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tv   The Five  FOX News  February 1, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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go live 10:00 a.m. eastern time. latest on potential shutdown. latest on the trade talk. the latest on the back and forth of the mueller probe. you have name it, we are live two hours beginning tomorrow. we will see you then. write us about it ♪ ♪ >> hello, everyone, i'm dana perino along with katie pavlich, juan williams and jesse watters and greg gutfeld. this is new york city and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: america, are you ready for this? >> this is about the closest i will probably ever have in my life for i am spartan part cu saspartacus. booker on "the view" today explaining why is he running and defending his spartacus moment. >> i'm running to restore our sense of common purpose. to say focus on the common pain that we have all over this country. we can do better that was one of my prouder mommy's sticking up for people when
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i was threatened to be thrown out of the senate i told the senator that said that bring it. >> dana: elizabeth warren now apologizing to the cherokee nation to taking d.n.a. test for proving. >> i want these billionaires to stop being free loaders. i want them to pick up their fair share. that's how we make a system that works not just for the rich and powerful but works for all of us. all i'm asking for is a little slice from the tippy tippy top. >> dana: congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez causing controversy for calling for 70% tax on the wealthiest americans. another freshman representative saying it needs to be even higher than that. >> you could increase the taxes that people are a paying who are the extremely wealthy in our community to 70%, 80%. we have had it as high as 90%. i'm also one that really
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looks at the defense budget that we have. that has increased nearly 50% since 9/11. >> dana: we have a lot to talk about. jeff -- jesse? >> greg: jeff wilson in for jesse watters. >> dana: back to you in a jiffy. jesse, so the left wing credentials of senator booker coming under attack from the left because is he refusing to say he would eliminate private insurance companies. >> jesse: wow, really taking a stand there he is actually a pretty pro-business democrat if those exist anymore i found out if he is elected president he will be the first single president and first vegan president. >> greg: buchanan. >> dana: vegan? >> buchanan, bachelor. buchanan was a bachelor. >> jesse: i have no idea. >> dana: there has never been a vegan.
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>> jesse: never ban vegan. we are sure about that. spartacus moment he became a laughing stock that's requesting to be hard to live down. cory booker created this mittology around himself. dramatic rescues in newark. hunger strikes and sleeping on the streets. but he has a very strange personal situation. there is a lot of rumors swirling around him he had a sexual assault allegation. i don't know how that's going to play out. he definitely didn't give kavanaugh the benefit of the doubt that his situation deserved. the newark story with corey is not all it's cracked up to be. crime spiked. he laid off a ton of cops. it wasn't all, you know, sunshine and did and delions over there it's a rough city. he definitely did not turn it around. to be said though, he has great chemistry with people on the street. really work a room and as i said before very pro-growth democrat. >> dana: i want you to take a look the way he announced greg on february 1st.
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beginning of black history month and he released an ad that was actually quite good. take a look. >> i believe that we can build a country where no one is forgotten. no one is left behind. where our criminal justice system keeps yo us safe instead of shuffling more children into cages and coffins where we see the face of our leaders on television and feel pride not shame. it is not a matter of can we. >> greg: i figured out how he talks. he enuns united states as though he just ate a really hot slice of pizza. by god this is a very hot slice of pizza. my mouth is on fire my mouth is in flames i get a doctor. that's how he sounds. by the way, i think one of the key things that he has right now that the others don't is a bit of optimism.
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he seems like he is kind of positive. i think the danger the democrats when we showed those clips with the new congresswoman, you don't want to be on the wrong side of a good thing right now the democrats are on the wrong side of a lot of good things. they are talking about socialism, not the economy. too much punitive redistribution. oppressive finger pointing. everything about america they are critical of. they are placing themselves on the wrong side of the american dream. and you can separate yourself and become a contrast to this by being patriotic, being pro-american, pro-economy. i know you are laughing. >> juan: who is not -- wait a second. you think cory booker is not pro-american. >> dana: he didn't say that. >> greg: you just said the exact opposite. >> juan: the way you separate yourself out is to be pro-american. who is not pro-american? >> dana: that's not what he
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said. >> greg: i said that he is a pod and the person in the sense that he is patriotic, that he is pro-american. that's my point about the contrast. >> juan: contrast to who? >> greg: to the rest of the party. >> juan: they are not pro-american. >> greg: thank you, juan. >> juan: i was trying to make sense. >> greg: you are making a good point. don't look at the party look at the media's obsession with polarizing half of the country. the media doesn't want a centrist because a centrist isn't a business model. you have a hard left person and to go up against trump, that's a great business model. if you have a centrist whether it's bloomberg or schultz, you can't make money off it. >> dana: juan, a friend of my said cory booker wants to be the standard bearer for angry party as a nice guy. the first question he was asked at his press conference today was by a guy who covered him when he was mayor and he said the democrats that he has talked to have said how can the
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message of love beat trump? i think that was the point. >> juan: i don't think that's hard that would be a uniter not a divider. that's the obama message hope not fear. you go back to george w. bush. back to bill clinton the kid from hope. so i think it's possible to be a uniter i'm not fracturing the country like the incumbent. i want to say to jesse i have known cory booker longer than you have. i remember when he had to run against incumbent black mayor in newark. he was a guy who took him offer on and lost. got beaten before he became mayor. secondly he cut the size of the government workforce in newark. he drove down crime. i think it was before the state budget cuts required. >> jesse: no. crime went up. >> juan: crime went down and then it went back up. >> jesse: over all it went up. >> juan: he came in and took steps that decreased crime
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rate in a crime ridden city. >> jesse: by the time he left newark was the third highest murder per capita behind detroit and new orleans. >> juan: that's like saying when obama came in the economy collapsed. >> jesse: i'm talking about the end of the term. >> >> juan: other thing i want to say is on an issue that is very important to me, school choice, school vouchers, guess what? cory booker is terrific and conservatives need to be aware of this that he was the one who was willing to say we have got to do better by kids giving more choice. >> dana: you are helping to make greg's point that cory booker is bucking the party on a lot of things. let me ask you though his first endorsement came in today senator bob member then did he see who has a bit of an ethical problem. >> jesse: shirt off? >> dana: i don't think so. they are not in puerto rico. it's cold outside. >> katie: bob menendez is a powerful voice in the senate. he has been there for a long
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time. cory booker needs endorsement in the democratic party. is he going to have a tough time getting ahead of the field. all of his work in the senate has really been about asking tough questions or falsely accusing brett kavanaugh not giving him any due process. it hasn't been about results legislation. what there is a record of that doesn't exist in washington for cory booker his record as mayor. when he left violent crime in newark. violent crime meaning murder, assault, sexual assault went up by 33%. that's a pretty significant margin especially if you are trying to run against president donald trump who has been all about trying to reduce violent crime. the other thing, too, yes, he has been for education. is he definitely for choosing schools. absolutely good. but there are a lot of questions about corruption during thinks time in newark about giving out contracts to his politically affiliated buddies. there is a lot of money given by didn't go to education as was promised. and also, i think his comments on race.
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you have to be very careful about using race as a way to campaign while also not accusing the entire country and people he needs to vote for him in the middle of the country of being racist. >> juan: standard here and just tell you the first mayor in 45 years in newark not to leave under indictment. i mean. >> jesse: low bar. >> juan: a low bar. corruption in newark. >> dana: one other development today you can talk about elizabeth warren and her candidacy a lot. she did make a call today to the cherokee nation, jesse, to apologize about the d.n.a. test to prove she had native american ancestry and the cherokee nation accepted the apology and hoped this would put an end to this. what do you think? >> jesse: do you remember that book choose your own adventure as a child. do you know how if you made the wrong decision over and over and over again you just lose. she should have never claimed she was native american. >> dana: not about the d.n.a. test.
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>> jesse: should have never taken the d.n.a. test and never apologized. >> katie: never said she was a minority to get ahead. >> greg: they truly are a sorry bunch. so many policies in the last, what, month already. i think you have to apologize in order to become a candidate. >> juan: this is being misframed. i think what she apologized was the apology was about the native americans saying we will determine who is a member of our tribe. it's not up to blood tests. >> dana: that's what i said the d.n.a. test. >> juan: she didn't apologize for taking the d.n.a. test. she apologized for anyone that would be the basis of inclusion in that tribe. >> katie: that is split ago pretty fine hair. >> dana: california chef facing backlash he would refuse service to people wearing maga hats. believe it or not. stay with us. ♪ ♪ alright, i brought in ensure max protein... to give you the protein you need
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we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. deign. >> katie: california chef is apologizing for getting burned saying he wouldn't serve customers who come in wearing maga hat. he also compared the hat to a swastika and white hood. cnn hosts talking about this issue last night after claiming they don't support these types of bans they then said this. >> you can refuse service. no shirt, no shoes, no service. how is that this any different than the baker with the cake. that was about refusing service to a group of people that should be a protected class. and unless you could argue that trump supporters should be a protected class i don't think you have much of an argument on that. i don't want to fall into the trap of under selling the significance of the trigger of the expression to people. >> your clothing tells a
2:17 pm
story about who you are what you think about and what you represent. that hat means everything from i would say the beginning of the campaign maybe that hat means the birtherism to people. maybe it means mexicans are rapistists to people. >> katie: or maybe it means make america great again, greg. >> greg: it's like they share one brain. really is sweet. we have talked about this before. it's not really about a hat. it's about the expansion of a target by the media. it is the media's response responsibility. it's no longer about trump and no longer about voting for trump. because, if you are not part of the resistance that's enabling. you are just like a storm trooper you are like a nazi. the thing is it's not about trump. it's not about a hat. it's not about voting anymore. it's about any kind of extension to trump. so they have widened the
2:18 pm
target now so that it's a cultural witch-hunt. you keep shaking your head, juan. we have so many examples of this cultural witch-hunt for anybody and sanctioned by people like lemon who say okay if you are not part of our group you are eel. this is really bad demonizing half the country. >> juan: the maga hats for a lot of people say if you are not part of our group you are evil. it is a provocative statement. on the face of it piece of clothing. the fact that i do it as a provocative piece of clothing. >> greg: why do you do that? >> juan: i think don limo and cuomo were on target. >> greg: get the idea? >> juan: how about david duke wearing it? how about caesar shooting people riding on the trump truck holding a maga hat. >> greg: no more orange juice? i can't drink orange juice because racist drink orange juice. >> juan: they made a good point it's a protected class
2:19 pm
matter of discrimination. protected class is my gender, my sex, my disability. it's not my political belief. >> greg: i'm okay with the chef he is paying his price. that's the way the market should work. if you make a decision, then you pay the price. >> juan: it's a free market decision. like nike saying we are backing colin kaepernick they made a decision. this guy apologized by the way. he apologized to the people who work at the restaurant and his co-investors because it might cause someone not to come to the restaurant he didn't say maga hats are -- >> katie: he can do what he wants it's a private business. he didn't really apologize he then went on to say in his apology that the hat symbolizes hate, anger and violence like own it or not. >> jesse: if kanye came in rocking the hat i wonder if he would serve kanye west. i think he would. the difference between the baker deal. the baker was a christian when you are asked to bake a
2:20 pm
gay wedding cake and asked to say god bless dick and john and there is two guys in the middle and he is arguing he is complicit in making a cake that doesn't represent your christian values. if you are just serving burgers and fries. you are not participating. >> katie: not forcing the chef to wear a maga hat. >> jesse: totally different analogy. someone with the authority on sweeping generalizations. something cnn is doing to say this hat represents this so so many people permission to make an analogy? >> greg: i would love to see it if you have a new england patriots hat. to some people that might represent cheating and spy gate and double homicide hernandez. >> katie: by some people he means him. >> jesse: to other people that could just mean the patriots and winning. so i think when this country tells you don't wear this clothing, drive this car,
2:21 pm
stop saying merry christmas, baby it's cold outside is about rape. this is the reason donald trump became elected we are so sick of people telling them what to do how to think and what to say. >> katie: dana, the media continues to allow these comparisons to fly without any context. they continue to say that it represents a kkk hood without context of what the kkk actually did and saying maga hat is equal to that. i feel like that down plays the severity of theca. kkk was and something we have eradicated from this country and not something that we condone. >> greg: except for yearbooks. >> katie: except for yearbooks for democrats. >> dana: also another example of why grown people should get off twitter. and if you think he is going to have to apologize to your partners. twitter is diminishing people's lives.
2:22 pm
get off. >> juan: all commit and get off it then. >> juan: it's a good idea. >> greg: kill the business. they are using us. we are not getting paid to tweet. >> jesse: how am i going to promote my show. >> greg: any promos. they hate the promotions. >> dana: we talked about that last week it was very funny. stay on twitter. >> katie: social media is what we are talking about next. up next, could you give up social media for a month? greg is going to mandate it. what happens when you do? ♪ ♪ (vo) we're carvana, the company who invented car vending machines and buying a car 100% online. now we've created a brand new way for you to sell your car. whether it's a few years old or dinosaur old, we want to buy your car. so go to carvana and enter your license plate, answer a few questions, and our techno-wizardry calculates your car's value and gives you a real offer in seconds. when you're ready, we'll come to you,
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it would do more than haul. if i built a van, it would carry my entire business. i'd make it available in dozens, make that thousands of configurations. it would keep an eye on my fleet. [ beeping ] and an eye out for danger. with active brake assist. if i built a van, i'd make it available in diesel and gas. and i'd build it right here, in south carolina. introducing the all new sprinter starting at $33,790. built in the usa. mercedes-benz. vans. born to run. >> juan: hello, if you are addicted to social media, listen up. a new study shows staying off of facebook for one month can improve your overall well being. if you can do it researchers
2:27 pm
say expect more in person time with family and friends. extra hour of down time for yourself and small bump this is important in daily mood and satisfaction with life. now, in the break, we were having a discussion tea table because we have a lunch of people who are addicted to social media. and i asked you is it better to be on it or off it. >> it's like everything else in moderation. i have to say this study paid people to be off of it morfor a month. if i was being paid off of it it would improve my mood to do it. >> juan: 100 bucks. >> dana: i will take 100 bucks. >> katie: exactly how you use facebook or social media. if you are using it to catch up with friends you don't get to see a lot or using it for your own personal reasons then it's good. if you are using it to have political fights with your cousins or your uncles on facebook when you should actually be sitting down and having dinner with them instead, that probably puts your mood into a damper. >> juan: katie makes an important point. said that in fact
2:28 pm
polarization. political polarization among the group that abstained went way down. 10% down in that period. >> >> jesse: if you want to take a weekend off or a week off and don't watch television. don't go on social media, you realize, you know, sky is not falling, the world is not ending. and generally people around you, your neighbors, people at the store are nice people. they are not trying to cut your throat out and scream about guns, abortion. >> dana: and maga hat. >> jesse: what has it taught anybody? ignorance. i used to interview people on the street and ask them all types of questions about current events. they had no idea. but they were very happy people. >> katie: that's fine. that's because they were drunk half the time. happy people. >> juan: was that endorsement that most of these people are ignorant? >> jesse: can you take it that way, juan. not ignorant.
2:29 pm
>> katie: uninformed. >> juan: could you do it, dana? >> dana: yeah, especially if i got 100 bucks. of all the things that i think are the biggest threat to facebook as a company i don't think it's fake news or foreign influence. i think it is these studies that show this is a product that can make you sick. it can make you unhappy. it can make you depressed. and if you have more of this, i think that is -- it's not what mark zuckerberg imagined. this is going to bring everyone together and be utopia. i feel like of all the studies and all the things that they have had to deal with at facebook this would be the one to me that is the most troubling. >> jesse: can i say one more thing not to cut you off. i heard from a source that a lot of these executives at the social media companies don't allow their own children. to have all the face time with the social media. >> dana: other thing i'm going to suggest. a study get off for a month. if you try this even if you
2:30 pm
don't get 100 bucks imagine how cool it would be if on a saturday morning once a month you are like i'm going to check in and see what my friends from college are doing. i want to see what the kid's picture. the dog pictures. just like once a month it would be something you really looked forward to and you weren't wasting all your time with and there is a start-up opportunity out there if you could figure out the way for us to be able to get news like we want it without the rest of the stuff, that business could really do well. >> juan: greg, on our network at 8:00 p.m. tucker carlson. tucker carlson says too much use of smart phones and social media leads to higher suicide rates, more loneliness and he says why don't we have a law? >> greg: no laws. hate laws. hate laws. i want a law against laws. we are blaming social media for something that is actually the fault of the media. if you get off twitter, you are not the problem.
2:31 pm
right? you are not the one that is pushing narratives that make people angry, okay? so the business model and i said it before is the prison of two ideas. for the media to make its money we have to be at each other's throats. that's the bottom line. so when you go on twitter, you are not just seeing people who are getting mad at each other for no reason. they are getting mad because they are reading things from their -- from wherever and half of it is wrong. inflammatory i would say most of it is wrong. where are you getting your ideas about the maga hat because why is that chef so angry? he read something that made him mad and it's a narrative. it's not about -- it's not social media's fault online rage. media pushing our buttons learn never to trust anything on social media. anything. >> juan: i agree with you 100 percent. i don't see why you are making the connection to media. i think a lot of it is us. we haven't met the enemy.
2:32 pm
we put out provocative statements i'm going to become a star because everyone is reacting to me on twitter. >> juan: that's true. we all love attention. we made this point by human beings away from this thing, actually are okay. right? we get along. we don't really care how voted for. like, for example, if you are fan of the patriots. one fan could have voted for obama. the other could have been for mccain. that doesn't enter the picture when you are rooting for the patriots. it's when you get on to social media. that's the pollutant. but the pollutant is driven by the media. the media makes everything bad. i wish we didn't have it and i work for it. >> juan: the counter point i saw this week local newspapers go away. political polarization increases because people get their news from social media or national media. >> katie: one tip quickly one friend doesn't want to be on social media during the day locks his phone lockable food boxes people who are dieting puts it in
2:33 pm
the closet. need help getting rid of your phone that will help you. >> greg: cloud is still outside while your cloud is locked. can you come back and find out you are the one being attacked. >> juan: at least not the one provoking the attack. a man gets sued for a slip and fall. coming up on the 5:00 and jesse watters' exclusive fastest 7 is next. ♪ ♪ our grandparents checked their smartphones zero times a day. times change. eyes haven't. that's why there's ocuvite. screen light... sunlight... longer hours... eyes today are stressed. but ocuvite has vital nutrients... help protect them. ocuvite. eye nutrition for today.
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♪ >> jesse: weak back time for the fastest seven. first up, is it me or does jennifer lawrence look a little different? >> my favorite is probably lisa vander bump, my least favorite, i don't want to have to say, i mean, i don't want to have to say because who knows when you are going
2:38 pm
to run into these people. >> jesse: creepy face swap of actor and actress is called deep fake and it's a video where a person's face and their voice are digitally manipulated and this is a big threat they are saying, greg. >> greg: the media is like when they discovered discover a new word they are calling this deep take. it's been around for years. do you remember the jackalope postcards? you know the postcard of a giant in the giant jack rabbit? >> grandfather's motel. >> greg: it's like photo shop but really, really good photo shop. we should be worried what if a nef nefarious in a sick film waiting for it to happen. i said in the previous block you cannot trust your eyes again. >> jesse: like something we see happen like a covingtonesque story and the russians create some sort of really really provocative incident that makes the whole country go crazy.
2:39 pm
>> dana: i live with some fear that the daily briefing will be the first show deep state video seriously and have to issue apologies. i think about this. what's interesting about deep fake and photo shop in 1995 grad school my thesis was doctoring of photographs in journalism the oj simpson photo shop "time" magazine. that was quaint by comparison. this is really dangerous. it's already happening. especially with revenge. especially for women and revenge porn things like that. this is happening. >> katie: domestically happening on things like that. the national security community is very concerned about this because they are worried about events like terrorist attacks. >> jesse: not worried about steve. >> katie: not worried about steve or jennifer lawrence getting put on a different face creepy enough. they are worried about terrorist attacks or propaganda videos being so good that they actually look real and responding to
2:40 pm
something that didn't actually happen which could create world war iii. >> juan: in fact you have now republican senator ben sasse saying let's have legislation that makes it illegal to view deep fakes. >> katie: get away with that. >> jesse: i like it if i ever say anything really bad i will claim i was deep faked. oscars are this month and this guy could win for best actor. new jersey man faking workplace accident in order to file a phony insurance claim forgetting about the cameras. he toss as cup of ice on the ground and then pretends to fall on it and he has been charged with insurance fraud and theft by deception. i thought this was pretty slick. >> greg: we bash technology for the last 10 minutes. this is the positive part of technology in which we can -- we do have -- we are a nation of narcotics now. wnarcotics -- narcs now. cap catching the creeps
2:41 pm
taking advantage of our better nature. >> dana: i feel sorry for him if you are that desperate there is something seriously wrong with you. >> jesse: maybe he wasn't desperate. maybe he was greedy. >> dana: isn't that the same thing? >> jesse: ask elizabeth warren she says all billionaires are greedy. what do you think, juan? >> juan: i think that's outrageous, bad behavior and i think people shouldn't put up with it a rip off if people have to pay insurance rates. >> dana: and for his hello employees. >> and business. people like this take advantage. >> jesse: not wearing a maga hat. finally going vegan could land you beyonce tickets for life. pop star and husband jay-z offering fans a chance to win tickets to their concerts for the next 30 years in exchange for adopting the diet for just one month. the couple hopes the contest will reduce environmental
2:42 pm
footprint by eating plant based meals. >> dana: cory booker already won. >> juan: you have to convert. you can't already be it. i think this is great, right? it's an incentive. they think that's a better way to live and better for your health. and they are saying hey, we will put our money where our mouth is and we want to encourage you. what's wrong with that? >> jesse: how do you prove? >> dana: i don't believe jay-z doesn't meat. >> jesse: does jay-z know his wife offered free tickets forever? >> dana: i don't know about that. i find it hard to believe that he doesn't like sneak a hamburger once in a while. >> jesse: jay-z is not vegan. i don't think so. >> greg: i'm with juan on this. i can't believe i'm saying this. a great way to get people. i have misginks about veganism because i'm a meat eater so do this mental exercise. imagine being a cow in idaho. you are a cow in idaho. one night you sneak into the farmhouse and you get on the internet and you get your
2:43 pm
big books up there and you google cows in india. and you look it up and you go holy crap, if i was born in india, i would be a god, i would be treated with reverence i'm born in idaho and i'm going to be a thousand steaks. not by choice pure luck born here and eaten. that analogy could be how you inform all discussions on refugees. >> jesse: you think the cow is going to google india? >> greg: imagine finding out, jesse you are living in a cannibalistic society over there jesse watters is beloved. >> jesse: eat me alive all the time. stay with us fan mail friday. greg is excited. it's next. ♪ under the sea ♪ (client's voice) oww, it hurts...
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♪ >> greg: just give the david lee roth vocals only of panama. fan mail friday. great question from peace cat. 111. how do you decide what you are going to wear each day? >> dana: that's a good question.
2:48 pm
one of the things you will notice katie and i have both wearing red today the choice is easy today heart health awareness day so we kicked it off. i think you saw a lot of the ladies on fox wearing red today and juan has the red tie. >> greg: i wore a black tie because my heart is black. >> dana: i go by the weather and you can't wear the same color every day. it's kind of complicated but also there is a system actually simple. >> greg: complicated but simple, jesse, what about you? >> jesse: i'm not going to say something. i try to match my jacket to my tie to my shirt. >> greg: that's great. good to you. >> jesse: not that complicated. >> greg: yuan, you are well-dressed. >> juan: that's because fox gives me suit. big question here on a weekend that's when i get to dress in the way that i want to. turns out oftentimes if you are meeting somebody or you have got to go and talk to somebody, you don't get the choice how you dress. up to me i would wear a lot of sweat shirts, sweatpants.
2:49 pm
>> greg: maga hats? >> juan: i think not, buddy. we will gut this. greg and i are going to have peace on this issue one day. >> katie: juan will wear a red skins hat on the weekend when his team plays which is not now. >> juan: that was a low blow because they are not in the super bowl? i think you are a fan, too. >> katie: of the red skins? i like the patriots and the green bay packers. anyway back to clothing choices during the week for tv or d.c. professional things i would say a solid colored dress that's hopefully length to the knee but for the weekend it's jeans with boots or leather jacket. >> greg: in the morning i get up, open the closet grab whatever fits and i walk home. >> juan: mrs. gutfeld, calling mrs. gutfeld. >> greg: another good
2:50 pm
question from simpson 32. if trump allowed you one tweet on his account what could you say i have got to go to juan first. >> juan: hi vlad. >> greg: nice. jesse? >> jesse: have him tweet about my book that's not out yet. >> greg: i was going to say buy my book. he has never tweeted one of my books. >> jesse: your books are not about him. that's the problem. >> greg: that's true. katie, what would you have him tweet? >> katie: this account is on a one month social media hiatus. >> juan: would you give him the 100 bucks? >> dana: i was going in that direction likely voters say if he just wouldn't tweet. >> katie: this account is closed. >> greg: my tweet if i could get on there. do you know what? i think i'm going to tweet more. one more thing is up next. sorry. ♪ i live my life like
2:51 pm
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>> dana: time now for one more thing. i'm going to go first. you know it's time for this. dana, sports corner. as everyone knows i start to have new year's eve prediction i predicted the rams were going to take it all of course now they are in the super bowl i have to do mascot theory. we have the ram and we have pat the patriot. so when it comes to foot speedy think rampage is going to be able to go toe to toe with new england and when they really get at it see pat doesn't have any head gear and rampage has the horns. so, obviously, this is going to keep his head safe and be able to win the game. i'm sorry to all the brady fans but this is the way it is. andy dalton of the bengals was on my show today and he agreed with me not about the ram thing but that the rams were going to win it all. okay? so be back here on monday to
2:56 pm
find out how i did. >> jesse: book it. >> dana: juan? >> juan: has a happy fat american man. >> katie: fat? what are you talking about. >> juan: i have an interest in football and food. i came across google's list of the most popular super bowl snacks in every state. before i tell you that let me just show you. this because right here on the table we have some of my favorite super bowl snacks my kids call them the tos, doritos, cheetoes, i also like pistachios and nachos. according to google the most popular super bowl food may be cake. look at this map. in arizona, florida, louisiana, new hampshire, south dakota, oregon, tennessee, washington state and wyoming the most popular snack food super bowl sunday cake. how about this in new york and texas. spinach dip. california baked chicken and folks in iowa you guys love your irish stew. have a great super bowl party, folks stay near to
2:57 pm
the pepto bismol. >> greg: saturday, 10:00 the greatest show ever, no, just kidding. we have kiss tina partsinevelos, jimmy, kat, tyrus 10:00 p.m. don't miss it. if you do you are dead to me says god. now it's time for this greg's dog and kittens off. dogs and kittens fighting you vote on it video number one. here have you this cat. very aggressive. the dog seems to be handling it okay. look at this kitten. pretty amazing. and then he wants to get scratched. there you go. all right. video number two. please. here we go. look at this one. now this dog is a little more aggressive. it's not afraid. the kid is like what the the heck is that pirates of the can a ribbian. look down that snout. feisty. there we go and that leg in the background is a bit weird. go to the next one.
2:58 pm
finally i think what is that an alaskan mall and that's a cat. i don't know what's going to happen. something bad is going to happen, i don't know. oh, they are cuddling now. shall we vote? >> dana: third video. >> greg: juan? >> juan: mike toy son. >> jedediah: first video. deign. >> katie: i will go with two. >> greg: i will go with first video. >> dana: markings on the second cat are pretty good. jesse? >> jesse: this baby is ready for the weekend. check this out. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jesse: it's friday, baby. look at him feeling it.
2:59 pm
also, saturday night, 8:00 p.m., "watters' world" we have exclusive sitdown with the trump insider who wrote the tell-all about the white house experience. and party bureaus. thebureau -- bros areback analyr bowl commercial. bar stool guys. we have diamond and silk. herman cain, too. >> dana: two hour special? >> greg: how did you get all that packed into one show? scary. >> katie: united states postal service has unveiled new stamps to be released later this year in honor of military working dogs four different stamp designs feature a german shepard, labrador retriever belgium milinoi and dutch shepherd. not only trained to keep military members safe and people safe in airports and things like that too. >> they work their tails
3:00 pm
off. >> jesse: you are on it this week. >> dana: it's been so fun having you on the show. i hope you survive until next week. that's it for us. see you back here monday. "the five" production thing. "special report" is up next. >> bret: i am bret baier. virginia state is calling for virginia's democrat governor to step down not because of what he said earlier in the week about what critics called infanticide. his description of a bill about late term abortions but, instead about a new controversy bubbling up late this afternoon photo surfaced from governor ralph northam's yearbooks from medical school. newspaper discovered racist photo on northam's page. the picture is from the 184 eastern medical school book. two men one in black face and one in a ku klux klan ro


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