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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  February 4, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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>> sean: what you see is heroes of the day, america's first responders who saved the life of chargers coach anthony lynn. we have to mention, that was on the super bowl, the absolutely beautiful rendition by gladys knight of the national anthem at the super bowl.o y it was amazing. let not your heart be troubled. back in the swamp tomorrow after the state of the union laura ingraham is in the next studio. >> laura: good show tonight. we are going to talk about that. i was at the super bowl last night. i got back at 2:30 in the morning. >> sean: did you really go? >> laura: i did. it was the first super bowl and the worst super bowl. i was surrounded by patriots fans.rn i was rooting for nobody becaust i wanted the saints. i was already unhappy that i was there. >> sean: a little bit unhappy justifiably. >> laura: we had fun. gladys knight, age 74. >> sean: the grammy award-winning duo that did "america the beautiful," they were amazing.t,in >> laura: that connected and we will talk about it. see you tomorrow.w. all right, sean. take care. i'm laura ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle"
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from a very busy washington. the state of politics and the commonwealth of virginia. it's chaotic. we are going to bring you all the crazy controversy surrounding both the governor the lieutenant governor in that state. what does it say about the current political climate? lawyers representing covington catholic student nick sandmann they prepare for a possible defamation case. a libel case. we're going to tell you what media figures, politicians, and entertainers are going to be feeling the heat. and it was a game worth forgetting, as sean and i were saying. the super bowl was among the lowest rated ever and how can it be avoided next year? raymond arroyo has big answers. the big winner fromat super bowl liii. but first, the rise of the pc puritans. that's the focus of tonight's angle. angle. now, rather than offering their own positive, pro-growth agenda for america, the democrats have gone really negative and really
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nasty. they casually hurl charges of racism at conservative targets of course, including at the president himself. >> well, i think this country hasn't dealt well with issues of race. we have a president who is a racist. >> let me pause there. you believe in his heart he is a racist? >> i don't know what "in his heart" means. >> laura: ohio must be really proud. trump is the first president to try to reverse the bleed of manufacturing jobs from ohio the old rust belt. being called a racist is how he's repaid by sherrod brown? of course he's probably going to be joining the 2020 race and so he has to join in with the rest of the race hucksters who are dividing america under the guise of tolerance. in their america, the wall isof racist. deporting illegals is racist. i.c.e. is racist. century-old monuments, they are racist.
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assimilation, definitely racist. requiring english be spoken absolutely racist. college indian mascots, oh, they were way racist. way beyond blackface, many costumes are now racist. but now liberals are in a huge pickle. how do they maintain the racial bona fides when one of their own governors cut loose during a med school halloween party dressed like this?s? well, of course with the release of this image on friday, the career of virginia governor ralph northam hangs in the balance. initially the gov apologized. >> i am deeply sorry. i cannot change the decisions i made, but i accept responsibility for my past a actions, and i'm ready to do the hard work of regaining your trust. >> laura: but then at a press conference the next day, northam was like picture, what picture? >> i am not the person in that photo. p that same year, i did
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participate in a dance contest in san antonio in which i darkened my face as part of the michael jackson costume. i used just a little bit of shoe polish to put under -- or on my cheeks. the reason i used a very little bit is because, i don't know if anybody has ever tried that, but you cannot get shoe polish off. >> laura: oh, my god. ed gillespie lost to him. [laughs] you've got to be kidding me. democrats of course moved to t quickly jettison him knowing he can become the todd aiken of the 2020 >> first of all, i think that the governor should resign. >> he should resign. there's just no question that he should resign.n >> it's long past time for him to step down. >> he should step down and start his road to redemption.or >> laura: or at least becoming a vegan. nancy pelosi, the democratic national committee, kamala harris, kirsten gillibrand, and joe biden all rushed out with statements demanding that northam resign as well.
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the left now finds itself hoisted on its own petard. dissatisfied, their nutbag base democrats have set themselves up as these pc puritans. a band of politically correct enforcers who traverse the culture. stamping out any and all who violate their ever shifting ethical codes. so now everybody is walking on egg shells everywhere to avoid being called out for white privilege or gender privilege without the privilege of knowing what this new orthodoxy even requires. ralph northam's fate will ultimately be decided by democrats in the commonwealth and republicans will do well to avoid joining the pc puritans of the left. because the democrats, they are tripping all over themselves to prove how enlightened they are by throwing even their own under the pc express. i find it richly ironic that joe biden was one of the first tweet out "there's no place for racism in america. governor northam has lost all moral authority and should resign medially."
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the democrat frontrunner in a new iowa poll, biden has a lot of nerve. after all, this is a guy who said this of its own future running mate. >> the first sort of mainstream african american who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. >> laura: clean? who can forget this charming observation from amtrak joe. >> you cannot go to a 7-eleven or a dunkin' donuts unless you have a slight indian accent. >> laura: the "washington examiner" has dug up an npr transcript from 1975 where biden talks about his support for segregated schools. so is this disqualifying for the new democratic party? is biden, after all these years all the years in the senate vice president for eight yearshe is he a deep-seated racist
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incapable of running for president on the democrat ticket? i think you all get the this is going in a bad direction for the democrats and probably for the rest of us as well. but each time the dems highlight the evolving purity of their party and reach into the past to convict someone today, they end up distancing themselves from america. yesterday it was maga hats that were racist. today anyone who ever impersonated michael jackson at a party might as well have burned a cross on someone's lawn. former democratic congressman jim rand, a northam defender put it this way this weekend. >> i think it is a rush to judgment. before we know all the facts and before we've considered all the consequences. even if the worst-case scenario if it is true, george, i think there's an issue of redemption. >> laura: oh, no, redemption forgiveness which was only reserved for the left is now unavailable for them too.
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kevin hart, al franken. the pc puritans get to decide who is orthodox and who is unclean. and they alone decide whom to burn at the stake. but don't be deceived. this whole effort is in fact a smoke screen, my friends. it's a partywide effort to distract from the democrats reliability. i think their atrocious policies are what we should be focusing on.s everyone is locked on northam's kkk costume mess and it's ae mess, let's not forget how he came to national prominence last week. it was his abhorrent defense of the democrats' abortion on demand at all stages agenda. >> the infant would be delivered. the infant would be kept comfortable. the infant would be resuscitated if that's what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother. >> laura: now he's the one who needs to be resuscitated. the exposure of the grisly reality that the democrats
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desire abortion even after birth has startled voters across the political spectrum and it should. but suddenly we are talking about 30-year-old pictures instead of a murderous policy that imperils the lives of thousands of children today? republicans should not fall into this trap. avoid the identity politics and the pc puritans. stick to the facts and to the issues.. we win on those. democrats are vulnerable on those. most americans are unaware, for instance, that when democraticwa governor andrew cuomo signed that law and got the standinguon ovation expanding abortion in new york last week, he simultaneously removed abortion from the state's criminal code so now new york permits the abortion of a child beyond 24 weeks for essentially any reason. and infanticide is no longer illegal. let the democrats continue their witch hunts. the stocks and the town square will surely be full. republicans should keep connecting with the rest of america who fear that come 2020
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we could be heading off the rails of prosperity and toward socialism. and that's the angle. joining me now, candace owens communications director for turning point usa and howard franklin, current consultant toa former georgia democratic gubernatorial candidate stacey abrams, who is slated to give the democratic response to tomorrow night state of the union. great to have both of you on. candace, northam is kind of just the latest case, isn't he? this constant racial rush to judgment joe lieberman was talking about today as well and yesterday will surely come back to bite the democrats again and again. >> absolutely. and i think in the future, we're going to be able to underscore how disingenuous they are on the topic of race altogether because of acts like this.di i mean, i actually didn't find the response to be enough. i'm sure, it's nice they called for him to resign but where are the mobs? where are the protest, right? whenever the left is upset, no matter how disingenuous, they seemed to be able to assemble a
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mob overnight for brett kavanaugh. when antifa knocks on the door for tucker carlson. where are all of those people? most people are nowhere because the left doesn't actually care about race unless it's a means to garner power for them. >> laura: howard, there are those on the left and fans of the president who say republicans can't bring this issue up. they have no standing to bring this issue up, and i want to play something for you. this is from morning joe. let's watch. >> how do you, if you are a trump supporter, how do you offer any lecture on race? how do you offer any lectures online? >> they have no morals at all. republicans are happy to ask ralph northam to resign.ap they have a much worse guy who is heading their party. it's ridiculous. >> laura: of course, howardit everyone knows democrats, the ultimate founders of course of the kkk, not the republican party.
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the roots of racism in the past and history in this country is not embedded with the republican party, the party of lincoln. it's embedded in the democrats. >> i'm assuming there's a question in there somewhere but i will just quickly say i thinkt one of the reasons the democratd have to talk about race and spend so much time talking about race is because we are a party that tries for diversity. many people who fly the banner and vote for the candidates, as was mentioned, rallying sometimes to oppose other things out there, doing things we disagree with, offer diversity as a part of this tapestry. it's not something we can run we don't have maybe the luxury the republican party has with being homogenous. >> laura: what i am trying to figure out here, and here's the question. how do you excuse joe biden's myriad comments over the years? you have to be indian to go into a 7-eleven? obama is clean, articulate, and bright.
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isn't that a storybook man. that's what he said. the "clean" thing i'm still trying to figure out. if a republican said that, he would never work again but biden says that and it's just old joe. how does that work? >> i'm not here at all to o defend -- >> laura: is he a racist too? >> one thing i will say for sure here is that it's impossible to take one or two statements over a 30 or 40 year political career and make an assumption about what is in the heart of the person. >> laura: okay, we are getting somewhere. i agree with you. i actually agree with you. >> let me clarify one thing. it isn't about northam having done what he did, in my opinion as a political professional. it's really more about his inability to respond to it in a way that's clear and concise and compelling and rallies democrats to his side. he can't in one moment say i'm really sorry for having made this mistake and it's actuallyly me and the next day say hey, i
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don't --or >> laura: that's dumb. that is off the dump chart. i can't even begin -- i kept watching going i can't believe ed gillespie could not beat this guy. that's what i kept saying. for the life of me. well, he needed to be closer to trump and he wasn't and that's the reason he lost in the commonwealth of virginia. candace, my concern here is it's easy for republicans to kind of sit on the sidelines here and kind of laugh. he deserves it. glad they got him. gotcha, gotcha, gotcha. i don't like any of the stuff. i really don't. i don't like the fact that this becomes someone's entire life whether it's a photo or an offhand statement, made years ago or recently. i'm not saying -- obviously it's a really bad photo. but i don't like when republicans are sending stuffus around on social media, revelin' in the moment. i don't think that's the way to go.el i don't. i mean, because i had someone on friday saying ralph northam is obviously racist. it was on my favorite guests
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and i said do you really think he's a racist? he said yes, i do. i mean. i think that photo is a bad photo. but i think to say someone is a racist because of what they did in med school with a halloween costume, i don't think that's going to go into a good place for this country. >> look, i think racism is a strong word and accusing someone of being racist is a strong word. i don't think necessarily the right is reveling in what's happening to him. i think they're just trying to point out the hypocrisy of the left. think about the way they attacked brett kavanaugh because -- >> laura: we are going to get to that in a minute. >> that's something that needsdt to be pointed out here. there's only one side that's been playing these dirty tricks and trying to get people pushed out of office because of things that happened decades ago, and that's the left. what we are starting to see here now is that is a slippery slope. everybody's going to get in trouble if we have to suddenly answer for things that we did decades ago, and you're right. i don't like it. but i do think it's necessary and i'm happy that it's happening right now with ralph
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northam because it opens a wider conversation that we need to have in this >> laura: i think you're absolutely right. candace, howard, stay right there. if you are looking for yet another stark example of media hypocrisy, look no further than "the washington post." o this is the paper that first brought us the completely, as candace mentioned uncorroborated accusations against now sitting supreme court justice brett kavanaugh. they did not publish accusations against the current lieutenant governor, however, and potential northam successor, justint fairfax. they wrote "the washington post in phone calls to people who knew fairfax from college, law school and through political circles found no similarsc complaints of sexual misconduct against him. t without that or the ability to corroborate the woman's accountu in part because she had not told anyone what happened "the washington post" did not run a story." well, yeah, i totally agree. so why wasn't that standard applied to kavanaugh? we reached out to the post and asked someone from the post to
11:17 pm
come on tonight. they simply referred us to a statement about fairfax while ignoring our questions about kavanaugh. i would like to have a reallyav good conversation.ut i think it would be positive and good for them too but no luck there. i want to bring in former ronald reagan advisor and american spectator columnist jeff lord. he's going to bring this conversation to this point of kavanaugh and the double standard that we've been talking about. jeffrey, it's a pretty clear cut double standard, isn't it? >> laura, this has been going on for decades, absolute decades. i hate to admit this but i'm old enough, when i was in college to remember spiro agnew bringing up a speech in which he said it's handful of people in "the washington post" and "the new york times" and the liberal media and they all hang out together. they all have this double standard and they don't give the american people the straight story. this has been going on forever and a day, they will do two things. there is the sin of commission in which they will go after someone like brett kavanaugh and then there's the sin of omission in which they will not go after
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the appropriate liberal. they do it all of the time. >> laura: howard, what i just -- i enjoyed because it was so pathetically obvious. after this northam thing blows up on friday, then it became well, trump supporters can't talk about this because trump is a racist, so they turn from that real quick. sse and they went to their sherrod brown, trump is a racist, s-hole country. they just want through this deal in charlottesville with the robert e. lee statues and the protest and the torch lights and all that. democrat great hope in virginia and then he's exposed and suddenly they are on trump. now no republican can never talk about this issue.y i reject it. i call you know what on that. go ahead, howard. >> i won't go that far. trump is completely impossible to escape. it's very easy to point to things he said on a daily or hourly basis that might
11:19 pm
underscore where there might be hypocrisy or -- let me just point out one thing. we are kind of comparing apples to apricots here. with justice kavanaugh now, we had a number of witnesses who were called to the stand. >> laura: not when the story came to light, wrong. that's wrong. >> i don't know that that's true. we were -- we saw them come and testify when the hearing actually took place. we don't know whether or not the post was able to get anybody on the record or to get backgroundr on this story before any of this came to light. >> laura: wait a second. wait a second. wait a blasey ford is lucky if she doesn't get slapped with a defamation suit after all this.y there was no corroboration. they were trolling for this information. they were -- they were so aggressively curious. they were so aggressively curious about kavanaugh. candace, go ahead. they were aggressively curious but suddenly... >> this happens over and over again on the left, and you're exactly right. they ignore the allegationsou completely, party why they ignored the allegations against
11:20 pm
keith ellison and there was a ton of evidence in the police report. ignored her. completely ignored the allegation. this is what the problem is. it has nothing to do with what i just said.or i'm saying the people in the democratic party say theym launched an investigation and determine she is not a crediblet witness and yet christine blasey ford had not a shred of evidence and they all decided she was an incredibly credible witness. at the end of the day, it's nothing to do with sexism racism, the left doesn't care about any of it's a mad quest for power and ultimately it's harming the country. it's removing the severity of words like racism and sexism and misogyny when you point the finger, as you pointed out laura, you say to everyone. it means nothing anymore. howard, you said earlier your party has always run on topics of race because it means no, it means nothing to you. you run on the topic of race because your policies don't hold up. that's what's really happening right now this country. your policies, you cannot win on the merit of your ideas, so you instead point a finger and you have ad hominem attacks against
11:21 pm
conservatives. >> laura: howard, do you want to respond? >> i don't know where to begin. i thought we were talking about "the washington post" and whether or not the media -- >> laura: it's a fluid conversation. this is >> fluid is a euphemism i would like to use in this particular case. we are talking about a couple different things that deserve to be connected here in a meaningful way. certainly no party is completely responsible or the complete represents the worst thing members of the party have saids or done at one point or another in their political career. i'm in no position and i don'tno think anybody on the panel can say the republican party is donald trump or northam is -- >> laura: i have to get jeff lord. >> a friend of mine suggested the dilemma is choosing between the abortionists and the abolitionists and they have a dilemma coming their way. >> laura: jeff lord, great to see you. great to see all of you. h howard, candace.
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you know, there've been plenty national emergencies called, and this really is an invasion of our country by human i traffickers. we need a wall. we're going to have a strong border, and the only way we'll have a strong border is you need a physical barrier. you need a wall. anybody who says you don't, they are just playing games. >> laura: but we are learning tonight that the president still will not go so far as to declare a national emergency at our border. you might excuse them if he didr because more than 2,000 caravan migrants have just today boarded dozens of buses. hope they are air-conditioned. provided by the mexican state of coahuila. from there they will either make their claims of asylum or illegally enter the united despite democrats constant downplaying of the situation americans are noticing.oc according to a new gallup poll 21% of respondents now named immigration the country's most important problem.
11:27 pm
that's the second highest total for immigration in the 80-year history of the poll.he so i say if democrats want to make this a defining issue ahead of 2020, bring it. here now, mark morgan, customs enforcement patrol chief. and jon summers, the former comms director for former senator harry reid. why wouldn't he declare a national emergency like yesterday? >> i think, laura, that's the question. if you look at the rhetoric going on, i think the democratic party is really putting the president in that box. laura: how about the republican party? aren't some republicans worried? do you think mitch mcconnell is thrilled about a national emergency being called? i don't think so. >> i don't think so either, but if you look at history, 2006 bipartisan bill passed in 2013 again the senate passed an immigration bill that put a billion dollars in there for border security, including a fence. now all of a sudden, they are saying no wall, no barrier. it doesn't make sense.wh
11:28 pm
when the speaker of the house puts down the gauntlet and says no wall. she actually mocks it. she talks about giving a dollar then she whispers no wall. once the president -- >> laura: try to breach nancy's security and she will stop you pretty quick. she enforces her border. well. this is the new mexico governor a snippet. let's >> one component is personnel.>> then there's technology and there's infrastructure. for example, i've seen places where the wall works.e' >> laura: i elevated her to governor, nevertheless, she's a congresswoman. she said there are places where the wall works and i think there are democrats who have cutely but transparently tried to say they're not going to have a wall from sea to shining sea. president trump has never said that. he has always said that in some places, it will make sense and some places it won't, but a waln does slow down the human trafficking, the drugs, danger also people just coming to violate our laws. why are democrats so hell-bent against protecting this country?
11:29 pm
>> [laughs] democrats are all for protecting this country and have dedicated billions of dollars to border security in order to do that.. you may member last year we took a bipartisan bill the congressoo passed to the president who said he would sign it, had $25 billion in it that included money for a physical barrier in areas where it's needed, as well as technology, as well as people. the president started hearing from the likes of ann coulter and others, you know, extremists in his party. all of a sudden, backed out of the deal. now we are where we are a year ago, he would've had $25 billion of bipartisan bill from congress? he said no. >> laura: you can talk about what happened yesterday. >> what happened yesterday matters because you're talking about how democrats don't like border security. >> laura: but it's not working clearly. we have a porous border. mark, this was your job. this is what you are doing. we have a porous border. to say it's not a crisis is so
11:30 pm
disingenuous, i don't care if you're republican, open borders more generous toward immigration or not. it's a crisis. thousands of people who know they can just come here and be released into the system. they are hurting children being harmed on the way. traffickers are being enriched the cartels love this situation. they love it. no amount of drones is going tos stop the people from crossing so then they are just released. caught, released, off to the drones are great that they are not it. >> you're absolutely right. with all due respect, it's disingenuous to talk about what was said before. if you look at the plan that the president has laid out, it includes what the experts laura, this is what's, frustrating for me. they are not listening to the experts. the experts have said for decades what you need is ate multilayered approach infrastructure, technology personnel. >> laura: more judges too. asylum reform. they need that badly. >> as far as security, it's a multilayered approach. if you look at the president's plan that he laid out, that's what he's got.
11:31 pm
he's got money for infrastructure, the wall personnel, and technology. t what's disingenuous is you have people in congress there saying well, let's just get technology and personnel. any one of those things itself doesn't answer the problem. the caravan of 2,000 people guess what. 1,000 drones isn't going to stop it. >> laura: remember, remember remember. >> democrats talking about -- >> 585 members of congress. >> laura: your own boss said no sane country would allow birthright citizenship. harry reid, he sounded like a lot of democrats. we have birth tourism motels. everyone's worried about russian collusion. the russians and the chinese have ads in all their circulars. i saw them when i was in moscow. birth motels. come here, live in miami, go to long beach. it's crazy. at some point everyone has to put politics aside and say we have a country, i think still we want a country. let's have policies that make sense. and while it is not everything
11:32 pm
but it does do a lot to stop the flow, the fast flow. >> the problem is the president is only talking about a wall. we are all actually in agreement of what we are talking about. yes, he is. always talking about the wall the wall, the wall. >> includes technology infrastructure, and personnel. >> if he would actually talk more about the need for allul those things and not just talk about the wall, but about the comprehensive approach, i think we could make a lot more progress on that. >> laura: well, i think he does talk about multilayered. obviously it's important. not just for the campaign. he did make it a campaign issue to be honest about that. but all of these fancy pants legislators all living in their big places and the senators they all have multilevel security themselves. walls, security systems, they've got a lot, especially the rich ones. nice walls. when president trump reopened the government, he also called for a bipartisan committee to attempt to hash out some border compromise.em jon was talking about it. before february 16. why haven't we heard about any progress?ru
11:33 pm
here now a member that team, tom graves of georgia. congressman, any progress whatsoever and it's not -- don't be partisan about this. what can we do now to make some progress before the 16th. >> not being partisan at all there's been zero progress. we've had one meeting since his conference committee was createl and it was created by nancy pelosi. you remember she said open the government and we'll negotiate. she created this committee. she controls this committee. her chairman chairs this committee. she has more votes than anyone on this committee. we've had one meeting. i have requested more. i've stayed all last week, went through the weekend. yet no more meetings. w >> laura: well, henry cuellar said this on fox news sunday about the wall. >> first of all, we're not going to have a wall. can we look at some sort of enhanced barrier? that is something we can certainly look at. but i have to say living on the border, you have to let the
11:34 pm
local border patrol chief have the say so and let the local community the involved so they can come up with maybe some sort of enhanced barrier. >> laura: okay, what does this look like? i'm a bit confused. enhanced barrier. not a wall. see through it. i think a wall you can't see through, but we're going to have it see-through. it's kind of already an enhanced barrier. seems like there's a semantic problem in part, correct? >> well, it's a little bit of a play on words. enhanced barrier for the democrats is taking an old wall and improving it. it's no new wall. the president wants new walls which i agree with. enhanced barriers, one piece. >> laura: well, when you see the video just released last week and the week before of hundreds of people at one time crawling across an area that, i mean, my 10-year-old could crawl over it. it's not a difficult in some places you just walk across the desert, very dangerous parts.
11:35 pm
you aren't a country when that's how you get into your country in a place where a lot of people want to come in. that's not what a country does.n i mean, if you want to stay a country, at least. >> right, a lot of areas forot but when you look at the plank that was presented by homeland security, i mean, they clearly see there needs to be new additional barriers, steel barriers, walls. in addition to enhancements, in addition to technology, border patrol, additional judges and such. there is a lot to do, but a wall is a critical component of it. i'm not sure why they are walking away from it. >> laura: well, what they will say is we're going to do drones and sensors and a lot of the big interdictions are happening at ports of entry. they are hanging a lot of it on the ports of entry whether making some progress. lower number of apprehensions. anytime you bring it up, well apprehensions are down. don't have a border crisis. this is what they continue to repeat. thank you so much, congressman for joining us.or up next, nick sandmann, the teen at the center of the covingtong
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>> laura: okay, you're going to love this story. more than 50 media organizations, celebrities, and politicians ranging from0 elizabeth warren to nbc's chuck todd, actress alyssa milano, jim carrey, were sent letters from lawyers representing covington catholic student nick sandmann.
11:40 pm
the student had his reputation destroyed after a rabid trump hating press jumped on an editeb clip of his interaction with the native american activist nathan phillips. the preservation letters aree considered the first step in at, possible libel and defamation lawsuit, so the teen's legal team also, with those letters requesting to preserve documents, released a 15 minute video that say, that shows the truth, excuse me, about his interactions at last month's march for life. here's some of that video. watch. >> as one of the native menit began to debate with one of the students, keep your eyes on nick sandmann. this is a critical moment that was omitted from the mainstream narrative. >> out of my face with that [bleep] >> it appears as though nick is trying to hush his schoolmates to show more respect to mr. phillips.
11:41 pm
and that was that. their bus arrived and the students went on their way. >> laura: here now is libby locke, deformation attorney. she worked on the uva fake rape case, blown up by rolling stone. libby, this is really an interesting approach. the family decided to produce their own narrative, which, you know, the power of video. i had never seen that before. i thought i had seen everything. that was wild. how seriously should the celebrities, and we're going to get into their names, alyssa milano, jim carrey and others how seriously should they take this preservation of all your documents letter they will receive? >> look, laura, think they have to take it very seriously. i know lin wood. he's very good lawyer, very experienced in this area. i think this is a brilliant
11:42 pm
optics move, p.r. move on behalf of the sandmann family and nick himself in order to produce this video. this video shows clearly how false the media got it, how falsely claims were that that the media first rushed and published. look, the letter, the preservation letter that lin wood sent out, i think these celebrities and the media types who rushed to judgment and published this stuff, i think they have a lot of concerns they should have a lot of concern because lin knows what he's doing.e if you recall, lin wood was the lawyer who represented richard jewell who was proclaimed by the same mainstream same mainstream media as being the olympic bomber. m lin went media outlet by media outlet and got richard jewell's reputation back. he was falsely accused. it was the same rush to judgment. these outlets who are really far out there and saying these false
11:43 pm
and defamatory things about richard jewell. i think lin is going to take the exact same approach here with the sandmann family and so i think there's a lot to be concerned about.e >> laura: all right, i want to remind people some of the things that were said. we are going to kind of show them in succession. this is just a smattering of what was said by some celebrities and there were a lot of journalists obviously spent a lot too. bill maher, this is what he said. let's watch. >> i don't blame the kid, the smirking kid. i blame lead poisoning. [laughter] and bad parenting and yeah, i blame that [bleep] kid. what a little [bleep] smirk face. >> laura: yeah, that was lovely. alyssa milano, she said this in a tweet "the red maga hat is the new white hood. without white boys being able tt empathize with other people humanity will continue to destroy itself." that's an example, i would sayst if i were defending this, as a general opinion. the things they are going to center on are things like that
11:44 pm
they're going to be specifically targeted at him. i think. correct? there are a lot of people with red hats there and you could sad well, the indian, i think one of the indian activists also had a red hat on in one of those shots. you have to be specifically targeted at this young man. >> yeah, remember, laura, and i know you know this from your time at the spring court clerking for the supreme court there's no wholesale exception for there is the milkovich case which says even if there are facts that are embedded within what is otherwise a statement oe opinion or implicit facts part of the opinion, it is still actionable.yo here, you know, there's no get-out-of-jail-free card for something that they proclaim to be opinion. i think bill maher is out there. i think he's got risk. >> laura: maggie haberman. a lot of other people. maggie haberman, other
11:45 pm
chuck todd, they are all getting letters. every comment is going to be looked at carefully. that's how it works in defamation. i want to play really quick. this is from lin wood, the same video, second one. >> a bunch of... >> laura: a bunch of school shooters. a video most people didn't see. these are a bunch of school shooters there. >> it's gross. it's gross, the racial slurs and accusations and insults that were being hurled at these young men. you know, we are talking about adults who were hurling these things at teenagers. and how mr. sandmann in particular conducted himself in the face of those kinds of attacks, vile attacks. mr. phillips' friends were there with him, yelling at these kids to go back to europe. really disgusting, laura. >> laura: yeah, well, it's
11:46 pm
going to be interesting to seein how this plays out. all of these journals, a lot of celebrities, maybe they don't know better. a lot of the journalists, who frankly are supposed to do this for a living, report facts. >> the standard here is going to be negligence. this is a high school student. not a public figure. look, they have real risk here. >> laura: all right, got to go.lo thank you so much. we'll be following every aspect. up next, how the biggest game of the year went bust in the ratings. raymond arroyo on the big winnee from last night. besides tom brady.n he will tell you.
11:47 pm
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11:50 pm
♪ >> laura: last night's super bowl, yes, i was there. it made history -- not because i was there, but it was the low-scoring game on record. also drew some of the lowest ratings. to explain why and what the nfl should avoid going forward, when you think of football, who else do you think of? raymond arroyo. fox news contributor. best-selling author. raymond, as you know, i was at the game and -- >> i noticed. >> laura: we had a blast. we had so much fun. dimitri came with me, my son. great friends. besides brady and the pats, who was actually the big winner? and julian edelman won the mvp.
11:51 pm
>> when you don't have a matchup fans actually wanted and youhe have a dynasty team that runs everybody over like the patriots, in this game for the six time, interest kind of wanes. but aside from the low-scoring game, the big winner of the night was clearly in my mind w gladys knight. at 74, she delivered one of the best national anthems maybe ever. >> ♪and the home of the brave ♪ >> laura, i know you thought that was the highlight of the evening too. part of the reason it worked was knight dismissed the politically correct kaepernick sideshow that threatened to dominate the whole super bowl. a red line has been drawn behind
11:52 pm
these big stages for most of these acts. kaepernick and his supporters created one around the super bowl. basically saying that any performer -- >> laura: no one cares.ou >> undercutting his protest. gladys knight said in a statement, "i understand mr. kaepernick is protesting to things and they are police violence and injustice. it's unfortunate that our national anthem has been dragged into the debate when the distinctive sense is that the national anthem and fighting for justice should each stand alone." she's a class act. she showed america what talentin looks like. she did it without autotune or any pyrotechnics. >> laura: she didn't have to strip down and show tattoos either. >> [laughs] we've got to talk about that. >> laura: no. let me just say, the national anthem was sung and there was a gentleman in front of me. maybe 24, 25. all patriots fans. we were in the end zone kind of at the corner of the end zone patriots side. all patriots fans. i
11:53 pm
he's crying. he's in a brady jersey, crying. we were like why are you crying? he said my father, his father is in the military, army, and his mother was born in germany. they met there when he was deployed. he said i just love -- i love this country. we have a great blank blank country. he's crying. i'm telling you, 74 years old. she belted out. you hear that high note at the end. >> we have to go to maroon 5. we're going to run out of time. adam levine, he did not quite fare as well, laura. ♪ the lowest ranked super bowl and there was a reason for it. in the middle, he was kind of desperate. he stripped down, took his shirt off. laura, he was singing a song moves like jagger. he moved more like manilow.
11:54 pm
they need to get bruno mars and pharrell. >> laura: let me say, no, no no. let me say, the rolling stones in their 70s could kick their tail. adam levine is a phenomenal musician. he's a talent. he's a talent. stripped down, see your tattoosn we don't need to see the whole geography of the whole country on your body. my son looked at it like what is that? everyone around me, by the way nobody around me knew any of the songs. a we were all -- we were reminiscing about u2 at the super bowl years >> they are kind of love yearning songs. people want anthems and things they can sing together. "we are the champions," that kind of thing. the lowest rated super bowl in ten years. here in new orleans where i amd tonight, it was 26.2% of the households, the lowest ever. something beautiful happened here.d, thousands of people turned into the streets for what they call the boycott bowl.e
11:55 pm
ended up being a celebration of the saints and the who dat nation. although adam levine tried to underscore this message with "one love." what new orleans showed accidentally is what one love looks like.ov they came together as people. white, black, hispanic. unbelievable. it was a show of unity and a show of love for their team. that's what the nfl was striving for. i hope they got that message. >> laura: it should've been brees versus brady. would've been phenomenal. we have some photos we'll put up on the screen of dimitri and me and maybe some others. oh, there we are. there's dimitri. is it bad i got him into school late? oops. all right. see you tomorrow. we'll be right back. ..
11:56 pm
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>> laura: finally tonight, pr >> programming note. tomorrow night we will have a live midnight edition of the income angle with a wrap up of the state of the union, great lineup of guests, analysis you won't see anywhere else. my newest podcast tomorrow, go online and subscribe, really fun.
12:00 am
ed henry is in for shannon bream, he and the fox news at night team. did you watch any of the super bowl? >> i was bored out of my mind. i will congratulate new england. >> to be there was fun but you wanted breeze brady, you want to that matchup. ed: we were thinking of last-minute plane tickets to atlanta and i'm glad we didn't. >> we had a lot of fun, have a great show. ed: democratic governor in virginia, the crisis spreading tonight, the man in line to replace northrom, justin fairfax seems to have a me too problem. here's the stunning twist, he is musing about the possibility that northrom's allies are pushing


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