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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  February 3, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PST

9:00 am we are back next sunday after the game with the latest buzz. arthel: president trump focusing on the border wall ahead of tuesday's state of the union address. he says negotiations that do not include funding the bordered wall are a waste of time. eric: super bowl sunday today. i'm eric shawn. president trump as you know is threatening to use his executive authority of the presidency to go around congress and possibly have an -- impose a national emergency. this as nancy pelosi refuses to budge on funding for the wall.
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maria bartiromo this morning on "sunday morning futures" got reaction from both sides of the aisle. >> i don't know that the position today is any different than it was 7 weeks ago. i think the president is right. it's tough to negotiate and get an agreement with people who are more focused on stopping the president than they are on helping the country. >> we are focused on physical barriers where they make sense. but the debate should be what the professionals say about where technology is best utilizing and concrete barriers may make the most of sense. eric: ellison barber is reporting near the president's mar-a-lago resort where he is spending this weekend. reporter: the president tweeted that we'll know more about his plans when he delivers his state
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of the union address tuesday. lawmakers are in the process of trying to negotiate a national security process by 2015. it's something that democrats are warning against, and even some republicans. mr. trump says he thinks he'll probably declare a national emergency. he set the stage for it. he said let negotiations finish, but he's not ruling anything out. and that also includes another government shutdown. >> i don't like to take things off the table. it's that alternative. it's national emergency. it's other things. there have been plenty of national emergencies called. this an up vaiftion our country by human traffickers. we are going to have a strong border. and you need a physical barrier and you need a wall. anybody who says you don't, they
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are just playing games. >> a senior official said he'll make an announcement when he addresses congress tuesday. one democrat says he thinks they can do it. >> we can work out a deal. i know we can sit down and work it. if we don't get any outside pressure and do what we need to do. i think the process as appropriators, we can work something out. >> a senior administration official says mr. trump will use his state of the union address for trade, healthcare, and national security. he says the theme is choosing greatness. we'll get more information tomorrow on who the president invited to his address. arthel: as ellison just
9:04 am
reported, president trump is expected to focus on five major themes during tuesday's state of the union. but looming over it all, a potential national emergency. let's take with those points. let's talk about this in the space of a warning from senate majority leader mcconnell, that it's not a good idea. if president goes it alone. will the majority of republican lawmakers stand behind the president and take the heat with him or will there be members of the gop? >> it's not just mitch mcconnell who says he shouldn't do this. marco rubio also said there should not be a national emergency. but what will they be able to do if the president declares a
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national emergency. president trump was asked about this at the end of last week and the fact it could go to the 9th circuit which traditionally ruled against his executive orders. he says he thinks it should be able to make it past that point and will have strong legal grounds to declare a national emergency. arthel: if he declares a national knowledge to satisfy his base, he knows it will be tied up in the courts for years. will it be enough for him to say i tried and the liberals and democrats blocked me. >> it could go all the way to the supreme court and say it's something he could do. but the president has said this is why he doesn't want to have to go this route. he would prefer to work it out
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legislatively. but he has been suggesting he does not think that will be the case. that republicans are wasting their time trying to negotiate with democrats and tuesday evening he might have to take matters into his own hands. >> let's take a look at some of those scenes that the president will address tuesday night. protecting u.s. workers via trade. number 3, rebuilding america's infrastructure. number four, lowering america's healthcare costs. are any of these items a stuff sale for the president? >> they are tight lipped about what each these contain. they will say they will leave that to him on tuesday evening. but i asked about immigration specifically. if he's going to declare a national emergency that would be
9:07 am
pretty significant. they say people will be walking away and immigration would be important to the president. there are those five pillars you just referred to and they would include foreign policy as well. he'll be talking about venezuela and tariffs. >> if the president does declare a national emergency it will be tied up in the highest court. but this will take years. if he's not able to deliver on his campaign promise it won't affect him for his reelection because it's kind of tied up in court. so there is a possibility he could deliver on that promise. do you see that going there? >> it goes back to what you were saying before. he could say i tried to do this. i used every tool in my tool box to finish this border wall by the was held up.
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but as i was saying, it's something even if it's held up at the circuit court and goes to the supreme court, they could say he's able to start building in the meantime while the rest of it is decided in the courts. i think that's what the white house is hoping for. but there is a lot here if he declares that national emergency. he hasn't exactly said he'll do that tuesday. he's just saying it will be interesting and entertaining. but he has been also saying he might declare when his next summit with kim jong-un tuesday night. so lots to watch for. arthel: that's what the president does well. >> i think we'll all be watching. rising star in the democratic party. her impressive bid for governor of georgia. she is giving the democrats state of the union rebuttal. how will the dems use this
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platform and how will this platform position stacy abrams. >> it has been known to raise up people in the national media. it's interesting they picked stacey abrams to do it. all the people talking about running for president, many senators who have gotten in the race. she is someone who has been talked about but hasn't taken that step. there are questions about why chuck schumer wanted to pick her. arthel: also, i think she'll decide next month whether she is going to run for the u.s. senate. so there is that, too. >> there is also that. and the fact that it's black history month this month when the state of the union address is taking place. she'll be the first african-american woman to give this response to the state of the union to president trump.
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arthel: always good to talk to you. and i will see you around. thank you. eric: another caravan is on its way. thousands of central american migrants on the last leg of their continuing journey through mexico. it's just 400 miles from reaching the u.s. border. griff jenkins has been traveling with them. he joins us with the latest. reporter: here we are, within striking distance of the u.s. border. the highway behind me. we are at a dividing point between the last state they were in. and the new state they have to go through. we are getting news they are packing trailers heading this way. they have to stop here for a checkpoint. we are getting news in the last
9:11 am
24 hours. one or two of the local organizers. they are people they have chosen for themselves to help organize. we are learning they were arrested, picked up by interpol. here is what they had to say. >> interpol police people. another arrest two people for interpol. reporter: if you take a look at the map. we recreated for you. we have the border across texas. there is a wall there built in the president bush years that's pretty tall. but there are some soft areas if
9:12 am
you go east. they are considering laredo. but they will hit there by tuesday, the day of president trump's state of the union. arthel: calls for virginia governor ralph northam's governor to step down. the democratic leader denying he's either person in the picture and refusing to resign. >> i did not purchase the yearbook and i was unaware of what was on my page. when i was confronted with the i amables yesterday, i was appalled that they appeared on my page. but i believe then and now that i am not either of the people in that photo. arthel: garrett tenney is live in richmond, virginia with the latest. >> the problem with that
9:13 am
explanation is 24 hours earlier he claimed responsibility for that picture. this explanation as to why this story changed has not done a whole lot to end the calls for his resignation. >> last night i finally had a chance to sit down and look at the photograph in detail. it's definitely not me. i can tell by look at it. i have had friend look at it and tell me it's not me. i have also had a classmate who i discussed this with this morning. we talked about this situation. and i said, is there a possibility you think that someone could have put a photo on the wrong page? reporter: i pressed the governor as to why he acknowledged the photo before he had a chance to
9:14 am
look at it. he said he was getting a lot of calls and people were upset. today his predecessors say that explanation does not add up and he hopes northam will resign. >> first he said it was friday night. if it wasn't him in the photo he should have said that friday. i have no idea what was going none the governor's office friday. if you are not -- i stinkively you know if you put black paint on your face. you know if you put a hood on. if it isn't you, you come out immediately saying this is not me. reporter: members of virginia's legislative black caucus are warning northam if he doesn't step aside they will move to impeachment and remove him from office. eric: the 40th anniversary of
9:15 am
the revolution in iran. and they are shouting "death to america." the ayatollah khomeini took power in 179. what will it take for the mullahs to finally fall? in the presidential race, tulsi gabbard vying for the white house. and just this past week, the man who could have given us a break in the jimmy hoffa case. the man on the left. reports say he was one of the last two living suspects, taking whatever secrets he had to his grave. authorities say he was a former crime ring associate and
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[♪] arthel: thousands of iranians gathered at the tomb of ayatollah khomeini chanting "death to israel" as they mark 40 years since the islamic revolution. they installed the hard-line shy sight cleric to power - -- shiie cleric to power. reporter: iranian military officials unveiled a new surface-to-surface cruise missile to mark the occasion. the missile traveled 840 miles before hitting its target. they added that it can be prepared in a short period of
9:21 am
time and fly at a low altitude. mike pompeo condemned the iranians as being in violation of a united nations resolution. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu had a firm message for the iranians while speaking today in jerusalem. >> i have a clear message for the tyrants in iran. we know what you are doing and we'll continue to act against iran with all tools at our disposal to insure israel's security. reporter: the iranian anniversary and missile tests come as president trump says he plans to keep u.s. troops in iraq to keep a watchful eye on
9:22 am
iran. eric: 40 years of a thre thee tc "death to america." do you see any signs that that theocratic regime is leaving. >> it has to get worse before it gets better. the economy is in a free-fall. the social base of the regime has been in revolt since december 2017. the people the revolution was made for. the downtrodden. those have been contesting the regime using nationalist slogans and calling for their own government to put iran first. eric: the trirks have been on
9:23 am
strike. but what will it take for the tipping point? we didn't have that during the green revolution. what should the president trump do? can the situation be different this time? >> i think the situation can be different by the many important to take our cues from the street. we don't want the u.s. leaning too hard. i think should events develop nationally, make sure they have access to communications technology and continue protesting and organizing and make sure sanctions pressure is it on the regime. the people of iran are reprimanding their own government for the foreign policy they are amassing across the region. so now is the time to point out the hypocrisy going on in tehran. eric: you see what's happening in venezuela. how can events naturally
9:24 am
progress to that point where we see what's happening in venezuela now which will likely tip that country to democracy to happen in iraq? >> some of it is market dynamics, some of it is political forces. something mission is a today racematic leader inside the country or outside. but in some ways it has been a great strength. the regime has not been able to target one person or one family and the process has continued from 1994 to 1999. so in some ways even thought it lacks that one major person to help bring the protests to the fore and challenge the regime. >> the economy is getting worse, partially because of the scrapping of the iranian nuclear deal. britain, france and germany are
9:25 am
setting up their own money transfer system. what's that about? >> what the europeans are calling the special purpose vehicle is a finance vehicle. the europeans are in bed with rhetorically and economically iran to by pass u.s. sanctions. eric: the iran website says it's astounding that britain, france and germany have collaborated on a deal to help companies that wish to continue trading with iran. at the same time they announced they have a cues missile that can go 800 miles. guess what is 812 miles from
9:26 am
iran to tel aviv. 812 miles. they could potentially strike tel aviv. what do you think about that? >> that cruise missile is the remaking of another missile which iran procured from the ukrainians. it is nuclear capable and adds to iran's growing nuclear arsenal. iran right now. eric: how do you put that in any type of deal when they didn't put the ballistic missiles in the u.n. security council sanctions and resolutions. think violated the resolutions
9:27 am
and they say it's defensive. >> it's not just defensive. iran transfers and -- and tests these weapons. they can come to the table again and this time we should hold the line and not let the iranians realized we have a desire for a deal. 2019 is the year for max pressure to be made. now is the time for to us put our demand up front and such systems should be included in those demand. eric: you say 019 is the time for maximum pressure but it won't happen if the europeans evade the sanctions. arthel: another democratic lawmaker officially setting her
9:28 am
sights on the white house. how hawaiian senator tulsi gabbard has entered the field. why president trump says he's not ruling out military intervention, and how he responded to a proposed meeting with nicolas maduro. president trump: that was the wealthiest country in that part of the world. now, you look at the poverty and anguish and look at the crime. okay, max...time to help mrs. tyler reach her health goals! i'm in! but first... shelfie! the great-tasting nutrition of ensure. with up to 30 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals! ensure. for strength and energy.
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9:33 am
for president of the united states of america. eric: congresswoman tulsi gabbard make it official, she is make it official she is joining the growing number of democrats running for path in 2020. reporter: she is joining a growing lineup. whether officially announcing their candidacy or merely putting their toes in the water. each and every democrat running in the race is leading with their own story and personal narrative. she hammered home her military credentials and advocating for service values. >> i was proud to serve the
9:34 am
country as a soldier. i'm a major the army national guard write served the last 15 years. i will bring the soldiers principles to the white house restoring dignity, honor and respect to the presidency. reporter: -- >> i came out in 2015 for the simple reason that i was ready. if i hadn't deployed to afghanistan i might not have found the courage to come out. reporter: other dems are in the process of throwing out fishing lines. >> i will make a decision by march 31. i have been talking to other candidates. i want to see what other candidates are out there. >> i'm concerned that
9:35 am
democrats -- i'm a progressive, and i believe in progressive policies of women's health and on guns and on labor rights and gay rights. always if youer in sell that short, you have got to talk to workers. reporter: increasing scrutiny will be given to the candidates policy positions. but they are all starting with what they know best themselves. eric? >> all right. gillian, thanks so much. arthel: the political crisis in venezuela deepening as huge crowds rallying in the streets answering juan guaido's calls to exert more pressure on disputed president nicolas maduro to step down. president trump is not ruling out a military intervention.
9:36 am
reporter: what would make you use the u.s. military in venezuela? president trump: i don't want to say that. but it's an option. >> would you personally negotiate with nicolas maduro to exit? president trump: he requested a meeting and i turned it down. reporter: massive protests against the government of disputed president nicolas maduro in caracas and 20 cities in venezuela. 800,000 people packing into the downtown treats saying they want change in this country. many of them brought out to protest due to economic desperation. here is one of the protesters. >> we have come out to protest against this dictatorship, against censorship, hunger and the ruin of this country. reporter: maduro called these
9:37 am
protesters part of a coup being orchestrated by the u.s. he hasn't thrown the opposition leaders in jail. as for juan guaido, he has been recognized by the u.s., canada and much of south america. 0 nations in all. that number could grow as soon as tomorrow when france and the united kingdom are set to recognize guaido as president of venezuela. eric: a measles outbreak has been reviving the debate over childhood vaccinations. the virus has been spreading across 10 dates with 44 people in washington state and oregon falling ill in the last four weeks. reporter: the situation is so
9:38 am
bad the governor of washington has declared a state of emergency. the fear is it could further spread with health officials saying some exposed to the disease have traveled. >> it's very contagious and has a really bad outcome. the concerns you may have about the vaccine are small compared to how serious this disease can be. >> others confirmed measles cases. 37 are people who were not immunized. lawmakers are taking a second look at the state's non-medical exemption. it allows children to go to school without vaccinations if their parents have a personal objection. some parents with kid who are too young for vaccines say it's
9:39 am
a scary time for their children. >> i think it's frustrating. i know that it is such a polarizing topic. and i know they feel very strongly about their stance. but i think when it come down to it, you have to defer to medical professionals. reporter: at the moment, 17 states have some sort of personal exemption law. california is one of the few states that recently stripped away the exemptions. the current outbreak could go on for weeks if not months. >> with the kickoff to super bowl lii just hours away. football fans are converging on atlanta for all the festivities. the claim that he disposed of jimmy hoffa's body in 1975. the allegations against thomas
9:40 am
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eric: this week reports say one of the last major living suspects in the jimmy hoffa case died. thomas andretta who was a former teamster. he was 81 years old. he and his brother steven andretta were named by the fbi as major suspects in the plot to murder hoffa. here is a peek at my special "the search for james hoffa." >> they came this way, then made
9:45 am
a left going down the street this way. this is where the house is. you can see the house is on the right. >> he parks his car and goes inside. and inside are tony pro's cleaners. they were the hitmen. how does the death effect the case? former fox news producer ed barnes worked on the hoffa investigation. he claims that it was andretta who took the body of jimmy hoffa out of the house. you interviewed thomas andretta
9:46 am
in the 70s. what did he say? >> i was interviewing steve andretta, and sal bugulio who many believe was responsible for the murder of hoffa. and it includes the brother of sammy. steve andretta got me on the phone with tom andretta and i spoke with him for 20 minutes. of course, they denied everything. and could have been nice tore it. do i believe tom andretta was at the scene and participated in it? absolutely. but i go back to the key witness who says jimmy hoffa was murdered. stuffed into a 50-gallon drum and put on a truck and shipped back to new jersey. i buy that whole story. tom an dret a was a shop steward
9:47 am
for gateway. i believe roland mcmaster was responsible for participating in the disposal of the body. the president of the steel division of gateway transportation. they were with other gateway officials and that was theiral by. their -- that was their alibi. i believe they were responsible for disposing of his body by putting it in a bankruptcy and shipping it back to new jersey. andretta was a cleaner taking the body down the hallway and disposing of it. >> i appreciate so much what ed barnes and you and charlie have done to keep this case alive.
9:48 am
but what was happening in the kitchen? i think steve andretta was an alibi witness in new jersey. why did they drag hoffa's body into the kitchen. why didn't they bring the body bag to hoffa's dead body? eric: that's a good question. ed, you happened to go out to andretta's house as part of our investigation. >> i was there three times. once i brought charlie's book and said look, time to talk. and i didn't hear back from him at all. eric: he left the bound underneath the garage door. >> that's right. eric: we did reach out to thomas andretta as part of our investigation. but we did not hear anything. you basically came up with another theory that you say was
9:49 am
brilliant by the mafia in a sick way that they used two sets of brothers so they wouldn't rat each other out. >> i think this was a total new jersey operation. you had two andrettas and two bugliosas. that made it so secure. do i think on the walk back through the house was the steel drum back there? yes. was there a cart they were going to dump him in? yes. did they take him to new jersey, yes. we disagree on where he went. basically this was a total new jersey operation. they drove that barrel back. hoffa was killed at 3:30. it's a 15-hour drive to atlantic city. they did that drive. sun is not coming up. nobody is even sure hoffa is
9:50 am
gone. they put hoffa in a shredder and they took the remains and dumped them in the ocean. it's almost an open story about what happened. because there is no body to find. >> my source was phil murks scotto. when ralph bogato was candidate, he said he believed it ended up in the brother's. >> my guys are going -- eric: we have all these different stories. but bottom line. surprised thomas andretta apparently never talked? >> i'm not surprised. but i will tell you this. you have been wrong about steve andretta. he's alive and well and living in new jersey.
9:51 am
let's go after him. eric: we'll invite him to come on our program to do an interview on this any time. you can watch our fox nation special. "riddled:the search for james hoffa."
9:52 am
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♪ eric: there it is, super bowl liii, now just hours away, the fess deaths -- festivities are in full swing already. the nfl putting the finishing touches on the main event later tonight. jonathan serrie is there life with all of -- live with all of the celebrations and the partying and the getting ready. hey, jonathan. >> reporter: and the question of the day, whether the roof of mercedes benz stadium will be open. it's closed right now because we had some rain this morning, but it should dry the out in time for the big game. each year before the super bowl, the nfl honors some of the top players in the league. this year's mvp went to chiefs quarterback patrick mahomes at the nfl honors show, surprising to many neither bill belichick nor if sean mcvay received a single vote even though they will be in the spotlight at tonight's super bowl. if coach belichick can bring a victory tonight, that would make patriots' quarterback tom brady the player with the most super
9:56 am
bowl wins in nfl history. >> you can't buy it, it's something that's earned, and if you win it, it takes a huge effort. and i think that huge effort is what you remember more than anything. >> reporter: but a win for los angeles would make 33-year-old sean mcvay the youngest head coach the win a super bowl. this is the first super bowl appearance for both he and 24-year-old rams quarterback jared goff. kickoff is tonight at 6:30 eastern time. everything, back to you. eric: all right, can't wait. thanks very much. i'm sorry the saints aren't in it. i know. arthel: we will be back at four eastern. eric: she gets mad at me when i say that. arthel: love you, eric. never mad at you. the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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10:00 am
>> virginia's governor still refusing to step down despite calls from state and federal leaders from both sides of the aisle to leave office all over a racist picture from his medical school yearbook and a new admission of wearing black face. leland: president trump's first state of the union before a divided congress now a little more than 48 hours away. a former george w. bush speech writer on what language the president should use to bring the nation together. molly: and millions of americans from all walks of life are gathering together to watch the 53rd annual super bowl. we will get a preview. ♪ ♪


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