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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  January 29, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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>> harris: thank you for watching today and "the daily briefing" starts right now. >> dana: fox news alert. it's 2 p.m. in new york and we're following several stories this hour. roger stone pleading not guilty to seven charges in the mueller investigation setting the stage for an all out battle in court. top u.s. intelligence officials testify on the greatest threats facing our nation. and four police officers shot in the line of duty, two in critical condition after a drug bust in houston. hello everyone i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." but first, leaders of intelligence agencies speaking before a senate panel during its annual worldwide threats hearing, laying out the biggest security threat challenges here at home and those overseas.
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dan coats putting the 2020 election front and center. >> i first would like to mention election security. this has been and will continue to be a top priority for the intelligence community. we assess that foreign actors will view the 2020 u.s. elections as an opportunity to advance their interests. we expect them to refine their capabilities and add new tactics. >> dana: katherine herridge right outside the hearing room. this hearing is something i look forward to even though it is sometimes concerning information. what did you learn? >> reporter: the leadership of the u.s. intelligence community is behind closed doors with senators on the intelligence committee after the public session this morning. you're right. these hearings are important because they publicly lay out the threats against the united states and help set budget priorities for congress. if there was a dominant theme,
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it came down to china. new alliances china is building are russia to try and get the advantage over the united states, as well as american secrets and technology. here's the fbi director christopher wray. >> i think china, at large, is the most significant counter intelligence threat we face. we have economic espionage investigations. that's just one piece of it in virtually every one of our 56 field offices. and the number of those has probably doubled over the last three or four years. and almost all of them, not all of them, but almost all lead back to china. >> reporter: another major headline out of the hearing is the growing relationship, i wouldn't call it an alliance, but growing relationship between china and russia. right now it's on what they call the mill to mill level. this is a military level. that's obviously a foundational piece to further build the
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relationship. the objective is to work together to under mind the united states and to do so in parts of the region like venezuela, for example, which would really be to the detriment of the united states, dana. >> dana: there's also news on north korea and iran, two hot spots that we talk about a lot. what did they say about that? >> reporter: there were some interesting and i think compelling testimony from the intelligence director gina haspel on the deal that was brokered under the obama administration. director haspel said they're thinking coloring outside of the lines of the agreement in the future. >> the iranians are considering taking steps that would lessen their adherence as they seek to pressure the europeans to come through with the investment and trade benefits that iran hoped to gain from the deal.
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>> reporter: north korea, the engagement between president trump and the north korean leader, there's another summit that's set for the end of february. this was described by intelligence communities as extremely positive, but they want to see more concrete evidence that north korea is committed to dismantling its nuclear weapons program. here's the director of national intelligence once again, dan coats. >> we currently assess that north korea will seek to retain its wmd capabilities and is unlikely to completely give up its nuclear weapons and production capabilities while we assess that sanctions on exports have been effective. north korea, counter pressure against the sanctions regime and direct sanctions evasion. >> reporter: another considerable discussion, isis
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and al qaeda. on al qaeda, intelligence officials describe what they describe as a new found confidence in the organization, whether it can reconstitute with a new leadership like the son of osama bin laden. on isis they testified they have seen evidence in the last two years that isis has used chemical weapons in the middle east. so that's another worry indicator as welsh dana. >> dana: thank you. for more on this, let's bring in bret baeier. take a listen to something christopher wray said about isis. something that was certainly a topic at the hearing. >> that's certainly the fbi's assessment. not only the russian continue to do it in 2018, but we've seen an indication that they're continuing to adapt their model and that other countries are taking a very interested eye in that approach. >> dana: bret, that was about russia. but i do want to play this bite from isis.
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>> terrorism remains a consistent threat and in some ways is positioned to increase in 2019. the conflicts in iraq and syria have generated a large pool of skilled and battle hardened fighters who remain dispersed throughout the region. while isis is nearing tear torial defeat in iraq and syria, the group has returned to its guerrilla warfare roots while continuing to plot attacks world wide. isis is intent on resurging and still commands thousands of fighters in iraq and syria. >> dana: basically, terrorists likely continue to make a name for themselves. while you could point to a significant success of taking away isis territory, they still want to make a mark. >> yes. and this is the difference between the intelligence chiefs and the head of intel talking to congress about threats laying out more specific details. and what the president does on twitter when he shorthands a lot of things a lot of times, you
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get a much different sense from these intel heads about, one, isis and the strength. yes, it has diminished in size. the territories are miniscule compared to what iraq did cover in syria before. it's still a lethal threat. you see the same with russia and how much it's interfering and plans to. china and iran that it is not in the process of making a nuclear weapon but still is a threat especially with terrorism throughout the region. >> dana: during that hearing the washington post had a report that said russia had even approached north korea about building a nuclear reactor there for them. of course, russia is sort of involved throughout the world. andpresident certainly has a full plate in february. not just on domestic policy. we've got the shutdown negotiations under way. we have a presidential state of the union where he supposedly will lay out his vision for the next year or two. that's followed by a budget
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release. they have a north korean summit at the end of the month. venezuela. there's a lot to deal with in this short month of february. >> let alone if mueller comes out in some form. i think the north korea part was most stark for me listening to these intel heads talk about how they really believe that north korea believes that it's essential that they have nuclear weapons and that nuclear capability to deal with what they consider the threat of their foes. that is a much different picture than the optimistic tone you hear from president trump ahead of this summit, second summit, with kim jong-un. i do think that the president and the administration would say, hey, listen, he's not firing rockets over japan. he's not testing nuclear weapons. this is the assessment of where they're going, what they do, they're doing, but maybe i can change that. >> dana: what do you hear about the discussions on border security? we're going to have a democratic
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member of congress on later on the show and how that's going. the president put it at less than 50% chance. do you get any other sense in washington? >> well, just talking to people, democrats and republican, they don't think money is the problem. they think it's the implication and where we are where we are. i think you're getting a coalition of democrats stepping forward saying they're ready to do something significant on border security. they've already voted for much more than they're being asked before. now it is about giving president trump a victory. they're not willing to do that. they have to figure out some negotiation. nancy pelosi clearly won the first battle, but the war is not over when it comes to border security. >> dana: the idea of a possible bigger immigration deal, where do you put the odds of that? >> i think less than 50/50.
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i don't think this big broad deal is going to happen. there could be some smaller deal that deals with some elements of it. but as far as a full on daca exemption tied to some wall, i just don't see it. i just don't hear it. >> dana: we have plenty to talk about in february, as that month is just around the corner. >> we do. all right, dana. >> dana: roger stone pleading not guilty to charges stemming from the russia investigation. long time trump associate is aqued of witness tampering, obstruction of justice and making false statements to congress. he said the case against him is politically motivated. >> reporter: hi, dana. on a rainy afternoon in washington. roger stone was in court about 11:00 a.m. this was his first appearance in front of a magistrate. not much news made in the courtroom today. he's scheduled to be back here on friday in front of a federal district court judge. to nobody's surprise, roger
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stone pleaded not guilty. he said he was going to do that. what did surprise many people was when he went inside court and when he came out of the courthouse today, he didn't give any interview. this is something roger stone talked into the courtroom about 10:15 a.m. this morning. as he left, multiple people were yelling, were chanting, protesters, supporters. someone even had beatles blaring "back in the ussr." the magistrate told roger stone that while he does not have a valid passport, he is not eligible to apply for one. can only visit washington, d.c., new york and florida. he's named in that indictment. you mentioned some of the charges. he's accused specifically of lying to a congressional panel about his wikileaks contacts. federal agents arrested roger stone at his home in south florida, specifically ft. lauderdale, friday. stone, no stranger to the television camera. he's been doing plenty of
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interviews. he did give this interview with sean hannity where he doubled down on his innocence. >> i'm not charged with conspiracy. if they could have made that case, they would have. >> reporter: now, roger stone very close with president trump. he has been for years as a political operative. those also close to president trump, senators lindsey graham and john kennedy had this to say about roger stone just yesterday. >> dana: do we have that? we might not have that sound. okay. i thought we had that. we don't. we'll take your word for it. thank you so much. >> yep. >> dana: former starbucks ceo howard schultz might be next to throw his hat in the ring for candidate for 2020. plus talks between the u.s. and taliban. but could an agreement throw the u.s. into chaos. we'll ask our guest next. a newday va home loan lets you
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11:17 am
>> we assess neither the afghan government nor the taliban will be able to gain a strategic advantage in the afghan war in the coming year even if coalition support remains at current levels. however, current efforts to achieve an agreement with the taliban and decisions on a possible withdrawal of u.s. troops could play a key role in shaping the direction of the country in the coming years. >> dana: i'm joined now by republican florida congressman, a member of the house armed services committee and somebody who served in afghanistan. michael waltz, thank you for coming on to tell us about your thoughts on this peace deal. hopeful or skeptical. >> the thing that has me so concerned is the taliban saying, trust us, we won't let al qaeda in. we won't let terrorists operate from afghanistan and strike the united states anymore.
11:18 am
to me that's like the russians saying, trust us, we won't build nukes. what is the verification regime? how do we know that's not going to happen? we obviously can't send inspectors over like we did with the russians. i think the verification is the field, our predators, our counter terrorism efforts that have to remain in place. that's what's currently there. the other piece is we have to continue to build the afghan army so that eventually they can take care of this themselves and say, trust me, we can take care of it. so talk of withdrawal means you're pulling those verification pieces away. we're not talking hundreds of thousands of troops. we're talking 15,000. we still have 25,000 troops in japan from world war ii. the united states has to lead. we have to keep a lid on these groups. if we just pull out, i'm worried that 20 terrorist groups which exist in afghanistan and pakistan today will hit the
11:19 am
united states again. >> dana: wall street journal editorial board saying an end to the afghan war is desirable but not at the expense of everything the united states helped to build since 2001. the afghan president warned the other could return to afghanistan following the soviet withdrawal. i want to ask you about the difficulty of dealing with leaders who don't have to be re-elected. >> the other thing president ghani said that his army would implode and the country within six months if the united states pulls out. the other analogy is south vietnam. rerbg it wasn't as much when u.s. soldiers left south vietnam, it was when congress pulled out funding for the south vietnamese army that that country imploded. again, the key difference is we don't have al qaeda, isis and half the world terror organizations, we didn't in south vietnam like we do now
11:20 am
that will have said they will hit the united states again. they will unleash their training camp. i don't think for a second the taliban either has the will -- i don't trust them -- or the capability to keep al qaeda and isis at bay. >> dana: do you think president trump should address this issue when he does his state of the union address next tuesday? >> i certainly hope he does. keeping the united states safe is the number one job of the commander in chief. it's the number one job of the federal government. whether that's keeping terrorists at bay, securing our border, funding our military. that's job number one. i hope that's front and center in the speech. >> dana: thank you for being here today. bone chilling temperatures as a polar vortex grips a big portion of the country, breaking records along the way. plus clock ticking on another deadline. i'll talk to massachusetts congressman katherine clark about the party's strategy.
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>> dana: house members chose to hammer out a deal with bipartisan cooperation. the top republican is in the house. >> democrats willing to discuss barriers? that's a positive. that's not something they've been saying. at the end of the day, we do not want status quo. i think all those elements included is why we have a barrier. >> dana: katherine clark is vice chair of the house democratic caucus. make sure i get your title right. these talks are about to get under way. how do you feel about your positioning going into it tomorrow? >> i'm very optimistic that we are going to be able to have the discussion on border security that we have been wanting to. let's find ways to secure our borders that are data driven. at home in massachusetts like
11:26 am
many of the states in this country, opiates have just been devastating in our neighborhoods and families. we know most of the illegal drugs in this country come right through our ports. so let's get the technology that, increased personnel at those ports so that we can stop the flow of heroin and fentanyl through our ports. >> dana: i think president trump would agree with you on that. take a listen to congressman jeffries on what he's saying the democrats want. >> we do not support a midevil border wall from sea to shining sea. democrats support real 21st century border security. >> dana: since president trump's already moved off of this idea of a wall across all 2 thou,000 miles, seems to me everybody is talking about the same thing. where's the rub? >> i hope we're not going to have one. i hope the president has moved
11:27 am
off of this idea as hakeem jefferies put it. >> dana: he's already said he's not going to do a wall across the whole border but there are places that need it. in addition i'm sure the president should agree that there would be more security at the ports. he doesn't want drugs coming in that way either. >> that's right. so i hope that we are in a new place with this white house. let me give you a good example about what we mean by effective border security. former secretary johnson was telling us about a steel portion of an existing wall on our southern border. cartels blasted through it and were able to drive vehicles through it because we didn't have the personnel to man it. so let's make sure we have 21st technology. that we are using the best to augment and secure those borders. those are the kind of solutions that democrats are eager to take
11:28 am
up in this conference committee. >> dana: sounds then -- i think the president would agree with that. is the issue going to be, $5 billion. if he wants to spend that $5 billion on actual barriers, actual security, is that something democrats will vote for? >> i think what we're looking for, what is the concrete plan? what is it that the president and the white house and this administration are looking for? and we know that, yes, there are existing bare kwrers on our border. but how can we really improve immigration? we know one of those key areas is more immigration judges are needed to help process families coming here and looking for refuge. >> dana: right. >> so let's get that done. let's put these ideas on the table and have a discussion about what's effective. >> dana: all the people getting together in the next couple of days, i just -- there's no one from the far left caucus. there's no one from the house
11:29 am
freedom caucus. do you think you all can come to some sort of agreement that can be acceptable and pass so that we don't have to shut down the government again? >> i am very optimistic that we are going to be able to put a proposal together. i hope that this president will see that a shutdown that took $11 billion out of our economy would have had some federal employees who are the front lines of national security. our coast guard, border patrol, put them on the bread lines is not the way to go. >> dana: i think that he agreed with you on that. we'll have you back to talk about how these things go. thank you. >> thank you. >> dana: new details about the charges against chinese tech maker waway including charges they stole a robot. >> don't help elect trump, you
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>> i must be doing something to garner this much attention and this much interest. what i have offered the american people is the opportunity to hear my story and provide an tune for the american people to say, we don't have to have two parties. >> dana: howard schultz making the rounds this morning considering an independent run for the white house. a move that has angered democrats who think schultz will be a spoiler for the eventual democratic nominee. i'm joined by alex koenig, partner at fire house strategies and ben kissle radio talk show host and political commentator. great do have you both. schultz came out and it's like everyone had a triple macchiato on an empty stomach. democrats over the top or do you have a real concern? >> i'm going to channel my inner
11:35 am
aaron rodgers here and just say, relax. we talk about ross perot being a spoiler for h.w. bush. but if you look at the exit polling it was split 50/50. texas and florida, h.w. won. >> dana: republicans don't think that necessarily. when you go back to the data, i hear you. >> it can be okay. there's no -- this won't necessarily cost democrats the election. >> dana: there's even talk of top democrats boycotting starbuck. he's not even part of starbuck. >> it would hurt starbucks not him. attend of the day he's fundamentally a democrat. it would be like having two democrats on the ticket. he is thinking there would be center right voters who are going to vote for a democrat that's not the nominee. that doesn't make a whole lot of sense. i will say congressional republican, could be good news. if he draws voters out, if his hypothesis is correct, center
11:36 am
right voters are looking for someone to vote for, they're going to vote republican. >> dana: suburban voter. >> somebody like schultz will pick those up. >> dana: they're not going to want to vote by someone that's far left. >> i don't think howard schultz is considered that far left. >> dana: depends on who the democrats put up. fit's an elizabeth warren that wants new taxes or something like that, i don't think voters will go for that. >> they won't be going for donald trump either. i don't know why we always malign the third party vote. it's up to the candidate to get the votes. >> the fact that schultz thinks he would be desirable as an independent candidate shows how far left the democratic party has gone. that's a real risk for them going into 2020. >> maybe this is an opportunity for him to get a more reasonable economic policy put forward. perhaps the democratic party
11:37 am
takes note. >> dana: there's a washington post abc poll asking if the election were held today, who do you like? 56% said no preference. so is this wide open? >> it's more wide open than 2016 in some strange way to the democratic party because no one thought donald trump was going to be nearly as strong as he was as a candidate then. but now we have a situation where, other than biden -- >> dana: speaking of biden, yesterday he was in florida. he was asked about this. he said the answer is that i'm running in all the traps on this. i don't want this to be a fool's errand. we're closer than we were before christmas and we'll make a decision soon. this is the battle for the soul of america. it's time to get moving. time to get moving on this announcement. what do you think he's waiting for? >> i don't think he feels much pressure to make a decision. nobody else is breaking through. the numbers you just showed, the vast majority of democratic
11:38 am
primary voters don't have a favorite in the race. it's unlikely they're going to settle on somebody in the next six months. the day biden gets in the race is the day every democrat starts attacking him, his stock starts going down. he's run for president before and has been very under whelming. time is on his side if he holds out. >> time is on his side with the two campaigns. with obama, he's been in every living room in iowa so he doesn't need name recognition. when it comes to kamala harris, we'll see if she's able to get some heat here. if she gets some heat, he's going to have to jump in fast. if not, what's the rush? >> it's a long campaign. i worked on the last two presidential campaigns. from here to when people start going to the primary, there will be a lot of democrats. just because you got in first doesn't mean anything. >> if you're biden, he's not getting attacked because he's on
11:39 am
the side lines. why not stay there? >> dana: sounds like you'll have to come back and tell us more. alex, ben, thank you. >> thank you. >> dana: we'll talk more about howard schultz and 2020 when he joins me. governor chris christie all going to be here. make sure you watch or set your dvr. breaking news. empire actor jesse smolett assaulted in chicago. matt, is any of this confirmed? >> reporter: dana, disturbing story developing right now. chicago police say that empire actor 36-year-old jussie smolett was attacked by two men wearing ski masks. the men beat the actor r shouted homo phobic -- the offenders fled the scene. smollett checked himself into
11:40 am
the hospital. chicago police released a statement writing overnight the chicago police department received a report of a possibly racially charged assault and battery involving a cast member of the television show "empire." given the severity of the allegations, we are taking this investigation very seriously and treating it as a possible hate crime. just in a statement released from 20th century fox reads in part, we are deeply saddened and outraged to learn a member of our "empire" family was viciously attacked last night. we send our love to jussie who is resilient and strong and who will work with law enforcement to bring these perpetrators to justice. police have not identified any of the assailants. we expect a statement from his personal publicist soon. dana. >> dana: matt, thank you. the department of justice has announced criminal charges against chinese tech giant wawai. accusing the company of violating sanctions and stealing trade secrets. susan ley has more.
11:41 am
susan? >> reporter: two federal indictments 23 criminal charges. it does include sanction violations and intellectual property. that's the stealing of trade secrets. huawei and t mobile that alleges that two employees of huawei took photos of a t mobile robotic testing device without their permission. they then tried to rip off the tip of the device and try to take it out of the lab. this case was settled with a $5 million fine paid by huawei and the firing of the employee. the federal indictment, the judge accusing huawei of paying bonuses to employees to steal trade se krets and rewarding those that came up with the most valuable information. i got in touch with huawei. they said they have disputes
11:42 am
that t mobile has and there was no malicious conduct in their view. t mobile, they said they had nothing more to add to this case. >> dana: this is all happening right as the president is trying to finalize trade negotiations with china. what is the latest on huawei's cfo and her extradition case? >> reporter: dana, the u.s. formally put in their extradition request for huawei's cfo. in the unsealed indictments yesterday, they're alleging that she tried to mislead banks to evade iran sanctions. when pressed about it, she lied about it to officials. we do know huawei is blocked from the u.s. and so the u.s. has been pressuring allies around the world to also discontinue the relationship with huawei. australia, the u.k., germany, japan and new zealand have either stopped working with huawei or rethinking their relationship. that's going to be a big pinch on the bottom line as a supposed
11:43 am
private enterprise. >> dana: supposed. thank you, susan. fbi wrapping up its investigation into the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history with an unsettling finish. we'll tell you about it. plus police issuing a stern warning for anyone inciting violence after a shootout leaves two officers fighting for their lives. >> criminals are going to be criminals. evil people are going to be evil. the question is, what are policy makers willing to do besides prayers? >> dana: follow us on social media. we're on twitter at daily briefing and follow at daily briefing fnc on instagram and facebook. miralax for my constipation. stimulant laxatives forcefully stimulate the nerves in your colon. miralax is different. it works with the water in your body to unblock your system naturally. and it doesn't cause harsh side effects. that's why i choose miralax. look for the pink cap.
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>> dana: extreme weather alert on what meteorologists are calling life threatening cold in the midwest. readings as low as negative 27 degrees in some spots. that's without the windchill. meteorologist adam clause is here to tell us what to expect. adam. >> it's going to be the windchill that lets these numbers plummet in a big way. a cold front is sweeping across the country. along the east coast, southeast, all this rain and snow, everything behind it once this moves through, that's when temperatures are going to start to fall.
11:48 am
as a result, we've got a winter storm watch stretching up to the northeast coast into new england. this isn't a huge snow maker. the big story will be these temperatures. we're looking and this is your current windchill r spots down to negative 16 in chicago, negative 33 in minneapolis. we've got windchill watches and warnings anywhere from negative 30 to negative 65 degrees. this is always the coldest early in the morning. when we get into wednesday morning and thursday, these numbers plummet. negative 50 in chicago. close to negative 50 in minneapolis. it continues pretty much throughout the entire day. wednesday getting into thursday morning. again, you're looking at temperatures negative 42 in chicago, 35 in detroit. it begins to creep in this direction as you get into new york city down to negative 11. leaving you, even if you're not in that direct area where you're
11:49 am
seeing negative 50 degrees, this is a massive cold system. these are early morning cold temperatures 23 degrees. if you're waking up along the gulf coast, temperatures are still below freezing. this is a major cold snap. hundreds of millions of people will be dealing with it. still going to be cold where you are. >> dana: thank you, adam. fox news alert out of houston on the four police officers shot in the line of duty, two now fighting for their lives after a shootout at a houston residence where they were serving a warrant. casey steigel is live in houston. >> reporter: this is a reminder of how dangerous police work can be. at the same time, we're learning new information about the exchange the suspects had with the police officers, how first police officer was shot from behind in the shoulder and then fell to the couch when a second suspect emerged trying to grab
11:50 am
the gun from the wounded officer's hands. all of that according to the city's police chief, who said more under cover houston police officers rushed in and that is when that shootout ensued. all in all five officers hurt, four were shot and the two suspects, a man and woman, were dead. what's more, get this. one of the injured police officers has now been shot three times in the line of duty. listen here. >> senior officer i described is 54 years old and a 32 veteran. he is the one that after he saw his fellow officers come under fire, heroically made the entry. he just passed a note to one of our officers who said, i had to get in there because i knew my guys were down. that speaks volumes as to what this man, just his courage.
11:51 am
>> reporter: police say they uncovered marijuana and a powdery white substance, either cocaine or the powerful drug fentanyl at the house including guns. the names of the police officers are not being leased. their identities held because they do work under cover. out of the five hurt, two still critical but stable recovering here behind me in houston. back to you. >> dana: casey, thank you. las vegas gambler who killed 58 people at a country music show taking his motive to the grave. the fbi finding no specific reason to explain why he carried out the deadliest mass shooting in modern history. he wanted to become famous finding he was similar to other active shooters the fbi has studied. up next, what you need to know about the measles outbreak. it's a very special birthday for our very own spike. see how he's celebrating next. woman: my reputation was trashed online,
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>> dana: fox news alert. chuck schumer announcing that georgia democrat stacy abrams will deliver the party's response to the president's state of the union. she lost a bitter race to become governor of georgia last november. president trump will deliver the speech a week later than planned due to the fallout from the shut down. and now a look at other stories you should know about. number 1, british prime minister facing a pivotal moment in brexit. and number 2, federal prosecutors resting their case against el chapo. he said that he won't testify in his own defense. the jury could deliberate this week. number 3, the court battle has begun in the do-over of the nfc championship game. the game that sent the rams to
11:57 am
the super bowl and the saints home. the case has been moved to federal court. the measles outbreak in the pacific northwest growing. officials say it could take months to contain it because of the low vaccination rates in the area. dan springer is live in seattle. dan? >> dana, there's 35 confirmed cases of pieces in clark county, washington and another 11 suspected cases. since this outbreak is happening with the border of oregon, officials there are worrying about it spreading. measles is highly contagious. health officials are urging people to not just go into a hospital or doctor's office with symptoms but call ahead so they can make sure there's no contact with other patients. 25 of the cases involved children under 10 years old. nearly all of them never received the vaccine for mumps and rubella. according to a study by baylor, the corridor between seattle and portland is one of the hot spots
11:58 am
for measles because of the low immunization rate. now health officials and parents are scrambling and hopes of keeping a lid on this outbreak. >> i don't think we're at the point where people have to, you know, keep their infants at home. if things were -- sort of get worse and we have more cases, one of the things we're discussing is maybe vaccinating children younger than 12 months. >> you know, going out to dinner, i second guess it everywhere we go. you know, it's always in the back of my mind when i take him out. >> now, the first case was reported $31. last week, washington state's golf declared a health emergency. dana?
11:59 am
>> dana: thanks, dan. it's a special day here at "the daily briefing." it's spike's first birthdays. we have some special cookies. he's come a long way since the little puppy that we introduced you to. this is a live in the control room. a very good dog. he's ignoring the cookies and wearing the hat with no bother. jasper would never do that. the better news, we all have seven months left with this guy before he goes on to help whoever it is he's going to help in the future. come back here tomorrow. we have a big show for you. former starbucks ceo and possible independent 2020 presidential candidate howard schultz will be here to discuss his plan. chris christie joins "the daily briefing" to talk about his new book and the headlines surrounding president trump. i have a story i want to share from the book that will be a
12:00 pm
bit -- it's a sweet one. so that's it for me. i'm dana perino. up next, you know you got next, it's shep. >> shepard: do you use an iphone or ipad? maybe a mac computer? somebody could be watching you and you wouldn't know it. that's the warning from apple. they're trying to fix a glitch that could let people eavesdrop on you through face time. you don't even have to accept a call for your camera and microphone to go live. we'll show you how it works and how to protect yourself as reporting begins now. good tuesday afternoon. our reporting begins with president trump's intelligence team. contradicting what the president has told the american people and the very foundation of his


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