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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  January 29, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PST

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>> we are out of time for tonight but most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. see you tomorrow. >> we are sick and tired of having dirtbags trying to kick our lives. enough is enough. shannon: tuesday, january 29th in this is "fox and friends first". happening at 4:00 on the east coast of fox news alert, two texas police officers fighting for their lives after suspect unleashed a hail of bullets during a drug raid in houston. events leading up to the horrific attack and is about with's emotional plea to end the war on cops. >> this president doesn't want another shutdown.
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the goal is border security. >> the white house sending another warning as another shutdown looms over congress but the good news, tensions have cooled just enough to secure the state of the union. with powerful tribute to an american hero. how a community of complete strangers came together to pay their final respects. "fox and friends first" starts right now. good morning, you are watching "fox and friends first" tuesday morning. thank you for joining us. let's get to that fox news alert, police officers attacked in houston when a drug raid turned into a shootout. at this hour two of the four offices shots are in critical
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condition. todd pyro joins us with the deadly standoff. >> reporter: the sound we hear too often in this war on cops, a scanner with a call no one wants to hear. >> shot. >> reporter: four houston police officers shot serving a search warrant at a home police describe as a hub for drug dealers. a tip from a neighbor let offices there but when they arrived they came under fire. police shooting and killing two suspects. one of those officers has been released with a gunshot to the shoulder but two officers are in critical condition with gunshots to the neck. the police union leader with tough talk for those who attack cops. >> reporter: we are sick and tired of having dirtbags trying to take our lives when all we are trying to do is protect this community and protect our families. enough is enough. >> reporter: in this first month of 2019 which isn't even over
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yet, four officers have been shiny and killed not to mention those injured like these houston offices. in a few hours we expect to learn more about the shooting in the offices condition when houston police chief talks to the media but one of the officers involved had been shot previously demonstrating risks our brave men and women in blue face. >> one of the senior officers on the scene, they are courageous and heroic call across the country. the us slapping sanctions on venezuela's state-owned oil company and defeated president nicholas maduro, this just days after officially recognizing opposition leader juan guaido as the legitimate president. john bolton doubling down on
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warnings against threats of violence. >> the united states will hold venezuelan security forces responsible for the safety of all us diplomatic personnel. >> any circumstance under which american forces would get involved? >> with the president made clear on this matter, all options are on the table. >> we see the clipboard, sparking speculation of military intervention cutting a notepad indicating plans to deploy 5000 troops to colombia. the white house is nothing is imminent. mike pence will meet with one of juan guaido's representatives at the white house today. house democrats setting their sites on the pentagon, deploying troops at the border. the armed services committee grilling defense officials during the first hearing under democratic control, donald trump originally sent the troops as the migrant caravan closed in on
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the us-mexico border, democrats when the move as a scare tactic. take a look at this. this is horrifying. what you are watching, a 3-year-old girl falling from the border fence in arizona. you can see her reach the top before plummeting 16 feet to the ground. authorities say she and her mother were traveling with a group of 49 migrants from guatemala. you can see two smugglers run away with the latter after helping them jump the fence was the toddler was treated for minor injuries before being released into border patrol custody. very lucky little girl. save the date, donald trump will deliver the state of the union address one week from today after accepting invitation from nancy pelosi. garrett tenney joins us live from washington with what this could mean for the next possible shutdown or the shutdown deadline. good morning. >> there was some question of whether or not the state of the union would happen with another shutdown in the air but as of now it looks like it is going to happen.
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house speaker nancy pelosi talked about the address over the phone yesterday and made it official a letter, writing when i wrote to you on january 23rd i said we should work together to find a mutually agreeable date when government has reopened to schedule the state of the union address. in our conversation today we agreed on february 5th, donald trump replied it is my honor to accept. we have a great story to tell and great goals to achieve and look forward to seeing you on the fifth. of another partial shutdown is 3 weeks away, congressional negotiators try to work out a deal, minority leader chuck schumer is urging the president to stay out of this discussion. >> when the president injects maximalist partisan demands into the process negotiations tend to fall apart. the president should allow the conference committee to proceed with good faith negotiations. >> the president will need to sign off on any deal, sarah
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sanders says of congress can't secure the border the president isn't rolling out another partial shutdown. >> the president doesn't want to go for another shutdown. that's not the goal. the goal is border security, we are not going to get into hypotheticals of taking that off the table but i do know the president is committed to fixing the problem. >> with congressional negotiators trying to hammer out a deal the president is expected to make border security one of the leading topics of the state of the union address a week from today. >> i would place a bet on that. appreciate it. the white house used their first press briefing of the year to make it clear the president did not cave to democrats, brett hume is also making it clear nancy pelosi and the president's resistance, their job is far from finished. >> he didn't come out of it
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looking great either but she cares more about popularity within her caucus in power than she does about popularity nationwide and my sense there are some democrats in the house and senate as well who would be prepared to go along with funding a border wall, some funding for border wall. the question arises, with a willing to but clear leaders to support that, if it came to that? the president it is fair to say has a case, border security experts, border patrol chiefs going back to the obama administration say there are places where a wall or steel barrier would be helpful and that something democrats repeatedly disputed but expert opinion seems to be on the president's side at least as far as parts of the border are concerned.
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heather: congress hasn't of february 15th to strike a deal or watch the government shutdown again. roger stone expected in court in a few hours, the longtime advisor to donald trump arraigned on 7 charges, special counsel accusing him of lying to congress, obstruction, witness tampering in the russia probe. stone says he's innocent and his arrest is part of a grand scheme against the president. >> they are trying to criminalize legitimate political inquiry. i honestly believe they're going to charge the president and vice president with some frame of russian collusion to make nancy pelosi president, she can make hillary clinton vice president and step aside. it is a nightmare. >> reporter: more on this coming up. stone is out of jail on bond is the longest war in us history appears to be nearing a end.
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heads of the pentagon and nato are calling peace talks with the taliban and encouraging an agreement that would allow troops to be pulled from afghanistan. >> we won't stay longer than necessary but we will not leave without seeing the main goal of our presence, a safe haven for national terrorists at once. >> officials working on a cease-fire and establishing talks between insurgents and the afghan government. we warned you, the coldest temperatures in decades expected to sweep the midwest and the northeast on the heels of a snowstorm. the storm believed responsible for two debbie crashes in iowa and in north dakota a car hit the deputy's cruiser and spins
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out, no one was injured in that. in chicago, police save a man from a frozen lake after he jumped in to save his dog, both are okay. and minnesota wind chills could make it feel like-65 ° this week, the first time in 20 years the midwest could see this kind of cold so just stay inside if you can. the time is 10 minutes after the top of the hour and roger stone gets ready to appear before a judge today he says he's being targeted by the special counsel. >> they want to silence me because i will stand up for donald trump. that is what this is about. >> does he have a case? the next guest is it won't be easy to prove and what does kamala harris plan to do about the crisis at the border as she clinches the presidential nomination. the plan the presidential candidate revealed overnight. ♪
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call right now. - [eckstein] call the number on your screen. >> there is no russian collusion. i had no collaboration with
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wikileaks. i'm not charged with conspiracy. if they could have made that case they would have but they want to silence me because i will stand up for donald trump. that is what this is really about. >> former trump aid roger stone says he's being silenced by the mueller team as he prepares to face a judge just hours from now on 7 charges. what does this tell us about the direction of the probe? jamie bruno, joins us to talk a little bit about this. we love having you here in person service 24 page indictment facing 7 charges, you are the attorney here. where my missing the russia collusion in these 24 pages? not in here? >> these are process violations. it shouldn't be the mueller team that silences mister stone. the fifth amendment of the constitution should silence him before that because he's charged with false statements. that's the crux of the
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indictment and that is where he will have the most problems because he was communicating by text message, email. >> communicating, he is a radio host? >> and number 2, the two individuals he is using to get information about wikileaks so on one of the questions he's alleged to have lied about is did you have a text message or email communication about wikileaks? the day of the testimony was in communication 30 times when he said no. that is the problem. not on the conspiracy to defraud the united states or collusion but lying to house until. >> bottom line in terms of ties to the trump administration or anyone in the trump administration, where is that in all of this? >> there are several references
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that he was in contact with. shannon: a senior member of the trump campaign to see if he had anything else. >> it is all left of the first email, the dnc email. in 2016, the first disclosure by wikileaks. after that every news media accounts, every newspaper, every tv show, every network including two were trying to get information. i don't think it is a problem with the trump campaign was trying to see if there's anything else coming. as long as it didn't have anything to do with that. >> no allegation of that in this. >> let's listen to what the acting ag had to say, matthew whitaker who thinks this is significant on the future of the probe. >> the investigation is close to being completed and i hope we can get the report from director mueller as soon as possible.
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>> you and i were just discussing this. >> we've heard it before but never from the person running the investigation, the acting attorney general. before that statement he says i have been fully briefed. this is almost like rod rosenstein saying something like that. it has never been done in the first we are hearing. it was a little flip, that wasn't the point of the press conference. he was a different issue being discussed and that is what everyone is talking about. >> do they really make little switzer was that intentional? >> i don't think it was intentional. i think it was the truth. it is telling to hear that and i'm hopeful the mueller investigation is coming to a end. >> william bar will be taking it over. is in a rush to wrap it up before he takes over? >> not necessarily. it could come as early as this week, to vote in the senate but
1:19 am
it will be a transition to william bar and i think mueller is doing what he needs to do to finish this up. >> another press on the periphery of the trump campaign being charged with nothing having to do with collusion when it was supposed to be the goal of the investigation to begin with. just saying. the time is 19 after the top of the hour and major brexit catch for teresa may. the big vote happening in parliament and what it means for the us and a powerful tribute to an american hero, you have to see this with our community of complete strangers came together to pay their final respects. carly shimkus has reaction on social media. wouldn't it be great to have epix?
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shannon: 2020 presidential candidate kamala harris defending her criminal justice record after liberals criticized her for being tough on crime. one example, enforcing the death penalty. here is claiming it was her duty as attorney general to do so despite opposing it. the democratic center tells the crowd and i townhall that she's affirm know for a border wall. >> i'm not going to vote for a wall under any circumstances. i support border security. we want to talk about this let's do that and talk about what really accomplishes border security. >> harris says passing a middle-class tax cut would be her first act if she became president and what about this? howard schultz heckled by a protester in his first public appearance since teasing a presidential run.
1:24 am
>> you will help elect trump you egotistical billionaire. go to davos with the other billionaire elites who think they know how to run the world. >> tell us how you really feel. the show was interrupted on his book tour. he is considering a 2020 run as an independent candidate, donald trump tweeting howard schultz doesn't have the guts to run for president. a potential democratic candidate, michael bloomberg saying in a statement, quote, there's no way and independence can win. honoring an american hero, this is a great story, thousands of strangers lining up to pay their respects to a vietnam that. carly shimkus with serious xm 115 here with the online reaction. this was awesome. >> gone but not forgotten should be the headline to this story.
1:25 am
thousands of people in texas attended the funeral of a total stranger yesterday. air force veteran joseph walker died november 19th but after his death his family could not be reached. that's when the central texas state veterans cemetery posted an appeal asking to attend the funeral as a thank you for his service. texas senator ted cruz taught wins of the peel and posted this on twitter, joseph walker will be laid to rest monday and no one is expected to attend, the cemetery said they do not know where his family is and do not want him to be laid to rest alone so they are asking the public to attend. a lot of people, so many people showed up, so much so that the line going into the cemetery was a mile long, 5 to 6000 cars were estimated to be in that line and people are flooding social media
1:26 am
with comments on this great story, one person posting on instagram this is what america should be, a place of kindness and brotherhood and another social media usage signing and saying each person done is this man, i salute you. after the service on facebook we are overwhelmed by the love and support, we do not leave veterans behind. >> people at the core are good. we were not sure how many people would show up and then a tremendous outpouring of support. let's talk about instagram because a couple of those responses from instagram, instagram went down, users around the world freaking out. this is not a drill, instagram did go down yesterday sending panicked people flocking to twitter to complain. what are they going to do? human interaction doesn't happen anymore so everybody went to twitter to complain. other people posted helpful suggestions with one person saying heaven help us, why not read a book? call a friend.
1:27 am
another person saying i opened instagram earlier and realized nothing would load. i then closed the apps and moved on with my life. another person also -- they posted these after it was back up and running, i can't get my cat video 6, the world is ending. the world is ending, it did affect north america yesterday. erika. it was a big outage. they were on it, they fixed it, everything is okay now. >> we can rest assured we can use instagram today. the time is half past the top of the hour and the us and taliban making progress on a peace deal in afghanistan. how can we guarantee the taliban and will stick to its word? colonel rob says there are a lot of long-term issues to figure out first and he joins us next. >> i want to invite nancy pelosi to the border.
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you can stay at our house. >> border state ranchers sending an invitation to nancy pelosi four years ago. this morning the offer still stands and one of those ranches joins us live so stay tuned. ♪ whoooo. did you know the exact same hotel room... ...can have many different prices? that's why tripadvisor searches over 200 booking sites to find the lowest price on the hotel you want. your perfect hotel room for the perfect price!
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shannon: welcome back, you are watching "fox and friends first," a look at the top headlines, fox news alert five police officers injured when a drug raid turns into a shootout, suspect opened fire on the houston police officers as they try to serve a search want, four officers were shot, two in critical condition. a fifth officer was injured but not shot, two suspects were killed by police during the standoff, donald trump the state of the union address one week from today.
1:32 am
mark your calendars. after accepting an invitation from nancy pelosi. the president writing to the democrat, quote, it is my honor to accept, we have a great story to tell and great goals to achieve. the annual address was scheduled for tonight but nancy pelosi asked the president postpone it there to security concerns from the shutdown. the us slept billions of dollars in sanctions on venezuela's data oil company and the fetid nicholas madero. this comes days after donald trump officially recognized opposition leader juan guaido as the country of legitimate president. national security adviser john bolton sparking speculation of a possible military intervention. the white house says nothing is imminent. in other news the battle over brexit heating up today between the british prime minister and parliament and uk lawmakers set to vote on crucial amendments that could change the course of a possible deal with jamie kellogg is live in london with what to expect. good morning.
1:33 am
>> reporter: hearing what is going to be debated tonight still on the outside does look like a bunch of people trying to put square pegs into round holes because it does remain the case that there is no truly unified vision of what brexit should look like and teresa may has been nothing but dogged as she has tried to get a settlement for britain to leave the eu in march but she has been unsuccessful telling her plans to parliament. they voted on the last one by 200 votes two weeks ago feeling it kept britain too allied to brussels and even a vassal state, she has survived two confidence votes in the wake of this and the knives are twisting again. tonight more than a dozen changes to her plan will be looked at in parliament, the speaker will have the power to decide which will be debated. one of these amendments calls to extend the deadline for leaving the eu if it becomes clear no deal can be reached.
1:34 am
another to extend the transition period for 2021 and one that may actually call for removing the irish backstop mechanism to prevent trouble between northern ireland which is part of the uk and the republic of ireland which is part of the eu. this is in place to prevent a hard border going up but crucially there has been no discussion about what would replace the irish back to stop mechanism so does seem elusive at this point and this irish problem which turned out to be one of the real sticking points was not really spelled out or thought too heart about when a simple vote was put to the people. >> putting square pegs in round holes, thank you so much. federal prosecutors rest their case against l top of following weeks of trial, the mexican drug lord decided not to testify ending days of speculation he
1:35 am
might, closing arguments are expected as soon as tomorrow. he could spend life in prison. in the meantime this happened, mexican actor who played him in a netflix series made an unexpected appearance in court saying he felt shaken when the kingpin smiled at him. the illegal immigrants accused of killings in nevada is charged with murder. wilbur guzman allegedly shot and killed four people in their homes. prosecutors will have 30 days to decide if they want to pursue the death penalty. he was arraigned on robbery and weapons charges. police say he pond the victim's stolen items for cash. peace talks between the us and the taliban in afghanistan taking a leap forward. the tentative deal could end our longest war. the taliban would have to ensure terror groups would not be allowed to rise up if the us pulled troops out.
1:36 am
here to weigh in is to pilot and contributor rob manis. we appreciate this. let's take a look at this map of terror groups across the region and my question to you is how can the taliban guarantee this when they actually allowed, what, attacks to be plotted from afghan soil like al qaeda before september 11, 2001? >> the first thing that has to occur is the taliban has to agree to direct talks with the government of afghanistan and our chief negotiator is highly experienced and while he went ahead and put this information out that this is a positive step, he gave a note of caution that certain things need to
1:37 am
happen, one is direct talks with the government of afghanistan because remember back in the early 90s when the taliban and were able to take control of afghanistan they had defeated a un organized post russia post soviet union war in afghanistan and they hung the leader of that government right outside the current presidential palace so we do have to build trust, they have offered some guarantees that haven't been publicized yet so i look forward to hearing that. another case of trust but verify. shannon: what do you think those guarantees could be? was it not the taliban government decided to protect usama bin laden subsequently triggering the us-led invasion? >> one of the things they have to do is guarantee civil rights in the country for groups like women and we have to be assured by them that that will continue to be in place. this is a group that took soccer
1:38 am
stadiums, soccer field and turn them into beheading fields for women and all kinds of other folks -- shannon: i was reading an article yesterday that women have not been included in any of these peace talks, that's a great concern for women in the region. >> it is a very big concern and that is why the taliban needs to speak directly with the afghan government before we proceed too much further down this road because if there is no cease-fire and no agreement to talk to the government with positive movements in those talks than their won't be any guarantees for groups like women to have freedom like they have today under the current circumstances. shannon: that switching gears for a moment and talk about the caravan our doorstep. explain why border security is in fact national security. >> exactly right, border security is national security. i commended a base in the
1:39 am
american southwest, very large base, much of it wasn't fenced but the most important parts where fenced but that was within walking distance of the us/mexico border. we were constantly running intelligence and making sure we were aware of what law enforcement and counterterrorism officials were picking up from an intelligence perspective so we could watch our own border around that installation and that is the right thing to do because you are not secure unless you are able to verify who is coming in and going out of your country but border security is only a small part of the immigration problem that has to be solved. the 19 hijackers on 9/11 were visa overstays and that is a huge challenge the legislature, the congress of the united states has got to work with the president and get that fixed along with reestablishing border security and you hear from folks all the time that live in the area, moms and dads and
1:40 am
landowners and workers that they need things like the wall or the barriers as the president has taken to calling them. >> we will have one of those ranchers coming up. thank you so much for joining us, we appreciate your expertise this morning, have a great day, the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour in the us taking action against chinese telecom giant for stealing trade secrets. >> it undermines national security and economic security. >> reporter: how china is responding to the indictment this morning. ♪ i'm alex trebek here to tell you
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1:44 am
lying to banking partners in violating sanctions on iran. also charged, one of their top executives arrested last year in canada. american prosecutors asked for extradition was a request the chinese government is calling on the us to withdraw. beijing has not named the charges but allegations are politically motivated and the charges come as the government prepares to engage in trade talks with chinese officials in washington. a lot to unpack. apple fixing a major eavesdropping bug on its face time apps. the glitch allows users to hear audio and video from the other iphone being called even if they don't answer. what is happening through face time's group chat option, the company says the software update will fix the glitch later this week. our nation's newest military recruits are getting fresh gear. tracy carrasco here with more on
1:45 am
what they are receiving at boot camp. >> reporter: new us military recruits will be receiving us-made training sneakers in partnership, boston-based new balance started production in their main facility on 100,000 pairs of sneakers for new recruits. it has been tough to find athletic shoes created in the us because most are created overseas, new balance is one of the few companies that does it, they have 5 facilities across the country, great to see a us company doing this for our us euros. heather: valentine's day right around the corner. what better way to say i love you that a heart-shaped tray of chick-fil-a? >> who needs any of that when you have chick-fil-a, you either order for your valentine one of
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these heart-shaped trays with 30 chicken nuggets or ten chicken manys available through valentine's day. heather: we need to have those in studio for sure. before 15 minutes until the top of the hour, border state ranchers sending an invitation to nancy pelosi four years ago. >> i want to invite nancy pelosi to where bad guys are coming through the border, you can stay at our house. heather: one of those ranchers joins us to know that advice will stand. ♪
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>> i want to invite nancy pelosi
1:50 am
and she went to texas to see the kids, come here and see where the bad guys are coming through. we will make arrangements, you can stay at our house. we've been doing this over 9 years. anybody that tells you the southern border is secure is full of crap. heather: ranchers inviting nancy pelosi to see the crisis firsthand even offering to pay her plane ticket. that was foreign a half years ago and with thousands of migrants approaching america's doorstep their invitation still stands. one of those ranchers who lives in california joins us live, thank you for joining us this morning, we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me, good to be here. >> you made this invite for a half years ago. it should be noted that was during the obama administration.
1:51 am
we had a problem then, we have a problem now. >> 41/2 years ago she did not take us up on our invitation and if she would she would have seen how bad things are. my buddy john had 2 million illegal aliens coming through his ranch. in two years, 53 truckloads of dope making it through. now with improvements to the fence on his ranch and coordination with local sheriffs departments and he hasn't had a truck load of dope since last february so if she went down there now she would have to deal with facts, the fact that it is working. shannon: heather: where was farmer john located? what area of the border? >> it is in cochise county, i've known fred for 14 years, we
1:52 am
worked together on a film called border many years ago and what these ranchers live with every day is beyond comprehension of most humans. imagine 2 million strangers coming across your ranch, try running a ranch operation when the trucks carrying the dope are breaking fences, your cows are getting out, how do you run a breeding program when you can't keep your bulls and heifers separated? everything then goes on to the cities. heather: the crime, drugs, human trafficking, it is mind-boggling and democrats say this is a created crisis, this isn't happening and then talk to folks like you and you know firsthand you see it happening every single day. >> it is so disheartening when the speaker of the house doesn't believe secretary kirstjen neilsen.
1:53 am
it is a fact more people are dying in the united states from heroin and opioid overdoses than car accidents and this is where it is coming from. if you stop at the border you will save lives in the rest of america, something that needs to be acknowledged and you need to do something. heather: we had a report of two duffel bags filled with 17 long armed rifles, shotguns, hand guns, ammunition, all of that found at a private texas ranch confiscated by border officials. >> anytime you have narcotics, large amounts of money and trafficking, those that are unbelievable, now who knows where this is going? >> the offer still stands, if nancy pelosi is watching it stands for her to take a look at it firsthand.
1:54 am
>> the offer still stands, john says he will even feed her but she has to eat meat because beef is what is for dinner. heather: we hope she takes you up on your offer because she needs to take a look at what is happening. heather: 8 minutes until the top of the hour, a woman walked into an elevator in a townhouse friday night, you won't believe when she finally walked out. heather: a liar -- wild trick shot going viral this morning. ♪ tal one cafes, tal one cafes, with savings and checking accounts you can open from here in 5 minutes. this is banking reimagined. what's in your wallet?
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heather: welcome back. look at this video. a police officer hanks from a truck window as a police officer speed from a traffic stop. stop what you are doing and take a look at this. >> look at that. you can see the officer dangling from the door as the driver hits the gas. he fell off a few seconds later, was not injured. a first confronted the suspect after finding him asleep behind
1:59 am
the wheel. he's on the run and went on several charges. they will find him. this insane video of a man hanging onto the roof of a car, a judge is ordering two men to stay away from one another, both of them appearing in court in massachusetts after the viral confrontation. the man held on for 2 or 3 miles following a minor accident on the interstate. a man with a concealed carry gun broke them up. now time for the good, the bad and the ugly. a crazy trick shot, watch this. that looked close. the golfer nearly hitting the man in the head and barely flinches. now the bad. this housekeeper trapped in an elevator for 3 days in new york city.
2:00 am
the one claims she got stuck friday, the homeowners were away all weekend, they didn't know anything was wrong, firefighters found her between two floors dehydrated but okay. the ugly, a brown bear caught on camera stealing a package from the front of the home. you can see him pick the box up in his mouth and go way. the nevada homeowner could barely believe their eyes. get it? on that note, wrapup this addition of "fox and friends first". "fox and friends first" continues, have a great day. >> multiple officers shot. jillian: tuesday, january 29th, fox news alert, two undercover police officers fighting for their life. rob: four police officers shot while serving search warrants, we will tell you what led to this horrific attack. >> the president and nancy pelosi agreeing to hold the state of the union next week.
2:01 am
rob: closed-door negotiations r


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