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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  February 4, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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day. >> martha: howie, thank you very much. we will be watching with great interest tomorrow night. that is the story this monday evening from washington. we will see you tomorrow night at 7:00 as we count down the state of the union address. tucker carlson next door up in a second. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. another twist in the bizarre and revealing story of virginia governor ralph northam after a weekend of commiserating with his aids. he says he is not the one in the black face or klan rob. first conceded one of the men was him. now he says he has no idea who those guys are though he strongly disagrees with their outfits. trace gallagher has been following the story. he joins us to sort out who is who if anyone. trace? >> tucker in a meeting with his top staff members today governor ralph northam reportedly said he needs
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more time to clear his name because he doesn't want to quote leave office as a racist for life. he realizes that his support system has evaporated particularly within his own party. when the story broke during this show on friday night. northam initially apologized for appearing in the photo showing a person in black face and another in a kkk costume. though he didn't say which was him. and then he backtracked. watch. >> i am not and will not excuse the content of the photo. it was offensive, racist and despicable. when i was confronted with the images yesterday, i was appalled that they appeared often my page but i believe then and now that i am not either of the people in that photo. i took an oath to uphold this office and serve the people of this commonwealth to the best of my ability. as long as i believe i can effectively fulfill that task i intend to continue
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doing the business of virginia. >> so in a bizarre twist, northam denies being in the blackface photo but admits dressing up in blackfaces a michael jackson in a dance contest. watch this. >> i had the shoes. i had a glove. and i used just a little bit of shoe polish to put on my cheeks and the reason i used a very little bit is because i don't know if anybody has ever tried that but you cannot get shoe polish off. but it was a dance contest. i had always liked michael jackson. i actually won the contest because i had learned how to do the moon walk. >> and northam appeared for a moment willing to demonstrate the moon walk. now, if the governor does step down, democratic lieutenant governor justin fairfax would likely take his place except fairfax is now facing sexual abuse allegations from back in 2004. though he claims the relationship was consensual. if needed, the virginia attorney general is third in
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line to become governor. tucker? >> tucker: used to be such a placid state. trace, thank you very much. well, looking back on it all, maybe the greatest irony of ralph northam's political career he got elected governor by claiming the other guy was a racist. race is not an integral or obvious part of the gubernatorial campaign he injected it to terrify voters succeeded in the ugliest possible way. here is one example. watch this ad. [engine revving] >> run. come on. >> is this what donald trump and ed gillespie mean by the american dream. >> tucker: what you just saw was libel. whatever else he was ed gillespie was not a bigot.
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he was a corporate lobbyist from new jersey encouraged the increase immigration into the country. according to the northam campaign he had to be racist not because he was but calling him one works it always works and that's why they are still saying it. watch as the robots on msnbc say black feyes klanhood on the governor's page are the product of republican sin. it's trump's false. >> when did blackface become a thing again. why does it seem that blackface is all of the sudden front and center in america again? what's happening? >> i think it has something to do with what donald trump has unleashed. it has something to do with the reservoir that's underneath our politics that can always be activated at any moment. >> tucker: a former attorney general of the commonwealth of virginia he joins us tonight. mr. cuccinelli, thank you for coming on. >> my pleasure.
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>> tucker: northam seemed to me the last guy in the world who have a klan hood on in facebook page also last guy in the world have an ad like that run by independent group still on his behalf he did not denounce. >> it no. they didn't back away from that at all. it was offensive. >> tucker: so, you know, i hate to gloat over a man as he is being destroyed and i mean that but there is an irony here. >> if you are going to weaponize charges of racism where there is no basis as you said, anybody who knows ed gillespie on both sides of the aisle knows is he no racist. he isn't bigoted in anyway. and northam, frankly served in the state senate with ralph. is he a very mild-mannered individual. for him to not distance himself from something like that was very personally disappointing and then you see this from 35 years ago, the blackface and the klan which he made his own piece of the yearbook there. he either thought it was
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amusing at the time and, remember, doug wilder was running for lieutenant governor then. this is not the 1920s or the 1950s. >> no. >> so ralph is hoisted on his own here and as are some other democrats. >> tucker: what does that mean? >> kamala harris when she congratulated him in her tweet out when he run the governor's race thank goodness virginia has been preserved from bigotry by ralph northam. she was one of the first to throw him over the side when these pictures emerged on friday. of course, this is two days after he made comments that were quite accepting of infanticide of a child born alive being left to die. >> tucker: i'm a little bit confused. i have seen the democratic party stand by to its credit or discredit either way, i guess, stand by politicians accused of far worse, done far worse than this objectively speaking. it didn't take long for the party to decide northam was expendable. what's the difference? >> even beyond that a lot of the people saying he should resign are saying well, ralph isn't a racist.
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i know him. i have known him for a long time. i have never never seen a racist bone in his body. but, with these out, he has to go because he can't govern anymore. and, i was on with bakari sellers recently. he said, look, if i'm going to keep calling donald trump a racist. i need to call this guy a racist. so they know that they can't back away from this on the left and still maintain their weaponized use of racism, even when it's inaccurate and untrue. >> tucker: this really should have been my first question since you were a major political figure for a long time in the state of virginia. you know ralph northam. you do not consider him a bigot personally. >> no. and i haven't frankly heard of anybody in virginia politics who said he is a bigot. they have called for -- many have called for him to resign because of these pictures that have come out. but none of them have said oh, no, no, no. i have seen ralph or suspected ralph. none of them have said that none of them have said that.
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>> tucker: really quick, do you think so he will stay. >> i do think he will stay. part of the reason i think he will stay now because justin fairfax, the lieutenant governor is under a cloud of sexual assault allegations that appear to be a straight he said, she said and his first counter attack on it, "the washington post" themselves came out and said was false. so, he has dug himself a hole, too. it makes it easier for ralph northam to remain in the governor's office when if he left they would essentially be importing a sexual assault allegation scandal right into the governor's mansion. >> tucker: the whole thing is unbelievable. ken cuccinelli, thank you for being here: >> good to be here. >> tucker: longest serving senator in american history was a former kkk member robert byrd. when byrd from west virginia died in 2010. then president obama heaped praise on his memory. ralph northam does not occupy an essential senate seat in the battleground state he could be replaced tomorrow by an even more
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reliable lieutenant governor. therefore democrats are saying he should resign immediately. >> he need to stop immediately to stop the pain in wes virginia and frankly around the nation. >> i think the governor should resign. >> he has lost the authority to governor he has to resign. >> he should resign now. >> should he resign? >> yes, he should step down and start his road to redemption. >> he should resign. so disturbing. so racist. there is no place for racism in our government. >> tucker: far be it for this show to defend ralph northam and to be clear who would put that kind of garbage on a yearbook page? it does nevertheless raise the question. when is it okay to forgive the mistakes of others? a journalist, a man of the left, over the weekend he tried to answer that question in an insightful essay he wrote for quillette he put it this way we have all done things in our past and our most offensive and obnoxious moments do not
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encapsulate our lives. but given an american elite culture that is regressing to secular version of old elise norms and political skinners and casting them into hell fire, it is not surprising that northam was immediately deluged with calls to resign. dave jilani joins us tonight. thanks for coming on. >> great to be here. >> tucker: the reason i love this essay and i assume we don't agree on anything politically, i thought you made a very fair point in that when can we forgive someone in american politics? is that impossible? does everyone have to lie because they can't be forgiven. >> i mean, i think one you have the things that are ancient traditions or ancient religion or science agrees on people's behaviors and attitude don't stay the same over time. people change dra dramatically over time. no one has alleged ralph northam has done anything as a physician or politician racist. why is something from 235
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years ago ensap late this man and irrational and on the left jumping on bandwagon to resign. they are undermining own philosophy. how can they say criminal justice reform in one breath and let rapists out of prison early. i do agree they deserve a second changes and should be rehabilitated. someone who did something offensive, obnoxious, stupid and reyesist one time in their life should therefore be barred from political office no matter what he has done in the rest of his life? it doesn't make any sense and democrat politicians are being totally unprincipled. >> tucker: you actually had an example in the piece of a felon who was going on to run for office after getting out. and this was, i'm not arguing against it, but approved of by the left as an example of redemption. >> yeah. i mean this man in texas actually knived another man to death. he killed a man. another of left wingers said it's great he is running for office now. he shows that someone can turn their life around and redeem themselves. by the way, i don't disagree with that the left at the
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same time has gone after northam and 15-year-old teenagers on the mall who may have made one or two offensive guest gestures. they are trying to destroy individuals instead of looking at the structures creating much more destructive behaviors. one out of three black children in the state of virginia are living in poverty. why isn't that the national crisis? why isn't that a national emergency? why does a photo from 35 years ago the emergency? >> tucker: exactly. maybe because they don't feel like changes the structures that are destroying children. >> honestly a lot of them don't. that's the truth. i have worked in and around the democratic party for a long time i don't think a lot of them are convinced that's the main priority. >> tucker: so they focus instead as you point out on the piece on symbolic crimes rather than actual crimes or crises? >> because the reality is, okay, for instance, kirsten gillibrand was one who called for gillibrand to radio sign she was a corporate lawyer for phillips morris for four years when clinton administration was suing big tobacco. she helped an industry killed millions of people. here to say what ralph northam did was a stupid racist prank when he was a medical student inexcusable.
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she was somebody who didn't do something imsymbolically wrong she was defending an industry killing people. if we focused on the substance. make amends. what ralph northam should do. he should not resign. terrible norm and searching the tweets and facebook for 20 years trying to find something racist and ruin their lives. not way forward. he should apologize to african-americans and pursue policy to improve their lives. that's what he should do. >> tucker: you are welcome on this show any time. thank you for that. >> thank you. >> tucker: i appreciate it there was a brief window between the moment he publicly endorsed infanticide and the days reporters found a klan hood on his yearbook page on that day ralph northam held a press conference to explain why he supports abortion. most of what northam said at that press conference was familiar the usual boilerplate written by lobbyists who fund so many democratic campaigns. but buried in the slogans was something genuinely revealing. here's what ralph northam
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said, quote: we believe that reproductive freedom leads to economic freedom for women. end quote. freedom. we have heard that word countless times from pro-choice politicians the argument, of course, abortion is liberation, abortion sets you free. none of that is true. the closer you get the more obviously false it is. at best, abortion is a deeply sad thing. ask anyone who has had one. so why does our ruling class keep pushing abortion on the country? well, ralph northam just explained it as clearly as anyone has. abortion leads to economic freedom, he said. it brings prosperity. almost everyone in coastal america believes this as a matter of faith former hedge fund executive chelsea clinton splantd reasoning in some detail quote american women entering the labor force from 1973 to 2009 added $3.5 trillion to our economy. the net new entrance of women that's not
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disconnected from the fact that roe became the law of the land in january of 1973. end quote. in other words, abortion boosts markets. it free's women from the tiresome demands of motherhood and allows them to fulfill their higher duty which is to corporations. childless women make more dutiful obedient workers. they can work longer hours. they take less time off. they are loyal to company first. this is all great for g.d.p. chelsea clinton and the rest of the investor class strongly approve of it. stop breathing and get to work that's how they feel. how engrained is this attitude? well, here's how the "new york times" described the story about the japanese comply just this past weekend. quote: japan needs moms in the workplace but many are stuck in limited roles as they shoulder most of the burden at home. limited roles. that's how the "new york times" descrindz describes motherhood. from the perspective of private equity, they are right. having children may perpetuate the species, it
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may add meaning to your life, but it won't boost the stock price. it does nothing for shareholder value. as economists at the united nations put it and it's on their website right now. when more women work, economies grow. well, that means that when women decide to have and raise kids, economies shrink. so, from this perspective, motherhood is a selfish choice. we have got widgets to make, forms to fill out, meetings to attend, mush, get to work. two years ago a columnist in the daily telegraph called for the government to ban stay-at-home moms. they should be in the workforce, adding to the bottom line. so this is the real reason our he a lets so enthusiastically support abortion. it doesn't set you free. it won't make you happier. it will make companies more profitability and that's what matters most to them. pro-choice means pro-corporate. whatever else he has done, ralph northam has made that clear.
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well, the media have made its priorities very clear over the last week. very upset about ralph northam's yearbook photo. they don't care about infanticide. mark steyn has been thinking about what that tells us. he joins us after the break. ♪ ♪ allergies with sinus congestion and pressure? you won't find relief here. go to the pharmacy counter for powerful claritin-d. while the leading allergy spray only relieves 6 symptoms, claritin-d relieves 8, including sinus congestion and pressure. claritin-d relieves more. chicken! that's right, chicken?! candace-- new chicken creations from starkist. buffalo style chicken in a pouch-- bold choice, charlie! just tear, eat... mmmmm. and go! try all of my chicken creations! chicken!
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♪ ♪ well, the press spent most the weekend telling you more than you wanted to know about a 35-year-old yearbook photo which was offensive as that appeared on ralph northam's yearbook page in 1984. that wasn't the only thing
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ralph northam did in the last week that was news worthy. he supported killing children after they had been born. here is how the cnn panel reacted when a guest brought that up. watch. >> you kind of didn't exactly report what happened this week when, i think it was quoted as a relaxed abortion restrictions. i mean, this was basically a bill that he supported that literally, i mean, almost literally allows an abortion up until the time you cut the um bic lick call cord. >> that's not. >> that is what came out this week. i don't want to get into the debate about abortion what he said was confusing. >> yeah. >> i would make the case that was an even worse offense than this picture. >> well, now you just. >> no, no, no. >> we need to talk about the issue of racism and i know you would like to divert the issue of a conversation more comfortable to you about abortion or something. >> tucker: but the real crime is why am i laughing. that's grotesque. mark steyn is a bestselling
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author probably best person on tv. he joins us tonight. what do you make of this? >> it's actually surreal. erin burnett's position is she is totally cool with partial birth abortion. she just doesn't want a guy in blackface doing it she has nothing against the governor's proposals for infanticide. she doesn't want him to sing mammy when he is down there. this incapsulates the real problem with public discourse in our society is that we always prioritize the trivial over the difficult questions. >> tucker: that's right. >> it's precisely because the abortion issue is so huge and real that we would rather leap back to a 35-year-old yearbook picture and talk about that for the next two weeks. >> tucker: it's interesting because one of the guests on the -- in the clip that we just played said exactly the opposite of what you observed, meaning they
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always say the opposite of what's true. he said let's get back to you don't want to talk about something uncomfortable like a klan hood on a page you want to get something that's comfortable like infanticide. very comfortable to talk about blackface on a yearbook page. everyone is against it no one would defend it. never occurred to me to defend that why would you? that's awful. it's not even a conversation. it's like a group affirmation that we all think it's bad. it's not even -- we are not even talking, are we? >> in a sense it is -- the whole controversy is a kind of me men strel show in its show. putting on a show about black people. abortion, black women account for i think it's somewhere between 35 and 40% of all abortions. in new york city more black babies are aborted than born. now, so if you actually take
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the black community seriously, that is a huge question. and it's much more relevant than some guy putting on a klan hood for his stupid yearbook photo 35 years ago. >> tucker: so more african-american kids in new york aborted than born. >> that's right. >> tucker: if you thought that was a good thing and you pushed to make it easier, would you be for or against black people? simple question. >> well, i think you are against black people. >> tucker: yes. >> you mentioned the japanese baby bust what's going on at the n. japan at the moment. japan as a nation is going out of business because they don't have enough babies. here, if you are in favor of black people, if you like black people, if you think you really want to be affirming about the black community why are you in favor of something that actually will ensure that
5:25 pm
the black community diminishes as a portion of the american population. this is because abortion is the central sacramento sacrament of the democrats these days. this menstrel show routine where everybody gets annoyed about stupid answer jent jokes and tear down some 150-year-old at tha statue. this political menstrel gets in the wave serious debate. >> tucker: approved conversation is a distraction from the forbidden conversation which is always the heart of it we are being manipulated. totally manipulated. >> absolutely, tucker. >> tucker: mark, thank you very much for that. >> no, thanks a lot, tucker. that's great. >> tucker: more scary news from russia on nbc news which answer jent of the kremlin have the hard bitten shoe leather reporters at nbc news smoked out of
5:26 pm
hiding tonight? glen green wallewalt joins us after the break to tell us.
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>> tucker: video has emerged of a brazen ms-13 13 happened in broad daylight on new york city subway yesterday. shows a group of men brawling on a crowd platform and one of them repeatedly opened fire. we warn you as you watch the video it's awful. [shouting] [gunfire] >> tucker: the alleged shooter is in custody tonight. police say he is a 26-year-old ms-13 member with previous arrests and that the murder you just saw was related to gang violence underway in the area. that's what the police say. talking heads on tv say the whole thing is fake, none of this is happening and you are racist if you think otherwise. well, you may have noticed
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we are undergoing a kind of religious revival here in washington. not the old fashioned tented revival with altar calls and spiritual redemption. this is the modern version where climate policy takes the place of the youk crist anyouyo.youthe. issue on border wall. >> a wall is an immorality. it's not who we are as a nation. the wall is an immorality between countries. the wall in my view is an immorality. >> tucker: immoral that's the final word from the high church of progressive liberalism. do they know about this in the holy land though? apparently they don't. just yesterday israel, america's closest ally in that region started construction on a massive new wall, a border wall. 20 feet high. it will be made of galvanized steel. built directly on top of an
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existing underground wall. officials in israel say the new wall will connect to another wall that extends right into the mediterranean that means the wall will prevent migration from the sea as well once all of this is done the gaza strip will be entirely surrounded by walls. israel expects to finish this by the end of the year. israel already has a similar barrier on its border with egypt that wall cut the number of illegal migrant from 10,000 to a total of 14 six years later. that's some wall. has anyone told archbishop pelosi about any this? has she denounced israel as immoral? someone ought to ask her that question and keep asking her until she answers it. well, the media have been telling us about all kinds of russia conspiracies for over two years now. it's a pretty simple model. you take a person or a group how don't like who are saying things you disagree with and then you build a narrative that ties them to russia.
5:33 pm
latest example comes as previous examples have come from nbc news. nbc news is smearing antiwar democratic presidential candidate tulsi gabbard as a kremlin favorite. nbc based the story on so-called experts a group recently caught fabricating russia stories at the behest of the democratic party. greenwald was the first to point this out and he joins us tonight. glen, summarize for us if you would what looks like a hit by nbc news on tulsi gabbard. >> right. so they claimed in a screaming headline that predictably went viral that she was the kremlin's favorite candidate. one of their reporters who wrote the story tweeted that they, the kremlin has a crush on tulsi gabbard, something that if it were about a democratic favorite denounce not just adolescent but also sexist. and of course this is all part of the broadest context where the democratic party has maniacal obsession with
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russia. if you try to debate anything about them about the war on syria or the ongoing viabili of natal toe onato ortroops in afghanisty start babbling about kremlin and vladimir putin and accuse you of being russian agent. what's amazing is doing this to tulsi gabbard. she was a democratic star just four years ago when she was first elected msnbc said the first asian woman elected to the senate, to the house in u.s. history. she is an iraq war veteran on the fast track to fame. they made her a vice chairwoman of the democratic national committee and now suddenly, they are smearing her as an asset of the kremlin using extremely dubious journalistic tactics for which nbc has become notorious on behalf of both the cia and dnc. >> tucker: what's so interesting is all of these smears comport precisely with neocon orthodoxy and it seems like tulsi gabbard's sin was violating the neocon
5:35 pm
orthodoxy or am i reading too much into this? >> in 2014, and you can go google this, there is an article in the "new york times," an op-ed about someone who is tracked neocons for a long time saying that it was clear that there was rising isolationism and antiwar sentiment in the republican party and neocons were, therefore, migrating back to the democrats, especially in excitement over the prospects that hillary clinton would be the nominee for president in 2016 that she essentially has a neocon foreign policy. she supported the war in iraq. she supported the regime change in libya. she was highly critical of obama for not doing more. in libya for not arming anti-russian factions. in ukraine they loved hillary clinton and migrating back to the democratic party. democrats have become reunited with neocons, anyone who deviates from the agenda either on the left or right instantly gets accused of being an asset or stooge
5:36 pm
of the kremlin. that's what they did. ntsb in this case relied on a firm that just got caught six weeks ago fabricating russia data they got kicked off of facebook for doing it that was facebook's leading expert for claiming that chatter shows that the kremlin is favoring tulsi gabbard. it's unbelievable. i know it's happened to you and to me. glenn greenwald, thank you. appreciate. >> it thanks, tucker. >> tucker: typhoid doesn't exist anymore except for undeveloped parts of the world. no, it's in los angeles now being spread by fleas. hard to believe. we have details after the break. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: it's happening with relatively little notice almost none but the u.s. is quietly going broke. very quietly but it's real. the congressional budget office just released its forecast for next year's federal budget. economists there predicting a deficit of 897 billion. for perspective that's about 120 billion more than last year. and it's far above the 500 billion-dollar deficit of the george w. bush years that generated so much alarm at the time. you remember those? what we are running now is getting close to the trillion-dollar deficits of
5:41 pm
obama's first term. the difference is those deficits came in the wake of the worst recession in decades and the wars in iraq and afghanistan of course were still running high intensity at the time. the national debt, most significantly at the time was less than half of what it is right now. so, why is all of this happening in 2019? it shouldn't be. they tell us our economy is in strong shape. our leaders say we are so rich we can give free healthcare to illegal aliens. no problem. these are boom times. but if that's true, then why aren't we running a surplus? the national debt is $22 trillion. that's bigger than our financial g.d.p. what do you think is going to happen if there is another market crash? or if suddenly we have to fight another war, if the democrats succeed in pushing us to war with russia, for example. if we are this under water during a peace time boom imagine what things could look like when something goes wrong and inevitably will and in life something always goes wrong. sometimes can you even
5:42 pm
predict what it's going to be. interest rates, for example. our current debt scheme works because long-term interest rates remain low. and, yet, even now our annual interest payments amount to more than 370 billion. that's about as much as our entire budget for medicaid. once interest rates go up and they will, that figure will explode. at that point your tax dollars won't go to roads or healthcare or seal team 6, they will just go to interest payments and get nothing in return for that only the bankers will benefit. both parties ought to be very worried about this. neither party seems to be. they assume they will be long gone when the bill comes due. they will be living in florida. and that's usually right. but this time they are wrong. because this isn't the long-term crisis we used to talk about. it's happening right now as we watch. speaking of changes to the economy, california was once america's richest state. it was a mecca for middle class americans seeking good weather and a strong economy. things have changed.
5:43 pm
how much? well, let's see, there is a typhus outbreak in los angeles. spread by rats in downtown los angeles. one city prosecutor in l.a. said she contracted typhus from fleas living in city hall office. that tells you a lot. dr. marc siegel is medical correspondent and joins us tonight. dr. marc siegel typhus doesn't sound like the kind of thing we would have a problem with in this country. >> you wouldn't think. so it's an ancient scourge we are seeing it in los angeles because there is 55,000 homeless in los angeles county alone because of the terrible housing crisis there and to give you an idea what this is like, there is typhus zone zones city blocks where 4,000 more people live where storm drains are used for human waste, where there are piles of garbage, rats roaming through the streets and over people who are on the city
5:44 pm
streets spreading fleas which then get in through cuts and bring typhus which is a bacteria to the body and the homeless don't have any way to get it treated there isn't any antibiotics. the solution would be getting rid of the rats and garbage and find places for these people to live. >> tucker: this is a disease spread through filth and disorganization two things we thought we had conquered in this first world country of ours. >> and rats which have been around since the bubonic plague spreading disease through fleas. to say give you an idea how horrible this is that city official you talked about talked about a headache so severe it felt like railway ties were going through her head. high fever, muscle aches and very bad rash. very bad disease. we can treat it but a terrible thing to be afflicted with. again spread because of garbage, rats and fleas all of things you think los angeles could take care of. big business has left los angeles. they will don't have anywhere for people to stay.
5:45 pm
what's interesting about the homeless in los angeles, tucker. they don't have shelters to go t to at night. beautiful weather. when you are out on the street and you have nowhere to use the bathroom and you are using a storm sewer you end up spreading disease. >> tucker: it's really unbelievable. dr. siegel, thank you very much for that. >> good to see you, tucker. tuck ♪ ♪ >> tucker: well, today is the 15th birthday of facebook. happy birthday facebook. transformed life in this country not always for the better. former zor to mark zuckerberg and author of the new book zucked. standing back 15 years after watching facebook. what's been the effect on our country would you say. >> when we started out it was really a beautiful thing it allowed to us connect with people we didn't see very often and organize events and, you know, it was all babies and puppies and really fun stuff.
5:46 pm
once they built a business model though, tucker, they took the notion of advertising. this idea that the people who are watching are not actually the customers, they're the product and they took it one step further. they went to this really invasive surveillance. they went to this idea of manipulative technologies and the result is that now we are the fuel. and, you know, this was a fine company. i think these are good people. but the reality is they have completely lost perspective. and, in their success, they have accumulated political power that is unchecked and there is really no accountability for what they do. and it's time for us to step back as people and recognize that this is not a right or left issue. this is a right or wrong issue. frankly, we all can be on the same side here. you don't want to hurt kids. you certainly don't want to hurt privacy. you want people to be able to live their life. >> tucker: what's interesting is you have written about the differences between facebook and also google and some of the other tech platform companies and traditional
5:47 pm
industrial companies that really did plead the country g.m. or g.e. or anheuser-busch. give us a sense of the scale. >> here's the thing on terms of market capitalization these guys got to levels that none of those companies never did. instead of employing a million people they employ tens of thousands of people. the issue which when google or facebook goes in and disrupts an agency, the part they forgot about traditional economics when you do that you are supposed to rebuild and find places for everybody though ho is disrupted. they haven't done any of that right? i understand the notion that hey, we can make this huge return and we don't have to bury any of these costs. the problem is somebody has to bear them. and in the chemical industry we decided after a while you know what, guys, when you leave a toxic waste dump you actually have to clean that up. that's what we have to have with facebook and google. they have effectively acted imminent domain on our data. they said we own this even though it's yours. that's wrong. and then what they are doing with it is causing long-term harm to little children, you
5:48 pm
and i have talked a lot about the whole issues of, you know, this really predatory stuff with kids and the bullying that takes place on instagram. and, you know, it's not because the people at facebook and google and instagram are bad people. the real problem here is there is nobody there who is telling them hang on, guys. there has got to be a limit. you have got to take responsibility. it's time for us to step up and do that i have tried and my goal here is very simple. i still own the stock of facebook because i was involved early and i feel i owe a responsibility to everybody to try to fix this thing. and i can't fix it by myself. all i can do is call attention to it but we, the users, all of us, we have power. we have the power to change our habits and we have the power too make our politicians step in. that's what i'm trying to do right now. >> tucker: i want to ask you just a question because it's in the news this week. a lot of media companies have been -- new media digital companies shed employees. one of the main reasons for that is it is impossible to make money, profitable with digital advertising it's a
5:49 pm
duopoly controlled by facebook and google. yet, you almost never see that story written. by aren't journalists writing about what's actually happening to their own companies being strangled by titans. >> i can't explain that because i'm not a journalist. the thing i can tell you is i agree with you. one of the problems with the version of the market economy we run is there are a lot of things that really matter in life that things that matter to dome crazy, things to matter to just good civilization shah the market doesn't want to pay for. one of those things right now is journalism because facebook and google control the audience. so they get to control the terms under which any journalistic organization reaches the audience. they basically say all the money for us and none for you. that doesn't work. so migrated hope is that one of the things that comes out of this is that we are going to save local journalism in particular. find ways to make sure that school board meetings and town halls will have the proper coverage so that people know what's going on in their community. >> tucker: i agree. one of the reasons journalism is so bad because
5:50 pm
it's falling apart as an industry. roger mcnamee thank you very much. >> thanks for having me on again, tucker. i hope people will read zuked because it is powerful we have a lot more power than we realize. >> tucker: good. take care. there was a little bit of drama at the super bowl. you may have missed it the national football league sent security guards to remove a clear and present threat. who was it? bar stool sports founder was dragged from his seat during out super bowl. but he persist after the break. he is going to tell us what happened. ♪ ♪ just one free hearing test at
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♪ >> tucker: dave of bar stool sports has been one of the people in sports media really one of the only to take on nfl commissioner roger goodell, to do it sincerely and persistently and he has been punished for it portnoy was banned from all nfl events. last week he was arrested and forced to leave nfl press day after he showed up with credentials under another name and a fake misattach and the mustache secuy passed out pictures keep him out of building. he got in located and ejected from his seat by force during the halftime show. he was once again in his fake mustache. watch.
5:55 pm
[shouting] [bleep] [crowd booing. [. >> dave portnoy looking none the worst for wear. amazing piece i read but right before the super bowl the former head of the nypd who is now running security for verizon said we have been told to keep this man out. was asked why? what's wrong with dave portnoy and the answer was celebrities don't want him there. is that grounds to keep a man out of a public place because celebrities don't want it. >> and by the way i think celebrities like me. i think that was a lie to begin with. [laughter] i would say no, that is not grounds. that article said they were looking for terrorists, sex traffickers and dave portnoy. those are the three guys they said they were looking for at the super bowl.
5:56 pm
>> tucker: we talked about this ahead of time. and even in my wildest imagination i never thought that roger goodell would be dumb enough to have you pulled out on camera in the middle of the halftime show. why? >> i told you he was dumb as a rock last week but even i didn't think he was that dumb either, tucker. i have no idea. i wasn't making a scene. i paid $5,000 for my ticket. the guy next to me paid $5,000 for his ticket. we were paid customers. they told us -- i can't believe that they actually did it i don't know how they found us. we were just enjoying the game. i noticed around halftime the security started circling around me. we went to our seats and i said you know what? if they come for me i'm going limp. i will make them drag them out of here. we had more social news than the nfl themselves. my name was tweeted out of everybody players, not players, everybody, this idiot keeps giving us
5:57 pm
publicity. i cannot believe how dumb, how thin-skinned he is by the way, tucker. i went to the patriots post party after. i wainvited by the krafts. the nfl tried to kick me out of that, too. they brought me to the front. some patriot fans they started booing in the security like uh-oh we have a problem here. called up the nfl and i believe the guy's name is tom hunt. he has a very intimidating resume. got to let this guy stay or else we have a riot. i don't know what it is with this goodell guy. this is the type of guy now keep in mind, his wife had a fake twitter account to defend him. so he is that thin-skinned. he makes $40 million a year and he is worried about a patriot fan just watching the game. it's instain. >> tucker: was by the way the most entertaining thing to happen during the halftime. this was the highlight. for those viewers tonight who missed the super bowl or missed its significance as a man from boston from the hub yourself, tell us why this was not just a victory in a
5:58 pm
football game the sixth for the new england patriots but why it was a moral victory for this country? >> well, have you got to appreciate greatness, tucker. great to finally see the good guy, the right guy win. and if you listen to the crowd at the end, when roger goodell was handing the trophy. now, keep in mind i was already injected i was in jail and they threw me into the street with three minutes to go i watched the replay. the booing the we booed roger goodell into the next county. that is what this country is about. the bad guy should always lose. this case it's roger goodell. >> tucker: speaking of that and i'm not a good journalist. this should have been my first question to you tonight. i want the camera to pull out a little bit. what is on your shirt. >> that is roger goodell's face and wearing a crown nose. we sell these shirts. the coach of the lions wore this shirt off the plane when the patriots won three years. sean payton he wore this shirt in his press conference because he hates
5:59 pm
goodell. everybody hats hates goodell this shirt has been the sign of rebellion because you can't speak publicly or else he will punish you. he will forcefulfully remove you even when you paid $5,000 to attend the game. he doesn't care. so not a lot of people will speak up. not a lot of people will take the punishment. i will. but this shirt now has become the sign of rebellion. we had 70,000 of these at foxborough. we handed out towels and every fan had it when goodell showed up for the first time. he is well aware and very thin-skinned i'm not going anywhere. like a game of chicken right now. we are both looking at each other and i don't know how this story ends because he doesn't seem to care and neither do i. >> tucker: i think you are winning. >> so far. >> tucker: you speak for millions of us as you do dave portnoy the greatest man in media. congrats by the way. >> thanks. big win. >> tucker: wow. i can't believe the hour is over. we will be back tomorrow night 8:00 p.m. the show that's the enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and group think. and as by the way that
6:00 pm
segment was going on we had a little security breach here in the studio. an unexpected guest snuck in, sitting at the anchor desk sean hannity, ladies and gentlemen. >> i don't have any issues with the nfl commissioner roger goodell, this is about opinion. why do you kick a guy out just because he doesn't like one person. >> he halls your face with a bozo nose on. >> tucker: my face? >> not yours. goodell's face. >> sean: i thought they could have handled kaepernick better. beyond that he was a height. my son loves bar stools. >> tucker: everybody does. >> it was like a right of passage for my son. i have done nothing. >> tucker: my wife loves it it's that good. >> sean: good to see you. welcome to hannity. much breaking news tonight we will cover a huge and damnindamning development from e deep state. it's leaning oh right into the office of the special counsel robert mueller to the rise of the radical left. we are getting all of this tonight. we begin though with our hannity watch tonight on the flagrant hypocrisy double standard democrats in the


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