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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  February 5, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PST

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5:00 in the west. it's going to be a great night. lot of fun. >> melissa: no more time for them online. we'll get right on over. back here at noon eastern tomorrow. now it's harris. >> harris: we begin with the fox news alert. the state of being in this just hours away as the president is failing to bring a message of unity to a divided government. this is "outnumbered overtime," i'm harris faulkner. a big day in washington, d.c. president trump preparing to deliver his state of the union address tonight. the delayed speech will be the first time he has spoken before a house controlled by democrats. the president is expected to seek common ground as he looks to highlight key items on his agenda, including integration , prescription drugs, and prices. white house press secretary sarah sanders with a preview. >> i think you will see an incredible speed by the president, a visionary speech. the theme of this year's state of the union is choosing greatness. the president is going to lay out some of the great successes that we have had over the last
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two years, and paint a picture over what we can do for this country if we come together, work together over the next two years. >> harris: chief white house crisp on the john roberts is on the north line on this big day. john? >> harris, good afternoon to you. you mentioned the president had delayed the speech. it was thought he might give an alternate speech. back on january 29th grade but after discussions, where could he get a better audience to make a case for the compliments and the agenda going forward than standing before the congress and the state of union when every network and i across america is tuned into what you're doing? so that's why the president decided to give the speech tonight even though it was delayed by a week. the president also taking aim on twitter this morning i criticisms from the senate minority leader chuck schumer who ripped a strip off the president for the speech despite the fact that schumer is seen or heard neither one of it. listen here. speak of the truth is, the state of the trump economy is feeling america's middle class. the state of the trump
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health care system is failing america's families. on the state of the trump administration is embroiled in chaos and incompetence. >> the priorities the president will discuss today. immigration, infrastructure, health care, drug pricing, trade, and deregulation. some of those are bipartisan and he should build a good agreement. others, like immigration, will be more difficult. this morning, and i thought this pretty significant, a congressman from california indicated she could accept the president's proposal of increasing money from humanitarian assistance, strengthening ports of entry, years of protection for daca recipients, and $5.7 billion for a border barrier. as long as it's not a concrete wall. listen to what she said. >> i think we can come to some kind of an agreement that keeps the government open, and the address is the major issues that are happening along the border. i'm sure it will get me in trouble with some folks. we all know it's not that 2000-
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2000--mile concrete barrier, so i'm -- as long as it's not that, i'm pretty good. >> so that is significant. because democrats are saying no border wall at all. that has been the mantra of nancy pelosi. but now you see a democratic congresswoman from california saying, "look, if it's not a concrete wall, that's something i might be able to support." this number of democrats in congress that would be willing to support that position. the question is, are they willing to go against the leadership question market doesn't appear that they are at the moment. although you do have that it articulate public good. it will be a guesstimate of the first lady. you see among them joshua trump. he's a sixth-grader from wilmington, delaware, who has been bullied at school, simply because of his last name. he will be in the first lady's box tonight. also the daughter, granddaughter, and great granddaughter of a couple who were murdered by an illegal immigrant last month. matthew charles, the first person released from prison under the new step act, will be
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there. along with timothy madsen. he's a member of the pittsburgh s.w.a.t. team who nearly lost his life responding to the tree of life synagogue shooting. they were also be a cancer survivor there, a young woman recovering from prescription drug addiction, which is a big agenda issue for the president, and a whole lot more. you can bet you will see democrats sit on their hands tonight. but the president will try to lay out an agenda for the next year that he believes, at least for some part, harris, can get some bipartisan support. >> harris: john roberts, thank you very much. joining me now, senate majority whip john thune of south dakota. senator, great to see you today. as we preview what the president will say tonight in the state of the union, what are your expectations? >> i think the president has a great opportunity, as he does every year, to make his case to the american people for his agenda. he will be able to talk about some of the compliments of the past year and a little bit of a look back and look forward. the look back is pretty impressive, if you think about it. we've got record low unemployment, wages are at a
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10-year high, business confidence is that a record level and consumer confidence is also at a record level. dodge jobs are up, wages are up. the company's a good story. i hope the present will talk about things he intends to to continue on that path toward greater opportunities and job growth for the mega people. >> harris: being in the public and leadership as you are, no doubt having some conversations throughout the entire process before and after the partial government shutdown, what is the state of our union? >> if you, harris, look at some of the things i just mentioned, i think most americans sort of judge how they are doing personally. and a lot of that comes down to pocketbook issues, their kitchen table issues. and their quality of life issues. by that metric, obviously, i think it's very good. i think in terms of the things the president is doing with respect to judges, with respect to national security, we have made a lot of progress. and there is always room for
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improvement. that will always be the case. but if you look at the record of a compliment in the past two years, i think it's very impressive. i think the american people get that, and oftentimes perhaps the president doesn't get as much credit as he deserves for the things he's accomplished. but we want to make sure we're doing the right things going forward so that we can continue down that path of success. be one what you are talking about with the american people is how does it feel metric rather than what they may see across the television screens. nobody watches stuff as we do. i want to hear now from senator shelby, who says on this idea that the president might pull the emergency hash and news executive order to build a wall or bury at our southern border, he sees optimism. let's watch. >> we could put us to give it pretty could be the opposite. it could bring us together. will it? we don't know. but sometimes dire circumstances bring us together. sometimes it pulls us apart.
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>> harris: so, senator thune, just so we don't miss it, dire circumstances over in emergency executive order a kind of political compared with the dire circumstances of 800,000 people sitting and waiting for their paychecks to resume. put it to me plainly, though. is this the kind of pressure that this situation needs? >> i think that nobody wants to see it, because it's not in anybody's best interest, to have another government shutdown. i do have the federal worker's experience with they went through this last time around. i think the best solution, harris, is for the democrats to come to the table and support things they voted for in the past. both senate and house members have a lot of these things that i been put forward by the president. having been a number of meetings, i think as an objective observer that the president has been very reasonable, flexible, willing to negotiate, willing to be the democrats halfway. the question is, where are the democrats? they haven't moved or budged an inch. this idea that they are now
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adopting, that somehow we can have open borders, it justifies common sense. i think most americans see that and they want to see the president have success and get the resources necessary to defenders of the border. how that happens remains to be seen. the best thing to happen is for them to negotiate in good faith like they said they would. and help us resolve this dilemma. a speed when a real quick last question -- who among the democrats like he was putting on their objective observer hat on the side of the room and watching this? am very curious. because that's important. >> i think there are some democrats when you get outside of their leadership you are. you just played some video of one this morning. i think it was on your air, where you had house democrat talking about a willingness to support physical structure in some places. there are some democrats both in the house and senate who share that view, but it's hard to get around the leadership. that's why i'm hoping this conference committee will be
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able to move forward independently without taking their direction from nancy pelosi. because i figure if they do -- and they are there in good faith and trying to get to a deal -- the president certainly has expected an openness and willingness to do it. >> harris: wins leader tells you that she wants it one way. i think you're talking about congressman max rose of new york. we've had them on this program. leader steny hoyer also recognizing the necessity of a board in some places. that's good since there are 600 miles of one already. senator thune, always good to see you. thank you. >> thanks, harris. nice to be with you. >> harris: be sure to tune into our special life coverage side of the president's state of the union address and the democratic response. right here on the fox news channel. it all begins at 8:00 p.m. eastern. don't miss a second. this story, from virginia. red-hot in the headlines at this hour. virginia's democrat governor, ralph northam, coming to power now despite calls from both parr
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a racist yearbook picture. this, as the state's lieutenant governor just in fairfax is now denying sexual misconduct allegations from 2004. he is refusing to rule out the possibility that northam's team was behind the release. he says, "he doesn't believe in coincidences." garrett tenney life for us in richmond, virginia, . >> harris, fox news has learned that the woman accusing him of sexual assault has hired the same law firm that represented christine blasey ford when she brought allegations against justice brett kavanaugh. a source close to the legal team tells me that they are now discussing what steps to take forward, and they expect to have more to say on that front later today. the lieutenant governor, justin fairfax, meanwhile says that there was a consensual relationship with this woman 15 years ago. but he strongly denies there was any kind of assaults. last night he suggested that this accusation is part of a smear campaign launched by those
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who don't want to see him become governor. >> is completely automated dull my copies, you don't have to be political genius to understand that this is a complete smear. my character. there's a lot of attention on u us. of course, there's the possibility of my being elevated from lieutenant governor ship to governor. there are people who will come out and smear you. attack your character. but i am totally comfortable in my own skin. >> fairfax as he does not have any indication that governor northam's vibe allegations, and the governor's office says that suggestion on its own is absolutely false. in washington, some top democrats are also now facing criticism for not speaking out against the sexual assault allegations the same way they did with justice kavanaugh. >> i figure we should be focusing on what's happening right now with the governor. i know you guys are going to try and focus on a lot of things
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right now, but right now my focus is on calling for the governor to step down. >> the key thing right now is that governor northam needs to resign. there's no excuse for him -- when he said is completely disqualifying. >> as all this plays out, governor ralph northam continues to meet with his team to try and discuss a path forward, to see if there is a way for him to remain in office. he's reaching out to democrats here on the state level, as well, to try and convince them to give him time to clear his name and convince them that he can continue to serve as governor and do so effectively. paris? >> harris: i'm listening closely. i thought it was interesting, senator warren saying what he has said is disqualifying. we are all talking about a yearbook picture. that would be a bigger picture of all of this for democrats. garrett tenney, thank you very much. federal prosecutors have issued a subpoena for president trump's inaugural committee last night. in the white house, are they at all concerned that this can lead
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back to the administration? we will take a look. plus, about 2,000 migrants testing the limits of how housing facilities at the southern border. this, as the president demanding that border barrier or wall. coming up from a live report from the texas border town. ♪ a. home values are rising, and with newday's va cash out home loan, you can borrow up to 100 percent of your home's increased value. you could get 54,000 dollars or more and lower your payments by over $600 a month. with automatic authority from the va, newday can say yes when banks say no. take advantage of your home's increased value. call newday usa now. go to or call 1-800-405-6714 iyou may be at increased riskf for pneumococcal pneumonia -a potentially serious bacterial lung disease that can disrupt your routine for weeks. in severe cases, pneumococcal pneumonia can put you in the hospital. it can hit quickly, without warning,
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10:18 am
committee. investigators are seeking documents related to the committee finances including whether any donations came from foreign nationals. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge with the news in washington. >> think you come harris. good afternoon. a spokesperson for the presidential egg inaugural committee issued a brief statement late last night to reporters about an inquiry from your prosecutors and request records. "while we are still reviewing the subpoena, it is our intention to cooperate with the inquiry." according to "the wall street journal" that first reported on the subpoena, prosecutors are seeking documents relating to inaugural committee donors and vendors. any donations they may have received after making their contributions. another key investigative thread examines whether donations were made by foreign nationals. the inaugural committee raised $107 million for events to celebrate the inauguration. contributions in exchange for political favors, of course, could be a violation of corruption laws. this morning, press
10:19 am
secretary sarah sanders drew a distinction between the white house and the committee. >> if i'm reading this he reports you are, this doesn't have anything to do with the white house. i think the biggest focus on the things that most americans care about have nothing to do with the inaugural and everything to do with what the path forward looks like. >> it is believed that the investigation grew out of the michael cohen case, also in new york. the president's former personal attorney seeing here leading cortical months ago pled guilty to lying to congress, and if significant, that charges brought by counsel investigators over statements he made to lawmakers about a 2016 trump tower moscow real estate project as well as something brought about tax evasion. meanwhile in washington, all eyes are on capitol hill later this week. a potential appearance by cohen. although, i will caution that the grand rules remain fluid at this time. the important thing to note here, as well, that the
10:20 am
president and the white house have distanced themselves from cohen as well as the allegations and the records requests with the inaugural committee, harris. >> harris: catherine, i took copious notes from my ex gets pretty good c. >> i appreciate that. >> harris: andrew napolitano preaching it was you! senior judicial analyst for fox news. judge, i want to get out what's at the heart of this case. the term transition team breezed more than $107 million. what does that lead to? >> where did it come from, and for what purposes it given? because the inaugural didn't cost $100 million. where did the rest of the money go? both were identified by afternoon. one was michael cohen, at the time he was the lawyer and fixe fixer. but the other was rick gates, the number two person in the president's campaign, and then the number two person in the transition team who pleaded guilty to bank fraud and lying to the fbi and became a witness for bob mueller.
10:21 am
fast forward, this is not a mueller investigation. this is federal prosecutors here in new york city. the same people who rated michael cohen's offices last spring. the same people that prosecuted him here for income tax evasion and for bank fraud. they want to know, did money come from foreign investors? criminal? did money come from foreign investors directly to vendors without any reporting? criminal. was any political favor given to the foreign donors? potentially criminal. that's what they're looking for. >> harris: interesting. advisor to the president kelly ann, i talked about the only person named in the subpoena. watch. >> one individual, a gentleman who apparently had been a fund-raiser for both hurley clinton and barack obama, and secretary clinton. he was trying to -- according to the reports i read -- tried to
10:22 am
get into the room. i only know what i've read about the subpoena, and i'm sure we will be able to comply as we have with any such request here. >> harris: she mentioned that one person. what does it matter? >> i don't think it's that significant. with the government is looking for is whether or not then-president-elect donald trump was aware of any of this. and is there any record of foreign donations, which was not reported? if it was reported, they would know about it and go directly to the donor. because the foreign donations are unlawful. >> harris: can ask your question? this didn't come because robert mueller is including this in his investigation. we go that's right. >> harris: this is almost like legal collateral damage. >> this came because they can't michael cohen on income tax evasion. he said, "here's what i have for you if you go easy on me." this happens all the time. "what you have for us?" "i have cooking the books for the transition. ask rick gates." now they are trying to find out what it is that's there.
10:23 am
by issuing the subpoena. the first step, the subpoena for the grand jury which was served yesterday. >> harris: the foreign money part of this, you say that's really the key. does that get back to whether or not collusion was involved here? i know it's not the mueller investigation, but would be even be up talking about this if it weren't for that investigation customer >> i don't think so. we wouldn't be talking about if michael cohen have been caught with the big fraud case. these are federal prosecutors in new york city who enjoy the highest reputation for ethical propriety and professionalism, of any prosecutors office in the country. anybody will tell you that. they are not on a witch hunt a fixing expedition. they believe there's something here. whether that leads them to donald trump or not, that remains to be seen. >> harris: judge andrew napolitano. thank you. i was good to see you. teachers in oakland, california, offering to start a strike if
10:24 am
they don't reach an agreement with the school district. no date has been set, pending a fact-finding report. oakland teachers are seeking a 12% raise as well a smaller class sizes. here is oakland education association president keith mitchell. >> without a very serious proposal by the school board, that addresses smaller class i, more student support, a living wage, keeping our neighborhood schools open, we expect to be answered by the end of the mont. >> harris: the monies big. they face a $30 million deficit, and it's one of several districts where they have had recent strikes and protests nationwide. just last month, we reported los angeles teachers reached a deal with school officials after a six-day strike. president trump is issuing a new warning to a migrant caravan from central america, as right police in mexico have lined up at the border awaiting the migrant's arrival.
10:25 am
a live report added. and the white house says president trump will call for unity during tonight's state of the union. we have been talking about the speech. will they be your subject that idea? it will talk to the dnc communications director. stay close. ♪ tye is not an option. more than half of employees across the country bring financial stress to work. if you're stressed out financially at home, you're going to be too worried to be able to do a good job. i want to be able to offer all of the benefits that keep them satisfied. it is the people that is really the only asset that you have. put your employees on a path to financial wellness with prudential. bring your challenges.
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smile dad. i take medication for high blood pressure and cholesterol. but they might not be enough to protect my heart. adding bayer aspirin can further reduce the risk of another heart attack. because my second chance matters. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. >> harris: well, it has come down to this at our southern border. some 2,000 migrants are being housed inside a warehouse in mexico right across the border from eagle pass texas. earlier today, mexican police and right gear lined up outside the facility to keep an eye on people inside. meanwhile come president trump treated this. "tremendous number's of people are coming up to mexico in the hopes of flooding our southern border. we have sent additional military. we will build a human wall if necessary. if we had a real wall, this would be a nonevent." casey stegall is live at eagle pass, texas. and i can see security behind you.
10:30 am
>> yeah, harris, a lot of security. let me show you around and set the scene for you. things have changed dramatically since the caravan's arrival. this is shall be parked. you can see the existing wall and fencing. there's only about 2.2 miles of it in this area, and it's all right along here. yesterday we were life inside that, right on the banks of the rio grande river. the international border. today, you can see it's totally sealed off. there is a very heavy law enforcement presence. they aren't even leaving the median there. up there is the primary international bridge that carries people and cars between the united states and mexico where the caravan is. look at this video. last night we saw u.s. customs and border protection officials on the u.s. side training on this bridge, readying for the caravan's arrival, deploying smoke grenades and rehearsing crowd control. this morning, as mentioned, about 2 miles from this location, outside the shelter,
10:31 am
housing the migrants, mexican law enforcement officials donning right gear. also showing force to hold order. much of the caravan arrived yesterday, some 2,000 people traveling since january 15th from honduras. many are seeking asylum and will now begin the application process. meanwhile, the chief of the u.s. border patrol for this entire sector tells me additional resources have been brought in. and everybody is in wait-and-see mode. >> our responsibility is to expect the best prepare for the worst. they are trained to enter any scenario they face, with its life-saving missions would that we do on this river almost on a daily basis. >> you have customs and border patrol officials tell us that since the arrival there have been no large numbers of people arrested trying to get into the river or enter the country illegally. at this point, no reports of
10:32 am
violence on either the u.s. or mexico side, harris. >> harris: casey stegall, thank you very much. fox news alert, the white house and president trump will be promoting unity during tonight's state of the union address. but there are big questions about how receptive democrats will be as the president continues to push an agenda that they mainly oppose. here is white house counselor kellyanne conway. >> the president is calling for unity. he's calling for an end to retribution and resistance politics, and more confirmation and compromise. anybody sitting there with their arms folded, harrumphing, looking like they sucks on lemons, thoughts their fault. not him. they've decide if they are serious about that as well. >> harris: the communications director for the democratic national committee joining me now. think of her being on the program. >> thank you for having me, harris. >> harris: let's talk about the seat of the union this evening and whatever cancel be
10:33 am
listening for. if the president uses a word other than "wall" and people are talking of the barriers like we already have for 600 plus miles, can democrats get together and do that word, "compromise?" >> first of all, i think the president said "unity" in his last save the state of the uni. and all yes on this is divisiveness. just last month the shenandoah government, and almost a million people didn't even get a paycheck. i think democrats are willing to come to the table here, as we were before. we put a proposal on the table in december that would open the government, and then we could have a discussion about border security. the president didn't come to the table and he shut down the government. i think democrats here are serious about border security. but that means infrastructure. that means -- these are all issues that i think democrats are willing to discuss. let me say one more thing about this, harris.
10:34 am
i'm from the southern border. we are not criminals. >> harris: where you from exactly? >> i'm from brownsville, texas. my dad's house is just three blocks away from the actual border. when you're talking about violence and drug cartels and criminals, that is not the community i grew up in. speed when i have a home near nogales, and i can tell you that a lot of people have different stories. clearly they do. clearly they do. i want to ask you, because i ask you about the word "wall" he gave me the word unity. also a different interesting wt specifically the word wall. it's become a political game, the semantics of this. you take that out here talking about some of the same things, we already have 600 plus miles of structure or barrier or whatever you would call it. can democrats reach a compromise? the 17 bipartisan group that is meeting right now feels like they can. is that word -- if you take it out -- does make a difference? >> a what were come and i think that's what you are referring to specifically.
10:35 am
that is not a border security issue. but if you were talking about -- >> harris: when he barrier work? >> a wall, a barrier. as kellyanne conway likes to say, whatever you want to call it. it's -- a wall is a wall. >> harris: it's a simple question. will it barrier work? >> anything that is like a wall is not a border security issue. it's not that it does not solve a problem. i think they are coming to the table. let's invest in technology and more -- >> harris: i want to get into chuck schumer here. senator schumer going after the state of the union in a "prebuttal" on the senate floor. i want to get your reaction. let's watch. >> what i expect the president to do is ignore reality and spent his own fiction. a looming question is just how many falsehoods, distortions, and made up facts will appear in the president's speech. >> harris: let's float right into the president's response. "i see schumer is already
10:36 am
creating criticizing my speech even though he hasn't seen it yet. he's just upset he didn't win the set after spending a fortune like he thought he would. too bad we were given more credit for the senate wind by the media!" your reaction? >> e-cig donald trump trees are laughable. but i will generally say about this, i think the president -- we all know that the president continues to lie about a number of issues. we expect no less of him tonight. i think he said a year ago that he wanted to unify our country, but his actions show something different. i think that americans right now are hungry for unity. just look at our midterm elections. they want a unified country. >> harris: we are interested in unity and compromise. when i asked you about the semantics of the word wall, they are important to talk about. and you talk about whether or not a barrier works. well, it must, because we've got 600 plus miles of it. i want to bring you back. think
10:37 am
thank you for your time. liam neeson creating a firestorm of her comments he made while pursuing his film, "cold pursuit." during interview with the british paper, "the independent come" liam neeson recalled an incident where someone close to him said that she had been raped by a black person 40 years ago. and how he sought revenge waiting outside of pubs opening a black man would start a fight. the award -winning actor says he feels ashamed by his actions, but insd have been the same regardless of any race. watch. >> if she had said an irish or a scot or a brit or a lithuanian, it would have had the same effect. i was trying to show honor to my -- to stand up for my dear friend. this terrible medieval fashion.
10:38 am
>> harris: william la jeunesse joins us from los angeles. william? >> harris, liam neeson made the mistake of thinking out loud. he is in trouble with the speech police for a violent thoughts 40 years ago. in this interview with the british online newspaper, "the independent," the 66-year-old actor said he walked up and down the streets of northern ireland with a bat hoping to kill a black man after a friend was raped. >> i did it for maybe a week, hoping some black -- one come out of the pub and have a go at me about something. so i could kill him. >> he made the remark during a press junket for the upcoming film, "cold pursuit," in which he plays a father out to avenge the death of his son by drug dealers. universally slammed as a racist on social media, he went on an apology to her this morning to explain what he meant. abc host robin roberts admonished the actor for what
10:39 am
she called his hurtful comments. >> you have to also understand the pain of a black person hearing what you said. >> of course. absolutely. you are absolutely right. and at the time, even though i was nearly 40 years ago, i didn't think of it. all of those thing surprised me. but it was just this primal hatred, i guess. that really, really shocked me. >> he said he sought help from a priest and started power walking to get over his anger. harris question ? >> harris: i was watching later, on live with kelly and ryan, he talked about how he had to get some counseling and some help for some of his attits he continued to talk about it today. william la jeunesse, thank you very much. the g.o.p.-controlled senate breaking from the president on his recent decision on syria and afghanistan. a republican senator sticking by
10:40 am
the president, bucking some in his party, joins me now. ♪ (ding) hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected from mayhem... like me. ♪
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call now tow to learn more. >> harris: supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg has made her first public appearance since having surgery. she is 85 years old. the justice attending a concert in her honor last night at the national museum of women in the arts. she missed or arguments for the first time last month after undergoing surgery for lung cancer in december. a rare rebuke of president trump from the g.o.p.-controlled senate. senator scott by a vote of 7226 margin, approved an amendment to withdraw troops from syria and afghanistan. the nonbinding measure sponsored by mitch mcconnell is a warning that isa still poses a serious threat to the united states. my next guest voted against the measure, saying enough is enough. and that the money spent on wars
10:45 am
should be spent at home. senator rand paul sits on the foreign relations and homeland security committees. good to see you, senator. >> thanks, harris. >> harris: what was it like going against those in your party customer quote was that conversation might? >> is not the first time i've taken it out. what i would say is this -- i think the president deserves to become a mentor. i think it takes a real statesman to end a war. i think it's very easy to start a war. in fact, all of us -- there is nobody left alive or free who attacked us on 9/11. there is nobody left alive or free who harbored those who attacked us on 9/11. we completed our mission. but when we change the mission to create a nation over there, building their roads and bridges and hotels and gas stations, we need to be spending that much money here at home. not doing nation-building abroad. i think the president is exactly right. i introduced a resolution yesterday which the republicans
10:46 am
rejected that would have complement to the president for having the courage to end wars. >> harris: could you have gone hand-in-hand, maybe everybody votes for something? i don't know, i did know about that. thank you. there was one general who said he wasn't even consulted before the president did this. i want to get your reaction to that. let's watch together. >> general, were you aware of the president's attention to order the withdrawal of our troops in syria before that was publicly announced? >> i was not aware of the specific announcement. certainly, we are aware that he has expressed a desire and intent in the past two depart iraq. >> so you weren't consulted before that decision was announced? >> i was not consulted. >> harris: that was independent senator angus king. senator paul, are you concerned at all about how this is happening? i want to add that the president is taking a look at the exact withdrawal plan and what is best
10:47 am
for us. >> first of all, we have hundreds of generals. i'm sure that generals at some level were consulted but maybe not every general. the other thing is they were all told in advance. so was the american public. he said, "we are going to go in and wipe out isis and come home." that's what president trump said from the very beginning. what happens is, we have taken 99% of their land, and yet people say, "they might regrow." well, yes. that would be true in a thousand years. there were always be crazy people over there. there were always be extremist, radical islamists, that want to attack us. do we always have to do the fighting? do we always have to pay for it? can the people who live there do nothing? so i figure it's time they stand up. we still be involved? yes, we've got people a. president trump is talking about moving the troops 50 miles to a billion dollar air iraq where they can attack isis within 5 minutes if they had to. >> harris: with the president has said, it's so that he can
10:48 am
watch iran. their leadership -- or iraq's leadership, i should say, took exception to that. that you will go to different country to watch another country. but i've had military tell me they can get there and strike antiterrorism if they need to and fight syria, for example. i want to get to this, though. it's a new fox poll that says 46% of those who took the poll say that u.s. troops should remain in syria, while just 36% want them to come home. senator paul, what is the public seeing that either you don't see or that you don't agree with? >> actually, there's a lot of polls out there. there were some of the last week or two that shows that a majority people are ready to come home from afghanistan. we've been there 17 years. this is what i objected to in this resolution. it called it a precipitous leading of afghanistan. there is no way that leaving after 17 years is precipitous. we have stayed too long, they are bleeding us dry, we are spending $51 billion a year building roads, bridges, gas
10:49 am
stations, hotels. that money would be better spent here at home. i've got three members of my family in the military, and i think there is no mission of the day. in fact, ask any of your generals what is the military mission in afghanistan, they will tell you there is no military solution to afghanistan. it's not right to be sending our young men and women over there if we don't have a military mission. >> harris: you know what? i have asked generals, you are right about that. what i get back is there has been some mission creep at all that. >> [laughs] yes. >> harris: i will bring you back on another day. thank you very much. a jury now deliberating the fate of the accused mexican drug lord, el chapo. a live report from the courthouse. ♪ california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones,
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit 's be >> dana: hi, everyone. i'm dana perino. they talk about what republicans are doing to broaden their message to the masses, and what goes into writing a big speech like this? two former presidential speech writers would give us a behind-the-scenes look about the finkel's. will speak >> will nancy pelosi club for anything? we will and on that and more on "the daily briefing" ." >> harris: we are awaiting a verdict in the el chapo trial.
10:54 am
they accused him of orchestrating a two decade long campaign to flee the united states with tons of cocaine as a ruthless leader of the sinaloa cartel. the defendant denies that. bryan llenas' life of the u.s. district court in brooklyn. brian? >> hi, harris. they have been delivering since 9:00 a.m. up until now we haven't heard from them. we are getting worried now that they have submitted a note. this is in contrast yesterday afternoon when they began deliberations. in just those few hours of beginning, there were four notes to the judge. we have our first note. as soon as we get information on what it is come we will you know. two of those notes yesterday, they included legal clarification. the jury, they have a lot to consider. el chapo faces ten federal charges, and count one is the most serious of them all. engaging in a continuing criminal enterprise. in other words, was el chapo one of the leaders of this in a
10:55 am
lower cartel? that charge carries a mandatory life sentence. the verdict sheet they are going through right now is long. there are 27 violations, just for count one alone. the other charges include seven drug trafficking charges, one weapons charge, and a money laundering charge. we know the jury can also ask for evidence to be brought into the deliberation room, and man, oh, man, has there been a ton of evidence in this case. wiretapped phone conversations, text messages, video, and testimony from 14 cooperating witnesses. people who are close to el chapo. during closing arguments, el chapo's lawyer is credited these 14 star witnesses as criminals. he called them liars, willing to say anything to get out of jail. the defense maintained that the real leader of the sinaloa cartel is a man named el mayo. this was the defense attorney earlier today. >> i hope and acquittal. i don't know what's going to
10:56 am
happen. your guess is as good as mine. >> we are now awaiting, it's a waiting game, harris. 12 americans have the fate of el chapo and the ants. >> harris: bryan llenas, thank you. i will be right back. just add w, and erase. mr. clean magic eraser works great on burnt-on food in the kitchen. it's perfect for cleaning stubborn bathroom soap scum. even on glass. and it even removes four times more permanent marker per swipe. try mr. clean magic eraser, for your impossible kitchen and bathroom messes.
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go to, or call 1-877-236-1855. >> harris: state of the union tonight. keep it on fox. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: a dramatic day in our nation's capital. president trump travelling from the white house to the people's house. in just seven hours after a one week delay due to the government shutdown. hello everyone i'm dana perino in washington. this is a special edition of "the daily briefing." president trump will be presenting his vision for american greatness as he lays out his agenda for the year ahead pushing for policies to keep the economy humming and the nation secure. peter, how are officials prepping the capitol for the state


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