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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  February 1, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PST

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with pete and emily and brian will join us well live with three hall of fame quarterbacks. um you will have to tune in tomorrow to find out. >> be back here on monday. >> sandra: breaking news out of the state department moments ago. secretary of state mike pompeo announcing a suspension of a landmark nuclear arms treaty with russia. the inf treaty bans both countries from stationing medium range nuclear missiles around europe. president reagan negotiated in 1987. they say moscow has been violating that agreement for years. more in moments. meanwhile, president trump dismissing border wall talks as a quote, waste of time accusing nancy pelosi of doing a tremendous disservice to the country. good friday morning, everybody. i'm sandra smith. >> jon: i'm jon scott. president trump implying he
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will likely take action on his own after the house speaker declared no wall money will be included in any border security measure. the president said no wall, no deal. >> president trump: you set is stage for what will happen on the 15th of february. i don't think they'll make a deal. i see what's happening. they'll say let's do this but not one dime to the wall. that's okay. if they won't give money for the wall it's not going to work. if it's not going to work the politicians are wasting a lot of time. >> sandra: kevin corke is live at the white house. is it fair to say the president's relationship with the speaker is fractured? >> i think the answer for now is yes. i think it's important to point out that there is a fairly transactional nature in this political relationship with the president and speaker. what happens today could be meaningless tomorrow if a deal can be struck on border security. all that said, at least for the time being it doesn't look if you listen to the speaker like that will happen any time soon.
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>> there isn't going to be any wall money in the legislation. however, if they have some suggestions about certain localities where technology, some infrastructure about the ports of entry, we might need more ports of entry. some roads. that's part of the negotiation. >> that drew a fairly strong response from the president who was actually asked by "the new york times" about the ongoing border security negotiations and in particular his political relationship with the speaker. he said this, i've actually always gotten along with her but now i don't think i will anymore. i think she is doing a tremendous disservice to the country. he goes on to say this. if she doesn't approve a wall, the rest of it is just a waste of money and time and energy because it is desperately needed. i'll continue to build the wall and we'll get the wall finished. he wraps up by saying whether
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or not i declare a national emergency, that you'll see. and that is something that a lot of people are curious about, sandra. >> sandra: what's the white house saying this morning about that new report that donald trump junior did not call the president moments before the now infamous trump tower meeting with a russian national during the 2016 campaign? >> you remember that story, right? i can tell you this. they have been forceful in their derision. numerous reports have happened during the trump not only the campaign but during the trump presidency. they feel like there is a general negative bias. when news came out that yet another report was floated and then repeated uncritically by the press and eventually turned out to be false you can understand their view. here is the latest. records provided to the intelligence committee show the calls were between donald trump junior and two of his business associates and that, sandra,
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contradicts democrats' suspicions the blocked number was that of then candidate donald trump. in a tweet he alluded to the faulty coverage calling it really sad. as you can imagine that's his way of saying they blew it again. sandra. >> sandra: kevin corke. as the snow falls there. chilly d.c. morning outside the white house. thank you. >> jon: let's bring in katie pavlich editor for town and fox news contributor. good to see you. we've got nancy pelosi saying no money for any wall, any fence, whatever. where do we go from here? >> looks like we'll go to a possible declaration of a national emergency. the president said this is one thing i asked for. come to the table on daca, other funding for ports of entry. issues democrats voted for in the past yet nancy pelosi despite dozens of people in her caucus, democrats who come from moderate states, from border districts that want some of the
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fencing, want more border security and victims of crimes across the border are pressuring her to come to the negotiating table. she is looking at 2020 and the politics of the new speaker of the house and she wants a win against the president. so it looks like we aren't going anywhere in terms of what nancy pelosi is willing to negotiate with the president. >> jon: she is a new speaker of a house caucus that has turned farther to the left. so she does not want to be seen as negotiating or bending in any way with this president? >> interesting to watch how the far left new freshmen congresswomen have been able to take the party even further to the left because actually when you look at the way that the 2018 mid-terms went down, the majority of democrats that were elected were not far left. they came from districts that were previously republican and turned into blue democratic seats. so not all the people who got elected were as far left as nancy pelosi is going in terms of the people who are
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pressuring her to go that far. and so when it comes to her getting her agenda moving forward, the big challenge for her going into the new speakership was going to be holding together her caucus on the far left and being able to bring in moderate democrats. the point is that look, donald trump didn't come into the presidency in 2016 and run as a hard charging right wing zealot. he came in as a middle of the road guy who donated money to both sides of the political aisle. open always to meeting with people and negotiating even when they have serious disagreements and why he invited pelosi, schumer to come to the white house several times. they have offered the white house multiple times and nancy pelosi keeps saying no. >> jon: kamala harris has made a big splash by saying medicare for all is the way to go in this country. i want to read you a "washington post" columnist who
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says that that could be a problem for democrats running for president. she says she writes if you force suburbanites to choose between having a loose race baiter and sacrificing their health insurance coverage and paying higher taxes or other things progressives want to do, maybe they decide who is in the white house is the lesser of two evils. nothing good to say about president trump but saying going from medicare for all could hand the president a second term. >> sandra: democrats are running against president trump and what he has offered. he can look to his record and say we've done deregulations created jobs, brought industry back to the united states. a lot of democrats including harris and booker are running on who america is, what we stand for. which tends to be good unless you accuse people of racism and not actually talking about actual policy positions that americans can relate to.
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when kamala harris says she wants medicare for all it sounds good until you talk about the details. when you ask people if they want access to healthcare of course yes for everybody. when you ask about paying for it, that drops down by 50% when you say do you want your taxes to go up and especially when you say you will rip away health insurance from 150 million people who get their health insurance through some kind of sponsored employer plan and as you saw kamala harris said earlier this week we'll eliminate it. you start taking away healthcare choices even through obamacare people start to push back on that a lot. >> jon: all the folks who work for the big private insurers of the world they're out of jobs, right? >> that's an untin ended consequence. you not only take away health insurance from families of half the country essentially who get it through their employer and the majority of people in this country do get healthcare through their employer, you also decide you'll, as the
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government, go in and destroy an entire industry that employs hundreds of thousands and millions of people. there are other effects. biomedical companies and engineering company. the trickle down effect would be devastating for the economy. >> jon: who pays for medicare for all? >> they've been saying the billionaires will pay for it and the top of the millionaires. even if you got every penny of their wealth it wouldn't put a dent to paying for medicare for all. maybe one year. the truth is medicare for all is paid for by everybody. middle class, poor people and the rich if that's something they want to do. >> jon: katie pavlich town >> sandra: a big announcement from secretary of state mike pompeo moments ago. the trump administration withdrawing from a decades-old nuclear treaty with russia. rich edson is live from the state department. good morning. >> good morning. secretary of state mike pompeo
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says russia is brazenly disregarding its obligations under the inf treaty so the united states will suspend its obligations beginning tomorrow. he made the announcement from the podium here. he says there is no sense in the u.s. continuing to comply with the inf treaty if russia refuses to do so. >> it does no good to sign an agreement if a party won't comply with it. the piece of paper if it's not being complied with doesn't reduce the risk. it doesn't take down that threat. >> this suspension gives russia six more months to comply with the intermediate range missiles treaty before the u.s. formally withdraws. they suspect russia will refuse. for six years the u.s. has gone to tremendous lengths to preserve the inf treaty and russia refuses to return to compliance. in december the u.s. declared russia was in material breach of this treaty, gave russia 60 days to comply. there was some discussions between u.s. and russia
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officials. they collapsed and the u.s. is suspending. russia must destroy its new cruise missile launchers and associated equipment in order to come back into compliance. the russian government says this new missile program is compliant with this 1987inf treaty. it prohibits the testing and deploying of any land-based cruiser ballistic missiles with a range of 300 to 3400 miles. officials argue if russia is not complying. china isn't part of the treaty. it puts the united states at a disadvantage. critics of the u.s. suspending saying it will lead to proliferation around the world. it is a priority of the administration to prevent that. back to you. >> sandra: a lot happening there in the last few minutes. it may come up along with a wide range of other issues when president trump delivers his state of the union address happening next tuesday.
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we'll have all day coverage leading up to his big speech to the nation right here on the fox news channel. >> jon: it was off. now back on again. >> sandra: tuesday night. >> jon: it will be something to watch. breaking news on a strong monthly jobs report at this hour. the u.s. has added jobs for 100 straight months marking the longest such period on record. details on that coming up. >> sandra: plus first self-proclaimed social lift congresswoman ocasio-cortez called for a 70% tax increase on the rich. now omar is saying 90% would be fair. how far are the democrats willing to go for higher tactics. art laffer will join us and he has something to say on that. >> jon: both president trump and vice president pence calling out democrats over abortion bills that go against conservative ideals.
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can we expect the white house will make it a signature issue heading into 2020? we'll ask mark walker, a former pastor, later this hour. >> this is not about republicans and conservatives pouncing as the media narrative has tried to advance it. this is about whether or not democrats and these aggressive pro-abortion democrats will continue to duck. whether or not they stand with that little baby girl. it was a very life changing experience... and it felt like i was me again. that's when i realized i hadn't been for three years. at aspen dental we're all about yes. like yes to flexible hours and payment options. yes to free exam and x-rays for new patients without insurance. and yes whenever you're ready to get started, we are too. call 1-800-aspendental today.
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but always discreet is less bulky. and it really protects. 'cause it turns liquid to gel. so i have nothing to hide. always discreet. t-new monthly jobs report showing the economy added 340,000 jobs. 100 months of job growth. all-time record high. unemployment ticking up to 4% as a result of the partial government shutdown. let's bring in art laffer, former reagan economic advisor. he joins us now. art, good to have you on. so much we want to get to with you. first the jobs report.
6:17 am
we had larry kudlow on, the president's economic advisor last week and he forecast this and said it was coming. this is a robust jobs report, yet another one. >> larry is the best advisor a president could have. i want to thank you very much, sandra, for inviting me on when it is such a good number. there is a little caution with the 304,000. they revised back the last two months down a bit and december was a blow-out number as well. now it's been revised slightly below this number but great numbers. wage growth over the past year is going to be there and sure enough it is. all of these numbers, participation rate over the past year, employment to population, all are increasing. all the people before said this couldn't happen because we were at quote, unquote, full employment. we're not. we can raise the participation rate. product activity, hours, all those are flexible and i think
6:18 am
we'll have a good year this year as well. >> sandra: the headline unemployment rate rose to 4% but that was a technical reason mostly. >> yes, it was. >> sandra: 175,000 federal workers were counted as temporarily unemployed because of the government shutdown. >> that's correct. i don't look at the unemployment rate number as i do the employment rate showing very nice, solid growth. that number will come down i believe next month or the month after. it's a wonderful report and the president should be very, very proud of the accomplishments he has had since he has been in office. it has been the best first term i've ever seen in my life and i'm 78 years old and amazing what happened in the last two years. >> sandra: you don't look it. by the way, we'll invite you on the program. >> you just invite me on to the good ones and i'll love you forever. >> sandra: what is going on with some of these calls on the
6:19 am
left for higher taxes and i'm not just talking incremental increases. we first heard from ocasio-cortez calling for 70% taxes on the rich and now ilhan omar is calling for extremely sharp taxes on the rich saying we've been as high as 90%. that's a place we can start. they are looking to make their point about the rich paying their fair share. how far are they willing to go here? >> well, i don't know how far they're willing to go. at 150% tax rates so every time the rich come into the office instead of getting a check they have to pay a bill. that will probably stop them at 150%, just joking. what we do know, sandra, is every time tax rates have been i raised substantially on the rich we have gotten less revenues from the rich we've gotten less revenues but caused a recession or decline as a
6:20 am
result as well. every time we've cut taxes on the rich whether harding, coolidge, kennedy, reagan, the rich have paid a lot more in taxes at lower rates. >> sandra: this is the tax rates that we're looking at here. average income tax rates. we dug into the 2016 numbers. the top 1% of earners paid the highest effective income tax rate at 27%. the bottom 50% paid the lowest at 3.7%. but still these are the words of congresswoman omar, listen. hold on a second and listen. >> there are a few things that we can do, one of them is that we could increase the taxes that people are paying who are the extremely wealthy in our communities with 70%, 80%. we've had it as high as 90%. >> sandra: it also shows the top 3% of earners paid 50% of
6:21 am
all income taxes in this country. what is fair, art? >> these people don't understand the numbers. they don't understand the economics. a lot of people don't understand the numbers. when you are in a policy position you should understand the numbers because your decision, your opinion counts. and these people should go back and do their homework as to what exactly happened when tax rates on the rich were raised and what happened when they were lowered. they would realize raising tax rates on the rich would cause a recession, slowdown, depression and won't get anymore money at all but cause a lot of hardship. you can't love jobs and hate job creators. it's as simple as jack kemp said it was. >> sandra: fascinating discussion and debate happening in the country now. art laffer, come back soon. >> jon: how a massive shipment of deadly opioids was detected coming in from mexico. temperatures on the rise in the
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by being on time everytime. and if we are ever late, we'll give you a automatic twenty dollar credit. my name is antonio and i'm a technician at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. >> jon: u.s. border agents making the biggest fentanyl bust in history. it's responsible for thousands of deaths. the drugs were seized from a tractor trailer during an inspection at a port of entry in arizona. the president tipping his hat on twitter saying our great u.s. border patrol agents made the biggest fentanyl bust in our country's history. thanks as always for a job well done. >> sandra: the worst may be over for the midwest thank goodness as it starts its thaw from the deep freeze that blanketed it all week but not a
6:26 am
heat wave. temperatures rising to positive territory indicating that there is still a long way to go. mike tobin is live in chicago and it looks frigid. good morning. >> well, it is 10 above so it doesn't feel as frigid as what we were dealing with. amazing what you will start to get comfortable with as things go along. the commute looks better. cars are running, amtrak service is restored. the metro electric trains are still delayed only because there was a freight train on wednesday that derailed and took out a bunch of the infrastructure. flight says for the first time since it started we have fewer than 1,000 flight cancellations. it looks right now like the big problem all the pipes that are bursting. when it gets super cold you get ice inside the pump and it will break the pipe. it takes a while for the ice plug to thaw. once it does as it warms up you get water shooting everywhere. a lot of different places they're cleaning up water that is firing all over the place
6:27 am
because of broken pipes. plumbers are doing double duty. a lot of people like the plumbers and electric crews were working in the cold. ups crews were working in the cold. also doing double duty are firefighters. when you get weather like this there are a lot of fire calls between space heaters, overtaxed systems and people with bad ideas to heat their homes. it makes things difficult for the firefighters. one fire on the south side that brought out warming trucks and rotated crews through so they could get their hands functioning in the brutal cold. you get the dramatic images of the firefighters covered from head-to-toe in ice. in the end we did 52 hours below zero. not a record. in chicago we did not set the record for cold. we got to negative 22 or 23. the record was set in 1985 of negative 27. only rockford and moline illinois get the bragging rights for setting the record for the coldest temperatures set yet. >> sandra: give yourself credit.
6:28 am
you said 10°. 7° in the city in the chicago at the airports. it's cold. i hope people stay safe and don't take any chances still. it is still extreme temperatures there. mike tobin, thank you. that's still cold. in chicago it's like they start going back to work. things become normal again. still single digits. >> jon: mike tobin is one of the most hardy individuals i know. if anybody can cover that cold out there it's him. a couple of lawmakers agree to talk about religious discrimination after a democrat congresswoman ilhan omar makes a startling statement between israel and the american south during slavery. lee zeldin has agreed to meet later during the hour. >> sandra: north ham standing by his controversial comments on late term abortion as more states now consider radical
6:29 am
abortion laws. congressman mark walker is a former pastor and will join us to talk about the movement that appears to be growing in the u.s. >> we believe that women and their doctors should be trusted with decisions about reproductive health. we believe that roe versus wade should remain the law of the land. [applause] so simple, so good. get the recipes at at, we can't guarantee you'll good at that water jet thingy... but we can guarantee the best price on this hotel. or any accommodation, from homes to yurts. booking.yeah
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>> sandra: a quick market check on a friday morning when a robust jobs report has just been released for the month of january. more than 300,000 jobs were added. that's leading to some green on the screen with the dow up 28 points. the number 304,000 jobs added in the month of january. that report was seen as very strong. wall street likes it. main street certainly enjoys it. we'll keep an eye on the markets on a friday morning. the dow above 25,000. for the month of january the performance of the dow, best in 30 years. >> jon: as you pointed out that
6:33 am
number includes the government shutdown. so absent that it would probably be even north of 304,000. >> sandra: art laffer likes it. more coming up with charles payne next hour. >> jon: the u.s. backed opposition leader challenging nicolas maduro says members of a special police unit came to his home and threatened his family. an effort to intimidate him as he assumes power in a country embroiled in political unrest and financial turmoil. mike pence is meeting this hour with people forced to flee venezuela in florida. steve harrigan is live in caracas. tensions appear to be growing. >> they are, jon. yesterday was the first time we saw juan guaido angry at what he calls a raid by security forces on his apartment where his 20-month-old daughter and
6:34 am
her grandmother were in the apartment at that time. police have denied any raid took place. guaido is saying he is ready to launch a challenge against venezuela's military. it will be in the form of humanitarian aid, convoys coming over the border into venezuela, something the disputed president nicolas maduro has refused to allow happen. here is what guaido had to say. >> the military who also suffer from diseases are the ones to make the decision whether to allow the arrival of humanitarian aid or not. we are taking what's necessary not just from the united states, but from a global coalition that we will announce in the next few days. >> we could see a tricky situation on venezuela's border over the next few weeks. we could have soldiers there faced with a decision which president to obey, the one who is right now giving them orders or the one who is trying to bring in life-saving medicine and food to the venezuelan people? >> jon: a real dichotomy which
6:35 am
side has the momentum now, steve? >> it looks like things are going well right now for juan guaido. he scheduled a march tomorrow and a real show of his support if he can bring out several hundred thousand people into the street it would be something. also the european parliament has called on its members to recognize guaido. he is recognized as interim president by most of the western hemisphere and reached out to russia and china, who currently support maduro. he is telling them their investments will be a lot safer under him than under a dictator like maduro, jon. >> jon: he seems like a courageous leader. steve harrigan reporting live from caracas. >> we're here to set the record straight. virginia democrats are on the side of insuring women have access to the healthcare they need. we believe legislators, most of whom are men, should not be
6:36 am
making decisions about women's choices for their reproductive health. >> sandra: have governor northam defending his abortion comments saying his remarks were taken out of context. as multiple states now consider looser restrictions on late-term abortions. sparking conservative criticism. "politico" suggesting the president could tap into the outrage during his state of the union address and he may. mark walker serves on the homeland security committee and also a former pastor. your perspective is unique. we just heard from governor northam said he is sorry his words were mischaracterized by some but stands by them. >> yes. it is very frustrating. one of the things that bother me as well is almost the arrogance or prideful spirit he has with this. never once have i heard him
6:37 am
mention about the baby, the concerns about the third trimester. this really bothers us now that we've seen this in virginia, we've seen it in new york. the hope in all this, though, is there is a new fervor or passion, maybe you would call it a new awakening among the american people. 81% of americans are against the taking of the life of a baby in the third trimester. hopefully this is a wake-up call. >> sandra: to be clear, referencing your feelings about him and babies. he is a pediatric neurologist. and i think that's important to include that in the context of this conversation. he makes the case that third trimester abortions are rare and only performed in cases of severe abnormalities and congressman, i put that out there in the bigger picture of this conversation that we are having as a nation this week. i'll share with you the words of vice president mike pence because he has penned a piece
6:38 am
published in the national review. life is under attack. he writes we must recommit ourselves today and every day to restoring the sankty tie of life to the center of american law. how can that be done? >> well, i will tell you this, the first part of your question, i'm a pastor and a member of congress but i don't get to set the moral code of god's law. this is preposterous. to think that new york passed a law equivalent to what north korea has. these laws don't exist in lat written or central america or in europe. america in some of these states are leading the way. the most aggressive abortion laws in the country. this is preposterous that you have new york and north korea mentioned in the same breath. of course, at the same time both their leaders don't allow for any kind of dissent when it comes to the things that
6:39 am
governor cuomo has said. >> sandra: this map tells a story about the company we're in as far as countries that allow elective abortions in the third trimester, which is after the 20-week mark. we have them up on the screen. included in that is north korea. what do you tell people when we look at that and digest this news this week? >> well, i'm grateful that the great percentage of americans understand that a baby, when it is viable, should have the opportunity and right to be able to live. the idea that this is only based in the terminology of women's healthcare, what about the baby? who advocates for the baby and stands up for the baby's rights? my wife is a family nurse practitioner at a large trauma one center here in north carolina. i understand the health concern.
6:40 am
i understand advocating for the women's rights and her concerns when she has healthcare issues. but america hopefully will turn back the clock on this and say this is an issue that we have to stand. i will add this last comment here. the house last cycle passed the 20-week ban abortion. there were only six democrats who voted with us. i went back to my office and wrote a thank you card to those six members for their courage to standing up. this is not america. we have to be more humane than this. >> sandra: as far as the virginia bill itself, congressman, the democrat co-sponsor of that late-term abortion bill, she is actually apologizing and she has written a letter to her constituents saying she did not read the text of that bill when she signed it. she thought she was rolling back some republican regulations that had been put in place back in 2012. she didn't know the additions that were made to that. she said i vaguely remember
6:41 am
signing it and i did this in solidarity with my colleague as a symbolic gesture for a woman's right to choose. she didn't read it. she said she will work harder and be better as a result of that. >> i wonder if that's completely accurate or if it's just the fact that they are get -- because of the fervor on outcry. kamala harris said -- a lot of immoral talk from our democratic leaders. i believe this is something that will turn the tide all the way back to roe versus wade as far as people taking a look at this as how aggressive and progressive we've become in some of our abortion laws. >> sandra: i was talking about dawn adams of richmond. a few second left. would you like to see the president put a message out on this in his address to the nation next week?
6:42 am
>> absolutely. for two reasons, sandra. one, it's because it's the righteous and moral thing to do. two, it is also political. when you have 80% of americans standing with you on a certain issue it is common sense to do so not just from a political standpoint but the right thing and political thing to do but it is important we get this message out to all american people. >> sandra: we appreciate your time this morning, congressman mark walker. thank you. >> jon: president trump speaking out on what appeared this week to be a disconnect with his intelligence leaders. >> president trump: i disagree with certain things they said. i think i'm right but time will prove me right. >> jon: after an oval office meeting he says he and his team are on the same page when it comes to north korea, iran and isis. we'll talk about that and more are c.i.a. station chief daryl
6:43 am
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>> sandra: senator cory booker throwing his hat in the ring for 2020. the democrat from new jersey releasing a two-minute video message to his supporters on twitter. booker joining a growing field of democratic candidates who have officially launched campaigns or announced exploratory committees. >> make no mistake about president trump's mission set. his mission set is to make sure any agreement we entered into has america's best interest, it protects the american people, protects our allies around the world as well. >> jon: that's secretary of state mike pompeo moments ago announcing the suspension of the inf nuclear treaty with russia, a treaty dating back more than 30 years. let's bring in daniel hoffman former c.i.a. station chief and fox news contributor. i'm sure there will be lots of pundits screaming about the fact that the u.s. is
6:47 am
withdrawing from this so-called treaty. what is your take? >> well, we've been living with russia in violation of this treaty since going back to 2008 when russia first tested the ssc8 cruise missile. putin himself argued in 2007 that russia should withdraw from the treaty because he was concerned about china's development of intermediate cruise missiles. we're exposing russia's hypocrisy. not a whole lot is going to change in the immediate term. but it is just confirmation of the realities of russia. they don't show a lot of support for international treaties including the chemical weapons convention. they used a soviet nerve agent to try to kill a man in london. interfered in our elections and u.k. elections. it's dealing with vladimir putin. >> jon: what is the effect on
6:48 am
the russian government if the u.s. does withdraw? does all of a sudden russia have to try to spend money that it doesn't have to compete? >> actually the reason for this in my view at least is a little more esoteric. what threatens vladimir putin the most is democracy. when he creates the impression of a military conflict with the west which frankly doesn't quite exist to the extent he would like it to, he wants his own people to equate that military conflict with our values, freedom, liberty, democracy, the things that threaten russia the most. i think that strikes at the heart of why he seeks to portray the west as russia's main enemy. >> jon: let's turn your attention to that conflict that was widely reported -- supposed conflict widely reported early this week involving president trump and his intelligence team. the president tweeted this. he says i would suggest you read the complete testimony from tuesday. a false narrative is so bad for
6:49 am
our country. i value our intelligence community. happily we had a very good meeting and we're all on the same page. are they on the same page? >> probably not but that's okay. the culture of our intelligence community not to skew intelligence. we report to our leaders what they need to know. it is not always what they want to hear. there has been tension throughout our history. i witnessed it firsthand over the past four administrations. some tension is healthy. maybe the president was quick with the twitter finger telling the intelligence leaders to go back to school but this is something we have to deal with. there is a distinction between intelligence and policies the administration is making. >> jon: daniel hoffman. thank you for your perspective. >> sandra: the biggest stage in professional sports is set. super bowl liii final preparations being made for the
6:50 am
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>> >> sandra: friday before the big game. the stage set for sunday's big game. the new england patriots taking on the rams in atlanta. super bowl liii and that's where we find jared max. jared, the day, the weekend is here. >> t-minus a couple days and counting. you mentioned the rams. the last time the rams played in the super bowl was 1999.
6:54 am
that season is when we won their only super bowl here in atlanta but long before this beautiful mercedes benz stadium was built. the patriots here for the ninth time with belichick and brady as they go for a sixth super bowl rings. could this be the passing of a torch. tom brady was a 14-point underdog t. patriots are favored to win a sixth super bowl title. the roof is 55,000 pounds and hopefully sunday the weather is nice but warm. maybe it will open up and show that off. i have to tell you when you first come into downtown atlanta area here one thing you are used to seeing is coca-cola sign all over. it's line anheiser-busch in st. louis. something different for this. pepsi, the choice of this super bowl generation are the
6:55 am
official soft drink of super bowl liii and inundated the area. it will be pepsi drinks getting served at the super bowl. we wrote it for a piece this morning. raise my voice as the helicopter is flying above me. this place like fort knox. really on lockdown. it is great to see. everywhere you look there are armed guards, canine dogs and it needs to be a secure spot and it is. >> sandra: you have a view there over the stadium with the chopper flying by. the energy must be something to be on the ground there, jared. there you go. >> it is fantastic. people from all over. super bowl live and merchandise all over. i picked up some hats. it is not cheap. one of the things you can do last night i had to stop by a local department store. next thing you know you got these things. super bowl swag. anything you possibly want you let me know your size and send me an email and i will pick you up something cool.
6:56 am
>> sandra: i'll take it. don't have too much fun there, we need you back here this week. >> jon: they'll be looking at him. freshman congresswoman ilhan omar slamming the nation of israel and getting into a heated debate with lee zeldin. >> sandra: two top democrats accused of shifting the party too far left. why one liberal columnist is warning these policies will only help president trump come 2020. have a brand-new hour straight ahead. 's actually pretty. always discreet boutique. hidden inside is a super absorbent core that quickly turns liquid to gel. so i feel protected and pretty. always discreet boutique.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
get real relief with cosentyx. >> sandra: the u.s. announcing plans to pull out of the inf nuclear treaty with russia. pompeo saying the u.s. will suspend its obligations to the treaty for six months giving moscow a final chance to comply. >> russia has jeopardized the united states security interests and we can no longer be restricted by the treaty while russia violates it. if russia does not return to full and verifiable compliance with the treaty within this six-month period by destroying its inf violating missiles, launchers and associated equipment, the treaty will terminate. >> sandra: the treaty has been a cornerstone of nuclear control since president ronald reagan signed it back in 1988. we'll have more on this in a moment. president trump sending a new signal getting ready to declare
7:01 am
a national emergency as he calls the latest border security talks a waste of time. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom" friday morning. i'm sandra smith. >> jon: i'm jon scott. bill hemmer has the day off. the next deadline to avoid a government shutdown two weeks away. the president slamming house speaker nancy pelosi for hurting the country as another migrant caravan marches for the border. >> president trump: waiting for this committee. i've told a lot of people i don't expect much coming out of the committee because i keep hearing the words that we'll give you what you want but we won't give you the wall. the problem is, if they don't give us a wall it doesn't work. without a wall it doesn't work. we have caravans right now coming from honduras. >> jon: people are streaming through mexico heading for texas. we're following along near
7:02 am
mexico city. where is the caravan now, griff and do we have any idea where they're heading on the u.s. border? >> yeah, jon, this -- we're in a city 140 miles north of mexico city. this is the caravan that began in honduras. we're told by officials there are 1890 of them that have been getting rides courtesy of the state of mexico. each state seems to be providing buses. in this case semi trucks to help them move forward. the second part of your question, where are they going is certainly a very revealing one. let me just show you a little bit of a map. that is where they tell us they're headed ultimately to the next town to the north of here. this is very much a crossroads. if you go west you head to california toward tijuana as the last caravan did. in this case they're heading
7:03 am
north to the u.s. border right across from eagle pass, texas. now, they say by the way, jon, they can probably get there within four or five days. that puts this caravan there by monday or tuesday at the latest. the migrants tell me one said are you scared and worried you are getting close to the border? he said i am worried because if immigration gets me they'll deport me. if the cartels get me, they can kidnap or kill me, jon. >> jon: griff jenkins reporting live from mexico. >> sandra: thanks for that reporting. let's bring in the a-team juan williams fox news political analyst. shelby holliday video reporter for the "wall street journal" and ed henry chief national correspondent for fox. good morning to all of you. ed, to you first on this. what is the president's next move here? >> it seems like a national emergency that he will declare or something close to it where maybe he doesn't have to
7:04 am
formally declare that. there is some ambiguity with executive power move around existing funds in the federal government. the bottom line is he now has the real justification, i believe, to do it because nancy pelosi told him a week or so ago -- a week ago today, open up the government and i'll negotiate. what happened? they set up this bipartisan conference committee. everybody, come together, the lead democrat said a couple days ago everything is on the table as if a wall or a barrier is on the table. nancy pelosi has a news conference yesterday saying not a dollar for a wall. guess what? she wasn't telling the president the truth. let's be honest about the facts and said open the government and we'll negotiate. before the negotiations got going she is pulling the rug out saying no money for the wall. they'll get nowhere. >> jon: is that because the newer members of her conference are pushing her so far to the left she doesn't want to be seen as negotiating with the president? >> not at all. clearly i think it was in the
7:05 am
midst of the shutdown the president said unless you give me a wall, nothing. talk about someone who wants to play -- decide the super bowl before you play it. it was the president. what has been established here what ed said there will be a negotiation that we have a group together now negotiating over what constitutes an improvement in border security for the united states. the question of the wall is there. what nancy pelosi, who is not a member of the panel and president trump is not a member of the panel are doing is establishing their positions. >> sandra: shelby, i need to get you in here. the latest word from the president in the "new york times" interview very interesting. he said i've always gotten along with her talking about nancy pelosi but now i don't think i will anymore. i think she is doing a tremendous disservice to the country. if she doesn't approve the wall the rest of it is a waste of time, money and energy because it's desperately needed.
7:06 am
>> fascinating to watch it play out in the media. they're using the media to make statements, comment on the wall negotiations, talk about each other. the problem is they aren't talking to each other and they're both undermining the process of good faith negotiations. they're both coming to a conclusion before the negotiators tasked with working something out are able to get anywhere. the president has changed his tune a few times saying it's a wall, call it whatever you want, fencing, now back to a wall is a wall. i think both sides are doing a disservice to negotiators because they are both pulling the rug out from under them. >> yesterday he told "the new york times" they're already building the wall. we already have money for the wall. is this guy in touch with reality? >> parts of it they do. they've been rebuilding it. that's reality. >> rebuilding things that preexist. there is no new money or wall being built. the facts are just not right.
7:07 am
>> you are sitting here saying oh, the president is not even negotiating. hang on a second. a week and a half or two weeks ago he said i'm willing to do something on daca that democrats have been saying for years. why are you laughing? >> because a year ago the republicans and democrats had a deal that included daca and included a wall and president trump and his side said no deal. >> maybe the president was wrong then. we're here today, juan. >> don't come back and say every time i shift the goalpost it's the democrats. >> sandra: let me put this idea being floated by peggy noonan in the "wall street journal." at their best democrats oppose a well as a matter of political aesthetics. it has become symbolic to them. the democrats must defeat the president on that one word, she writes. the president should let them while pretending it pains them. the name of her piece, ed, mr. president, tear down that word.
7:08 am
>> peggy noonan is a wonderful wordsmith and probably right about the wall word. when the president says i'll call it a barrier, i don't care what you call it. juan and his friends start saying he backed down and he is not even for a wall. we're playing semantic games. >> i don't think it's juan and his friends. it is your fellow republicans. officials who say you know what, there is no national emergency here? a lot of national emergencies but the wall and southern border not one of them. so to me it's a desperation move. i might say conservatives, the idea that conservatives to sum up givings away more executive authority in terms of declaring emergencies, when democrats come into power they are going to rue that day. >> jon: there is debate among republicans whether it's a good idea for the president to start spending money on the wall or fence or whatever he wants. >> a lot of republicans talked him out of that at first when
7:09 am
he initially considered declaring a national emergency because of the lawsuits and eminent domain issues. you had congressmen in texas along the border saying it's a bad idea. the president feels he has no choice. he has been backed into a corner not just by nancy pelosi but by conservatives who want him to build the wall. >> weren't there over 30 blue dog democrats who said hey, whether it's a wall, barrier, and nancy pelosi is thumbing her nose at her fellow democrats. >> now they're saying it's a fence. they won't say the word wall. >> peggy noonan is right. who cares what to call it? call it ice cream and everybody loves ice cream and let's fix it. >> sandra: tear down that word. juan, let's change subjects a little bit here talking about your party. cory booker announcing via a tweet that he is indeed running for president. here it is. i'm running for president. join me on this journey.
7:10 am
he links to his cory page. what he is saying? i'm running for president because across the country we're facing common pain and we need leadership to reignite our spirit of common purpose to build a more fair and just nation for everyone. what do you think of a cory booker run? >> well, i think he has a chance. i think his numbers are okay. the question is fundraising. you look at the people who are already in the race. the race has already started in terms of reaching out to donors, building staff. he is a little behind on that curve. but he has pretty strong name i.d. does not rank among the top five right now democrats when democrats are asked their choice for president. joe biden is leading. >> the fourth democrat to announce his candidacy. feels like he is the 20th. so many people are posturing to get into the race. you have biden, bernie sanders, beto oh 'rourke the people who
7:11 am
announced are women. cory booker is entering what is already a diverse race. >> i think it's joe biden and everyone else for the democrats. the party is shifting left, younger, and biden there may not be enough space for him. i talked to a senior republican in pennsylvania who told me this week that if biden runs, he is worried the president won't be able to carry pennsylvania. biden has that sort of middle class, the working class folks in not just pennsylvania but michigan and wisconsin that the president won the election on in 2016. so this republican's point was if it's biden, this republican believes it is harder election for the president. if there is any others it is more left and the president can paint them as radical and has a better chance. >> sandra: those that have declared they're running at this point, cory booker added to that screen along with kamala harris, elizabeth warren.
7:12 am
kelsey gabbard. that list is growing. >> sandra: wouldn't it be easier to list democratic members of congress who are not running? it might. >> sandra: thank you to our a-team. good friday morning. border security may come up with a wide range of other issues when president donald trump delivers his state of the union happening next tuesday for certain. we'll have all-day coverage leading up to his speech to the nation right here on the fox news channel. so join us. >> jon: another story we're following this friday morning the feds cracking down on back door entry into u.s. citizenship. prosecutors arresting nearly two dozen people accused of running birth tourism operations in california. the scheme helping thousands of pregnant chinese women visit the u.s. just in time to give birth and you know what that means. jonathan hunt live in los angeles with more. >> good morning, jon. this scheme likely led to u.s. citizenship for thousands of chinese babies over a number of
7:13 am
years and 19 people are now charged in this so-called birth tourism operation. marking the end of a long-running investigation that began in 2015 with raids on an upscale apartment complex east of downtown l.a. where investigators say pregnant chinese women were being charged anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 for food, lodging and transportation until their babies were born on u.s. soil and qualified for citizenship. in announcing the arrests, the special agent in charge of homeland security investigations in los angeles said, quote, america's way of life is not for sale. anyone who would exploit our nation's generosity and our legal immigration system should be on notice. they may end up being the ones to pay a very steep price. here is how it worked. the pregnant women would call a company called you win usa vacation services whose
7:14 am
employees allegedly then coached the women on how to write bogus tourist visa applications and how to dress to travel without revealing their pregnancy. they flew first from china to hawaii with other genuine tourists because it was easier to get past customs and border patrol in hawaii. then they took a flight to l.a. and then disappeared into one of the birth tourism apartments. many operated by another company called star baby care until their babies were born. u.s. attorney said in a statement the schemes sought to defeat our immigration laws and that the birthing house operators showed, quote, contempt for the united states while they were luring their clients with the power and prestige of u.s. citizenship for their children. this, jon, by the way, is a new front in immigration enforcement for the u.s. government. the first time criminal charges have ever been brought against operators and customers of
7:15 am
birth tourism businesses. >> jon: let's hope there are more of those charges in the future. that's an appalling story. >> sandra: fox news alert the dow is going up on news of a strong jobs report this morning. triple digit gain. hiring in january beating out expectations in a big way. the president tweeting about all of it this morning. u.s. marking 100 straight months of jobs growth. charles payne is on deck. he joins us later this hour. >> jon: incredible video. a jeep exploding in a fireball after plowing into a big rig. 18-year-old kid caught in the flames. we'll talk to the father and son who teamed up for that incredible rescue. >> sandra: president trump and vice president mike pence joining the chorus of critics taking aim at several abortion bills popping up across the country. the indiana attorney general calls the trend barbaric and will join us next to explain. s .
7:16 am
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7:20 am
curtis hill. good morning to you, sir. thank you for coming on "america's newsroom." >> good morning. >> sandra: does the president have the legal authority to declare an emergency? >> well, the president of the united states is the commander-in-chief and he has the absolute authority to declare an emergency. the authority to declare an emergency doesn't necessarily mean that's the order that ought to be taken. and i would caution that even the president doesn't want to take this action. keep in mind that the president was very clear when he ran for office that border security was a top priority and he has made that clear in these last several weeks and months. so the option is there because he wants to secure the border and protect this nation. >> jon: the framers of the constitution also gave the members of the house and senate the power of the purse essentially to dispense money for the nation's needs. the president is not the guy who is supposed to be writing the checks. >> absolutely. and this is a political issue in the sense of border security.
7:21 am
the issue comes down to are you into open and free borders or do you want to protect and preserve the security of this country? i think the president has the right idea in that sense. we do have to look at the concept of the wall. in my view the wall is a euphemism for border security. nothing can be done with regard to immigration policy without making sure our borders are secure. >> sandra: what sort of constitutional showdown do you think the president would face if he did decide to take this route? >> well, i certainly think it would be a legal battle. emergencies are typically designed around acute, immediate problems. and quite frankly this is a problem we've had for a number of years. it is appalling that we are still talking about border security here 17 years after 9/11. so one could certainly say emergency, this has been an ongoing political issue and certainly from the standpoint of a political issue if the deadline comes and there is no action by the democrats in
7:22 am
congress, i think the president can make the case that look, the democrats said open up the government and we'll come to the table. he has made it clear that he is willing to talk about a smart wall, about an intermittent wall, technology, personnel. he has come to the table with proposals. if the democrats don't come to the table with proposals to meet this halfway there is a political price to be paid. >> jon: you have written a piece in the hill that caught our attention about the new new york state law that essentially allows abortion right up to the time the baby is delivered. the headline is new york's extreme pro-abortion law is backward and barbaric. tell us more. >> absolutely. barbaric in the sense that we're talking about new york expanding abortion on demand even to the point of the birth of the child.
7:23 am
the typical standard has been the point of viability. so most states look at 20 weeks as a point in which you can no longer consider abortion as an option unless you are talking about protecting and preserving the life of the mother. this particular act now takes that and turns it on its head and suggests that you can go beyond that up until the point of birth merely to protect the health interests of the mother which could mean even the emotional state. and arguably anyone who has an unwanted pregnancy could be in an emotional state and would allow physician, but in new york even a nurse to make that call. barbaric absolutely. >> sandra: you write if we're forced to live in a world where viable unborn children have no more inherent value than farm animals may god have mercy on us all. you write in that piece also about the company that we are in as far as countries that would allow this. you write only a handful of
7:24 am
countries allow elective abortion after viability including -- we have a map on the screen, such human rights an tag nicest as china and north korea. you go on to answer the question and you explore it in your piece why would new york do this? >> well, that's a very interesting question. why would you destroy children? it's not even just the issue of destroying the children. what's remarkable is that the governor of new york has lit the town pink in order to celebrate the death of human beings. this is unconscionable and unthinkable and certainly an opportunity for those of us who are about protecting and preserving life and the basic fabric of this nation to sound the alarm and really wake up and see what's going on around us. >> sandra: you are referencing governor cuomo lighting up various buildings in celebration of this law passing pink that has sparked a big and
7:25 am
heated debate in this town. we appreciate your time this morning. curtis hill. >> jon: a growing chorus of democrats pushing for a so-called green new deal. >> i support a green new deal and i will tell you why. climate change is an exotensional threat to us. >> jon: how would it work and what would it mean for you? >> sandra: freshman congresswoman ilhan omar takes aim at israel again making a startling comparison between israel and the american south during segregation. our a-team will take all of this up and join us again next. ♪ diarrhea... girl, pepto ultra coating will treat your stomach right. ♪nausea, heartburn, ♪ indigestion, upset stomach, ♪ diarrhea... try pepto with ultra coating.
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7:30 am
climate change. the massive package of big government programs aimed at radically changing the american economy but can they get it passed? peter doocy live in washington with a look at all of that. peter. >> the north korea congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez is circulating a draft document of what the green new deal would accomplish without explaining how. dramatically expand existing renewable power sorcerers and deploy new production capacity with the goal of meeting 100% of national power demand through renewable sources. building a national energy efficient smart grid and upgrading every residential and industrial building for state-of-the-art energy efficiency, comfort and safety. the overwhelming majority of americans who aren't living off solar or wind power would need to find a new way to operate anything that plugs in and anything that gases up like a car or a plane or even a lawnmower. >> you are talking about zero
7:31 am
carbon emissions, no use of fossil fuels within 12 years? >> that's the goal. it's ambitious. >> how is that possible? everybody having to drive an electric car? >> it is going to require a lot of rapid change that we don't even conceive as possible right now. >> the idea of a green new deal is very popular with progressive 2020 contenders and even the more moderate ones. >> also great to see so many fellow democrats embrace the idea of a green new deal. that idea has been around for a very long time and we've been working on the issue. the last time it was in the public sight was back in 2009 and 2010 when democrats controlled the congress and the white house. and the big idea then was cap and trade and that did not get through congress. >> that's the catch. majorities in the democratic controlled house and republican
7:32 am
controlled senate have a hard time passing spending bills. it would be a challenge to get the big tax hike required to implement the green new deal through. >> jon: peter, thank you. >> sandra: for more on this let's bring back the a-team. they were so good we brought them back for another round. there they are. selby holliday and juan williams and ed henry are here. thank you to all of you. okay. so green new deal. what do we need to know about the democrats' push for this? what does it really mean for all of us? >> we need to know some details. how will we pay for this? it's pie in the sky right now and they don't like to hear that. the same with medicare for all and a lot of their other plans. what conservatives don't want to hear is we have a real problem. i get all kinds of tweets. there are issues that need to be dealt with. i think republicans should come to the table and admit we have to roll up our sleeves and do something like we were talking
7:33 am
about immigration earlier. the democratic ideas we'll raise taxes to spend trillions of dollars to deal with this as ocasio-cortez and others say, give me a break. >> sandra: shelby. >> it's buzzy. we hear a lot of particular democrats running for president support the idea of a green new deal. it has broad support among the democratic party but ed is right it's unclear to what extent it would go and how it would be paid for. cnn reporting said alexandria ocasio-cortez voted raising taxes on military spending and fossil fuels and difficult to see getting bipartisan support. that's the big question mark how will you pay for this massive multi-billion dollar deal? >> the answer is clear. it's clear to everybody that you redirect money that now under this administration are going to the pockets of the very rich. and that's why you have on the
7:34 am
campaign trail all this talk about exactly how do we deal with income and equality? how do we deal with the needs of the environment but congress how do we get going as things we agree on. infrastructure spending. redistribute. >> socialism. redistributing money. >> ed henry opposes social security. >> we'll balloon the deficit and the money goes to the big corporations and the rich. >> jon: what about the jobs numbers we're seeing? isn't that a result of the tax cuts? >> not necessarily. our economy is doing great and kudos to president trump. he has continued policies. where we are right now. policies were put in place. we've had 100 plus months of continued growth of gdp in this country. only a small sliver is under president trump. but i would say this.
7:35 am
we as americans, infrastructure we need that growth and that's the democrats' agenda to people who say it's attacking trump. this is an agenda that's pro growth, pro jobs and helpful to america's future. >> you are talking about infrastructure. >> that's part of it. >> sandra: as far as the overall direction your party is going, laura ingraham penned this piece on fox independents will never warm up to the democratic party of radical zealots. they say there are two sure things in life. death and taxes. do you want to be a party to advocate for both? >> i don't know who would say yes to that question but the independent movement is interesting. i watched a lot of howard schultz interviews over the past few days. he isn't generating a lot of excitement. a lot of people are saying he shouldn't run for president but
7:36 am
what he is saying resonates with a lot of independents. if you move five inches from either side conservative or liberal you're out of the party. people denounce you. americans feel and we see it in the polls they don't identify as a republican or democrat anymore because they are a bit more neutral. >> democrats are upset with howard schultz because he is speaking truth. how will you pay for the green new deal and medicare for all. how will we pay for it? i don't think democrats have answers on that and the laura ingraham's point she is right. what we were hearing this week about some of the laws in virginia and elsewhere on abortion are pretty darn barbaric. you put that together with the push for 70%, 90% income taxes it's pretty extreme. >> i want to point out quickly. you look at the polls on issues like guess what, medicare for all, tuition, help for young people so they don't end up
7:37 am
crushed by debt. the numbers are incredible. this is radical. this is radical ideas from this panel on the far left. overwhelming majority of american people agree. >> jon: we have to get this in. a couple of members of congress are going at each other. ilhan omar newly elected from minnesota tweeted out this. many of them truly know this but don't want to accept it in the same way many americans knew separate and equal. they can attack and spin my words and vilify me but won't silence me after she compared israel to the american south during the 50s and 60s. >> a long back and forth. she made a lot of controversial comments. a big back and forth between her and lee zeldin of new york. hopefully they may have come to a resolution. >> sandra: we'll know next hour. >> they have oef accused each
7:38 am
other of nasty things. being anti-semitic. these are things that are playing out an twirt and in the public. not just a little spat in congress itself. she has offered to get together with him. hopefully they can come together and talk about it. >> sandra: this is playing out in a public way. he decided to play a voicemail of an anti-semitic comments that reached his office as an example of the sort of anti-semitic views. >> i'm glad he played it so she understands about the anti-semitism that's out there. in fairness to her that whether you are jewish, catholic, or every you need to understand the anti-muslim -- immigration and debt, enough is enough with these personal attacks over religion and you are muslim, jewish. let's come together and work together and stop this nonsense.
7:39 am
>> sandra: thank you to our a-team. excellent a-team on friday morning. we reached out to congresswoman ilhan omar and she told us no comment. next hour lee zeldin has agreed to join us with his side of the debate. so we will have all the latest on that back and forth directly from lee zeldin himself. >> jon: fox news alert the dow on the rise. up 164 points right now as it reacts to a very strong jobs report. the booming u.s. economy continues to roll. money man charles payne is on deck next.
7:40 am
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>> jon: fox news alert and strong jobs numbers out for the month of january.
7:44 am
employers adding 304,000 jobs, much more than had been predicted. the u.s. marking a record 100 straight months of job growth. unemployment rising to 4%. but the labor department says that's mainly due to a technicality because some federal workers were counted as temporarily unemployed because of the government shutdown. charles payne our money man is here to break it down. >> sandra: we lead into charles with rock-n-roll. >> today we should have had something really pounding. >> sandra: it was the jobs report itself. >> mind-boggling phenomenal numbers. so many things about the number i love. wages. i heard what juan said only wealthy people doing well under president trump. here is something that just started here recently. wage growth year-over-year. more importantly for the first time since 2014, non-supervise
7:45 am
re workers, the regular folks their wages are going up faster than the supervisors. i love juan but this is why blue collar voters voted for president trump. you talk about the ultimate promise. you can talk about the wall all you want. i feel like this is the ultimate promise and it is coming true. >> sandra: can the wages be going up faster? most analysts applauding the jobs report saying i wish i would have seen wages. >> that's the federal reserve trying to shut this economy down. again you have to go back to 2009 the last time we saw 3% year-over-year wage growth. with non-sup advisory workers. we lost 12,000 in general merchandise. those are the lowest paying jobs pay 487 a week. we want 52,000 construction
7:46 am
jobs. $1100 a week. 300% more than a retail job. get them off the retail jobs. have them building houses out there. the housing number yesterday through the roof. >> jon: that's part of what is leading to these wage growth numbers because an employer, you have a lot of options now. you say i'm not liking this gig, i'll go across the street and the boss says -- >> jon: 7 million job openings. >> last week wal-mart had a report looking for truck drivers paying them $90,000 a year. i was on my way in the other day and i saw a whole foods truck, $15.50 for transportation warehouse workers. one of the reasons amazon stock is down today. they have to pay out more money. you talk about prosperity hitting places in this country that had disappeared completely. >> sandra: what you're hearing from far left democrats is the call for taxing the rich more. elizabeth warren's latest
7:47 am
words, billionaires should stop being free loaders. what do we do? >> it's so sad. >> sandra: throw off the effective tax rate of the rich versus the other end of the spectrum. you have it up here. the top 1% of earners in 2016 data paid the highest effective tax rate nearly 27%. the bottom 50% paid the lowest tax rate, 3.7%. i like to throw in there the top 3% paid half of all income taxes in the country. >> you know, listen. that kind of rhetoric is so sad and so unfortunate and so belittling. there are people who are not working who haven't worked in 10 years or longer which is telling them you're nothing. elizabeth warren is dysing people going to work in regular jobs making them feel like crap. it's unfortunate that people think it's the only way they can say make me your leader and i'll make you feel like crap and a victim every day but i'll extract revenge if you let me
7:48 am
take the money from someone more successful. listen, we're doing extraordinarily well right now. if that's their plan and people fall for it i feel sorry for this country. if you tell me you have other smart ways to enhance prosperity in this country. the idea the government will take billions of dollars from billionaires and somehow it will reach me. there is a machine in between that. a grinding machine in d.c. the money never makes it to me. >> jon: charles payne is probably making money this morning. >> except on my amazon. >> sandra: unbelievable video capturing the fireball after a jeep collides with a semi truck. a father and son duo coming to the rescue of this horrific scene. we'll hear from the heroes themselves next.
7:49 am
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
>> sandra: dashboard video capturing a heart stopping crash in new hampshire. a jeep crossing into oncoming traffic and crashes into a semi. a father and son jumped into action to save the life of an 18-year-old driver. joining us now marc and john kramer. good morning. marc, tell us what happened
7:53 am
here. >> well, it was a beautiful day. we were going westbound on route 101 towards keen in new hampshire and we were following along at the speed limit at 50 miles per hour behind a black jeep for quite some time actually. just like any other routine drive and we saw the jeep -- i saw the jeep cross the line. i was waiting for it to correct, it didn't. hit the semi head on and what ensued was horrific. we suddenly saw a wall of fire. couldn't go left, couldn't go right and something told me to go straight and i cried out lord help me. i thought that was it at that moment. we crossed through the wall of fire and our vehicle was still on fire from passing through
7:54 am
and i got out of the vehicle and i checked my son and went back to the jeep that was on fire. i saw the driver was still intact and i called my son over immediately to help me out. >> sandra: thankfully you have first-aid training. >> yeah. that helps a lot. >> we had some wilderness and first-aid training in colorado before we came out. we just new to the area three to four months ago we moved out here. >> jon: it turned out to be a godsend that you went through that ball of fire because you ended up hitting the vehicle that -- the jeep that was involved in the accident and essentially pushing it out of the fireball as well. >> yes, sir, you got that right. looking back at the footage it is nothing more than a miracle, otherwise either the jeep would have gone up or we would have
7:55 am
gone up. we would have been out of control if we hit the brakes. everything happened the way it did. we were able to pull the driver from the jeep. we immobilized him, set him to the side of the road and we had to wait eight minutes, eight to 10 minutes for the first responders to come. so we had to -- >> sandra: to your son john at this point you've been through a major crash yourself. you became heroes because you helped the 18-year-old that desperately needed it. we're told he is still in the hospital recovering and transferred from the icu to the trauma recovery unit. have you been able to talk to him? >> we haven't been in contact with sam or the parents yet. >> sandra: wow, i'm sure the family is extremely grateful for the quick and swift action that you were able to take in helping him out. i know you held his neck steady in order to wait for paramedics
7:56 am
to get to him. john, are you okay? this was a lot for you to go through as well. >> well yeah, right now it's playing back in my head. it was so phenomenal. the seat belt, i hit my knees on the dash. it was -- >> sandra: you are heroes. >> yeah. i was in pain. >> jon: thank you both. u.s. plans to withdraw from a landmark nuclear arms treaty with russia as nato declares moscow is in breach of that 1987 agreement. we're live at the white house with the latest straight ahead.
7:57 am
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>> sandra: fox news alert the u.s. announcing this morning it is withdrawal from a key nuclear treaty with russia sparking concerns of a new arms race. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> jon: i'm jon scott in for bill hemmer. president trump saying russia has breached the reagan-era inf treaty for decades calling out moscow for refusing to admit any wrongdoing. secretary of state mike pompeo starting a countdown to the actual withdrawal. >> the agreements to which we enter must serve american interests and countries must be held accountable when they break the rules. for years russia has violated the terms of the intermediate
8:01 am
range nuclear forces treaty without reforce. if russia does not return to compliance with the treaty within this six-month period by destroying its inf violating missiles, launchers and associated equipment the treaty will terminate. >> jon: our chief white house correspondent john roberts joins us from the north lawn with more. >> good morning. this officially starts that six-month clock running for the u.s. to pull out of the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty. the president and mike pompeo saying that russia has not been in compliance for years. the president in a statement when he first announced that the u.s. would pull out of the inf saying we won't remain constrained by its terms while russia misrepresents its actions. we cannot be the only country in the world unilaterally bound by this treaty or any other. there is a guy blowing snow away outside of the booth. the secretary of state laid out
8:02 am
the case for starting the clock. >> it aims to put the united states at a military disadvantage and it undercuts the chances of moving our relationship in a better direction. it is our duty to respond appropriately. when an agreement is so brazenly disregarded and our security is so openly threatened, we must respond. >> not talked about this morning is the concern that has nothing to do with russia at all. it is china, which is not a signatorey to the inf. it currently has 2,000 short range, medium range and intermediate range ballistic missiles as well as cruise missiles. 95% of which would be illegal under the inf. successive heads of the u.s. pacific command saying the inf is handcuffing the ability to sound to china. a general said the aspects of the inf treaty that limit our ability to counter chinese and
8:03 am
other countries' cruise missiles, land-based missiles is problematic. the current take on commander davidson said the same thing last night. i believe it unfairly places our forceers at risk because china is not a signatorey. the absence would give -- it finishes by saying china is capable of controlling the south china sea in all scenarios short of war with the united states. jon, that's a huge concern for the united states which is why we keep sending ships through the south china sea where china is building islands to put missile bases and naval bases on. the u.s. is saying publicly that it wants russia to come into compliance but a lot of people hope they don't come into compliance because they want the united states to
8:04 am
withdraw from the treaty to address the looming threat from china. >> jon: so much of the world's economic production flows through the south china sea. >> it is huge. >> jon: john roberts at the white house, thank you. >> sandra: for more on this let's bring in "fox news sunday" anchor chris wallace joining us now. good morning to you. the obvious concern here that we are already hearing is that this could set off a new arms race. >> yeah. i have to say i feel sort of sad. i'm not on the merits but personally about the inf treaty. i was in the room, the east room with ronald reagan and gorbachev when the treaty was signed and it was a huge step forward before all arms control agreements had limited the increase. it kept going up. the number of missiles and war heads but they slowed down the rate of increase. this was the first arms control agreement that actually reduced the number of missiles that banned a whole class of
8:05 am
missiles and meant that russia, which had a lot of these medium-range missiles aimed at europe was going to have to disassembly them, which they did do. apparently there is strong evidence that they have been in violation of the agreement for some period of time and as john rightly pointed out because they aren't a signatorey to the treaty china has been installing medium-range missiles. exactly as you point out, the concern is if you do away with the inf treaty and maybe we're the only ones living by it, what's the next step? there really hasn't been a coherent strategy offered by the trump administration or engagement with the russians and/or the chinese on a new arms control treaty. that's the concern that the old treaties will go away and you have nothing to replace them. >> sandra: want to get this in here dan hoffman was on earlier and he responded like this.
8:06 am
>> putin himself argued in 2007 that russia should withdraw from the treaty because he was concerned about china's development of intermediate cruise missiles. we're exposing russia's hypocrisy, not a whole lot is going to change in the immediate term but it is just confirmation of the realities of russia. they don't show a lot of support for international treaties. >> sandra: that was his reaction a short time ago, chris. >> of course, that raises the question also that president keeps talking about creating a better relationship with putin. the potential for another summit this year. at least on this particular issue there has been no progress at all. either one, getting russia to comply with the inf treaty to stop violating it or to replace it with a treaty they will comply with. that certainly is an area where there has been a lack of progress between president trump and president putin.
8:07 am
>> sandra: before i get to what and who you have coming up on "fox news sunday" this weekend i want to ask you what's happening next with the president and the border wall and this battle over border security? the latest "new york times" interview with the president he says this, i've actually always gotten along with her, referencing nancy pelosi, now i don't think i will anymore. i think she has done a tremendous disservice to the country. if she doesn't approve the wall the rels is a waste of money, time and energy because it's needed. the president making the case these negotiations have been a waste of time. >> well, they've only been two days of negotiations but to a certain degree i think he is playing gamesmanship here trying to put pressure on the committee, 17 members meeting right now. it was three weeks when they ended the shutdown. they had three weeks. one week has already passed with no progress. two weeks from today the government gets shut down again. in that interview with "the new york times" the president did offer another solution if there is no deal. that is that he would
8:08 am
unilaterally declare a national emergency and take funding that had been appropriated by congress for other construction progress and use it for a wall. that will cause a huge storm of controversy both among democrats and some republicans who think it sets a bad precedent. it would face a legal challenge is my guess. it will be interesting with the president taking a couple of shots at nancy pelosi and pelosi saying there won't be any money for a wall in the border legislation. interesting to see what happens tuesday when the president is delivering the state of the union and nancy pelosi is right behind him in the house right over his left shoulder. my guess is he will say a few things that indicate he is not very pleased with her position on border security. >> sandra: that makes this weekend very interesting. we'll hear more from you this weekend on "fox news sunday". you have texas congressman henry qua ar coming up. >> sandra: and the republican senator of north dakota.
8:09 am
two members of the conference committee. to give you a sense of the distance hoeven is saying we need a wall. cuellar is saying no way for a wall. >> sandra: you can catch that program at 2:00 and 7:00 p.m. on sunday. chris wallace, thank you. and a reminder for our viewers to watch chris this weekend but then on tuesday the state of the union address both russia and immigration potential topics for the president in that address. fox news channel will have all-day coverage leading up to that big event. stay right here. >> jon: this fox news alert the u.s. rejecting offers from mexico, uruguay and vatican to mediate talks between maduro and u.s.-backed opposition leader juan guaido as vice president pence is expected to meet with venezuelan exiles and
8:10 am
leaders in miami later this hour. steve harrigan is live in caracas with the latest. any signs the military there is abandoning maduro and going over to the opposition? >> jon, no public breaks, no real distance between maduro and the senior military leadership. he is showing himself on television with those senior military officials day in and day out. we could see a test of the military's loyalty to maduro in the coming weeks. opposition leader juan guaido will bring in a humanitarian convoy, food and medicine that many people need. life-saving medicine. he says the real support for maduro is really quite fragile. >> i don't think there is anyone loyal to niclas left. in venezuela there is no one left loyal, they remain loyal to the interests. we must think about the future.
8:11 am
>> we could see a real test, a real unusual situation where you have border guards trying to figure out which president to listen to, the one who is giving them orders now telling them don't let the convoy in or the one who most in the western hemisphere recognize as president saying let us bring in this food and lifesaving medicine for the venezuela alien people. >> is guaido's support growing internationally? >> it is. he has more than 20 nations, not just the u.s. and canada but most of his neighbors in south america as well supporting him as interim president. the european parliament is calling on its nations to support him as well. guaido is reaching out to two key maduro supporters, russia and china, telling them their investments will be a lot safer under him than they are under maduro now and vice president pence expected today in florida, a city with a high concentration of venezuelan americans trying to show what america is doing to bring about
8:12 am
change in venezuela now. jon. >> jon: so sad what has happened to that country. steve harrigan live in caracas. thank you. >> sandra: freshman democratic congresswoman ill lan omar is causing a cure as she tweets what some believe anti-semitic posts. lee zeldin will respond coming up. >> jon: virginia governor northam saying his comments about an abortion bill were taken out of context as several states make moves toward loosening restrictions on late-term abortions. reaction from rnc spokeswoman kaley mcenany next. >> we're here to set the record straight. virginia democrats are on the side of insuring women have access to the healthcare they need.
8:13 am
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8:17 am
them from another four years of donald trump. joining us now kayleigh mcenany. what do you think about meghan mccardle's advice to her fellow liberals? >> she is exactly right. it is interesting to watch the left call out the far left and that's what we have here. meghan mccardle is right. think about where we were just eight years ago, six years ago. president obama saying if you like your plan you can keep it. there is a reason he said that because 177 million americans have private insurance. of those, 70% rate their plans as good or excellent. there is a whole lot of people who like their plan and all of them will not be able to keep it under a world of kamala harris in the single payer. >> jon: medicare for all is the new buzz word on the left. the question is who pays for medicare for all. >> that's exactly right. we have always said medicare for all is medicare for none.
8:18 am
a euphemism to call it medicare for all. it is single payer. when you litigate this argument on a national stage and respond to who pays for this. taxpayers, when you have to respond to who loses their insurance, anyone with private insurance, the plan collapses in support there 56% to 37% according to kaiser family foundation. when this is litigated we'll win this argument. >> jon: meantime states like virginia and new york are rapidly loosening their restrictions on abortions. ralph northam, the governor of virginia, was criticized for some of what he had to say in touting that state's new abortion law. he is defending himself. i want you to listen to this. >> there is a fundamental difference between us and the republicans in what we believe on a woman's right to choose. we believe legislators, most of whom are men, should not be
8:19 am
making decisions about women's choices for their reproductive health. >> what the governor thinks a woman ought to be able to choose is to decide right up into the ninth month if she wants that she doesn't want this baby anymore and let it be aborted. >> exactly right. this is about a fully developed, formed infant outside of the womb right to live and be resuscitated in the event it comes out of that mother's womb or in the nine months. the right of that infant to live is important to note. at six months a baby can survive outside of the womb. seven month feels pain. nine months it is fully developed and ready to be born. yet you can still kill that baby in so many states across the nation and why 80% -- hard to get this country to agree on much of anything. 80% think abortion should be outlawed in the final three
8:20 am
months. a losing argument for the left. >> jon: it appears, andrew cuomo loves the new state law in new york similar to virginia's. it appears that the pro-abortion folks in the democratic party are getting all the press. >> that's right but think about this. a trend, jon, we just talked about medicare for all and how most americans don't support it when it is explained. same with abortion. the leaders of the democratic party are out of step with the nation. think that just 10 years ago president obama basically stumbled over himself to defend why he voted present on not keeping a baby alive when it exited the womb. he said he got angry. the most angry he ever seen obama get being accused of supporting infanticide. 10 years later you have a democratic governor pontificateing it. it's how far the left has come. >> sandra: a pentagon watchdog report issuing a warning about the future of syria if the u.s.
8:21 am
withdraws troops there. >> president trump: you look at what happened in syria with what's happened to the caliphate and isis. we took over a lot of area in the last two weeks and done tremendous amount of good things are happening. >> sandra: here how quickly isis could retake the area after u.s. troops leave. a freshman congresswoman ilhan omar made a startling comparison between israel and the american south during segregation. that republican new york congressman lee zeldin joins us live to react.
8:22 am
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8:25 am
>> sandra: a freshman democrat is accused of tweeting what some say are anti-semitic posts. a minnesota congresswoman ill lan omar had a post saying israel is like the south before 1963. many of them know this but don't want to accept it in the same way many americans new separate yet equal was immoral and remained silent. they attack, spin my words and vilify me but they won't succeed in silencing me. new york congressman lee zeldin who is jewish and republican took issue with that. he joins us to react to all of this. this is airing in a very public way. this back and forth with the congresswoman. it is on twitter for all to see. and you, congressman, stepped in to publicly air a voicemail that you received in your
8:26 am
office that seemed to change things. what did that say? >> we get a lot of really bad messages that come in. we've over the course of yesterday a lot of congresswoman omar supporters were contacting my office with a lot worse than the voicemail posted on my twitter account. it goes to the extent of wishing hitler had finished his job. a lot of strong anti-israel, anti-semitic remarks as are disgusting, vile and bad as you can imagine. it was important to get that out there for people to hear what anti-semitism sounds like if they aren't the target of it. it is easier for them to identify it if they can actually hear it for themselves. >> sandra: why did you feel you had to direct that message at congresswoman omar? >> i am interested in knowing whether or not she also
8:27 am
completely agrees -- disagrees with the contents of that voicemail. i think it's important to as we are going back and forth talking about policy differences, i take strong exception with her calling for leniency for isis fighters. pro maduro, pro-bds, anti-israel. as she is putting forth certain policies and hate that i strongly disagree with, she needs to understand that bds movement she strongly supports, the founder of it was anti-semitic in the worst ways. louis farrakhan and others, individuals who have embraced these -- who are members of congress, we're seeing anti-israel and anti-semitic hate is in the halls of congress. if i'm not outspoken about it you are only hearing one side and it needs to be confronted. let's put it out there so you
8:28 am
can hear what the consequences of the bds movement and the hate and it is not just me as a member of congress getting targeted. i hear from college students from coast to coast who are getting tar g*eted by this stuff as well. >> sandra: we want to share with you all sides of the story. we invited the congresswoman on as well as we did you. you accepted the invitation. her team responded with no comment. but we did invite her on the program as well. she did respond to that voicemail, that anti-semitic voicemail you decided to make public and she said this. this is heinous and hateful. i am flooded with bigoted voice mails and calls everyday. maybe we need to share notes to fight religious discrimination of all kinds in our old office, which i happen to be in now. is that a sincere invitation? did you respond to that? >> sure, listen, i will meet with any colleague either side of the aisle, house, senate,
8:29 am
republican, democrat to talk about what we agree and disagree on. i will still confront what i think is wrong. a few minutes before she posted that tweet she was posting about this chairson between israel and the deep south of the united states. there are a lot of problems with that comparison. so where israel doesn't block with shotgun carrying israelis, arabs can get to the polls. the arab votes don't get lost on their way to getting counted. they don't have to take literacy tests in order to vote. also when the palestinians are financially rewarding terrorists for murdering israelis and americans that wasn't happening in the deep south. we need to call that out, too. >> sandra: i'm running out of time here. i wonder you are both members of congress and you have an opportunity to send a strong message here and come together. i don't know if the invitation is sincere or not. sounds like you are treating it
8:30 am
as that and accepted that invitation on twitter and i believe you just did now. there is one thing you both detest and that you both experience and you are making that very clear and that is religious discrimination. what can you come together and do here? how can you act on this and how will you act on it? >> happy to meet but we really need to stop with saying that i'm responsible for islamaphobia. i've never mentioned her religion. it is about her policy and rhetoric. what is also offensive. i've been in the military for 15 years and currently in the reserves. i would lay down my life overseas in the middle east not just for american freedoms but to protect an innocent muslim whether it's in iraq, it's in afghanistan, or elsewhere. i'll do that as a u.s. service member. so this islamaphobia piece is a
8:31 am
problem as well. it is important to talk to each other. what would be great is for her to sign onto house resolution 72 and great that just as much as the dems had a vote condemning white supremacy they need to take action on anti-semitism. >> sandra: keep us posted on how this goes. >> jon: bipartisan committee trying to hammer out a deal on border security. president trump already calls them, quote, a waste of time. is declaring a national emergency the next step? former acting ice director tom homan joins us next. yeah, uh...for the team... the team? gooo team.... order online pickup in an hour. hurry and get 20% off with coupon at office depot officemax
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8:34 am
>> jon: a pentagon watchdog out with a warning on what might happen if the u.s. withdraws troops from syria. jennifer griffin live at the pentagon with that. >> a senior u.s. defense official tells me the pentagon inspector general plans to brief its quarterly report on
8:35 am
isis and al qaeda to acting secretary of defense patrick shanahan in the coming days. the report concludes isis will regain territory in syria in a matter of months if military pressure is not maintained on the group. the report covers the period from october to december and company insides with president trump's abrupt announcement ordering all 2,000 u.s. troops out of syria. while declaring isis was defeated. republicans in the senate led by mitch mcconnell issued a sharp rebuke against president trump's decision to pull u.s. troops out of syria and afghanistan yesterday voting 68-23 against a complete withdrawal. >> we haven't yet defeated isis. we have not yet defeated al qaeda in afghanistan. civil wars continue to rage in both iraq and afghanistan. there are still caldrons of sectarian and extremism and terror.
8:36 am
>> few voters believe isis has been defeated in syria and a plurality supports keeping u.s. forces there according to the latest fox news poll. the poll released january 24th finds only 12% of voters say isis has been defeated. yet six times as many, 72%, disagree. in addition, 46% think the u.s. should keep military troops in syria for counter terrorism operations while 36% want troops removed as soon as possible. the nation's top intelligence chief agreed with the latest pentagon i.g. report giving their worldwide threat assessment this week to the senate, quote, we assessed that isis will seek to stretch to regain territory in iraq and territory in the long term. the last quarterly reports estimating there are 10,000 to 30,000 isis fires remaining in
8:37 am
iraq and syria concluding it would take years to eliminate the isis threat. >> jon: a formidable number. thanks. >> sandra: bipartisan committee trying to strike a deal on border security. president trump says the talks are a waste of time. tom homan former acting director of ice joins us now. good morning to you. the president said that in a new interview with "the new york times." a waste of time? >> i agree with him. i said from day one democrats are not going to negotiate in good faith. look, we've seen it. they haven't offered one dollar for a border barrier, one dollar to hire a border patrol agents. if you look at san diego. this was a caravan in san diego. two things stopped that surge of caravans rushing to the border. men and women in green and a border barrier. if not everyone would be sitting in san diego today from that caravan. >> sandra: what is the president supposed to do? this interview and those words leave you wondering what his next move will be. what would you like to see him
8:38 am
do? >> like to see him declare a state of emergency and build the barrier. every place they built a border barrier had a direct an immediate impact on illegal immigration. it works. the data shows it. but the democrats will not listen to the experts. they hate this president more than they want to secure this country. they said they listen to the experts but they are ignoring them. >> sandra: declaring a national emergency is in the cards. this is the direction the president could go. he faces a constitutional battle over that. >> they do that with everything he does. this president has done more for immigration enforcement and border security than the six presidents i worked for. every time he tries to do something they'll find a judge in the ninth circuit. it doesn't mean the president will stop doing his job and keep his oath. he is doing the right thing. i salute him for it.
8:39 am
>> sandra: it leaves a lot of room for all the pundits to talk about whether or not the president is winning or losing on this issue as this stalemate continues. >> it isn't about winning or losing for the president. did nancy win or president trump win? the american people are losing. the american people don't have a secure border. the american people are losing. they're loseing sovereignty in this country and not protecting american people at the level we should. >> sandra: tom homan joining us, thank you. >> jon: hang in there, midwest. you can expect a thaw after windchills made places like chicago feel like 50 below zero. mike tobin is there now. mike. >> let me show you what will be the popular visual all over the midwest. from the northwest side of
8:40 am
chicago on irving park road. a water main exploded. these guys are earning their paychecks the keep the plumbing worker. the plumber is a busy guy around town today. we had pipes burst at the airport and union station. you get ice that forms in the pipes and expands and crack the pipes. now as the air warms that water melts away and water goes all over the place. that is what we have here in the northwest side of town. 52 hours below zero wasn't a record. we didn't set a record for cold in chicago. rockford and moline did have records. jon. >> jon: mike tobin staying warm there in chicago somehow. mike, thank you. >> sandra: still cold. bundle up. fox news alert. secretary of state mike pompeo announcing u.s. plans to withdraw from a cold war era nuclear pact with russia. where do relations with moscow go from here?
8:41 am
house homeland security committee member mark green with join us live next. get the recipes at
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8:44 am
>> jon: mike pompeo, the secretary of state announcing the trump administration is withdrawing from a decades-old landmark nuclear treaty with russia. congressman mark green is a member of the house homeland security and oversight committees. it is essentially a shot across the bow to russia. it is a six-month warning that if they don't start complying, the u.s. will pull out. is that appropriate in your view? >> absolutely. i think it is. down here in tennessee you don't take a knife to a gun fight. the russians have been violating this treaty. they have 100 of these missiles. china aren't even in the treaty. they have 2,000 plus ballistic an cruise missiles 95% are in the intermediate range. we're in a rivalry with two countries with an arm tied
8:45 am
behind our back. it is appropriate. if you look at the process that secretary pompeo has gone through. he has done the 60-day notice. gave them that in december. negotiations broke down in january. oats time to do it. >> jon: kellyanne conway says this is simply the president's way of trying to protect the american people. listen. >> he is somebody who is trying to bring peace and prosperity here and abroad but his america first policy extends all the way around the globe as well. his first duty is to keep us all safe. >> jon: a lot of people hear the united states is pulling out of a nuclear treaty they think it will be a dangerous thing. is the president keeping us safe by withdrawing? >> absolutely. president trump all this talk about how he has been easy on russia. he has been very firm with russia and this is just another opportunity to be firm. they're violating the treaty. it is appropriate and sets us up on talks for new start that
8:46 am
happen in february or end in february of 21. i think it's appropriate to be tough and firm. they're violating the treaty. the right thing to do and protecting americans. >> jon: how about writing a new treaty that includes china. china wasn't on this treaty and hasn't been abiding anywhere close by its terms. >> it is a great point. treaties have to evolve as technology and time and relationships change. clearly china -- this is a tripolar world and we need to involve them in these talks. it is appropriate and time to do it. >> jon: does the united states essentially, by abiding by the treaty in your view, the united states is at a disadvantage, our people are in danger? >> absolutely. it is like i said at the beginning. you don't bring a knife to a gun fight. we've got one arm tied behind our back. we have an entire weapons system that we don't have that
8:47 am
china has about somewhere around 2,000 of and russia is clearly already violating the inf. it is time for america to one, get out of this treaty, and two, develop those weapons system. >> jon: vladimir putin has signaled he isn't happy with the administration's decision here. does that indicate that it's a pretty good idea? >> yeah, it is absolutely a great idea. his response tells us that again, president trump is being firm with russia. it is appropriate, it is right. if you compare this president's actions to the last president, they wouldn't give lethal aid to the ukraine. president trump has. now with this inf treaty and many other things the president is being very firm with russia. secretary pompeo is absolutely right and the process they've gone through to get here is very fair. >> jon: congressman mark green, republican of tennessee. thanks for spending time with us this morning. >> sandra: we're 13 minutes away, melissa looking forward to "outnumbered" at the top of
8:48 am
the hour. what's coming up? >> the president right now in a meeting about human trafficking on the southern border. this as he says the negotiations over border security are a waste of time. and that nancy pelosi has hurt the country when it comes to this issue. whether there will be a compromise or if the president will act alone. and new reports now about the infamous trump tower meeting and how it might blow up the narrative from democratic lawmakers that the president lied about it. the details on that debate. all that plus #oneluckyguy top of the hour. >> sandra: looking forward to it. thank you. sunday is the big day. super bowl liii in atlanta. can tom brady and bill belichick add to their legacy or will the rams pull off the big win? we'll take you live to the peach state and jim gray next. ♪
8:49 am
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leave no room behind with xfi pods. simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. >> sandra: the stage is set for the biggest game in sports. super bowl liii. patriots and rams set to kick off in atlanta on sunday. does new england ram up another win or will there be a changing of the guard? let's ask fox news contributor jims gray. he is there. what happens, jim, good morning. >> jon: good morning. it will be an amazing scene in a couple of days on sunday as the new england patriots look to win their sixth super bowl during this run. the first time they went into the super bowl during this run it was all the way back 17 years ago when they faced the rams.
8:53 am
the rams at that time were in st. louis. bill belichick and tom brady are constants. the things that weren't in existence then. the houston texans football team. no iphone, instagram, "american idol." brady and belichick are still here. an amazing run. >> sandra: 11th trip to the super bowl for the patriots. third straight. a win on sunday would give them their sixth nfl championship tying the pittsburgh steelers. that sets up for quite a game. you look at the bets. we've been talking about the $6 billion in betting taking place over this game, jim. that's a pretty hyped up event. high expectations heading into it. >> really high expectations. the patriots have a shirt out making themselves feel like underdogs even they are a 2 1/2 point favorite. don't bet against us. that's the patriot mantra now. they didn't have a great season.
8:54 am
a lot of ups and downs in the season. they played their best football during this past month in the two playoff games. another interesting fact about this. the head coach of the los angeles rams, 33 years old. bill belichick. 66. tom brady 41. seniors against millennials you have it right here and how it will play out in the stadium behind us. a fascinating match-up. >> sandra: a battle of the ages as you set it up. as far as those tuning in to watch the halftime performance, maroon five will be playing. >> exactly. they have a couple of surprises coming out onto the field that will show themselves during the game. a lot of people do tune in for the commercials as well. they want to see the great ads and the halftime show. there will be a couple surprises with that. here if you can't watch the
8:55 am
game on television tune into westwood one on the radio. i'll be there. kurt warner played in that super bowl with the rams when they lost to the patriots in new orleans and he will be on the radio. it is an american holiday. >> sandra: a place where as bill hemmer likes to describe everybody is happy. what is the environment there right now? still a good distance away from the game but people already on the ground i'm sure. >> well, it's heating up and heating up all week. centennial olympic park has concerts every night and the parties get going tonight. radio row has been going on. the build-up has been building and it's a decent temperature in atlanta. the whole country was suffering in the frigid temperature. well below the norms in atlanta. the sun is out. coats are off. the roof may be open. they haven't decided. a 60-degree barrier they'll think about and it's what it is
8:56 am
supposed to be at kickoff. the roof will be open prior to the kickoff but it takes eight minutes to close. they haven't decided what they'll do for the game. >> sandra: the forecast is for the temperature to hover around there. interesting to watch. the whole thing will. jim gray, thank you, we look forward to it. >> good to be with you. enjoy sunday. >> sandra: you, too. >> jon: president trump slamming border wall talks as a waste of time now. as the gap between the white house and democratic leaders continues to grow wider with two weeks to go before the next deadline. where do negotiations go now? [throat clears] say hello to your fairy godmother, alice. oh and look they got gain scent beads and dryer sheets too!
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["i want to hold your hand" by the beatles] >> sandra: a musical flashback from the news your vote. the beatles scored the first
9:00 am
number would hit on the state back in 1964. "i want to hold your hand," its number one status coming just days before they made their now-historic appearance on. sullivan show. a wonderful look back at the beatles. >> jon: what a great group. hey, thanks for letting me come in. >> sandra: it was great to have you this morning, jon scott. thanks for joining us. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> melissa: fox news alert, president trump is holding a meeting at the white house and the issue of human trafficking along the southern border. as the commander in chief refuses to back away from the option of declaring a national emergency to building portable. we are expecting comments from the president out of that meeting. this is "outnumbered" and i'm melissa francis. here today, my partner, harris faulkner. fox news contributor and correspondent, katherine timpf. functions can become a jessica tarlov. joining us on the couch for the very first time, mike's leader. he has host of the mike slater radio show. >> harris: look


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