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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 4, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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whatever. that's me kicking a field goal. my form is horrible. whatever. >> we are glad you are here with us. we do think you are the winner. never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" is next. >> bret: i would have tried the billions of problems. queso. morning breath? garlic breath? stinky breath? virginia's democratic governor there's a therabreath for you. holding on despite calls for his therabreath fresh breath oral rinse instantly fights all types of bad breath resignation. his lieutenant faces his own and works for 24 hours. so you can... breathe easy. there's therabreath at walmart. controversy. a possible executive decision. what is the president could do at the state of the union address and a leaked schedule shows what he does with his time. de-criminalizing magic mushrooms. one u.s. city is a step closer. (clapping) this is "special report." >> ♪ every day, visionaries are creating the future. >> bret: good evening. ( ♪ ) i am bret baier. virginia's governor is keeping so, every day, quiet this monday after spending we put our latest technology
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and vast expertise to work. a weekend defending himself over ( ♪ ) a racist photo in his medical the united states postal service makes more e-commerce deliveries to homes school yearbook. there is a long list of than anyone else in the country, democrats calling on governor affordably and on-time. ralph northam to resign. (ringing) ( ♪ ) the man who would replace him the future only happens with people who really know how to deliver it. the lieutenant governor is liberty mutual customizesns your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. facing his own controversy over great news for anyone wh- uh uh - i'm the one who sexual assault. delivers the news around here. we have fox team coverage ♪ liberty mutual has just announced tonight. that they can customize your car insurance so that you only pay for what you need. and a fox news media analyst how the media pick and choose which this is phoebe buckley, on location. of the governor's controversy uh... thanks, phoebe. took prominence. ♪ we begin with doug with where only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ things stand with the governor's office. >> one lone voice a former >> ♪ democratic lieberman said he is a victim of a rush to judgment. >> martha: after the shutdown
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and with 10 days until it could the long knives come out for the happen the president tomorrow governor and his successor too. night will stand before the >> [shouting]. american people and a sharply >> the man who would take governor ralph northam's place divided congress to make the the lieutenant governor fairfax case for the state of the union. is also embroiled in a push for the wall and perhaps new developments on north korea controversy. in a private message to a and a forceful statement on the friend, a woman says she was growing economy on the wake of a good jobs report that the "wall sexually assaulted. she mentioned no name but today street journal" called a bad day. democrats may disagree with fairfax acknowledged she was nancy pelosi on the wall who accusing him. he maintains it was consensual. makes up the most important audience for the president >> this is false. tomorrow this person came to the "washington post" with the same allegation. they investigated it for several months. then they made the decision not to publish the story because it was not credible. >> today the "washington post" disputed his characterizations. fairfax was asked if he thought governor ralph northam was behind the new allegation?
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>> did anything think it's any coincidence. >> northam took a 180 degree turn on his story. friday he said i am deeply sorry for appearing in in photo. >> i apologized for behavior in my past that falls short of the standard you set for me when you elected me. >> then reverses himself on saturday. >> i am not the person in that photo that caused this stir yesterday. >> while virginia's democratic senators and a congressman released a joint statement: we no longer believe he can serve as governor of virginia and must resign. talk of impeachment has surfaced. but the republican speaker has reservations. northam agreed not to attend the william and mary colleges
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ceremony on friday. that's spreading across the commonwealth with its civil war past. >> to spill into the governor's office it's hard to come back from. >> and northam tweeted about his gop opponent. we won't put up with gillespie's racist rhetoric. they ran an ad accusing gillespie of being racist. so northam won't find help from republicans. >> bret: the racist photo capped a rough week for governor northam following comments about a late term abortion bill that could lead to infanticide.
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his comments about killing a baby, that was was just delivered, were not covered with such furor. fox news media analyst howard with a look at what many saw as blatant media bias last week. >> ralph northam was embroiled in a major controversy in 2 days before the disclosure of that racist yearbook photo. most of the networks ignored the bill the governor was defending to lift restrictions on late term abortions in a radio interview. >> if a mother in labor, the infant would be delivered and kept comfortable and would be resuscitated and a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother. >> that drew coverage in the next 48 hours on conservative sites and fox news.
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>> this is a fully formed human being in the womb. getting no protection. >> there was no cover on abc, nbc, and msnbc. cnn gave the story 3 minutes. and cbs news led the news with his remark. >> there was a move by democrats to ease restrictions on late term abortions ignited an intense debate. >> then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother. >> the virginia measure tabled in committee. it allows late term abortions in the health of the mother is in question. the "new york times" framed the virginia debate around part tan gop criticism. republicans seized on late term
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abortion as a potent 2020 issue and they said they were trying to paint northam as a radical. >> the media is full of people who are extreme on the issue of abortion. they don't like the messy conversation. >> the abortion controversy is directly tied to the furor over the black face and kkk photos in that 1984 yearbook. . >> bret: more insight on all of this. brit hume, your first thoughts about all of this. how the governor handled it and what is behind it. >> well, he handled is clumsily. i don't think he can survive much longer. i don't think that the democrats who were screaming for his scalp
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believe he is a racist or care whether he is. what they are worried about is if this man with this ugly photo in his background is a serving member of their party as governor, that will deprive them of charging racism against republicans when they used effectively if unfairly lately and which was pointed out earlier in doug's report he used against gillespie and unfairly in the 2017 gubernatorial race that put him in office. >> bret: what about the latest allegation? the lieutenant governor is pushing back on very hard. fairfax said the allegation of sexual assault is not true. the "washington post" went forward with what they had. a story from a woman who charges that there was this assault. today listen to his answer when asked if his political action committee is right this is
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coming from northam somehow. >> you believe that the governor's team is spreading misinformation. comment on that. >> he made his statement. >> do you believe it? >> i don't know where this is coming from. we heard different things. here's the thing. does anybody think it's a coincidence on the eve of a high being elevated is when this smear comes out? >> bret: this is something. >> well, he didn't rule out the possibility that governor northam would have leaked to the same website that brought out the black face photo the charge against him. i think that's maybe a little farfetched, but i don't know. it shows you something. what i think is interesting here is the "washington post"'s
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restraint in their coverage of this allegation. this was a woman whose name they knew. an event that did occur in the sense there was apparently sex between these two. she said it was not consensual and he said it was. it was in a time and place that everyone agrees on. contrast that with the vague allegations -- i can't remember the place and i don't remember the time and how i got home -- allegations against brett kavanaugh when he was up for the supreme court. the "washington post" showed no comp punctuations running with that story. suggests a clear double standard. >> bret: how do you think this ends? the third is in line is the attorney general of virginia. do you think this resignation will happen? >> well, he said today, northam said he the reason he is hanging on because he doesn't want to quit and be known as a racist for the rest of his life.
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he may try in the days ahead to do something to restore his reputation as a non-racist. i don't think he is a racist. i am not sure the people of virginia think that. but he might do that. then resign because he's got no support. his party is almost complete bailed out on him. it's hard to see somebody sticking around in that circumstance for very long. >> bret: thanks. will he or won't he? just a little more than 24 hours from now, president trump will deliver his second state of the union address which he could declare a national emergency to build the border wall if congress will not agree to fund it. this comes on the day the president has stayed off the radar as leaked daily schedules revealed he spent half his time in executive time.
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kevin has details. >> the state of the union coming at a time of great disunity in the nation's capitol over the wall and the funding of the wall depending on how the president approaches that issue. today the most frustrating for part for the white house was another leak story. >> you will read into that whatever you want. he is a very active president. the results speak for themselves. >> even as the president puts the finishing touches on the state of the union address, his team is in dire need of attention. news that part of the president's daily schedule were leaked to axios. 60% of the president's schedule in executive time. including flexible mornings
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spent watching tv and tweeting and making phone calls. >> there are many different meetings he is having. whoever leaked it doesn't know what he is doing during that block of time. >> what is less obvious is whether or not the president will declare a national state of emergency tomorrow during his state of the union with the desperate situation on the southern border as more migrants caravans are headed to the u.s. and thousands are within 500 miles of texas. >> the only way to have a strong border, you need a physical barrier. you need a wall. anybody that says you don't, they are just playing games. >> he has the power to do it say white house officials because of the 1976 national emergency act that gives the president sweeping authority to declare an immigration emergency to deal with an influx of aliens beyond
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the capabilities of immigration authorities. it would likely spark a court challenge. monday senate democrats tried to advance a bill to block the move. still, the president is expected to use his speech to call for unity in washington. suggesting he will implore lawmakers to break decades of political stalemates and build new coalitions to unlock the extraordinary promise of america's future. the state of the union is pretty much put to bed. but a tweak or two could happen. our coverage begins at 8 p.m. eastern time. back to you. >> bret: kevin, thanks. president trump is nominating david bernhart to replace sinkey. he worked for oil and gas
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companies. president trump tweeted that he has done a fantastic job. democrats and environmental groups believe he is vulnerable to conflicts of interest. the dow up today. the s&p 500 rose 18 and the nasdaq ahead 84 points. up next. nicholas slams president trump trying to hold on to pour in venezuela. and what other fox affiliates are covering. boston will host a victory parade for the new england patriots who beat the rams in the lowest tv rating game in 10 years and the lowest scoring super bowl ever. fox 11 in los angeles, a small plane came apart over an orange county neighborhood and killed 5 people. it scattered debris on the
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streets and ignited a house fire. 4 people were killed along with the pilot the only person in the plane. a live look at new york from fox 5. one big story, jurors began deliberating today in the trial of mexican drug lord elchappo. after 3 months of testimony before drug smuggling steeped in violence. the defense said his role was exaggerated. he faces life in prison if convicted. we'll be right back. building a better bank starts with looking at something old, and saying, "really?" so capital one is building something completely new. capital one cafes. inviting places with people here to help you, not sell you. and savings and checking accounts with no fees or minimums. because that's how it should be. you can open one from right here or anywhere in 5 minutes. seriously, 5 minutes...
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prevent problems, and to help provide the most reliable service possible. my name is tanya, i work at the network operations center for comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. >> bret: president trump said all options are on the table when it comes to the political unrest caused by maduro refusing to step down in venezuela. maduro remains defiant as more european countries call on him to resign. benjamin hall has our story. >> maduro is clinging on to power and lashing out at president trump. over the weekend, tens of thousands of supporter took to
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the streets to is support and oppose him. over the weekend president trump said military options were on the table to counter the growing crisis. >> you look at the poverty and the anguish and the crime and all of the things happening. i think the process is playing out very, very big. tremendous protests. >> maduro is fighting back and he said the world needs to know the white house has been taken over by an extremist saying it like trump is the head of the kkk. maduro survived only because of the support of the military. there have been some high-profile defections including an air force general. the disputed president is on state television constantly and warned the united states not to turn his country into a new vietnam. >> stop, donald trump.
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you are making mistakes that will stain your hands with blood. you will leave the presidency stained with blood. >> now they are putting pressure on rank-and-file soldiers to deliver humanitarian aid to venezuela. he hopes it will force the army to choose to help the starving people of venezuela who can't feed families because of hyper-inflation or support the corrupt leaders. one man believes venezuela is close to freedom. the path they choose over the coming days could determine how this pans out. >> bret: thanks. up next where one city in the u.s. will let its voters decide if it should de-criminalize magic must rooms. rescuers found the bodies of
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skiers in the alps after an avalanche. rescue efforts continue in northern australia. 1100 people had to be rescued from homes on sunday after heavy rainfall and they reported snakes and crocodiles floating inside the homes. pope francis is making history making his first papal trip to the arabian pennsylvania. he will meet with a group of muslim elders in a show of religious tolerance. the trip will conclude tuesday with the first ever papal mass there expecting to draw 135,000 people in a display of public christian worship. some of the other stories beyond
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our borders tonight. we'll be right back. that's why i switched to liberty mutual. they customized my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. and as a man... uh... or a woman... with very specific needs that i can't tell you about- say cheese. mr. landry? oh no. hi mr. landry! liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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3:28 pm
attorney asked 2 senior republicans to evaluate information they uncovered about the fbi's raid on stone's florida home on january 25th. the letter to the republican chairman lindsey graham and the republican on the house committee include that stone's lawyers describe as an indictment before it was unsealed around the time of stone's early morning arrest. it was texted to stone's attorney by a cnn reporter. leaking to the med ia this material can be considered unethical. this is different from the copy on the justice department website. he said it would be of great public interest to understand how it occurred. cnn said it followed a hunch to be the only camera crew on the
3:29 pm
scene during stone's rest. they said they received the letter and were evaluating it carefully. fox news asked the special counsel to comment on whether stone's legal team wrongly interpreted the records. they declined to comment. >> bret: 6 democrats have jumped into the 2020 presidential race and many more weigh a run. peter reports that the president's re-election campaign is prepareing to trump any primary challenger. >> 2.5 years ago chelsea went to meet the trump. she is challenging him. a majority of registered democrats say they compromised their own beliefs to beat president trump.
3:30 pm
50% said they would support a primary candidate they disagree with on the issues as long as the candidate is the strongest against the president. medicare for all would wipe out private insurance. >> there is no role left for private insurance. you don't want to pay a middleman. >> moderate democrats are waiting to see if ideas like that catch on before jumping in. >> i would make a decision by march 31st. i talked to other candidates. i want to see what the positions are out there. i am going through the process. >> if president trump is going to get a challenger with his own party chris kristie open it's not his friend. >> don't do it because i think you lose. >> the trump campaign doesn't want a convention coup. they are ruth out never-trump delegates now.
3:31 pm
they started a process of ensuring that the national convention is a television commercial for the president and not an internal fight. their goal is to devote all resources to beating the democrats. >> who has a chance? >> so far i don't see anybody. i am not impressed with their group. >> the president is surveying a field that hasn't filled in yet. biden and beto o'rourke and bloomberg are still deciding. the first in the contest is one year from yesterday. >> bret: north carolina's ninth district doesn't have representation in congress. the race remains unsettled. today the state's new board of elections announced a public hearing to hear arguments from representatives of the republican and the democrat. the new board could declare a
3:32 pm
winner or order a new election. a measure headed to the ballot in denver could give a new meaning to the nickname mile high city. a report on the measure that could de-criminalize magic mushrooms. >> this is a really opportunity for denver to be a leader when it comes to this policy and create an environment where individuals feel like they have a safety net to speak about their personal use. >> the strategy appears to be following the road map of marijuana. in 2005 denver voters took the first major step to legalalize marijuana. approving a ballot measure to de-criminalize possession. years later in 2012 colorado voters amended that to allow for sales. >> nobody deserves to go to jail and lose their family and their
3:33 pm
jobs for something that has a therapeutic benefits. >> supporters of mushrooms point to john hopkins who point the medical benefits claiming they help with reduced suicide and decreased risk of opioid use. fox news was told some of the typical side-effects include dilateed pupils and censory and time distortions that could lead to a bad trip. >> seizures. a panic disorder. it could trigger a psychotic outbreak that would require someone to go to the hospital. >> a policy review board will include the police, sheriff's
3:34 pm
department and district attorney's office. the mayor's office of denver doesn't support this measure. >> bret: virginia's embattled democrat governor said he is not going anywhere. but can he continue in his job in and the new controversy about his lieutenant governor? our panel will discuss it all next. guarantee? ♪ carl, can you remind me what you've invested my money in. it's complicated. are you asking enough questions about how your wealth is being managed? if not, talk to schwab. a modern approach to wealth management.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> i believe then and now that i am not either of the people in that photo. >> he's been completely dishonest. he knew this picture was there and he could have come clean and talked to african-americans that he is close to decades ago. >> i am in a unique position as lieutenant governor and someone who would have to assume that office. in event he were to resign. >> he lost the authority to
3:39 pm
lead. he lost the authority to governor. he has to resign. >> bret: the controversy continues. ralph northam holding his position after a photo surfaced on friday from his medical year book in 1984. the list of prominent democrats calling on northam to resign is substantial. it's growing. a lot of potential 2020 candidates in there as well. the lieutenant governor would take over. fairfax is now embroiled in his over controversy about an allegation of sexual assault. fairfax and the woman told different versions of what happened in the hotel room. the "washington post" could not find anyone who could corroborate either version.
3:40 pm
the "washington post" did not find inconsistencies with the statement. here he is just recently on these allegations. >> there is a lot of attention on us. of course the possibility of my being elevated from lieutenant governor to governor. people will come out and smear you and attempt to attack your character. i am totally comfortable in my own skin. i am very comfortable with the fact that we know what the truth is. that's why the "washington post" didn't go with the story a year ago. they decided not to run it. >> bret: the "washington post" is not saying that. you saw earlier in the show the lieutenant governor suggested that maybe the governor's folks leaked it. it's something in virginia. let's bring in our panel. chris, susan page, and charles
3:41 pm
hurt. chris, i mean, it's wild to watch. >> this is why west virginia left. that's all i am saying. we are glad we are two states this week. i think ralph northam has no choice now. he has to dig in and he has to stay because he is saying if i resign, i admit i did this thing which everybody agrees is disqualifying. as soon as he leaves office he is admitting it. he will stay there. frankly, i don't blame him. he screwed up and did that wrong. >> bret: he apologized for being on the picture. >> no, i didn't do it but i did wear black face that year but on that occasion. >> bret: this was surreal. he said he wore black face and a michael jackson outfit and then these questions. >> i participated in a dance
3:42 pm
contest in san antonio where i darkened my face as part of a michael jackson costume. i look back now and regret i didn't understand the harmful legacy of an action like that. my memory of that episode is so vivid i believe i was not in the picture in the year book. >> bret: he was looking for space, chris. >> [laughing]. >> i hope will be a ralph northam moon walking incident later. >> there are no appropriate circumstances. >> [laughing]. >> bret: he was looking for the space in the room. >> i think he has no option but to resign. legally he can continue to be
3:43 pm
governor, but he can no longer govern. politicians can survive scandals. bill clinton and donald trump did but he lost the support of every democrat in america. >> bret: this democrat who may run for president was asked about the previous comments of last week that critics called flows to infantcide. >> absolutely not. i think ralph misspoke on that. no democrat i know is for infantcide. none! i don't know of anyone who was for it. he was speaking as a doctor and what he was trying to say is not who he is. >> bret: another element to the story. >> yes. that's different from what dr. northam was saying. he said his words were taken out
3:44 pm
of context. he said it sounded like you were talking about infantcide. after a week we had last week, where we had literally the governor talking about what to do of performing an abortion on the day of delivering a child, it is shocking. the silence that we got from national democrats. and a large portion of the media ignoring that. just two days later, these old racist, offensive pictures emerged. then suddenly the media turns on it and the democrats across the country turn on it. it's very important to remember that it was just a year and a half ago that ralph northam took part in weaponizing racial
3:45 pm
politics that is the down fall of this country, that ralph northam accused of gillespie of being a racist and tying him to the horrible situation in charl l lo lo lo lotsville. >> bret: democrats want to take this off the stage. >> frankin is watching and he had a more margin offense. they said nope we have a zero tolerance policy and you have to go. the religion of the democrat party is anti-racism and feminism. these are the most important moral issues for democrats.
3:46 pm
this is why rule by mob doesn't work. there was a collective decision reached on social media about ralph northam and he must go. i bet now democrats wish they had left a little more wiggle room on this one to see how it played out. >> bret: where is ninth morning abortion with democrats? >> that's not their team. >> bret: does he leave? >> i think so. i am stunned he survived this long. he is in a political untenable situation. everybody from the 2 democratic senators from his home state neither were grand standers called for him to resign. the speaker of the house and the former vice-president. where are his friends? >> bret: next up the big thing to watch for in tuesday's state of the union address. >> tech: at safelite autoglass
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> i won't take anything off the table. i don't like to take things off the table. it's the alternative. it's national emergency. it's other things. there have been pretty of national emergency called. >> we will rue the day when we let a president take money for
3:51 pm
one purpose, declaring an emergency and using it for another. >> i think the law is very clear. i think the president has been advised of it. it's clear that a court will stop him from doing that. >> we will have to see what happens on february 15th. >> bret: the question is whether the president goes forward with a national emergency to build the wall. the state of the union tomorrow night. delayed but now on track. we have an exerpt from the state of the union from the president. together we can break decades of political stalemate and heal old wounds and unlock the extraordinary promise of america's future. back with the panel. susan, he will layout the border battle. it seems the forecasting what they released is to try to find other things they can agree on with this democratic house. >> right. two things they talked about.
3:52 pm
the infrastructure and the price of prescription drugs. that quote sounds like trump in his first speech to the state of the union last year. did he govern that way the next day? no, he was as combative as ever. >> he has a great opportunity here. there is no question that the republicans took a stblow in th shutdown. they came out with democrats confronting the fact that border security was an issue and they wanted more of it. they would not get boxed in by trump. they said we want to get tough too. we are moving towards consensus. the people on the bipartisan team, that's an impressive group of people. >> bret: yes, not bomb throwers. >> they might make something.
3:53 pm
if trump could get a deal through like that, it would be a big turnaround moment for him. >> bret: the image will be different with speaker pelosi over his left shoulder throughout the speech. here's the president on cbs talking about the speaker. >> i think she was very rigid which i would expect, but i think she is very bad for our country. she knows we need border security. nancy pelosi is doing a terrible disservice to the people of our country. >> you still have to deal with her. >> but we will win. we have a much better issue. on a political basis. what she is doing -- think it's bad politics. it's very bad for our country. >> bret: that was much more unvarnished.
3:54 pm
>> you can't short change what a tremendous victory that is for president trump to use the shutdown to change the conversation. he's very good at focussing attention on politicians who are ignoring issues and that's how he got elected and he did it again during the shutdown. the walls being built right now on the border, that stuff was done with votes from plenty of democrats in the senate and in the house. the idea that they were great back then and then immoral, that's not right. >> bret: there is not an appetite to go back into the shutdown after 35 days and the gdp took a hit. democrats are saying they will invite air traffic controllers
3:55 pm
to the state of the union address. there is a lot at play for the next potential shutdown. >> there is only one person we don't know if he has an appetite for another shutdown and that's president trump. these 17 people in congress could reach a deal in 36 seconds. you would have funding and call it a fence or a wall. you could make it a deal. will president trump be willing to take a deal? >> big deal or not big deal? >> not big deal. the president's job is a decider. that's what he is supposed to do. i don't think anybody was under the notion that donald trump was sitting at the desk with charts and graphs. >> bret: more problematic is the leak of the schedule. a different show tonight because
3:56 pm
martha in town. that's it for this "special report." "the story with martha maccallum" after a short break. . 12 hours? 20 dogs? where's your belly rubs?
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