000 noncitizens, that seems significant, she says no credible data. >> this is new data and credible data. we don't know if those 58,000
12:21 am
have been naturalized since they got their driver's license, we will have to verify that and have an opportunity to verify their citizenship and if we find they were citizens and did vote we will start prosecuting and our prosecutions are significantly up despite the fact that she disputes that we have a problem. it is real and we are dealing with it. shannon: kristin clark with the lawyers committee for civil rights says texas has a rich history of undertaking action to make it harder for people to vote. she says we have to test the veracity of their claims. are you or other state officials willing to open the doors on this so they can see what you have looked at and draw their own conclusions about the data? >> we are about transparency in government, we are not afraid of the truth. we are not afraid of the facts. effects show we have voter fraud we will prosecute it. we are not going to run from it. there is a narrative in the
12:22 am
media there is no voter fraud but the facts do not bear that out in my state. shannon: we followed those prosecutions that you successfully taken before the jury so we will follow this as well. thanks for your time. >> you print important story we appreciate you covering. >> the clock is ticking again to another deadline over border wall funding and government funding. trump administration ending the president will find a way to get his wall with without congress. kristin fisher joins us with the latest on that. >> reporter: this bipartisan committee has been given a difficult task of finding a compromise that nancy pelosi and donald trump will sign off on. they won't be meeting until wednesday. they only have 16 days before the government shutdown again. >> i would hope we will come together when we meet wednesday and say how can we bridge any
12:23 am
divide? will we by the 15th be able to bridge those differences? i hope so. >> donald trump put their chances at less then 50/50. an interview with the wall street journal he said i doubt it when asked if he would accept less than $5.7 billion for a wall. lindsey graham believes the president is in a dealmaking mood. >> is willing to do other things, get anybody in a mode of compromise. if we can do that maybe good things will happen. >> reporter: tough to find compromise when there may not be time to take on one of the key bargaining chips, protection for dreamers and other immigrant. committee members said that is a question that is still unanswered. as the clock ticks down to a second possible shutdown, the talk of the first shutdown is becoming clear. the congressional budget office estimates the economy lost $3
12:24 am
billion over those 35 days. senate minority leader chuck schumer says it is clear as day the president's temper tantrum caused serious and lasting damage to our nation's economy. the president's chief economic advisor disagrees. >> a whole bunch of very temporary factors and now that the government is reopened the switch goes right back on. there's no permanent damage to the economy. shannon: there's one thing with bipartisan support on capitol hill, senators on both sides introduced bills to keep this from ever happening again. the republican bill is called the end government shutdown act, the democratic bill is called arm not making this up, the stop stupidity act. not only is a great name but the stupid stands for something, short for shutdown transferring unnecessary pain and inflicting damage act. you got to given points for creativity.
12:25 am
>> reporter: the economic they come up with a male, they probably had a contest and who came up with that, it gets attention. we will see if either one gets traction. this is a fox news alert, michigan's governor declaring a state of emergency in preparation for record-breaking forecasted cold, life-threatening cold temperatures and winds because of a polar vortex, delta canceling 100 flights in anticipation. let's check in with adam. >> reporter: it is already cold out and it is going to get a lot colder, these are current wind chills-15 in minneapolis, and-10 in chicago, nothing like what it will eventually become, this is on the backside of cold front sweeping across the country from 6 inches to a foot across the great lake states. this will be a system we watch, cold enough we have winter storm
12:26 am
watches as far south as louisiana to new england, this mostly takes place tomorrow. tuesday everything on the backside of this is where the cold air is, cold enough to see snow in places you don't typically see it, adjusting across portions of mississippi towards alabama as the system moves through and behind it temperatures begin to fall, these are forecasted highs for each day, this is as warm as it gets tuesday, 2 ° in chicago, cold air on wednesday and thursday, chicago-13, fargo, negative 18. it is the story, the wind chill on the backside of this, that is what it feels like when you step outside, this is the forecast tuesday into wednesday, we have feel like temperatures in minneapolis down to negative 50s, chicago negative 40, negative 20 in indianapolis and
12:27 am
34. it will be unbelievably cold, you will not want to step outside. shannon: an important time to check on neighbors and other people in need who may have trouble. good reminder for all of us, thank you. donald trump tweeting about the cold, he wants something else, the beautiful midwest, winchell temperatures reaching-60, the coldest ever recorded, in coming days expect to get even colder, people can't last outside even for minutes. what the hell is going on with global warming? please come back fast, we need you! is the president of national security adviser sending a message to the disputed venezuelan president? the us levied heavy sanctions ratcheting up economic pressure on the country and set all options on the table, check out is notepad. morgan ortagus live after the break to discuss, stick around. .
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>> fox news alert, tomorrow afternoon in the roosevelt room we are hearing the vice president will meet with a top venezuelan official, the us dropping the hammer on venezuela tough sanctions on the state run oil companies today in a bit of pressure the country's disputed president nicholas madero to step down but jennifer griffin reported appears madero does not plan to go without a fight. >> facing mounting international pressure to step aside, the president nicholas madero tried to shore up support with the venezuelan military overseeing exercises an effort to show he is still in charge. >> reporter: we have to prepare ourselves. nobody respects the we, the cowards, the traders. >> reporter: the 35-year-old head of the national assembly and self-proclaimed president
12:33 am
attended mass sunday. he call for street protests wednesday and saturday and offered amnesty to venezuelan troops. >> translator: soldiers of the homeland of venezuela, today give you an order to not shoot the people of venezuela. >> reporter: is a forest tried to encourage the army to abandon madero his election last year was marked by fraud. their efforts appeared to gain traction is more venezuelan officials stationed in the us declared their intention to abandon madero while donald trump's team kept the pressure on the embattled president announcing sanctions against him and the state oil monopoly. >> the united states is holding accountable those responsible for venezuela's tragic decline. the united states will hold venezuelan security forces responsible for the safety of all us diplomatic personnel, the national assembly and juan guaido. >> reporter: donald trump is leaving all options on the table. >> we are closely monitoring the
12:34 am
situation in venezuela. >> reporter: with its economy in a freefall venezuela faces inflation of 10 million% this year, according to the imf. an emergency meeting of the un security council mike pompeo called out russia and china for propping up and a legitimate regime. >> end this nightmare, no excuses. the united states stands with the venezuelan people. >> reporter: during the white house briefing today photographers captured notes on john bolton's yellow legal pad which said 5000 troops to colombia, venezuela's neighbor. neither the pentagon or the national security council is commenting on this apparent slip. >> is that photograph, john bolton's legal pad saying 5000 troops to colombia. let's bring in the chief of staff, fox news contributor, morgan ortagus, thank you for being with us.
12:35 am
i know you had a facetime call with the opposition leader. what did you learn from that. what is the sense of how this plays out. >> the interim president, juan guaido if you look at the venezuelan constitution, this is what colombia and the united states and others are arguing, we spoke vfs time with his cousin in new york, cannot go back to the country because of the current environment. they were focused and any leverage the united states complete with our allies, he was very supportive. the sanctions come down today. he was supportive of any measures that will put pressure on madero that will squeeze the money he has access to which is many of the venezuelan people but that is keeping the military on its side and focus on getting more european support. that is the part of the story i think is tragic, how many people
12:36 am
around the world came to the side of democracy and freedom, it is not regime change, this is a democratic process via the constitution of venezuela and the europeans need to get on board. shannon: appealing in a very public way. i want to play what john bolton said when asked about the action today. >> any circumstance under which american forces would get involved? >> the president made it clear on this matter that all options are on the table. >> reporter: we showed the notepad we had, 5000 troops to colombia, something it was a message. what are the odds the military gets involved here and would that be a plus or minus for the venezuelan people? >> member states, peaceful transition, democracy coming back to venezuela, a democratic
12:37 am
venezuela once again including the interim president restoring democracy in the country. at the same time, these 5000, we can never forget in venezuela we have 20,000 cuban agent infiltrating the country and the problem for the security in the region so rather than focusing on political aspects, these 20,000 cuban agents in the country is a problem. a regime that is involved in criminal activity, terrorist organizations, venezuela is a political region. in this context, it is towards peaceful resolution and a lot of people are suffering, 3 million venezuelans fled the country
12:38 am
because of this so in juan guaido we have an opportunity for democratic administration. shannon: countries are taking sides, supporting madero or the opposition leader who claimed the presidency. on the blue, the opposition leader, juan guaido, there are significant countries there including one of our nato allies, turkey. russia and china and others the turkey is a problem. >> it is. it is important to remember we get into big geopolitical discussions about what the americans are doing and what are the russians doing and it is easy to lose sight of the fact that people for many years have been starving in the streets, there is violence, lots of basic goods, medicine, healthcare. this is a real human rights
12:39 am
tragedy and crisis and we need to keep that in perspective and it is a smart strategy the national assembly, the united states and allies have pursued, going by the letter of the law, the venezuelan constitution, and important point. >> reporter: a word to the people of venezuela? >> the message to increase the loan, working for democracy in the country, many governments in the region as you were mentioning, the us government has taken significant steps to restore democracy in venezuela and latin america, 20 countries recognized juan guaido as legitimate president of the country.
12:40 am
so venezuelans are not alone and democracy will come back to the country, they have never been so close. shannon: we have to leave it there. thank you both for coming in. a defiant roger stone speaking out about his arrest and the real reason he was indicted. >> they want to silence me because i will stand up for donald trump, that is what this is about. shannon: he is going to take this on and what they the indictment means and should the president be concerned?
12:41 am
12:42 am
12:43 am
12:44 am
>> look, i'm targeted here because they want to silence me. i'm 66 years old, i support the second amendment, but i don't own a firearm. i don't h >> reporter: i'm targeted because they want to silence me. i'm 66 years old, i support the second amendment and don't own a firearm, don't have a valid passport. >> reporter: can you guarantee
12:45 am
the president -- >> i won't talk about hypotheticals that are ridiculous. >> in washington for his arraignment trump advisor roger stone speculating to sean hannity, mueller's ultimate goal is to charge donald trump with russian collusion. let's bring in isaac right and opinion editor at the washington times charlie hurts. welcome to you both. i want to play a little more of what mister stone had to say about whether he will cooperate and how he will handle the mueller investigation. >> i'm not going to testify against him because i possess no negative information. there is no russian collusion, this is a witchhunt. >> he says he has nothing on the president. >> only time will tell. he said sunday he would communicate on the news. he has been back and forth on that but roger stone does not have a lot of credit ability to begin with even before the
12:46 am
indictment against him that include lying to congress and the american people so that no surprise, you have to take everything that comes from him with a grain of salt, indictments are about lying about the case at hand, we have to hold him pre-second spec. shannon: something republican senator john kennedy had to say today in the news swirling around mister stone. >> i think mister stone is a total beavis. when his iq gets to 75 he ought to sell. >> reporter: charlie? >> he probably has that about right. anyone going around washington the last 20 years or so, knows right -- is an entertaining sideshow. what he says, a 5% chance some of it is true. when you read some of the testimony and indictments you
12:47 am
get a sense that he likes to put himself at the center of things and talk about his connections with people. that doesn't mean he has connections was at one point he talked about this go-between between him and wikileaks, julian assange, reporter who interviewed him may or may not have been -- it is all nonsense. at the end of the day, we have no idea what mueller has, we should wait and see but it is interesting none of that stuff is in this indictment and it is one more example of russian collusion or conspiracy not being in evidence. >> might be glossing over a little bit the serious nature of this in 7 indictments. we do know that stone was in touch with wikileaks through
12:48 am
conduits in advance of emails being released and he was in touch with the trump campaign and the trump campaign officials were directed to go back to him to get more information about the russian hacking. congratulated by steve bannon it was running the campaign. >> but there's nothing that links donald trump to russia or any collusion. he is charged with lying about -- >> it does not name -- two officials. >> your both talking at the same time. >> the only important thing that is unclear is roger stone was in any way in connection with wikileaks before the document dump and there's a solid way of reading that testimony to make it clear he was not in any way
12:49 am
in connection with wikileaks and the fact that he was not charged with lying on that count suggests mueller believes he's telling the truth. >> he has other stuff to answer for and if you read the indictment there you are. thank you very much, great to see you. not your typical day on the massachusetts turnpike as far speeding along with a man hanging on for his wife on the hood of the car before speaking to 70 miles an hour. stay tuned for late breaking details on what happened and katherine herridge with breaking news on the mueller probate new intrigue about china tonight. stick around. (vo) this is the avery's.
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shannon: fox news alert, late tonight, a big text firm is the 9 us charges it has been stealing trade secrets. the acting attorney general making news about robert mueller's pro. katherine herridge with the latest from the justice department. >> reporter: senior officials from the justice and commerce department, homeland security and the knowledge, charges against the chief financial officer accusing the logical communications firm in china of
12:54 am
stealing trade secrets, rigging confidentiality agreements, violating sanctions and wire fraud. >> both sets of charges expose the brazen and persistent actions to exploit american companies and financial institutions and to threaten the free and fair global marketplace. >> reporter: law enforcement officials said the years long investigation found they also stole information on t-mobile testing robot, they violated confidentiality agreements and on one occasion still secret that would allow chinese engineers to copy the robot. the acting attorney general took questions on the status of the special counsel. >> i'm comfortable that the decisions that were made are going to be reviewed either through various means we have but right now the investigation is close to being completed and i hope we can get the report
12:55 am
from director mueller as soon as possible. >> reporter: with two trump associates political operative roger stone, personal attorney michael cohen prosecuted for lying to congress in response to a question from fox news, whitaker told reporters the same standard will apply regardless of politics. >> reporter: republicans complained other witnesses, the email investigation, is it robert mueller's responsibly to investigate this allegation? >> we take very seriously lying to congress and if there are referrals made by appropriate committees in this ordinary course for matters like this we would investigate that. >> reporter: there will be more on russia and china tomorrow when the intelligence community and law enforcement on capitol hill for the worldwide meeting. shannon: thank you very much. he has been called the worst
12:56 am
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>> we are out of time for tonight but most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. see you tomorrow. >> we are sick and tired of having dirtbags trying to kick our lives. enough is enough. shannon: tuesday, january 29th in this is "fox and friends first". happening at 4:00 on the east coast of fox news alert, two texas police officers fighting for their lives after suspect unleashed a hail of bullets during a drug raid in houston. events leading up to the horrific attack and is about with's emotional plea to end the war on cops. >> this president doesn't want another shutdown.


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