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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  January 29, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PST

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never. i'm zero for two on those thing things. >> katie: the american dream is alive. >> melissa: think you two capri, as well. katie, melissa. we will be back at noon eastern tomorrow. for now, here's harris. >> harris: a lot to get to this hour. let start with the former associate of president trump facing charges in court. this is "outnumbered overtime," i'm harris faulkner. roger stone pleaded not guilty in the d.c. federal court and seven counts not long ago, including charges that he lied to lawmakers engaged in witness tampering as well. and that he was possibly chording with russia through drunken pain. david? >> a, harris. good afternoon. quite a scene outside the district court in washington. throngs of people shouting at roger stone. to this present one, he pleaded not guilty. he said many times in many different networks you would do that. to the surprise of many people, he didn't talk as he went inside
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court. somebody was blaring the beatles song, "back in the ussr," outside the courtroom. he's not eligible to play for a passport, he can only visit washington, d.c., new york, and florida. now he is named into that 7-count indictment served by a counsel mueller's team. he faces charges including witness tampering, making false statements, and disrupting a federal investigation. specifically the indictment accuses stone of lying to a congressional panel about his wikileaks contents. federal agents arrested him on friday. he appeared in court. he has that he has done nothing wrong. he continues to support president donald trump, and he doubled down on the statements in an interview yesterday. take a listen. >> i'm not willing to make up stories or bear false witness against anybody, including the president. the president has done nothing wrong. he certainly hasn't colluded with russia. therefore, i'm not going to make
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up false tales about him to ease the pressure on myself. that would be perjury. >> roger stone touting his relationship with president donald trump, having known him for many years. press secretary sarah sanders said yesterday that the really has nothing -- done nothing wrong. nothing that is concerning, as far as roger stone is concerned. but, harris, i had a chance to speak with roger stone as he was leaving the courthouse about two hours ago. i asked inside the hallway before he left outside, what he was thinking about friday when he's due back in court. he said no questions, no comments. so there is a question whether there will be a gag order issued on friday when he is here. the judgment will be on friday. it's the same judge that saw paul manafort, his former associate, who issued a gag order in that case. that's presumably why he said nothing as he walked in and nothing as he left. it's possible we may not hear more from them on this case because, as if the income he's done many interviews on this
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topic, harris. >> harris: all over the place. david, thank you very much. we will start right there. i want to bring in fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano prayed let's talk gag orders. it's interesting -- if anybody tried to keep her from talking, they've done a poor job up until now. [laughs] what the judge do today question why didn't he take questions? >> he probably didn't take questions in and out because his lawyer, as david nicely intimated, told them to expect a gag order on friday. i would expect that his omnipresence on tv in the past four days would be enough to induce this judge to issue a gag order. some judges think gag orders are unconstitutional but i'm in that group. the defendant should be free to say whatever he wants. other judges of the view that when defendants are spewing their version of the government is silent, that sort of lets the defendant testify without being cross-examined to potential jurors. a fair, balanced playing field if both sides are quiet.
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that's what judge jackson will do on friday. >> harris: here's what roger stone says about his first amendment right to keep speaking. watch it. >> i'm targeted here because they want to silence me. they are trying to criminalize free speech, which is really what this is about. i honestly believe that they are going to try to charge the president and the vice president with some frame of russian collusion. that way they can make nancy pelosi president. she could make kelly clinton vice president. and then step aside. it's a nightmare. i think that's what they have in mind. >> harris: i want a real quick thought and reaction on that, then i want to get straight to sarah sanders. >> well, the judge will probably impose a gag order. this is the same judge that incarcerated paul manafort for violating the gag order that she imposed. i would imagine that roger stone's lawyers tipped him off to this, which is why from the first time in his adult life he passed the cameras in the microphones about saying boo. >> harris: sarah sanders said yesterday in the house briefing that his indictment has nothing
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to do with the president. that that's continued to be will be here. let's watch. >> the more this goes on, the more and more we see that none of these things have anything to do with the president. roger stone's case, the charges of that indictment have literally nothing to do with the president and have to do with his communications with congress. >> bob mueller and his team have been very silent. they have spoken only in the courtroom, and their filings, and in 1-sentence p.r. statement that they issued two weeks ago. it was a partial denial of the article by buzzfeed. in my view, it is dangerous to say this has nothing to do with the president and that mueller has nothing on the president. but you don't know what mueller has. the process of a prosecution like this is like putting together a 10,000 page jigsaw puzzle. only mueller knows how many pieces are there. and what he still needs. >> harris: let me pause right there. why is it dangerous to defend the president in this sense? >> because you may be eating your words depending on what he
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comes out with. >> harris: is the truth everybody? let's look at what happened with matthew whitaker. i asked this last hour on "outnumbered." he's the interim guy and we are waiting for the attorney general potentially to be confirmed. william barr, the president's pick, has already been an ag once before with a prior president. it is also risky to go out there and say you think it's going to be over? they hope it will be over? was the audience for that? >> i don't know who the audience for that is. it is risky. he knows his term and short. that bill barr will probably be confirmed in the next two weeks. who knows what "close to completion" means? stone was indicted last week, he's going to trial. the soonest it could be held as a year from now. is bob mueller still going to be around a year from now? then he is hardly close to completion. >> harris: was here from senator coons of delaware, a democrat who says he is concerned about whitaker's comments.
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[silence] all right, we are waiting patiently for the team. >> i thought that was an unusual press conference. i was surprised he felt compelled to make a public segment about it. the sentence that most concerned me was "the decisions that have made will be reviewed." it was my expectation that the mueller investigation will be allowed to proceed without interference and without review and possible reversal of key decisions by robert mueller about the direction of that investigation. >> the democrats dislike and distrust matt whitaker because he was not confirmed by the senate. to them, he is a political hack. it to them. but the president installed to run the doj. they don't feel that way about bill barr, who has a great support, including from senator coons, and del mike on both sides of the. >> harris: and also has known mueller for years. >> if they trust into the right thing with the miller report. >> harris: the one thing that i would ask -- the two things that i would ask
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matthew whitaker paid and curious about this. what do we know about how much he knew on the fbi raid on roger stone? i think when you talk about things coming to an end, what is transpiring currently is something i would want to add to that. >> that's a great question. i interviewed stone it and asked him. who ordered this american nightmare gestapo-like arrest of you? >> harris: which is what he called it. now you call it that, too. >> was at bob mueller? matt whitaker? the fbi field office of miami? he says he doesn't know. he told me this. after the arrest, the fbi agents couldn't have been nicer to him. they were almost apologetic for what they had just done. >> harris: interesting. judge andrew napolitano, always dropping the knowledge. thank you for coming by. another fox news alert now, president trump's embattled former attorney michael cohen agreeing to testify before the house intelligence committee by bind close doors next month. i think that would be better
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than going to prison, because he is scheduled to do that march 6th. the panel pledging to press: as far as his own investigation. cohen postponed the meeting, claiming threats from president trump and his legal team. he will testify before the senate intel panel next month, too. we will report it when that happens. a group of lawmakers expected to begin talking about border security tomorrow ahead of the government funding deadline of february 15th. the white house reiterating the very front encompassing the president reopened the government because democrats signaled they were willing to make a deal. watch. >> the president doesn't want to go through another shutdown. that's not the goal. the goal is border security, protecting the american people. ideally, democrats would take these next three weeks to negotiate in good faith as they have indicated they would. what i do know is that they don't come back with a deal, that means democrats get virtually nothing.
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that will make the president and force them to have to take executive action that does not give democrats the things that they want. >> harris: chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel live on the hill. mike, before you get started, this just happened -- there was a golden crenshaw grows bipartisan bill to withhold pay from congress and the president during any future downs. apparently that's happening on that right now. max rose, from new york, democrat. >> referred a variety of lawmakers say that lawmakers should not be paid. in this case they are saying the president should not be paid if there's another partial government shutdown. trying to hold it to the fire, for the folks on capitol hill and down the street of the white house. laying out the talks going forward in terms of this are very 15th deadline, the chairman of the senate appropriations committee is saying the key will be getting members of this congressional conference committee and the same room face-to-face, laying out what they want. >> i think first we need to sit down and see where the other
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side is, and then we both -- i think they know where we are. and see if we can bridge these differences. i've done it a long time up here. i hope we can. america deserves to have the government funded and we need to work together and quit to polarizing ourselves to get it done. >> president trump has said he is not as optimistic, giving these talks less than a 50/50 chance of success. a prominent democrat is more upbeat, saying this is what congressional proofreaders do. unless mr. trump is disruptive. >> the difference is whether, ultimately, the president has the last word. i think we can find bipartisan answers to most of the issues involving border security. but if the president has the last word, it may not be enough. >> house republican leaders are eager to deliver for the president, but they need enough democrats to buy in on border security. though for g.o.p. leaders finding democrats willing to support something reasonable, securing the border.
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>> i do believe speaker pelosi is out of step with their own party. just listening to what her members have to say. we can do better. we can solve this problem, and that's what we are committed to do. that's why the conferees will be tomorrow. >> republican leaders have counted more than 60 democrats in the house who have given support for a border security compromise. some democrats have noted they are already fencing and other physical barriers in many different places, but there are gaps and i need to find ways of filling those gaps. one of those democrats from a border state says she is hopeful these talks will lead to a deal. >> i really believe that we are going to have something that we can come to a great deal of agreement on. i just think that it's going to be a matter of making sure that we will all kind of agree that this is going to be a compromis compromise. >> the members involved in these talks will face some time pressure, facing a february 15th deadline to hammer out an agreement. harris? >> harris: mike emanuel, thank you very much. you could call it a save the
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date from the president of the united states. he is now set to deliver his state of the union address exactly one week from tonight. today had originally been the dates that was on the calendar, now it's february 5th. the president has accepted the invitation from house speaker nancy pelosi to give his speak to a joint session of congress. pelosi rescinded her previous invitation, citing security concerns. the partial government shutdown. now that it's over, it's back on. a dangerous polar vortex gripping the midwest, really, half the nation. now bracing for polar temperatures. may be a cold is in a generation, with wind chills expected to hit a life-threatening 60 degrees below zero in some places. in other parts of united states, we will also be feeling the effect of the winter weather. mike tobin is live in chicago. it was cold, it was wind, it was snow, and boy it is better now. >> it is bitter. we are still warmer than the weather station in antarctica, colder than base camp on the net
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police side of not ever as already. it's negative 14 degrees. some of the super cold air has already hit parts of the united states, with weather stations at the minnesota canadian border caulking in with wind chills of negative 50 degrees. at particular risk of a homeless population in big cities like this. this is a tent city just to the south and west of chicago's loop. i want to bring in george arroyo. george. you live here, you're going to stay here tonight. how come? >> it's better to be here than going to a shelter. a shelter is going to be crowded, and most of the shelters have bedbugs. and we all have heaters and plenty of gas. ain't no sense to go to a shelter. we'll stay over here. >> do me a favor. if that heater in your tent goes out, sense of shelter per they've got buses, warming stations all over the city. >> no, i'm still not going anywhere. i've got extra heaters in case
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my heater goes out. >> best of luck to you, george. be safe. the brutal windchill advisories will start going into effect later this afternoon. the temperatures here in chicago could dip to as low as negative 20 tonight, and threaten the record of negative 27 set back in 1985. roads will be very slick. the wisconsin department of transportation is now pushing the #escapeofthetrip, meaning that if the trip is not absolutely necessary you can wat until wednesday. the states of michigan, wisconsin, and illinois have all now declared states of emergency, giving those governors the power to activate the national guard to help out with this particular weather emergency. it has already claimed lives, including a young man in his 20s in minnesota who died from exposure to the cold. broadcasters at a time like this have an opportunity -- or a tendency, i should say, to be breathless and alarmist about
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weather events. but the experts who have been watching weather events for years and years and save this one is the real deal and it needs to be taken seriously. harris? >> harris: having covered the weather as part of breaking news in the state of minnesota for many years, i could tell you that when they put the skin advisories out and how dangerous it is for just a few minutes, you can type it enough. a lot of times, people think that they can live through it without the extra protection. mike tobin, thank you very much. the vantage point of where you are was extra in this report. thank you for being there. a new poll showing house speaker nancy pelosi's approval rating has dropped during the record government shutdown. could that affect the way house democrats approach to border security negotiations with another shutdown on the line? plus, 2020 presidential candidate senator kamala harris with a promise to overhaul the health care system. but because her proposal and a private insurance as we know it for millions of americans customer who's going to pay for a question mark stay close. a doctor and a congressman all
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>> harris: fox news alert, five houston, texas, police officers are recovering today after trading gunfire with suspects at an apartment drug house last night. four of those officers were shot, with another suffering any injury. police killed the two suspects who opened fire. houston's police chief says the officers did what they had to. >> at the end of the day, you engage police officers and you start shooting a police officers, they are going to shoot back. that is somebody's loved one, and we send our thoughts out to the families. we can't control who are family members are come and you can't do. if the tragedy, when you have a loss of life. there's nothing to celebrate other than we are just very fortunate that we had five officers injured, for shot, they are all alive. >> harris: casey stegall with a live report in houston with the latest on this. casey? >> aris, we are learning brand-new information from that press conference about the
10:22 am
encounter that the officers actually had with those suspects. how the first officer made entry, was shot from behind in the shoulder, and he fell to the couch. that's when the second female suspect emerged, and they say she tried to grab the gun from the wounded officer's hands before the backup rushed in and the shoot out ensued. all of that, according to the city police chief. all in all, five officers hurt, four were shot, and the two suspects -- a man any woman -- were dead. what's more, one of the injured officers, if you can believe this, has been shot three times in the line of duty. listen to this. >> 54 years old, and a 52 year veteran. the case agent is the one that come after we saw his fellow officers come under fire, he heroically made that entry. i'm just going to sit, he passed a note to one of us. one of our officers, that said, "i had to get in there.
10:23 am
because i knew my guys were down." that speaks volume to this man and his courage. >> police say they uncovered marijuana and a powdery white substance, either cocaine or the drug fentanyl, at the home. including various types of weapons. the names of the officers are being withheld because they do work undercover narcotics for the houston police department. out of the five hurt, one has already been released from the hospital. a second officer expected to be released either sometime today or tomorrow. two others, a bit more critical, harris. but stable, recovering back here at the houston metro district behind us. >> harris: you could hear the catch of the throat as those police leaders talked about the people who were armed. casey stegall, thank you very much. >> don't help you like trump,
10:24 am
you eco-billionaire [bleep]! go back to getting ratioed on twitter! go back to davos with the other billionaire elites who think they know how to run the world! that's not what democracy needs! >> harris: back to politics now. former ceo howard schultz heckled and called a profanity, as here, just minutes into a book event in new york on monday. the day after announcing on "60 minutes" that he is weighing a white house run as an independent. shoals' possible presidential ambitions have stirred a fierce backlash among democrats who fear his candidacy would would split the anti-trump vote for them and help the president win a second term. some democrats say they will boycott starbucks if shoals announces a run. 2020 candidate, larry is raising eyebrows at a town all last night. she is from california, the senator telling i voters she wants to put everyone on a medicare for all plan even if it
10:25 am
means in limiting private insurance for about hundred 50 million americans. watch it. >> the idea is that everybody gets access to medical care. and you don't have to go through the process of going through an insurance company, having them give approval, going through the paperwork. who else has had a situation we have to wait for approval and the doctor says, "i don't know if your insurance company will cover this." let's eliminate all that. let's move on. >> harris: access to health care. but does that mean you actually get some? republican congressman markey of tennessee, also a physician. i want to tell everybody, you ran a medical companies in tennessee for many years and served two decades as a special ops flight surgeon. we appreciate expertise on this. my first question is, what does this do for the middle class? because you have some strong ideas about that. >> sure, absolutely paid all of the attacks on the insurance
10:26 am
market with obamacare in this plan do nothing but take away choice from basically the middle class. it was a big cost shift to the small businesses. that's what obamacare did. medicare for all -- our costs, $3,032.6 trillion for this plan. the 70% green plan that is being floated around for text would only raise $700 billion over ten years. $700 billion versus the cost of 32.6 trillion. my comment is, "earth to senator harris, earth to senator harris." that doesn't add up. speed when he would have to raise taxes to do that, right? >> even if we doubled taxes on every individual in america, we can't reach the $32.6 trillion. it's insane. it's just crazy. >> harris: what i hear you saying, too, is that more people would have to -- and i imagine the wealthy are among us would have to pay out-of-pocket.
10:27 am
that gives them the kind of advantage that, i don't know, tell me if i'm wrong, congressman. widens the gap to the rich and the poor. >> absolutely. those who can afford it will create catholic health care systems for themselves, and the rest of us -- nobody's emulating canadian health care. i've got a friend up there, six months to get an mri. if we go to health care for all, that's what we will have. we will have rationed care, and it's not going to be what americans want. of course, those who can afford it will have what they need. that is a huge divide between they have and the have-nots. only make it worse. >> harris: a response to senator blumenthal who says he does not agree with eliminating all private health insurance. let's watch. >> i support a medicare for all program, but not necessarily eliminating all private insurance. i think there is room for private insurance, even providing the benefits and rights that people now enjoy under the medicare system.
10:28 am
>> harris: we saw on twitter the president's reaction to blumenthal today. we won't get into that for now. there are some concerns. you are among justice 17, by our count in the brain room, physicians on the hill who are serving us as lawmakers right now. how does that help the situation, to have actual doctors working on this? you go having physicians there, we can see from one side of the stethoscope what patients are dealing with. they come into our offices, they talk to us about how they pay for their services that they're getting, and we of course negotiate with many of them. we give free care. so we are on the tip of the sphere, seeing what happens to those patients. yes, i think our perspective it is essential for the new got folks like myself who also went and ran a health care company. and i've been a cancer patient myself. so i've been on the other side of the stethoscope. we can't do it with third-party payers, the insurance is out there. it's a critical part of our health care. very shortsighted on the other side of the aisle. >> harris: well, it represents
10:29 am
at least one fifth of our economy. some people say it's higher than that. would be a jolt to the system if we change it anyway, as he seen in the past. god bless you in your own health journey as well. good to see you, thank you for joining us. >> thanks, harris. thanks for having me. >> harris: dramatic video showing the moment police officers in chicago rescued a man at from a frozen lake michigan, i should say. a passerby saw the man jump in after his dog. then he alerted police, used a dog leash to pull the two to safety. look at this video. the man wanted to remain anonymous, but did send a letter to the officers thanking them for their life-saving efforts. angels. >> take a breather! >> harris: the united states is hitting venezuela's state owned company with sanctions in an attempt to force its socialist president to set down. one top security official is saying about the crisis there. the british parliament expected to vote soon on prime minister
10:30 am
theresa may's brexit plan b. plan a did not go well. a crushing defeat. we will talk with steve hilton, former advisor to make a boxer's predecessor, dave cameron. he will join us next. ♪
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>> today, treasury took action against venezuela's state-owned oil company to help prevent their further diversion of venezuela's assets by former president maduro. we will continue to use all of our diplomatic and economic tools to support interim president quite a come of the national assembly, venezuelan people's efforts to restore their democracy. >> harris: the white house imposing billions of dollars in sanctions against the venezuela state owned oil company. it's never too force disputed president nicolas maduro out of office. this, as they continue to
10:35 am
support the opposition leader whom he heard the secretary talking about. national security advisor john both and is considering multiple military options to further pressure venezuela, including sending troops to neighboring columbia. we'll keep you up to speed as new specs on that. british parliament is such a debate and vote on prime minister theresa may's brexit plan b in the next hour. they will also look at possible limits to your plan. this after problem it resoundingly rejected her original proposal, plan a, earlier this month. britain is scheduled to leave the european union exactly two months from today. let's bring in steve hilton. he has served as advisor to prime minister may's predecessor, david cameron. host of ""the next revolution with steve hilton"." don't miss it on friday nights. this is part deux. what parts are better than plan
10:36 am
a question mark that she stand a chance? >> the problem is, harris, plan b is almost the same is plan a. >> harris: that's a problem. >> except for the hope that she might be able to go back to the e.u. and renegotiate, reopen the really controversial part of her plan. that's what they call the irish back stop. it's a part of the plan that affects northern and southern ireland. that's why she's going to struggle with this. the real thing to watch out for when we get those votes starting in an hour or so is whether the members of parliament actually vote for an amendment that takes control of the process away from theresa may and puts it in the hand of legislators in the parliament. the reason that's a big deal is that if they do that it's basically came over for brexit. because you've got a majority in the parliament to stop at brexit. if they take control of the process, that's what they're going to do. they will say that they are delaying it. they will move back the exit date.
10:37 am
in the end, they really want to stop the whole thing. >> harris: let me ask you this -- is it like our country, in the sense that there is constituent responsibility among those parliamentary members? such that if the people say they want this, don't they have to do with the people say? the second part of the question is when does this go back to the people for a vote? do you see that coming again? >> i do think we will do that second referendum, which has been talked about. it is such a slap in the face. it's actually a direct slap in the face to the democratic mandate that the original referendum case. your other question is exactly right. it's a more subtle slap in the face, if you like. because what they are really saying is that we, the members of parliament's, even though we are supposed to represent you, we know better than you. so we're going to take control of this process and overturn what you did. the reason that is so outrageous and really angers so many british people is that, in truth, the device of having a referendum -- that's an unusual thing in british democracy.
10:38 am
one parliament had to parse an act of parliament to have a referendum, and when they did that, they all voted for it. across all the parties. he said very clearly, this is going to be your decision. we are going to give you the power. when the people then may come in their view, the wrong decision, then i want to take back the power. that's where people are so angry. the one so you can have power as long as you agree with all the people who are in parliament? [laughs] >> exactly. >> harris: that's a post-it note version. steve hilton, think of a breaking it down pray that happens in the next hour. that we have a primer for what's coming up because of you. see you sunday night. fox news alert, the senate intel committee is holding a hearing on worldwide threats. the director of national intelligence, dan coats, is telling the committee that counterintelligence threats to the united states and its allies will expand this year. driven largely by china. let's get a report on more on this from catherine herridge on
10:39 am
capitol hill. catherine? >> thinks, harris, and good afternoon. this public hearing is arguably one of the most important of the year for the u.s. intelligence community, because it publicly lays out threats and also helps set the budgetary requirements with congress. you are right, if there is a dominant theme this morning, it was china. new alliances that china's building with russia, as well as china's long-term strategy to steal american secrets and technology to gain the upper hand with the united states. here's fbi director christopher wray. >> i think china at large is the most significant counterintelligence threat we face. we have economic espionage investigations, for example. that's just one piece of it. in virtually every one of our 56 field offices. a number of those has probably doubled over the last three or four years. almost all of them, not all of them, but almost all of them lead back to china. >> on election interference, the feeling amongst u.s.
10:40 am
intelligence officials is that 2020 is really the target for moscow and that russia will likely rip up the playbook. 2018 was really a dry run for a number of strategies. there was a lot of discussion this morning about something called deep fake. that's when you take technology to create the scenario or event that never really happen. this is now seen as a national security threats. here is. >> are reorganized in a way we could possibly respond fast enough to a catastrophic deep fake attack? >> we certainly recognize the threat of emerging technologies, and the speed at which that threat increases. it's very quickly evolving flood of technological change, and it poses a major threat to the united states. something that the intelligence community needs to be restructured to address.
10:41 am
>> in north korea, the next 15 president trump trump and the north korean leader is scheduled through the end of february. this kind of engagement is seen as very positive by the intelligence community. that's where you heard from the testimony this morning. but they want to see more concrete steps by north korea that would indicate that they are willing to dismantle their nuclear arsenal. once again, here's the director of national intelligence, dan coats. >> we currently assess that north korea will seek to retain its wmd capabilities and is unlikely to completely give up its nuclear weapons and production capabilities because its leaders ultimately view nuclear weapons as critical to bridging survival. >> if there really is a key take away from the hearing today, it's really preliminary evidence that this new alliance or partnership between china and russia -- we have not seen this before -- at a very basic level,
10:42 am
it's what they call the military level. that's foundational to build a greater alliance to further cut the u.s. around the globe. >> harris: fastening. senator ben sasse trying to get to whether we can react fast enough to attack for it. maybe not. catherine herridge, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> harris: speaking of technology, apple says is working on fixing a glitch in the face time at pretty much know about this. reports of people being able to eavesdrop on people's conversations, and be able to turn on the camera. details on that. you wouldn't even know it was happening. thousands of strangers arriving from miles away to pay tribute to an air force veteran after it seems no one might attend his service. look at the response to it. it's amazing. stay close. ♪
10:43 am
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10:47 am
feature but colors listen in on other people's microphones without their knowledge. this, after political and business leaders including new york governor andrew cuomo and ceo jack dorsey pressured apples to do so. by the way, you can turn your own face time off on your phone anytime you want to. cars lining up for miles in texas. thousands of people showing up for the funeral of an air force veteran they never knew. laura ingle's life and never new york city newsroom with more of this. laura, an incredible show of love. >> absolutely. an incredible show of patriotic support, as we saw there. thousands of people showed up in force after hearing there was a veteran it was about to have a funeral with no family or friends who would be in attendance. look at that. joseph walker of texas died november 19th of natural causes at the age of 72. he had served in the air force from 1964 through 1968, after
10:48 am
his death his family contacted a funeral home and also to arrange for service, but according to the director, they were never heard from again. after hearing about the plans to lay walker to rest as an unaccompanied veteran, the central texas state veterans cemetery stepped in and appealed to supporters and a facebook post that went viral in hopes that he would be buried alone. veterans came in droves from north texas, houston, austin, and san antonio to stand in as his family. a cemetery spokesman told us at least 2500 showed up to be on hand. >> this is one of the few cemeteries in texas where you cannot buy a plot. you have to earn it. and joseph definitely earned his plot here to be in our cemetery, due to the fact that he served our nation and our flag. by being in the united states air force. >> the presentation of the military burial flag was handed over to a representative of the texas agency that oversees the cemetery, and it, harris, we just learned that a family
10:49 am
member of walker about to heard about the plea for patriots to come forward and made it to the cemetery. at the very last moment, the tail end of the service, she was then presented as flag when it was all over. the unaccompanied veteran program which started in 2015 has handled 97 burial since its inception which has allowed veterans to be buried with honors and recognition of the service. it is also led, as we are seeing here, to the reification of families and next of can, once the news, community notifications, and social media gets the word out. >> harris: the unaccompanied veterans program is something for us all to know about, because we can stand in line, too, give civilians a salute of love. thank you very much. this as proof, when one serves among us they are never alone. stay close. ♪ fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely.
10:50 am
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>> dana: hi, everyone. i'm dana perino. serious warnings come out of the hearing today on capitol hill. i will put some of the hot spots with our own bret baier. plus, if howard schultz enters the race, should he hurt democrats more than republicans qwest markets with the removal debate. and what you need to know by the measles outbreak in the northwest. all of that on "the daily briefing." >> harris: let's get to this. lawmaker said to resume funding talks tomorrow.
10:54 am
a new poll finds that speaker nancy pelosi's approval rating is slipping. more than the presidents, during the shutdown. a survey shows her approval points down six points compared to no change virtually for the president. the power panel now. judy miller, and deputy editor dan the and anger. wise nancy pelosi slipping? >> i'm not sure she is. i'm really surprised by this poll because there were five other polls, all of which put nancy pelosi ahead of donald trump by at least five points. >> harris: you hate polls! >> i don't like them, you're right! [laughter] in it the biggest indication is? that he caved. that he give up on the wall. that is populated was going down. that's my take. >> i think he caved on the shutdown, not on the wall. nancy pelosi 'ratings and never
10:55 am
been that high. there was a school thought that the government should be running harder against nancy pelosi. we go fast forward to the borde border, and donald trump was looking over his right shoulder at his base. he didn't want to let them down on border security. nancy pelosi is looking over her left shoulder at her base, which is house -- the new progressive house representative. >> harris: do think the president also gets credit for -- and people will call it a cave, they will call it compromise, whatever you want to call it -- bringing the shut down to an end. opening the door to democrats who promised to do would yield once they opened the government. >> no, because the democratic position was that nothing is going to happen until donald trump reopen the government. >> harris: so now we wait for this to start. >> and now we wait for it again. it's amazing to me. [laughs] >> the democrats will continue to say no to any offer he makes. >> harris: that's the question. they made a promise, are they going to keep it?
10:56 am
>> i think they are beginning to look obstinate. democrats are worried about that now. >> harris: a couple things are going on. first, you have democrats who are talking -- and i don't know if we can rule this quickly, about a barrier working well. let's see if we can. >> we all pledged to work in good faith to find common ground on border security. that's what i'm committed to doing. i think that really starts with making sure we are listening to the experts on the front lines on this. that may include strategic fencing. >> harris: wow it, look at that. i will have to bring you back when we don't have quite as much going on and talk more. i will be right back the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it. oh! under seven? and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. oh! up to 12 pounds? a two-year study showed that ozempic® does not increase the risk
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>> harris: thank you for watching today and "the daily briefing" starts right now. >> dana: fox news alert. it's 2 p.m. in new york and we're following several stories this hour. roger stone pleading not guilty to seven charges in the mueller investigation setting the stage for an all out battle in court. top u.s. intelligence officials testify on the greatest threats facing our nation. and four police officers shot in the line of duty, two in critical condition after a drug bust in houston. hello everyone i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." but first, leaders of intelligence agencies speaking before a senate panel during its annual worldwide threats hearing, laying out the biggest security threat challenges here at home and those


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