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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  February 4, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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ed, did you watch any of the super bowl? >> i did. i was bored out of my mind. plus i and from new york. i will congratulate knowingly but i'm not happy about it. >> laura: to be there was fun but you wanted brees-brady. >> laura: i was talking to colleagues and we rethink about last-minute plane tickets. i'm glad we didn't spend the money paid >> laura: good for you. we had a lot of fun but no. have a great show. >> ed: seems more night. we begin with a fox news alert. political crisis in virginia. the man in mind to potentially replace governor ralph northam, fellow democratic lieutenant governor justin fairfax, seems to have a #metoo problem. here's the stunning twist. fairfax musing about the possibility that northam's allies are pushing the sexual misconduct allegations against his own lieutenant governor to save the governor's hide. fairfax is clarifying he's not
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sure northam is to blame. here's what we do know. the governor who once accused president trump of racism, still refusing to resign after the racist photo surfaced in an old medical school yearbook. some of his advisors say the governor's status is literally our tower after a big meeting with top administration officials. as for the lieutenant governor, "the washington post" knights has months ago they did investigate claims that fairfax committed a sexual assault, but they did not publish the story because they could not corroborate the details. of course the poster others could not corroborate assault allegations against justice brett kavanaugh. but publish them anyway. the political panel will chew on that double standard while kristin fisher is digging into all the other breaking news. tomorrow the present will address the nation. white house aides teasing out the theme of the state of the union will be unity. if democratic senator chuck schumer is basically calling the liar before he's even delivered the speech. sean hannity has some thoughts on that and he will be here to weigh in with me shortly.
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hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm ed henry in for shannon bream. we've got fox news team coverage tonight. howard kurtz looking at the mainstream media's selective outrage over governor northam, largely ignoring his highly convergent comments on abortion. we begin with corresponding kristin fisher who as i noted has the late-breaking details out of virginia. >> good evening. such a mess. not only as governor of virginia in trouble, now the lieutenant governor who would succeed him if he resigns is in trouble too, accused of sexually assaulting woman 15 years ago. a political action committee that supports the tenant governor believes the governor and his supporters are behind these allegations. the lieutenant governor justin fairfax was dressed asked point-blank if he thinks governor ralph northam is responsible. he said he had no indication that he was but he also said this. >> unlike others, i have nothing to hide. you have someone who, you know, alverson wanted to manipulate the press and wanted attention on this. completely obvious that you don't have to be a political
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genius to understand that this is a complete smear. >> fairfax has the allegations are complete and false. he describes encounter as consensual. his accuser told "the washington post" about it in 2017. the paper says it investigated her claims but never published because it couldn't be corroborated. now the allegations are resurfacing just as fairfax is poised to become virginia's next governor if the current one resigns. nearly every top democrat from speaker pelosi to hillary clinton to joe biden, they all say governor northam should step down. even virginia's democratic senators say that it's time for him to resign. >> it is his decision. very painful for a lot of people. we reached a conclusion and shared it with him and put that out saturday night. just lost the confidence of enough people that i think the right thing for him to do is step down. >> on friday, northam said he was one of the people in the 1984 yearbook photo showing two men, one in blackface, the other
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in a kkk robe and hood. then saturday he said it was not him, though he did admit to something else. darkening his face to look like michael jackson in a dance contest. >> i had the shoes. i had a glove. i used a little bit of shoe polish to put on my cheeks, and the reason i used a very little bit is because, i don't know if anybody has ever tried that, but you cannot get shoe polish off. >> is governor northam weighs whether or not resign, there are lots of questions about why this didn't, option. back when he was running for governor against republican ed gillespie. tonight gillespie's campaign manager is blaming the republican governors association who he says was responsible for the campaign's opposition research. so far, the rg has declined to comment but add, can you imagine might've been if these allegations had come out back then and set up now? >> gillespie might be the governor virginian tonight. kristin fisher, thank you for that report. the yearbook photo sparking
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uproar, this controversial comment about killing a newborn baby that was just delivered were not covered with quite the same furor. fox news meeting analyst, host of "media buzz," howard kurtz is here with a look at what critics see that what me blatant media bias. >> ralph northam in a major controversy. most of the networks ignored the furor over a bill the governor was defending to lift some restrictions on late-term abortions. fueled by his remarks in a radio interview. >> if a mother is in labor, i can tell you exactly what would happen. the infant would be delivered. the infant would be kept comfortable. the infant would be resuscitated if that's what the mother and the family desired. and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother. >> those words drew plenty of coverage in the next 48 hours on conservative sites and on fox news. >> conversation is should the child live or die. >> this is a fully formed human
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being in the womb. >> no protection. >> there was no coverage on abc, nbc, and msnbc. cnn gave the story 3 minutes and the "cbs evening news" led its peace with northam's second date offense of his remarks on how republicans pounced. >> virginia's governor responded to critics after moabite democrats to ease restrictions on late-term abortion. ignited an intense debate. >> only an innocuous line from northam's radio interview was aired. >> a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother. >> the virginia measure which has been tabled in committee similar to one recently signed into law by new york governor andrew cuomo and that it allows late-term abortion if the health of the mother or the viability of the fetus are said to be in question. "the new york times" framed the virginia debate around partisan g.o.p. criticism. republicans he's on late-term abortion is a potent 2020 issue. in "the washington post" had
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virginia republicans were trying to paint northam and other democrats as radical, who favor infanticide. >> the media has, is full of people who are extreme on the issue of abortion. they do not like the messy conversation. >> the abortion controversy, it turns out, is directly tied to the furor over the blackface and kkk photos on northam's page in the 1984 yearbook. staffers at big-league politics, the website that broke the story, told "the washington post" the tip came from med school classmates angry at at the governor's stae on late-term abortion. edd. >> ed: interesting. thank you, holly. in hours, the present will deliver his second state of the union address. we know that he's flirting with declaring a national emergency to build a sport while without congress. what else will his speech touch on? david spunt tells us what we can expect on the national security front. >> you will hear the state of the union and you will see what
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happens right after the state of the union. >> president trump answering a question about if he will declare a national emergency during the state of the union. if he does, he said many times he will go ahead and build a border wall without congressional approval. stick out there's a good chance we will have to do that. >> it's not clear if the president would make such a bold announcement in front of tens of millions of people, but we do know some of the topics he'll discuss tomorrow night. a senior administration official says the president will discuss the following topics: a safe and legal immigration system, protecting american workers on trade deals, including china and nafta. rebuilding america with respect to infrastructure, lowering costs for health care and perception drugs, and protecting national security. the president is expected to discuss the unfolding political crisis in venezuela. president trump has another summit with north koreans kim jong un scheduled, and he may announce the time and place in tomorrow's speech. >> we have major mende's. if you remember before i get to
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him president, it looked like we were going to war. with north korea. now we have very good relationship. >> the state of the president's foreign policy is incoherent, inconsistent, cynical in the extreme, and has undermined american power and our national interests. so in sum, the state of our union is in need of drastic repair. >> and in a fox news poll just released, the president's approval rating is 43%. disapproval 54%. compare that to december of last year, where 46% approved of his job and 52% disapproved. the speech comes ten days before the president's deadline for congress to send him a border security package that includes money for a wall. >> would you shut down the government again? >> we are going to have to see what happens on february 15. i don't take anything off the table. i don't like to take things off
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the table. >> there is speculation that the president may announce a major reduction in troops in afghanistan, a war the united states has fought from most 20 years. >> ed: thank you, david. it's not every day "the new york times" editorial board praises president trump, but the times editorializing today than after 18 years, as david suggested, "it's time to end the war in afghanistan." they even give the present credit on the issue saying "while mr. trump's foreign policy has been unwise if not self-defeating in many areas, he's right that it's time to end the war." let's bring in senior contribute or at "the federalist," jesse kelly and fox news contributor, former cia station chief daniel hoffman. gentlemen, welcome. >> thanks for having us. >> ed: daniel, we should note you were appointed just today by the president was very prestigious intelligence advisory board. congratulations on that. i wonder what you make of that "new york times" editorial. >> well, i agree with part of it
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that i think the president's desire to bring the troops home is laudatory. but i also believe that one of the real lessons from 9/11 is that when they allow terrorists to enjoy ungoverned space and failed states which is what afghanistan and the border region with pakistan is, they w. while isis and al qaeda in the indian sub continent, i'm concerned that if we don't retain some military and intelligence capability, that some of those threats might be visited on our shores. >> ed: jesse, in this interview with cbs news around the super bowl, the president also said look, i campaigned on the idea that we are tired of endless wars and i'm following up. what say you? >> he's right. he's absently right. congress is exactly wrong. congress voted 68-23 last week to give our soldiers in afghanistan. that's an insane foreign policy. there is no need to spend 18 years in any country, let alone afghanistan, and try to ally
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ourselves with pakistan, who is all up. you referenced failed countries, there are failed countries all over the world. what are we going to do, invade them all? these are real lives, real soldiers coming back, missing limbs, soldiers deploying nine, ten times, special forces are deployed for 250 plus days a year. it's breaking american families. it's breaking the va. it's time to bring them home. >> ed: as you know, the stakes are very high. as daniel mentioned, all around the world, not just in afghanistan. the president tweeting some weeks ago that maybe he will bring home all u.s. troops from syria. there's pushback in congress, as you alluded to pay the let's talk a little bit about that. listen to this from republican lindsey graham and democrat adam schiff about the fight against isis. >> there's a plan being developed post-isis that allows us to stabilize series for the iranians don't take over. turkey and the kurds don't go to war. he will be mostly an international force. i will give the president
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credit. give him credit where credit is due. he did something obama didn't do. he drove the delavan to the negotiating table. >> the president declared isis is finished. without complete victory. but of course this is not what our intelligence agency see because it's not consistent with reality. >> when this president took over, isis had a large landmass, many, many miles. it's been shrunken down, but are you worried about the u.s. pulling out completely and isis regaining strength? >> there's a lesson learned there too about president obama's precipitous withdrawal of our troops from iraq which allowed isis to take over such great geographic territory. i'm a little nervous about outsourcing our security to russia and iran, syria, then turkey frankly. they don't hold our best interests at heart and i don't think they would be as effective as dealing with isis. we had a modest contingent of 2,000 troops there serving as a buffer to ensure that the turks
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weren't going to target the syrian defense forces made up of kurds, the turks would like to target. i think the debate we're having now is a good one, frankly. >> ed: jesse, real quick. the president talked about keeping a small amount of u.s. forces in iraq who could help in syria if necessary. is that good enough? >> we are talking about -- not putting american soldiers at risk. that's fine. the only good terrorist is a dead terrorist. an 18 year deployment in a place like afghanistan is uncomfortable. it's gross. to hear these u.s. senators who have never carried a weapon in foreign land talk about sending our guys off to war, i'm sorry but it's horrible to me. the term chicken hawk needs to be brought back because that's what it is. when you are sending someone else. >> the only good terrorist is a dead terrorist will have to be the final word. we appreciate your insight and will be watching the president's words closely. the white house touting the president's speech for tomorrow,
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unity. today democratic leaders saying it's anything but unifying, claiming the president is ignoring reality. >> the state of the trump administration is embroiled in chaos and incompetence. >> ed: our very own sean hannity's coming up next and you don't want to miss his thoughts, not only on senator schumer about the chaos in virginia tonight as well. ways to lose stubborn belly fat: metal vibration therapy. ( ♪ )
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this is moving day with the best in-home wifi experience and millions of wifi hotspots to help you stay connected. and this is moving day with reliable service appointments in a two-hour window so you're up and running in no time. show me decorating shows. this is staying connected with xfinity to make moving... simple. easy. awesome. stay connected while you move with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. what i expect the president to do is ignore reality and spin his own fiction. a looming question is just how many falsehoods, distortions, and made up facts will appear in the president's speech? how many times will he say something is fake news because
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it's true? >> ed: senate democratic leader chuck schumer already going after the president for speech he has not yet even given. this comes as the white house says the president theme for tomorrow night will be asked, unity. joining me now, the one and only sean hannity. >> sean: let me get this straight. he's criticizing a speech he hasn't even given. the same guy that supported everything the president supports on immigration, border wall, finding the wall, will wants daca, but won't sit at the table because it's this president. he's going to lecture everybody else? >> ed: it is no secret that you know this president well. you talk to him from time to time. what's his frame of mind going into the seat of the union? >> sean: i always say i neither confirm or deny my sources all my friends or what i say. this president has done something that we rarely see in politics. two things. most politicians, you know what, they kind of hide who they really are. they put their best face forward. he wears who he is honestly with
8:21 pm
no apology. ed, with the fierceness that donald trump has thought to give us the largest tax cut, his supreme court nominees, to make us not only energy independent, on a track now to produce more energy than any other country. >> ed: how does he work with the chuck schumer and a nancy pelosi when they say resist and you are a liar. >> sean: can't do it legislatively. if they want to continue, 90% of americas heroin coming through the southern border, free rein for cartels and gangs and they don't care about fentanyl, than they are going to own the responsibility of what happens as a result of their hypocrisy, double standard, and lack of any agenda. >> ed: should he retool? this president. he now has democrats running the house. new power dynamic. >> sean: a lot of my fellow conservatives were so quick to doubt. i have known donald trump, the president, for well over two
8:22 pm
decades. he is tenacious. he's unrelenting. when he changed strategies because they didn't care about daca, they didn't care about dreamers, they didn't care about furloughed employees. that's it. i'm done. as if they provide every promise he kept. my fellow conservatives, i say this too. my gut instinct, with no knowledge, is that i'm 99.9% sure donald trump will use the military, may be declared a national emergency, and he will build the border wall if he. the judges and the ninth circuit. and when back in the supreme court. >> ed: quickly, virginia. the level of outrage and rightly so for a racist yearbook and yet there was virtual silence from the democratic party in all its leaders, from nancy pelosi on down, over the fact that this same man, ralph northam, supported infanticide. >> sean: infanticide. remember his words. he said i can tell you exactly what will happen. we will deliver the baby. and then will make the baby
8:23 pm
comfortable. we will comfort the baby. the mother will decide if the baby runs into difficulties whether to resuscitate the baby or not. and then we'll have a big discussion, maybe tea and crumpets, maybe a beer. to me, evil, grotesque, sick, and the president weeded out, this is now the party of late-term abortions, higher taxes, depending which plan -- >> ed: 70%. >> sean: to 90%. this is a party of open borders and more crying. listen. everything they hated, and i told everybody who watches fox, all throughout 2018, everything they were hiding, they are now trying to say publicly and outdo themselves on to get the radical, extreme liberal base. >> ed: extreme with bernie sanders in 2016 and now it's the central part of the democratic party. >> sean: it is the democratic party. where the moderates? the lieutenant governor, breaking news is you've been
8:24 pm
covering, he has a #metoo problem. he's been accused of a serious assault on the woman. city had a consensual relationship. where is dianne feinstein, kamala harris, kirsten gillibrand? where, richard blumenthal? where all the "i believe" people. where are they. one michael avenatti -- i don't think he's a fan of mine at all that i said don't rush to judgment. everyone deserves due process, presumption of innocence. it turned out in his case he was innocent, the same with judge kavanaugh. all of these press conferences, i ranted on my show tonight, "i believe." we believe. >> ed: as i suggested. >> sean: do they believe the accuser of the lieutenant governor of the commonwealth? >> ed: we shall see. sean hannity, the man who literally needs no introduction. welcome to washington. here for the speech. >> sean: this is the swamp, these two were. bottled water. bring in for montana. good to see you.
8:25 pm
>> ed: who are the justice democrats? after helping alexandria ocasio-cortez be a more moderate democrat, liberals ready to launch challenges against centrists. we'll take a look at who is on their hit list. more and more 2020 hopefuls moving a bit to the left. is there a civil war brewing in their party? >> i'm actually quite sick of democrats who are afraid to be democrats. who are afraid to be bold and progressive. >> ed: is that a recipe for success in 2020 or will it help ensure the president's reelection? i switched to liberty mutual because they let me customize my insurance, and as a fitness junkie, i customize everything. like my bike and my calves. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> ed: breaking tonight, fox news can confirm lawyers for president trump inaugural committee received a subpoena. a few months ago reports
8:30 pm
surfaced that the federal prosecutors in new york were in the early stages of a probe into the president's inaugural committee. the committee says they intend to cooperate. justice ruth bader ginsburg has made her first public appearance tonight since having cancer surgery. she attended a showing of the notorious rbg in song at the national museum of women in the arts right here in washington. according to reports, prior to its night, they justice had been absent from the court, not making a public appearance since december 21. the progressive wing of the democratic party's warning of a civil war within the party. correspondent trace gallagher is on the case of the so-called justice democrats. how they help take down one of the most powerful democrats in congress and who they are after next. trace. >> good evening, ed. the theme here is the far left justice democrats are in the process of remodeling the democratic party. justice democrats are made up mostly of young people who just a few years ago didn't have any interest in politics until they
8:31 pm
became galvanized by the message of bernie sanders. the fact that sanders lost didn't stop them random. in fact, many arguments and plea shifted toward new blood, including helping freshman congress member alexandria ocasio-cortez get elected. with ocasio-cortez represented the future, just as democrats are making it clear that centrist democrats are holding the party hostage and becoming obstacles in the fight for things like free college add medicare for all. so the goal is to counterpunch with willing liberals like newark mayor bill de blasio. watch. >> >> quite sick of democrats who are afraid to be democrats. who are afraid to be bold and progressive. >> step one on the bold and progressive agenda is to gather support for the upcoming ocasio-cortez green new deal resolution that her office calls a "national social industrial and economic mobilization at a scale not seen since
8:32 pm
world war ii." that might include things like universal health care and net zero greenhouse gas emissions but even though the green new deal lacks clarity, it's reportedly picking up support and could be introduced within days. just justice democrats might be surprised to learn the future is running smack dab into the past. a new monmouth poll shows former vice president joe biden running at least 13 points ahead of other 2020 democratic presidential hopefuls. and the emerson poll in the early voting state of iowa shows the only one who can beat president trump, albeit not by much, is joe biden. the former vp says he's closer to making a decision about his future plans. edd. >> ed: thank you. time out for tonight's power panel. fox news contributor morgan ortagus. democratic studies, former clinton advisor richard goodstein. daily color white house correspondent saagar enjeti. good to see you. you had a chance to hear
8:33 pm
sean hannity bat around the democrats. and trace laid out the facts. this potential civil war. your response. >> with all due respect to trace and sean, let me give the balance to this. the largest caucus within the democrat party is the pro-business new democratic caucus. almost all the bernie sanders-backed candidates in primaries in 2018 lost. the reason is that democrats are the majority now is not because they elected a bunch of liberals. alexandria ocasio-cortez won a very liberal district and primary. democrats got 23 million votes in the primaries. she got 14,000. they won their majority because they picked up votes in swing districts, purple districts. the democrats spent about 2.5 billion in the 2018. justice democrats raised 2.4 million. i think we have to keep in
8:34 pm
perspective, nobody in the leadership is embracing anything that justice democrats are pushing. nobody in the leadership of the democratic party is pushing the green new deal. so i think we should just kind of cool it a little bit on the extent to which the democrats are getting bold. biden, you look at former mayor bloomberg, other very moderate people are going to be very serious contenders. >> ed: morgan, it seems like the energy in the democratic party is on the left. how do you see it? because everything he just said is factually true, and that's what i would hope also if i were a democrat, but it's just not where the energy of the party is. i sort of see what happening with the justice democrats and the younger people in the party, it sort of like a boiling pot. nancy pelosi has the lid on the pottage trying really hard to keep this in check. but eventually the pot is going to boil over. so i think what you're seeing, yes, this happening '18 but when we look at the 2020 candidates, no one is running out of moderate agenda that has announced yet. the people who are coming,
8:35 pm
considering running for moderate haven't gotten in yet or are waiting to see what happens. we just saw what happened last week with howard schultz, the ceo who wants to run as a moderate, some former democrat. he is saying that the parties going to liberal. while biden could likely do very well according to polling, against the president, i find it hard seeing these people coming out and supporting such a extreme agenda actually winning the nomination. i don't see a moderate -- >> ed: took continue the pot boiling and the lid which i think is an interesting analogy. i'm not making fun of it. there are some republicans who thought nancy pelosi wouldn't even be in control of that pot and that she wasn't going to become speaker. she defied the odds there. then in round one with president trump terms of the government shutdown, you can argue all day where we are headed after the state of the union but it appears she did pretty darn well. >> you are right.
8:36 pm
you see the party establishment absorbing some of these forces. they are giving them some resources and allowing them to have their sandwiching the committees but at the end of the day, they coalesce. we saw this happen with steve bannon and early primaries after the trump victory where they said were going to have the maga coalition go into these primaries and put in only people who agree with the nationalist agenda. what ended up happening? mitch mcconnell is the leader of the senate, the one driving the trump agenda. the party establishment is up is powerful and they are adept at taking movements and placating them. >> ed: speaking of pots boiling over, governor northam in virginia. i saw a story in the hill today. it's had poll: northam approval plummets after blackface photo emerges. your poll numbers aren't going to do well after that. in all seriousness, where does your party go from here? >> he needs to realize and i
8:37 pm
think you will, since every democrat than anybody in the audience has ever heard of has said he should get out. he needs to be able to do that in a way that's kind of allows him to save some face. god only knows what happened or what he thinks happened. he certainly hasn't persuaded anybody that whatever happened was good. >> ed: it wasn't good when he was considering the moonwalk there, morgan. his wife, at the six ordinary news conference on saturday, had to basically say honey, you are already in in the pot of boilig water. to destroy your analogy here, morgan, and she saved him for the moment. he's in deep trouble. >> thank god for women and wive wives. i'm sure as you can attest if you are married. this is a very, very serious subject. i think brings out a bigger discussion here which is do we allow redemption and politics? that is something we've been talking about. i think and i said this the minute the news broke friday night that the governor should
8:38 pm
step aside and seek redemption and maybe he can come back at another time. clearly with his breaking on the day of black history month, this is not the time to lead the voters agenda. something else that's really important is there are allegations against the lieutenant governor now. once again it goes to this narrative of do we believe all women? do we believe all these allegations? how do we handle these things and politics in a way that takes into account the freedoms that we all enjoy? so this is now coming all back on the democrats, anything republicans will be right to stand up and say let's take a deep breath and give them the benefit of the doubt. >> ed: i want to get saagar and richard to react. we have a graphic of a "new york times" headline. how they cover the allegations against justice kavanaugh and how they are coming them against lieutenant governor. the lieutenant governor justin fairfax of virginia denounces sexual assault allegation as a "smear." here's what they said about
8:39 pm
kavanaugh. kavanaugh's nomination in turmoil as accusers says he assaulted her decades ago. why didn't they call that a smear? >> the times headline is one of many examples. you have the lieutenant governor come out. had a forceful statement about the publication of these allegations in "the washington post." i didn't see anybody saying he was unfit to govern because he was angry. he's saying this allegation is plainly false against him. much of the benefit of the doubt is being given to his motivation and combating what he sees as a fall smear against him and the reaction to that is just as important as the allegation. >> ed: richard, your party, a lot of leaders in your party during kavanaugh said "believe all women." are you going to believe the woman in this case? >> they said give women, frankly, the first opportunity to make their case. >> no, no, no. >> they didn't say a knee-jerk way to believe everything. >> ed: she said "i believe her." because they said believe all
8:40 pm
woman. that's literally the hashtag. that was a hashtag. >> kamala harris said she believed her because there was corroborating evidence. there was in terms of her friends. not being at the party. we can't relitigate it here. >> this is an admitted, consensual interaction on the part of the governor. pardon, the lieutenant governor. alleges sexual assault. >> ed: morgan started talking. last word. >> there's a great search function on twitter and you can search the hashtag "believe all women." for those of you that don't believe that's what the democrats had in the case of kavanaugh. >> ed: morgan, richard, saagar, tried to give you several minutes to talk. great panel. the migrant caravan at the border tonight, busting with the help of the local mexican government. they are across the street from eagle pass, texas. they say it's their final destination for crossing the border illegally, legally or
8:41 pm
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>> ed: tonight thousands of central american migrants are bunking down across the street from texas. caravan and border security, and issue the president will be addressing tomorrow night. let's bring in democratic strategist david brown and former dea agent in charge of special operations division, derek maltz. good to see you both, gentlemen. derek, i want to start with you about what's happening with this fentanyl we saw that was seized at the border recently. some democrats are basically saying it's not such a big deal because it went through port of entry. in the wall wouldn't have stopped it anyway. >> first of all, it was a big deal because that could've killed 57 million people. that much drugs. 17% of the u.s. population. but the thing is, they've got a realize that the port of entry's need the resources, right? if you have a wall, then the cause, the tractor-trailers are going to go through into the port of entry and you're going
8:46 pm
to have the border patrol agents, officers, you have screening technology, drug detection. you be able to do a much better job at focusing on the threats and knowing who's coming into the country, as opposed to writing around the open land all night long on atvs. >> ed: dave, will be the democrats approach to the president or night? we keep hearing from the white house who wants to talk about unity. he wants to get a deal on issues like daca, what your party has talked about for long time. >> it's going to be interesting to watch how the president talks about immigration tomorrow and the word he chooses to use to describe a wall and whether the barrier, which he used that language a bit this weekend when he sat with 60 minutes. i think part of the language and even trying to create political room, you saw him begin to do that a bit in the rose garden right after he reopened the government when he started to sort of signal perhaps a bit of an opening. in recent days he's also said he thinks negotiation is happening and capitol hill is a waste of time. it's going to be interesting to see that tone the president
8:47 pm
chooses to strike tomorrow and whether he signals a willingness to negotiate. >> ed: may be a preview to your point. matt gaetz, republican congressman from florida, here's what he said about whether to call it a wall or not. >> it may be the right reach for a thesaurus that saves us from a government shutdown or an emergency declaration, but ultimately neil, if we were business in america or a nonprofit or a family, we be looking for a win-win out of this type of conflict. unfortunately in washington, both sides are so hell-bent to see the other side lose that they don't necessarily help define the win. >> ed: derek, if we call it a barrier instead of a wall, do you think a deal can be had? >> it's embarrassing because if you listen to the experts that work on the border, they say that walls work. we got to stop listening to the people in washington. many of them haven't even been to the border. let's listen to the experts. let's get the wall and let's keep americans safe. >> ed: is it a semantics game? last question, nancy pelosi,
8:48 pm
leader of the democrats obviously said mr. president, reopen the government and will negotiate. then she had a news conference on friday and said not a dollar for the wall. he reopened the government and doesn't really look like you're negotiating. >> three-part question. part one. i think this is the political context. 60% of americans according to gallup from yesterday are opposed to a wall but overwhelming support for the wall among the presidents base. that's the context both democrats and republicans were looking at and navigating. i think you're seeing on the hill and i will talk about the hill because i think it's more relevant to what you're asking which is what's the way forward, i think republicans and democrats, neither party wants to see another government shutdown. if anything i think you're seeing -- >> ed: my question about negotiating. are they going to negotiate? >> i think the interesting conversations are not happening at a press conference. they are happening behind closed doors. it's kind of wishy-washy to say it's too soon but i think in this case it's too soon.
8:49 pm
>> ed: the clock is ticking. they've got to get this done by february 15 or the government will shut down. appreciate your insights. next, the u.k. is scheduled to be leaving the european union. turns out officials are planning for the worst. if the country rides or falls into other kinds of chaos, we have some inside details on secret plan to save the royals. that's coming up. hottest taqueria? and the hottest...what are those? oh, pierogis? and this is the avery's wondering if eating out is eating into saving for their first home. this is jc... (team member) welcome to wells fargo, how may i help? (vo) who's here to help with a free financial health conversation, no strings attached. this is the avery's with the support they needed to get back on track. well done guys. (team member) this is wells fargo. to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best to make you everybody else...
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during business hours. >> ed: get this. the british have a secret plan, not so secret now, to evacuate the queen if things go south during brexit. our senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot has the inside scoop. greg. >> ed, there are reports at least a plan to make sure the queen and what they call here the firm, are saved just in case things get tough when brexit happens next month. our sister newspaper the times of london reported over the weekend that security officials are dusting off plans from the cold war era that would see the royal family evacuated to an undisclosed site in the event of civil unrest if britain exits the european union without a plan at the end of next month. the royals are seen as a possible object of the public's ire in a worst-case scenario. that could result in a shortage of food and medicine, gas at the
8:54 pm
borders, a plunge in the econom economy. no comment to fox news. so far, the no deal brexit is still a threat and not a reality. it's been over two and a half years since the u.k. voted to leave the european union and less than two months until the deadline for the deal. there is no deal yet. parliament back last week, u.k. pry mr. theresa may's plan but only if she changed a key clause dealing with the transition period following the march 29 d. may met today with what's called hard-line brexit to your members parliament. set to go to brussels later this week. right now, saying that it's not budgeting that could be a bargaining factor if they don't want to see a chaotic britain exit either but they don't want to make it easy for the u.k. to leave. all the while, washington watches closely. the u.k., one of its most
8:55 pm
important allies, hoping for the best but basically helpless to help. ed. >> ed: thanks, greg. if you have a young child or grandchild coming you know sometimes they drive you little bit batty with the questions, curiosity. how one fifth-graders curiosity led to something downright incredible. our midnight hero is next. - in a crossfit gym, we're really engaged with who we are as people and making everybody feel welcome. ordering custom ink t-shirts has been a really smart decision for our business. - [narrator] custom ink has hundreds of products
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>> sean: it's time now for tonight's midnight heroes. she spends a lot of time where her mother works as a nurse. the woman who could not afford the cost of her dog to visit. it got her thinking how many other residents couldn't afford other simple things that brought them joy? with her mother's health, this 11-year-old started what she calls three wishes for ruby's friends. it has now raked in over $90,000 to residents and five nursing homes in arkansas if you're
9:00 pm
truly amazing. truly bringing joy to a whole lot of people. ruby k, you are tonight's midnight here. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spend the evening with us. i will be back at 1:00 a.m. tomorrow for the state of the union. thanks for joining us. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." another twist in the bizarre and revealingry story after the weekend of commiserating with his advisors, he now says he is not one of the men pictured on the 1984 yearbook page wearing black face. at first, he said that one of the men was him. now he says he has no idea who those men are, though he strongly disagrees with their outfits. he joins us to start out. trace. >> tucker, in a meeting with his top staff members, he say


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