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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 1, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PST

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marlee downing, your tonight's midnight hero. thanks for helping out the neighbors. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington. i am shannon bream. ♪ heather: it is february 1st, "fox and friends first" happening at 4:00 am on the east coast, donald trump and nancy pelosi hardening their stances on the wall as the white house preps for any emergency declaration as another migrant caravan inches closer to the doorstep. we are on the ground in mexico with a story you will not see anywhere else. >> if he can't say protecting a little baby girl who survived an abortion is something we as a society believe in together, he should get out of office. heather: lawmakers ramping up
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criticism against ralph northrom and the late-term abortion bill. one of the democrats behind that bill is revealing she didn't read it. >> can i go? >> whenever you're ready. >> is the safety on? >> it is on. heather: gun safety under fire. pop superstar pink and her husband responding to critics for teasing their 7-year-old daughter how to shoot. "fox and friends first" right now. ♪ ♪ i got feelings ♪ woo hoo ♪ tonight is going to be a good night ♪ tonight is going to be a good night ♪ tonight is going to be a good good night ♪ feeling ♪ heather: good morning.
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you are watching "fox and friends first" on friday morning. thank you for starting the day with us. today is where red day. we are thinking about and making sure people are aware of heart disease the entire month of february, beware of that and thank you for joining us. the battle over the border wall is what we talk about. it is heating up between the white house and capitol hill, the deadline to come up with a compromise is two weeks away. we could face another government shutdown. donald trump and nancy pelosi are doubling down on what they think is best for border security. >> nancy pelosi is hurting our country very badly. doing what she is doing. ultimately i think i set the table nicely. i set the stage for doing what i'm going to do. i'm going to wait until the 15th. i think it is a waste of time. >> there is not going to be any
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more money in the legislation. of the president wants to call that a wall he can call it a wall. let them have that discussion. heather: nancy pelosi referring to the president's tweet reading, quote, let's call them walls from now on and start playing political games. a wall is a wall. the house speaker suggested putting up a normandy fence meant to block vehicles. the president will wait until deadline day february 15th to decide whether to declare a national emergency. in the meantime, 3500 more troops will be deployed to the southern border is thousands of central americans prepared to enter the us. griff jenkins joins us live on the ground in mexico where migrants are getting ready for the next leg of their journey. >> reporter: good morning.
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3500 troops are certainly going to be met by this 3000 strong caravan. 140 miles north of the city, the migrants, have a look, officials asked to be respectful of their situation but where we are is significant because this is the fork in the road for the migrants. to the us border. it is from here that will determine where they are going to arrive on the us border. if they go north they will end up on the texas border as they go to monterey or two cities already mentioned to us, they will cross in the laredo area. if they go west they will end up on a path towards tijuana. we have to talk about the numbers. this group which was almost 3000 according to officials yesterday, you have to add in
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this caravan plus 12,600 migrants who accepted mexico's fast-track temporary asylum to get their official id card and they will move north toward the us border and the caravans we know about on social media beginning february 7th, and february 16th. at those numbers up, 3000 migrant still in tijuana from last october's caravan, 15-20,000 migrants, that is a lot of people. we have to address why we have this magnet of central american caravans coming, it is because of the open arms and pro-immigrant stands of the current president. heather: we will talk with an angel mom who is taking into her own hands to get the border wall built.
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roger stone is heading back to court as he denies having knowledge of russian collusion. donald trump's longtime associate is accused of lying to congress, obstruction of justice and witness tampering. stone calls is indictment flawed. >> these are all after-the-fact process groups, not accused of russian collusion or collaboration. not accused of conspiracy. there is no evidence, the source and content. >> they are asking a judge to delay his trial to dig through complex information on stone's hard drive. >> indictment handed out to several past associates. tray gouty, accountability at the doj.
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we learned that nelly or was tasked with digging up dirt on the trump family for fusion gps in 2016. the same firm as that from dossier personally paid for by hillary clinton and the dnc before being used to justify surveilling the trump campaign. >> private entity in fusion gps working with chris steele who was an fbi source but was terminated for violating the agreement and your laundering this private information to the world's premier law enforcement agency and the department of justice and using a doj official as the condo with of that information. i think in a different political environment anyone would be outraged because you are running the risk of privatizing crime. if you can hire a group to dig
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up information and then use a doj official who gets his information from a terminated fbi source and it still winds up in the hands of the federal government, that should involve all of us and i hope we give back to a time in our lives where it is alarming to anyone. heather: tray gouty had a front row seat to all the bonds illegal in serving as chair of the house oversight committee before leaving congress. the newest contributor to come on the show. today secretary of state mike pompeo will announce suspension of a nuclear treaty with russia. the us has accused russia of violating the cold war era packed which bars both nations from sanctioning land-based missiles in europe. with rocket take 6 months to complete, experts worry this could spark a new arms race. and isis could take its former
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territory in a matter of months, that chilling warning part of a draft pentagon report is the usps to remove troops from syria. voting to criticize the president for the middle east troop drawback. >> i believe the threats remain. isis and al qaeda have yet to be defeated, american national security interest require commitment to our mission here. heather: the president will give an update on isis during the state of the union and the president tweeted out later in the day, senate republicans and isis front. senator ben sachs determining ralph northrom's resignation over comments on late-term abortion bill, the proposal drying outrage across the country. todd pyro joins us live as the governor defend himself. >> reporter: critics ramp up
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their discussed over ralph northrom's defensible late-term abortion bill. pro-life republican senator ben sachs slamming the democrat and calling for his resignation. >> he can't say, protecting a little baby girl who survived an abortion is something we as a society or believe in together he really should get out of office. >> the pediatric neurologist made controversial comments about the later abortion building testing the baby could be allowed to die after it was born. the governor pointing the finger at critics. >> i regret that those comments have been mischaracterized, personal insults toward me i find disgusting. heather: the virginia state delegate introduce the bill, she admits she wasn't prepared to present it. >> i presented my bill this weekend i was surprised by the line of questioning i got. what i have done is try to make
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sure women are able to make these decisions and access these services in a timely manner. >> reporter: kathy was asked if a woman could still get an abortion during labor, to which she answered yes. the bill has been tabled in the committee, the democratic cosponsor don adams is apologizing for supporting it without reading it. i don't know about you but if i go zip lining i believe the release before i sign it. something as big as this the individual would read the response. heather: they didn't read obamacare either. let's talk about the deep-freeze in the midwest, now blamed for 15 deaths. - cam showing a pickup truck losing control and ic overpass and crashing in ohio. no one was seriously injured and in chicago a pipe burst in the city's union station forcing travelers to grab their luggage
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seconds before the ceiling collapsed. >> at union station. >> temperatures in the midwest will be of normal this weekend. that is some good news there. it is 11 minutes after the top of the hour and this police sergeant was killed by an illegal immigrant in 2014 and his mother is taking the fight for border security into her own hands. marianne mendoza tells us what she's doing to get the wall built when she joins us live next. \against karen penn's for teaching other christian school. another school it says it makes them feel unsafe. ♪ we are not going to take it anymore ♪ ♪ we are not going to take it ♪ now ♪ we are not going to take it ♪ we are not going to take it anymore
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>> when they say we don't want to build as an example, build a wall because it doesn't work or is immoral. it is also immoral people who come into the country and kill people, that is immoral too. heather: donald trump slamming democrat as negotiations for the border wall continue but one angel mom is taking matters into her own hands. marianne mendoza returned from the southern border and joins us live. thank you for joining us, really appreciate it here. let's begin by sharing a little bit about yourself and brandon. he was a police officer in mesa, arizona. >> if he was and on may 12, 2014, a repeat illegal alien criminal, 35 miles the wrong way on the freeway. and on the way home from work, a
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huge loss not only to my family but the community. heather: that illegal immigrant driving three times the legal limit high on myth. is that the reason you decided to get involved in this effort to build a wall, the private effort that is going on? >> absolutely. i see too many times the stories the come out of illegal alien criminals who come back 16, 18, 22 times and continue to commit crimes against the american people. until politicians in washington get out of their offices and make the trips necessary to the border to see what i saw this past weekend with other members of the advisory board, they will never understand the tragedies happening down there.
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with brandon darby from breitbart, a plethora of information, 3500 runs -- the majority of it is men carrying little girls and their arms. that concerned me for those children. we've got to have immigration reform to when they crossed the 50% mark in the rio grande they are in us territory. they are now our response ability. heather: they want to get caught by border patrol so they can be a responsible yet we have the issue of catch and release. >> right. $136 billion a year to support that and every day, 1200 people cross the area, 1200 people a day, that amount of money we are spending is growing every day. $5 million donald trump is
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asking for is a drop in the bucket. heather: we are showing video of children crossing these areas, putting them in danger when they come across these areas controlled by the cartels and we just had the fentanyl bust, the largest fentanyl bust that killed 57 million people, that was at a specific border point crossing illegally into the us. imagine we are not catching in areas that have no wall. >> absolutely. nancy pelosi said today we just need norman the fencing. that is what we have. normandy fencing and barbed wire for 330 miles on the southern border. i climbed over the normandy fencing in two seconds flat and was standing in mexico. this isn't going to stop the flow of illegals invading the country. we have got to get immigration reform and keep these people at the border like donald trump wanted, let them have asylum hearings because 80%, 85% do not
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qualify and released to the interior of the country and disappear. heather: i could keep talking to you the whole hour, thank you for sharing your first-hand experience at the border. but we build the wall go fund me page which you can find online, our thoughts and prayers with you and your family and thank you dear son for all the work he did in mesa. 20 minutes after the top of the hour. popstar pink's husband teaching her daughter about gun safety. >> can i go? is the safety on? >> it is often. >> the video has social media fired up. the backlash brewing online. ♪
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click, call or visit a store today. heather: elizabeth warren is about to make her presidential campaign official, posting this picture and instagram telling supporters she will make a big announcement about her 2020 plans next saturday. he monster exploratory committee in december. warren was the first major democrat to enter the 2020 race. there is another democrat preparing to throw his hat into the ring. new jersey senator cory booker telling lawmakers he is running for president and asking their support, he is expected to make a campaign announcement this month, democrat will be allowed to run for president and senate reelection in 2020, he is spartacus.
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motorcross rider and husband of popstar pink, carey hart, criticized for teaching his 7-year-old daughter how to shoot. >> can i do? >> one of you are ready. >> is a safety on? >> it is off. heather: carly shimkus with serious xm 115 here with online reaction. >> he posted this footage of willow a gun range. she has been shooting since she was 3 years old, he wants to teaches children about the importance of gun safety and what better way than starting them young? a mix of praise and criticism on social media. thousands of people commented under this instagram post, he responded to one of his comments and i never slam people for speaking their opinion. i enjoy debate and shedding light on subjects that are sensitive like this.
1:26 am
when you disrespect my country or culture i have every right to get nasty but other people coming to his defense. one person and instagram said good job, keep up the good work educating and empowering our daughter. barbara on instagram signing in saying a parent should be able to educate their child, he's doing it the right way, teaching respect on firearms and how to store and use them. he posted the footage saying he hasn't poked the parent police in a while. this is getting a mix of reaction when posting this footage. >> talking about using the safety. >> that can save lives. >> he has been around guns. this judge tossed a lawsuit out -- >> it is official.
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a judge, two norman saints fans file, they went to the nfl to redo the nfc championship game over that historically bad call. the judge tossed it out and a lot of folks are responding to this now that we know the super bowl is going to go on. a lot of jokes online. the people versus no do over case. fernando has a serious comment, the nfl should have responded as soon as the call was recognized. that is what everybody wanted to see and another person signing on social media saying this happens all the time, that makes it interesting. heather: winners and losers was what about the polar vortex? this is pretty strange. >> look at this footage. a woman in iowa went outside with wet hair, that was the product. my feeling on this is she flipped her head over when her
1:28 am
head was wet and it is cold outside and windy and that is what happened, stood straight up, frozen solid. that is awesome. the product of hair-raising temperatures. heather: thank you, see you later. the time is half past the top of the hour. the nation's veterans are set to have more access to private healthcare under new va rules but does plan go far enough? hear from a vet who is experienced and survived the pitfalls of the va healthcare system next plus this guy is on thin ice after his own slip and fall, the footage that is landing him in hot water. ♪ and i'm free ♪ - in a crossfit gym, we're really engaged
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heather: a look at top headlines, half past the top of the hour donald trump and nancy pelosi standing strong in their battle over border wall funding, donald trump doubling down on his call to be a wall and nancy pelosi suggesting normandy fence to block cars could be the answer. we could face another government shutdown. roger stone, and any knowledge of russian collusion, he's charged with lying to congress, instructional justice and witness tampering in the special counsel russia probe. prosecutors want to delay his trial so they have enough time for complex information. and blamed with 16 deaths. icy roads, this is why.
1:33 am
a dash cam showing a pickup truck losing control on an overpass crashing, this happened in ohio. no one was seriously injured. and temperatures are expected to be above normal. and accused of paying the legal fees of 5 college students. the government may have issued new passports to fly them home. in one case the government appears to have written a $1000 check to bail out abdul who is accused of killing 15-year-old fallon smart in a hit-and-run crash, the us does not have extradition or extradition treaty with saudi arabia so the story closely follows. all those 5 individuals from oregon by the way. donald trump sounding off about his message for the state of the union address.
1:34 am
>> i think it is going to be a speech that will cover a lot of territory, part of it will be unity. >> reporter: the speech coming as both sides of the aisle are working on a compromise to fund the government to avoid another shutdown on the 15th. georgia democrats john lewis and hank johnson, will skip the president's address. you can watch coverage of the state of the union all day on fox news. bret baer, martha maccallum will have special coverage all night. a school in washington dc refusing to play sports of the christian school where second lady karen pentz teaches over safety concerns, the head master says emmanuel christian school's policies are, quote, obvious challenge. the christian school face harsh criticism for requiring employees to pledge that they believe marriage is monogamous and heterosexual. to california california's
1:35 am
governor wants $25 million for emergency funds to help migrants seeking asylum. gavin newsom says the testimony will help local nonprofits provide things like housing and food to asylum-seekers which have approved the funds could be available next summer but lawmakers plan to approve $5 million of those funds for immediate use. let's talk about the va, they are revamping private access for veterans. and it is eligible for outside care. robert wilkie, lining the hands of veterans exactly where it should be. will these standards help veterans get the care they need. here to weigh in is a man who experienced the pitfalls of the system, josh hartley, we
1:36 am
appreciate you joining us and thank you for your service. let's get off the bat these new standards, that will be the case of veteran had a 30 minute drive time or 20 day wait time offering extended access to urgent care clinic, and the bulk of the co-pay cost. these moves, a move in the right direction? >> definitely, i think so. i retired from the marine corps in 2013 and when i left the service i was told it would be months before i could get access to va care. this is 2013. >> this is operation iraqi and enduring freedom. >> and then afghanistan in 2010. payback from there and in
1:37 am
2013-2014, the va scandal, those are brushed off as one off and the va in 2015, and over the previous years they died while opinion application for care, they couldn't determine how many potentially died because they did not get care and cited natural causes but that is a serious thing to look at. heather: some of the numbers were included in the report as well. >> the records were deleted and there was a total of 900,000 people pending application for care. >> more access to private healthcare. >> allowing veterans to make the choice, right now, 20 days.
1:38 am
if you wait 20 days to go elsewhere, that is going to be positive and what you're going to be doing is alleviating and taking people off the existing va healthcare system. heather: we are talking about allowing more access to private healthcare with veterans at the same time democrats are making a major push toward medicare for all and a socialist type stands for medicare coverage and healthcare coverage for everyone. it is not working for veterans so i don't know if it would work for the rest of us. >> staying out of the politics of it, for me i found if it is not the va there has to be someone else and this moves in the right direction. for me personally it was a host of nonprofits simplify funds, homebase, hope for the warriors all set in, the va wasn't able to provide care but the va can't provide the care there has to be something for veterans.
1:39 am
heather: thanks for your service and thank you for coming in this morning, good having you back. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. will you be streaming the super bowl online? experts warning if you do that you could be a target. kurt the cyber guy explains next.
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heather: as americans gear up to watch the super bowl there is a live look over sadie's benz stadium in atlanta. cybersecurity experts are warning if you can't make it, not watching it on tv, the dangers of streaming the big game. kurt the cyber guy joining us to explain. a problem if people do this. >> it turns out hackers have
1:43 am
figured out that when we are caught up in the moment especially during a sporting event people don't pay attention to security as much. they are looking for a free spot to stream the game online so they go to google, where can i watch the game for free? chances are you might be hitting the hacker set of knowing they forget you. you might be finding a site that could lead you to watching the game for free but it is a hacker trap. heather: i have done that before because i can't get the carolina panthers games ever in new york city. >> we are used to doing what we want to. they are sending out emails, so you are going to the game, if you are looking for parking, here's the parking site. avoid clicking those emails the come to anything unsolicited,
1:44 am
free parking, no free lunches in life. do not give out your credit card or personal details but if you are signing on for one dollar and.99 you will get the credit card, i just lost my credit card number, be very careful. look for legit sources, from the network that is carrying the game. >> do you pick patriots or rams? >> i'm from new orleans so i'm a little bit -- the saints should have been there but i will root for the rams. heather: the patriots will win them. this guy is on thin ice after faking his own slip and fall at the office. the footage landing him in hot water.
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>> super bowl sunday two days away. millions of americans, a live shot where it is happening in hot atlanta. helping to score a touchdown at your super bowl parties lifestyle expert, thank you for joining us this morning. love your little football jersey outfit. everybody is joining us. let's talk about what you have here. everybody shows up. >> what i have done is i have a nasty thing, i went to the frozen food section.
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what you got to do is rotisserie chicken, cream cheese, ranch, blue cheese and hot sauce. you cut it up and put it in a slow cooker and it is easy and so delicious. no one is losing weight. but i have a little -- not the traditional buffalo wings. i got these cups, you get them in the freezer section and i use's raja mayo. >> i didn't know there was such a thing. >> 50% off. on a budget. >> got to be on a budget. a little bit of scallions. and any kind of cheese, this piece is over here. and the french bread rolls in the refrigerator section, you want to get three things, one for one side and one for the other.
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the trick is to get toothpicks on the side here and take it before -- it actually comes in that shape and you mold it to look like a football. you want to unroll it. and i got to tell you i made one. it is okay, this is the second when i made and i'm very impressed. >> the dip on here, you see a lot. it is finger food but you can put whatever you want, if you want cheese, some people put a layer on the bread. if you follow me on instagram i have a recipe on how to make it. >> best for last. you make cupcakes to make it look like a football and take
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icing on top and it is cupcakes. >> it is not actual cake but little cupcakes so everyone gets a little piece of cupcake. so you manipulate it to look like a football in an oval shape and take the icing on top like you would ice the cake on all the cupcakes. than the trick is go to the bakery section and show a picture of it. >> more time to watch the game. thank you for joining us, appreciate it. >> these are really good, very crunchy. the time is 8 minutes until the top of they are. more super bowl stuff in the next hour and a group of
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♪ ♪ everybody ♪ heather: live look at washington dc. they have two weeks to avoid another government shutdown, the president might declare a state of national emergency to try to get more border security. we hear from one of our angel moms, first-hand experience to get something done on the southern border. donald trump says he will meet with his chinese counterpart after high-level trade talks yield no deal but officials say they are making progress. >> president xi jinping and myself meet, every point will be agreed to, the biggest deal ever made. heather: the us and china have
1:58 am
until march 1st to reach a deal before tariffs on $200 billion of chinese goods jumped from 10% to 25%. take a look at this. newly released video holding in an 8 holding a prison librarian hostage. the convicted criminal holding a blade to the man's thrown in arizona, the librarian somehow pulled out pepper spray to make the attacker sick giving the swat team time to move in with stun grenades to rescue the hostage. and he is serving a 97 year sentence. and and security video showing the man tossing ice cubes onto the floor and he lays down on the ground waiting to be found. he filed a claim for an ambulance, he is charged with insurance fraud. don't do that. time for the good, the bad and
1:59 am
the ugly. up first as always the good. california deputies help a lost elephant seal find its way home. the officers guided the giant animal across the highway to the ocean. marine experts think it got separated from his group after a fight with another seal. now the bad. remember the model who went viral, bombing celebrities at the golden globes, now reportedly suing the water company for using her newfound fame in marketing promotion without her permission. and the day after the award show, caused the lawsuit to be frivolous saying it holds no merit. finally the other. a giant sign reading i know you cheated. the cringe worthy picture going viral after someone spotted the scorned lover in australia.
2:00 am
that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". "fox and friends first" continues right now. >> the problem is democrats don't want to build the wall because it doesn't work or is immoral, people who come into the country who kill people is immoral too. that is a lot more immoral. jillian: it is friday, february 1st, donald trump throwing down the gauntlet as both parties harden their stance on building the border wall. rob: donald trump is done waiting for the secure border because thousands of migrant still on the way. we are live on the ground in mexico. a day of deep freeze for millions. jillian: tracking arctic air blasting much of the nation. care and hence is at the center of an all-out face fight. todd: the backlash over her new job. "fox and friends first" on friday morning continues right now. ♪


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